Officer's Quarters - RHQ

Given the growing number of Repliforce Troops that have been promoted from boot camp, there's actually come a need for a division in quarters. Which is what's happened here, with the quarters of the best and brightest, those who have been promoted above the rank of Corporal, arranged around a not-so-small meeting area. Doors line the three walls, coming in all shapes and sizes, while the actual entrance to the room from the hallway is one mammoth doorway to allow even the General access without having to hold his hat in place. The room is furnished with a variety of chairs along with a few tables, couches, monitors and a large television that is constantly stuck on GNN despite the best efforts of everyone to locate the remote.

After all, who would dare look under the General's hat?
Jet Stingray's Room and Office <JSR>
Whipcrack Octopus' Quarters <WOQ>;woq
Flare Feline's Quarters [#5257 en]
Broadcast Ocelot's Quarters <BOQ>
Heilen's Quarters <HQ>
Slash Beast's Study <SBS>
General's Quarters <GQ>
Ten's Quarters <TENQ>
Templar's Quarters <TQ>
Chi's Quarters <CHIQU>

Obvious exits:
<L2H> leads to Level 2 Hallway.

Ten slowly walks toward her quarters. Not happily skipping, just slowly walking. A somewhat sad look is in the phoenix's optics, and her head is lowered. Overall, she doesn't look happy. Ten's beak opens slightly as a sigh escapes.

Flare Feline hums as he walks out of his quarters, he seems to be in a good mood. Taking a few steps out he spots Ten "Hey Ten, what's up?"

Ten blinks once, and looks over at Flare. Her mood lightens considerably. The carefully designed joints in her face and beak reposition themselves into a smile. "Oh, heya Flare! It's good to see you!" .oO(You don't know just how good after what I've been doing lately!)Oo.

Flare Feline scratches the back of his head in that way he does "How's your day been going? I just had to finish up some duty rosters for a faction of marines. I don't mind being a Lieutenent, but the paper work gets dull sometimes..." Flare isn't the quickest to pick up on a bad mood

Ten sighs, and a bit of the sadness returns. "The job I'm doing at the Kuwait base is like, SO boring! I managed to get a little time away to teleport back here and take a break, but I'm not looking forward to going back and finishing!" Another sigh.

Flare Feline nods "That's too bad. Well, hopefully it won't last too long, but I guess that really depends on the Masters." He crosses his arms "I haven't left the base since I returned, it's been awhile since I've gone out and done something. Of course... the last time I hurried to help in a scene, I was floored by Bass before I knew what hit me..."

Ten nods. "Even I never manage to defeat Bass. As much as I hate to admit this, it's a darn good thing that Commander X is around to tkae care of him." She looks like she is about to sigh again, but instead she looks up, a curious look in her optics. "Would you like to go do something right now? I have a few more hours, and there is something I have been wanting to show you for a while."

Flare Feline blinks oO(This isn't another bovine thing is it? Oh well, I've been looking for something to do) and nods "Alright, what did you have in mind?"

Ten smiles in a friendly way. "Oh, just some sight seeing. Let's go to the hangar bay right now. I'll radio the work crew and tell them to prepare a hoverbike, and attach a side car." Ten's mood seems to have improved quite noticeably. She seems quite happy now.

Flare Feline blinks again as he follows, or is led away by, Ten "..hoverbike? Can we do that?" He shrugs, wondering what she has in mind

Ten shrugs. "Probably not. That's part of the fun!" Ten giggles, and leads the way toward the Hangar Bay, sending off a radio transmission to a gumby in the hangar bay work crew.

*Minutes later in the Hanger Bay*

You enter the Hangar Bay - RHQ.
Hangar Bay - RHQ(#2105RntFJ)

The Repliforce Hangar Bay is a massive complex, taking up the majority of the level 2 Sub-Level. Sprawling and massive, it is a giant rectangle. The floor is lined in reds and yellows, to mark various parking areas, service stations, and what have you. Blue lights hang from the ceiling, with yellow neon tubelights attached to the walls. In emergency, the blue lights will turn to red for a Red Alert, yellow for a Yellow Alert, and Green for a regular launch. The floor is metallic, but an offbeat grey and blue combination. To one side of the Hangar are the various Ride Armor pods, with rampways and technicians constantly working on them. To the other side are various vehicles, such as Storm Owl's Air Platform. Craft exit the Hangar not through an opening to the sky, but through what appears to be a set of flashing green tubes, which apparently propel the craft below Repliforce HQ, to somewhere more accustomable to launch or deploy.

Ten [Bovine force fangirl] [RF]
Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> [RF]
Repliforce Hoverbike <Alpha> [RF]
Repliforce Submergable Hovercraft <Barracuda> [RF]
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> [RF]
Repliforce Attack Hoverbike <Delta> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Kangaroo> [RF]
Repliforce VTOL <Razor> [RF]
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>

Obvious exits:
Exit Tunnel 4 <ET4> leads to Sky Above Eastern United States.
Exit Tunnel 3 <ET3> leads to Western Atlantic Ocean.
Exit Tunnel 2 <ET2> leads to New York - Western Residential.
Exit Tunnel 1 <ET1> leads to New England.
<DC> leads to Detention Center - RHQ.
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Ten leads the way into the hangar bay, skipping happily and looking like her usual cheerful self. Mercifully, she doesn't go so far as to sing her cow song. It doesn't take her long at all to spot the hoverbike, now fueled up and with the side car attached. A nice, big side car. "Alright!"

Flare Feline walks in, and can only wonder what Ten is up to. Shrugging, he follows her to the hoverbike.

Ten happily leaps onto the hoverbike, and sits in the main seat. She waits for Flare to position himself in the sidecar, all the while shaking slightly from excitement.

Flare Feline climbs into the hoverbike, and straps himself in, or whatever the hoverbike equivalent is, he still doesn't know what to expect from this trip, or why they need a hoverbike for it,.

Ten starts up the engines, and signals to a work crew member to open the exit tunnel. The work crew member, a pack rat reploid, complies. The engines flare to life, and the bike begins to vibrate. Then it's off into the area above New York as the sight-seeing begins.

Outside> You enter the New York - Western Residential.
Outside> New York - Western Residential
Outside> Apartment '666' (Dirge's Place) <666>
Matthews Complex <MC>
Stephen Hall's Place <SHP>

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> East <E> leads to New York - Business District.
Outside> Out <O> leads to New England.

Ten guides the hoverbike at a somewhat low altitude, yelling from excitement. "Woo!"

Flare Feline isn't one for heights, at least outside of a transport, and slightly cringes in his seat.

Ten slows down. coming to a good view-watching speed. Then she looks over to see how Flare is doing. "Hey isn't this... hey?! What's wrong? Stop cringing, and look around you! It's an awesome view!" She sounds slightly annoyed.

Flare Feline coughs "Right..." He reluctantly looks over, it's a nice view, Flare is only worried about getting suddently closer to that scenery very quickly...

Ten sounds slightly angry as she says, "Oh, come on! Being in the air isn't that bad!" Her voice softens as she adds, "Flare, try this. First, look up. Then, look down. then tell me, what doyou see?" Her voice has a curious, almost philosophical tone to it.

Flare Feline looks up, then down, aside from getting a bit dizzy, he really doesn't notice anythign special "...I see the sky, and the ground..."

Ten's voice remains gentle. "Try to look at the entire sky. Then, try to look at the entire ground."

Flare Feline tries again, pausing to take in the entire sky... then looking down once more.... " and ground..."

Ten decides that the only way she is going to aleviate Flare's uneasiness is by landing for a moment. Carefully, she guides the bike over to the roof of an old building that she has seen many times while out flying in this area, and lands. Once the hoverbike is at rest, Ten waits for Flare to fully recover his senses.

Flare Feline steps out of the hoverbike, rubbing his temples (if he had any) a bit to regain his senses

Ten shakes her head sadly, and speaks in an equally sad tone. "I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that. I thought..." Another sigh.

Flare Feline shakes his head "No, you didn't scare me, I'm just not used to being up so high in the air freely like that. It probably seems like a natural thing for you, but you're designed for it. The only high speeds I'm designed for is on land."

Ten nods, and looks less saddened. "I'm still sorry. I really thought you would enjoy this. I hadn't really thought much about... well about it. I got all excited, but it hadn't occured to me that your reaction might not be what I thought it would be. It's my fault, of course. I really should have thought about it more." With some reluctance, she asks, "Would you like to go back to the HQ now?"

Flare Feline thinks for a moment, then sits in the hoverbike again ", we'll continue, I'm fine now. Really." He re-buckles.

Ten nods, and smiles again. However, she doesn't start the hoverbike's engines again right away. Instead, she asks a question, her voice full of curiosity. "Flare, when I asked you to try to look at the entire sky and entire ground, did you notice how you couldn't? Did you notice how no matter how much you looked at, there was still so much more?"

Flare Feline blinks and pauses for a second ", not really. I guess now that I think about it, it makes sense. Both the sky and the ground go on forever, and there's the horizon, where they sort of blur..."

<Global News Network> Ja, dis is Gustav Limburger in Berlin. We are having a teensy problem wid Mav'ricks causing a minor leaving-exodus of humans from di city. We will report more as it comes up. (Page Neon Tiger for information)

Ten nods, sounding a little happier. "It's like being between two infinities. Endlessness above, endlessness below. If you focus on it, it just might give you a sense of endless possibility. This time, please try not to be afraid. Please try to concentrate on the feeling of being between 2 infinities." With that, she starts up the hoverbike again.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Who's available for deployment to Berlin?"

Flare Feline is about to get ready for another flight, when he hears the GNN broadcast over his radio "Uh oh, this sounds like trouble, maybe I should look into it..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "I am Captain, I can dispatch there, er, shortly."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "I'm enroute as we speak, ma'am."

Ten overhears Iris on the radio, and snaps in irritation. "Darn it! Oh well, I'll take us back to base so you can deal with this, and I can get back to running the Kuwait base. I'm sorry I can't help in Berlin."

Hangar Bay - RHQ(#2105RntFJ)

The Repliforce Hangar Bay is a massive complex, taking up the majority of the level 2 Sub-Level. Sprawling and massive, it is a giant rectangle. The floor is lined in reds and yellows, to mark various parking areas, service stations, and what have you. Blue lights hang from the ceiling, with yellow neon tubelights attached to the walls. In emergency, the blue lights will turn to red for a Red Alert, yellow for a Yellow Alert, and Green for a regular launch. The floor is metallic, but an offbeat grey and blue combination. To one side of the Hangar are the various Ride Armor pods, with rampways and technicians constantly working on them. To the other side are various vehicles, such as Storm Owl's Air Platform. Craft exit the Hangar not through an opening to the sky, but through what appears to be a set of flashing green tubes, which apparently propel the craft below Repliforce HQ, to somewhere more accustomable to launch or deploy.

Repliforce Hoverbike <Alpha> [RF]
Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> [RF]
Repliforce Submergable Hovercraft <Barracuda> [RF]
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> [RF]
Repliforce Attack Hoverbike <Delta> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Kangaroo> [RF]
Repliforce VTOL <Razor> [RF]
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>

Obvious exits:
Exit Tunnel 4 <ET4> leads to Sky Above Eastern United States.
Exit Tunnel 3 <ET3> leads to Western Atlantic Ocean.
Exit Tunnel 2 <ET2> leads to New York - Western Residential.
Exit Tunnel 1 <ET1> leads to New England.
<DC> leads to Detention Center - RHQ.
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Ten has arrived.

Flare Feline jumps out of the bike, and heads for the exit waving to Ten "I'll see ya around Ten, later!" And heads for the teleportation room

Ten waves, and heads off to her quarters to tkae care of a few things.

*Some Time Later*


Ahhh, Deutschland. The industrial and economic heart of Europe has persevered even through this age, as shown by the stacks of cybernetic and robotics factories located across this nation. At the central capitol of Berlin, a massive commercial city pours across the rich hills of Germany, creating a strange combination of lush green foliage and grey-silver buildings. It is here we find part of the technofied forest, where nanite technology has fused with plant tissue to create the mecha-schwarzwald. Tall black spires of the trees reach into the heavens, the small machines boosting the apex of the borgified plants into the thousands of feet. Many creatures, both fleshy and mechanical inhabit this area. Is that one peeking at you from the darkness?

Colonel [RF]
Ghost [MH]
Pallbearer [RF]
Wildfire Phoenix [Default] [M]
Gauss Coyote [Scout] [M]
Quantum Kitsune [Qkit] [M]
Nightmare Construct [M]
Neon Tiger [Standard] [M]
Maverick Airship <Osprey> [M]

Obvious exits:
Southeast <SE> leads to Central Europe.
Southwest <SW> leads to France.
West <W> leads to Flemish States.
South <S> leads to Switzerland.
North <N> leads to Denmark.
East <E> leads to Poland.
Out to sea <O> leads to Baltic Sea.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.
Iris arrives from the France.
Iris has arrived.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "All right... Ummmm.... Repliforce... We're coming Vorpal Express... Give us a bit..."

Nightmare Construct stands admist unfurling darkness and nighmares. Humans run screaming from his presence as his mouths snap and gibber in shrieking voices. Above it all, his satunine face just smiles and drinks in the fear and the screams. Like a conductor, he moves his taloned fingers gently, swirling the darkness and madness inducing shapes that well therin. <repose for latest arrivals>

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I'm on my way, Iris, take command until I arrive."

Neon Tiger herds her own group of humans down the street. Or, more correctly, she's walking behind them as they run screaming from her. Ah, the joys of being a large feared tiger. "Yes, run from your homes. Don't bother trying to protect them because it will do you no good."

Gauss Coyote blinks at Wildfire, shrugging. "Alright, alright. my, you don't have to be so testy!" With a shrug, the 'yote wanders over to the nearest house and spreads a bit of fear, mainly by kicking a door down and waking up the inhabitants (sound german snoring sleepers, yeesh.) by tickling them with the tip of a blade. and cheerfully ordering them out of the house, NOW. Nothing scares the crud outta Germans than wakin' 'em up with their own butterknives!

Wildfire Phoenix simply ignites her wings and starts pounding on doors. First the pointing of out of the city, then the firey wings? That gets most out pretty darn quick, and when they resist? Her whole body flares up, then they get the heck outta town.

Bit arrives from the Switzerland.
Bit has arrived.

The Vanguard descends upon Berlin quietly, a giant bat-mech of a ride armor. As she makes the descent, Iris checks the scanners to determine who's in the area and where.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "Hunters deploying... And i don't think you actually want to know who we're bringing..."

Quantum Kitsune hrms. What to do, what to do ... ah-HA! It's time for ... ZOMBIES! Just like out of Thriller, but with less high-pitched singing and dancing, a horde of the shambling un-dead (well, holo-dead) creak up from through the pavement and lawns, staggering down the streets, flesh dangling from their animated bones ... "BRAINS! BRAAAAIIIIIIINS!" Then, somewhere, in the distance ... music ...

The Monster Mash.

Running in from the west is Flare Feline. He usually gets to wherever he wants more quickly by running, transports are for wussies. Slowing down as he approaches the German city, he tries to find a spot where he can see what's going on with the Mavericks, and any other 'Forcers who happen to be in the area, if they're really herding people out, he doesn't want to do anything to endanger them.

Off in the distance, for a moment a gleaming shimmer of gold is seen. With a whistling sound the glimmer begins to form into the shape of a man...a warrior, the Maverick known as Bit. Although stripped of any command position he had, he is still here fighting on the front lines as he was built to. Odd, that a being who battles for the freedom of so many reploids is himself a slave to his duty, and to his honor. He is presently astride Aegis, his mighty tower shield, cleaving through the skies with arms crossed as he nears Berlin, eyes steady. If he comes for victory, or death, he does not care...but he comes.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> arrives from the Sky Above Western Europe.
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> has arrived.

Nightmare Construct smiles slightly as the reports of approaching 'good guys' reach his radio. Unfolding his long arms, he grins as the darkness pulls inwards. The humans are fleeing well enough, the panic spreading of its own volition now. The fires of fear and terror spread rapidly once they reach a certain pitch. And the monstrosity... begins to laugh as the panic spreads.

Ghost stands atop a brick apartment building, looking down at the various Mavericks herding humans down below on the streets. How did he get here before the other Maverick Hunters? Who knows, maybe it's better not to. In any case, Ghost places a hand on his chin, pondering the situation before a small blip on his sensors distracts him from the scene below, a Maverick Hunter airship. He briefly calculates the Vorpal's ETA in his mind, then turns his attention back to more important things, like scum named Nightmare Construct...

Neon Tiger continues in the forced movement of humans down the streets. Then again, the tiger isn't expending much energy in making sure they're moving along at a good rate. The potshots, 'monsters', and 'environment' are all helping in putting the fear into the weak-willed organics.

Wildfire Phoenix is forcing her own little group down the road, wings in full blazing glory. "Go on, get going..." she says to them, not intending to kill a single one... no need.

Pallbearer rushes into the area on a commandeered motorcycle, having had to make it here from the teleporters across town. The blue-skinned doctor pulls to a stop nearby, setting the cycle out of harm's way and getting out his saber. "Here we go again." he says to himself. With luck, no one would get hurt...not like last time. The medic runs to the back of the fleeing crowds, standing in the emptying street and awaiting a challenge.

Once the Vanguard lands, Iris watches for a moment at the mass-panic. There obviously isn't going to be a possibility for crowd control -- too much hysteria and too many distractions. When she sees a group of terrified people screaming and running, she begins heading in the direction from which they ran...time to get to the bottom of this. Whatever it is.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> flies in. There's no suden appearing of the aircraft. No stealth. It's visible in the horizon at first as a small dot, then a larger dot, and then a full blown aircraft that's approaching this new scene of chaos.

Nightmare Construct unfurls it's 'wings'. Cruel and curved blades, hooks and spikes gleam in what little light remains. "Run, humansss... leave thisss city to thossse who sshould have it. Run!"

Bit hrms, "Our noble opponents are beginning to arrive." He frowns and glances down at his weapon, removing it from its sheath and activating it simultaneously. He holds the weapon aside as he glances towards the enemy, "Perhaps today will be the day..." He waits for an appropriate opponent to show themselves.

Ether Skunk has arrived.

Axle has arrived.

Flare Feline hrms as he watches the chaos unfold. oO(Why on earth would the Mavericks want Berlin?) He shrugs, he's never tried to understand them before, and he isn't about to now. Looking about he sees what looks like the Maverick in charge, at least that's what he thinks. Racing down form his ledge he goes to confront Neon, stopping about 15 feet behind her "So what's all this about? Had enough hit and run strikes, and now going for claiming entire cities?"

Ether Skunk drops from the Vorpal as it nears as though skydiving, tucked into a neat dive, angled towards the earth. She falls silently and without bells or whistles for a hundred feet or so, before a bright *FLASH* of purple announces the firing of her antigravity engines; the skunk tucks into a lavender bolt of energy and shoots over the scene at a maddening pace, surveying the mavericks, the damage they're doing, who's here to take care of them... and as she shoots off into the distance, wheeling back, creating a graceful curve of light in the sky as she prepares for a return pass.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Jet Stingray transmits, "There we go! Nothing beats a good systems checkout and tune up. Lt. Stingray reporting in, how's everyone doing?"

Ghost's decision comes quickly to him, he phases through the building he stands perched upon and exits out the solid brick at ground level. A misty fog surrounds his boots, swirling up around him and covering his trail and he literally moves through building to building, doubling back around Nightmare Construct. With surprising speed, the phantom Hunter phases through a concrete wall in full run towards Nightmare's blindside, turning tangible and pulling a combat knife easilly the size of a human arm from his shoulder, all in one smooth motion. He attempts to grapple Nightmare from behind and place the knife at the Maverick's throat.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Grasp attack.

Quantum Kitsune lets her zombies sow mayhem and simulated carnage about the city, scaring people hither and yon and yon and hither. Someone should make a medaeval theme restaurant, where the cashiers ask if you want your food 'for hither or yon?' and 'wouldst thou liketh fries with that'? Perhaps for another day ...

She follows the zombies around, as it helps the realism if they interact correctly with objects, which requires seeing them, and happens upon Iris. "Hi. Who're you?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "I am presently undergoing repairs in Australia."

Descending from the heavens (Or the Vorpal), there is a small hardhat somersaulting towards the ground. Silent like a neenja! The metool finishes rolling himself to the ground, then he lands on both tiny legs. He then glances over towards the situation, optics gleaming. He then starts to take notice of the whole humans running. "Oh boy...."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Umm...okay...everyone who's here in, um...Berlin...let's just neutralize this threat,, be careful of all the people. Too crazy here for crowd control at the moment."

Pallbearer drops German Household <GH>.
Pallbearer has left.

Gauss Coyote has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Is air support required? Fortress III will not be able to attend, at this present moment."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "'Neutralize this threat'? I have a feeling I missed the boat to kick some aft, didn't I?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "No more troops are to respond, our lines are stretched thin enough as it."

[OOC] Axle says, "I wish..No. It'd have to be an RP battle..-_-"
You paged Neon Tiger with 'Sure'.
Nightmare Construct blinks once as the cold steel blade comes to rest at his throat. His head twists about on the far end of his long, snakelike neck. "I sssuposse you think you have me... at a dissadvantage?" The long spines that bear his wings of blades rattle softly as they shift their orientation backwards. Nictating membranes flick across his eyes as the holograms that surround him fade out, the wailing falling silent. As if in aqueisence. "Perhapss..."

And then Ghost is gripping nothing but shadow that rapidly collapses into a violet sphere, which fades out. And a rip in space opens nearly ten feet away, and the Nightmare steps out. "And then again, perhapsss... not." The monster opens its mouth wider, a shriek focused towards the hunter.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Yep, no aft-kicking for me. Just in case something happens and there some gaps that need to be filled, I'll be on standby in the rec room."

Out of the Vorpal jumps another humanoid figure, landing on a nearby roof with a soft 'eef!' noise. Lucent. The minimedic perches uncertainly on the edge of the roof for a moment, staring down at the hordes of humans running scared. No injuries that he can see--yet--but with the battle raring up to full swing, it won't be long. He does not yet, however, descend into combat...

Believe it or not, as the Hunters disembark the Vorpal on a nearby rooftop, Dischord appears to be almost more hesitant with every step she takes before stopping for the moment at the edge of the building, starring down at the running humans and fighting below.

. o O (I've got to be crazy...) O o .

Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Shriek attack.

The Vanguard stands in front of Quantum Kitsune, and the speakers <click> on. "<<Would you believe I'm one of the zombies?>>" She asks, and while she's asking, there's a powerful hum as the Vanguard's weapons and targeting systems come online. Within, Iris is bringing the weapons systems online reluctantly. She doesn't WANT to do this. There's no fight in her whatsoever. The only thing keeping her here is some semblance of duty...her brother's request that she watch over this operation.

Neon Tiger looks over her shoulder at the Repliforcer behind her. "None of your business, twit," she snaps back. "If it was, maybe I'd tell you. Now leave." The Maverick punctuates her statement with a laser blast at Flare.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Neon Laser attack.

Wildfire Phoenix mutters a bit, glancing around. Things always had to be spoiled, interrupted, darn hunters. They'll never learn will they? The Phoenix continues to usher a group of people down the street, her wings still blazing fully, eventually she gets annoyed and starts firing rail ammo /over/ their heads. That gets them runnin and leaves her open to find some more..

Bit switches his gaze towards the Vorpal, and his eyes narrow slightly in determination. He ducks down a bit and the aegis launches off in the direction of the Hunter craft, as he readies his weapon, "The city of Berlin shall know the tyranny of mankind no longer, misguided brothers..." He glares towards Dischord with his coldly dispassionate eyes, "You! Hunter! Throw down your arms or I shall be your opponent!"

Quantum Kitsune blinks at The Vanguard. "You are? Good ... damn, my imaginations even better than I thought, I didn't even think I could holograph a big ol' ugly son of a $*@($ like you. Now then," A flash of light, and Quantum is sitting in one of those canvas director's chairs, wearing shades, a beret, and holding a megaphone. "Now, work with me, baby. That house over there ... smash down the door, and 'roowwrrlll', but not just a 'roowwrrlll' like a mindless zombie, do it with FEELING. These are the living you simultaneously hate and envy, so roowwrrlll from the diaphragm, make me believe you're a flesh-eating monstrosity from Hell. Great, baby, great ... and ..."

Another Q-Kit ducks out of an alley, holding a clapboard with 'Invasion of the German Zombies, Ja?' written on it. Take one, Scene one. *clap!* "ACTION!"

Flare Feline blinks "Twit?" He scratches the back of his head "I don't see where... ghhk!" He quickly evades the precision laser blast by a few hairs, and regains his balance, someone what upset that his opponent still has her back turned to him "Alright, I should have known we couldn't talk to you guys and have it not come down to violence." He almost sighs as he forms a small, red projectile with his left hand "I can assume none of you will leave quietly right?" He volleys the firey orb at her, to make his own intentions clear. Mavs won't leave, Repliforce own't back down, and of course the result is fighting. Naturally.

You miss Neon Tiger with your Flare Bomb attack.

Ghost flips his knife into a defensive position, the translucent Ghost versus the shadowy nightmare, it seems. He doesn't entertain himself with such thoughts, however, turns off his audio receptors, diving to the side to dodge any concussive force the sonic attack may have. "Cute tricks. Won't help you, Maverick..." he drones in that eerily disembodied electronic voice of his. The gauntlet holding his combat knife twirls and spins, as if preparing for an attack, but it's a feint, Ghost's free hand whipping a small weighted blade towards his foe.

Ghost misses Nightmare Construct with his Throwing Knife attack.

"This is one of those days..." Dischord can't help but mutter to herself as she stares at the rising half of the Maverick gestalt, before shaking her head and ignighting her energy blade, pointing it's tip towards said Maverick.

"Look, people are in trouble. You guys leveled this city once before. I can't just up and leave. All though if you say please, I might let you and your freinds go..."

Axle noticing many humans not too far from where he is positioned, he just scans around for a target. Let's see...Humans...humans running scared...darn these panicing bastards. However, the red hardhat continues to search, trying to blend in through the mass of people. Incuspiciously, he usually hides inside his nerpium plated armor just to let the fleeing humans pass by without injury.

Oh? What is this? The metool then starts to take a nice good look at the person firing all over the place. How does the Metool respond? Well, he camoflauges himself through the crowd, and he starts to pop out of his top. Extending the plasma castor out, he waddles over closer. The beam of energy begins to hum through the maw cannon. The maw radiates a high intensive sphere of plasma that shapes itself through heat and mass. The particals take shape as more heat is applied, which is loaded with a higher power percentage which makes the boom alot stronger. Yes, this metool is enhanced from the stock metool equipment.

*PSWISM!!!* There is a quick whip of emerald plasma ascending from the plasma castor. The sphere is hurling straight towards Wildfire's direction. This will give her an aching pain and get her attention.

Dischord puts her guard up.

As Bit appears near their rooftop perch, Lucent freezes stock-still and simply stares at the Maverick confronting Dischord with obvious fear. Ohpleasedon'tnoticeme...some job he's doing as a combat medic.

While some think it was meant to be a take off Guns and Roses, I think it is /really/ Capcom making a shorter verison of 'Sky Diver'. With this pointless obersation and opinon, I shall flee."

Iris doesn't seem to have a sense of humor this evening. There -may- have been a point in the past where she would have been distracted through such weirdness. Not tonight, though. From within, she clicks a few buttons, and a couple of small laser-ports open up on the Vanguard's shoulders, humming with power. "<< Cute, but...the scene ends here, >>" she says...and to her, the voice sounds distant, jaded even. The ride armor begins advancing upon Kitsune, lasers blazing in a straight pattern toward their target.

Iris strikes Quantum Kitsune with her Crystal Lasers attack.

Bit looks down at Dischord, "Very well." He leaps from Aegis, "May your soul find peace!" He snarls and comes crashing down towards Dischord, the blade of his energy katana solidifies for a moment into one -hard-, real, physical blade.

Nightmare Construct unfolds from compact to outrageous in a blur of motion, the collection of weapons built into the segmented tentactles on his back whirling into motion. But far more important is the sudden drop to all fours, the knife whistling past overhead. "Tricksss... thiss issn't a game. It'ss... art." And then it's galloping forwards, those impossibly long arms lashing out towards the Ghostly Maverick Hunter.
Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Claws attack.

Bit misses Dischord with his Bokken attack.

Neon Tiger jumps to the side, rolling as she lands before coming back up into a crouch. "Only because it's a rather good way of getting rid of unwanted pests," the Maverick feline retorts before leaping towards her goody-two-shoes foe.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Pounce attack.

Wildfire Phoenix can't hear a darn thing over all the yelling and screaming, not to mention her wings crackling as they stay ablaze. SHe begins walking toward a house when she gets nailed, and hard, in her back. It sends her almost to her chest, though she manages to remain in the air. "..Whoever did that..' she growls turning around to look at the source. Her beak just drops open a little, eyes full of curiousity.. "You've GOT to be kidding me..." she says aiming both those rail guns at Axle, "You'll regret that Met.." she says as her rail guns blaze to life. No gunpowder, so all one hears is the surge of energy that fires each bullet.

A split second after the clapboard claps, another Zombie staggers onto the 'stage' ... one dressed in annoyingly familiar armor, but white ... a dirty long blonde ponytail swaying behind its rotted head, a once bishounen chin dangling from a single jaw-joint. A blood-red energy sabre swishes through the air. "You called?"

Zombie Action(tm), just one of the new Action(tm) designs, collect 'em all! Spy Action(tm), Chef Action(tm), Samurai Action(tm), Cross-Dressing Action(tm) and more!

As Quantum gets knocked off her chair, landing butt-up on the pavement, the solid-holo-zombie-Action lunges at the Vanguard. "Hiya, Toots. How'zabout a smooooooch!" Its sabre slashes at the armor, reminiscent of a certain chainsaw-wielding maniac trying to bust into a sorority house.

Quantum Kitsune misses Iris with her Generic Ranged attack.

Ghost stands there, folding his arms even in a taunting fashion, letting Nightmare Rush him. The claws strike Ghost full in the chest, going right through him... as well as the rest of Nightmare's body. "Don't quit your day job." He spins on a dime, becoming tangible once again while thrusting out his left palm, which spews forth a concintrated blast of high-pressure fog at the creature's back.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Fog Jet attack.

Flare Feline quickly sidesteps, dodging the bullet again. "Pests, right. Regardless of what you Mavericks think of them, they're still people, and you're forcing them to leave their homes, you're the only pests here." The claws on his hands *shink* into place "Actually, you Mavericks are worse than pests, you're a plague." He dashes, and goes for a quick swipe in the midsection.

You miss Neon Tiger with your Cat Scratch attack.

Whoa! A rail gun? Well, the metool has an idea on what to do here. The creature just starts to hide inside his nerpium covered shell. HAH! Let's see the Rail Gun damage through that. Pretty indestructable piece of work. The metool then smirks yet again. "...Oh! It's on ********!!!!"

Mouth expanding out again, the metool starts to form an energy wave infront of the maw. Then, he lets the energy form into some sort of a pick-axe. The pick-axe starts to glimmer and glow with a radiant light. Then, Axle then extends the pick-axe towards the ground.

Contacting with the ground, debris starts to be force open as the ground slowly rumbles. However, the rumbling energy is blasting over towards Wildfire. Debris lifts up as the shockwave makes its rage to fling at Wildfire, hopefully to take her off of her feet.
The Vanguard seems to balk a bit at the Zero-Zombie. Horrified, perhaps?

From within, Iris makes a face while flicking groups of switches. She turns off the external speaker for the moment so her voice doesn't broadcast. "Ew. EeeeEeeEeeEeew! That's totally disgusting," she says, curdling at the image on her monitor.

And the huge leg of the Vanguard swings forward in a punt-style kick. 4th and goal...and trying really hard to get rid of this awful image. Enough zombies, already!

Neon Tiger makes a short jump back to avoid the shorter claws. "A pity that you can't see the light," she replies as she swipes her own set of metallic claws on an angle to the Repliforcer.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Claw Rake attack.

Iris misses Quantum Kitsune with her Kick attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Looks like we're rather busy tonight. Anyone need backup?"

Nightmare Construct hisses as the jet of fog slams into it's back. Thick greenish ichor spurts out of the wound, splattering on the ground. Slowly, the construct turns to face Ghost again, letting a talon trail in the ichor. Bringing it up, the long forked tongue licks the monsters own blood off it's fingers. "Firsst blood. Congratulationssss..."

Straightening up smoothly, the Nightmare grins at Ghost. "Sso transsparent. It'ss... interessting. I wonder how you... tasste!" With a sudden blur of motion, the neck lashes forwards, the neck uncoiling more than it ever has before. Mouth gaping open hideously wide, Nightmare seeks to take a bite out of Ghost.

Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Bite attack.

Flying blades? Dischord's delt with flying blades, as well as other fliers using blades. Never fun, but almost always in her experience, a situation that breaks down to her using the exact same tactics. The first part of these 'tactics' being that you never stand on the ground, which in turn means that the merc fires up her own anti-gravs, taking to the air just in time to feel the swish of the blade below her.

"Nice try. Now it's my turn."

Now, the second part of what Disch does in situations like this is just as simple. While she tries to evade the opening swish, Disch flicks her wrist, turning her hand, and her blade into a blurr.

Dischord misses Bit with her Energy Dagger attack.

Wildfire Phoenix is taken off her feet, yeah, but not in the way Axle would expect. The Phoenix goes airborn as she continues to let her rail guns hammer away at the ground around the Met. "Stupid thing.." she mutters, firing like mad. Eventually the bullets stop for a moment, she pauses on purpose, hoping that Axle will look around, then up at the next thing she does. A flurry of sharp metal feathers fire off of her wings and blaze, on fire, toward the Met. If he stays under, they'll just bury him probably, so he'd be... rather stuck, or so Nix believes.

Ether Skunk is somewhere rounding up citizens and shooing them back towards the city. "Ach, ach!" she shouts. "Auf zie videnscnitzel! Das Maverickspitze ist nicht verunt!" she intones. Nobody appears to be listening. The skunk flats her ears and starts to stomp up and down amid the throng of fleeing people. "GEHT NICHT ZUT DEN AUSBERLIN!" she howls. And so on, forth.

And a Football Referee steps out of the alley, waving his hands from side to side. "No good!"

Quantum rolls nimbly out of the way, and gives Zombie Action(tm) a shove. "Outta the way, deadhead, lemme give you a ... *squort*" His arm pops out at the shoulder socket, leaving Quantum holding the limb. "As I was saying, lemme give you a h ... oh, no way, that joke's too old even for me." She casually discards the arm by flinging it over her shoulder. "Well, this is certainly a night to dismember."


Thank you.

Quantum reaches behind her back, pulling out her all-time favorite weapon, Yon Huge-Arse Mallet of glowing energy. "Stop! HAMMER TIME!"

Quantum Kitsune strikes Iris with her Energy Mallet attack.

All right. That's quite enough for Lucent. Backing up against the very edge of the roof, the little medic almost--almost--tumbles over the side. His reaction time is still good, though, and he instead achieves a talonhold on the wall. As quickly, he swings over the edge and just...starts climbing down, with trembling hands.

Bit frowns behind his mask and brings around his weapon, slamming it against the spinning daggers with an explosion of sparks and the scream of metal verses energy. He lands on the ground, feet adjusting for half of a moment before he again launches into the air, swinging his blade dismissively and casting away the metal shell around his energy katana. His ascent would come to a halt, but Aegis spins around at the right moment, allowing for him to perform a sommersault backwards, and launch a stream of glittering energy at Dischord. A snare of the world, to trap her in her passions and hold her firmly to the earth below!

Bit strikes Dischord with his Snare Beam attack.
Dischord is temporarily disoriented by Bit's Snare Beam attack.

Flare Feline comes to a screeching halt and quickly leaps back to avoid the femme feline's claws. "Light? Hang on..." He closes his eyes for a second "...wait... wait... no... how's this?" A brief smirk appears on his mouth as a second before he opens his eyes you can see them starting to glow from behind the eyelids. He quickly opens his eyes and a blinding and stunning light is emitted from them, just what was needed to light up this gloomy old place, and to hopefully stun his opponent so he can actually hit her.

You strike Neon Tiger with your Feral Eyes attack.
Neon Tiger is temporarily disoriented by Flare Feline's Feral Eyes attack.

Ghost tenses as Nightmare's head flies towards him, if he has to give this Maverick credit for anything, it's that he's being kept on his toes. Not that Ghost expects that to change to outcome of this little scrape. No mercy, not for a Maverick. He barely manages to twist his body out of the way of the chomping jaws, even feeling the air pushed out by it's teeth. He also sees a golden opportunity; depositing his knife back in his shoulderpod, Ghost tries to grab both sides of Nightmare's outstretched head and bring it down onto his knee.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Dirty Fighting attack.

Iris grumbles, and the Vanguard rocks a bit as the mallet whomps a chunk off the shoulder-armor. Within, one of the components on the main terminal sparks out. In her haste to compensate, she accidentally <clicks> on the external speakers again. She's mumbling something as the Vanguard lumbers forward, giant hands balled into fists in an attempt to crush the sly Kitsune against a building-wall. The mumbling continues, and it's almost like a strange chanting or little isn't audible enough to make out.

Axle immediately hides inside his shell yet again from the railgun fire. The metool them pops back up, "Up yours *****!" He then notices as she stopped. Ooh, perfect time to fire. As he pops open his mouth, he starts to notice as she is attacking. Well, this is where his feet comes into play, he starts to quickly run away from the incoming flames. How in the World can a Metool run that fast? This metool isn't normal. However, one attachs over to his helmet. "GAH!! Firey Metool!!!" Well, he isn't The Flash you know. He then growls as he starts to spin around and he rolls over towards the ground to get the flames away.

As the fire dies out, the small creature looks up at the Maverick again. "....Now it's on......." The metool then starts to charge up a bit of plasma energy again. Oh yeah, it's that time again. The small robot then extends its mouth out, then releases another plasma shot towards her right wing. He is attempting to blow one of them off, which should screw up her flight ability.

Iris strikes Quantum Kitsune with her Smash attack.

Neon Tiger roars in anger as her vision is shot to h*ll. She shakes her head a few times in an attempt to clear it.

Passions? That's not anywhere near the word Dischord would use to really describe anything these days, even as she's caught in a snare and her katana winks out of existance. Instead, she almost feels, relived, even if she knows that this can only end with her getting hurt. Severily hurt. Why? because pain helps remind her that she's still alive. (repose incase it didn't get through before I lagged out)

Dischord puts her guard down.

Finally it seems that Flare has an advantage over the Maverick Tiger, quickly he dashes at her again, and delivers a swift kick to her side to knock her down, so he can continue his attack.

You strike Neon Tiger with your Kick attack.

Nightmare Construct can scream as he bites the end of his tongue off. He cant even hiss as his own teeth impale his lower jaw. But the mouthes all over his torso more than make up for his silence. The scream in an unholy cacophany, gibbering and shrieking in agony, even as the mostrosity reels it's head back in. It says nothing now. No more mocking. That hurt...

The shrieking and gibbering slowly fades, and the soft whisper of german voices can be heard. Whispers. They sound sad. Lost. Hurt. Afraid. Soon the muttering voices surround Ghost, the language changing to English as older and older voices speak up. "Help me..." "So cold... dark... Mommy, I'm lost... Help us.. please..." All around, disorienting.

Nightmare Construct strikes Ghost with his Muttering Of The Lost attack.
Ghost is temporarily disoriented by Nightmare Construct's Muttering Of The Lost attack.

Quantum Kitsune WHUNMPHS and sails downfield about ten yards, leaving a pothole in the street. The Referee makes another gesture. "Incomplete!"

(ZAP!) Quantum incinerates the referee. "$*@(ing Zebras ... I want an instant replay!" She shakes her head and stands up, tails flicking angrily. "Okay, fine, we do this the HARD way ..." With cartoony zipping about, Quantum procures a barrel and a long board, then creates, from nothingness, a huge glowing Anvil. With curious ease, she flings it onto the far end of the board, springing her into the air at the Vanguard ... in mid-flight, her body erupts with energy as she tries to land foot first on the armored shell.

Quantum Kitsune misses Iris with her Quantum Leap attack.

Wildfire Phoenix is pretty high up, and with the activation of her booster array, she gets out of the way of that blast, "Oh heck no, I'm not falling at the... ... hands of some metool?" She knows that didn't sound right, but eh, she's the only one that heard her say it. She resumes her firing with those rail guns, trying to pin the metool down, she has an idea.

And then the muttering begins to grow louder, taking on manic tones. Yanking his lower jaw loose from his teeth, Nightmare begins to cackle. As do the voices swirling about Ghost. The mouthes along Nightmare's body join in with deep guffaws, insane giggling, and shrieking mad laughter. The dischordant cacophony grows louder and louder... all focused on Ghost.

Nightmare Construct strikes Ghost with his Mad Laughter attack.
Ether Skunk is not being listened to! Oh, well. No real change there. Ether scowls as more people continue to flee around her, putting her hands on her hips. This calls... for ACTION! The skunk raises her hands a moment later, a palm extended at either side, gathering her power; extending out outwards in either direction as an unseen wave of force. Those who try to pass her on that road she stands on find themselves blocked, pushed back by a burst of antigravity. The skunk throws back her head and laughs! "Ahahahahaha! Let's see you run now! GO HOME, GO HOME!" The stunned German people- those stuck 'inside' the forcefield- stare at the skunk, silent... then start to mumble, then talk... then yell! 'HALP! SHE'S A MAVERICK!' And so they resume running, in the opposite direction. Ether herself blinks at this, then shrugs. Hey, at least it worked.

Bit frowns and rushes towards the entangled hunter. His glittering weapon stands by his side as he continues to pound across the earth towards her. His eyes are narrowed in concentration, but are devoid of any passion or hatred...this is something he -must- do, not something he wishes to do. His feet begin to pick up speed, leaving divets i nteh ground as he rushes across the ground rapidly....a whistling sound echoing. He then draws his weapon up and tries trample her with his speed and his mass! When he has finished driving through her, he skids to a halt behind her, and assumes a defensive waki-no-namae stance...ready for any aggression from his opponent

Bit strikes Dischord with his Dash attack.

Axle gahs towards the firing of the railgun. Well, pinning him down will be difficult. He just continues to run like heck and he hides in his shell each time. Firing would be futile for a metool. "Hehehehehehe! You are one dumb Maverick, aren't you?"

"I am Axle! You shall bow before this Metool, *******!"

What does he do again, well charge up and fire again. It isn't like he has any other selection of attacks. The metool then starts to aim at the girl yet again. Okay, screw it. Instead of one shot, let's go for three. The metool then starts to release three plasma spheres at the flying phoenix. Two towards her wings, and last towards her chest.

Neon Tiger grunts as she hits the ground with a thump. Snarling at the Replifarcer looming over her, she tries to get her visual systems back online as she gets back to her feet before charging at her foe again. This time she's got her Claws out, and she isn't a happy kitty.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Clawed Charge attack.

As Kitsune comes leaping at the Vanguard, the Vanguard deftly ducks -- a maneuver that the machine seems too cumbersome to complete, but it nonetheless does. Then, a group of larger ports on the Vanguard's torso open up, and a number of laser-turrets come out, blazing white-hot energy at her assailant. And now Iris' piping little voice can be heard coming through the speakers...she's SINGING as she does all of this. Not some rousing battle-song, but a sweet-sounding least her voice isn't unpleasant, but it does seem odd, especially at a time like this. "<< o/~ Calling generals...and majors! Your World War III is drawing near... o/~ >>"

Iris misses Quantum Kitsune with her Laser Ports attack.

Ghost growls to himself as the lights and sounds disorientate him, making him unable to think, much less counter-attack. The wail gets louder and louder, and without his audios off, it works, a lot. He falls to his knees, the sounds feeling like they're liquifying his circuitry. Then it stops, Ghost slowly stands up, shaken, but not beaten, not yet. "....hurrrr...." he pulls one knife from his right shoulder, then a matching one from his left, wielding them menacingly at Nightmare, then charging. Uh oh, speaking of hurt...

Ghost puts his guard up.

Quantum Kitsune blinks at the laser turrets popping out. "Cripes ... you bought all the options on that one didn't you? Does that thing have a sunroof?" With a *flash* of red light, Quantum vanishes, narrowly avoiding the burst of laser fire by teleporting clear of it, appearing behind Iris. She speaks, her mouth and voice comPLETEly out of synchronization. "And now, foolish armor-thing, fear the power and awesomeness of my Kung Pao Chicken fighting technique?" With a *snap*, she pulls out a ... rubber chicken, and holds into the feet, stretching the neck backwards before releasing it like a slingshot, trying to peck at the Vanguard.

Quantum Kitsune strikes Iris with her Rubber Chicken Whip attack.

Flare Feline dodges another strike, apparently Neon's vision is still a little off. Forming another, larger looking, fiery orb with his left hand he prepares to toss that at her "You know, you shouldn't let your temper flare up like that, it can be distracting at key moments... like this!" And with that he flings the orb of firey death.

You miss Neon Tiger with your Pulse Break attack.

Ghost misses Nightmare Construct with his Big Knives attack.
Ether Skunk calls down her field of antigrav- the people seem mighty scared of her, so she's finding it difficult to find suitable targets to push back into the city- and shoots towards the main scene of the crime. A hop, skip and a boost carry her to the rooftop upon which the Vorpal resides, and she leans over, looking down at the battle between Dischord and Bit, curious...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Status, Berlin?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Dealing with a coyote maverick, ma'am...he's a bit harder to hit than I'd wish him to be but I've got him contained for the time being!"

Wildfire Phoenix barrel rolls, simply put, and manages to dodge most save for the chest blast. That puts a nice mark in her armor, if not worse. A cough comes from her, like maybe the air was knocked out of her before she dives toward the met, "C'mere you!!" she skrees, trying to grab him. If successful, he'll get thrown up into the air, and then she'll let lose with the rails again.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "I'm fighting Neon Tiger, I haven't taken any damage yet..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Anyone need backup?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "If air support is required, I have a wing of aerials onhand."

Speed. Mass. Trampled. Yep, Dischord definately gets that as remakably she learns yet another way to be put into pain as she's walked all over. Of course she probably should be use to this given the rest of recent events, but that's besides the point.

All right..." As the merc slowly tries to stand up, she extends a glowing hand, palm open towards the slightly larger reploid, even as she also coughs, causing a trickle of black mech fluid to ooze out of her mouth. "No more Miss Nice Person... Enjoy."

Then of course a rapid fire burst of mini energy blades go flying from her hand, but odds are they aren't important.

Dischord strikes Bit with her Energy Shards attack.

Charging. The problem with charging is that you focus all your intent and energy in one direction. Nightmare simply watches Ghost hurtle towards him... and then he simply isn't there. All that's left behind is a shadow, which Ghost plows through. But the shadow tries to cling as ghostly faces limmed in blue fire lash out at the hunter, biting and chewing.

Meanwhile, Nightmare simply reappears several feet away, still trying to get his jaw working again.

Axle laughs as she is blasted towards the chest. Then, as she is descending towards him, he is making his attempt to run. However, that attempt proves futile as she is grabbed him. Then, he is hurled over to the air.

Nightmare Construct strikes Ghost with his Apparition attack.

The massive Vanguard stares down at Kitsune as she <snaps> a rubber chicken into her leg, and is duly pecked. She just...looks. She even stops singing. "<< You're kidding, right? I mean... >>" Suddenly, the Vanguard wobbles off-balance...teetering this way and that! "<< What in the..?! >>" Apparently, the Kung-Pao Chicken is a force to be reckoned with, after all! But what's this? The Vanguard rocks in Kitsune's direction, dangling precariously, then...begins to tip.


Iris strikes Quantum Kitsune with her Crush attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Negative, if help is required, I will assist. Our forces cannot be spread any further, least of all out Aerial Squadrons."

Axle laughs as she is blasted towards the chest. Then, as she is descending towards him, he is making his attempt to run. However, that attempt proves futile as she is grabbed him. Then, he is hurled over to the air. "******!! Let me go!! I'll blast you for that!!" As he is rolled to the air, he is releasing rapid plasma blasts towards her direction, attempting to keep her from proceeding any further than she already has. "I don't think so!"

Bit narrows his eyes and just grunts in paint, being forced back in his stance a bit as the blades impact with him, sparking and crackling against his armor. A few remain jabbed in him, glimmering softly against the gold armor. His eyes narrow and he launches himself forward at her again. At the last second Aegis flies right in front of her, obscuring her view of him, before it disappears again...revealing that Bit is no longer in front of her...but is crashing down from above, "KI-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" His voice keens out across the battle field as he comes crashing down towards her with his gleaming energy katana, the air's screams around his weapon falls into a strange harmony with the weapon...and if one took a glance to his eyes, they still would be dispassionate..distant, detached...and yet....disturbingly imminant.

Bit strikes Dischord with his Energy Katana attack.

Neon Tiger has apparently gained enough of her vision back to avoid Flare's newest fireball. Loping around him, Neon tries to blind him for a change and points her tail at her opponent, letting off a flash of light.

Quantum Kitsune looks up at the Vanguard, as its shadow creeps over her body. With a shrug of resignation, she reaches into her tails and pulls out a small umbrella, and cowers beneath it for a moment ...


[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "(*crushing sound* -- CRRKKKK) We've got the situation well in hand, but thank you."
Wildfire Phoenix has reconnected.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Tail Flashbulb attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "Scratch that Ether I *Static*"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Unranked Ether Skunk transmits, "Dischord? Dischord, what's going on?"

Ghost staggers as the Mavericks little fiends takes a big bites out of his shoulder, sending mechfluid-drenched bits of Maverick Hunter everywhere. This is certainly not how Ghost would have liked this fight to turn out, and he certainly did not want to bring out his trump card so early... but he knows in order to be fortunate in combat, you have to create your own luck, and he has that right in the palm of his hand. He tries to bat off some of the faces a little while regaining his bearings, then turns intangible, placing his hand through one of those evil faces, then retracting it, but not before leaving a little present inside his foe's body.

Wildfire Phoenix manages to avoid them a bit, they'd be rathe random if he's just spewing them anyway right? Both rails are aimed toward the Met, a fireball lites in each hand, and those wings.. well lets say she's throwing all she has at the small annoying thing that actually managed to hit her a couple times. "DIE ALREADY!"

Ghost misses Nightmare Construct with his Spectre Effect attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Maybe she dropped her radio in a bathtub."

Flare isn't about to fall for one of his own tricks, as soon as he sees the light begin to gather he averts his eyes. Keeping his hand in the way of the light, he continues to advance and jumps to deliver a much more powerful dropkick than his last one was.

You miss Neon Tiger with your Feline Fury attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Son...I'm sure you've got more brains than that."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Unranked Ether Skunk grunts. "A little respect, please."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Jet Stingray transmits, "Dischord? You there? You Hunters able to see if she is alright or do you need a 'forcer to check it out?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Unranked Ether Skunk transmits, "I'm on it already! Jeeze..."

A burst of red energy heralds the teleportation of Quantum Kitsune, appearing fifteen feet away from the gargantuan armor. I'd say that numerous dents pockmark her body, but it's more like she's just one gigantic dent from head to toe. With a final holographic twitch, she appears behind a desk in a news studio. "Last night's party was hardly a graveyard smash. It made one long for the Transylvania Twist." Then, the studio vanishes, and Quantum hauls tail(s), bypassing the Osprey and bolting through Belgium. "Screw the German Chocolate Cake, I'm goin' out for WAFFLES!"

Quantum Kitsune retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Bit, Flare Feline, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, and Wildfire Phoenix.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Hm, it appears sarcasm is altogether lost on this crowd."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Tell you what, sir. Have one of your best friends shot in the chest. Then ask someone to tell you a sarcastic joke. See how much you laugh."

Gauss Coyote has arrived.

Axle continues to hurl into the air, releasing multiple barrage of emerald plasma spheres towards the flames. However, one fireball strikes towards him as he is offguard. "GAHHH!! FIRE!!! Mayday! Mayday!!!" This is also heard on radio. Swirling, swirling, and he makes his way to descend to the ground.


There is smoke all over the place, no one knows if the Metool is dead or alive..or in pieces. Eitherway, the smoke surrounds the metool.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "I'm sure Dischord knows not to use electronic appliances while bathing, Command Major."
Gauss Coyote has left.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Jet Stingray transmits, "Okay, okay! No need to get mad, just showing a little concern, that's all. I just don't like leaving KO'ed good guys on the field, nothing to get upset about. *coughs at Cain* I'm sure the Major wasn't trying to offend anyone, sir."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "I'm sure he wasn't, Jet. And thank you...we appreciate it."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Hmm, yes, given the highly repairable nature of mechanical constructs."

Wildfire Phoenix grits her beak, poised to fire everything again if more then a helmet falls out of the smoke... Never underestimate...... even if it is a Met...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "This is Dr. Pallbearer...I've lost my collar, he made a run for it. Does anyone require assistance?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, ""Mechanical Constructs"...what a cold name for people."

As Dischord watches Bit come flying at her full speed, she simply grins and makes a fist, bringin her energy sword back out. Only before she can bring it up in time Something happens. To put it mildly The Mavericks attack connects.

To put it maybe not so mildly, Disch looses an arm, and has the sword dig into her side before her eyes roll up into her head and she passes out, which in turn causes her to fall over the side of the building, crashing into the ground below wih a rather lid noise.

Nightmare Construct blinks as the Ghost makes like a true ghost, and slides his hand into Nightmare's body... and leaves something behind. Oh, that simply won't do. There's a sound like rumbling, gurgling plumbing. And then whatever Ghost left inside Nightmare is spewed across the street with a horrific retching sound. Where it then does whatever it's designed to do.

Finally getting his unset jaw rehinged, he works it a few times. "Unpleassant. Whatever it wasss... didn't agree with me. Let me expresss my disspleassure." And then /all/ of it's mouths open wide... and begin to scream. Each scream has a different tone, and a vibrato of wailing and dark chants intermixed. The sound is disturbing at a primal level, the frequency at which the hindbrain takes over and runs screaming into the night. And this howling, utterly inhuman wailing is all focused on the Ghost. It's loud, too.

Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Unearthly Wail attack.

Bit glances after Dischord, sheathing his energy katana and turning to look towards the Vorpal. He strides towards the ship, again drawing his weapon as a new idea crosses his mind. The Vorpal, the Hunter airship...perhaps he should see to its capture for Emperor Sigma. It will have defenders.... Aegis appears over his shoulder.

Beyond the smoke, something emerges out alright. However, this isn't a hardhat or pieces. No, there are fireballs and plasma cannons engulfed with the flames hurling towards Wildfire. Yes, this Metool has alot of endurance than people give him credit for. His pieces of the outside are chipped off, but he is still nominal.

The Vanguard manages to get back up, but it takes her a while due to the sheer mass. "<< Cripes, and that kook's already run off...and I'm still trying to pick this clunker off the ground...>>" Iris grumbles and keeps trying to get the ride armor upright. "<< I'd rather be taking tea. Or practicing piano. Or preaching peace, for gosh sakes. Anything's more worthwhile than this,>>" she grumps unhappily.

Neon Tiger shifts to the side again to avoid the dropkick, sliding to a halt. Twisting her body, the Maverick feline attempts to land some teeth and a few claws into her Repliforce foe's armour to tear it off in shreds.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Maul attack.

Wildfire Phoenix shakes her head as an entire another salvo of her attacks fly toward Axle... she is not pleased.

Indeed... the Vorpal does have its defenders... well, Defender, more like it. Ether skunk emerges from behind the craft, stepping around to lean up against the side, arms crossed over her chest... she learned this move from Protoman. The skunk directs a surly look towards Bit, maintaining a relatively calm demeanor despite the fear that boils rampantly inside her. "I saw that," she grunts. "You cut Dischord up. I like Dischord, so I have a problem with that."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Jet Stingray transmits, "No prob, sir, just doing for you guys what you guys have done for me."

Ghost stands there, looking pretty trashed up, as he is buffeted by sonic forces, his hood twirling around behind him and the fog-like gas around his legs being blow backwards. Enough to take a Reploid out for awhile, no doubt. Unless that Reploid has his audios shielded. Ghost stands his ground, if not a little shakilly. "Duly noted," is his reply to Nightmare, followed up by the hurling of a spherical device at the ground in front of the monster. Harmless looking enough at first, until it explodes into a huge tangle of razorwire.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Tanglewire Pod attack.
Nightmare Construct is temporarily disoriented by Ghost's Tanglewire Pod attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "I understand."

Pallbearer is outside no less than a minute after asking if anyone needs assistance then...CRASH. Dischord's body lands no further than five feet from him. "Oh my..." the doctor says, rushing to her side. "Dischord? Are you..." Closer examination and lack of an arm...well, I suppose not, the doctor thinks. "Oh dear. This needs to be dealt with..." He quickly sets to work, trying to get the hunter to a flat area to affect some minor repairs.

Flare Feline manages to slide out of the way of another incoming attack, he's one lucky cat tonight. Not letting up on his own strike, he prepares to slash the tiger again, this time the blaster on his palm emits a wave of fire to inflict further damage along with the claws.
Pallbearer takes out a medical scanner and scans Dischord.

Neon Tiger successfully deflects an attack randomly.
You miss Neon Tiger with your Flame Claw attack.

Bit looks back towards Ether, eyes narrowing, "Stand aside, woman, else I shall be forced to harm you as well." He adopts a hasso stance and peers at her, "If you would do battle, then may the fray be joined, I do not wish to spend time on needless debate..."

Nightmare Construct skrees as the pod explodes, the wire lashing about him. The wire doesn't do much damage by itself, but the construct /knows/ that it's opponent isn't about to just let it get away...

Axle quickly makes like Sonic the Hedgehog and he starts to sprint away from the projectiles firing at him. Okay, he's not Sonic, but he's faster than many mobile things. However, he occassionally hides inside his shell for protection against the projectiles. Now come on, let's show her who's dominant. The metool then starts to open his package of plasma castor out. Then, he relentlessly fires a barrage of plasma spheres at Wildfire. Come on, let's hit those wings so she can crash to the ground.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Ah...Hunters, this is Cpl. Pallbearer...I've found Dischord, I'll attempt to get her some medical attention. Seems like she's been in quite a bad scrap here...."

Once the Vanguard is righted, Iris then decides to concentrate on crowd control. Somewhere in the background of these ongoing conflicts, the Vanguard can be seen setting up barriers around the perimeter of the fighting...closing off streets, working with police to keep people in less vulnerable areas.

Wildfire Phoenix is annoyed, and annoyed enough that she doesn't dodge in time. Well not really, she could have, but you see, she just got that thruster system built in. She dodged the wrong way! Oy, poor Nix. Her Left wing is hit nice and square and that gets her spinning in the air, putting her into ... well a tailspin before she crashes to the ground. Out cold? Hard to tell, but her wings are still blazing, and they're getting.... hotter.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Repliforce, we have medevac support inbound. I've ordered them to cover the wounded out, and not directly engage unless neccessary."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Of course. I'll see if I can help her out until they arrive."

Ether Skunk stands up straight. "Well, suit yourself, then. I didn't feel like trading worthless words with a pig-headed Maverick anyway." The skunk extends her hands towards Bit, and the air around them begins to shimmer... "This is OUR plane. Not yours. GO AWAY." Rather abruptly, the growing charge rises to a violent purple glow, and a sudden wave of force is unleased at Bit, attempting to catch him and hurl him neatly of the rooftop. Let's see if he can fly!

Ether Skunk misses Bit with her Ether Wave attack.

Dischord doesn't resist it as a Repliforcer tries to move her. But at the same time she doesn't exactly look dead. Just... Trashed. In fact almost as if to let Pall in on the fact she left out a few not so noice noises, but they're the kinda noises that only someone who's still alive can make.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "I'm working on crowd control in Berlin. Those of you still involved in should you require backup. Thanks in part to Hunter reinforcements, I believe they're going to be on the run before very long."

Axle begins to smirk, and he says. "...Now..that's fun..."


And you'd think that this met would relent after the person crashes to the ground? Then you haven't met Axle. This small droid will relentlessly blast something until he sees PIECES falling off. The metool releases the barrage of plasma spheres towards the crashed body, even if the wings are blazing. "Rust in pieces!"

Ghost hobbles over to Nightmare's prone form, looking over the monster thoughtfully, what with those multiples jaws, he'll be free in no time... Ghost cracks his knuckle-servos, slowly bringing both arms above his head, fingers lacing together as he gathers strength. This may not be enough to put the Maverick down, and he may lose the fight, but at least he can savor this, a nice, simple double-axehandle to the head. Ghost's slanted white eyeslits briefly become visible to the Maverick through the blackness of his hood, twinkling a little before both arms come down.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Fisticuffs attack.

Aegis spins around, absorbing the attack. The shield itself goes SAILING off of the building, although it catches itself some distance off...and there's Bit...rushing RIGHT at poor Ether. He rushes past her suddenly, drawing his wakazashi from its hidden sheath and attempting to slash the mephit's side open as he rushes past. Regardless of if he is successful in striking her or no, he leaps up, rebounding off of the side of the Hunter transport and again landing in front of her.

Bit misses Ether Skunk with his Energy Wakazashi attack.

Wildfire Phoenix is growling? It sure sounds like it, but she slowly starts to get up, a blast is taken in the shoulder, another to the side of her hip before she skreeches out, "That's enough!!" At the same time her entire body becomes engulfed, shrouded in fire before it starts to.. expand? Indeed, a sphere of fire begins to expand from her body, a few feet at first. A few more moments pass and the sphere explodes to a fifty foot radius around her, the fire blocking the energy blasts somehow.

Pallbearer shushes Dischord, setting to work as the pop-out medpack on his back panel dispenses the necessary repair items. "Don't say anything...just save your strength for now, the medevac's on the way." He rapidly seals off the stump of Dischord's missing arm with stabilizer foam to stop the fluid loss, setting to work with patch after patch in an attempt to give her some measure of pain relief and a greater measure of survival possibility.

Neon Tiger is able to parry the other feline's claws with her own set, having seen them in time. "Begone, annoyance," she growls as she attempts to spear Flare with her own set of deadly Claws.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Energy Claws attack.

Pallbearer effects some minor repair work on Dischord.
Pallbearer takes out a medical scanner and scans Dischord.

The head. Again. What is it with the head. Mabye next time Nightmare's going to go the whole 'headless' route. The long snakelike neck allows the head to actually smack into the pavement from the force of the axehandle hit. But Ghost's estimation about the mouths is correct as well. In mere moments they've chewed through the razor wire. And now they're hungry. With an incoherent shriek of pain and race, Nightmare vanishes from sight... only to reappear directly above Ghost. Dropping down as all those maws snap out on tendrils of flesh, seeking food.

Nightmare Construct strikes Ghost with his Many Maws attack.

You paged Neon Tiger with 'Ok, this has gone on long enough, time for the big guns, mind my primary?'.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Behemoth> arrives from the France.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Behemoth> has arrived.

Ether Skunk calls off her shockwave as it strikes the wrong target, cursing; but remembering her previous defeats, she doesn't make the mistake of lingering on this failure for long. She's ready for the counterattack when it comes, a sudden surge of antigrav carrying her in a slide to the side. The skunk whirls and prances on nimble feet to remain facing Bit as he flips around, narrowing her eyes most fearsomely; when he touches down, she's already cutting loose with her next attack, a blink-swift swing of her katana, the blade drawn and whipped forward in hardly a nanosecond. The weapon glistens with an unearthly glow as it swings, leaving a nice and pretty streak in its wake; the swift cut augmented by the skunk's innate abilities.

Ether Skunk misses Bit with her Ether Blade attack.

Bit manages the rapid footwork needed to regain himself and in one fluid motion, regains his battle stance and deflects Ether's weapon. He glances at it distastefully and shakes his head as he skids backwards, flipping onto Aegis as the shield comes angling in again...and then heads directly towards Ether with it...using it like some sort of aerial battering ram. He sheathes his katana for the moment, and speaks a quick phrase as he rushes at her, "You do that weapon injustice."

Bit misses Ether Skunk with his Shield Dash attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Hunters, this is Dr. Pallbearer again...I'm afraid Dischord's lost an arm, I'm unable to locate it at this time. If anyone in the area can spot it, please.....well, you get the idea."

If Dischord actually hears the Repliforce medicshe doesn't exactly let on. In fact odds are she's so out of it that she doesn't. But she does quiet down fortunately, as the patch job is done up, which could more than likely be considered a good thing...

Flare Feline jumps back out of the way of the claws once more, somersaults in mid air and lands a few feet away from Neon. She's good, they both seem evenly matched, or at least they're both evenly matched at dodging. However, it's time to stop playing around, as soon as he landed he fired up his palm blaster again, preparing to launch the most powerful projectile he can muster. A large glowing red orb forms at his hand and in a flash it is flung at the Maverick Tiger.

You strike Neon Tiger with your Flare Pulse attack.

Ghost tries to jump away, but his thigh is painfully chewed on, another part of his body is bitten off. He'll have to remind himself not to get near things that bite again, they're annoying. He barely manages to keep his balance, but still has a little fight left in him, no retreat, no surrender. Using the compressed air propellant in his boots, Ghost zooms towards the snaping jaws of Nightmare Construct, turning intangible again, flying right through the Maverick, turning tangible, and following through with a sort of modified kidney punch.

Ghost strikes Nightmare Construct with his Phantasmagoria attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "We can replace it if we need to."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Douglas transmits, "Whats going on, Boss?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Understood. She's partially stabilized...but there's still quite a bit of damage here."

Ether Skunk's sword is back in its sheath, and in a breath the skunk is on her belly- dropping in one smooth motion to duck beneath the shield and Bit as both come in to ram her. She rolls forward and pops to her feet as soon as she's able, whirling mid-air with an antigrav boost to face Bit; continuing to turn, one arm swinging before her in a defensive posture as the other dips behind her. "You're one to talk about justice!" she snaps back. "You do our entire RACE injustice, you.... icky... person!" Thwip. Her weight reverses, her arms swing back; the one behind shooting forward, throwing a dagger, a shard of metal thrown so fast as to be unseen save for a bolt of light.

Ether Skunk misses Bit with her Steel Rain attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "I understand. We'll be ready."

Bit's hand moves up and he grabs the piece of metal from the air as he flips, tossing it away uselessly. Aegis again disappears to the exterior of the combat area as its master lands on his feat again, and spins to regard Ether, "I fight for the purposes that must be. The means are justified." He raises his hand up and then points directly at Ether, before suddenly exhaling a burst of air "HAH!" A HUGE glowing fireball launches from his hand towards the skunk.

Bit strikes Ether Skunk with his Fireball Comet attack.

Nightmare Construct skrees as Ghost slams his fist into the approximate area of a kidney. Not that there's actually a kidney there, but he does manage to shatter a few teeth. Those mouths are all over the place. As are those blades hanging off his shoulder - the ones he hasn't really been using? Well, they're back in style. With an almost insectoid chitter, the blades and hooks and barbed stingers all raise up over Ghost as Nightmare... begins to dance. Smooth... graceful. With style and panache. Oh, and the blades do this whirling cuisinart thing with respect to Ghost.

Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Dance Of Blades attack.
Ghost deflects Dance Of Blades from Nightmare Construct.

Ether Skunk lets out a cry of dismay as the fireball consumes her, the inferno obscuring her save for a writhing sillhouette for a few moments... and it lingers. Odd. Long after the fireball should have burnt away, it's blazing still... then... concentrating? Yes, as the flames recede, a slightly charred ETher is revealed with her hands held high, cupped above her; the lingering energy of the fireball gathering into a blazing white-hot sphere of energy in her hands. The sphere continues to grow even after it has absorbed the heat of Bit's attack, swelling from the size of a soccer ball, to a beach ball, to... something bigger than a beach ball. "Don't play with fire if you want to get out of the kitchen!" howls the skunk. "OR HOWEVER THAT GOES! MATCHSTICK POWA', GOOOOOOO!" Her hands hurl forward, throwing the sphere of energy with them... but it remains in her palms, and instead of bowling over Bit, cuts loose with a fierce, firey beam of heat and radiation, the gathered energy pouring out in a blazin' ray.

Ether Skunk strikes Bit with her Incandescent Force attack.

Neon Tiger roars rather loudly as she's engulfed in the ball of fire. She remains crouched near the ground, narrowing her eyes at the flame-throwing annoyance. Sending small pulses of energy along her crispy armour, the Maverick begins to flash a pattern of light at Flare's optics.

Neon Tiger strikes you with her Neon Flash for 0 units of damage.
Flare Feline is temporarily disoriented by Neon Tiger's Neon Flash attack.

Ghost grimaces as blades and barbs whip around mere inches from his person, a few arcing in front of his face convinces him to backpedal, and quickly. Unfortunately, Ghost forgot about his rather bum leg and kneels in pain, grabbing at his chewed at thigh. The dancing blades approach, there's no defense against them. So instead, Ghost takes a play from Nightmare and utilizes something sharp himself, a jagged and twisted piece of metal that just happened to be ripped off in (not-so) perfect javelin form. He hurls that piece in desperation at the whirling form in front of him.

Ghost misses Nightmare Construct with his Improvisation attack.

Flare Feline grunts as he's blinded by her flash of light, seems he CAN fall for his own tricks if they're fast enough. He tries to shake it off, but will likely be blindsided by whatever Neon feels like attacking with before he can do so

Bit grimaces as he's hit by the attack, his armor being blasted apart by the attack. His helmet absorbs some attacks, and ebony lubricating fluid springs from his damaged joints and circuits. He regains his composure, and again narrows his eyes in determination, "Impressive...but this ends now." He adopts a strange pose, holding his weapon behind him as his eyes close....but then....his body is moving forward...rapidly...faster then it should be...using the force of his blinking technology to propel himself at her, and at the last moment. SHHHHHHHNK! The Energy-Katana screams to life....and strikes at Ether!

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Flare, report. How are you holding up? Need me to come assist? I'm still in the area."

Bit strikes Ether Skunk with his Slash Dash attack.

Nightmare Construct whirls and ducks under the incoming javelin, even as it fouls the patterns of the blades. The dance ends with the scream of metal on metal as the improvisational javelin is more or less shredded. But it serves part of it's purpose - it stopped the attack. Well. Mostly. One of the hooks still got through, and it plunges forwards, hooking down at the last instant at it's full extension as Nightmare tries to bury it in Ghost's skull.

Nightmare Construct misses Ghost with his Wing Blade attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "I.. ghhk... I've been doing alright so far. We've both been missing each other the whole time, I don't think I need help just yet, see if someone else needs assistance"

Neon Tiger snarls silently at her opponent as she pulls off one of the gems adorning her charred form. Activating it with the press of a thumb, the feline tosses the object at Flare's chest as her own light pulses subdue slightly.

Wildfire Phoenix is sent airward, then down, now the Phoenix is just p.o.'ed. That entire firey form is actully sent surging toward Axle. Nix is left behind the large fire sculpture of sorts as it surges toward the met. Nix, at the moment, is rather drained. Friggin met... Just DIE!!

Neon Tiger strikes you with her Laser Emitter Pod for 8 units of damage.

Ghost uses what's left of the strength in his legs to leap backwards, the claw just arcing over his shoulder, Matrix-style, while two long-barrels instantly unfold out of his gauntlets, lighting up the area with muzzle flashes. Ghost hits the ground on his back, still spraying lead at his foe wildly, spent cannisters cacading over his body as he fires.
Ghost misses Nightmare Construct with his Canister Rifles attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray sighs. "Seems like I'm not even needed for backup... Since I was off duty before I heard the talk of a fight going down, anyone have any problems with me going back to off duty again?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "That's fine by me, Jet...we're okay here."

Flare Feline grunts as the Pod nails him in the chest, and as her light subdues, his vision clears. Growling, he readies his claws again, and dashes in close for another quick slash, and he plans to stay in close, this battle has gone on long enough as it is.

Neon Tiger successfully deflects an attack randomly.
You miss Neon Tiger with your Cat Scratch attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "You got it... I'll be heading off the Crystal Palace. If I end up being needed after all, just give me a radio."

Nightmare Construct snaps back the claw in a blur of motion. Calling up the holographic generators, he blurs, darkness howling out of all his maws to cloak him even as Ghost unloads massive amounts of ammunition into the swirling patterns of darkness and flickering violet light.

And from behind Ghost, a dry, whisper voice asks... "Wasss that sssuppossed to hit me?"

Leaving no time for an answer, Nightmare simply screams in Ghost's ear.

Nightmare Construct strikes Ghost with his Shriek attack.

Wildfire Phoenix is sent airward, then down, now the Phoenix is just p.o.'ed. That entire firey form is actully sent surging toward Axle. Nix is left behind the large fire sculpture of sorts as it surges toward the met. Nix, at the moment, is rather drained. Friggin met... Just DIE!!
Ether Skunk falls to the side, sent whirling by the force of the blow; flopping on her side with a splat and a gasp, crying out nice and gurgly-like. Suffice it to say she's split open from crotch to sternum like a caught trout; it's a wonder she can even still function, much less manage to drag herself to one knee and then to a wobbly stance after that. Maybe she's still in shock and doesn't realize what bad condition she's in... but she's not giving up yet. Not at all.

The skunk turns to face bit with a woozy sneer, gritting her teeth, glowering... optics faded, flickering, her power sporadic at best. She takes a stumbling step back, then another, until she can place one hand against the vorpal; not only for support, but as a symbolic gesture. Her fingers scrape the craft's hull as her other hand raises, and the skunk gathers her energy once more.

It begins like the other attacks do; a shimmering aurora of purple light about her hand, a gathering of antigravity energy. But it continues from there; the shimmer rises to a shine, the shine to a glare, the glare to a light to rival the sun. The skunk shifts to stand on her own two feet, gritting her teeth and letting her other hand join the first in gathering the energy; eyes clenched shut, knees wobbling, it's clear that this is taking quite a bit out of her.

And just as it appears as though she's about to consume both herself and the Vorpal in her own firey glow, the gathered antigravity screaming like something straight out of hell, she lets it loose. Her hands throw forward towards Bit, and the force of her attack with it. The scarred and splattered roof between the two opponents is torn apart as the force of the blow careens towards the Maverick elite; but the force doesn't simply overwhelm him. It stops, and focuses on the golden-armored Bit; nothing more than a glimmer, until the entirety of its destructive energy focuses on tearing him asunder. The waves and pulses of force pull at each and every bit of Bit, pulling his arm one way, his leg the other... his every component tugged at, yanked, as Ether's powerful blow seeks to tear him in two on the spot.

But before she can even see whether her attack was successful or not, the skunk is on the ground, unconscious; having dropped limp and cold where she stands the moment she let loose with her shot. REgardless of whether she was successful, it's clear who the winner of this conflict was.

Ether Skunk misses Bit with her White Hole attack.

Neon Tiger swings one hand up again to deflect the other's claws. "Go away, would you?" she growls as she raises her other hand to slash at the Repliforcer.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Claw Rake attack.

Bit blinks...that took him -entirely- by surprise. Its an odd thing to have surprise...again. AEGIS comes CRASHING Down in front of him, absorbing the brunt of the blow and causing the energy to launch up into the sky, a glimmering collumn of pure destructive energy. When the flow has gone, Bit strides forth, and then moves towards the ship again, "You do yourself honor, Sister...I only wished that you would see your error..."

Well, the metool is smashed by the barrage that Wildfire has gave him. This tremendious blow delt a devastating blow upon the Metool. "AHHHHHHHH!!!" He is flung into the air, then he is smashed towards the ground.

However, a paddle extends out to capture the descending metool. Then, the Rider of the Armor pulls the paddle to pull down the metool. The metool rolls into the seat compartment next to the rider. Axle, the Rider, isn't too happy with the situation. Nevertheless, he decides not to attack Wildfire for the sake of the mission, and that is to rescue the fallen Hunters. The Ride Armor makes his way towards the sidewalk to retrive Dischord.

Yes, Axle's defeated and nearly destroyed by Wildfire, but he put up an excellent battle. Remember that Wildfire, let that memory haunt you.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Repliforce, we have reports that another of our people is down. What is your situation?"

Flare Feline jumps back to avoid the strike, as he's done with all the others, and spinkicks in place "No, you guys leave. Leave these people to their homes!" *kick*

You miss Neon Tiger with your Feline Fury attack.

Pallbearer looks up, watching as the Hunter medevac arrives. Leaving Dischord in their hands, he looks around to what could next be done...and hears the battle overhead, where Dischord had originally fallen from. Spotting a fire escape, the mummified medic runs to it, climing up towards the rooftops...and Bit. The medic looks up as he arrives, watching him advance towards the VTOL. "HOLD!" he yells, palm blaster outstretched, charged, and aimed for Bit. "You're not done yet, maverick." Holding his fire, the british-made reploid starts to close distance with Bit until they stand about 20 feet apart. "You've still got more defenders to deal with."

Bah, never, was only a Met, she'll dismiss it soon enough......... if the Mavericks let her. She eyes the armor for a long moment and simply backs away, slowly, "Erm," one thing she won't tangle with is A ride armor... "Erm... eh heh..." she grins a nervous smile then gets the heck outta Dodge!! *Zip!*

Wildfire Phoenix retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, and Firestorm Phoenix.

Ghost is yelled in his ear, further scrambling his circuits, and toppling him to the ground. He's badly beat up, fighting further would mean death, quite possibly. Retreat is the only option. Picking himself up, Ghost scrambles out of the way of Nightmare with the assistance of his compressed air boosters in his palms and boots, gas foggers covering his escape.

Ghost retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Neon Tiger, Bit, Iris, Flare Feline, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Wildfire Phoenix, Ether Skunk, Pallbearer, and Firestorm Phoenix.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "I've just seen it...A skunk-model reploid's down by the Vorpal VTOL...I'm currently trying to hold the assailant off...It's Bit."

Nightmare Construct hisses at the back of his retreating foe, pulling in his cracked and shattered face. The jaw still hangs loosely, most likely shattered in several places, and the remains of the saturnine face leak ichor from the contusions. Not to mention having his own fangs rammed through the roof of his mouth.

Ether Skunk is unconscious and stuff and kind of sitting there. She bleeds and she sparks and... um.... not much else. yes. Bleed bleed, spark crackle snap pop.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "..who all is on scene?"

Bit turns his gaze slowly towards Pallbearer, "Another challenger. I find it sad that such noble people choose such a cause to fight for." He turns to look at his new opponent, still crackling with electricity and raising his hand into the air, he summons a glowing globe of energy, which fires a massive stream of bolts in Pall's direction, "The battle is again joined!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "I am on my way, but not there yet."

Bit strikes Pallbearer with his Scatter Beam attack.

Iris is, for the moment, assisting with city cleanup and in getting the displaced and apprehensive people back to their homes, establishing some sense of order in the place.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Chill Snowcat transmits, "Hey anyone needin some help? I'm good at helping....least I think I am...."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "I'm on the scene, as is Pallbearer and Flare Feline."

Dischord is likewise not moving. Only unlike Ether she's not going for the bleed to deatn thing since she's had some medical atention.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shield transmits, "On scene now...locating our comrades."

Ether Skunk won't bleed to death, per se. She hasn't been battered completely to the last (2 end left! woot!). But... well, suffice it to say that the sooner her bleedin' is taken care of, the less of a refill she'll need when she's back to base and patched up.

Nightmare Construct pauses to take note of what's left of it's reserves... and then it smiles. Spreading taloned hands, darkness boils out of the Nightmarish Monstrosity, quiet wailing and shrieking sending those already nervous citizens into a panic once again. And under the shrieking... one can hear the whispered promises that this... is only the beginning. Only those of machine make will survived the coming doom. They promise this...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Status update on the situation in Berlin."

Shield is finally on site. He's not the quickest thing in the world since all he has for locomotion are two legs. He is currently on garbage detail, since he has to pick up the scraps that are left of his comrades. As such, he is tracking Ether's distress signal at the moment and trying not to get drawn into any fights.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Zero.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.

Dischord has left.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Behemoth> takes Dischord.

Iris changes into her Iris armor.

Pallbearer attempts to twist out of the way, then suddenly cries out in pain as he is struck in the back by the blast. Staggering foreward a half-step, the medic keeps his wits about him, spinning on one foot to fire a group of pale blue orbs at the Maverick elite, which fly erratically as they shoot towards him.

Pallbearer has partially disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "In need of a pilot...right away."

Nightmare Construct starts towards Neon, the darkness still boiling and writhing about him. The impression of lantern eyes in the dark cloud is definite. Really, very good FX.

Pallbearer misses Bit with his Willowisp attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Why, what is wrong?"

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Behemoth> doesn't even bother to release any anger or blast fleeing Maverick. Instead, the Armor just takes a hold of Dischord with the paddle and places her to the pile along with the metool. This is just great. Now, the Ride Armor is slowly heading towards the Vorpal. The pilot turns his head towards Shield, then he turns towards the ship as he hopes Shield can manage to grab Ether and flee to the ship as well.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "The Hunters need someone to pilot the Vorpal, and I've been given the codes to the Vorpal but I can't fly it."

Nightmare Construct sends a radio transmission.
Neon Tiger receives a radio transmission.

Bit draws his weapon, and in one fluid motion, cleaves through the various energy attacks. He shakes his head, and then points down at Pallbearer yet again, and then...with the sound of cleaved air, his hand shoots upwards. Behind Pallbearer..Aegis makes yet another appearance...this time glowing with absorbed heat and energy... "I apologize for such subterfuge." The Shield FIRES at Pallbearer...a long stream of black energy.

Bit misses Pallbearer with his Shield Blast attack.

Shield takes the elevator from the building next door to the top floor, then leaps across to where the battle is going. He certainly does not want to use an elevator that might be in the line of fire. After touching down on the roof he sprints towards the battered Skunk. "There you are," he says to her as he nears the Vorpal.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "The Hunters cannot send someone?"

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Behemoth> has left.

Neon Tiger sends a radio transmission to Nightmare Construct.
Nightmare Construct receives a radio transmission.

Nightmare Construct draws itself up as it spots the fight still goin on between Neon Tiger and Flare Feline. Slowly it raises a talon, calling up all it's holographic howling demons to hand. They swirl about the construct, and then howl towards Flare when the monstrosity points at the Repliforcer.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Alex Reinfield transmits, "Thanks for keeping the Vorpal safe......We'll have to evacuate now."

Pallbearer regains his footing, just in time to dive out of the way as the black energy lances through the space formerly occupied by the blue-skinned medic. He rolls, springing up towards Bit as he levels the reinforced steel shoulder-plate on his right shoulder to stare at Bit with its stylized red eyes. Inwardly, the medic prays he can at least drive this one off.

Nightmare Construct misses you with his Apparition attack.
Pallbearer misses Bit with his Soul Driver attack.

"Didn't you know? Home is where the heart is," Neon Tiger retorts. "Or some sort of crap like that -- the things humans spout." The Maverick feline leaps towards the Repliforcer to try and take him down. Yet again.

Neon Tiger misses you with her Pounce attack.

Bit frowns as Pallbearer launches himself at him. Almost as if an insult to the medic's fighting prowess, he sheathes his weapon and side steps, intending on using Pall's force against him. He tries a few simple grabs, with the intention of flinging Pall a good distance across the roof, "Amazing the value of this one ship...."

Bit strikes Pallbearer with his Throw attack.

Shield kneels down beside Ether and casts a glance at Bit, hoping his attention stays elsewhere. "You know," he remarks offhandedly to the skunk, "Even your emergency transmission is annoying. Judging by the manufacturer's message, I can see why you are the way you are." He interrupts himself with a grunt as he lifts her in his arms and palms the doorlock, opening up the Vorpal. "As humans would say, 'it is hereditary.'" He steps inside and closes the door behind him.

Flare Feline notices another Maverick taking a shot at him, and at the same time the Tiger makes a move, Flare jumps ahead and rolls to his feet to dodge both at once. Gee he's nimble tonight. But now he has two Mavericks to contend with. Decided to finish what he started, he goes after Neon again, by firing a low power projectile he originally started with.

You strike Neon Tiger with your Flare Bomb attack.

Iris begins creeping closer to the Vorpal, and sighs. What she's going to do about -that- particular mess, she has no idea. Her brother is the planner, not her. Looking back at the fighting in progress, she creeps back in that direction. (They're holding their ground -- now what?) She begins to worry. (What if they take the city? I can't let them take the city...maybe I can distract a few of them, and we can gain an advantage, or something...) Her thoughts race as she heads back.

Ether Skunk is lifted and carried off. She doesn't offer much of a response- kind of hard when you're unconscious- but in some vague retaliation, she BLEEDS on Shield. Aha! Call HER annoying! I STAIN you!

The shrieking demons may have failed to connect with the dexterous Repliforcer. But that isn't enough, as they swarm and curl about Flare. And then they change from demons to sad, lost faces. Faces masked in fear and sadness that whisper and mutter. "Help us... We're so frightened. Doom... we are all doomed...."

Nightmare Construct strikes you with his Muttering Of The Lost for 0 units of damage.
Flare Feline is temporarily disoriented by Nightmare Construct's Muttering Of The Lost attack.

Ether Skunk has left.

Pallbearer prayed a bit too hard, it seems, the medic thinks as he slowly picks himself up from the dent he's put into the roof from landing on it so hard. "Ghh....Forgive me for trying to stop an enemy of my comrades." he says, unsheathing his bone-handled saber from within his coat. "I'm not going to let you go. I couldn't. Not after this, and all the other things you and your people have done in the name of your cause." He once again moves to close range with Bit, attempting a slash at him with the saber.

Pallbearer strikes Bit with his Bone Saber attack.

Bit narrows his eyes a bit as the blade skids across his armor, leaving a small, but substantial gash. He frowns and skids backwards as Aegis comes -crashing- in from the side...intent on smacking into Pallbearer like a giant flying mace. Bit recognizes how difficult opponents find it to deal with his shield when it comes at them from -everywhere-...thats why he does it, "I did not speak ill of your resolve. I spoke ill of the purpose of it."

Bit misses Pallbearer with his Shield Bash attack.

Flare Feline has gotten a bit to into his fight with Neon, he stopped paying attention to Nightmare, which was a mistake as he suddenly finds himself surrounded by tortured wails of pain and suffering. Trying to block them out and cast them away he staggers back, leaving himself wide open.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> starts to emit a hum, as the thrusters begins to take place. The Vorpal is activated, being booted up and it is ready for take off. Humming to life in this crisis, the Maverick Hunter VTOL slowly ascends towards the heavens.

While ascending, debris is flaked from the movement of the strong winds, thanks to the turbines.

Pallbearer tucks and rolls, jumping in front of Aegis's swing as the medic once again closes the distance with Bit. "Purposes are matters of opinion, maverick." he says, saber ready. "It all comes down to the motivations. Yours is a festering wound that's not been open sore that refuses to go away. You hold on to that pain instead of letting it heal, and for that..." the saber traces a pattern in the air "You're a fool." (OOC note: if the attack succeeds, a small Repliforce insignia is carved in Bit's armor)

Pallbearer strikes Bit with his Saber Tagging attack.

Iris creeps around the corner, and balks when she sees the frightening thing that is the Nightmare Construct. (What on Earth did that thing just do to Flare?) she thinks. (I've got to stop him!) Drawing her dagger, she rather bravely runs up upon Nightmare, hoping for the element of surprise as she leaps to strike. While she's much more used to defensive attacks, she considers this an act of defense because it's in defense of a felow Repliforcer.

Iris strikes Nightmare Construct with her Dagger Lunge attack.

Neon Tiger smiles rather evilly -- even for her -- as she arches her tail over her shoulder. "Begone," she repeats as she lets off a burst of energy directly at Flare's chest.

Neon Tiger strikes you with her Neon Laser for 14 units of damage.

Bit frowns and peers down at the carved insignia in his armor. "The world is pain, brother..." He switches his gaze back towards Pallbearer, "You need to acknowledge that, then you will see why we battle so fiercely..." He draws his own katana, and in one blinking of a man's eye he is standing on one side of Pall, and at the other second, he is on the other....did he connect?

Bit strikes Pallbearer with his Energy Katana attack.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> raises higher into the air to the point where the machine starts to be out of reach. Then, the thrusters burns through, letting the airship fly away from the scene.

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission from Alex Reinfield.

Flare Feline grunts as he's struck in the midst of all the wailing, thankfully once Iris strikes Nightmare, it all stops. Clenching his fist, he growls, this has gone on long enough. Powering up his hand blasters, they emit a wall of fire in front of Flare, which stays in place as Flare charges, towards Neon, on a collision course.

Nightmare Construct screeches as the knife blade slips past his defenses... and severs the control conduit for the power systems for the holographics. With a sudden stutter, all the dark, all the demons... wink out of existence. The feedback lances through the Construct, already battered systems howling as they fragment, spewing ichor out of the wound all over poor Iris' arm. With a shudder, Nightmare pulls itself off the blade. "It isss... done. For now." And then it tries to blink away from this scene of madness.

You miss Neon Tiger with your 9-lives attack.

Nightmare Construct retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Neon Tiger, Bit, Flare Feline, Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal>, Ghost, Pallbearer, and Firestorm Phoenix.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*sounding disgusted* Ewww...gross. Flare, Pallbearer? How are you guys holding out? I ambushed that really horrible one, he shouldn't be a bother to you now."

While leaving from plain sight, the ship begins to blend itself within the atmosphere, as if it just disappeared within the temporal region.

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> activates its stealth mode.

Pallbearer freezes, then suddenly buckles over in pain as the cut flares in his side. Gritting his teeth hard, the medic rises again, facing Bit. "Pain is a fact of life, yes..." he growls. "I've lived with enough. And yet...through all your talk of how much pain you have exist only to cause more suffering upon others! You kill, and butcher, and terrorize...and for what? A dream. Creatures of hate, even given paradise...still know nothing but hate. And all that you are." His palm blaster has been glowing this whole time, charging his best shot. The medic is already exhausted from his fight with Gauss, wounded from its battle thus far with Bit, and mentally drained from attempting to repair Dischord. But the medic slowly rises, raising his hand in an act of will. "GRIM SOUL!!" He yells, firing off a massive burst of blue energy, a sphere which shapes itself into a gigantic skull, screaming in agony and rage as it drives itself towards the maverick elite.

Nightmare Construct has left.

Pallbearer strikes Bit with his Grim Soul attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "Thanks for the help Iris. The Tiger is still managing to give me the slip every time I attack though, it doesn't seem like this battle is going anywhere, but at least I'm keeping her occupied"

Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> enters the Sky Above Western Europe.
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> has left.

Iris shudders in disgust, sheathing her dagger and quickly shaking her hand vigorously to get the oily ick off of it. "This is nasty," she grumbles with a little frown.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "....I'm taking a bit of a hammering....but I can hold together....I just need a little more luck..."

Bit frowns as the energy rips over him, tearing off the golden facade and unfortunately melting the surface of his armor down into slag. He has lost his golden hue, but not his posture or composure. He sheathes his weapon and turns to move away, "I have been ordered to leave. You have secured victory." He continues walking to the ledge of the building and then leaps from it.

Bit retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Firestorm Phoenix.

Neon Tiger bares her teeth at the Replitwit before heading back to the ship. "Even if we did not lay claim to this city, I wish you luck in convincing those organics to live here again!" she calls over her shoulder as she departs, well... like a cat. Regally even if her armour is a little scorched.

Iris wrinkles her nose as the stinky goo from Nightmare's wound won't come off her arm. "Yuck..." Still shaking her arm vigourously, she eventually meets back up with Pallbearer. "We did it," she says with a wan smile, watching as the remaining Mavericks head back to their transport.

Neon Tiger retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Flare Feline glares up at the Tiger as she makes her retreat. Oh well, at least they're gone. He dusts himself off, and goes over to check on Iris "Whew, well it was touch and go there for a bit. You ok?"

Pallbearer smiles a bit....exhausted. "That...that's good...I suppose...." with another moment, he collapses backwards onto the rooftop. "Mirror...let's take your car back...I think I had a bit too much gin...." he says, half-delirious.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Success. They're on the retreat, and...only moderate damage to the Repliforcers present. The Hunters sustained heavy damages, though."

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Flare Feline.
Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Pallbearer.

Neon Tiger has left.

Iris bobs her head. "I got something on my arm, and it smells absolutely appalling, whatever it is. It was from that...THING." She wrinkles her nose. "Otherwise, all is well." She pops open a toolcase. "Let me take a look at you first, Pallbearer."

Flare Feline nods, and steps back as she looks at Pall, who's far more damaged. He looks back at the town, and wonders if they really will have any problems getting people back into their homes. And there's no gaurentee that the Mavericks won't try something like this again
Iris effects some repair work on Pallbearer.

Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.

Iris mentions while she works, "The people are plenty scared, but...the good news is, there wasn't any rioting or other kinds of destructive panic behavior. I worked with the police, who helped them to safety in an orderly fashion."

Firestorm Phoenix enters the Sky Above Western Europe.
Firestorm Phoenix has left.

Iris says, "This town will probably be on high alert for a little while, and that's no small surprise."

Maverick Airship <Osprey> lifts off with nary a problem and disappears into the night sky.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you okay with clean up and getting people home or you need help?"

Pallbearer is still nominally out of it. After all, two fights, some bad cuts, two primaries, and a repair job will do that, you know. "Hah...Mirror, stop it, I'm not going...heheh...ow...." He slowly comes back around, as mirror's features blur and sharpen, becoming Iris. "Ah...right...miss Iris, it's all right...I'll be fine, just...ow...need a bit of help to get-aie..-back to the base..."

Flare Feline turns back to Iris and nods "Yeah, I'll bet people will be edgy here for awhile, we'll have to keep an eye on this place."

Maverick Airship <Osprey> enters the Sky Above Western Europe.
Maverick Airship <Osprey> has left.

Iris tools away on Pallbearer's injuries...for some reason, she's not particularly gentle like she usually is -- she's awfully heavy-handed with the repairs. And they -hurt-! She isn't even using the pain blockers, which probably has a lot to do with it, too. It just seems unusual for her, though, to forget something like that.

Iris turns to Flare, when she's done with Pallbearer. "Okay, your turn!" She smiles cheerfully.

Iris effects some repair work on Flare Feline.

Flare Feline walks over, he wasn't paying attention to her work on Pallbearer, he ponders as she works "Still, I wonder why they did all this. I don't think they just wanted the city itself..."

Iris gives Flare no better treatment. Well, she IS a skilled medic, and her repairs are good, but she's just very heavy-handed with her repairs, and...once again, no pain blockers are used. It's very unpleasant, and it -hurts-! (Think a dentist drilling a tooth with no novacaine.) "Yes, I know, it's very unusual," she mentions. "Very curious as to why they struck here..."

Flare Feline winces and grits his teeth as Iris works, gee this is odd "Ah.. y-yeah... it's very... odd..." oO(Ow.. Ow.. Ow..)

Iris grins -- not maliciously, she works as if she's -accustomed- to working in this manner. And since neither officer has told her otherwise, she doesn't apparently seem to think there's anything amiss. "Okay, that ought to do it for you!" She smiles triumphantly, placing the tools back into the toolbox and snapping the lid shut.

Flare Feline winces again "Uh, right." He stands, rubbing part of his arm where she worked at oO(What was that about?) He shrugs, maybe she was stressed or something? He turns to look at the civilians being led back to their homes by the police forces. It seems they got it all covered. He turns back Iris and Pall "It seems the police have things covered here, shall we head back?"

Pallbearer is last to rise, seemingly back to normal after the tenacious beating. "Ahm...yes, I think that ought to do nicely...For one, I could use a bit of rest..." He looks out to the civillians. First, sure that they would be strong, strong enough to get over this. Second, hoping the one family whose house he had fought Gauss Coyote in would be forgiving.

Iris says, "Okay! Well...let's get going, then."

Iris enters the France.
Iris has left.

Flare Feline heads back to base, woo and stuff

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