War Room - RHQ Australia

A room large enough to fit several squads of Repliforces, its almost ridiculous in size. The walls have no reinforcements, part of the back of the room is infact still rough from the carving. Several screens are placed along the walls, for all to see their commanders as they address them before battle. The command staff is able to stand on a slightly raised podium, which still leaves enough room for the General to stand, near the entrance to the room. Off to the side of the podium is a single table for about ten reploids, with a holoprojector atop of it. It appears this room serves both the planning and announcement of strikes.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus [Fire Gear] [Armor_one] [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Colonel [RF]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.

Colonel is already seated at the head of the single table, flipping through information on a datapad in front of him. Waiting patiently for the others to arrive, apparently.

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Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
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Flare Feline enters the War Room, with a data padd in hand, and finds an empty seat, there are plenty around. He nods and salutes Colonel, and sits, looking the padd over, just going over a thing or two before the meeting.

Fusion Phoenix walks in, sans armor, and with patches over his body where he was wounded last night. He looks a lot better, and he's passed the critical point in his healing. He sits near Iris, the MSE advisor, and salutes everone else.

Whisking through the main corridor, Quell moves through the relatively busy hall, and with some relief, finds herself in the almost tomb-like quiet of the War Room. A human engouh coo of relief slips past her. She paces along the length of the executive table, uttering a few pleasant hellos and salutations as she does, before settling on the left of the faction's XO, about midway down the length of the black-laquered, counter-like top.

Spiral Pegasus arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
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Ring Redwing arrives a little while later, hand upon the curving outer wall, as if following a maze. She's still quite unfamiliar with the layout of the base. It's a good thing she wasn't leading the tour when Doctor Light arrived or she might have accidentally taken him into restricted areas. Hmm.

Spiral Pegasus arrives shortly after Ring. Having been here a while, he knows the layout better than most. The pegasus also knows a few of the base's lesser-known goodies as well, as he places a pool cue against the wall behind his chair. "Heh. Forgot to leave this back at the lounge."

Iris scoots into the room, carrying a tray of cookies. She looks around at those assembled and grins, giving a wave with her free hand as she places the tray down on the table. Then, she moves over to sit next to her brother's usual seat.

Flare Feline is seated, reading over a data padd. He nods to everyone present, and those entering.

Colonel doesn't look up from the datapad as his officers begin to enter the room. After a few minutes, he sets the pad down and looks around at the accumulated 'Forcers. "Excellent. Good of you all to come. I believe we can get started. Those who are not here will simply have to catch up when they arrive." Clasping his hands together on the tabletop, he asks, "Are there any questions before we begin?"

Fusion Phoenix is also seated, and looks pretty battered from last night. He goes over in his head what MSE has managed to do in the last few weeks. At Colonel's voice he turns his head, and not having any questions, snags a cookie or two to keep his mouth busy.

Turning towards Colonel from her seat about midway down the meeting table, Quell leans forward, clasping her hands in front of her as she dips her head in a cordial nod towards him. "Good evening, Colonel. At the moment, I have no inquiries." Sweeping her gaze over those gathered, she continues, "Forgive my boldness, but I do hope that the points that are brought up the meeting generate a productive discourse." With that, she gives a genuine enough smile, and returns the floor to anyone that may care to have it. She jacks in a few comm links from one wrist into the console before her seat, however, having forsaken datapadds as too easily lost.

Iris doesn't seem to have any inquiries. She just sits there nibbling on a peanut butter cookie.

Fusion Phoenix waits for things to begin and his turn to speak to come around. Being the lowest ranked officer in the room, he'll probably have to wait a long while.

Flare Feline sits there silently, not having anything to ask. He just finishes up reading some last minute reports from Fencer and such. It dawns on him that this is his first command meeting. Neat.

Ring Redwing gets out a datapad herself, it looks like the kind used by waitresses to take down serving orders. She's going to take notes. She's very attentative, but it always helps her to have some hard copy to look at when going over terms she doesn't completely understand. Flipping the pages a bit, she checks on the few notes scribbled regarding the Aerial Division's current status. Well, there wasn't much to say about it at least, for which she is thankful. It's her first time sitting in on an officer meeting and she is just a slight bit nervous.

Spiral Pegasus shakes his head. Questions, what questions?

Colonel arches an eyebrow in Quell's direction. "I would hope so, too. I called this meeting to get an overall view of what each division is currently doing, and with that information I aim to work out some definite plans for Repliforce. We are too unfocused of late, and I mean to rectify that." He turns to Spiral Pegasus. "Commander, if you would like to begin?"

Colonel arches an eyebrow in Quell's direction. "I would hope so, too. I called this meeting to get an overall view of what each division is currently doing, and with that information I aim to work out some definite plans for Repliforce. We are too unfocused of late, and I mean to rectify that." He turns to Spiral Pegasus. "Commander, if you would like to begin?"

Spiral Pegasus nods, looks at his datapad, and stands up. "Well, as you've all heard, Bolero has been up to some mischief in Iberia. I like his plans, though I think he's asking for far too much support than I originally intended. I ordered Shinobi Pixie and Crosshair Collie off to raise some ruckus behind enemy lines and I have the rest of SpecOps with standing orders to recon enemy territory, but I have no idea how well that is going. In fact, despite being asked for updates, the only one I have is the one Bolero posted." Spiral tosses the datapad behind him and collapses in his chair. "That's about it, sir."

Colonel grunts. "I see. I have approved Bolero's project in Iberia, but I have ordered him to keep either you or I updated regularly. If the Mavericks take Spain, they and the Robot Masters will be able to provide a unified front, particularly with that dam of theirs." He shakes his head. "Captain Flare Feline?"

Flare Feline ahems, as he looks over the padd one final time. "Well sir, of course as you know, Commander Phoebus and I are in charge of the Flemish States outpost. Though due to other work and projects we haven't gotten to finalizing our plans there yet. We shall be doing so shortly." He clicks a button on the data padd "Fencer Naiad is still in South Africa, representing Repliforce there unofficially. She doesn't have any authority there, but she has been setting up supplies and aid, and a temporary camp. With any luck we might be able to get a bit of a foot hold there that could be useful when we form attacks on the Robot Master's African territory." He clicks another button on the padd. "Commander Phoebus had mentioned to me an idea to repair and reprogram fallen drones of our enemies to use ourselves. He never went into any great detail, I think it was just an idea he wanted me to bring forward for him." He pauses, looking over one more thing "As for our enemies' new city, and Commander Siver Mane, I believe we should gather as much information on this city as we can. Small groups of stealth operatives should scout the city, going in alone would be suicide, but a large group would attract too much attention. I don't think an all out attack on this city will work, we should treat it as one of their own bases." he clicks through the padd again, apparently finished.

Colonel taps a finger on the table as he listens, noting each idea down. "We have yet to hear from the original government or the United Nations about South Africa. I do not intend to set up a martial government there if we can at all avoid it." He pauses for a moment before continuing. "As for this new city...I do agree we must begin scouting it. However, I received the impression from the newscast that this is not a new base, it is an actual city. There may not be much to scout, but that does not mean we shouldn't. Before we can begin such missions, though, we -must- extract Silver Mane first. Commander Pegasus, we will need to discuss a plan to do so." The drones suggestion he skips over entirely, instead moving on to the next division. "Commander Quell Quetzalcoatlus, if you would give us your report?"

Spiral Pegasus's eyes light up. Though he simply nods and scrabbles behind his seat to retrieve his datapad. Down boy, good pegasus.
Iris quietly nibbles on the same peanut butter cookie, listening.
Freeze Man just +icfingered you.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus dips her head in acknowledgement. "Thank you, Colonel. Regarding the recent activities of Security and Defense, there is much that has been done. As has been noted in reports, we have performed an audit to test response times for those stationed in the London base. The efficiency displayed there was acceptable, but needed some improvement in a few non-critical areas. During that audit, Archer Colossus uncovered the presence of a Master listening station, sequestered within a historic castle monument. At the moment, we're still obtaining the proper licenses to take out the electronics portion of the post, without destroying the castle proper. We plan an audit in the near future on London proper, with attacks from the air, and perhaps subterranean attacks as well. I am in agreement that we need to more closely scrutinize the city state that has been erected. From what information is available, any operatives within that blasted hellhole will have to move subtly, much like a Master or Maverick would have to in such areas as Torontreal or Neo Tokyo, for example. On another security note, I have assigned Red Tide to scout out the waterways near both of our main bases, in light of the crippling blow that was dealt to us at Repliforce Island. She is to report on any enemy resources that are present. If none are there, she will also recommend possible uses for what she finds. She's already reported in once, and her next one is due later this evening. After this meeting, I will issue orders to my division members to reacquaint themselves with the layout of both bases, as well as to get in touch with the other division members to help stimulate comaraderie. Isolationism in these dire times is suicidal. One last thought, though, is the safety of our troops. I think it may be wise, and worth a small bit of research, to pair our people based on complementary resistances and weaknesses. I will be quite willing to expand upon this concept after closing comments." With that, she palms in a final command to the console, sending a copy of related documents to each pressure-activated LCD padd built into the tables before each seat.
Quell Quetzalcoatlus says, "That concludes my statement, Colonel."

Colonel listens attentively to Quell's report, nodding at each point. "It is good to know the London audit came up acceptable. After New York, I do not want to be caught unprepared again. I look forward to the second half of the audit." He falls silent, musing on Quell's last point. "That is an interesting idea, and one with merit. Once we are finished with the reports, we will come back to that. Captain Redwing, if you please?" He turns his attention to Ring now.

Ring Redwing is writing down notes of the statuses the other officers are detailing so quickly that she almost misses being called to give her own report. Quickly flipping back several pages to reach her notes regarding Aerial Operation's current status report she reads them out. "Okay then, well for the most part Repliforce Aerial Operations have been continuing in either training or patrolling. We've assigned as many space-capable units as we can to the patrol of outer space as well. I know Corporals Skyblade Eagle and Cosmos Chinchilla have been patrolling and assigned to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, or relating to Maverick Activity. And the currently the Aerial Fortress III is being stationed here at Australian Headquarters. There isn't much else to report, sir. Just that we're continuing aerial surveillance and patrols." It sure doesn't seem like much to report, especially considered with the ones that were just given, but it should hopefully be sufficient.

Colonel nods as he records Ring's report. "Understandable, Captain. There may be a need for aerial units to reconnoiter the new city-state in the near future. Which reminds me. I have heard reports of...Tartarus being linked into the world-wide teleporter system, but have we been able to lock in its location yet?" From the way he looks around the table, he isn't intending that simply for Ring, but for anyone who can answer.

Spiral Pegasus hrms and turns to Ring. "Didn't Skyblade wander off to there not too long ago? She might know where the transporter location is."

Iris shakes her head. "Nope," she says. "They've locked that darn signal in pretty well, it's 'nigh untraceable'. But I'm working on it!" She grabs another cookie off the tray.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sky Dolphin transmits, "Is this thing on?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Yep. We can hear you loud and clear."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Oh yes! Trust me, I make sure this channel's working, and...it is!"

Colonel turns his attention to Major Iris--well, yeah, his sister, too, but this is an official meeting--with a grunt and a nod. "Very well. Keep working at it, Major. Now, then, while we're on the subject, how is MSE faring? Major, Captain Phoenix?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "Good evening, ma'm. A new recruit, per chance?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sky Dolphin transmits, "Good. It just seemed so quiet I was starting to wonder."

Ring Redwing taps her lips thoughtfully with a finger, "Well, if she has, she hasn't reported it to me yet. I will ask her about it as soon as I can if you think it would be useful to any attempts to break into it."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sky Dolphin transmits, "Ma'm? I'm a guy. And yes."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "The ma'm was to Major Iris, sir. Unless you are above my rank as well."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Sky Dolphin transmits, "Of course not :)"

Fusion Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission.
Iris sends a radio transmission to Fusion Phoenix.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Iris.
Fusion Phoenix briefly confers with Iris via tight beam radio (+mutter wasn't working) and stands up to give his review of what MSE has been doing lately.
"The Medical department, in addition to the normal tending to of our wounded, has been handling the refugee camps, which are located in: England, Canada, the US, and Australia. A good 30% of the people have been moved out of the camps into surounding cities, and the plans to convert the camps into cities continues apace."
"The Science department is largely occupied with three projects. I won't bore you with the details except to briefly describe them. First, Hostile Technolgy Annalysis is looking into the Green Demon remains, second, Weapons System Advancement is finding better ways to blow stuff up, and third, Experimental Design is working on some ideas for support units."
"The Engenering department has, as Captian Flare has said, finished the Flemish States outpost. Their main duties at this point are matainance of existing buildings/vechicles and the construction of the new drop ships that General requested. Aside from that, most of our Engenering capisity is unused and idle."
"Finaly, the training in emergency medical procedures, both for humans and reploids, is continuing well."

Fusion reviews in his head one last time what MSE has done, and satisifed, sits down with a nod.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus mmmms quietly, optic ridge quirked. "I seem to recall a ride armor proposal put forward by the UN to replace our outmoded units. Any more word on that front, Fusion, Iris?" She clasps her fingers together, and rests her lower jaw on it.

Fusion Phoenix swiftly addresses Quell's question. "The Ride Armor porject is being hanlded by outside contractors, so I don't have much overview of it."

Fusion Phoenix whispers to Iris: '... ...'.

Colonel says, "Very good, Lieutenant. However, I expect detailed written reports sent to me as soon as possible. I would like to know more of what MSE is doing other than 'finding better ways of blowing stuff up.'" He quirks an eyebrow at Fusion before continuing. "Now then. Is there anything else that people would like to say before we move on?"

Fusion Phoenix nods at Colonel. "Like I said, I didn't want to bore you all with the details, but I will have reviews of weapon systems in devolopement."

Flare Feline is silent for now, not having a comment, but listening.

Colonel says, "Go ahead, Iris."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus seems content enough to let the moment pass, but does indeed turn attentively towards Iris.

Ring Redwing scribbles down notes, scritch scritch scritch. Is there going to be a test later on or something?

Spiral Pegasus turns his attention to Iris as well. All eyes are on her! Muahahahahaha!

Iris smiles, looking down the table at everyone. "Supply re-orders are up 34% from last year. That's a huge increase, folks. We're tearing through supplies like mad. Now, I know some skirmishes are unavoidable, with the war escalating, and all. But that's a HUGE increase in repair-related reorders. The eight-week orders I put in only last us 3-4 weeks, now. I guess what I'm trying to say, is...not only is violence the only answer, but...it's also not the best -financial- solution, either, so before you decide to, um...put yourself in a very dangerous situation, please consider MSE's predicament. We're here for you, and we try to make the supplies last as long as possible, but...the supplies aren't infinite. That's all!"

Colonel inclines his head. "A very good point, Iris. It is a drain on our benefactors, and something to be worked on. Perhaps Commander Quetzalcoatlus' idea may help us alleviate such needs. Commander, you mentioned pairing combatants in order to complement strengths and weaknesses. Would you please elaborate?"

Quell Quetzalcoatlus flicks lids over her indigo optics, somewhat surprised at the suggestion, but dimmediately sets about describing the concept, allowing herself a small chuckle. "You give me more credit than necessary. I was expecting to speak about this in a small audeince, but..." She shrugs lightly, wings rising and falling with her shoulders as she settles in. Leaning forward in her seat, still connected with the table comm intact. "Imagine, if you will, a soldier sent to investigate a hypothetical Master incursion in a city. This soldier comes across one of your ice based fellows, choose any of them -- Freeze, Ice, what have you. This soldier happens to be a fire reploid. Not good."

She continues. "The pharse 'Opposites Attract' could be beneficial. Now say, if this fire Repliforcer was accompanied with a water or ice based individual, they may not have suffered as greatly, or at all." She drums a finger on the table top, as if somehow not pleased with the articulation of the idea.

Iris listens, though apparently she's also intent on something else going on, as her eyes take on a glazed look as she tunes in some radio chatter.

Fusion Phoenix mulls over Quell's words. "I was built with much of that thinking in mind. However, if I ran up against someone with powerfull gravity manipulation systems, they could easily disable my reactor. However, if there was someone with me with a diffrent set of weaknesses, they could engage that foe while I engage another."
Ring Redwing jots all this down. Complementing weaknesses hmm, it'd probably require a lot of listing to see who could be paired up and then there was still there might be problems with certain individuals pairing up with each other. Oh well, there's probably quite a few compatibility machines that can be used to do the job of sorting everyone much more efficiently.

Flare Feline nods, and hmms. Not a bad idea in and of itself. But it's not entirely necessary, depending on the situation. Flare's a firebot, but say he came across Blizzard Man. Ski-boy would be the one in trouble there. And since it's impossible to predict what the enemy would be composed of, pairing off really can't help much if you don't know.

Colonel listens quietly, sketching out the feasibility of implementing this. "I must say I like the idea. It ensures a higher degree of safety all around. Even though situations such as the ones you describe may not occur that often, two people are almost always better than one. I realize many Repliforcers prefer running solo missions, but with the activity of Mavericks and Robot Masters recently, assigning partners may alleviate many problems, particularly those of repair supplies." He nods to Iris. "As well, it should increase effectiveness overall. Many air forces have typically assigned wingmen to pilots to watch their backs during missions. I don't see why the same could not apply here."
Iris leans toward her brother, mentioning something briefly before leaning back again to grab another cookie.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus mm-hmms, and nods. "It's something that former Captain Bastion and I bandied about a while ago when we were discussing design specs. I wasn't planning on doing anything as rigid as assign partners. It isn't too horribly difficult to scout out local Repliforcers who may have complimentary design structures." She allows a small smile. "I'm glad to see that the idea at least made a modicum of sense." With that, she flicks her wings tightly to her back, and leans against the chair, indicating that she has said her piece.

Flare Feline is... still there, paying attention, yep.

Spiral Pegasus is paying attention as well, even though his player's brain is rather foggy at the moment. Dreaded lack of sleep strikes again!

Colonel nods. "I shall think the idea through and perhaps present the idea as a test, to see how well our soldiers take to the idea. Now, are there any other issues that should be brought forward? One last time before we move on."

Ring Redwing doesn't have anything else to bring up, so she simply awaits the next part of the meeting, datapad and datapen a-ready. It's a good thing the datapad can hold so much information now a days.

Flare Feline has nothing more to add, nope.

Colonel looks around the table. "Very well, then. I would like to look at future operations. Our first objective is to rescue Silver Mane and determine where Tartarus is actually located. Once we know that, then we can begin investigating it more thoroughly. We have current operations in both Europe and Africa, but otther than Bolero's project in Spain, I want to focus on Africa and the Robot Masters' holdings."

Iris raises her hand again.

Colonel says, "Yes, Iris?"

Iris grins. "Um...I'm working on a public relations attack upon the Masters. If anyone has any footage of the Masters' recent raids and other bad behavior...please let me have it. Their success in Africa has something to do with their control of the local media."

Flare Feline nods and hmms to himself again. Driving out the Masters from Africa will be quite difficult if the people actually don't want them to go. They also need to work on splitting up the Master/Maverick alliance, though that will likely be harder than it sounds.

Elemental Dragon arrives from the Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
Elemental Dragon has arrived.

Colonel says, "Excellent, Iris. We do need to remind the people that the Masters are villains and corrupt crooks."

Iris nods. "Which won't be a problem, but the assistance will be appreciated."

Ring Redwing nods in agreement to the future plans, adding in, "I'll try to see what Skyblade has learned about Tartarus as soon as I can. Perhaps, assign her to further investigation in tracking down Silver Mane's whereabouts since her outer space reports don't seem to be turning up much else lately."

Colonel and the other commanders are seated around the smaller table. At Ring's suggestion, he grunts. "We know where he -will- be two days from now. In the center of Tartarus. I mean to send in a rescue team to retrieve him then. I do not know that Skyblade Eagle would be the best for such a mission. I am surprised she can enter the city at all and still restrain herself."

Spiral Pegasus hmms, stroking his chin. "I'll see if I can have some of our recon personnel and Shinobi Pixie poke around. Where shouldn't be a problem of finding out, after all if this alleged 'city' is a haven for outcasts, then it's just a matter of prodding the right outcasts for information." He pauses, an eyebrow poking his helmet upwards. "Quell, maybe if we could use the long arm of SecDef to help with the 'prodding'?"

Flare Feline chinstrokes himself "Once we find the location of 'Tartarus', I'd like to go in with an undercover team myself." Why not? He's stealthy, he can be undercovery.. and stuff. And there's not a whole lot of Mavs or Masters that'd actually recognize him in a cheap disguise, so he'd be relatively safe.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus turns towards Spiral, an optic ridge of her own arching. "What are you suggesting, Spiral? I was under the impression that anything of that nature would fall under our friends in Black Ops. Unless I missed the true meaning of your inquiry?" She nods towards Flare, and then ahems. "Wait... I apologize for seeming a little thick, but... did we just say that Skyblade was in the city? How can we not know where it is?"

Ring Redwing would go as well rather than having Skyblade do it, but then runs the risk of alt interaction which is a no-no, so she just nods along and continues to take down notes. Seeing all the other officers volunteering aid she smiles a bit. No one can say that Repliforcers don't care about their POWs.

Elemental Dragon arrives. Or she's been here for several minutes. Either way, she quietly manages to get behind Redwing, sitting on her four legs without a noise.

Fusion Phoenix speaks up. "From what Vile has said about the city, it seems that everyone is welcome, even Repliforcers, so long as you keep a low profile. Heck, I might go."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus raises a calming hand. "Please. We've lost one of our officers in there already -- I do not savor the idea of that happening to others."

Flare Feline turns to Fusion "He might have just said that to bait us along. I don't think they'd be all too welcoming to a group of us coming in at once. It's best we appear as anonymous while we can."

Ring Redwing scratches at her nose af in thought, "And who knows what might wait for those who made it inside, they did advertise it as a place where criminals of all sorts would be welcome. Maybe there're muggers or some other unsavory types just waiting to pounce on whoever has just walked into the city?"

Spiral Pegasus shakes his head. "I wouldn't go in there without a disguise."

"All right. So our first objective is to locate Tartarus. Being able to reach it by teleporter is all well and good, but we need to know where it is. This might be a mission for Aerial." Colonel looks to Ring and..."Ah, glad to see you could make it, Commander." He nods to Elemental easily. Giving a sideways look at Fusion--certainly seemed quite eager to go visit--he falls silent, musing.

Flare Feline is stealthy though. And they could easily have air defenses as well. He's not exactly eager to visit, but he'd be a good one to send. With the right disguise he wouldn't stand out much, and he can sneak around easily. "Even when we locate the city, we'll still have a hard time getting the Commander out of there. We would need at least some people there on foot undercover I would think."

Elemental Dragon smiles with her Green Head, tipping it at Colonel, "Sir," she replies softly, then fades into silence again.

Ring Redwing thinks for a moment more, considering just where to look and how to look and taking a deep breath before offering, "Well, logically speaking, wherever the city is it would have to be a place where Maverick and Robot Master territory either bordered or were in close conjunction. It would not make much sense for the city to be endorsed by both factions unless both had a claim or stake of some sort in it. So it would have to be a place bordering upon the European and African continents. That would seem to indicate the place would be somewhere upon or bordering the Mediterranean Sea. If that is the case, it might be wise to have some aquatic units searching the region as well." Turning about, she smiles at Elemental and flips open her datapad to a bit ahead so that she can see some of the topics they already had covered.

Colonel says, "We're going to need people who are intelligent enough to figure out how to stage a rescue, and smart enough to keep their heads down until the time is right. Commander Pegasus, that is your division, I believe. The Hunters have also offered their assistance, you might do well to speak to them too."

Spiral Pegasus turns to Colonel and nods, mentally going over the requirements. How to stage a rescue: Check. Smart enough to keep their heads down: Shyeah, right. Shinobi and um... Shinobi. Good thing the Hunters offered assistance. "I'll talk to the Hunters right away, sir."

Flare Feline is always ignored when stuff like this goes on, why is that? It's his own fault for not particupating enough in stealthy missions where he should have though. He remains silent for now, not really having much else to add here.

Spiral Pegasus's eyes turn towards Flare. Did he say stealthy? And he certainly doesn't look like the Rambo type either. Fixing his attention back on Lil' Hat, he adds, "And if it's good with you, sir, I'd like to add Flare to the mission."

Colonel mulls over options for a minute. "All right. I'm glad to know how things are going in the divisions. I will assign new standing orders soon. Once Silver Mane has been returned, we can refocus on broader scale operations without worrying about the Mavericks holding our men hostage." He looks to Spiral at his request, then to Flare Feline. "If that is all right with you, Captain, I don't see why not."

Flare Feline nods "I'll be glad to." Flare is multi-purposed, he can do more than fight and get his aft handed to him afterall. He's got mad stealthy skillz or something.

Flare Feline speaks up again "If you'd like, I could coordinate with the Hunters and see who'd they be willing to send."

Quell Quetzalcoatlus continues to listen, although her expression seems, at times, troubled, particularly when settling upon Flare's position. However, acceptance, or maybe just resignation, soon follows the expression before she schools herself into a more neutral face.

Spiral Pegasus's eyes light up as his mouth opens slightly. D'oh, he -is- the Hunter liasion. "Yeah, that'd be perfect. I just need one more, though. I already have the other Repliforcer in mind already. She hasn't gone out into the field yet as far as I know, but I have no doubts of her ability or experience." Just don't call her Tink.

Ring Redwing wonders if Flare has any specific Hunters (whose name start with an I) in mind to assist in the operation as well. Keeping her thoughts private, this concludes the attempt-to-embarass-Flare quotient for the evening.

Fusion Phoenix nods as the meeting seems to be comming to an end. This has been a good meeting so far.

No Flare is not thinking of sending Inverse!

Flare Feline nods and rises. He'll be getting in touch with the Hunters as soon as he can, probably tomorrow. Though he'd like to speak to Phoebus about the Flemish States Outpost before officially going on this mission. Wow, he has a lot to do.

Fusion Phoenix shakes his head. He has nothing else to bring up, and just wants to get back to the medical center to finish his repairs.

Ring Redwing salutes as Colonel dismisses the meeting and then turns to continue to tell her superior the details of the meeting and basically recap all that was discussed. And perhaps get some preliminary scouting of her suspected area of where the city of Tartarus is located begun.

Iris hops up out of her seat, grinning. She leaves the tray of cookies on the table, though.

Flare Feline snags one of the cookies as he leaves, munch

Colonel surreptitiously takes one of the cookies before following Iris out the door.

Quell Quetzalcoatlus leans forward, resting her lower jaw on one hand as she glances down at the console, and finally retracts the comm link. She casts a gaze at the others, nodding quietly as they leave, but yet does not leave her seat.

Fusion Phoenix snags a final peanut-butter-and-choclate-chip cookie as he goes.

Ring Redwing grabs some cookies while still talking to one of Elemental's heads. (Which ever one seems to be the most attentative at the moment) Offering some to the mult-headed Dragon as well.

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