New York - Central Park

Like the rest of Manhattan Island, Central Park has had nowhere to go except straight up. It now has expanded to over four levels of greenery, parked right on top of the other and accessible by various walkways, roadways, and elevators. The first and second level is what you'd typically find in park - trees, grass, a few benches and fountains, birds, what have you. The upper two levels are reserved for the Central Park Zoo, showcasing a multitude of wild animals for the public to see.

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to New York - Manhattan Island.

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Hey Ten, mind meeting me in Central Park?"

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Alright. I suppose I feel up to it, as long as it isn't for anything dangerous or any hard work."

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Heh, of course not."

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I'll be right there."
Ten arrives from the New York - Manhattan Island.
Ten has arrived.

Ten enters Central Park. She walks rather slowly, right now skipping along like she often does would result in alot of pain due to her recent injuries. Even if she could move faster right now, she would probably still be walking slow, because she is taking the time to enjoy the scenery. The scenery that she used to come here and enjoy often. Ten smiles bittersweetly, happy for the nostalgia that being in the park is creating, and sad for the knowledge that the former location of Repliforce island is nearby.

As Ten looks about for Flare, she is surprised to see a reploid tiger that she hasn't seen before and who looks somewhat similar to Flare. Suddenly feeling curious, Ten approaches the tiger.

Flare Feline actually looks nothing like Flare, at least from a distance. But maybe Ten just knows him well enough. Still, as she nears, this reploid doesn't seem to pay attention to her until she's close enough. He turns to her, and speaks in a voice that is certainly not Flare's "Hello miss, can I help you?"

Ten blinks, and sounds a little embarrassed as she asks, "Um, hello. Have you seen a reploid cat who is about your size, and has a long, slender tail with a red crystal at the end?

Flare Feline places his hands on his hips as he thinks. "Hmm, nope can't say I have. I'm probably the only other felinoid in the park right now." That really isn't a lie, technically. So why is Flare doing this? Well a few reasons. Nothing mean-spirited of course, he just wants to... expirment something.

Ten nods. "Oh, okay. I guess he's still on his way." Ten decides to go ahead and introduce herself. Smiling cheerfully, she says, "I'm Ten. What's your name?" Yep, she is saying her name to a stranger in the middle of a city far from Repliforce territory. Ten is throwing caution out the window in order to be friendly.

Flare Feline chuckles, he figured she'd ask his name, thankfully he already thought of an alais to use with this disguise long ago. "Name's Ray, Ray Felinoid." This is the same disguise he wore last week when he helped get Silver and Red out of Tartarus. Since it worked out so well he has decided to keep it for future use. However he needs to make sure that he can fool people. And if you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies, and Ten's one of the people who knows him best.

Ten nods. "It's good to meet you. You know, some of your features are similar to my friend's features. Well, I guess it's because you are both felines." She shrugs.

Flare Feline hrms, and chinrubs "Well.... we're probably more similar than you think." Seems that Ten isn't figuring it out. Well at least that proves it's a good disguise. And it would certainly work against whatever Robot Masters and Mavericks that would recognize him normally. As he is rubbing his chin, his thumb moves to the area under the chin near the throat, and clicks something, then he speaks again in his real voice "Like... really similar." he smiles "Had ya going."

Ten takes 2 steps back, and blinks several times. "Flare?" Then she smiles. "I guess after seeing me and Chi do what we did two nights ago, you must have really been jealous of the fact that I get to spend some of my time in another form. Can't say I blame ya!" She laughs happily.

Flare Feline chuckles "Not quite. I used this disguise last week when I went into Tartarus. It seemed to be effective there, but since it was such a confusing night, I probably could have gotten in and out undisguised. So I wanted to test it on someone who would really see through it, and I guess it succeeded." He smiles, and lifts an arm up, which is considerbly 'buffer' than it normally is "The day before we went in, I went to the Doc about a possible disguise. Like all most reploids, my synth skin and fur are chemically based. He managed to create a solution that when injected into the right spots altered my fur coloring and body proportions the way we wanted. Of course this is all cosmetic, I'm no stronger than I normally am. And of course, the hair is mostly a wig that's connected to my head with pins that are hidden under the bandana, the rest is just a clothing change. And of course, the Doc uploaded a new speech pattern into my vocal chip." He smirk again. Ahh futuristic technology, with this Flare could take on almost any appearence that is do-able with his actual physical structure under his body. He can even look female with the rigth adjustments... but he probably wouldn't. "At least that's what the Doc told me, so what do ya think?"

Ten is still smiling. "It's a good look for you. The Doc did a good job. Too bad it doesn't actually make you stronger, I would have loved to be able to order you to come with me on a shopping spree, and carry a bunch of stuff!" Ten laughs again.

Flare Feline smirks again "Yeah, but that's what you're brother is for." He chuckles "Though this is really nothing compared to what you two can do together. I gotta admit, I was surprised by the whole thing."

Ten nods happily. "Not as surprised as Byte!" She sounds a little more serious as she adds, "Thank you for being there. Byte, and Zero while he was going berserk, had worn us down enough that without your help, we might have been damaged to the point of being disabled by the Maverick triceratops."

Flare Feline hrms "Well not really. I mean, once that Maverick turned her attention to you you know, I wasn't even able to hit her. Though I guess I wore her down enough beforehand. Still, the two of you are REALLY powerful like that. It's neat."

Ten makes her voice as deep as she can manage, tries to look dramatic, and says, "Now you have seen the power that we possess!" Then she giggles childishly and smiles. "Believe me, being that powerful is quite a rush!"

Flare Feline chuckles again "Yeah, I imagine it is. It must be interesting, too bad that those merges are hard to come by. I wonder what it would be like..." He shrugs "But then again, you and Chi were designed for it from the start, it wouldn't be possible for a reploid like me. So how does it feel... I mean, how do you both control it like that?"

Ten thinks for a moment, clearly having trouble putting it into words. "It is REALLY hard to describe! Our minds control it jointly, but they act as a single mind to avoid conflict. Er, I guess that isn't very clear. Hmmm, it uses aspects of both my personality and... You know, I'm not sure I know how we do it!"

Flare Feline hmms "It's incredible, anyway. But, is it dangerous? I mean, can something go wrong? I remember something last year shortly after I joined Repliforce about an alternate dimension version of you guys, though I don't quite recall, I didn't know you when it happened."

Ten nods. "The possibility of something going wrong does exist, but it's still far less dangerous than battling Mavericks and Robot Masters, so we don't worry too much about it. Still, we have been a little more cautios since we met Warrior Mobius. It was indeed a version of us from an alternate universe who had become permanently merged."

Flare Feline nods "Well let's hope that doesn't happen. Really." It wouldn't be a good thing, not at all. He sighs "Well, anyway I should head back to RHQ London and get myself back to normal. This whole get-up takes a bit of doing to get on and off, not like your insta-merge with Chi." He smiles "Thankfully the Doc gave me enough of the injection stuff to last awhile. It's also a good thing I coordinated with security so that they know I'm me. This has fooled you, Iris and Jet so far, and you guys /know/ me."

Ten nods, and says, "Alright. Oh, and thank you for choosing this as the meeting place. It was really nostalgic to be here." Ten looks around. "It was great to talk to you, and to see your striped look."

Flare Feline smiles "Well, we did first start talking here. And then there's Repliforce Island..." He sighs "Well, I'll probably create some more disguises with this method since it turned out so well. There's more to being stealthy than just moving silently and stuff. Though I do that pretty well too." Good thing for Flare getting a female disguise isn't something that would occur to him, since it's entirely possible now "Anyway, I'll get going. See ya later."

Ten nods, and waves. "Alright, See ya!" She then turns and walks deeper into the park. She clearly wants to walk around and enjoy the nostalgia a little longer.

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