Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Flare, are you there?"

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "...of course."

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Would you mind talking with me for a while again, like we did after what happened in the Ural mountains?"

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "...sure thing. You can always count on me for that."

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Thank you. Um, do you know where the Patagonia is? I'll send you the coordinates. *Transmits coordinates.* I'm going to invite Elemental Dragon to come, too."

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Right, on my way"

You enter the Patagonia.

Patagonia was once a vast and beautiful piece of land just South of Argentina and Chile. Though due to pollution, much of the place has been damaged and many forms of wildlife now extinct. Once surrounded by magnificent mountains, quiet valleys and spectacular shore line, all that remains of the region is a dark reminder of what life was like before so many changes have gone through mankind. Poverty seems to streak throughout the area, bedraggled human settlements nearly as far as the eye can take in.

Ten [Main] [RF]
Buenos Aires

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Atlantic.
East <E> leads to Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.
North <N> leads to Las Pampas.
West <W> leads to Andes Mountains.
South <S> leads to Tierra Del Fuego.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Eastern South America.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Elemental Dragon.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Elemental Dragon.
Ten sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Elemental Dragon.
Ten sends a radio transmission to Elemental Dragon.
Ten receives a radio transmission.

Ten is relaxing against a scorched rock. There is a nice view of some burnt-down trees nearby. Overall, it's pretty clear that Ten has been at it again. She is talking to somebody on her radio.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Elemental Dragon.
Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline approaches the are from Rio. And yes, it certainly is obvious Ten's been at it again. Flare just sighs as he looks around at the destruction. At least she still hasn't gone after people yet, he hopes. But she still can't go on like this. He spots her after a moment, it's not exactly difficult. He walks down a path towards the rock where Ten is "Ten..."

Ten looks up from where she is sitting. Upon seeing Flare, she manages a slight smile. "Hi, Flare. I'm glad you came. I have been trying to get Elemental Dragon to come too, but she is refusing." Ten sighs at that, looking troubled.

Flare Feline nods "That's alright. So... what's on your mind?" He takes another look around at the destruction "...besides the obvious?"

Ten receives a radio transmission from Elemental Dragon.
Ten sends a radio transmission.

Elemental Dragon arrives from the Andes Mountains.
Elemental Dragon has arrived.
Skyblade Eagle arrives from the Las Pampas.
Skyblade Eagle has arrived.

Ten looks about, then looks back to Flare. "The effects of the pendant are getting rather bad. Destroying things is becoming less and less effective in keeping the pendant in check." As Ten talks, she keeps looking about occassionally. The emotions showing in her optics are highly mixed.

Ten sends a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission.

A distinctly draconian form appears in the sky, swooping and dropping with the air currents, deciding that using them to help her fly would be much easier than expending energy to fly properly.

Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Skyblade Eagle sails along next to that dragon, ionic aura around her body keeping her afloat, and making her look like the Green Lantern as she flies along. She doesn't even need her wings, but she likes 'em.."

Flare Feline sighs, and sits down next to her "I see. And what exactly... do you think you can do about it?" He looks into her optics "Can you hold on to yourself?"

Ten glances about, not immediately answering. "I... I don't know. Oh, there is... nevermind." Ten seems to really want to say something, and yet, not want to say it. Suddenly, something catches her eye (optic, whatever.) Pointing upward, she says, "Huh? What is that?"

Elemental Dragon doesn't announce her presence, making a motion for Skyblade to keep quiet as well. She follows as the currents dictate. Two heads peer downwards, scouring the landscape for Ten and Flare. She spots.. -something-, which she assumes could be there. "Skyblade.. can you see if that's them?" she points with a claw.

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Oh yeah." She says, "That's them alright." Eagle eyes rule! Yeah! "Think we should head on down there?" Before getting a response, Skyblade tucks her wings to her sides and rockets down..

Flare Feline hmms as he looks up in the air himself "They look like two of ours. Can't make out who exactly." He narrows his eyes "Can't quite... wait, I think that's Elemental Dragon and Skyblade." He sighs "You were talking to them earlier right?"

Ten nods. "Hmmm, I think it might just be a couple passing aircraft, though. I think I might have been, wait a minute, one of them is descending toward us."

Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.

Elemental Dragon tucks her wings down, diving after Skyblade. Heftier than the eagle, she'd most likely not being mistaken for an airplane. Halfway through the descent, she extends her wings, slowing herself down. "We'll keep this far away, Skyblade.. just in case."

Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle slows down, and blinks, "Meh?" She asks, as she comes to a hover, "Oh, fine." She mutters. She remembers when she was in command and could do whatever she wanted..

Elemental Dragon has disconnected.
Elemental Dragon has connected.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

Flare Feline nod "Yep, it's them. Oh well, looks like we got company..." He sighs, and looks back down at Ten, and the destruction past her "So... was there anything else on your mind?"

Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Ten nods. She speaks somewhat evenly as she says, "Flare, there is something else. I... I..." She looks as though she is having trouble going on. The strange thing is, her tone of voice only sounds somewhat reluctant as she speaks. From her tone, she should have said it by now.

Elemental Dragon hovers above, five pairs of eyes watching. "I know you'd probably prefer to be down there, but there's no need to place all of us in danger. In control or not, I don't trust her," she explains to Skyblade.

Skyblade Eagle flaps her wings as she sits up there and watches the goings on down below, being able to watch, but not hear..

Ten suddenly no longer looks sad. It looks as though a change is coming over her. "Flare, I'm tired of resisting the pendant. I'm tired of fighting a constant mental battle, and I'm tired of pretending I don't enjoy the power. The power, and what I have been doing with it."

Flare Feline's fist clutch slightly, in anticipation. Still, he pushes back his fear "Ten... you know that's not you talking. You know that the real you wouldn't like causing this destruction. I know you can hold on. You have to, or else you could end up doing something you'd regret..."

Elemental Dragon's body tenses up, and she droops lower, gesturing for Skyblade to follow. Quietly now.. quietly..

Quiet? Skyblade? Those two words do not go together...But, alas, she's not in command here, so she follows orders, floating down slowly behind Tiamat, watching..

Ten goes on. "Maybe it's not me, but I can't fight it any longer. I'm not sure I want to. Oh, and Flare, the pendant strongly dislikes you. It doesn't like the fact that you and I aree such close friends, and it especially dislikes how you have been keeping me from causing as much destruction as I would have been had you not been there." Ten stands up, and her hands begins to glow with solar energy.

Flare Feline blinks, this is... not good. He quickly gets to his feet himself, facing Ten, his limbs are poised to act, but he's not fleeing, or attacking himself. "......Ten... just think about what you're doing... just... try to hold on." Thoughts race through his mind, not sure what to do. Should he call for help? No, that would just provoke the pendent further... he has to try to get her to get a hold of herself. He's careful not to make any violent moves, though he's ready to leap in any direction if he has to.

"Oh hell." Mutters Skyblade, "I've seen that before. Something's about to blow up." Skyblade folds her wings up and dives. To hell with orders. "Ten!" She yells out, as she swoops in, over her and Flare, and comes to a hover near them, "Don't do it, Ten." She says, as she lands, talons clicking softly on the rocks she lands on, "I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. Don't. Do. It." Both of Skyblade's hip pannels open up, where she stores her handguns, ready to get them out, if she needs too...

Elemental Dragon blinks. Five times. "Crap." The Red Head spits out, blowing out a cloud of smoke. "I suppose this is where we're supposed to jump in," it snorts. The White Head merely nods, She dives down afterwards, hovering to Ten's other side. "Ten, it would not be wise. Think about what you're doing. To yourself, to Flare.." She 'stands' up right, a shoulder blaster appearing, and targetting Ten, just in case.

Ten blinks as two more people suddenly show up. For just a moment, all she can do is blink, so caught off guard is she.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Brother?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "Yes Iris?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Do you still smoke pipes from time to time, or did you give that up? I can't recall."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "I do not. Why do you ask?"

"We humbly suggest," growls the Red Head, "..that you cease and desist your actions, before you come to regret the pain you may cause others." She lands onto the ground with a soft thump. "Such displays are not your style, Ten; they don't suit the individual I met several weeks ago."

Flare Feline almost growls, he did NOT need people butting in now, crowding her won't help. He raise an arm between them and Ten, keeping himself in between them all. "Guys just... calm down... don't provoke her..." He looks back at Ten, her hands may be glowing, but he's not going to abandon her "I... trust her. Just give her a moment to get back to herself..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Oh, nothing important! I'm here with the Hunters, and I was looking for Dr. Cossack because he was talking about bongs on the radio last night, and I asked him what a bong was and he said he'd tell me if I brought some pie over. So I did, and he isn't here, but Rigger told me it's a pipe. So I was going to ask if you needed a bong!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle facepalms, audibly.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "You and I need to have a talk when you get back, sister."

Skyblade Eagle draws both of her handguns, twirling them on her fingers, "Back off, Flare." She says, "I got this." She looks at Ten, "Look, Ten. Are you gonna throw away your whole Repliforce career because of a f*cking Stardroid peice of garbage?" She asks, "What would Chi say if he knew his sister was about to assault another Repliforcer? Or that she was going around blowing up villiages and construction sites? Think about that." She crouches a bit, "Ten, this ain't you. Think about it. Yeah, I know I'm one of the more impulsive people in Repliforce.." Skyblade's then cut off as she facepalms at the radio, and sighs, before looking back at Ten.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "About what?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Data Mantis clicks over the radio. in amusement, even. but he doesn't say a word. ^>^

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "...I'll tell you later. Also, tell Cossack I want to speak with him when you see him next, okay?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Okay, I'll let him know! I'm sure he'll be glad to see you again..."

Ten looks at the three people with their weapons pointed at her. She seems to suddenly become angry. "I'm tired of this! I'm tired of all of it! I'm tired of this entire world! I don't really care what you all think anymore, or what anybody else thinks!" Suddenly, she points both palms right at Flare Feline, and the glow intensifies.

The White Head, the rational one, speaks. "Ten. If you truly didn't care, would you not have fired already?" it asks, tilting in one direction. "We our your friends, Ten, but you are behaving under the influence of a bit of trash. Think, Ten. Remember what you are like. -Will- the disgust away. The qualities that pendant brings are not your qualities."

Flare Feline eyetwitches as Ten gets even angrier. He knew it. He throws Skyblade a surprisingly icy stare, and does something he normally NEVER does "Back off yourself Sergeant. /I/ got this." Flare hates pulling rank. He'd normally never do it, but he has to get Ten calmed down. And shouting and cursing at her just isn't going to do that." Flare looks back into Ten's eyes, he has to bring her back now, or else it'll be too late "Ten... look at me. Do you remember all that you've done for me in the past? I managed to become reunited with my family, and overcome so much because you were there for me. Don't you remember what a kind person you were? That person wouldn't be doing this, pendent or not. I know you can snap out of it. And I owe you too much than to turn tail and run, and abandon you now. I'm staying, because I know that you won't fire..."

Skyblade Eagle glares back at Flare. Someone just told her what to do? Bloody rank. She knew she shoulda joined the Hunters a long time ago...She mutters a bit, and twirls the guns again, arms folding over her chest, and then moving to her sides, as she taps one of the guns on her hip. After Ten wastes Flare, and assuming he comes out of his coma, she'll tell him 'I toldya so.', but until then, she'll wait.

Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.

Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Ten shakes her head, obviously making a last ditch attempt to shake off what is hapenning to her. However, it is only partially successful. Ten begins to look somewhat sad as she says, "Part of me is sorry." Then she unleashes the power of a mini-nova. The atatck is fully concentrated on Flare, the force all directed at him. It's a mirace Ten managed to keep herself from making it an area attack against all three of her friends. Not enough of a miracle to prevent this, though.

Ten strikes you with her Nova Shot for 44 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Fire resistances.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission.

Colonel arrives from the Buenos Aires - Northern Outskirts.
Colonel has arrived.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Rigger.

Flare Feline can't react in time. Fortunatly for Flare, his body and his armor are designed to withstand extreme heat, but this... is almost too much. Before the blast strikes him, the oddest thought goes through his mind, the time Ten took him out in the hoverbike, and tried to explain to him what she felt about the sky and the earth being two infinities, he couldn't understand it then, and still can't now... he regrets that actually. As the blast nails him, and the flames zortch around him, a few more memories of what Ten has done for him come back. He's blown to his feet as the fires subside. Gritting his teeth his tries to stand, but he can barely move... still after all that though, he tries to reach her "T....Ten... stop... stop it. I can't let you.... do this ... to yourself." Most of his armor has melted, his fur and skin is horribly burned, and he's supposed to be able to resist extreme heat. He stares into Ten's eyes, trying to reach whatever is left of her and bring it out.

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Rigger.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "AAAIEEEARGH!"

Skyblade Eagle sends a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon receives a radio transmission.
Elemental Dragon sends a radio transmission to Skyblade Eagle.
Skyblade Eagle receives a radio transmission.

"Told ya so." Mutters Skyblade, as she launches herself into the air to keep herself safe, "You've gone too far this time, Ten!" She yells out, as she grabs her cannon from behind her back, leveling it towards the avian, "You shoulda stayed in SpecOps..." The charging weapon grows an energy bulge at the barrel, as Skyblade takes aim, "I'm sorry, but it has to be done." With that, the Sky Queen fires, launching the massive beam of plasma energy down towards her own commander.

Skyblade Eagle strikes Ten with her Skyblade Strike attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Um.... What the heck is going on? People kicking my friends around without telling me?"

All of Elemental's heads perk, their eyes blazing. "Reason has failed," croons the Red Head. "Reason has failed, and Ten has acted." The dragoness falls onto all fours. Her wings spread fully, arcing out into their huge span. "Elemental..." the Red Head hisses, fire beginning to coil in its throat. One by one, her heads' mouths open, revealing breathweapons slowly broiling withni.. acid.. flame.. ice.. wind.. electricity.. Finally, the Red Head growls out, "..Elemental.. STORM!" Each neck stretches out, their heads opening their mouths, releasing their weapons.

Elemental Dragon strikes Ten with her Elemental Storm attack.

Two images fade into one as Colonel arrives on the scene only moment after he was told of the incident by Lieutenant Elemental Dragon. His sabre still missing he appears with empty hands as he shimmers into reality, the blink ending. He speaks into his radio, summoning someone he thinks might be able to help before he looks around trying to take stock of the situation.

Rigger arrives from the Buenos Aires - Northern Outskirts.
Rigger has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "It's..... *pause* ...it's Ten..."

Elemental Dragon has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I am handling the situation."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Little late for that, Colonel. You might be able to pick up the peices."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Ten? What about Ten?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "She lost it."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Data Mantis transmits, "...This is bad, isn't it?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "crud. Where's she?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I kne those damn pendants were dangerous. No one ever listens to me. What, is two years experience not enough to get people to listen? Christ."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Someone said they were peaceful and nice?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Shouldn't have let them all run loose, now should we?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "That's it, I'm never leaving. I leave, and this sh*t happens."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "If the pessimists have nothing better to do than naysay, I would strongly recommend they take it off the main frequency."

Ten had begun to feel incredibly sorry about what she did. However, her being attacked was just the opening the pendant needed. The pendant hates Flare. Ten hasn't noticed Colonel yet. Quickly, Ten wings it, hoping to escape. as she does so, she has just enough time to send a mini-sun at Flare.

Ten strikes you with her Sunspot for 25 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Fire resistances.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Indeed. Just let us handle the situation. Fight fire with fire, afterall, I have asked another pendant bearer to help us try to subdue Commander Ten."

Skyblade Eagle rockets up into the air as Ten fires again, "Calm the f*** down, Ten!" She yells out, as she comes around, ion boosters running full charge, "Or better yet, let me do it for you!" Twisting in midair, Skyblade opens her talons and aims to smash into Ten full tilt.

Skyblade Eagle misses Ten with her Dive Bomb attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Heh. Fine. Stay here forever, Eagle. I wouldn't mind. *a pause* how bout you let me try something which doesn't involve playing with cosmic powers, Colonel."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Um... Might I ask /which/ pendant you did that with, sir?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "We don't need another one of those f***ing pendants out here, Colonel. -I- can deal with Ten."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I have asked the Maverick Hunter Rigger for her assistance and will also be lending a hand. The two of us together with Sgt. Skyblade should be sufficent. Enough, Skyblade."

Flare Feline almost can't believe it. Unable to move, he can only watch as the blazing ball of destruction closes in on him. He knows now there's no way to change fate. He closes his eyes as one more final memory comes to him. The time he was finally reunited with his creator, Ten was there for it as well. All thanks to her, he got his life back together, and ironically now it could all be blown apart. That's all he has time to think about though, as the blast engulfs him. Any reinforcements in his armor built to resist heat have been blown off in the first strike. This time, it's nothing but destruction. Flare's armor melts almost completely off, his limbs become burnt stumps, and there's not much left of his face either. As the explostion fades, whatever is left doesn't even remotly resemble Flare anymore...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! *static*"

Raising his right arm Colonel points a hand at Ten "ENOUGH TEN!" be bellows in his most commanding tone of voice. "Shut down your weapon systems and prepare to be taken into custody! I'll only ask you once!" He yells, obviously very displeased with what he sees in front of him.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Rigger, sir? Permission to come there, not to fight against Ten, but to ensure the safety of the Hunter. She might have the pendant, but it doesn't mean she is able to take on a battle reploid with a pendant."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I am here personally, Jet, I will ensure her safety."

The help that Colonel called is quick to arrive; though notably the means of transport is far from being the flashy datastream methods he uses. Walking at a calm, yet quick pace the green clad individual enters the area with a pensive frown. Further, more specific directions aren't asked of Colonel as she becomes quite aware of the familiar sickly feeling of hate and anger a Chaos pendant brings with it clashes with Rigger's own pendant. Striding up alongside Colonel as he begins to bellow, she tilts her head back to stare through a bruised visage at the clash between Repliforcers.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I'm here too. I'll make sure nobody gets hurt. Well, except Flare, but it's a little late for that."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "But hey, I warned him."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "If you say so, sir."

Ten receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.

The pendant of Sunsar has finally done what it has been trying to do all along. It has been trying to drive a wedge between Ten and Repliforce, and finally has. It has been trying to get Flare Feline out of the way so that his friendship and kindness toward Ten can no longer get in it's way. It finally has done so. The pendant has finally succeeded... or has it? Ten suddenly begins to descend. Back down toward where Colonel is waiting. Her expression becomes apologetic. She has found the part of her that still clings to her true self. That part of her is going to give fixing things one last chance. The pendant's victory is incomplete.

Ten sends a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle makes a really tight turn, and at the speeds she's going, that'd be hard to do. But, she lands behind Ten, and draws one of her berettas, aiming it at the back of Ten's head, "Move and I'll put you in a bed right next to Flare, got it?" She growls, pulling the hammer back on the handgun. Yeah, Colonel will probably yell at her...But still, she's doing what has to be done to help control the psycho bird.

Ten receives a radio transmission.

Colonel knows how delicate this situation is and is shoots Skyblade a glare telling her to put that away for the moment and takes a step forward towards Ten, extending one gray metal hand to her "Now, there's no need for anymore violence is there Ten? You're a Repliforcer, one of us, we can work this all out without anymore fighting, it would be the honourable thing to do. So just take my hand, and we'll head back to London and work everything out." He snaps a transmission of to Rigger as he talks to Ten as well.

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
Rigger receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Meanwhile, Flare is just a burnt husk on the ground now. He /might/ need medical attention, just maybe. Y'know, might help his condition a bit, make him less dead?

Rigger sends a radio transmission.
Colonel receives a radio transmission.

Rigger watches Ten impassively for several long, agonizing moments. Just to ensure that she isn't going to attempt any further attacks. At Colonel's radio transmission, she just continues to stare. What? He didn't tell her anything she didn't plan in the first place. Another few moments are waited however, before she turns to begin heading towards the fallen Flare. A kit strapped to one leg is worked free so she might begin pulling out the tools of her trade.

Ten takes Colonel's offered hand. The pendant is still trying to gain a hold, but Ten's desire to fight it has increased tremendously. Although it's obviously forced, Ten says, "I'm sorry, Sir." Yet, even though it is obviously forced, one who is listening carefully might make out a hint of true apology.

Skyblade Eagle slips the handgun away...Slowly...Watching Ten and Colonel...Yeah, she's not happy with the situation, nope. Not at all..

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Jet, be ready at London Base to help me escort Commander Ten to a holding facility."

Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray sighs. "On my way. There goes my night on the town."

Colonel takes Ten's hand and nods his head. "Alright, now, let's head back to London." He looks to Skyblade. "Sgt, help Rigger get Flare back to the base and make sure he stays alive, I'll take the Commander back to London myself." His orders his gives he keeps a hand firmly grasped on Ten's arm to make sure that the bird can't get away and begins to head in the direction of the teleporter.

Colonel receives a radio transmission.
Colonel sends a radio transmission to Templar.
Colonel receives a radio transmission.

Ten is glad that Colonel is holding her arm. Otherwise, she might succumb to the pendant's urges and try to escape. In fact, the urge to use her blink system to escape is already forming within her. Ten puts a stop to that by willing her blink system to shut down for now. The inner struggle is still going on within Ten, but she knows she can beat it. Moreover, the pendant's attempts to make her not feel bad about what she did to Flare are failing miserably. Ten will be feeling terrible about this for a long time to come.

Skyblade Eagle arches a brow, but shakes her head, and turns to walk towards Rigger and Flare, "So. What's wrong with him? Besides the whole being nearly dead thing, ya know." She says, folding her arms over her chest. She warned him, damnit. That'll teach him not to listen to her..
<O-Repliforce> Got shopping? Ten says, "Good night, Halo Hare!"

Flare could argue that if Skyblade hand't provoked Ten, he wouldn't have ended up like this. But he won't because A)Flare's not the type of person to pass blame on others, and B)He's sorta almost dead. Most of his body will need to be replaced, but there's the far more critical matter of his internal processor, in the shape his body is in, and the fact that many of his circuit boards were fried, it may not last much longer if he can't get to a medical facility.

Colonel heads off in the direction of the teleporter with Ten.

Rigger begins to crouch near Flare, only to suddenly have her legs give out the rest of the way. The scanner is dropped from her hands as she lifts them to clap over her ears with a pained yelp. For a moment she doubles over, fumbling till she manages to pull the ever-present radio from her ear to very nearly fling it from herself. "Sunnova...!"

Quite suddenly, the sky across the world ignites into flames for a moment, as if the ozone was burning itself alive. As quickly as it happened, it subsides.

The sky in turn turns to pure darkness, like a worldwide eclipse. After a few seconds, the sky returns back to normal.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Well, sh*t. That's bad."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, ".....indeed."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Tidal Whale transmits, "What's bad?"
Colonel has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Aparently you're not looking at the sky."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "The sky appeared to be on fire, and then everything went dark for a moment."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Oh don't worry, it's just the world ending."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... the hell!?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Tidal Whale transmits, "Difficult to observe the sky from the floor of the midatlantic plain, I must admit. Any word from Eurasia?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Skyblade Eagle transmits, "You tell us, Spiral."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "Hm... dost the pendent bearers haveth anything to say about this?"

Skyblade Eagle has stopped worrying about Flare, watching the sky, "Something you should be telling us, Hunter?" She asks, as she glances down towards Rigger.

[Radio: (D) Public] Sewa transmits, "Say about what?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Enker transmits, "Beware the ides of March?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Sewa transmits, "Dear god, I hope this doesn't last till then."

[Radio: (D) Public] Enker transmits, "I'll end it for you before that, if you'd like.."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "If I -knew-, I wouldn't be saying 'What the hell'."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Tidal Whale transmits, "Now that Rocket Town is in the hands of the Robot Masters, where is UN Space Command located? Have they said anything?"

Rigger sits up once more, rubbing at her ear with a pained wince. She did see the the sky.. it was impossible to miss. Now she squints up at it with a sigh, her head slowly shaking. "I don't know. I would say that answers will be found soon, though."

Skyblade Eagle cracks her knuckles, and then her neck, "Fine by me." She says, "Lets bring it on. I want to see what's next in this little freak show. No offense."

Flare Feline is lying there. Burnt. Totally unimpressed by the light show too it seems, since he couldn't see it and all.

Rigger shakes her head once more. The scanner, and radio earbud are retreived. The radio is replaced first, and then she begins her task. After several moments she simply grunts. "He should be alright to move. The damage is intensive enough that I don't dare try to revive him here with what meager tools I have."

Skyblade Eagle nods a bit, and grabs Flare, or what's left of him, and hoists him up. He's small enough that even she can carry him, "Don't worry, Flare. We'll have you back to new in...Six months, tops." With that she starts to head off..

Rigger rises to follow after with a bit of a chuckle. "Six months? What *do* your medics do?" Head shaking in mild wonderment, she simply shrugs while continuing on.

Flare Feline is 10feet tall normally, but enough of him has been burned away so that he's considerably lighter. Yay! Now to keep him from dying...

Repair Bay - RHQ

This room is one of the largest in the Repliforce Headquarters, rivalled only by the Barracks, Briefing Area and Hangar Bay. This is the place where the wounded reploids come to get their parts replaced or for general tune-ups and tests. The latest technology is in evidence all around the room as programmed reploids scuttle back and forth, both on legs and some on wheels. Thre are numerous Repair beds that will enclose a reploid fully, and there are places for the larger reploids to power down until they get fixed. The room stretches out quite far in all directions, the only two exits leading out are either to the Laboratory or the hangar-bay sized doors into the hallway. The Repair Bay is extremely well lit, and has a definite antiseptic feel to it, as it is always emmaculately clean.

Skyblade Eagle [Armor] [RF]
Arm Plaque
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
<SL> leads to Science Laboratory - RHQ.
<S1H> leads to Sub-Level 1 Hallway.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "*Medical Gumbie*We've just recieved Lieutenent Flare Feline now..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "*Medie Gumbie again*Good Lord.... we've put him in stasis for now, until he can be looked at by someone more skilled in MSE"

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