[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "*sounding just 2 shades short of hysterical* Not Paris. Not PARIS!!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Flare Feline transmits, "What's going on Iris?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rock transmits, "Iris, calm down! What about Paris?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "Paris garrison, report."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "hmmm?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "er... ?????"
[OOC] Phoebus says, "eek"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "The Mavericks are...are mobilizing to take Paris!!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "an assault?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Iris transmits, "*piercing scream of RAGE -- goes something like this:* AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Flare Feline transmits, "Great, just great. As if there wasn't enough chaos in the world."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "hell"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "And?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...er...As opposed to...one of the usual cities they try to take over?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Ballade transmits, "It would seem someone is about to die."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "*After five minutes of signal bouncing lag* Huh? What's wrong Iris?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "My, my... It seems that someone has hurt the little wench."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Shining Firefly transmits, "Paris Medical, mobilize and prepare for wounded... help the Marines build up their defenses if you can."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*not Iris but a gumby guy in the Paris Medical facility* Roger that."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "What is your situation?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*gumby >> "All is quiet so far, sir." (OOC: I've been requested to tell you guys to hold off on deploying just yet."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "So, Repliforce, you have this one? Or do you need a hand?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "what's going on Paris?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "...She just said."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "Maverick assault?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "Very good, grasshopper."

[Radio: (D) Public] Iris transmits, "*piercing scream of RAGE -- goes something like this:* AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "Have what...aw fudge it."

You enter the France.

Ahhh, oui! France is still the romantic capitol of the word, n'est pas? France has worked hard to keep the detractive parts of modern technology from their country. The Eiffel Tower, a symbol of progress itself, is still the tallest structure in France. The strong and rigid iron spire rises above it's beloved city of Paris, looking down upon the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, and other fine French attractions of culture. Beyond the main city one can find a pleasant life of wine, love and appreciation for life. C'est excellent, non?

Blast Hornet [M]
Overdrive Ostrich [M]
[Stealthed] Maverick Variable Dropship <Pelican> [M]
Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> [Goliath] [M]
Firestorm Phoenix [Flight] [M]
Colonel [RF]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> [M]
Maverick Transport <Dinosaur Tank> [M]
Iris [Vanguard] [RF]
Utah Beach Memorial Park

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
South <S> leads to Iberian Peninsula.
Northwest <NW> leads to Great Britain.
Southeast <SE> leads to Switzerland.
North <N> leads to Flemish States.
East <E> leads to Germany.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "are you in need of backup?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Hello, I'm sorry. This is the Robot Master Hotline. All cries for help should be directed to the Who Cares, You Little Wench Hotline."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "*howls* They're NOT taking my city!!! I won't let them!!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Is it time for the pirate sing along already?"

Blast Hornet leaves the massive Maverick tank, and rises up into the air on buzzing wings. "Ok, gimme a target and I'll make sure it's leveled to the ground!" She says, and looks around for a suitable target to remove from the landscape.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "That could be taken as a yes..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "That's the spirit. I'll make sure the authorities sign Paris over to you shortly."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "At least someone with a backbone would be handling it, then."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Repliforce, the Mavericks are attacking Paris, all troops respond."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "I'm already enroute sir."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ricochet transmits, "Ricochet and Orbit, here. We're on the way."

Sewa hops out of the tank and slowly floats through the city, taking a moment to look behind her. "...My god...All this destruction...", she shakes her head, "...Nah...gotta keep a clear head...alright...", she closes her eyes and a cloak enshrouds her, "...Gotta...make sacrifices...Right...These are just sacrifices...", she sighs. That's silly and she knows it. Still, she refuses to disobey her bloodfather and so she walks slowly, keeping an eye out for enemy troops...her daggers clenched in her hands.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "Aye, sir. <Deployment orders>"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "Request permission for Kuwait garrison to remain at their post, Colonel. We could be taken advantage of if all forces are committed."

Iris is right in the city center, in the Vanguard and absolutely hopping furious-mad. ALL of the Vanguard's weapons are online...usually she only has one or two powered-up for use at any given time. Tonight, though, it's no holds barred. She's prepared to go down with her city, if need be. And her courage is fueled with knowing that her brother is nearby.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "As well as the New York and London bases. And Australia too. We don't want to lose our main bases."

Firestorm Phoenix flys up after Blast, crimson wings reflecting the city lights in odd pattern, "Ah, nothing like the small of wine, cheese, and personal hygene deficiant humans to get the old mechfluid pumping." Green optics survery the cityscape below, searching out a suitable target.

Thoom. Thoom. Thoom. Coming off from the massive tank is none other than the Maverick Ride Armor, Piranha. Inside the cockpit, the pilot pauses at the controls to flip towards a page in a book. "Let's see...aha." the pilot grabs the levers and starts manipulating it towards the city. Cue manical laughter from the boxing doggie. "Woohoo! Let's blow sh*t up!" Vigor Huskie yells, leading the ride armor into what hopefully will be a delightful ol' scrap.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Clarifcation, all troops in the European area, respond, those in other locations, remain."

Shining Firefly arrives from the Great Britain.
Shining Firefly has arrived.
Shining Firefly enters the Germany.
Shining Firefly has left.
Shining Firefly arrives from the Flemish States.
Shining Firefly has arrived.
Templar arrives from the Great Britain.
Templar has arrived.

The tremendous Dinosaur Tank plows mercilessly through the city, ripping apart landmark after landmark in it's wake as the Parisian street are simply ravaged by it's path. And as it charges into the city, the Mavericks come pouring out... Wave upon wave of drones fill out of the vehicle, leaping from the various exits on the mammoth tank, in addition to the /true/ threat - Namely, Mavericks. Finally slowing to a stop as it charges up it's defense systems to begin the assault on the weakly defended city, the man in -charge- of the most widespread tactical operation since the Repliforce Island Siege makes his own presence known, determined to silence the city before the inevitable Repliforce response.

<<Silence /all/ enemy forces... Establish control. Collateral damage... Is acceptable.>> With a cold, gravelly snarl, Vile appears in his Ride Armor, launching from within the Dinosaur Tank as it hits a highway, shattering concrete as it skids across the city, claws outstretched and firing... As, in it's wake... There are only explosions. Slamming on the brakes, the mighty Goliath Ride Armor slows to a stop in a hail of asphalt and the first debris of the battle. Rising up mightily on it's haunches with a roar of hydraulics, the battle... Begins.

Gale Sorcerer arrives from the Sky Above Western Europe.
Gale Sorcerer has arrived.

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Lets see if I can diagnose what the cause for that strange outburst was... Hmmmm..."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "1. Zero just told you that Sonic Banshee was having his child."

Overdrive Ostrich slews the Pelican in over the city, "skidding" through the air in a direction it almost certainly shouldn't go. The curved lower "beak" swings open and deploys a wave of gumbies in the square surrounding the Arc d'Triumph: Roadhogs race down the streets, Joes on light hoverbikes behind, all with a wing of dragonflies for air support. And in the back, Overdrive leaps from the ship and glances around for resistance.

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "2. Colonel just told you he was pregnant with Sonic banshee's child."

[Radio: (D) Public] Magnet Man transmits, "...duuuuude. Twisted."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "But I think 3. is the best choice."

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Zero is pregnant with Colonel's child?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Someone just ripped all the synthflesh off you..."

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "That just... f*cked up."

Gale Sorcerer activates his stealth mode.

As the Mavericks attack the citizens of Paris begin to flee, leaping into their cars they speed down the highway with their pedals to the medal. Running in the opposite direction to the oncoming cars and stealing Megaman's bit Colonel is running, the sides of his great coat flapping madly as he takes massive strides down the scene of chaos. Snapping of orders into his radio he can see the chaos in the distance, snapping out his sabre, the red blade glowing furiously he leaps into the sky and with two quick slashes cuts two hovering bee like drone in half and they crash into the water on either side of the bridge. Colonel lands back onto the ground on his solid reploid booted feet.

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Oh, wait, someone already did that to you once."

[Radio: (D) Public] Guts Man transmits, "I'd pay good money to see such a freak child."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Well, I'm out of ideas..."

<Global News Network> Whatever your watching is /gone/, now, replaced only briefly with the words, "BREAKING NEWS!" scrawled across the screen... Before a scene of havoc fills the screen. Paris, the City of Lights, now reduced to a battlefield. The Maverick Dinosaur Tank is shown having torn through the city limits as Mavericks absolutely pour out of it, raising all Hell in the city. Explosions and energy fire can be seen throughout the screen. A variety of flying Mavericks and Ride Armors can be seen, as well as the immediate response - In the former of Colonel, whom the camera zooms in on as he dashes up into the city, intent on saving his home. Commentary is rather obvious; Paris under massive Maverick Attack! Oh, the humanity!

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Signas transmits, "Repliforce! Do you require assistance in your defense of the city?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Hey ,look, it's Barney the Maverick Dinosaur."

Bursts of energy start to destroy the fleeing cars as the hoverbike Joes begin firing on fleeing civilians. Roadhogs tear though cars left and right, and Overdrive Ostrich vectors toward the other Maverick forces.

[Radio: (D) Public] Wildrider transmits, "Oh look, it's the lighter I lost in the New York Sewers when I was twelve!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Oh, that's why Wench girl was screaming."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Colonel transmits, "Negative, we can defend our own city."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "Great to be so loved. Have fun out there."

Sewa catches sight of...what's this? A giant hulking mecha! The Vanguard! ... Iris. She also sees tons and tons and tons of soldiers charging. Someone tries to pick her up, mistaking her for a civilian, but Sewa as a reflex Electroshocks him and he falls towards the ground, unconciouss but not hurt. Looks like she just disrupted his systems. She erks and blinks away, not wanting anybody to actually see or pay attention to this...and she appears right before Iris's mecha. "Hooh...", she says softly to herself, oddly enough not realizing she ported right in front of a giant mecha.

Templar will show up with the other reinforcements. Until which point, the Mavs are probably having a field day with the relatively tiny garrison in Paris.

Blast Hornet fires off several high-powered explosives from her launcher, laughing as the bombs rip through nearby buildings like they were made of paper. "Well, this ought to be fun enough... But the real fireworks'll be flying when the Repliforce and Hunters show up!"
Iris narrows her eyes, and she flicks the Vanguard's external speakers on. "<< Get the hell out of Paris, >>" she greets. The people here are known for their hospitality, apparently...especially when they're being invaded. Several of the Vanguard's weapons begin to hum as they power up.

With the squealing whistle of missiles streaking through the air by the dozen, an equilvalent number of fleeing vehicles near Colonel promptly burst into an explosion of shattered steel and flame... Unless, that is, the heroic Repliforcer can manage to deflect them all. The source? The Maverick General, Vile, his shoulder-mounted missile rack being internally reloaded by the Goliath... The same Ride Armor which is slowly stomping down the highway at fifty miles an hour, cleaning up the escapees as it charges through the most obvious target, in the Colonel. Leaving a wake of destruction behind him as he passes, the daunting Vile merely streaks towards Colonel, spiked-mecha claws whirring and squealing as he barks orders off over the comm system.

<<Destroy them /all/. Take -no- prisoners!>>

Rumbling forward, Vile finally cracks off a transmission to /Colonel/, directly. <<You can't protect them... Not all of them. Prepare for it, Colonel! *hissing* Prepare to feel the agony of loss!>>

Flare Feline's running form begins to come into view. He ran all the way from London, thankfully the cat's helluva fast. As he approaches battlefield, he can only gape at the amount of them oO(Attacking Paris like this... this is new.) Well the fire cat's not about to let Iris and Colonel down, he'll fight till to the death if he has to, preferably his enemy's. For now as he runs through the streets spotting both Maverick, and Repliforcer, he doesn't even know where to begin. In a situation like this, there normally isn't specific orders, just blow the crap out of the enemy, and defend the place. Works for Flare. Drawing his claws he quickly looks around for a significant threat.

Gale Sorcerer enters the Sky Above Western Europe.
Gale Sorcerer has left.

Thoom! Thoom! Thoom! The Piranha continues its march, making quite a few potholes in the pavement as the Ride Armor passes by. But that's what taxpayers are for, right? Oh well, the pilot doesn't care. Nowhere in his orders did it mention to "watch where you step". Laughing gleefully, the boxer pilots the armor...straight towards a building. "Hmm..." The cannon on the left shoulder aims itself towards it, and then, a -LARGE- torpedo is shot out! "HOOHAH!" BABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! "...sweet.

Firestorm Phoenix peers about the city below, looking for potential targets. Spotting French military units moving through the streets, Firestorm descends quickly, unleashing a volley of missiles against the hapless defense forces, "Hmm, ever true to history, Paris shall as easily as it has in centuries past."

Sewa sends a text transmission to Iris, <I can't let you harm my family. I'll try not to hurt you. I'm sorry.>, she points out her hand towards Iris and it starts to crackle with electricity. while she ignites the flames on her flamethrower. She doesn't attack yet though. <Even if they shouldn't be doing this...>

A tiny swarm of orange fireflies coalesces over the chaos that was once Paris. The two halves of Shining Firefly's image converge in the blink of an eye, and Shining looks down. "My goodness... no, this won't do at all." He glances behind him, where additional MSE troops from Marseilles are rapidly approaching Paris. They're going to need them all...

A fleet of Repliforce dropships, escorted by a mass of Aerial reploids, charges through the horizon and nears the city. It's positively massive - although troopers listening to the radio realize that for once, they don't have numbers on their side. Templar's with them, having been charged with the situation while Phoebus hangs back at base on a hunch.

*Slash, slash, slash* Colonel flies through about ten Joes, and strikes a dramatic crouching pose with his sabre as one by one they all explode behind him. Leaping off the ground he brings the hilt of his sabre down onto one of the glowing red eyes of another Joe and it cracks before the head lets out a wisp of smoke and the body falls to the ground, bursting into a ball of fire. Colonel continues to make his way into the city, leaving a trail of dead Maverick Drones in his wake as he does so. Seeing Vile in his Goliath approach Colonel narrows his eyes and stops, holding out his red glowing sabre in his direction.


One might wonder why none of the Repliforce pendant bearers have shown up yet. Probably off somewhere with all the other pendant bearers, where the food is really good and idiot gumbies are serving drinks. Either that, or strapped to a medtable, being vivasected - ah, the joys of being a government employee.

Of course, the question then remains - why does a gigantic spike suddenly protrude from the ground... aimed directly at the Maverick Ride Armor, Pirranha?

A grunting sound is audible as the ground itself shakes behind the rising spike, the earth parting and swallowing up a goodly number of Maverick gumbies, as two forms emerge... a Repliforce humaform... and a replirat. Ricochet and Orbit. "I don't think so, Maverick."

Blast Hornet fires down more bombs, leaving rubble and flames in her wake. "Well, burning the buildings is all well and good, but I want some real excitement." She says, and buzzes through the air of the city, firing down at any gumby resistance that turns her way.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Rising Spire attack.

Overdrive Ostrich pauses to watch the huge opposing dropship roar over the city. He takes off toward the ship, directing his squad of drones into battle with its escorts..

Iris advances toward Sewa. "<< It isn't you, it's this stupid war!! I'm utterly fed up with it!! And this is the LAST straw -- NO ONE insults Paris in this way -- NO ONE!! >>" With that, the Vanguard 'jogs' forward a few steps, and tries to punt Sewa like a football.

Iris strikes Sewa with her Kick attack.

Firestorm Phoenix moves along with Blast, assaulting any form of resistance he sees, from local denfense forces, to police officers, to idiot civilians weilding cheap wine and moldy cheese.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> is sliced neatly by the spike - and the pilot yelps in surprises, quickly pulling the levers full-tilt backwards to get said ride armor away from the spike. The pilot -GLARES- down at the Forcer and his little...rat. <Get outta here, Squirt.> is snarled from the intercom. <You're outta your league.> Hrm - seems that somebody doesn't recognize a bearer. Is he in for a world of pain? Or will the Ride Armor emerge victorious? Does anybody care? Either way...an arm lunges out, trying to snag Ricochet around the middle, and -crush- him with the jaws.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> misses Ricochet with its Chomp Punch attack.

Sewa is punted and gets slammed away and hits a wall of a building. She slumps down for a moment... And then her cloak fades away and reveals Grace. "...You gave up so soon, bloodmother.", it's Grace's voice but definately not her personality. This is evident in that Sewa will blink towards the Vanguard's midarmored area and fire a burst of flame towards it with a suddenly drawn vibrodagger and flamethrower. FWOOM!

Sewa strikes Iris with her Flamethrower attack.

Morph Moth has arrived.

The mighty Goliath and it's diminutive but intimidating pilot screech forward through the city, twisting around rampantly throughout the course of the battle as it impales Repliforcer after Repliforcer on it's razor sharp claws, gathering a shish-kebab of Colonel's trusted men as he slowly wades through the combat towards his ultimate goal. As the duo finally near each other in a dramatic approach of opposing interests, the Goliath merely pauses as it rises up to it's full, mighty height... Before lifting one of it's spiked claws into the air and whipping it to the ground, throwing at least four corpses free from the blade as they smash against the ground.

<<It's coming... Can you /feel/ it? Can you feel -my- world coming....? I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL IT!>>

With that, the Goliath crouches and actually lunges forward, arcing one arm towards Colonel in an effort to smash him with the corpses of his own 'Forcers.

The Aerials fan out, their ultra-precise, drilled maneuvers dissolving slowly from the tidal roar of destruction, as the few Repliforcers still standing from the initial assault try to put a dent in the advancing hordes. As one, the dropships fall down to deployment altitude, and soldiers leap out brandishing weapons. The Marine XO, Templar, also deploys at this moment, flying fearlessly (and perhaps stupidly) towards the front lines. Repliforcers meet Mavericks in a frenzied tidal roar of battle, and fire sweeps through the streets.

The first Maverick that passes anywhere close to Shining Firefly is a hornet-like reploid. Shining looks around frantically for any Aerial units, and despairs when he sees none in wait. Summoning up all the bravado he doesn't really have, Shining shouts, "You there! Stop, or I'll shoot!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "*sobs* Oh my god...it's Grace...my own daughter is attacking me..."

<Global News Network> From a random Camera Crew in Berlin: A quiet day on the eastern front, (Paris being the Western one at the moment). People out and about, then the day is covered by this shadow, the shadow of impending doom, as the Osprey arrives and hovers over Berlin, letting loose dozens upon dozens of Mavericks.

[Radio: (D) Public] Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "... You have a daughter?"

Ricochet doesn't even try to move... his pendant glowing brightly. His entire form is surrounded with a faint, barely perceptable glow, yellow in some places... crimson in others. His optics meet the ride armor's optical sensors dead on... "BITE ME, ASSHOLE!" he roars, shooting out his arms as the claws come in... stopping the crush cold. His fingers dig into the armor, sinking holes into it, and with a grunt, he heaves the armor overhead... and if said armor can't do anything, right onto where it's head should be.

Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> misses Colonel with its Smash attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "... what going on there?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "Iris, calm down. I'm sure it's just a trick... A horrid one, but a trick."

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Crush attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "argh, now Berlin. What's their big plan today?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Blade Raven transmits, "You'd think they'd leave the damn place alone by now."

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "Damn it. Repliforce.... How much can you send to berlin?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Argh. Typical. They're gonna be launching a multiple vector assault. Don't send everybody to Berlin. Keep whom you can back to handle a third attack."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Blade Raven transmits, "I'm heading to Berlin myself."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "Like hell."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Colonel transmits, "The majority of our European forces are engaged in Paris."

Firestorm Phoenix continues to reign fiery and explosive destruction down upon the city below, leveling whatever dares to point a weapon at him. Though oddly enough, he ignores fleeing civilains.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "Damn it."

Firestorm Phoenix changes into his Heavy armor.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "We're sending support to Berlin."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Signas transmits, "Repliforce, I shall assist you in Berlin."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "Took the words outta my mouth."

Morph Moth leaps out of the Osprey, ready for battle, hands and antenna twitching in anticipation. He hopes that that feline Repliforcer with the bad taste in clothes shows up. The Moth owes him for those last two humiliating defeats.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "Repliforce, you can't tell us you won't need backup now. We're on our way to Berlin."

Blast Hornet looks at the chubby buzzing Reploid, Shining Firefly. "'Stop or I'll shoot'? How cliche! Couldn't you think of anything a little more creative? Or is all the electricity in your body being diverted away from your head and into your butt?" She asks. "Well, I'll stop attacking the city now if you'd like. I'm sure you'll make for a much more entertaining target!" The Maverick wasp femme says, and buzzes towards Shining Firefly with her long stinger extended. "En guarde!"

Blast Hornet strikes Shining Firefly with her Pulse Stinger attack.
From the massive Vanguard, comes...a tiny sobbing, and Iris backs off from the disguised Sewa as if repelled in horror. Then, she concentrates on calming down, and assessing the situation. (My brother's right -- that couldn't be Grace...it's some sort of trick!) With a Zero-like growl of annoyance, she activates the crystal weaponry on the Vanguard, and ports open on the Vanguard's shoulders, spraying Sewa's area with laser-fire. "<< No more tricks!!! >>" she screams.

Iris misses Sewa with her Crystal Lasers attack.

Flare Feline is /not/ Fashionable Feline, let's get that straight right now. Not. Fashionable. But he is a Feline, so that should be close enough for the Maverick Flare just spotted. Dashing ahead, he leaps into the air, with a nice mid-air roundhouse kick, one of Flare's standard greetings in combat "Hey Mothy! Heads up!" *spin*spin*kick*

You strike Morph Moth with your Feline Fury attack.

Templar sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Templar.

Shining Firefly curses loudly as the stingers graze his armor and leave long gashes. He needs to learn that, in an invasion, you shoot first and ask questions later. It hurts, but as long as one more Maverick isn't hurting innocents... Shining rushes Blast in mid-air and brandishes his walking stick.

Shining Firefly misses Blast Hornet with his Walking Stick attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Dr. Pavel Cossack.

"The only thing I feel coming, is your impending death if you do not leave this city at once!" As the Goliath sends its arm in the direction of the valiant Repliforce XO, Colonel ducks underneath it, rolling onto his back slightly he climbs quickly to his feet in a crouch, and then springs upwards, lunging the glowing red blade directly at the hydraulic mechanisms on the Goliath's exposed elbow, trying to sever it and possibly cut this arm off all together.

Colonel misses Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> with his Sabre Lunge attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Templar.
Templar receives a radio transmission.

Sewa Flies around in a few different directions, dodging the lasers for a few moments. She appears behind Iris and says in Grace's voice, "It's no trick! You are fighting Grace...You are fighting peace... We're all..fighting her...It's horrible...isn't it?", she then dashes forward and tries to stab the Vanguard in the back. "I'm sorry..."

Sewa misses Iris with her Circle attack.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Dr. Pavel Cossack.

Morph Moth grunts as his head is indeed jerked up as Flare's kick connects solidly with his face. Flying away a distance, he rubs his jaw approximately near where his mouth should be tenderly. "What is it with Repliforce and their cats with flashy moves? Bah, something must be done to remedy this problem. And I've just the thing." Swooshing over Flare's head, Morph lets loose with a rain of junk parts.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I am enroute to Berlin,"

Morph Moth misses you with his Junk Rain attack.

Overdrive Ostrich tears into combat with the RF drones leading his own screen of gumbies, saving his Sonic Slicer energy as he attacks with arm blades and crushing kicks..

The Goliath will submit to no such thing. Overshooting Colonel as it's claw flies inaccurately, Vile simply pauses, his hands wrapping firmly around the controls as he manipulates them as if he were a grand pianist. Now able to speak to Colonel face to face, his voice rasping over the open cockpit of the Goliath, Vile speaks. "Now, now, Colonel... Paris is going to fall, tonight. I will make it happen. And you willl lay down and die along with it!" With Colonel's well-timed lunge, the Goliath revelas a trick of it's own, as the entire arm spins /around/ three hundred and sixty degrees, pulling away from Colonel with a whoosh of a metric ton of durasteel whipping through the air... And, naturally, it winds up right where it began, as it moves to lodge the blades into Colonel's back.

Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> strikes Colonel with its Spike Impale attack.

Colonel is temporarily disoriented by Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath>'s Spike Impale attack.

Blast Hornet buzzes her wings, and dodges the incoming stick. "Oh, a stick? Could you possibly be more pathetic?" Blast Hornet says, and buzzes a circle around Shining Firefly. "Now, if you want to fight someone, you've got to actually do something about it. Spew off a few phrases, make an insult or two, then attack liek you mean it!" She cries, and levels her launcher arm at the other aerial insect-reploid, and fires off a single round explosive. Which will explode in a shower of sharp shrapnel, if it hits.

Blast Hornet misses Shining Firefly with her Shrapnel Bomb attack.

Iris shakes her head, her rage building. She doesn't normally have to deal with her rage, but this particular test is trying her patience severely. "<< No, you're lying!! >>" comes the retort from the Vanguard's speakers. "<< You're just trying to trick me! Well, it won't work -- I -know- where Grace is, and she isn't anywhere near here! >>" With that, the Vanguard clenches hands into fists, and lunges toward Sewa in a battering fashion.

Flare Feline is a nimble little kitty, and evades the junk pieces with relative ease. Not one to get too high on a success though, Flare draws out his claws and leaps into the air again, snarling "If you value your well-being, get out of this city. You maniacs do enough damage as it is. I wish you'd all just give it up!" Sailing upwards towards his opponent, Flare extends his hand, not in greeting, but in a fierce slashy motion. Raar.

Iris strikes Sewa with her Smash attack.

You miss Morph Moth with your Cat Scratch attack.

Firestorm Phoenix moves through the city unhindered for the time being, seems all the troops are preoccupied else where. He launches off fireballs and missiles at various intervals, untill he notices the Vanguard, something he's faced before. He then takes notice of Grace... "The heck? Grace is dead..." Firestorm's mind races as he tries to figure out whats going on, then it dawns on him and he sends out a radio transmission. <Sewa, where are you?> For the time being he simply hovers in the air though.

A small sweatdrop appears on the back of Vigor's head as Ricochet stops the lunge. "Uh...what..." And then, he stares dubiously at the crush as the Ride Armor is comically...-lifted- off the ground a bit, and tossed into the building it so recently blew up. How ironic. BAAAAM! "YEAAAAAAAAAGH!" Dust and rubble cover the Ride Armor as the rest of the building...collapses. Is it gone?

Hell no. The rubble shifts, and suddenly, another torpedo is shot from the cannon! Straight at Ricochet. "Merry Chrismas," Vigor snarls, after glancing at the monitors. Damage minimal...hrm. Time to teach this suckah a lesson!

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> misses Ricochet with its Ichthyo Torpedo attack.

Shining Firefly recognizes the general design and purpose of the bomb and dives as quickly as he can manage. He realizes with a wince that it will cause damage on the ground below, but he has no time for regrets now. The scientist aims a hand up at Blast Hornet and fires a string of green laserlight spheres. "I have to stop her..."

Shining Firefly misses Blast Hornet with his Laser Pulse attack.

Struck in the back by the blade Colonel is temporarily unable to launch any counter attack. And not having anything to say to the mad Maverick General he simply tries to swipe his sabre behind him and cut whatever it is that is lodged in his back and preventing him from moving.

Sewa doesn't reply to Firestorm. She knows Iris can intercept transmissions. Still, she gets smashed away by Iris and takes a moment to readjust herself, some mechafluid dripping out of her cut lip... "Grace isn't dead yet. Her dream isn't dead yet. Don't you care about that?", she holds hands in a kamehameha position and a large bolt of electricity is flung towards the Vanguard from Sewa's own fingertips. And then another. And then another. Each one trying to hit the Vanguard.
[OOC] Ricochet says, "Meh. Now i'ts MY turn to be called AFK. BRB."

Sewa misses Iris with her Chain Lightning attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "Berlin, Paris. Please report."

Morph Moth has had experience fighting with nible felines however, and anticipates the leap. Morph catches Flare's hand with his own hand careful of the extended claws and smiles smugly before replying, "I don't value my well-being, after all I happen to be able to regenerate from just about anything. Although I'm not sure I can say the same for you. Perhaps you should think about backing down, but you probably won't much like your other fellow feline comrades." After that short speech, Morph let's fly with his metamorphic laser, concentrating the blast from within the hand that holds Flare's and letting the energy spew forth at point-blank range.

Morph Moth misses you with his Metamorphic Laser attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "We are badly outnumbered in Berlin."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "We're en rout."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Bet that's there real target."

Blast Hornet ducks away just in time, and the beam streaks on past her, narrowly missing her shoulder and wings. "Well, that was better than a stick, but still not good enough." The hornet femme says, and buzzes her wings. "Here, get an earful of this!" She says, and creates a wave of supersonic sound with her wings, hoping to disorient Shining Firefly for a moment.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Colonel transmits, "*sound of beam sabre, sound of large mecha* We are *clang* holding for now in Paris. *smash*"

Blast Hornet strikes Shining Firefly with her Supersonic Buzz attack.

Shining Firefly is temporarily disoriented by Blast Hornet's Supersonic Buzz attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Pits. Sigma's here too, shouting in German."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "oh my"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Shoot him."

Vile lifts the impaled Colonel up towards the cockpit, staring at him coldly as his optic flares, able to have a bit of a less fiery audience with the contained Repliforce XO. "You're going to /die/, Colonel... And your sister too. And this city will be in chains. This is the seed... Soon, the fruit it bears will consume everything." The Goliath repeats the bloody whip it enacted before on the gumbies, slashing it's arm through the air to throw Colonel onto a nearby automobile, burnt out and flattened from a Goliath assault. Launching him harshly into it, Vile navigates closer, charging the energy cannons as he moves on. This would be easier than he had intended...

<<Status report. What is your kill count??>>

Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> strikes Colonel with its Throw attack.

Even though Flare was posed at completely close-ended with no way to get out, he dodges! Well basically he managed to get out of Morphy's grip before the laser goes off. As he sails towards the ground, his palm is still open, facing up at the Moth "'Fraid I can't do that, Maverick. The people here are depending on us, we're not about to let them down!" His plam glows with a red energy as a small firey orb is formed in his hand, and he flings it. Time to play hardball.

You miss Morph Moth with your Flare Bomb attack.

Firestorm Phoenix frowns as he gets no responce. He knows where the other mavericks are. But he's lost track of Sewa, so he makes the logical conclusion and dives. He streaks down at the Vanguard, golden form bursting into flames as moves. Throwing his arms up infront of his face, Firestorm streaks downward, intending to ram the Vanguard, "Leave her alone you witch!" Woo, isn't everyone protective of the kid?
Firestorm Phoenix strikes Iris with his Phoenix Dive attack.

Shining Firefly clamps his hands over his ears. It's all he can do to stop himself from falling out of the sky. u_u;

Ricochet's optics narrow as the torpedo tears through the air... the explosive headed straight for him. His body glows with even more energy... fully in combat mode, drawing deeply of the pendant's power. "ORBIT!" he roars out, gesturing towards the torpedo.

And with surprising speed and gusto, the electrorat tears through the air, striking the torpedo down. It explodes, harmlessly, in the ground as the rat bounds away... "GOOD JOB! NOW, THE MAVERICK!" "*BLORP!*" replies Orbit... who's body shares the same glow as Ricochet... except now it starts sparkling with electricity. With a grunt, the ratmouse hurls itself towards the Piranha... attempting to ram it headlong.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Orbit Crush attack.

Overdrive Ostrich accelerates to his top speed and heads for the city limits, breaking windows as he runs and starts to circle the city. It isn't all that hard to jump a river at this speed..

The Vanguard manages to duck, cover, and evade Sewa's attack...only to get rammed from behind by the incoming Firestorm, a completely unexpected attack. "<< Oof!! >>" The Vanguard tips forward, though Iris manages to stop it from tipping outright. She turns toward this new aggressor, swinging blindly at him with her fist. "<< Who's in the wrong here, I ask you!! >>"

Iris misses Firestorm Phoenix with her Punch attack.

Landing on the car with a heavy thud Colonel rolls off quickly and crouches down behind the burning hulk of metal so as to keep out of the way of Goliath's rather nasty energy canons. "You'll be the one dying today, traitor." Colonel calls out, taking a moment to snap a few orders out over the radio. Knowing he'll have to disable the Goliath's targeting systems or he'll just get blown to pieces when he comes out he leaps out from behind the car and sweeps his sword at the mecha, sending a wave of disruptive EMP at it.

Colonel misses Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> with his Emp Blast attack.

Sewa flies back for a few moments, "...Iris...We're...", she shakes her head, "We're in the wrong...", she's using Grace's voice of course, "But duty...There's...duty.", she's obviously having a hard time coordinating her attacks and she blasts backwards for a moment before ramming at Iris at full speed. "We're both in the wrong!", tears briefly are seen in her eyes.

Blast Hornet tosses back her head and laughs at Shining Firefly, and loads another explosive into her bee-hive shaped launcher. "Well, now I've got you at my disposal. What shall I do with you?" She muses gently, and takes aim. "How about some pretty fireworks?" She asks, although not expecting much of an answer from the writhing firefly, and fires off a few projectiles which explode into brightly colored clouds of light and sound. Violet, white, and red explosions light the sky, with Shining Firefly in the center.

Sewa misses Iris with her Ram attack.

Blast Hornet strikes Shining Firefly with her Fireworks attack.

Morph Moth growls as the other F. Feline manages to disengage in time to dodge the laser blast and then send a flaming explosive hurling back. "Well, I'm sure you Repliforcers know all about dependence given that you depend on humans for everything you have. You've never had to fend for yourselves, everything you have is provided you by the humans and their pitiful government. Your kind makes me sick. Now hold still so I can destroy you." With an internal locking sound, Morph brings his homing systems online and then with a flap of his wings, sends a swarm of acidic powder down at Flare.

Morph Moth misses you with his Stun Powder attack.

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Firestorm Phoenix.

Firestorm Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Colonel's EMP slash arcs through their, precariously close to the Goliath so that he /can't/ evade, no matter how excellent a pilot or how responsive the Goliath's mammoth servos may be. The torso slides open, revealing all the energy that had been charged over the past few moments, before letting loose with a massive purple orb of electricity which streaks forward to meet Colonel's slash. The duo of strikes cancel each other out with a fizzle and crackle of ionized air, before the Goliath dashes forward again, outstretching one mighty fist.

Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> misses Colonel with its Spiked Fist attack.

Flare Feline doesn't hold still, he dodges, mwar!" Er, hold still? I think you're a bit confused as to how the whole combat routine goes. I'm not about to just stand here and let you take me down. ...though I wouldn't mind so terribly if you did that for me." As he's saying all that, he's dashing towards the Moth, and leaps up at him again, claws out, this time a wave of fire is emitted from the plam blasters to make his scratch-power even more painful! Dar-har!

You strike Morph Moth with your Flame Claw attack.

Firestorm Phoenix grunts as he slams into the Vanguard. Crimson wings spread wide as hidden thrusters rocket him backward, aided by the rebounding effect he upon impacting with the ride armor. The fist meets air as Firestorm jets back briefly, "We are not in the wrong. We wish for a better world, one that can only be achieved under the reign of Sigma." Ah, maverick propaganda at its best. "But this does not matter. I will not allow you to harm the young one." With that said, Firestorm's right hand contorts and slips into his forearm, bringing about a buster style weapon. Which is promptly leveled on the Vanguard, a stream of fire pouring from the barrel as the Phoenix sweeps the weapon across the area of the Vanguard.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "*Sound of wind and storm* Can we scrape up any help for Berlin?"

Firestorm Phoenix strikes Iris with his Flamethrower attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "We're just arriving."

The Piranha steps backwards, more to balance itself from the ram. The pilot narrows his eyes, attempting to swat at the rat before turning his attention back to Ricochet. <You know, I -really- don't like you.> is the taunt relayed from the speakers as the "jaws" click-clack menacingly. Inside, Vigor Huskie glances at the levers. "Hm...HAH-HAH!" With a cry of triumph, he grabs ahold of them again, as if a sudden idea has popped into his dirty little mind. Yanking one, the right shoulder cannon hums softly...before with a >THOOM!<, an explosive is launched out of said cannon. <Happy Hanukkah!> Well, maybe -that-'ll work. <And L'Chaim to the new age of Mavericks!>

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> strikes Ricochet with its Depth Charge attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Aerial Commander Ten transmits, "Huh? Berlin? Sounds like I spent too much time in the recharge cycle again. I'll head right there!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Be careful, Ten."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Blade Raven transmits, "We need the city standing. Try not to forget that, Ten."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Flare Feline transmits, "...watch yourself Ten."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Chill Snowcat transmits, "Can I help? I'm not doin anything really"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Aerial Commander Ten transmits, "I think I know what I'm doing, thank you all very much!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "I know, but I have to tell you that anyway. It's custom."

Ricochet, unfortunately, isn't quite fast enough to catch THAT one before it explodes. The blast sends him hurtling back, landing hard on his backside, a loud *CRUNCH* sound accompanying his landing. Orbit lands near him as the two groan, quietly... the power of Uranus faltering for a second. Then... it resumes, reasserting itself around the duo, as Ricochet and Orbit force themselves to their feet... optics locking on the Ride Armor once again. "Feeling's mutual..." he coughs, HARD, as a few sprockets come out. Raising his hand, the ground around the Piranha begins coming up,... swirling into a cyclone that will surround it... and perhaps drain the very energy from the vehicle into himself.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Spirit Of The Earth attack.

Wing Zero leaps and avoids Epyon's attack, err, wrong anime, Colonel leaps upward, avoiding the incoming fist of death from the Ride Armour and with a flare of some blew jets in his back comes to a quick landing on the shoulder of the Goliath. Moving quickly he leaps foward to reach forward into the open cockpit and tries to smash the controls with a clenched fist in front of the Maverick General.
Colonel strikes Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> with his Punch attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "I'm sure they didn't mean it in a bad way. Calm yourself."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Blade Raven .o(I did.)

Iris is FURIOUS, to be sure, but even as angry as she is, she's looking for a way out of outright destruction. This softhearted musing is what makes her such a perfect target, unfortunately for her. As she listens to Sewa/Grace, Firestorm manages to douse the Vanguard in flames, and some systems begin shorting out from the attack. Grumbling, Iris struggles to bring the laser ports online, and she aims them at Firestorm -- for some reason, avoiding attacking Sewa, so perhaps Firestorm succeeded in some strange way.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "I'll come help Commander Ten. If Fusion has to radio for backup, it's bound to be serious."

Iris strikes Firestorm Phoenix with her Laser Ports attack.

The Goliath is indeed struck, as the entire Ride Armor reacts sporadically, practically spasming as the entire panel crackles with electricity. Vile, however, doesn't quite need it... But it helps. Still capable of handling the controls, the Maverick General does the one thing he can do without rerouting some of it's commands - Moving the fists, and moving them quickly up into the side of Colonel's torso, each one simulaneously.

<<MAVERICKS! I /told/ you to report your status. I expect answers.>>

Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> strikes Colonel with its Generic Melee attack.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> raises it's jaw-arms triumphantly! Well, actually, Vigor does. "WOOHOO!" And then, he notices the ground, and the cyclone. Blink. <Oh dear.> The Ride Armor's footing weakens, and then slips all together as the cyclone sweeps it off it's feet. This does not bode well for our antihero, but he has a plan. Hitting a few controls, the jets ignite, sending it out of the cyclone...and heading -right- towards Rico. He better move fast.

<<Blowing sh*t up, sir!>>

Morph Moth has his right wing torn off by Flare's firey slash, but the Maverick seems to not only not care, but enjoy the pain. His antenna twirling about in ecstasy. He lands hard, bending to one knee, "Ah, you use fire yet you do not really know what fire is about. Extending his left hand towards flare, several silk strands spin out from his fingertips, leaping up and around to strike Flare from multiple vectors.

Overdrive Ostrich moves quickly around the city pausing at the bridges on the edge of town to chop supports and collapse each as he passes. <<Carrying out Sigma's orders, Sir, busting bridges!>>

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> strikes Ricochet with its Ram attack.

orph Moth strikes you with his Super Silk Blast for 27 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blunt weakness.

Blast Hornet is struck by the attack from Shining Firefly, the swarm of small fireflies fly into her, and she falls towards the ground. Buzzing her wings, the Maverick wasp rises back upwards, glaring at Shining Firefly. "Well, I can play at the drone game too!" She says, and fires off half a dozen buzzing wasp drones. However, instead of flying towards her opponent, the drones buzz a protective orbit around Blast Hornet. "Now, give me your best shot!" She says, and folds her arms over her chest, waiting.
<<Taunting a firefly, Sir. No problems.>>

Wasp drones buzz around Blast Hornet, and create a protective barrier around her.

Sewa looks towards Firestorm and says, "Don't hurt her! Just break her ride armor so she can't fight, okay?", and she'll summon two large balls of thunder into her hands, crackling dangerously, "Please...don't hurt her too much...Just break her armor...", and she throws the balls of lightning at the Vanguard's legs, hoping that this electricity will short it out. Oddly enough, the balls of lightning seem attracted to the very legs she's throwing the electricity at...following it even if it tries to dodge.

Sewa strikes Iris with her Lightning Ball attack.

Struck heavily by the attacks from Goliath Colonel loses his balance and falls backward off the mecha, landing flat on his back before he narrows his eyes, looking considerably annoyed at the Mavericks continues attacks into his city. Leaping up to his feet he growls and holding his saber horizontal he leaps upwards, trying to sever the arm off once more at the elbow.

Colonel misses Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> with his Sabre Uppercut attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Repliforce Aerial Commander Ten transmits, "I am nearing Berlin. ETA: 2 minutes. Oh, and sorry about what I said. The Sun Pendant has been messing with me."

Firestorm Phoenix actually smiles as the lasers turn on him. Better him than the little one, even if she does have the power of a stardroid, she is still a child. The lasers rake across Firestorm's armor, causing minor damage to his armor, nothing to worry about though. <Sir, I'm engaging iris and the Vanguard.> He now takes the time to respond to Iris' assault. Crimson wings spreading wide once more, they really are quite lovely in some odd way, the lights of fire and weapons exchange reflecting off them in strange patterns. But beauty tends to hold a deadly secret, the wings slam forward in a blur, unleashing hundred of small dagger like feathers. A literal cloud of crimson razors streaking out towards Iris.

Firestorm Phoenix misses Iris with his Feather Dart Barrage attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "I can certainly understand that predicament."

Flare Feline knows fire, and that wasn't fire. Fire doesn't hurt him like that. All the numerous strands come about and strike him multiple times, they're small and fine, but do heavy denting, and that doesn't help as he falls through the air, being assaulted by them before he lands with a *THUD*. That hurt. A lot. His armor is horribly dented and twisted by the time he stands. That's some frackin' strong silk. He clutches his fists, one starting to glow with a firey aura again, hardball's over, it's time for kickaft ball! A much larger, orange orb is formed, and Flare hurtles it at Morphy with his willpower behind it. Time for his opponent to REALLY know pain.

Either you do not have that attack armed, or you were not specific enough.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "3 minutes ETA for me, good luck Commander. Save some bad guys for me."

You miss Morph Moth with your Pulse Break attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Flare Feline transmits, "It's alright Ten, just be careful."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I have engaged the enemy..."

Shining Firefly frowns at Blast's barrier. What precisely can he do against such a thick swarm of protectors? Tentatively, he tests their strength with a weak strike from his green palm-laser.

Shining Firefly misses Blast Hornet with his Laser Blast attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Sigma? You shot him, I hope."

Ricochet is smashed backwards with a loud crunch, along with Orbit. The damage from the explosive bolt ripped into his armor... slowing him down, or so it seems. He doesn't seem to be quite the mech he used to be. With a grunt, the ground begins to part... cracking and opening up, swallowing he and Orbit. Perhaps the Ride Armor's won?...

...perhaps not. With a terrific roar, some feet away, a massive chunk of destroyed rubble suddenly starts hovering... pieces coming together, as if by gravitation, to make a massive boulder... hovering in place. Seconds later, Ricochet surfaces from the ground, grabbing onto the massive ball, which easily dwarfs him, as he chucks the entire thing at the Piranha... hoping silently he's still got enough skill to strike it.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Deep Digger attack.

As Colonel once again goes for the arms, the Goliath reacts instanteously, his pilot forcing his gauntlets down onto the controls at the entire craft flips around and charges backwards, it's feet pounding against the already ravaged street. As Colonel flies up past where the Goliath and it's mighty arm once were, moments ago. <<You're too slow! Nothing can challenge the power of my invincible Ride Armor!>> Apparently getting a bit... Aggressive with the heat of battle, Vile's shoulder mounted cannon rises up as the Goliath's systems break, a droning whirr of reduced power evident as it is /Vile/ who pours out a blast of napalm onto Colonel, consuming the hero in inferno for a split second.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Aerial Commander Ten transmits, "DAAAAAARN IIIIIIIIIIT!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "huh? What's wrong, Ten?"
Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> strikes Colonel with its Napalm Burst attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "What happened?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Aerial Commander Ten transmits, "With all this rain here, I can't leave this parking garage!"

There's a massive < S N A P ! > of electricity, the air becoming staticky around the Vanguard as Sewa electrocutes the ride armor. A sharp jolt of electricity travels up through the legs of the ride armor up into the control panel, cooking Iris with a searing-hot electrical charge. Remarkably, though, there is no scream of pain from the occupant...it HAD to hurt. Iris has learned a thing or two about how to deal with pain in recent months. Furrowing her brow, she manages to avoid Firestorms dagger attack by responding quickly...and she responds to him in turn by sending a bevy of mines in his direction...small disks programmed to explode upon contact. "<< I'm not done yet, >>" she say with determination, narrowing her eyes.

Iris misses Firestorm Phoenix with her Minefield attack.

Blast Hornet buzzes her wings, and flies upwards, leaving the bright green laser to hit nothing but empty air. Or maybe a stray pigeon. "Well, that was hardly a fitting attack for my shield drones." Blast Hornet says, and keeps her arms folded across her chest. "Try again, and this time, put a little 'oomph' into it."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Signas transmits, "We have landed."

Morph Moth jerks upright into a standing position. "Fire is much like pain, what doesn't kill you, will only makes you stronger. I've been through several instances where I've been left for dead or very near death. And that, you lax Repliforcer is what you lack! And that is why I will always be better than you. Now, as commanded to me by my lord Emperor Sigma, I shall execute you with extreme prejudice." With a sudden flick of his moth-head, Morph sends a thin iron tongue flashing out of his mouth towards Flare. If it connects, it'll drain the Repliforcer of his precious mech-fluids and transfer them to himself.

Morph Moth strikes you with his Fuel Siphon for 5 units of damage.
Morph Moth drains energy from Flare Feline with his Fuel Siphon attack.

Sewa says, "You're still...please...Just give up!", she begs as she forces herself to kick at the Ride Armor's legs from behind. "I don't want you to be hurt!", she's surprised the Ride Armor is lasting so long..that it's not just running away.

Firestorm Phoenix narrows his optics at the Vanguard, relieved its leaving Sewa alone, but now concerned with his own safety. As the mines deploy, Firestorm counters quickly, panals slide open along his body, revealing rows of missiles, "Two can play that game." Grinning he jets back quickly, in his wake is left a few dozen missiles, which streak out to intercept the incoming mines. Hopefull the resulting explosion will catch the Vanguard.

Shining Firefly *hmphs* at the Maverick, wondering what she's trying to pull with this act... but he'll play along. He claps his hands together and produces an even larger swarm of green fireflies, all of which aim themselves at Blast's barrier.

Firestorm Phoenix misses Iris with his Missile Swarm attack.

Shining Firefly strikes Blast Hornet with his Firefly Swarm attack.

Blast Hornet's forcefield withstands the attack.

As Ricochet is swallowed, a soft chuckle emits from the cockpit. "Hah." And then it turns into laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! EAT THAT, YOU SONOFA...!" Hey, what's that sound? Pausing from his taunting, Vigor manipulates the Piranha around...just in time to notice the boulder. The Armor...literally -droops-. <This is going to hurt, won't it?> Indeed it does. The sickening sound of metal crushing accompinies the boulder being thrown, as the Ride Armor looks to be...-RUN OVER- by said boulder. Time seems to slow down as it rolls onto it's back, the cockpit glass shattered...Down, but not out. Another burst of sound from the speakers, crackling with static, but dry humor added to it...

<Do you have any idea how much that -STINGS-?> is said as the Ride Armor slowly makes it's way to it's "feet". <Look, pal, I ain't paying for this...so I'll just take it outta you're hide!> Loud, almost manical laughter follows, as ports open up in the Piranha and drones of it's own shoot out...while normally built to swim, some fall to the ground and flop around, biting air, while others are propelled with enough force to land near Ricochet. Some, might just, land on him, and do some chomping.
Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> misses Ricochet with its Piranha Swarm attack.

The Napalm hits Colonel and causes his metal uniform to begin to melt and he blinks back as he attempts to get it off, gritting his teeth in pain, his eyes narrow and he yells at the top of his lungs. "Damn you Vava you traitor, you're not taking my city! Now while I still have power in my core!" Leaping off the ground he leaps towards the metal monstrosity, slashing with his glowing blade again and again and again. Letting lose a fury of slashing and lunges as he attempts to cause some serious damage to the towering machine of death.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Er...maybe..a..oh crud...an umbrella?"

Colonel misses Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath> with his Sabre Frenzy attack.

Flare Feline grunts as he tries to fight off the draining. "You're trying to tell me that I don't know pain and loss?" He snarls "You think I lack that do you? You're dead wrong Maverick!" He slashes away the rest of the tongue. "I've lost battles many times, and almost been left behind. But I never doubted my friends, they've always come for me! And I've gotten stronger from those experiences! My strength comes from my allies, and from what I'm trying to protect." He snarls again, showing his fangs fully "And I'm going to protect this city!!" He leaps at the Moth again, this time neither claws or fireballs being used, but his teeth. He's gonna take a big bite out of that Maverick, show him what pain is.

You strike Morph Moth with your Cat Nip attack.

Ricochet grunts, his body shaking from the massive release of dozens of tons of material... as does Orbit's, as the two are interconnected... "...it's... STILL STAND... GAH! -ORBIT-!" Orbit responds swiftly, an electrical burst ripping forth from his cheeks into the air, to knock down the flying fishie swarm... managing to spare the two signifigant injury, though one or two likely make it through.

...one managing to lodge itself on Ric's nose. "GAH! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!" He yanks it away, little tooth marks on his inhalitory organ... "You little..." he growls, grabbing another chunk of rubble, and hurling it once again at the ride armor. "Take -THAT-!" he yells, his body glowing as he prepares for a bit more powerful of an attack.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Bash attack.

Colonel's most powerful technique... Misses, as the Goliath desperately lunges back, stressing the absolute limits of it's system as it pulls away. But... Something goes wrong. In one of those rarest of incidents - And at the worse time imaginable - The Goliath... Suffers a system error. In short, it stalls. As the power requirements rise up to the absolute ceiling, Goliath's power sources flutters for an instant, sending a shockwave of empty current throughout... And the mighty Ride Armor falls asleep, for now.

God likes Colonel. But the devil doesn't, and he's rooting for Vile.

Not nearly defeated, Vile simply rises up from the cockpit, his flight systems exploding with energy and rocketing him up over the noble Colonel, his shoulder going nuts as it loads out missiles, all of which promptly arm and race down into Colonel's position, one upon the other. But now Vile is at a disadvantage, despite the helter skelter of explosions that rock Colonel's area - And hopefully the Greatcoat-garbed man himself.

Vile has arrived.

Blast Hornet continues to hold her arms across her chest, and as Shining's swarm heads towards her, Blast's own swarm fly into them. The resulting explosion leaves Blast Hornet clouded in smoke, but unscathed. The attacking drones are detroyed, taking only two of the barrier drones with them. "Oh? Was that it?" Blast Hornet says idly, and her remaining drones buzz around her. "Well, then I suppose it's my turn." She says, and her barrier drones leave thier queen, and fly towards Shining Firefly, ready to explode on impact.

Vile misses Colonel with his Minimissile Swarm attack.

Blast Hornet's wasp drone stop thier protective orbit.

Iris remarks to Sewa... "<< Don't you understand?? I don't -want- to hurt you -- but I'm not giving up, either. This is my homeland and I -will- do everything in my power to defend it. It doesn't not belong to you. It belongs to the people of Paris. >>" And still, she doesn't attack Sewa...perhaps the Grace strategy, coupled with Firestorm stepping in, has actually worked! Iris labors in the cockpit to get the crystal weaponry back online while she works on evasive maneuvers in the meantime. And finally, her efforts meet with success. More ports open on the Vanguard, and shards of sharp crystals fly out in Firestorm's direction at a high rate of speed.

Iris strikes Firestorm Phoenix with her Crystal Shards attack.

Sewa replies to Iris, <This is your home? .... I'm sorry...If I knew I'd... I don't know...>, she ports behind the legs once more but...she's not really in the heart to beat up Iris at the moment. She might be if she sees Firestorm injured but she doesn't get a clear view of Firestorm's injuries yet...and so?...Sewa lamely slaps at the leg of the Vanguard.

Sewa strikes Iris with her Slap attack.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> stares at the flopping fishies, even moves a "foot" to kick at one. "Hell. This is pathetic." he mutters, before noticing Ricochet's reaction. The pilot just -grins- through the cracks at the Repliforcer, leering. <Like I said, you're out of your league.> Funny he should say that, when the Ride Armor doesn't look to good either. But that's beside the point - he has to dodge a chunk of rubble. Reaching up with it's jaw/arms, it tries to grab it, but merely succeeds in stopping it from smashing the cockpit to bits and pieces. It does, however, shatter the remaining glass, leaving Vigor open to the cool air. The Maverick starts gagging. "I CAN'T BREATHE! ALIEN AIR!..." he gasps, and then, blinks. "Oh, wait. I can. Hah-ha-ha-ha!" All jaws click-clack evily. "Made you look, made you stare...aw, hell with it." The Ride Armor's jets ignite once more, as it tries to take Ricochet in all -three- jaws. Gnaw gnaw.

Firestorm Phoenix is battered with crystals arms coming up to protect his head. His armor scratching up nicely under the assault. But when its over, he merely fehs at Iris, "The peoples of paris? If they want their city so badly, why do they flee? Let them defend their land if it is that precious to them." Now Firestorm's left hand contorts and slips into the forearm, woo double gun arms. Both arms are leveled on Iris, twin flamethrowers at the ready. A low whirring sound emits from the barrels before finally they explode in unison, fire spewing from the barrels in hellish stereo.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> misses Ricochet with its Triple Gnaw attack.

Firestorm Phoenix strikes Iris with his Double Flamethrower attack.
Leaping after Vile Colonel swings his sabre, cutting through each of the missiles that come his way and they explode about him. "Hello, short stuff." Colonel growls as he swings hi sabre twice quickly, two slashes, making an 'X' like patters over Vile if they him. "Get out of my city Vava, you're not welcome here! This is no place for you, you're dream is as dead as the Repliforce Officer I used to know!'

Vile remains clear of Colonel's Sabre Cross Slash.

Iris has reconnected.

Templar is fighting gumbies. Woo.

Morph Moth tries to, but cannot really laugh as well with his tongue cut and then the Repliforce feline dares to take a bite out of him! Well, it probably wasn't literal when McGruff said to take a bite out of crime but apparently Flare didn't think so. "Very good, at least you have more brains than the other Feline I've encountered before. But your efforts will still be for naught. Behold the power that gives us strength, the power of Lord Sigma and the pain of repressed Reploids that are the Mavericks." Holding his hands together, Morph once again lets fly with silk from his fingertips, but by holding them together in that particular way it comes out as a steady and very thick blunt stream of rock-hard silk. Flare better hope his cat-agility saves him from this strike because this is the 'Vegeta's Big Bang' silk attack of Morph's.

Iris has partially disconnected.

Morph Moth misses you with his Silk Shot attack.

<Global News Network> Quirky and cute news-anchor Anita Frightengale breaks off the news from elsewhere in the globe, to report on this late-breaking story. "I'm breaking off the news from elsewhere on the globe, to report on this late-breaking story! It seems that the Nile near Cairo has quite suddenly become red! Red with blood! -- Oh, sorry, that's too biblical. The Nile appears to have been turned into a large quantity of jello! This shocking chain of events.. Oh, yeah, it's a chain of events! The Robot Masters have also begun a massive assault on the city, from both the harbor district in the north of the city and from the south near Rocket Town! The teleporters have also been cut off entirely, and the hordes of generic forces have begun spilling into the city!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Hoooh boy. Busy bees, aren't we?"

Ricochet stays in position... staring dead solid down the jaws of death. The monsterous jaw-arms sweep in towards Ricochet, and the Repliforcer grabs at the first of the bladed hands to get near him... digging his feet in, he manages to snag it, and likely manages to avoid getting smashed by the others... but that's not his goal. Concentrating, Orbit jumping alongside him and grabbing on to help him, digging their feet into the ground... they attempt to rip the very arm off of the ride armor. Failing that? At least do a hell of a lot of damage... "STOP... IT..."

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Crush attack.

"Your city?? YOUR CITY?! WRONG ANSWER!" With that, Vile leaps once more into the air, firing down towards the ground with a surge of napalm which ignites upon contact, swirling together into a dervish of flame as it rushes towards Colonel, a massive pillar of flame as it rushes forward. "Only the strong have the right to possess this place... And you clearly do not have the power, you waste of raw materials." Vile lands, now, behind Colonel, his greaves slamming into the exposed soil with a clatter of steel. "And one more thing..... STOP CALLING ME VAVA!!!" With an absolute explosion of fury, Vile lunges forward, Vile cannon arching forward.

Vile strikes Colonel with his Napalm Pillar attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Serendipity Butterfly transmits, "Cairo now? No... No... I gues I get to go there..."

Shining Firefly yells aloud with pain and fright as the wasps explode one after another at close proximity. As he so often does when frightened, Shining Firefly reacts with his main self-defense and reflex. This entails (no pun intended) the presence of an EXTREMELY bright but nondamaging light filling the area for miles around... as if a new sun had been born above Paris.

Flare Feline's cat-like agility does indeed save him, as he leaps straight into the air to avoid the huge pile of junk. As he sails upwards, he faces his palm downwards, if Morphy get's to do a DBZ reference, then he does too! His palm glows with a firey red energy, as a giant fireball is formed on his hand. "I've had enough of you Mavericks, time to end this!" The fireball grows and glows, it's the biggest one Flare can produce with his pyro systems as damaged as they are. Once the fireball is big enough, IE:Pretty damn big, he fires it straight down, to the Moth below him. Kamehameha, or something.
Templar fights at the front, chaingun screaming as hissing bolts of plasma explode out and slam into Mavericks, drones and Reploids alike. He's somewhat noticeable in the maelstrom, and his prescence does give the Marines a morale boost. He smashes a Maverick officer in the face with his aegis, knocking him back, before firing a burst of gunfire into his chest. A beam saber hacks into Templar's arm with a loud hiss-crack of rent alloy. The battle is a standstill for the most part...a deceptively passive name for a positive whirlwind of violence and hate. (Can't we all just get along? Probably not.)

You miss Morph Moth with your Flare Pulse attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast mutters something in Latin. <I knew it.> "I am on my way to Cairo. Any available units please assist."

Vile remains clear of Shining Firefly's Bulb Flash.
Shining Firefly misses Ricochet with his Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses you with his Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly strikes Overdrive Ostrich with his Bulb Flash attack.
Overdrive Ostrich is temporarily disoriented by Shining Firefly's Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses Colonel with his Bulb Flash attack.
Colonel deflects Bulb Flash from Shining Firefly.
Shining Firefly strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Bulb Flash attack.
Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> is temporarily disoriented by Shining Firefly's Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses Iris with his Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly strikes Morph Moth with his Bulb Flash attack.
Morph Moth is temporarily disoriented by Shining Firefly's Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly strikes Templar with his Bulb Flash attack.
Templar is temporarily disoriented by Shining Firefly's Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses Blast Hornet with his Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses Firestorm Phoenix with his Bulb Flash attack.
Shining Firefly misses Sewa with his Bulb Flash attack.

Vile sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

The Vanguard staggers back, parts of the ride armor melting under the intense, searing heat of Firestorm's attack. (Not going to make it,) she realizes with dread. (At least if I'm going to die, it will be defending this city from such an injustice.) With trembling, melting hands, she begins to prime her last respite...the last chance she has to down Firestorm if it's at all possible. From the Vanguard, a loud hum begins to sound as a single turret emerges from the Vanguard's chest plate. It seems unassuming enough...but looks can be deceiving.

Colonel burns. Quite literally, he burns, as the Napalm spews all over him his metal form burns, his synth skin on his face becoming blistered and black as the fire burns on, but still he does not fall. The Knight of Justice continues with his valiant defence of the city of Paris. "Whatever you say, Major Vava!" Colonel growls as he lunges towards Vile, trying to impale the Maverick General on his glowing sabre, the fire still burning all over the Repliforce XO's body. One could say he is a light for justice, literally.

Vile gets caught in the path of Colonel's Sabre Lunge.

RIIIIIIIIP! No, that's not the result of a killer wedgie, that's the middle jawarm of the Piranha getting ripped off. The canine snarls, seatbelt the only thing right now keeping him from sliding out of the cockpit, and into the controls. That would be bad. Yanking the levers again, he raises the two remaining jawarms, ready to -CRUSH- Rico...when the buttlight distracts him, and he howls, covering his eyes with his paws. "AAAAAAAH! MY EYES! I'M BLIIIIIND! BLIND, I TELL YOOOOOUU!" Probably the most needless statement in the history of the world.

Iris strikes Firestorm Phoenix with her Dark Energy Beam attack.

Blast Hornet shields her optics as Shining Firefly's butt begins to glow, and manages to avoid being disabled by the huge blast of light. "Well, that certainly was effective, wasn't it? I'm still here, and /I'm/ the only thing you need to be worrying about right now." She says, her voice full of contempt for the pitiful firefly. She aims her launcher arm and fires another buzzing wasp drone. "Here, have a present!" The drone buzzes towards the firefly Reploid. This one has a bright green thorax, and it tries to stab Shininh with it's stinger, inject venom, then explode.

Actually, if the fight really were deteriorating to the level of a Dragon Ball Z fight, the two primaries would meet and cancel out each other or something. Which is totally possible given the fact that Morph's silk melts under high temperatures. The Maverick moth manages to also avoid Flare's attack by rolling away ponderously, but it makes him face the direction that Shining Firefly is when the lights go on and Morph becomes blinded as he sees the light. But he doesn't fly towards it groaning, "Oooh, pretty...!"

Blast Hornet strikes Shining Firefly with her Parasite Wasp attack.
Shining Firefly is temporarily disoriented by Blast Hornet's Parasite Wasp attack.

Colonel's saber thrust tears a neat hole in Vile's side, piercing his mighty chestplate and revealing the Reploid beneath. Vile's assault is haulted as he stumbles back, clasping the wound precariously. "You... Shut up! Look around you! Look at your city burns! Can you hear the clattering of shackles being locked around your beloved Paris? This is the first step... Soon... You, too, will see what -I- have seen for so long... Now let's END THIS!" With that, Vile bends over as he shrieks out with a blood-curling scream of rage and pain, as his body pours missiles into his launcher, firing out an absolute swarm even larger than the last. The attacks cluster around, spreading out before they dive terminally towards Colonel, all uniting on one point...

Vile misses Colonel with his Minimissile Assault attack.
Colonel deflects Minimissile Assault from Vile.

Sewa sees Iris plaster Firestorm with a 'dark blast' and says, "H..hey no!", and she throws another blast of Thunder towards Iris. "Don't hurt him!", she begs. This is continued depending on the outcome.

Flare Feline is still in the air as the light show beings, thankfully his back is facing Shining. Seeing his opponent stupidly looking at the light, and being blinded by it, Flare deicdes to not waste this chance. As he sails downwards, he extends his foot, headed right toward his stunned opponent. Game, Set, Match, Mwargh!

You strike Morph Moth with your Feline Fury attack.

Sewa strikes Iris with her Thunder Crash attack.

Ricochet rips the arm out of the socket, preparing to use it to parry against his adversary...

...until the light burst suddenly streaks through the area. "What the--" He brings his arms up to his optics abruptly, trying to shield them... Orbit hiding his own optics with his paw. Just in time... as the burst manages to shock his nemesis into stillness. His chance. Optics narrow. "Orbit..." Ric says, Orbit nodding as he leaps onto one of his arms, clinging - he's a bit too big to stay there, after all - and electrifies the arm.

And then... a slow spin, the arm extended. One. Two, faster... three... faster still... "...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr...." comes the sound from deep within Ricochet's vocalizer, Orbit matching it, the glow around them intensifying into a bright red and yellow, until, finally, still spinning around, he LEAPS into the air...


With that, he brings the Piranha's former arm, now putting Teddy R's 'Big Stick' to shame, down on the PIranha's torso, luck holding, right onto the cockpit and into the ground. The resulting shockwave, though not neccessarily disruptive, is probably felt throughout the battlefield.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Orbit Crush attack.

And as Sewa strikes Iris one more time, a squad of marines charge forward and see 'Grace's attack smash into the Vanguard one way or another and they open fire, pegging Grace several times with generic energy weaponry, and she falls to her knees, three small holes in her body. "U.r...urk..."... she'll be retreating next round. Bwee!

Shining Firefly is struck by wasp-age right in the abdomen. The stinger penetrates deep and fills his body with more toxic goop than he can handle. Shining's eyes roll back and he falls from the sky. His internal systems, detecting the sudden drop in altitude, kick in and blink him out of the fall towards the city and on a fall towards a softer piece of ground. He strikes... and the fight is over.

Shining Firefly retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, Sewa, Morph Moth, and Blast Hornet.

Sewa strikes Shining Firefly with her Grasp attack.

Morph Moth manages to turn just a bit so that the Repliforce feline's kick doesn't strike him in the face again, but rather in the shoulder. The blow is still powerful enough to send the Maverick to the dirt. He lies there for a moment, obviouisly stunned from the blow but manages to get up after a few moments. "Well played Repliforce, but this isn't over! I shall have my vengeance some day!" with that, he curls up into a cocoon and.... attempts to roll away?

Templar misses Shining Firefly with his Fangirl Beatdown attack.

Morph Moth retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, and Sewa.

Firestorm Phoenix eyes the barrel as it moves into place, ready for anything... Well ok, almost anything. The energy beam tears forward, slamming into Firestorm's chest, already weakened armor is stripped away in the blast. He hits the ground and rolls a bit as the beam subsides. Is he finished? Nope, Firestorm begins to slowly stagger back to his feet, he's hurt pretty bad now, but still far from finished. Optics narrow at the Vanguard, "That all? ... Pathetic. This city will fall, like you shall." panals begin topen along Firestorm's body, even more than before. Once all panals are open, a laser beam lances out from Firestorm's chest gem, striking the Vanguard, a targetting laser. With target aquired, Firestorm opens fire. Hordes of missiles sweep from his form, a cloud of angry bees swarming in on iris.... This is probably gonna hurt.

Firestorm Phoenix misses Iris with his Phoenix Missile Barrage attack.
or not.

That would probably have disabled the Piranha, putting it out of commision, if not for one thing...

The Piranha was built day-um well. Although all it is right now is skeletal framework, shaking, but still up.

Vigor -stares- at Rico in disbelief, and then at his Ride Armor...a slow smirk forming over his features, as, for what will probably be it's last attack, he warms it up. "All or nothing..." he murmurs, almost reverently. "I'm taking YOU out, yes YOU, punk!" he shouts, louder, as the Ride Armor hums to life. The final attack, before quite likely, it falls apart. With a wild howl as a battlecry, the pilot sends all systems into full, the Piranha literally -SLAMMING- into Rico, and trying to RIP. HIM. APART.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> misses Ricochet with its Feeding Frenzy attack.

Blast Hornet tosses back her head and laughs as her drone does it's trick, injecting Shining with a dose of venom, and then blowing up. It's wonderful how well her explosive do thier work. "Now, what shall I do with you?" She asks, and folds her limbs in to her body, and dives towards Shining Firefly, with no intentions of slowing down.

Blast Hornet strikes Shining Firefly with her Divebomb attack.
Shining Firefly falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Colonel is on fire and burning, but still, he has a sabre ability greater then that of even Zero. Sweeping the blade around with a crackling noise he defects each of the mini-missiles away, they either explode on the blade or go sailing off into the ground to explode. The fire on his body burning itself out as it runs out of fuel Colonel's metal frame is charred and black, his eyes star out of a burnt synth skin face, showing the metal exoskeleton underneath. (Hey, Vile, we're twins!) "The only thing I hear is the jabbering of a worthless traitor who could never cut it as an officer. You dissapoint me, Vava! I expected more from you!" And with that he stabs his glowing sabre into the ground and sends a massive pulse of energy in the direction of the Maverick General

Vile remains clear of Colonel's Ground Ripper.

The Vanguard seems to be falling apart at the seams. Pieces of the ride armor are flaking off and burning. Iris is still able to move it to avoid Firestorm's 'swarm', but she stumbles as Sewa zaps the ride armor with a powerful hit. The ride armor rocks drunkenly...the occupant within weeping bitterly, as systems begin to shut down. For the moment, until she can bring more of the systems back online, the Vanguard is as good as down. It hits the ground with a heavy <WHUMP>, toppling unceremoniously and laying still.

Ricochet's optics buldge in their sockets... "*BLEEP BLIP BWIP*" <Holy mother of...> Orbit comments... "...YOU -FIRST-!" he roars, until he pulls the arm back, bringing it around, and shoves it forward... intent on impaling the Ride Armor before it can smash into him with it's deadly strength.

Ricochet strikes Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> with his Strike attack.
Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Sewa shakes her head slowly, "Nh...", she struggles up to her hands and says, "Firestorm! Don't hurt...rerkk....don't hurt..'er...", she collapses and slowly vanishes.

Sewa retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Flare Feline grunts as the Moth retreats. No matter, let him go, as long as he's not trying to take the city anymore. He quickly glances around, and notices a 2 on 1 with two Mavs on the Vanguard. That's not good at all. Flare dashes in their direction, not about to let Iris face this alone. She cares enough for this city that she'd likely face them barehanded if she has to, and Flare's not about to let it come to that. As the Vanguard collapses, Flare leaps into the air, and lands between it and the Mavericks, claws drawn, snarling. "That's enough of that! You Maverickss get the frack out of this city!"

Dozens of the missiles come back towards Vile, impacting on the ground where he stands. As a matrix of explosions goes off throughout the entire battlefield... Vile merely stands perfectly still, engulfed in flames and smoke and debris. And, for a long moment... there is nothing. Colonel's mighty Ground Ripper races through the thick could of smoke, scattering and rendering all within visible.

And there is nothing.

Materializing -behind- Colonel, Vile - Vava - has but one thing to see, as his voice bulges with malice, his words oozing out slowly. He would enjoy this. "Go to -sleep-. Your time is /over/." And then, Vile simply engulfs the entire area in a flaming pyre poured free from his napalm cannon, operating at full power... Only time will tell if there is anything functional within, as the flames pass. Vile wasn't done yet, not yere.

Vile misses Colonel with his Napalm Cannon attack.

Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha> just freezes. In place..impaled. The pilot vainly shakes the levers, but no responce comes from the now silent Ride Armor. "...oh, f*ck." the Boxer snarls, slamming his fists onto the controls angrily. "DAMMIT! WORK, DAMN YOU, WORK! KICK HIS ASS! THIS I COMMAND!" ...okay, he's mad. Angry. Bitter. Whatever.

As the massive Armour topples, Repliforce surges forward more confidently, shouting as weapons are plunged into the Mavericks - but this is hardly a rout. Countless fall on both sides, and the streets are literally beginning to run with glossy black fluid, as the air rings with agonized, cut-off screams. Templar's heavy powered armour is starting to show significant wear.

Shining Firefly has disconnected.

As the flames past, there is, nothing? They wisp away gently, did Vile incinerate Colonel? Hardly, with two images folding into one Colonel reappears behind the Maverick General. His voice, raspy from the damage speaks out from behind the Bobba clone. "You first, Vava." And sticking his sabre between the Maverick General's legs attempts to split him from head to toe in one massive slice attack.

Vile remains clear of Colonel's Sabre Uppercut.

Ricochet pants... letting go of the arm. Inhale, exhale... inhale, exhale. The power of Uranus drained the both of them... "Looks like it's down..." he mutters... Orbit shakes his head. "*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP*" <We can't test it that way... let's see.> With that, Orbit toddles forth, looking at the now frozen ride armor up-close... shaking his head, making a *TSK* sound. He gives a slight kick to the now-incapacitated ride armor... "*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP*" <They just don't make 'em like they used to.>

Overdrive Ostrich continues finishes his circuit of the city, the bridges in and out all cut, and moves back into the city to help mop up RF troopers.. or maybe make more of a mess.

Vigor Huskie has arrived.

And the Piranha fell down. In a heap. And who came out? Why, the boxing doggie, shoving aside part of the fallen machine. When did his boxing gloves come on? And what's that gleam in his eye?

This battle ain't over yet. And Vigor, silently, lips pulled back in a snarl, lunges for Ricochet, and tries to UPPERCUT him!

Vigor Huskie misses Ricochet with his Uppercut attack.

Within the Vanguard, Iris drifts in and out of consciousness, her eyelids growing heavy. The severe fire damage and electrocution has taken a heavy toll on her systems, but she struggles to remain conscious. She reaches for her radio, testing it...and it's still working. Thank heaven for small miracles. Closing her eyes, she murmurs something into her radio. Outwardly, the Vanguard is immobile...sparking on occasion, but for the most part immobile.

Vile leaps desperately out of the way, the tip of Colonel's massive beam saber passing inches from the tip of his face, as the duel of the fates continue. Master and Apprentice; Once allies, now the bitterest of enemies. Vile probably could have repaired the Goliath instantly... So why choose to engage Colonel one on one, like this? The questions continue on as Vile stands away from Colonel, preparing his terminal attack... As the Vile Cannon begins to suck in energy like a vacuum, squealing with unholy energy.

"Colonel... This... this is over... You see, you fool, Vava is dead. Now GO AND MEET HIM!"

With a rumbling of power the Vile Cannon fires, a tremendous outpouring of energy lancing out, on par with the most powerful of Buster attacks, roaring with all the energy of naval firepower, compressed into one man. Blinding light sears the entire area as Vile's most powerful assault races through towards Colonel... Something that will surely conclude the battle if it hits.

Vile misses Colonel with his Vile Cannon attack.
Colonel deflects Vile Cannon from Vile.

Ricochet blinks, as the hound suddenly decides to bring this up close and personal. His optics narrow faintly, and he's about to say something... before Vigor tries to punch him. "GAH!" He yanks his head out of the way, before bringing his fist about... if lucky, to knock Vigor right back where the doggy came from.

Ricochet misses Vigor Huskie with his Lunge attack.

Firestorm Phoenix blinks as he notices Sewa, "No, are you ok?" He dashes to her, ignoring the falling Vanguard for the moment. But before he can reach her, she vanishes. Rage begins to well up within him. He was trying to protect Sewa and instead he let her get hurt, he isn't even sure if she's still alive. His body bursts into flames, the fires rage matching his own. As Flare arrives and yells at him... It was the entirely wrong time. Flaming optics afix them selves on the cat. The Phoenix's rage wholely apparent, "You. You and your kind will pay for this." And then... he snaps. His head thrown back he releases a scream of rage. The fires around him explode, his rage taking physical form as horrible flames spew out in all directions. A good city block is about to go up in flames.

Vigor Huskie ducks the fist easily, as if having anticipated the attack. "You're going to have to do better than that," he growls, bringing not one, but -two- fists towards Ricochet this time. "You may have taken down the Piranha, but how are you in the ring, face to face?" he taunts, "hopping" backwards, regardless if the attack hits or not.

Vigor Huskie strikes Ricochet with his Two Punch Combo attack.

Firestorm Phoenix misses you with his Phoenix Storm attack.
Firestorm Phoenix strikes Iris with his Phoenix Storm attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Psych Mosquito.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "Any available units, please assist in Cairo as soon as possible. The Robot Masters are out in force, and they have a new toy, it looks like..."

Ricochet is smacked back and forth, staggering backwards - the battle took a lot out of him, as the flickering of the pendant's power shows. He groans, wincing... "...will do." he rasps, curling his hand into a fist before bringing it around in a fast arc, hopign to clock the dog.

Ricochet strikes Vigor Huskie with his Bash attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "I'm on my way, Major."

Iris receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hailstorm Couatl transmits, "Rocket Town is being covered. Assistance is needed at teh harbor, I believe."

Flare Feline leaps into the air to avoid the blast of the flame. Iris, unfortunatly, is immobile, and is engulfed. That's about it. "Me and MY kind?? You're one to talk freak! You attacked an innocent city, disrupted and destroyed the people's lives! You're not going to be forgiven for this!!" As he decends, he extends his claws outward, they've struck Morph several times, but they're still sharp as ever. "This city, my friends, you'll pay!" *Slashy!*

You strike Firestorm Phoenix with your Cat Scratch attack.

The Vanguard literally explodes as Firestorm's flames reach the leaking fuel tank. There's a massive < B O O M !!! > as the Vanguard explodes into pieces. And in the ensuing chaos, it would be easy to assume that
Iris has died with the Vanguard.

Iris changes into her Iris armor.

Gripping the hilt with both hands as the Vile Cannon Smashes against the glowing red blade of the weapon Colonel is forced back taking a step or two in the opposite direction due to the sheer force of the blast. "That is where you are wrong, old friend. Vava is in there, somewhere. And one day, he'll betray you, and you'll return for the forces of light. But until that day." Colonel smashes the last of the blast aside with his weapon. "You must be defeated!" And he leaps up onto the air and prepares to come down at Vile, swinging his sabre again and again trying to slice Vile into lots of thin pieces. "I will keep killing Vile until Vava has the strength to return to us!" However, before he can do this he sees the Vangaurd explode, and thoughts of killing Vile gone. "IRIS!!!!!!"

That takes him by surprise - indeed it does. While having suffered numerous punches in the past...none of them can even compare to the sheer force of -this- one. A look of surprise on Vigor's face, the punch sends him back, a very, very, VERY large dent in his front armor. And he hits a lightpost - snapping it in half with the force of his little "flight". Landing in a heap, Vigor curls up slightly, gasping for breath, before slowly, painfully, getting to his feet. The Boxer -stares- at Rico, the look of shock still registered on his face...before it mutates into one of loathing, of utter hate. He throws back his head and starts to howl, sending the sound waves directly towards Ricochet...hopefully stunning him.

Vigor Huskie strikes Ricochet with his Howl attack.
Ricochet is temporarily disoriented by Vigor Huskie's Howl attack.

Firestorm Phoenix arghs as Flare connects with his claws, just happening to catch a vital system. Firestorm's look of anger turns to one of surprise as his sytems begin to shut down on him. He staggers backwards a bit and then falls to his knees, "

Ricochet and Orbit prepare to charge forth...


"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Orbit and Ricochet's audials suddenly explode into agony. Falling forward, the two groan, shaking... unable to even think, really, over all the noise, over all the din... dammit... he used all his energy to fight the monster of a ride armor; he can't shake this off. The battle's ferocity is tiring the two... tiring them rapidly. And Ricochet and Orbit remain vulnerable.

As Colonel runs off, Vile simply ... stands still. As a slight credit to Colonel's theory of Vava's presence... Vile doesn't shoot the C-man in the back. No, instead, he aims his weapon onto /Iris'/ direction. "COLONEL! Running away, now...? Hmph. We're not done here yet... Turn around and have at me, or I'm going to tear 'sister dear' into a dozen pieces. You don't want that, do you? Now come back!"

Iris is, in fact, on the ground some 15 feet from where the Vanguard detonated...and Vile's been lucky enough to spot her and her colorful armor on the ground nearby. Now, she just sits there wide-eyed.

Firestorm Phoenix arghs as Flare connects with his claws, just happening to catch a vital system. Firestorm's look of anger turns to one of surprise as his sytems begin to shut down on him. He staggers backwards a bit and then falls to his knees, "You fool, all of you repliforce, fools. Sewa never did anything to deserve..." He then falls face first into the ground, Firestorm's eyes gone dark.

Lucky for Vigor. This was just what he was hoping for. Cutting off the piercing note, he snaps his jaws shut, staring at Ricochet and Orbit...and then, his eyes settle on Orbit. The rat. The...thing. Slowly, purposly, he strides towards it, spitting out a glob of mechfluid. Right now, Vigor -wants- a scapegoat. He has found Orbit. The boxer reaches down, grabbing the rat by the scruff of it's neck, and holds him up high...and then drops the replirat, right into his waiting mouth. Ker-CHOMP!

Vigor Huskie strikes Ricochet with his Chomp attack.

Orbit blinks... attempting to scurry away. Ric grates... "Orbit..." he reaches out, attempting to stop the attack...

...and fails. "*BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!*" comes the pained cry. What, were you expecting "Piiiiiiiiikaaaaaaaa?..." WEll, Chu to you, too.

However, this rat's instinct is still in place, even if now a good bit of his innards might not be as the fangs sink deep into his hide. And as such, Orbit opens the electrogates in his system, trying to give Vigor one hell of a shock... point blank.

Flare Feline grunts, as his opponent falls. He had nothing against Sewa, he just came to Iris' aid. Speaking of which, some cross-helmeted maniac is pointing a gun at her, threatening her brother. Not nice. Flare quickly dashes again, and comes to a stop, between Vile and Iris, and calls out to the Colonel "Colonel, sir! I'll get Iris out of here! Just make sure those lunatics don't get this city!" He snarls, keeping his eye on Vile, perfectly ready to take the shot for her if he has to.

Ricochet strikes Vigor Huskie with his Electrowave attack.

Vigor Huskie is temporarily disoriented by Ricochet's Electrowave attack.

Spinning around Colonel's eyes narrow considerably at Vile's threat, and yet his eyes drift over to his sister, lying helpless in the middle of a battlefield, the urge to run to her so incredibly strong. "Very well! I'll finish you off here and now! No more games, Vile, innocent lives are at stake!" And with that he leaps at Vile swinging his sabre for the Maverick General's head.

Vile gets caught in the path of Colonel's Sabre Slash.

Unintentially, Orbit has just caused Vigor to freeze in place, painfully - he doesn't like Electricity. He twitches once, opening his mouth veeery slightly, a pained sort of whine coming from his mouth - what's this? Vigor, showing pain? Okay, that attack earlier must have affected him. However, Orbit now can escape the jaws of death! Yay.
Vile is struck harshely by the Sabre Slash, flying backwards to keep his head safe as his torso is taken apart by the strike. Flipping around in the air, the Maverick General realizes one thing: This fight has to end. Leaping up into the air, Vile's cannon leans down unto Colonel, loading plasma rounds up into the clip... Before firing them one upon the other, pouring out with a hail of energy onto Colonel, saturating the area. "Let's /end this/!"

Vile misses Colonel with his Scatter Blaster attack.
Colonel deflects Scatter Blaster from Vile.

Iris gasps, as Flare -- who's -already- in horrible condition -- comes over to assist. "No, Flare, stay back!!" she cries, watching in horror as her brother battles Vile.

Orbit glowers, pushing himself away from the hound of the baskervilles and back to Ricochet's side, who's just getting up. "You OK, Orbit?..." he asks, panting. "*BLEEP*" <Peachy.> Ricochet scowls, faintly, optics going to the ground... dirt beginning to swirl about slowly at Vigor's feet. Slowly, the swirl rises... coming up and around the boxer, and, if successful, sucking the very life from him, and back into Ricochet.
You paged Iris with 'Fun...'.

Ricochet strikes Vigor Huskie with his Spirit Of The Earth attack.
Ricochet drains energy from Vigor Huskie with his Spirit Of The Earth attack.

Flare Feline sighs with relieft as Vile's attention is turned away from Iris, and back to Colonel. Turning back to her fallen form, Flare kneels "I'm fine, don't worry about me, but we need to get you out of here. The Colonel and the rest of us will make sure Paris won't fall to them. Come on, let me help you up." Flare extends a hand to help her up, though Iris probably isn't willing.

You strike Iris with your Grasp attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Broadcast Ocelot transmits, "Reinforcements have arrived at Cairo. I man inna de Raiden. Who's de CO fuh de scene?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "I am, Commander. The Masters are putting up a major front. Take as many as you can down."

Vigor Huskie keels over slightly, stepping backwards, as the swirl does indeed, sap some of his energy. And slowly, he looks back up at Rico, painfully. But...what the hell?

Electricty starts sparking all over him, like some sort of chain reaction...Vigor sets his jaw, giving Rico a -GLARE-. If looks could kill...well, Rico would have a big boo-boo.

Either way, Vigor suddenly tries to grab ahold of Ricochet, any part of him. If successful, the stored electricity will transfer, giving him a nasty jolt. "RAR!"

Vigor Huskie strikes Ricochet with his Circuit Overload attack.

Iris begins crying as Flare gets ahold of her. She's really in no shape to stay, but she's terribly afraid for the fate of Paris, and especially the fate of her brother...neither of which she's certain she'll ever see again, at this point. "Nooooo... *sobs*"

Vile sends a radio transmission.
Vile receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline sees Iris is less than willing, and stops for a minute, to put both hands on her shoulders "Come on, I know you're worried, but you staying here isn't going to help Paris at all, and you know that. If anything, Vile could get a shot at you again, and make the Colonel do whatever he wants. The Vanguard's down, and we're both not exactly in great shape, so let's leave the fighting to the others, alright? They'll win, that's for sure."

Full of raw rage at Vile's threatening of the life of the one most dear to him Colonel is like a demon, his eyes glowing fiercy from underneath his charred and burnt hat. He growls as he leaps upwards at Vile, swinging his sabre and sending forward a massive blast of energy. "Don't underestimate the value of my life, Vile! I won't be taken down so easily by the likes of you!"

Iris sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Vile gets caught in the path of Colonel's Pulse Wave.

The pulse wave slams into Vile hard, sending him backwards as he tumbles head over heels. This was bad... But... according to the radio, Berlin was now Maverick territory. He would /not/ allow Colonel defeat him here. He sensed it in his bones... This would be the deciding factor. He knew it. Reaching into his armor as his body spills out with mechfluid, Vile draws out the Military Pick, the miniature scythe igniting with green energy... As Vile immediately tosses it through the air with his rage, the weapon twisting around in mid-air as it flies towards Colonel.

Vile misses Colonel with his Military Pick attack.
Colonel deflects Military Pick from Vile.

Ricochet is electrocuted, the energy ripping through his body. He cries out - a horrible, yelling cry, as the electricity rips through him... and through Orbit, their connection sustaining damage from the direct electricity ripping thorugh their form. He groans, coughing, as does Orbit, as Ricochet brings his hand overhead, attempting to smash Vigor's in - if he's lucky. Right now he's quite disoriented.

Ricochet misses Vigor Huskie with his Crush attack.

Iris meekly follows Flare with a slow nod. She's too distraught to say anything more at the moment. She grasps his hand tightly, gaze directed downward because she can't stand to look around at the carnage and destruction.

Colonel puts his guard down.

Flare Feline leads Iris out of the destruction ridden area. The sooner they get out of here, the better. He fires off a single radio message before quickly taking Iris out of there, covering her from any oncoming fire.

Flare Feline retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, Sewa, and Morph Moth.

Vigor Huskie grimaces, not only from Ricochet's cry, but from the transfer's wear on the user. But not for an instant does he stop moving, no. Vigor knows that he could very well be destroyed into ikkle pieces from Ricochet - he's seen it happen to the Ride Armor. But still, he persists. Ducking and moving to the side of the "swat", he brings a fist into play, heading for Ricochet's gut - a cheap move, but a powerful one, if it hits.

Vigor Huskie strikes Ricochet with his Low Punch attack.

Iris retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Colonel, Overdrive Ostrich, Vigor Huskie, Flare Feline, Templar, Ricochet, Vile, Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha>, Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath>, Sewa, Firestorm Phoenix, and Morph Moth.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
[Radio] You send Colonel a direct message: "Don't worry about Iris sir, I'm getting her out of here. Just make sure the Mavericks don't take this city."


Ricochet's tossed backwards, his entire form a mask of pain, as suddenly, the Uranus power seems to LEAVE him. With a thunderous roar, the pendant's glow reaches a furious pitch... then falls dark. Ricochet hits the ground a few feet after... looking cracked, smashed from battle. Orbit looks similar... with a faint groan, the two simultaneously begin to sink into the earth... probably to regenerate... but, simply put... he's not going to be fighting again just now.

Ricochet retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Colonel, Overdrive Ostrich, Vigor Huskie, Flare Feline, Templar, Vile, Maverick Ride Armor <Piranha>, Maverick Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath>, Firestorm Phoenix, and Morph Moth.

His red blade connecting with the blade of the axe Colonel flicks the hilt and send the flying weapon to burry itself in a nearby smocking building, Colonel rasps slightly as his systems begin to fail. And he leaps at Vile, slashing with his sabre. "You." Slash. "Will." Slash. "Not." Slash. "Hurt." Slash. "My". Slash. "Sister." Slash. "EVER!" Slash. Of course, whether or not any of them ever connect is up to nothing but fate.

Vile remains clear of Colonel's Sabre Cross Slash.

Flare Feline quickly leads Iris out of the warzone. Soon they're both gone out of sight. Yoinks, and awaaaaaaaaay!

Iris enters the Great Britain.
Iris has left.

You enter the Great Britain.
Great Britain

Approaching this set of islands, one can see a massive network of bridges and zoom tubes, or EMP slide cars that radiate from London, connecting the major cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland into an intricate macrocosm. From the mystic highlands of the north to the glistening tower of Big Ben II, the isles exude a sense of durability, stamina and perseverance unmatched. The vigilant navy patrols the waters of this area, standing tall and proud for their home country, ready to guard against both Maverick and Robot Masters.

Iris [Iris] [RF]
Repliforce Headquarters - London [RF]
Ancient Ruined Castle

Obvious exits:
West <IR> leads to Ireland.
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Northern Atlantic.
West <W> leads to Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
Southeast <SE> leads to France.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Repliforce hold your *BOOM, sound of burning* position......s.......*static*"

Iris follows you back, hand-in-hand yet reluctant. Tears stream down her face as her brother's transmission is suddenly lost on the main channel.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Brother?"

Flare Feline squeezes Iris' hand "He'll be fine. The Colonel's gotten out of tougher situations than that. For now, let's just head to the medbay, chances are it's gonna become really crowded, really quick."
Iris receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ricochet transmits, "*static* pendant... ab... dam... *static*"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "That doesn't sound too good!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "This is Dr. Pallbearer, I'm on my way."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "Cut the chatter, Corporal. Repliforce! For Colonel!"

Iris says, "Okay...*sighs* You're right. Let's go...poor brother..."

Iris has left.
Iris makes her way into Repliforce Headquarters - London.

Medical Bay - RHQ London

If there's one place that could be named alone as the place that keeps the Repliforce running, the medical bay would not fall beyond the top three. Here is where the Repliforce is kept active, kept alive, kept running, through the variety of repair chambers for all shapes and sizes through to the medical tables for repairs, modifications and what have you. There are also stasis cells and de-contamination areas at the rear of the large medical bay.

Iris [Vanguard] [RF]
Pallbearer's Office and Quarters <POQ>
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.

Iris takes her own personal toolkit off a nearby shelf, and quietly begins working on your injuries. She looks terribly worried.

Iris continues to work quietly. She's quite a good medic; almost on par with most MSE personnel.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "If...if someone in Paris could...evacuate my brother, and Ricochet, and take them back to RHQ London. I'll begin emergency repairs on them..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "We *stacic* we're losing Berlin. The Mavericks came in force, and *stactic* ... they've secured the permiter. *static* How goes Ciro?"

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hailstorm Couatl transmits, "*sounds of bombs exploding* Cairo's under contr-ACK!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "He's going to kill them anyway, you realize?"

Flare Feline sighs, being patched up fairly well. He looks over at Iris, not really sure what to say. A lot must be on her mind, what with the attack on Paris, Sewa's impersonation of Grace, her brother. Flare doesn't even know if he should say anything right now. He also has several things on his own mind, mainly whether or not Ten will destroy half of Berlin if she loses control. Ten's words to Flare when they spoke on the Ural Mountains still haunt him oO('Just now, I had the impulse to incinerate you, and the worst thing is, I can't even make myself feel guilty for it...') Her voice echos in his mind, but he shakes it off. He trusts that Ten will be able to hold on. Flare sighs again, and decides to speak up. "So I've heard that you and the Colonel are originally from Paris? What's the story behind that?" It's sorta just small talk, but Flare doesn't even know the story anyway, best make some conversation to get their minds off things.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Pardon?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Chill Snowcat transmits, "Hey I beat that elec dude! Anyone getting pummeled? I'm around! I'm good at savin people! RAR!"

Iris sends a radio transmission to Psych Mosquito.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Sigma's going to slaughter all the humans in Berlin unless we leave. And there is (BLEEP) all we can do about it."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Skunkgrunt Ether Skunk transmits, "I'm dancin' with Mr. Mars. Man, this guy can't hit squat!! Ooh, swish- can't touch this!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "He's going to do it anyway..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "Yeah, I'm not too thrilled with that myself."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Skunkgrunt Ether Skunk transmits, "Er, what- what?! They took Berlin?! Awww, crud."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "I think the term you're all looking for is 'ARBEIT MACHT FREI'."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "And what does /that/ mean?"

Iris puts on a brave smile, continuing to work on your injuries. "We were created in a lab just outside of Paris, which was contracted by the Repliforce to create one executive officer to lead the army, you see," she explains. "However, as it turned out...-two- reploids were made instead. Myself, and my brother."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "I don't think we've got a choice. And I doubt he will. He'd rather subjugate humans over kill em."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "Frankly, I'd rather not take the chance and remain around."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "Wrong. I'm taking us out of here."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Famine transmits, "'Vhork is frheedom.' Rhead yhour history."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Rigger transmits, "..Wrong?"

Iris says, "We're VERY close, as we were originally meant to be one reploid."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "And what if he kills them all anyway? What then?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Inverse transmits, "Forget it. We're short a few people and need a few minuntes. I'm going back out."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Rember, Hitler failed too. Sigma will be stoped, just not today."

Flare Feline nods "So you're like twins or something? But why were two of you created, if only one was requested? Not that that was a bad thing or anything..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Fencer Naiad transmits, "I'm currently closing in a distress beacon I picked up."

Iris receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Wildrider transmits, "Damn right Inverse. We all go home, or nobody goes home. If there's a Hunter down, we gotta bring em back."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "<muttered> sick and tired of falling back..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Now if only we can convince Sigma to invade Russa in winter..."

Iris replies, "Because what happened was when they activated the core component, there turned out to be two distinct personalities instead of just one. Instead of making the components into a single being, they chose to divide it."

Iris sends a radio transmission to Psych Mosquito.

Flare Feline nods "I see. Well it looks like it turned out for the best. I certainly can't imagine you two any other way, it seems like it was meant to be like this." He pauses for a moment "What about the people who created you? My creator was just a single scientist, and I certainly think of him as my father. What about you two?"

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "MSE. Medevac requested. Repliforce, maintain position!"

Iris glances up from what she's doing, and replies, "No one amazing or famous...just a team of scientists and engineers, contracted by Repliforce and the UN. It wasn't like Dr. Cossack or anyone had a hand in it."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*MSE gumby* Medevac is en route, sir!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "On my way."

Phoebus arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Phoebus has arrived.

Flare Feline shakes his head "I didn't mean that. Their greatness doesn't matter, they certainly produced two great reploids though. But I meant, do you think of them as... parents? Most of the people in Repliforce were created similarly to you and your brother it seems, not a whole lot were created by just one scientist like me. I've always thought of him as my father, but those who have mulitple creators don't seem to feel the same way..."

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Iris smiles. "To tell you the truth, Flare, I can't even remember the names of the ones working on the project. They were all nice people...there were about eight of them. But they weren't that important to me...maybe because they programmed me to depend upon my brother."

Flare Feline nods "Well, I guess it depends on the situation, and the people. You have the Colonel as your brother, and that's enough of a family I suppose. With me, I was created by myself, so I thought of the Doc as my father, and I became part of their family. I almost became a sort of big brother to Krysta myself..." He sighs, and smiles "Lots of things have happened since then. I was programmed to be a defender, so that's why I'm here now. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to go back to them. That's what I'm hoping for, if this ever ends..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hailstorm Couatl transmits, "*heavy breathing* Requesting some assistance in Cairo...Heavy Damage given to and recieved from Crystal Man...most systems damaged...and Crystal Man seems to be-*static*"

Iris mentions quietly... "It may have ended tonight."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Templar transmits, "Repliforce ... fall back from Paris."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "*static, followed by a long pause* Berlin is lost."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*sobs*"

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Ricochet arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Ricochet has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "Backing off from Cairo...I'm sorry. I routed Ice Man, but that's the best I can do."

Colonel arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Colonel has arrived.

Flare Feline sighs, and clutches his hands, and grits his teeth at the news over the radio. It wasn't something he wanted to hear "No, Iris it's not over. Don't worry. We may have lost a battle, but there'll be many more of them before this war's over. The Maverick's won't have Paris and Berlin for long. We'll see to that. And I'm not going anywhere until it is over." He looks as people start to pour in, the casulties. "I'm fine Iris, you did enough for my wounds, there's other people to tend to now, that are in worse condition than me."

Fencer Naiad arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Fencer Naiad has arrived.

One might notice, if they're paying attention, an odd glow near the floor... red and yellow. That wasn't there before, was it?... maybe getting into COlonel's moonshine supply wasn't such a good idea after all.

...and then... something bursts forth.

A human form. Female, actually... staring at the ceiling. With a major blackish hole through her stomach, still sparking. A Reploid... and wearing a Repliforce uniform. The patch on her uniform reads '17th Squadron - Repliforce Paris'. Though she's obviously unconscious, and can't exactally go into details about what's happened, or how she just popped out of the ground.

Fencer Naiad comes in slowly from the repair bay door, her steps echoing oddly on the floor as she carries an awkward and large burden two sizes bigger than she into the repair bay, Fencer's steps dripping sea water onto the floor. The scarred bulk that is Colonel drips a few splashes of the stuff as well. "Hey! I need a stretcher or something quickly!"

Colonel is being carried by Fencer, he is burnt and blistered from head to toe by Napalm, his face peeled and black, you can see some of the silver terminator like skeleton underneeth. His sabre his no where to be seen and his arms hang limp at his sides, he looks very, well, dead.

Iris startles as someone comes bursting through the floor, and she screams in horror (as it IS pretty horrific). "EEEEEEEE!!!!! What is THAT!? How did that happen??" This, of course, is momentarily forgotten, as Fencer appears at the door with the waterlogged form of her brother. She scrambles to get a stretcher, but isn't sure just how effective she's going to be in helping out in this endeavor, even if she does find a suitable one. And no, she hasn't forgotten about that freakish...tunneling thing.

Fencer Naiad gratefully lays Colonel onto the stretcher, breathing a sigh of relief and flexing a very sore shoulder, "Cripes he's heavy..."
Following the humaform Reploid, another injured being pops up... this time, an avian form... and he's in far worse shape than the first. Half his face is missing, his systems are torn apart, and a wheezing sound comes from him. Things don't look very good for this one.

And, immediately after that... another one. A humaform - a Colonel gumbieclone, actually, missing a couple limbs. He blinks, and looks around, trying to sit up... and fails miserably.

Phoebus has left.

Templar arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Templar has arrived.

Iris nods. "That he is," she replies to Fencer softly. She's utterly heartbroken at the moment; her beloved city's been overthrown, her brother is dead or close to it; and...and...there's a hole in the floor, and injured Repliforcers are emerging from it. Yeah! This is perfectly normal. (I -am- cracking up,) Iris thinks worriedly, as she begins trying to heft her brother to some place where she can get a better look at him. To the Repliforcers emerging from the floor, she simply says, "Ummm...I'll ask you all to please, uh...find a table, I'll be with you as soon as I can."

Flare Feline is rather shocked as the burnt and drenched form of Colonel is brought in. That's not gonna be easy to repair. As the people start popping up out of the ground, Flare puts two and two together, and figures it must be Rico's doing. Some MSE gumbies come over to Flare, and take him to a medbed out of the way, so they can finish up his repairs that need to be taken care of. Only light ones, they're of minor importance right now. Getting the Colonel the attention he needs, along with the others is most important for now. Flare's systems slowly shut down, and the last thought that goes through his mind is oO(...how could we lose like this...?)

Templar wanders in at some point, his armour covered in slashes, burns, and tears. His helmet's missing, and there's a long vibroknife slash on his cheek - only cutting synthflesh, and not even through, but clearly a close call. He's carrying a wounded Repliforcer in his arms. Then, the soldiers start appearing - he blinks and watches, stunned.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Silver Stallion transmits, "Corporal... Silv... Si.. just... I... medic... please..."

Most of them are incapacitated - unconscious. In fact, the boards start lighting up as apparently there are a number that are popping up in the base, as well. How bizarre. Perhaps some in the outlying areas, too... if one knows who was doing this, one might conjecture they're losing power rapidly with the lack of ability to fully target them in anything resembling organized retreat. The disruptions in the ground instantly close themselves, as though they weren't there...

Fencer Naiad ponders if she should have just used jury-rig before coming here.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Corporal, where are you?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Data Mantis clicks. "Data Mantis online. Orders?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Retrieve the wounded in Cairo. And anywhere else."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Data Mantis clicks. "Acknowledged. Enroute to Cairo"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cpl. Pallbearer transmits, "Understood, enroute."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Silver Stallion says nothing. Instead, his homing beacon turns on. Hurts too much to talk...

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