Detention Center - RHQ London

This is not a place you want to be if you're a bad guy. Stasis cell, prison cells, cells, cells, cells. There's plenty of different sizes available, each cell complete with a small (or large) bed, and a waste disposal unit. Everything's down solid, and guards are patrolling the walkways constantly, ready for anything that should occur, especially if anyone were to break free of their forcefield-blocked cells.

Ten [Main] [RF]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.

Ten is relaxing on the small bed in her cell. She is playing a Game Guardian handheld video game system, but she doesn't seem to be too into it. The jailbird looks very sad, as though something were troubling her greatly. After a moment, she just turns of the Game Guardian, and sets it aside, sighing heavily.

Down the hall in the cell block, a certain Feline enters. He's not wearing any armor, he seems to be wearing a white hospital robe. He's still recovering, but he's able to leave the medbay and move freely around the bases, even if it looks like his motor controls are acting a bit funky. Making a request with the gumbie guard on duty currently, Flare is lead down the hall, hospital cloak swishing as he walks, occasionally he stops for a second to keep himself from tripping up in himself due to brief glitches in walking protocals. Finally they reach Ten's cell. Flare stands outside of it, and motions to the guard to lower the forcefield for him to step inside, and it is raised again once Flare is in.

Ten hears the Feline enter, and looks up. The phoenix blinks several times, and quietly asks, "Flare?" Ten's expression is somewhat strange right now. She is torn between happiness at seeing her friend alive and walking, sadness at knowing that it's because of her blasting him that he is in the process of recovering, and worry over how he will act toward her. Her optic ridges quiver, unsure which of the three emotions to reflect.

Flare Feline is silent for a few moments, his expression is... unreadable. Finally, after a few moments he speaks "...Ten." That sounded more like an acknowledgement, than the start of a question, but regardless, one follows " are you doing?" There's an odd... emptiness in Flare's voice that normally isn't there, at least not when usually talking with Ten.

Ten is suddenly able to eliminate one emotion from her list. Her expression becomes a mixture of sadness and worry. The emptiness in Flare's voice was more than she could handle. She doesn't answer Flare's question. She just says, "Flare... I'm... I'm sorry." She certainly sounds like she means it.

Flare Feline doesn't respond right away, instead keeping his gaze on Ten for a few moments, before looking away to gaze around the room "I know said something like that before you fired on me." He hmms.. "Maybe it's my own fault, for underestimating the pendent..." After a moment, he adds "...or overestimating you..."

Ten blinks, and sighs again. She still sounds rather sad. "I overestimated myself, too. I took the pendant to keep it away from our enemies, and I'm sure that keeping it away from them was a very good thing, but I can't help but wonder if I really did a good job of being the keeper of the pendant. Maybe it would have been better if a different member of Repliforce had found it." She looks right at Flare. "If it would have prevented this from happening to you, then it would have definately been better."

Flare Feline is silent for a few moments more "You're right there, if I remember right, Vile and a few other Maverick's were there. Had one of them gotten it..." He sighs "But on the other hand... if a Maverick DID get it, we could have overwhelmed and detained him before he did any harm, but since it was you... we gave you the chance to hold on yourself. But in the end, there were no casualties. Just a nuked mountain, a burnt forest, and..." He pauses "...well, nothing that can't be repaired, physically."

Ten lowers her head, and goes silent for several moments. After how easily she had been able to patch things up with Elemental Dragon, she had dared to hope that Flare would quickly forgive her, too. Based on what he has been saying, it appears that such is not the case. Ten forces herself to look Flare in the optics as she says, "I'm extremely glad that you are going to make a complete physical recovery. I wish so, so much that I could fix your other wounds."

Flare Feline looks back into her optics for a few moments, before replying "I've been wounded deeper than this before, as you know, and I've recovered. But this time it will be on my own... there's nothing you can do to help me recover this time. For now... there isn't." He turns around and faces the forcefield again "But right now you had better worry about what the Colonel is going to do..." Whether Flare has really forgiven Ten or not yet, is hard to say. He /did/ request that any charges based on her attack on him be dropped, but that may not necessarily mean he's forgiven her. As he takes one step towards the gate, the his right leg suddenly gliches and gives out, and he's dropped to his knees momentarily.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lt. Ring Redwing transmits, "This is Lieutenant Redwing, I'm afraid the Masters just exploded the Ikea Store. I managed to force Freeze Man to back off and made sure Search Man is going to be resting in pieces on their new furniture. It's a real mess out here and I've got an injured UN operative here with me, anybody mind giving us a lift? I'm dead tired."

Ten nods as Flare tells her that she can't help him recover from his inner wound this time. She feels an inner wound being created in herself. She has never hurt a close friend this badly before, physically or emotionally. Ten knows at that point that she has some recovering of her own to do, and that it will be a very difficult process. However, when Flare's knee gives out, and he falls to his knees, Ten forgets all about her own emotional pain. The phoenix's optics go wide, and she quickly stands up, and rushes over toward Flare. Her tone of voice is full of concern as she asks, "Are you okay?"

Flare Feline is already in the process if standing up, and doesn't accept Ten's help should she offer "...I'm fine." He stands again "In a day or two they should be able to fix all these movement glitches..." Hm, funny. It was odd movement glitches which caused Flare's first emotionally crushing incident, and now, they're the result of the latest. But Flare's lucky he got away with just some temporary side effects, were it not for the quick thinking of the Doc, he'd have died. Or rather, while his body could have recovered, his mind would have been destroyed. In a way, Flare is sort of relieved, that he was the only real casualty out of the whole situation, but on the other hand, he just doesn't know what to think of Ten right now...

Ten slowly nods, and backs away. She sighs sadly again, bur forces herself to say one more thing. This time, her tone is determined. "Flare, if there is anything I can do to make this up to you, just say so. Anything."

Flare Feline doesn't look back at her, pausing for a few more moments, before finally saying "...there isn't." And that's all. That one sentance should have been enough of a description of how Flare feels. Which is, uncertain. Maybe he can forgive her later, maybe he's after forgiving her, maybe he can't... he probably doesn't know himself yet. It'll likely take some time, for him to get back to normal duty so he can focus his thoughts.

Ten nods, and goes back to the small cell bed. She almost says bye to Flare, but can't bring herself to do so. It has become perfectly clear to Ten that Flare no longer thinks of her the way he used to. She doesn't know if he will ever forgive her. She doesn't know if they can ever be friends again. Saying bye would feel much too symbolic right now. Ten doesn't sigh this time, though. It occus to her that Flare did come to the cell to see her. In some way, he must still care about her. That thought gives Ten some hope. Though she is still filled with grief and guilt, Ten has managed to find a small island of hope in that dark sea.

Flare Feline motions at the guard to open the forcefield, which he then stops out through, and it closes behind him. He doesn't look back at Ten. He just turns and walks, with the swishing sound of his hospital robe. Briefly, there's the sound of another stumble, and him slowly getting to his feet, and continuing walking off again.

Ten waits until Flare is long gone, then quietly whispers something. "Someday, we will be friends again. I promise it."

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