Skyblade Eagle hmms, and watches as they all leave the sim, applauding a bit..

A voice in Whirlpool Lobster's holopad says, "Gravity level 5."

Templar is watching Siege and Dawn run around a jungle/base infiltration sim.

Whirlpool Lobster grunts as he increases the gravity. The hydraulics in his limbs begin making sounds, as if they're not at all happy with the sudden change. He pays no attention to it, though, and begins sprinting back and forth across the pad.

Siege Wolverine walks out last, looking at Sky. "Thanks Ma'am, though we failed the primary mission objective." he states coolly, tapping the off button. The sim shuts down in holodeck 9, Siege's weapon systems turning off. He stretches a bit, popping the kinks out of his system, after all, you ever hit the ground twice as fast as you normally would?

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Yeah, well, we completed it, when I ran through there."

Flare Feline walks in, just as the simulation ends. He looks around a bit, and shrugs, obviously he missed something, but pays it no mind. "Hey everyone." He says, and gives a general salute to everyone in the room.

The room glows with a bright light, and phases to it's off state.
Templar glances to Siege, witholding any real comment.

Siege Wolverine salutes Flare, then nods to Skyblade, "Yeah? Who'd you run it with?" he asks curiously, considering things. He glances at Templar, then looks back to Skyblade.

Skyblade Eagle hmms, "Lemme think...Phoebus, Avenger Arachnid, Cryogen Bison...And, that was it. Us four."

Siege Wolverine nods, "Oh... I see." He nods a bit, "What were the mission parameters at the time?" he asks, trying to figure out how his late mentor ran the sim...

Templar glances back at Flare, not responding to the Reploid's general greeting. He looks to Skyblade, and listens with a bit of curiousity.
Skyblade Eagle hmms, "Get in, rescue a fellow trooper who was being held in the main building of the camp."

Flare Feline scratches his head "Sim?? What's was going on?" Flare asks with a bit of 'I'm bored right now' curiosity

Siege Wolverine glances at Flare, "I was runnin' a tactical sim, Cat." he replies, then nods to Skyblade, considering this information. "How many, ehhh, guards'd Major Bison have programmed into that thing?"

Skyblade Eagle hmms, "A lot, actualy. But ya see, I had Cryogen and Avenger secure the perimeter of one side, while Phoebus and I took care of the other, then we stormed the camp at the same time..

Ricochet has left.

Siege Wolverine nods, considering this. He hrmmms, "Yeah, I remember Major Bison talkin' 'bout that sim..." He grins, "Nice strategy, Ma'am, if I do say so... Pretty far from the one I had, but apparently more, effective."

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Yeah.." She says quietly, "Well, at least you guys tried. Practice makes perfect...And please, you can stop calling me ma'am."

Flare Feline walks out of the doorway, ignoring the 'Cat' comment "Well, will you be trying again? Maybe I could help out?" He says cracking his knuckles

Siege Wolverine nods, "Yeah, we did... And we failed, prob'ly my own fault too, but eh." He glances at Flare, "Maybe, Cat, maybe." He shrugs, nodding to Skyblade, "Yes Ma'am."

A voice from Whirlpool Lobster's holopad says, "Gravity level 10. Danger." Whirl's servos groan in agony and his legs give out, filling the whole area with a large *clong* sound.

Templar smirks only slightly. "I believe the Sergeant asked you not to address her in that manner, Corporal." he notes.

A voice from Whirlpool Lobster's holopad says, "Gravity level 10. Danger." Whirl's servos groan in agony and his legs give out, filling the whole area with a large *clong* sound. (rp)

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Yeah, Templar's right." She smiles, "If you really want to, go ahead, but hey, I try to make it easier for you all."

Siege Wolverine shrugs at Templar, "Force'a habit." He looks at Skyblade, "Then what would you prefer I call you, Ma'am?" he asks.

Templar nods once, then glances to the nearby holopad. He notices Whirlpool getting smashed, and he flips through his mental files for a few deciseconds before his peronnel data spills across his vision. "Orders come before habit, Corporal." he answers sternly, without looking from the Lobster.

Skyblade Eagle holds up a hand, "Relax.." She says to Templar. She looks at Siege, "Look, it doesn't matter to me. To be honest, I couldn't care less what you call me."

Whirlpool Lobster groans and attempts to push himself up. .oO(Guess I might not be ready for 10 times my own weight... ow...)Oo. He doesn't yell out, or even tell the computer to lower the gravity. He only tries to force his systems to counter the gravity and stand up.

Siege Wolverine nods and shrugs, "Roger that, Sarge." He grins a bit, "That good?" he asks.

Templar nods slowly to Skyblade, finally looking away from the smashed Marine in a neat turn. He watches the group.

<Global News Network> This is a GNN special report: The alarms at the London Mesuem of Musical History have been triggered, and all reports indicate the perpetrator is likely to be more than normal security and police can handle. (London Historcial District). Of interest is the exhibition of one of the few Stradevarius Violins, the exhibit of which was to open tomorrow. The perpetrator has been identified as one of the Robot Master Elites.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Hmm, want me to go check that out?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '... Yeh gotta be kiddin' me... What'd'a bunch'a rejects like the Masters want with a Stradevarious?'.

Whirlpool Lobster stops his resistance and allows the simulation to end. The injury to his body fades with the simulation, and he gets up again, not looking very pleased with himself.

You enter the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
Sub-Level 2 Hallway

The Sub-Level 2 Hallway is exactly like the Sub-Level 1 Hallway. Its long and wide, with a high ceiling. The walls are metallic, just like the floor. Other then that, there's nothing but doors and glowing yellow lights on the ceiling.

Obvious exits:
Southeast <SE> leads to Teleport Chamber--Repliforce Base.
<TF> leads to Training Facility - RHQ.
<HB> leads to Hangar Bay - RHQ.
<DC> leads to Detention Center - RHQ.
<TL> leads to Turbolift - RHQ.
You enter the Teleport Chamber--Repliforce Base.
Teleport Chamber--Repliforce Base

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Flare Feline disappears in a flash of energy.
Teleportation Area--London

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to London - Business District.

Flare Feline appears in a flash of energy.

You enter the London - Business District.
London - Business District

Unfolding in all directions is the massive Business District of London. Corporate skyscrapers tower off the ground and a multitude of mega-hotels, specifically for those on business trips from other cities are all located here. The buildings in this district are unbelievably larger, as if each one is struggling to outdo the latter, stretching further into the atmosphere to touch Heaven itself. Beneath the omni-level highways and streets is the lower business district where less staggeringly huge buildings are located, where super stores and some malls can be found.

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Teleportation Area--London.
East <E> leads to London - Northern Residential.
South <S> leads to London - Western Residential.

You enter the London - Northern Residential.
London - Northern Residential

One of the most populated areas of the city of London, the northern residential district is the closest to the beautiful landmark of Big Ben II, right in northern downtown London. The buildings here are much larger than the rest of the residential districts. Also close to both the Commercial and Business districts, this area profits in nearly all areas. Unemployment is extremely low here and money all but grows on trees to those with the initiative to make it.

Shades shed

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to London - Northern Outskirts.
East <E> leads to London - Commercial District.
South <S> leads to London - Northern Downtown.
West <W> leads to London - Business District.
Enker arrives from the London - Northern Outskirts.
Enker has arrived.
Enker enters the London - Commercial District.
Enker has left.
You enter the London - Commercial District.
London - Commercial District

The onslaught of light and energy assaults you upon entering the vicinity of the Commercial District. Holographic billboards and advertisements litter the city streets, plastered on buildings and skyscrapers. Stratascrapers dominate the atmosphere like massive stalagmites striking from the ground, the topmost points easily beyond the limit of human and many Reploid eyes. Television buildings are also found here, their huge satellite dishes built atop their skyscrapers, pointed towards the sky sending unfathomable bits and bytes of information every second.

Enker [RM]

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to London - Northern Residential.
South <S> leads to London - Eastern Residential.

You enter the London - Eastern Residential.
London - Eastern Residential

Split into two distinct sections, upper and lower, the Eastern Residential district of London represents two sides of a common coin. Multi-level streets and highways zigzag through the skies, linking building to building far above the limits of the ground. Parks and blocks are built in the air, supported by massive collumns and some by retrojets. Below the majestic metal city above, the lower residential area has been a bit more neglected, where the more common people live. Buildings, save for the very bases of the massive skyscrapers, are less technological and advanced, and common stores decorate the blocks. While some may see as a slum, to those that inhabit it, the lower area is very warm and friendly.

Enker [RM]

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to London - Historical District.
East <E> leads to London - Eastern Outskirts.
North <N> leads to London - Commercial District.
West <W> leads to London - Eastern Downtown.
Enker enters the London - Historical District.
Enker has left.
You enter the London - Historical District.
London - Historical District

Less advanced and developed than much of the city, the Historical District is littered with museums of the past. Buildings here are retro-styled and go back several decades, even centuries in design, giving a taste of an older age when cars drove on magnetically controlled roads and didn't soar across the skies. Far less metallic, with much warmer colors, the buildings here are very friendly and less intimidating.

Enker [RM]
Ballade [RM]

Obvious exits:
London Bridge <LB> leads to London - Greenwich Observatory.
West <W> leads to London - Southern Residential.
North <N> leads to London - Eastern Residential.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Plasma Wolf transmits: 'Something going on?'.

Ballade is inside the museum, strolling carefully up the main hallway. The front doors lie askew, blown apart with a well aimed Ballade Cracker used with precision. After that explosive display, most of the security guards are running for their lives. At the end of the hallway he's advancing down is the room containing the new exhibit.

The Autovan is already on its way. Why? Because, my friend, the Autovan is HELLUVA FAST! Screaching through the streets, even though its a hover-van, it veers through traffic, a siren atop wailing. It sounds strangely like Ecto-1's siren. Over the loudspeaker, Auto is saying, "Steer clear, folks! Maverick Hunter emergency! There is DANGER! DANGER! DAAAAANGER!"

Enker has removed his armor for this occasion, and is merely walking along the road observing the situation. Each time he reaches the end of the block, he turns into a side street for a few feet and then comes back, only to do it again. His armor awaits him at the Sphere, ready at a second's notice for localized teleport.

Flare Feline arrives at the enterance of the Museum, shortly after hearing the GNN report. He examines the busted door "... ok, well forced entry is a obvious point..." He steps inside, and watches as the guards flee by, paying them little mind, as whatever is MAKING them flee must deserve his attention more. After stepping in a few more feet he spots good ol Ballade. He encountered him once before, though Ballade was in an armor at the time, he is easily recognizable. He also remembers how agrivatingly stubborn he can be when he sets his mind on something. "Halt Robot Master!" He calls out to him "I don't care whatever it is you want here but this is breaking and entering. Not to mention the fact you're wanted anyway." He raises his hands and extends his claws "I can assume you won't be coming quietly?"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: ' This is Flare reporting at an incident at the London museum, it seems the Robot Master Ballade has broken in, I don't know his intent yet. I'll probably end up engaging him (in battle, ^_^)'.

Ballade glances over his shoulder at the Repliforcer, and shrugs before turning back to the sealed doors in front of him. "Back away, Repliforcer. I'd prefer not to leave you a smouldering wreck. Which you will rapidply become without backup." Judging the door, he shoves the blade through the lock, which errupts in a shower of sparks. Slowly the doors begin to rumble aside...
Ballade ignites a plasma blade somewhere in that post.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Plasma Wolf transmits: 'Flare... don't do anything rash. If you need help, I'll come right away.'.

The Autovan comes to a halt infront of the museum, gently hovering to the ground and landing on props. All is quiet for a moment, before the back doors burst open. Auto slowly steps out, squinting as the doors close behind him and the van locks. He looks up at the broken museum door and the Repliforcer threatening the Master. "Yeeep." Auto reachs into subspace, as a tumbleweed (or just some newspaper caught in the wind) bounces behind him. Pulling out a metool helmet, he slaps it onto his head, clicking into place. Reaching his left hand out into subspace, he pulls out a laser welder, and slips it onto his toolarm. "Time to make the GRAVY!" It doesn't make any sense, but so what?
Auto has arrived.

Flare Feline stays where he is to "Just as I thought, well I know how strong you are, but YOU should also know I can't very well do that. Not if you're intent on stealing something. So I'll take my chances, hey I might get lucky"

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Auto transmits: 'My Repliforce feline friend in London, I have your "back", "homes".'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I think he's there to steal one of the exhibits, whatever it is.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Marine squads 5 through 20 on standby. 8th, 9th, 16th, 17th report to the teleportation area and prepare to deploy on my signal.'.

Ballade turns his head slightly to regard Flare. "Tsk." The blade hisses back into his arm, dissipating. Turning back, he watches the doors slide apart slowly. "However. I have a moment." He turns fully, bringing up his arms. "Last warning."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Zen Monkey transmits: '*unit down for maitenence. Unable to comply*'.

Enker, walking by on the street, notices that a Maverick Hunter has just exited his van. Thinking quickly, Enker dashes over to the scene (still disguised of course). He yells loudly and starts waving his arms frantically. "No, no! You can't go in there! It's dangerous!! There's a ROBOT MASTER inside!" Enker attempts to drag Auto along by the arm... rather strong for such an average-looking android.

Flare Feline chuckles a bit "My last warning to turn around and flee like a little girl? Heh, why don't you take this as my answer?" Flare closes his fist and opens it as a orange sphere of energy hovers above it, he whips back and flings it at Ballade (think Lina Inverse's 'Fireball!' if you've seen Slayers) I'm sure you don't mind me taking the first shot

You miss Ballade with your Pulse Break attack.

Auto is rather strong himself, for an obese robot made of spare parts. However, he lets the guy drag him a little. "Don't worry, citizen! I'm here to help, for I am AUTO, MAVERICK HUNTER TO THE EXTREME NINJA SPACE ROBOT FANTASTIC!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Well I've engaged Ballade, I'm going to try to keep him from the exhibit, if only for a few minutes. If anyone wants to come and help, I really won't mind"'.

Enker shakes his head, "No, no! You can't help! Someone in there has it under control." Namely Ballade. "And... it's a museum, and any extra fighting might destroy some rare and ancient artifacts!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: '...affirmative, Cadet. *mildly irritated* 9th, 16th deploy.'.

Auto rubs his jaw, raising a brow. "Hmmm. You have a point...Maaaybe...I should shoot at him through the walls, from outside, to avoid damage inside?"

Ballade watches the rather prolonged warmup, and simple steps to the side as the ball of energy hurls past him, slamming into one of the exhibit cases furthur down the hall. At the flash of flame, the fire suppression system sprays that location with halon gas, killing the starting flames. "Tsk. Careful - priceless artifacts of history are here. Aim better." To illustrate his point, he brings up a blaster, and fires a single shot.

Ballade strikes you with his Plasma Blaster for 20 units of damage.

Templar arrives from the London - Eastern Residential.
Templar has arrived.

Enker quirks a brow. This guy really is as stupid as the stories say. "No, you see, if you did that, then the things on the walls inside would be destroyed."

Auto peers at Enker. "...Sir, that was 'a joke'. Maybe you should lighten up. Now, I have a job to do!" He whips back around, beginning to waddle towards the museum.

Flare Feline staggars back from being struck full on by Ballade's blade, ok maybe rushing in and facing off with him WASN'T a good idea. The blast cut deep into his side, leaving a fairly large open gash, some exposed circuitry is shown. Nevertheless Flare persists "Heh, you're probably right, I should avoid my projectiles and just stick with this!!" Flare draws his claws fully and rushes at Ballade, sure fighting him head on is probably less smart, but he DOES have to protect the exhibits here. He slashes at Ballade with both claws, hoping he has a better chance of hitting him up close.

You miss Ballade with your Cat Scratch attack.

Ballade watches the claws speed towards his face... and then there is a blurring shape of violet as he steps aside. One arm lashes out, catching the Feline by the arm. Planting one foot, Ballade spins and hurls Flare towards the exits. Not waiting to see, he turns and steps into the exhibit room...

Ballade strikes you with his Throw for 1 units of damage.

Enker runs at Auto, finally ending up in front of him and blocking his path. "No. I can't allow you to do that. I gave you the chance to cease interfering in our business, but since you seem to insist..." Enker suddenly flashes white, then gold as his armor teleports in. "... I have no choice but to make you cease." Enker draws his spear from its place at his back and makes a quick and rather inelegant bash with it to Auto.

Enker strikes Auto with his Spear Bash attack.

Flare Feline is caught by surprise (literally) and Ballade flings him pretty much all the way to the exit "Waaaargh!" is all that's heard as Flare rolls a bit when landing. He stands up, annoyed at the Master's persistence of not acknowledging that he even exists, or is a threat (ok, maybe just the first one) Undaunted he runs back in, claws drawn again and prepared to strike much more savagely, hoping hitting him from behind would give him a better chance, though albiet unfair.

You miss Ballade with your Feline Fury attack.

Auto blinks, turning around. "Auuugh!" His armor is dented a little, just a bit of a scratch. Auto paws the wound. "My Lord! You savage! That's it, Enker. You said you weren't a Master, or maybe you didn't, but you lied about being an average guy, and you know what happens when you lie, punk? You know what happens? You make BABY JEBUS CRY!" Auto points his welder at Enker, bracing it with his left arm. It explodes apart in a giant rush of flame, a shaft flying at Enker's face.

Auto strikes Enker with his Blowtorch attack.

Enker takes the blowtorch in the chest, where it blackens and tarnishes his armor. He then raises a "Tsk, Tsk" finger. "That's where you're mistaken... I made no attempt to mislead you, I merely tried to get you out of battle. It was for your own good, Baby Jesus boy!" Enker lashes out at Auto with a vicious side kick.

Enker strikes Auto with his Kick attack.

Ballade seems utterly unaware of Flare Feline as he stalks up the aisle towards the massive glass case containing the violin. As Flare leaps towards his back though, he whirls about, blurring as he moves almost too fast for the eye to follow. As Flare sumbles forwards, Ballade drops low, and sweep kicks the Repliforcer.

Ballade misses you with his Slide Kick attack.

Auto discards his fragged welder, pulling a normal hand out of subspace and attaching it to his toolarm. Grunting as he's kicked again, the boot making a resonating clang of his fat frame, he moves to grab the foot, then toss Enker up and over. And Auto, being a construction 'bot, can throw helluva far. "I don't think so, evil-doer!"

Auto misses Enker with his Throw attack.

The dropship closes to fifty yards, and drops to ten above the ground. The hatch bursts open with a hiss that barely pierces the thrum of the ion engines, and Marines pour out...22, to be specific. Templar is among them.

Flare Feline just comes short of hitting Ballade, and lands right next to him, he sees his foot heading towards him and quickly jumps back a few feet as quick as he can, thankfully he was fast enough. But even so, one lucky dodge probably won't save him. "So what do you want with that old crummy violin anyway?" Making conversation in the middle of a battle isn't something he'd normally do, but Flare is curious and he doesn't think that Ballade would mind talking while fighting. Anyway since projectiles are a no-no with him here, and his close range attacks proably wouldn't even be powerful enough if they DID hit, Flare has one more resort to turn to. Flare opens his palms again, instead of one big orb coming out and they surround Flare in an atomic like pattern, Flare rushes at Ballade, attempting to collide

You strike Ballade with your 9-lives attack.
You rebound off of Ballade, taking 5 units of damage.

If only Auto would stop making such awful catch phrases, he might be able to hit the golden Elite. Enker withdraws his foot before Auto even finishes his sentence and comes at the Hunter with a left hook punch.

Enker misses Auto with his Punch attack.

Auto gets struck solidly with the hook punch. Luckily, Auto disengaged the connections on his neck's support structure just in time, so instead of taking damage, his head spins about five or six times, before clicking back into place. "Bwaha!" Auto reaches into subspace, pulling out a comically huge wrench, and attempting to smack Enker across the jaw with it.

Auto strikes Enker with his Wrench Bash attack.

Ballade spins on his hands, flipping back to his feet as you ask the question. "Why... to play it." He turns as the Repliforcer... lights on fire. "Fire. Damn." And then Flare runs into him, full tilt. He manages to turn aside, but his armor actually sizzles at the contact. And Ballade... winces. In pain.

"Right. Enough playing around." Taking several steps backwards, he touches his fingers to the juncture of his horns. There is a blue flicker across the white box there, and then a crackling beam of blue electricity lances out towards Flare.

Ballade strikes you with his Ballade Beam for 8 units of damage.

Flare Feline is temporarily disoriented by Ballade's Ballade Beam attack.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

Enker is so amused by Auto's cartoonish headspin that he is caught off guard by the wrench. He takes the metal object heavily on the left side of his jaw, which he subsequently realigns with a sickening pop. He next comes at Auto with the sharp tip of his spear in a slashing motion.

Enker misses Auto with his Spear Slash attack.

Auto parries the spear slash with is wrench, blocking it as it threatens to cross him. Suddenly, his big boot comes up, aimed between Enker's legs. Robots have no genitalia, but it's still a center of gravity.

Auto strikes Enker with his Kick attack.

Flare Feline smirks a bit, for causing Ballade obviously enough discomfort to show it facially, but the smirk immediatly turns to an 'oh crap' look as he is struck by the blue electricity, stunned, and hurting.

Enker isn't too happy about the groin kick. He may not have balls, but he is programmed as a male - that is, he doesn't take kindly to blows to his reproductive organs. Growling he balls his two fists into one and brings them about for a smashing blow.

Enker strikes Auto with his Smash attack.

Ballade leaves Flare Feline standing there, turning back to the case containing the violin. Reaching into his torso, he pulls out a vial of something which he smears onto the joints of the glass. A pair of wires is produced and touched to the goo. There is a bright flash, and then the case comes apart. Catching the top, he allows the rest to fall outwards and smash on the floor. Tossing the top aside, he reaches in, and reverently lifts up the violin. Strings are produced from inside his torso, and he begins stringing up the violin.

Auto staggers back, head sparking a little. Even though he wasn't hit there. The wrench returns to subspace, as does his left hand. He reaches out and pulls what looks to be a saw, glittering with gems at the edges. He clicks it onto his arm, and it whirrs to life with a deadly hum. Charging at Enker, he hacks wildly. "Oh, Enker, you're such a CUT up!"

Auto misses Enker with his Diamond Saw attack.

Enker parries the buzzsaw with his own spear. Even the ultrahard diamonds can't put a scratch on the magnificent technology of the Mirror Buster. Every vibration just feeds more kinetic energy into its storage modules. Energy which can be released, kind of like this.

Enker strikes Auto with his Energy Spear attack.

Auto bounces backwards, end over end, sparking and fizzling. "Auuuhk!" He stumbles to his feet. Without another word or clever catchphrase, he makes a break for his van, the doors opening as it hovers off the ground.

Auto retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline, Templar, Enker, and Ballade.

Templar jumpjets forward with a group of five Marines. They halt outside the entrance... "<Castor, Phantom, with me. Lahmia, Talon, Seafire, move to cooridinates x1023 y1240 z0056.>" "*<Aye, sir!>" They move out, the latter group heading to the 'back door' and working to help pin the Masters. Templar and the other pair of Marines move through the building, right towards Enker and Ballade...

Flare Feline shakes off the stunning effect, looking annoyed. One at being stunned, and two at Ballade just ignoring him. Flare know's Ballade's more powerful, but geez, how arrogant. "Hold it, put that back." Flare slowly staggars in after him "I noticed you don't particularly like fire" He raises his hand and forms another orb, this time bright red, looking much hotter than his first one "What if I decide to take my chances with missing you?" He runs towards Ballade and looks as if he prepares to fire, but at the last minute he dissolves the orb and goes for a general quick kick to the face. Ha, psyche!

You miss Ballade with your Kick attack.

Enker growls at the cowardly retreating Auto and draws his laser pistol, aiming for the entrance of the van and firing just as Auto reaches it.

Enker strikes Auto with his Laser Pistol attack.

Auto gets hit right in his big, bulbous butt, just as he dives in. The doors close behind him, and the Autovan peels off down the street.
Auto has left.

Enker smiles in satisfaction, having averted a potential gangup on Ballade. Few forseeable problems, he said...

Ballade blinks as Flare Feline threatens him... while he's holding the Violin. "You idiot! This is priceless!" Even as Flare charges, Ballade is moving to dodge out of the way. As Flare follows... and then kicks? Ballade ducks under the kick, his hands busily finishing the stringing of the Violin.

"I think I hear your backup, Repliforcer. Allow me to greet them properly." Reaching back, he lifts the bow of the violin and sets it to strings. As he plays the first few notes, checking the tuning, silver leads lift from his backpack and slot into his shoulders. "But first..." Violin and bow end up in one hand as the other lashes out... energy blade leading.

Ballade strikes you with his Arm-blades for 15 units of damage.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

Crash Man arrives from the London - Southern Residential.
Crash Man has arrived.

Autovan is driving away rapidly.

Enker scans the horizon with his macrobinoculars quickly, especially the line from RHQLondon. Indeed he spots a dropship on the way, just as Ballade said. He snaps off a radio.

"Argh!" Is all that is heard as the energy blade strikes Flare in the same spot he was struck before, makign the same gash even larger, and damaging his left arm too. He turnes around, battered pretty badly, though looking a bit relieved as he too hears help arriving, thought he probably won't be attacking anymore, he is using all his strength to stand "Seems you won't be getting away so easily after all. Why don't you just put that thing back, if you want a violin that badly get a cheap one at some pawn shop?"

Enker turns off his aural receptors with a grin.

The Marines continue advancing in two groups of three each, one led by Templar. They'll come across whoever wants to come across them. ^.-

Ballade's systems humm softly as calculations are performed at a subconcious level. Wave frequencies are calculated along with precise volumes and other important information. Even as his systems perform these calculations, he raises the violin to his chin, setting bow to strings. "Because a cheap violin could never produce music like this one." He smiles for a moment, and then steps out into the main hallway, in front of the Marine contingent.

And then he begins to play. The song is 'The Danse Macabre', the bow dancing along the strings to pull forth haunting melody. Ballade's skill extends to this precise instrument. And the song is picked up by Ballade's systems... and amplified. The windows begin to vibrate in their frames, and the floor begins to crack. But around Ballade is utter calm. This is his song... sans voice. And you are in the path.

Enker dashes for the nearest group of Marines, the one that's not led by Templar.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: '*echoing strains of the 'Danse Macabre', played upon one of the finest violins ever made*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Jazz transmits: '...sniff.'.

The ones being charged by Enker probably fire a spray of rounds, but ... don't try to physically block him. They aren't crazy - it's just their CO that is. Speaking of him, Templar stumbles a bit from the sound as windows shatter, etc...the reverberations penetrate his armour a bit, throwing some systems out of whack. The two Marines with him have varying reactions, neither liking it. The fascist pawn (Tempy) slowly draws his Xiphos, and jumpjets right for Ballade, realizing that he's a bit at a disadvantage due to the confined space.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: '*Further music joins in... G'schichten Aus Dem Wienerwald, Allegro non Troppo Andante Moderato Symphony #4, the overture from Midsummer Night's Dream, until it all becomes less music and more noise*'.

Flare Feline winces as the deafening tune is played. He can see where THIS is going, and though he is badly injured he is going to act, he has to try to stop Ballade now. He places his hands over his ears and screams as he charges at Ballade, not a powered up ram, just a normal one. One that he hopes will stop that tune.

You miss Ballade with your Ram attack.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: '*silence*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: '*Danse Macabre starts up on a separate recording to replace Ballade*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Blitz Crane transmits: ''ooever interrupted the spoons, button it already.'.

Enker attempts to fight all of the Marines at once, using his spear like a quarterstaff and taking advantage of both its sharp tips. He doesn't really expect to destroy the Marines, just to distract them while Ballade makes his getaway with the acquisition... he has no concern that the Marines can destroy him.

Ballade stops playing the violin, holding it carefully in one hand - both bow and violin as his own Dashjets kick in. The music stops as he ceases playing. His momentary smile vanishes as the violin is now in danger. Again. "Fool. You risk that which you seek to protect." Passing over Flare, he lashes out at Templar, blocking the Marine's blade with his forearm as he barrels past, towards the exit. "Cease Fire, or I will destroy /everything/ here. And it will be entirely your fault."

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Repliforce. Call of your dogs, or several hundred years of musical accomplishment will become just so much dust and debris.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Leave the dogs. There is already dust, and little need to cling.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Blitz Crane transmits: 'I were goin' on ter the chuffin' lad 'oo nicked in on yor messing, Ballade.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'You hear. But you don't listen. You listen. But you don't hear.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'And all you can produce is noise. What of it, insect?'.

Templar scowls behind his 'Boba Fett' helmet, still gripping his Xiphos. "<Leave the area swiftly and break off all attacks.>" he commands as an ultimatum.

There is a low humm and then crackling as energy begins to gather in Ballade's shoulder units. He continues his even stroll towards the exit. "As you wish. But I will be keeping the instrument. Let me pass, or..." There is a pulse as golden lightning dances around the forming Ballade Crackers. "Boom." Assuming he's not stopped, he'll be outside in a few seconds.

Templar nods slowly. "<Very well. Any further hostility will be met by full retaliation.>" he warns, sounding like he's reading from the Repliforce Fascist Pawn's Handbook. He isn't, though. He probably can't read. Besides, everyone knows Templar is controlled by two kittens in pink ribbons batting a remote around inside some ADT R&D pit. That explains all those pauses. The Marines frown (well, those that have humanoid faces do) but let him pass...keeping their guns lowered. Then again, with Reploids, 'readying' time is under a second, so it's just a gesture. The group outside parts to let Ballade go through...

Flare Feline stands up from missing Ballade, but at least he stopped playing. He was about to get ready to go after him again, regardless if his condition, but Templar's orders keep him from doing so. Reluctantly he steps back and lets him pass, not looking too happy.

Templar glances to Flare, not even bothering with an 'are you okay?'. He checks with Lahmia, and tightbeams back to Enker, "<You have three seconds to cease hostilities. If you comply, you will be allowed to leave with no further damage done, as will Ballade.>" The Marines are still fighting for their lives against the Elite...

Ballade inclines his head slowly to Templar. "Very well. I will fire no more shots into your forces. Of course, the first Reploid to raise weapon against me will die a short period of time after that." He pauses in the main doorway, looking out over the gathered forces...

"Twenty seconds to drop point," a Joe reports over the crackling internal comm of an above WilyJet as it flies across the skies of London. Inside, Crash Man is settled down, straddling a rather large rocket-shaped white bomb with red trim. "Fifteen," reports the Joe. "Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One." "Drop," commands Crash Man. The bomb-bay of the WilyJet falls open with a slight creak, releasing the rocket-shaped bomb and it's Robot Master rider over the Historical District of London.

The Red Bomber's hands push down on the rocket, tilting it at a severe angle and lining up his aim for the Repliforce platoons outside the museum. A half second later, the rocket's thruster ignites, flames blaring hard and searing.

A slight malevolent grin twists the rider's lips. His emerald eyes grow wide with the anticipation of the "big boom." His mouth opens, and he calls at those below.. "..Red hots! GET YOUR RED HOTS!" The Robot Master disengages from the bomb by simply leaping clear off it. The high-powered Sword of Damocles makes a whistling sound as it falls upon the Repliforce squads..

Enker does a backflip to disengage from battle with the Marines. He still holds his spear out cautiously, but purely defensively. "If you go back on your word, you'll only be proving what dishonorable..." and then Crash Man goes ballistic, and Enker facepalms. "So much for that..."

Ballade smirks very faintly. "Of course, I said nothing about other Robot Masters." He steps behind the wall as the shockwave blasts through, protecting the violin with his own body. The rest of this stuff is important, but not quite as important as the violin itself. As the echos of the blast fade, he rises and steps outside, starting towards the teleporters.

The Marines step back from Enker...Lahmia coughing on Reploid 'blood' as she lowers her weapons and reinforces Templar's order for the others to do the same. They comply. The crash outside makes them blink and check for what's going on via tightbeam...

Outside, the Marines parting to let Ballade through lunge aside as best they can, although a few are nailed by the blast and flung to the pavement, inoperational. None are killed, yet. Templar growls inside his sealed helmet, and jets outside himself, drawing his RFAPPC. "<Enker and Ballade are in retreat. Leave or be destroyed.>" Geeze. Who writes /his/ Don't answer that. The Marines regroup a little and draw their weapons, realizing they're no match for Crash and a bit wary of Templar's orders after the Congo incident.

Ballade retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline.

The shockwave from the blast knocks Flare to his feet, since he is pretty much out of energy he is barely able to get back to his feet. He looks back at Ballade, angry that he is getting away, now he's just left with the question of should he bother teleporting back to RHQ-NewYork for medical aid, or make his way to RHQ-London?

Enker shakes his head shamefully at the actions of the others, especially Crash Man. He simply dashes into a nearby alley and attempts to disappear from view.

Enker retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline, Templar, and Ballade.

Ballade ignites his dash jets once clear of the Marines, vanishing from sight a short period of time later. With the violin.

Now on the ground, Crash Man takes to aiming his right blaster at Templar in response to what crackles over his comm. A drill slides out, it's polished surface glinting fiercely. "Now be a good boy and have your men lower their weapons. Do it, or there's not going to be enough pieces left over to put you back together again for the umpteenth time."

Templar sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Templar.
Enker sends a radio transmission to Templar.
Templar receives a radio transmission from Enker.

Autovan enters the London - Southern Residential.
Autovan has left.

Flare Feline shakes his head as he sees Crashman "Great, out of the frying pan..." Battling with Crashy now would be totally unrealistic, at the most Flare would be able to fire off one shot, all Crash would have to do is tap him in the shoulder to take him out in his current state.

Templar looks across at Crash, retaining his RFAPPC's aim. "<Open fire.>" he commands without intonation to the transmission, and the Marines comply...falling back into a line/V formation and blazing away at the Master, as Templar does the same.

Ballade enters the London - Southern Residential.
Ballade has left.

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Urk, I have to go. Err, I'll just sneak away, assume that a random Marine Joe helped me get away"
[OOC] Templar nods. ^_^

=============================== IC Broadcasts ================================
Message: 9/22 Posted Author
Stradevarious Violin Stolen! Sat May 26 Ballade
This is Armand Williams with the following GNN special report.

The London Museum of Music was attacked today by the Robot Master known as 'Ballade'. <Photo of Ballade blowing apart the main entrance.> The goal of the Robot Master was the Stradevarious exhibit, where one of the few remaining Stradevarious Violins was being readied to go on display tomorrow. Despite attempts by memebers of both Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, with aid from other Robot Masters, the perpetrator was able to escape with the Violin. One of the greatest musical treasures has been taken... this is a sad day.

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