You enter the New York - Repliforce Island.

New York - Repliforce Island Repliforce Island is simply that, an artificial area that has grown so much its now its own seperate Island of New York City. Mazes of rampways, bridges, and shafts give access to the Island, as hovercars, hoverboats, and barges constantly move from New York City's main area to Repliforce Island. In the center of the island is the sprawling dome of Repliforce Headquarters, surrounding by small, futuristic Reploid housing developments and such. Its like a mininature city within a City, situated around RHQ.

Twila Peterson [Casual] [MH]

Jet Stingray [RF]

Ditz Pinkmouse [C]

Repliforce Headquarters [RF]

Obvious exits:

Southwest leads to New York - Harbor.

Northwest leads to New York - Eastern Downtown.

North leads to New York - Manhattan Island.

Uh...huh. "So...who won the chess game?" Twila asks, moving her hands into the pockets of the Repliforce aviator jacket. The logo for the force as well as the rank of corporal is on the sleeves. Just something she, and most of the exhange Hunters ahd gotten.

Jet Stingray eyes the Mouse for a moment. For a mere second, he considers him a possible danger. But considering he would have to be a walking piece of some modern explosive material, Pinkmouse doesn't come to him as a threat close to Bass by any means. Sanity measured between the two might be comparable though. The two guards look to Jet and then the the mouse. "Sir, is that a delivary for General?" they say quietly to him. Jet doesn't respond yet to them, instead asking Ditz. "Seeing General would be hard, would you like be to have it given to General? I'm sure he would understand..."

Flare Feline is walking out of the HQ, looking at the area around him, unsure where to go. Before taking three more steps ahead, he notices a small group of people, and realizes that one of them is his commander "Commander!" He calls out to Jet Stingray, and walks up to him and gives a salute

(Ch. A [Main]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Sergeant Ocelot, reportin' fuh duty.'.

Ditz Pinkmouse smiles proudly. "I did! I would push one piece, then he'd push a piece, then I won and his pieces fell over and mine started dancing to "It's a Small World After All" and it rained carrot cakes from the ceiling!" He looks at Jet and nods. "Sure!" he says, starting to hand it to him when Flare arrives. As soon as he speaks, Ditz spots him and lets out a squeal. "CAT!!!!!" he shrieks, and flings the cherry pie at the evil wicked hungry feline's face then zips over to hide behind Twila!

Ditz Pinkmouse strikes you with his Sponge Toss for 0 units of damage.

You say, "Huh.. wha..??" Flare starts cleaning the cheery gook off his face, disoriented and a bit embarressed "Ahh.. what was that about?"

Twila Peterson lifts up her eyes as she notices a newcomer approaching and offers hm a small smile and a nod in greeting while he tends to his supiror officer...but is promptly stopped from saying anything more due to a rather frightened mouse. "Hey...what the..." she manages. She glances behind her, only to look back towards the Repliforcer who was splatted with the pie. "I...have some towels with a kit in my bike if you want to use them..." she offers weakly.

Flare Feline continues to clean some of the gook off his face, and says to Twila "Yes, thank you" Flare feels quite embaressed, being pied in front of his commander

Twila Peterson glance back towards the mouse with a blink and excuses herself to procure the well as a bag to place the trash in when he's done with them. " problem. Be back in a moment..." And then she goes...regardless if the mouse wnats to use her as a shield of sorts and obtains the towels.

Ditz Pinkmouse eeps when Twila starts to move off and he flings himself at her, trying to latch onto her back leg and climb up to her shoulder. "Don't let him eat me! He's big and scary and mean and evil and he'll chomp me up and grow big whiskers!"

Flare Feline turns to Ditz "And what was THAT.... about..." Flare notices for the first time that Ditz is a real-sized mouse, at first consumed with the urge a normal feline would have in this situation, he represses it, thanks to his training, but the look of animal hunger is apparent in his eyes for a moment. Afterwards replaced with a puzzled look on how the tiny mouse managed to fling a pie at his face. "Umm... don't worry, I won't try to eat you, you wouldn't be very filling anyway" Flare chuckles

Ditz Pinkmouse glances back just in time to see the hunger (or what he assumes is hunger) and points at the vile creation, "See see?! He wants to eat me! Don't let him eat me Harriet!"

After reaching the bike and withdrawing a few pre-moistened towels for the hapless victem Twila refrains from rolling her eyes towards Ditz. "I highly doubt he'd be allowed to as long as you behave yourself," she comments and then makes her way back to the soldier...offering the towels. "Might help. Have a bag here to so..."

You say, "Thank you" Flare takes the towels, and wipes the rest of the gook off his face. And looks down at Ditz "A bit jumpy, isn't he?"

Ditz Pinkmouse perches on her shoulder and points to the pie for evidence. "See?! He ate the pie! He's gonna eat me too! EEK!" he says when the feline's attention is drawn to him, and he crawls around to hide on the back of Twila's neck, clinging to her shirt.

Twila Peterson winces as at the mouse nearly blurts right in her ear and reaches to try and remove him from her back. He's getting in her hair! "He didn't eat the pie. You *threw* it at him for goodness sakes. Calm down, Ditz..." she chides with some annoyance. To the soldier, "Yeah...he seems to be a bit jumpy alright. Twila Peterson. Hunter Medic. Yourself?" Twila Peterson misses Ditz Pinkmouse with her Grasp attack.

You say, "Flare Feline, Repliforce Marine, Land Assault. I'm a new recruit here, and I actually left the HQ to see if I could find my way around the city, I didn't expect to wind up with a pie in the face three feet from the gate"

Ditz Pinkmouse almost starts to bite off some of Twila's hair so he can take it back to Synth but fortunately for Twila's hair and his safety he remembers just in time it's Zero's hair he needs. Then she picks him up and he shivers a bit before suddenly registering her words. "...I did? Well, he still didn't have to open his mouth!" he says, daring a glance at the mechanoid feline.

Flare Feline almost glares at the mouse "I didn't have my mouth open either. The pie is gone because I cleaned it off" Flare strangely feels his patience wearing thin dealing with the mouse

"Nice to meet you," she states, although wishing it was under other circumstances. The young adult handles the Master Ally gently as she removes the mouse from her shoulders, gazing him over. "Be nice. He's not being threatening. Although if you keep accusing him..." She lets that one trail off. "You going to calm down now?"

Broadcast Ocelot arrives from the Main Courtyard - RHQ.

Broadcast Ocelot has arrived.

Broadcast Ocelot stalks into the area, tail swishing from side to side.

Ditz Pinkmouse glances at Flare, ready to start to preach the evils of cats when Twila makes her comment. He gives a whimper then shudders in her hand. "I'll be good," he says, trying to burrow down into her fist and out of sight.

Broadcast Ocelot pads his way out of the main gate to do some patrolling. But isn't he a communications officer? Yeah, so what. Everybody has to patrol now and then. So anyways, the cat pads his way out of the base and just happens to note one of the new members of the 'Force, a familiar face, and something that looks like dinner. He makes his way over, "Evenin', evenin'."

Twila Peterson nods towards the rodent. Well, if she keeps a hold of him he also can't really try to get into the Repliforce base...can he? "Alright then..." she relays quietly, mentally facepalming towards this. Why her? Overhearing Broadcast she turns about slightly and dips her chin in greeting. "Hello."

Ditz Pinkmouse pokes his head up out of Twila's encompasing hand when he hears the new voice. Momentarily his fears are forgotten and his friendly nature takes over. "Hi the-EEEEEEK! MORE CATS! SAVE ME GUTS!" He dives back down inside her hand, now upsidedown with his feet and tail sticking out the top of her fist.

Jet Stingray averts himself from speaking with the guards who debate constantly over the pie, saying that it should be checked before it goes to General. The debate goes even /after/ the pie is thrown, ironically Jet finally throwing in the towl, not caring if the pie is ripped apart by the security people to ensure General's safety. As the guards look to the pie on Flare's face, they go to it swiftly, trying to get samples of it to take back to the lab and check out... To ensure that in fact if General wanted the remains of the pie, he could see/eat/watch them safely.

Flare Feline raises and eyebrow "Guts...? Forget what I said earlier, he brings jumpiness to a new level..."

Broadcast Ocelot visibly GRINS as he realises that what happens to be in Twila's hand just happens to be prey, also known as dinner. And as such, EVERYTHING ELSE is just ignored for the moment as he eyes Ditz and asks Twila, "So Ms. Peterson...brought a little treat fuh meh or wha'?" His tail starts to swish as he continues peering at the little morsel.

Twila gacks towards the rodant's antics. But she still somehow manages to keep him in place...sort of. "Actually, he was bringing something for General to munch on..." Well, he was until it was thrown at the other soldier. "Ditz," she starts, glancing back down, "since you no longer have a pie for General...maybe it would be better for you to---." Ok, what to say. This is a Master ally here. "I dunno...look for some lint elsewhere?"

Jet Stingray sighs as he lets the guards try and do their thing, moving slowly to thwack the Ocelot's head from behind. Of course, because of his size and strength, while not near Gigas', is monitored to ensure that it is not painful for the weaker reploid. "Dude, don't eat things that speak english... Except for biological parrots. They say stuff like 'Polly wants a cracker' and 'Jet stinks'... Feel free to eat them." A light shudder hints that perhaps parrots and Jet don't get along for some reason. Important fact? Most likely not.

Flare Feline Flare finishes wiping the pie off his face, finally regarding Jet and notices Ocelot's arrival, and salutes them "Commander Jet! And you sir, I don't think we've met yet."

Ditz Pinkmouse is a bit too scared of all the cats to listen to Twila's words, instead starting to dig through his pockets for drastic emergency countermeasures. Kite? No, cats can jump really high. Laser light? Nyah, would only distract one cat. Lighter fluid? Used it up on the lion. Explosives that Wily wanted him to deliver to Light? Nyah. 1000 in 1 Swiss Army Knife with cutting laser, fire starter, hedge trimmer, nail clipper, and taser? Yes! He pulls out the knife and flips to the dreaded...nail clipper! and pops out of Twila's hand, rightside up. "Ha! I've got a nail clipper, so don't come near me cats, or I'll cut your claws off!"

Broadcast Ocelot is twacked upside his head by a rather large stingray, "Ow." He looks up to Jet while rubbing his head where he got twacked, "Yeah, but what if he's jus' remote controlled? Or jus' has a recorder installed in him an' he's nuttin' more than a mecha-rat?" He looks back to Ditz rather hungrily, "Ah better check tuh make sure." Hmm, this sounds vaguely familiar, like when he scared Sketch Mouse almost everytime he entered a room. And as to Flare? How can you not recognize the greatest communications officer in Repliforce? Well, next to Iris anyways. Before BO looks back to Ditz, he returns Flare's salute, "Sergeant Ocelot."

The snake Repliforcer and his humanoid parnter dive for the samples of pie left on the ground, putting them in small containors to be checked out by the MSE or the SpecOps... Anyone with a microscope and time to kill. As they running off, Jet Stingray merely shakes his head, stating with a sigh, "New mech fluid in the Repliforce system can be a blessing... but mostly a curse." Of course, Jet being the master of 'insert foot in mouth' sometimes, says that /right/ in front of the cadet. Turning to him, he offers a salute. "I think we actually first met in the Training Room, but it could just be my memory messing up again. Being a CO takes up more of your mind than you would first think." Glancing back to Ditz and Broadcast, Jet responds to Broadcast, "Dude, /don't/ terrorize the mouse... That just ain't cool."

Flare Feline returns Ocelot's greeting "Private Flare Feline sir." Flare regards Ocelot's attitude toward Ditz, while he wouldn't terribly mind seeing Ocelot attempt to eat him, he felt his basic duty as a Repliforcer compelled him otherwise "Sir, I believe it IS an individual repliod"

Twila jumps back as soon as the mouse pops back up with the "weapon". "'re only making it worse." She then turns towards Flare. "You're right...he is a reploid...and one that doesn't exactly have everything all upstairs if you know what I mean."

Ditz Pinkmouse continues to brandish his nail clippers threateningly at the felines.

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