Training Facility - RHQ

The impressively spacious Repliforce training center is spread out before you. It is difficult to take in all the activity at once. There are reploids running about all over attending to their training regiments, or just doing some personal relaxation. The designers of this complex seem to have thought through the every need of all types of reploids. This includes, but most certainly is not limited to, a section dedicated for gymnastic training, with sets of complex bars and rings. This is a modular system that can be controlled by the Training Facility's computer systems. A full compliment of the finest reploid weight lifting machines are scattered all about, this is very similar to what you would find in a human Gym, only designed to help strengthen reploid muscles. In the center of all this is the training floor. It is a flat and desolate space. The ground there is constructed of synth wood and is the place where classes in hand to hand combat are taught. Surrounding these set ups is a running track for sprinting or jogging. In one of the far corners there is a shooting range to help increase accuracy at all ranges, and there is a submersion tank in another corner for those of the under water persuasion. Near the door is a desk, it is here that you may sign up to use any of the Repliforce equipment, remember if you break it, you buy it.

Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Flare Feline taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

Before you is nothing but snow. The sky is almost in a white out condition and it is very hard to see very far. The ground is covered with snow, and without the right gear, it is very possible to be swallowed whole by the snowdrifts. The wind bites at your circuts and chills you to the core. WHY OH WHY ARE YOU HERE!

In the middle of this frozen wasteland is a large igloo. Inside the Igloo is a nice refuge from the biting cold outside. It is warm inside and the walls are covered with lockers filled with Snow gear. If you want to go outside, better put some on!

The holographic projectors are emitting a biting snow storm now. Yep, it's Citidel assualt training. Two of Flare's squadsmen are near the igloo in the center of the ice field, Bubble Toad, and Blaze Buffalo, and Flare is out a bit away from it. Right now he's locked in combat with a simulated opponent. And it just happens to be Burst Man, gee I wonder why?

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'Anyone want to place a bet?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'On what?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'Feedback. Or more precicely if he'll need mental help after he's released this time...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Anthem transmits: 'No bet, Feedback already needs mental help.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'I mean on top of that.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'Aww, Anthem took my line. But I'll put ten zenny on him getting commited to a loonly bin in three months... Or stuck with a lot of meetings with a head doc. One of the two.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Anthem transmits: '...Light Labs *isn't* the loony bin?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'Feh. When he's done having to deal with hearing the song few a few hours straight, he'll need more than three months. You're on.'.

Chi opens the door to the training facility, and is moderately suprised when he is blasted by cold air. The wind whips over his armor, the gumbies near the door scattering as to not become icicles. The minotaur reploid steps into the facility, his optics alert as always, wearing a firm look. His halberd clanks against his armor, but in the current environment, the sound is but a whisper. Seeing Flare and his squadmates battling the simulated Masters, Chi begins making his way over there, but rather slowly. He stops about ten meters away from the scuffle and begins observing, crossing his masive arms and settling his weight onto his hooved feet.

Flare Feline continues to fight Burst Man as his squad fight some random RM simulated gumbies. Even though this is a simulated battle, Flare is fighting him with tremendous concentration, the look in his eyes seem to show pure disdain for his holographic foe.

Chi's optics mirror those of Flare's, but only those close to him could tell the difference between this and his normal look of determination. Burst Man has committed an act totally unforgivable by the mythic based reploid, that much is certain. There are very few, if any, who despise that master as much as Chi does at this moment. Chi makes no movement, the flying snow beginning to build upon his frame. He pays no attention to and instead just maintains his observations.

Flare Feline winces as the biting snow freezes on his armor. It's almost painful, which is exactly why Flare is doing this, he has to be able to withstand this environment when the attack on the Citidel occurs. Flare wants to be able to help strike a crushing blow to Wily, because aside from Burst Man, he is the only other one responsible for Ten's condition. The battle rages on, Burst Man seems to have the upper hand as he is hardly even effected by the weather, only slowing him down slightly. But throughout the fight Flare seems to slow considerably, only to gain momentum by a burst of speed caused by a surge of determination. Both fighters seem to be moderatly damaged, but the simulated Master's resistance to the weather and Flare's weakness to it would give him an upper hand.

By now, Chi has accumulated enough snow on his head alone to make a quite comical picture. Deciding that he as well should train himself for such an environment, he uncrosses his arms, the joints slightly creaking as mechfluid overcomes the cold once more. He reaches behind him and grasps the bottom end of his halberd, optics narrowing only slightly. In a slight flash the Masamune is readied. Chi closes his optics and concentrates, drawing energy into the weapon. An aura begins to light the area as it collects upon the poleaxe. Chi focuses his mind, allowing all outside influences to fade away. Yes, it has been too long since he has trained his mind, and the feeling is grand.

Flare Feline continues to just barely dodge Burst Man's attacks. But it is apparent the cold and snow is wearing on him. Upon landing from a leap backward, Flare almost slips, loosing his footing. And of course, the simulated Burst Man takes full advantage of this and fires a few small bubble encased explosives at the Feline, they explode around him, and throw Flare to his back. Burst Man walks over, and prepares to fire a Danger Wrap at him, however Flare manages to come to just in time, and rolls out of the way as the bubble-bomb bounces off the ground where he was and floats up into the air, to explode soon after. Unfortunatly for Flare, the rolling in the snow coated him in it, and slowed him down greatly. Burst Man quickly runs over and punches Flare a few times in the stomach, to increase the damage. After a few hits Flare manages to catch his fist in his hand, and he raises his other hand up to Burst's face, palm open. A split second later a red light can be seen forming at the base of his palm, and then Flare fires out his primary weapon right in Burst Man's face, a Flare Pulse. Flare let's go of his hand, and the simulated master falls to the ground, and vanishes.

Chi remains silent, the energy continuing to build upon the Masamune. All is still around the large reploid for what seems like minutes. In an instant, Chi's eyes flare open wide. During the same instant his halberd is brought backward. A mere moment later, the weapon is struck downward, releasing its stored power. A massive beam is produced from it, tearing through Master drones, a line of explosions forming along the ground around the beam. When the blast subsides, there is no more snow where the beam had past, only scorched earth and Master drone pieces. Chi remains in his downward strike position, optics closed in thought.

(Ch. D [Public]) Burst Man transmits: '*yawn* Finally, back in my own body. It took so long you would have thought rebuilding an artificial life form was as complicated as Rocket science, when we all know it is easy as brain surgery!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Iceblade Sentry transmits: '*Audiable smirk*'.

Flare Feline pants a bit, after Burst Man vanishes, a moment later all the holographic damage is removed, and he stands upright again. He glances over at his squad, fighting off the gumbies, and he is about to go over and give them a hand when a thunderous noise is heard, and Flare watches as Chi's blast takes out the remainder of the gumbies. He looks over at the Minotaur, brother to Ten. "I didn't see you there sir." The blizzard is strong and noise, but thanks to the amplifications in the holoterminal Flare's voice can be heard anywhere "Are you here to train for the attack on the Citidel too?"

Chi stands upright once again. Standing the halberd upright, the end setting on the ground. He gazes out over the simulated destruction he caused, feeling little in the way of relief. At Flare's question, he does not move. He only responds, "I am. One must learn to move in such a climate, no matter what their design." Now turning his horned head to the frosty fire feline, he speaks once more. "I noticed that your opponent was Burst Man. Was there a particular reason for that choice?"

Flare Feline snarls as that RM is mentioned. "You should know, after what he did to Ten." The turns around and faces the seemingly endless streach of snowstorm-ridden tundra. "I arrived too late when it happened, I got there just as Ten fell. Then I went ballistic and attacked him, eventually sending him back to Wily, then I got Ten out of there, but..." He sighs "Wily, and the rest of his creations, they're all monsters. He could do nothing but laugh after he nearly obliterated Ten, he didn't take it seriously at all, as if it was nothing." He clenches his fist "He /laughed/..."

Chi listens to Flare's story. The snow again builds upon his frame as he stands statuesque. Stupid snow. "Yes. The Robot Masters are without remorse of any kind. They are exactly as their creator intended them to be. Mindless servants to be used as an instrument to torture the world." He looks out upon the vast snowy plain, focusing on nothing in particular. "It is my own fault. I was not there to protect her. I failed in my vow." He closes his optics once more, one of his fists clenching tightly, though unnoticed through his crossed arms. "There is no one to blame in this matter but myself."

Flare Feline looks back over at Chi "You can't blame yourself for not being there, there was no way you could have know this was going to happen." He looks back at the snowy landscape "If anyone else is at fault it's me, when I arrived I should have gotten Ten out of there immediatly, had she recieved medical attention sooner her flight systems could have been saved. But when I saw her fall, couldn't help myself. I wanted to make him pay, and I did do that, but..."

Chi looks back to Flare, stopping short of a glare fitting of the current climate. "I am responsible for her, therefore I am the one at fault." He sighs and looks to the ground. "You are not at fault. You did what you could, and for that I thank you." He ceases speaking and again stares out into the bleak emptiness that makes up the simulation. The icy wind has made his armor ice cold to the touch, but Chi does not mind.

Flare Feline looks at Chi for a few moments, not sure what to say. Meanwhile his squadsmen are just standing off to the side, gee what an awkward conversation. After a few moments he walks over to the terminal, the blizzard still coming down hard. He prepares to load another simulation "Care to fight a simulation? *pause* Or have a match? We all need to learn to endure this weather, and as satisfying as it is to blow up simulated Burst Men, I'm not learning a whole lot doing so over and over."

Chi returns his gaze to Flare and begins walking toward him, stowing the halberd onto his back once more. "Simulations are effective to a certain length. They may give one insight to the basic combat parameters, but the unpredictability of those simulated is difficult to recreate." Chi's player blinks at all the big words he just blurted out, and then resumes. "I am open to suggestions, as there is little currently in the way of pressing matters."

Flare Feline silently taps a few more keys on the terminal, causing a few more RM gumbies to appear "Bubble, Blaze, get to it." Sort of like grown-ups telling the kiddies to go off and play while they take care of their own buisness "I agree that the simulations can only go so far, and I usually prefer a live opponent over a simulated one. Care for a duel?" Flare is determined, he doesn't have anything against Chi by any means, but he wants to be able to withstand this environment as much as possible, and the more difficult opponent he's fighting, the more he has to learn to ignore it and concentrate on the fight.

Chi pauses, watching the gumbies get two 'forcers siced upon them. "Very well," he says, with all calmness. "The last time I encountered an enemy force in such an environment was during our procurement of the remains of the Overlord Base. Learning to move while your own joints are freezing is a key." He makes his way over to an empty section of the simulation, and stands waiting.

Flare Feline nods at Chi, and charges, the snow being kicked up from behind his feet. Thankfully he remembers a battle with Jet he had earlier, where some advice the Stingray gave was to keep solid footing, and Flare has the claws on his feet out, digging into the ice below the snow to keep from slipping. With a solid charge and his claws drawn he passes the Minotuar and swipes at him as he passes.

You strike Chi with your Cat Scratch attack.

Chi had not expected Flare to attack so suddenly, and is thus caught by the claws. A small gouge appears in the armor on his left side. He takes a moment during Flare's recovery to launch an attack of his own. He closes whatever distance remains between the two and throws an arm forward, a fist contained at the end. The fist is thrown downward, due to his opponent's slightly smaller stature.

Chi strikes you with his Punch for 4 units of damage.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Stormbringer Selkie transmits: 'Mags! You're back! And alive!'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Uhm...yes...yes I am, as a matter of fact. Feeling pretty good, although I don't know quite why...'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Probably because you're not dead.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'That...might have something to do with it.'.

Flare Feline is struck from behind from the fist, and nearly loses his footing. But digging his claws deep into the ice below he quickly regains composure, bring his hand up to Chi's level he opens his palm and fires a lighter version of his Flare Pulse, hey maybe it'll heat Chi up a bit.

You strike Chi with your Flare Bomb attack.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Web Spider transmits: 'Maybe.. just maybe..'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Anthem transmits: 'Living's a heck of a good mood, I'd say.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I could drink to that. If I were drinking, anyway.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Phoebus transmits: 'Hey Hawk... Nice to see you're back.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Web Spider transmits: 'You've.. tried it.. otherwise, Anthem?'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Welcome back, Sergeant.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Hello Phoebus, how are things?'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Anthem transmits: 'Been close enough, Web.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Web Spider transmits: 'Perhaps we will.. speak.. of your near-death.. experiences sometime.. hmm, yes..'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Anthem transmits: 'I'd prefer not to get any closer, and know that Alive is a heck of a lot more exciting. More idiots, though.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Uhm, Major?'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'There are a lot of dead idiots, too. Have you heard of the Darwin Award?'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Storm Owl transmits: 'Resiliency is an important factor in living. The winds of life may bend us. To courageously straighten again after our heads have been bowed by defeat, disappointment and suffering is the supreme test of character. Hrm, yes.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Web Spider transmits: 'Tut, tut.. not everyone has your.. astounding intellect, Anthem..'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Phoebus transmits: 'Everything's alright...'.

Chi actually welcomes the heat as it strikes him, scarring his chest armor. The attack also comes with an added bonus, as it digs down through some layers of the same armor it scorched. Chi's halberd remains on his back, not yet readied. The minotaur still does not reach for it, but instead sends forward one of his legs in a kick, attempting to catch Flare in the chest with the hooved foot.

Chi strikes you with his Hoof Kick for 11 units of damage.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Frost Walrus transmits: 'I have a Question... has anyone seen Miss Iris since this whole... Zero Incident? I would like to speak with her.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Anthem transmits: 'She's right here with me.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I saw her a few hours ago in the...oh, allright. Nevermind.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Iris transmits: 'Sure, where would you like to meet?'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Frost Walrus transmits: 'I am currently in the War Room with General and Web Spider. Whenever you have free time. I just wanted to talk to you about something.'.

(Ch. E [RF-Chatter]) Jet Stingray transmits: '...'.

Flare Feline gets booted in the chest, thankfully being hit from the front allows him to keep his balance. Raising his own foot he prepares to kick Chi back, one good kick deserves another.

You miss Chi with your Feline Fury attack.

Chi jumps to the side as the feline launches toward him. He takes this opportunity to remove his weapon from its holding place once more. Because Flare's momentum carried him away from Chi, a short range strike would be akward. Instead, energy builds upon the weapon, though far less than before. Chi makes a downward slash, releasing the energy in a fist wide beam at Flare.

Chi strikes you with his Energetic Discharge for 8 units of damage.

Flare Feline grits his teeth as he's struck yet again. Digging his claws back into the ice he launches himself at Ten's brother once more, preparing another claw swipe, this one enhanced by a wave of fire emitted by his hand blasters. Sure it may seem like being warmed up, but suddenly going from icy cold to scortching hot can't be good for one's systems.

You strike Chi with your Flame Claw attack.

Indeed, the flame strikes him, warming the impact area of his right arm while making a gash in its armor. The water condensed and frozen both internally and externally melts, freezing once again a moment later. Chi grabs his right arm with his left hand, the sensation being rather unsettling. One second later he is recovered, the cold from the resulting freeze having dulled his pain receptors in the area. The halberd makes a horizontal slash at Flare, to catch the recovering feline.

Chi strikes you with his Slash for 28 units of damage.

Flare Feline gets caught full on by the blade. The gash tearing open a good part of the front of his armor, then the snow and biting cold comes in, while normally being protected by the armor, his open circuits become quite damaged by the exposure. Stricken he staggars back, clutching the gash with one hand, but he's not over yet, this is all a simulation after all. Flare raises his other hand up and fires another shot at Chi, this one a bit more powerful than the last.

You miss Chi with your Pulse Break attack.

Chi steps to the side to dodge the blast, the attack coming very close to him. As he dodges, he is already gathering energy back into the poleaxe before bringing it in a slashing motion again, releasing several orbs of energy toward the replicat.

Chi misses you with his Energy Barrage attack.

Flare Feline Barely manages to step out of the way. The damage from the last attack is really wearing on him, most of his frontal armor is torn off, and the exposed circuits continue to register PAIN to him, bad enough they're exposed, but exposed in the snow? Bad. Realizing that the battle will soon be over, in favor of Chi, Flare decides to try and do as much damage as possible before going out. Building as much energy as he can with his injury he once again faces his hand blaster towards Chi, and lets loose his most powerful projectile, the Flare Pulse.

Chi successfully deflects an attack randomly.
You miss Chi with your Flare Pulse attack.

Chi watches the firey orbs fly toward him, snow turning to steam as they blaze across the short distance between himself and Flare. He reacts quickly, unable to get out of the way in time. Knocking one blast off course with his halberd, he is still struck in the left shoulder by the other blast. The large reploid grunts as his own inner circutry is exposed to the harsh environment. The pain in his arms too much to use the Masamune again at this time, Chi instead raises a massive foot, brining it to the ground with force, enough to cause the ground to shake, split apart, and rise up around him. Getting off the ground would be a good thing.

Chi misses you with his Stampede Earthquake attack.

Flare Feline is still amazingly agile for someone with his chest ripped open. Flare jumps out of the way of the incoming fissure and lands behind Chi. Not wanting to try taking him on up close due to his current fragility, he prepares another hand blaster projectile. However when he fires it, it takes up all the stored weapons energy with it, leaving at least for a few moments with Flare only able to attack with his claws. The last projectile is fired towards Chi, Flare doubts he'll get chance to use another.

You miss Chi with your Flare Bomb attack.

Chi drops down low under the blast. He shall not be caught by the same attack twice. He drops down to the ground, bracing himself upon one hand. With a surge of effort, he extends one leg and spins around, attempting to knock Flare down. It has gone on long enough.

Chi misses you with his Kick attack.

Flare Feline sees the incoming sweep kick and jumps into the air, trying to block the pain of the opened chest for now. Since he cannot use any of his projectiles, he takes advantage of this situation to try and land another kick to Chi from above as he lands.

You strike Chi with your Feline Fury attack.

Chi takes a kick to the back, sending him to the ground. The sudden movement warrents an "Oof" from Chi, the claws digging into the armor on his backside. Reaching towards those same clawed feet, he attempts to grab Flare by them and take him to the ground with him.

Chi misses you with his Throw attack.

Flare Feline sort of half ducks out of the way, Chi's arm coming in close to his face. One of Flare's arms is still clutching his chest, the other isn't in range for a good attack, there's only Chi's arm near Flare's mouth, what to do? *chomp*

You miss Chi with your Cat Nip attack.

Chi moves his hand away from Flare's mouth as he attempts to take a bite out of the bullish reploid. Chi stands once again and brings the blunt end of his halberd around for a quick strike, trying to clock Flare in the head.

Chi misses you with his Generic Melee attack.

Flare Feline quickly stands up and steps back out of the way. All this quick moving is doing a number on Flare, and if Chi doesn't eventually hit him all the moving around for much longer might take Flare out anyway. While Flare is still in close proximity he draws his claws and goes for another good ol fashioned swipe. Ahh the classics.

You miss Chi with your Cat Scratch attack.

Chi jumps backward to avoid the slash, evading by merely an inch. Once he reaquires his footing, Chi brings a fist in front of him and concentrates energy into it. The fist begins emitting a small aura as Chi channels power from his systems into the extremity. In a sudden movement Chi brings the fist back and then launches it forward again at Flare.

Chi strikes you with his Energy-fused Fist for 14 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Flare Feline can't move so quickly now. At the very least the strike is so quick he doesn't feel anything. Flare is thrown a good few feet back by the impact and lands in a snow drift. After a few minutes, the holographic damage vanishes, and one exhausted Flare stands up, gasping for a bit, he speaks "Good one."

Chi has made his way over to Flare while he recovered from the simulated damage, stowing the halberd back to its resting place. Chi has not removed his own damage, however, and allows it to remain. "Indeed, your evasion ability is quite impressive, considering your contidion."

Flare Feline stands upright and nods "Well, being in a near death situation can sometimes let one be more focused. Or maybe I just got lucky, one or the other. It was a good fight, though your attack with your weapon that greatly damaged me would have done me in normally, the fact that it was a simulation I was able to look past my critical status. Otherwise I doubt I could have continued fighting." He shrugs "Guess I still have a way to go yet..."

Chi nods. "Critical situations can and do result in events such as that. This training session is proof." He looks over to where Flare's squadmates are, and resumes. "Your time in Repliforce has been beneficial, and I am certain that you have improved since your joining." He pauses for a moment before returning his gaze to Flare. "At any rate, I shall allow you to return to your duties. Farewell, Sergeant." He begins making his way toward the door.

Flare Feline nods at Chi, and then goes over to see how his squad is doing. Well, they're winning against the RM gumbies, but it seems to have broken down into childish insults and a snowball fight. Flare sighs, seems like he'll need to break out the gravity training again...

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