Flare Feline's Quarters
Flare's quarters seem like a rather plain room. In one corner of the room is a bed he sleeps in, the window is right next to it, so that when the sun is out, the light will hit the cot. Also, there is a rather large post in the center of the room, which looks like it has some sort of carpeting on it, Flare uses that as a scratching post (actually the carpet is made of metallic and mineral fibers, which Flare uses to keep his claws sharpened). Across from the bed is a computer terminal which is generally used for messages. Above the terminal and to the left are a few shelves, which contain his collection of balls of wire, and a photo of an old scientist, his wife and their daughter.
Scratching Post

Ten has arrived.

A knock is heard on the door.

Flare Feline is lying on his bed, he is batting a ball of wire up and down in the air. The knock surprises him, as he certainly isn't expecting anyone. And no one's ever really come to his quarters before. He catches the ball and tosses it back on the shelf with the rest, sits up on the edge of the bed and says "Come in.."

Ten opens the door, and walks in when Flare says to come in. She cheerfully waves to the large reploid cat and says, "Hi, Flare! I hope you don't mind me coming here, but I wanted to say hello, and see how you are doing." Ten looks like she is in a good mood. Her tone of voice is cheerful, and she is smiling. It is amazing how well Ten can smile despite the beak.

Flare Feline nods "That's alright Ten. Actually I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you soon, and here is a good place." He turns and slowly walks over to the terminal "Ever since we returned to base, I haven't gotten a chance to access anythign yet. The systems were down for awhile, while they were being scanned, and I was called out to Anchorage last night for the..." He errs... "...situation out there." He glances at the terminal and to her "I just haven't gotten to look if it the message is still there... well I haven't heard anything on any data loss, so I assume it is." He still appears anxious, even though he pretty much faced up to everything for now, taking the last final steps will be hard for him...

Ten nods to Flare. Then, still talking in her cheerful, friendly tone, she says, "I'll gladly talk to you for a while. I really enjoy talking to you. I'll gladly talk to you anything you want to talk about." Her expression and tone become a little bit serious. "I have a feeling I know what you want to talk about. I'm here for you."

Flare Feline nods, and chuckles "Yeah, I guess it's pretty obvious..." He faces the terminal, about to access his messages, and deeply sighs oO(Here goes...)

Ten glances over to the computer terminal, then back to Flare. "I remember our last conversation. Well, I'm here, so if you feel ready to access the message, I'm here to back you up. The only thing I can do is be here as your friend, but I'll do that for you." Ten's tone becomes one of sincerety. "I know you can do this, Flare. You have the inner strength. You have the heart. I believe in you completely."

Flare Feline taps a few keys on the terminal, opening up his personal message folder


You have two unread messages from Dr. Jedidiah Snow

Flare narrows his eyes, as the second message is dated just yesterday...

Ten walks over to Flare as he begins to access the message terminal. She comfortingly places a hand on his shoulder and says, "I'm so glad that you..." She happens to notice that there are two messages. "Huh? I didn't expect there to be two of them. Hmmm, I'm guessing you didn't either."

Flare Feline nods "Yeah... well, since I didn't get reply to him, he might have gotten worried... or maybe he's mad at me for not trying to reach him..." He sighs again, but shakes it off oO(No, don't go getting back into that train of thought, you're hear to face up to this, not run away again. Just access the message, that's all you need to do, the Doc will say the rest...) His facial features become determined "Alright... here goes." He clicks for the first message to open...

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I've been contacted by Radar Meerkat; he's claiming he wants to surrender, but he sounds a little fishy. Shall I check it out?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Sounds like an ambush, Magnum. If you go, take at least three Repliforcers with you.'.

On the screen appears a middle-aged scientist. He doesn't appear as old as you would expect him to be, not for a scientist who created a reploid like Flare. He is probably in his early forties, or late thirties. His light hazel hair is only beginning to show signs of grey, it's combed back on top (think Data from Star Trek :TNG) and is slightly long on the back, almost shoulder length. There is some unshoven stubble on his face, and on his nose sits a pair of wire-brimmed glasses. On his face is a look of mixed emotion, worry, sadness, hope, happiness, anxiety. He coughs, clearing his throat.

"Flare I hope you get this. I... well I don't really know how to go about talking to you now. I'm still recovering from the shock and surprise from seeing you competing in the Battle and Chase games. All this time I had thought you were destroyed, that was an action that I've greatly regretted doing. When I saw you running on the footrace, and then an even greater surprise, getting second I nearly had a heart attack." He chuckles a bit, obviously trying to ease the tension, even though this is a recorded message "When I saw you were still alive Flare, I couldn't tell you how happy I was. Flare, I want to meet with you, we need to talk. I'm sure you can't forgive me for what I have done, abandoning you was inexcusable, but you should know that there are things we need to discuss, and... resolve." He takes his glasses off, and clears his throat again "I must admit, I am surprised at why you haven't tried to get in touch with us after all this time. There is always the possibility that something has happened to your memory, in which case it is even MORE vital that we talk. Please, reply to this message as soon as you can, I'll be waiting to hear from you."

The screen fades to black, replaced by the Repliforce spinny.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Will do. Any volunteers?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Anybody?'.

Ten watches the video message quietly. She is touched by it, but she knows that what she is feeling must be nothing compared to what Flare is feeling. When the message concludes, Ten looks to Flare. She doesn't speak right away, she just waits to see his reaction to the message. She is smiling as she waits.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'I'm game, sir.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'I'll go.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'What where now?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I'm at Repliforce Island. I'll inquire in a moment where we're to go.'.

Flare Feline is silent for a few moments, taking it all in. His eyes get just a little teary, but he quickly and silently opens the second message...

The scientist returns to the screen once more, hair is a little more untidy than before, his face now only a look of worry.

"Flare, I was worried when you never responded to the last message. I was about to send one again when this crisis with Eurasia started. Then Repliforce surrendered, and I knew I'd have no way to get in touch with you. In the past few weeks I could only worry, I didn't want to lose my only chance to talk with you. Now that the crisis is over, I tried to find anything out about your well-being, but couldn't due to the security placed on the personel at Repliforce. So please, reply to this message, let me know you're alright." He pauses for a moment "I'll be in New York on business in the coming two weeks, it should be an easy matter for us to meet during that time. Please get in touch with me. There's so much we need to talk about..."

The screen goes black once more, Repliforce spinny spinning back on.

Ten blinks in surprise at the second message. She takes a moment to reflect on it, then she smiles even more warmly than before. "Gosh, this is very good news! I'm happy for you!"

Flare Feline blinks too, not really sure what to say oO(He still wants to talk? After all the running I've done, after what I did to his daughter... he's happy to see me alive? Why?) He thinks, utterly confused for a few minutes oO(I... guess I'll have to find out.) "I... guess it is good news." And he thinks some more "I wonder where I should meet him....?"

Ten thinks for a moment. "Well, the first thing to do is get in contact with him. Hmmm, he said he would be here on business, so I would suggest starting by checking out places in New York a scientist is likely to go to on business." Then she notices that Flare still looks rather down. In a caring tone, she says, "Flare, is something wrong? Why don't you seem overjoyed?"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I'm short two Reploids. Does anybody else want to assist?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Anyone not on offical business with Repliforce at the moment, get with Magnum. I don't want him walking into an ambush without backup.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Corporal Magnum Panther here...sorry, but I have suspicions that our main channel has been hacked. I believe Avenger Draconian is with Radar Meerkat, as he has also made contact with me.'.

Flare Feline snaps back to attention "Huh? Well, I am happy, I guess. Just a bit... surprised... To be perfectly honest... I wasn't expecting him to want to see me again..."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'I'm coming, sir.'.

Ten smiles again, her expression once again one of sincerety. "He must have realized that it wasn't your fault. Just like you should be realizing, because it wasn't your fault."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'We're inside the main courtyard.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'Understood.'.

Flare Feline hmms oO(I wonder if he really thinks that...) "Well... I'll have to think of a place to meet..." He is getting quite nervous, as he prepares to record a message himself.. then realizes "I... don't really know what to say to him..."

Ten thinks for a moment. "Well, why not just say that you are doing well, and that you are extremely glad he contacted you you have missed him terribly, and you would love to meet with him and talk sometime? As for a place to meet, how about Central Park?"

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'I've got two Reploids here with me...will that be sufficient?'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Sounds like it.. if more show, give a shout, though.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Heilen transmits: 'Wait a moment, sir. I've just been released from an, er, meeting, and I'm going to join Magnum Panther in case medical assistance is required.'.

Flare Feline thinks oO(Central Park... yeah.. that's where this whole thing began... or began to conclude... I guess it would make sense... but still, what do I say to him?) "That's a good idea Ten..." He starts to set up a message again, when a thought occured to him "He... didn't mention Krysta..." In all that, the doc never once mentioned her. Flare still has no idea how she is...

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Will do. Avenger sounds like he's getting testy...it appears he's willing to fight. *pause* Uh-oh.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Wait one for him, Magnum..'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Avenger wants to start something, eh? Good thing I'm going.'.

Ten looks a little saddened by the fact that Krysta wasn't mentioned. Sympathetically, she says, "Flare, whatever happens, please rememebr that it wasn't your fault. Besides, he would be more likely to forgive you if she pulled through, so maybe he is just saving that bit of good news for when you meet up."

Flare Feline nods oO(She has a point... going into a cycle of depression again won't help) He closes his eyes, trying to gather his thoughts, just what DO you say in a situation like this...?

Ten unfolds a wing and places it around Flare Feline's shoulders, hoping he will find the soft touch of her synth feathers comforting. She also begins to lightely charge up her fire weapons, making her warm to the touch, though she is very careful to keep it a pleasant warmth. "I'm here for you, Big Guy."

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Heilen transmits: 'Uh, it appears that we may need some backup. This is one pissed-off Maverick here, sirs.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Backup? Hah. I don't need backup. I am backup.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Don't get too cocky, ma'am. He's destroyed one house already, and he's in the process of trashing another....he's really gone off his nut, but I have to make an attempt to arrest him, at least.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Don't get cocky? I've survived fights against Bass, Sigma, and X. I can handle one Maverick who's a tad bit miffed.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'Yes ma'am.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Sentry Beagle transmits: 'I'm here as well, ma'am, sirs. If the maverick wants a <CENSORED> punched up, I'm MORE than ready for it.'.

Flare Feline nods again, sort of grateful to Ten for her actions. He taps a few keys, deciding to make it an audio only message. He takes a deep breath oO(Here goes...) The recording begins

Flare's nervous voice is recorded into the message "Hi Doc. It's... been awhile.." oO(Come on dummy, is that the best you can do) Flare ahems "I'm sorry I never replied when I first recieved your message, I..." oO(Just tell the truth, you need to do these things truthfully) "I was actually afraid to see what you had to say. That's the same reason I haven't tried to get in contact with you over these months I've been with Repliforce." He sighs "But... now I'm ready. We DO need to talk, and I'm more than willing to do so..." He adds "Thanks to the help of a very close friend of mine... Anyway, um.. barring any sudden emergencies I can meet with you any evening if that's alright... How does Central Park sound? I've been going there often... to look at the stars.." Flare's voice starts to get a little shakey, as he adds quickly "Anyway.... I'm looking forward to hearing back from you... *pause* ..bye." *Click*

Flare finishes recording, and sends the message, he then rests his elbow on the terminal, and rubs his eyes with his fingers, holding something back...

Ten's voice is more full of warmth than it has been all night as she speaks again. "I knew you could do it! I'm so proud of you, Flare. You have overcome the fear and nervousness that was holding you back, and did what you needed to do. I can see that you are still somewhat afraid and nervous, but you didn't let it stop you. That's what true courage is."

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Heilen transmits: '(OOC: Anti-Repliforce. D'oh!)'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'See if you can restrain him, Heilen. I'm a little busy right now...'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Screw restraining. Blast him in a kneecap to make sure he can't run.'.

Flare Feline takes his hand away from his face, a tear sliding down, on the side that's not facing Ten, it of course is absorbed by his synth fur. "I've been terrified by this moment for so long... there's no better feeling in the world than when you finally overcome that, and realize you can put it behind you..." He slowly starts to stand "But... this is only the beginning of the end... I... still have to talk to him, and face the ultimate truth..." He gazes out the window "There is still the matter of Krysta... This whole meeting with the Doc could turn for the worse, or the better... and I'll never be able to guess until I meet him..."

Ten doesn't see the tear, but she can see that Flare is still immensely troubled. It isn't difficult to tell that he is immensely worried about finding out what happened to Krysta. She feels quite sure that Flare needs her to speak aagin, so she does. "I would imagine that having to face this will be one of the most difficult things anybody could ever do, but I know that you have the strength and courage to do so. I know it without any doubt at all."

Flare Feline chuckles a bit, grateful for Ten's help. "...thanks again Ten." He smiles, looking out the window "...I could never have gotten this far without you. I'd just have continued to run, and I'd never be able to find out the truth... now I'm on my way to meeting with the Doc again, and finally freeing myself of this burden..." He turns, and places one of his hands on Ten's shoulder "...thanks... I really mean it." He has a warm smile on his face...

Ten returns the warm smile. "I'm glad I could help. I am your friend, and will always be there for you. And remember, while I may have helped you overcome this problem, it was your own strength and courage that ultimately allowed you to open the message, and send the reply. I may have helped you bring out that strength and courage, but it was always there. That's why you joined Repliforce, and have been seeking to defend the good people of the world."

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Heilen transmits: 'Sirs, if this Maverick I'm accosting runs, I don't know that I'll be able to catch up. But if I can stun him, I might be able to short his electrical systems out. He's been nonthreatening so far--should I take initiative?'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Stun him, break a kneecap, cut off his head, whatever.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Heilen transmits: 'I'll take that as a yes.'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Magnum Panther transmits: 'He tried the same thing on me last night, then shocked me when I tried to cuff 'im. Go for it.'.

Flare Feline nods, though he's still not ready to think of himself in such a positive light. He's not one to exclaim how good he is, his ego has always been under control (OOC, not like Knight, oy) He looks at Ten "Well, we'll have to see how things turn out, I... really can't do anything more until I hear from him"

Ten nods sympathectically. "I can see that waiting to hear back from jim is going to be tough on you. If there is anything I can do to help, just name it."

Flare Feline sighs, taking his hands away, and down to his side "I really don't think there's much else to do now... I just have to... wait..."

Ten sighs in understanding. "I'm sorry you have to go through this. I guess I really can't say anything to make it better. However, time will make it better. The wait will end. The reply will come. Have faith in that."

Flare Feline nods, the waiting is the hardest part...
Suddenly, something beeps on the terminal screen...

*The Repliforce version of 'You got mail!'*

Ten double-blinks in surprise. "Flare, you just received a new message!"

Flare Feline nervously walks back to the terminal and opens the message with shaking hands...audio only...

"Hi! This is the customer service at your local branch of Reploid care and maintenence. Your name was given to us and we have added you to our mailing list, if you would like to know more about the RCM brand of products, welcome to the group! If you do not wish to stay a member, or if the addition was a mistake, please notify us of the error! Thank you!" *blip*

Flare stares at that... a look of bemusement and annoynce on his face...

Ten sighs and shakes her head. "That just had to happen right now, didn't it? I can imagine just about every message you receive in the near future that isn't from Dr. Snow will be a disapointment."

Flare Feline isn't dissapointed, in fact he chuckles "It's alright, I think that was the tension breaker I was looking for..."

Ten chuckles back, glad to see that Flare found the irony amusing. "They say variety is the spice of life. However, sometimes I think the real spice of life is irony."

Flare Feline laughs "Yeah, I guess so..." He glances at the time "Well, it's late, I doubt I'll hear from him before tomorrow."

Ten laughs, too. "Well, I suppsoe there is nothing left to do tonight but get some rest. Good night, and remember that I am there for you."

Flare Feline nods to her "Good night. Thanks for everything Ten..."

Ten nods back. "Thank you for allowing me to help you. Helping a friend makes me feel good." She heads for the door.

Ten has left.

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