Audition Arena

This is a big wide open stage. There's nothing here but you and a bunch of cardboard scenery. DEAL WITH IT!

Colonel [RF]
Dust Man [Normal] [RM]
Heat Man [Normal] [RM]
Castor [SD]
Audition Scene Object <ASO>
Pluto [SD]

Black boots crunch in the soft carpet of fallen pine needles, here in the remote mountains hiding the laboratory containing what Wily desires. His eyes narrow as Bass tops the ridge overlooking the facility, and he turns to look over his shoulder. "Hurry up. I want to get this over with. I have more important things to be doing than running errands for the old man."

He turns away from his little assult squad to look over the base below. "Feh." He reaches down to lay his hand on Treble's head, the hellhound never far from his side. And then he steps on the hound's back, Treble lifting him into the air. "Robot Masters... ATTAAAAACK!"

Heat Man smiles as he charges over the hill, following Bass. The possibilities of this stuff are...well...almost endless. He can't wait to get his hands on it.

Magnet Man shakes his head a bit at ol' finhead as he gives the order. "Oh, com'n, you can't give a command like that. Put some pizazz into it! If we're going to blow this place up, lets at least do it with some STYLE." Smirking behind his facemask, he strikes a damatic pose. "In the name of the almighty Wily, or creator and father, we shall now lay siege upon this lowly lab for the sake of the Robot Master cause! CHAAARRRGE!" He cackles, and starts down the mountain side. "Maybe they'll have some good games on the computers. Heeheehee."

Waiting along one of the inside walls within the laboratory, is Colonel and his Repliforce. Keeping an eye on the sensor pad Colonel holds in his hand, he waits behind one of the two large hydrogen tanks that feed the small device between the two of them, awaiting for the wire to be tripped, and trap sprung. For now, he's heard nothing, given the Masters being outside of the lab.

Frost Walrus is hiding in the Research lab. They have been letting out many leads in an attempt to capture Dr. Wily, hoping he would come himself, but he hasn't bit yet. Tonight feels like the night. Frost Walrus has turned his cryo systems down to avoid any detection. His armor drips with condensation as he is not used to being this warm. He rotates his neck0hum and peers out a window on the second story as he hides behind a large pile of crates and technology. He whispers as he sees something through the window, keeping his head low. "I think i see something outside..."

Neatly squared away in one of the closets of the laboratory, a portly avian checks and rechecks his cannon-arm. .oO(Power output at maximum, and primed for full spread propulsion.) The door is open only a slit, and Storm Owl peeks out it again, optics narrowed behind his spectacles. .oO(It is only a matter of time before the Masters arrive to try to claim the prize...)

Flare Feline stays hidden as he awaits for the masters to fall into their trap. From behind some crates he remains motionless, like a ferocious cat waiting to strike his prey. Well... that's what he IS. His ears twitch, as he hears something. There's a commotion outside, barely audiable from in here. He'd warn the Colonel, he's too far for immediate signal, and he doesn't want to blow his cover, though he's sure that the Colonel realizes they're coming as well.

Huddled behind a crate is everybody's favorite bunny. Ears perked up for anything that may come on the radios, she waits there...just waiting. Her nose twitches. .oO(...)Oo.

Bass rises into the air, feet planted firmly on Treble's back. The hellhounds feet fold up under him, and the Dark Knight folds his arms as his 'steed' carries him upwards and then out towards the silent labs. His eyes dart about, the corner of his lip curling upwards. A moment of silent communication, and the pair rockets forwards, thrusters lighting up the night.

The corner of Bass's mouth twitches upwards into a sneer as his right hand retracts into his arm. The distictive sound of a carging buster cannon joins the roar of the jets, and deadly light gathers into the mouth of his weapon. And then Treble stops, hanging over the roof of the lab. Bass leans to the right just a tad, and levels his right arm at the building.

"Knock knock."


Heat Man slams his lid down to prevent himself from being knocked in the head by debris, then cranks it open again, running towards the hole Bass has generously provided for everyone to enter by, raising his tempratrue and preparing for battle. "Okay..." Slamming his fist into a security gate to clear it from his way, he heads for the lab.

Magnet Man comes to a stop outside of the building. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun. Blowing stuff up and making a statement of our superiority in doing it. Bandabing, baby." Arming a Magnet Missile, he lobs it at the front doors. Him, go through the back way? That'd be cliche. *BOOM* The doors blow as the magnetic projectile homes in on them. Cackling, he kicks in a remaining chunk and steps through the wrekcage. "Avon calling!"

Colonel turns and steps out from behind the back of the larger tank that hid his form, his sabre in hand, though the blade itself rests against the ground, charged fully, Colonel almost looks like he's using it as a cane. At the sound, and subsequent explosion of the doors ahead of him, Colonel's optic ridge narrow, his eyes only partly hidden behind the brim of his hat, "Sorry, but no one is home, save for the Repliforce. Troops! Attack!"

Flare Feline's optics narrow, that's his cue. Waiting for just a moment to let some of the masters get closer, he then leaps up from his hiding place, claws drawn. Without a word he prepares to fight whatever RM just happens to be closest.

Frost Walrus nods as the order is given, he cranks his Cryo Systems into high gear as he powers up. A blast of cold air busts out of Frost Walrus and sends the wall of crates he was hiding behind flying to the floor. As he steps forward, he levels his finger at the attacking Robot Masters. "Surrender, and you will not be harmed. You will answer for your crimes." The room is pretty chilly... *brrrrrrrr*

Halo Hare leaps up at the start of the explosions. Thankyfully, it's a big arse crate, so she isn't immediatly in view. Nervously, the Hare looks towards Colonel's hiding place, and licks her lips. Oh yea - this will be fun. But hey, it's her duty. She peers out from the crate as her opticss seem to glow, and then, lo and behold, two beams shoot from her eyes towards the Masters!

The sound of a plasma shot exploding through the walls of the building, coupled with the faint tremors set off by the blast, cause the Owl to stiffen in his hiding spot. The cannon whines quietly, pleading to be discharged, when the call for action hits his audio receptors. Storm bursts forth from his spot, cannon leveled for the nearnest Master. "Cease and desist!" he orders.

Bass listens to all the Repliforcers speak their oh so noble lines, his sneer remaining in place. His hand pops back into place, and he begins to clap slowly. "A trap. Well planned, and well executed." His smouldering glare falls on Colonel as the sneer twists into a snarl. "Too bad you caught more than you can handle. Treble!"

Bass steps off the back of the hellhound, still high above the pavement below. But he doesn't have time to fall as Treble rises up behind him, and shifts, initiating the birth of something much worse than the pair. Black wings rise from Bass' shoulders, engines roaring to life, holding him aloft on blazing fire. Magna Bass.

The merge complete, Bass raises his gaze to meet Colonel's again. "Robot Masters... Destroy them All! Nrraaaaaaaa!!!" His right hand vanishes again, a blade of blazing energy snapping out of the mouth of his buster. Raising it, he hurtles towards the Colonel.

Magnet Man blinks a few times. Okay, maybe going in the front way wasn't the safest thing to do. Crapolah. "By Wily's eyebrows, it's a trap!" He points a finger accusingly at the Replifreaks. "That is -so- uncool. I'm insulted!" He pulls his arm back, making a fist instead and shaking it in the reploids' direction. "We're the bad guys, we're suppose to pull crap like that! Stop stealing our shtick!" Fortunately, he's put up his magnetic forcefield while busy mocking the goodguys, so the shots just bounce off it. Meanwhile, Magnet Man has pulled out his Super Advanced Gamekid and started playing it idly. Ho-hum. Another fight. He's got more important things to do. Like catching Lugia!

Heat Man has a strange feeling of Deja Vu, but otherwise remains cheerful as he follows Bass' orders. Right. Destroy them all. So...where to start? Bass seems to have Colonel in hand...and then...lesse. There's that annoying owl martinet...and the Walrus. And he owes the Walrus for Crash Man. So. "Hey, FAT GIRL!" Launching massive streams of flames at the Walrus, Heat Man brings his temprature to full combat mode while standing ready. "Let's dance."

Dust Man looks at the Owl. "Hey, I kicked your Girly Bird's butt the other night! Care to try your own hand at the Ducted One?" He giggles at Storm Owl. "But I don't think you can!"

Snapping back from the force of the strike across his chest, Colonel seems to almost snarl, his face shifting to pure annoyance, as he grits his teeth. "Bass, you'll never learn." With that he takes a step back, flipping his sword up, and jumps forward toward the Elite, "This, is your end, you are under arrest" Snapping his fist toward Bass, the sabre reignites, "Anything you say, can and will be used against you," he says as he stabs toward the elite, lip curled with disdain, "You have the right, to explode upon impact."

Frost Walrus stands as the fire comes streaming in, he holds his hands out in front of him to attempt to bock the flames but they engulf the walrus with a vengance. His ice begins to melt away as the flames bite into him. With a feral yell, Frost Walrus leaps forward, pushing against the flames and lands inches from Heat Man. With a sudden crank of his cryo-systems, his tusks and shoulder pads reform into sharp Ice. "You have given me no choice but to disable you." the fatty says as he looms over the robot master. His fist comes down on Heat Man like a kid playing 'whack-a-mole'

Halo Hare blinkblinks. Hey, nobody targeted her back. That's good. But then something catches her attention. Namely...Magnet Man and his forcefield. Okay, let's try this. Darting around whatever crossfire there may be, she starts approaching the red Master. Not attacking yet, just getting close, and stuff.

Storm Owl tilts his head slightly at Dust Man. "On the contrary, little Master," the Repliforcer comments lowly, "I am quite sure of it. Today, Repliforce shall triumph!" The cannon explodes in a joyous release of high-powered wind and energy, soaring towards Dust at hurricane speeds. Meet the Cyclone Cannon.

Flare Feline's eyes quickly dart about. Ok, Bass is taking on Colonel, just fine, Flare doesn't want to fight him anyway. Heat Man's fighting the Walrus, and the Owl has Dusty. And Magnet has his shield up. Flare scratches his head for a second. Well nuts. He sees Halo going after Magnet, and decides to help too, he's heard that ol' U-head can be a handful. But there really isn't anything that can be done while the coward keeps his shield up. Flare keeps an eye on the other fights too, incase he's needed.

Magnet Man looks up as a few random shots bounce off his field, and narrows his eyes at the two Reploids heading his way. "I don't think so, boys." Putting the game away, he raises one hand, palm out, towards them. The field flickers a moment, and then pulses out, the forcefield shutting down as it's energy is redirected into an EMP blast towards the two, since it's his main area attack. "Back the **** up!"

Bass blocks Colonel's saber with his own beam blade, sparks leaping from the impact. His lips curl upwards into a feral grin, lit by the sabres into a hellish visage. "Blah blah blah. I've heard it all before, Colonel." He breaks the bind of blades, jets carrying him back, out into the open.

The blade dies, as Bass lines up the barrel of the buster with Colonel. The grin slowly widens, as his armor shifts colors. The black changes slowly to the deep bluish-purple of deep night, the violet of his armor shifting to silver. "This one talked until the very end, when I blew a hole through his chest." The cannon whines as the buster draws up the plans for a unique gravity weapon. A sphere of twisted energy and space forms just in front of the barrel, fed by the buster. And then the sphere seems to split like an eye, a beam of focused gravity lashing out at Colonel.

Heat Man wobbles a little as his lid slams against his skull in a most unplanned manner. "No, no, there's another perfectly reasonable choice. It's the choice where I get to make you into walrus pate, take what we want, walk out of here, and you all get to DIE." Not that Heat's had a lot of excess frustration at you people to work off or anything like that. With a surprisingly innocent looking smile, he looks up at the Big Big JUMBO repliforcer, as the jewel in his chest suddenly flares to life, sending out a massive pulse of energy!

Dust Man yelps and rolls out of the way of the nasty Birdy Poo Wind. "You know, Mrs. Eagle tried that against me too. And you know what I did? I just let loose with THIS!" He leans back and hocks a load of scrap at the Evil Birdy Person. Meet the Junk Shower, biatch...

Halo Hare blinks as the EMP passes towards her. What does she do? Dodge! That lovely technique! "Sah, that was unprovoked!" she scolds, wagging a paw at him. Tsktsk! She shifts it so the palm is facing up, and then a small, crackling sphere forms above it. She winds up. "Embleer elil!" And the pitch!

The glare that forms upon Colonel's face, is enough to send troops ducking for cover back at base, but instead, this is focused solely on Bass, "And like that person, you must have inherited their bad aim..." he says as he ducks to the side, sidestepping and ducking to the side at the same time, watching the blast hit one of the tanks from within. As he falls to the side, Colonel throws his blades in several directions, causing several energy waves to head toward Bass. "Repliforce, advance!" Colonel yells, given Bass has already stepped back from the lab itself.

The explosion of the hydrogen tanks floods the area with the liquid, though not much else happens. (... energy source shoulda given a different result.) In fact, the hydrogen gets foamy... Could it be? Its.... Head and Shoulders hair-wash.

Frost Walrus is hit by the energy blast, and his titanic bulk is pushed back, feet skidding on the floor. he resists the energy, but is suddendly overwhelmed and in a large explosion is sent flying back ito a pile of crates. (boy, he has a glass jaw) The motionless form lies there for a moment, he is thinking for a stratergy. As he raises to his feet he shakes his head and stares at Heat Man. "No one will die today. You are comming back, in our custody." He flops on hos belly and soars across the floor at blindlingly fast speed for a fat dude. (tusk slam!)
<O-Repliforce> Iris Mk. II Alia says, "This is true."

Flare Feline oh craps as the EMP blast hits him full on, he wasn't expecting Mags to attack so quick "Waaargh!" *tumble*tumble*tumble*tumble*tumble*FWAAAM* After rolling a few meters and crashing into some crates, Flare gets to his feet, and shakes his head a bit "A-alright Master! You got it coming now!" Flare charges and prepares to swipe at the Magnetic Master with his claw, which just so happens to be enhanced by a wave of flame emitted from his hand blaster.

"I say, that's not in the Marquis of Queensbury rules!" Storm Owl is actually covered in...junk. The prim owl splutters quietly, wiping at his face to clear his spectacles. The junk hangs from his beak, his beret, his vest...even his spectacles. "I do believe you require a refresher course in the etiquette of combat!" the aerial commmander comments as he wipes his glasses clean. Bringing a wing to the fore, he lunges at Dust with his razor-sharp feathers splayed out in a good old-fashioned Wing Slash.

Bass raises his left hand upwards, palm outwards as the energy waves slam into him. After the energy fades, he lets the smoking plam drop, his eye's narrowing as the contents of the tank begin to foam. And then his face twists as he realizes he just hit the 'energy source'. And it's... shampoo. Shampoo. He was sent out like a little boy to fetch SHAMPOO!

His fists clench as his sides as his teeth grind together, a flickering aura slowly forming up around him. No one... NO ONE plays Bass for a fool and lives. His voice hisses between clenched teeth. "So.... there was no... experimental power source. Just this... trap." The energy field begins to seethe, Bass' rage given visible shape.

"You... will PAAAAAY!"

Bass throws his arms wide, the field of energy exploding outwards in a seething storm of chaos and thunder. It spares none in it's path, expaning outwards in a Maelstrom of hate and power.

Magnet Man casually sidesteps Flare's charge, letting the cat stumble past him. But then Halo's blast hits his arm, and more importantly, his game, causing it to blow up in a small shower of sparks and plastic. Magnet Man turns his head slowly, staring at his now scorched arm, and the smoldering remains of the SAGK in his hand. An eye twitchs a bit. "My... my game..." More twitching, and then his eyes flash as he scowls. "AND I'D JUST BEATEN THE ELITE FOUR TOO!" Fuming with rage, he arms a Magnet Missle, and launches it at Halo. "You're gonna DIE like a cheap Koopa for that! MAGNET MISSILE!"

After a moment later, he's floored as part of Bass's blast explodes into the wall behind him. Rolling, he lands on his back, and shakes a fist at Bass. "Stop shooting your own people! How can I stylishly decimate people when you're blowing us up too?!"

First slashed open by Owl, and now is being blasted by Bass. Owies. The Ducted One falls over twitching in pain. "Thanks for getting em, Bro... Pain..."

Heat Man sees the massive walrus rolling towards him, and sidesteps handily. But, because intertia is still in the laws of physics, he has a plan. "You missed. But, the judges did score it as a good try, and you'll probably clinch the bronze! Let me help you up, though!" Slamming his fist into the ground, Heat blasts a massive wave of melted ground and flames to follow the slip-and-sliding walrus, with the intent to help the big repliforcer melt off a few pounds. The hard way.

Halo Hare has a missle heading her way. o_O That would be very, very, VERY bad if it hit her. And she just stands there, like a deer caught in headlights. O_O Until...Bass's blast knocks her off her feet, and the missle too, making it explode right above her. Wow, isn't she lucky! Oh, yea, she just stays on her back, frozen, almost. O_O;; Gotta love Tharn.

The field of energy expands, ripping up the street in front of Colonel; he gets knocked to the side and into a tree, the sidewalk in front breaking as the roots rip up from the force of the impact. His chest is charred, melted in some parts, the two gem-like orbs on his shoulders, which encased two glimmering Repliforce sigils, are destroyed. As Colonel stands, he wipes himself off very briefly as he notices the destruction of the sigils, his form tightens, a very strong anger building, "Now Bass, you've pushed the last limit. You. Are. Finished." The flash of light that comes afterwards, as Colonel springs forward, unleashing the fury, of his Sabre Frenzy.

Flare Feline stumbles as he misses the U-headed one oO(That's odd, I could have sworn I was about to hit him.) He regains his balance and faces him again, watching him fume over the game. oO(Well this isn't going good, now how can I.. say what's that bright light over.. uh oh) Flare leaps straight up into the air at the last minute, avoiding the brunt of the blast, but is still struck by the outer radius and is thrown into some more crates, yay! He climbs out of them, relatively unhurt from Bass' blast, and how many people can say that? Running back to the general combat area once again he grumbles "Ok, I can't exactly fight if I keep getting thrown out of the ring!" Instead of rushing Magnet this time, he just fires a Pulse Break at him from behind. Screw honor, he's mad.

Frost Walrus turns his blubbery head to see as Heat Man leaped out of the way... "Hey, wait..." he mutters as he notices he is still going. The energy crackling through the area strikes at the Walrus as it does with everyone else, but an internal shift of his blubber and he guides himself through it without being caught. The fire chases the walrus and he promptly rolls over as he soars down the floor to avoid that. "whew" the fat man says, but one little problem, he is still moving, and at high speeds too. *KERSMASH* and now there is a walrus-shaped hole in the wall of the lab. if you see out the hole, it seems that this lab was built on the side of a very large hill, and there goes walrus down the hill at high speeds. "kripes, I gotta walk back up!" you hear from the bottom of the hill when he stops sliding.

The rolling thunder of Bass's area causes the Owl to turn slightly. "What is..." Storm's question is swallowed by the incoming torrent of sheer energy that engulfs him. With a loud and pained exclamation, the Owl is blown back hard -- past Dust and up the corridor, systems spitting and hissing from the overload. He twitches, trying to regain his footing, and failing to do so.

Bass lowers his hands, his jaw still clenched in rage. He surveys the devestation his angery unleashed with grim, sullen satisfaction. He turns his head to regard Colonel, and sees the Reploid give into his own rage. The Sabre slams into Bass again and again, shaving off armor, and smashing systems. Enough to destroy any lesser being. But this is Magna Bass. As the storm of blades abates, he still stands. Battered and bleeding mechfluid, but still standing.

And then his shoulders begin to shake.

"Heh heh heh.... BwaHaHaHaHaHaaa! That's it Colonel! Hate me! Draw on anger and rage!"

Bass grins at the XO of Repliforce, turned slightly to one side. "Feels good... doesn't it? The flames in the pit of your stomach... the energy and power that they bring... You should loose control more often, Colonel." His grin twists into a hate filled sneer. "Just... like I DO!"

He turns to face Colonel full on, his right hand snapping up, the barrel of his buster leveled at Colonel. "Hate is power."


Heat Man slowly stands after Bass's flash-fish-frying of most of the room, just in time to watch the Walrus fly through the wall, as he turns to see Magnet get slammed in the back. "Hey...Magnet may be a dip...but he's our dip." Cranking his fist back, he unleashes a burning left hook at the Feline's jaw.

Dust Man just twitches and moans. Pain... "Medic... Oh, wait... that's me." He giggles, and yelps. Ouch.

Magnet Man oomphs as he's shot in the back as he's getting up, though it does little to stop him. He's resistant to exposives, you see. "Again with taking the bad guys tricks! You rejects disgust me. You can't even fight a fight fairly like good goodguys! Hmph. He turns, and waves a hand at Flare dismissively at Flare, and then turns to Halo again. "As for you." He raises his hand, and emits a magnetic beam to pull the replifluke closer. "In the immortal words of Scorpion: "GET OVER HERE!

Frost Walrus stands at the bottom of the hill as the fight continues, he is to far away now to be any help. but he will try... "I AM COMMING" he yells, but it will take him a good 10 minutes to get back up the hill. *fatmanrunning*

Flare Feline growls as Magnet ignores him, but just barely notices Heat coming and steps back at the last minute. Before reacting he quickly scans the scene again, Halo's in troulbe, Storm is down for the count, so is Frosty, the battle will be over by the time he gets up here. The Colonel seems to be in trouble with Bass, but Flare's still not too hot on fighting him, so he settles to attack the walking zippo who just charged him. Wryly nodding he just says "Uh-huh, right..." And steps and raises his leg delivering a kick to the top of Heat's head.

Storm Owl groans weakly from his sprawl on the ground. Slowly, he rolls over, and on his hands and knees, crawls towards a wall to hoist his portly self back up again. This isn't exactly what he had in mind today... "I will... perservere. For the Repliforce," he grits out between clenched teeth as sparks fly and his systems complain, optics pained as they look back towards the battle he can no longer assist in.

Halo Hare blinkblinks, snapped out of her daze as she's dragged by the oh-so-lovely beam to Magnet. She sweatdrops, staring up at him. And then...she panics. Seeing as her back is still in the ground, her feet shoot up towards his gut. And guess what? They're crackling with electricity. Hoohah!

The anger gets released, though the fury of the Repliforce Executive Officer's will, does not abate, does not die, even given the sudden assault launched against him after tearing at Bass. Colonel gets knocked far back, this time totally destroying the tree that he hit earlier. The energy rips through his shoulder, causing his arm to hang limp, most ripped from his form, the tree taking the energy that passed through him, and splintering into hundreds of pieces.
But this, does not cut his will, does not destroy the single thought in his mind, as Colonel stands, "No force on Earth... shall stop freedom." And in that second, with a controlled thought, Colonel blinks from existance, reappearing randomly to the side and slightly behind Bass, no where close, but enough perhaps to disorient the Elite master, before the Repliforce jumps toward Bass, attempting to slam his hand into Bass's chest from the side, releasing the torrent of energy that is usually reserved for a last ditch attempt... his Ground Ripper. "Freedom... will last..." he mutters as he attempts the strike.
Colonel's combat roll has succeeded against Bass.

Bass grunts as the Ripper slams into his side, sending the Dark Master sprawling. The jets sputter once, and then Bass climbs slowly to his feet. "Freedom?" He spits a mouthfull of mechfluid to the side, drawing the back of his hand across his lips and flicking away a few remaining droplets. "You don't know what real /freedom/ is." He stalks towards Colonel, raising up that deadly right arm of his.


"You're tied to your... duty. To obligation. To service." He continues to pump blast after blast into Colonel. Knees first. Then elbows. Slow. Methodical. Unrelenting. "That's not freedom. That's drudgery." He takes a moment's pause to blow off Colonel's sabre hand. Then he stands over the fallen XO of Repliforce. Planting a black boot on the Colonel's chest, he levels the buster at the reploid's face. "You should have stayed angry, Colonel." His lips split into a toothy feral grin. "You /might/ have been able to stand against me. But..." Slowly energy gathers in that barrel, seething and pulsing. "You had to mouth off about Freedom. Just. Like. HIM." His voice drops to a growl with that last word, and his face twists into an unholy mask of rage.




And then Bass turns away. "Someone grab Dust Man. We're done here..."

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