Repair Bay - RHQ

This room is one of the largest in the Repliforce Headquarters, rivalled only by the Barracks, Briefing Area and Hangar Bay. This is the place where the wounded reploids come to get their parts replaced or for general tune-ups and tests. The latest technology is in evidence all around the room as programmed reploids scuttle back and forth, both on legs and some on wheels. Thre are numerous Repair beds that will enclose a reploid fully, and there are places for the larger reploids to power down until they get fixed. The room stretches out quite far in all directions, the only two exits leading out are either to the Laboratory or the hangar-bay sized doors into the hallway. The Repair Bay is extremely well lit, and has a definite antiseptic feel to it, as it is always emmaculately clean.

Skyblade Eagle [Armor] [RF]
Arm Plaque
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
<SL> leads to Science Laboratory - RHQ.
<S1H> leads to Sub-Level 1 Hallway.

Flare Feline is still a charred lump. But he's a slightly less dead looking charred lump. Most of his body will need to be replaced, but that itself isn't the problem. Most of the Medical staff is working to get his neural net back online. There's something... wrong. The damage itself wasn't extreme enough to cause the failures in his processers that the staff are faced with now. The staff run about, checking data, trying procedures, and doing whatever they can to get Flare back online... all attempts seem to be failing.

Skyblade Eagle makes her way around in the medical bay, tapping her fingers on her hip, "Pulls rank on me and then gets blasted." She mutters, "Suppose he won't do that again." She sighs, "Still, I shoulda tried to keep Ten from doing it."

Skyblade Eagle makes her way around in the medical bay, tapping her fingers on her hip, "Pulls rank on me and then gets blasted." She mutters, "Suppose he won't do that again." She sighs, "Still, I shoulda tried to keep Ten from doing it."

There is a soft, slow rustling even as the doors to the Repair Bay slowly open... and the figure who walks in is... ...a rather /large/ robed figure. 7 feet tall, he is wrapped as a monk, and only slightly less imposing for that. A gentle golden light shines from within his hood as he raises his head, looking slowly about... slowly scanning the repairbay and taking in the scene.

Then his somber, baritone voice slowly rises from him, the deep resonant tones of it like no human voice could supply.

"Greetings Daughter. And how do you fair this day?"

The Robotic Man of the Cloth's gaze then turns on the charred lump that is Flare Feline. "...A victim of the recent events, I see..."

The Medstaff still work as hard as they can, they're the best Repliforce has to offer right now, what with all the battles lately. They still come across a bunch of dead ends though. Perhaps they just don't know enough about Flare's neural net to repair the damage. But even so, damage on this level caused by a normal reploid wouldn't give them such problems. However, no one still really knows how these pendents work, Ten may not be possessed by Sunstar, but she has part of his power. And even part of that.... who knows what it can do to a reploid? If there were a more skilled Medic there, or someone who knew Flare's diagnostics better, perhaps something could be done...

Skyblade Eagle rubs her head a little bit, "Fine, just fine. Better than him." She says, "I tried to stop her, and I could have done it, but Flare made me stand down. It was an order, so...Well, I listened. Now we see where it got him."

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

The Priest gives a slow sigh. "The Phoenix possessed of Destruction, is it? much pain it has caused." Hymn slowly walks over, the tall Priest moving slowly past Skyblade and to Flare's side. Slowly he steps up, sliping between one of the medistaff, and slowly reaching out to extend a free hand to place it on what was Flare's head.

There is a pause... then Light springs up around Hymn's hand, and there is a soft murmur from within the hood of the robed Reploid... the light spreading down slowly across Flare's prone form for a moment, before withdrawing, the hand slowly pulled away and a gentle sigh given. "I am not capable of repairing such traumatic damage. His body may need to be replaced... perhaps we can send a message to his creators to learn of it and perhaps inform them of his need." Hymn sighs. "A pity for the lack of medical staff... ...but he is still alive within. Though he is silent now. He sleeps in unconsciousness." Hymn looks slowly to Skyblade. "Blame not yourself for his condition, child, for you did nothing more then listen to the words of a brave individual... perhaps too brave. If Ten is capable of this... then we must do our best to put her down long enough, or get rid of the Evil Energy filling her body..." Hymn shakes his head slowly. "The Skies burn... ...and times may be ending... ...but we will survive."

Hymn takes out a medical scanner and scans Flare Feline.

Fusion Phoenix walks into the Repair Bay, carring a shoping bag and going over to his desk.

Two of the Medstaff break off work from Flare, and they approach Hymn and Skyblade "You may have a point sir. The way it looks now, unless we get a more skilled medic in here, we can't do anything with what we have. Maybe our best bet will be to contact his creator." One medic turns to the other "Go look up the Lieutenent's dossier and see what the contact information is." He then turns back to Hymn and Skyblade "What... exactly caused this anyway? I haven't seen anything so dreadful." Flare, during all this, just lies there. Being a charred lump, woo.

Skyblade Eagle nods a bit, "Well, Hymn.." She says, "Honestly? Flare brought it upon himself." She looks at the medic, "Ex-Commander Ten." Shaking her head a bit, Sky resumes what she was saying, "Ten didn't just come out of nowhere and blast him, she charged up. We -could- have stopped her before she fired, but he deicded to try and talk her down. Talk is cheap."

"Talk? ...Cheap? Hardly, Skyblade. Hardly. Talking is the most important thing we can do. He simply failed in his attempt to save her, and there is no harm or shame in it, Daughter," and thus Hymn speaks. His glowing, golden eyes turn intently on Skyblade. "I would have done the same, in his position. Our mission is to Preserve Light, not Bring Death... remember that."

Hymn then looks to the Medistaff and nods. "Indeed, it was the powers of one possessed by Evil Energy. Fear not... but go do so. He will need more aid then I can give..." Hymn looks up slowly to the door as it opens, and Fusion Phoenix enters. "Greetings, my son... ...what happened to your arm? Are you well? ...Hmm... I would be good as well to have the skills of a more expert medic on Robotic Techniques here."

Fusion Phoenix looks over to Hymn, placing the bag on his desk. "I was fighting a Master when it got shot off. It'll take a few days to get a critical part. But that's not important now. What do you need me for?"

The Medstaff still works diligiently.. And one goes into the back to pull up Flare's file. While all that goes on, finally, there's a spark of action in his processor. It's nothing strong, it's rather faint. Some the staff pay attention to it, and try to isolate it. However, it is only a spark, nothing more. Just as there's faint brainwaves when a human is in a coma. So what is it? Various memories, coming back to Flare in his near-dead state. Specifically, memories of Ten. Pleasent ones, nothing from last night. As the Medical staff continues work on his charred form, the medic who went to bring up his file returns "I've found him. Flare wasn't a reploid produced in a factory, apparently he was created by a single scientist. A Dr. Jedidiah Snow, currently residing in San Angeles. He's given us his home address and number in case something happened to Flare. We'll try to get in touch with him now..."

Skyblade Eagle clicks her beak a little bit, "You should get that fixed." She says, "Hard to go around without an arm." She looks back at Hymn, "Well, I used to try and talk people out of doing stuff." She says, "Then I got blasted more times than I can remember, so I decided that shooting is generally a better course of action. With the Masters and Mavericks. Ten...Well, we could have stunned her, or something."

The Robotic Man of the Cloth nods slowly. "Indeed. Now you speak better, Skyblade... ...for such experiance proves often correct. But there are times when words serve better then action. Remember, you should always use your Reason, not your Emotion, to decide on your course of action... if Reason says to Fire First, and ask Questions Later... then do so." Hymn shakes his head a slow moment, and nods to the Medistaff, "Excelent. We'll need his assistance..." Hymn then looks to Fusion, and motions to Flare. "As you can see... we have a victim of the recent chaos here... there may be little you can do, but it might be best to see to your arm and then we will let this 'Dr. Jedidiah Snow' help Flare."

Shining Firefly arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Shining Firefly has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix nods at Hymn. "I've got some ideas to teporialy relpace my arm, but you are right, we need an expert here. I'm more profecient at MSE field work. But some of our people are pretty good at repairs, and there may be no need to call Dr. Snow."

The three-pointed clack of metal on metal signals the arrival of someone walking with a cane. Shining Firefly enters the Repair Bay, briefly surveys its inventory of wounded, and gets right to work. You wouldn't expect this from a Major, but... Shining Firefly never saw himself as really above anyone else.

Flare Feline still lies there. The staff slowing in their work, as they realize there's not much they can do themselves. The staff who went to the back finally brings up the Doctor's image on a viewscreen. There sits a young-ish looking man. Probably 35-40. He has brown hair, slightly unkempt in the front, with small rectangular-framed glasses. And of course, he wears the trademark white labcoat. He greets with a smile "Greetings Repliforce, what can I do for you?" He pauses for a second, before speaking up before his question is answered "Is Flare well?"

Rigger arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Rigger has arrived.

"Nah doc." Comes Skyblade's voice, "That's the problem, know what I mean? He got wasted, like, majorly last night, and we dunno what to do for 'im, so that's why these medics went and called you up, hoping you could figure something out. Cool? Talk to them." Anyway, now that she's said her peice, Skyblade makes her way over to a table, and draws one of her berettas, deciding to clean it. She knows something bad's gonna happen tonight, that whole sky burning thing is a big indicator.

From the hallway there comes a soft *knockknockknock* that preceeds a most decidedly humanoid figure strolling in. Just common courtesty to knock before entering a room, right? That or perhaps it's just a means of warning any medics that may be working before startling them to death by arriving out of the blue. Rigger hovers in the doorway, figuritively speaking, while ascertaining that she isn't interupting anything risky.

At Skyblade's rather brash, but accurate comment, Flare is brought into view of the Doctor on the viewscreen. For a brief second his eyes go wide, but he regains control "What on earth happened to him? Well, nevermind that. You said you needed my help didn't you? I can be there shortly if I can get clearence to enter your Headquarters." And Flare... lies there. Yep. Though several more memories pass through his mind. The time when he met Ten, and when he started to confess to her about his problems in his life. Skyblade may think that what Flare did was foolish, but she doesn't know exactly how much Flare owes her, he wasn't about to turn tail and run, and let her be consumed totally. He had to stay, to try to snap her out of it. He failed, but he tried, he owed her that much.

Skyblade Eagle is a very brash, direct person. She wasn't always this way...But that's ancient history. Anyway, she shrugs a bit, "I dunno if we can give you access to the base, but.." She spotted Rigger, "You could tell her what to do. I'm sure she can figure it out, if anybody can."

Rigger blinks as she's pointed out, though she simply shrugs. Stepping closer to the cluster of people, as well as the screen, she offers a smile. "If necessary I could assist in such a manner. It would probably be quickest given legalities and other red tape."

The Doctor nods "You have a point there. Alright, could you send me all the statistics on Flare's condition?" He reaches to the side and pulls out what looks like a labtop, whatever model would be current right now "I'll bring up Flare's schematics and send them to you as well.
Hopefully by pooling our resources we can fix whatever is wrong." He is a rather fast typer, as his fingers blur across the keyboard, the proper info is sent along the datastream. A much more detailed map of Flare's neural net than the one Repliforce had in it's database. As he's typing, he speaks up again "If I may ask, what exactly happened to him?" Wee, someone else wants to know what happened to Flare.

"Ten got 'im." Says the Eagle, still cleaning her gun, "One of those...What'd they call it, Evil pendant, or Chaos pendant, or something like that. Anyway, it made her go nuts, and she like, freaked out and nearly killed him." Clean clean clean, "Then right after she did it the sky like, burst into flames. It was freaky. Of course, stuff like that doesn't scare me anymore, but hey, that's me."

"Chaos pendant," Rigger informs, while quickly tucking her own pendant beneath her shirt for now. No need to blatantly state what most already knew, right? "I only caught the end of the fight, but it seems he took a massive flame attack that breached the integrity of his armor, thus causing it to revert to it's base composites."

Jedidiah slows his typing for a moment, a puzzled look coming over his face "...Ten? You mean that cheerful Phoenix? But why would..." He pauses as the pendents are brought up "Ahh, yes. I've been trying to follow that situation, though the information available to me is limited. But I had no idea that she would have gotten one..." He sighs "That's quite unfortunate..." The Doc has met Ten himself, and knows her to be a close friend to Flare. That news was rather surprising. Still, he types on "Alright.... that should be all the data available to us currently, now then would you... err, sorry, I didn't catch your name" He says looking at Rigger.

Skyblade Eagle points at Rigger, "Yeah, what she said." Back to cleaning the gun, she gets out her headphones and starts to listen to them, some heavy metal song which can be heard very clearly in the room, despite it being on headphones.

Rigger hesitates as the matter of her name comes up. Usually does, but sometimes she just doesn't know how to respond. "Rigger, of the Maverick Hunters. I assist Repliforce in some manners from time to time."

He nods, as he continues to work on his labtop. "Very well then, Rigger." He pauses for several moments, looking over the schematics, and Flare's damage report. "Hmm... this is some horrible damage alright. Though something doesn't quite match up... the damage is extensive, but the level of neural failure I'm reading shouldn't be as high as it is. Aside from physically ravaging him, whatever happened looks to have hurt him on a much deeper level." He takes his glasses off and rubs his eyes for a moment, before putting them back on, continuing typing "If I only knew more about these pendents and their nature, it might be easier. But I don't think anyone has access to that information. Those Stardoids were living enigmas..." He pauses again "But maybe there's something I could do... a bit of a longshot... but maybe..."

Skyblade Eagle hrms, "Well, maybe it's because of the fact that Ten and he were really good friends, and he actually thought he could talk her out of attacking him?" Offers Skyblade, "I knew he couldn't. There's some people you just can't talk to, and someone who's hopped up on Stardroid power like it's some kind of drug is one of those types of people." Anyway, back to listening to her music now..

Rigger sighs wearily as she turns to begin visually examining the damage that Flare took. She waits for the doctor to begin giving prompts however, given Flare is apparently his area of expertise. "The pendants only allow stronger attacks, a higher tolerance for pain, and mild to extreme personality shifts depending on the sort of pendant. My own has actually helped me to grow calmer, and less rushed during matters. However mine is a pendant of Order. The 'good guys' so to speak."

Ring Redwing arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Ring Redwing tiptoes in and across the Repair Bay room as inconspicuously as she can, her armor slung over her back, obviously having seen some repair lately makes that a little bit difficult but she does her best to get to the Armor-polisher-304 (with color-regeneraters) without being seen.

The Doctor on the viewscreen nods as he continues typing. "I see. Well then, I think I know what I can do. What seems to be the problem, is that Flare's... essences is being erased. Not so much a spirit, but all the programming that makes up who he is, memories, personality, things like that. They were heavily damaged. But they're salvagable, I believe. What I think we should try is..." He types a few keys, and on a screen next to his, some data appears "We're going to try 'grafting' his original schemadics for those parts of him 'onto' his damaged sectors. If my theory's correct, it'll provide enough stability for him to start to recover. If this fails, his personality, and everything that is... Flare, will degrade to the point where it cannot be salvaged. Flare could be restored after that, but he wouldn't be the same person..."

Skyblade Eagle frowns a bit, "That wouldn't be good." She comments, as she puts her gun away, and gets out her other, "I mean, I've known Flare for a while. He's a nice guy and everything. I'd hate to see him just...Well, disapear, ya know?"

Rigger nods slowly as she listens to the doctor. It was a risky thing he suggested, but still the best chance there was. A soft, sympathetic smile is cast towards Skyblade as she offers her own concerns. "You have no idea how many times you guys risk that yourselves. Once your power core is hit, the neural net begins to destabalize. Once it's down enough... What makes you *you* is gone." A glance is cast back towards the viewscreen so she might nod at the doctor in understanding. "I've dealt with such injuries on more than one occasion. I should be able to handle things with your help."

The Doctor nods once more "Alright then. There's something I'd like you to do while I prepare the data graft. Upon looking at the scans of the damage done, there's two or three fused circuit nodes that would cause complications in the procedure. Could you please repair them while I prepare this?" He gives a brief glance to Skyblade. He doesn't want to see Flare dissappear either. He almost thinks of Flare as his son. Speaking of Flare... well he really hasn't changed much at all. Just lying there, burnt. He's in rather horrible shape really, but the physical damage can be repaired easily. It's fixing his neural net that is most vital right now.

Skyblade Eagle nods a little bit at Rigger, "Yeah, kinda like when you guys die...Sure, we could be rebuilt, but it wouldn't be us. Which makes me wonder how the Masters do it. I've seen them get totally scrapped on more than one occasion, yet they're usually back soon after.."

"Not a problem," Rigger assures as she turns to begin gathering items needed for the repairs. Meanwhile she talks anyway, as it doesn't take all her concentration to do such things. She could multitask rather well for a human. "They don't have neural nets like Reploids do. Their's is a bit more hard-coded than that. The neural nets were designed to replicate a human's brain and thought-wave patterns to some extent. So you can think, feel, and make decisions for yourselves. While the programing the Masters runs on works in a similar way, it doesn't really make an attempt to replicate a humans. Their basic personality traits are coded in, as well as any primary functions they're supposed to fill. ...I'm sure Dr. Light could explain a bit better, though Wily seems to have his own style of doing things as well."

Skyblade Eagle nods a little bit, "Maybe I'll ask Light next time I see him. It's been a while, geeze...Six months, at least. When I was still allied with the Hunters, before I had to go in to have my ion drive reworked.."

Ricochet arrives from the Sub-Level 1 Hallway.
Ricochet has arrived.

The Doctor continues to work on the code graft. Yes, it's coming along nicely. And he too can multitask well "Yes, the Robot Masters. Fascinating creations, them. Pity they're use for what they are. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Light, and even some for Dr. Wily, too bad he's a madman, he could be putting his skills to far greater use..." He continues typing "The graft is nearly completed, how are you going with the repairs?" The Doctor is in a viewscreen too, from his home in San Angeles, for Rico who just walked in.

Ricochet, simply enough, walks in. Orbit is on his head. He glances about, pendant flickering occasionally as his gaze falls on the various people... frowning a bit as he sees a few wounded. He nods, absently, to the others present.

"Well, well..." Comes the Eagle's voice, as she spots Ricochet wandering in, "Look who it is. If it ain't Orbit and his pet Repliforcer." She smirks a little bit, just messing with him, as she twirls the beretta and puts it away, starting to run diagnostics on her other weapons systems..

Rigger is strangely enough, working on one such wounded. Namely Flare Feline. Her hands are already coated with grease, and other necessities of keeping a reploid running smoothly. She pays it little heed however, as she's intent on her task. "I've had the chance to speak with some of his children from time to time. Ballade and Enker really don't seem so bad actually. Just an alliance to him is so hard coded into them that they follow him unswervingly." A slight clink of metal on metal is heard as she extracts an object and sets it aside. "One left. It shouldn't take too long."

Flare Feline lies there, in a burnt heap. Courtesy of a slightly crazed Ten. The damage he recieved was incredibly extensive, and the damage to his neural net even more dire. His creator, Dr. Jedidiah Snow has come up with a plan to secure Flare's neural net and stop further degradation. The Doctor on the screen speaks up "Alright, the data graft is complete, once you're finished with the repairs, I can download it into Flare's mainframe... and then we can only pray it works..."

Ricochet blinks, glancing up from... well, whatever it is that's preoccupying him. For some reason, he seems slightly uneasy with... something. "Heyya, Skyblade." "*BLOOP BWIP BLEEP*" <How you doin'?> His optics dart towards Flare, frowning deeply. A moment passes. Optics come up towards Rigger... "Is there anything we can do?"

Skyblade Eagle salutes with a couple of fingers, "Doin' okay. Just haven't seen you guys in...Well, forever." She says, "But leaving for months can do that to you."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Hey. Anybody mind if Ten spends a few minutes in the repair chamber? Just so she can be repaired?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Sgt. Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I mind. The last thing we need is her at full power so she can blow up another 'forcer."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Shining Firefly transmits, "That, or I can work on her if she wishes."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "hrm. I already did some work on her but some of her injuries I cannot work on. Let me check with her."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Tidal Whale transmits, "I must concur with Skyblade Eagle. As I have said, time and again, to deaf receptors."

Rigger nods solemnly as she pauses to wipe her hands off on her shirt. Messy, but she didn't really care. It's not as if she wore fancy clothing to begin with. Her job was to get dirty, and worrying about it was just going to impede her progress. "I'm sure it will. And... Done." Standing straight once more, she flips her hair back while going over the repairs visually.

The Doctor nods again "Alright then. This is a bit of a long shot, but it's all we can do. I'll prepare the graft to be downloaded... and thank you for helping him Rigger." He clicks a few keys, preparing the upload. It's sink or swim time. If this doesn't work, it'll likely be the end for him....

Ricochet receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Ten says she really doesn't need any more repairs right now and that she's thankful for the offer and if you want to, you may drop by."

Rigger closes her eyes a moment as she shakes her head. "You're welcome. I wish I could be of more assitance doctor, but fate has other plans in mind." Turning away with a sigh, she begins to head for the door. "Ready, Ricochet?"

Rigger sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission.
Rigger sends a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle blinks, "Whoa, hey." She stands up, "Where you guys rushing off to?"

The good Doctor sighs as he initiates the transfer "Thank you for all you've done. And good luck with... well whatever you'll be doing now." And with that, the Doc hits the ever-importent 'Enter' key, and the transfer begins. The entire process will take a bit of time. Hopefully it's time Flare has...

Rigger receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.

Rigger replies to Skyblade quite simply, though she doesn't look back.

"Ten inclinations of my own hand,
Ten to give to my confused band,
Ten to heed consmic genocide,
Ten that start at the center of it all,
Where the lines meet the perils' obscurity will fall."

Rigger sends a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle eyes Rigger, "And that means what?" She asks, "Is it time for me to get back to what I do best?" And, what does she do best? Well...It's well known, or it was...Someone needs to earn her reputation back..

Rigger receives a radio transmission.
Rigger sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Chaplain Hymn transmits, "Excuse me... what is the current location of Ten?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "She's with me."

Rigger sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "She should be in her holding cell."

The Doc hmms at Riggers riddle "Fascinating. I wish I could have learned more of this situation. But right now, I have Flare to worry about." He looks at the download process, still going good...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lt. Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I'd assume she's about ready to run off with the rest of the pendant holders."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Chaplain Hymn transmits, "Ahh... ...Good. That shall be a relief..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lt. Skyblade Eagle transmits, "So, Phoebus, want me to prep a bed here in the medbay for you when she does?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Eh, I'm not stupid enough to try and stop her if she tries to escape. I'd let the guards do that."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "I couldn't touch her -before- she had a pendant."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Tidal Whale transmits, "So someone should prep a bed for the guards, who would try to stop an escape?"

Rigger receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "No. Your warning is noted and recorded and thus no more warnings are neccessary, Tidal."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Negative. If she tries to escape, then let her, do not attempt to halt her. She will answer for it when she gets back."

Ricochet sighs. "Ready as I'll ever be..." with that, he nods, and follows Rigger out the door, giving one last look towards Flare sympathetically.

*Much MUCH later that night, after the events in the next log*

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "*Medical Gumbie again* Alright, the procedure is complete. Hopefully it will work, we have Flare's own creator to thank. All we can do now is finish repairs, and hope that he manages to pull through."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Aerial Division Commander Ten transmits, "Oh, thank goodness!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Ten?"

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