You enter the Atrium - RHQ.
Atrium - RHQ

This room is resplendent in colors of all types as there are trees, flowers and plants of all shapes, sizes and colors. Through a very carefully and cunningly crafted greenhouse, sunlight streams in from the class ceiling far above, and well-placed and hidden mirrors reflect the soft sunlight throughout the Atrium, allowing plants to grow in all manner of places. Through the various plants and trees, there are pathways for people to follow, and plenty of places to easily sit and enjoy the scenery both in shade and in sunlight. It's a nice place to visit while waiting for an appointment, or either just to enjoy the sights and smells. It's a rather vast Atrium that supports all manner of plantlife, all living in harmony, receiving everything they vegtation needs in order to sustain themselves, including water that's distributed by a carefully designed irrigation system.

Japanese Persimmon

Obvious exits:
<W> leads to Main Lobby - RHQ.

Siege Wolverine arrives from the Main Lobby - RHQ.
Siege Wolverine has arrived.

Flare Feline is sitting on the bench under Razor's tree, seems to be thinking.

Siege Wolverine wanders in slowly, looking around a bit. He doesn't notice Flare for whatever reason, and ventures in. His golden optics search the room again, seeming to be on the alert for others. Finally, as if by accident, Siege notices Flare. He quirks a brow, then shrugs. "How's life, ehh, treatin' yeh, Feline?"

Flare Feline ehs as Siege addresses him, not really expecting many others to come in here for liesure besides Razor, he waves a hand like a shrug "Fine, I guess. Can't really complain..." He trails off, eyes narrowing, he's thinking about something.

Siege Wolverine nods, flipping over Flare, to crouch on the floor for a split second. Once that fraction of an instant is over, Siege flips backwards, clinging to a wall brace with his claws. "That's, ehh, good teh hear. Anythin' particular on yer mind?"

Flare Feline chuckles, and leans back in the bench "A few things that I doubt that you could help me with... no offense."

Siege Wolverine shrugs, "Try me." the statement is followed by a smirk, ugly, but good intentioned.

Flare Feline closes his eyes, and shakes his head "Well... it all occured to me on the 4th of July. It's about love, and what we're able to feel of it." He glances up at Siege with a smirk and a 'See? I told ya so' look on his face.

Siege Wolverine nods and shrugs, "Continue."

Flare Feline eyes him for a moment oO(Ok... I really wasn't expecting him to be interested in this. Oh well, if he can offer an opinion...) "Well, seeing Iris and Jet together, and how Iris reacted when Jet and Zero confronted each other... it just made me wonder. I know we're able to feel love like the humans do. But..." He leans back, crosses his arms and thinks some more "What if... say a reploid was specifically programmed to love someone, would that be the same thing..?"

Siege Wolverine listens intently, considering things slowly. He strokes his chin idly, his ponderations moving at great speed through his mind. Finally, he replies, "I doubt it would be... For if it were, then all love is predestined. Either by programming or by nature." he replies, "Which would be quite a feat..."

Flare Feline slowly eyes away from Siege and down to the floor "Really...." He murmers under his breath "Then, is what I feel really fake...?"

Siege Wolverine looks at Flare, "What're yeh talkin' 'bout, Feline?" he asks curiously, not quite hearing all of that... Fortunately for Flare, Siege is having some hearing problems... Damnable sonic grenade rebounded off a wall before and nailed him in the head.

Flare Feline quickly glances up to Siege "Uhh, nothing, nothing... ... nothing at all..."

Siege Wolverine disappears from the wall. A flash of burning brimstone, marking his disappearance. Even as the black-green cloud of smoke begins to visibly separate, Siege Wolverine reappears on the floor beside Flare in another explosion of hellfire and smoke. "Explain what're yer talkin' 'bout, 'fore I assume the, ehh, worst."

<Global News Network> *a crystal clear video feed merges into the network* This is Rose Amber reporting live from Cairo, Egypt. The United Nations Space Administration is about to unveil their latest creation, the Gateway Teleporter, and give a demonstration of its capabilities. This new machine will aid in the construction of a new spacestation. This spacestation is to be christened Eurasia, which will have the capacity to house approximately one million people initially. Estimates put the future population of this city to be closer to five million people. The United Nations invites the citizens of the world to observe this great triumph of humans and robots working together.

Flare Feline fidgets a bit, not really wanting to take this any further "Umm, err.. that is..." Then the GNN transmission comes through "Ahh.. well what do ya know... Seems we might be needed there huh?" He chuckles nervously "Uhh, well I'll be leaving, uhh... thanks for the talk." He gets up and quickly starts to leave...

Siege Wolverine narrows his optics at Flare, "Yeah... sure..." He shakes his head, disappearing ala Nightcrawler once more...

Siege Wolverine blinks to another location.
Siege Wolverine has left.

Flare Feline whews, and leaves

*Later, in Rocket Town*

You enter the Cairo - Rocket Town.
Cairo - Rocket Town

This area of Cairo is on the extreme outskirts of the city, connecting to the rest by a lengthy magrail train that runs to the telestation. Just as the buildings of Cairo tower to the northeast, here a different set of structures loom up to the sky. The site of the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA), Gus Grissom Memorial Field, has been popularly named Rocket Town, after the forest of launching gantries and storage bunkers. Since Cape Canavral was transformed into a museum site, Rocket Town has been the global center of space exploration. Among all of the housings for space shuttles, booster rockets, and fuel, there are a few buildings set aside for the adminstration of the UNSA, and to coordinate the ground side of the great journey into the final frontier.

Dagger Lynx [M]
Inferno Panther [M]
Whirlpool Lobster [RF]
Dawn [MH]
Jared Kintane [C]
Broadcast Ocelot [RF]
Improv [Mercenary] [MH]
Shrapnel Phobosuchus [M]
Kelly McLaren [C]
Spica [Formal] [SD]
Regulus [SD]
Hiryu [C]
Radar Meerkat [M]
Wildfire Phoenix [M]
Enker [RM]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Cairo - Residential District.
East <E> leads to Cairo - Southern Outskirts.

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Heat Man arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Heat Man has arrived.
Heat Man treads in, humming.

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Heat Man slips quietly in, with a large box marked "Inferno Cola" over his distinctive zippoish shape. He's obviously trying to be in disguise, and failing.

The hot desert sun glares down on the outskirts of Rocket Town. As the announcement goes out over GNN, more camera crews roll up to the perimiter of the cordoned off area. Behind the massive security forces - UN soldiers, guard towers and energy fields - rise towering spires of gleaming metal. These spires surround a newly completed section of Rocket Town, men in dark suits scrambling about to get everything set up for the demonstration of the new system. A low bass humm rumbles out over the desert as techinicians begin to bring the massive Gateway teleportation system online.

Dagger Lynx doesn't slip in, he zooms in at his zippy fast speeds. He isn't one for stealth.

Broadcast Ocelot is and has always been here. Serving as security for the UN project like the good little Repliforcer he is. Woo, go him. And also, it would be quite obvious that he isn't the only one here. A bunch of security gumbies are here as well in addition to whatever PCs that are here.

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Sigma.
Radar Meerkat arrives in town with Wildfire, observing the event and taking pictures with a tiny camera. "What do you make of this, Nix?" he asks.

Norman Cassidy arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Norman Cassidy has arrived.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus is, apparently, being left alone because she's very good at just sitting there. She's not looking at all offensive - she just wants to see things happen, and so she's here, off to one side and standing quietly.

Wildfire Phoenix shrugs, "it's hard to tell Radar.. c'mon, lets just get a good seat ta watch." she says while rattling off a few radio transmissions.

Whirlpool Lobster is patroling around the area, on guard duty.

Flare Feline dashes in, coming from the teleportation area. He looks like he has something heavy on his mind, but he clears it up. He wasn't ordered to come, but he wasn't ordered not to either. And this situation has 'Maverick and Master interference' written all over it, so he decides to come view it, and lend a hand if it needs to. He comes to a stop at a generic viewing type place that is probably around, and just crosses his arms and waits, still looking a bit distracted.

Midi arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Midi has arrived.

Inferno Panther also slips into the area, masking his maverick identity with a large black leather trenchcoat, which is wrapped around his body, leaving only his head lower legs exposed.

Enker has shown up, incognito of course, for no real reason. This is, of course, a TP, and that's the only reason Enker would ever show up to some event like this. Because when you think about it, dozens of major events go on every day and should rightly be announced on GNN, but this is the only one Enker shows up for. Weird...

Radar Meerkat nods to Wildfire, following her along toward the seating area.

Magma Dragoon arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Magma Dragoon has arrived.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'CO in Cairo, please report status to me via tightbeam.'.

Dawn certainly is hurrying towards the presentation area. She's here for likely all-too-guessable reasons. Rather than monitoring Mav/RM activities, she's entirely focused on this Eurasia business, and even had a notepad handy, as well as some variant of a tape recorder. And with that, she arrives at the designated area for observation, and waits.

Heat Man hides himself near several other vending machines, tho near enough to reach Enker to blink them out of there if trouble happens.
Dagger Lynx sees Radar and Wildfire and slips over to them, asking politely, "Do either of you know what this is for?"

Sentry Beagle arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Sentry Beagle has arrived.

Wildfire Phoenix nods, lavender optics slidding to the massive machine as she gets situated near by... "dang that's a big thing..."
Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

<Global News Network> This just in: We have word of a giant banana emerging from the seas of New York and heading directly for Repliforce Island. We repeat, we have choppers on scene confirming with visuals of a giant banana stomping through New York City- -DEAR SWEET JESUS, HE TOOK OUT A STARBUCKS!! OH THE HUMANITY!!

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Norman Cassidy wanders in slowly, looking about quietly. He smirks a bit, taking a seat somewhere out of the way... Someplace that no one'll notice him. Oh wait, no one really would notice him. Norm looks like the normal, average human... Completely unassuming... Incapable of being recognized.

Norman Cassidy activates his stealth mode.

Midi is part of the UN contingent, standing with some other infosec technicians inside of a nearby command center. He oversees various arcane matters, watching the news feeds on a series of holo-monitors.

Hiryu is here, watching casually out of his own curiousity. After visibly facefaulting following a transmission on his radio, which he decides promptly to turn off, Hiryu simply leaps down and stands off to the side, a casual observer. Of course, havoc will break out, whereas he'll be USEFUL!

Enker enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Enker has left.

Qian-Kun ring arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Qian-Kun ring has arrived.

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.

Heat Man receives a radio transmission.

Improv steps silently through the crowd, stepping towards the front. Her sapphire eyes seem to sparkle slightly as she gazes at everything around her. Folding her arms across her chest she waits patiently.

Followed right behind Improv, is her faithful companion, Tacet. The dog pads softly on the ground and takes a seat near here. Tilting its head up towards Improv it waits for his command.

Focusing back on Tacet, the spy nods and softly hums in thought. "Tacet, record everything now."

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.

Ring Redwing has arrived.
Qian-Kun ring has left.
Ring Redwing takes Qian-Kun ring.

Heat Man receives a radio transmission.

Radar Meerkat grins at Dagger. "Well, it's no Battle & Chase," he quips. "Come on, let's get good seats for this thing."

Tacet has arrived.
Improv drops Tacet.

Wildfire Phoenix shakes her head at Dagger, "Just showing off some new type of technology I guess..."

Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.

Flare Feline walks down to sit in a seat for this thing oO(Why does this situation seem familiar....) still lost in thought, he just sits anywhere, not really paying attention where or who he sits next two. He could sit next to Sigma and not even realize it.

Heat Man receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: '42nd, 33rd, and 18th Marines, position yourselves in defensive positions at the western entrance. I will join you shortly.'.

Dagger Lynx nods and takes a seat with Wildfire and Radar, "I hope this proves good. I am missing a possible rampaging banana for it."

Wildfire Phoenix snorts, "You believe everything you hear on the news?"

Sentry Beagle approaches the Rocket Town with some more SecDef gumbies. He approaches Broadcast. "Ready for Deployment, sir." he announces.

Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.

Jared Kintane slowly walks into the croud, adjusting the tie on his black suit. Mirrored sunglasses covering his eyes. Jared walks with a small 'executive' contingent to an area of seating purely for Mikage International employees. His laptop in a briefcase, the teen and his entorauge are here to see just what's going on, and how it can be turned to profit. That, and he was the only one who wasn't at the 'busines meeting' in Rio. oO(Stupid Doji. Keepin me home. I want to hit the spa too. All the bikini-girls! Old punk, and his disco gear. Get some style...)Oo

Inferno Panther sits down behind the three mavericks, "You three think you chatter on enough?" He says with a smile.

Wildfire Phoenix glances back, "Oh hey.." she smiles at Inferno, "You came too hmm?"

Tron Bonne arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Tron Bonne has arrived.

Dagger Lynx looks to Inferno and simple says, "If you do not wish to listen then go." Turning to Wildfire he shrugs, "Somethings are so bizarre they must be true."

Heat Man as a cola machine shifts just close enough to Tron that it's not too noticible.

Norman Cassidy remains a hidden figure in the throngs of people around... Watching as an unseen observer... Too inobvious to be anything but a gumbie... Or is he?

Wildfire Phoenix would swat at Dagger if she wasn't in a good mood, "Oh leave him alone."

Broadcast Ocelot nods to Sentry Beagle, "At ease soldier. Are all the troops in place?" The ocelot casually looking around... oO(This is definitely not my ting...)Oo "The General will be here shortly."

Radar Meerkat makes himself comfortable, then takes out a pair of binoculars from one of his vest pockets and begins scanning the area curiously.

Kelly McLaren doesn't arrive; she's already here. Standing on a massive stage in front of the press area, her trusted bodyguard by her side, she waits for the gathering to calm down before she raises her voice. The Secretary General looks over the mixed crowd, clears her throat to make them aware she's about to begin, and raises her voice.

"We all live under one sky. The same stars that humans behold display their luminescence to the optical sensors of reploids just the same. All too often recently, the darker side of this truth has become evident. We all live under some degree of fear. It is a very real fear that all can acknowledge, and a fear that all can feel."

At this point, she takes a deep, calm breath before she continues. "The wars and violence that at one point threatened to consume this planet have been driven back and ameliorated by the noble sacrifices of both humans and reploids alike. Repliforce, and the Maverick Hunters as well, have time and time again halted the devastation of the Robot Masters and Mavericks. Although brave individuals die every day, we are winning that fight, and I have every confidence that some day, both Albert Wily and Sigma will be brought to justice. Peace will reign once more."

However, I have not come before you today to reiterate a hope that I know all of you hold dear, and understand to a far greater extent than I could hope to portray with words. Rather, I have come to proclaim a new piece of that hoped-for world that has been revealed to the eyes of this generation, as a reminder, a testament, of the glorious entirety of peace and prosperity that some day will be ours."

Once again, she looks over the crowd without focusing on anyone in particular, smiling faintly. "The United Nations today announces the 'Eurasia' project. Eurasia is a masterwork of our best scientific thought, and has been constructed as both a physical symbol of unity and a pragmatic means of fulfilling the yearned-for reality I spoke of previously. It will be accessible to all citizens of the United Nations, and protected by some of our finest soldiers - an island of perfect serenity and commerce, of ideas no less than goods." Pause. "Eurasia is a truly gigantic station, of a scale never before enacted. Even in its infancy, it will have the capacity to support one million people. It is our intend to expand it even further, quintupling its potential to house citizens of the United Nations."

"Perhaps more than anything, Eurasia is the first station of its kind. It marks the dawn of a new epoch of exploration and colonization. The exciting and innovative technologies that allow such a station to exist can be utiliized in mining installations and other endeavors, bringing new prosperity to our planet. We are all privileged to see such an advancement brought into being, and with most heartfelt sentiments I congratulate all who helped pull away this section of utopia's curtain. The Gateway Teleporter, a high-capacity teleconstruction system, will enable us to expand our foothold amongst the heavens. Perhaps this is one of the largest steps in the history of space exploration ever since Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon."

Kelly McLaren raises her voice slightly as the speech is about to come to an end. "Eurasia is not an escape. It is not a flight from a troubled, doomed planet. Far from it. Rather, in a prolonged struggle, we must look to new sources for the strength to triumph. Eurasia is a drawing-upon of that strength, as in our quest for greater victory we turn to the stars."

Sentry Beagle nods, "They are. Most of which know which areas and sections to cover in case anything bad happens..." He glances back at the thing, "...Nice thing," he mumbles.

As the Secretary General speaks, technicians take their places at controls and monitoring stations in bunkers surrounding the massive teleporter system they've built around the section of Eurasia being sent into space this afternoon. The bass humm grows louder as power is fed into the gleaming metal pylons, bands of faint blue-white light lighting up along each pylon.

"Sattelites One, Two and Three are in alignment."

"Understood. Increasing power to teleporter pylons by another thrity percent."

A shimmer fills the hot desert air. Much like the heat shimmer of a good mirage, it builds between the shining pylons. The bands of light grow brighter as more power feeds into the massive teleportation system.

Silently, in the crowd, a young girl stands, her arms crossed slowly over her chest. Emerald eyes are fascened apon McLaren, watching the massive holoreproductions on the screens and hungeraly listening to every word. A slow smile spreads on her lips... as she listens to this entire event and witnesses it take place

Dagger Lynx reaches into a pocket and pulls out a can of... grape soda. He wonders how that got there but casually hands it to Radar whilesaying, "His belief in Sigma's eventual fall chills me to the bone. Really." Dripping sarcasm of course.

Flare Feline hmms, as he listens to the announcment. oO(It sounds interesting... I wonder if I'll ever get to set foot on that station... I'd like to...) His attention hightens as the transporters begin to activate. oO(Y'know, it's about now that something would go wrong...)

Magma Dragoon has since come on the scene, though he stays near the rear of any crowd present. He heard the speech and is - to say the least - impressed with what has been said. His tattered cloak stirs about him gently as he folds his arms, taking up position to listen and observe properly.

Radar Meerkat grins, taking the soda from Dagger while watching the event unfold with keen interest. "Thanks, Dagger. This momentous occasion definitely warrants a grape soda."

Wildfire Phoenix shakes her head slowly, "I'm used to the speeches," she says quietly so only the ones near by hear her words.

Ring Redwing arrives in time to hear the beginning of the address, looking around hurriedly with her wide yellow optics, she finds Flare in the crowd...she walks over and sits down next to him, seemingly oblivious to the grim look upon his face at the gloomy ideas of possible disaster.

Dawn seems to swallow up the speech with all-too-sincere enthusiasm. She's recording, and note-taking the entire time. Meanwhile, someone is OOCly recoiling from massive damage to their system's UART...

Hiryu listens in silently, taking a seat towards the back and crossing his legs as he listens in. And, for the second time today, he is honestly impressed. Sounded like a nice goal, if it was possible. The Earth wouldn't support the expanding human race forever, after all. And though she just now stated that that was not the goal...The answer, logically, would be simply to control what you had instead of expanding. Sometimes, he wondered if the Mavericks had some validity to their statement; Was humanity a virus?

. o O (Huh. I better not go to this Eurasia...I might not leave alive.)

Crossing his arms rudely, the Strider remains perfectly silent and unassuming, his eyes drifting around to the others around.

Sentry Beagle has reconnected.

Improv pushes her hair back from off her shoulders and places her hands into the folds of her black trenchcoat. Interest begins to set in her saphire eyes as she listens intently. Turning towards her dog she mutters softly to him. "You getting all this?"

Tacet just eyes his owner for along time. It is foolish for one to ask such questions of him. Ever so slowly he nods his head before relaxing just abit.

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Jared Kintane blinks, and stares at the screens, enraptured. "..." oO(Daaang. A space-station. A country. We can get some profit from that. Loooottsa profit.)Oo As the teen drools mentally, floating Yen invisibly dance around his head. Finally, he turns to Kenshiro. "*<'Shiro. Get the boss on the phone. If he's not watching the news, he needs to be. Now.>"

* Translated from Japanese.

Norman Cassidy watches the ceremonies carefully, recording it all for posterity...
Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Heat Man can't help but be impressed from inside his Cola machine, but also can't help but have a bad feeling about it.

Whirlpool Lobster eyes monstrosity that is the gateway. .oO(Hmm... Humanity living in space. Interesting.)Oo. The activation gets him to double his surveyance of the scene, trying to identify any possible threats.

The young woman, Tron Bonne, stares with equal rapture. Such a prospect... Space... the Future... Leaving it all behind. A delighted laugh comes to her lips, lost in the crowd. The Pirate Princess stares with wonder, wishing her brothers were here to share this with.
Sentry Beagle silently watches, arms crossed, and with a slight frown on his face. "This seems just GREAT..."

Broadcast Ocelot just is. He's lost since his player is doing an audition in another window. So. He's...a...just is.

Dagger Lynx yawns at the whole thing, "Space. How normal of humans. Always looking to the skies when there is so much here."

Radar Meerkat whispers to Dagger Lynx: '... think humanity should ... the perfect right to ... ... space if ... ... ... ... ... ... ... of ...'.

Inferno Panther watches the events taking place before him and wonders, "Didn't I see something like this in a news archive?"
Wildfire Phoenix shrugs, "not sure Inferno..."

Magma Dragoon tilts his head slowly, occasionally casting his gaze about to take note of everybody present before refocusing upon the Secretary General and all of the events proceeding concerning the announcement being made.

<Global News Network> Rose Amber stands to the left of the scene behind her. "We continue our live broadcast from Cairo with Secretary General McLaren giving a speech." The camera zooms in to show Kelly McLaren standing at a podium. The sound cuts in to capture a snippet of her speech. "I have come to proclaim a new piece of that hoped-for world that has been revealed to the eyes of this generation, as a reminder, a testament, of the glorious entirety of peace and prosperity that some day will be ours." The image moves to show the Gateway Teleporter and Rose Amber's voice does a voice over. "Ms. McLaren is introducing the new space city. And from the looks of things, they plan on giving a live demonstration of the Gateway's abilities."

<Global News Network> Meanwhile, Monster Banana rocks Enker's world, full details at 11!

Hiryu . o O (*remembers what happened LAST TIME they turned on an interdimensional gate*)

Hurricane Kangaroo arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Hurricane Kangaroo has arrived.

Broadcast Ocelot just stands here with a mobile communications array on his back to enhance his skills in the field. He makes sure to keep in constant contact with the rest of the Repliforcers on duty.

Hurricane Kangaroo has been here the whole time, really. Just.. making sure the crowds behave in the back. Right.

Tron Bonne stares up with wonder... dismissing the 'nana...

The low bass humm coming from the pylons builds to a booming roar as the Secretary General finishes her speech. Flickinging flashes of lightning rip from pylon to pylon as the power builds in the massive teleportation field. The rings that form the field itself are blazing brighter than the desert sun overhead as speakers around the viewing area crackle to life.

"We have teleportation in... 10. 9. 8. 7. 6...."

The field is now a solid sheet of violent seething energy - through which the new section of Eurasia can barely be seen. Rainbow flashes shimmer across it as the countown continues.

"3. 2. 1. Teleport!"

The humm becomes a shriek as the field intensifies in an instant, and then a beam of white light is shot skyward as the teleportation pylons link into the sattelite system. There is a sudden boom and a strong gust of wind as air rushes in to fill the vacated space. Between the pylons... is nothing. Nothing but a bit of sand and a lot of metal - the basis of the teleport.

"We have successful teleportation."

Slash Beast arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Slash Beast has arrived.

Wildfire Phoenix blinks once to drop the weilding lenses onto her eyes, "Eish bright enough?" she asks herself

Hurricane Kangaroo whistles a bit from way in the back, where he still has a perfect view thanks to his enhanced vision. "Crickey..."

Flare Feline shields his eyes as the station teleports away. "...whoa." He takes his arms down " worked. Wow..."

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Radar Meerkat wows, shaking Dagger's shoulder. "Did you SEE that??"

Norman Cassidy claps when others do, his eyes searching the area quietly. He hmmms, "Curious... we shall see what happens now."

Dawn continues taking notes and such. Probably pointless, since the city more than likely sent a few other people to get information on this too, but she's trying. Definately visibly impressed, too.

Heat Man blinks inside the Cola machine, his optics returning to stable. Amazing....truly amazing...and he marvels at what he's just seen.

Hiryu raises one hand over his already shaded-eyes, squinting atop that. Well, that was indeed impressive.
But he has seen a banana been made to become a two story tall hulking death machine. Nothing will ever impress him again.

Whirlpool Lobster raises a claw to shield his eyes. "Wow," he speaks to no one in particular, "that was pretty dang impressive."

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Broadcast Ocelot is still on duty like a good little Repliforcers. Maintaining strict military discipline as should all the currently on-duty troops should be. Of course, that doesn't stop him from staring in awe at the teleportation sequence.

Ring Redwing's eyes ajust after the brilliant flash and then she begins clapping with the crowd as well smiling at the success.

Dagger Lynx grins as the teleporter works, "What a piece of technology.. imagine it's uses as a weapon!"

Shrapnel Phobosuchus just stands. She's keeping her expression completely flat and bland.

Inferno Panther raises a brow ridge, "Well what do you know, the humans managed to do something right for a change.

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Javelin Whitetail arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Javelin Whitetail has arrived.

Slash Beast arrives just late enough to completely miss the lift-off. He applauds idly along with the rest of the crowd.

Improv waves her pet off and mutters under her breath. "Tacet sweep around the area and take pictures of that. I want to get a better look of such things when we get back."

The dog just nods its head and pushes further in the crowd.

Magma Dragoon narrows his optics as the teleporation takes place, the gust of air blowing his tattered cloak about him. He raises a hand briefly to shield his eyes, but gives only a nod. Impressed though he is, he's far more concerned about the complications that this sort of technology may very well bring. Such ground breaking discoveries have always brought disaster in the past.

Jared Kintane frowns, as he realizes it would've been good to film the Teleporter in action. oO(I must procure a hovercam. Would've been nice footage to go along with telling the boss. Ah...he's gotta have the news, considering they got the Penthouse suites.)Oo

Hiryu's eyes drift towards his watch, counting to see how long it takes before A) Eurasia crashes, or B) Something terrible comes out.

Wildfire Phoenix receives a radio transmission.

This isn't X5. Hopefully...

Sentry Beagle continues to watch curiously... he too, is also taking notes... And is probably planning to send a few CD away to another dimension that belongs to a certain cat. Why? Well, in someway he just dislikes cats, not to harm them, but to pull pranks on them...

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Dagger Lynx nods to Radar, "I saw it, quite a marvelous machine. How i would love to present it as a gift to Sigma."

Norman Cassidy hmms, carefully pondering this information...

Hurricane Kangaroo narrows his eyes a bit. Lots of suspicious chatter going on.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'I'm here. Anything I can do to help?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Figures, as soon as they see it, the Mavericks start plotting it as a weapon.'.

Wildfire Phoenix nods, "Too true Dagger..." she says blinking again to remove the weilding lenses. "Sigma is... actually impressed by this." The phoenix knows this one way or another.

Inferno Panther nods, "it would make certain opporations, far easier."

Several video screens slowly rise behind the stage the Secretary General was speeking from. At first they're just snow as technicians isolate the signal... and then a playback springs into view. A starfield, with gleaming specs of workers and machinery floating around a large empty space.

The screens flicker and then a beam of solid white energy roars into view on the screens. It reaches a small speck in the center of the clear area and resolves into the teleported section of the space station that just left this location.

"Successful Teleportation confirmed. Well done, Ladies, Gentlemen and Robots."

Cheering erupts from within the compound...

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'Color me NOT surprised.'.

Heat Man is just an innocent Cola machine. Really. Not a master in disguise at all. Nope. Please don't hurt me.

Dagger Lynx is being very suspicious with his chatter. Yes.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Anythin's a weapon, yeh just gotta know how teh use it properly.'.

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Tron Bonne cheers and claps with the rest of the crowd! throwing her arms into the air and wooping in the tulmult!

Shrapnel Phobosuchus actually applauds quietly.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'The Mavericks're fightin' a guerrilla war. This would present an ultimate, ehhh, weapons opportunity fer em teh boost their power... It's a natural thin'.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Aight, cut de chatter fuh now. An' jus' keep allyuh eyes open...'.

Jared Kintane whistles appreciatively. That done, he begins waiting to see just if anything else is going to occur.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whirlpool Lobster transmits: 'Roger.'.

Hiryu golf claps in an almost sardonic manner, before dropping his hands to his sides.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Debate over the usefulness of this Gateway can be debated later. You all have jobs to do, I expect them done.'.

Dagger Lynx gives a golf clap. He isn't one to be enthusiastic.
Inferno Panther doesn't clap or cheer. HA!

Javelin Whitetail hangs on the outskirts of the crowd. She slings her spear into one arm, and applauds quietly as the teleportation is confirmed, but doesn't look too overly enthused about it.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Sergeant Ricochet, assist the Marines on scene in subduing this... banana.'.

Norman Cassidy remains a perfectly normal part of the crowd, doing exactly as everyone around him does... Go Mr. Normal!

Sentry Beagle merely grunts in response. He's a foul mouthed version of Snoopy after all. He merely scans the sky for anything suspicious...

Including a certain Red German Airplane from WWII...

Magma Dragoon , unlike most of the others, doesn't clap. He still appears to be fixated upon the scenes themselves and his own thoughts. It's not that he's negative, he merely knows the consequences of advanced technology. For now, though, he allows himself the liberty of relaxation and enjoying the show in all of its glory.

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline claps loudly along with everyone else oO(...I guess some big disaster WON'T happen, wow. Nice change from the norm.)

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'Got it, sir!'.

Dawn wide-eyes at what was just shown. Still, she's trying to record everything she can on it. Pretty simple.

Heat Man can't help but wonder if they're going to try sending another piece up. And what would happen if the first piece hadn't been moved in time...

Slash Beast receives a radio transmission.

<Global News Network> The crowd in Egypt can be seen, along with a large object that looks like it could be a teleporter. With a hum rising to a shriek as the energy is increased, a surge of light encompasses the section of Eurasia before it vanishes. Air rushes into the vacated space on the sands with a boom, and on the video screens out in space show the same section of the space city appear amidst technicians and machinery floating about in space. "Successful teleportation confirmed." The camera refocuses on Rose Amber looking faintly stunned. "Well, there you have it folks -- the Gateway Teleporter is a success. You saw it live on Global News Network. This is Rose Amber and her crew, signing off in Cairo, Egypt."

Suddenly the cheering among the technicians stops. A single clear voice can be heard ringing out. "Oh, Dear Merciful God... NO!" A clot of scientists breaks out of one of the bunkers, running across the sand as if something very nasty was behind them.

Dagger Lynx sighs, "You know, i was kind of hoping for it to explode into a black hole or something. Don't all things like this go wrong?"

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission to Broadcast Ocelot.
Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission from Slash Beast.

Radar Meerkat's eyes widen, and he stares over in the direction of the bunkers with renewed interest.

Wildfire Phoenix blinks and eyes the one of the technicians... "Like.. that?"

Flare Feline 'what the's as he hears the screaming oO(Ok, scratch that.)

Sentry Beagle spies the scientist racing... He keys up his radio, sending a transmission as he approaches the bunker, cautiously...

Hurricane Kangaroo turns his head as his sensative hearing picks up the shouting from the bunkers. o 0 (Looks like you spoke too soon,
Maverick.) Uh boy, what the hell went wrong to cause a whole world of trouble for Earth -this- time....

Whirlpool Lobster looks to the bunker, trying to determine what could be going on.

Improv just blinks and sighs. "Somehow I knew this would happen..."
Ring Redwing glances around confusedly, head turning left and right. Optics searching for the cause of panic.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus stands back up, trying to peer over the others. "There's always something."

Hiryu sighs a bit, hearing the cries and the shouts. And then he takes his sunglasses off, revealing his wide, dramatic jade green eyes. Oh, wait.

Checking his watch, Hiryu makes a little subtraction...

. o O (37 seconds.)

Heat Man scoots a little closer to Tron, and gets ready for trouble...

"Someone stole the champagne we were going to celebrate with!!"

Sentry Beagle sends a radio transmission.
Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission.

Norman Cassidy quirks a brow at the bunkers... "Time for action." He disappears into the crowd more substantially, rushing forward as best he can... Rapidly fading into nothingness... Then he stops and blinks. He narrows his eyes, "I come all this way to do something useful... And they lose the champagne?"

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission.
Slash Beast receives a radio transmission from Broadcast Ocelot.

Wildfire Phoenix facefaults, "Oh man..."

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission.
Sentry Beagle receives a radio transmission from Broadcast Ocelot.

Flare Feline sits back down and facepalms oO(Oh for the love of... almost scared me there...)

Jared Kintane blinks. Just blinks. "That just rude. Really, really rude."

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Hiryu sighs a bit, and then continues to listen on to his clock. 37 seconds...AND counting...

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Templar, clear the area of the Marines and have them evacuate any civilians.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'This will get ugly.'.

Hurricane Kangaroo FACEPALMS at the scientists.
Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission to Slash Beast.

Slash Beast receives a radio transmission from Broadcast Ocelot.

Improv just facepalms and calls Tacet back.

Magma Dragoon tilts his head backward as a brow arches. His form tenses and he clenches his fists. "What's happened now?" murmers the Elite Hunter. He looks around, judging the crowd's reaction and frowns pointedly. As revered a Maverick Hunter as he may be, even he couldn't put a dent in what might be about to occur. After all, he knows -nobody- that sells champagne. Sighing and forcing himself to calm, he refolds his arms.

Javelin Whitetail flicks her ears, having heard someone shouting, but not quite sure what it's about. She tries to see what's going on way up front, but, being four feet tall, can't quite catch anything. She can barely catch a ripple of movement going out, which quickly stops. Oh, well. She glances around. Wonder if there's anyplace to catch a drink out here.

Broadcast Ocelot whees and handles radio transmissions and stuff as he tries his best to organize stuff here.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Aye, sir. Cease fire and fall back.'.

Radar Meerkat looks over at Dagger. "Now see? They DO have a crisis on their grape soda!" He shrugs.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Sir, shall I stand by, with the, ehhh, big detonators?'.

Sentry Beagle facepalms and then heads back to his post. oO(Stupid scientists... scaring us like that...)

Whirlpool Lobster flops over. Getting up he mutters something about 'crying wolf'.

Inferno Panther raises a borw ridege and then shakes his head, "Humans are such pathetic creatures."

Dagger Lynx facepalms and then says, "They are fools."

Dawn had been initially alarmed, though a little dubious initially, since whatever caused the panicing was apparently invisible. She writes something down in her notes to the effect of, 'Scientists capable of placing pieces space station properly. Find it futile to try and keep track of champagne, however.'

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'Understood.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Affirmative, Corporal.'.

Kelly McLaren watches the screens with mild, conservative interest, as well as a smile on her lips. It worked (of course), and no twisted, screaming, undefeatable horrors made their appearance. Groovy. She turns back to face the gathering, and is just about to say something when she hears the technicians. The woman watches them for a while, but then looks back at the gathering. Speaking into the microphone, she delivers her words of wisdom, "Well, the thing works."

The Master Met arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
The Master Met has arrived.

Sentry Beagle resists the templation to wave a small flag while saying, "Whoop-De-<CENSORED>-Do."

Instead, he merely watches...

The Master Met has left.

Ring Redwing enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Ring Redwing has left.

Jared Kintane enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Jared Kintane has left.

Slash Beast enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Slash Beast has left.

Inferno Panther stands up and shakes his head one last time, "Lets depart, the shows over."

Dawn packs up her notes and, unlike many with a morbid interest in seeing a banana get its butt kicked, she goes home. Probably to go help fix the damage said banana /caused/ in Neo Tokyo.

Heat Man is still an innocent Cola machine...

Dawn goes home.
Dawn has left.

Tacet pads right past the cursing beagle before looking up at him and snorting with annoyance. There are little children in the area after all.

Dagger Lynx turns away and walks off, "I feel like this was a most interesting meeting."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Aight. This ting lookin' like it over. All units remain until all civilians are cleared from the area.'.

Mac arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Mac has arrived.

Hurricane Kangaroo snorts a bit. Well, that was anti-dramatic

Security teams start to usher people out of the observation area. The show's over, and they've got work to do getting the next peice ready to head into space. They count the Coke Machines, too. They've /very/ thourough guards.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whirlpool Lobster transmits: 'Affirmative.'.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus trots away after a while.
Shrapnel Phobosuchus enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Shrapnel Phobosuchus has left.

Hiryu rises up, his curiousity saved. Hnestly, he was expecting the worst.

Javelin Whitetail keeps glancing around....and, spots a Cola machine. "Grand!" She heads over to it, and digs through her change.

Hiryu has left.

Wildfire Phoenix blinks, 'That's it?!" she facefaults... "Oh brother.." she mutters standing up.

Heat Man simply slips away. After all, he's a Neeenja cola machine.

Wildfire Phoenix sends a radio transmission.

Tron Bonne cheers in the crowd, shaking her head and turning her gaze, looking to Heat Man. She smiles broadly... then blinks at the whisper sent her way. "...Bananas?! ...No... I want to see..."

Tron blinks even as the guards begin to usher people out. "...Sure... Let's go to the Teleports first." Tron slips away with the crowd.

Heat Man blinks to another location.
Heat Man has left.

Acoustic arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Acoustic has arrived.

Radar Meerkat says, "This is an important device, has a lot of potential!"

Mac stands up after a thrilling show. "How fulfilling! I'm glad I observed every moment of such a grand spectacle of technological achievement!"

Tron Bonne takes Servbot #1.
Servbot #1 has arrived.
Tron Bonne drops Servbot #1.

Tron Bonne enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Tron Bonne has left.

Dagger Lynx wonders off, woo
Dagger Lynx enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Dagger Lynx has left.

Wildfire Phoenix shrugs, "Was hoping for more of a show..." she says as she walks off, on the way to the teleporters.

Wildfire Phoenix enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Wildfire Phoenix has left.

Radar Meerkat enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Radar Meerkat has left.

Broadcast Ocelot instructs the various security types to start leading people out of the area. Everyone.

Inferno Panther enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Inferno Panther has left.

Magma Dragoon shakes his head and turns as well, though he was impressed, he is at the same time relieved that it went well enough.
Magma Dragoon enters the Cairo - Residential District.
Magma Dragoon has left.

Flare Feline stands up, and waits for all the civilians to leave. And mutters "Aside from the impressive showing, this was oddly uneventful..."

Mac enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Mac has left.

Acoustic barks at Oce, before vanishing

Broadcast Ocelot looks over to Flare with a grin, "Yuh complain' or wha' Corporal?"

Whirlpool Lobster begins directing the civilians towards the exits.

Magma Dragoon arrives from the Cairo - Residential District.
Magma Dragoon has arrived.
Magma Dragoon enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Magma Dragoon has left.

Screen has left.
Acoustic goes home.
Acoustic has left.

Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission.

Improv enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Improv has left.

Flare Feline smirks at BO "Oh no, not at all. It's just... well considering past experiences, I just thought that /something/ would happen, and I don't mean the champange thing..."

Norman Cassidy idly stalks off, angry that nothing happened for once... o0(The one time that I show up at the right point in time, nothing happens... Sheesh, I should've known.)

Sentry Beagle has disconnected.

Javelin Whitetail finds the correct amount of change, and looks up....and...the cola machine's gone. "The hell?" She mutters to herself, looking around, holding a spear in one hand and some change in the other, blinking for a bit, before just stuffing it away and wandering off, still muttering to herself.

Tacet goes home.
Tacet has left.

Javelin Whitetail enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Javelin Whitetail has left.

Midi finishes his preliminary work and leaves with another team of infosec operatives, heading to the next site. Everything went smoothly, for now.

Flare Feline goes back to leading civilians out of there, so he can leave himself. oO(Guess we'll have to go take care of this giant Banana incident now...)

Midi enters the Cairo - Residential District.
Midi has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'Sir, I think I can stun it's leg joint for a minute if I can get into position...'.

Flare Feline watches as the last Civilian is out of there, and turns to Broadcast "Well, that's that I guess. Should we head back and help out with the...umm... situation there?"

Whirlpool Lobster ushers the last of the civilians out and sighs. Time for him to go as well.

Broadcast Ocelot nods to Flare, "Very well, Corporal." He turns to his radio and transmits to all the other units still here, "Aight people, let's head home. Everyting's secured."

Flare Feline nods at Broadcast "We should probably inform the General that we're coming to assist, if he needs us" He says as he starts walking

Ring Redwing hears the all-clear stands up, dusting off her armor a bit. She hurries off after the rest of the Repliforce.

Regulus goes home.
Regulus has left.
Spica goes home.
Spica has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Sir, I've got the, ehhh, detonators an' am primin' fer fire... Tell me when teh do so.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Negative on all attacks until I give the order. Do not let the Masters hurt him either.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'I doubt they care for the collateral damage it would cause, but we must keep it in mind.'.

Broadcast Ocelot looks to the other Repliforcers and nods to them, "If allyuh want, allyuh could go assist in New York. But ah doubt dey go need it. It is after all in New York..."

Whirlpool Lobster hear's BO's statement and nods. "I'll head over there."
Whirlpool Lobster goes home.
Whirlpool Lobster has left.

Flare Feline nods and salutes to BO before leaving oO(And now I go to face a giant banana... sheesh)

Kelly McLaren walks down from the stage (with the bodyguard). And then she's gone, gone! She could be dead!

*Later again, in New York Harbor, fighting the giant... banana*

You enter the New York - Harbor.
New York - Harbor

The teeming city of New York has slowly started spreading down the coast, and taken over what used to be New Jersey. Manhattan Island and Repliforce Island can be see off to the northeast of the harbors, but the harbor system is extensive, boats and hoverboats of all shapes and sizes busy using the complex system of canals that has been builts. The buildings in this section of New York are mostly run down and rusty-looking, but are definitely stronger than they appear. Workers scuttle along the canals and docks day and night, always loading or unloading the cargo from a ship and moving it to the appropriate pick up or drop off spot inside some of the warehouses. As you start to get away from the massive docks themselves, the buildings get cleaner, though not by much, as they house the dock workers, both human and reploid, also providing entertainment of almost any venue that you might think of, from nightclubs to an old salty sea tavern.

Whirlpool Lobster [RF]
Magma Dragoon [MH]
Hound Dog [RF]
Ring Redwing [RF]
Servbot #1 [C]
Spring Man [RM]
Whipcrack Octopus [RF]
Inferno Panther [M]
Improv [Mercenary] [MH]
Heat Man [Ball Of Fire] [RM]
Slash Beast [RF]
Ricochet [Armor] [RF]
Siege Wolverine [RF]
General [RF]
Templar [RF]
Enker [RM]
Bonanza Banana [MH]

Obvious exits:
Northeast <NE> leads to New York - Repliforce Island.
North <N> leads to New York - Eastern Downtown.
Northwest <NW> leads to New York - Southern Downtown.

Orbit is suddenly smacked in the face by a glob of fried banana. "*BWEEEEP!*" He falls from his perch, hitting the ground. "Orbit!" yells Ric, as he kneels down. "Are you all right?" "*BLURP*" <Yeah, but...> he finds himself in a paradox. The disgust with the situation in general... the horror of the paradox of cannibalism... and the instinctive perpetual hunger of a mouse. Guess which one wins?


"That's really gross, Orbit." "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <Tastse like chicken!... really banana-y chicken.>

Gravity Man arrives from the New York - Southern Downtown.
Gravity Man has arrived.

Horror of horrors, Bonanza has fallen! Smoking and slightly charred, bits of his fruit self are torn away as he lies at General's feet.

General takes a few cautious steps forward to peer at the banana, keeping his EM pulse charged should this be a ruse. Relatively assured that it is inactive, the General glances back at the Repliforce grouping. He looks rather surprised that it has grown. "Marines, secure the banana! Medic! Give me a status report of the banana's systems!" he orders loudly, expecting his troops to jump into action as soon as his orders given. He expects nothing less of the elite Repliforce troops. The General also hopes that he didn't kill the poor, innocent, misunderstood fruit.

Heat Man looks at Enker, puzzled. " we pour chocolate sauce on it, or just poke it to make sure its' really dead?"

Spring Man now tries to get past the roadblock. 'Sorry, sir, you can't get by here without ID.' "But my master is in there, I gotta help him!" Spring lies. 'No, Sir, stand back!' And the guards pushes Spring back, and knocks his hat off. 'Hey! It's Spring Man!' And then, Spring is placed under enough firepower to take over Kansas. ".... AHH! Bad day! Bad day!" He screams as he runs down the street, being flanked by bullet fire.

Flare Feline quickly runs in from the teleportation area, having come from Cairo. And he arrives just in time to see the Banana topple. "Err... well looks like I won't be needed." He look around for one of his superiors, err, besides General, to see if there's anything else for him to do.

Gravity Man enters the New York - Southern Downtown.
Gravity Man has left.

Whipcrack Octopus and his medical team move in, leaving the medic tent and heading towards the combat site. They tote the appropriate scanning equipment, assuming that General has successfully annhiliated the creature.

Enker replies, for once not really knowing what to do. "I'm not sure... I have never dealt with anything of this sort." He receives a radio from General, and then promptly replies.

Heat Man begins to slowly cool, the visible flames turning to near intangible waves of heat. Still somewhat dangerous, but less offensively oriented.

Heat Man transforms into Heat Man.

Ring Redwing arrives following Flare from the Cairo launch site. Hearing General's orders, she hops to and lends the marines a hand in securing the perimeter around the gigantic and silently still Bonanza

General receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Copy that, sir.'.
Much like a tiger on the prowl, Bonanza awaits the perfect time to strike- lacking any outwardly visible optics, it would be impossible to betray his current state of consciousnous, and so he rises! Swiftly he boots a foot around in effort to dissaude approaching soldiers, and saves one deft little kick for General's backside should the opportunity afford itself. Fiesty bugger.

Heat Man Bursts back into FLAMES!
Heat Man transforms into Ball Of Fire.

Bonanza Banana then proceeds to limp hurriedly for the sweet sweet bossom of the mother sea.

Enker waves to the rest of the Masters to move out of the area. Or at least run into an alley and get re-disguised. But then the fruit moves, and Enker shouts, "BELAY THAT ORDER! STOP THE BANANA!"

Enker sends a radio transmission.
General receives a radio transmission from Enker.

Ring Redwing cries out in shock as the apparently still Bonanza begins moving violently.. luckily she unfolds her wings in time and flies out of the way of the titanic fruit before being booted by it's enormous foot.

Slash Beast catches Flare Feline's optic, and nods toward the colossal fallen banana, intending to lend his assistance in securing it... what else can he do? He stops in his tracks as the banana defies all expectations by rising again.

Heat Man begins blinking nearer to his target, trying to keep pace. He yells to Enker, "Permission to activate?"

Whipcrack Octopus's team falls back quickly, taking cover behind some structures while they plan a safe retreat.

Whirlpool Lobster is currently standing at the harbor district,
scratching his head at the scene. "I don't know what to make of this." Before he could follow up on General's orders the gigantic banana breaks for the water. He follows cautiously, not knowing at all what to do in a situation such as this.

Flare Feline oh craps as the Banana stands up again "Awful strong for a fruit." He glances around oO(Dang, what do I do? I can't pester the General...) Shrugging he runs over to people trying to secure the banana and tries to help... umm, secure it, if they can.

Enker shakes his head at the whole blasted situation. He says, with some relish (no, not banana relish) "Permission granted."

Heat Man begins to pulse with Nuclear Heat, the ground beneath him as he blinks blasting into glass every time his feet touch the earth. "Repliforce gets the first shot?"

Enker says, "Follow your judgement."

Siege Wolverine blinks, unsure as to what to do now... He shrugs, pointing at Enker and the other Robot Masters, "HEY! I SUGGEST YEH NOT FIRE!" He calls, pointing with a toe... Over his head are a pair of the single largest missiles something his size can carry... Yeah, there're really, really, really large.

Templar is waiting near the base's entrance, watching the banana stand up again. Will the real bonanza please st- *SMITED BY CRASH*

General turns to glare towards the Masters with annoyance, leaving his backside open for the boot from the banana. He stumbles briefly, ending up between the Masters and the banana. The charge in his fists increases, brightening the energy around his gauntlets. He's not about to let the Masters blow up an innocent banana, even if it's 20 feet tall. "Enker, if you attack, I will consider it a hostile act on the Repliforce and respond with deadly force! I have 40 squads of Marines two minutes away, and a sizable force right now! Do you want to risk capture or destruction for one banana?!"

*WonkWonk* comes an airhorn from atop a rolling, rattling, and clattering Microbus as it tears out of RHQ, jostles of smoke bursting out from its exhaust port as it swerves down the 'roadway.' As it winds and swerves like a drunken madman down the road, its horn continues to go off, while a nice ring-ring melody plays from somewhere on its bulk. Rounding the bend, bouncing off of lamp posts and street signs, sending more civilians scattering, it heads for the walking probe. And nearing, its driver mashes a big red button, and the Microbus sprouts a pair of rotors, going into a swerving, jagged flight!

Heat Man looks at the 'Forcer, then to General. The heat begins to cycle down again. He'll let the 'Forcers take the first shot. Then it's Bannanas Foster.

Flare Feline spots Slash Beast, and knowing he's a high enough ranking officer to know what's going on and give him orders, he decides to pester HIM instead.

Templar glances over. . o O (He couldn't be mad enough to attack.) O o . But evidently, he isn't so sure, because he draws his RFAPPC. He doesn't aim it at Enker - aware that one part of being an officer is that whatever you do, a bazillion troopers are going to do as well.

Flare Feline runs up to Slashy "Flare Feline, reporting. I just returned from Cairo, is there anything that I can do here to help sir?"
Heat Man blinks back to a ready position behind Enker, though not so close as to be uncomfortable.

The Rotorary Microbus, complete with its dog ears and fake-fur straight out of Dumb and Dumber hovers over towards the Banana Probe. And from a hatch atop it leaps a small metallic object. It is a beer can! With Raybans! And it is doing the Macarena!

Ricochet's attention is diverted from the gigantic banana towards the Robot Masters... making the backdrop of this scene a giant banana running away from a standoff.

Bud has arrived.
Hound Dog drops Bud.

Bonanza Banana continues to limp back to sea all the while, his golden brown form flecked and ragged, potassium stranding everywhere! The distant jingle of something oddly familliar causes the fruit to cease his retreat, attention held with child-like proclivity and peer back in search of its source. Suddenly it is all very clear to Bonanza, as he falls to his knees at the sight of Bud's wriggling antics, held captive by his presence.

Slash Beast , who has been almost lost in deep thought, looks down at Flare Feline. "As otherworldly as it may sound, Corporal, our orders are to protect the banana. Follow me; we'll see that no harm comes to it."

Flare Feline looks at Slash, wondering what he has planned, but complies anyway. "Yes sir, right behind you." He follows after him

Bonanza Banana ...must.. ...Bud!

Bud continues to dance the Macarena, imbedded speaker system droning
out the horrid, horrid salsa tune in a steady loop.

Bonanza Banana ...must.. ...Bud!!!!

Enker shudders at the ridiculous display.

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission to General.
General receives a radio transmission.

Heat Man can't quite understand it, but it's amusing. In a terribly sadistic surreal sort of way.

Whipcrack Octopus' medics retreat back to the medical tent, their leader setting back up at the medical command post and awaiting further orders.

And then the Macarena abruptly stops with that classic *bwuuvvup* noise, and Bud stops, tapping on his aluminum siding. "Hey, what the f' is this bull<beep>t!? HOUND DOG YOU ARE AN F'ING MORON!" Inside the flapping Dogcopter, Hound Dog facepalms.

Siege Wolverine peers at the can for a few moments, then returns his attention to the Masters.

Bonanza Banana snaps out of his passive state, shaking slightly and peering around with obvious confusion. Methodically the fruit rises once more to stomp firmly in place, intoning a demand! MORE DANCE!

Heat Man looks at the giant Banana, then at the can, and back again. He turns to Enker and sighs. "Oh, no..."

Enker replies with a tsk-tsk-tsk. "General, that is so like you. You, with your earth-shaking power would send many marines after me to destroy me."

As if on some invisible cue, the Dogcopter sputters, its rotors grinding to a sickening halt. And then, yes then, it begins to freefall, straight down for the sparkling Harbor waters below. Within the driver's seat of the Microbus, Hound Dog takes a nice, long hard swing of a brown paper bag covered ETank. Meanwhile, Bud starts up a chorus of curses, complete with his trademark <beep!>. And yes, his programming has autocensor, and yes, those beeps are real. Down, down they go, until they crash into the water with a splash. Mission failed.

Templar maintains his position...not at all sure what to do. THIS wasn't in the manuals...

Bonanza Banana jerks slightly in horror at the sight of the sunken dog copter, for with it drown his dreams. Dreams of a dancin' can. Man. Amidst all the confusion, and while General is occupied, he heads for the shores in hopes of retrieving Bud.

Enker, of course, makes no move to attack the Banana. For all his bravado, he doesn't wish to start any conflict with the titanic General or his troops. At least, not under these circumstances.

General remains rather annoyed with Enker, but has little time to debate with the Elite Master. With the splash of the dogcopter, General turns again to find Bonanza Banana heading for the shore. "Halt, banana!" he orders, not really expecting him to listen. The General's flight systems activate again, bringing the Repliforce CO a couple feet off the ground. Rather slowly, the General gives chase to the retreating banana.

Tacet has arrived.
Improv drops Tacet.
Improv enters the New York - Southern Downtown.
Improv has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Stop the banana from making it to the ocean. We will be unable to track him if he makes it there.'.

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission to Flare Feline.
Slash Beast sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "It looks as if the Masters won't be attacking. Follow me, and assist me in keeping civilians away from the banana."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Aye, sir ... *sounding rather boggled*'.

Slash Beast receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Slash Beast: "Roger sir."

Bonanza Banana stops about mid-way through the water, technically waist deep for one of his size, and fidgets agitatively in silent arguement to General.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hound Dog transmits: '*gurgle*'.

Flare Feline follows after Slash to help in whatever it is that Slash plans to do

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Activating aquatic systems.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Bud transmits: '*gurgle* F<BEEP>K *gurgle*'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Aerial-capable Marines, consider yourselves temporarily re-assigned. Follow me.'.

Heat Man looks at Enker. " we follow?"

Whirlpool Lobster gets his orders and heads for the water. He dives in and makes his way in front of the gigantic fruit.

Ricochet's attention is turned away from the Robot Masters... and the fiasco with the dancing can... towards the banana. "...this... keeps getting weirder." "*BLURP BLIP*" <No s***, Sherlock!> Ric materializes an orb in his hand... the stasis orb, a forcefield-producing weapon. With a grunt, he hurls it with all his might, trying to encase one of the banana's knees in a fractured forcefield, hoping to slow it down.

Slash Beast leaps into action, pursuing the banana at top speed. Silly as the situation may seem, civilians might be trampled, and someone needs to get them out of the way. He attempts to get ahead of the banana and clear a path, all without being crushed himself.

Templar jumpjets into the air, and about 30 aerial-capable Marines take off with him. They ... chase the banana.

Enker speaks in a very low voice to Heat Man. "Heat Man... at times like this, desperate measures must be undertaken to ensure victory. This is an order for you to go down to the waterline and dance for that banana. The sight of dancing apparently calms it somewhat, and you most resemble the previous dancer. Understand that this is incredibly unorthodox... but as a Robot Master, you must do your duty! Go, Heat Man! Distract the banana with dancing!"

Whipcrack Octopus kicks on his "dash jets" (which aren't much, since he's primarily aquatic, and heads towards the shore, diving into the water -- where he becomes a speedy white shape descending into the water; not in pursuit of the banana, but rather of Hound Dog and Bud.

Heat Man looks vaguely resigned, but he HAS been given an order. His face takes a strange stiffness for a moment. "Priority 3 command acknowledged." He then smiles and blinks down to the coast. And begins to dance. Dance. DANCE!

Flare Feline runs after Slash, thinking he can get ahead of the giant lumbering fruit, and tries to get any civilians out of the way, those that weren't smart enough to get out of the way of a freaking giant banana!

Siege Wolverine looks at the Robot Masters, "I fear I must bid you adieu... Fare thee well, I shall not miss thee." He flings the bombs skywards, each picked up by the Blackbird... Whoa, what coordination. Siege then steamrolls along at 20 miles per hour, sprinting from rooftop to rooftop, toward the sea. He taps his badge, disappearing into a blazing blue light. When he once more appears, Siege Wolverine is swathed in a sort of aquatic Gundam suit, that is only 8 feet tall... Amazing. Siege leaps from the last of the buildings, flying towards the water... Ok, plummeting towards the water.

40 feet under, Hound Dog sits staring at an ECan, while Bud paces on the dashboard kicking random Taco Bell cups.

Bonanza Banana merely glares as best as a banana may towards General's 'general' direction (tee hee), looking down to find one kneecap wrapped in some sort of energy bubble, and himself surrounded by troops.

And then Bonanza catches sight of Heat Man.

YES! DANCE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! Bonanza is competently captivated.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'Got 'im!'.

Heat Man begins to dance, using his blinking to flash and flicker, sending off occasional fireworks, and in general looking really neat and shiny. Sparks occasionally fly, as do occasional pops of flame!

Bonanza Banana is an oddly detached member of Heat Man's audience. Completely still. Yet attentive.

Heat Man continues to dance his little reactor out.

Whipcrack Octopus dives down to the unorthodox airship, wrapping it around in a set of his tentacles while using the rest of his tentacles to provide thrust. He begins the inenviable task of towing Hound Dog and Bud out of the way of danger, heading back towards shore.

Flare Feline continues to get the stunned/gawking civilians out of the way, while the big nana is stopped

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Is some rescuing Hound Dog?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whipcrack Octopus transmits: 'Affirmative.'.

Enker watches Heat Man dance... and... cripes, it's too much to bear. All the hard work and discipline he's put into training this soldier, wasted in that one moment of embarrassment. So sorry...

Whirlpool Lobster notices the Octopus hauling the crashed... thing back to shore. He quickly dives under the water and adds some uplifting assistance.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whirlpool Lobster transmits: 'Assisting.'.

Slash Beast roars at bystanding gawkers as he races along. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!" As he nears the coast, he catches sight of the dancing Heat Man, and looks back toward the captivated and motionless banana. He has no idea why the Master's unusual stratagem should be working, but seeing as how it /is/ working, he takes advantage of the opportunity to finish clearing out the area immediately around the banana.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Preparin' teh follow the Banana, if need arises...'.

Heat Man begins to work limbo moves into his dance, actually melting and reforming in amazingly beautiful patterns as he dances. He's obviously trying his level best. As he goes, trails of glass mark his passage along what used to be the sands of the beach...

Bonanza Banana's interest markedly wanes as Hound Dog's derelict is brought ashore, turning his gaze to it, and expecting more macerana.

General slows his advance toward Bonanza Banana as he catches sight of Heat Man's dancing. The General stares for a moment, then simply shakes his head and emits a sigh. o0(I can't believe we are defeated by robots like /that/...)0o. He gets within a couple meters of the banana, preparing to grab him while he is distracted by the dancing Robot Master and/or Bud can.

Heat Man notices the Banana shift his attention. And looks a lot less cheerful. "Ummm....I'm not sure he's going for it...!"

Ricochet's hand holds another attack orb... optics locked onto the the knee joint. He boggles at Heat Man... "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <Hold that thought.> He reaches into Ric's armor storage compartment, and pulls out a disposable camera. One frame left. With a distinctive *CLICK-WHIRR* This Kodak moment is preserved forever.

Flare Feline uh ohs as the Banana seems to be losing interest in Heat Man, thankfully most all of the civilians have been taken care of by now...

The Marines hover around Bonanza, weapons trained on him. Some ready harpoons and the like.

Bonanza Banana is too engrossed with the possibility of Bud doing an encore that in all liklihood he could very well be hefted around without disturbance. Or so it seems, given he's rather demure at the moment.

Whipcrack Octopus, oblivious to the banana's shifting interest, continues to work with Whirlpool on beaching the helicopter. This ultimately happens, the ship being pulled up agonizingly onto the beach and locked in place, the tentacles uncurling themselves and the MSE XO stepping back, turning -- to see the banana's `attention' moving. His processors churn for but an instant until he decides on a course of action -- get the beer can back in action to use it as a lure.

Enker sends a radio transmission.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.

Bud crawls out of the Dogcopter Microbus, and shakes off his little white Reeboks, water flinging everywhere.

Whipcrack Octopus sends a radio transmission to Hound Dog.
Hound Dog receives a radio transmission from Whipcrack Octopus.

Heat Man begins to slow his dancing...and as the Fruit doesn't notice after a moment, blinks back behind Enker. "Oh, no...."

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Heat Man.

General's powerful arms suddenly latch around the banana while it is still distracted with the Dogcopter's beaching. In almost the same instant General grabs on, a surge of EM emits from General's hands and subsequently - Bonanza Banana. This charge is more than enough to knock the rampaging banana down for the count.

Hound Dog sends a radio transmission to Whipcrack Octopus.
Whipcrack Octopus receives a radio transmission.

Bonanza Banana visibly stands up higher than before to get a better glimpse of the now discernable beer can. Then he's groped and goes all tingly and passes out.

Toilet Duck arrives from the New York - Repliforce Island.
Toilet Duck has arrived.

Flare Feline finishes getting the civilians out of the path of the banana, not that it matters anymore. Seeing the General tackle it, he turns toward Slash and says "Well.. are we done here now?"

Enker signals for Heat Man to follow him. "We'd better leave right away. We've helped them quite enough. They can deal with it from here. And if they can't... all the better for us. And let us hope that there need be /no/ dancing in the future. If there is, for some reason, it's unlikely it would be you doing the dancing. You shall be commended for your willingness to perform duties outside your normal function range."

Whipcrack Octopus retreats a few meters as the banana falls, digging into the sand with his tentacles to maintain himself against any flying debris. Once it looks like the banana is taken care of, he releases his grip and heads towards the fallen ... creature to ascertain its status.
Whirlpool Lobster climbs up onto shore with Whipcrack, watching as General KOs the immense banana. "This has been one heck of a night."

Heat Man looks to Enker as he cools down. His usual smile is a little weak, but present. "Sounds good to me..."

The roiling flames scatter from Heat Man in all directions, igniting much of the flammable materials around him!

Bonanza Banana's limp form floats just above the water's surface, bobbing faintly.

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission.
General receives a radio transmission from Slash Beast.

Enker departs the area, jogging along with Heat close behind.
Enker retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Magma Dragoon, Slash Beast, Hound Dog, Flare Feline, Templar, Whirlpool Lobster, Bonanza Banana, Toilet Duck, Inferno Panther, and Ring Redwing.

Siege Wolverine sploshes out of the water slowly, looking around. "Well damn, I missed everythin', didn't I?"

Whipcrack Octopus comments, "Yes, it has been," to Whirlpool, his aquatic comrade. He dispatches his medic team to assess Hound Dog's condition, as well as that of the infrangible Bud.

Heat Man stops dead in his tracks.

General sends a radio transmission to Slash Beast.
Slash Beast receives a radio transmission.

Enker enters the New York - Southern Downtown.
Enker has left.

Heat Man reacts with shock at the attmepted seizing of Enker, and his smile disappears. "Priority 1 Situation. Systems to full active."
Flames begin to spiral around Heat Man, engulfing him in waves of nuclear inferno! The very ground buckles from the scortching tempratures!

General picks up the Banana's limp body, hoisting it over his shoulder as he trudges back onto the beach. Emitting a heavy sigh, he looks around at the various Repliforce troopers with a tired but pleased expression. "Well done. Major Templar, return all forces to green status and issue the retreat order," he emits as starts back toward RHQ.

You get the idea that you should really let the lighter go.

Heat Man enters the New York - Southern Downtown.
Heat Man has left.

Slash Beast sends a radio transmission.
Slash Beast sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You heard the General. Return to base."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'RHQ Medbay, prepare to recieve a rather unusual patient. He will be kept in my repair chair for the time being.'.

Slash Beast receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Slash Beast: "Yes sir."

Flare Feline looks around, and sighs. oO(This has been one strange evening.) Flare heads back to the base, probably back to the Atrium to get re-lost in thought

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whipcrack Octopus transmits: 'Acknowledged. Returning to base to complete preparations.'.

Slash Beast follows the General off the scene, secretly wishing that he'd chosen to spend the evening at an art museum instead.

Slash Beast enters the New York - Repliforce Island.
Slash Beast has left.

Whipcrack Octopus climbs into a nearby patrol boat and has it take him and his team back to Repliforce Island.

Tacet has left.

Siege Wolverine shakes his head, deciding to take a swim back to base...

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