Torontreal - Park District

One of the only sources of green plants and fresh air in the city, this is one of Torontreal's most popular spots. A glistening artificial lake sits in the middle of the park, home to geese that still migrate south during the winter months despite the traffic in the sky becoming almost unbearable. Trees and grass are the main theme here, as both humans and Reploids come here to just relax and enjoy the plant life. Crime is rare here, as the Torontreal police do their best to keep Torontreal's reputation of being the safest city in the world, but it still happens.

Fencer Naiad [Unarmored] [RF]
[Stealthed] Void Starfish [RF]
Inverse [Casual] [MH]
Quell Quetzalcoatlus [Flying Reploid] [RF]
Ether Skunk [Tightpants] [MH]
Tori [C]
The Captain's Table <CT>
War Pillars <WP>
Olympic Stadium
Concert Hall

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
East <E> leads to Torontreal - Southern Downtown.

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Void Starfish deactivates her stealth mode.
Void Starfish -appears-.

Stormbringer Selkie wanders in, parkward, with a around her neck. She doesn't do things by halves, does she?

Jack has arrived.

Fencer Naiad comes from the nearby area, looking over a small datapad which she stuffs away quickly as she steps up to auction area proper, looking for Quell as she comes in.

Selene Chantrell ambles in, hat glossy, hair combed, and wearing one of her three new blue dresses for the occasion.

Jet Stingray comes in through the air, trying his best to avoid being late. Getting the invite to come on down, Jet rubs his hands together as he lands. Jet is about to help Repliforce by dating femmes... Or at least he hopes it will be him dating a femme. That would be the win-win situation there for the stingray, wouldn't it? He peers about, trying to figure out where to go and all that good stuff.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus drops Auction Block.

Auction Block
A simple enough podium, festooned in patriotic finery. Upon it sits a series ofvarious-sized chairs, with each of the reploids to be bid upon hidden behind fairly effective screens, which will allow the either Slave for a Day or Date volunteers to chat while waiting. Perhaps some tell-tale appendage of each of those being bid on can be seen, or not! The entire affair seems to be officiated by a small, trim looking Reploid by the name of Depository Dormouse.

(For the sake of simplicity, dont enter this object. ;) Also, we will be assuming a value equivalent of $1 for 1 zenny. Opening bids for all will be 100 zenny.)

The following are up for grabs!
Stormbringer Selkie, Alex Renfield, Ether Skunk, Colonel, Jet Stingray, and Flare Feline!

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Tori strolls blithely over to the auction area and finds a seat amid other prospective bidders and onlookers. She takes a small padd out of her purse and accesses her monthly budget ... No, it looks very unlikely that she'll be bidding on anything. Still, this should be fun to watch.

Ether Skunk has been here for a while, really. She's somewhere off-camera, behind-stage, what have you, pacing back and forth behind the big auction block affair; gnawing her lower lip and letting her tail swoosh back and forth (*SWOOSH!* *SWOOSH!* Buildings topple! Dams burst! Blimps deflate! Fear the tail!) and otherwise looking Very Nervous.

Inverse arrives at the auction-block, and in the interests of the secrecy the block wants to promote, is lead off to a screen in a fairly low-key manner.

Stormbringer Selkie is gone, man. She's gone. Dragged up on the auction block, there to await her fate. Oh the horror!

Selene Chantrell looks around for Quell, attempting to find out what she's lined up to be doing to help out.

Flare Feline is here, yep. He's in the area with the other Auctionees. Seems like an odd thing for Flare to be doing. But the cat just needs something lighthearted to get his mind off recent events. And it might be fun too, though Flare doesn't really think he'll fetch much himself. Though he looks his best, shiney armor and everything, and on his RF insignia on his chest, is the new designational markings of a Captain, recent promotion. The big guy looks a bit nervous though, dating's not his thing, it's not something he's... ever really done. But it can't be too hard? ...right?

Strike Mongoose looks around curiously, sniffing at the cool spring air as he tries to figure out who is here. He doubts he'll be bidding, but he doesn't have anything else to spend his exorbinant salary on - so he might pitch in for someone else, if they want it. A flick of one ear, and he spots a familiar pink spotted hat. "Sel!" he says, running through the crowd. "What are you doing here?" A sudden thought. "'re not going to be big on, are you?" Strike asks, pointing one clawed finger at the medic.

Alex Reinfield has arrived.

Of all the stupidity... Void Starfish is here to be bid on. Maybe some nuclear power plant needs her to help contain a meltdown or something.
[OOC] Alex Reinfield says, ".....Hrm, I found it faster than I expected."

The Repliforce Dropship known as the Falconis comes in through the marked airlanes and settles down about twenty meters away from the Pillars. The hatch hisses as it snaps open and slides down toward the grass. The Colonel steps down the walkway and turns back to face the Falconis as he steps off the metal and onto the grass; sending a signal to lock the Falconis down. Finally he turns and heads for this gathering and auction.

A small voice, faintly Cockney in accent, rings out on a public address system. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, as former Treasurer of the Repliforce Headquarters in New York, it gives me great pleasure to announce this small auction. All proceeds will help fund the cleanup and possible rebuilding efforts of Repliforce Island. My thanks to the Torontreal government for allowing us to have this auction on their premises. For those of you in the plaza, feel free to enjoy our punch and other refreshments. Anyone can bid for our "Slave for a Day" or for our "Dates", but please be aware that all ethics and courtesies will apply to our brave volunteers. Give them hand, ladies and gentlemen!" A round of applause breaks out, and Depository waits patiently for it to die. "We have on our list seven members of the Hunter and Repliforce groups, Alex Renfield, Ether Skunk, Stormbringer Selkie, Jet Stingray, Colonel, Inverse, and Flare Feline. At the beginning of the auction, we'll give some fine descriptions of your potential slave or date, and state which one it is that they, yes THEY want." A small chuckles escapes her.

Plum has arrived.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus mingles in the group, chatting with a few of the SecDef squads from Aussie and London.

Savannah Lioness has arrived.

Inverse really can't be well seen behind the auction-screening now, but those on the 'merchandise' side of it will note an utterly relaxed demeanor. "Strange idea, but I'll try anything once...'

Alex Reinfield is within the group as well, just having a nice time talking with the local met. Mainly Axle. The metool and Alex are both speaking for a few moments. Alex thinks that it would be a nice thing to help out people, even if it is to be auctioned.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Stormbringer Selkie has by now flopped out on a chair behind the auction screen, contentedly, her tail twitching. She looks...highly amused by this all. "Hey-o. Nothing lahk self-chosen labor ter lighten RF's financial load," she comments to no one in particular, then resumes humming.

Ether Skunk steps up from behind the auction block and into the obscuring screen, bouncing where she stands and trying to see who is out there in the audience. She isn't visible beyond a silhouette, though it's a rather distinctive one, with that huge, gracefully curved tail weaving back and forth, back and forth... after a moment, she flops back in a seat and makes herself comfortable, before raising a hand to waaaave to all the people watching.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Axle has arrived.
Alex Reinfield drops Axle.

Inverse responds over to Stormbringer, "Not doin' this to lighten someone's financial load. Goes to a fairly decent cause, and if nothing else? I was bored, this oughta be somethin' new."

Jet Stingray is like Ether aas he moves behind the screen, merely standing up and waiting, his tail flickering about as he just waits to get this whole thing started.

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Ether Skunk loops her tail into her lap, lazily picking and petting at it, while she looks around at her fellow... Merchandise. Hey, she knows some of these folks! "Hiya, Mr. Jet sir!" she chirps to the looming stingray. "Hiya, miss, ahh.... Silky, was it?" she peeps, to Stormbringer, looking over at her.

Flare Feline is still there, auctionee position. His thoughts start to wander into things like 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea' and such. But he shakes his head, he's ready to do this, the money's going where it needs to, so he needs to get as much as he can for himself... which probably won't be much.

Depository Dormouse then cheerily notes, "We will begin our bidding! First on the block is a lovely Replioforce lady is one that doesn't just like quiet walks on the beaches, she also enjoys swimming and rescue work! If you're the adventurous type, you'll definitely want her with you during any forays at sea. Give it up for Miss Stormbringer Selkie!" The chipper mouse turns to wiggle her nose at the first set of screens, optics squinting in amusemen I'm not the best person to speak for anyone, so, Stormbringer, if there is anything that you would like add, other than that yes, you did decide on "Slave for the Day"?"

Stormbringer Selkie blinkblinks once as her name is called. Oh, so she's up first? Peachy-keen! She sits up from her self-enforced slouch, bites off any possible response to Inverse, and gives her classic 'broad, engaging grin'. "Eyaah? Me? Ah'm no one special." A low chortle. "I jess' don' mind a bit o' hard work an' all." She straightens out her bow, not really nervously, just as something to do, and continues: "So, ah, iffen you're needin' someone ta go anywhere n'do..." Here she winks, "/most/ anythin', I'm your gal." Not a shy one, either.

Depository Dormouse ahems, and then nods. "Very well, there you have it. Kicking off the event, and... do we have any bidders! Starting at 100 zenny!"

Alex Reinfield blinks for a moment. He then chuckles over at Selkie. He decides to watch more, seeing on the prospects of the situation. "This is going to be fun." He then stares at the met. "Sorry, you're not included with me....But you can include yourself with Rigger." He smiles.

The metool gives the human a grin, "Sure sure...." He shrugs a bit. "Right now, I am only here to watch this. I'm not really planning to do anything."

Depository Dormouse gives a sly grin. "And the other volunteers can also bid as well!" She leans over to peer across the screen.

Inverse noticably has to snicker at the information given. "That'll lead to a lot of potential conflicts...ah well."

A small rustle moves through the crowd, as a few mechs speculate, low murmurs rising. Finally, the silence is broken by a light voice. "175!"
Fencer Naiad moves through the park, taking a seat at one of the tables, moving her shirt tails out so she can take a seat, folding her gloved hands before and watches the show intently.

Ether Skunk watches STormbringer with wide eyes, shrinking back in her seat. Wow. That's going to be her, in a little while! The skunk can't help but feel a little nervous about that.

Tori stows her padd and looks up as the auction finally begins. Augh, too expensive. Besides, a nice guy and a date would be much more fun.

Flare Feline hmms. They can bid too eh? Well, Flare'll pass for now, he's not really interested in a Slave for a Day. He just stands there, with is arms crossed, trying to hide the butterflies in his stomach.
Another voice a bit lower, coming from a monkey base rings out, "My kayaking team would love her! 220!"

Jet Stingray nods to Ether. "Hey there... Glad to hear you're helping out, it's very cool of you," he offers as the talk of Selkie bidding starts. Figuring that good guys deserve to at least get a good bid here and there instead of these smaller ones, Jet offers a some pocket change into the mix. "750 Zenny!" he offers happily.

Stormbringer Selkie wiggles an ear as a voice speaks from on stand, and peers around to wink at Jet. Hi there. Rowr! ...All right, not really.

She continues. "750 from one of our own volunteers! That's the spirit. I have 750, going once.."

Ether Skunk smiles up at Jet, but doesn't say anything further, looking back to Stormbringer and watching curiously.

"800!" A...another selkie yells from down below. Hey! The siblings are buying each other out!

Depository perks. "Going tw... 800! 800 rolling in to help out with the cause! Wonderful. We have 800, and need I remind you that this will aid the Hunters as well in their defense of the world?" She titters happily, "800 going once..."

Jet Stingray shakes his head at the small bid. Or small in his mind. .oO(My friends are worth more than that!) "1000 Zenny!"

Alex Reinfield glances over towards the people that are bidding. The grin is curling to his lips. "This is interesting.." He then chuckles as he notices Jet Stingray bidding.

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Strike Mongoose leans back against a far tree, a faint smile on his face. Poor Selkie... but he wasn't sure that he wanted to bid on this one. There might be someone more interesting down the line...

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There is a brief bidding war below, with shouts of '1025!' '1100, you numbskull!' from the selkie knot in the middle of the crowd. It devolves into (polite) sibling fisticuffs.

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Depository Dormouse perks. "Well, here we go, it seems. 1100, I hear?" Another rodent reploid skitters up to the stage, and whispers something in Depository's ear. "Oh, really? Tell her she's a dear for volunteering, and that yes, we can."
"1100, going once, twice..."
"1125, and no lower!"

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More shouting from the scuffling selkies. "Cheapskate! Where d'you get off in uppin' the bid like that, huh?!" "I don' hear YOU biddin' on her!"

"1125, I hear, 1125?" Depository Dormouse says, "Any others? Perhaps the fiesty bachelor in the rear that bid, hmmm?" She turns back to Jet.

Stealth Nekojin hovers in, spots someone about to be bought, and shrugs. Too low a price. "2000!"

Cappella has arrived.

A collective gasp from the selkies, who stop their infighting and turn to stare at Stealth. They mutter among themselves, something about paychecks and armor refits.

Plum skates into the area, Camera floating overhead and covering the story.

Fugue has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin folds himself lightly into a seat, a smile on his face and cash most likely in his pockets. But then lets face it. He does things like this a lot.

Depository Dormouse perks an ear, and nearly cackles in delight. "Ah, 2000 for our first Slave of the Day! Do I hear more?"

With the quite calm of someone studying every single person in auction area, the Colonel stands silent. Upon hearing the sudden jump in price his eyes follow toward Stealth, nodding appreciatively to someone else finally jumping into the bidding. Oh yes, and he's next in line for the block. God save him.

The selkies, as a body, turn to GLARE at Stealth. Errrrrrr! Feel the heat of the collective GLARE!

Quell Quetzalcoatlus mingles throughout the crowd, humming to herself. Her path eventually brings her to Selene and Strike's position. "So hi there, guys. I heard that everyone's going to be headed over to The Captain's Table after this.

"Three thousand," comes the clarion call, a gleam of purple reflecting from bright wings of the Eagle to the rear of the gathering.

Flare Feline chuckles at the bidding. And idly says to Jet "You gonna try to top that?" He was talking about Stealth's bid, then a second later comes bid from the back of the auction, and Flare looks over at it suspiciously.

Alex Reinfield sighs for a moment, then he pats the hardhat on the head. Alex then puts the metool towards the ground. He sends the met off over towards the area. "Axle, stay here. And don't cause any trouble."

The metool sighs a bit, "Why do you think I will cause destruction?"

Then, Alex turns towards Selkie and he is watching the bid. "Well, this is indeedly excellent."

Stealth Nekojin blinks, recognizing that voice. He tips his head around and smiles at Storm Eagle, tipping off a 'hail and well met' salute to one of the few mavericks he holds any respect for. His eyes gleam as he turns back, "Five thousand!"

"7500!" Jet exclaims. .oO(There we go... /That's/ a decent price for a Repliforcer. I can leave it at that.) Nodding to Flare, he says proudly, "Just giving what our girls deserve."

Depository Dormouse nods, "There you have it! 5000 zenny! Going once..."

Stormbringer Selkie, for her part, has a hand over her mouth the keep from laughing at the activities of her sibs. And grins at the little bidding war Storm's incited. Ooo.

"No, 7500!" Depository flicks an ear. "Do we have higher?"

Ether Skunk rubs her head, optics drawn wide, as they are wont to due when money is bandied about in such staggering quantities. At least, it's staggering to her- she doesn't have the same kind of finances that Stealth, Jet and others now flex.

Axle grunts a bit, then he shrugs. "Anyways, I'm heading back home. I have to check up on a few things, see what Cossack is doing, and see if'll see." He grins. . o O (And play with the Atari.) At that, Axle is making his way out through the crowd from the stage. Axle is heading back home.

Pushing through the back of the crowd a figure cloaked in red looks quietly for an open seat. Cappella's emerald eyes focus and narrow just abit as she tries to think over who she will actually bid on. Pulling out a datapad from the inner folds of her trench coat, she pulls up her account...eyeing the hidden sum that she has stashed away.

The selkies stop glaring and collectively jaw-drop. 7500?!?! For her?!?! "Go sis!" one of them yells, waving a sweatshirt as an improvised banner.

Flare Feline nods as he turns back to Jet "I assume you're being auctioned for a date? I'm sure that'll go well." He sighs. He's there for a date too, but he's not too sure that it'll go so well for him.
Storm Eagle says, "A heroine should not be valued so poorly.... Or for such currency. Ten thousand."

Fugue flies in from somewhere in the city, quietly setting down in the crowd. Even if she doesn't bid at all today, it could prove amusing to watch.

Another figure slinks into the area of those being bid on, somewhat hesitantly. Don't mind her. Nope. Not at all. Though as Axle goes by, Rigger murmers, "Don't blow anything up."

Stealth Nekojin grins, "Fifteen thousand!" Today is a good day to bid. Besides, he's pretty sure he's spotted pickpockets in the crowds, so maybe he and Eagle can weed out a few of the dumber ones.

The Mongoose decides to get a better overview of the entire situation - and with that Strike jumps up into a nearby tree, his feet swinging back and forth as he watches the show.

Jet Stingray chuckles to Flare. "It will... All good guys will get good bids. We're good like that," he offers confidently. He doesn't bid anymore, now that it is getting into the five-digit range.

Axle grins towards Rigger as he passes by. Then, the metool winks. Nerp Chicka nerp nerp! The metool is starting to waddle out of the town. Anyone else around him is ignored.

Inverse now is visibly impressed at the bidding. ...Well, those who can see behind the auction screen can. "15K? Sheesh. I don't think I've ever seen that much money in my entire life, let alone hope to ever have that much..."

Ayla Ericson skips into the park and heads directly for the gathering of people. Her small assistbot scurries to keep up with the energetic teen, and finally does when she halts close to the block. A smile lights up the girl's features when she notices who is up afterwards.

Entering the park to watch the auction comes a hooved robot. Not sure if he's going to buy anything, the hooved one hangs around anyway just in case.

Savannah Lioness enters the area and looks about to find a seat. She's not sure yet if she's gonna bid, but it should be fun to watch.

Depository Dormouse glances between the Maverick, but doesn't show too much concern, considering the ironclad legalites that she had Redtape Rhino type out. The numbers go higher, and higher...

A soft hush whispers as Storm Eagle finally steps from the back, wings shifting of their own command. "Twenty-five thousand," he states evenly, one hand resting on the pommel of the blade as he steps to a halt in the midst of the gathering.

Stealth Nekojin considers for a moment, tasting the final bid. Then nods. He'll let this one go for that. If it were anyone else... no, he'd keep bidding. But this is a person he can relax and trust with someone else's safety.

Ether Skunk looks lightheaded. Z15,000. That's a LOT. She could... she could buy a car with that kind of money. And bribe someone into teaching her how to drive it, too. And have enough money to get LUNCH. With that kind of money... she could finally use a drive-through at the local Waffleburger! Wow!

Heads turn to regard Storm Eagle in surprise, Depository's as well. The mouse ahems, and then states, "25,000 zenny, going once... Twice... Sold! Sold to the gentleman in purplish-blue and red armor. Congratulations! You two may now move to the booth to fill out your paperwork. Next up? Colonel! The Repliforce XO himself! He's asked to make it a date.

Ayla Ericson's mouth makes an 'oh' at the bids as they go higher and higher. "Hopefully Daddy won't totally freak out when he sees my withdrawl," the blonde girl murmurs down to her 'bot. "But at least it's for a good cause... not like the time I bought a lot of 'spare' parts."

Inverse is now starting to fidget a little at the sheer amount of cash being thrown around. Where people /get/ these kinds of fortunes is beyond her. She has maybe 10K in total assets from her personal stash of weapons, and that's it.

Stormbringer Selkie just blinks, bemusedly. -Wow-. That was indeed a great deal of money. She skitters lightly off the block to the booth. Paperwork! Whoopie!

Cappella yawns quietly and leans back in her chair, just passing the time. Closing her eyes the thief remains quiet, seeming to be uninterested in all the current items.

Paperwork, bane of militaries everywhere. With a nod, the Eagle turns towards the booth, stepping with a click of steel talons.

Tori observes the bidding from her seat somewhere in the middle of the throng and silently exhales. Dear God ... if she had a chance at actually outbidding any of these lunatics, she'd be able to pay off her debt. Still, she's glad she came -- this is definitely diverting, to say the least.

Stepping up onto the block, Colonel walks quietly with his sabre being used as a sort of cane. Taking a deep breathe he looks across the crowd. Yes he's noticed who is in it, and knows this might not have been too bright, but he gives a crisp salute to those around as he's been called up to the block.

Plum hrms, looking up at Colonel, smiling deviously. Oh, this could be /too/ perfect.

"SHAKE IT, SEXY COLONEL!" Don't ask who yelled that.

Fugue takes a deep breath as Colonel walks up and lets out a long wolf whistle. Hopefully before he can see who did it, she ducks behind a taller Reploid in the crowd.

Alex Reinfield blinks a few times, then he is sweatdropping at the auction. "...Colonel is going to be auctioned as a date?" He is sweatdropping at the thought. "Well, this shall be interesting." Both hands are dug into his pocket.

Rigger glances over towards Colonel as he steps up on the block, trying rather hard not to laugh at the announcement of his bidding terms. This should be more than interesting. Hardly one to leave a friend up there without saying *anything* however, she carefully weighs her thoughts. Then she calls out, "A thousand."

Stealth Nekojin hmms. Definitely not someone he'll bid on... however, as he's proven last time an auction occured... well, he's been known to step in on other people's behalf before. Will he do so again? He grins as Rigger begins it off...

Cappella opens her eyes just abit as she notices who is up next. A thin almost sinister smirk tugs at her lips as she watches carefully. Pulling herself on the edge of her seat Cappie waits quietly, waiting for the fun activities to start.

Ayla Ericson bounces on the balls of her feet as she watches Colonel step up to be sacrifi-- er, auctioned. She knows who she's going to go for! Making a slight pout as someone has already opened the bids, she adds her own. "Fifteen hundred!"

Ether Skunk leans to to the side, watching Colonel stride up to the front. Well. If Friendly Yet Lowly Repliforce Grunt #252 can bring in a quarter of a million, how much can the Repliforce's #2 dig up? Not that she would bid, even if she had the money to. He'd prolly spend the entire time scowling at her. Those stuffed-shirt types usually do.

Plum smirks, and puts her microphone aside for a minute, skating up a little bit so she can make herself heard in the crowd. "Three thousand!"

The selkies bounce eagerly; the female selkies swoon. They confer, and pool their money: "2000!"

Depository Dormouse continues, "We have had a strong response and interest from volunteers, and it pleases me to say that we have three additions to the roster! Fugue, Fencer Naiad, and Rigger! Also, as I mentioned, Colonel has asked for this to be a date. For those who may go blank on a good place, I'd like to personally recommend the Captain's Table, located conveniently across the park!" She pauses as the crowd goes wild, and then turns towards Colonel. "This mech hails from France, and quite the military mastermind. Perhaps any of you ladies would like to try crossing sabers with him in sparring match. Opening bid, 100 zenny. I... 3000, then."

"Show us what you got under that skirt!"

Jet Stingray looks to Flare with a chuckle. "Now... This is going to make both of us feel bad. You see Colonel will get high bids because he doesn't date much. It's all about the hard to get for some girls."
Tori sighs. Can't even put in a bid on this one ... And he did look like fun. She can't even explain /why/, but he did ...

Fugue hovers up a bit and waves a hand, grinning brightly, "Five thousand!" Hey, it never hurts to bump the bid up more.

Stormbringer Selkie resembles that remark, Ether. She stops at the booth, nervously, and scoops up a proffered stylus to begin filling out the paperwork. She pointedly does NOT look at the person who bought her. Not quite. Eeheeheheee.

Flare Feline nods "I'd imagine. I don't date either... well I've never really tried to..." He hrms, wondering how this'll go.

Rigger glances towards the crowd a moment with an arch of her eyebrows. Fugue was bidding? Now she simply had to say something else. Smirking in amusement, she glances back over towards the auctioneer. "Seven thousand." It did seem things were moving along alot quicker, now.
Storm Eagle steps to the booth, waiting with a sober patience until the paperwork and stylus come to him in their turn. Equally unturned to look at Stormbringer, he bends down, reading and signing in singular motions.

Ayla Ericson shooting a look around at the other bidders, the blonde teen keeps up with her bids. "Seventy-five hundred."

Arafina slinks in (late, of course).

Depository Dormouse smirks as the prices rise, chattering out the proper prices as the ladies go wild over Colonel.

Plum frowns. This will make for great news... and she's certain GNN will reimburse her. She must succeed! "Ten thousand!"

Inverse continues to be awestruck at the rich bidding going on. She's got to find out where these people get all this cash...inflation? Or something else?

Shifting slightly for a moment, Colonel's right eyebrow rises, and follows those who bid. Then strangely enough a small smile forms, he's not the rigid stone that he's often portrayed in his military roll. "Well. Quite impressive. I will definitely have to make this date somewhat memorable if it continues to soar so high." With that, his sabre disengages as he snaps it onto the belt around his great coat.

Cappella hmms quietly and doesn't even bother with calling out. Not just yet at least. Tilting her head to the side the thief seems to be waiting, allowing all the people to tire themselves out with their meaningless bids. As her hands are placed together they curl ever so slightly in anticipation. Oh this is almost too good to be true...Colonel Sanders of all people being auctioned off to the world. One would almost hope he doesn't get bidded on by his enemies. Letting a soft purr leave her lips the thief. "15,000."

And the Colonel is never seen again...

Stealth Nekojin waves Arafina over, having saved her a seat just in case. He's grinning madly, enjoying the day immensely. Sunshine, people, and impressive bids. His eyebrow quirks as he hears a new voice, tilting towards Cappella. He frowns slightly... something about her puts him off... He resolves to watch this 'battle' closely.

Depository Dormouse nods towards the direction of Capella, "15,000 zenny for the Colonel! Do I hear more?"

Arafina scoots over toward Stealth's saved seat, plopping down in it. "Sorry'm late. Got lost in T'rontreal," she admits as she does. "What'd I miss?"

Strike Mongoose narrows his eyes as Cappella speaks up as well. Well, what did we have here...?

What a waste of money thinks the 4 hooved robot. He sighs in disapproval, and decides to watch as fools decide too pay for such a useless cause.

Plum hrms. "Seventeen thousand.

Ayla Ericson huffs as the bids keep going up. "Remind me to thank Daddy when we get home," she murmurs to her black 'bot before raising the bar again. "And it's for a really good cause. Twenty thousand zenny!"

Plum erps!

Stormbringer Selkie finishes her paperwork with the alacrity and aplomb of someone used to the exercise. Well, she just made sergeant, so there had been a lot more flung her way of late. She passes the 'pad and the stylus back with a little flick of her tail, and steps away from the booth to wait. Ohhhh boy. Butterflies.

Stealth Nekojin smiles, "Storm Eagle picked up a Repliforcer for twenty-five grand." A soft chuckle, "If any other Maverick had tried it, I would have been worried... but I'm not worried about him."
Ether Skunk leans forward in her seat, hanging her head in her hands. Lord almighty that's a lot of money. Her tail continues to lash all nervous-like, quite the attention-grabbing flag behind the big screen that obscures her and the other folks.

Cappella seems to ignore the stares from the Repliforce now. At the moment she is safe...and she is paying for their cause right? Leaning back Cappie seems to not notice how much the wagers are running up as she calls out once more. "Thirty thousand zenny." My my that is a high amount, no doubt going to be paid off by the amount she receives from her business.

Arafina's head perks as she looks around, then nods. "Ah, figures. Storm? I /guess/ he's okay," she says with a shrug. "I dunno. He's still a Mav'rick, after all. Surprised t'Repliforcer sat still fer it."
"35,000!" The selkies yell. "For Stormie!" Stormie, for her part, turns to STARE at her proxy bidders! No! Shut up shut up shut up! Much arm waving is done.

Depository Dormouse continues in a rattling, but clear voice. "20,000; 30,000, 35,000! 35,000 for a saber dance!"

Alex Reinfield wows towards all of the people bidding for Colonel. "Man, this is interesting....." Alex is snickering for a moment, then he grins. "I am very entertained."

"Forty thousand zenny," Ayla Ericson pipes up. She can do this bidding war... oh yes.

Inverse continues to just listen as people go psycho with their bids. At this point she can safely assume she's in the midst of a Billionaire's Club, and she's one of the black lambs of the flock.
"We get a saber dance? ROWR!" The selkies again.

Plum sighs, watching the bid escalate. She must succeed... she MUST. "Fourty-two thousand!"

Ether Skunk stares at Colonel.

Cappella yawns softly and gazes at her nails. "Well if it is for the Saber dance... 50,000!"

Storm Eagle finishes with a click of metal upon the table as the pen returns to its well. Bending back from the table, he turns to regard the Selkie with a quiet eye. A gentle sigh, and he bows his head before stepping over. "Shall we go?" he asks simply, offering the crook of one arm.

Flare Feline blinks as the flurry of bids come in for the Colonel "Man, I'd be lucky to see half that. I'd say the Colonel'd outshine us all." He smirks "Not that that's a bad thing, we know where all the money is going."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus whoops, and waves hands and wings in teh air. "Awright Colonel! Bringing in the big bucks!"

Ayla Ericson fights off the urge to facepalm at the group of selkies. "Fifty-two thousand."

And then well, Colonel decides to be slightly romantic in the way he does something and strikes a pose that he's often seen in during a military operation. Especially when facing off one on one with an opponent. Sabre in hand again it ignites as he half leans back, one leg stretched out and the other bent at the knee forward. His hand out with his sabre and his other back in a defensive posture. "I will show you no mercy!"

Ether Skunk turns and nods glumly to Flare. "Tell me about it. Not the kind of show I wanna follow."

Plum checks her personal account quickly, sighing. This is gonna sting on her personal finances. Good thing GNN pays for almost anything. She closes her eyes, tensing. "Okay... Sixty thousand."

Depository Dormouse glances over towards Colonel to guage his reaction, and then shudders at Ayla's bid, "52,000! Oh my..." She clutches the podium. "NOw if I had the zenny to spend...."

Stealth Nekojin shakes his head and laughs, "This auctioneer certainly knows her stuff." He roars with laughter, as do many around the crowd, applauding fiercely for Colonel, "And he, is a veritable ham when he wants to be... I like it."

Collective swooning from the selkie swarm. Ohh, it's out of their range, but he's SO hot!
"60,000! Going once..."

"Shake your money maker!"

Tori looks at the auction block and feels ... warm. She knows it has to be psychosomatic, but she slips off her coat regardless. *siiiigh*

Cappella turns towards the young girl and the News Reporter that she is bidding against and gives a slight nod. Oh this will be interesting indeed. "Make it Seventy Thousand, dear. Good merchandise is hard to come by these days."

"Seventy-one thousand!" Ayla shouts, jumping up and down.

Plum facefaults.

Stormbringer Selkie raises a hand to rub behind one ear lightly, gaze flicking to the melodramatic Colonel. Oo, he is cute. Not that she could buy him on a sergeant's pay, no way. As the Eagle speaks, though, her gaze flicks back toward him and she chuckles, faintly. "Certainly, sirrah," she says, gamely, and takes the offered arm. Thank the powers that be that Oruboris never thought to make selkies real enough to blush.

The disguided robot master horse rolls his eyes, as Colonel talks, finding this a waste of good money which one could put to a better use. The hooved one sighs again, girls will be girls after all.

Plum thinks . o O (This is getting out of hand... I won't have any personal cash if this keeps up... but I must persevere. I must.) O o . "Seventy-five thousand."

Cappella doesn't bother with getting all hyper over such things. Instead she keeps her calm and purrs out another amount. "Eighty Thousand!"

Depository Dormouse squeaks. "80,000! We have 80,000! Do I hear higher? Going once..."

Plum scowls. Must defeat this nobody. It's the interview of the century. "Eighty-five!"

Ayla Ericson stops her wasting of energy. Glancing towards Cappella, she meets the bid. "Ninety thousand zenny."

Plasma Badger has arrived.

Ether Skunk looks stricken.

Depository Dormouse nerps. "90,000 then!"
"Going once, going twice..."

Cappella chuckles softly. "95,000."

Arafina looks about to bid, but she doesn't, tapping her fingers on her knee instead.

"Higher and higher still, 95,000, anyone care to break 100,000?"

One of the selkies sways, slightly, then whispers something to her sister. Grabbing the other by the upper arm, she drags her bodily to where Plum is hovering. "'Ey!" they call. "Consider y'self t'have another 10,000 zenny ter bid with! Jus' let us talk ta the Colonel when yer done, huh?!" And with that, they fade into the crowd again, to be @emitted by the brave or crazy as Stormie herself heads east with the Eagle.

Plum peers at Cappella. Where does she get so much money. That's it... she's tapped out.

Ayla Ericson says, "One hundred thousand and one zennies."

Flare Feline just gapes, and glances at Jet "Just.... wow." And then Ayla makes her bid "Isn't she that friend of yours?"

Plum shakes her head at the Selkies. "Thanks, but I can't win this one."

Stealth Nekojin grins evilly, and calls out in a loud voice, "One hundred and five thousand for the young lady from GNN!"

Cappella just smirks. Oh she is going to have to add a few more zennys when this ends. "Two Hundred Thousand."

Alex Reinfield smiles softly over towards Colonel's bid. Alex is actually curious of who is going to win a date with Colonel. He is taking a glance out at the crowd, then he grins. He turns over towards the person who bid ninety thousand zenny. ".....Jesus, that is alot." As the amount increases past that range, he sweatdrops. "......Oh boy......Second auctioneee is on the verge of breaking a hundred thousand zenny. This is nice." He chuckles. He peers over at the voice, "......Oh boy."

Depository Dormouse takes a breath. "So, it breaks higher! 105,000 zenny for the greatcoat wearing master of the Repliforce!"

Inverse now just mirrors Blues' usual reaction to everything. The '...' posture. "Maybe crime does pay after all, or at least tip very dang well."

"No, 200,000! I'm used to chattering up a storm, but this is something else! 200,000!"

Ayla Ericson takes a deep breath. "A quarter of a million zenny for Colonel."

Arafina shoots a glance at Kael. "Y'sure about that? They're just gonna keep outbiddin' you, it looks like. No poin' in even tryin'. Else I would."

Ether Skunk sweatdrops, as uncharacteristic the gesture is on her. Glancing around at the other auctionees, she sighs. Good, lord, they're going to look bad.

Cappella bites her lower lip looking slightly annoyed at this child. Turning around she eyes the child for a long moment before smirking. "Why not make this interesting...shall we? One Million."

Into the general area walks One (1) oversized Repliforcer badger... Eh.. don't mind him, he's just where watching the proceedings curiously.

Stealth Nekojin smiles to Arafina, "I felt like I'd give it a try." He quirks an eyebrow. Definitely NOT a small-timer. He taptaps a few commands into a datapad, then tucks it into a pocket. "However... I think this battle may get a little more interesting..."

Arafina swats the back of Stealth's head. Lightly, though. "Don' ya even think about it. Whatcha want /him/ for? He's /Colonel/."

Rigger sends a radio transmission.
Stealth Nekojin receives a radio transmission from Rigger.

Ayla Ericson glances down at her datapad when it beeps at her. Arching an eyebrow, she smiles at the information. "One million, five thousand zenny."

Stealth Nekojin sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Stealth Nekojin smiles, "Just playing the tables for the hell of it, 'Fina."

Cappella purrs quietly and seems unaffected about Alya's bid. This of course is anything but the truth... "One Million 10 thousand!"

Jet Stingray looks over to Flare and then to the crowd. "Yeah, I think it is... I told you Colonel is a person they would be all over. Darn humanoids always get a leg up in stuff like this... But I'm sure we can get some good bids too. I count on it in fact."

Stealth Nekojin smiles, eyes twinkling as Cappella bids... this is finally getting out of the area he considers... well, admittedly, no... he makes this much money in a week.

Fugue glances from Ayla to Cappella and clears her throat. Standing up, she calls out, "One million, ten thousand zenny, and -one cent-!" She's always wanted to do that.

Rigger reaches over very quietly to try and smack a hand against the back of Jet's head. She didn't bother to take a seat herself, so much as stand behind those already gathered.

Tori runs a hand through her hair and shakes her head. Never again is she going to give any credulity to tax hikes meant to support Repliforce. It seems half of them are billionaires to begin with, and there's nothing proscribing them from having another auction ...

Ayla Ericson almost looks happy with the information she's received. "One million, twelve thousand zenny," the blonde girl calls out from her spot. The assistbot at her feet gives a loud chirp in agreement.

Arafina rolls her eyes. "Seems a colossal waste o' money. Now, if /I/ was up there, it'd be different."

Depository Dormouse nearly swoons, although it's unsure whether it's over the person being auctioned off or the sheer amounts of money being swung around now. "1,012,000! Going once, going twice..."

Inverse turns around to shoot a look at Jet, overhearing some of that. "'Darn' humanoids? What'd I ever do to you?" Seems a bit miffed.

Stealth Nekojin smirks evilly, "If you were up there, 'Fina, there would be people staring at me in absolute terror at the bid I put out to start."

Cappella sighs quietly and shakes her head...This is getting foolish. "1,015,000!"

Arafina smirks. "Why, what'd ya start at? Maybe we can go see this." She stands up, apparently to weasel her way over to whoever appears to be a) running this and b) not incredibly busy.

Stealth Nekojin chuckles, and shakes his head, "'Fina, please sit down. We don't want to terrify them all, and I really don't feel like telling the world how much I'm worth just at the moment."

One of Depository's assistants hop over towards the approaching Arafina, ears perked, looking ready to confer.

While Depository Dormouse continues to reel from the massive bidding. "1,015,000."

Jet Stingray ows as he gets hit. "No offense was meant... Really chill. I'm just saying that people as a whole think humanoids are better looking than animal based reploids, that's all. Sheesh, you all take offense way too easy."

Ayla Ericson glances down at her piece of machinery. Whoever is her benefactor will have her thanks after this. "One million, seventeen thousand, five hundred zenny." The girl must be mad or something... 'cause she's still going.

The badger circles the crowd.. He'd heard that something was up today but hadn't had a chance to really look into it. All he knew was Jet was involved. (As to how, who knows?) Hmm...

Arafina gives Stealth a little wave. She probably can't hear him; she's quick when she wants to be. To the assistant, she speaks quietly.
Cappella says, "One million twenty thousand."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus continues to hang towards the rear, firing off the occasional raunchy comment towards the stage.

"One million, twenty-five thousand," Ayla returns.

Cappella says, "One million twenty-Seven thousand."

At this point, the Colonel is watching rather amazed as the bidders continue their war. Especially given who they are, he watches with a calm detachment wondering what'd he do if Cappella actually did win.

Depository Dormouse's head swings between the two femmes like a person watching a tennis tournament as the bids continue to spiral upwards.

Alex Reinfield sweatdrops, then he gives a faint frown. "This could take days...By then, we'd probably have more than enough." He grins a bit, then he leans over against the wall. "I think Mike should of entered....." He shrugs to himself, then he pats the beamsaber to his waistline. He decides it'd be good to pocket it for now. He lays it down to his pocket, and he watches. The right hand is patting the arm cannon briefly, and the eyes are shifted towards both bidders. "...Ehn..."

Ayla Ericson crosses her arms over her chest as she meets Cappella's bids. At least for now.

Cappella turns back, smirking at the young girl.

The bids tick upwards, past 1,100,000; and still, slowly, by the 10,000's of zenny, until Ayla's final bid rings out, 1,250,000! Depository Dormouse squeaks, and then repeats, "1,250,000 going once, twice..." Then Cappella slides past with a cool 1,500,000. "1,500,000, going once, twice, and SOLD!! The Colonel brings in the dough for his faction, on top of leading it. Congratulations. Please move towards the booth, I'm sure Redtape's got plenty of forms for you two to sign. And please check out the Captain's Table. Good for swapping stories, I hear!"

Ether Skunk lets out a low, shakey sigh. 1.5 million. Psychos. At least it's for a good cause...

Inverse remains awestruck. 1.5 million. She's made up her mind; turn to a life of crime, it DOES tip well!

Well it would seem now the Colonel does have to figure out what happens since Cappella has won. Bowing gracefully toward those who were defeated in the bidding, he steps down the platform and down toward Cappella. "Well, this certainly shall be interesting." he states rather flatly as he looks down at Carmen Sandiego.

"That's a lot of Zenny..." Plasma Badger rumbles softly as he finishes his little orbit of the auction and settles down towards the back, crossing his arms before his chest.

Ayla Ericson chuckles, turning towards Cappella and giving her a slight bow. "Well met," she calls out before tapping away at her datapad. Time to find out who sent her that little gift. "Now to wait for my next choice." The girl's assistbot nudges her leg and sends out a series of trills. "Oh, I think I can win the next one after this was given to me."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "1.5 mil, Colonel... You are the man!"

Arafina speaks with the assistant for a minute or two before starting to weave her way back through the crowd to her abandoned chair, with a grin.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] 'Smokey' Plasma Badger transmits, "That is rather impressive..."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus glances back over her shoulder and spots Plasma, waving at him with her punch glass, mothing "WOW" at the final bid for Colonel, and then goes back to watching.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Jet... mine furry ears might decieve me, but I think thats Cappella..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "WHAT?? -Cappella- won the bid on my brother?!!"

Cappella taps the brim of her fedora at the young child and gets up from her chair. "Indeed, to think such a young girl has that much." Shrugging it off she wanders to the front. Her eyes lock towards Colonel as the smirk grows even more. Oh yes dear Colonel you have yet to understand how interesting this will be.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Sounds and smells like her. Grrrr... I'm half tempted to grab her right here. First trying to cut Cossack in half, then the incident at the memorial yesterday..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "Really... Well, Colonel is doing a public service by taking it from her then. Chill out Iris... I'm pretty sure Colonel doesn't kiss on the first date. Considering he goes on dates once in a blue moon from what I hear, it could be anyone's guess."

Depository Dormouse nods. "My, quite impressive. Our next volunteer is also looking for a date, and count him as having extra machismo for coming after such a hard act to follow. "One Mr. Alex Reinfield! This handsome young man is one of the few human Maverick Hunters. He knows alot about geographical landscape, and he likes a nice date with any lovely lady! Get to know a Hunter today! Opening bid, 100 zenny!"

Smiling just slightly, the Colonel is quite aware, and also aware that Cappella is in for a surprise once she reads the fine print of the contract that comes with winning all of this. Crossing his arms, he stands next to her for now as he turns his eyes back toward the bidding itself. "Yes well, regardless. Let us watch the rest of the going-ons."

Arafina considers this as she sits down, peering up at Depository - and Alex, of course. Then she calls out cheerfully, "Two hundred," with a wave. Hi Alex! "But only if his Met stays at home."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "*grumbles*"

Stealth Nekojin shakes his head wryly at Arafina, "You just had to, didn't you." He smiles, then chuckles as she begins bidding on Alex.

Alex is just staring into space blankly."......Talk about a massive load of zennies." Alex is just stunned, truly doubting he will reach anywhere near it. That was over a million zennies. Colonel is well deserved of that amount as well, even if he is stone-faced at times. "...Well, I may not have the power and the brilliant mind of Colonel, but hey." Maybe things may look up for him. He grins, then he says, "I wonder who's next. This should be exciting to see who goes up." He urks for a moment as he notices himself being bidded now. "Wow, I guess I'm next." He is walking over towards the stage. He is noticing the first person to bid on him. He offers a wave to Arafina with a smile. He is glancing at the crowd to take a notice of who's next.

Strike Mongoose would bid on Alex but... bah, his copeous pay doesn't allow him to throw around anywhere near the amount of money that seems to be changing hands here.

"200, a good start! Do I hear higher?"

The badger standing beside Quell, wisely, stays out of this. He's still got another six months of garnished wages to cover contract violation fees at his current pay rate... No.. make that five...

The selkies in the middle of the crowd bounce slightly, and then add in, "500!"

Jet Stingray just stands about and waits as Alex goes up... He just has one silent thought in his mind as he thinks about his own bidding. .oO(Don't let me be like the camera man on 'Groundhog Day'... Don't let me be like the camera man on 'Groundhog Day'... /Please/ don't let me be like the camera man on 'Groundhog Day'...)

A few woman are staring at the Maverick Hunter. One of them are glancing at Alex. They wave their hand up, "650!"

Cappella gazes up at Colonel, eyeing him closely before a thin smirk crosses her lips. "Just a small thing dear...Crime does pay. Do try rememeber that when you look at your salaries." Folding her arms across her chest the thief gazes boredly at the auction. She has gotten what she came for, no need to bother for anyone else...unless of course some Russian comes along..

Arafina eyes the selkies. Dratted mythological critters. A grin at Stealth. "'Course I did," she says with a chuckle. Waiting a moment or two before calling out, "A thousand even."

Flare Feline hrms, I wonder if anyone'll top Colonel's earnings.

The woman stares over towards Arafina, then she gives a wry grin. She wants a date with a Maverick Hunter. It'd be so neat. She raises her hand to the air again, "1500!"

Depository nods, and then points over towards Arafina, "1000 from the young lady reploid! No, 1500!"

Plum just watches for now. She doesn't really know anything about this guy... and she's a bit disappointed on losing the bidding war for Colonel. -sigh-

Arafina winces. They could tell she was a Reploid? Must be losing her touch. She calls out just as cheerfully though, "Two thousan'." with a grin toward the woman who looked at her.

Ayla Ericson gives a little frown at her datapad as it runs into some minor tracking difficulties. After helping her program along, the blonde teen glances up towards the stage.

Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Plasma Badger just watches, smirking faintly.. well.. kinda smirking.. and shakes his head. Otherwise he doesn't say a thing.

Depository Dormouse nods, and then states, "2000 for this fine gentleman! Do I hear higher?"

Strike Mongoose chuckles under his breath - poor Colonel...

The selkies commiserate a bid longer, and then once of them chirps, "4500!"

Rigger sends a radio transmission to Kalinka.

Arafina goes back to eyeing the selkies. They are /killing/ her chance to keep the cash down; it's not that she doesn't have the money, it's that she's cheap. "Five thousan'," she says, a bit less cheerful by n ow.

Savannah Lioness watches the auction silently, giving a giggle every so often at the bidders and applauding the money raised so far. She glances about some, not noticing any familar faces in her immediate area. Oh well, it's still fun to watch anyway.

At this moment, Alex's met would be laughing at him for the bid that the owner is getting. Alex sweatdrops, and he says, "....I better do something to make this interesting.." He extends his right hand out, quickly allowing the energy to slowly engulf him. He is switching over towards his Delta Armor. Once the transformation is complete, the metallic figure of the arm cannon transform to a blaster. . o O ( Hopefully this works. )

Depository notes, nose twitching momentarily as she notes the bids, "4500, 5000! And, ooh, what's this? Armor switching on stage?" Her mouth pops open for a moment.

One of the females are glimmering towards the transformation. "Wow! 6000!"

Rigger receives a radio transmission from Kalinka.

Arafina's eyes narrow somewhat at the increase in price. It doesn't stop her from bidding, though: "Seven an' a half. Thousand," she adds, in case she wasn't clear in the first place.

Rigger sends a radio transmission.

Cappella folds her arms gently across her chest and hums quietly to herself.

Depository nods, and then states, "7500 zenny for this fine young man. Going once, twice..."

A feline femme finally spouts up, draping a luxurious tail about her arms, "Eight thousand!"

Arafina had started to look more annoyed. But now her face splits into a wide grin. "Ten thousan'," she says, assuming the women won't go past that. It's a psychological thing.

Depository then adds, "8000, going once, and then, 10,000! Going once, twice, and sold! Congratulations, you two."

Arafina leans over to say something quietly to Stealth before she stands.

Rigger leans over to peer around the curtained area slightly, just enough to see who is bidding on Alex. Of course she should have known.

Cappella hmms quietly watching another Hunter/Repliforce being sold like cattle to the slaughter. "So Colonel Sanders...I was wondering, what are the laws for this, exactly?"

Stealth Nekojin smiles to Arafina, and says simply, "Course I don't, 'Fina."

Inverse decides to offer...some applause for the conclusion of the bid. Why not?

Depository Dormouse then pulls out the next set of lists. "Another male for you ladie's pleasure... oh my..." She leans down, and squints at the paper. "I can't quite make out if this says 'date' or 'slave', it seems to be stained with water. Let's say Slave! Give it up for Jet Stingray, ladies and gentlemen! This mech is not only quite the eligible bachelor, but also the fasting thing underwater and master racer!"

Alex Reinfield hrms for a moment, then he says, "........Oh boy.....Looks like it's working.." he smiles for a moment, and he sweatdrops. ".....I hope Axle doesn't know about this. " . o O ( He'll laugh at me out of the base.... ) One would wonder how much would Axle would be bidded for. But, it is a good thing that Axle isn't around so he'd be able to find out. The human mutters for a moment.

Shortly, the met fades out of thebackground. "....You know...I saw the whole thing..."

Alex blinks, staring at Axle, "How long!?" He scoops the met up, then he mumbles. ".....Don't laugh please..." Then, he is walking over to the edge of the bid to make more room.

The met grins, "I think I can be auctioned for more money than you can...." Lovely arguement between the brothers.

That glare, oh so evident in the Colonel's gaze as he turns toward Cappella. "Do be so kind to be civil. Ethical treatment is the first stipulation. Hence, no insults. I will treat you respect, and you will to me. Lest you break your contract, forfeit the money and carry on. I'm sure the second highest bidder will be pleased to hear you have lost by your own fault and she has one."

Flare Feline chuckles as Jet is brought up. So much for his planned high bids for a date. Though there's probably someone out there that wants him as a Slave.

Arafina grins, then, at Stealth, before walking over toward Alex. "Hey. Nice t'see you again," she says cheerfully enough. "WHat do I gotta sign? Point me at it." Then, of course...the Met drops by. "Uh uh. He ain't comin'."

Ether Skunk leans out briefly from behind the screen, looking over the crowd with wide eyes. She's starting to get cold feet- and can't help but worry that someone -icky- will win her. But, well... it's for a good cause, really.

Cappella raises a single brow and looks almost hurt by such a suggestion. "When have I not been civil...well with the exception of the hat incident...oh yes and there was that time that you did lose your arm over me. Such tragic happenings I assure you. Well over then that I have been more then civil to you."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus poings up and down, tugging at Plasma's arm. "Oh, look, it's Jet."

"Twenty-five hundred zenny!" Ayla calls out loudly. Here's the other person she's willing to bid for.

Inverse ventures a bid. A really sad one. "300 for Jet Stingray." Either not rich, exceedingly frugal, or some other reason her bid sucks.

Depository doesn't even get a chance to start on Jet Stingray before prices start getting yelled out. "2500 already!"

Plasma Badger hmmms? at Quell and his gaze shifts over to regard the stage as Jet is ferryed up. "Now this ought to be interesting..." he remarks to his associate.

Colonel sighs for a moment. "Oh, and calling me Colonel Sanders is being civil." he states coldly. "If you will not accord me with civility, then I will be forced to treat you the same. And of course, you won't want that." And with that Colonel's eyes shift to the MP officers at the edge of the crowd. Respect for Respect. Or not, your choice.

Jet Stingray blinks. .oO(This is the /last/ time I trust a drunk Repliforcer to put in my submission!) Jet takes a deep breath and moves out with his usual calm nature, used to pressure from his camera time as well as field experience. Giving an informal salute as he moves out, he offers happily, "Well, I guess I can be up for whatever... I try and be a flexible person. I promise to make your money go the extra mile... As only the stingray can." WIth that, he gives his famed thumbs up.

Alex Reinfield shakes his head towards Axle, then he sets the metool down.

"Of course not. Besides, I am wondering on how much I can raise by being on stage..I'm sure I can make more zenny out of it. I have the moves.." The met is dancing around for a moment, then he winks. "I got the style, and I have the power!" The metool is glancing forward.

Alex grumbles for a moment. . o O ( .......If he actually produces more zenny than me, that'd be really embarassing. ) He puts the thought out of his mind, andhe smiles. "Okay, I'll take you to the papers.." He is walking over towards the papers, andhe hands it over to her to fill out.

Strike Mongoose drops down out of the tree and lands next to Plasma. "Yep... I really want to see who ends up carrying off the Lieutenant this time..." he says, a smirk on his furry face.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus's hand raises up to scritch thoughtfully at her lower jaw. "You know, if we all pooled what we have..."

Cappella hmms quietly and sighs. "Call Colonel Sanders nothing more then a pet name if you will. It is in all rights civil, if not accuate. You do have a strong resemblance to the Colonel Sanders from the food industry of KFC."

Arafina is led to the papers, signing them quickly, with a purple pen pulled from her pocket. And she whistles as she does this. Must be in a good mood.

Plasma Badger rumbles, "I think I'm going to stay out of it..." absently to Quell as he continues to watch the proceedings. "I'm on a budget."

Colonel raises a single hand and waves the Military Police Officers over. "Oh no, Cappella, that is not in the least civil. I take offense to being called that, and as such, is not in the reign of respect or civility. Now, if you wish to continue this, I'm sure my officers here will love to escort you to your new home."

Depository Dormouse blinks as the group of selkies chitters lovingly towards the aquatic ace, and then ahems. "Every little bit helps... 2500 going once..."

Some fangirl in the backrow screams, "20,000!" And a wave of teehees and giggling ensues. Obviously the Stingray's got a following. Stalking Fan Girl Chicks from Zood!

Depository Dormouse perks. "That's more like it. 20,000 for the score of giddy teenagers in the rear!"

Axle blinks for a moment, then he grins. The metool is waddling towards the back of the stage. He is going to enjoy this He loves creating a scene.

Alex blinks towards the met. "....Should we tell Axle that it'd have to be cleared with the officials?" He asks Arafina.
Ayla Ericson arches an eyebrow at the sudden shout, craning a look over her shoulder at the fangirls. Looking down at her datapad, her face eases into a grin before casually calling out, "Fifty thousand!"

Cappella hmms quietly and seems almost slightly amused at Colonel's annoyance. Hey after all he is cute when he gets angry, dangerous but cute. "My new home? I would think not. But do try to Eye for an Eye dear, you keep your threats to yourself and I will behave. Understood?"

Arafina considers that, then nods as she stands up from signing. "Yeah, we'd better," she says with a sigh. "I just /don't/ want him t'come with us."

Ohhh, a hushed silence goes over the crowd in the back, the fangirls all search the audience for the one who bidded that way. Wait... Ayla. She's anothe fangirl too, or young enough to be one. They giggle even more insanely, as they do some odd cheerleader thing and one of them ends up standing on the shoulders of the rest, sticking very much out of the crowd. "50k? So passe'... 75,000 from the Stingray Girls!"

Axle grins a bit, then he is watching.

Alex nods towards Arafina, "Of course not...He will not be coming with us at all. I never allow him to follow me on dates." He sweatdrops. Then, he is grabbing towards the sheet of paper. At the same time, he is sending a radio signal to Axle while approaching the assistance.

The metool is waddling after the assistant as soon as he gets the signal. The metool grins, "Ooh....So I have to register, no?"

"'s the paper.." He hands it over with a smile.
Depository Dormouse nods, and then announces, tail swishing around her feet, "75,000! Do I hear more?" The feline femme stomps a foot, bells tinkling around her ankle, as her white tail begins to floof. "80,000!"

Flare Feline is still there, yep

Arafina signs something else, as directed...and hoping that she didn't just get conned into autographs. She likes to /know/ when she's doing that.

Ayla Ericson shakes her head at the group of screaming mimis, and simply smiles. "One hundred and fifty thousand zenny," she calls out calmly, looking just a little smug.

Viktor Frieze, the wandering idiot, has wandered his way into the park. And yes, he has his donuts with him. "I'm glad I found that bakery again. They make the best ones yet!" He looks around, and spies the plaza, whatever that is. "Huh? What's going on here? Have I wandered into another funeral?" He shrugs, and head into the plaza, curious as all get out.

Jet Stingray just stands strong and all with his hands on his hips like the corny reploid he can be at times. His tail whips about, sending a series of cracks into the air. .oO(Hmm... I need to get these bids higher... But how? Colonel already did the flexing and stuff like that... I would just look like a rip off if I did.) He tries his hand at convincing people to bid higher. "Whether it be fighting underwater, or doing short range aerial recon, the stingray is up for those ready for some action, full force!" With that, he punches the air a few times to give that whole, ultimate solider bit. For once, Jet is panicing inside that mind of his... The Stingray of Love going under Colonel by this much? It just cannot be! At least people bid seem to be more respectable then the one that snagged his fellow 'forcers.

A crushed whimper comes from several directions. Depository squeaks out, "150,000, going once, twice, sold to the doubly lucky lady!"

ACK! The Fangirls suddenly start wailing in the way only Anime Fangirls could. Soon the grass around them is a muddy puddle of their lost hope.

Plasma Badger rumbles, "No bidding war this time..." thoughtfully.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus hehs, and kicks back in a lawnchair, sipping on yet another glass of punch.

Jet Stingray sighs faintly. .oO(No date with the femmes this time... Ah well, at least it is with someone I trust.) The Stingray gives a final thumbs up to Ayla and steps down to do that paperwork thing he is supposed to do. At least Serenade wasn't around to buy him.

Alex Reinfield shrugs for a moment, then he smiles. "I guess we should go on our date?" He asks Arafina. "Or should we stay and watch the festives for now?"

The metool is glancing at the assistant. "Hey, sign me up!" He grins.

Alex stares at the met. . o O ( ...Okay, maybe now is a good time to go. We'll leave him with the rest.. ) He grins for a moment, and he chuckles.

Depository Dormouse pounds the gavel to close the bidding on Jet, and then announces, "We have a lady up this time, from within the ranks of the Repliforce Marines! Her name is Fencer Naiad, and she has moves that will thrill you on either land or in the sea! Her skills include swordplay, and she says she's willing to be either Slave or Date -- it's up to you to make what you want of her! Let the bidding begin!"

Cappella gazes back up at Colonel, smiling all too innocently. "Oh do try be civil yourself dear. I do not wish you to go start a fight with everyone we meet. Though I am sure I can't really promise protection on your part. Others do have a mind of their own to a point I can not stop them."

Arafina grins at Alex once she's signed. "I think we ought ta head out," she says with a chuckle, offering her arm.

Axle blinks over towards the Fencer. He grins, pondering for a moment. "Well, maybe I should try dating.." The metool leaps to the air, and shouts. "200 Zenny!"

Ayla Ericson nods as her bid closes this auction. Frowning at her datapad again, she prods it along to finding the anonymous donor. "Fancy seeing you here, Jet," the girl comments with a grin, heading towards the signing table.

Ether Skunk eases forward, settling onto the edge of her seat and looking towards Fencer. Can't say she knows her. The skunk gnaws her lower lip anxiously while she watches the proceedings, still worked up and nervous about her own impending showing.

Viktor wanders towards the auctions, and hears the next call. oO(They're selling people?! O_O)Oo He then hears the date part. oO(Ohhhh. It's an auction thing like the one on Batman.)Oo He finds a seat, and ponders the idea of bidding.

Inverse doesn't put forth a bid. What would she want with a Repliforce fencer? And she's figured out already that she /can't/ match the usual bid, which hits 10K at worst.

Fencer Naiad comes out from behind the screen, taking off the delicate foil blade from her hip and placing it by the auctioneer's podium and turns walk onto the auction block slowly, delicate azure heels clicking on the surface as she walks with a slow measured grace that makes her seem to float into place, gloved hands upon the her snow white tights as her deep blue eyes look over the crowd, azure hair falling over her shoulders and framing her snug bodice.

One of the selkies utters to its brother, "Hey, she's underwater. We can keep her for ourselves! OOH! She's cute! 1000!"

Alex Reinfield nods in agreement with Arafina, then he takes the arm. He smiles at her. "Well, let's go..." He is escorting her to head out of the town.

Jet Stingray finishes up with the signings and looks up to see Fencer. He decides to bid for the ladies like he bid for Selkie. Figuring how high people have been bidding, he tries to get this up high and quick. "7500 Zenny," the Stingray of Justice offers before turning to Ayla. "Hey, there... I didn't expect to see you here." He kneels down so Ayla doesn't hurt her neck talking to him. "So, date or slave? You didn't say which you want?" he offers, cheering up to see that he is making someone really happy /and/ making mad money for Repliforce.

Arafina seems quite content to be escorted off with a last wave.

Axle grunts towards the shout, and the metool leaps to the podium, only to give him leverage to jump off of the ground. He is going to take this out of Alex's pocket. "8000 zenny!"

Depository Dormouse cheeps at the marine bidders, "7500, and then 8000 for Fencer!"

Victor looks up at Fencer, and his mind nearly snaps in two. "Wow..." His hand starts going up, but then he grabs it with his other hand and pulls it down. oO(I don't even know if I can afford this!)Oo

Alex Reinfield blinks as he is starting to leave, and his ear perks. "....Damnit Axle.." He sighs, knowing that he'll be able to take care of it. Then, the human is starting to take off with Arafina.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus snerks, and then peers over at Plasma. "Man, I'm glad I'm not up there. I think I'd have my feelings hurt. Go Fencer!"

Flare Feline is.... there. Yep.

Plasma Badger rumbles thoughtfully, "Should be interesting to see how things turn out..." With that he settles down on the ground, still capable of peering over the heads of the crowd ahead of him reasonably well.

Strike Mongoose is just baffled by this entire thing... he looks on the proceedings with both a sense of wonder... and fear.

Fencer Naiad looks over the crowd as she speaks, "A refined lady for more cultured tastes is so difficult to find these days. I assure you our night will be something to remember." And with that she places her lips onto the white glove, placing her lips on it and blowing a slow kiss across the crowd, her left eyes winking, showing her long dark lashes.

Ayla Ericson shrugs. "You can choose, Jet," she replies. "Though I dunno if you'd want to be my slave. It'd be mostly fiddling around with my designs and piecing things together..."

Depository Dormouse ahems, and then nods, "8000 going once, although it would be a shame..."

Axle blinks for a moment, then he is eyeing to make sure no one will bid higher than the original cost. The met shall win! He will be victorious! The metool is dancing around for a moment, "Wee! I am going to actually win!"

Michael Eildath peers at Axle, chuckling to himself. "Ten thousand."

Axle blinks towards Michael, and he grunts. "*******!" The metool stares at the crowd, booming. "Fifteen thousand!"

Victor's hand shoots up when Fencer does ...that part... but he quickly grabs it and pulls it down.

Depository utters, "Going twice... 10,000! 15,000 for the blue Naiad!"

Colonel turns his head back toward Cappella as he listens to the bidding, almost like he's only half paying attention. Almost. "Protection. If I needed that, my 'dear', then I won't be the Repliforce Executive Officer. As for respect, very well. Keep your comments to yourself, and I'm sure my officers won't do anything untowards." He continues to wait for the one he plans on bidding on.

Jet Stingray looks up at the Metool auctioning? This is different. But he isn't going to let his friend to go a talking drone for cheep. "20,000 Zenny," is Jet's response as he looks back to Ayla with a chuckle. "I can't choose... It would break the rules."

Axle stares and eyes Jet. . o O (...Neutering....stingray...raising..) The metool shouts, "25,000 zenny!"

Fencer Naiad looks over to to Micheal Elidath with pouting lips, pointing to her with a long slender finger, "Are you going to just let them outbid you like that?"

The Dormouse continues, looking quite happy as the prices continue to rise. "25,000 for the talking hat-thing! Do I hear higher!"

Michael Eildath smirks, smiling at Fencer. "Okay, then. Thirty thousand."

Cappella tsktsks softly and rocks on the back of her heels. "You are threatening me now? Deary deary me, can you not control yourself just once?" She chuckles softly and shakes her head. "As for protecting yourself I am sure you are the strong masculine time that you soo claim. Though bragging isn't always thought highly of."

Axle ...stares and eyes Mike. He then grins at the man. The metool leaps over to Mike, then he says, "You think you can beat me?" He winks, and then he shouts, "Thirty-five thousand!"

Jet Stingray doesn't even look up. He isn't going to let his friend date a metool, but Michael has got it under control for the moment.... Or not. "40,000," Jet offers, his tone rather causal, perhaps not paying too much attention to the auction as before.

The Dormouse gives another twitch of her nose. "30,000; no, 35,000! I hope this fellow is bringing Fencer home as a gift to Alex. Do I hear higher?

Plasma Badger is just.. watching.. the.. Met From Hades continue to bid. If he had any articulartion around his eyes his left eye would be twitching spasmodically. He shakes his head quietly and says nothing.
Viktor's hands clench the armrests of his seat, teeth gritting at the strain of keeping from bidding. Finally, his great will snaps, and he quickly stands up. "75,000!" oO(I hope I know what I'm doing, for once.)Oo

Colonel shakes a finger at Cappella, "Bragging. Ah, you misunderstand me countering your statement as bragging. Interesting." Could it be? Colonel's fishing answers and responses out, interesting, a type of profiling or such probably. "Regardless, don't go making thinly veiled threats yourself, and you won't have to worry about anything going wrong."

Depository Dormouse adds, "75,000! Gracious! Higher?" The bids continue from Viktor, Michael, Alex and Jet, each finally dropping out until Jet Stingray, who has GOT to be funded by his racing, utters the highest price, "175,000!" The price is echoed by Depository, once, twice, sold! "Congratulations Fencer and Jet, looks like a dip in the fountain may be in store for you two! Please move over towards the booth for the paperwork."

Cappella smirks just abit. "And who should it be that should be feared here. Surely not one who is but a simple art collector of all things. I make no threats that I can not keep."

Fencer Naiad leans forward placing her palms upon her knees as she speaks out in another plaintive voice, looking to Micheal again. "You see they're outbidding you again. If you don't hurry you going to regret it for the rest of your life."

Axle laughs as he grins at Fencer, then at Mike. "......Well Mike, it sucks to be you...." The metool is leaping to the air and he yawns.

Michael Eildath shrugs.

Ether Skunk rubs her head quietly. That's a lot of money. Not as much as what Colonel dragged in.. but still... man.

Shield arrives via taxi-cab. He just got out of the medbay, so he's a little late.

Victor fumes at his loss, and plots for his next bidding.

Racing funds /and/ endorsement deals gotten from his agent, Jared. Jet blinks as he wins, he didn't expect that... He just didn't want Fencer getting stuck with Axle. He looks to Mike, offering a radio as he folds his arms and watches to see who is next up.

Depository Dormouse then announces the next person up for bids, "Flare Feline hails from within the ranks of the Repliforce. One of his favorite pastimes is to ball up items into balls. Perhaps you could join help him get tangled up in having a good time on his 'Date'! Opening bids, 100 zenny! Flare, come on out and strut your stuff!"

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Michael Eildath.
Michael Eildath receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.
Michael Eildath sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline coughs, and steps down. Outwardly, he doesn't have a /lot/ to show. It's 10 feet tall, he's felinoid. He can create fire. And he's a Captain. He's also a nice guy deep down, a bit shy, good natured. And because of all those reasons he doesn't have a whole lot to say about himself, so is mostly silent. Due to his humility and the fact he has a few dozen butterflies in his stomach right now. oO(I wonder if this was such a good idea...)

Fencer Naiad steps down from the block, cutting through the crowd to meet Jet who's with Ayla, "Thank you.. I can't believe they let a metool bid..."

Plasma Badger just chuckles softly from back in the back and watches the chaos continue.

Axle mumbles a few things for a moment, then he smiles warmly. . o O (...If that Stingray gets in my way when I bid for Rigger. I'll remember to give him a little lesson." The metool shrugs for a moment, then he grins at Mike. "Well Uncle Mike, what're you going to do now?"

The one femme feline perks up again, "900!" This one looks like a good bet...

Fan Girls United! Yeap, they're back, and this time with a vengence. "1000!" Yes, it's quite evident some Repliforcers have Fan Girls United behind them. The Stingray, and now Flare Feline.

Strike Mongoose will never have fan girls. Or at least, more than one fan girl. He'll be lucky to have that even - so he just stares for a moment and shakes his head. "Yes... Jet and Flare are both really popular..." he say with a faint grin, leaning back against a nearby tree. "...I'm glad that I'm not..." Be afraid of popular mongoose?

Shield makes his way to the crowd eventually, casually sliding through until he's close enough to bid if he chooses.

Jet Stingray nods slowly, rubbing his beret awkwardly as Fencer comes up. "No prob... Um, sorry that I outbided Mike. If you want to go out with him instead, I'll just have him sign the agreement instead of me, and I'll just pay for it. I don't want to get in the way of anything here..." he says, recalling her attempts to get him to bid more.

A low growl rises from the aristrocatic feline, who scowls, and fixes emerald optics on the chattering group behing her. "Oh, poo. 15,000!"

Depository Dormouse Perks up, "1000, and then, whoa, 15,000!"

Viktor doesn't have fangirls, and he's incredibly handsome. Maybe it's because he's a complete idjit.

That'd be a yes.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "So ... How's the auction going?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Plasma Badger transmits, "So far.. I think Colonel has gone for the most..."

Fencer Naiad says, "No I was just focusing on him because he was the lowest bid. I'd have thought he would bid more. I'm usually pretty good at detecting who's willing to part with some money."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Well of course. I think last time someone bid for him, some old guy got a heart attack"

Wow, the Fan Girls just gawk at this Feline, and begin tallying all their resources. Yes! YES! They all begin giggling and randomly cheer as they form a three level pyramid of fangirls like a cheerleader squad. They can't be any older than 18. "21,436 Dollars! And 52 Cents!"

Dr. Wily steps forward, booming out with a crisp Spanish accent. "4.5 million Zenny, on the heroic Repliforcer, please." He ignores any stares which might come his way. Why should he acknowledge these, rather, he's used to the stares. He is well-known, if by name, not face. Yeah. No, he's not a maniacal scientist...

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray coughs. "DUDE!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Yeah?"

Flare Feline blinks, well it's going better than he expected. He'd make a suave pose like Colonel or Jet, but they're not his thing. He grins slightly as the fangirls make their vote. And then another is placed. And he just gapes, and tries to catch himself from falling over. "Wh--wha---what?" That was unexpected. Just who is that old man?

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "W-w-w-w-wh-what..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "Hrmm."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "...please tell me who that is..."

Cappella folds her arms across her chest and watches quietly, this is really getting boring...or so she would think until someone shouts out an outragous price. "..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle grumbles a bit, "Figures I had to get slagged last night and couldn't come out to that."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "Some old dude just bid like four and a half mil for Flare!!"

From somewhere behind the curtain, a sudden yelp and choking sound eminates, as Ether expresses her surprise at that last bid with nothing short of stunned surprise. Seems she forgot she was swallowing a few doritos she was snacking on while waiting for her turn, and one's now caught in her throat.

Depository Dormouse looks puzzled at the antics of the fangirls, and then pauses, staring agog at the bizarre Spaniard. "If your accoutn can support that, then so be it. 4.5 million Zenny going once, twice..."
Rigger blinks in abject surprise at the call of a bid. She stretches out on her toes a bit to peer over the heads of the crowd in an attempt to see who was bidding in the first place, entirely curious. "Geeze. I thought Colonel was going to get the highest bid."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, ""

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Void Starfish transmits, "Almost makes me wish I had some zenny."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Flare is worth at least double that! Demand more!"

Plasma Badger falls over backwards with a muffled thud at the abrupt spike in the bidding, adopting a dazed expression as best a large android badger can amange.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Um..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Void Starfish transmits, "... Hey wait... I get paid, right?"

Taking a deep breath, Depository Dormouse quivers, almost unsure, "And... sold. Congrats Flare, and the... Spaniard. Please proceed to the booth and speak with Redtap Rhino about the limitations of the Date bidding. Have a good day!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Don't worry, Flare, we won't let this insult stand. 9 million!"

Flare Feline scratches the back of his head. Well, he's pulled in more than Colonel... that's great and everything. But who the heck is this old man? And why did he bid in /him/? Well that seems like a moot point. He just pulled in 4.5 mil for the auction. He shrugs lightly. He'll deal with it when the time comes. He nods to the crowd and steps off the auction block, and back to his seat next to Jet "Who IS that guy?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Um..."

Ether Skunk swallows heavily, setting her half-full bag of doritos aside and dusting off the bright orange chip powder on her chest and in her lap. She hops to her feet and wiggles, tail lashing from side to side behind her. Explosions! Earthquakes! Fire and lightning! Fear the tail!

Jet Stingray looks over to Flare, shrugging as he awaits Fencer's response. "No idea, dude.... If I knew, I would check out his profile. No offense, but you must have saved his kids or something for that much dough."

Dr. Wily nods, walking to the booth to claim his plushie. Aww, snuggly kitty.

Flare Feline hmms "Maybe I did. That makes sense. I'd think I'd remember if I save the kids of a rich spanish guy..." He shrugs again "Well, all the more money made for the auction."

Cappella just sweatdrops. "Who would squander such zenny's for a Repliforcer...?" Of course she is the one to talk but Wily could get Flare for a cheaper price..

Depository Dormouse pads a handkerchief at her brow, and primly sets her notes. "And for our next lucky person, another lady, this time marking herself as a 'Slave for a Day!', it's the Hunter known as Ether Skunk! She's perky, enjoys making cookies as much as eating them, and can perform aerial acrobatics. Give it up to the fluffy tailed lady who had the nerves of steel to stand up to Sigma and give him the shinkick of doom! Beginning bid, 100 zenny!"

Leaning forward, the Colonel grins as he looks back toward Cappella, "Art Collector. Indeed. Perhaps you'll have to show me this collection sometime soon." Then he turns his head back toward the podium and watches for the next person to come up, good it's who he thought. .oO(Taking on Sigma with only the Dragoon's help. Yes, I think I wish to meet this person.) "2,500."

"And, we're off to a good start! 2500!"

Viktor gapes at the new auctionee. oO(Oooh, fuzzy.)Oo He raises a hand ecstatically. "5000!"

Strike Mongoose would bid on Ether, but he doesn't have ANY money, really...

Ether Skunk huffs. Now's her turn. She sets her shoulders and sashays her way towards the exit from the screens that obscure her and the remaining merchandise, but halfway between, her Sigma-kicking nerves of steel pack their bags and take a trip to Tahiti. This leaves Ether peeking around the screens nervously, eyes sweeping back and forth over the crowd, ears awiggle. Aww, lookit that. She's camera shy.

Cappella smirks quietly. "Yes perhaps some day you will see my collection.." When you pry the collection from her cold and deactivated fingers..

Shield stares at Ether. These bids are getting expensive. She certainly isn't worth that kind of money in his mind.

Ayla Ericson glances up at Jet and grins slightly. She opens her mouth to say something, but the noise of a new bid starting catches her attention. With a grin over at Colonel, she replies over not only the Repliforcer but over Viktor as well. "Ten thousand zenny," she says with a playful tone in her voice.

Ether Skunk spots SHield in the audience, and idly wonders if she could bid on having someone take HIM away.

"5000; 10,000 zenny for the skunk! Do I hear more!" Depository cheerily states.

Viktor snaps his gaze over towards the other bidders, and raises his hand once again. "20,000!"

Colonel hrmms and looks back at Cappella, "Perhaps indeed." Raising his hand again to bid, "25,500." Following his eyes over to Viktor, he watches him carefully for a moment.

Strike Mongoose dusts himself off. "I'll meet you back at the base," he says to Plasma, before setting off.

Shield looks at all the bidders, then back at Ether. Shield feels a bit sorry for her when the weird guy bids 20,00, but he decides not to step in.

Viktor looks over at Colonel. oO(Oh god, like I'm gonna have more money than him.)Oo "50,000!"

Ether Skunk steps out from behind the screen fully, hands splaying and clenching and splaying at her sides. Another deep breath, and she plods out into full view, taking a moment to pose like a fashion model. Her leathery threads go *skreak skreak creak* as she moves about, tail going *swoosh swoosh swoosh* as it... well, swooshes. Ooh, check it. ph47 l3w7 4 bi6 bidd3rs.

Depository Dormouse mm-hmms, clicking her fingertips on a monitor. "We have up to 50,000! And here she is finally!"

Ayla Ericson purses her lips slightly at the bid from Colonel, and tucking her datapad officially under her arm, she chirrups out, "Seventy five thousand zenny!"

Viktor is clearly panicing now. "100,000!"

Shield looks about as surprised now as he can, which is actually pretty shellshocked. Who the heck would spend that much on Ether? On the other hand, he reasons, they don't know her yet.

Plasma Badger is sitting upright again.. having recovered frmo his brief case of pure shock at the bidding on Flare. Thusly, he continues to watch..."

Cappella raises a single brow at Viktor and shakes her head slowly. "Where exactly is he planning on getting the zennys? I am sure you can win the bid with something far more drastic, Colonel. Perhaps something more in the 500,000 zenny range. Just a thought though."

Jet Stingray nods to Fencer with a chuckle. "You got it... I just didn't want to cause me to cause any trouble for matches and stuff... So, you want to go on that date still? I mean... With the yelling and stuff" And he wasn't going to bid on Ether, but since Ayla does, he feels he should too. (A small amount, but large enough to show that I value the efforts of Hunters, but not too much to look like I'm being cheep or shallow...) "125,000!" There... And he's not even close to reaching the 2 million cap he wanted to put on himself. Being the Racing verison of Shaq with crazy sports endorsements has its pluses.

Ayla Ericson matches the bids called out calmly with her own. She has that anonymous donor to thank, after all.

Michael Eildath has left.

Ether Skunk showboats. Extending her hands towards Despository Dormouse and wiggling her fingers, she floats the resident Mistress of Ceremonies off the stage just an inch and slowly turns her in mid-air, before setting her back down on her feet. Lowering her hands and hopping into the air, she nimbly reverses and lands on an outstretched hand, doing a spread-eagled hand-stand, withdrawing one finger at a time until she's balanced only on the tip of her index finger. Oooh! Ahhhh!

After reaching a certain point, and getting prodded from her assistants for time, Depository hmmphs to herself, and then waggles her nose. "Closing bids!" Viktor's and Ayla's rise past Jet's, and even Colonel's, with Viktor's final bid of 750,000 ringing out. However, just a moment later, "1,000,000!" spouts from Ayla's mouth. "Going once, going twice, sold as a Slave for a Day to the lady!"

After reaching a certain point, and getting prodded from her assistants for time, Depository hmmphs to herself, and then waggles her nose. "Closing bids!" Viktor's and Ayla's rise past Jet's, and even Colonel's, with Viktor's final bid of 750,000 ringing out. However, just a moment later, "1,000,000!" spouts from Ayla's mouth. "Going once, going twice, sold as a Slave for a Day to the lady!"

Bass has arrived.

Viktor is kinda still there or something.

Ether Skunk looks faint, and nearly flops over on the spot, narrowly avoiding doing a faceplant and ending up on her feet instead. "ONE MILLION DOLLARS?!" she howls, clearly shocked. "I'M NOT WOR.... ahh..." Optics going wide, she shuffles her feet and looks down. "Er, ah. Thanks!" Quickly hopping off the stage, she makes her way over to the Paperwork Zone, wriggling through the crowd and hoping whoever it is that snagged her will meet her there.

Fencer Naiad looks over to Jet, sighing heavily, "No, that's fine. You just happened to catch me at a bad time."

Shield considers fainting, but he's gotten over his initial shock. Obviously rich stupid people attend these things.

Shield considers fainting, but he's gotten over his initial shock. Obviously rich stupid people attend these things.

Ether Skunk aboids Shield as she makes her way to said paperwork, because man, he has COOTIES. (take that.)

Ayla Ericson smiles and waves to Ether. Such nifty abilities! Ooooh, she can ask her aaaaaaaall sorts of questions about how and why and when she can do that. "Of course you're worth it!" she replies with a huge grin. "I hope you don't mind me bidding on you..."

Dr. Wily basically just waits at the pickup area, watching the rest of the auction, and waiting for Flare hisself.

Ether Skunk leans over and begins filling out forms, whatever they may be. Pen in hand, hand awiggle and mind on other things, she signs not only where she must, but on any signable line she can see, heedlessly scribbling her name in all sorts of places it need not be in. While she's doing this, she lifts her head and looks to Ayla, smiling brightly. "Nope! Not at all. Uh... can't say I know you, though." ZOom! The Hand of Greeting is presented to Ayla. "Name's Ether Skunk. I'm a Maverick Hunter. Pleased to meet you."

"You got it, Fencer..." Jet offers with a sigh of relief. He looks over to Ayla. .oO(She bought me a date? I guess I should be thankful for it. It's nice of her to get me... Oh, she got Ether for research. D'oh!)Oo. "Hey, Ether... Looks like we both are serving the same dudette. Don't worry... Ayla gets the Stingray Seal of Approvel."

Fencer Naiad raises her left eyebrow as she speaks in a cold sarcastic voice, "What are you doing, building some weird kind of harem?"

Depository Dormouse practically beams at the crowd. "We're doing wonderfully! And as a reminder, all proceeds will benefit both the Repliforce and Hunter causes. Next up is a Hunter Medic by the name of Rigger. Aside from being the friendly, dedicated medic, she was famed as being a pendant bearer for none other than Venus, that stardroid whose name is the same as the planet of love, Venus! She says that she will be either Slave or Date, depending on the winner's choice! Bid away!"

Rigger takes a deep breath as she adjusts the lay of her jacket. Time for her to suck it up and go out there... How embarassing. She steps out from behind the curtained off area onto the walkway, flashing a smile as she tries her hardest not to look over the crowd. That 'picture them in their underwear' thing never helped at all.

Ether Skunk looks up and waves her little quill pen. "Four hundred and fifty-two and thirty-seven cents!" Sure, it's not much, but...

Axle blinks over towards Rigger. The metool immediately jumps the bid. "5000!"

Viktor looks good in his underwear. But that's beside the point! He /WILL/ leave with a date! "10,000!"

Michael Eildath smirks. This should be interesting. "Twenty thousand."
"452.37! 5000! 10,000!"

Plasma Badger rumbles to Quell, "Where does a Met get money anyway?"
Shield idly wonders how high Rigger's price will be. He guesses 80,000.
Colonel raises a hand once again, as he turns his head back to Cappella. "Thank you for confirming my suspicions." Yes, Colonel has now figured out that Viktor is nothing more than a Master in disguise. "25,000."

Viktor's eye twitches as he bids again. "50,000!"

Fugue peers up at Rigger a moment and grins, "Fifty-five thousand zenny!" She pauses a moment and adds quickly, "And a stick and a half of chewing gum!"

Bass broods quietly, eyes upon the newest person up for bid. His eyes narrow as people begin throwing bids to and fro, although he isn't entering into it just yet. He crosses his arms, and waits.

Michael Eildath watches this. "One hundred thousand."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus glances over from her drink, the little umbrella snagging on her beak. grah. "Well, I think I saw him messing around in it's pet's, err, I mean, that Hunter's pocket..."

Axle grumbles under his breath, and he swears to himself. Then, the metool says, "---.........*******." The metool is muttering a few words. "Sixty-five thousand zenny!" He hisses.

Viktor nearly screams out his next bid. "500,000!"

Rigger looks around a moment, peering at all the sudden bids with surprise. Wow. Feeling she should do something up there, she begins to fidget. Think, think.. Oh! Her hands raise to her hair, pulling free the pins that holds it in place. Allowing it to fall free, she brushes her fingers through the strands of hair that easily reach her ankles.

Shield glances over at Viktor, then says, "500,001."

The prices soar, and Depository homes in on the bids. "100,000! And it's worth it, since she has so, mush, hair!"

"500,000; and now, 500,001! My, this is quite exciting!"

Cappella sighs softly and shakes her head. "It would be different if he had such zenny, but it is doubtful he does. I find it rather annoying that he puts in such claims and if he did have such money he would be keeping it from Wily."

Ayla Ericson nods, offering her hand as well. "Ayla Ericson," she replies with a twinkle in her blue eyes. "My dad's with the UN and I have a tendency to help out whenever I'm needed in the Repliforce bases. It's very nice to meet you, Ether Skunk."

Stealth Nekojin considers the bidding. Then shrugs. What the hey. "Seven hundred and fifty thousand!"

Fugue isn't gonna pay -that- much to play a joke on Rigger. She does cup her hands around her mouth and call out to her though, "Go, Rigger! Hold out for more!"

Viktor /does/ scream out his next bid. "800,000!"

Bass finally speaks up from the back of the crowd. "A million and a quarter." He snarls, holding up a little wooden plaque with his number on it.

Fencer Naiad 's player can't keep up in the spam.

Ether Skunk smiles brightly at Ayla. UN! "Great! Glad to hear it." She turns to offer Jet a grin as he offers his assurance that miss Ericson is trustworthy, before turning to watch and see how much Rigger is going.... oh my GOD that's a lot of hair. Ether glances back at her tail, suddenly feeling inadequate.

Shield's jaw drops and he's forced to make a couple calculations. He's just about to outbid Viktor when Bass speaks. Again, his jaw drops. Sorry Rigger, he thinks.

Colonel stands and reachs a hand out toward Cappella cordially, surprisingly enough. But she heads off, probably to steal some other major work of art or such. Colonel turns and heads over to Ayla. "Greetings Ms. Ericson."

Michael Eildath is cleanly outbid. Sweet mercy.

Depository Dormouse blinks at the bids, and ahems quietly. ".75, no, 1,000,000.25 zenny for the medic."

Rigger blinks in complete shock at the bid she garnered. What? That's a joke, right? Her eyes skip over the crowd, trying to find that particular face.

Stealth Nekojin considers his total finances. Considers the day. Eh, what the heck. Might as well make it cost. "One and a half million!"

Ether Skunk scratches her nose. A million for her. A million and a quarter for Rigger. Ether's starting to suspect that those 'Maverick Hunter Vixens' calendars have made them hot commodities.

Plasma Badger faaaaaaaaalls over again. WHUD!

Quell Quetzalcoatlus begins choking on her drink.

Axle eyes at the bidder for a brief moment. "...He's rich.."

Ayla Ericson admires the floofiness that is Ether's tail. "How do you keep your tail in such good health?" the girl asks before smiling up at Jet. "Maybe we should look at going out for a night of fun or something. It could be great!"

Shield is both disapointed about Rigger's fate while greatly relieved he no longer has to spend his entire life savings.

Bass's lips twist into a heavy sneer as someone /dares/ to outbid him. His arms remain crossed for a brief time, finger tapping on the outside of his helm as he wonders whether or not this is worth keeping up with. Then again, it's not /his/ money, it's Wily's. Good ol' dad. "Eh.."

Viktor pulls out his cell phone/datapad, and does some quick stock management.

Inverse has finally gotten over the notion that everyone here is stinking rich, and has enough money to probably buy half the crowd here in /actual/ slavery. It's kind of amusing.

Ether Skunk peeks back at her tail. "Oh? Uh... oh, I spend a lot of time keepin' it brushed. An' I use only the most advanced in friction-reducing gloss-retaining nutrient oil synthfur additives!" Her attention returns to the auction, as Ether is genuinely curious how much Rigger's going to pull in.

Flare Feline is still in his seat with the other auctionees. It's been a good night, particularly for him. He never at all expected to pull in 4.5 million Zenny. He's still curious as to who the old man is. But he shrugs, considering the money he made, it doesn't matter much. It's not like he's Dr. Wily, right?

Stealth Nekojin thinks for a moment, taps his datapad, and frowns at what he finds. Flagging down an auctioneer assistant he talks to them quietly and sends them up to the front.

Spiral Pegasus wanders in, the more Repliforcers the merrier it seems.
You paged Plasma Badger with 'Magic words?'.

Jet Stingray frowns to Fencer... If he can. "Hey, I'm using my money to help out Repliforce... And I only bought you. I'm just trying to rise the price a bit with a bid here and there. Like I bet that Rigger can get up to 2 million... It's just playing the angles." He is tempted to bid... But Rigger has gotten rather high on her own. But he does offer another radio. He nods to Ayla, "Whatever you want. Being flexible as promised."

Bass is in his business suit, just ignore the description.

The bids keep coming, panning out for a while at the million zenny mark. A few bids are retracted, and then finally, Depository Dormouse's gaze falls back onto Bass. "Sold for a price of 1 million zenny! And a quarter! Congratulations Rigger, and the man in the business suit with the wooden placard! Off to the legalities booth with you!" She grins, and then moves on to the next.

Rigger nods slightly towards the auctioneer as she steps down from the runway carefully. Heels were such a pain, and her hair was down... Why the heck did she do that? Sighing inwardly, she gathers her hair up once more to at least tie it off into an overly-long ponytail. She just makes her way towards the booth, where she assumes she'll run into the bidder.

Ayla Ericson nods solemnly. "It shows," the teen replies before turning her attention to the stage. "See? You're worth the same!" She turns back towards the table and signs both the contracts leaving contact information in clear writing on both of the documents.

Depository Dormouse speaks up, "And now, for something a bit different! Another lady Maverick Hunter, and yes, she's said either Date or Slave, but is that just a mind trip? It's up for you to decide! She's a psychologist with a love for thrill-seeking, who wants to be appreciated for her sharp mind, it's Fugue! Starting bid, 100 zenny!"

Ether Skunk rubs her head quietly, turning away from the auction to look back to Jet and Ayla. "So, uh..." she murmurs, shuffling a foot. After a moment, she bows in a distinctly subservient manner to miss Ericson. "Your command, m'lady?" After all, Ether did sign up as a slave, not a date.

Fugue strolls on out onto the stage. Wasn't she just in the audience? Ahwell... she probably slipped back behind stage during the bid wars for Rigger. Slung over one shoulder is a giant tuning fork, easily longer than she is tall. As she reaches the center of the stage, she twirls briefly and casts a brilliant grin out into the crowd, waving with her free hand. Unlike many of the others, she's not exactly all fancied up... just wearing her street clothes.

Fencer Naiad continues listening to Jet and Ayla, her ears listening to the other bids going on, anyone who looks at the nymph might notice her white gloved fists tightening, and is that the imagination, or did her eyes just flash green?

Ether Skunk waves a hand. "452.37!!"

Bass glances at his placard, idly noting the number of it. With a shrug, he forces his way through the crowd in the direction of the indicated booth, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. He's in a constant buzz, growling to himself as he approaches. And indeed, there Rigger is, the disguised Force Leader moving to meet with his prize. A fact which the old man will probably shout at him about for a little while, considering the expense of acquiring it, however briefly.

"And again we start with 452.37! Do we have any higher bids?"

Spiral Pegasus finds the drink stand and orders something caffienated. "Yes, Pepsibots'll work. Thanks." The pony drops a couple zenny on the counter and meanders back into the crowd with his drink.

Jet Stingray tries his hand at bidding again, unknown of Fencer's glowing eyes of doom. "5000."

Colonel takes a seat relatively nearby Ayla, as he just walked up. "Good evening Ms. Ericson." he says in greeting as he turns his head back toward the the podium. "7,500."

Shield wonders how much Fugue will go for. 50,000 is his latest guess.
"And from 452 to 5000! Do I hear higher! Yes I do! 7,500 to the gentleman in the snazzy hat!" Depository beams at the rest of group.

Rigger glances over to the approaching man somewhat nervously. A nervousness that grows in leaps and bounds as she spots him. Those eyes... *gulp* Of course, even when the person in charge of paperwork is busy trying to hand some to her, she finds herself staring at Senor Fortissimo intead.

Stealth Nekojin decides to head out, flowing through the crowds and headed for the teleporter. Enough crowds for one night.

Michael Eildath finally gets back from wherever he'd been the last few minutes. "10,000."

Fugue had better go for more than that! She spins her fork, gesturing upwards vaguely, "C'mon, you guys can do better than that! It's for a good cause!"

"Well, first order of business... don't call me ma'am or miss or mistress. But you can call me Ayla," the blonde energetic teen comments. "No acting like a slave." She turns towards Colonel when she hears his greeting. "Evening, Colonel. Going to join our little group here? And this fund raiser is doing really well, isn't it!"

Ignoring the look directed at him, the man in the ebony suit is quick to fill out the necessary forms on his end, before handing across a credit card of some description for the transaction again. Bass regards Rigger after that, a light smirk on his face.

Elias Kiritsu finds a place to sit among the crowds. The cop mentally debates this. Sure, he could easily beat the current bid, but his survival insticts tell him otherwise.

Ether Skunk stands up straight. "But, I-" she stammers, confused. "I was.... I mean, the auction.. uh... was for.. to the, er.. ah.. ooohhh, alright." Turning back to the stage, she watches. Good thing her pittance of a bid isn't the only one that anybody put in for Fugue.
Depository Dormouse perks at the Hunter, and whispers, "Flash that fork around some more, yes." And then she returns her attention to the fore, "Up to 10,000! Do I hear more?"

Fugue is innocent and harmless. Really. She eyes the mouse a moment, shrugs, and twirls her fork up into the air, neatly catching it with her other hand.

Colonel nods slightly, "Indeed, we have. And I'm going to make sure everyone's payed up front. Given the rather shady dealings some seem to have done." He remarks of course of his 'winner'. "11,000."

Rigger glances to the paperwork she's handed, which she doesn't really have to sign so much as read. She already signed all the stuff beforehand given she was one of the volunteers. Once scanning it over, she hands it back, giving the winning bidder a dubious look. "...So."

Jet Stingray contines the bidding thing. "50,000." The Stingray of Love tries to raise more money in a faster manner for Repliforce like he has all night by moving past all the small bids. "Don't worry about it, Ether, the key is for everyone to have a good time and know that it's helping Repliforce."

"11,000; now up to 50,000! Let's make sure it's coming from our own pockets, gentlemen." The Dormouse winks and teases gently.
Zero checks something for a moment, then yawns, and raises his hand. "Double it."

Shield glances at Rigger as she gets to the pickup area. The gentleman that bought her seems to be decent, or so he thinks until he hears a comment. He starts to shoulder his way through the crowd to the pickup area, making quite alot of headway for someone who looks human.

Fugue shifts her fork to the crook of her arm for long enough to clap at Jet and Zero. "That's more like it!"

"100,000 for Fugue from the celebrity Zero!"

Bass smirks for a moment. "Come on." He orders, turning from Rigger and walking away. He isn't long in stopping, however, as his gaze falls on Wily. With a shrug, he walks up to the doctor.

Michael Eildath hrms. "One hundred and ten."

Shield sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray chuckles as Zero comes in and bid. "Fine, let's play like that.... Double Zero's bet then."

Rigger rolls her eyes upwards as she heaves a weary sigh. Please let her be wrong. She's wrong right? Right? Yes? Still, she follows after Bass obediently for now. Charity, charity. Stupid charity.

Zero shrugs. "200,000? Seeing her in a maid's outfit ain't worth it."

Rigger sends a radio transmission.
Shield receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
Shield sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Colonel seems about to raise his hand, of course, he's ONLY the Repliforce Executive Officer, not pulling in any side cash like the Stingray, he gracefully lowers his hand.

Ayla Ericson would pat Ether's arm if she knew her a little better. "Well... think of it as being a slave but agreeing to my commands. I 'commanded' you to act like you weren't made to be a slave. Does that kinda make sense, Ether?"

Fugue sticks her tongue out in Zero's direction, "Like you'd know." As the bids continue to rise, she plants the tines of her fork gently against the stage, "Anyone else?"

Zero receives a radio transmission from Seismic Earthworm.
Zero sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray looks over to Colonel, and being the nice guy that he is, offering him a radio.

Ether Skunk ooohs, that works. She smiles cheerfully and nods back at Ayla. "Yes, mistress, I obe- oh, oh crud!" howls the skunk, dancing and squirming. "Forget I called you that! Oh, man, oh man, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I promise." She turns away and drops her breath to measured pant, mumbling. 'breath in, breath out. breathe in, breathe out... relax... calm down...'

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Colonel receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

Bass glances over his shoulder, making sure that Rigger is following along. His lips twist into a small smirk of amusement, since he's apparently just bought himself a slave for the day. "Huh.. The least you could've done was dress up."

Zero receives a radio transmission from Seismic Earthworm.

Shield continues forcing his way through, getting several nasty looks and comments. But he's catching up to Bass and Rigger at least.

Zero listens to his radio, then bids, "275,000."

Rigger purses her lips slighlty in annoyance, giving a breif glance at her attire. "I *am* dressed up." This was dressed up for her, darnit. What'd he want, that negligie that Protoman bought her?

"200,000 it is! A deul of the egos? 275,000!"

Fencer Naiad sends a radio transmission to Dr. Pavel Cossack.

Ayla Ericson chuckles softly. "It's okay. Just... be yourself. Does that work any better for you, Ether?" the teen asks with a grin. "I'm sure we'll figure it out to both our satisfactions. Now... what kind of things do you like to do on your free time? We should put our heads together for this. Then we can all have a good time."

Rigger sends a radio transmission to Shield.
Shield receives a radio transmission.

Bass turns fully, regarding Rigger properly. He's getting his first /proper/ look at the girl for a change, and his smirk deepens. "Right. Well, we can't all be pretty, as I'm sure some of your little cadre might say." He turns again, as if to move on and away, before he pauses to speak. "Turn off any transmitters, radios, whatever. I don't want to have to frisk you to find the wire."

Ether Skunk watches Rigger quietly, flicking her ears, and sighs. Doesn't look like she ended up with a nice 'owner' like her. Still, she's sure Rigger can handle it... she's a big girl. She's done lots of brave stuff. Ether turns back to Ayla with a wan smile, nodding. "Myself, myself. Check. Okay, uh.. lesse... I like..." She starts counting off on her fingers for some reasons. "I like baking... eating... watching cartoons... painting... laser tag... juggling... frisbee.... uh..."

Depository Dormouse squeaks out, "275,000 going once, twice..." And then Jet Stingray's voice rings out, "400,000!" Depository glances over at Zero, and then shrugs, "Going once, twice, sold to Jet Stingray!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "Whoops, sorry Seismic."

Spiral Pegasus chugs his drink. "Great Scott, this is getting pricey." He pulls out a datapad looks it over, shrugs, and tosses the datapad back to whereever he found it. "I think it's high time I found an agent of my own."

Shield is not encouraged by what he hears on the radio. A few more angry people and Shield emerges from the main crowd, or at least into a nice open pocket that Bass and Rigger are in. He's also just in time to hear Bass' comment about wires etc. "Excuse me," he says in a pleasant voice. "I was wondering if you would mind selling your date to me for 1,200,000." A small voice in the back of his mind screams out he can't afford that, but he shoves it down for now.

Fencer Naiad receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Just where the heck do you all find this money, and where can I get a piece of the action?"

Zero sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Dr. Wily is just... standing there. Waiting. Yep. Taptap.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "My retirement fund y pension... Pero no hablamos de ese."

Zero receives a radio transmission.

Rigger purses her lips tightly together as she sends off a few last quick radio signals. Then she reaches up and withdraws the earbud, flipping a small button on it's side. "Right. No need to get touchy-feely."

Fencer Naiad sends a radio transmission.
Zero sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "Simple... Get mutlimillion doller endorsement deals and combine with racing winnings... I got more than 4 mill to mess around with. Agents rock, bottom line."

Fugue points her fork toward Jet with a bright brin and a wink. Someone's just the ladies' man today, aren't they? Hopping down from the stage, she makes her way over to do the obligatory signing.
Ether Skunk does a discrete little wiggle and dance as she talks to Jet and Ayla. Kind of like she has to use the restroom, but not quite.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "What happened to your island?"

Bass's red gaze shifts to take Shield in, giving the newcomer a quick appraisal. And dismissal, as his sight returns to Rigger. Again he turns, this time to face both. "No. I don't think I could do that. Why, I couldn't sell /this/ lovely little thing for anything less than.. one.. billion.. dollars." He puts a hand out towards Rigger, apparently wanting the earbud itself. Can you feel the non-trust?

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Fencer Naiad transmits, "Or you can cut off a servbots head and put it on ebay."

Zero receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Meh, I really wish I'd put myself on sale."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "I figured I didn't want it... It might get blown up if I got a real one."

Elias Kiritsu waits for the next person to show up. Fugue's of no intrest to the cop. Especially since he wants to remain alive.

Ayla Ericson ooohs at the laser tag mention. "I haven't tried that yet. What's it like?"

Centaur Man has been sitting around for hours in an uncomfortable disguise. The serious look on his face remains, but beneath it he is bored. Deciding that he cant handle this any more, he decides to go. The hooved one probably isnt going to enjoy the next day, with the dates and all, but decides not to worry, and leaves.

Plasma Badger takes this opportunity to slip out.. really.. he has some things to deal with right now. That, and things are a little crowded here and he wants to beat the rush. He nods in passing to Quell and takes his leave, wandering out towards the east.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "It can join our fake one on bottom of the sea, then. Give it some company."

Depository Dormouse wiggles her nose, and states, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Our last auction of the evening is Inverse! She's a Maverick Hunter, and has also said "Winner's Choice!" in the Date or Slave game. A well-rounded, athletic lady, she's got the charm of the 'girl next door' -- if yours happens to also be trained in military maneuvers and heroic deeds. Give a round of applause for our friend and final volunteer! Bidding starts at 100 zenny."

Rigger hesitates a moment at the request, her hand twitching. Darn. There goes that idea. She offers it out, dropping it into Bass hand with a sigh. Shifting her gaze towards Shield, she offers a helpless shrug.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... I'm definitely concentrating on the wrong things."

Fencer Naiad receives a radio transmission from Dr. Pavel Cossack.

Inverse, when called on, wastes no time in moving into plain view. She actually makes a flip away from the concealing screen, and makes a few slow spins afterwards. Then she's surrounded in a golden glow, and when it fades her attire is replaced with her armor; sans the usual weapons.

Ether Skunk waves a hand. "F-four hundred an'... fifty two and, um... fourty-seven cents!"

Elias Kiritsu puts his hand up for a bid pretty quickly. Strange. "2000."

Shield certainly does /not/ have one million dollars. He does not have a plan. He does not have the movie hero's famous ability to adlib in an instant and come up with an incredibly intelligent comment to defuse the situation. "Really Bass," he says, maintaining his politeness. "What possible interest could be to you? She's just another human woman."

Axle is pretty steamed of what he is hearing. However, he is turning towards Inverse. The optics are glimmering at her. Then, he gives her a wry grin. "5000.." Heh heh heh...

Jet Stingray just moves up to pay for Fencer and Fugue at the same time. He nods to Fugue as he signs the papers. "Hope we won't be having to have the shrink talk like we did that last time we had some conversation," the stingray offers with a chuckle.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "No, las mujeres are the right things, chico. Just don't concentrate so hard on them."

"452, 2000, 5000!"

Elias Kiritsu silently curses that annoying Metool. "Okay then. 10000."
Fencer Naiad sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Fencer Naiad.

Spiral Pegasus sighs as everything goes too fast for him to bid 'three fiddy'. With a shrug, he returns to the drink stand. "Another Pepsibots, please."

Dr. Wily looks around, boredly. When he spies... that guy. He walks about, trying to non-chalantly place himself in the Force Commanders' field of vision. La la la la la...

Axle grins at Elias, and he winks. Then he shouts, "Twenty thousand!"

Ether Skunk bites her lower lip and huffs, looking back at Ayla. She smiles... "Well, um... you go into a big dark misty maze and you shoot at eachother with harmless lasers. It's..." She looks down. "It's kinda retro, since you can do much more realistic stuff in any holosuite nowadays. Um... hmm. It might be kind of boring... uh... what about you, Mr. Jet sir?" She looks up to smile to him, but he's elsewhere. Oh, poo.

Fencer Naiad sends a radio transmission to Dr. Pavel Cossack.
Fencer Naiad makes a few quick radios, then hurries off.
Fencer Naiad enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Fencer Naiad has left.

Inverse looks pretty pleased with the bids thus far. A good smile pops up as it hits the 10K mark...then 20K...she's going to just look energetic during all this.

Elias Kiritsu shakes his head. .oO(Must Resist Urge to kick that met.) "Forty Thousand."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus keeps watching, lawnchair and all, while sipping on another round of punch. Let's hope that's not spiked. She gives a lackadaisical wave to Spiral, apparently happen enough to enjoy the weather and the fun around.

Depository Dormouse regards the met quizzically, but accepts anyway, noting the card it's weilding. "And up to 40,000 we go! Do I hear more?"

Fugue scribbles her name several times in various places and glances up to the stingray, "You just let me know when you decide what it is you want to do."

The earpiece is taken into Bass' left hand, fingers closing around the device. A nice crunching occurs, after which he opens his hand to show the bud in pieces. A breeze sweeps in, scattering them in Shield's direction. If there was any doubt as to who this is, well.. it's at least clear he's not human. Bass sneers. "You know what they say about people who assume things.." He snarls, before his gaze catches on someone. Is that..? Who else could it be. "Slave, go and fetch that man there." A finger is raised, pointed at the disguised Wily.

Axle smirks for a moment, then he shouts. "50, 000 zenny!!"
Elias Kiritsu grins suddenly. This is gonna be like going for that Servbot head, 'eh? "60,000 Zenny!"

Inverse realizes it's a back-and-forth currently. At least the progression is good so far.

Axle grunts at Elias, then he says, "Okay ******, wanna play?" Then he faces the people. "70,000 zenny!"

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Spiral Pegasus waves to Quell as he walks by, drink in hand. "I see you got the executive suite with the free drinks," he says, chuckling.

Zero sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Shield forces a fairly genuine looking grin of amusement. "Quite quite, my apologies," he says, still playing the pleasant supplicant. He certainly doesn't want to tick the most powerful robot in the world off. "Still, you must realize that there isn't anything inherantly special about Miss Rigger, many people share her qualities. /I/ on the other hand, have been watching her for quite some time, and am quite eager to buy her."

Elias Kiritsu coughs. "You're wasting you're time, Met. One Hundred Thousand Zenny!" </dr.evil>

Jet Stingray gives Fugue a thumbs up. "You got it. Though I'd like your input on what you want to do. A date isn't cool unless both people are having fun, right?" Unlike most dates, he has no clue as what was going on.

Depository Dormouse hmms to herself, and then nods at the two going back and forth. "70,000! More?" The two keep at it, slipping past Axle's bid of "96,000!" However, Elias makes a final spur to "100,000!" She looks over, and squeaks, "Going once, twice, sold!"

Quell Quetzalcoatlus whirrs, and bounces on the seat for a moment, before it snaps up, sending the drink flying on some squirrel base. "Grah! Not hardly, Sir. I'm not about to let any promotion go to my head."

Inverse's eyes pretty much 'light up' (not in the literal sense. That'd be weird.) at the 30K jump. "100 big ones? Now how to merit that price..." She turns around and begins walking for the legalities booth everyone else has so far...

Fugue waggles a finger up at Jet, "You just name the place, I'm sure it'll be fun." She considers a moment and adds, "Just be careful if you get advice from Zero." He's likely to tell Jet something weird just to prank poor Fugue.

Rigger doesn't hesitate in being sent away from Bass. A little freedom, after all, though she was still bound by her signature on a legal document stating she had to follow the agreement for now. Even if it wasn't in her best interest. She scans around, spotting the individual that he had told her to get, and continues in his direction. Lifting a hand, she reaches out to tap at Wily's shoulder while clearing her throat. "Excuse me. Someone wants your attention."

Depository Dormouse beams at the group. "And that does it! All of you, thank you for your attendance today. We are still taking donations outside the auctions for those interested. Please enjoy the park, don't litter, and be sure to visit the Captain's Table afterwards!" With that, the small reploid patters off the stage, while leading a resounding round of applause.

Bass's eyes narrow at Shield. "Then maybe you should consider waiting until the next charity auction, and stop bothering me now. She's /not/ for resale. Get it through your head, before I force it in there through one of your ears." His right hand clenches into a fist. Grr.

Spiral Pegasus takes the upended glass off of his helmet's comb and wipes away the punch from his visor. "Er... that wasn't what I meant, Quell." He takes another sip of his drink, mmmm punch-flavored pop. "I wasn't anything snide or anything, just complimenting you on getting the good seats. Though the next time we throw something here, can you let me know how to get the good seats too?"

Quell Quetzalcoatlus whirrs as she untangles herself, and glances up at Spiral. "Well, certainly." She blinks at the crowd as it begins milling around. "Ah, it looks like it's over and done with. Say, did you want to hang out at Bastion's restaurant for a while?"

Spiral Pegasus finishes his drink and three-pointers his can into the trash. Nothing but the bottom of the bin. "Wish I could, but I just had time to make this. Plans to make, training scenarios to work on, stuff like that. I'm the Aerial advisor now, which means I need to come up with some Aerial advice. Thanks for the offer though!"

Inverse doesn't even really read the contract stuff very carefully. She just signs the thing, wide grin on her all the time.

Shield sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.

Dr. Wily looks to Rigger, and clasps the proferred hand in his own, bringing it to his lips. "Encantado, senora." After releasing the hand, he bows his head. "If you be so kind as to lead the way.."

Jet Stingray nods, and flexes. "You got it. I'll try and do something different then," he offers with a chuckle. "If you excuse me though... I have to see what I'm doing with Ayla. This auctionees being able to auction for other people is interesting but a little confusion. It doesn't have to be anything big and planned. Just when you got time and I got time we could go out and do something. I'm not exact a planning sort of person here." He looks over to Ayla and Ether, wondering how things are going over there.

Fugue sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Colonel receives a radio transmission from Fugue.

Axle grumbles as he is told to stay out of this. Then, the metool is waddling away. "...***** ******* this... **************************** ******************* ********** mother ***************..." He frowns. He is sighing under his breath while wadddling away.

Spiral Pegasus returns to base, yay.

Fugue receives a radio transmission from Zero.

Shield wonders why he seems to keep getting the job of negotiating with Bass. It's a concept that just doesn't work. "Surely there is something else I can provide you with besides money then?" he says slowly, stalling while his slow mind comes up with a brilliant scheme to make everything right.

Ether Skunk smiles gratefully as Jet draws near, before looking towards Rigger anxiously... she prays she'll be okay, before turning back to Ayla and smiling a bit. "So, uh... anybody else coming?"

Rigger twitches slightly at the hand-kiss deal. Oh god. No this isn't... If that's Bass, then this old fogie... o O (EEEEEEEW!) Resisting the urge to start screaming 'get it off' in regards to Wily, she just nods and leads the way as told. Hrmph. Nevermind she's scowling darkly, nevermind the fact that she's looking for a way out of this and is coming up short on ideas. All she can really think to mutter is, "I'm not a 'senora'."

Inverse however does seem to be waiting at the table. Probably for Elias to make his own way over there and sign, or something else.

Tori stands up, drapes her coat over her arm, and sets off to get some of the complementary punch, and make a donation ... even if it's like a drop in the ocean compared to what the auction earned.

Bass continues to glare at Shield, silent for a time. Abruptly, he grabs the arm of a passing official, and speaks quietly -- yet loudly enough for Shield to hear. ".. could you call security? This man is bothering me about the auction I won fairly.."

Ayla Ericson looks around the area. "Don't think so... I'm pretty much open to whatever you guys would like to do. Barring stuff that's impossible for a human to do, of course," she giggles, glancing down at her assistbot.

Shield receives a radio transmission from Seismic Earthworm.

Shield wants to do nothing more at this point then to either shoot Bass or threaten him, but as he's not stupid and he is still in another persona, he wisely assumes a look of both annoyance and mild fear at Bass's words. With one sorrowful and apologetic glance at the approaching Rigger, Shield beats a hasty retreat, looking like most people do when trying to avoid public event security guards.

Jet Stingray turns to Fugue, tapping his faceplate in thought. "Hey, Fugue... Really quick, could you do something for me? Colonel bid and I feel bad that he lost... You think you could do something with /him/ instead of me?" He keeps an ear open to Ayla, making sure that he is still 'on the ball' with his master for the time being.

Shield sends a radio transmission to Seismic Earthworm.

Fugue hovers up and perches on the stingray's shoulder, "I dunno... You won the bid after all." She turns and glances in the Colonel's direction, "Besides, he and I have to speak about something soon anyway. Don't worry yourself about it."

Shield receives a radio transmission.

Rigger leads the old weird guy along, then.

Elias Kiritsu heads over towards the table at which Inverse is standing at, to deal with this paperwork. He looks at his date/slave. "Looks like you're gonna be stuck with me." says the cop, grinning. "I'm Elias." He says, extending his right (and cyborg) hand.

Ether Skunk gnaws her lower lip some more. She's starting to feel quite uneasy. "So, ahh... we could... go get something to eat. We could see a movie. We could go for a walk. Ride bikes. Go for a swim. Set off fireworks. Um.... ooh, I like fireworks..."

Void Starfish activates her stealth mode.
Void Starfish goes home.
Void Starfish has left.

Inverse extends her own, still noticably in a casual, good mood. "And I'll assume you heard my name when the bidding started, so that does the introduction.'s where you have to make some choices. Two of 'em, in fact."

Bass sneers, letting the worker go as Shield departs. "Nevermind. I think the annoyance is gone now, but thanks." He turns back around, and awaits the arrival of Rigger and the old man.

Elias Kiritsu nods. "And what would these be, Miss Inverse?"

Jet Stingray nods slowly and sighs. "If you say so... I just feel bad. I mean, being a leader is hard stuff. I just want him to have some fun and stuff.." He turns his head to look at Fugue. "I guess so, but as a slave, I could order you to be Colonel's date. But, if you think he'll be okay, I'll take your word on it. You are the pro on that stuff." To Ayla and Ether, he offers his input, "Anything is good for me, just as long as it isn't cold!"

Dr. Wily arrives. Here he comes to save the daaaaaay.

Inverse holds up one finger. "First, you pick which this is. Date or slave-for-a-day." Another finger. "Then outfit. Either what I have now, my combat armor, or my more casual outfit." Which was, for those with poor memories at home, pretty much a white halter-top and blue jeans.

Ayla Ericson ooohs as she gets an idea. "How do you like root beer floats? Have you ever been to Ruby's? I'm willing to try that laser tag... hey, isn't there an arcade street somewhere around here, Jet?"

Fugue bats her eyes at the roboray, "That wouldn't be as fun though." Leaning over, she waves toward Ayla, "So, Jet, when and where?"

Elias Kiritsu nods again. "At a guess, I'd say you'd have some say in both. So I wouldn't mind hearing what you'd prefer." The cop deals with another thing to sign. "Gods...I hate paperwork..." He mutters under his breath.

Rigger stops a short distance from Bass with an uneasy expression. None the less, she lifts her hand to gesture at the man she escorted over. "Your old man." Well that is what he called him.

Flare Feline is... still there. Yep. Just been mingling, stuff like that. Waiting for it all to be over so he can go on his.... er.. date. >.>

Inverse waves a finger at Elias, "Nope. I'm not the one paying 100 big ones for this. You are. The customer is always right in this sort of thing."

"So it is." Bass replies, smirking now. "Just here to see who bids on who, old man, or did you actually spend a bit of money here like me?" He cocks his head towards Rigger, clearly indicated who he 'bought'.

Ether Skunk smiles to Ayla. "I've been to Ruby's, yep! In Louisiana..." She quiets a bit, thinking back to Venus's pendant slugfest. Bad memories, man. She perks back up quickly enough. "Ruby's is nice. Root beer is great. So are root beer floats."

Cappella yawns quietly and makes her way towards the crowd.

"The one in New York, right? Ruby's Diner? They've got some really nice food there too... nice, big burgers and homemade pie. Mmm. I haven't been there lately," the teen muses before returning Fugue's wave.

Inverse waits near Elias, having long since finished the paperwork (She didn't read a dang bit of it, and just signed the lines.), and his response.

Ether Skunk thinks. "What? New York?" she murmurs. "Thenw here am I thinking of?" She lolls her head back and rubs her temples, trying to sort out all of these restaraunts. Lesse. Ruby's is in new york. The place in Louisiana is... uh...

Dr. Wily raises an eyebrow. "What business it is of yours, my young friend, I've not a clue." speaks he, in his quite realistic spanish accent. "But, if you must know, while I didn't have the pleasure of winning the pequena muchacha, like you did, I managed to secure myself a... Repliforcer. 'Flare Feline', si." He pronounces the name 'Flahr feh-lin'.

Jet Stingray shrugs to Fugue, being rather gentle to avoid fling Fugue off. The idea is dropped at the batting of the lashes, the stingray not one to fight well the ways of the femme. "As I said... No idea. I'm a free spirit sort of guy... Heck, you could Join me, Ether, and Ayla as I do my slave bit. Whatever you want as long as it isn't /too formal/ or too cold. Skiiing and snowboarding are cool... But not my thing." He rubs his beret, never a fan of making dates for dates. Looking over to Ayla, he shrugs, "I think there is... We met at one that was near here I believe. Root beer floats rock though..."

Rigger listens to the two talk a moment, her attention obviously elsewhere. Crossing her arms over her chest, she looks around the slowly dwindling crowd with a frown. If only she had her radio, still.

Elias Kiritsu shrugs. "Okay then. I guess I'll go with the Slave for a day, to be honest. That's the way my bizarre mind works. As for the clothing..." The cops pulls out a coin. "Heads, Your battle outfit, tails, your casual clothes." He flips the coin, which stays on it's side for a fateful few seconds, before landing on...heads. "Heads it is."

Ether Skunk turns to look back to Rigger, trying to offer her a reassuring smile when she looks over this way.

Bass's lips twist into the a deep sneer, the usual expression coming back to the Force Leader's face. "I wouldn't take any of this lot home with you, though. Who knows what plagues they're carrying.." With a shrug, he goes on. "I doubt they're even worth the price we paid."

Inverse starts to foottap, but Elias finally answers. "Very well then. I'll make it worth your 100K. Slave for 24 hours, and my combat armor. Where to?" After a quick snicker, she adds, "Master."

Cappella strolls calmly by before blinking. Doing a double take the thief eyes Bass before focusing on the old Spanard. It seems to take a long moment before recognation kicks in. It is then and only then does she facepalm.

Dr. Wily shrugs. "I think mine was quite worth the price. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go meet him." Kaiyotay waggles his fingers. "Adios." With that, he proceeds over to the waiting area, to pick up his kitty. Kitty kitty.

Cappella begins to sweatdrop as she watches Wily. That old man has more problems then anyone knows what to do with..

Flare Feline is in said waiting area. Just random mingling and stuff. Ok, so his player's been too occupied to pose, but he's back now. And Flare is, uh, there.

Bass watches the disguised Wily move off, his expression somehow darkening as he stares at the back of his creator. Anger boils up within him, before his glare sweeps the crowd to see if anyone /else/ he knows decided to bid on someone.

Cappella shakes her head slowly before slowly manuvering towards Bass. "I would have had no idea that you held interest here..."

Elias Kiritsu sweatdrops at the 'Master' remark. "Well, anyway, You can either meet me in my apartment in San-An, or my home in Neo-Tokyo. Whichever's easiest, but I'm gonna have to ask you to give me a few hours before you meet me there. I have a few things to deal with before you show up."

Dr. Wily walks up to Flare, craning his neck to look him in the eyes. "Bueno tarde, señor. Are you ready?"

Inverse suddenly is surrounded in a golden light, returning to her casual wear. "Deal. You can reach me on radio when you're ready. See ya then."

Flare Feline nods and smiles "Ah, right. Well, I guess we'll head out." He feels a tad uncomfortable, but 4.5 million is 4.5 million. "So who are you anyway?" He asks curiously, might as well know the guys name.

Elias Kiritsu nods. "Okay. See you then. I'll meet you in my Neo-Tokyo place." Elias scribbles the address onto a bit of Paper, and hands it to Inverse. The cop then starts walking off towarsds the Teleporters, waving to his slavegirl for a day.

Inverse takes it, and...promptly vanishes. Weird exit.
Inverse enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Inverse has left.

Bass blinks once at Cappella, before his glare resettles. "If you had an idea, it'd probably be your first." He snarls, crossing his arms. "From the way you're not having a temper tantrum, I'd say you were a successful bidder."

Elias Kiritsu enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Elias Kiritsu has left.

Jet Stingray moves up to Ayla and Ether, hoping that Fugue will stay on his shoulder. "Hey, guys... Care to continues this conversation else where? The crowd for this auction is a bit much. We could take it to the Captian's table or a quieter part of the town... I'll let the 'master' decide for me," he offers with a chuckle.

Ether Skunk smiles and nods to Jet, bobbing her head. "Mebbe we could head on over to Ruby's now," she murmurs quietly.

Ayla Ericson glowers at Jet lightly. "I am not the 'master' of anyone. Maybe some mastery of robotics, but that's about it."

Cappella raises a single brow but doesn't say anything. Rather her own look clearly shows her annoyance. "Perhaps I did make a success bid."

Dr. Wily places a hand on his chest. "Myself, I am Enrico Kaiyotay. My friends simply call me Enrico, and I count you as one of them." He holds out a hand.

Fugue tilts her head, "Fine by me." She remains on Jet's shoulder... easier to avoid problems with the crowd, after all.

Flare Feline blinks, and shrugs as he shakes his hand "Well, that's great Enrico. But what's with interest with me?" Flare idly wonders if what Jet said before was true, about Flare saving him or a family member at some point and not noticing? It's entirely possible.

Jet Stingray chuckles as he plants a hand on Ayla's head. "You know it's all good. I know that. Just playing with you. Serious about letting you decide though, dudette. The sooner we get this show on the road, the more time we have to kick it and have some fun."

Bass waits, apparently for Cappella to tell her all about her bid and who she got. He begins tapping his foot with growing impatience.

Ether Skunk swishes her tail lazily, watching the others and waits for any other plans to surface.

Dr. Wily shrugs. "I do not know, really. Something about your attitude, when you came out. No trace of the arrogancia some of your fellows have. Though," He looks around, trying to spot that lovely 'Rigger' girl. "I do believe that had the order of auctionees been different, you may not have been my choice. And besides." Kaiyotay grins. "Tengo gusto de gatos."

Cappella sighs softly and folds her arms across her chest. "I so happened to win Colonel. Now please do mind my curiousity but who did you get?"

Flare Feline shrugs "Well, thanks all the same. I don't know if I'm worth 4.5 million Zenny, but it's your money. Well, shall we get going?" He sighs on the inside though, an outing with an old man. Well he'll make it was plesnent as possible.

Bass cocks his head in Rigger's direction in response to Cappella's direction, without having to say anything else.

Cappella raises a single brow and makes a face. "And how much zennys were wasted on that one?"

Bass smirks faintly. "Oh, she's worth the price, I assure you. A pity it's only for a day, though. Having someone who could permanently handle washing Treble would be ever so handy.." He laughs for a moment, maniacally.

Rigger gives Cappella a slight glare back a moment, before offering her a smile. "Say, didn't Dr. Cossack beat you up using a lemon painted like a grenade? Man that must have sucked. Heard his daughter managed to beat you up, too."

Cappella turns slowly around and blinks at Rigger looking very very confused. "Beat me up? I didn't even fight either of them.."
Bass remains silent, smirking, content to let the two ladies bicker.
Ether Skunk sneezes.

Dr. Wily nods. "Of course, of course. Come, I shall take you to my estate in Rio de Janiro. In the meantime, tell me about yourself."

Rigger spreads her hands in a vague shrug. "Oh, well, if you say so. I seem to recall something about a bullet in your skull, though."
Cappella hmms quietly and frowns. "A bullet in my skull? Has not happened dear, I believe you have mistaken me as someone else."

Flare Feline nods as he and the old man walk off "Well.... I've been in Repliforce for nearly a year now. A lot of things have happened along the way. I was created by a scientist called Jedidiah Snow, who's in San Angeles now..." And he goes on like that, as Wily leads him. Oh if only he knew.

"Whatever." Bass cuts in, glaring at Cappella. "Why don't you run around now and see to the money you've wasted. Come on." The latter is issued to Rigger, as he steps away.

Jet Stingray looks over at the agrueing that's going on. "Man, I've had my fill. We want floats, let's make the move for Ruby's and at least get some grub. Losing thousands of dollers makes a 'Ray hungry..." And with that, the stingray starts craving a path for the mentioned place. The stingray has gotten impatient... And when that happens, the stingray does something about it... For better or for worse.

<A little while later...>

Rio - Southern Beach

The pure white sands of the beach continue here, the southern edges of the coastline. The buildings here are much larger than the other shorefront properties, some are custom made and futuristic even for this age. Much of the beach is for public use, and in many places you can find the neverending laughter of children playing and sometimes, even adults. The waters here are a deep azure blue, their beauty neverending and expanding as far as the eyes can see be they of human or reploid design.

Dr. Wily [Who] [RM]

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Rio - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to Rio - Guanabara Harbor.

Dr. Wily gets out of the limo, holding the door open for the kittykitty. "And here we are. La Casa del Rey del Demonio." He sweeps an arm to indicate you should view the giant house on the edge of the beach.

Flare Feline nods as he steps out "Nice..." Flare had finished recollected most of the importent events of the past year, including his win over the Reggae. "So tell me, why were you willing to spend that much in that auction?"

Dr. Wily twirls his moustache. "Well, it seemed only fair. You people have lost so much, and people give back so little."

Flare Feline nods "Well that's very generous of you." He says as he walks with the old man up to the estate. The old man seems nice enough (yeah right) and Flare doesn't feel as uncomfortable, but there's still one more matter that needs to be addressed. "So, what exactly... do you have in mind?"

Dr. Wily takes a deep breath. "Well, I was thinking we could start with a quick meal, and... see how it goes from there." He fishes the keys out from his pocket. "Come."

Flare Feline nods, and sighs a bit oO(Well, he's probably just a lonely old man who wants some company or something. Can't hurt.) He follows the geezer inside.

Dr. Wily brings Flare into the overly opulent dining room. "Please, wait here, while I fetch some food." He walks into the kitchen, and makes a clatter, emerging minutes later with two plates of salmon and pasta. "I... didn't know what you'd want, so I assumed you to prefer fish." He sets down a plate. "That is alright, si?"

Dr. Wily also hit a button while he was in there, alerting his peepz, indirectly.

Flare Feline sits and nods "Fish is great, yeah." Mm, Salmon. Gee he's a fast cook too. He idly gazes around "Nice place, you live alone?" Chomp, munch, chew.

Dr. Wily nods. "Yes. I had a wife once, but she left me. I have children, too, but they're all grown up and living elsewhere. I have a companion who I meet with every now and then, but... no one else. It is a lonely life, doing what I do."

Flare Feline eats as he listens, gobble, snarf, snap "Ah. So what /do/ you do anyway?" 50 bucks says he'll regret asking /that/ question.

Dr. Wily says, "I deal in items of various sorts. Mainly robotics is my main concern lately. My company has been working on ways to increase ability ratings in robotic systems. Enhanced servo motors, better conductors, things like that." He takes a forkfull of pasta, and ingests it. "We also make stock F-0 racers. You ever see those races? Very fast. Verrry dangerous. They used to be held in Germany, but aren't now for.. obvious reasons."

Flare Feline nods as he finishes eating. Mm, yummy. "Robotics eh? That's interesting. I prefer to footrace myself." As is known, Flare won the silver in the footrace in last years Battle and Chase. And the pose is left at that, since Flare's player is trying to stay awake, mwargh.

Dr. Wily eats in silence for a bit. "If you care to, you may stay the night with me. It is somewhat late, but if you wish to leave, I'll not hold it against you. I most likely am not the most titilating dinner parter you've had."

Flare Feline hmms oO(I have reports and orders to arrange, and plans to look over tonight, and in the morning. It's best I not) "Thanks but, it's best I don't." He thumbs the Repliforce insignia on his chest, with Captain markings "With the uniform come responsiblities, and I got many to do over the next few days." He finishes his meal "But.... perhaps we could meet again sometime." (yeah, real soon)

Dr. Wily nods. "I would rather like that. I'll call my chauffer to transport you to... where do you reside? London?" He pulls out a celphone.

Flare Feline ums "Actually right now, I'm located at Light Labs. For the time being I'm Repliforce's liaison to the Hunters."

Dr. Wily ahs, "Tokyo, then." He turns the celphone on. "My guest is ready to leave. He's going to Neo-Tokyo. Please make sure he gets there." He turns the phone off, and looks to Flare. "The car will be here in just a few minutes."

Flare Feline nods and stands "Well, it's been a cool evening. I must admit I'm still a bit surprised that you were willing to spend such a large amount though. It's sort of flattering." He heads for the door of the mansion, as he waits for the ride to arrive. Hm, funny, how could a limo get from here to Neo-Tokyo...

The limo pulls up, the back door opening by itself for Flare.

Flare Feline nods and steps down to the limo, offering a wave one last time at his host oO(Well that wasn't so bad. He was a nice old man) Yeah, right, nice. He ducks and sits in the limo, and off he goes. In the special limo.

Yes, the special limo. Which sprouts wings, and screams off into the sky, the driver, being a mysterious clown-like person, laughs maniacally. Bwargh!

<Ominous flight later...>

Nogaki Commerical District Sublevel 1 - Neo Tokyo

Below the city proper stretches the mostly unwholesome mass of the undercity, composed of tunnels which criss-cross and interlace for miles around. While some businesses in this area are legitimate they are far outnumbered by those that are not, though the existence of any such organizations is vehemently denied by Neo Tokyo authorities.
Neon and holographic signs provide most of the illumination in the side streets, while shadowy gangs waft through alleys and through sealed doors. This isn't exactly the best place to be unless you know your way around and have someone to watch your back.
Dr. Wily [Who] [RM]
Otto's Apartment

Obvious exits:
Public Lift Up <LU> leads to Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.

And the limo flies into a warehouse, filling the passenger cabin with a stun field. There it stays.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "(Suddenly out of nowhere, Flare's voice somes in over the radio, a scream rather. And if you listen closely you can barely make out the sound of a stun field in the background) Auuuugh!! (And there's silence)"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "What the - did anyone else get that?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... Flare?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Void Starfish transmits, "I got it. Where's it from?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Tracing signal..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Flare got bought out by that old guy today, didn't he?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Plasma Badger transmits, "4.5 million Zenny."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fencer Naiad transmits, "Yeah I remember. Dammit, did anyone track that guy?!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Void Starfish transmits, "How much does he cost to build a new one? We might need that zenny."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Build a new -Flare-!?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Void Starfish transmits, "... Sorry."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Void, /please/ be optimistic here. Who is ready to move out and check it out? Any swift aerial would be kicking to find and defend him until other forcers can make it to the scene."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Any luck, Captain?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Void Starfish transmits, "I can go."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Erg. Dammit. Can't. Doctor's orders."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Okay, I'm having a bit of trouble pinpointing it, but the closest I can get is...somewhere in the east Asia region."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Selene Chantrell transmits, "If you find him, contact me and I'll be on the nearest, fastest form of transport immediately. That didn't sound good."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fencer Naiad transmits, "East Asia? What about the money he used to pay the 4.5 Million Zenny. I'm sure that didn't come out of thin air. Maybe there's a clue there."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Flare might not be the only one - we should alter the Hunters to this problem."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Plasma Badger transmits, "Hunter personell were up for auction as well, afterall."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "I'm sorry, I have no further information, that's the best I can do due to signal interference."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Hunters, we have a bit of a problem. It looks like someone just disabled Flare. If someone hostile picked him up at the auction, there might be others who may nab your personel as well."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "Yes, we know. Bass has Rigger."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... Good grief."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "Indeed."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "...and we weren't warned of this?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Oh, god."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "It was not confirmed till after the auction, and after it was too late to do anything."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Jet Stingray growls in total frustration. "Slag it! When I get my hands on the first Wily Wimp I see, I'll *drifts into Anthem's style of cursing*"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Unfortunately, we're not talking about wandering off - Flare was carted off by an old spaniard, and the last transmission we got from him was of a stun field going off."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "I'm sorts reminded of back when Sonic Banshee tried to buy a date with Colonel. I think this'll be the last of these auctions we'll be seeing for a while."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "Might I ask who's idea this slave auction was in the first place?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "...crap. Unfortunately, I think we may have been had. I know that I smelled Cappella- who won the auction with Colonel. If she's just going to cart him around, its not a problem. But if there is some sort of plot going on."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Pavel Cossack transmits, "She's a vanted criminal. Why hasn't she been apprehended?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Famine transmits, "Zhis is vhat zhese infhantile bhourgeois antics nhet yhou."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "Bad timing - I was there when you put the price on her head, Doctor. Be assured, she's not going to slip by me again."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Oh, no... miss Rigger is with Bass. An' she's out of radio contact....."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "That would be because the pieces of her radio are currently scattering in the wind."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... Fair's fair. We wait 24 hours. If nobody's back by then, we start forming SAR teams."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "... I know, Shield..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Pavel Cossack's voice has the quality of an extremely patient grammar school teacher just close enough to his wits end to have a little tremble in his voice. "And vhy veren't people screened before enterink zee auction? May I remind you zhat vee are at var wiff terrorists who haff no understandink of common decency?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Hrmph. I think we should already be forming Search-and-Destroy teams, Horse."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Though in Flare's case, I'm not waiting that long."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "Perhaps because with several billion dollars at their disposal they were able to purchase passable identities."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Fencer Naiad transmits, "So your volunteering to handle it, Doctor? I'm sure someone of your caliber would do great at such a job."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Jet Stingray transmits, "I think Colonel has a plan for her while keeping with contract... Cossack, let's worry about getting the people back. If you want to bash Repliforce, wait until then, okay?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Pavel Cossack doesn't respond further. There is a very quiet *blip* heard, followed by his radio ping deactivating from the channel.



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