The Captain's Table <CT>

Through the door is a ten foot hallway with pictures of ships on either side in some of the most recognizable images of them. Even the USS Challenger's explosion is portrayed, with the words 'Your courage continues today.' beneath it.
Coming out of the hallway reveals the true homey feel of the tavern has, with a plethora of different people and reploids walking about in it's Victorian design. The tables and insides of the bar all appear to be of a fine oak carved and polished to perfection. At the main bar itself, a friendly white bearded reploid stands serving out virtually any drink you could imagine, from freshly squeezed Orange Juice to anything else you can think of. The only real prerequisite to being here, is that occassionally you might be called on to tell a story to those around.

Iris [Iris] [RF]

Leave <O> leads to Torontreal - Park District.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Iris sits at a front-area table, sipping on some tea and looking out the window as she radios someone.

Inverse has arrived.

So this is the famous Captain's Table... Taking a stroll through Torontreal, while lost in thought, Flare seems to have found his way here. The cat has never been here before, so he decided to pop in and look around... and maybe get something to eat too, he's hungry...

Iris is sitting up near the front window at a small table, sipping tea and looking pensive as she radioes someone.

Inverse is arriving not long after Flare does, though she's clearly not with him. Seems pretty casual, with a bit of a 'window shopper' demeanor to her right now.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline looks over and sees Iris sitting by herself. What a coincidence they have met up here (yeah right... :D) and he decides to invite himself over, waving slightly "Hey Iris, how goes?"

Inverse notices Flare not far off, along with Iris; both familiar faces in some manner or another. She decides to drop nearby as well, though she's currently just watching.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Iris smiles over her teacup at Flare as he approaches. "Oh, hi Flare...have a seat, I was just waiting for Shining to get back but I haven't seen him around. I'm fine, how about yourself?"

Iris notices Inverse walking up, a short moment later, and waves to her. "Oh, hey there." Everyone shows up at the Captain's Table on a Friday Night, it seems!

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline's not normally much of a 'night person', well not like Jet anyway. He was out for a stroll, going over some things in his mind, and looking for some food. And here he is "I'm doing good..." He says as he sits "Just doing some thinking. So how've you been, it feels like it's been awhile..."

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

Inverse seems to be in a fairly good mood, and when Iris speaks to her she acknowledges it. "Hi. Actually...when you're not busy, I had an idea to run by you. Though Flare might not want to hear it."

Iris shrugs. "Fine, really," she admits. "Repliforce hasn't been stressing me out lately, for once." (Now it's just my personal life that's a mess,) she thinks. As Inverse runs by her suggestion, Iris taps her chin. "Well...sure, but...why wouldn't Flare want to hear it?"

Inverse tries to think of a way to say this 'covertly', and comes up with very little. " just is. I'll run it by you some other time then."

Flare Feline nods at Iris "That's good..." Then looks towards Inverse "Why wouldn't I 'want' to hear it?" He shrugs as Inverse tries to change the subject and smirks "Well, whatever."

Iris blinkblinks. "Uhm...?" She looks from Inverse back over to Flare, a bit awkwardly...wondering what this terrible secret could be!

Iris says, "So tell me, how's your time with the Hunters been?"

Flare Feline signals a waiter, or whatever they have here, and orders... milk. Would you have expected anything else? He then turns back to Iris "Well it's good to hear Repliforce has been going easy on you lately." He accepts the milk as it arrives and sips it, pausing slightly as Iris mentions the Hunters "I've had a great time there, the Hunters are great people. They certainly made me feel welcome. Though, last night I spoke with Signas, I'll be returning to RHQ-London in a day or two..." He sips the milk again "I don't think my actual presence at Light Labs is needed anymore, and I think I need to start focusing on my XO duties..."

Iris bobs her head, sipping on her tea as she looks across at you. "My brother's really lenient with reports and stuff, much more so than he used to be...but tell me something..."

Flare Feline hmms and blinks "What is it?" He sips the milk again.

Iris says, "...Is there any system, anything you noticed while with the Hunters that might benefit -us- to implement as a system for our own use? Communications and the like, for example?"

Sigma has arrived.

Iris is seated up near the front window at a small table, sipping soem tea and having a little conversation with Flare.

Flare Feline blinks again "System?" He is silent for a moment as he hmms, thinking. He really didn't notice anything specific. Since the Hunters have mostly relocated to the new Hunter HQ and Flare doesn't even know about that. And also most of the reports are 'Hunter only' so he didn't have access to them either. He shakes his head "No, nothing comes to mind. Though they seemed to be a bit secretive of their internal workings, I never got exposed much to their protocols. You've been experienced with the Hunters longer than I have, there's probably nothing you don't know that I do..."

Inverse has left.

Iris hm's, sipping her tea. "Oh. Okay...just wondering, because I'm not really as 'connected' with them like I used to be. I mean...yeah, I'll sneak over there for Zero and no one will say anything,'s not like I'm on their channels anymore, or anything like that."

As the pair talk, the remnants of any customers that had been in the place leave. They do so quickly, although one may not be able to understand why until they look at the door. Stepping in after they rush past, Sigma rises to full height within the room and narrows his eyes. He takes note of Iris and Flare, intrigued by how convenient he managed to find her when he hadn't been looking. Saying nothing at first, he simply walks toward the pair and indicates the chair next to her with a simple, "Is this seat taken, madam?"

Flare Feline nods, not really paying attention as Sigma walks over. "Well I wasn't exactly given access to privileged information either. I was just a representitive. I just did what I could." He sips his milk again "But anyway..." He trails off as Sigma makes himself known. For a moment he just stares, gapes really, not really able to say anything. Shocked? Stunned? Probably. It's not like he ever expected Sigma of all people to causally walk up and ask to join them in a place like this. Hopefully Iris will be less shocked...

Iris sort of...freezes in place, as she sees people begin leaving the place quickly. "What's going" She watches Sigma stroll right in, a bit incredulous. As he asks to sit, she finds that her first reaction is to...giggle! It's all so insane, really, if you think about it. "Is it, it's not taken...what in the WORLD are you doing here?"

Sigma notices Flare's mortified stare and slowly raises a hand, "Do calm down, my dear boy. You have nothing to fear from me." Pausing at Iris' question, he seems fairly surprised at her reaction. A giggle? Interesting. Arching a brow, he draws the seat from under the table and responds simply enough, "I've come to eat, Iris. Is that not what people do when they enter a restaurant? I may be considered to be a monster, but I enjoy life's simple pleasures whether I require them or not." He then sits, pulling himself closer to the table. He doesn't seem like such a tyrant now, does he? "It is quite the coincidence that I found you here. I had been paying my respects to the War Pillars when I noticed this... Establishment."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Oh my I can't believe this. I just can't -- ohmygod. I can't -believe- him!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "What happen?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide transmits, "Major? Is something the matter?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Huh?"

Iris is blushing a little bit, now, and she sips her tea while looking over at the new dinner guest in amazement. "You...visit the War Pillars? I you just...stopped in, hm?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "*sighs* N-nothing...I'm just...trying really hard to have a nice quiet dinner. We had an...unexpected dinner guest show up. And it's awkward, that's all."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Fencer Naiad transmits, "Thackery come over for dinner?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide transmits, "Ah. I cannot help with that."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris sighs. "More awkward than that."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Fencer Naiad transmits, "Sigma declare his undying love for you again?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander Spiral Pegasus coughs.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris just sighs.

Flare Feline jus blinks a few times as the whole situation sinks in oO(I'm not seeing things....) Quickly he composes himself, as he tries to think of what he should do oO(Ok... this is SIGMA here... I should just call for backup and ... but that would result in needless damage here. And I certainly can't fight him myself... Iris seems to be taking it well... If Sigma decides to become violent there won't be much I can do... I shouldn't try to provoke him though. If Iris is taking this calmly, I should too... I'll watch him for now and make sure he doesn't do anything... I HOPE he doesn't do anything...) Narrowing his eyes, his facial expression returns to normal, and he remains silent for now. Though inside he's quite nervous.

Iris is, at the moment, more -flustered- than she is upset or alarmed. She is trying to keep a composed demeanor, though it's kind of difficult. Stealing a glance at Flare, she shrugs a shoulder slightly.
<O-Hunter> Space Case! Andromeda says, "What is that thing?"

Sigma nods once in Iris' direction, "Is that truly so hard to believe, Iris? Those that fell, regardless of means, were Reploids. Therefore, I honor them as I would any member of my faction, for they are my brethren." He takes a rather formal position in his seat, hands folding on the table, "And yes, I did. I have journeyed through several parts of the Earth in thought." Pausing, he looks over at Flare, carefully sizing him up. Seems to be quite spooked, this one, regardless of the attempt to look calm.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I'm thinking of running a hit and run raid on the Masters, and I wondered if any Hunters wanted to join in."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Andromeda transmits, "What kind of raid?"
<O-Hunter> Rigger heehees!

Flare Feline still goes over things in his mind. He's a bit bewildered at how calm Iris can be here, but that's only because he knows of Sigma from battle only, and not directly even. Iris on the other hand has likely 'talked' with Mr.Clean before, so that's probably why she's considerbly more composed, at least that's what Flare tells himself. Still, he puts up as strong a fascade as he can, even though that just a few feet away is the 'Maverick Emperor', someone who is supposed to be their sworn enemy. While Flare /should/ try to apprehend him, his common sense tells him that would fail miserably. But should he just sit here and let him talk without doing /anything/? This is a very difficult situation, and Flare finds him more confused now than shocked. In the end, he decides to just sit it out for now. He'll be ready to act if /anything/ happens though...

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I think we can knock out a power plant in notheren Africa if we hit hard and fast enough, but I'll need some help with the demolitions."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Andromeda transmits, "I have lots of training in that. I could go."

Iris folds her little hands on the table in like fashion, sitting up straighter. "You have? And...what have you been thinking about?" She knows he wants her to ask, so she doesn't disappoint him in that regard. To an extent, she plays his game because she feels somewhat in control. She has, indeed, done this before, and she isn't afraid of him...unfortunately, as Flare might notice, she is drawn in by his incredible charisma, probably without her even knowing consciously.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
[Radio] You send Iris a direct message: "Err... are you sure that we should just sit here like this?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Then meet me over Italy."

Iris sends a radio transmission to Flare Feline.
Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: " what?"

Sigma closes his eyes as he leans back, a troubled expression growing to replace his formerly calm one, "...I have been dwelling on those that were lost during the assault on my Lunar Base. Although I have claimed many myself, it is never an easy task to accept loss when the soldiers are under your direct command. I should have foresaw what was to happen, yet I allowed it. Perhaps I simply no longer wished to possess that horrid weapon. It hardly seems proper to force Reploids to join my cause." He frowns sharply while shaking his head, "They should do so of their own free will, yet we are forced to do battle. Ah, but you have come to eat and enjoy yourself, not listen to my prattle, Iris."

Iris receives a radio transmission.
[Radio] You send Iris a direct message: "Well... it's still /Sigma/ no matter how you look at it, or how friendly he may act."

Flare Feline glances at Sigma and back to Iris. He could easily make a snide comment about how he feels about the Mavericks, but he has a bit more sense than that, and opts to bite his tongue, so to speak, for now, as he privatly talks to Iris over the radio. He's still thinking over what he /should/ be doing now. But he seems to overall decide not to make any move against Sigma, unless he makes one first. Idly he sips his milk again as he tries to comprehend just how he got himself into this.

Iris never takes her gaze off of Sigma, as she slowly lifts the teacup up to her mouth to take a sip, then places it back down again. "Then you concur that...the violence done with the cannon was a regrettable action?"

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Yeah, but he isn't doing anything. He's just sitting here, right?"

Iris receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
[Radio] You send Iris a direct message: "Just.... sitting here? Well we had better hope that's /all/ he plans to do..."

Sigma's jaw clearly tightens as Iris addresses him with this question, "...I do. There surely could have been a better way, but I acted in haste. I cannot turn back the clock, however. What is done, is done, but the cannon has been destroyed. It matters very little now, as the future will not herald such destruction." Shifting, he looks directly at Iris, "To you, I apologize, as you are the only one that I wish to know of my remorse. I trust your friend cares very little of my thoughts. He's a picture of comfort, I must say."

Iris nods. "I see," she says, her voice becoming softer in tone. "I suppose the obvious question is...what now? This escalating war isn't serving anyone in any sustaining fashion."

Flare Feline certainly doesn't care for Sigma's thoughts. He's not about to be easily persuaded by some sugar-coated words. He's long had his opinion of the Mavericks formed in his mind, and it's not easily altered. Even though Iris once told him that there's part of Sigma that's not a monster, Flare still holds the belief that there is that very large part of him that IS. Though Flare grows a bit more relaxed, getting the feeling that Sigma 'probably' won't do anything just so long as he doesn't make any action against him. This isn't a battlefield, and Flare intends to keep it that way, which is why he isn't informing Repliforce that he just happens to be, more or less, having dinner with Sigma. The look on is face though, clearly shows that he has no love for Sigma or his 'cause'.

Sigma studies Iris carefully before responding, "I do not know just yet, Iris. As you can see, I'm still reeling from the blow dealt to my faction. While it isn't a crippling loss, I still mourn the defenders. I know, quite well, that I could have done more." Pausing for a long moment, he then raises a hand to snap his fingers, "Although I'm aware of what I need to do right now. A menu, please." Not chancing what might happen if Sigma becomes impatient, one of the waiters volunteers to scoot on over to the trio's table, offering said menu. Sigma nods his approval and takes it, "..."

Iris fidgets awkwardly, glancing over at Flare for a long moment. Then, her green-eyed gaze returns to Sigma. "Um...They have a good chicken cacciatore here," she says helpfully.

Flare Feline would order something himself... but that would officially make him having a meal with Sigma... and that is still too bizzare to even comprehend. He looks back at Iris, supportingly, it's about all he can do. They could just leave.. but Iris likely wouldn't just do that, even to Sigma. And Flare is certainly not going to leave her here alone. Finally, he decides to say something, first time opening his mouth since Sigma showed, directed at the waiter "I'll have some Smoked Salmon." Well he did originally come here to get something to eat. Even if Sigma happens to be a dinner partner, so be it.

Sigma glances to Iris as she makes that suggestion, "Do they? Very well then. I'll have 'Chicken Cacciatore', per my lady's suggestion." Offering the menu back, he immediately narrows his eyes, "Iris... Are you alright? Does my presence here make you uncomfortable?" It sounds as if he'd just leave if asked to. How very odd, given what an 'abomination' he's meant to be. Bringing his attention to Flare for a moment, he quirks an odd smile, "Finally coming out of your protective shell, are we?"

Flare Feline's eyes narrow just slightly at the 'my lady' comment. His lady.. right. Well he's known to be crazy. Flare speaks again, voice not betraying his inner emotions, thankfully "I came here to get something to eat, that's what you do here..." He raises his head slightly, to meet Sigma's souless gaze just for a fraction of a second before looking back to Iris "..isn't it?"

Iris blushes a little. "No, I mean...*ahem*...I didn't expect to see you just...walk right in here and join us for dinner, that's all..." Biting her lip, she looks over at Flare. "Huh? Oh. Uh...well..." She looking back down at the menu, blinking. "..." Yup. Somehow, Sigma's managed to completely fluster her. He doesn't have to work very hard to do it, either.

Sigma smiles lightly in Iris' direction before nodding to Flare, "Yes, of course." He pauses and then adds, "I apologize if my presence offends you, but know that you may rest in peace for this evening. I... Tire of violence, for now." Readjusting his attention to Iris, he offers her a, "I had forgotten how pretty you are with a blush, Iris. I'm sorry that I don't make more of an effort to see you. Is Zero well?" Odd that Sigma, of all people, asks about Zero without a reference to wanting to impale him with a pointy stick.

Flare Feline doesn't say much more. He'll eat with him, fine. But he's not about to start with small talk with the Maverick Emperor. While there are a lot of things he'd like to say to him, he's going to keep his restraint in check. He keeps looking back over to Iris, offering whatever support his presence can, in a way. She seems like she might lose herself in his sweet-talking.

Iris turns further red -- not only at the flirtatious comment, but also embarrassed at her reaction to it, a double-whammy. She -is- pretty gullible to such sweet-talk, in fact. It's landed her in many awkward situations in the past. "He is," she answers, though she hasn't actually -seen- Zero in person for quite some time, now that she thinks about it...his work keeps him awfully busy. (Maybe he's being nice,) she thinks, (Because he's lonely for a little conversation! Why can't anyone understand that? He DOES have a nice side!)

Sigma is a nice guy! He's just misunderstood! ...And insane... But mostly misunderstood! "I see. Well, I'm glad enough to hear that, Iris. You seem happy - and that pleases me while putting me at ease." He then leans back in his seat while folding his arms across his chest. "Once I've completed my dinner, I will leave both of you be, so don't worry. Then, perhaps, your friend here may cease drilling holes into me with his eyes." A light smirk rises upon his features at that comment.

Drilling holes into him? Can you blame him? Let's not forget who we're dealing with. A slight smirk forms on Flare's features, just ever so slight. "I'm sorry, but given the circumstances, can you really say you blame me? Let's not forget who we both are." A Repliforcer, and the Maverick Emperor. These two people just 'shouldn't' be friendly, now should they? "I can... appreciate that you say you're tired of violence. I know I certainly am. But I'm not about to be taken in by anything that you can say. No offense." He says the last part, as if he really doesn't mean it. He looks back to Iris again, the look in his eyes telling her not to get too caught up with him.

<Global News Network> Then, the reporter collapses as the two Mushrooms land on her. "Hi daddy! I hope you're watching TV! Grampa! Daddy! We're famous! We're on TV! Uncle Zero! We want to play one day!" Splitette glances at the camera, "Gemini, I hope you're watching.." Eyelash flutters. They both giggle, then they bounce off. The reporter twitches. "....Turn off the camera and get me out..." *Click*

<Global News Network> The image of the background is within the business section of Denver, Colorado. There are various destroyed vehicles ranging from cars and trucks. There are screams aroused in the background. Not only that, but there are two Mushrooms bouncing around in the background. The image is shifting to a young female in a tight suit. The woman is of a wolf-esque reploid with black mane. She gives off a sigh, "This is Snitch Wolf, Reporting live. We are having a disturbance of two Mavericks bouncing around.."

<Global News Network> The camera is focused on the image of Split Mushroom bouncing at a human's head. The human is dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans. Though, he also has light blue hair. "EHEHEHEH! Take that, bad man!" The child-like voice squeals. *whackwhackwhack* He pounds on the human's head, exposing a tint of blood while the human screams. Meanwhile, Splitette is bouncing on all of the vehicles, wrecking them at the impact. The camera comes back to Snitch Wolf, "We are in---" There are sounds of sirens escaping through. "The police are co--" *CRASHWHACKSMASH* "..Maybe not..."

<Global News Network> Then, the reporter collapses as the two Mushrooms land on her. "Hi daddy! I hope you're watching TV! Grampa! Daddy! We're famous! We're on TV! Uncle Zero! We want to play one day!" Splitette glances at the camera, "Gemini, I hope you're watching.." Eyelash flutters. They both giggle, then they bounce off.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "I'm responding to check that report out."

Thankfully, Iris probably has her GNN feed turned off for the evening, and she misses the enlightening broadcast. "You know," she mentions, "Regrettable things have happened on ALL sides. I think it's important to remember that. Mistakes were made."

Sigma raises a hand in Flare's direction, "I am perfectly aware of your opinions, my boy, and I do not blame you, no." And at last, their dinner arrives, "Ah, excellent. Soon, this uncomfortable evening will be over for you, now won't it?" Pausing to look at Iris, he nods, "Indeed. But efforts must be made to amend those mistakes." Thus spoken, he begins to eat.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Fencer Naiad transmits, "Hey.. was there a GNN report? I got some bits of it on shortwave but it's a bit garbled."

Flare Feline nods as his meal arrives. Finally, one step closer to being finished with this whole situation. He begins to eat when a thought strikes him. This is the second time he's eaten salmon with a maniac. The last time of course, being with a disguised Wily when he won Flare in that auction, which is something he'd sooner forget. Hopefully this time he won't wind up kidnapped, tortured, and beaten like he was before. You'd think that'd turn him off from eating, but hey, it's salmon.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sergeant Strike Mongoose transmits, "This is Strike - it looks like we've got some Maverick activity in the Great Plains region. Some assistance would be appreciated, Fencer."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Fencer Naiad transmits, "Ok, I'll be there soon"

Iris just sits there, sipping her tea and blushing. She looks more like a smitten schoolgirl, though, than someone who's flustered in the angry sort of way. (Sigh...why does this always happen?) she thinks. (He's nothing but trouble. I should stay objective.) She glances across at him scarfing down the chicken cacciatore. (...Yup. Nothing but trouble.) She casts a sidelong glance at Flare.

Sigma is nothing but trouble. At any rate, he catches Iris glancing at him, but says nothing. He only eats, remaining perfectly silent for once in his life. It isn't taking him long, either, but he's being awful graceful with his food consumption. Finally, he does actually speak, "Will this gentleman be escorting you home, Iris?"

Flare Feline would jump in and say yes, because there's no way Sigma is. But he's not going to say anything to take this already volotile situation any further. He finishes up his own meal, eyes going from Sigma to Iris. He idly wonders what the Colonel would do should he know this was going on... maybe it's best he not find out.

Iris is just a victim of that incredible persuasive and charismatic personality Sigma seems to exude at all times...she can't help falling under that influence. This is probably why her brother likes to keep a close eye on her. "Umm...well...I'm not sure...Flare? Are you?" She's still very flustered, a cute shade of pink making her face glow a bit.

Flare Feline wasn't originally going to RHQ-London, but that doesn't matter. Nodding, he says "Yeah, I'll take you back." He finishes his salmon, and drinks the rest of his milk. Yum.

Sigma has disconnected.


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