Olympic Dodgeball Arena 1

Oooh, A big area for playing dodgeball.

Let's get ready for Dodgeball!

It's a beautiful day for a friendly game. It's about the only sort of game this particular Robot Master would feel safe enough to attend. Nevertheless, he still looks a little nervous as he floats out onto the dodgeball courts, his everpresent but currently inactive orbital spheres whirling around him, as always- but he always looks nervous. All the time. Constantly. Emitting a quiet hum, Astro Man floats out, as is the custom of the team captains to arrive first, and waits for his team members and their opposing team.

Gyro Man hovers down into the arena from the cloudy skies above. He has his helmet tucked under his arm, but as he touches down on the court and his rotor slows, he slides it on. "Alright, let's get this show on the road, comrades."

Flare Feline strides out onto the field with his teammates, Ring Redwing and Ten. The three are known to be rather agile, let's hope it does them well out there. He's not in his armor, and is in a sporty-ish type of garb, suitable for this match. He turns back to Red and Ten "Good luck you two, keep your eye on the ball... so to speak."

Toad Man falls into the arena, from a relatively high height, somehow. His black clad form flails around helplessly as he plummet screaming like a schoolgirl before /cratering/ the floor of the arena. Toad's leath wrapped head and arms poke out of his hole in time to see Astro prepping to throw the ball, "Just don't feed it to them until after the game. It's against the rules to throw your opponents even if they did swallow the ****ing ball. HEY. Ref. MOTHER****ing TOAD MAN HERE! /GO/!!"

Ring Redwing also flits into the arena proper, her crimson rings spinning about her as well although they spin very silently for they are kept spinning by kinetic means rather than gravitational ones. Looks like almost all the Robot Masters Flyers are here today she notes glancing towards the opposition before nodding in agreement to Flare. Guess there won't be an advantage of flight here. Oh well she's not going to worry, now is not the time to fight now is the time to play!

Ten happily follows Flare into the area. The phoenix is excited and in high spirits as she walks out onto the field. "Don't worry, Flare. I'll keep my eye on the ball so to speak, and I'll keep the opposing team's eyes on the ball literally!" She chuckles. "I'm just joking, of course! That would be extremely unsporty!"

"One thing first," assured Astro, after examining the ball for loose stitching or hidden explosives. Hovering over to Ring Redwing, he offers a hand to shake. "Good luck, Miss Redwing. And, erah, may the best andr-, no, I mean rep- the best man... oh, dear..."

Toad Man climbs up and adopts a position behind and to the side of Astro. Toad gapes in astonishment as Astro tries to shake hands and bumbles through some pleasantries. "THROW THE DAMN BALL DOWN HIS CANCERTHROAT, ASTRO BOY!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Major Iris transmits, "Give me a BREAK."

Ring Redwing sort of sweatdrops as she is greeted unexpectedly, "Umm actually I'm not the dodgeball captain of the Reploid team. Flare is." She waves to the feline reploid. "If you two want to exchange sportsmanly words first, we can wait a little bit."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide transmits, "Pardon, Major?"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "snrk....Comedy Central's so funny sometimes."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Accelerator Allosaur transmits, "Scuse me?"

Astro Man blinksblinks, and creates a third holo-arm. One for each! "Well, may the bessst... robot win! There you are, perfect! I hope."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Major Iris transmits, "This GNN broadcast is such tripe. The Masters probably bought the time slot themselves. I can't imagine GNN gave this time to them for free. Ridiculous."


[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Oh wait. Enker was being -serious- there, wasn't he?"

Gyro Man pulls a super bouncy ball from his subspace pocket and plunks Astro Man on the back of the dome with it. "Less procrastinating, more bruising, yes?" His rotor whirrs impatiently, and he parts his feet a bit in preparation.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Selene Chantrell transmits, "Let them have their fun, folks. It's not like the world isn't going to laugh themselves sick over this anyway. ESPECIALLY San Angeles. They still haven't forgotten Wily's assaults on them, after all."

Astro Man spins his head around in a 180 turn. "Formalities first." Head goes back round after shaking. "Good luck to you all!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "They -haven't-?"

Flare Feline nods at Astro, but doesn't say much. Flare... doesn't really like Robot Masters, for a number of reasons, he hates them more than the Mavericks. But it's time for sportsmanship for now, no playing dirty. He takes a few steps back and prepares for the game to start, alright... now's the time to focus...

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Burn Dinorex transmits, "We may not want to dismis them too easily, much as we may like to. Wily and his cronies can sound convincing at times."

Ten giggles, and tries to shake one of the holographic hands. "Thanks! It sure is great to see a Robot Master getting into the spirit of things! Sorry your friends aren't being better about it."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "They sound convincing because if they were actually telling the truth, they would have a point."

Handshakes taken care of, let the game begin. Astro Man observes the ball for a second longer, before the air around him ripples and it floats from his hands in a field of anti-gravity energy. He floats up, scans the opposite side of the net, then hirls the ball around him a few times like one of his meteors and flings it forward at some considerable velocity. "Think fast!"

Astro Man throws his dodgeball, striking Flare Feline.

You currently have only 4 hits left. Keep dodging!

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Astro Man.

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Flare Feline apparently can't think fast enough, as he's struck across the side of his face by the ball. Well this doesn't bode well for Flare, now does it? He headshakes a bit and tries to get his concentration back. Not a good way to start the match, not at all...

Ring Redwing tries to pursue after the ball after it ricochet's off of Flare, but the trajectory of the projectile isn't quite right and Astro Man ends up in re-possesion of the ball. o 0 (Drat!)

The ball pings off Flare as ifhe were a brick wall, and sails straight back into Astro's gravity field too. Bonus! This is determined-Astro now, ready to win. Adding a few streamers of light and sparkling stars to his throw of the ball, it streaks like a shooting star, this time at Ring.

Astro Man throws his dodgeball at Ring Redwing, but they manage to catch it. Ring Redwing now has the ball.

Flare Feline takes a few steps back as the ball is flung at Redwing, and sighs with relief as she catches it o O(Yeah, that's the way...)

Ten gets into position to start off, and prepares to dodge. She certainly isn't expecting Astro Man's quick toss, and she cringes slightly as Flare takes the face hit. .oO(Ouch! We'll definately need to make up for that!)Oo. When Ring Redwing catches the ball, Ten's mood brightens considerably. She can't hide her enthusiasm. "Yes!"

Rotor in full motion, Gyro Man shrugs. "Gee, I dunno, Astro, but I think she saw that coming." He shakes his head and readies himself to react quickly.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Selene Chantrell transmits, "For anyone who wants to drop by, we're hosting a barbeque on the Eurasia skydeck. Free food, fun games, and lots of good music. All we ask is that you keep the park clean and try to get along."

Ring Redwing is mesmerized by the pretty pretty streamers and stars! "Hey that's preeetty!" she croons for a moment before snagging the ball in her right wing. "I can do something similar to that too! Watch this! Glitter Rush! piroro! piroro! Go Glittering dodgeball!" Adding sparkling red glitter dust about the ball she then tosses the now overly-glittering dodgeball at... Toad Man!

Ring Redwing throws her dodgeball, striking Toad Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Ring Redwing.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Major Iris transmits, "Oh, that sounds very nice! I'll try to stop in..."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "*pipes up* I still say we do tug of war."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dischord transmits, "Sounds like fun. Too bad I'm a little busy at the moment. Hope you guys enjoy it anyways."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Accelerator Allosaur transmits, "It'd not be fair with the boosters I have. *snicker*"

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Bolero transmits, "Y plenty of Spanish y Mexican comidas."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Bloom Seraph replies, serenely, "I would merely set myself in opposition to you, sir, and it would be fair." Oo, what confidence.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Red Tide transmits, "I think I will come. For a while."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Sai transmits, "Sounds interesting. I think I'll drop by as well."

Toad Man stares blankly as the ball zooms towards him. "What the hell? Don't throw that sissy **** at M---." Hegets cut off as the dodgeball collides with his face knocking him on his butt in a big glitzy puff of cheer. "FWAAAAAAAUGH GETITOFF CROTCHWEENIE!"

Flare Feline whews as Red strikes Toad. This bodes much better.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Commander Phoebus transmits, "hrm ... Might as well party while things're .. .. uh .. .. ... yeah"

Ring Redwing waves to Toad as she follows after the dodgeball's own glittering trail. "Gomen!" She calls down smilingly. Catching up to the now quite red dodgeball she stands there for a moment pondering who she should hit next. Well it seems that Astro was a pretty good thrower too, so maybe she should take him out first. But then again she wouldn't want it to seem as if Gyro is left out of the game. Hmm she decides to pick by the old-fashioned method. "Eenie meenie minnie moe!"

Ring Redwing throws her dodgeball, striking Astro Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Ring Redwing.

Ten jumps for joy as Ring Redwing tosses the ball at Astro Man and hits. "You go girl!"

The ball pegs Astro in the chest, pressing down one of the many buttons on there. There's a slight crackling noise as Astro spins away from the hit, and internal speakers start up, playing a funky techno beat! Nothing like a little upbeat music to spur you on!

Flare Feline chuckles, well things ARE looking up. Seems Red is stealing the show though, sorta makes ya feel inadequate huh?

Ring Redwing says, "Okay, Gyro, this next throw is for you," she announces letting the rotorary master have a heads-up. "Dodge it if you can!" She says before letting the glittering dodgeball fly once more. She doesn't want to have the ball the entire time after all that would just be unfair."

Ring Redwing throws her dodgeball, striking Gyro Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Gyro Man.

Gyro Man nods and holds his hands out. "If you can dish it out, I can take it." Meanwhile, the ball sails at him and he shifts his weight to catch it... almost! It bounces off his hands, an official hit, but with the power of flight behind him, he snags it back out of the air and lobs it at Ten!

Gyro Man throws his dodgeball at Ten, but they manage to catch it. Ten now has the ball.

Flare Feline smirks as Ten catches the ball. "Go Ten!" He calls out! Yay good guys! Woo!

Toad Man commences jumping around and swearing. He points at Ten as she catches the underhanded /pass/ and then at Gyro Man, "Hey dillweed, Inspector Gadget wants his crap back."

Gyro Man points an accusing finger at Toad Man. "Hey, atleast I was fast enough to catch the ball!"

Ten is jumping with excitement. "Yes! Yes! Ye..." Noticing that the ball is coming right at her, Ten stops jumping, and gets ready to defend. Just in time, too. Ten just barely manages to catch the ball. "Wow, nice toss Gyro Man!" Ten looks over her choices of who to throw the ball at, and then decides to simply restart the cycle started by Ring Redwing. Astro Man's music and Toad Man's rudeness both add strength to her toss.

Astro Man's little head-antenna whirrs. "Eurasia? Ooh, sounds interesting... hm! Mm-nm! Must concentrate on game!" Gritting his teeth a little, he wonders if 'accidentally' extending the reach of his anti-gravity field would be penalized...

Ring Redwing shrugs as Toad insults his own brothers. Calling over to Gyro she offers encouragement to him. Yes let's all keep this nice and competitive. "Umm, good try Gyro, don't listen to what Toad Man says!"

Ten throws her dodgeball, striking Toad Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Flare Feline.

Toad Man is cut off as a dodgeball collides with his backside, sending him faceplanting to the ground, "WILYDAM-MMmmmf, awww fughhhheerg."

As the ball bounces around the court, Flare's hand quickly snaps out to snag it as it zooms by him "Gotcha!" He hmms for a moment... well may as well continue the pattern and go for Astro Man, besides, he wants back at him. He spins around before he hurls it at him, just to get that extra added force to the ball.

Flare Feline throws his dodgeball at Astro Man, but they manage to catch it. Astro Man now has the ball.

Ring Redwing giggles a bit as Toad Man is taken unawares due to his taunting. "Hee hee, what goes around comes around!" She flicks out her wrist rings and twirls them about her index fingers in emphasis.

Well, apparently the gravity field trick worked. The ball hurtles towards Astro, slows... stops right in front of him. Astro casually picks it out of the air, then spins it on his figner, and then again around himself. Although he can't truly boast to make it go so fast, with a little holo-help the ball spins faster and faster, becoming a blurr of orange motion before rocketing towards Ten at Mach 3! Yeah, if only.

Astro Man throws his dodgeball, striking Ten.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Ring Redwing.

Ten is ready to dodge, but sometimes being ready isn't enough. The ball strikes her forcefully and audibly. "Oof!" Even so, she smiles when she sees Ring Redwing obtain the ball. Overall, she doesn't seem upset about the damage done by the hit. Instead, she seems happy that a teammate has the ball.

Gyro Man huffs. "This armor is slowing me down." Watching the ball enter the enemy court, he detatches his torso plates and casts it aside with his helmet, leaving the black undersuit and short brown synth hair exposed.

As the ball bounces over to her, instead of holding onto it, Redwing instead volleys it off as if it were a volleyball instead of a dodgeball. Punching it out at the masters, building on the momentum the ball has generated getting thrown by Astro and then bouncing off of Ten. "Service!" She calls out simultaneously as she strikes the ball. And then it ends up flying right back at Astro.

Ring Redwing throws her dodgeball, striking Astro Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Flare Feline.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "I remember Kuwait! We have a base there! I think."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "Yes, Phoebus. I'm working on assigning troops to do patrol sweeps there."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "Gimme a damn new base instead, this place is a freakin' hole."

Another whack by the ball, another change in the music. This time it flicks to a jangly piano tune. "Ow, my nose... wait, I don't have a nose. Uh oh."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Sure, Anthem. Any color preference?"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "Anything besides blue. I hate blue. It looks like water."

Flare Feline snags the ball again, well he's good at CATCHING it anyway. He pauses for a moment before throwing it, he doesnt' seem to have much luck hitting airborne things. So that leaves... yep, Toad Man. He clutches the ball as he hurls it at the slimey Master "Hey Gutzarro! Remember me?" Inside joke, that.

Flare Feline throws his dodgeball, striking Toad Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Gyro Man.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "I would suggest brownish red."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "I don't know exactly what we are talking about, but you can't beat the gold blue color scheme."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Off white. Failing that, antque white works well."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Haha...Brownish -red-...haha..Red Ti...*pause*..er... not blue, got it. *pause* ... really didn't like that situation, eh?"

Toad Man raises an arm to block the ball, although it results in him being hit and unable to snatch at the ball. "Remember who? Huh? Oh I don't speak Geriatric Slapaft. Wanna speak da engrish?"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "...No, brownish red because that is what colour the dirt in the area is."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "I really don't care what color it is, but this thing's as defensible as a cardboard box."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Blue has been already declared right out, Jet. So Brownish Red and ... White... hm. Hey, Q?"

Ring Redwing dances a bit to the brokeny music coming from Astro, humming a bit and waiting for the next strike. Poor Toad, he's getting beat on because he can't fly and because he was featured in an embarassing log. Although that OOC info for the audience. :)

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "Blue rocks though. I offered my defense plans a /while/ ago. No one liked those."

Gyro Man losing the extra armor payed. He feels much more agile as he flies over and rolls past Toad Man, snagging the ball once more. He rolls back up onto his feet. "Hyah!" he calls and chucks it in Flare's general direction.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "I am not qualified to offer defensive plans. I could assist the defenders myself for a time, though."

Gyro Man throws his dodgeball, striking Flare Feline.

You currently have only 3 hits left. Keep dodging!

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Toad Man.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Shinobi Pixie yaaaaawns cutely. "Hieeee!"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "Color critiques aside, yes, Phoebus? And agreed, Red Tide. I will assign you there. We do, however, need to fortify Brussels. AND change the radio frequencies."

Guess what's in Flare's general direction? Yep, Flare. He's struck yet again. Seems this isn't a battle for the ones stuck on land, oh well. And now Toad Man has the ball, even worse.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "It has been too long sense the last rotation. I think Iris is in charge of that."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "Put them in my mailbox, Jet. Right now, I'll take anything I can get. Defending a damn continent with a bunch of pre-fab tin huts and a half-dozen automated guns is @&#$ing insane, and I am *not* gonna die - again - because nobody understands the first #*)!ing concept of 'How Not To Get The Living @!*) Blown Out Of You'."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "Huh? -- Oh yeah, I am. I'll do that. Not right this -second-, but I'll do it."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "We were. But lets worry about Africa first. The Masters are more annoying. *a pause* ...I'll give you ten squads, Q, if you help set the base up with them."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "Sergeant-Major Anthem. /Please/, calm down. I will be coming, I will do what I can to help, though I have no idea how to design that."

Toad Man makes a flying dive across the stadium, hands outstretched above his head, he seems to /sprout/ a dodgeball in his hands as he slides across the ground leaving a slick of slime in his wake. Rolling rather ungracefully to his feet, Toad's black leather clad form jingle jangles with all the movement. He suddenly leaps into the air, "EAT **** AND DIE MUTHA****AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS" he shrieks as he lobs the ball towards Flare Feline, "I'll send you packing to Gutzarro land *****!"

Ring Redwing eeps as Flare gets beaned again. Flitting over she flies to protect the team leader. "Don't worry Flare, I'll protect you! Or I'll try anyways." The last bit is added in a under-the-breath mutter.

Toad Man throws his dodgeball at Flare Feline, but they manage to catch it. Flare Feline now has the ball.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "This *is* calm. You don't want to see me when I get annoyed."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "I can testify to that."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "...Red Tide, remind me, you joined after Anthem's dissappearance, right?"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "That does not sound calm. And that's correct."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "Discuss this in person, folks, these frequencies are dead. I'm at Eurasia."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Selene Chantrell transmits, "Would you like to come up to the Eurasia and have some coffee, ma'am? We have your own special blend, complete in the container the sent it in... though I think the skull and crossbones is a bit much..."

Ten cringes again as Flare takes another hit. However, she perks up when Flare catches the ball. We're doing great! You can do it, Flare!"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Shinobi Pixie can be heard audibly blinking. "What's going on?"

Flare Feline expected Toad Man to target him. Bringing up the Gutzarro thing is a touchy subject for him, poor Toad. Poor Toad indeed now that Flare has the ball again, his grip tightens as his gaze is locked on slime boy. He clutches the ball, stares at Toad Man, and tosses it at <PSYCHE!> Gyro Man at the last minute! Mwaha!

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "A little party that Selene put together."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Then I suggest you wait till you experience 'pissed' Anthem before making judgements. It's quite mind-opening. And sure, Q. I will be ready for chatting in about an hour."

Flare Feline throws his dodgeball, striking Gyro Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Toad Man.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "Oh. One of those people."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Anthem transmits, "Eh, sure, coffee sounds good. Better than inhaling more sand. Gimme a bit to take a jeep over to the nearest town and a telestation."

Toad Man dives towards Gyro Man, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shrieks, but being so incredibly slow, he doesn't come close to protecting his teammate. the ball catches on a length of chain hanging from TOad's outfit as he bounces past and Toad deftly wings the ball towards Ten's face. "Yeah, I'm the EGG MAN!"

Toad Man throws his dodgeball, striking Ten.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Astro Man.

Gyro Man ackles! as he's struck on the forehead, the ball bouncing away and the aviator onto his back. He winces as he stands up. Luckily, his rotor broke his fall.

Ring Redwing cheers as well. "Awright! Good throw Flare! Gambare! Gambare!" Chibi-Redwing leaps up and down waving two rings from side-to-side doing the Anime cheer. "Umm, good catch Toad Man... I guess." She says as Toad Manages to dive-tackle the ball. It seems Toad's more intent on winning himself than working with his brother's as a team. *Sweatdrop*

Ten isn't expecting to have any trouble dodging Toad Man's toss. Her overconfidence costs her. Ten is suddenly very glad she has a sturdy beak! "Ouch! Hey, you know we're all lucky that the ball didn't pop on my beak!"

Hmm. Maybe, just maybe. Astro Man plucks the flying ball from the air, and spins it around in his hands a couple times. A mean idea crosses his mind. Creating a holographic shroud around the ball, he configures it into the shape of one of the chunks of asteroid he sometimes throws to attack with. The hologram bursts into flame and he throws the ball, which now looks like a flaming comet, at Ring!

Astro Man throws his dodgeball, striking Ring Redwing.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Ring Redwing.

Ring Redwing is very glad that she's fire-poof! Er fire-proof! Her wings are made of materials that protect her against intense heats and intense explosive blasts. The holographic umm fire-ball takes her a bit off guard after her little dance and cheer but she manages to grab a hold of the ball afterwards although a bit taken off guard. At least Astro didn't start playing 'Great Balls of Fire' "Hey, I don't like this tune you're playing anymore. Play something different." she says to Astro as she chucks the ball right back at him.

Ring Redwing throws her dodgeball, striking Astro Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Toad Man.

As requested. Another whack, another song. A golden oldie, "Walking on the Sun" by Smashmouth. Unfortunately for Astro, there appears to be a large fracture running down his chest.

Ten becomes excited as Ring Redwing nails Astro Man. "Girl, you are awesome!"

Gyro Man winces as the dodgeball meets Astro Man. "..okay, well.. maybe next time, Astro."

Toad Man is behind Astro Man. Both arms spread wide he shrieks as he moves to box either side of Astro's head. "TURN THAT **** DOWN B'YOTCH". His shrieking cuts off as instead of the sides of a robot head his hands catch the dodgeball as it rebounds off Astro. "Dammit." He then /scrambles/ up Astros back and makes a flying leap off the floating rotund little Master before trying to dunk/spike the ball at Flare, "MASTER MEN /CAN/ Jump, snotnose cokenostril!"

Toad Man throws his dodgeball at Flare Feline, but they manage to catch it. Flare Feline now has the ball.

Ring Redwing yays as Flare manages to catch the ball expletives and all. "Don't let the foul-mouthed master talk like that to you, Flare! Peg him back! Super Dodgeball counter-strike!" she exclaims excitedly.

Ohnoyadon't Slimeball! Flare's perfectly ready to catch a ball thrown by Toady. And moreso, once he catches it, he let's the momentum of Toad's throw carry it a bit more as he uses it to wind up so to speak, then hurls the ball right BACK at Toad Man. No last minute change of targets this time, Toad Man.

Flare Feline throws his dodgeball at Toad Man, but they manage to catch it. Toad Man now has the ball.

Ring Redwing mutters a bit embarassedly at her outburst earlier. "Ah... Super Dodgeball counter-strike?"

Ten smiles at Redwing. "Hey, it sounds kind of silly, which makes it cool!"

Toad Man doesn't skip a beat. His immobile optics focusing on Flare with sinister glee. He extends his left arm towards the ball, and excercising a very /rarely/ used ability, he transforms his left arm into an arm cannon. THe open barrel of the energy cannon, is so soaked in slime however ,that the Ball sticks to it like a suction cup. He raises the weapon to point at Flare again. "This time it's personal. And you wouldn't know if that long haired blonde ditchpig was the jealous type if it weren't for me." and with that he grimly launches it going for another headshot.

Toad Man throws his dodgeball, striking Flare Feline.

You currently have only 2 hits left. Keep dodging!

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Ten.

Gyro Man woots! Er um... he gets ready to intercept.

Ring Redwing grins back, "Uhh right! Heads up Ten-Ten, here comes the ball again!" she warns although it comes to late to keep Flare from getting struck yet again. Well at least he hasn't started to play strange ancient music just yet.

Astro Man looks down at the fracture in his chest, and starts rooting around in a subspace pocket for some PVA glue.

Flare Feline is hit once more. This time by a REAL slimeball. Ahh! Slime in hair! Get it off! Get it off! Must wash face! Well he doesn't QUITE react like that, but he wipes the slime out of his eyes, looking quite annoyed "Do you have ANY idea how long it's going to take to get this crud out?" Flare grunts in a seldom-showed display of vanity.

Toad Man grins, "That's yesterday's formula, so I bet about 3 days, 21 hours and 17 minutes. " he dives to the side. "And 5 seconds, PANTYWEENIE."

Ten cringes yet again. "Poor Flare! He's really getting picked on!" Ten is highly tempted to throw the ball at the very rude Toad Man, but she decides to instead go for somebody who hasn't seen much action lately. Ten takes aim at Gyro Man. "Wings are a way cooler way to fly than spinning blades!" Then she tosses the ball.

Ten performs a Super Throw, striking Gyro Man.

Gyro Man is out of the game!

The ball ricochets back to Ten

Gyro Man points another one of those accusy fingers at Ten. "Nonsense!" Then the ball hits him in the gut and humbles him. He falls to his knees and then over onto his side. "Medic.."

Ring Redwing hoorays as Ten says something cool and does something cooler. "Woohoo! Way-to-throw, Ten! You nailed him right out of the dodgeball arena!"

Flare Feline grunts as he wipes a bit more slime out of his face "Don't this just beat all..." Though he looks up in time to see Ten take Gyro out of the game. "Alright! Way to go Ten!"

Ten blinks in surprise at just how great the results of her throw were. "Wow!" She slmost gets hit really hard by the rebounding ball, but somehow manages to catch it. "Um, did I do that?" She smiles, excitement over what just happened kicking in. "Thanks, Redwing and Flare!" Then she takes aim at Toad Man and tosses. .oO(Looks like I get to try and get even for Flare after all.)Oo.

Ten performs a Super Throw, striking Toad Man.

The ball ricochets back to Ten

Flare Feline blinks "Ouch, nice one again Ten! Keep it up!" o O(Alright, we can WIN this!)

Ring Redwing transforms into chibi-Redwing yet again and cheers the pheonix on. "Go-Ten! Go-Ten! Go-Ten!" No, she's not chanting the name one of the DBZ characters, that of one of Goku's sons although it might sound like it.

Ten blinks again. This time, she REALLY comes close to getting nailed by the rebound from her own toss. "Oh my gosh! Did somebody secreetly give me a huge strength upgrade while I was deactivated and recharging?" Looking to Redwign at Flare, Ten says, "Please keep cheering for me! It seems to be working!" Then she tosses the ball at Astro Man.

Ten performs a Super Throw, striking Astro Man.

Astro Man is out of the game!

The ball ricochets back to Ten

Toad Man gets blasted, the 'football' shape of the superthrown ball dent's his frame noticibly as he skids across the stadium. Just in time to see Astro get blown away.

Astro Man has reconnected.


Astro Man blinksblinks. Again. And then VIOLENTY EXPLODES!


Flare Feline just gapes for a moment. "Well.... err.. go Ten! Yeah!!" o O(It's great that we'll probably win... but was I even needed here?) Shrug.

The holo-smoke clears, and Astro Man is still standing there, looking kind of embarrased. He coughs and shuffles off the playing field.

Ring Redwing snaps her fingers a bit as Astro Man goes kablooies, breaking out of her chibi-dance for a moment. "Aww, no more game-music? Oh well. Alright Ten-Ten! Let's finish him!" She points towards Toad Man, now all on his lonesome.

Toad Man slaps both of his hands onto his crotch, "Oh come and get sum,"

Astro Man plays No Chance to Survive (Make Your Time), because Ring wanted music. "Better than the crusty oldies, Miss Redwing?"

Ten doesn't even consciously realize that she catches the ball as it comes back at her! "Uh... Uh... Um..." She shakes her head to clear it, then says, "How in the world am I doing this?" Looking to her teammates, she adds, "Are you two cheering, or are you casting magic strength spells on me?" Nothing else to do, she tosses the ball at Toad Man.

Ten throws her dodgeball, striking Toad Man.

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Flare Feline.

Ring Redwing whispers to Ten as Toad Man makes the lewd gesture. "I think he's presenting a target for you..." Turning as Astro somehow manages to play some funkay music anyways and grins. "Oh, cool the song on the top hit chart right now."

Astro Man has partially disconnected.

If anything, Flare is good at catching the ball as it rebounds around the room. There's no need to think things over, there's only one target left to hit. He shrugs "Y'know what, Gutzarro?" He hurls the ball at the walking slime bucket "It's time to go back to Gutzarro land!!"

Flare Feline throws his dodgeball at Toad Man, but they manage to catch it. Toad Man now has the ball.

Toad Man looks woozy, but he manages to catch the ball before it smacks into his chest. "No." he says simply before heaving it at Flare again, "Persistant ****, aren't I?" he sneers.

Toad Man throws his dodgeball, striking Flare Feline.

You currently have only 1 hits left. Keep dodging!

The ball bounces around before being grabbed by Toad Man.

Gyro Man plops down on a courtside bench and leans back. "Never a break... Oh well. Stick it to 'em, Toadie."

Ring Redwing hrmms as Flare's assault proves somewhat ineffective. "Stick is correct. Poor Flare, he's going to be in the decontamination chamber for a while after this game."

Ten can see that Toad Man isn't about to give up. .oO(Gee, he sure is persistant!)Oo. Hoping to help Flare, Ten yells, "You can do it, Flare! I believe in you!"

Astro Man continues to hum along to NCTS(MYT), still grumbling something about Ten.

Yes, humming and grumbling at the same time. He's just that good.

Ring Redwing casts magick defensive spells on Flare to increase his ability to catch. Hey it seemed to work for Ten and her super-throws!

Toad Man twirls it on his finger like a harlem globe trotter while doing a little dance. He points his free finger at Ten and Ring, "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, I could be fair and hit these other schmoes, but I don't care " he lobs it at Flare again, "Did you know head trauma can cause further brain trauma? Maybe I'll do you a favor and knock you unretarded."

Toad Man throws his dodgeball at Flare Feline, but they manage to catch it. Flare Feline now has the ball.

Ring Redwing is really just throwing red glitter dust on Flare, but it seems to have worked!

Flare Feline catches the ball yet again, yep, he can SURE catch it "If you could actually HIT me with it Frog-face." He tightens his grip on the ball, that's enough of this, he's sick of catching a slime coated ball, even worse is being HIT with it. He hurls the ball one more time, let's hope this is it.

Flare Feline performs a Super Throw, striking Toad Man.

Toad Man is out of the game!

The ball ricochets back to Flare Feline


Ring Redwing chants now as she throws more glitter dust on Flare. "Darkness beyond twilight.... crimson etc. etc. DRAGU-SLAVE DODGEBALL!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Game, set, match. Great job guys."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Great Throw Flare, we whooped their butts!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Special Ops Major Ten transmits, "That was an awesome toss, Flare!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Selene Chantrell transmits, "I take it dodgeball went exceptionally well? C'mon up and have a celebratory burger or something if you want to."

The massive holo-celebratory fireworks display that was supposed to go off when theMasters won streaks from Astro's orbital spheres, several flashing blasts of light in the shape of "WILY" and the W logo filling the air. Astro hastily projects some that say "GENERAL" and the RF logo instead, looking very embarrased.

Toad Man falls over, as the other team expresses its happiness at victory. "Beaten by a bunch of pink tutu wearing closet tranny faeriebots."

As the end of the game is signalled, Redwing flies back down and moves towards the Masters to shake their hands in a sportsmanlike way. She'd even offer her hand to Toad (Well she'd offer a ring for him to shake) But it seems Toad's still getting back on his feet.

Flare Feline catches the ball one more time, the 'ewws' and throws it to the ground. He gives a thumbs up to his teammates and looks to Astro "How sporting. Good game there." No Flare still doesn't like Robot Masters, but Astro Man seems to be sorta alright.

Toad Man appears before you, he looks angry, mainly because he is throwing a huge mound of Acid at your head. You wake up to find your head feeling very sore, then realize it is because the acid has melted most of your face, oh look? Your face has melted and there is a cookie fused into it with a happy face in raisins on it. A much better face I assure you.

Gyro Man looks down at Toad Man. "Yea, it sucks, doesn't it? I like to think we did good anyway, but for now I'm going to go hang myself by my skids."

Toad Man makes a face at Astro's back, "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssy!"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Congradulationsonyourwinoutthere!" Odd, Fusion is rarely that hyper.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "And with a win like that, it's a /perfect/ time to talk about how one feels about someone else... /Right/, Flare?"

Astro Man shakes Flare's hand with a smile. "It was great fun. Thank you all, very much."

Ten approaches Astro Man. "Thanks for the game! I have some training as a field medic, would you like a quick patch-up?" She is ignoring Toad Man. Lookig to Gyro Man, she adds, "I hope you had fun! Would you like a quick patch-up?"

Flare Feline didn't offer to shake Astro's hand, but whatever. He errs, and gives some embaressed replies into his radio before walking off for the night.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Err... notrightnowJet"

Gyro Man sighs and gets up, scooping up his armors. "Thank you, no. It's embarrassing enough to have lost. Come on, Astro, Toad. We have to go hide before the Doc finds out about this." Then he lifts off into the sky without a glance back.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing twitters.

Astro Man looks at the cracks in his chestplate. "Well, it's only a few cracked bulbs and such, but if you want to, um, you can..."

Astro Man says, "Am I the only one who's not sour about this, I wonder?"

Ten gives Astro Man a quick jury-rigging. "It sure is great to meet somebody who is such a great sport! You helped make this game really fun! Thanks!"

Astro Man says, "Hmm. I owe you one for this- thank you, Miss Ten. Bye-bye!"

Ring Redwing nods in agreement. "Better luck next year! And good luck in any other BnC events you might be in. Just don't expect any mercy if you go up against me again!" she chuckles.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Special Ops Major Ten transmits, "The match took a heavy toll on my energy tanks. I'm sorry, but I need to deactivate for the night."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Same goes for me, night everyone."



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