Torontreal - Eastern Residential

Being so close to the city has cost the residents here a lot of personal space. Worse off than the homes in the eastern outskirts, the citizens here are packed closer together than a can of sardines. The property here is relatively inexpensive, but utilities and pleasures are much harder to come by, and usually not installed legally. Much of the cities crime goes on here, just because of the sheer concentration of people. Don't walk the streets alone.

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Torontreal - Eastern Business Zone.
East <E> leads to Torontreal - East Residential Outskirts.
West <W> leads to Torontreal - Northern Downtown.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Terrible. I've been silenced. Ah well.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Tribulation Anhinga transmits: 'What's this?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Flame Stag transmits: 'A radio.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Sophomoric Rebels Live, I believe.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Tribulation Anhinga transmits: '*dryly* Intriguing. I was not aware of either.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'What a waste of time. I go to reward Cyclone with an old cd of mine and what do I find? That Giga Man is still there. Mavericks are such liars.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sword Man transmits: 'Well, did you sign it for him?'.
Ring Redwing(Redwing) pages: The flowers.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'I'm a female, thank you. And Giga Man -did- run! The jackass just came back.'.

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[OOC] Flare Feline waves

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Welcome to the happy little corner of Torontreal. Empire Avenue. A lovely little neighboorhood, kids playing in the street and in their front lawns, seems like a nice place. And is also the home of Dr. Jedidiah Snow and his family, Empire Avenue #173, a two story house, white trim, old fashioned looking on the outside. There are a few lawn ornaments, all feline in form. There's an inflatible pool on the lawn, being summer and all, looks like it was used today. The front door of the house is closed, though it isn't locked, it looks pretty quiet, though someone is home.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Yes, well. He's a Maverick. They're overly emotional.'.

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(Ch. D [Public]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'OOC: ...Sword is /so/ begging to be Cannoned with that crack...'.

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(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Of course.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Er...'scuse me, son?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Scott Wily transmits: 'Son? Now I'm a son to ya? If anything close, you'd be dad's ex. I wouldn't even say that much.'.

Ten is still on her vacation from Repliforce. However, she has been occassionally stopping in at RHQ to check up on things. Last time she was there, she learned that Flare had been transfered to Dr. Snow's house for repairs as Heilen had suggested. Feeling concerned for her friend, Ten decided to head right over to Dr. Snow's house to see how he is doing. As Ten's wings carry her toward the good Doctor's residence, a bunch of different thoughts race through her mind. Some of them trouble her, but she focuses on one that makes her happy, the thought of seeing Flare again. Ten smiles as she lands in front of the door, and knocks.

<Global News Network> *The screen blips on, with an image of some burning buildings in Moscow, and some general disorder* This is Helen Bell speaking for GNN Eurasia. Recently we recieved tips that there was a large battle going on in Moscow, however we apparently arrived now and have discovered this! *the image shows Guts Man standing some distance across from Bit, a rather blasted Cyclone Jackal (who's apparently been shot through a wall) and a bunch of green...things* The maverick commander, known as Bit, has apparently just arrived...what his purposes here are, are unknown. We will get back with information at the earliest.

A few minutes pass, and finally the door is answered. It's the same man who was at the Crystal Palace, the Doc himself. "Hello?" He looks at Ten for a moment, and then it hits him "Oh yes! You're Major Ten from Repliforce, I remember now." He smiles and opens the door and steps back "Come on in, but please try to be quiet, my wife is putting our daughter to bed upstairs."

Ten happily follows Dr. Snow inside. IT is amazing how well Ten can smile despite the beak, and her voice, though lowered and quiet as the Doc requested, is also cheerful and friendly. "It's good to see you again, Dr. Snow. Oh, and you can just call me Ten. I love your lawn ornaments."

The Doc chuckles, and speaks in a hushed voice "Yes, myself and my wife both love cats, why do you think I made Flare the way I did?" He smiles "Speaking of which, I can only assume that's why you came, right?"

Ten nods to Dr. Snow. Some of the cheer leaves her, her voice now concerned as she says, "Yes, that is why I came. As soon as I heard Flare had been transfered here, I immediately flew over. How is Flare doing?"

The Doc nods "He is doing fine, though I must admit, the damage done was disenheartening at first." He then moves through the house, leading Ten to his lab. There is Flare, in two pieces again, he is deactivated, while a diagnostic is being done on his neural net, and while physical repair work is being done on his legs, it all looks pretty complicated "The damage was more severe than it first seemed, I can see why they had a hard time repairing him. The servo regulator in his lower torso, which maintains much of his leg movements was almost totally severed by a precise energy blade, but the damage seemed so minuscule that it was easily overlooked, I only knew where to go because I created him. It was difficult to repair, but I believe I've taken care of all the damage, in about a week, he should be as nimble as he ever was."

Ten cringes in horror when she sees Flare Feline in two pieces. The sight just tears at her. However, when Dr. Snow says that Flare is going to be fully okay in a week, Ten relaxes. Turning to Dr. Snow, she says, "Thank you so much for going to such lengths to repair him. Ever since I realized the damage was truly serious, I have been worried about him. I'm normally not a worrier. I normally prefer to be cheerful and optimistic, but seeing Flare so severely damaged was enough to make me worry, and worry alot. Flare has become such a dear friend to me that seeing him like that was horrible."

Doctor Snow smiles again "Well, of course I would go to such lengths. After all, what I've done to Flare is terrible, I want to do whatever I can to make it up to him." He goes to the diagnostic console, and taps on the keyboard, doing various... stuff with it. "Besides, this /was/ a serious injury, what kind of person would I be if I just say by and did nothing, if I was the only one who could repair it, no matter who it was?" It's hard to believe this is the same man who abandoned Flare that day, an act he still antagonizes himself over. He remains silent for now, not really sure what to say right now, and just working on Flare's legs, readying them to be rejoined to the body

Ten nods at Dr. Snow's words. Also, she can see that he is troubled, and she has a tendency to try to cheer up people whom she feels could use cheering up. Sometimes she does so by joking around and acting like a flightly ditz, but she can definately see that now is not the time for that, so instead she goes for being reassuring. "Dr. Snow, you only did what you did so long ago because of how much you care about your daughter. You are a kind-hearted and caring person, that's why you feel bad. That's also why you have decided to try to make up for what you did. You can't be faulted so caring about your daughter."

He remains silent, still working on Flare's legs, finally speaking after a few minutes "That still doesn't make what I've done right...." He puts his tools down, and goes back to the diagnostic console "Yes I was worried about my daughter, but I shouldn't have lost faith in Flare, his recent actions in Repliforce only proves that he never was any sort of threat to her. It even showed me that Flare has more courage than he let's himself admit as he spends far too much time lamenting on past events..."

Ten allows herself a slight smile as she says, "Yes, Flare is a very courageous reploid. It takes immense courage to battle threats to the world as great as the Mavericks and Robot Masters. I was built specifically for Repliforce, so it all just seems like a natural part of things to me, but Flare chose to fight to protect the world under his own free will, which shows true courage." Then she goes back to her reassuring tone as she adds, "Yes, lamenting on past events can prevent a reploid from seeing his true courage. It can also prevent a scientist from seeing what a truly good person he is."

The Doc doesn't really comment on the last part, but continues about Flare "I never programmed him to be like that, at least not to that extent, he must have became that way after awhile. Like any human, his personality has grown since we left him. Though a lot of his base characteristics still remain. Flare was created to be a protector, I guess that's why he decided to join Repliforce when we abandoned him, but also he feels incredibly guilty when he can't be as good a protector as he wants. Which is why what happened with Krysta affected him so much, and why he still has put off seeing her."

Ten is rather surprised when Dr. Snow mentions the reason what happened to Krysta effected Falre so much, and why he is still putting off seeing her. Surprised because it seems so familiar. It reminds her so much of when she was telling Flare that he feels so guilty about what happened because he is a good reploid, and that his failure to get himself to confront his past wasn't due to weakness, but to his goodness being played on by his emotions. Ten realizes that she must have been correct, that she was right about how Flare is. The thought makes her feel good.Suddenly, she realizes that she drifted off. Snapping back to reality, she says, "Oh sorry. I got lost in thought for a moment there."

He continues to work on Flare, he's nearly finished with him, though he continues to speak, chuckling "That's alright... I get lost in thought alot as well... I also tend to ramble..." The diagnostic finishes, everything checks out alright "Good..." He taps some more keys on the keyboard "...Flare tears himself up over what happened so much, and it's mainly my fault. I'm the one who programmed his personality, and when I did so, I created it with Krysta's safety in mind, I programmed Flare to sacrifice his own safety and happiness over hers and anyone he cares for no matter what. At the time Flare wasn't even activated, and I thought I was doing the right thing. But instead all that has done is cause Flare so much angst..."

Ten has a little trouble figuring out how to respond when Dr. Snow mentions the unexpected results of how he programmed Flare personality. It takes her a little while to respond, but finally, she says, "It's done much more than cause him angst. It's also caused him to be a good, caring, courageous reploid. Sometimes bad things can block our view of the good, but if you look past them, you'll see that the good things are bigger. They just looked smaller because they were further away." Then she shakes her head. "Sorry. That was an awfully lame attempt at creating a philosophical phrase."

The doctor hmms, as he thinks oO(This person must really care about Flare...) "I know that, and I also know that the past can't be changed. But also, I've made a lot of mistakes in the past, and Flare has suffered for them. And my daughter..."

Ten once again has to think about what to say. She is really having trouble finding the right words. Finally, she speaks aagin. "Everybody makes mistakes. The results of the ones you have made can be undone. Also, remember that people grow and change as they live. This applies to both humans and reploids. Humans like you learn from their mistakes and become better people for it. So do reploids like me and Flare. You can't expect Flare's personality to be perfect from the beginning. He must have time to learn, change and improve. Also, remember that nobody is perfect. You can't expect to do a perfect job of designing a reploid."

Jed sighs, "Still, I am to blame. I did that... I thought in order to protect Krysta, doing that might keep him from going Maverick. If I had the skill I would have built Flare's base from the ground up, however in the neural net simulations, the personality matrix and his intelligence and memory banks continued to crash into each other. I don't know how Dr. Light did what he did, but creating an artifical intelligence from the ground up is truely remarkable. Even Dr. Wily... though he's a total lunatic, has to be credited with that..." He then realizes what he's saying "I'm sorry, there I go rambling again..." He finishes up the diagnostic, and turns to Ten again "I still have to feel guilty for doing that to Flare, in a way I was playing God, by defining certain aspects of Flare's personality before he was even active. While it' possible for him, and he has done it, to outgrow them and gain new ones, it still has had some good and bad affects on him. He is couragous, but he rarely worries about himself, and those two things together could get him... well... it's not nice to think about it. I worry about him, even though I only found out he was alive a few months ago,..."

Ten is rather surprised by how this conversation is going. Surprised, because it is giving her a feeling of deja vu. It reminds her so much of talking to Flare. Ten has heard that humans inherit traits from their parents. She has also heard reploids refer to their human creators as their parents. Obvioulsy reploids can't have genes passed down to them by humans who build them, but it seems that somehow, Flare has managed to be surprisingly similar to his creator. As tempted as she is to dwell on this thought, she still has to try to cheer up Dr. Snow. This time, she just says something short and simple. "Things will get better with time. They have already started to get better."

And he sighs "And what will be the end result? Once I fix Flare, he'll go back to Repliforce. I know he has many good friends there, such as yourself, but he will always be in danger. ... I know that you all risk yourselves for us, I guess I can't help but worry about him though. If only... if only we didn't abandon him.... but then he wouldn't have joined Repliforce, and discovered so much about himself, and me all of you as well. It's funny.... humans always think back on their life and wonder 'what if?' and the road not taken always seems brighter, yet when we do that, we fail to see the beauty of the road we travel." He opens a few more diagnostics, preparing to reactivate Flare again "I wish it were possible to change the past, and keep Flare from going through what he did, but who's to say that would have made his life better? I guess it's hard to say..."

Ten nods At Dr. Snow's words. "Hmmm, I think I understand what you are trying to say. My life has always been pretty simple. I was built to be part of Repliforce, and I have always been part of Repliforce. Yet, all humans and some reploids don't have it so simple. I can't know what it's like to wonder if I should have done things differently, but it sounds quite rough. Well, I really hope I don't sound selfish by saying this, but Flare ending up in Repliforce improved my life greatly. At one point, a great friend of mine had just left Repliforce, and my brother reploid was on extended vacation. I needed a great friend. Flare has been just that."

Jedidiah nods "I'm beginning to see why Flare has put his trust in talking to you." The Doc wraps up the diagnostics, and then starts another one "Hmm... this is odd... nothing's wrong, but it seems this last diagnostic will take longer than I expected to complete, I won't be able to activate Flare until tomorrow." He turns back to Ten "I'm sorry if you were wanting to talk to him. But I can assure you he's in good hands here, so there's no need to worry about him." It's late at night, and fatigue is starting to show on the Doc's face, he's only human afterall

Ten looks over to the unconscious form of her feline friend, then looks back to Dr. Snow. "Okay, I understand. I'll be back, then. Thanks for talking to me, and for telling me more about Flare. I'll head back to the motel where I'm staying for now."

The Doc sees Ten to the door, "It was good to talk to you too. I'll tell Flare you came to see him when I reactive him. Good night."

Ten steps outside, looks back, and says, "Okay, thanks again. Good night." With that, she spreads her beautiful red and gold wings and flies off.

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