*The Robot Masters have attacked London! Shock! After Ten engages Burst Man, things don't go well and she asks for assistance. Flare runs to aid her, but arrives too late...*

The Savage Beating of Burst Man
A room where you can beat the smegeggie out of Burst Man.
Burst Man

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'Signas here...The RMs are using the civilians as hostages; They're making off with the research files. I need someone to intercept them before they can get away - We're in Eastern Downtown London. Anyone out there with a free hand?'.

Burst Man drops his stick as he sees the incomming beam. It strikes him right in the chest and it tears through his body and out the other side. Many of his grenades are destroyed, but he is still ready to rumble. "alright Ten, That hurt...." he yelps. "Time go home... in many many many parts." He rolls his eyes back in his head as he tries to draw in a rack of floating mines from subspace. With a shimemr of light, spikey mines fill the area and swarm around the duo making almost a cage... "You ready to die fool?" he yells as he charges forward trying to dropkick the downed femme into the deadly mines...

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'With Permission, may I leave to deal with the hostage situation?'.

Ten is so weak at this point, she can't even defend herself in any way as she is dropkicked right into the water mines. The massive explosion blowws her back right off, her once beautiful wings reduced to smoldering, black metal. The rest of her body lands several feet away, her left arm and her left leg blown completely off, and her head turned at an angle it isn't supposed to be able to turn at. However, he right arm still grips Murasame. Even after being blown apart, and taken offline, she still has not released her trusted weapon.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Zero transmits: '*a growl meets your request. Zero is unavailable at the moment as he is currently berserk, and probably ready to do more damage to the Repliforce base than the Masters did*'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: 'ooc: I did mention that I'm glad I'm unconciouss. I mean.. that means that Zero won't be able to kill me. >"<'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Iris transmits: 'Go ahead, Stinger.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'I'm on my way, I'll be there ASAP.'.

Flare Feline is running, running towards where the source of Ten's transmission came from. He hasn't stopped running since heard her distress call, and thanks to Flare's speed he arrives quickly. However the sight meeting him isn't a happy one. He stares in disbelief as he just barely sees Ten fall to the ground, twisted and burned. Too late. Cursing to himself for not being fast enough to save his friend, Flare snarls at the robot master. Something rare has happened, Flare is MAD. He should be worried about getting Ten out of here, but right now he just wants to obliterate that thing for hurting his friend. He draws his claws out, and runs towards Burst Man screaming "You'll pay for that Bubble brain!!!" As fast as he can run he charges Burst Man and swipes him with his claw as he passes

You miss Burst Man with your Cat Scratch attack.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'This is Flytrap. I'm in position.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'I'll assist... Cut Man ran off after a few rounds of being shot at and shouting and such.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'Understood.'.

Burst Man gloats over the downed Femme as he recalls his mines into subspace. "A Pitty we couldn't have met under different sircumstances... but Meh..." he shrugs and looks around. "Kaniguns! where are you! get over here now!" He demands into his radio as he calls for his minion. Suddenly he is attacked! "Gwah?!?!?" he stumbles back and sways as he is swiped at furiously by the cat! "Bubble Brain? now now! being mad is no need for poorly thought out insults..." he waggles his finger "You must not lose your touch when in anger!" he japs forward with his finger *MOE EYE POKE!*

Burst Man strikes you with his Generic Melee for 3 units of damage.

Flare Feline growls as he is apparently mocked by the zealous robot master. He clutches his eye for a moment, voice almost shaking "How can you be so calm after what you've done?? I've heard you Masters can only understand one thing, fighting. So I'll just have to show you to the full extent how I feel!" With a shout he lunges foward again, preparing to take another swipe with his claw, but this one is enhanced with a firey wave emited from his plam blasters.

You strike Burst Man with your Flame Claw attack.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'Corporal Ring Redwing approaching the Auditorium in the Eastern Residential District of London. Status?'.

Burst Man sighs as he pulls back his fingers, "Me? did _I_ do something?" he acts innocently. "I am just doing as ordered, I was told to be a good distraction while Father does his... buisness." . o O (You idiot! You blew our cover! I quit... *stepstepstepstepstepstepstepstep creak Doorslam*) But maybe I have already said too... AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH IT BURNS! THE GOGGLES, THE GOGLES DO NOTHING!" he yells as he is blasted int he face with the fire and his head bursts into flames. He runs around yelling and then he dunks his head into a puddle. *whisssssssssssss* Steam rises from his body as he sighs... "Ok... now I see you are serious..." He extends his bubblestick from his head and blasts Feline with his bubble wrap...

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'As soon as the RMs try to escape, we'll make our offense. Signas, can you make sure the hostages are safe after we attack?'.

Burst Man misses you with his Bubble Wrap attack.

Flare Feline leaps out of the way of the meanacing bubbles. "You had better believe it! Allow me to show you just how serious I am!!" He aims his palm blasters towards him and a moment later an orange orb rockets out, heading straight for Burst Man.

You miss Burst Man with your Flare Bomb attack.

Burst Man yelps as he begins to dance around as the flares impact all around him. He runs around and the explosions follow him. "HEY! You kill one little Repliforce and they thinkyou are some kind of murderer or something!" He yelps as a final blast sends his soaring in the air. *thud* Burst Man grumbles as he ends up face down in a puddle of mud. "Ahhhhh mud... now I will need a shower... and the other masters will haze me again..." he shakes his fist. "Now I am mad! you shal pay... PAY!" hebegins to yell a battle cry as he summons up pressure in his air hoses and begins to produce a wall of bubbles. With blinding speed he tosses out grenades that are picked up by the bubbles. They race at Flare Feline at blindingly fast speed, for a bubble that is.

Burst Man misses you with his Bubble Bomb attack.

Flare Feline rolls out of the way of the bubbles this time. Maybe he's just lucky, or maybe he's so made he's more focused than normal? He snarls at the 'kill' comment "You didn't kill her, I'll make sure she doesn't die! But first..." He readies his plam blaster again "This cat's sending you back to your daddy!!" BLAM! Another orange orb sails towards Bursty, this one quite a bit large and feircer looking.

You miss Burst Man with your Pulse Break attack.

Burst Man peeks out from behind a rock, "I didn't Kill her? well, I guess I should finish that job before I destroy you..." He yelps as he is pinned down in his hiddy-hole. He sees the orange blast comming and he skiitters into a new hole as his old hiding spot is demolished. "Ah HA! You missed, I am safe in my new hiding place!" He cackles as he quickly stands and gloats then quickly cowers in the hole. "here... Catch!" Burst man yelps as he begins to throw a rack of yellow orbs out into the area... grenades away

Burst Man strikes you with his Grenade for 16 units of damage.

Flare Feline can't react in time this time. The yellow pac-man-looking pellets explode around him, doing some moderate damage, and blackening his armor. But he's not down yet, not until he makes Burst Man pay and saves Ten. "Think you're safe eh? My form is based on one of nature's most skilled hunters, you're never safe!!" He leaps towards the rock and aims to hit Burst Man with a drop kick. The normal easy going Flare is gone for now, he has never been so angry at someone other than himself before.

You strike Burst Man with your Feline Fury attack.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'Damn! Whatever Wily Wanted, he got it...'.

Burst Man flails as he is beat savagely by Flare Feline, his armor cracked and worn from the battle. "OW HEY! stopit! OWOWOW" he whines as he is beat by the the drop kick. Burst Man groans and pushes Flare Feline away and he leaps up on a Rock and does his dramatic actionpose... "You shall not win today... By now, Dr. Wily has stolen whatever it was he wanted to steal, and this diversion has been a comlete success!" he beams with pride as he leaks fluid everywhere... muhahahahah... "And now... I will use a tactic that that I have perfected over years of hard fighting..." he smirks and points his blaster... he charges up to fire, then he yelps and runs like heck, his body is replaced with a Burst Man shaped cloud of dust... Woo Woo woo!

Burst Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline, Ten, and Alia.

Flare Feline snarls one last time at the cowardly master, he's not going anywhere "Oh no you DON'T!!" Quickly charging his plam blaster again he fires another orb, this one not quite as powerful as the last one because it was charged so quickly.

You strike Burst Man with your Flare Bomb attack.

Burst Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Great Britain

Approaching this set of islands, one can see a massive network of bridges and zoom tubes, or EMP slide cars that radiate from London, connecting the major cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland into an intricate macrocosm. From the mystic highlands of the north to the glistening tower of Big Ben II, the isles exude a sense of durability, stamina and perseverance unmatched. The vigilant navy patrols the waters of this area, standing tall and proud for their home country, ready to guard against both Maverick and Robot Masters.

Burst Man [Armor] [RM]
Zero [Black Armor] [MH]
Yamato Man [RM]
Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Proteus Fox [RF]
Iris [Uniform] [RF]
Phoebus [Unarmored] [RF]
The Savage Beating of Burst Man
Spear Guy vs. Hair Guy (Yamato vs. Zero)
Storm Owl [RF]
Kaniguns the Crab
Repliforce Headquarters - London [RF]
Ancient Ruined Castle

Obvious exits:
West <IR> leads to Ireland.
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Northern Atlantic.
West <W> leads to Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
Southeast <SE> leads to France.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.

Alia has arrived.
Ten has arrived.

Zero looks around him, vacantly, eyes a murderous red. He's dangerous without his mood. With Yamato having pushed him over the edge.. any, and everyone could be a threat in the berserker's mind, as he continues to thrash his sabre at a poor Met that has dropped down into the protected position. Unable to get there, and before Iris reaches him, Zero suddenly forms a pair of angel wings, and suddenly cuts loose, decimating the immediate area again as he unleashes the phoenix upon the area, cleansing the spears from him, and purifying the land around him as he howls with rage, anger, and sorrow.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'Spotted Masters Shadow Man and Pirate Man... Corporal Stinger, take Pirate, Shadow Man's too fast for you.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Stinger Flytrap transmits: 'Rodger that.'.

Iris quickly hits the ground before Zero's Phoenix attack levels her, too...she winces as the sheer heat put off from the blast cooks everything in the vicinity to a burning temperature. As soon as she's able, she hops up again, and continues running toward Zero. Suicide mission, perhaps? Maybe she's just crazy...

Burst Man is hauling ass across the battlefield, his chest torn and his body battered... He calls into his Radio for help "Kaniguns! I need an Evac... Sacrifice yourself so I may live you ninny!" he yells! Kaniguns is long gone... he left Burst man to stew in his own jucies... He is chased by a flying Red Orb of flaming death... Burst man Runs as he tries get away from the blast. "AHHHHHHHH!" he yells as he begins to pick up minions and toss them at the fireball to try to divert it. "eat Met Fireball" no effect "eat Sniper Joe Fireball" he yells... No effect, the fireball keeps comming. He sees a large pile of Boxes to hide behind. As he leaps behind the pile, he sees something written on them "what are Sevisoplxe?" the Fireball hits the boxes and sets the Wily Explosives a flame, blasting Burst Man high into the air... "AHHHHHHHHHH Looks like Burst Man is Blasting off again!" he yells as his body is blown to bits. As a trademark *ping* is heard, Energy Rings rain down as a mighty fireworks lights up the sky as Burst Man's internal explosives begin to go off, one by one...

Zero spins around as Iris approaches him, sabre flickering. Will he attack her? Is he that berserk? That far gone? The world will never know, as suddenly, the berserker's eyes, drained from the massive release of energy, and the damage he's taken, suddenly darken, and blank out, and he collapses onto his knees. He ushers one weak sob. Anger? Pain? Sorrow? All three? Who knows, besides Zero as he suddenly falls forward, collapsing on himself.

Storm Owl watches worriedly over his shoulder at Iris and Zero. Part of him is tempted to drop Phoebus and race after Iris on her suicide mission. However, Iris is a very resourceful young lady. Instead, he turns back to ushering Phoebus to the repair bay and the safety of RHQ.

Ten is lying on the ground. At least, it's probably Ten. It's rather difficult to tell with certainty because of the incredible amount of damage that has been done to her. Her back has been blown off, and her wings with it, which are all but totally destroyed. Her left arm and left leg have both been blown completely off. Her armor is missing pieces all over. it's a truly gruesome sight. Surprisngly, her right hand still grips Murasame. Despite everything that has happened, despite being severely damaged and unconscious, she still hasn't released her trusted weapon.

As the last of the Robot Masters is destroyed, the last of Wily's forces withdraws form the area... Repliforce HQ still stands, barley even touched by the raid... Was this a real Raid? I mean, did Dr. Wily really think he could destroy the HQ? I mean he didn;t even send any elites to organize the MAsters... something must be up.

Zero probably did more damage with his Chaos Flasher and Phoenix Wing than the Masters did.

Iris crouches over Zero's decimated form, patiently working to bring him back online.

Flare Feline looks at the fireworks caused by Burst Man for but a moment. Catching his breath he runs back over to Ten's fallen form. "Dammit, I got too caught up in fighting that guy, she needs help, bad..." He tries to use his radio to call for help, no good, Burst Man's previous explosive attack shorted something out. He looks around, no good either, most everyone else is too far or occupied with Zero. "I'll have to get her out of here myself... easy now..." He reaches down and /carefully/ picks up Ten's battered form. "Easy there Ten, I'll get you back to base, I owe you..." He slowly and carefully makes his way into London, pretty much ignoring the rest of the scene, Ten is more important than anything right now.

Zero's left hand twitches, as he slowly rolls over with a groan, armor phasing out for civilian clothing. "..I... Iris..." he murmurs softly, his first word coming back on line showing his concern and worry for his better half as he groans softly, eyes flickering, dancing someplace between anhilation, and calm.

Zero changes into his Unarmored armor.


Medical Bay - RHQ London

If there's one place that could be named alone as the place that keeps the Repliforce running, the medical bay would not fall beyond the top three. Here is where the Repliforce is kept active, kept alive, kept running, through the variety of repair chambers for all shapes and sizes through to the medical tables for repairs, modifications and what have you. There are also stasis cells and de-contamination areas at the rear of the large medical bay.

Skyblade Eagle [Armor] [RF]
Pallbearer's Office and Quarters <POQ>
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.

Flare Feline walks in carrying Ten's mutilated form. She's in really really bad shape. Flare doesn't notice anyone or anything in the bay, he just walks over and carefully lays her on a medbed. He puts his hand up to his head to try his radio again, nope still out. Ok, it doesn't matter. He heads over to a terminal to send out a message manually.

Iris arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Iris has arrived.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Flare Feline transmits: 'This is Flare Feline reporting from the London base medical bay, I just brought Captain Ten in, she needs urgent medical assistance, now!'.

Zero has arrived.
Iris drops Zero.

Iris arrives, her hands smoking from dragging Zero in. She places him on a table, reassuring him one more time before running over to check on Ten.

Zero looks up at Iris, and nods once, before curling up on the medbed, cooling down considerable.

Ten is REALLY damaged! she is missing an arm and a leg, her back and wings have been blown compleetly off, and she is missing little bits and pieces all over. It's not going to be easy to repair her.

Phoebus arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Phoebus has arrived.

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Ten.

Storm Owl arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Storm Owl has arrived.

Flare Feline sits back down after transmitting the message on the terminal. Having his radio damaged couldn't have happened at a worse time, he only hopes he got Ten here fast enough. He is relieved to see Iris arrive so quickly. A few of the basic nurses come over to him but he waves them off "I don't want any help until Ten is back online, I'll live..." Indeed Flare is mostly fine, just some charred armor, and a whacked out radio.... and a poked eye, Burst Man's stupid three stooges routine.

Zero was skewered through no less than three times, by Yamato, and also baked himself at 3000 degrees for a few moments. As the emergency repairs that Iris did to him in the field kick in, Zero slowly slips into a repair state, eyes closing.

Iris begins scanning Ten, and she frowns at what the scans reveal to her. Without saying anything, she begins working to stabilize her for the time being.

Iris effects some repair work on Ten.

Whipcrack Octopus arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Whipcrack Octopus has arrived.

Ten is stabilized, but still has a long way to go before she is fully repaired. She hasn't woken up just yet. Surprisingly, she still hasn't dropped her naginata!

Iris is working diligently on Ten, trying to get her stabilized until someone comes in who can help Ten more than she can.

Whipcrack Octopus effects some repair work on Ten.
Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Ten.

Flare Feline watches as Iris works on Ten, not saying anything. Mostly reflecting on his actions. He's never felt like that before. Did he act wisely? Could he have been too late to save Ten since he insisted on fighting Burst Man to make him pay? Anger is such a common emotion, but Flare has little experience with it on such a grandiose level, indeed seeing Ten like that struck a chord in the confused Feline. So he just sits there thinking, still refusing any medical aid until Ten comes back online.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sage transmits: 'Good eve.'.

Storm Owl shuffles into the Repair Bay at a slow pace, but that's because he's trying to carry Phoebus as well. Optics scan for a free bed, and, having found one, he makes slow steps for it. "Come on now, Captain," the Owl coaxes. "I'm quite sure you can help me a little, hrm? Move those feet now."

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'No, dammit! Shadow Man's pulling some kind of dissappearing act!'.

Phoebus flails his feet a little. It doesn't help too much.

Zero rolls over on his side so he can watch Iris work, eyes flickering, then fading out as he starts to go to sleep fully.

Ten keeps lying on the med table. A spark of life enters her optics, and she groans, though it is very quiet.

Storm Owl sighs a little, gratefully coming to a halt at the bed and carefully laying Phoebus on it. "Here now, Captain. You pass the night here, and the medics shall attend to your wounds," he says to the mostly not-paying-attention Phoebus.

Once she's convinced that Ten's going to be stable, Iris files a rather grim report for MSE, not smiling about it at all. Something's obviously wrong...

Phoebus is unconciouss. really.

Flare Feline finally accepts some medical aid. He's not badly damaged at all, some ripped and blown off armor, the only thing with any real damage is his radio. He lies on the bed and the medics do their thing, and he is still lost in thought the entire time.

Ten is starting to shift about to some small degree. It's clear that she will live.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'Aww... shoot! Now that the smoke's gone, Pirate Man's gone too! Those cowards! *fistshaking sounds and cries of oosha! follow.*'.

After having settled Phoebus down, the Owl takes a step back with a sigh. "What a day," he murmurs quietly, shaking his head before moving quietly out of the medbay to look for Ten-bits.

Flare Feline starts to enter repair mode also, as his systems shut down he sees the same images in his mind. Ten's battered form falling to the ground, what seems like a flash of red, and Burst Man being obliterated by his attack. Flare has never been so mad at anyone or anything before... it was odd. The images in his head slowly fade to black, as Flare's awareness shuts down and the medics finish their work on him.

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