Mad Monkey is in the corner of the room, basically wailing calmly on a practice dummy. If robots could sweat, he'd be sweating, he's been working out here so long. Jab, jab. Kick, kick.

Fusion Phoenix wanders through the room. He is looking for someone to spar with, judging by his behavior.

Mad Monkey continues to beat on the test dummy for the time being. There are other soldiers around, of course, so Monk doesn't necessarily take notice of one more addition.

Fusion Phoenix wanders up behind the monkey. "Intersted in a sparing match them?"

Mad Monkey turns to look towards the voice, tilting his head higher than he'd expected. "Hello, there. I think I've gotten just about all I'm going to get out of this dummy here, so I don't see why not. I'm already warmed up."

And who's that over on one of the holopads, running the arctic training sim? If you guessed anyone other than Flare Feline, you suck. If you've been paying any atten, you'd know that he's been training his aft off to be ready for the Citadel attack, even going so far to short out his cold-sensetive power core. He may have been ordered to keep his arctic training time limited, but he hasn't reached his limit for today yet, and the attack's tomorrow. So there he is, at it again. While it seemed like Flare was overworking himself doing this, it seemed to pay off somewhat. While it's impossible to negate the actual damages he recieves from the cold, his mentality towards it has strengthened. He hardly even distracted at all by the cold anymore, he can maintain his focus even in harsh cold environments now, which will be vital in the coming attack. Right now, Flare is just fighting off some basic level simiulated opponents, but there's quite a number of them. Even in the intense simiulated blizzard, he doesn't seem affected, and aims with his normal precision.

Fusion Phoenix says, "than shall I set up the holo emitter? Or do you want to?"

Mad Monkey nods, throwing a towel from over his shoulders onto the floor adjacent the wall. "The holo emitter, go right ahead, chum. I haven't learned how to use it yet anyway."

Fusion Phoenix taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

Mad Monkey watches the holographic surroundings change, and he says, "Since you seem to be more versed in the use of this room, perhaps you should go first, friend."

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Fusion Phoenix walks into the simulation. Shure it's for the assult on the skull citidel, but it should serve for a little one-on-one hack match.

Fusion Phoenix bows breafly to his opponent before morphing his hand and lobbing a sphere of plasma at the Monkey
Fusion Phoenix strikes Mad Monkey with his Plasma Blaster attack.

Mad Monkey apparently wasn't warmed up enough -- he got caught really easily with that one. Nonetheless, he's not about to sit down and take it. Using his specialized fighting techniques, he rushes towards the birdlike one and attempts to smash his "third arm" weapon into Phoenix's torso.
Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Brave Roundhouse attack.

Fusion Phoenix takes the blow. He's too big to dodge anyway, so he just launches up and fires of his electic attack: a crackeling burst form his tesla pistol.
Fusion Phoenix strikes Mad Monkey with his Tesla Pistol attack.

A couple of drones try to jump Flare from behind, and meet a quick end via a Pulse Break. Flare leaps to his left as another drone tries to come at him from his right, Flare lunges and ripes it to pieces with his claws. Indeed, the drones he's fighting are not too powerful, but there are still like a dozen or so more to fight off. Two more try to come at Flare from behind, but he senses them and knocks them into the stratosphere with a quick roundhouse kick. He then does a backflip to avoid the blast of another drone, he lands on top of his attacker, stomping it to the ground. Flare seems incredibly focused for someone who is immersed in the very environment that is supposed to be the most uncomfortable thing imaginable to him. Unlike when he first started arctic training, he doesn't seem wavered by the cold at all now. It may make a creepy sort of sense, when you think of how hard he trained and pushed himself. It must make you wonder, what possessed him to do that to himself? And has all this training alone in the cold affected anything else about Flare besides his focus?

Mad Monkey's synthfur stands on end, but not for long. Monk shakes his head, and apparently the effects of the attack, as his gaze returns to normal. "You have quite the arsenal at your disposal, friend. However, I am my own arsenal. Let me show you." With swiftness and speed belying his size, the monkey leaps into the air, perhaps 20 feet or so. He arcs in midair, and comes down near Fusion Phoenix. He attempts to stomp right on the phoenix's head with both feet.
Mad Monkey misses Fusion Phoenix with his Mantis Leap attack.

Fusion Phoenix watches the monkey fly toward him. Whith impicable timing he spins around and hits the smaller reploid with his wings.

Fusion Phoenix watches the monkey fly toward him. Whith impicable timing he spins around and hits at the smaller reploid with his wings.
Fusion Phoenix strikes Mad Monkey with his Wing Slap attack.

Mad Monkey is slapped in the back, but at least he's used to this type of attack moreso than any other. He's trained hard and long in close combat, so he grunts a little as he's hit but he does not falter. Using his larger "third arm" he attempts to return the favor, swatting the blunt surface swiftly in one direction, then another.
Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Brave Combo attack.

Flare exchanges more blows with the drones, bringing their number down to 6. He hasn't taken much damage as of yet, and already wiped out most of the drones. However Flare's concentration breaks for a moment when the blizzard's wind takes that moment to briefly strengthen and blow some snow in his face. As he quickly rubs it out, two of the drones manage to get in a couple of shots on him. He rolls out of the way of their assults, and dispatches them with a well timed Flare Bomb. He quickly stands, and watches the last 4 drones. He sighs, getting tired of fighting these things that are weaker than him. He raises his hands towards them, and waits for a moment, once all four drones are in a close enough radius of each other, he fires a Flare Pulse to the centre of the group. It explodes, and takes the last four out all at once. With that Flare stands up straight, and stretches a bit, the damage he recieved in the simulation fades. He speaks silently to himself "I need to fighting something at least on my level in this environment, if not stronger. The attack is tomorrow, this my last chance to test my skills..."

Fusion Phoenix winces as the attack savages his wings. He drops to the snow, and just blasts at the Mad Movie Martial Artist with globs of liquid nitrogen,
Fusion Phoenix strikes Mad Monkey with his Ice Blaster attack.

Mad Monkey's arms cake over a little bit with frost, and he shivers. . o O ( I need some breathing room. ) O o . The palm on his Brave Knuckle opens, revealing a shiny surface. Monk closes his eyes, and suddenly the entire room glows as bright as the sun!
Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Solar Flare attack.
Fusion Phoenix is temporarily disoriented by Mad Monkey's Solar Flare attack.

Fusion Phoenix stagers back, giving Mad Monkey the space he needs as he blinks the bright light out of his eyes

Mad Monkey doesn't need space... in fact, he's best when there's virtually no space between him and his opponent. He re-closes the distance, centering on the phoenix and attacking with both arms and both legs in a furious attack.
Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Flurry Of Blows attack.

Fusion Phoenix pulls away from the chimp. a just focuses himself. and lets out a streem of fire AND ice.
Fusion Phoenix misses Mad Monkey with his Antipode Strike attack.

Mad Monkey is finally able to telescope one of Fusion's moves -- looks like he hesitated before firing. That could be bad news in general. Monk concentrates a bit himself.. his Brave Knuckle begins to glow as he diverts energy into it, and a piston in the back pops out. Suddenly Monk thunders towards Fusion, trying to release the pressure of the hit and piston both into his opponent.
Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Brave Knuckle attack.

Fusion Phoenix reacts just as the flying primate laches on to him, pulling out his hook and waping him with it.

Flare Feline thinks for a moment as the cold wind blows around him. He has about half an hour left before the computer shuts the simulation down on him, stupid safety the medics programmed in for him. After a moment's thought, he decides to load one more simulated opponent. "Computer..." He slowly starts "...load simulated combat data for character... Bass." And sure enough, a holographic Bass forms in front of him. Is Flare nuts? What's he doing fighting someone like him? He knows he doesn't stand a chance right? So why does he do this? In order to see just how far he can hold out in an intense battle out here. This is his last training session in arctic climate, may as well go all out. He narrows his eyes at Bass to see through the blizzard. The hologram doesn't seem affected, but looks at Flare with the superior glower that it's owner has, though the hologram is only programmed with Bass' combat abilities and appearence, so we won't be sampling his oh so charming personality right now. Flare sighs, time to see how far he can go. "Begin." After uttering that phrase, Flare ruses at his fin-helmeted opponent, raising his hand he swipes at the Master elite, however he strikes nothing but air, as Bass effortlessly dodges, and works his way behind Flare and delivers a quick blast from his buster at point blank range at Flare's back. He tumbles to the ground for a moment, but quickly jumps up, this'll be tougher than he thought.x[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Woo, longest pose yet!"

Mad Monkey is getting his feel for this fight -- he dodges the hook (though with little room to spare). He opts to try a time-honored martial arts tradition, that of breaking the opponent's nose with an open palm thrust. His palm flies towards Fusion's face quickly.

Mad Monkey strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Open Palm Strike attack.

Fusion Phoenix grunts at the last attack "I yeld, I yeld
Fusion Phoenix says, "and just in time for the crash man hour"

Mad Monkey was already in motion to keep going, though he is quick to respond to Fusion's submission. "You fight bravely, and I look forward to doing battle alongside you in the future." He pats the phoenix on the shoulder (reaching up to do so).

Flare isn't daunted by this, and makes and attempted to drop kick his foe. However Bass takes a step to the side at the last minute, and on top of that quickly grabs Flare's foot as he drops by him, and forcefully slams him into the ground. Still, Flare stands. He charges his palm blaster, and fires a Flare Bomb at Holo-Bass, but he sidesteps, the bomb harmlessly exloding in the holographic distance. And Bass takes that time to fire his own blast at Flare. But this time Flare manages to evade the attack, but only by falling backwards, the blast just barely missing his face. Flare lands on his back, and immediatly rolls backwards and jumps back on his feet. "Time for hardball..." He mutters, as he charges Bass once more. This time as he nears him he reaches down and scoops up some show in his hand, and flings it at his face as he nears. Ironically, this manages to strike his slippery foe. The Holo-Bass clears the snow from his eyes, and angrily looks around trying to spot Flare. Finally he looks down and sees the cat ducked right in front of him, with his palm blaster facing upward, at Bass' head, charging. "Dodge this." A wave of crimson is emmited from Flare's hand, blasting Bass head first with a Flare Pulse. The explosion causes some smoke, and Flare jumps back to wait for it to clear. However, when it does, the figure of Bass remains standing, and when he becomes visible, his face only looks a bit charred, nothing more. He took the most powerful attack Flare can muster at point blank range, and is hardly fazed by it. "Well... I guess that shows the difference in our strengths." Flare murmers to himself, as the angry simulation begins charging his buster, ready to fire off one of his own powerful attacks. But, lucky for Flare, just as it goes off, the simulation freeze, and the computer's voice is heard. 'Ending simulation for Flare Feline as alloted by ordered time.' The snowy landscape dissappears, along with the copy of Bass. Flare sighs "I guess that's that..."

Mad Monkey takes notice of the other main ongoing training sim -- Flare Feline vs. Holo-Bass. He winces, and covers one eye with his hand, as he sees the virtual punishment being given out.

Flare Feline heads out of the Training Facility, thinking. oO(I just have to take care one or two things, then I'll regenerate. I'll have to try and speak with Captain Phoebus, or Commander Templar tomorrow before the assault begins. I'd like to know what our basic plan will be.) He briefly glances over at Monkey and Fusion oO(Hmm, new recruits? Let's hope nothing happens to them tomorrow...) With that, Flare leaves the facility, he probably won't step back in until after the assault on the Citadel, which he has been spending so much time preparing for, is over. He can only hope his preparations weren't in vain...

Mad Monkey nods to Flare, not really knowing exactly who he is, but seeing that he's quite the hard-@$$ and deserves some respect. He says nothing.

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