The Crystal Palace

A sizeable establishment. Crowded by the masses at night, the place is almost polar opposite during the closed hours of the day. Three large bars are set against different walls in the mammoth interior of the nightclub. Chrome, mirrors, and neon seem to be the primary focus of decoration within. The motif extends fully to the dais of a dance floor, which is lined in a highly reflective alloy and seems constructed of frosted blocks of glass inset with a shifting display of colored patterns. Stairs rise upwards from three corners, reaching the catwalks which hug the outer walls and the fourth bar which caters to patrons on the floor above. Far off in the most distant corner of the club is a rather sizeable room which is barred by a heavy door inscribed with the notation 'Employee's Only'. Set just off to the side is a small walled section inset with a heavy, and antique, oaken door upon which is a small brass plaque inscribed with a single word, 'Management'.

Magnum Panther
Radar Meerkat
Crystal Man
Greed Goblin
Ring Redwing
Management Area

Ring Redwing turns the the next young male beside her, this one a muscular Feline with spiky hair and protruding muzzle all clothed in black. He swings his massive forearms around the red Repliforcer as she twirls and spins her rings, sure sparkling light shines off her and illuminates her dancing partner's outfit... making it appear to be studdied with rubies. *sway sway, flashy flashy*0-reposed-0

Greed Goblin strides to the edge of the overhead catwalk, gazing down and the ever-thickening crowd. A smile touches his twisted features as business seems to be booming. Noting a number of new arrivals, he catches the eye of several waitstaff and sends them bounding across the floor to greet and take orders.

Flare Feline walks into a bar... ok, no bad joke. Flare enters, and goes through the usual stuff someone his size may have to go through with bouncers. Normally Flare wouldn't come to bars like this, however he's meeting someone here later. He looks pretty anxious, as if dreading something in the near future... He finds a table in an isolated part of the bar (for now) and sits, and waits.

Magnum Panther hmms as he approaches the establishment, hearing the thumping bass from quite a distance off. "New club? Sounds interesting..." his old instincts taking over, the Repliforcer is drawn to the building like a moth to a flame. He flashes his military ID to the bouncer, who opens up the red velvet line and lets him in...not wise to refuse the military in this town, after all.

Radar Meerkat is surrounded on the dance floor by people bigger than him, but that's fine as far as he's concerned...less chance that someone will pick him out of a crowd or trouble will start. He moves about effortlessly, really into this dance club atmosphere.

Greed Goblin finally decides to return to the main floor. Carefully weaving his way through the people flowing in both directions, he makes his way down the staircase and practically disappears in the crowd. A moment later, he appears once again casually greeting people and shaking hands with the few who know him enough not to be unnerved by his appearance. After a few moments of mingling, he returns to the main bar and reclaims his reserved barstool near the main doors.

Ring Redwing is surroundeded by people and reploids larger than her as well, although her wings make up for that difference. Swinging her hips from side to side, she places one hand upon the spiky-haired Feline's shoulder as he kneels in some sort of break dancing move on the ground before her. Redwing is totally ignorant of the other's entrances.

Magnum Panther is, also, totally ignorant of Red's presence in all the noise and confusion...he's still a mite worried about her, but hey, there's always tomorrow....for now, he makes his way through the crowd in the direction of the bar, making a concerted effort /not/ to get drawn into the dancing at the moment...spoilsport.

Flare Feline continues to sit at his table, while waiting for a certain someone to arrive. He waves off a waitress who askes him if he wants a drink, and just asks for something non-alcoholic. She gives him an odd look, but goes off anyway. He taps his index finger on the table, looking nervous

Ten enters the club.

Radar Meerkat suddenly spots an old friend in the crowd from his civilian days, and he grins widely at the other Reploid. "Deeeeeealer Lemming!!" He pats the other guy on the back, then quick as a wink, hops over toward the DJ booth. "When Dealer and Radar are in the house, it's Mamushka time!" The other reploid shakes his head. "Ohh, you can't be serious...not -that- song!"

Radar Meerkat laughs out loud, and scurried over to the DJ booth before Dealer can catch him.

Flare Feline is still sitting at a table, looking nervous

Magnum Panther continues to wind through the crowd, inadvertently bumping into Radar on the way...wonder what that flash of blue was? The panther finally arrives at the bar, glancing at the menu posted on the wall over the barkeeper's head. "Phew...looks like a salary-drainer."

Ring Redwing just keeps dancing, *flashy flashy, swayey swayey* Waitaminute, swayey.. yeah okay... swayey.

Greed Goblin observes the turbulent action from the well market confines of his private section of the bar. Preferring a little personal space, he is by no means aloof and the dimunitive reploid congenially greets and talks with everyone who stops by. Every once and a while a slightly out-of-place figure will arrive and the two will have brief discussion, but for the most part Greed Goblin is accessable to all the party-goers. Most of whom inquire about free passes.

After the current song finishes, the DJ announces, "We just got an instant know what time it is, iiiiiit's Mamushka Time!" The infamous Mamushka dance, of ancient Addams Family fame, has somehow withstood the test of time, and over time DJ's have transformed the song into a trancey, trippey, throroughly danceable number.

And then...many of the dance-floor patrons, in addition to Dealer Lemming and his old chum Radar Meerkat, hop up and down in synchronous time -- time to Mamushka!

Ten makes her way into the Crystal Palace. .oO(Oh boy, after all the work I have had to do lately, I need a chance to get out and have some fun! Lately, I've constantly had to be... serious! OH my gosh!)Oo. Ten looks about and smiles. .oO(Well, this place should be as good a place to have fun as any. Well, maybe not as any, it won't be as much fun as the mall. Then again, I'll spend less money. Hmmm, but spending large amounts of money is really fun. Oh well, I'll have fun here anyway.)Oo.

Greed Goblin quirks a brow towards the DJ booth, but ends up chuckling as his pipe is brought to him as well as a glass of red wine. Keeping the smoking tool in its rather plain tray for the moment he takes the opportunity to inhale the fragrence of the of the beverage before taking a careful sip.

Radar Meerkat links arms with Dealer Lemming, and the two of them spin around. "Hey! Hey! Hey!!" Occasionally, Radar bursts out into peals of hysterical giggles.

Magnum Panther glances over his shoulder in the direction of the DJ's booth, his gaze inadvertently following the staircase up to the second floor...hmm, that has possibilities. Without a word, Magnum begins to make his way around the edge of the crowd towards the staircase....he rolls his eyes as the song continues to play. "Someone musta had a few too many already..."

Ring Redwing dances the Mamushka? Okay whatever... she just moves with the flow.

Flare Feline glaces over at the noise, but not really noticing who is making it. Shrugging, he goes back to waiting. The waitress returns with a large Coksi for Flare, and leaves. He sips it slowly...

When the crazy song finally finishes, Radar leans on Dealer's shoulder for a moment, laughing. "It's been FOREVER, old friend," Radar says fondly. Dealer nods. "Yeah, no doubt! Radar, where've you BEEN, guy? How come you never come around to pay a visit anymore?"

Radar's giddy smile fades a bit, as he thinks of his sober reality...(Because I've given it all up, for a greater cause,) he thinks -- but he can't dare tell, not even his best friend from an entire lifetime ago. " biz has kept me on my toes, choomb."

Ten is making her way through the place, looking about to see everything that is going on. When the dancing starts to reall pick up, Ten considers joining in. However, she decides against it when she spots Flare Feline. Ten cheerfully makes her way toward the Repliforce cat, waving and calling out, "Flare! Heya! I didn't expect to see you here!"

Greed Goblin continues to fail to light his pipe. Instead, he simply raises the instrument to his mouth and promptly forgets about it. One of the bartenders, at Greed's prompting, hands over a slim briefcase from behind the bar. Unlatching the case, the gnarled figure produces a thin, cloth-wrapped bundle from the inside. With great care, he unwraps the package and observes its contents with something akin to reverance.

Flare Feline hmms, and sees Ten making his way over to him "Oh, Hi Ten." Flare smiles, and scratches the back of his head "I don't normally come to bars like this, but..." He coughs "Well... I heard back from the Doc yesterday..." He waits for her to get closer so he won't have to talk above the music to continue...

After a short discussion with Dealer Lemming, Radar then slinks back over to a table -- which happens to be situated near where Flare and Ten are talking. For the moment, he's not intentionally eavesdropping on them, but his sensitive audial sensors soon zoom in on the conversation.

Radar Meerkat takes a seat at a small table near the dance floor, and pulls a grape soda from his backpack, opening it up.

Greed Goblin continues his single-minded devotion to the object before him. His entire, gruesome visage seems to light up with glee at whatever he now possesses. Carefully shifting it back to the case, he seals the stachel and returns it to the bartender who scurries off into the administration portion of the building. His spirits considerably lifted, he hops down of his stool and makes it his personal mission to greet each and every person or reploid not on the dance floor.

Ten sits down near Flare Feline. "Hey, Flare. It's good to see you. I came here because all of the work I've been having to do lately is driving me crazy. It was making me even crazier than before! Could you imagine me even crazier?" Ten giggles. "What brings you here? Well, besides your feet."

Flare Feline hmms, and sees Ten making his way over to him "Oh, Hi Ten." Flare smiles, and scratches the back of his head "I don't normally come to bars like this, but..." He coughs "Well... I heard back from the Doc yesterday..." He waits for her to get closer so he won't have to talk above the music to continue... "He was... happy to hear from me. After some light talking, we agreed to meet here tonight. He should be arriving soon..." Flare sounds happy, but he's really quite nervous, as it is plainly obvious by looking at him. He hasn't met this man in over 6 months, and their previous meeting wasn't exactly... cheerful.

Whirlpool Lobster enters the club.

Roar moves through the entrance, stepping to the side upon entering as to not block the entrance. His optics go a cold grey-white from the usual crimson, as he scans over the area detactedly.

The music continues to pump as the various patrons enjoy themselves on the dance floor and at the various bars in the club. Various colors and patterns of light bathe the dancers in a myriad of different hues effects. The party seems to be getting into full swing and Greed Goblin continues his trek through the noisy establishment to meet and greet those who graced his business with their presence.

Radar Meerkat leans back in his chair, and as he overhears Flare, he raises a brow curiously. (Now what's that all about, I wonder?) he thinks.

Ring Redwing is in the center of the dance floor, twirling around, switching dancing partners every now and then, constantly in motion. She seems to be immensely enjoying herself. Well she usually is quite hyper. All thought about jewelry shopping for exotic rings has left her mind as she stomps her feet, sways her hips, and waves her hands and rings around to the music.

Ten's expression goes from cheerful to sympathetic. "I see. I guess that's what you tried to tell me as I was walking over here. Sorry, I failed to hear you over all of the noise. Well, this is it, then." Ten's tone softens and becomes sympathetic. "I can see that you are nervous, but I'm sure you wll do just fine. I'm sure meeting the Doc again will be a happy moment for you. If you want me to stay with you for reassurance, I will be happy to do so. If you would rather be alone except for the Doc, I'll leave you alone. I'm fine with either."

Radar Meerkat smiles cordially at a passing waitstaff, and orders another 'antifreeze' (read: glowing green liquor-drink). As he waits for his drink, he silently listens in on Flare and Ten, while 'zoning out' and watching the dancefloor innocuously.

Flare Feline lightly chuckles, Ten almost seems as nervous as he does "Thanks Ten. Well, if you want to meet him, sure, you're welcome to stay. I don't mind." This is Flare's subtle way of saying 'Yes please stay! I'll probably lose my nerve in front of him!'

Greed Goblin pops up next to Radar Meerkat just before his drink arrives. "Welcome to the Crystal Palace," he shouts aboce the ceaseless din of the dance music. "I trust everything is satisfactory?" Leaning heavily on his cane, he tries to get close enough to make his words heard. Despite his somewhat unpleasant appearance, he seems rather cordial and open.

Whirlpool Lobster walks in through the doors of the Crystal Palace, and is immediately blasted with noises and pings from his sonar. Rubbing his head, he switches off the troublesome system and instead takes the time to actually look around and enjoy the place. "Well, it's been awhile since I've gotten around. Too much training lately." He scans the place for anyone he knows.

Radar Meerkat bobs his head, smiling at Greed Goblin. "Yessir! This is a GREAT club, I love it! Keep up the fantastic work!"

A middle aged human male enters the bar. He has light hazel hair, combed back, and is wearing a darky navy blue shirt, with a tie. He has glasses on his face, and looks to be quite distinguished. What's a person like him doing in a place like this?

He glances about, looking for someone. He smiles inwardly to himself as he sees the various reploids gathered around, and scans them, searching for a particular one. Finally he spots him, sitting over near the back wall. It's been ages... He walks over to him, and signal "Flare!! It's good to see you!!" Making his way through the crowd, he comes over.

Roar moves to one of the walls, just behind the tables. For now he walks along the edges, staying out of the way of most of the waiters who scurry past, and out of the main area. Looking over the tables, his optics shift back to their normal crimson, becoming a bit more accustomed to the surroundings, though still slightly uneased. Which is evident from the way he carefully walks, slowly and steadily. Squinting a tad bit, he stops upon noting the presence of a fellow Maverick, though he doesn't approach them.

Roar moves to one of the walls, just behind the tables. For now he walks along the edges, staying out of the way of most of the waiters who scurry past, and out of the main area. Looking over the tables, his optics shift back to their normal crimson, becoming a bit more accustomed to the surroundings, though still slightly uneased. Which is evident from the way he carefully walks, slowly and steadily. Squinting a tad bit, he stops upon noting the presence of a fellow Maverick, though he doesn't approach them.

Greed Goblin nods, smiling and produces a pass. Offering it to Radar, he comments: "I'm pleased to hear you say that. Hopefully we can become a place of entertainment to many." With that, he turns and disappears into the crowd to find someone else to pester.

Ring Redwing has danced all the way to the edge of the dancing throng, here the music is softer, the bass sounds not quite as pounding. She hears some familiar voices and turn to look... who does she see? And what will her reaction be?

Ten nods in response to Flare. Smiling, she says, "I'll stay, then. I really would like to meet the man who..." Suddenly, she hears a human yelling. Yeling, to Flare! Ten turns, and sees a man she recognizes from the photograph. Ten gasps in surprise. She turns to Flare, smiles and nods. However, she does not speak. She knows that she needs to let Flare greet Dr. Snow right now.

Flare ulps, as he hears the Doc's voice. Well this is it... "Hi... Doc." He sighs, not really knowing what to say right now. Besides, he's the one who has to do most of the talking tonight...
Whirlpool Lobster scratches his head with a clawtip as the old man passes nearby him. Upon his announcement of the name "Flare," Whirl looks in the direction the man was looking, also seeing Flare Feline and Ten. .oO(Hm. Flare's having a meeting? I wonder who with?) Whirl manuvers his way through tables to get closer to Flare and Ten's table, not wanting to disturb the situation.

Heilen enters the club.

Radar Meerkat grins, pocketing the pass the club owner gave him into one of his many pockets. "I scored a free pass! How good is that?" he says to himself, forever the optimist.

Dr. Jedidiah Snow smiles at Flare. "Well is that all son? A Hi? I'd have thought that you would have more to say" He is smiling warmly, clearly showing he's joking. But after a moment, his expression turns to seriousness "We have a lot to talk about Flare, so I guess we should probably get started." He takes off his glasses, and closes them, putting them in a front pocket. He sits.

Megalith Gigas enters the club.

Ten gives Flare another reasuring smile and nod, but remains quite. She is feeling extremely happy for Flare right now, but she knows that she shouldn't say anything just yet. She happens to spot Whirlpool Lobster nearby, and she waves to him, but still does not say anything.

Flare sighs. No going back now. But then he almost acks, as he forgot about Ten "Oh, umm Doc?" He gestures towards Ten "This is Major Ten. I mentioned her to you a few times before when we were talking earlier. I wouldn't even be here now if it wasn't for her..." Flare cringes a bit inwardly, it's making him seem like he can't do anything for himself. Times like this he wishes he COULD comsume alcohol without breaking down...

Roar slowly moves through the area between the tables once Greed Goblin has moved past the Maverick. Stepping with a silence most won't expect from someone as large, he moves up toward the table Radar is at, "A free pass?" he asks curiously, his voice a flat neutral tone.

Greed Goblin is wandering about the club, barely visible due to his small stature, greeting the patrons and generally smoozing.

Ring Redwing also hears the voices of Ten and Flare conversing... the first thought is surprise... her superior officers have arrived at this joint... the second thought is to creep away before she is seen, but she's having too much fun dancing... What she ends up doing is dancing back to the center of the dancing mob.

Heilen steps inside, pausing a moment to get the look of the place before he heads further inside. He inhales deeply, and grins a little. "Good to take a load off," he murmurs to himself, beginning to head through the crowd--perhaps he'll see someone he knows, here. More than likely.

Radar Meerkat looks to Roar, and smiles up at him. "Yessir, a free pass to get in for next time," he remarks. He gestures at the other seat at the table, in case Roar would like to join him. In the meantime, of course, he's got one audial sensor trained on Flare, Ten, and Dr. Snow's conversation-in-progress.

Whirlpool Lobster returns Ten's wave silently, offering a smile along with it. He sits down at a nearby table, out of the gaze of Flare. He looks nervous enough already, knowing that there are other people around listening to him wouldn't be good. He absently glances at the menu and double checks the place for anyone else knows.

As the bouncers check individuals in, a faint rumble begins to occur thorugh the bar. Drowned out only by the beat of the dance floor and the rumble of the music itself. One bouncer, a paticularly large and burly reploid frowns as a shadow passes over him and he turns around to find himself face to belly with huge muscled and armor wall. Towering up overhead to a frighteningly massive chest and a head that nearly disappears from sight due to the glare of the spotlights and depths of the casted shadows. "Whoa.." is all the smaller reploid can mutter. The bigger one--Megalith--swivels his gaze back and forth. Scanning the bar with his optics before starting to slowly move forward.

Roar quirks a brow at Radar for a moment, "Sir? If anything, I should be refering to you as such..." not the type for rank, having none himself beside the usual grunt level status. Pulling out a chair he sits, motioning for a waiter. "Most interesting place this is..." he says as he looks about; his optics go a bit wide upon seeing Megalith.

Greed Goblin's attention is dominated by the towering figure making his way into the club. "Well," he comments idly to himself. Changing direction, he moves to intercept the massive reploid and make a personal greeting. "Welcome to the Crystal Palace," he shouts, his voice barely carrying. "I am the new owner, Greed Goblin." Chuckling, he produces a business card. "You wouldn't be looking for work, by chance?"

Heilen spies someone, there... ah, he was right! He changes direction, moving to approach Whirlpool. "Good evening," he ventures pleasantly. "I was wondering if anyone else from RF would be here tonight. I should have expected it." He chuckles. "So you decided to take advantage of free tickets, too?"

Radar Meerkat folds his hands in front of him on the table. "Well," he remarks to Roar, "That's from the force of habit, I suppose...Repliforce kind of beat that into my neural net, and I can't let it drop. Everyone's a sir or a ma'am until they tell me otherwise." He shrugs his thin shoulders slightly. "Politeness opens doors, besides."

Ring Redwing is dancing back at the center of the dance floor, but now there's a slightly worried expression that she'll be spotted. The other Repliforcers probably would be able to recognize her even despite her civilian disguise. She is still borne along by the tide of dancers that is still moving back and forth to the music.

Megalith Gigas's gigantic chest bunches up and rolls in a very 'human' like bounce. Creaking the synth flesh as well as the armor beneath from the strain of their fiborous movements. He emits merely a dull basso rumble that rattles the glasses nearby and then relaxes his huge chest and simply swivels his red optics down to illuminate Greed Goblin partially within their glare. Finally his deep siberian accented voice rumbles out with an echoing *thud*, "I have day job. I am Repliforce." His thick jaw then quirks faintly. Flesh pulling to the side in a thoughtful expression before his siberian tone thuds out again, "You ask, why?"

Ten cheerdfully smiles and nods to Dr. Snow. "Heya, it's good to meet you, Dr. Snow! Oh, although Flare introduced me as Major Ten, you can just call me Ten."

Whirlpool Lobster looks up to see Heilen now standing over him. Speaking just loud enough to overcome the noise, he says, "Hey, how're you doing?" He makes a gesture for Heal to sit down. "Yeah, I figured that I needed a break sometime soon, or else you might have to fix something other than battle wounds." He gives a slight chuckle and gazes about the place once more. "It's really... sparkly in here, isn't it?"

Greed Goblin barely manages to catch himself as he flinches under the powerful voice of the Repliforcer. Shrugging, he flashes another smile. "In a business such as this, my friend, I am always on the hunt for capable security staff. You appear to be," he pauses, indicating Megalith's massive structure, "Slightly more qualified than most."

Roar hrmms and nods slightly to Radar, a careful watchul optic on Megalith, "Repliforce, feh," he says under his breath, so only Radar can hear it through the crowd. Turning back toward Radar, he leans in at the table, "Diesel Twist," he says, as he waves the waiter away, annoyed he walked up when he did, "So ..." he searches for the name, "Radar Meerkat was it?"

The Doctor ahs as he greets Ten "It's good to meet you Maj... Ten." He smiles "I am actually grateful to you for helping Flare out. You can call me Doc." He chuckles a bit and gives a glance at Flare "Really... you can call me Jedidiah if you want." He turns to Flare, deciding to break the ice with some small talk "So how have you been doing in Repliforce Flare? You haven't said much about yourself in the brief messages when we communuicated before now."

The Doctor ahs as he greets Ten "It's good to meet you Maj... Ten." He smiles "I am actually grateful to you for helping Flare out. You can call me Doc." He chuckles a bit and gives a glance at Flare "Really... you can call me Jedidiah if you want." He turns to Flare, deciding to break the ice with some small talk "So how have you been doing in Repliforce Flare? You haven't said much about yourself in the brief messages when we communuicated before now."

Greed Goblin barely manages to catch himself as he flinches under the powerful voice of the Repliforcer. Shrugging, he flashes another smile. "In a business such as this, my friend, I am always on the hunt for capable security staff. You appear to be," he pauses, indicating Megalith's massive structure, "Slightly more qualified than most."

Heilen takes the offered seat, and leans forward. "No kidding! I think I prefer something more low-key, myself, but if it's free, I can't complain. And I thought I might as well come to the opening event!" He waves down a passing waiter and takes a menu, opening it up. "It's too bad that only the entry is free."

Radar Meerkat bobs his head at Roar. "Yessir, that would be me. Radios and electronic wiring are my business...and business has never been better."

Whirlpool Lobster nods as he also looks over the menu. "Well, we've got to do something with the salaries we get, don't we?" He scans the menu, looking for something interesting. "Bah, too many choices. I don't frequent bars and such enough to know what's good." He looks up to Heilen, "Any suggestions?"

Another deep rumble emits from Megaliths chest. The titanic reploid narrowing his optics in thought before he responds to Greed Goblin in that grating demonically deep siberian tone of his, "Security Staff? It iz so. I am security and defense reploid. You are to be requiring defense?" He emits a deep rumble and then brings his hands up. Clasping them together and producing a loud crunching sound as he mimics the human like act of cracking his knuckles..except it's multiplied a hundred fold. His titanic body seems to swell up slightly and then he rumbles at Greed, "However if you are to be hiring a Repliforcer..then you are to be understanding that duty to Repliforce would supercede that to the bar."

Roar optics dim yet again, "Call me Roar? It'll put both you and me at ease. And yes, I know the Repliforce training, went through it long ago with the rest of most of the X-Hunters." Leaning in against the table with his left elbow, his left palm holding up his head, he waits for his drink to arrive, "This place, can prove most informative, and yet at the same time, prove a hinderance..." he says partly to himself, but also to see what type of response he gets from Radar.

Radar Meerkat furrows his brow. "Why a hindrance?" he asks his table companion curiously.

Greed Goblin smiles, nodding with scarcely concealed enthusiasm. "Of course, of course. The defense of the world matters far more than my humble establishment. But I could always use someone of your stature, for the protection of our patrons. I would be more than willing to match your Repliforce salary for whatever services you would be willing to provide. If that is acceptable to you, of course."

Ten smiles and nods in response to the Doc, but when he asks Flare how he is doing, she quietly allows Flare to answer. She would really like to talk to this man some more, but letting him talk to Flare after all this time should take priority, so she patiently waits for her next chance to say something.

Heilen looks over the menu for a moment, and shakes his head. "I'm no more knowledgeable than you are.. don't have a clue. I suppose picking something at random couldn't hurt. Might taste bad, but it won't hurt." He presses his index finger to the menu and moves it up and down at regular intervals, stopping suddenly on one line. "Hm... 'The Atomic Fire'. Sounds pretty, er... vicious, actually." A pause. "I'll try that."

Roar shrugs a slight bit, as the waiter finally arrives, sitting it on the table. Roar gives a glance of cold stone, warning the waiter off before he can attempt to 'accidently' overhear anything, "The fact that this place could very well easily become an easy spot for reploids to get themselves over-fueled or in debt, making it very easy to abuse them for all sorts of things. A very... afront to our cause."

Flare is certainly not one to brag. "I've been doing alright, I guess. I've met a lot of great people there. Including Ten." He coughs, deciding not to metion his recent promotion, he's not here to talk about that... He sighs "Anyway Doc... we both know why we're here, right?" He drinks form his Coksi again, nearly finishing it, nervously.

Whirlpool Lobster hms, looking back at the menu again. "Random, huh? I guess then I'll try... The Comet Crusher. The powerful sounding ones usually aren't, though."

Megalith Gigas rumbles at Greed Goblin, "Megalith doubts you will match his Repliforce salary..however the job prospect is interesting. I am to be considering it." The giant nods his head and then reaches his hand up and tilts his officers cap slightly to Greed Goblin, "The protection of your patrons is to be a good thing. However, Megalith must ask..protect them from what? You are to be..having a good group of clients. So it seems." As he speaks he glances upward and looks over the bar. Briefly letting his gaze land on those he recognizes.
Ten keeps sitting, smiling, and listening.

Radar Meerkat hmms, the look on his face suggesting he disagrees with Roar. "Well, maybe. But most reploids have the good sense to know when to say when...not like humans, who forever inebriate themselves beyond carrying capacity because they're too stupid to stop. Besides...everyone's got to have a little fun in their lives...a place to break away from the latest mission or the next attack. True?"

Dr. Snow nods "Very well. I can see you're anxious to get right down to it then..." He leans on his elbows on the table, hands clasped under his chin. He looks Flare over. oO(He certainly does seem a bit different, even physically, with that Repliforce armor. He even seems a bit more confident than before... but not by much, he's still as nervous as ever when dealing with these types of situations...) He chuckles to himself, and resumes speaking "But first Flare... I just want to know one thing. Even after all these months... you've had plenty of time to check up on us... but you never did, correct? *pause* Why is that?"

Greed Goblin shrugs slightly. "Where crowds gather to enjoy themselves, there are always those who would cause disruption. I simply wish to protect those who frequent here. But," he gestures to the club behind him, "Please, enjoy yourself in the Crystal Palace tonight. Your drinks will be on the house while you consider my offer." Raising a hand, he signals the bar and then to Megalith before him. "Do not let me detain you any longer, please, have fun."

Roar grumbles slightly, shifting a bit in his seat from the unease this place is causing him, "Perhaps, but remember, while we are better than them, they did create most of us. Hence, some of us are infected by the very diseases of personality that so attribute them. They are our creators, their flaws become ours through their trying to play gods."

Heilen waves down another waiter. "Atomic Fire for me, Comet Crusher for him." As the man nods and departs with their orders, Heilen turns back to Whirlpool. "Have you seen anyone else from RF around here tonight? I can't think that we would be the only ones."

Whirlpool Lobster nods. "Yeah, Flare Feline and Major Ten are over there." He points slightly to Ten and Flare's table, "I wouldn't disturb them, though. They're talking with someone and Flare looks like he's ready to leap right out of his armor."

Flare finishes drinking the Cokesi, nearly spitting it back into his glass. Nervously he put's it down... "..well.. I... umm.. I..." He stammers, getting more anxious by the minute... oO(Dammit Flare, don't do this now! You've already resolved to do this, no turning back. Don't throw away everything Ten did for you...) Flare coughs... and sighs deeply, preparing himself. He grits his teeth a bit "I... I was afraid!" He blurts that out suddenly... finally saying it. "I was afraid alright? I was just to scared to find out the truth, that's all..." He looks away from the Doc, embarressed.

Megalith Gigas nods his head to Greed Goblin and simply rumbles one final time. "Megalith will consider it." The titanic muscled being then steps forward and fully begins to stride into the bar. His foot falls sending shudders throughout the room and his body moving with a huge lurch and bodybuilder like sway to it. Clearing the area to the sides of him as well as infront and behind. His passage..quite literally like a walking sherman tank. It's a small wonder the bar doesn't crumble around him but..then is built for reploids to enjoy. As he moves he slowly virtue of size..near the table where Roar and the others sit. His gaze momentarily sliding towards them.

Radar Meerkat smiles...he's enjoying this conversation with Roar. This one likes to think. "Could it be possible, though, that we're -evolving- into something much better than the humans originally planned upon? Programming, left to its own devices, improves upon itself over time."

Roar gives a slight nod as he takes a reserved sip of his drink, "Yes, it does. However, the same basic faults usually keep around for a good long while. I doubt we'll see any major changes in behavior until a great deal in the future. Even faster once the humans have been removed from the equation of life. With them around, we are always reminded, and in some way, still retain the faults."

The Doctor raises an eyebrow "Afriad Flare? What on earth for? Why would you be..." And then, the obvious strikes him oO(Of course... he mustn't know... no wonder... Well, this changes things. Here I was thinking that... well, it's no matter) He nods "So that's it Flare? I guess I shouldn't be surprised... I /did/ program you with a large conscience. But I didn't think it'd affect you THAT much..." He would open his mouth, to give the answer Flare wants straight off... but decides not to. oO(If he's been running from this for so long, if I just blurt it out it won't help him. He has to ask me himself.) He keeps his gaze on Flare, expecting him to speak...

Ten's expression becomes one of sympathy. She can see that this is very difficult for Flare, and she can understand why. She can also see that this particular question that Dr. Snow asked has caused the reploid cat a great deal of strife. Ten wants so badly to speak comfortingly to Flare and tell him that it's okay, but she thinks it would be better for him to hear it from the Doc, so she fights the urge, and lets Dr. Snow handle it.

Greed Goblin seems genuinely pleased as Megalith commits to at least considering the offer. "It's been a good night indeed," he mutters as he resumes his wandering.

Heilen looks over his shoulder, and nods to himself. "Wonder who that other fellow is... but you're right, he looks really, er... un-officer-like." He chuckles, and shakes his head. "Poor guy... he's had a lot happen to him, especially with that promotion." He folds his hands on the table again. "So how's life been for you?"

Radar Meerkat sips what remains of his drink, and nods to Roar. "That's nature, reploids are impressionable mechs. That's exactly how the program grows and improves. Mechs should retain -- and maintain, the company of other mechs in order to maintain the proper influence in their daily lives, and such."

Megalith Gigas grunts and continues on his way. He eventually reaches the bar itself and then turning about, sits on about four stools at the same time. The entire room shaking with an audible *BOOOM* as he impacts. The stools nearly warping and bending beneath him. Only by reinforced supports do they not do so. He nods his head to the bartender and then removes his officers cap. Setting it down ontop of the bar so the Repliforce symbol is facing slightly outwards before he begins to eye the list of drinks.

Roar says, "s optics go a bit dark, focusing on attempting to listen to the others around Megalith, though the crowd makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, "Hence the creation of the Coalition of"

Whirlpool Lobster gazes at Ten and Flare's table for a moment longer before turning away, "Life for me? Well..." A waiter appears and gives Heilen and Whirl their drinks. "Thank you." Whirl takes a drink of his, causing him to nearly spit it out again, his optics going wide. After swallowing, he coughs for a bit. "*cough cough* Well, scratch what I said earlier about the powerful sounding ones being tame. It's pretty good, though." One more cough, and he finishes his earlier reply. "Since my punishment started I've been a little out of it. I've stuck myself in the training room since then. That's about it for me. How about you?"

Roar's optics go a bit dark, focusing on attempting to listen to the others around Megalith, though the crowd makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, "Hence the creation of the Coalition. The Maverick's our the future, unfortunately, many fail to see this. Their creators keeping them on tight leases."

Greed Goblin is sought out by one of the waitresses who seems anxious to catch his attention. Meeting her halfway, he listens as she bends down and whispers something in his ear. His expression souring, he turns and strides quickly towards the well-guarded and clearly marked management offices. Nodding to the security staff on either side, he opens the heavy door and disappears behind it.

Greed Goblin has left.
Greed Goblin enters the Management Offices.

Radar Meerkat mm-hmms. "You bet! Either their creators keep them reined in, OR, they refuse to hear that which they know to be true!"

Flare eyes the doc oO(Well? Why isn't he saying anything? This is it isn't it?) He almost swallows his tongue, if it were possible oO(I don't think I can take this much longer... he knows doesn't he?) He cringes... not really sure if he can work up the nerve to ask himself. Each second ticks by, seeming like an eternity. He's been waiting and dreading this for so long... Running from this fact for months, slowly he has built up the courage to face it again. However it seems to be running out, he had hoped the Doc would just say it, and spare him the anxiety of having to ASK. A few more seconds tick by... oO(He knows... he wants me to be the one to ask first... typical....) He deeply sighs, closing his eyes for a moment. Clenching his fist under the table, he steels himself, oO(...alright) His face looks determined, at least as determined as Flare has ever looked "After.... ... after that day. When you shut me down... did..." His voice almost breaks, but he shakes it off... "Did... Krysta ... make it?" He clenches his fist even harder, to an outsider that question probably won't make much sense... however right now it's the most important thing to Flare.

Heilen says, "Not much... well, variety anyway. I've done a lot of repairing people. Just the other day, Corporal Elf came in, smashed up from top to bottom. Her legs didn't even work... the Mavericks sure did a number on her. I had to replace most of the internal parts of her legs, then. Earlier today, Magnum and Redwing came in, too. I think Redwing had her processor jarred by one of the Masters, she was, uh... screaming a lot, even though she wasn't very wounded. Magnum had worse wounds, but it was all blunt trauma so I fixed it up pretty quickly."

Roar takes the rest of the drink down, as he stands, "Yes, that is their fault. And in the end of the equation of life, if they don't realize their fault, and choose to die with their creators, then so be it. One can hope though, that they not fail in that test." As he begins to walk off, he adds, still within hearing range of Radar, "The test of evolution and survival." before he walks off. As he does so, he nears the group of repliforces, a slight grin on his face as he removes the piece of armor that was over his Maverick sigil, "Repliforce," he says with the utmost contempt as he leaves without another word.

Heilen is in the midst of lifting his own drink to his lips when his head jerks up. He blinks once, and his eyes go distant... "Heh, shouldn't have been surprised," he murmurs after a moment. "One of them, at least, is here." Instinctively, he turns around to look.

Whirlpool Lobster takes another sip of his drink, managing to keep it all down this time. "Looks like you've been really busy, then. I'd heard about the fight in Rio. Hope there wasn't too much damage." As an afterthought, he adds, "Are Redwing, and Magnum okay now?" He then blinks at Heilen's comment. "Who's here?"

Radar Meerkat sends a radio transmission to Cyber Peacock.

Heilen shakes his head, turning back to Whirl slowly. "Mavericks," he replies quietly. "And yes, those two are doing fine, now."

Radar Meerkat whispers to Roar: 'Commander ... is ... be calling ... if he ... assistance.'.

Whirlpool Lobster considers this. "Mavericks? Hmm." He rubs a claw under his chin in thought. "If they are here, I doubt they would cause trouble. From what I've heard said around here already, this place is another 'free zone.' Plus, there's enough security around." He lowers his optics and adds, "Though we should probably be on alert, just in case."

Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission from Roar.

Heilen nods in agreement and takes the first sip of his drink. His eyes widen the smallest fraction, and he blinks, swallowing. And blinks again, his eyes beginning to water. " If anything happens, maybe we could just give them some of this stuff to drink." Blinkblink.

Radar Meerkat watches as his table-mate heads outside. He stays put...unlike Roar, he enjoys this bright, colorful, upbeat atmosphere, and he isn't as disgusted with the close presence of the Repliforcers. Of course, he's still young and impressionable, and he has more than enough time to become just as mean as the other Mavericks. For now, though, he enjoys himself! Leaping over the dance floor railing, he heads back out on the dance floor, whirling to the techno-beat.

The Doc smiles slightly oO(That's it Flare, face the situation, don't run from it) "Well... it's a long story what happened afterward. I guess I should start at the beginning" Yes this stalling may be hard on Flare, but there is more he needs to understand "After the incident, my wife took Krysta to the hospital. And I had to deal with you. You were absolutely frantic, which wasn't surprising, considering what had happened." He looks at Flare, with intense compassion "But I want you to know that it was a malfunction Flare. One that I should have noticed and taken care of sooner..." He sighs and sits back in his chair "I shut you down to repair it, which... was the last time you saw me. Of course, I fixed it, easily." He narrows his eyes, "After a few hours I heard from the hospital... She had suffered serious wounds, lost a lot of blood... but... she DID make it." He pauses, waiting to see Flare's reaction to that...

Radar Meerkat sends a radio transmission.

Ten also waits to see Flare's reaction. .oO(Yes! He is going to be sooooo happy now!)Oo.

Whirlpool Lobster snickers, and then laughs. "Yeah, that'll do it. I'm pretty sure this stuff could peel the synthflesh off of anybody." He tries his sonar again, to see if he can make out anything, but winces the instant it comes back online. "Ouch. Too much harmonic resonance to use my sonar in here. Hurts my head." Glancing at the drink, he chuckles, "Of course, this drink can't be helping." He takes another sip, having now grown accustomed to it.

Flare's expression doesn't change for a moment. However if you could see his eyes, they'd slowly start to almost glow, as if a huge weight was lifted off him. oO(She... she's alive? I... don't believe it... but... it's true...) Flare tries to restrain his emotions for now, as the Doc seems to have more he has to say...

Heilen follows suit--concerning the drink, anyhow. Mmm, nothing like drinking a fireball. Except, say, setting /yourself/ on fire, which amounts to much of the same thing. But this particular form of liquid inferno has a nice taste to it, so Heilen bears it. "I bet a lot of people won't be getting much sleep tonight," he comments. "Here's hoping we don't end up looking a bunch of well-rested Masters in the eye tomorrow."

Jedidiah Snow of course notices Flare's reaction. Smiling, he decides to continue "Well, I suppose THAT was the one thing you've been waiting so long to hear. I can see that you've been tearing yourself up over that incident, I guess I should have realized it sooner. Flare... I want you to know that it wasn't your fault. Not at all. I programmed you, so I know the grief that must have been tearing at you, but it /wasn't/ your fault..."

Flare closes his eyes for a moment. There is no way that Flare can just flip off his guilt like a light switch, however thanks to his talks with Ten, and now with the Doc, Flare is ready to start putting the past behind him. He'll always feel guilty for what happened, no matter what anyone says... but it is time for him to move on...

Ten smiles warmly, sincerely glad that she had the opportunity to watch this warm moment. Even if Flare doesn't look happy right now, Ten is certain that on the inside he is, and will become increasingly happy with time. .oO(Thanks to the events of tonight, Flare will soon be able to rise from the ashes of his past and be reborn.)Oo.

Radar Meerkat cheerfully 'works' the dance floor...he's quite the little social manipulator, not nearly as awkward in this social situation as he is in other more serious ventures. One might almost call his style flirtatious, to a point. He laughs with other 'ploids, dances with them, jokes around...offers them cigarettes, and has casual chats...picking up little snippets of information here and there, and categorizing them in his mind.

Whirlpool Lobster raises his drink in agreement to Heal. "Yeah, but I'm sure that just one glass won't be enough to hit us too hard."

The Doc continues "Well, after my wife returned from the hospital.. she... well we had an arguement. She was apparently afraid that you might have gone Maverick." He closes his eyes "I tried to convince her otherwise, that it was impossible, and I had even ran diagnostics, nothing like that appeared. However she was adament about leaving you deactivated. For the time, I decided to comply, hoping that she would eventually see my side of things." He sighs "But... that didn't happen. As Krysta recovered, she stayed strong in her opinion. She... just didn't want you near her again. I tried Flare, I tried as hard as I could to convince her otherwise, but it was just no good. I had hoped that once Krysta recovered, she'd help me in convincing her otherwise... but before that could happen..." He pauses again...

Heilen grins. "With all the activity going on.. with the Masters and Mavericks, sometimes I wouldn't mind giving them some of their own back to 'em." He raises both hands, though, as if displaying them--"But I'm not a combat 'mech, unfortunately. One of these days I'm going to get permission to use a Ride Armor. Mark my words."

Flare Feline continues to listen, intently...

Ten does, too.

Whirlpool Lobster nods. "I hope so, Heilen."

The Doc gathers his thoughts "Well, you probably didn't know this, but in the few weeks before hand I had been offered to sell our home, apparently the land was wanted for development. I had denied it until that happened. Ironically enough, soon before Krysta was released, I was offered a position in Torontreal. Jillian (his wife) was all for it, she wanted to move away from what had happened. After some discussion, I decided to take it, and sell the house. However... as I was packing my lab, I had prepared to take you, but then, she confronted me again. She asked me to leave you in the house... to be... demolished with it. I argued strongly with her for hours, but..." He sighs "She just wouldn't listen to me at all..." He chuckles a bit "I'm a bit of a coward myself Flare... don't feel too bad for what you have done." He looks back up at him "I'm the one who left you behind... I'm the one who ran from my creation." He sighs deeply again "Well, once we settled in at our new place, I was certain that our old home here in New York was demolish, along with you... Krysta kept asking about you, it was hard... to tell her the truth. Eventually we just said that you were gone away, and won't be coming back... She was heartbroken... even my wife started to see the incredible error in what happened, but it was too late. We were sure you were gone. So... time went on, and I had no idea that somehow you were salvaged, and joined Repliforce no less... then last month... imagine my surprise when I saw your victory in the Battle and Chase footrace... I guess you know the rest up to now..."

Radar Meerkat takes a little break from the hectic dancefloor. He hops up on the railing surrounding the dancefloor, which easily accomodates his small form, and lights up a cigarette and he waits for his body to re-energize.

Whirlpool Lobster takes a break from talking for awhile, glancing back over at Flare and Ten's table, still wondering what their conversation is about.

Flare doesn't really know what to say right now. He's dumbfounded, as if it were all a dream. He almost can't believe that Krysta survived that accident... and that after she STILL called for him... "So... you're all in Torontreal now right? ...I'll... have to go there... soon... eventually..." Still, he's not quite ready to just waltz into their home again... it's too soon "Does... did you tell Krysta that I'm alright?"

Ten keeps listening to Flare and Dr. Snow. She feels a little like an eavesdropper at this point, but she is sure that Flare would not have offered to let her stay if he did not want her there. She is glad he did, for she is truly happy to be able to witness this joyous occassion in which her friend finally comes to terms with his past, and can cast off his misery.

Radar Meerkat pauses for a long moment, listening intently to something. After a few moments, he leaps over the dance-floor railing, and jogs out of the club -- taking care to crush out his cigarette in an ashtray by the door before quickly exiting.

Radar Meerkat has left.

The Doc shakes his head "No... not yet. I... I wanted to talk to you first, make sure about how you feel." He pauses once more, straightening the coller on his shirt "I know that you must be busy in Repliforce, so I didn't want to tell her the news right away. You have more responsibilites now." He looks at Flare again, at the Repliforce insignia on the center of his chest plate "Whenever you get the time, you'll always be welcome back in our home. Even Jillian thinks so now... even she regrets what we did to you when she saw just how much you mean to Krysta. So whenver you can, you're welcome to come by at any time, though... contact me first." He smiles again, slightly.
Heilen finishes the rest of his drink--similar to running a flaming steam of gasoline down one's throat--and sets his glass down. "It's getting a bit late... I think I'm going to head back to base. I'll see you sometime, eh?" He grins and stands.

Whirlpool Lobster still nurses his drink, enjoying being outside of the base for awhile. "Alright. See you later. I'm going to hang around here for a while longer, I think."

Jeanno steps into the Ice Palace, in his usual clothing. It seems that he is, at the same time, unused and very comfortable with this place. He is promptly stared at as he walks in, by women of all kinds -- such is the price of fame he's afraid.

Heilen salutes informally, acknowledging his companion's statement. "Enjoy yourself! And good evening!" He turns and heads out, humming to himself.

Heilen has left.

Flare nods, though even considering this new happy news, he won't be running to their door. Not just yet. He then notices the Doc getting a bit tired "I'll be sure to drop by some time doc, count on it... anyway it's getting late for you isn't it?" He smiles, just a bit

Dr. Snow laughs slightly "Yeah, I seem to be getting quite tired myself. Though I supposed you're not, being a Reploid and all." He places his glasses back on his face, and stand "I'll be in touch Flare, I'd like to meet again while I still have business in New York." He then turns to Ten "It was a pleasure to meet you Ten, sorry I virtually ignored you throughout this entire conversation. I'm glad that you helped Flare out as much as you did." He then says, under his voice just so she can hear "He's not the type to normally go to people for help, he's a little stubborn like that, I'm sorry if he caused you any trouble." And with that he stands again, and prepares to leave, giving a slight wave to the two as he heads for the exit.

Ten waves to Dr. Snow as he makes his way out of the bar. She considers his words for a moment, clearly lost in thought very briefly. .oO(He isn't the type to go to somebody for help, and yet he came to me. In spite of his tendency to not go to people for help, he came to me for help. Gosh, that truly makes me feel good! He certainly didn't cause me trouble. Quite the opposite, he has made me feel special.)Oo.

Flare Feline watches the Doctor leave. It was a hard conversation, but not nearly as hard as he had thought it'd be. It's hard for him to believe that all his troubles can be washed away in one conversation. He DOES feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, but it still isn't all over for him. He sits there for a few minutes, before standing finally, turning to Ten "Thanks for being here Ten. I'm sorry that I kept you from your night off for this..."

Jeanno sits by one of the tables that might occasionally be there. A sincerely blushing waitress walks up to him, taking his order... A Dry Martini, shaken, not stirred. He awaits for his drink patiently, paying little attention to his occasional outbursting fans.

Ten smiles warmly and says, "You're welcome." Then she shakes her head. "No need to apologize. I am truly glad I was here for this. Seeing you talking to Dr. Snow and hearing the good news, having the burden finally lifted from you, has made me happier than I have felt in a very long time. Thank you so much for allowing me to be here for this." Ten's voice rings with sincerety, indicating that she means every word of what she said.

Flare Feline nods to Ten, not really feeling like talking much more tonight. He starts to leave, to let all of this sink in.. He glances back at her "Thanks again Ten..." And he leaves, paying for his one drink beforehand

Whirlpool Lobster smiles. "Maybe now I can stop over and say 'hi.'" He gets up and walks over to Flare and Ten's table, Flare just now standing up and leaving. He salutes Ten lightly, maintaining some formality in this informal environment. "Hi, how're things going over on this side?" .oO(Dang, I hoped to catch Flare before he left. Oh well.)

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