War Room - RHQ

This is the room where all the strategies and plans for war are made and finalized. This room is extremely massive, allowing room for a great number of Repliforce officers and operatives to be in here at the same time. On the floor is a large map pf the world, with the cities and important locations mapped out over the countries of the world. There are also plenty of small, hidden cameras and microphones, capable of broadcasting the planning done in here to the monitors stationed all over RHQ should the need arise. In the walls and ceiling are numerous pointing and display devices, along with an advanced holographic system, capable of running war and battle scenarios in high detail when it is turned on. However, when the War Room sits idle, the holographic display shows a visual of the galaxy, slowly rotating around the sun located in the center.

Ten [Main] [RF]
Crescent Grizzly [RF]
Magnum Panther [Punk] [RF]
Halo Hare [Armor] [RF]
Ricochet [Uniform] [RF]
Hailstorm Couatl [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Whipcrack Octopus [RF]
Slash Beast [RF]
Silver Mane [RF]
General [General] [RF]
Citadel Attack Plan and Simulation

Obvious exits:
<S1H> leads to Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
<CC> leads to Command Chamber - RHQ.
<CF> leads to Command Floor - RHQ.

Razor Pterodactyl arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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A strange face and sight can be seen. Silver Mane, someone who is normally never seen is standing against the far wall of the War Room, away from all of the seatrs and the doors. He remains at the full attention stance, looking straight ahead, though for anyone entering, it just feels like his optics are on you anyway. he's not socializing with anyone either, just standing perfectly still at attention, watching the happenings as people file in. On his exterior frame, there is no sign of the grevious injuries he suffered earlier today, but simply awaits General's briefing.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Siege Wolverine transmits, "Copy that."

Colonel arrives from the Command Floor - RHQ.
Colonel has arrived.
Siege Wolverine arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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Hurricane Hawk arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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Strike Osprey arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Strike Osprey has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "On my way."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Following Commander Hurricane Hawk, sir."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "Acknowledged."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "Yessah."

Phoebus arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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Heilen arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Heilen has arrived.

Hurricane Hawk comes into the War room, another in tow. The rookie, Strike Osprey, will be coming tonight as well, or so it seems at least. The hawk quickly comes to attention and finds a place while the briefing takes place.

Iris arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Iris has arrived.

Magnum Panther strides confidently into the room, tail lashing about behind him. The panther seems ready for anything, it seems...whatever that might be.

Halo Hare slides inside. Clutching some...earphones? Still in the packet. o_O She looks down...and sweatdrops, before stashing them somewhere in animespace. She then moves over to the Corporal area, looking very nervous - she is a hare, after all.

Colonel steps in from the Command Floor entrance, as he looks about the room, he seems to take deep pride in all those gathered, before moving toward the General.

Strike Osprey indeed follows after his commander, marvelling inwardly at the huge size of the place. oO(Wow...this is quite a place...)Oo
The stench of sulfur fills the room, seeping from the shadows of the corner, twin golden pools igniting from within them. Slowly clicking forth from within the deepened shadows comes Siege Wolverine, the shadows practically oozing from his form. He hmms quietly, "Gonna have teh talk teh MSE 'bout that stealth teleport..." he mutters, moving towards the proper seat. His optics glancing back and forth slowly.

Iris walks in quietly, heading over to sit alongside her brother in her usual chair...which normally doesn't get taken, as it's a bit smaller than most other chairs.

In walks the 10ft tall Repliforce fire cat. There's an oddly somber look on Flare's face tonight. He's literally been killing himself training the past few weeks, and tonight's the night. The whole ordeal for him started as a want for revenge for what happened for his friend, though as time went on he realized that there were more important things at stake. Yes, he still wants to hurt the Robot Masters for what they did to Ten, but he also sees that damaging the Masters like this tonight will only help make the world safer for others now. He walks in, and leans against the rear wall, not feeling terribly social tonight. He's been waiting for this time to come, but he also can't want for it to be over.

Heilen is here, somewhere among the group. But his player is overburdened with forced labor--you know, like internment camps, except at home. So, uh, he's just going to be listening quietly, not talking much, at least until this burdensome requirement disappears.

Phoebus walks in as well, in a jumpsuit instead of the casual clothes his desc suggests. Why? Because...he doesn't have any fan girls. Sniff. Or maybe because he's probably going to be driving something. He usually does during these things.

Templar arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Templar has arrived.

Crescent Grizzly trundles into the room, glaring at random people who inhibit his path to the near wall. When he finally gets there he stretches his arms and cracks his neck to either side, then he sighs gutterally as he leans back.

Captain Whipcrack Octopus, MSE XO, hero of Neo-Tokyo and invertebrate-around-town, moves into the War Room and takes his appointed station. He begins toiling on a console in front of him, running yet another battery of redudant checks of MSE facilities; medical facilities are all on yellow alert and are ready to take on massive casualties, all ride armors have all passed yet another full inspection, base defenses are in place and are at battle readiness, surveilliance nets are in place, two sattelites are in a geo-sync orbit over Siberia to help in logistics, SecDef's listening post feeds are being dumped directly into War Room systems for observation, and an entire case of coffee has just been brought in for the Command Major.
The octopus is good. He's always ready for anything and, at the moment, has MSE in complete combat readiness. At a word, they can spring into immediate action, as they are the terrible machinery that drives this great army. He keeps his connections open to various Repliforce theaters to keep himself updated on the current situation, feeding the data directly into his fractal-based computational systems. He dedicates a smaller amount of system resources to being alert and attentive to his surroundings. Mr. 24/7, Captain Whipcrack Octopus, is now enabled.

Ten hurries in, and finds a place to watch the proceedings. She hasn't been on a combat mission since the loss of her flight systems. And yt, she just can't take not being able to do ehr part any longer. She might not have wings, but darnit, she still has her naginata! And the urge to use it against the enemies of Repliforce again has become too much!

A massive and intricate holographic representation of the Skull Citadel, its perimeters and defenses is hovering above the room. The simulation is currently paused, as the picture rotates slowly. The Repliforce Commander, General himself, is standing beneath it, a small computer panel in front of him. His expression is stalwart, proud, and steeled. He watches not the Skull Citadel, but his many troops file in.

Ricochet finds a seat near the front... a tad relieved the briefing hasn't started yet. It only took him seven tries to find the war room. Orbit . o O (*BLEEP BWIP*) <Eight.> Ric . o O (The bathroom doesn't count!) (*BLEEP BWIP* <Oh yes it does...>) The two are currently glaring at each other... and, of course, probably bewildering everyone as to why.

Hailstorm Couatl slithers into the room and takes to a corner, coiling himself up, and looking alert for the briefing to start.

Colonel walks directly up to the General, a slight salute as his optics slip up toward the hologram. "Sir," is all he says for the second as he studies the hologram itself.

The doors hiss open. The Marine CO, everyone's favorite Fascist Pawn, steps through, looking somewhat solemn. Or maybe that's just his usual neutral expression? He's hard to read. Some might say that's because it's tough reading a book with empty pages, but ... eh. Who knows. "GENERAL, SIR!" he addresses, clapping his fist to his chest and thrusting his arm out. The megacorp trooper stands sharply at attention.

Citadel Attack Plan and Simulation
This is a computerized simulation of a Repliforce assault on the Skull Citadel. It involves approximately 800 Repliforce troops, with roughly equal numbers of Robot Master hostiles. Included are players like Colonel, General, Bass, the Elites, and most of the more powerful Repliforce troops. There's also Fortress 3, and the SS Dreadskull. Needless to say, it's a massive undertaking. Most of the details can be found in General's training room simulation. Currently, with all objectives achieved, there is a 82 percent casualty rate and a 43 percent fatality rate.

1) Destruction of the Skull Citadel.
2) 80% Loss of Robot Master forces (not PCs, drones and such).
3) Destruction of support vehicles and Robot Master units (PCs and ships).

The attack goes as follows:
A) 3 Specops squadrons take out three key anti-aerial defenses along the south perimeter. Simulatiously, five Marine squadrons will attack a defensive emplacement along the northeast perimeter. The northeast perimeter assault is dubbed Alpha Company. <insert squad lists.>
B) Six aerial squadrons will fly in through the gap in the aerial defenses and begin intense bombardment the south side defenses. Meanwhile, Another five Marine squads follow the initial four on the northeast assault. The southern assault teams is dubbed Delta Company. <insert squad lists>
C) Following the aerial bombardment of the south, eleven Marine squads will drive through the hole. The remaining aerial squads will continue their bombardment 500 meters inside their perimeter. Master defenses will be re-diverted according to the south and northeast assaults. More Marine squads will reinforce the assaults on both sides and must capture as much territory as possible.
D) An intense aerial and artillery bombardment will commence over areas not being sieged by Marines. All forces must be careful not to cross into territory they are not ordered to attack, or they will run the risk of being hit by friendly fire.
E) When Master forces have been sufficiently diverted, the main bulk of the Marine assault group will attack. This group is called Omega Company. <insert squad lists>. With heavy artillery and aerial assistance, they will push through til the 42nd line - their last until the perimeter shield.
F) Coordinates 1689 by 1975 by 2045 (the southeast) must be cleared of all personnel approximately 25 minutes into the attack. Afterward, General will use the Ion Cannon to strike at their perimeter shield. Their forces will hopefully be distracted enough to not notice General as he charges, since he will be behind Hill 106, just under the ridge. It is expected that the perimeter shield will collapse as a result.
G) Using the hole cleared by Omega Company, Specops units will make their way through the field, to the Citadel, and use the charges designed by Heilen to destroy the Citadel itself. The charge will be 3 minutes. All personnel must clear the field by that time. The entire operation should not last more than one hour. Any more and the Master forces will become too entrenched in their positions and we will not be able to root them out.

As Colonel speaks with General, Iris saves her favorite brother a seat. As if she needs to.

General returns the salute briefly to Templar and Colonel, continuing to watch his troops file in. He leans over to Colonel slightly, brow furrowed a bit. "Where is Major Anthem?" he murmers quietly.

Strike Osprey continues to stand at attention, keeping any thoughs he might be having silent for the moment...after all, he hasn't been asked, now has he?

Templar lowers his salute, seeming to be anything but 'at ease' nonetheless. He walks forward at his usual measuredly casual pace, taking his seat. He gives a nod to the Marine Captain beside him, then glances at the other - Phoebus.

Siege Wolverine latches onto the back of the chair and flips over it. He lands, sitting upon the chair, golden optics surveying the room.

Magnum Panther blinks at this. "She's not here, sir?" The panther looks around. Well, this is a sticky wicket. If the Major isn't here, who's gonna lead the rescue op?

Colonel quirks a brow and looks over the room in full, his optics searching the growing crowd, "Unsure. She could still be enroute from one of her many excursions." Colonel seems not worried, but nonetheless, he motions a Private nearby to go search for her.

Ring Redwing arrives looking well-polished. Well, looking like she was just polished. She fidgets about a bit but manages to keep quiet. somewhat nervous about the whole affair but ready enough. Or as they say, 'Ready as ever.'

Hurricane Hawk motions Strike to take a seat nearby. "C'mon, calm down, it's only a briefing." he tells him, trying to help the Osprey relax a little.

Strike Osprey manages a faint smile as he does sit in the chair...it creaks rather ominously, but nothing (thankfully) happens. "Thank you, sir." Of course, he is a raw recruit...we can excuse just a little nervousness on his part, now, can't we?

Hurricane Hawk nods once before turning his attention back forward.

Phoebus is sitting if everybody else is, probably, yes.

Flare Feline stays, leaned agains the rear wall, arms crossed. He looks oddly somber, not like Flare at all. He tries to focus his thoughts, soon he'll be thrown into the icy climate of Siberia to help fight off god knows how many Master forces. This time tomorrow it'll all be over and he'll be back here, or in the medbay, or worse...

General mmms with displeasure at Colonel's reply, then looks back at the assembled Repliforcers. With a simple hard gaze out at the crowd, most of the troops fall silent. He's just that damn good. "At ease, all. I will begin our briefing of Operation Tundra Hurricane, our codename for this mission. We have a hard battle ahead of us, but with months of training and planning, I am sure it will culiminate into a successful mission. We have three objectives. Number one, destruction of the freeze ray, number two, destruction of the Skull Citadel, and number three, the recovery of Command Major Frost Walrus."

Templar is about to whisper something to Phoebus, when General speaks. Quickly, the CO turns to look at the /real/ CO, eyes locked on his. He listens intently.

Ricochet and Orbit break their glare at one another, looking towards General as he finally starts the briefing. Not much of a pose, but, hell, he doesn't have a lot to do.

Magnum Panther nods slowly, arms folded over his chest as he sits. He says nothing, letting Big Guy say his piece.

Whipcrack Octopus looks at General, seeming to stop his constant work -- at least, on the physical plane.

Ten stays at attention, feeling a bit nervous. She is a bit worried that because of her... condition... she might be denied a chance to participate in the attack. She REALLY doesn't want that! After the trauma of loosing her flight capability, she might not be able to take loosing the right to do her part to help Repliforce defend the world.

Phoebus blinks at Templar, since it seems like he might say something...but since he doesn't, he just nods anyway and looks to General. He is thinking about...things, certainly, but what are they? It's a secret! MWahahhahaa.

Strike Osprey glances from Hurri to General, shrugging massive shoulders slowly. Well, looks like he's going to swim in this situation, or sink messily. oO(All I can do is give it my best shot...)Oo

Halo Hare stares wiiiiiiiideeyed at General. Just watching nervously, taking everything in. *Gulp*

Colonel steps a few steps away from the General as he starts, so that he is conviently nearby, yet able to watch slightly off to the side. Crossing his arms across his chest, his optics narrow as the General begins to speak.

Flare Feline watches General attentively. He didn't nearly freeze his powercore into a block of ice for nothing during all that arctic training. He's going to be ready to do what he can.

Hailstorm Couatl stretches as he listens to the plan. .oO(Well, it does seem that I will be in my element for this mission. That'll make it easier.)Oo.

Crescent Grizzly looks up briefly at General, his optics lightening ever so slightly at the mention of destruction. How he longs to be involved as opposed to guarding the London Monolith. His left claw hand is positioned in front of him, which he casually looks over while waiting for the briefing to begin.

General continues, "The attack has been broken up into three main groups. Major Anthem, along with Major Slash Beast, Lieutenant Siege Wolverine, and a few others, will be leading a holographic detactment to hit the east perimeter of the Skull Citadel. They will be used to draw the Robot Master defenses away from the other perimeters. Once distracted, the other two main battlegroups will attack. Tango, Charlie and Bravo will form Titan Group, lead by Commander Templar. They will be striking at the west perimeter of the Skull Citadel defenses. Easy, Kappa, and Omega companies will make up the Apollo Battlegroup, lead by Captain Phoebus and Commander Hurricane Hawk. They will be striking the southeast perimeter."

Magnum Panther nods slowly...Magnum fully expects to be sent off with Anthem's group, but who can say? Tail swishing about behind him, Magnum glances around the crowd...old friends. New faces. How many of these people will Magnum not see tomorrow? Probably too many to count.

Siege Wolverine nods to General. He remains silent for the moment, Wolverine knowing what has to be done. Already, his weapon systems are primed and ready to go. Siege's explosives are ready for action and loaded to the max, so much so, that he had to remove a few layers of blades to make up the difference.

Templar listens, glancing at the map. He doesn't do too much thinking - he's waiting for General to spell it all out for him before he even /thinks/ about filling in gaps. Hmm. Tango, Charlie, and Bravo. Not bad companies. There are a few arctic assault squads in there.

Strike Osprey nods in acknowledgement. Whatever happens tonight, he's ready...or so he hopes. Wings flicking out and then carefully refolding, the osprey brings one arm down to his 'gun-hand' to check it over. Everything appears to be in order...ammo, full. Assembly...oiled. He's as ready as he'll ever be, it seems.

Razor Pterodactyl pays close attention, and is just generally showing off his 'nameless face in the crowd' impression. Oooh, has he been practising?

Phoebus blinks. Apollo Battlegroup? He isn't too stupid to recognize some kind of a play on his name. Perhaps. He looks to Hurricane Hawk and grins at him, since he likes the guy. Poor Hurricane. Southeast Perimeter though...hm..that means it should be easy to interchange between east perimiter if they somehow figure out it's a holographic group. But it looks like he won't be anywhere near Templar. Oh well.

Colonel pulls out a small pad, and quickly recaps over the scenario run that General had put out in the past weeks for this assault before looking back out at the crowd. Its obvious he's a bit...anxious as to exactly where Major Anthem is.

Slash Beast's confidence is assailed by a thousand doubts. What could be keeping Anthem? What if Frost Walrus turns out to be in several pieces when he is found, or can't be found at all? He does his best to quell these worries and remain completely focused on General.

Ring Redwing thinks, o0(I hope there aren't too many tables to clean tomorrow at the Reploid Room, I already had to bargain so that I could get time off for tonight. I bet the Manager will be really upset if I don't show tomorrow.)

Ricochet just listens.

General says, "There are three main lines of defense around the Skull Citadel." As General speaks, little green dots, representing Repliforce, and red dots, representing the Masters, appears on the simulation. The Greens charge at the red dots from the corresponding spots on the map, 'fighting'. "Attack Battlegroups are expected to destroy as much Robot Master defenses as possible. It is a heavily guarded base, and much resistance is expected. The Battlegroups are expected to hold as much of the Master's attention as possible. Battlegroups will be supported by artillery from behind the perimeter, since moving tanks on the terrain will make them targets. Taking ground will be the responsibility of the infantry. Artillery will follow behind. As many Master forces and lines must be occupied, to allow Major Anthem's team to infiltrate the Citadel and plant the necessary explosives. I will be on hand to use the Ion Cannon to knock down the perimeter shield of the Citadel.""

Halo Hare muses nervously. .oO(Ah hope ah don' run in t' Wallace...an' ah hope...Inle...won't call mah friend's names.)Oo. she sneaks a glance around. .oO(..Frithrah, please...)Oo. Sigh.

Crescent Grizzly looks around the room curiously, glancing at his commander Magnum Panther. For all he knows he could be joining another group, but likely he'll be following him. As General acknowledges leaders of this operation, his optics locate them in quiet observation.

Anthem arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Anthem has arrived.

Magnum Panther nods twice...once in acknowledgement of Crescent's presence, and again as General speaks. Sounds like this is going to be a tough nut to crack. oO(I can only hope we're prepared for this...or else we're all in for a world of hurt.)Oo

Hailstorm Couatl listens carefully, focusing on the plan.

Moonlight Kitsune arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Moonlight Kitsune has arrived.

Siege Wolverine nods sagely, examining the simulation for the thirteenth time this week... His optics focusing in on the various key locations of the Citadel, his muzzle growing dark as his optics blaze with greater intensity. A low growl rises from within his chest. o0(Gonna take Detonators teh blow this one's main support beams.)

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Moonlight Kitsune walks in slowly, her tails swishing behind her, as she looks around the war room, and then moves herself off to one side, to observe for now.

Slash Beast nods to Anthem as she enters. It's been a while since he's had the chance to work with her in the field, and he's rather looking forward to it.

Strike Osprey pays particular attention here...leaning forward in his seat, Strike rests his cannon-arm on his right knee. "Wonder if I'm going to be in that first group..." the bird says quietly, almost whispering.

Anthem has always been here. Just... getting coffee.

<Global News Network> Briefly, all televisions and monitors are redirected to a rather impromptu broadcast of RMTV. From the looks of it, it appears the camera is in the midst of a snowy landscape, near a rather large cannon and a suspicious-lookin' skull-faced base. "Say it!" Crash Man demands, pointing his drill at Frost Walrus's -head-! "Say it, fatboy! Say it or DIE!" The Walrus stares up at the camera, his big ol' eyes twinkling with sadness. "Say it, blubber-butt!" The Red Bomber holds the drill closer to Frost Walrus. "..I.." Frost Walrus begins to mutter, his voice sounding defeat. "..I-I.. am .. the walrus. Coo-coo.." Frost's head lowers, "..cachoo." Crash Man, and a whole bunch of people behind the camera, start laughing. "Bwahahahahahaha!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "The sad part is, he agreed to that relatively easily, but we had to cut off a finger before he'd tell us Iris' dress size."

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "hey, what was that?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "too much caffeine?"

Fusion Phoenix jogs in to the room, and quickly takes a place near the back to avoid blocking anyone's view

<Global News Network> And then, the pirate-transmission ceases. We now return you to the fiftieth remake of Shaft: the Movie.

Iris knows she's likely not going to be in any of the groups, especially if her brother has a say in it and considering she was blown to pieces by one of Serges' explosives just this morning and is fresh from repair.
As the GNN newsbreak comes on, Iris watches it with great pain in her eyes...she still feels it's her fault that Frost is in his current predicament. "Oh dear..." her eyes fill with unfallen tears.
The simulation continues to run. A lot of green dots go out, but more red dots go out too. There's a lot of intermixing, but mostly the green dots are pressing ahead. "There will be a signal when the detonation sequence for the explosives as begun. Battlegroups will have four minutes to extract themselves from the perimeter. Troops must be outside the original perimeter line to avoid damage in the explosion." Briefly looking down at his notes, General adds, "Colonel will be acting as a liason between the battlegroups, coordinating things. I will now field questions before our deployment."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Shutyomouf!"

Hurricane Hawk twitches at an internal signal. Good lord... he's going to have Crash's head on a plater before he's done..

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "hmmm"

[Radio: (D) Public] Aqua Man transmits, "They're just talkin' bout Shaft!"

Halo Hare eartwitches. She blinks rapidly, and a strange expression filters across her face.

Magnum Panther would almost ditto that sentiment, but hey...he makes a living off of not caring. Or so it seems. Wordlessly, the panther raises his hand. Looks like he's got a question already...was he planning that in advance?

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "oh, I understand then"

Flare Feline is still there, leaning against the back wall. Yep. He glances at the GNN broadcast for a moment, and nearly winces. He's never really met Frost Walrus on a personal level, but that would be hard to watch for anyone. He sighs, and turns his attention back to the simululation, not really having anything to say. Just waiting for the word....

Hailstorm Couatl twitches slightly at the GNN message...

Phoebus twitches much like Hawk, he decides not to ask if it's okay to to make this an attack on Crash Man instead of the Citadel. Every unit after him...grr.. tempting but...stupid.

Slash Beast snarls audibly.

Strike Osprey says nothing. Like the others, he seems about ready to jump out of his skin over the GNN...but, of course, he can't do anything. Except make a Robot Master /hurt/. And yes, that will happen sometime tonight...if the osprey has anything to say about it, that is.

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "hmm, why don't you keep transmitting some more time?"

Crescent Grizzly glares at the GNN report and raises his lip, snarling.
Whipcrack Octopus has no reaction to the GNN message, being immersed in the Polyopticon to begin with. Attention is being paid to the real world, but only as a secondary `window'. Whipcrack is almost single-handedly coordinating the whole of MSE at the moment, so this can probably be excused.

Templar glances at General. He raises a hand, sort of ... one finger extended. A 'one question' sort of gesture, I suppose.

Fusion Phoenix shakes his head at the broadcast. oO(simple pleasures for simple minds I suspose)Oo

Ring Redwing wipes a hand across her optics and sort of sniffles. o0(How can the Masters be so cruel and heartless?) That was just /so/ wrong. And on different levels even.

Siege Wolverine snarls quietly at the GNN, his optics becoming even brighter, the shadows on his body growing deeper. He remains very quiet, his body very still. He looks back and forth, trying to determine exactly what to do at this point.

Iris just lowers her head solemnly, still listening to the briefing in progress, but anguished that the Masters are getting so much pleasure from Frost's blatant torture.

Razor Pterodactyl hmpfs as he picks up the GNN message. oO(That was uncalled for... the Masters'll soon learn to give others the respect they deserve.)

Ten raises a taloned hand. "Sir, I have a question."

General says, "Yes, Commander Ten?"

Hurricane Hawk glances over toward Ten, betting he knows the question.

Moonlight Kitsune perks her ear up at the GNN signal, but otherwise seems to remain very calm, her eight tails swishing slowly, as she listens to the converation.

[Radio: (D) Public] Snake Man transmits, "My, my... I'm sssurprisssed that the Repliforsscersss have no comment on that..."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Mayhap they need another dose..."

[Radio: (D) Public] Flare Feline transmits, "We don't have anything to say to the likes of you."

Slash Beast realizes that he is shaking with rage. He tries to calm himself with the knowledge that Frost is alive, but the image of the physically and emotionally broken walrus continues to haunt him.

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "it's very funny to ignore us UNrs, isn't it?"

[Radio: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "simple pleasures for simple minds I suspose"

[Radio: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Look the fodder speaks!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Big talk from someone who won't even mount a rescue mission for their friend."

[Radio: (D) Public] Halo Hare transmits, "...ah have one word f' the lahkes of yah. Eembleer."

[Radio: (D) Public] Snake Man transmits, "_I_ wasssn't involved in hisss torture. You want to asssk Heat Man about that."

[Radio: (D) Public] Burst Man transmits, "Those twits are probably hiding in a basement somewhere going "boo hoo... those masters best us at every turn... we can't do anything, Boo hoo hoo, We should just turn the world over to Wily now...""

Flare Feline quietly snarls at his radio, deciding not to say anything else. The masters will get theirs, soon enough.

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, " *blackboard scratching sound*"

[Radio: (D) Public] Burst Man transmits, "Boo hoo hoo..."

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Wily owns you!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt."

[Radio: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "if that was an example of Wily's rule . . . I'd rather die"

Ten speaks a little nervously. "Sir, since I lost my flight system, I haven't been assigned any orders, I'm not on any squad lists, and it seems like I'm not getting to do anything to help Repliforce. I guess it's because of fear of having my systems deteriorate further. I must ask... that whatever has been keeping me from participating in Repliforce activities be revoked, and I be allowed to join this mission. I don't want to stop being part of Repliforce just because I can't fly anymore. Even if this will put my systems in danger, I can't take doing nothing anymore."

[Radio: (D) Public] World Yamato Man transmits, "I am not proud of this behavior. It was not of my mind. Samurai do not behave in such a way. Good evening. <digital tuning noise, as Yamato leaves the channel for a while>"

[Radio: (D) Public] Dr. Wily transmits, "Arrangements can be made, no doubt."

[Radio: (D) Public] Burst Man transmits, "Boo hoo hoo, we qare so weak that we can't save anything, we should just die.. boo hoo"

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "bah, you don't even know where /you/ masters are"

[Radio: (D) Public] Halo Hare gnashes her teeth audibly. Then, like Yamato, another digital tuning sound.

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "I'm sitting in front of my TV!"

[Radio: (D) Public] Magnum Panther transmits, "Don't you idiots know that stuff rots your brain? Oh, that's right. Too late."

Flare Feline watches Ten speak. He still doesn't like the thought of her fighting like that, however he's seen her in the simulations, she looks like she isn't affected combat wise. And he knows it means a lot to her. He decides to speak up on her behalf "General Sir, I've seen Commander Ten in the Training Facility lately, her fighting ability does not seem to be affected. I believe that she should be able to attend this raid, sir."

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Replifarce propaganda rots brains. Too much damn sugar."

[Radio: (D) Public] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "I need a coffee cup..."

Hymn arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Hymn has arrived.

[Radio: (D) Public] Flare Feline transmits, "It doesn't take much to rot what's left of your brains."

Hurricane Hawk nods simply, agreeing to that. "She could assist Phoebus or Templar perhaps." the hawk adds as well, she may not have wings, may not be listed, but he still sees her as an Aerial.

General looks at Commander Ten briefly, brow furrowing a bit. "Very well, Commander, you're with the Apollo Battlegroup," he answers simply, then moves his gaze to Magnum Panther. "Last question, Commander."

Phoebus smiles toward Ten, "...Nice to have you aboard...", he seems to be genuinely glad she's coming along. woah.

Hurricane Hawk sends a radio transmission to Ten.

Ten receives a radio transmission.

Ricochet doesn't say much... just... listening. Orbit sits on his lap.

Magnum Panther nods slowly, clearing his throat before he speaks: "Uhm, sir, what about base defenses? Shall I assume they're going to be held as always?" Hey, he is curious, after all...

Strike Osprey glances over at Ten, tilting his head to one side quizzically. Of course, the avian has no clue what tragedy befell Ten, so he's got no idea. Oh well...there's always time to find out later. Now's not quite the time, now, is it?

Phoebus sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.

Ten looks to Phoebus, and smiles happily. It is amazing how well she can smile despite the beak. "Thank you, Phoebus. It's great to be aboard."

The softest of sounds come from the doors to the War Room... the soft swishing of robes... and the Robotic Man of the Cloth slowly makes his way into the gigantic War Room. Hymn pauses, his head lifting to slowly study the gathered assembly, before slowly walking forward and into the assembled. His arms are folded into the sleeves of his robes as he surveys the crowd.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Hurricane Hawk.
Hurricane Hawk receives a radio transmission from Ten.
Hurricane Hawk sends a radio transmission to Ten.
Ten receives a radio transmission.
Hurricane Hawk sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Hurricane Hawk.

General nods to Magnum Panther. "Yes, Commander. Base Defenses will be at red alert, due to the threat of Master retaliation or the possibility of the Mavericks capitalizing on our state." Pausing, he takes a wide gaze of all the Repliforcers assembled in the room. "This is our biggest engagement in a long time, and I know all of you will show the Robot Masters and the world exactly the kind of soldiers the Repliforce is. We will not give up, we will not surrender, and we -will- -WIN-. I cannot express how proud I am of each and every one of you, from Colonel, to Sergeant Flare Feline, to the 10th Airborne, to Private Beta Mouse. All troops, prepare for deployment to Siberia. Dismissed!" The General echoes loudly.

Hurricane Hawk sends a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten sends a radio transmission.
Phoebus receives a radio transmission from Ten.

Whipcrack Octopus shifts from his position at the War Room desk, moving his console info up into the Control Chamber. Whipcrack will not be going out this night, but he will be overseeing the MSE portion of the operations from here. He salutes crisply, then departs.

Whipcrack Octopus enters the Command Chamber - RHQ.
Whipcrack Octopus has left.

Hurricane Hawk nods, "Yes sir!" the hawk states giving a firm salute, thunderous it isn't, but heard it is before he departs the room, "Phoebus." he says simply as he exits. Radioing for his personal wing to meet with him as soon as possible.

Flare Feline raises an eyebrow slightly, surprised that the General mentioned him specifically. Well, he probably just happened to be the first one that was in his line of sight. Regardless, Flare leans away from the wall and stands straight up. It's time. He prepares to leave with the others boarding the dropships.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Hurricane Hawk.
Hurricane Hawk receives a radio transmission from Ten.

Colonel enters the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Colonel has left.

Magnum Panther nods, and returns the salute...the panther will be here, making sure that the base defenses are at the highest level of preparedness. After all, that's his /real/ job, isn't it? With that, the panther turns and begins to head off towards the command chamber...he's got work to do.

Magnum Panther enters the Command Chamber - RHQ.
Magnum Panther has left.

Fusion Phoenix leaves the war room quickly, he was near the door anyway

Templar stands and walks out, heading to get his armour.

Fusion Phoenix enters the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Fusion Phoenix has left.

Iris sits there for a long moment after dismissal, eyes closed. Perhaps she's saying her own kind of prayer, or offering a silent thought up for the captive Frost Walrus.

Templar enters the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Templar has left.

*Minutes later...*

You enter the Hangar Bay - RHQ.
Hangar Bay - RHQ(#2105RntFJ)

The Repliforce Hangar Bay is a massive complex, taking up the majority of the level 2 Sub-Level. Sprawling and massive, it is a giant rectangle. The floor is lined in reds and yellows, to mark various parking areas, service stations, and what have you. Blue lights hang from the ceiling, with yellow neon tubelights attached to the walls. In emergency, the blue lights will turn to red for a Red Alert, yellow for a Yellow Alert, and Green for a regular launch. The floor is metallic, but an offbeat grey and blue combination. To one side of the Hangar are the various Ride Armor pods, with rampways and technicians constantly working on them. To the other side are various vehicles, such as Storm Owl's Air Platform. Craft exit the Hangar not through an opening to the sky, but through what appears to be a set of flashing green tubes, which apparently propel the craft below Repliforce HQ, to somewhere more accustomable to launch or deploy.

Templar [Nohelmet] [RF]
Fusion Phoenix [RF]
Colonel [RF]
Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> [RF]
Repliforce Hoverbike <Alpha> [RF]
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Repliforce VTOL <Razor> [RF]
Repliforce Hovertank <Stalwart> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Kangaroo> [RF]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>
Repliforce Submergable Hovercraft <Barracuda> [RF]

Obvious exits:
Exit Tunnel 4 <ET4> leads to Sky Above Eastern United States.
Exit Tunnel 3 <ET3> leads to Western Atlantic Ocean.
Exit Tunnel 2 <ET2> leads to New York - Western Residential.
Exit Tunnel 1 <ET1> leads to New England.
<DC> leads to Detention Center - RHQ.
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Repliforce Dropship <Falconis>

======================= Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> =======================

Just like the armour plating on the outside has been sacrificed, so have many of the luxuries that would make for anything more than a cozy ride. It's a small craft, after all, with barely more than a cockpit at the front for two pilots, while the rest is an area designed for troops or small cargoes. Benches line both of the side walls at the rear of the craft, various straps in position to hold any passengers in place.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================

Outside> Siege Wolverine arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Siege Wolverine has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Outside> Ricochet arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Outside> Slash Beast arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Templar steps in, heavy (and I mean /heavy/) metal boots clacking solidly against the floorplates. He carries his helmet in his left hand, and his shield is slung over his back, under his cape. His expression is typically hard to decipher.

Ricochet walks into the room, glancing about... he concentrates for a moment, before a glow comes about him. Armor materializes, as his combat systems come online with a faint whirr. "...hope we do all right..." he mutters, quietly, to the Replirat, before he heads to board the Raiden.

Razor Pterodactyl enters the Sky Above Eastern United States.
Razor Pterodactyl has left.

Ten has left.

Ricochet has left.

Ring Redwing enters the Sky Above Eastern United States.
Ring Redwing has left.

Outside> The main doors to the Falconis sit open, waiting for everyone to get in and prep for departure. Through the main windshield of the Falconis, Colonel can be seen tapping a few keys as he prepares for departure himself, going through pre-flight check.

Flare Feline enters the Falconis, and quietly takes a seat. This brings back odd memories of the time of the battle in the North Pole. Great big important battle in a very very cold place. Thankfull this time he's had sufficient training to withstand a cold climate. He straps himself in, feeling still a bit nervous.

Stinger Flytrap steps into the ship with more than a little distaste.

Outside> Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten receives a radio transmission.

Outside> Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Halo Hare is sitting...somewhere...is looking down at her paws. Sigh. She's shaking very slightly, as if cold. -_-

Colonel looks back toward the troops in the back, "Alright Repliforce, are we all strapped in and ready to go remove the Robot Masters from existance?" It seems Colonel is equally proud of Repliforce as General was up in the War Room.

Colonel sends a radio transmission.

Ten hurries into the Falconis. Surprisingly, she is skipping, and actually looks happy. Quickly, she sits down, fastens her seat belt, and calls out, "Yes, Sir! I'm ready!" It seems she is ecstatic to be part of Repliforce again.

Halo Hare looks up towards Colonel, and nods slightly...then again, it could be because she's shaking. Eh. "Yessah." she whispers. All buckled up!

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> kneels down as if it was about to eject it's passenger. But it doesn't...It's probably doing this to get stability In case there's rapid movement involved in this. They might get fired at after all.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Falconis, Cow, you are authorized for takeoff. Bring us to the proper location."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hymn speaks softly over this frequency. "Go with God. And remember these words, for they will aid you, and remember always your purpose." A pause...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hymn speaks with a smile in his voice, seriousness in his tone. "The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor; Let them be caught in the plots which they have devised, Break the arm of the wicked and the evil man; Seek out his wickedness until you find none."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hymn concludes with a firmness in his voice. "Now, my children, go forth and kick much ass."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther chuckles. "Now that's a sermon I could get into."

Slash Beast takes a seat near Siege and Halo. "Our first priority upon arrival will be to set up the holographic projectors. Corporal Halo, do you have stealth capabilities?"

*Later still...*

Outside> You enter the Siberia.
Outside> Siberia
From the early 21st century and before, Siberia was long considered one of the least habitable places on the Earth's surface. With below freezing temperatures and an incredibly rugged terrain, the majority of the vast resources of the area were left untapped during those times due to the limited technology of that time. Indeed, habitation was limited to a mere handful of mining stations and military outposts, which themselves were abandoned soon after the fall of the Soviet Union.

All this has changed in current times. While huge tracts of land have been preserved the way they were in the times past, now sprawling metropolises dot the area. These cities are ringed by fields of solar panels thousands of yards deep that provide more than enough energy to make Siberia a perfectly habitable place. In fact, there are actually good sized temperate forest parks scattered throughout the cities. Near the southeastern corner of Siberia, several cities have merged into a true MegaCity, the main habitation of the area, called Gar Sansky.

Outside> Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> [RF]
Hailstorm Couatl [RF]
Dust Man [Nurse] [RM]
Razor Pterodactyl [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Hurricane Hawk [Atalon] [RF]
Strike Osprey [RF]
Enker [Casual] [RM]
Transport Mechquine <Caesura II>
Dr. Wily [Wily] [RM]
Fire Man [Armor] [RM]
Search Man [Normal] [RM]
Search Snake
Crystal Man [Armor] [RM]
Frost Walrus [RF]
Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Aqua Man [Primary] [RM]
Magic Man [Master] [RM]
Gyro Man [RM]
Quick Man [Quick] [RM]
Heat Man [Normal] [RM]
Bass [Casual] [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
North Perimeter
East Perimeter
West Perimeter
South Perimeter
Robot Master Forces
Fortress 12 [#3285 Vaen]
Siberian Mountain [RM]
Access Lair

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> Courtyard <C> leads to Courtyard <Skull Citadel>.
Outside> Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Arctic Ocean.
Outside> North <N> leads to Arctic Ocean.
Outside> West <W> leads to Ural Mountains.
Outside> Southeast <SE> leads to Central Russia.
Outside> South <S> leads to Gobi Desert.
Outside> East <E> leads to Kamchatka.
Outside> Up <U> leads to Sky Above Siberia.

Halo Hare blinks, and looks up at Slash. Still shivering a bit. "Yessah." she whispers.

Outside> Heat Man sits next to the reaction chamber, helping monitor his paitent. "Systems seem stable..."

Outside> Aqua Man makes his snow man anatomically correct... eww.

Ten rubs her hands together anxiously.

Outside> Dust Man enters the Courtyard <Skull Citadel>.

Siege Wolverine looks at Halo. "Need a, ehhh, thermal blanket?" he inquires, reaching into subspace for one.

Outside> Flare Feline receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.
Phoebus sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You can handle the cold this time, right?"

Outside> Transport Mechquine <Caesura II> continues to fly along the perimeter, checking the security around the ray area.

Outside> Flare Feline sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.
[Radio] You send Phoebus a direct message: "Yes sir. I only malfunctioned before because of several days straight with little break in between. I'll be fine."

Outside> Flare Feline receives a radio transmission.
Phoebus sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Just making sure."

Rising out of the blasted tundra is a towering spite of rock and ice... or so it would appear. Due to intelligence gathered, the Repliforce knows that hidden behind this innocuous facade is a seat of power for Dr. Wily. Skull Citadel. A ways east of the 'mountain' is a forest of deep evergreens. To the north and south are snow covered rolling hills.

All appears calm at the moment, the arctic wind cutting across the permafrost.

Slash Beast rumbles, "Excellent. Under the cover of stealth, we'll begin placing the generators immediately. To minimize the risk of interception, I've set up a channel to be used exclusively by our team. The frequency is 1820. If neither of you has any questions, let us begin... there's no time to waste."

Outside> King takes Transport Mechquine <Caesura II>.

Halo Hare blinkblinks, looking at Siege. She shakes her head slightly. "Nah sah..." a small smile. "Just nervous, sah." -_^" She looks back at Slash, and nodsnods.

Siege Wolverine nods sagely to Slash, "Set." he nods to Halo. "Right..."

Outside> The Falconis itself comes throttling into the area with its Aerial escorts before setting down and opening its bay doors to release the troops within.

Outside> Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> moves in low from the east, approaching the Skull Citadel location as quickly as possible. A low rumble emits from her engines, as the massive Repliforce jet moves over the landscape. Coming to landing not far from the perimeter, the doors slide open as the Repliforce battlegroup Titan deploys onto the Siberian landscape.

Outside> Search Man continues to sweep his binocular-aided gaze over to the area. Nothing.. nothing.. big flying ship.. nothing... wait a moment. "Oh slag."

Outside> General receives a radio transmission from Whipcrack Octopus.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Team Slash Beast, proceed immediately."

Outside> Templar glances back. "For Repliforce." he says briefly, then seals his helmet with a click-hiss, drawing his shield and locking it down as well. The Marine leaps out of the dropship, slowing his descent with jumpjets and flying towards the Western Front (rimshot) with the rest of Titan Group.

Outside> Colonel drops Duel of the Fates, Pt. Deux.

Outside> A loud clanging noise with even louder mechanized noises comes from the depths of the Cow after most of the troops have deployed... followed by a massive ride armor. The Raiden. It walks to the end of the gangplank, and stands in the snow, 'looking' through the area for targets... atop the mecha, it's pilot, Ricochet, does a final systems check before ordering his vehicle forth into the fray.

Slash Beast rumbles, "Engage stealth mode and move out."
Slash Beast activates his stealth mode.

Halo Hare activates her stealth mode.

Outside> Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> Stomps out of the Falconis. He sends two transmissions to ...his...coworkers as it were, even though they technically outrank him, probably. oh well.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Siege Wolverine transmits, "Copy that, Sir. Movin' out as we speak."

Outside> King moves to the north to engage the forces there, as its closest to where he ended up while on patrol anyway.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare sounds veri veri nervous. Woo. "Yessah."

Outside> Metal Man stomps off to the Eastern Perimeter to meet the vile assault of the Fodderforcers.

Halo Hare nods nervously, before hopping out.

Outside> Search Man curses, and storms back down towards the cannon and the base, weapon systems coming online as he does. "Enemies approaching." "Engage defenses!" "This is not a drill. We are under attack!" "I repeat, this is not a drill!"

Siege Wolverine disappears from the Falconis, fading into the shadows. A cheshire grin leering from the void, before disappearing.

Flare Feline stands from his seat, and heads to the door. Here we go...

Halo Hare has left.

Ten salutes everybody aboard and says, "May we all fight well!" Then she hurries out of the Falconis, getting in position to attack as soon as it is time for squad Apollo to attack.

Slash Beast picks up some of the holographic generation equipment and heads on out...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Marine CO/Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group, move out. Keep on your toes."


From the early 21st century and before, Siberia was long considered one of the least habitable places on the Earth's surface. With below freezing temperatures and an incredibly rugged terrain, the majority of the vast resources of the area were left untapped during those times due to the limited technology of that time. Indeed, habitation was limited to a mere handful of mining stations and military outposts, which themselves were abandoned soon after the fall of the Soviet Union.

All this has changed in current times. While huge tracts of land have been preserved the way they were in the times past, now sprawling metropolises dot the area. These cities are ringed by fields of solar panels thousands of yards deep that provide more than enough energy to make Siberia a perfectly habitable place. In fact, there are actually good sized temperate forest parks scattered throughout the cities. Near the southeastern corner of Siberia, several cities have merged into a true MegaCity, the main habitation of the area, called Gar Sansky.

[Stealthed] Halo Hare [Armor] [RF]
Frost Walrus [RF]
General [General] [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> [RF]
Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> [RF]
Dr. Wily [Wily] [RM]
Fire Man [Armor] [RM]
Search Man [Normal] [RM]
Search Snake
Bass [Casual] [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
North Perimeter
East Perimeter
West Perimeter
South Perimeter
Robot Master Forces
Fortress 12 [#3285 Vaen]
Siberian Mountain [RM]
Access Lair

Obvious exits:
Courtyard <C> leads to Courtyard <Skull Citadel>.
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Arctic Ocean.
North <N> leads to Arctic Ocean.
West <W> leads to Ural Mountains.
Southeast <SE> leads to Central Russia.
South <S> leads to Gobi Desert.
East <E> leads to Kamchatka.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Siberia.

Slash Beast has arrived.
Ten has arrived.
Yamato Man has left.
Siege Wolverine has arrived.
Crescent Grizzly has arrived.
Heilen has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "All in Apollo... I want constant reports, if possible."

Metal Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Roger, sir. Strike Osprey, moving in!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...Also... Move out."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "Roger that."

Metal Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "Moving out in the Raiden."

Slash Beast has left.

Siege Wolverine appears in the shadows, his form completely hidden for the moment... He then disappears into a void of darkness once more... His optics fading away last.

Quick Man has arrived.
Heilen has left.
Fire Man has left.
Siege Wolverine has left.

Halo Hare hops out of the Falconis...stealthed! Yea, you can't see her unless you have E_Senses. Nyah. Anyway, she pauses a bit, two footprints in the snow, before the footprints seem to be light divots, heading east.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.
Halo Hare has left.
Guts Man arrives from the Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>.
Guts Man has arrived.
Stinger Flytrap has arrived.
Ten receives a radio transmission.
Ten sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.

Bass swears as the alerts begin to sound. But then... he grins ferally. Throwing switches, and hauling on controls, he begins the ponderous re-aiming of the Freeze Ray cannon. Grinding gears and the howl of stressed servomotors can be heard even as the rest of the Robot Masters scramble to take up defensive positions.

Bass' grin grows wider and wider. They will pay for this affront, the fools. He screams orders into his comlink. "They know where we are! Drop the Hologram!"

There is a ripple of light... and then you can see. You can see the massive barrell of a fully armed and operational freeze cannon leveling itself slowly towards the largest gathering of Repliforce troopers.

"Robot Masters... Fire when Ready."

Stinger Flytrap comes out of the ship, a...parachute extending from his back as he lands. Nope, he does NOT like flying. Not at all. Nope nope nope. In any case, he lands, and is obviously glad to be back on the ground. He then looks around, and prepares to go into battle.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> stomps towards the South Perimeter, moving quite a bit more slowly than it can...BWOOM. BWOOM. The feet make heavy imprints into the sand. But it still oddly seems light on it's feet for a heavy mecha. BWOOM. And then... Oh crud...defenses...

Quick Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Stinger Flytrap transmits, "Cpl. Stinger Flytrap, deployed and awaiting orders."

Ten follows the Eagle. She seems excited about the coming battle. She rubs her hands together in anticipation. Then suddenly, she gasps as she sees the hologram drop. "No! Then are onto us!"

Crescent Grizzly drops out of the Falconis, burrying his feet several feet into the snow. "Chilly." He growls, bulling himself a few steps forward. As he looks forward and sees the Skull Citadel ahead of him, his optics brighten and he continues on to the north perimeter.

Above the gun, the side of the mountain shimmers, then alters, stretching out, until a looming skull leers out over the Tundra, the symbol of Wily marked in a huge W across its forehead. There's a whining noise as the lower jaw slowly descends, allowing the launch of vehicles from within as various defenses across the mountain pop up into full view, activating.

Frost Walrus blinks and stops wiggling as the ice beam begins to shift. Suddenly, a pain tears through the walrus from every directionat once as his cryo-systems are drained suddenly by the ice beam.
*GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* He screams... so loud, it would be very easy to hear a pretty good distance away. His body begins to be drained of his cryo-energy and his armor and tusks begin to unform... The Ice Beam is charged and ready...

Flare Feline activates his stealth mode.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> continues charging forward through the tundra. Lost? Maybe. No way to tell, really, considering who's piloting the damn thing. However, it curses forth through the snow, impeded only a bit by the white, frozen granules.

General stomps out of the Cow, energy gathering around his gauntlets as he stomps towards the Robot Master perimeter. They're clearly holding their fire until the right time... and a giant freeze cannon is going to hit one of his attack groups. That's bad. Clenching his jaw, General moves faster as he gets a full view of the battlefield. "REPLIFORCE, ATTACK!" he yells proudly.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Titan Group, split between the north and west fronts, you're being targetted by the cryo-weapon. Aerial squads, I want that cannon -taken out-!"

Flare Feline leaps out of the Falconis, and immediatly takes whatever cover he can find. Moving quickly and silently, he easily sneaks quickly towards the Citadel. He becomes worried at the sight of the Citadel coming into view, especially the cannon. Instead of rushing into combat, he stays hidden just for another moment, so he can assess what's going on, and strike, much like the felines he is based on as they hunt their prey.

Quick Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Sir, shall I?"

Colonel has arrived.

Enker has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "I'll handle it."
Stinger Flytrap has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "The cannon... I'll see what I can do!"

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> suddenly changes course in the snow as it plods along. *BLIP BLIP BLIP* One of the sensor displays goes off in his cockpit. An energy build-up... immediately, it begins attempting to plod along... towards the cannon.

His eyes narrowed, the Force Commander of the Robot Master spots the gleaming golden shape of the General, and sneers. With a final clattering shriek, the ice ray locks into place. Lifting a single hand, he holds it over the massive red button.

"Bye bye..."

Waving with his other hand, he mashes the button down. The cannon howls as it draws the collective cold powers of several robots and feeds them through a heavy amplification system. The tip of the barrel glows whitish blue for an instant, and then the beam spews forth, carrying sub Kelvin cold in it's path, giving rise to a new glaciar upon the tundra.

Bass' eyes gleam in the reflected light as he ignores warnings from the control panel and continues to fire, his face a mask of rage and glee mixed.

Colonel for awhile stays near the Falconis itself before moving out toward the main front. Where as some commanders would stay toward the backlines, none of the Repliforce COs or XOs do such, and Colonel would not have that changed in the least. Dashing forward he stares up as the Cannon comes online, knowing full well who is within powering it. General however, already gives out the order to take it down, so he decides, what better way to show the Repliforce spirit, by hunting out one of those who is responsible for this twisted cannon. And of course, within a second of searching, he spots one of those twisted Master Commanders... Enker.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> arrives from the Sky Above Siberia.
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has arrived.

Crescent Grizzly has left.

Frost Walrus continues to yell in pain as the Ice beam sucks on his energy... out fo a corner of his ear, over the recorded screems and images being ffed into his head he gets a glimmer of hope... he thinsk he hears something familiar but distant. HAve they coem for him? is this for real? he can't tell, his hopes have been smashed time and againt hrough cruel pranks by Heat Man and friends. Well, here goes nothing...

With a huge burst of stored energy, Frost Walrus outpours everything he has. Cryo-energy the likes you have never seen. Stupid crazy energy. His armor reforms and he begins to completley freeze over within the ice beam, Cryo-energy everywhere...

As the Ice Cannon fires upon the Titan Battlegroup, they have already been ordered to split. Made up of three Companies, Easy, Kappa, and Omega, the two groups on the side are able to get most of their soliders out of the way of the massive glacier being shot at them. Kappa Company, being the center group, is not so lucky. All four waves, 10 squads to a wave, wiped out completely by the massive ice beam. 100 Repliforce troops, gone. The remaining troops and other companies manage to regroup and begin their assault on the first line of Master defenses. Driven by sheer numbers, training, and tenacity, the Repliforce soldiers do not show any sign of being weakened by the loss. If anything, it has made them stronger.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "All perimeters, report!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Engaging anti-air defenses, sir. Am currently undamaged, and have destroyed one SAM launcher at present."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "*static* still going good"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Hurricane Hawk Reporting, engaged with Gyro Man at South Perimeter. All is well here so far!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group asaulting the defenses. We're at 66 percent."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "I'm still searching for a target. Overall, I'm doing A-okay."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Stinger Flytrap transmits, "Cpl. Stinger Flytrap. at the North Perimeter. Two Masters spotted, one of which is identified as King. I'm attempting to contain them in the area. I'll hold them off as long as I can."

Guts Man arrives from the Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>.
Guts Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...South Perimeter seems to be moving along strongly. Hell, I may not even be *KABOOM*...well..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel says with the grinding of metal teeth against metal teeth, "Sir, at the edge of the Easy Company. The Company is mostly still intact. Easy Company is preparing to wipe the floor with the Masters for that.

Making no offort to conceal himself against the white of the icy tundra, the Golden Elite known as Enker stands before the entrance to the Skull Citadel, internally dealing with myriad details. None of which is Bass firing the Freeze Ray, since nothing anyone else could say would deter that one.

Instead, he considers the deployment of the available defenses, and their ability to repel the onslaught. The harsh reality is very clear.

Well, all things considered, the defenses are as ready as they are going to be, and unless Enker is having visions, it would appear that an all too familiar form is threading through the center of the Repliforce line. Leave it to Colonel to lead the charge from the front. And far be it for Enker to refuse the unspoken challenge.

with a motion so natural it is alomst unnoticable, he reaches behind him, withdrawing the Mirror Buster, and bringing it's systems online. While this will certainly give his opponent the first attack, the benefits outweight the temporary loss of initiative. Let the battle commence.

Enker brings his reflect system online.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> 's pilot blinks... BLINKS... as the burst streaks right past him. Barely missing him, in fact. As does the co-pilot... "...geez..." he mutters... glancing backwards in the cockpit... watching the destruction behind him. Hundreds of Repliforcers... suddenly turned into popcicles. "...no..." he mutters... turning back to the controls... "DAMN YOU ROBOT MASTERS!" With that, he dumps the backup power into the Raiden's dash jets and jerks forward at high speed, headed straight for the Freeze Ray's control center.

Search Man watchs as Repliforcers scatter from the ice beam raking havoc through them. "Pick of the stragglers." "Copy that. Arming cannon. Shrapnel Bomb?" The right nods to the left, hefting his massive cannon arm. "Roger, Shrapnel Bomb." The left nods back, and a dull clunk can be heard. "Bomb loaded." "Fire in the hole!" *KWAK-THOOOM!* A bomb is launched mortar style into the flanks, leaving a trail of smoke in the air before it explodes, raining shrapnel down upon the troopers trying to evade the ice.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "System 56 engaged. <OOC: Gen would recognize the codename for the holo-projectors> Some Masters are present, but I fear that that we are not drawing the attention of the troops manning the ice cannon."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, " *sound of running down a hallway* Lt. Stingray online... I had some problems with my power grid system and just got out for repairs. I should be at the scene of the battle if you guys still need me out there."

More and more warning lights light up on the control console, finally catching Bass' attention as the the Walrus unleashes all his power into the system. Conduits freeze over, causing a backlash into the power core. Bass's angry expresion alters into one of suprise and shock. Releasing the fire button, he leaps clear of the ice ray. "No... It's not possible!"

Behind him, the freeze ray almost seems to convulse once before a power core goes with a loud ice shattering *CRACK*. Supercold gasses spill out into the courtyard as Trebel swoops down out of the air, lifting Bass up into the sky. More cracks follow, and then the cannon simply... splits in two with a rising ball of flames.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Proteus Fox transmits, "I'm standing by if reinforcements are needed."

Flare Feline watches with grief as the freeze ray wipes out a load of troops. If he didn't go off on his own, he may have been with them. He then sees Search Man trying to pick off the others. Oh no he doesn't... Quickly and with stealth Flare comes up behind Search Man, claws drawn. His voice comes from behind the two-headed master "You wanna fight someone..." He rushes at his covert opponent, and swipes "...then fight me!!"

Flare Feline deactivates his stealth mode.
You strike Search Man with your Cat Scratch attack.

Guts Man sits in a lawnchair sipping some coffee, watching the action going on.

BeretHat nerps quietly, being Guts' coffee table.

General receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "This is Flare Feline reporting. I've engaged Search Man as he was aiming for some of the survivors of the Freeze Ray blast. I'm fine for now."

General makes it over the first hill that leads into the Citadel perimeter. Escorted by three Marine squads, General begins to reign one hell of a destructive path down the Robot Master lines. Raising his arms, he fires a pair of white-hot energy beams, anihilating everything in the next 75 meters. Joes, Hardhats, flower gardens, all turned into ash by General. His Marines are busy as well, supporting the General in his onslaught. General recieves more than his share of shots from the defenses, being such a large target, but he mostly ignores or completely destroys whatever is shooting at him.

Search Man has left.

North Perimeter
Inhospitable hilly terrain.
Search Man
Stinger Flytrap
Metal Man
Fusion Phoenix

King strikes Stinger Flytrap with his Royal Shield Miniblast attack.
The giant flaming crater that once was the 'Ice Beam' dies down as something is still outputting cry-waves. The scraps freeze over and a large mist cloud fills the area... As the mist clears you see an outline of something... or someone. It is large and round, like a barrel and begins to tear his way out of the debris.


Oh yes, the walrus is free, and boy is he pissed. Weeks of mental torture has set him off on a spree of destruction the likes one has never seen, now the question is... Who will be the first to be smooshed into paste by the fat one.

The sheer force of the freeze ray seems to throw Colonel to the side as it hits and freezes Kappa Company. Getting to his feet, the fresh ice not more than ten meters from him; a trooper holding out his hand as he tried to make it out of the blast range, is all Colonel sees. And that fuels the rage and anger that builds up in the Repliforce Executive Officer as he turns to look back at Enker while still getting his bearings straight. "Subtle anger. Massive death..." he whispers before igniting his sabres, and lunges toward Enker. No, not the sabre coming for the Master Elite, but rather the hilt of the sword coming across to hit Enker in the side of the face, no words. No, the Repliforce XO doesn't need those right now, his optics and the gleaming determination in his hard set features show that he's here to make sure the Citadel falls, and all the Masters who are within with it. And Enker shall be the first.

Search Man lets out a yelp of surprise as he's jumped from the back. "Idiot! You didn't watch our flank!" "I was busy firing, you're suppose to watch it." "Was not." "Was to." "Just shut up and retaliate." "Right!" Hissing as the claws dig into his backside, Search Man jerks backwards, attempting to slam the cat into the side of one of the defense placements.

Search Man strikes you with his Smash for 8 units of damage.

Stinger Flytrap grunts as the blue blast crashes against his armor. Although inflicting moderate damage, it made it apparent that Stinger probably won't be able to hold King off for long. Intent on making it difficult for the Master to hinder their effort, he raises his autocannon barrels, and lets out a barage of shots on King, making a large "BOOM-ba-BOOM!" sound.

Stinger Flytrap misses King with his Autocannon Batteries attack.

King deflects Autocannon Batteries from Stinger Flytrap.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Smash attack.
Enker successfully reflects Smash.

Ricochet finds that his vengance quest is cut a bit short, as he watches from the Raiden's cockpit... and the ice beam explodes. Well, that's what they get for using Microsoft software, one would suppose. Ricochet shields his face from the blast, at the sheer brightness, as does Orbit. The ride armor, in fact, threatens to topple, but quick action from Ric changes this snowy fate for the moment. "...systems seem OK..." "*BLOOP BLIP*" <Look! On the radar!> A figure... a figure that managed to survive the explosion. An airborn figure... Ricochet scowls... "...your fault..." he mutters, flipping a few switches... cranking up the loudspeakers. "THIS IS FOR REPLIFORCE!" he roars out, before firing on the Force Commander.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> misses Bass with its Plasma Wave attack.

Flare Feline grunts, as he's hit by the two headed one. Quickly he re-groups, and leaps into the air. He's gotten this master focused on only him now, so he has to keep it that way. Still, he is worried about the others. As he begins to decend from the air, he extends his foot, claws extended, preparing to slashy-dropkick Searchy.

You miss Search Man with your Feline Fury attack.

Metal Man nods to King. "Under stood." Metal Man cackles and bellows out an order to his drones in the area. "NO MERCY NO PRISNORS AND DON'T Stop firing untill you have killed every last one of those inferior Reploids!!!" With those last words like the dragoon Kain Metal Man leaps into actions off the ground and into the sky his blade ready. The dim light reflects of Metal Man's armor as he soars towards his target and out of the way of the ice blast. "FOR WILY!!!!!!!!" Metal Man lets the blade fly at Fusion.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "*sound of metal sliding on metal* Converting to Battroid--*KABOOM!* Oof! Take this, pea-brains! *WHOOSH!* Another SAM down, sir. Mild damage. I'll make it."

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Sawblade attack.

King raises his shield again, holding it in front of him as the autocannon rounds ricochet wildly off the huge slab with sparks and sharp pings, the gem on the center glowing brighter and brighter as it absorbs more power from the autocannon....then with a roar of "HAVOC!!" King throws himself forwards at Flytrap along with the Master drones, the entire line dissolving into a series of one on one battles. King's Axe blazes to life with blue energy as it scythes across the lines in a powerful swipe, shattering an unfortunate RF soldier and continuing on its way towards Flytrap...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "Engaging Fire Man!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Engaging 'Aqua Man'."

King strikes Stinger Flytrap with his Executioner's Axe attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Continuing engagement against Gyro Man."

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Stinger Flytrap transmits, "I'm Enganging King. I've taken moderate damage, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out. I'll keep him out of your way as long as I---(sound of something slicing through armor.) Uhg...as long as I can."

Fusion Phoenix grunts as the metal blade cuts through his right side. nothing vital, but still it stings. Wordlessly he flys up and under the jumping master, so that he might hit him with his mighty wings.

Tilting to one side, Treble easily carries his master out of the path of the shot. Now. Richochet has just done something very unwise. What has he done kiddies? He got Bass's attention. The fin-headed one turns to regard the Ride Armor, and his lips split into a fetal grin.

"Treble... initiate merge."

With a flickering blaze of light, Treble rises up... Dark wings spread out of the light, and with a roar of thrusters, Magna Bass roars towards Richochet, buster leading the way.

Fusion Phoenix misses Metal Man with his Wing Slap attack.
Frost Walrus has left.

Bass strikes Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> with his Magna Buster attack.

Flare Feline sends a radio transmission to Ten.
[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Good luck Ten, be careful."

Servbot #1 has arrived.

Ah, the moment of battle comes, and Enker is destracted. Something about a berserker, ride armor sized Walrus about to run amok in the Robot Master rear areas. Still, it could have been worse. The lapse of attention was not fatal.

As Colonel attacks, there is a slight flicker around the Golden Elite, a hint of radiance that seems to seep from his armor, and the deapths of his weapon.

Taking a short ump back to gain himself room, the Mirror Buster begins to spin, and Enker acts in earnest. No witty repartee, no snide commentary, just the brutality of war.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has left.

Flare Feline receives a radio transmission.
Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Thanks. You, too."

Stinger Flytrap grunts as the blade slices through his armor. The blade slices through one of his arm-like tentacles, he grits his large teeth. "Alright, enough playing around...it's supper time!" He draws his head back, exposing his jagged teeth, then thrusts forward, trying to clamp his jaw around King's midsection.

Metal Man ducks out of the way twisting to safety but with a grin on his face he says "You missed fool!" Then Metal Man pulls a trio of gear from subspace and launches them at the flying reploid and lands on the ground some distance away to ready for his next attack.

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Gears attack.
Search Snake has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "I believe the southern perimeter is secure. Orders General?"

With a quick doublestep, Enker brings the Mirror Buster around, slicing a hissing line in the snow as almost a feint, while his fist comes in close behind.
Enker strikes Colonel with his Punch attack.

Search Man steps out of the way of the decenting kick, having had enough time to detect the attack this round. "Enough pussyfooting around." WHACK! "Whaaat?" "Bad pun. Horrible." "Sorry... Enemy in close perimiter." "Machine guns, online." His levels his weapon arm at flare, as it snaps open, parts shift around, and reconfigures. "Alright, who wants pie?!" "Piping hot and fresh for delivery, on the house." The gun blazes to life as it opens fire.

Search Man misses you with his Machine Gun attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Reinforce the weak spots on the line, and raze their defenses. I want nothing left."

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> 's very form shudders under the burst of plasma energy that smashes into it's midsection. Ricochet grimmaces, as the consoles suddenly abruptly turn red... "...dammit... who IS that guy?..." "*BLORP*" <...Bass.>

Ricochet blinks... jaw dropping... "...Bass?..." he says... and perhaps the tiniest bit of fear creeps into his face... but... no... NO. He's not about to lose... he's going to bring this one down. For all the other Repliforcers that won't have the chance. A whirring sound is audible as the electrogenerators power, before unleashing an electrical storm blast at the Force Commander. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Understood."
Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> misses Bass with its Wrath Of Raiden attack.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> vrooms through the area, heading towards the Northern Perimeter, it's slightly above the ground, flying through with pretty high speed. Course, something might stop him. Either way, he has to pass through this area.

King guhs! as the trap snaps shut over his armor, drawing sparks and deep furrows in the gleaming metal and actually staggering the towering warrior as he stumbles back before catching himself. With a grunt he switches his righthanded grip on his axe to hold it about midway down, then rams his fist forwards in a hard punch while still grasping the axe, trying to loosen Flytrap's grip. "Indeed, I feel the same. Enough play...." he grates.

King strikes Stinger Flytrap with his Punch attack.
Strike Osprey has arrived.
Hailstorm Couatl has arrived.

Flare Feline has more than enough time to prepare to dodge Search's attack with his delivery of bad puns. He quickly jumps back to the side, and readies his palm blaster and faces it towards Search Man, the area infront of the palm starting to glow with an orange haze. A second alter, a light, glowy orange sphere is launched towards him. You know what they say. Fire bad.

You miss Search Man with your Flare Bomb attack.
Hailstorm Couatl has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "I've just been ordered to another perimeter. Where is my assistance required?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Crescent Grizzly transmits, "Magic Man is gonna be shreds when I'm through with him!"

Fusion Phoenix smiles as the little gears fly his way. the first two bounce off his armor harmlessly, but the third sticks in the gouge in his armor. That breakes the smile. Whith no expresion, FP lifts his blaster and lets loose a torrent of plasma.

Fusion Phoenix misses Metal Man with his Plasma Blaster attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group, maintain assault. Don't allow any Master forces through the perimeter."

Stinger Flytrap grunts as the punch strikes home, and he releases his grip and pulls back. "Fine with me. I'll show you what happens when you endanger our comerades." He steps back, and then stands on one of his leg-like roots, and spins around, slapping King around with the remaining three.

Stinger Flytrap misses King with his Generic Melee attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "*taptap* Hello?"

General has paused his path of destruction, stopping a kilometer or two from the Citadel's shield. The three Marine squads halt their advance as well, protecting General and taking out as many charging Master gumbies as possible. General himself, meanwhile, is glowing. White energy has begun building around his form, as the Ion Cannon slowly builds to full power. Any projectile is vapourized before hitting him, and energy weapons are absorbed without much distraction. The calm before the true storm has begun.

Metal Man nimbly evades the blast again he waits till the last moment before leaping out of the way of the massive blast. The blast rips though the snow and the premafrost of the land side leaving a smoking crater. "You missed me again fool, I will engoy ripping out your Netural NET!!!!" The crimsion master pulls a dagger drones from subspace and fires it at Fusion.

The snapping of metal upon metal, and the harsh crack of metal fracturing is heard from Colonel's jaw is hit from the Colonel missing the feint attack. Stumbling back a step from the abrupt shock, he reaches up with his free hand, rubbing the jaw a bit as he flexes it side to side, a small screech is heard from the fractured metal rubbing against something internally. His brows narrow and fall as he stares over Enker. War it is, and war shall be given. Colonel knows full well his enemy in this case, and knows full well that nothing need be said, only done. With that, an almost respectful look forms on his face, knowing that unlike most of those who he's fought, he's run into a worthy opponent. Driving forward again, the blade in his right hand snaps up from the position of being held like a cane, to slash across Enker's midsection.

Colonel strikes Enker with his Sabre Slash attack.
Enker successfully reflects Sabre Slash.

Metal Man misses Fusion Phoenix with his Explosive Drone attack.

Bass ignites his thrusters, raw speed carrying him clear of the massive electromagnetic shockwave unleashed by the Repliforce Ride armor. This close he can see the individual frozen soliders, and the sight fills his heart with a faint unholy joy. It's too bad HE's not here to see the carnage and feel the loss. But this solider in the armor will do.

"Time to join your friends."

With a sudden burst of the thrusters, Magna Bass speeds towards the back of the ride armor at incredible speeds.

Guts Man cheers on the bad guys from his lawn chair. "Go Masters go!"

Bass strikes Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> with his Dash attack.

Pirate Man arrives from the Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>.
Pirate Man has arrived.

Search Man's eyes, all four of them, go wide as a fire bomb is lobbed their way. "Evasive manuevers, NOW!" Which consists of diving for cover behind a nearby rock, which miraculously works as the flare bomb sails overhead, exploding and vaporizing a large chunk of snow and ice. "That was close." "Too close." Rising from his spot, he thuds his cannon down on top of the rock, loading it again. "Arming projectile. Ready to fire." "Copy that." The weapon hums a bit, and then spits out a larger explosive projectile. "Incoming; CANDY-GRAM!" Somebody has been watching cartoons on his off-time again.

Search Man misses you with his Bazooka attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "If no one is responding and you don't hear any emergency stuff, that usually means either there is a radio silence thing going down without you knowing it, or you need to sit tight until someone asks for backup, which in a battle this big is sure to come."

King raises his axe quickly as the roots come around, blocking with the haft as the whips harmlessly smack into it, then shoves to throw them back, coming around and leading with his shield this time as he slams it orwards, attempting to body block Flytrap off his feet.....er, roots. "How pathetic...I'll do MUCH more than endanger, when I'm through with you!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Roger, sir. Returning to my previous location."

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> 's systems creek as the armor cracks... splinters... SMASHES on his back. Ric lurches forward, as if he can FEEL the damage to his mech. Glancing backwards, he scowls... "Don't think so... Bass..." he furrows his brow... spinning the Ride Armor about. The arm components engage, becoming mobile for the first time... and coming about to swat Bass out of the air... "...as for you, though... see you in hell."

Strike Osprey has left.

King strikes Stinger Flytrap with his Royal Shield Bash attack.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> strikes Bass with its Crush attack.

Fusion Phoenix uses his laser to blast the incoming drones, then just turns it on the smart mouthed master. Maybe with a los light speed weapon he can hit.

Fusion Phoenix misses Metal Man with his Laser Carabine attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Gyro man has been defeated."

Flare Felines eyes widen a bit too, as he manages to dodge the freaking BAZOOKA shell that was just fired at him. Whew, close save. He decides to get up close and personal again, and rushes the Master, claws up and open. As he goes to strike him, his emitts a wave of fire from his plam blaster, to enhance the swipe, as this guy didn't seem to like the thought of his earlier Flare Bomb, fire might work well.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Heh. good job."

You strike Search Man with your Flame Claw attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Siege Wolverine transmits, "Lt. Siege reportin' in... Entry way is blown. Repeat, entry is blown. All units proceedin' inside, enter. Yeh got fifteen hundred yards free o' drones..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "It was Corporal Razor Pterodactyl who downed Gyro Man."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten screams in pain. "Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I was just slammed into by... Frost Walrus?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "What, who?"

Quick Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Razor Pterodactyl transmits, "Heh... please, Hurricane did most of the work, he should get the credit."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "I'm still engaging Search Man. I am nominal right now."

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> blasts through the air nad sees Bass get swatted. Well, then. Phoebus turns on the Eagle's thrusters onto full and attempts to ram into Bass. He flicks on the radio broadcast for all to hear. Ricochet fought Bass once to help him out, now it's time to return the favor.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...What!? ghh...."

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> misses Bass with its Smash attack.
Hailstorm Couatl drops Master Pirate vs Winged Snake.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Contain Frost Walrus, he is no doubt in a bezserker rage over the events of the past week."

Hailstorm Couatl has left.

[Radio: (D) Public] Aqua Man transmits, "Templar's a Dom! He's a mean old Dom! All he wants to do is whip people and hurt them so he can get sexual favors from innocent, chaste, and virtuous Robot Masters... like Metal Man! He never gets any!"

Metal Man is just too fast he sees the attack comming a moment before as he back flips out of the way leaving a slight blurr in his wake. The Laser impacts into the snow and metal Man cackles at his battle skills. "I was fighting back when there were human combat trops who I must say were much better shots than you!!" Metal Man is on the move again as he pulls a pair of blades from subspace and hurrls them both at Fusion. "FALL FORCER FALL!!!!"

Stinger Flytrap is checked by King, and is knocked off his...roots. Right. He grunts, and does a sort of backward roll...well, as close as a giant robotic plant can get to a back roll...and then his opens his mouth, another missile pod extending. <Cut to Flytrap's POV.> The targeting box hovers over King, indicating a the chance of a successful hit. TARGET LOCKED. <Cut to the outside.> He then releases a large warhead, which flies to King, obviously armed with a heat-tracking system.

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Twin Blades attack.
Stinger Flytrap misses King with his Homing Missile attack.
King deflects Homing Missile from Stinger Flytrap.

Quick Man walks out of the forest and over to Guts Man. He pulls a lawn chair out of nowhere, as well as a bottle of Jolt Cola, and sits down next to The Giant Dude.

[Radio: (D) Public] Magnum Panther transmits, "...."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "I'll move to aid in that endevor if you want General."

Bass receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Proteus Fox transmits, "I'm still standing by if back up is needed."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Aqua Man is in retreat."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "I don't have any non-lethal attacks. The only way I can contain him is by hurting him."

Search Man GAAAHS as the flaming claws rake across his chest, leaving big scorched gashes in it. "Hey! Watch it with those!" "You might ignite something!" Knowing a melee isn't his fortae, he jumps back a bit to keep the distance bwteen them. "Arm something, quick!" "What?" "I don't care, just do it!" "Rodger. Let 'er rip!" Since shooting at him isn't working, he lobs a bomb at Flare's feet instead, where it explodes in various directions in a shower of shrapnel.

Search Man strikes you with his Shrapnel Bomb for 11 units of damage.

The sky over Siberia is dark and clouded, threatening snowfall on this chill and bitter autumn day. The clouds are dark and roiling, reflecting back the light from the War that takes place far below them, the darkness pressing down on everyone. And then, from the center of that cloudmass, a bolt of golden energy pierces downward, lashing against the earth in front of an advancing column of Repliforcers, the earth around the point of impact. The beam of raw energy slashes deeply... and from the clouds, the massive, dark green bulk of none other then the Bonne Airship, Gesellschaft!

More bolts begin to rain down into the snowy wasteland of Siberia from the weapons ports of the massive ship, it slowly banking away after harrying some of the Repliforce troops with blasts to slow them and give them pause... no deadly assaults upon the enemy inflicted. Banking slowly to the East, it slowly moves around the peak of the massive mountain that is in reality, the Skull Citadel... descending slowly over the Eastern Perimeter... raining lances of red-gold energy into the battlefield to try and harry the main bodies of troops from the base.

The Pirate Princess is here to plaaa-aaaay!

BeretHat nerps in terror at the raining death.

King begins to stride towards his downwed opponent, then as the missile pod appears again, quickly raising his shield to interpose, the massive tower hiding his body completely as the homing missile sails harmlessly into it, the explosion wreathing the massive figure again, his cloak billowing out behind him as his feet dig furrows in the snows from the kinetic force. Again, the gem on his shield pulses, then the flames seem to be drawn into it as it blazes even brighter, then King's deep voice rumbles out in a chuckle. "You should have learned from the last time..." The Royal Shield blazes to life, from top to bottom, then a massive bolt of energy shrieks out at Flytrap.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "Maybe you could draw him away from the battle until he gets himself under control?"

King strikes Stinger Flytrap with his Royal Shield Beam attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "I could attempt, if Permission is granted. Sir?"

Master Pirate vs Winged Snake grows ears and can now hear.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Western Perimeter assault proceeding. The majority of the defenses have been neutralized. Group strength is at 30 percent."

Bass blinks once before the massive ride armor arm catches him in the chest and sends him slamming into the ground hard enough that the impact echos even over the other sounds of battle. The other spiked fist whistles over his head as he ducks and rolls to the side. "Two. Two ride armors. It /still/ won't save you. Raaaaaaarrrr!!!"

Pulling his arms in, the buster begins to glow. Slowly the field spreads until flickering greenish-blue flames lick all over Bass' body. Rising slowly into the air, he hurls his hands wide as the energies lash out at both ride armors.

Flare Feline gacks as the bomb goes off, bits of sharp pointy death flying all around him. He quickly jumps out of the way of the storm, sustaining only moderate damage. Growling, he charges Search once more, filling in the gap between them, since it seems most of his attacks are only effective with a distance. He swipes at him again, non-fire enhanced this time.

You miss Search Man with your Cat Scratch attack.
Bass strikes Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> with his Plasma Storm attack.
Bass strikes Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> with his Plasma Storm attack.

Fusion Phoenix gacks as the twin blades rip through his left leg. He can stand but he will be limping for a long time. "YeeeOuch! That really hurt!" With thiss witty one liner, Fusion fires off his best and most powerfull attack. The Prince of thermal shock. Antipode strike!!

Fusion Phoenix strikes Metal Man with his Antipode Strike attack.

Stinger Flytrap tries to cover himself with his arms, but the energy blast proceeds to engulf him. The blade covers his body, and chars off most of his armor. Knowing that certain defeat awaits him, he attempts to make a hasty retreat, cursing himself as he does.

Stinger Flytrap retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Fusion Phoenix, King, Flare Feline, and Metal Man.

Enker seems almost resigned to this course, accepting. Allowing Colonel to reorient himself, the opening greetings are done, adn now it is time to get down to business. Once again spinning his weapon like a staff, he leaps forwards, secure in the knowledge that his systems will protect him from a portion of the harm, and that it may aid him in the future.

Colonel's sabre slashes across his midsection, and the corona of energy around the Elite blossoms into a golden radiance, appearing as suddenly and visibly as the creased line of damage across his torso. It is not enough to stop him, for his own attack is already in motion, the butt of the spear carving a wide underhand arc through the chill air and up towards his foe.

Enker misses Colonel with his Smash attack.

Razor Pterodactyl flies in from the south perimeter, obviously lost on what to do, and surveys what goes on below him. Which is when he spots Ten and Frost Walrus down there. Remembering the earlier radio message, he proceeds to send off a radio message of his own.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Stinger Flytrap transmits, "This is Flytrap. I've been critically injured, and I am attempting to make a retreat. Requesting back up in the northern perimeter, as King could potentially deal significant damage to our forces."

Hailstorm Couatl has arrived.
Razor Pterodactyl sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Roger. I'm available to respond...orders, sir?"

Pirate Man has left.

Metal Man is caught in the middle of a fire and ice attack and growls as it washes over him. A lesser warmachine would have been stoped cold and down for the count but Metal Man ain't your normal combat bot as he flips again still bluring as he moves. "If that is the best you can do I AM YOUR DEATH FORCER!!!" Metal Man pulls another blade from Subspace and lets it fly against Fusion.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> charges forward, plodding through the snow after Bass. One of the arm-systems suddenly activates a powered saber-blade, continuing on course...

Until the burst smashes into Raiden's gut. *BLAAAAAAAAAAAM!* The Ride Armor once again shakes, the cockpit lights turning into a dance of swirling reds and yellows. "Switching to backup power conduits..." Ricochet says to no one in particular, forcing the system back into gear - a bit slower, this time - as he attempts to bring his blade to bear.

King's roaring laughter booms out across the tundra as Flytrap is forced into flight, then turns his attention to insuring the rest of the Repliforce center of the line crumbles, his axe swinging in short, brutal arcs, crunching through metal and hydralics as the Masters begin to push the front line back a bit.

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Metal Blade attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "assistance on the norther permiter would be appreacated"

Aqua Man has arrived.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> misses Bass with its Plasma Blade Stab attack.

Hailstorm Couatl has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Proteus Fox transmits, "I can also respond, though it will take me a while to deploy."

Aqua Man runs for the base.
Aqua Man turns around, and runs the other way.

Search Man guhs, not wanting to get in close at all, but the Repliforcer isn't leaving him much of a choice. "Hey, back off!" "Yeah, back the heck off!" He swings around his cannon, using it for his version of a pistol whip. Which means spin it at the joint, and shoving the butt end at Flare's gut. And that's a big gun to be smacking people with.

Bass has left.

Quick Man stands up and runs over towards General, stopping at one side of him. "Hey! You! The Big Ugly Guy! Let's go!"

Search Man strikes you with his Generic Melee for 2 units of damage.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> has left.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> has left.

Guts Man raises his mug of coffee, "Attaboy Quick Man! Show that Robot Master spirit and take down General!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Moving to Northern Perimeter as ordered. Can you hold out until I arrive?"

Strike Osprey has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "Damage... critical. Systems... failing. Frost Walrus... why?"

BeretHat nerps at Quick, and seems to be reading the Last Rites.

General's form on the battlefield has become a bright spotlight, as energy builds within him. Now, it builds no more, for he has reached critical mass. Drawing his hands together, the General points them at the Skull Citadel and her defense shield. The Ion Cannon has been fully charged, and now the Robot Masters will understand true destruction. The Marines around General fall back a few meters, as the others in the nearby area do not advance. General is all alone on the battlefield. He needs no help, either.

*KAAAAAAAAAAAAA-THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* The energy, more powerful than any Buster or conventional weapon, discharges straight at the Robot Master Base.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "TEN!"

Strike Osprey isn't here...honest. Okay, maybe he is, but he's on his way elsewhere...which means he isn't here.

Razor Pterodactyl has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "I'm covering her. Dang it Frost snap out of it!!!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...ghh.... Any available units...protect Ten!"

Strike Osprey has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I'm ok but *static* flytrap could use a medevac and I'm busy"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Ring Redwing transmits, "I'd like to, but *fwoosh!* I'm sorta busy dodging hot-heads attacks here!"

Aqua Man runs in two directions at once, and pops his bubble, spilling his water everywhere.

Stinger Flytrap runs for non-hostile territory, most of his armor has been burned off. He attempts to run for whatever serves as safe territory. He's obviously just as upset as he his hurt...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Responding to Northern Perimeter, sir."

The smell of the energy buildup burning away the snow and thick feel of the atmosphere around both Enker and Colonel builds even greater as Colonel his hit with another burst back from Enker's mirror buster. Though it's also given him the bonus of being able to move out of the way of Enker's next physical barrage. This doesn't stop the Colonel though, as the attack comes toward where he should be, he dashs to the side and drives at Enker with the entire force of his body.
Guts Man staring down at the little hardhat comments, "Well there goes the neighborhood."

Colonel strikes Enker with his Sabre Lunge attack.

Crash Man has arrived.

Flare Feline hmphs, seems this guy wants to get some distance between them. Well fine, he'll do that. Flare leaps backwards, and lands extending his palm blasters towards Search Man once again, chargine. His hands glow bright red this time, and he volleys a rather large, red projectile at Search Man. If this connects, he'll be in for a world of hurt.

You strike Search Man with your Flare Pulse attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Chaplain Hymn transmits, "The... Repair Bay is ready to recieve wounded. All automated systems online. I have preped myself to assist on the most grievously wounded. Be strong, Repliforce. Stand together... and you shall /WIN/ the day!"

King continues the slaughter, his axe incribing glowing arcs and lines through the air as slams and brutalizes any RF soldier unlucky enough to get in his way. For the moment, the Master forces seem to be pushing back things here, though the Repliforcer lines are still holding defiantly against the counterattack.

Strike Osprey comes streaking into the area at...a not very fast pace. Still, he is getting there, right? The avian comes in low, towards Fusion Phoenix's last known position. He doesn't say a word as he does so, beak set in grim determination.

Strike Osprey sends a radio transmission.
Strike Osprey sends a radio transmission.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission.

Dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a bright floral-print shirt, Hawaiian-Fun Crash Man(tm) sits out on a lawn-chair next to Guts Man. "Bwahaha! We are truly a pair of wild und crazy guys!"

Fusion Phoenix grunts and staggers as the blade slices into his right leg. He shouts, "death can take many forms but you. ARE. NOT! MINE!!" With this, the huge avain flys over the smart mouthed Robot Master trailing a . . . Sky Hook??

Guts Man nods, "Not to mention helluva cool."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "This is Corporal Mad Monkey, ready at Repliforce HQ to assist with any wounded and to stabilize anyone in bad shape."

Fusion Phoenix misses Metal Man with his Sky Hook attack.

Aqua Man pulls himself back together, and flees some more.

For this interested, Crash Man has indeed sacrificed his armor for such civilian clothes stated above. Actually, the only thing armored is the helmet that sits upon his head.

BeretHat nerps and presents the needed maitais from under his hat to Crashbo and Guts.

"Thank you, trusty Beret-Hat." Crash Man nods to the Mettool and ganks a maitai off. "A fabulous night in Siberia, wouldn't you say, Guts Man?"

Metal Man rolls out of the way of the sky hook and smorts. "I beg to differ on that point!" Metal Man tucks and rolls comming up with another blade in his hand. Metal Man takes aim at fusion as he passes by and lets the blade soar.

King growls, breaking free of a clump of Repliforce soldiers through the simple means of using shield and axe to render them incapable of anything other than smoldering and sparking as they lie broken on the ground, the Joes arrayed along the Master line apparently following his lead for the moment, locked in brutal combat with their opposites on the RF lines. He shakes a bit of hydralic fluid off the blade of his axe, then flicks it back to full power, the fluids burning away with a hiss, wisps of smoke rising from his blade as he surveys the field, then glances up as he spots a flying unit headed this way.

Guts Man nods, "Oh indeed. Well if it weren't for this darn Repliforce infestation. Fortunately I brought along my Repliforce repellent. Haven't been bothered once yet."

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Sawblade attack.

As the saber creases his side, the radiance around Enker flares even more brightly for just a moment, then soundlessly collapses in on the Elite and his weapon. It leaves a both with an almost palpable feeling of power that resides with, rather than radiates from.

He almost smiles.

Spinning away from the trail of light that is Colonel's weapon, the Mirror Buster builds up momentum, aided by a sudden increased switness in the Elite's momements, before snapping back around at just about shoulder height.

Enker brings his reflect system offline.
Enker misses Colonel with his Spear Spin attack.

Search Man yowls as the fireball hits him, setting some armor on fire. "Ow ow ow!" "Hot! hot! Hot!" He runs around in circles a few times, yelling incoheriently, before running into the mountainside, which knocks some snow on him and puts out the fire. "Aaaah..." A pause, and then he spins around, weapon systems reactivating as he scowls with both heads at the cat. "That's it." "You're dead." "Arming the BIG gun." "Rodger!" His cannon arm hums to life as it powers up and he raises it, taking complete aim. "Gotta make this count." "It's now or never." "Aiming.. target aquired." "Target locked in." A loud clunk rings out. "Missile loaded." "Fire at will." "Firing!" "Fire in the hole!" Smoke erupts from the cannon barrel as it erupts with a loud *KAKA-BOOM!!* and sends a homing missile streaking for the feline.

Search Man misses you with his Homing Sniper attack.

Said flying unit is currently bearing in right for King...his orders are clear: Hold this position. The Phoenix seems to be doing his part....now its time to stop that palooka with the big blade. "ROBOT MASTER!" he calls out, hoping to get his attention, at the very least. "Your time...is up!" And with that, a hatch on each shoulder opens up, revealing a rack of...missiles? Yup, he's loaded for bear, it seems. "Eat this!"

Strike Osprey misses King with his Mini-missiles attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "What is the situation with Advisor Walrus?"

Crash Man just shakes his head idly, "Damn Reploid infestation. Someone should get a bunch of troops and drop them over here. Like, from a starship.."

Crash Man says, "Like a bunch of Starship Troopers."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "He's bezerked... We haven't been able to stop him"

BeretHat pops a bowl of pretzels from his mouth.

Fusion Phoenix is either brave or stupid, but he is still going back in after the cut through his left shoulder. "Eat flaming hot plasma short boy!!"

Guts Man looks up at the sky, "That be pretty damn awesome. I mean crashing through the sky? Comes an evil cry? Bitchin!"

Snake Man arrives from the Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>.
Snake Man has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix strikes Metal Man with his Plasma Blaster attack.

Crash Man raises his maitai to Guts Man, "In-deed."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "This may not be the best thing, but he may eventually run out of fuel, at which point you can subdue him."

Flare Felines name isn't Will. What is it that everyone has against this guy Will that everyone wants to fire on him? Flare leaps into the air, and barely avoids the attack. Gee, he's in the air again, well while he's on his way down he extends his foot to Search Man in greetings. *Fhumf*

You miss Search Man with your Feline Fury attack.

Guts Man raises his maitai to Crash then takes a sip.

The shields around the Skull Citadel are mangled by the blast from Generals' weapon. As the energy attacks it, it begins to shimmer and warp, the force of impact denting the shield. The shield runs through the spectrum of colors, each one more brilliant than the last, finally fading far past the visible light, into ultraviolet, and then nothing. Half a second later, as if it were a solid object, the shield reappears, and shatters, like it were glass after being hit with a baseball.

With the shields gone, the remainder of the blast pours through, and assaults the base, doing unspeakable damage to its' skullish face. All seems well with this, until odd things occur. The snow and ice, in an ever-widening circle, begins to melt. Then, it begins to steam. Soon after the steaming begins, the sensors on anyone up to the challenge of detecting it, begin to detect massive amounts of radiation and thermal energy. Far more than there was previous to the blast from the Repliforce General. Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays, all pour throughout the immediate area around the fleshless grinning head of the Skull Citadel. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong.

Crash Man looks up, "Say, aren't those the kind of rays that turn people into giant green monsters with incredible amounts of rage?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "Grh... I'm still occupied with Search Man. What's Commander Ten's status?"

Guts Man hmmmms, "I believe you are right. Wonder if it works on robots too?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Someone, report on those readings coming from the Citadel!"

Snake Man emerges from a tunnel in the snow. He pokes his head above ground and scans the battle scene. Noting the bulk of the insane Repliforcer to the south, he heads off in that direction. The destruction of the base has nothing to do with his fleeing. Nope. Nothing. Yeah right...

Snake Man has left.

Crash Man hmms, "We should find someone to test it on."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "Hmm. I think I know how... Anyone up for making a run to the nearest bakery? The only ideas I have are classical music and pie, but that's it. Other than my original idea of getting someone fast to draw him far enough to. Readings, sir?"

King blinks, then swears as he realizes that being out in the open in the middle of a strafing run is not the wisest course of action. Sadly, there isn't any cover here either. The missiles rain down all aroundhim, rocking the mighty giant as they smash into his armor, golden fragments spinning away as sparks and flames shoot up over his frame, knocking him to the ground and hammering him down into it as he twitches. Smoke obscures the scene for a moment...then a trio of glowing bluish crosses come spinning out of the smoke, arcing up at Strike.

King strikes Strike Osprey with his X-beam attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "Music to sooth the savage? It's an old fairy tale, but it could prove valuable in this case."

Metal Man is already bringing up another dagger drone and uses it to parry the plasma shot only taking minor damage from the blaster that metls some of is forarm armor. oO(Time to get serious...) Metal Man sighs. "Can't you come up with a better insult please I'll put you our of both of our misery eh?" Metal Man Lets the drone fly.

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Explosive Drone attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "...*Lightbulb sound*"

Guts Man nods, "Yeah, where's Quint? Maybe he'd become like that Alt-Universe Quint that visited us so many times. Don't you find it odd that only Quint would visit us from that dimension or high ranking Robot Masters? I mean you never saw a regular Alt-Universe Robot Master. What's the deal with that?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Awk!--*static*"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "Sah...music helps?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group, ignore that blast until told otherwise! FIGHT ON!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "I encountered such a phenomenon in a very old film I once watched, which did not have anything to do with fighting. The acting was sub-par, and the plot was contrived. However, music did calm the savage beast. Classical music, I believe."

"I -KNOW-!" Crash Man's eyes gain a particular giantness to them, emphasizing the understanding he has. "I, for one, would like to know what alternate-universe Crash Man is doing. I bet he's some big important bigshot that can destroy people with the power of his -mind-."

Struck by the hellacious power of King's X-beam, the bird is...unaffected? Sure looks that way, with his armor plating bearing little more than a rather nasty burn. This could be serious. One of the tubules on the bird's back slides up, then over, aiming over his shoulder directly at King. "Oh well. I warned you." And with that, the tube lets forth with a powerful blast of pinkish, high-energy plasma...ripping through the air with a loud *SHA-KOW!*, the beam bears down on the Elite...

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Bass.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Corporal Monkey, kindly refrain from discussing musical preferences at this time."

Strike Osprey misses King with his Beam Cannon attack.
King deflects Beam Cannon from Strike Osprey.

Crash Man blinks, "..wow, Bass's intelligence just came under question. He just asked why the snow is melting during a firefight."
Guts Man nods, "And I bet alternate-universe Guts Man is even stronger than I am. I mean if Quint was tougher. I'd be helluva tougher."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "Caution! Sattelite imaging has detected that the Citadel's reactor systems are reaching meltdown stage!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "My apologies, sir. I thought it appropriate at the time, but I acknowledge the error of my ways."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "Ah have a CD that mahght work if yah're rahght, sah..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Meltdown?? Are you positive, sir?"

Guts Man says, "I guess Bass flunked science class and how extreme heat melts snow."

The glow from General goes out slowly, fading away after the discharge of his Ion Cannon. It took a lot of energy, and takes time for him to rebuild his supply. However, it was worth the moment of weakness, as the shield comes down. His escort Marines immediately swarm around him, ready to stop anything that might attack General in his weakened state. While his form might still be smoking from the heat of the blast, General is far from done...

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Bass.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Estimated time til meltdown, Captain."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "Oh no! Hurricane Hawk was just crushed beneath Frost Walrus!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Oy. This just keeps getting better and better."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Bass.

Colonel isn't so much lucky in ducking Enker's spear, but already on the offensive instead, as his sabre snaps back, hit for hit he blocks the spinning attack brought toward him with the skilled effiency of a trained officer, and with the fuel of determination to take down Enker and the Citadel itself. While the last of one blade blocks the attack from the spear, he pulls up his second blade and thrusts it toward Enker.

Colonel misses Enker with his Sabre Thrust attack.

King surges up out of the smoke as it disappates, a bit soot smudges and his armor smoking and dented in many places, but still perfectly capable and in the fight. His shield comes up this time as he sees the energy weapon being aimed, covering King completely as the blast slams into it, his knees flexing under the impact, then the blue gem on his shield glowing to life as it sucks in the energy, the power swirling around and around as the gem blazes brighter. King angles the shield slightly, then booms. "Let's discuss that Repliforcer...come on down!" With a roar a massive blast of energy shoots out of his shield, lancing up at Strike...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "OOC: The thing is exploding, even if the terminology is wrong."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "Confirming ... yes. The radiation being generated appears to be to indicative of a meltdown. Estimated time remaining: 4 minutes 56 seconds and counting."

Fusion Phoenix look down on his short oppoenat. As metal did with the explosive dagger, so fusion does with his left hand, but it still hurts. Snarling, he just swoops down to smash into the little twirp.
King strikes Strike Osprey with his Royal Shield Beam attack.

Fusion Phoenix misses Metal Man with his Ram attack.

Quick Man sighs, and walks back over to where he was sitting by Guts Man.

[OOC] Flare Feline pokes Searchy again
Search Man(Search) pages: Did you attack again yet? I got spammed over

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "OOC: Just making sure. ^.^ Big difference."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Heilen transmits, "Sirs, I was about to go in to set the charges.. but if their reactor's going down, I'm reconsidering that option."

You paged Search Man with 'Yes I did, jump kicked you agian, missed.'.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "OOC: Assume fusion reactors operate under a different operating paradigm. @_@"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "...gr...r... Ten...can you get Hawk out of there?"

General receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Acknowledged. Team Slash Beast, extract yourself from the base. Titan Group, follow Major Templar's orders."

General sends a radio transmission to Templar.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "I'm afraid not, Phoebus. I'm of only average combat reploid strength. That won't be nearly enough to move Frost Walrus."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group, fall back to x1235 y2355 z1659. Maintain cover fire; give the others time to escape."

Crash Man sips his maitai. "Someone should exploit General while he's weakened."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Can you shoot him off?"

Crash Man says, "Make a mess of his Marines and then trounce his face."

BeretHat pops a bowl of pretzels from his mouth.

Crash Man says, "His big, stupid face."

Strike Osprey yelps as that blast hits home, actually hurting this time...sort of. Armor sloughing off and melting snow in a peculiar rain beneath him, the Repliforcer drops to the ground to land on his feet. "That actually...hurt." he says, giving a slow shrug. Without a further
word, the 'forcer levels the double-barelled weapon at King. "Say goodnight, Gracie!" And with that, he opens fire, a pair of rockets flying out and corkscrewing in King's direction.

Strike Osprey strikes King with his Rocket Launcher attack.

General knows Crash Man is jealous of his facial hair, because he can't grow any. Mwah.

The massive Gesellschaft banks slowly again, this time, away from the Eastern face, it's ion engines rumbling loudly. Luckily... it is behind the massive Skull and away from the blast when the Apocalypse Cannon is unleashed. Devastation is unleashed in all it's righteous wrath upon the Skull Citadel. Then, the Gesellschaft rumbles straight up and skywards, cresting the massive Citadel and slowly banking to face the source of the onslaught of the Cannon. The General.

The forward cone that ends in the skull emblem of the Bonnes begins to glow, charging slowly it seems with power. Green light begins to form in front of the Gesellschaft's nosecone in a slowly expanding sphere of light. And within, Servbots dash this way and that, shutting down weaponry systems and diverting all energy to the main cannon. A weapon designed by the Lord Bonne himself. The Plasma Sphere.

And if General is far from done, neither are the defenders of the Skull Citadel. With a bright flash, the sphere expands to nearly the size of the General himself... before with another flash... it launches itself from the Gesellschaft's main batteries! Tron herself pressed the button to fire. The sphere moves slowly through the air, surprisingly slowly, but moves on it's own accord. Litteraly it tracks it's target as it launches for the General himself!

Search Man again steps out of the way of the kicking clawing, growling at the problems he's having to hit this feline pest. "Advice?" "Shred him." "We don't have a sword." "I mean with the machine gun, dolt." "Rodger!" "And stop calling me Rodger." "Ro..err... copy that!" The right head sighs as the left arms the machine gun again and opens fire, sending a barrage of armor piercing shells in Flare's direction.

Crash Man truly is.

Metal Man is like a coiled sprind Metal Man takes flight again soaring up and over Fusion Phoenix and he grins as two more blade appear in his hand out of subspace. "Humm it seems who ever built you actually had the sense to give you armor plate... but no matter I will be done with you shortly!" Metal Man throws the blades down aimed ad Fusion's back.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has arrived.

Metal Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Twin Blades attack.

Search Man strikes you with his Armor Piercing for 9 units of damage.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "*FOOM!* Owch! Currently engaging King, sirs. He's hurt me, to some degree, but I'm still operable."

Guts Man nods, "Well we all remember what happened when we tried to take him down last time didn't we? Of course back then he was alot more durable. Seems lately that alot of people got wussiffied. Wouldn't surprise me if General was a wuss now."

Crash Man considers while sipping his maitai. "Want to try it? 3 on one giant, gold ass?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I'm out of this, metal man just trashed me"

[Radio: (D) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh, Gen-er-al... ...Taste THIS!"

Quick Man looks over to Crash and Guts. "Well, it looks like Tron's taking General out now, so we don't have to worry."

[Radio: (D) Public] Sewa transmits, "huh?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "What? Sir, I'm alone here on the Northern Perimeter. We need backup!"

King roars out as the rockets slam home, the shortened range not giving him time to raise his shield into place quicky enough, even more armor ripped from his body along with most of his right shoulder armor. His eyes slit as he regains his balance, then plants his right foot as if about to jump...then blurs as he dashes forwards, attempting to slam into Strike Osprey.

[Radio: (D) Public] Zero transmits, "Granny Tron made another batch of cookies. Flee!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "OOC: Strike...you probably aren't /alone/. ^_-
King misses Strike Osprey with his Dash attack.

Guts Man says, "Nah I don't feel like wasting my energy on a rookie like General. All these Repliforcers are chumps. Not worth the effort."

Fusion Phoenix is very lucky. Those metal blades didn't slice his wings off. But he still withdraws

Fusion Phoenix has left.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

[Radio: (D) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Hey Zero what's that on your face? Looks like you got bits and pieces of Iris' muffin there."

Crash Man rolls his shoulders in a shrug, "Okie."

Flare Feline acks again as the bullets pierce into him. Taking a few steps back, he snarls. It seems he doesn't have much luck with jump kicks, so he'll avoid them. Then again, it looked like he really didn't like fire, so he readies his palm blaster again, and fires a moderate sized glowy orange sphere, this one packed with fire and explosive energy. Kaboomies.

Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

The speed of the battle goes up a notch with the advent of General's blast. The Mirror Buster appears to have barely made contact with Colonel's blocking blade before Enker is spinning the other way. Letting go with one hand, the Elite blocks the second, stabbing, blade, while stepping away. Not far, mind you, just far enough for the business end of that weapon to come around with all the momentum of the second spin, point gleaming towards Colonel's midsection.

Fusion Phoenix retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

[Radio: (D) Public] Zero transmits, "OOC: Guts, I'm not even gonna bother."

You strike Search Man with your Pulse Break attack.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Impale attack.

Crash Man snickers, "Bits and pieces."

Guts Man thumbs up Crash Man.

Templar has arrived.

Strike Osprey jerks to the side, thrusters blaring as they propel him out of the way, somehow. Reaching down with his 'free' arm as the Elite blazes past, Strike draws and activates his axe in one smooth motion, attempting to bring it up and into King's shoulder. Take that, you nasty, nasty arm!

[Radio: (D) Public] Sewa transmits, "...er..."

Strike Osprey strikes King with his Heat Hawk attack.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
King receives a radio transmission.
King receives a radio transmission.

Titan Group moves towards the north in a solid line, firing south and giving the rest of Repliforce a chance to get to the dropsite before the fusion reactor detonates.

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.
Templar has arrived.
Fusion Phoenix slowly wings his way out.
Fusion Phoenix has left.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.
Fusion Phoenix has left.
Hailstorm Couatl has arrived.
Pirate Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Ten transmits, "Hurricane Hawk and I can't leave the area! We are too damaged to make it! And Frost Walrus is still attacking us!"

Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
General receives a radio transmission from Templar.
Master Pirate vs Winged Snake has left.
Hailstorm Couatl takes Master Pirate vs Winged Snake.
Hailstorm Couatl sends a radio transmission.
Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
General receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Currently preparing to retreat from the Northern Perimeter. Whoever this guy with the axe is, I say he's welcome to fry if he feels like it."

General looks up as the Bonne Aircraft fires on his position. Furrowing his brow, he glances down at the Marines, then engages his hoverjets. Slowly, General rises from the ground and begins to move back. The Marines fall back with him, returning fire up at the Gesellschaft. Alas, he is too fat and slow to evade the sphere completely. It engulfts a line of Marines completely before finally hitting General. It rips a hole across his chest before throwing him on his back a few meters behind him.

Meanwhile, a team of Aerial troops has seen the status of General. Banking hard, two squads of them begin a strafing run along the Gesellschaft. Four of them are heavy bombers while the others are simply fighters, but all of them put down serious fire on the Bonne Aircraft, hopefully enough to avoid having them attack General again.

Aqua Man falls back.

General sends a radio transmission to Templar.
Templar receives a radio transmission.
Templar receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Shall I attempt to retrieve the Commanders on my way out?"

Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
Templar sends a radio transmission to General.
General receives a radio transmission from Templar.

BeretHat enters the Courtyard <Skull Citadel>.
BeretHat has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Team Slash Beast, report!"

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
King receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.
King receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.

Hailstorm Couatl takes quickly to flight from Pirate Man's finising blow, and prepares to fly out of there at high speed.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Titan Group, assist Northern forces. Break a gap in that Master line, ASAP."

Hailstorm Couatl retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Quick Man.

Search Man OOFS as the fire blast slams into him, knocking him backwards into the side of the mountain with a crash. Multiple warning alarms go in his head, signalling various systems suffering or offline. Pausing, he chatters on the radio a bit, pauses to slap his other head, and chatters some more. Then proptly turns and starts to run off. "I hate retreating." "It isn't a retreat, it is a tactical withdrawl." "And that's different?" "It sounds better at least."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "So is that a 'negative' on my request, sir?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Heilen transmits, "I'm falling back, sir! Preparing to litter my line of retreat with satchel charges. But.. the rest of the team is heavily engaged with Masters."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "*pained voice* I have no choice but to retreat."

Search Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from King, Flare Feline, Templar, Strike Osprey, and Metal Man.

About 75 percent of the Marines, Templar included, charge at the Robot Masters from behind, focusing their gunfire on one zone in the line as they try to make an escape route for their trapped comrades. Templar flies ahead to assist, raining gunfire down on the Mastres.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Are you able to recover Major Frost Walrus and our forces trapped with him?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "Ah can help pick up t' Commandahs if needed, sahs and mah'ams..."

Quick Man sees the escaping RFer, raises his arm, then drops it back down. "Bleh, not my problem." He goes back to watching the battle.

Napalm Man arrives from the Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>.
Napalm Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "I am also in a potential position to assist if required, Sirs and Ma'ams."

Hailstorm Couatl enters the Sky Above Siberia.
Hailstorm Couatl has left.

Templar strikes Search Man with his Fangirl Beatdown attack.

Pirate Man's optic narrows as Hailstorm flies away before heading back towards the Citadel to join the others

Aqua Man has left.
Aqua Man makes his way into Siberian Mountain.

Bass has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Engaging Northern Master forces."

Slash Beast has arrived.

King staggers under the impact of the axe, its sudden appearance taking him offguard again as it gahses into his shoulderpad, slagging what's left of the armor there as he leaps back. He raises his axe, rage blazing in his eyes. "How dare you strike your better, whelp! I will leave yo udismembered for this!" Then suddenly....the entire Master line stops its advance....then begins falling back, providing covering fire but allowing the Repliforce line to advancea gain as the Master drones fall back towards the Citadel. King pffts, then growls at Strike Osprey. "You may be lucky this time..but don't let it go to your head!" With a lightning fast movement his axe swings out in a short slash, intended to drive Strike Osprey back.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.

Enker receives a radio transmission.

King strikes Strike Osprey with his Executioner's Axe Swipe attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Heading for South Perimeter."

Colonel just stares down at the spear that is now in and through his midsection. Optics flickering for a second in disbelief, he holds himself up for only a few moments longer. The Repliforce XO's optics go bright however as he starts to buckle and fall to his knees, bringing his sabres in from both sides to crash across Enker's form. (Qui Gon anyone?)

Colonel strikes Enker with his Sabre Cross Slash attack.

Flare Feline watches the twin-headed covert Master retreat "Ohhh no ya don't..." He snarls, and volleys a Flare Bomb, the sight of a master retreating followed by a Flare Bomb is familiar... that's how he obliterated Burst Man.

You strike Search Man with your Flare Bomb attack.
Search Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> has arrived.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> has arrived.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Raiden> has left.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> has left.

Slash Beast lopes through the snow, heading for the cover of the forest. He's badly damaged, and not making much of an effort to disguise his presence; he's probably not thinking very clearly.

King sends a radio transmission.
King sends a radio transmission.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from King.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from King.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Estimated time til meltdown/overload, and report the status of the withdrawl."

Search Man gahs as he's struck in the back by the fire bomb, which sends him flying forward from the impact. It knocks him out, but fortunately, the momentum carries him on his way towards the base anyways.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "Alright, I've dispatched Search Man. Does anyone need my immediate assistance? What's the situation with Commander Frost Walrus?"

Marines fall in the snow as gunfire takes them out...Titan Group is nearly obliterated, down to maybe 20 percent of its original numbers. Still, with their CO before them, they fight on to break Repliforce free. Templar individually targets King, stressing his power systems and firing a short burst of plasma.

Crash Man sips his drink, "Y'know what this is like?"

Crash Man says, "Like that really old, old show."

Crash Man says, "With the doctors in the war?"

Templar misses King with his Chaingun Burst attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Crescent Grizzly transmits, "Magic Man is down, who needs some help whoopin' ass?!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel is heard just above the crackling of energy, which sounds internal. "Moving out. Critically wounded."
Napalm Man slips as he steps down out of the Skull Citadel's bay doors flopping/sinking down into the snow until only his fingers poke above the surface, making loud help sounds.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "ATTENTION! Time until meltdown: 2 minutes 45 seconds."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "Do you require assistance sir?"

Strike Osprey pauses for a moment as the blade strikes home, the blade burrowing into armor nearly an inch thick...and then hitting a further layer of titanium-reinforced ceramic, blunting the impact almost entirely. "If that was your best, pal, I'm shaking in my boots." Of course he's being sarcastic. "You want to play rough, well, this is rough. Drawing back, the avian levels that massive arm-mounted cannon at his foe. "/THIS/ is rough!" And with that, the gun begins to rapidly spin about, spewing a rapid-fire volley of armor-piercing slugs at the Master Elite.

Strike Osprey misses King with his Vulcan Cannon attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Grizzly, you're large enough to put down and carry Frost Walrus. Do so."

Guts Man says, "Dr. Who?"

Crash Man says, "No, no.,"

Guts Man says, "Star Trek?"

Crash Man says, "The doctors who wisecrack during a big war."

Crash Man says, "And they hit on a blonde nurse."

Guts Man says, "Patch Adams?"

The Gesellschaft, after sending it's potent package, begins to prep for another round... but soon enough, the Aerial units launch themselves for the massive ship, weapondry being brought to bear and unleashing a torrent of minor explosions and stabbing at the thick, dark green armor with laser blasts. The Gesellschaft pauses in it's second act of destruction... and begins to slowly rise.

Slowly lifting upwards, defensive fire is opened up from the weapon ports along the side of the Gesellschaft, and from larger batteries along the underside, more of the gold-red beams lance down to help clear paths for retreating robot masters. The powerful Ion engines come to full power... and the massive, blimp-like behemoth forces its away skywards and for the thick clouds, obviously pulling back from the intense conflict.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Halo Hare transmits, "OOC: Kiiiiiilll! :)"

Crash Man says, "No, no."

Crash Man says, "It's a TV show, not a movie."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Already heading there, General."

Guts Man says, "Oh I know which show you mean! Three's Company!"

Slash Beast hears something on the radio about a meltdown, but it doesn't really click. Instead, he heads for the cover of the forest, the last resort of a wounded and confused animal.

Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

General sends a radio transmission to Crash Man.
Crash Man receives a radio transmission from General.

Crash Man says, "..three's company?"

Flare Feline heads out towards the main area of the Citadel again. He took out one Master, that's fine for him. But he was worried about the Colonel's message, and tries to see if he can't locate him and help if need be.

Guts Man says, "Yeah Three's Company. I'm pretty sure that's it."

Seconds after a burst of static over Crash Man's radio, the Red Bomber shouts, "THANK YOU!" in the direction of General. "It was M*A*S*H, you square-jawed galoot."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Chaplain Hymn transmits, "...I am seriously concerned for the state of Frost Walrus' mind... if not his body. When you bring him home, I will help diagnose and treat what has been done to him. And the Repair bays are standing by, and I am ready to recieve the wounded."

Crash Man eyes Guts Man. "Don't you remember M*A*S*H? We saw it in Spanish every five hours on Channel Ocho!"

Guts Man says, "M*A*S*H? Never heard of it."

Quick Man says, "Me neither."

King has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Crescent Grizzly transmits, "*grumble* Whatever you say, boss."

Crash Man pff, "Am I the only person that's cultured in this family?"

Slash Beast reaches the forest, and lies motionless in a culvert. Things seem to be safe here, for the moment.

King joins the general retreat towards the Citadel, his shield raised to deflect the massive amounts of fire being directed at the retreating drones.

General slowly gets back to his feet, grunting in pain as he rises. Looking over the landscape one last time, General continues his retreat towards the pereimeter, minus quite a few of his Marine escort. Still, most of the Repliforce troops are able to retreat, if slowly.

Quick Man says, "Probably."

Metal Man is heading back to the Citadel himself with the other Masters as well. He did his job and set his foe running. Nuff said.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "That axe-guy has...retreated. Preparing to transform and get the heck out of here. Shall I try and assist the evacuation of the Commanders?"

Guts Man says, "Oh you mean that show M*un*S*H!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Axe guy? You mean... KING?"

Crash Man says, "..no."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Oh. Was that his name?"

Crescent Grizzly has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "Yes, he does, Captain. The Northern force has been freed. Falling back to the dropsite."

Templar has arrived.

Guts Man jumps 300 feet into the air.

Strike Osprey has arrived.

The Citadel. Sitting in a cloud of steaming water, the readings one can pick off of it are growing exponentially. In fact, the readings can indicate only one possible outcome.

Thermonuclear explosion.

The bay doors on the Citadel explode open on emergency charges, streams of Joes pouring forth, more for the sake of running away than attacking their foes. The structure itself, as if mocking all around, becomes warped, either by the vapor and heat in the air, or by the radiation, tearing at the very molecules that comprise it. The skull face contorts, forming a ghastly expression of horror. And then...

Boom. Fire, heat, kinetic shockwaves, all of this moves outwards from the source, tearing up rock, utterly obliterating the few Joes in its' path. By the time it gets far enough out, all that's left is the heat and the impact, knocking some over, just buffeting others. The plume of fire reaches towards the sky, towards the sun, its' grandfather of nuclear fire, as if to embrace it. It expands into a large mushroom-style cloud of dust and water, leaving a vaccumm at its' base, which sucks in random debris and gumbies.

And this is the way the Skull Citadel ends. Not with a whimper. Gloriously.

Crescent Grizzly has left.

Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Titan Group moves towards the dropsite, rejoining the small group it left to hold the area. Repliforcers who had been pinned down at the Northern perimeter follow the much-battered Group - only about 20 percent of the unit is still on their feet.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Unable to retreat, assistance needed... *Colonel seems to be slowly fading, his voice softer than usual*"

Guts Man soars back downards as a parachute opens up from his head, "Crashing through the skies! Comes an evil cry! "WILY! WILY! WILY! WILY!" And Guts Man lands back safely into his lawn chair beside Crash Man, "So anywhere, where were we?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "I'm on my way sir. Trying to find your location..."

Strike Osprey zips away from the Northern Perimeter at maximum thrust, trying vainly to outrun the thermonuclear blast. It doesn't work. Thrown end-over-end from the hellacious blast, he manages somehow to regain control and remain steady, albeit with charred and blackened control surfaces. That...hurt. To say the least.

Strike Osprey retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Gyro Man, Slash Beast, Colonel, Flare Feline, Templar, Enker, Metal Man, and Quick Man.

Strike Osprey changes into his Osprey Winger armor.
Strike Osprey retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Quick Man.

Fire Man has arrived.

Crash Man sips his maitai, "I believe we were witnessing the Repliforce getting fooled by Wily's brilliant scheme."

[Radio: (D) Public] Heat Man transmits, "FROST! I will make you suffer more than you ever imagined you could for this!"

Guts Man nods, "Righto." He claps his hands, "Bravo! Bravo! Well done!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "If anyone is free at the base, it would be kicking if you joined me in the Hanger Bay. It seems like we will need to be helping get some people from the planes to the medical bays when they come in."

Quick Man looks at the fleeing osprey, and decides that THIS one's gonna die. He fires a boomerang in his direction.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Please someone retrieve my brother, and I'll come fix him...just let me know which repair bay he's being taken to. Please."

General, being a rather large figure, finds it really hard to dodge a thermonuclear explosion. The shockwave itself, General can stand, but then there's the problem of the EM Pulse. Being so large, damaged, and weakened from firing his Cannon, the pain of the electromagnetic pulse and the heat wave is too much for General's systems. A number of panels along his legs and arms explode as he plods over one of the last perimeter ridges. He is barely able to stagger into the Cow before going offline.

Somehow, that end-over-end spiral manages to throw the 'aircraft' off course just enough for the boomerang to miss him entirely...phew. Deciding not to bother with retaliation, he continues on his merry way. Phew.

General has left.
Strike Osprey has left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "I believe I'm closing on his position now, I'll get him out."

Crash Man wows, "That gold mofo felt pain."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] General transmits, "Paramedic Penguin transmits, "General has been knocked offline by the Citadel explosion. He's being treated in the Cow now.""

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Oof! Moving out! I'll be passing over my point of entry...Commander Hurricane, what's your status?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Templar transmits, "I'll leave on the Falconis. Titan Group, board the Cow. Hold the position until takeoff."

Guts Man says, "Man what kind of a stupid name is that for a shuttle, 'The Cow'. Next thing you know they'll be naming a cow 'The Shuttle'. Bunch of morons."

Crash Man laughs! "A cow named the shuttle.

Enker sands there, in his moment of triumph, watching Colonel crumple with the Mirror Buster completely through his torso. The Repliforce XO is defeated, the battle is over. So Enker is almost prepared to think, until Colonel's blades almost bisect him at the waist.

This is...unexpected.

He looks down, then back at the Colonel as they both begin to crumple. The battle can not end like this. It will not end like this. With something akin to a sneer, the power gathered into the Mirror Buster is unleashed, the glow running from the Elite into his weapon, and then outwards in a destructive discharge.

Then, the Citadel blows up, with a sound that is greater than sound.
King stares as the blast rips apart the Master command base, then shields himself with his Royal Shield as the shockwave slams into him, heat and the blast sheeting around him. After a moment, he slowly stands, staring at the glowing remnants of the base he helped build. "......damn them..." he grates.

Enker strikes Colonel with his Mirror Buster Skewer attack.

Titan Group board the Cow. The wounded get inside while those few still in decent shape fight off drones. Templar flies towards Colonel's location, intent on seeing that he gets out alive.
Boards, even.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "*a transmission begins and ends, but it is empty*"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "If it matters, sir, I have some medevac skills. Who needs my assistance in escaping to the dropship?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Hurricane Hawk transmits, "Computerized voice ~System Malfunctions, evac requested.~ It simply repeats."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus puts on his `command voice'. "Critically wounded to NYC HQ! All others to London! I will report to triage to assist in repairs!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Shall I assist Commander Hurricane, Captain?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "Do it."

Completely collapsing, from both the shockwave of the explosion and Enker's last attack, Colonel hits the ground completely, face down. Not a single movement comes from him, not a muscle twitches. To all, it could appear that the Repliforce XO may even be dead. And there he lays, having been unable to retreat given he was impaled by Enker's spear.

Guts Man turns to Crash Man, "Man you'd think we'd be at Disney Universe watching their firework show right now."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Mad Monkey transmits, "Repair Bay 'A' is standing by to receive wounded. Hymn, automated techs, and myself are numbered among those ready to assist as soon as possible, sirs and ma'ams."

Crash Man nods, "Tell me about it.

Crash Man says, "I'm just waiting for Colonel to die already. Talk about milking.."

Guts Man rubs his optics, "Triteful melodramatics."

Fusion Phoenix huals his aft out of the falconis. He is hurt, but he can still cary Colonel out.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Heilen transmits static.

Quick Man says, "I'd go over there and finish him off, but I think Enker would get pissed at me."

Searching through the frozen wastelands, Flare finally spots the fallen form of Colonel. Quickly, he darts over to him, to help his commander get out of here alive. Trying to ignore the deafening sound of the explosion in the backdrop, he gently picks up the Colonel's form, ignoring the Master Elite for now. Getting Colonel out alive is all that matters. He makes his way with the Colonel towards the Cow.

Pirate Man looks around after the blast, focusing on King but says nothing as a smrk forms on his face afor a few seconds before returning to a scowl, his gaze shifting towards the sky

Guts Man reaches down for an e-tank drinking it and his power level goes up twice as much, "Ooops. I should have saved this for Enker." He shrugs, "Meh."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "All non-medical dudes that are at the New York Base should most likely come to the Hanger Bay. From the sounds of it, it seems like we need to help take in the hurt people up from the hanger to the repair bay... *sighs* Seems like we have enough of them."

Quick Man says, "Heh."

Templar lands in the snow near Colonel, chaingun drawn. He levels it at Enker and pulls the trigger, trying to buy Flare some time to get Colonel to the Falconis. He's not in great shape, but then, this is Templar. Stupid as any Marine.

Napalm Man continues to pull himself from the snow, grunting as he sinks further just when he seems to be almost free

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "I've recovered the Colonel. He looks badly injured. I'm getting him to the Cow as fast as I can."

Metal Man oO(If dad is dead... then we will wipe the Repliforce from the face of the planet!!!!) Metal Man clenches his fist as makes to follow King to the fall back point. Metal Man's few suriving Gear Clowns and Sniper Joes follow him.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Crescent Grizzly transmits, "...I attacked Frost. He's... crying."

Quick Man says, "Hey, guys? What if Dad was in there?"

Guts Man says, "If he was in there ERWIN would be telling us to obey King by now or some other crap. Relax Wily's ok."

Colonel has left.

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow>

======================== Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> ========================

A cargo bay big enough to put a football field inside of, and them some. The plane itself has several floors inside as well, but they all carry the same curious motif: white and black splotches. This strange painting pattern covers the walls, ceiling, and even the steel-grating floors. Even much of the seating is covered in cloth matching the pattern. The decorator must have had a thing for bovines.

The plane has a lot of room for cargo, having nearly the square footage in the primary hold to cover a football field, with at least fifty yards of height. It even seems sturdy enough to enclose the General, Guardian Mobius, or even both at the same time.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================

Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Outside> King begins moving with what's left of the Master defense forces to the east perimeter, a rear guard forming up in case the Repliforcer's change their mind.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Commander Hurricane is being evaced...Commander Ten is being evaced. Shall I get out of the area now, sir, or is there anyone else in need of assistance?"

Outside> Dr. Wily makes his way into Siberian Mountain.

Outside> Metal Man enters the Ural Mountains.

Outside> Enker doesn't have the satisfaction of seeing Colonel falling facedown, because even as the Repliforcer falls, so too does the Elite. Being almost completely severed at the waist, he simply can not hold himself upright, and topples backwards, pulling to Mirror Buster out as he goes.

As the ruins of the Citadel burn behind him, Enker looks up into the cold sky, and makes a transmission.

Outside> Metal Man arrives from the Ural Mountains.

Outside> Slash Beast heads deeper into the forest. His circuitry is not functioning properly after being half-melted in battle.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "MSE squad 115 has been dispatched to assist in unloading of injured."

Outside> Guts Man nods sadly to Quick Man.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther transmits, "So does that mean further assistance is not required, Captain?"

Outside> Quick Man says, "...Damn. 'Cause if it were my choice, I'd make Crash the leader."

General is lying facedown in the cargo hold of the Cow, since he's too big to carry up to his Command Chair, and too injured to move. They'll have to wait til they get back to RHQ and get General's gurney before they can move him.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "I'm not going to turn anyone away, Commander, sir."

Outside> Templar blasts Enker's fallen body before activating his jumpjets. Two streams of intense blue-white plasma thrust out and flash snow to steam as the Marine CO heads back for the dropsite.

Outside> Crash Man ha, "I'm afraid my jadedness has destroyed me from being the better leader I once was."

Outside> Pirate Man keeps after King before he looks back towards the Citadel once more as he says, "I could say this would be a dark day for us sir. But that would only be true if Father was dead."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Whipcrack, I'm on my way to the repair bay and Fugue is coming to lend repair assistance. Commander X also wants to assist, if possible."

Outside> Guts Man nods to Crash Man, "It has. Wanna go to the Reploid Room and get hammered?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther transmits, "My medical experience is slim-to-nil, Captain. If you aren't requiring 'any warm body', I won't get in your way."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Corporal Osprey here. Shall I retreat? Or does anyone here need assistance?"

Templar has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Frost Walrus transmits, "Repliforce... I cannot... thank you enough. I never lost hope in you."

Flare Feline enters the Cow, carrying the injured form of the Colonel. He lays him gently down when he enters, and stands. He's not hardly injured at all himself. He looks back out the window at the firey destruction around the Citadel. Well this is it. All the training Flare has endured for this night, the revenge he's been wanting against the robot Masters for what happened to Ten and Frost. All this, and the glowing form of the explosion in front of him is what he has been working for. They did it, they dealt a crippling blow to the Masters. So why doesn't it feel right? Flare's eyes narrow as the light from the explosion fills the Cow, Flare's shadow whipping across the floor.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "Anyone else need evac?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "I'm not sure, Sergeant."

Outside> King nods. "It still remains not bright, at the last." He looks back at Enker's transmission, thens says to Pirate Man. "My loyal retainer, retrieve our brother Enker, so we may quit this place."

Templar enters the craft, holstering his RFAPPC and slinging his shield over his back, under his cape. With a hiss, his helmet detaches, and he removes it with his gauntleted left hand. The Marine glances about the interior of the craft...noting the sorry state of Titan Group.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Heilen transmits, but it's mostly heavy static.

Outside> Metal Man arrives at Kings side beaten battle but alive still. "Looks like it was not a total loss we did take the General down and Enker nailed the Colonel."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "That...would be a not-good noise, I think."

Outside> With a low rumble... the harried Gesellschaft slowly makes another appearance on the scene... having lost the Aerial troopers when pulling back. Engines rumbling hotly... it banks to the side and comes downward for the Eastern Perimeter. Blasts come out for those repliforcers who are still ambitious... deterant blasts that try to drive the Repliforce back and away from the site of their victory. Slowly, the massive ship banks down lower and lower for the Eastern Perimeter... weapons beginning to blaze more hotly as, suddenly, massive landing struts extend. And with a groan of snow and soil... the massive ship known as the Gesellschaft settles to earth... weapons blazing to keep the ambitious back and shelter the retreating Robot Masters. The main rampway slowly extends... and Servbots with surprising heavy weapondry mount the entrance, ready to repel boarders... the Gesellschaft is down and ready to pick up it's friends.

Fusion Phoenix crashes into a chair, at least he surived

Heilen has arrived.

Outside> Pirate Man nods as he looks to where Enker may be and runs towards the Elite saying, "Yes sir, I shall be back with him shortly.", his optic scans the area not focusing on the damage as he looks for Enker

Outside> King nods. "We did a great deal of damage." he admits. "I do not know if it balances what we have lost, however." He motions to the descending airship. "Let us board and begone from here, before the Repliforcers regain their courage."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "How much time do we have left?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "I need people to bring in the wounded. MSE's medics are fully deployed and are hard at work. If additional medical personnel are available, their assistance will be gratefully accepted."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Does anybody have a fix on..*pause, as if checking IDs*...Lieutenant Heilen's position?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Chaplain Hymn transmits, "I am assisting with Triage in the Medical Bay... ...Ready to assist with Frost Walrus... ...he may need more repair then for his physical wounds."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther transmits, "Understood, Captain. Hangar Bay, New York, I presume?"

Outside> Snake Man streaks across the snowy landscape, only half blending into the white background. He heads for the Bonne ship, keeping low to avoid becoming a target.

Outside> Siege Wolverine enters the Underneath Arctic Ocean.

Outside> King strides up into the airship, leading the exodus off the field.

Flare Feline maintains his view of the explosion of the Citadel for a moment longer. Then turns away. He quickly found that it sickened him. Only slightly damaged, a few rips in his armor at most, Flare turns to Templar "Sir, do you know how many more of our people are still out there?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "...taking that silence as a no. Currently en-route to New York HQ for repairs."

Outside> Pirate Man looks around for Enker saying, "Commander Enker, where be ye sir?", he looks around as he gets closer to where the Elite would be

The Servbots nod to King and the other Robot Masters, saluting them and welcoming them aboard as they rush up the ramp

Templar pauses. "<whatever 80 percent amounts to> have yet to return." he says simply. "Titan Group isn't in good enough shape to assist with the retrieval, nor is it needed."

Flare Feline hmms, and faces the door out again. "Maybe I'll go out and give a hand in case it's needed..."

Outside> Crescent Grizzly carts Frost Walrus's fat wounded ass out of the south perimeter, marching in front of the two shuttles. He looks from one to the other: Falconis, Cow. Falconis, Cow. He meets optics with the large one, feigns a smile, and turns in the direction of Cow.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Flare Feline transmits, "Is there anyone still out there who needs assistance reaching the Falconis or the Cow?"

Outside> Enker is lying on his back in the snow, at the epicenter of the site of his battle with Colonel. With a thought, he activates a widebeam transmission, no text, just a locator beacon. It repeats every tenth of a second.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Strike Osprey transmits, "Unknown, sir. I received no reply to my request."

Outside> Frost Walrus is carted to the COW... he is hurting and the drain from the torture is getting to him.

Frost Walrus has arrived.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

Templar shakes his head as he sits down. "MSE has an adequate escort." He waves off a medic.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Crescent Grizzly transmits, "Frost Walrus is on Cow shuttle now, I'm going back to look for Magic Man."

Heilen staggers into the Cow, as if blind--he collapses next to the bay doors, only three of the 16 satchel-charges missing from the multiple bandoleers he's wearing. He looks pretty beat up and dazed--secretly, with what little sense he has left, he decides that taunting Heat Man was a terribly stupid thing to do, given his wounded condition, his broken radio, and the fact that fire is very bad on him. But he made it, if nearly unconscious from being in such close proximity to the Citadel when it went nuclear.

Outside> Pirate Man looks around before finally focusing on Enker just as something small flies past dropping a few feathers, the master Corsair looks at it saying, "Scratch! Get over here ye blasted bird.", the mecha-parrot turns and lands on the master corsair before he picks up Enker making his way back towards the Gesellschaft

Templar gets up to catch Heilen, bringing him inside completely. The Marine CO steps aside to let medics stabilize the wounded Repliforcer.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "New York is for critical cases; London is for all others."

Heilen has reconnected.
Heilen has partially disconnected.

Templar gets up to catch Heilen, bringing him inside completely. The Marine CO steps aside to let medics stabilize the wounded Repliforcer. (repose)

Frost Walrus stagers into the Cow as he is carted in by Grizzly. He sits and looks around seeing the piles of wounded. He is overwhelmed with grief, how many of these wonded were hurt by him on his rampage, how many were hurt by the cryo-energy stolen from him for the Ice beam. Yes, we won, we destroyed the citadel, but for the walrus, it is a loss, a deep hurting loss. "Noooooooo" he sputters

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Phoebus transmits, "Ten, Hurricane Hawk, Ricochet, and Ten on board the falconis."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "I know I'm not exactly a medic or anything close, but is there anything I can do to help out other than transporting the hurt dudes to the repair bay?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther transmits, "Roger. I'm moving to the vehicle bay to help with pickup."

One of the medics who rushes over to Heilen is Vesta, a First Lieutenant. She has vibrant cobalt hair and eyes of the same hue, and wears very lightweight armour and a lightsaber hilt at her hip. In a soothing sort of voice, she intones, "Lieutenant? Lieutenant Heilen? Are you alright?" as she sets a toolkit down and opens it up. Fusion cutter...ion collimator...ah. Scanner.

Razor Pterodactyl flies into the Cow after Frost Walrus gets shoved inside, landing next to him. Not turning down the heat he's generating, because of the cold Frost is generating, and he does so hate the cold. He just stares at Frost as he seems to be overcome with grief once again, not knowing what you could possibly say to someone in this situation to make him feel better.

Heilen looks up at Templar, and squints--all he can see is a hazy sort of blur, a person that might or might not be the Marine CO, or maybe.. a medic. He was wounded even further in his retreat from the site of battle than he was actually /on/ the field... as he's spoken to, he coughs slightly and shakes his head. Hoarsely, "Optics burnt from direct UV glare... I was looking at the.. Citadel.. when it ruptured..." From less than a hundred meters away. Ouch.

Templar glances at Frost Walrus. "...Major Walrus, sir." he greets neutrally with a nod, as MSE personnel see to him as well. A rather startled-looking, young Corporal with a name of Asclepius (OOC: So sue me, I like classical names) runs a scanner over the massive Command Major. "...um...uh. ... calm down, sir..." he tries. He's seen too much horrific stuff today to really be any good at imparting confidence on another.

Frost Walrus Sits still and hopes to all that is holy and just that he doesn't ever snap like he did tonight. "Please Corporal... tend to the wounded. I will... survive. I.. " He pauses, "Need to be alone."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "Falconis prepping for launch. We've got some badly wounded on here. Anyone coming on Falconis, speak now."

The Gesellschaft's main ram retracts swiftly, the hangar-bay doors sealing. And with a deep rumble... the Gesellschaft propells itself skyward, the massive ion engines. It rockets for the skies, escaping as rapidly as it can from this scene of desolation.

Outside> Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> enters the Sky Above Siberia.

Flare Feline doesn't bother trying to make himself feel warmer with Frost's presence. After all the arctic training he's endured this is nothing. He sighs again, waving off some medics who try to attend to him. He doesn't need help. Instead he leads them to where the Colonel is lying, he's the only unconscious one among them. While the medics work, he takes a seat near him, for now, Flare reflects on all that happened. Trying to decide if all this was worth it. Flare has never had a want for revenge on anyone before, and he is surprised on how bitter it tastes.

Vesta nods as she tries to remove some of Heilen's armour to get at the damage. She hesitates. Wow. "I'll deal with the optical damage in a moment..." She reaches in and flicks off his pain reception. "There. Feel better?" She asks with a smile, her usual optimism, as well as her experience in Repliforce, shielding her from panic. As she asks, she goes about repairing Heilen, trying to get him 'stabilized'.

Outside> Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> powers it's engines with a low rumble.

Crescent Grizzly drops off Frost and sighs audibly at the sudden relief. He walks away from the walrus-reploid and begins to pace past the wall.
Asclepius hesitates. "Sir...you're...well..." He frowns. "...if you say so...at least let me run a scan."

Templar doesn't seem to react to anything. He's not somber, or depressed, or stunned - just neutral.

Outside> Fusion Phoenix enters the Sky Above Siberia.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Ricochet transmits, "Last call. Anyone coming on the Falconis, speak up."

Razor Pterodactyl decides to respect Frost's wishes, and get to a warmer area at the same time, by backing off from him a bit. No way he can understand what Frost just went through, and he's too afraid anything he says'd just make it worse.

Heilen relaxes slightly as he goes pleasantly numb. Beneath his armor, the built-in insulation is charred more than not, ugly black splotches of half-burnt material. "Much better," he replies frankly. Calmly, for someone in his condition. "You sound... familiar. What's your name?"

Templar picks his helmet up from beside him, and glances over it. Studying that metal faceplate...something captivates him.

*Even later still...*

Outside> You enter the Hangar Bay - RHQ.
Outside> Hangar Bay - RHQ(#2105RntFJ)
The Repliforce Hangar Bay is a massive complex, taking up the majority of the level 2 Sub-Level. Sprawling and massive, it is a giant rectangle. The floor is lined in reds and yellows, to mark various parking areas, service stations, and what have you. Blue lights hang from the ceiling, with yellow neon tubelights attached to the walls. In emergency, the blue lights will turn to red for a Red Alert, yellow for a Yellow Alert, and Green for a regular launch. The floor is metallic, but an offbeat grey and blue combination. To one side of the Hangar are the various Ride Armor pods, with rampways and technicians constantly working on them. To the other side are various vehicles, such as Storm Owl's Air Platform. Craft exit the Hangar not through an opening to the sky, but through what appears to be a set of flashing green tubes, which apparently propel the craft below Repliforce HQ, to somewhere more accustomable to launch or deploy.

Outside> Hurricane Hawk [Atalon] [RF]
Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Magnum Panther [Armor] [RF]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Repliforce Hoverbike <Alpha> [RF]
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Repliforce VTOL <Razor> [RF]
Repliforce Hovertank <Stalwart> [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Kangaroo> [RF]
Ride Armor Recharge Chamber <RARC>
Repliforce Submergable Hovercraft <Barracuda> [RF]

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> Exit Tunnel 4 <ET4> leads to Sky Above Eastern United States.
Outside> Exit Tunnel 3 <ET3> leads to Western Atlantic Ocean.
Outside> Exit Tunnel 2 <ET2> leads to New York - Western Residential.
Outside> Exit Tunnel 1 <ET1> leads to New England.
Outside> <DC> leads to Detention Center - RHQ.
Outside> <S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Crescent Grizzly has left.

Frost Walrus has left.

Outside> Frost Walrus enters the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Outside> Frost Walrus arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Outside> Jet Stingray nods slowly, flexing his muscles as he prepares to cart people to take up to the medical rooms. "That's true," he offers faintly. "Wouldn't have happened if I were there..." He stomps his foot once in the ground. "I should have been there!" His emotion is cut off as he sees the dropship come in. "Looks like they are starting to come on in." (repose)

Outside> Magnum Panther smirks as he begins to head for the landed dropship. "Well, Lieutenant, now's your chance to make up for it." As he approaches the dropship, Magnum pokes his head inside. "Okay, you people should already have this thing triaged. Who's the worst off??" Yup, back to the cold, calculating officer already...god knows how Mag does it.
Vesta smiles a bit. "Yes...Liutenant Vesta. Try not to move too much, you have some servo control damage." She continues working. He's all nice and spiffy - or at least, stable - by the time they arrive. Huurah!
Outside> Frost Walrus stagers out of the Cow... he needs to be checked out just incase he has been contaminated or had his systems messed with by the Masters...

Templar waits for MSE to move the wounded out before he exits.

Outside> Hurricane Hawk has reconnected.

Colonel has left.

Outside> Hurricane Hawk has partially disconnected.

Razor Pterodactyl flies after Frost Walrus. He said he'd escort him, and he will.

*After much laterness...*

You enter the Repair Bay - RHQ.
Repair Bay - RHQ

This room is one of the largest in the Repliforce Headquarters, rivalled only by the Barracks, Briefing Area and Hangar Bay. This is the place where the wounded reploids come to get their parts replaced or for general tune-ups and tests. The latest technology is in evidence all around the room as programmed reploids scuttle back and forth, both on legs and some on wheels. Thre are numerous Repair beds that will enclose a reploid fully, and there are places for the larger reploids to power down until they get fixed. The room stretches out quite far in all directions, the only two exits leading out are either to the Laboratory or the hangar-bay sized doors into the hallway. The Repair Bay is extremely well lit, and has a definite antiseptic feel to it, as it is always emmaculately clean.

Colonel [RF]
Fugue [Casual] [MH]
Rock [MH]
Dawn [Schoolgirl] [MH]
Iris [Uniform] [RF]
Strike Osprey [Armored] [RF]
Whipcrack Octopus [RF]
Hymn [Clergy monk] [RF]
Nightingale's Desk of Evil
Crosswire's Workdesk
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
<SL> leads to Science Laboratory - RHQ.
<S1H> leads to Sub-Level 1 Hallway.

Frost Walrus arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Frost Walrus has arrived.

The door to the Repair Bay yet again doesn't get the chance to fully close, as several Repliforce gumbies, about five to ten, given who they're carrying, bring in the form of Colonel on a stretcher. It's not apparent just yet, how severe his wounds are, but his optics are completely dim, and the Repliforce XO doesn't move a single muscle.

Strike Osprey is standing somewhat close to the other medics, prepared to help out as best he can. Strangely, the osprey has both hands free now, the vulcan gun resting against an out-of-the-way corner. He seems to be waiting for someone else to come in.

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Are you alright Ten?"

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I'm... getting... wor... worse."

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "*silence*"

Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Uuuuuhhhhhh"

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Ten??"

Razor Pterodactyl flies in after Frost Walrus. He promised to escort him here, and he's not one to break his word. He stands back when Frost enters, remaining near the entrance. Razor himself isn't nearly as damaged, with just a large dent in his chest. When he's satisfied Frost will be okay, he turns to walk out the repair bay, content to let his repairs wait until those who need more of it have been patched up.
Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: ":doesn't respond, but her radio still works. Since the radio is built-in, she must still be alive."

Iris sends a radio transmission to Kalinka.

Flare Feline was never here yet. Really. In fact he heads in the door right now. He knows that only those who are critical are to come here for attention now, but Flare's not here for medical attention. His wounds are minor, he's here see if Ten is here.

Ten has arrived.
Phoebus drops Ten.

Dawn looks over to the new arrivals, walking over to them quickly. "I can take care of one of you now...first one to say 'Tend to someone else first' gets picked for immediate attention, because they'll be the most injured one, guaranteed."

Iris receives a radio transmission from Kalinka.

Razor Pterodactyl enters the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Razor Pterodactyl has left.

As Whipcrack and his team descend upon Colonel, Iris takes a moment to respond to a radio...she focuses upon this task first and foremost, so as not to get overemotional from looking at what pathetic shape her brother is in at the moment. "I'll be right back," she tells Whipcrack. "We have yet another medic-volunteer to come help. I'm going to get her." With that, she runs like the wind out the door.

Iris enters the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Iris has left.

Strike Osprey continues to just...stand where he is. Yeah. Of course, everyone seems to be attended to, for the most part. Then he happens to see Phoebus and Ten come in. "Uh-oh." Then Dawn goes to handle it. w00t. That leaves Frost Walrus. Striding over to the fat Advisory Board member, the osprey looks up at him. "Evening, sir. How are you doing today?" he asks, conversationally. "I'll be your, ah, medic for the evening." Kind of ironic for a new recruit, huh?

Colonel optics flicker on for a few seconds, he looks back and forth between those here, and sends a small radio message before passing out again.

Phoebus walks in. With Ten. Himself? He's completely unhurt. The joys of being in giant mecha. Still he sets Ten on the closest available table. He opens a nearby drawer and withdraws a scanner, he runs it over Ten to see how she's doing...and if she needs better attention that he can provide.

Rock pushes forward as the Repliforcers move in, some in varying states of abuse. He shoots Dawn a quiet grin. "Good plan," he notes as he slides to a halt beside her. "I can take one as well. And what she said goes for me, too," he announces.

Flare Feline sees Phoebus put Ten down, and quickly walks over to her. "...how is she sir?"

Dawn looks about again, as Phoebus brings Ten in. "I've repaired her before, if you need some help."

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Whipcrack Octopus.
Whipcrack Octopus receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Strike Osprey takes out a medical scanner and scans Frost Walrus.

Frost Walrus has sadness in his eyes, but he has quickly regained his disposition of his somewhat cheery and solid personality. "Thank you... What is your name?" he asks. His hands and his face look the worst damaged, like someone used a weilding torch on them and dmaged the areas many many times.

The octopus looks over the Colonel impassively, lacking a face to express emotion. He immediately begins rigging him up to life support, finding what few intact systems he can and putting them on external power. He vents his fuel system to prevent an explosion, putting a suppressor torque around the Colonel's neck to keep him from rising into consciousness during the repairs. He goes about cleaning out the damaged parts as Iris flees, a large pile beginning to form to head to the recycle bin. Looks like Colonel is going to be a significant retool.
Minutes pass as the octopus moves in a quicksilver blur of tentacles and sparks. Colonel is almost entirely running off of external power while Whipcrack cleans every last bit of the damaged systems out, going for replacements. The damage is too great for simple mending. New parts start to file in from the MSE team he has assisting him, the most critical systems going in first; fluid distribution, sensor netting, pressure sensors, the works. The octopus' tactics change instantly, though, as he gets a message. Instead of going full bore, the Captain simply wires the Colonel to be stablilized, bringing up his critical systems, keeping him on external power and trying to keep him from moving around. Once he finishes bringing Colonel solidly to the side of the living, he chooses to move on to his next objective; Frost Walrus.

Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Colonel.
Whipcrack Octopus effects some repair work on Colonel.
Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Colonel.

Strike Osprey half-smiles beakily, like a good little birdy. "Strike Osprey, sir." That's when Whipcrack shows up, prompting the new recruit to move to the side. Idly rubbing at the freshly-patched up wound on his chest, he ponders the nature of...Axe-Guy things. Who was he? And why did Templar sound so surprised when he announced the guy was retreating?

Ten lies on the med table, unmoving. She occassionally groans.

Whipcrack Octopus moves over to Frost Walrus, assessing the Command Major's decision. He signals for Strike to stick close by, since he'll probably need a gopher. If Frost isn't already on a slab, he helps get him onto one; if he is, he runs a quick scan of his internals to look for any deep-rooted damage potentially caused by torture.
Dawn steps up alongside said table, producing her own scanner from a repair kit and checking just how 'injured bad' Ten is, to put it in SNKglish...

Dawn takes out a medical scanner and scans Ten.

Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Frost Walrus.

Phoebus looks to Dawn and says, "...She's...really bad...", he frowns, "I don't know what to do...".

Frost Walrus lies down on a slab and closes his good eye. Physically, he has surface burn makrs and his left hand and right eye are bured out. He also has a large drill wound from Slash Grizzly, other than that, the damage is deep within his brain... No not brain damage, just psycological. "I... shouldn't be free, I may not be able to control myself. Please take precauions to protect yourselves and those around me."

Hey! Flare asked you first! Bad Phoebus! Baaaad! Well Flare doesn't really pay attention to him anyway. He stands back a bit from Ten's table to stay out of the way, however he remains where he is, watching her to look for some sign of recovery.

Dawn looks at the readout for a moment, even as Phoebus speaks, and re-scans. "That can't be right, but...it is." With that decided, she tries to work on fixing up the power generator...or rather, actually begins hooking Ten up to one within the medtable.

Strike Osprey appears in the room after a brief hiss from the automatic doors announces his presence, lugging a not-too-nice-looking Hurricane Hawk with him. The panther, if he is having trouble with the immense load, is not complaining at all...which is par for the course, as far as Mags is concerned.

Strike Osprey takes out a medical scanner and scans Ten.

Iris rushes back in, with Kalinka close behind. She hesitates for a moment, then heads back over to where Whipcrack and his team are working on her badly-injured brother, just to see what kind of condition he's in before she sets off to work.

Rock stands at the ready for the incoming wounded, hands clenched into fists at his sides and arms held stiffly. He looks about set to grab the first Reploid he sees so much as stumble.

Magnum Panther appears in the room after a brief hiss from the automatic doors announces his presence, lugging a not-too-nice-looking Hurricane Hawk with him. The panther, if he is having trouble with the immense load, is not complaining at all...which is par for the course, as far as Mags is concerned.

Flare Feline quirks an eyebrow oO(I wonder what she's doing? What's not right?)

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Whipcrack Octopus transmits, "Please be advised; before the Colonel was put into a dormant state, he requested that he not be repaired until after all other Repliforce personnel were repaired and functional once more."

Hurricane Hawk is quite 'not-too-nice-looking' one arm around Magnum for support, the other one clutching his chest... he's gasping. But most reploids don't breathe.... right? Something must be rather wrong with the guy.

A hole through the torso, a large hole given the stabbing in and ripping out that occurred in creating it, is smack in the middle of Colonel's lower torso. His chest is ripped open by large slash marks evident of a Mirror Buster Skewer. His form is burnt and dimmed to a considerable degree having been right at the edge of the blast radius. In total, Colonel is little more than a husk of his former self, his internals shredded from the hole and deep slash marks, a good amount of circuitry fried from being within the large EMP blast. Colonel will be out of commission for quite a while. (Repose0

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*swears in French, then:* He -would- say something like that!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Frost Walrus transmits, "Miss Iris... is that you? *sniffle*"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Magnum Panther transmits, "Well, that's news to me."

"Of course, Command Major," says the octopus, securing Frost onto the slab with some force-redistribution shackles. Whipcrack is efficient, but gentle in this effort, only making sure Frost can't move very much before putting the pain suppressor torque around the walrus' neck to make the repairs less painful. He begins by excising the damaged synth-flesh with a lazer, cutting it in squares like armor panels. Additionally, the drill wound is cleaned out and cleared, and the internal systems within are checked. Some bits are taken out, some are mended; fortunately, the inernal damage doesn't look too bad. Intermittently, Whipcrack will signal to Strike or another MSE gumbie to bring over a part or two, maintaining a steady, rapid assault of repairs on the walrus.

The damage itself is cleaned up pretty quickly. Now what remains is for the replacement of damaged parts. Even though Frost already has some big holes in him that are yet to be filled, the octopus moves over his delicate finger-tentacles to Frost's damaged eye and begins working on the systems within it. The damaged eye is gently removed while the related systems are excised or replaced, a new eye being brought out from the storeroom to be put in its place. Once all is in readiness, the eye is put back into its socket, but synth-flesh is not yet put over it -- calibration needs to be done, as well as a diagnostic. This will take a while yet.

Kalinka stops at the door, apparently stunned by the mass of activity in the medbay. The girl finishes her staring just in time to spot Iris as the repliforcer disappears into a crowd on the other side of the room. "Hey...wait!" Kali begins to make her way after Iris, not knowing what else to do...who needs help? Who's got help? She is overwhelmed by her first real Situation.

Whipcrack Octopus effects some repair work on Frost Walrus.
Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Frost Walrus.

Dawn finishes hooking Ten up to the table's power-source, asking Phoebus, "What caused this, anyway?", while re-checking the scans. "I have a few ideas as to what can be done...but I need some more information."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Slash Beast transmits, "*empty transmission... the sound of footsteps in the snow*"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Jet Stingray transmits, "*short pause* If he is stable, then I guess that would be alright. If he's not though, I would think making sure the dude is okay would be pretty important."

Rock looks up at the incoming duo of Magnum and Hurricane. With an authority that belies his small stature, he moves to stand in front of the taller Repliforcers. "Bring him over here," the Blue Bomber intones in a low voice, pointing towards 'his' medtable. No time for fooling around.

Phoebus frowns, "I... I wasn't there to see it, Dawn... I think it was Frost Walrus though.", he frowns as if that reminded him of something distasteful, "Hurricane Hawk was there and may know more.."

Magnum Panther isn't very impressed with the 'Blue Bomber'...or at least, he doesn't act like it. He doesn't act like much of anything, truth be told. But instead, he manages something of a shrug, as he begins to carefully move Hurri in that direction. Need to be extra-careful with the wounded, after all.

Frost Walrus lies there as the Octopus goes to work. His ears are burning as people mention his name. he will need to have his neural net checked out and be debriefed before he can return to active duty. "Thank you Whipcrack..." He says as his wounds are repaired and his eye is repalced.

Ten's condition hasn't changed much.

Flare Feline silently watches as Dawn works on Ten. Yeah he's wounded, but not serverly. He didn't come here for medical attention anyway, he's worried about Ten.

It's an orgy of broken Reploid bodies in the repair bay; this facility has been given over entirely to triage. Mech-fluid is everywhere, even as drones try to keep it off the walkways, and bits of parts and other unpleasant viscera are about as medics rip out systems and slam in others to keep the gumbie legions alive. Colonel is little more than a stripped-down nervous system; Frost Walrus has some big holes in him and is missing a lot of flesh around one suspiciously new-looking eye; and other people are in equal states of disarray.
Welcome to ER, kid.

Jet Stingray arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

And amoung the wounded... the Robotic Man of the Cloth slowly moves. With him comes a soft, white glow that spreads over those injured he tends to as he lays his large hands upon them and slides them over their wounds... rapidly repairing stabalizing robots in more dire need untill they can be seen or the automatic units can help them. Pausing, his golden eyes move to the group... and he shakes his head a moment, sighing... "...so much work to be done... such are the horrors of War." Slowly he crosses himself... as he comes to another injured Reploid laying out... his transponder ranking him 'Priate, Aerial Division'. Kneeling slowly, he reaches forward and slowly places his hands on the young Reploid's shoulders... golden eyes slowly closing. The wounds to this one are extensive... perhaps even beyond his healing. Then... a slow sigh comes from him, his large, fatherly hands ago. And he speaks out to all.

"The Core Processer of this Soldier is cracked... I cannot repair it, myself... The Processor must be extracted and downloaded before it becomes corrupted."

The Robotic Man of the Cloth raises his head, looking slowly upon the battered figure before him.

Hurricane Hawk is put down on the table. It's simply obvious that the hawk is in a lot of pain, shallow gasps. Some programmed reactions are telling him to roll over onto his chest, but he knows the problems are in there. He doesn't even know who's fixing him now. The pain is getting worse.

Dawn looks around at some of Ten's insides, deciding, "She's stable for now. I'm not going to ask about the friendly fire. Problem is, the generator's distribution isn't quite what it should be. Has this..." She points to a part near Ten's upper back, "Been like this way for a while?"

Rock frowns a little down at Hurricane as he's put down. .oO(Okay. Okay, I can do this. I've seen Father do it enough, right? Right. Can't be that hard...) Picking up a medscanner, he runs it over the broken Hawk slowly, frowning as the readouts report the extent of damage. "Hang in there," he encourages the aerial before looking up at Magnum. "Thanks," he notes to the panther. "You all right? I can get someone to look at you if you need it."

Rock takes out a medical scanner and scans Hurricane Hawk.

Iris tends to a dismembered Marine...she chooses a table next to where her brother is laying, so she can turn and admonish his unconscious form in occasional outbursts of angry French. "I'll have these connections finished momentarily," she tells the Marine gently as she works. Then, she looks over her shoulder at her brother, glaring. "<< 'Fix you last', indeed! >>" she says in French. "<< I'll have you know I don't agree with that order, at ALL. >>"

Flare Feline Speaks up "She... lost her wings awhile ago. Her flight system was heavily damaged then too, we haven't been able to restore it since..."

Phoebus almost snorts, "Friendly fire? What friendly fire?", he relaxes a bit, "Sorry...", he looks to the back, "...Yeah, actually..Burst Man did that..."

Magnum Panther waves a paw dismissively. "Not a problem." he announces, tone flat as it always is. "I was beefing up our defenses, truth be told. Someone has to watch the home front." A faint, almost ghostly grin. "You can take it from here, I imagine." And with that, he turns and begins to walk off.

Dawn ponders on the input from Phoebus and Flare, "A week...simply replacing the parts didn't get it fixed? I have a few ideas if that's the case, but..."

Flare Feline shakes his head "Ten is apparently one of a kind. There was no replacement parts. And removing the flight system all together would have apparently killed her."

The octopus continues his Herculean toils, rebuilding Frost's face one molecular string at a time. Synth-flesh is applied and molded back to the fashion Frost is accustomed to, including the eyelid once Whipcrack is sure that Frost's vision is perfect once more. Once that is completed, the flesh he removed because of burn damage is replaced, sculpted and pigmented back to the way it ought to be. The hole in Frost's chest in particular is addressed, the systems that were wrenched out replaced with shiny new replacements. Some sparks fly as some welds are reset, then a brief pause as Whipcrack drops in some cords and flushes out all of Frost's fluid systems to make sure some impurities he got in the ultrasound were taken out. Once he's satisfied the walrus is nice and tidy on the inside, he closes up the last big hole in his customary fashion, following up with another scan just to triple-check for any remaining injuries. Finding none, the octopus steps back from his work, taking the torque off of Frost's neck and starting to remove the restraints.
"You are physically back to full strength, Command Major," says the octopus. "I'd like you to stay here, though, sir. You are still very weak."

Whipcrack Octopus effects some repair work on Frost Walrus.
Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Frost Walrus.

Phoebus looks to Flare, "...Yes...thank you...", he looks to Dawn and nods again and sighs.

Kalinka blinks at Iris, then takes a step back. Yes. She came here to Make Herself Useful, and she shall do that. Just 'cause it's...chaotic... She shakes her head, closing her eyes. Thinking like that does no good. One patient at a time. That's what the doctors in the ER shows say, right? It's then that she hears Hymn speak. The little girl blinks at the robed man, then rushes over to him to peer at the damaged repliforcer. "Cracked? Extract and download. I can do that."
Hurricane Hawk just lays, winces, coughs once in a while, basic 'i'm in /serious/ pain routine...

Iris finishes repairing the Marine, who by now is giving Iris funny looks for her duality. "Okay, you're good to go," she tells him with a smile. And go he does. He isn't sticking around a crazy French reploid, no way. She turns back to her unconscious brother. "<< You need repairs, how dare you order your own troops not to repair you! What madness is this? >>"

As Magnum walks out, Jet Stingray walks in. After having transported a few people to the London medical bay, the Stingray of Love peers about. "Man..." is the only word that escapes the large reploid offers as he tries to figure out what to do or where to go. Of course, he looks about to see... Rock? A few Hunters... and.... a kid? The stingray blinks as he sees everyone working on people. .oO(It's a repair party down here or something!)

One corner of Rock's mouth quirks upwards in a pale ghost of a smile. "Heh," is his only comment as Magnum walks off. Shaking his head, he puts down the scanner and picks up his tools. "Okay... let's fix that compressor first, huh?" he tells the supine form of the Hawk as he applies the pain suppressor torque to Hurricane. "You're sounding too much like Zero's car to be healthy." As gently as he can manage, he starts to work. He's not half as neat as most medics, and he bites his lower lip as he works, brow furrowed in concentration. "I hope this doesn't hurt..."

Frost Walrus sighs and nods... it has been so long since he has felt no pain. It almost /hurts/ to not feel pain... what happened to him when he was under master control? "we should schedule a full systems overhaul for me after all the wounded are tended too. I fear the Masters tapered with my internal system for their... " he chokes on the words. "Ice Beam..." He hates to admit he was ever part of that horrible abimination. "Until then i shall say here and rest. Thank you." and there he lies.

Hurricane Hawk nods slightly... first order of business would be to pry the armor of the hawk and get access to his internals.

Dawn concludes after another scan, "It's...the wings don't seem to be getting much power. Or their control system, anyway. What I can suggest is working with the auto-repair, seeing if it can spike in the extra power. Perhaps removing the wings from the auto-repair specs, and then putting them back in could do it, but you'll want to get someone else to try anything along those lines."

The Robotic Man of the Cloth pauses, then looks to the child beside him, the softest of tender smiles spreads on his lips, and he nods. "Come, little one... Hurry... We have to get his Processor our and prepped for download... we can repair his body... but we must preserve his Core." Hymn nods, letting the little one step foward to join him at the side of the aerial Repliforcer. "This looks like laser damage..." Hymn traces his hand over a wound... "Do you know the technique, little one? ...I am more versed in Human care... then Robotic... unfortunately."

The octopus takes off Frost's restraints, since he's not in pain any more and doesn't /seem/ liable to get into any trouble. "I will make a more detailed survey of your systems once the crisis is over," says the octopus, handing Frost a datapad with the standard repair manifest. "In the meantime, you are stable, so please take this opportunity to rest." He also offers Frost a yellow sucker with another tentacle. "Some candy, Command Major?"

Flare Feline doesn't say anything more. Aside from what he was told about Ten's condition, he doesn't know much more. He just stands there, probably the only other damaged person in the medbay not getting attention aside from Colonel. But again, his wounds are minor and not serious, he's waved off most attention for now, as there were more serious cases.

Ten keeps lying there. That's about it.

Rock pries the chestplate open with a soft grunt and *ping* of metal snapping, dropping it off to the side where it's quietly moved away by another passing medic. "Holy," he whistles in surprise at the mess that confronts him. .oO(Father makes this look -easy-.) Gingerly, he pokes here and there, carefully removing what looks to be the most damaged parts, while a nearby medic assists him by retrieving new parts. "Hang on," he coaxes Hurricane. "I'll take some of the load off your compressor, I think, once I put these new parts in..."

Dawn stops suddenly, as if having a revelation. "Actually...Phoebus. I don't have enough hands for this plan, nor the tool I'd need to do it just by myself. If you know enough about wiring, there might be something that can be tried."

Rock takes out a medical scanner and scans Hurricane Hawk.

Phoebus blinks, "...I think that went over my head... You're saying that we should add more power to the auto-repair by taking the wings off of autorepair...and then later putting them back in after she's okay?", he pauses, "...Yeah, sure, I can help."

Hurricane Hawk nods a little, letting X work as best he can. Just taking the chest plate off helped a little at least.... still breaths are shallow and labored.

Iris finds herself repairing another hapless individual, an infantry ploid with severe torso damage. As she repairs him, she talks with him whether he wants to be spoken to, or not. It's sort of like being caught with a chatty hairdresser...there's NO escape. "He wants EVERYONE ELSE repaired before he gets repaired, can you BELIEVE that?" she tells the wriggling infantryman. "What kind of thinking is that?? He could have an internal fuel-line bleed, or something!!"

Kalinka nods, reaching a hand out to touch the wound as well. "Yeah," she mumbles, sounding a tad dazed or distracted. "I know." And yet for several seconds she does nothing at all, apparently blank, before shaking herself. "Laser scalpal.

Dawn mm-hmms, "Exactly. If we can remove the system, provide some excess power, then put them back in...it SHOULD have to put the extra power in there. I just need four hands, and only have two."

Ten is still lying there.

Jet Stingray blinks as he appears ready to talk with Rock, most likely to thank him for coming. But as he hears Iris, he decides to make his way over to her, figuring that at this rate she might throw something and hurt someone... "Um, Iris?" the Repliforcer offers with some uncertainity.

Flare Feline just stands there. Wondering if what Dawn is about to try will really work. And it is also interesting to note, that according to the Colonel's orders, he can't be treated while Flare is still damamged. Technically.

Frost Walrus sleeps... *drool

Phoebus nods, "I'll help you, Dawn...Just...tell me what to do."
Strike Osprey has disconnected.

Kalinka nods, reaching a hand out to touch the wound as well. "Yeah," she mumbles, sounding a tad dazed or distracted. "I know." And yet for several seconds she does nothing at all, apparently blank, before shaking herself. "Laser scalpal. Laser scalpal?" Instead of looking for her tools on the tables and trays around her, the little girl slides off her backpack and begins rooting around inside...and yes, she does pull out the tool for which she searches. Impressive, or frightening? "Um...um...here. Yes." The girl begins cutting, widening the wound with surprisingly neat, shallow swipes, making room to allow access to the proccessor.

Iris calms down a bit, both after speaking to Whipcrack via tightbeam, and then upon seeing Jet approach. "Ummmm...oh...hi!"

Dawn returns to Ten's side, waiting for Phoebus' answer...and gets it. "Right. Your scanner...plug it into the service plug for Ten's auto-repair. Completely shut down power distribution to the flight systems. All of them. Be ready to turn them back on when I say to, though." With that, she crouches down near the controls on Ten's medtable, slowly increasing the power input from it that will flow into the Phoenix...

Hymn has disconnected.

Ayla Ericson pokes her head around doorframe of the repair bay. "Wow... looks like it was a really busy night," she murmurs to herself as she looks around, her eyes wide. "Hopefully they gave back exactly what they got."

Rock rubs at his face a little as he works, wiping a smear of grease along his cheek. Puffing to blow his bangs from his eyes, the Reploid scowls a little as a certain piece refuses to come free willingly. "C'mon, you, come out," he grunts. "How're you doing there?" he asks his patient a bit louder now, blue eyes flicking towards his patient's face to gauge the pain response, if any. Please may there be none.

Phoebus does as ordered, if there's any Hunter Phoebus trusts, it's Dawn (Since Twila's gone). He looks for Ten's service plug and if he finds it, plugs his scanner in. He scans for the flight systems and, if he finds it, shuts them down.

Flare Feline watches as Dawn works, and his hopes start to.... well... flare. Could she really fix her damaged flight systems? Maybe it's too good to be true... but still, Ten has always told Flare when he was almost emotionally gone that she believed he would rise from the ashes and be reborn. And he has to believe that for Ten now too, she'll pull through, she has to.

Jet Stingray just does his best impression of a deer in headlights as he realizes that going over to Iris would mean actually talking to her. He looks about once, hoping that somone will want to talk to him. But figuring that will not be the case, Jet offers, "Hey, anything I can do to help out?"

Dawn continues to tweak up the power, perhaps choosing to let excess build in Ten's generator. Its starting to hum louder and louder, but she says nothing other than, "Get ready."

Hurricane Hawk just coughs somewhat hard, but he nods, finally getting a look at who's fixing him. *blink* whoa.

Phoebus nods simply. He doesn't say a word, focusing all his concentration at the task at hand.

Dawn declares suddenly, about 10 seconds after her last statement, "Now!", and begins turning the table's power input back to normal levels.

Iris smiles. "Actually...yes there is," she tells Jet. "I know there's tons of Marines in here...and they know you better than they know me, so...if you see someone who needs light to moderate repair work, queue them up for me -- basically, put them in my line of people who need attention, and I'd be much obliged...I'm trying to get this group prioritized."

Flare Feline is still watching them work on Ten, with hope in his eyes. ... and yes, he needs to be repaired. The damage may not have been much, but the few hours gone by without recieving attention to the wounds seem to be making them worse. Still he doesn't move, watching Ten's condition.

The octopus moves over to Flare next, since Frost is now stabilized. "Please lie still," says the MSE medic, putting a suppressor torque around Flare's neck and starting some preliminary scans to ascertain how badly the feline is damaged.

Kalinka sides her hand into the hole she's made, the cable for an external memory core curled up between two fingers. Her little hand makes the work easy - not much of a hole needed for a child with limbs even smaller than typical for her age. Biting her lip in concentration she works the plug towards the the cracked core processor - not having much room to move makes it difficult to line up the delicate parts, but eventually she gets it. "Yes," the girl mumbles, smiling faintly as she extracts her hand carefully and begins setting up the download.

Jet Stingray nods to Iris as he looks about and begins to do the work given to him by the communications officer. He would normally find a way to get out of it considering that he isn't a fan of doing work like this, but the smile makes it not an option. Getting out a datapad from a nearby table the stingray begins his work.

Phoebus suddenly reroutes the power to the wings autorepair that was previously taken off. Well, not really suddenly, after all..It was expected.

Ten suddenly shakes violently! Looks like something went horribly wrong!

Ayla Ericson inches her way inside the room slowly and stands against the wall. Her eyes are still open wide as she looks at all the activity going on. "Wow," she whispers again. "I've never seen it this busy before. Then again, I'm usually not down here too often either." She takes another look around the room to note who's been hurt and who's helping out. "Wow! It's Rock!"

Whipcrack Octopus effects some repair work on Flare Feline.
Whipcrack Octopus takes out a medical scanner and scans Flare Feline.

Flare Feline lies on the bed as Whipcrack put the supressor around him. It's probably a good thing for Flare that he didn't see Ten's condition turn for the worse. He's oblivious to it right now. His systems soon start to shut down as he enters a regeneration cycle. Last thought that passes through his mind is to check on Ten when he wakes up.

Ricochet wanders in, Orbit on his shoulder. He's probably one of the few that participated in the attack that doesn't have a scratch on him. The Raiden, though, may have had something to do with that. He glances around, frowning faintly... "We got it bad..." he mutters. Orbit nods quietly, letting out a *blurrrp* in mild surprise.

The octopus quickly gets Flare back in order; armor plate is cut, damaged systems are excised, fluids are recycled, fuel is recirculated, and a bunch of really hardcore stuff goes down -- so much so that Flare is almost immediately brought back to snuff. Once Ten starts convulsing, though, he stops in mid-repair and lets the gumbies finish Flare up, heading over to assist in stopping whatever terrible chain-reaction is going on within Ten.

Dawn is...alarmed. She bolts back upright quickly as Ten begins shaking, actually reverting to Japanese now. "(What the?)" She sounds rather worried suddenly, "(Did I put in too much?)" Well...let's find out. She makes another scan to see what exactly happened...

Kalinka nods, satisfied as the external begins to do its work. Since the 'forcer seems stable otherwise, the girl flashes Hymn a smile, then begins to make her way though the chaos once again. It's not long before she spots Rock - and blinks. "Since when does he...?" Kali stares for a moment, then begins pushing her way towards the Blue Bomber, a bit worried about his patient...

Jet Stingray finishes his word and moves toward Iris, handing it to her. It's not exactly a MSE standard style of doing it, but it seems to be good enough to do what was asked of Jet to do. "Here," he says simply once he is done.

Phoebus blinks, "Huh?...I....", he looks back to Ten, "T...Ten....? W..what do I do?", he seems on the verge of panicking. Crud.

What happened to Ten was, her primary power core was slightly overloaded, causing some damage! The only thing that can save her now is to restore functionally to the secondary power core that is part of her flight systems! The same one that the medics have been completely unable to repair! The situation is now desperate!

Iris smiles, as Jet begins moving around the room to help her queue ploids up for repairs. She's still quite fond of Jet, even after all this time they've been broken up. Taking the list from him, she says, "Thank you, Jet...I don't know what I'd do without you, I really don't."

It's a good thing Flare is unconscious, or else he'd be really really worried.

Ten's external power feeds were also damaged. The secondary power core, the one that is part of her flight systems, must be repaired somehow!

Since when does Rock get his hands dirty? Since he thought he could help, that's why. Up to his elbows -- almost literally! -- in Hurricane's chest, the Hunter chuffs a little as he works. "Hey there," he greets the Hawk as he looks up, sparing him a little grin. "I'm just the temporary medic; someone'll come by and take over from me soon to get you back to top form," he promises with a nod before shooting a quick glance around the medbay. .oO(Hopefully that'll be soon...)

Ricochet frowns... wishing he'd paid more attention to what his mother did when she was patching him and his siblings up. Right now?... right now, there isn't too much he can do but watch as his bretheren languish at the hands of the incompotent Maverick Hunters (just kidding!... no, a spatula isn't a surgical instrument...) and the psychologically unstable-with-homicidal-tendancies Phoebus (don't know if I'm kidding about that one).

Chi arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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Jet Stingray just rubs his beret, giving an awkward laugh as he does. Is it apparently that he still seem to feel for Iris? Unless one is as dumb a Joe Drone, it would appear so. "No prob, Iris... You know I'm there for the people I care about..."

"Get back."
The octopus approaches Ten with clinical efficiency, clearing the area around her and drawing out his lazer cutters. He opens Ten up like a Thanksgiving turkey, getting right back to her power systems. He looks over the systems, applying his acumen to the situation. He's had MSE working on fixing Ten for weeks now, and they still haven't gotten any closer to fixing the situation when Ten was at full health. But now that she's been critically damaged, those things that were holding back the floodgates aren't any more. The pressure is building. Ten probably only has a few minutes left unless decisive action is taken.
Fortunately, this is the kind of situation where MSE really shines.
"Captain," the octopus directs to Phoebus, since Dawn is temporarily unavailable. "I want you to begin running a loopback from Ten's primary power core to try to forestall the overload. I will remove the flight core ... I know enough about it so that I can probably reengineer a generic one to serve until we can get one custom remachined from our factory."
As Whipcrack talks, he does about ten different things inside Ten, working frantically to keep her from flying apart at the seams. A torque oes on to soothe her pain while the Maestro gets to work, the pressure starting to build.

Kalinka finally manages to push her way through the mess to stand behind Rock. The girl peers around his shoulder, looking down into the poor, poor Repliforcer's chest somewhat doubtfully. "Rock, I didn't know you could...uh...you really shouldn't..." She trails off, wincing at some small mistake. "...need any help here?"

Dawn seems to be pre-occupied with digging around in the cabinet. At least she got the right one, as she picked one stocked with supplies for aerial reploids...but doesn't seem to come up with anything just yet.

Hurricane Hawk just blinks at Kalinka... then looks between her and X... worry is forming now...

Ayla Ericson makes her way slowly towards the Hunter pair with her black assistbot following not too far behind. "Um, hi, Rock," the blonde teen greets the person she knows. "It's been a while since I've seen you. Hope everything's going okay... uh, do you need any help?"

Flare Feline just sleeps there. Ooooohhh, this is the way we lie unconscious, lie unconscious, lie unconscious!

Iris gets the first injured Marine in line to hop up on the repair table, so she can begin reattaching his hands, which were blown off in the Citadel raid. "Pull up a chair, Jet, let's talk," she says with a smile as she works. "I love seeing you, and...we don't get a chance to talk much anymore."

Phoebus nods to Whipcrack, "...I...her flight core...but...", he closes his eyes, "I understand.", he looks back to his scanner and starts doing as he's told, running the loopback, "...You. Can't. Die. Ten.", he says, "You'll fly again...okay?"

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Jet Stingray just nods as he takes a seat on the ground. After all, Jet isn't the shortest guy around and at least doing so makes it so he doesn't have to look down like he usually does. "Sure... And I know what you mean. Saving the world every week doesn't leave much time to be social, does it?" He looks to where the people are working on Ten, as well as the other people with a hint of concern, clearly a little disturbed by it. Still, his time in the 'force has taught him that getting freaked out about it will do little to help. Better to just plan on getting revenage for them later and all that stuff.

Ring Redwing arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
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Dawn after a few more moments of searching, produces one of the required cores. Apparently not Ten's normal one, but fairly common in aerial designs. Dashing back, she halts near Whipcrack and offers it...though what he does with it remains to be seen.

Ricochet is currently watching the repairs going on from the doorway... and looks a tad helpless. There isn't much he can do. Orbit sits on his shoulder, as per usual, and the two watch... unable to do much of anything. Apparently he's the only one in the faction who doesn't have signifigant repair skills.

Rock blinks, looking up from the gentle question at his side. "Kalinka," he greets, quirking a tiny grin. "What're you doing here, kiddo?" Funny words, considering they're the same age. "And I would really appreciate any help you could give me," he admits. Then Ayla appears. Where are all these cute girls coming from? "Hey, Ayla... fancy meeting you here. Well. I could use a couple extra pairs of hands, sure," he agrees, looking from one girl to the other.

Iris knows that Ten is in the best possible care at the moment, and if she has -any- chance, however fleeting, Whipcrack will give her that chance. As she works on one of the Marines, she asks Jet, "So what happened? You had power problems, and you missed the deployment?"

"I /have/ to take the core," the octopus says, starting to make the incisions. "It will explode and kill all of us if I don't." As he begins to cut, other things start to go inside Ten. A subsystem goes up in flames, spewing flak everywhere, cutting into Whipcrack's armor -- he doesn't flinch, though, staying the course and continuing the cutting. Fuel begins to hemmorage out of one of Ten's tanks and is narrowly stopped before it can explode -- the avian is put on external power to compensate, cords coming down from the ceiling. She's really not looking too good at the moment.
"Increase your searching speed, Hunter!" the octopus calls out to Dawn, trying to keep Ten from exploding while working on ripping out what is, in essence, her life to save her and everyone around her. Mech-fluid squirts out in a geyster as another critical system lets go, critical fissures forming in the command centers. It's a classic cascade failure, the kind that they teach you in Reploid repair school can't be stopped once it's begun.
Yet ... in the midst of the chaos, the octopus is the eye of the storm. In a fraction of a second, he suddenly sees the solution, his fractal-based memory system making the proper connection. Dawn's critical error that caused the destruction of several of Ten's critical systems will actually allow this Hail Mary desperation manuever to have an acceptable probability of success.
In a snap of motion, the octopus takes the flight core from Dawn. He quickly makes the final incision and braces a tentacle around the system, holding it fast. He will have to do the switch incredibly quickly, leaving no room for a slip. If he hesitates even slightly, Ten dies ... instantly. He has to do this right the first time. For a moment, the octopus looks up at Phoebus and Dawn, then to Iris ... then to his patient. Explosions continue to rip through her, the smell of ozone and burning metal wafting up, enough to blind a human. Whipcrack's eyes, however, are immune to soft cover ... and at the right moment, he makes the move.

The motion is fluid, rapid -- at Whipcrack's maximum speed. His tentacles make a violent *CRACK* as they break the sound barrier for a moment, a huge wave of smoke eminating forth from Ten from the rapid blow. For several seconds, nobody can see either Whipcrack or Ten from the cloud. A collective pause occurs in the rhythm of the medbay. And then ... the sounds of rapid movement. Hope is still alive. Somehow, someway, the Maestro has done it again. And it was all thanks to an accident caused by non-professional non-MSE medics.

Jet Stingray nods as he averts his attention back to Iris. "Yeah, the power source for my foot jets is pretty powerful, as it runs my other systems as well. It gets a little werid sometimes, and if some of the gizmos that regulate it go haywire, it gets real bad real quick. It doesn't happen often, but my self repair healed wrong in one area and so I had to get a emergency fix. I got it rather fast, but it was too late to be deployed...

Ten is finally stabilized. And the work on the flight systems that was unexpectedly done will make it possible to repair her flight systems, though it will take time.

Ricochet poses, to fill the vaccum. Not that he's doing much other than watching. He glances towards the doorway... probably gonna leave if he can't do anything.

Dawn is...not all that relieved, apparently. As Whipcrack goes into his flurry of repairs, she backs off...and keeps backing off, even when he seems done. She's generally going towards the door, actually.

Kalinka blinks, glancing across Rock at the other girl. Weird. She thought she'd be the only human here. Time to worry about that later, though. Kali flashes the Hunter a smile that seems almost...apologetic for some reason. "Mike said help was needed, so I asked Iris about it. That's all." She then peers down at Hurricane, noting the worried expression, and grins in a way that is meant to be comforting. Really. "What's wrong?"

Phoebus says, "EYAAGH", and he covers his eyes with one arm, "Ten!", he screams, as if trying to call her back from Hades, hehe. I made a reference. He, after a moment, can't hold onto his scanner, an explosion throws Phoebus back and he hits the ground in a crumpled heap.

Hurricane Hawk nearly bolts out off the table he's on when he hears that boom and Ten's name right after.. He fears the worst.

Ricochet blinks, as he notices the Pink-Haired One (TM), just as he was getting ready to leave. The sounds of agony as Repliforcers die in the background isn't too appealing. "...Dawn? What're you doing here?"

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