War Room - RHQ Australia

A room large enough to fit several squads of Repliforces, its almost ridiculous in size. The walls have no reinforcements, part of the back of the room is infact still rough from the carving. Several screens are placed along the walls, for all to see their commanders as they address them before battle. The command staff is able to stand on a slightly raised podium, which still leaves enough room for the General to stand, near the entrance to the room. Off to the side of the podium is a single table for about ten reploids, with a holoprojector atop of it. It appears this room serves both the planning and announcement of strikes.
Quell Quetzalcoatlus [Flying Reploid] [RF]
Silver Mane [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Phoebus [White Armor] [RF]
Blaze Dalmatian [Firefighter] [RF]
Bastion [Armored] [RF]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.

Bastion is sitting on the edge of the main raised podium/landing toward the front of the room, tapping away at a padd as he leans down and hooks up another cable to the small terminal he's placed at the edge.

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Flare Feline strides into the War Room. Perhaps a bit late, for two reasons. One he just wrapped up a training match with Jet, and two he's not used to the layout of this place yet (ICly or OOCly dar!) He walks in, looks around and tries to find a place to stand. Probably near Phoebus and any Marine gumbies present.

Fusion Phoenix sneaks into the back of the room, where he won't block anyone's view.

Blaze Dalmatian wanders her way in, armored up, helmet off. She's got it tucked under her left arm as she heads in, "Hrm..." She looks around for where she needs to be.

Quell sidles in, nodding to a few of the more familiar faces as she filters towards the middle of the throng. Finding a relatively comfortable position, she tucks her neck back. her indigo optics remain alert, skimming the area near the speaker's dias for any hint that the breifing was to begin.

Phoebus is here! Already! Score! And probably looks bored out of his/her mind. But no matter! Duty is Duty! Yah!

Ring Redwing is idly reading her manga book, waiting for Bastion to finish the preparations and begin briefing everyone here on how the Security Audit will be proceeding. She giggles once or twice at something while reading.

Bastion looks up, and grins at the turnout, better than he had hoped thus far. Standing from the edge, he snaps one more wire in place. "Commander" he says as he walks toward Phoebus. Uhoh, he's got something on his mind.

Flare Feline walks around and stands next to a particualar woman. Flare blinks at her as he tries to remember "Wait... aren't you the girl that approached myself and Dr.Snow on Christmas?" Then Bastion approaches "...Commander?" Seems like Flare's been out of the loop for longer than he thought. Since when was this girl a Commander? But then again... she does look sorta familiar... why does Nazi Germans come to mind?

[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian falls over at Flare.
[OOC] Flare Feline snickers
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian says, "Good thing Sky ain't here."
[OOC] Ring Redwing says, "Psst, Lieutenant, that's Phoebus."
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian says, "Nope."
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian says, "He's a commander."
[OOC] Flare Feline says, "No one's ever told that to me yet ;)"
[OOC] Phoebus says, "Sky?"
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian chews on Flare's tail.
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian says, "Nummy."
[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian says, "Skyblade, Phoebe."
[OOC] Phoebus says, "it was posted . on the board >"< o.o I think ^^"
[OOC] Flare Feline runs off in a comical cartoony cat way "Rowwr!"
[OOC] Phoebus says, "ahh. y.eah. x.x"

Phoebus smiles innocently towards Flare Feline. Well, it seems more like the smile you'd expect from Satan as you signed some document in blood. She nods towards Bastion and says, "Bastion.", slightly less innocently, or more less than the smile you'd expect from Satan before he...Yes.

Moonlight Kitsune has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Just to let you know, I won't be able to make the audit. If anyone needs to know, I'll be visiting a few bars and stuff, trying to get some info if I can. I need to be, I'll still have my radio on."

Bastion salutes quickly, "I could use your help coordinating part of this if you would. Namely the actual attack on the base itself." Gesturing with his hand, he points to the raised platform.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fashionable Feline transmits, "A little info at a bar. Delightfully clever Jet."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Silver Mane transmits, "I see. So visiting 'bars' is a more worthwhile use of your time than this audit?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "I think he's still worried about finding that Miss Ericson, sir."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray clearly not in a good mood. "It's following orders I got from Anthem. Unless you know the exact location of Tron, then I need to find out some how. As for Ayla's death, it's not affecting my work at all."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "Uh, I think you could just call her. Since she seems to think she's a good guy, she may just come out."

Flare Feline is at a bit of loss word words "Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were a commander.." Flare salutes himself "Commander of what faction, exactly?"

[OOC] Fusion Phoenix laughs as Flare digs his grave.
[OOC] Flare Feline gravedigs alright...

Phoebus blinks a couple times, "Muh?", she says, "Uh. ... alright.", she pauses for a few moments disconcertedly and adds, "On the base, huh? I thought you'd have-", Flare Feline speaks and she looks behind her, "Uh, well, Repliforce.", she looks back toward Bastion and says, "I thought we weren't supposed to have recently repaired soldiers here or something."

The doors to the War Room enter, allowing Silver Mane to come walking in from the hallway. He's got a laptop in his left hand, proportioned to his own design specifications, and as such, it's much bigger than most other laptops you've seen before. Looking over those already gathered here, he turns and walks towards the front of the War Room, awaiting Bastion, the man in charge of this particular exercise.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus appears content enough to let the radio chatter and pleasantries float on by. A few snippets of conversation between Flare and Phoebus drift her way, earning a quirked brow of mild curiosity before she settles into an at ease position, and returns her attention front and center

Heilen has arrived.

Moonlight Kitsune swishes her tails, slowly, eyes closed for now. Her ears listen to the movements around, as she maintains her calm demeanor, and prepares for the audit.

Bastion shakes his head, "Given this is suppose to be a true to life drill, anyone who can make it, should. We're not going to be at top shape every day of the week. Besides, we'll be using Paintball weapons to keep from actual damage, but to simulate hit and misses." Climbing up the stairs, he moves to the small terminal he placed. "All I'd like you to do, is actually lead the assault force that will be hitting the gates.

Flare Feline stiffles a 'well obviously' look. Girl's not too bright it seems "I meant what squad? And I'm not malfunctioning or anything, I just don't recall seeing you around as a Commander before." Though she does look familiar, luckily for Phoebus, Flare's not too quick at figuring these things out.

Fashionable Feline arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Fashionable Feline has arrived.

Bastion turns the terminal on, and above it, in the air above Bastion, a large 3-D holographic image of the Australian Base is displayed. The Gates and main streets outside, surrounded by a large fortress like wall. A cutaway of Ayer's Rock toward the back of the base reveals the Command Center and sensitive areas of the base, protected by the massive butte's natural defenses as well as major struts and supports. "This, as you all know, is Resolution Point. The base you are in now." Bastion begins stating the obvious. "The first thing we're going to do, is split the current people here, into two forces. Defense and offensive. Tonight we'll be doing a multiple vector assault. Through the main gates, which Commander Phoebus here will be leading. And at the same time, a prison break. I need one person with infiltration or stealth capabilities to play the prisoner."

Blaze Dalmatian folds her arms, one resting on the helmet that's held under her other arm.

Fusion Phoenix stands at the back of the room, listening to the presentation. He'll wind up on the defence force.

Silver Mane looks around the room, assessing the capabilites of everyone who's gathere here so far. As he doesn't see Slash Beast, that means that he's about the only candidate appropriate to play the part of the prisoner, "Since Slash beast is not here, Bastion.. that would most likely make me your man."

Moonlight Kitsune listens, her ears tall, as her tails slowly swish behind her. The 8 white tails slowly sway from side to side, before she opens her eyes, shifting the massive sword sheath on her back some, the pale white 'sune making her own plans.

Phoebus gets a 'I'm busy, brain overloading look' on her face and says to Flare Feline, "Er..sheesh...hope you'd know.", she looks back to Bastion, "Alright.", she looks towards Silver Mane, "Ehh...Slash Beast has to read and write stuff, don't worry 'bout it.", she looks back to Bastion and says, "Is the point of our assault to get the prison breaking guy out? Or just kill everybody inside the base?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Hey Jet?"

Quell Quetzalcoatlus hmmms to herself speculatively as the mention of the prisonbreak, combined with the frontal assualt. She appears to be sizing up the other troopers, as if trying to spot which one will volunteer -- or be volunteered. She rustles silvery-white wings once, twice, in anticipation.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "What?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Busy? Or are ya gonna help make Resolution Point a safer place?"

Flare Feline blinks as the girl walks up to address us all. oO(Who the... why does she look so familar...?)

-Flare's Memories-

Hmm... I vaguely remember a time when several of us went in to save the Colonel froma cyberspace game thingy... there was a few of us there... then something happened... we became human... who else was... *Anthem suddenly pops into view complete with a Hitler face* Ahh! Hitler Anthem! Must wash eyes!!

Flare shakes the memory off, he's close though. Now what was that...

[OOC] Blaze Dalmatian falls over laughing.
[OOC] Flare Feline bows

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Busy... Trying to finish Anthem's orders as best I can."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Ahh, that's right. Good luck defying reality."

Halo Hare arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Halo Hare has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix nods as Bastion gives his presentation, taking mental notes from his spot at the back of the room.

Flare Feline is standing with an utterly confused look on his face, trying to figure out who that female commander is that everyone else knows if Phoebus...

Ring Redwing has put away her manga book and is paying attention to Bastion's briefing. Seems everyone is eager for the audit to begin.
Fashionable Feline is just here all of a sudden.

Bastion says, "The main point to tonight, will be the prison break. However, the assault on the external defense system will also be tested through the assault diversion. Commander Phoebus will be leading the team to assault and potentially short out or take down the power grid long enough for the Prisoner to escape." A highlight shows on the chamber beneath SecDef Station. "This is the Stasis Chamber and Brig section. The Stasis Chamber itself is on a seperate power source for this excercise, so we have no mishaps." looking to Commander Mane, "Commander Silver Mane has volunteered to be our prisoner for the night. So now, the main thing I need, is a split in the forces." Looking to Phoebus, "Choose your team."

Halo Hare skids into the room. Literally. Looks like somebody was trying hard not to be -too- late. She comes in just in time to catch Bastion's speech, blinks, and then heads towards where everybody else is standing, a small sweatdrop on the back of her head.

Flare Feline blinks as Bastion mentions Phoebus and looks around for him oO(Odd, I don't see him... wait, I'm remembering something else...)

-Flare's Memories-

During the cyberspace assualt, there were more of us there... we all became human... Anthem became Hitler... and there was a girl there...*image of 'Phoebe' running down the hill towards the American Mavericks, screaming in German, in high heels...who looks just like the girl on the podium* No... couldn't be....

Flare shakes his head with a nah... until Bastion motions to the girl on stage, and calls her Phoebus. oO(No way!) Flare just stares... in disbelief.

Temporary Cookie Message, please nudge Bastion to install a new one with Pentium 1000 chip immediately.
Bastion(Dredd) pages: Dude, you deserve that!:)
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[OOC] Halo Hare nods.
[OOC] Fashionable Feline says, "Yes sir/ma'am!"
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Phoebus nods slowly and says, "Flare Feline.", immediately, since she has worked with Flare before. And then studies the others remaining and looks towards Halo Hare with a grin, "Well...since Halo Hare decided to arrive late, I'll have her too. Showing up late means she's got amazing skills and all.", she looks around some more, calls out a few random NPCs and then says, "And...Ring Redwing...Because she taught the 17th a good team cheer.", she grins slightly and then says, "And moonlight Kitsune.", she mentally runs that in her head. "I think that's about even.", it's an odd number though so... "Not sure if you're participating yourself, Bastion."

Moonlight Kitsune swishes her tails slowly, swishing slowly, rythemicly. she looks to Phoebus.

Ring Redwing notices Flare's vacant look of astonishment and goes over to wave her gloved hand in front of Flare, cus it looks like he's spaced out or something all of a sudden. "Hello! Lieutenant, snap out of it and pay attention!" As Phoebus announces she's going to be on the assault team Redwing snaps to immediate attention with a salute. Hey, she takes pride in teaching that cheer.

Blaze Dalmatian taps her fingers on her helmet, idly, as she stands around, watching the procedings. Yeah.

Flare Feline snaps back to attention as Red waves a hand in his face, and answers to Phoebus "Uh, yes sir.. err. ma'am.. err... Commander." He shakes his head again oO(...wow. The hell have I missed?) On second thought, Flare's not going to pry into this, no sir. Whatever Phoebus wants to do in his private life is his own frackin business, Flare won't get dragged into it.

One by one, names begin to ring out. Her own silence joining the hushed buzz of the cavern, Quell dips her beak speculatively, listening in.

Fashionable Feline just hangs back, leaning against a wall having no idea what is actually going on, he just heard some orders about the new base and decided to come here to check things out.

Bastion nods slightly toward the Commander, "Moonlight Kitsune actually, I think will be within the SecDef Station, working on something. We'll see how good the automated systems work under direct command of someone who is capable in the field of catching prisoners." Looking across the rest of those, "Quell Quetzalcoatlus, Blaze Dalmation, Fusion Phoenix, and Fashionable Feline you're the defense force. Normal duty in your areas. We'll be testing response times to and from the areas you are in, testing the response time of the security system and several other areas. You'll be partly controlling the turrets from just inside the walls, with potential breaches at hand as well." Tapping a key to the external wall. "Most of the security systems are focussed toward the main gates, being one of the few entry points. We'll be focussing on that tonight. Commander, move your team out."

Moonlight Kitsune swishes her tails slowly, till they finally stop. She looks to Bastion, and raises and eyebrow some. . o O(Automated? Where is the professionalism of the automated system?) She nods though, shaking the thought from her mind. she has a duty to perform.

Fusion Phoenix nods at his orders for the audit, and brings up his mental map of this place to see where he might best go to. . o O (Whish I could get a chance to look aroud this place)

Fashionable Feline perks up as his name is mentioned, "Huh? What?"

Fusion Phoenix asks a final question. "What are our rules of engagemet for the audit? Will we be using live rounds, or holo weapons?"

Fashionable Feline raises a hand, "What ride armor will I be assigned for this?"

Phoebus twitches slightly and facepalms and reminds herself to switch into Aerial sometime in the future.

Fusion Phoenix waves over his team mates to plan their defence. "Now what I want is for us to be spread out enough so that we can see them comming, but concentrated enough that we can meet them as a single group."

Fashionable Feline nods to Fusion Phoenix, "Right. I'll go secure the mess hall in a ride armor."

Bastion steps down the platform, "No ride armors he says." As he does so, he looks to Fusion. "No leader to this team Fusion. We're working as a team on this one."

Fashionable Feline awwwwws as there is no use of ride armor.

Ring Redwing waits for Phoebus to lead the assault group out, she trusts the commander to have a plan of some sort for the attack and shorting out of the Power Grid.

Fusion Phoenix nods at Bastion. "You know the base better anyway, so where do you suggest we set up?"

Silver Mane walks up to Bastion. he grins slightly, offering the laptop he's been holding onto, "Since I'll be the one attempting to break out.. you should make use of this. It's specially programmed to counter hackers and any hacking programs. Just plug it into the main system and follow its lead.. I made it to save me time in the long run. Good luck.. iris is skilled."

Phoebus ... Power Grid? ... Either way, Phoebus says, "...Alright. Lets go. Uh. Team.", she then heads towards the gate. woot.

Blaze Dalmatian hrms a bit to herself as she waits for her group to be lead out to wherever they're supposed to be. Or are they waiting in here? Either way, she's just waiting..

Phoebus enters the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Phoebus has left.

Bastion looks to Mane, and grins somewhat widely, "Sir, you're not the only one trained in that type of thing. I've already got programs designed and set as failsafes in some areas of the system." But he accepts the laptop anyways, "But, I'll make good use of all the resources I've got." Looking back at Fusion, "We move out to different areas, and then, once the strike happens, we move to the same area. Go to where you'd normally be on duty here."

Ring Redwing enters the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Ring Redwing has left.

Flare Feline follows Phoebus out. Dar!

You enter the Security Checkpoint - RHQ Australia.
Security Checkpoint - RHQ Australia

Entering the main walls of the base, brings you into several security scanners and reploids, all of which are thoroughly making sure the base is at it's top security. Security and Defense personnel move back and forth through this area, between the two guard stations to either side of the opening in the wall. Within each guard station, sit at least one Reploid, checking the coming and goings of those moving in and out of this area.

Fashionable Feline [Sorta_normal] [RF]
Phoebus [White Armor] [RF]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Open Field - RHQ Australia.
Out <O> leads to Northern Territory.

Ring Redwing arrives from the Open Field - RHQ Australia.
Ring Redwing has arrived.
Fashionable Feline enters the Open Field - RHQ Australia.
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Bastion arrives from the Open Field - RHQ Australia.
Bastion has arrived.
Blaze Dalmatian arrives from the Open Field - RHQ Australia.
Blaze Dalmatian has arrived.

A quite evening on the southern front. The gates are sealed and security systems active. At the top of the gates, two huge turret systems along with smaller ones along the wall. Nice greeting, isn't it?

Flare Feline activates his stealth mode.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Silver Mane transmits, "Sergeant Bastion.. I am in place. have Corporal Kitsune activate the security grid in the holding cells and activate my stasis chamber. ...and advise her to turn her radio on."

Phoebus studies his paintgun cheerfully, not assigning any neat duties to anybody else quite yet. "Wooh...Neat."

Ring Redwing holds her paintgun by the barrel like a club, since she's not exactly an expert on firearms, normal or otherwise. This might turn out to be an easier assault to repel than the defenders might have anticipated.

Flare Feline blinks "Err, sir.. Uh, Commander? Do you have any orders on how to proceed?" He looks at his gun. Yes it's neat, but guns are meant to be liked, not talked about!

Bastion receives a radio transmission.
Bastion sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Moonlight Kitsune transmits, "Check... Over..."
<O-Repliforce> Data Mantis says, "what?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Bastion transmits, "Okay. Moonlight, put the forcefields and security systems on active in the Brig area. And, effective immediately, communications are -jammed-."

Bastion receives a radio transmission from Fusion Phoenix.

Phoebus points the gun towards Flare Feline and says, "We're using paintball guns so we can't really do anything besides storm right through the gates. ", she seems to aim for a moment before letting the weapon drop slightly. "And Ring, uh, you point and shoot."

Flare Feline blinks "Err, we're supposed to rescue Silver Mane, right? Don't you think we should try someting a bit more... tactful?"

Ring Redwing points the handle of the paintgun towards Phoebus, "Is this the right way to point the gun?" she studies the tank of paint the dispurses the colored material into the gun. "Hmm, I don't like this color." Popping of the tank she empties the paint and then refills it with her own special red glitter paint.

Phoebus pauses for a moment, glad she picked this team. "Hmm...Sure.", she looks to Ring Redwing, "That'll be your job, okay? You can fly in while the rest of us distract the main guard. So it'd be your job to make sure Silver Mane gets out safe. mmkay?", she pauses and then adds, "Other way around."

Flare Feline sighs, now why suddenly is he /not/ the idiotic one? "If I can add a suggestion commander, I could probably be able to sneak around a lot of the security that's around without causing much of a racket."

Phoebus blinks again and says, "Well.. I dunno... hrm... I guess it doesn't matter if the frontal force gets utterly annihilated and overpowered. ... Sure! You and Ring go in then."

And so, as the night moves on, so do the Automated systems, having been programmed to recognize those outside the base as hostiles, a loud warning is emitted. "You have thirty seconds to vacate this area or surrender. Lethal force will be employed otherwise." comes the cold and harsh voice of the computer speakers.

Ring Redwing nods, remembering the details mentioned in the earlier briefing, "That's the brig area located underneation the SecDef Tower, right?" She begins gauging the cover and distance from the front entrance to the tower. Hearing the beginning of the automated security systems, she gets in ready position, hopping up and hovering just above her paintgun at the ready to dispurse bursts of glitter paint.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Bastion transmits, "Not a Radio: System sensors go off as hostiles are detected, throughout the base."

Phoebus sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline nods at Phoebus and Red "Alright then. Good luck Commander. Let's go Redwing!" And suddenly, in a flash, Flare's not standing there anymore. If you're quick enough, you could spot him up against a wall near the gate, but he's gone again then as well. Flare is visible for only instants, as he moves with impressive speed and silence.

Phoebus receives a radio transmission from Ten.

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Open Field - RHQ Australia.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Ten.

Phoebus nods towards Flare and Redwing and then gestures to the npcs, "To the gate!", and the gumbies charge the gate, not firing yet since they're using paintball guns, and Phoebus runs forward as well, humming 'Ride of the Valkyries' in her head. A couple innocent gumbies get paintballed in arms and the like and so they switch their paintball gun hands and continue.

Ring Redwing doesn't move with as much silence as the Lieutenant perhaps, but she is faster up in the air. All the base's cameras may be able to see as she takes off is a blur of red as she goes nearly supersonic. Zipping her way towards the SecDef tower and Silver Mane's stasis chamber.

Phoebus receives a radio transmission from Ten.

Flare Feline is also moving towards the SecDef tower, not quite as fast as Red, but silently. Eventually he finds himself nearing the gates as well.

Fusion Phoenix flys in from the north, noticing a red blur coming his way. He radios the paintball AA guns to fire, and shoots his own paint gun.

Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Ten.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission.

Designed for just the sort of thing as a high speed assault, Ring Redwing is hit in one of the wings with a paintball. The wound won't be debilitating, but it is a mark nonetheless. The rest of the auto-guns continue to fire.

Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline doesn't pause as Redwing is hit, though he notices it. Still, he continues onward moving silently towards the tower. If RR gets held up in the air, Flare'll likely reach it first afterall.

Ring Redwing retaliates, centering on the offending turret that managed to strike her in the wing almost immediately. She is an expert marksman after all even if she never uses guns of any sort. Locking onto the position, she sprays a medium layer of glitter paint while continuing to fly forward. Take that, automated systems!

Ring Redwing strikes Bastion with her Glitter Rush attack.

Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Ten.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.

Blaze Dalmatian is finally making her way out towards the area where the battle's taking place. She's got her paintball gun, which has been made heavier to match the weight of her Inferno Tsunami cannon...She's moving out of the entrance, to cut off these intruders..

Fusion Phoenix pulls up midair to avoid flying into his own side's fire, banking around to get another shot at Redwing. But with his hit record against her...

Fusion Phoenix misses Ring Redwing with his Grasp attack.
Ring Redwing deflects Grasp from Fusion Phoenix.

Phoebus gestures towards some npcs and has them fire paintballs towards the turrets. She then sees Fusion PHoenix try to nab Redwing and groans. He's attacking his infiltration unit! She fires a paintball at him. Hooah!

Phoebus's combat roll has succeeded against Fusion Phoenix.

Flare Feline continues to move around zipping and zig-zagging through the NPCs, basically running circles around them. He looks over and spots one of the real opposing team. Using his quick speed and stealthly silence he zips around Blaze, real-sneaky like. Finally, coming to a stop behind her, gun pointed right at her "Hello."

Flare Feline deactivates his stealth mode.

Not expecting Flare to just pop up out of nowhere, Blaze takes a step back, raising her own gun, "You wouldn't shoot an innocent firefighter, would you?" She asks. Before he can answer, though, she dives, jumping to the left, as she fires. Hit the Bullet Time button, Blaze! Bullet Time!

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has succeeded against Flare Feline.

Fusion Phoenix gets hit in the stomach, but as it would take a very powerfull weapon to penetrate his armor there, he continues to persue Redwing, trying to prevent/stop her security breach.

Stupid Flare, he should have fired first, THEN said hello. Oh well, live and learn. The paintball strikes his right shoulder, lucky for Flare he's left-handed. "Well you're not so innocent now are you?" *Blamf*

Flare Feline's combat roll has succeeded against Blaze Dalmatian.

Ring Redwing sees the ball of paint coming from Fusion's gun from a ways off and quickly withdraws her ice ring with her left hand, she hurls the nitrogen-coated ring at the paintball, exploding it and freezing the splatter. The now repainted ring plummets earthward with it's lost momentum, effectively deflected away from the Aerial Assault Trooper. She doesn't retaliate against Fusion's shot, preferring to take out turrets for now, performing some nifty aerobatics to evade the incoming shots of paint.

Ring Redwing strikes Bastion with her Glitter Rush attack.

Blaze Dalmatian takes the shot to her side. She's had worse, "I was never innocent in the first place." She takes a few sidesteps, to try and strafe around Flare, aiming for the head this time.

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has failed against Flare Feline.

Flare Feline ducks quickly. You surprised him once, but that won't happen again "Yeah, you're right. Silly me." *Ka-chack**Blamf*

Flare Feline's combat roll has failed against Blaze Dalmatian.

Oh, but then the fun begins. The security systems are far more well equipped than one would think. Several new cannons pop out of the wall, each targetting those who've managed to break into the base, energy binders held within each.

Bastion's combat roll has failed against Phoebus.

Fusion Phoenix persues Redwing, who seems to be doing the most "Dammage" to the defences. He carefully aims and fires off a burst of paint pellets.

Fusion Phoenix misses Ring Redwing with his Grasp attack.
Ring Redwing deflects Grasp from Fusion Phoenix.
Ring Redwing puts her guard down.

Bastion's combat roll has succeeded against Ring Redwing.
Bastion's combat roll has failed against Flare Feline.

Phoebus blinks a couple times and then says, "Ohfriggin'ell! Hit the deck!", the gumbies and Phoebus do 'hit the deck', and most of the paintballs miss them completely. Some are hit in nonfatal areas but Phoebus says, "Okay, all of ya, break the closer turrets first!", and the npcs in general shoot at the turrets. Phoebus, however, shoot at Fusion Phoenix again.

Phoebus's combat roll has succeeded against Fusion Phoenix.

Ring Redwing evades Fusion's second volley with ease, but the new cannons manage to take her off guard and she is bound up within the energy binders and is unable to continue the assault for the moment apparently.

Blaze Dalmatian is able to dodge this time herself, and ducks down, jumping back away from Flare, "Suck paint, feline!" She fires off a pair of shots towards his chest, aiming to pop him twice,

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has succeeded against Flare Feline.

Er, unable to continue the assault as she is covered in paint. La. But at least a lot of the new security turrets are also covered in gliterry crimson paint. Which is /not/ washable. :p

Flare Feline is struck in the leg, owowow. Bad place for nimble Flare to be hit. Readying his gun again, he aims at his canine opponent. He'd make a clever comment, but he's not feeling all to clever...

Flare Feline's combat roll has failed against Blaze Dalmatian.

Blaze Dalmatian dodges yet again, "Losing your touch, Flare?" She asks, as she charges up towards him, to try and blast him from near point blank range, and to 'hurt' him, she hopes..

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has succeeded against Flare Feline.

Fusion Phoenix girns as Redwing is forced out of the fight, but scowls as Phoebus rakes him with paint balls. Another hit or three like that and he will be "dead." He retaliates with a paint ball spray of his own.

Fusion Phoenix misses Phoebus with his Grasp attack.
Phoebus successfully deflects an attack randomly.

Flare Feline is struck again, looks like he's out of it. He kneels briefly, mimicing being hurt, before suddenly raising his gun back at Blaze "No, you just got lucky, until now." *blamf*

Flare Feline's combat roll has succeeded against Blaze Dalmatian.

Phoebus blocks Fusion PHoenix's paintball with his own paintball gun, "Hehe... Hey, it's gonna take more than that to *THWOCKBOOMSPLASHERS*", Phoebe is tied up by the energy binders and falls over, "<Censored>!"

Phoebus sends a radio transmission.

The dust on the ground seems to be a tad bit deceptive, as several areas open up and shoot out more paint (though they'd normal be energy binders)

Phoebus receives a radio transmission from Ten.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Bastion transmits, "Radio Communications are back up. Jamming is counter-jammed"

Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Bastion.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.

Blaze Dalmatian gets splattered by the paint, "Hey!" She growls, falling back. A few more hits and she's done. But she has a plan. She taps her shoulder and it flips on the searchlight, aiming it at Flare's eyes as she fires again.

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has failed against Flare Feline.

Flare Feline's not about to fall for one of his own tricks. Flare's not exactly easily blinded when one of his own skills is emitting bliding light from his own eyes. Smirking slightly, he easily dodges the bullet, and fires his paintgun again. Dar!

Flare Feline's combat roll has succeeded against Blaze Dalmatian.

Phoebus sends a radio transmission.

Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Bastion.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.

Blaze Dalmatian gets splattered again, "Grah!" She turns the light off, and then opens fire towards Flare with a flurry of paintballs, "You got my armor dirty!"

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has failed against Flare Feline.

Bastion sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.

Fusion Phoenix sees that the airborn invaders have been taken out of the picture, so he lands on the left tower and snipes at the remaining invader gumbies from there.

Phoebus sends a radio transmission to Bastion.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission from Ten.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission.
Bastion sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends a radio transmission.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.
Bastion sends a radio transmission.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Bastion sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline smirks again, dodging. This is how Flare got his groove back. "Oh sorry, I won't aim for your armor next time..." And he doesn't, this time the gun's aimed at the back of her head, as Flare quickly comes up behind her.

Flare Feline's combat roll has failed against Blaze Dalmatian.

The shot flies past her head, and she turns around, unleashing a few more blasts towards Flare, "Go down!"

Blaze Dalmatian's combat roll has succeeded against Flare Feline.

Phoebus undoes the 'game' energy bindings and groans. "Blech. Glad I don't have to clean my armor.", she chuckles softly and sends radios to the participants that she's just leaving to get something done. All the npc soldiers are down, pretty much, at this point. Flare's the only one left! DESTROY HIM! Of course, stray paint still hits Phoebus but she decides to watch before beaming the equipment away.

Flare Feline's smirk fades, as a few paintballs dart across his chest. He shouldn't have been so cocky. "...nuts." Flare mock-falls to the ground, just for effect.

Fusion Phoenix follows Phoebus's "orders" to destroy Flare. But all he has is a paint gun. Still he tries his best.

Fusion Phoenix's combat roll has failed against Flare Feline.

Bastion comes out from one of the nearby buildings, somewhat grinning, happy with the results thus far. "Good work everyone. Quite a workout on the systems, a few bugs identified because of it."

Ring Redwing considers the effect the paint drenching has on her appearance. o 0 (Not bad, maybe I should save this suit as another disguise. I could claim to work at an ice cream shoppe. I think I'll call it Rainbow Redwing!)

Phoebus nods, "Thanks. I better get going though.", and after beaming away her armor, dashjets away to meet up with Ten.

Phoebus retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Fusion Phoenix, Flare Feline, and Ring Redwing.

Flare Feline grumbles and stands, and dodges a blast by Fusion while he's at it. "Hey, I'm down already! Sheesh..." Standing up he tries to wipe some of the paint off. "Well, is that everyting here?"

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