You enter the Training Facility - RHQ.
Training Facility - RHQ

The impressively spacious Repliforce training center is spread out before you. It is difficult to take in all the activity at once. There are reploids running about all over attending to their training regiments, or just doing some personal relaxation. The designers of this complex seem to have thought through the every need of all types of reploids. This includes, but most certainly is not limited to, a section dedicated for gymnastic training, with sets of complex bars and rings. This is a modular system that can be controlled by the Training Facility's computer systems. A full compliment of the finest reploid weight lifting machines are scattered all about, this is very similar to what you would find in a human Gym, only designed to help strengthen reploid muscles. In the center of all this is the training floor. It is a flat and desolate space. The ground there is constructed of synth wood and is the place where classes in hand to hand combat are taught. Surrounding these set ups is a running track for sprinting or jogging. In one of the far corners there is a shooting range to help increase accuracy at all ranges, and there is a submersion tank in another corner for those of the under water persuasion. Near the door is a desk, it is here that you may sign up to use any of the Repliforce equipment, remember if you break it, you buy it.

Holographic Terminal <HT>
Medical Drone

Obvious exits:
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
The holographic projecters are off now, and the room is black, with a yellow grid around the room.

Flare Feline is in the training room, simulating a target practice exercise.

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*a voice that sounds far more pleasent than his real one* Hello, are you a Repliforcer?"

Flare Feline misses his target due to the sudden question through the tightbeam...

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "Uh, yes that's right. Can I help you?"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*same voice* Yes you can, i would like to report a crime."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "Oh.. ok.. *pause* You know, there are probably better people than me to report this to..."

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*the voice changes to his true, gravelly one* Ah but they aren't as fun as you little cat."

Flare Feline narrows his eyes, at the change of tone in the radio

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "...who is this anyway?"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "A... enemy of yours. I have a promise to uphold to you. Afterall what kind of Maverick would i be if i didn't keep my word?"

Flare Feline scratches his head, forgetful as always...

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "A Maverick... enemy? What are you talking about?"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: ".... Dagger Lynx you blithering fool. Now you will do as i say!"

Flare Feline slams his fist on his palm in an 'oh yeah' manner

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "Oh, I remember you now. You're the obnoxious guy I beat in the footrace. What's up? *obliviously friendly sounding*"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Murder will be up soon if you don't do as i tell you too."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "*voice losing the friendlyness* What are you up to?"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Why comeuppance of course. I said i would get you, and i for one don't lie. Of course i have to have something to insure my own safety..."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "Gee, I knew you Mavericks were sore losers, but I didn't think you were really serious..."

Flare Feline crosses his arms, tapping his foot, not liking what he's hearing...

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "This isn't about winning or losing, this is about pain, power and keeping my word. Now tell me do you like innocents? I don't."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "Hey! What are you going to do? This is between us oO(I guess) keep anyone else out of it!"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "But i don't trust you will keep others out of it? What is a terrorist to do but to kidnap a few innocent janitors and threaten to kill them?"

Flare Feline grinds his teeth, this is JUST what he needs...

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "*slight growl* Don't you Mavericks know anything ELSE besides holding hostages? Fine, what do you want me to do?"

Dagger Lynx sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Come alone to *themepark in midwest area*. I repeat come alone.. you don't want any.. unfortunate mistakes to happen. If you catch my meaning."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Dagger Lynx: "*silence, then a sigh* ... fine, I'm on my way..."

Flare Feline shuts off the target exercise program, before storming out of the Training Room

*Repliforce Spinny zooms on the screen in Batman style, then cuts to the midwest*

You enter the Midwest.

Often confused with the South, the Midwest is the area between the Great Plains and the East Coast. Many of the areas here are a mixture of suburbs, cities, and sleepy towns, acting as a sort of transition area between the Great Plains, the South, and the East. Most of the identity of this area is tied to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, which once acted as a lifeline to cities nestled along its banks many centuries ago. Filled with a rich diversity, many stories can be found about the adventure and excitement that once thrived along the rivers.

[Stealthed] Maverick Ride Armor <Raven> [M]

Obvious exits:
Southeast <SE> leads to Eastern Seaboard.
East <E> leads to New England.
West <W> leads to Great Plains.
South <S> leads to Appalachian States.
North <N> leads to Central Canada.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Eastern United States.

The area is a themepark known as Land of Fun.. but the scene is anything but fun. It is pouring rain everywhere, the reason the park is currently closed, and the gate of the park is broken open and melted to slag by something. The large area behind the gate that leads to all the rides is currently trashed.. with what appears to be three humans in janitorial suits tied together. They aren't moving or anything and appear to be either dead or unconcious.

Flare Feline walks in and eyes around "Yeesh, creep factor is off the charts. And it just HAS to be raining too..." He looks around "Alright, where's cliche boy at?" Spotting the janitors he begins to run over to them "Hey, you ok over there?"

Before Flare can reach the tied up janitors a sudden and loud crash sounds behind him. If he were to look behind himself he would see a horrifying sight.. 19 feet of what looks to be a invisible machine outlined by the rain, it's form just barely visible. A familiar and malice filled voice rings out from the mech, "Miss me, honey?"

Flare Feline turns and goes wide-eyed at the outline of that... whatever it is "What in the.... is that a ride armor?" Flare takes a step back, putting him between the Raven and the hostages, and crosses his arms "Oh come on now, isn't that a bit overkill?"

No verbal response comes from the giant ride armor.. instead a blaring scream sounds out as the agile feline who was the armors pilot leaps out of the deadly mechine. Curved daggers in either hand he yells, "For the Mavericks! For Radar Meerkat! For Nix! For me!" and falls onto Flare in a flurry of strikes with the deadly blades.

Dagger Lynx strikes you with his Dagger Strike for 9 units of damage.

Flare Feline looks up at him coming down, screaming at him and tries to step out of the way but slips on the muddy ground and Dagger lands right on top of him "Dammit.." At the fury of blades, Flare kicks his legs up underneath him, and throws him off with clawed feet "Off!"

You miss Dagger Lynx with your Feline Fury attack.

Dagger Lynx flips backwards as the sharp claws of the large feline feet come his way. Growling slightly a shoulder cannon launches upwards and targets on the Repliforce cat, releasing a wave of what look to be orbs blacker than the darkest night. "This is only the beginning of your pain, scream for the chorus.. join my choir of pain!"

Dagger Lynx misses you with his Gravity Orbs attack.

Flare Feline spots the incoming orbs of big black pain, and manages to roll of the way in time. Jumping to his feet, he closes his fist, which starts to glow from the inside with an orange light "Hostages, choir of pain, blah blah. I'm glad to see you spare no cliche." With that he opens his hand, and flings an orange colored exploding sphere at him

You strike Dagger Lynx with your Pulse Break attack.

Dagger Lynx doesn't manage to dodge this time, caught in mid movement by the blast of exploding pain. His system flare and his weak bindings pop, mechfluid drooling down his side, "Good hit.. you are as equal to me as i had hoped.. but not equal enough!" Raising his hand to the sky a great thundering sounds out as he calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky.. hopefully for him on the Feline.

Dagger Lynx strikes you with his Lightning Bolt for 10 units of damage.

Flare Feline watches him raise his arms "What's he doing..." And looks up in the sky "What the he*Cracka-boom!*" Flare gets thrown back a few feet, and slowly staggars back up, armor blackened a bit. He has his hand on his head "Ow... Ok, that's it." He draws his claws from his fingertips and prepares to charge at him "But first, the hostages? Are they alive?" He doesn't give Dagger an inch, and attacks him anyway, charging at him and trying to swipe at him with his razor sharp claws. He'll wait for his response when he recovers

You miss Dagger Lynx with your Cat Scratch attack.

Dagger Lynx merely grins and blurs with swift movement, dodging the attack by the power of his speed. Still grinning he says, "Alive? Why they were never alive.. why don't i demonstrate?" he stabs his dagger into the ground, a second later a explosion of sound booms out on all sides of him. The 'hostages' blow apart, showing that they are in truth nothing more than plastic shaped into humanoid form. Probably stolen from a clothes store.

Dagger Lynx misses you with his Sonic Boom attack.

Flare Feline jumps out of the way of the explosions, then looks shocked at the dummies "Why you dirty little...." He seems mad, but he calms a bit "Well, this changes things. Now I don't have hostages to worry about." He growls and leaps at Dagger coming down on him not with his claws, but with his teeth, hoping to take nice big bite out of him... then disinfect his mouth later

You miss Dagger Lynx with your Cat Nip attack.

Good thing the cat misses him with the bite, because this cat rarely bathes and has been in places nobody wants to know about. His shoulder cannon targets at Flare's back as he rolls under the leaping Reploid. Before Flare can realize he has moved he releases a wave of small electric sparks which leave a trail of steam as they destroy the rain they fly through.

Dagger Lynx strikes you with his Spark Storm for 9 units of damage.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*sounds of a thunderstorm in the background, slight static* This is Flare Feline here, the Maverick Dagger Lynx suckered me into a duel at *insert name here* themepark in the midwest. He threatened me with so-called hostages, but he just revealed they were fakes. He showed up in a stealthed ride armor I can't identify, but thankfully he's fighting me on his own. I don't need assistance yet, but I'll keep you updated... *sound of a blast* Ow... son of a...*static*'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: '...An' de reason yuh went by yuhself was?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: '... More hostages? Kick his bloody ass for that, mate.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Do you need assistance, Flare?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'I think the sudden static and cutting out of his radio is most likely a sign that he needs assiatance.'.

Flare Feline tumbles to the ground from missing with the bite, and gets hit from behind, screaming slightly. He gets back to his feet and glares at him. He spoke into his radio briefly, and now just looks at him ... with his eyes closed? You'd think he was nuts, but you slowly see light building up behind his eyelids, a split second later he opens his eyes to reveal a blinding flash to all who behold it, temporarily stunning anyone who sees it

You strike Dagger Lynx with your Feral Eyes attack.

Dagger Lynx is temporarily disoriented by Flare Feline's Feral Eyes attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Repliforce... I want two squads down there on the double! Find out what is going on, but keep clear so that if Dagger Lynx has hostages we do not put them in danger.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*static again, replaced by Flare's voice* No, I'm fine for now... I was tricked out here by fake hostages Broadcast. He wants revenge from the foot race apparently. I'll keep you updated...'.

Dagger Lynx doesn't blink fast enough as the flash blinds him, he releases a frustrated yell of, "Damn my eyes! I will kill you even if i have to do it blind and angry!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: ' If you find the hostages, see if you can free them and get them to safety. If it is a fluk, then so be it.... Allow Flare Feline to handle the maverick for the moment. Send Stealth units in only, any others remain behind until ordered.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Ya sure they was fake, Flare?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'He blasted them, and they blew apart into plastic bits. They were from some clothing store I think.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Okay, seein' as I ain't the stealthy type, yell when you need me to actually step in and kick someone's skidplate.'.

Flare Feline walks up to him while disoriented, and quickly says "To your left!!" The kicks him with his taloned foot from the right

You strike Dagger Lynx with your Feline Fury attack.

Dagger Lynx looks to his left with his currently blurred eyes... only to get kicked in the butt from the right! This of course isn't something the psychothic, looney, crazy... you can guess the rest... cat likes. With a snarl his daggers alight with electricity and strike forward, the cat almost seeming to be in a animal rage by now.

Dagger Lynx misses you with his Lightning Dagger attack.

Animal Rage huh? Couldn't be better, there's nothing easier to avoid than someone berserked. He side steps him, and while he's busy slipping in the mud, he aims his palm at him, with firey energy swirling around the blaster in the center "Behind you, slowpoke" Blammo
Either you do not have that attack armed, or you were not specific enough.

You miss Dagger Lynx with your Flare Pulse attack.

Dagger Lynx luckily is enraged enough by the slow comment to blur with movement and dodge the deadly flames. He yells with pure rage, "Slow? Eat this!" his fist slams forward, electricity crackling and arcing around him. The electricity slams forward in a powerful blast of lightning.

Dagger Lynx misses you with his Thunder Crash attack.

Flare Feline eyes Dagger as he makes a move towards him, with a rather powerful looking attack oO(Ok, I got one shot for this to work...) He crosses his arms over his chest, and starts to crouch out of the way, firey energy erupting from his hands, and spinning around his body in an atomic pattern. He ducks Dagger's strike, and then brings himself up and headbutts him, the fire energy exploding around them both
Either you do not have that attack armed, or you were not specific enough.

You miss Dagger Lynx with your 9-lives attack.

The attack would probably drop the wounded and bleeding Reploid known as Dagger Lynx.. but it would have to hit. His speed powering again he moves with blurring fast speed, Flare missing him with the explosive flames. Turning in his quick movement a loud piercing noise emits from him as he rams at Flare, a yell of bloody rage being let out

Dagger Lynx strikes you with his Screaming Dash for 5 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*sound of a scream from Dagger, followed by a painful scream from Flare* Ok... I think it's time for me to take off. Since I know the hostages are fakes there's no need to indulge him further. If anyone wants to drop by and finish him off I won't be against it...'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Any takers?'.

Flare Feline gets the come-around from Dagger, and gets thrown back several feet. Armor blackened, punchtured, blackened some more, he slowly staggers to his feet. "Ok, well it's been fun, in a twisted psychotic sort of way, but since I know the hostages are fakes, there's no need to indulge you further. If it wasn't for this blasted rainstorm I wouldn't have had so much trouble." He turns and gives a half wave "Later" And takes off, full sprint

Flare Feline retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Maverick Ride Armor <Raven>, and Dagger Lynx.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Well, if the hostages aren't real. Is there any reason? Let him go home licking his wounds. Maybe he'll learn better next time. *mutters under his breath at the likelyness of that*'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Wit' all due respect sir, I think we should save our resources fuh more important stuff.'.

Dagger Lynx snarls as Flare begins his retreat.. oh he plans not to let the cat get away. Infact he plans to destroy the cat in as many bad ways as he can think of.. yes this is the type of things Maverick's think of in their spare time. His body floods with light as he prepares to release more electricity, a great yell sounds from him as the electricity shoots out in all directions, burning the already burnt theme park with blasts of electricity and deadly bolts fly for the fleeing 'Forcer.

Dagger Lynx misses you with his Thunder Storm attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'Well, I guess I'd better head over to that amusement park and make sure the Maverick takeover doesn't last.'.

Flare Feline hears the crackling lightning behind, and hazzarding a guess, leaps into the air and barely manages to dodge the lightning strike. Landing back on his feet he continues running.

Dagger Lynx watches the cat run, ah well, he will go about welding things to the cat's internals later.

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> arrives from the Sky Above Eastern United States.
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> has arrived.

================================= Repliforce =================================
Message: 13/21 Posted Author
Skirmish with Dagger Lynx Thu Jul 05 Flare Feline
*The spinnerific spinning spinny spins on, then spins out to reveal a slightly beat up Flare Feline*

*Flare's red armor is quite a bit more black than usual, and there are various puncture marks all over him. He is also wet with rain, and a bit muddy* Greetings Repliforce. Earlier this evening Dagger Lynx suckered me into a duel with him, he wanted revenge over beating him into getting a silver at the footrace. He tricked me with some fake hostages, and lured me to an abandoned amusement park during a thunderstorm. Glad to see he spared no cliche. He arrived in a ride armor, but thankfully didn't fight me in it. We fought, but due to the rain and muddy ground he got the best of me, barely. I had to retreat, but as I was leaving, Commander Ten arrived in the Cow. Expect a follow up report from her on what happened afterwards. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get cleaned up. *He salutes, some of the mud flies off his hand, and onto the moniter, which goes black*

*And back comes the spinnerific spinnerful spinning spinny of spinnyness*

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'Oh... my.... gosh! It's a Maverick ride armor! I'm going to try to disable it.'.

================================= Repliforce =================================
Message: 13/23 Posted Author
Skirmish Adendum Fri Jul 06 Ten
The spinny fades out. Ten appears. "Sergeant Ten here. I have a little something to add to Corporal Flare Feline's AAR. Shortly after he left the area, my squad of Special Ops operatives, consiting of me, Private Quickstrike Mongoose, Private Retrieve Pelican, Private Crisis Crab, and Private Toolkit Kitfox began searching for the Maverick who attacked Corporal Flare Feline. At first we did not see him, but before long he made his presence known to us when he attacked us in a ride armor." (picture of Maverick Ride Armor <Raven>) "Most of my squad was disabled when the ride armor used an area attack designed to disable without harming, but I was fortunate enough to successfully avoid the blast. A brief battle ensued, but I convinced the Maverick to leave the area in exchange for not being attacked further. He agreed to this, but before he left, he shot me with a strange black beam from the ride armor. It damaged my armor pretty badly, but I'm still A-okay. I attacked him one last time after that, but then he withdrew. I made sure he was monitored while he remained inside areas of UN jurisdiction, but at one point, he activated a stealth device in the ride armor and I could not follow him further. However, I have reason to believe that he did return to a Maverick base without causing further trouble. I sent a clean-up crew to the area that was attacked. We would probably do well to remember that this particular Maverick ride armor has stealth capability. Sergeant Ten, out." Ten's image fades out. The spinny returns.

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