Race Track

Your average everyday oval-shaped race track, with the accompanying grandstand.

Metal Man is getting his systems ready for the race by going over a systems check of himself and smirks, if there is one thing he is pretty darn fast compared to a number of normal army reploid and androids. Anyhow Metal Man goes back to his systems check and starts to warm his systems up.

Flare Feline also hangs around near the start of the track. Wearing the same sporty get-up he wore during his dodgeball match. It beats wearing his armor on him like he did last year in the footrace. (It don't increase his vel code-wise, don't worry) He just idles around, giving a friendly nod to any Forcers or Hunters nearby.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Quick Man.
Quick Man receives a radio transmission.
Quick Man sends a radio transmission.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Quick Man.

Arafina squints at Alpha as she approaches, before smiling lightly. Does she recognize? Nope, but they're acting at least moderately friendly. "Hey."

Riptide Wyvern has no special armor or getup or anything like that. In fact, she only just got here, gliding to a stop somewhere in the vicinity of nobody, and promptly sitting on the ground to wait, clawed toes wiggling idly. Hrm..

Kalinka has arrived on the scene in a specially-made red racing suit. At the moment, she's off to one side of the track doing leg-stretches...an intense look of concentration on her face.

Overdrive Ostrich runs a final check on his systems. Legs: 2. Sonic Slicers: sharp. Attitude: cool.

Ricochet walks towards the starting line, Orbit clinging to his back. He glances about, nodding to those he knows as he drifts towards his position. Internally, he calls up his HUD and does a final systems check... everything looks ready to go. Now, if only one thing wouldn't go wrong...

"*BLOOP BLEEP!*" <Lookout!> yelps Orbit, as something clothy and white is suddenly hurled in their direction...


Hits Ricochet right in the face. Pulls it off. "What the... underwear?..."

From the stands, a woman... "...Ric, dear! You forgot your underwear on the bed! Can't win without clean underwear, can you?"


Quick Man is here, doing stretch up, running in place (creating a nasty little sand cloud behind him), and the works. Yep folks, Quick Man /does/ infact work out. He isn't a lazy bum as some of you would like to think.

Dawn shows up for the race with no special fanfare. No spiffy additional equipment, aside from a short (very short; maybe 5 feet long or so) construction beam. No words. Silent rike ninja.

Alpha says softly, "Hello Fina.", she pauses for a moment and looks towards Ricochet. "....", blink, "...Ricochet and Orbit.", she says.

Alpha glances back to Fina, "..BEing wanted by the UN, I do not wish them to know I am here so they can shoot off my head.", she explains.

Once she's done stretching, Kalinka skates over to a small bench for a final check of her platinum-wheeled rollerblades.

Ricochet grimmaces, trying to remove the undies from his face. "*BLOOP BWIP*" <Hey, Alpha...> Orbit blurps out. "Hey, Alpha..." Ric echos.

Thunder Triceratops lumbers up next to Overdrive, cracking her knuckles and, GASP, without all her big and dangerous looking guns. Unbelievable!... Or not, especially to other Mavericks who'd actually see her like that around the base all the time. "Looks like we're a bit outnumbered..." A shrug. "More targets for me."

Slash Man enters the area, stretching periodically and moving over to a registration booth to sign in for the event.

Centaur Man is here. The hooved one is here. Taking the time to shine his hooves, the horseman has all hope in the herd. Hopefully, they shall bring in honor through victory. It's time now for the herd to show the world what it can do, and he doesnt mean screw up, which isnt going to happen.

Eternally cool. An aura of gross confidence permates M3. No stretching. No warm up still. He's just standing there. Looks like he's made his decision. He's so cool. He's so collected. o_o Wow. . o O ( .... Maybe I should stretch like those guys over there. Or check my systems. .... They look like they're pretty prepared. ... Wonder if I look prepared ... ) His scarf is immobile, no matter how hard the anime hair-blowing wind tries to affect it.

Overdrive Ostrich nods at Thunder and grins. "Have fun out there," he says. "Know I will!" He's all in red and yellow with three times the usual number of spikes on his armor.

Alpha looks towards Ricochet again, sighing softly. She'll have to pick a better disguise for sharpshooting. With a quick shake of her metallicy glowy bluey hair, she nods towards Ricochet. "Hello, Ricochet and Orbit. Good luck to you."

Arafina straightens back up, dusting her knees off. "Don' worry about the disguise. They won't, not right now."

Barrage Raptor is franticly looking around, "Accel?" She asks, as she jumps up, "Accel! Where are you!?" She wants him to be here. She can't do this, and...Well, if he's not here, who will beat the Mavericks and Robot Masters? She frowns, and kicks some dirt with a talon, "Come one. Please get here.."

Ricochet nods in Alpha's general direction... "Yeah, same to you..." he says, still trying to pull off the undies. He seems to be having little success.

Alpha nods idly, "Perhaps not, and probably likely not, but I do not want to risk it.", she pauses, "Besides, I promised Ghost."

Top Man zooms into the area at his maximum velocity, spinning like a gyro in an attempt to get to the track on time. Screeching to a halt, Top stops in front of the registration desk and signs up immediately before running over to his broters "Hihi guys! Sorry I'm late. I hadda finish oilin' m'wheels.

Riptide Wyvern pulls from a pocket.. what looks like a walkman. Places two small recievers in either ear, and turns on the music. Who can run without tunes? Standing back up, she glances around briefly, then quite casually slides in the direction of a few repliforcers. Why? Why not. They -were- in the same faction, generally, and she needed to hitch a ride back home afterward.

Spring Man is currently here, and boy, is he dressed for the occosion. Right now, he's got a white shirt on with black lettering, saying "I'm proud to be a Robot Master!". On the back, it has the classic 'Dr. W' logo. He also has on his lucky Purple and Green sweatband on. "Allright you guys! It's time to show you what a properly exercized person can accomplish!" He says, as he take up to the starting line.

Arafina ahs. "Well, if you promised." She sounds resigned. Glancing over at Ricochet, her face splits into a toothy grin, and she heads that way. She's seen him before. "Hey, you. Guy with a loud mother. Here." She offers a steel knife; don't ask where she kept it. "Chop that off your head."

Quick Man is in prepareness mode, which is something like meditation, only less spiritual. He may not be disturbed unless you want to talk to him directly, or if you want him to sign an autograph (Yeah, like one of you wants it, you anti-Quickians.).

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Good luck to everyone in the footrace. Let's do our best."

Slash Man stretches loudly. Yes, loudly. You see, his joints make odd and frightening sounds as he pulls himself into positions that just don't look like they should be possible. Poor, poor anybody who looks at him, because his appearance right now is just... yigh.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Where's Accel? Why isn't he out here?"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Zap Cardinal transmits, "He'll be sorry he missed it."

Kalinka isn't paying attention to the other contestants. At the moment, she has her hands steepled in front of her mouth, meditatively, as she sits on a bench waiting for the announcer to start things off.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF-Hunter Liaison Flare Feline transmits, "Good luck to you Hunters in the footrace."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Major Iris transmits, "Oh, GOOD LUCK you guys! I'll be rooting for you!!"

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Alpha transmits, "..."

Ricochet blinks... glancing over towards Arafina. He manages to make his way over to the Hunter, an eye peeking out from one of the legs. "Eh?... thanks..." he says, a bit muffled, as he accepts the knife. Orbit blinks. "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <Uh, Ric, be careful...> "I know what I'm doin'!" "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <I can't look...>


The undies fall off.

"*BLOOP BLEEP!*" <You're not dead!> "Of course not - I won the sharpshooting contest last year. Geesh." And a fair chunk of his hair goes with it. As well as a couple screws. "...where did these come from?..." Ric asks, glancing at Orbit... "...thanks." He returns the knife.

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Snake Eyes transmits, "Hey! Luck to you 'Forcers, too! Kick some Ostrich-tail!"

Alpha nods towards Ricochet, "....Good luck at Sharpshooting.", she looks towards Arafina, "Good luck. I will try to keep people from being rough."

Overdrive Ostrich fills up on e-cans, topping off his cells for the race. Let's go. Let's get this on. Let's make me sign autographs!

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Major Iris transmits, "Best of luck to ALL of you!! WOOOO!!! I'm READY to CHEER!!"

Metal Man grins evily as more of his siblings show up. oO(yes we will show the rest of the world just how superior we are.) Metal Man grins anf gets into line still holding a new and unopened e-can which he opens and chugs. "Lets brink it on."

A tower rises up from underground amidst the stands. When the top of the tower is higher than the top of the stands, it opens up, revealing an announcer's booth. "Ladies and gentleman! Robots of all kind! Children of all ages! Welcome to the Battle and Chase foot races! I'm Dash Deinonychus and I'll be your announcer for this evening. Racers! Get on your marks!"

Barrage Raptor sighs, and kicks a little more dirt, mumbling. Great, he's not here...What a let down. Guess she doesn't really have a reason to race anymore...But she'll do it anyway. She just kind of stands at the starting line, looking a bit down.

Overdrive Ostrich steps forward onto the starting block, his 10-foot frame crouching for takeoff..

Arafina tucks the knife away again. She's still grinning. "Luck t'you," she says, flipping her hair as she turns back around to head to her former spot. As Dash orders the crew to get on their marks, she drops into a runner's starting position, though sans block, bare feet slightly dirty already.

Slash Man stands on his mark and gets into a racing position. He WILL... not be the victor, but he certainly intends to help bring the Robot Masters to a win in this illustrious little game. Mmm, illustrious game.

Top Man perks up as the announcer comes on, announcing the beginning of the race. Putting his wheels down, Topper skates over to the starting line and takes his designated place, crouching like a human sprinter. "Letsgoletsgo! WHEE!"

Looks like that's his mark. "M3" heads over to the starting line, and slides down into a ready position. "......." (Let's do this.) Wow! That's pretty cool! ._.;;

Kalinka gets up off the bench, and skates smoothly over to her designated lane. After a moment, she notes the area where the main GNN cameras are situated, and she stares in that direction for a long moment before a slight smile appears on her face. She blows a kiss in that direction...hoping that the one person she loves more than anyone in the world is watching -- and has noticed.

Riptide Wyvern balances on one foot briefly, wrapping a thin length of bandage around her ankle before trotting to the starting line, surveying the other racers. Overdrive is picked out almost immediately.. and with a good deal of sourness. That overgrown buzzard beat her out last year. She shakes the annoyance off, and waits patiently at the starting mark.

Spring Man takes his starting position. Actaully, he did that in his last pose, so move that last pose over to this pose. Perfect.

Ricochet nods. "And you... Orbit, don't eat that." Orbit munches on the undies. "*BLOOP*" <Jus'a li'l pre-race snack.> Ric sighs, and shakes his head. He gives a quick nod towards Dawn, wondering if he'll get a response.

Alpha walks towards Fina, stopping next to her. She doesn't assume any special running positions. She just looks ahead and says, "Thank you, Angie.", to nobody in particular.

Flare Feline is also preparing himself. Just like last year, focus, and run. If anyone else in Repliforce wants to play the dirty side of it, he'll leave it to them.

Thunder Triceratops doesn't bother with all the fancy stuff, she just stands there and gets ready, tail flicking back and forth lazily behind her.

Dawn takes her spot on the race-line when given the signal. 5-foot construction beam ready in hand, she looks over to Ricochet and seems...a bit irritated, but mimics his nod without any verbal response.

Quick Man finishes preparing himself mentally, then walks over towards the starting line, walking as a normal human being, which obviously does not fit him. He enters a sprint stance, his face as serious as it could be if he wasn't still smiling.

Centaur Man goes to the starting line. He cant really sprint, but he readies himself to charge out at full speed like a rhino. He will not let herd down today. oO(I shall help lead the herd to victory today!)Oo, he thinks, confident in the teamwork of his brothers, or so he hopes they have.

Metal Man gets into a crouching start and waits for the signal to go.

Dash Deinonychus pulls out a small pistol, more for tradition's sake than anything else. "Racers, get set!" He lifts the gun and fires off a single round, the noise resounding around the entire racetrack and stadium. "GO!"

Lucky Accel, he got right on the mark before the go was said! WHOO! Cheer for his player RACING to get to the race from work!

Ah. Going. Right. As soon as the trigger's pulled, Arafina rushes forward, rising into a straighter posture as she does. "See y'all later!"

Run run run! Barrage takes off running, lowering her head as she runs as fast as her little raptor legs will take her. Nothing special about that...Because Accel's here now!

Overdrive Ostrich leaps off the starting block with a bound, no silly beep-beeps or anything.. this is dead serious. He's leaning into the run, his neck nearly horizontal as his legs groan with the powerful acceleration!

Top Man springs into action immediately as the gun sounds, his wheels already spinning rapidly as his legs begin to pump faster than any human legs possibly could. Faster and faster he moves, beginning to rocket down the track as he picks up speed, a large cloud of dust behind him.

Slash Man pushes off on his right foot and begins propelling himself forward, dashing himself in the forwards direction as fast as hish legs will carry him. Unfortunately for him, this isn't anywhere near as fast as he'd like. His joints still make that weird groaning sound from before. How odd.

And Spring Man is off like.... a slinky? ... nevermind. He takes off, fully extending his legs and arms. This does two things. One, it give him a better gate, and Two.... it makes him look like an idiot.

Ricochet sighs, shaking his head as he turns away... and dashes. A faint *blurp* sound is audible as he dumps power into his leg servos, rapidly accelerating towards maximum speed. Orbit clings on tight, continuing to munch on the underwear. "You're supposed to WEAR it, silly!" yells their mother from the stands. Ric shudders faintly, and tries to ignore it.

Dawn takes off into a typical bipedal run, carrying the beam with her all the while. While certainly not top-tier in land speed, she's noticably getting pretty good acceleration.

With a resounding surge of energy, two twin ion flares erupt from the engines on Accels back and the dinosaur takes off.

From this point on, The Man Known Only As "M3" is Also Known As Mitsurei. ... More appropriately, the Mysterious Masked Mitsurei! Ooh. Spooky and mysterious. He gets ready... His legs cock... MmmmPOW!!! His legs explode into motion as the Maverick Stampede blows off the starting line with the BANG of the really neato gun! "....." (I want a gun like that.)

Once Dash the announcer calls the start, Kalinka is off in a dash. She isn't any faster than the average atheletic teenager on speed-skates...though she's hundreds of times as driven. Her focus is straight ahead as she glides along effortlessly.

Alpha just starts running. Nothing is remarkable about it. She's fast but, well, keep in mind that she's not fast compared to anybody here, just normal blokes, really. Still, she doesn't seem freaked out. She knew she wasn't going to do well the moment she signed up. She signed up for fun, not to win.

Metal Man takes off like a shot, the ego powered elder robot master takes off like a shot and takes note of Dawn and her beam. oO(Oh smeg...) Yup he has an idea of what she could be up to.

Centaur Man is off. He begins by charging at full speed, the horseman isnt going to let anything stop him today. His hooves are polished, and shiney too. He gallops along as fast as he can, for he is not going to show any mercy to the open raceway, or the enemy.

<Sproing!><Zoom!> Flare's off! The big 10ft kitty is faster than he looks. Sure he's not as fast as some of the other speed demons in this race. But he's still pretty quick. Maybe he'll win a medal this year, maybe not, but he's sure gonna try. He'll at least be happy if it doesn't fall into that zealous Ostrich's hands again.

As soon as the signal goes off, Quick MAn is already on the move. Moving as fast as he can without having to slow down later, Quick Man is still faster than almost anyone in the race. Still keeping his smile on his face, he starts the race.

Riptide Wyvern does as everyone else does when the signal is given ... and runs. There's only so many ways one can do such things, and she's not exactly slow by any stretch of the imagination ... pacing just to the left and behind Accelerator, for the moment. Ignore others as best as possible for now.

Thunder Triceratops takes off!.... slowly. Very slowly. Then again, she's not trying to be fast at all in the first place, as she watchs the other Mavericks leave her in the dust pretty much. She's got other reasons for being here, and just tromps along as best as she can.

Current track positions:

12) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 1) Mitsurei (lap 1)
11) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 1) Quick Man (lap 1)
10) Riptide Wyvern (lap 1)
8) Dawn (lap 1)
7) Metal Man (lap 1) Top Man (lap 1)
6) Centaur Man (lap 1) Barrage Raptor (lap 1) Flare Feline (lap 1)
5) Spring Man (lap 1) Alpha (lap 1) Ricochet (lap 1) Arafina (lap 1)
4) Slash Man (lap 1) Thunder Triceratops (lap 1)
3) Kalinka (lap 1)

Dash Deinonychus calls out, "And they're off! Accelerator Allosaur and M3 pull into an early lead, with Overdrive Ostrich and Quick Man right on their tails! Riptide Wyvern isn't far behind, with the rest of the pack bunched up still!"

Overdrive Ostrich frowns a bit as Accelerator and Mitsurei take off with better acceleration, but his resolve doesn't weaken. He knows their speed will fail soon, once he starts dragging a sonic boom over the stadium...

Overdrive Ostrich offers little more than a grunt to his rival and erstwhile teammate, Quick Man.

And Accelerator simply blasts those thrusters as high and as hard as they can go. Forget weapon systems, everything is diverted into the dinosaur's legs and thrusters as he blazes out. He'll be set for his own sonic boom in a few more minutes.

Flare Feline is just getting warmed up!! ...is what he'd like to say. But really he'll be running at a pretty even pace all night. The race is just beginning....

Ricochet pumps his not so little legs as he races, as quickly as possible, kicking up a fair amount of dust. Not a whole lot, but... it's noticable. He scurries along. Not the fastest ground racer, though, that much is evident.

Run run run. Hey look, is that Centaur Man? Didn't she kick his ass the other day? Well, no big deal. Barrage decides...To do it again!" She runs up right behind Centaur Man, pulls her talon back, and aims to plant it right into his horse's ass, to slow him down while she runs on.

Riptide Wyvern isn't doing too bad, so far. Generally that's a good thing. This time, maybe she'd do better than fourth place; she'd be happy with second.. or maybe first. But she wasn't placing her hopes too high. She changes her track slightly, staying -out- of the cloud of dust those in front of her have already kicked up. Cough.

Quick Man doesn't really care for not being in first place, nor does he really care that Overdrive is his team mate in two other events. Nodding towards Overdrive, he doesn't try crashing into him since he isn't an idiot, but instead tries to keep his pace.

Metal Man speeds on and seeds Top Man near by and says, "Bro watch you back we got Dawn behind us and she is packing an I beam..."

Arafina doesn't even bother doing anything in the way of charging people. Waving to Ricochet as she keeps almost perfect pace with him, she grins. "Hey, does that flyin' thing count as a second entry?" she inquires, gesturing at Orbit as she keeps pace.

Spring Man continues bouncing along, using his large spring legs like stilts, giving him a better then normal ground speed. *boing boing boing boing* He waves to Slash as he passes him.

Kalinka continues to skate smoothly along in her red skate-suit...eyes focused very sharply upon the track in front of her, nothing else matters. She's doing this in honor of her father, her country, and the Hunters. She knows she doesn't have much chance of winning, but the honor is in the participation and the attempt, she wagers. And so it goes.

Thunder Triceratops just stomps along, bringing up the rear as expected... but not dead last. Imagine that. There's a few people in front of her, but for right now, she's just watching. When she starts picking up on who's the real threats here, then she'll go into action...

Dawn is packing a beam, but doesn't seem to be really interested in swinging it around even as she zips by Top and Metal. She has the reach for it, but opts to just remain a 'middle of the pack' racer that is sans violence.

Slash Man is flinging himself forward. He's really far behind, and he's not happy about it. Turning to face the Hunter, who is also his next opponent in combat, he decides to take out his aggression by thrusting his body towards her. As he moves toward Arafina, he shouts out: "Vae Victus!"

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Arafina!

Legs ablur, Mitsurei's arms sweep back as he way power travels across the ground, accelerating rapidly. -Seconds- in, Mitsurei hits his top foot speed. 92.3 mph. But now... "..." Let's kick it up a notch. There is a sudden _blast_ of speed from the Mysterious Man WHom Has a Hairdo Similar to Mitsurei's boots as he dramatically speeds up, affording him a decent lead as he suddenly switches to -powerskating-, skating on controlled gravity fields scant -inches- from the ground. ... And guess what? His scarf? It's barely moving. Darn skippy.

Top Man's wheels motor onward as he kicks up even more dust. Turning his head slightly in Metal's direction, he looks forward a little to spot dawn and the I-Beam she's carrying. Nodding to his brother, Top merely continues on, looking more serious than he ever has. Putting his body lower to the ground like a speedskater, Top moves his legs in a similar fashion. The olympics got NOTHIN' on him.

Alpha runs alongside Arafina, she says, "I do not think so, Fina.", and then Slash Man crashes into Fina, she looks towards him briefly but just keeps on running, a little irritated though. Why is he trying to tackle -Fina-?

Centaur Man continues to run, he wont let the herd loose today. Having his speed as high as he can, he gallops along, not worrying about the competition for now. He will worry later, for it all matters in the end anyway. For now, run horsey, run!

Barrage Raptor crashes forcefully into Centaur Man!

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

19) Riptide Wyvern (lap 1)
16) Top Man (lap 1)
15) Dawn (lap 1)
14) Metal Man (lap 1)
13) Flare Feline (lap 1)
12) Ricochet (lap 1)
10) Spring Man (lap 1) Barrage Raptor (lap 1) Alpha (lap 1)
9) Thunder Triceratops (lap 1)
7) Slash Man (lap 1) Kalinka (lap 1)
6) Centaur Man (lap 1)
5) Arafina (lap 1)
4) Mitsurei (lap 2)
3) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 2)
1) Quick Man (lap 2)

Ricochet glances towards Arafina as he hurries along... as for Orbit, he currently is in ratmouse form. Looking much like a Pikachu. Clinging to Ric... and eating the underwear that she helped liberate. "*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP*" <This Fruit of the Loom stuff is a lot tougher than BVDs.> he grouses. Ric shudders, and shakes his head. "No, it's... a long story..." Blink. Slash Man smashing into her?... he frowns. Cheap shot... he continues racing, hoping for some point in the future to whack the errant Master. He gives a quick nod to Flare as he closes in behind him.

Dash Deinonychus isn't excited yet. THe race has just begun, after all. "M3 pulls into the lead as he rounds the first lap, with Overdrive Ostrich and Accelerator Allosaur just behind him and Quick Man pulling fourth! Looks like there's already a few scuffles out there as..." He pauses and leans over, peering down at the track. "HEY, ARAFINA! Try to keep your clothes on this year!"

Accelerator Allosaur blinks just a little as the one near by him manges to edge out and get ahead, darn, he just slips in behind the faster machine and takes in the draft, not really looking to see who's where now. Call him a fair sport, he isn't gonna crash anyone just yet....

Flare Feline is still running strong, at least as strong as he can go. Nope, nothing new here. Flare didn't enter this race with the intention of crashing into others... but if it looks like he can do so and help a friend, who knows?

Barrage Raptor just keeps on running after literally kicking Centaur Man's butt, deciding that she'll be safe just running along now. But she's keeping an eye out for anyone who can beat Accel...

Thunder Triceratops stomp stomp stomps along, actually managing to get in front of some people, however that's possible. Though she doesn't dwell on the thought, as she notices a familiar face up ahead, look it's that triggerhapper raptor. Well, as she's coming up from behind, she lowers her head and does what triceras do best. "Hey there missy! Remember me?"

Ok, this is getting wierd. First he has 2 people ahead of him, now 3??? Quick Man's smile fade for a second, but quickly comes back, as he again decides to not crash anyone, but instead he picks up his pace, gaining even more speed. What, you thought he was actually running at his full speed? He's just warming up!

Spring Man continues to bound along, considering he hasn't found any good reason to crash into anyone yet. But Spring is smarter then he looks, and relizes that he dosn't have a chance to win. Hrm... how about letting another Master get the gold? He ponders this as he bounds around a corner, looking as funny as ever with the stilt legs.

Thunder Triceratops tries to ram into Barrage Raptor, without much success.

Getting tripped sucks, and now she /is/ in dead last. Fina somersaults before landing in a rather untidy heap, grumbling and swearing in about six languages. Hopping back to her feet, she starts running again; as she does, she spots some guy with a rather slow-moving scarf just behind. Recognizing him as the current leader, she aims a kick at one of his legs as he catches up for a bare moment. Looking up at the closest speaker, she bellows back, "Y'only wish they'd come off again!"

Arafina tries to ram into Mitsurei, without much success.

Metal Man keeps opn running sure he is not going to win the race but that is not why he is here in the race. Metal Man is here well for a darker purpose.

Overdrive Ostrich keeps his head even if he's not in first place.. c'mon, slow down.. oh well. It's.. a friend. He digs harder, leaving Quick Man in his dust as he pulls even with Accelerator. Concentrating all his effort on speed...

Centaur Man continues to run. A minor set back, being slashed into, but no worries. Horsey just keeps running. He just runs, galloping along, ignoring temptations to smash the enemmy... for now.

Dawn sees Top Man gaining ground on her for now. Even so, she doesn't bring her construction-beam to bear on him, apparently willing to just race non-violently for now.

Slash Man bolts forward, having successfully attacked the 'Fina. He has nobody worth attacking this time except Kalinka, and he's not going waste his time on her. For now he just continues blazing forward, hoping to get a hit off on a larger piece prey at some point.

Alpha says with a soft sigh, "Fina, be careful...You do not -know- that man.", of course, it's anybody's guess if anybody actually hears her.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Oh, just for the record, dealt with Astro Man and figured out who was behind the whole chip thing."

Being lapped is no fun. And while she wasn't in the top five or six anymore, Riptide wasn't complaining yet. Oh no. A quick survey of her direct area reveals very few within biting range, the only one who -was- ... was well. Not appetizing looking. All that spinning might be .. contagious or something.

Kalinka is still focused single-mindedly on the track in front of her...her skinny little red-suited frame gliding alongside Slash, though she doesn't even notice him in her concentration.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Who?"

Top Man skates onward as he scoots around a turn, going past the halfway point of his first round and beyond. Streamlining himself as much as he can, he whips slightly past Dawn and smirks, looking behind himself and sticking out his tongue for a milisecond before he continues on his way.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Apparently Iris' hunch was right... It was Quick Man. Apparently he got some help from Astro making that chip. It's uncool, that's for sure. How is the race going?"

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

19) Ricochet (lap 1) Metal Man (lap 1)
16) Barrage Raptor (lap 1) Alpha (lap 1)
15) Spring Man (lap 1) Mitsurei (lap 2)
14) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 2)
13) Centaur Man (lap 1) Slash Man (lap 1) Thunder Triceratops (lap 1)
12) Kalinka (lap 1)
11) Quick Man (lap 2)
10) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2)
8) Arafina (lap 1)
3) Dawn (lap 2) Top Man (lap 2)
1) Flare Feline (lap 2)

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Hey, he's out here!"

FOOM! Mitsurei The Stampede, moving like a -demon- (Speed _is_ what he's good at,) looks to the side, as he passes Accelerator. That glimmering visor flickers for a moment.. "....." (See ya.) *VOOM!* THe reploid tears into it with some speed, as he... passes Arafina a second time. .. And she tries to _kick_ him. However. There's a problem. Problem being- This mysterious M3 man _flashes_ past her in a somersault that.. by some marvelous feat of physics, utterly fails to get him tripped up. "....." (<censored! O_O>)

Barrage has been keeping an eye out for people who could beat Accel..>And here comes one guy now. It's that 'M3' person, "Oh no you don't!" She turns around as he rushes towards her, "Flying raptor pounce of death!" She leaps at him, aiming to barrel him over..

Barrage Raptor crashes forcefully into Mitsurei!

Accelerator Allosaur grunts a bit, trying to put some more power into those engines, Still concentraiting on speed and nothing else... must.. .move.. FASTER! Growling with a bit of emphasis, he glances aside at the speedy maverick at his side. He just glances forward. No, he's not about to crash Overdrive, no way.

Flare Feline is continuing to focus on the race. No chances to crash anyone of worth just yet... whether he will or not if he gets the chance... he'll likely decide at the last minute, like he does everything else.

Dash Deinonychus surveys the track, "M3 maintains his lead, with Overdrive Ostrich and Accelerator Allosaur right behind... but Quick Man has fallen back from the three leaders! Can he live up to his name and regain his former position?"

Meanwhile, several 'unofficial' bookies are making their way throughout the stands, taking five-to-one odds on Arafina losing some improtant article of clothing before the race is over.

Arafina stopped too long to kick and yell back, because she's still behind and nobody else is in reach. She goes back to running, head lowered, blissfully unaware of the bookies.

Dawn is starting to lose massive ground to the head of the pack, though to her credit she's managed to pull back into the same general area as Top Man. Still no violence despite the 'hardware' for it. Content to just race at the moment.

Quick Man acks as they gain even more speed on him! Noticing that they are now in range of his little friends, his smile widens, as he decides to pick up his pace more instead of crashing into anyone.

Slash Man has a bead on some big prey now. As Overdrive Ostrich speeds past him, he sees the opportunity to help his master brethren out and get some food at the same time! Mmm, ostrich meat is a rarity and this one is HUGE. And fast. Mmm, food. He dashes forward, attempting to shove his sorry slow carcass into the speeding ground-bird.

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Thunder Triceratops mutters as she misses, but keeps right on running, even as the leading people pass all the slowpokes like her up... like that other dinothing holding position with Overdrive. About time they caught up to her. Trike moves over a bit as Overdrive speeds by, moving a bit closer to Accel's path, and then suddenly lunges towards the side with a football style tackle.

Alpha sighs softly, not having anybody she wants to break near her. Then again, if she gets close to Slash Man again, she might. So far, she just runs like a mongaralzorz.

Ricochet... well, races. Orbit remains on his back, chewing on the undies. "Get ready to jump, Orbit..." "*BLOOP BLEEP BLOOP*" <Can't we just chuck these at them instead?> Orbit inquires. Pause. "...that's... not a bad idea..."

Thunder Triceratops tries to ram into Accelerator Allosaur, without much success.

Top Man looks to his left as Dawn begins to catch up, his eyes widening before he frowns and looks straight forward again. Nodding to himself, Topper pulls his arms in and immediately does his trademark trick... He begins spinning. Zoom zoom.

Centaur Man looks at Accel. He's right there, and he'sd winning too. He'll show him not to go against the herd. He ducks his head down, and charges forward. Skewered Dinosaur is the horseman's intent. He needs success. It will determine victory or defeat for the herd!

Metal Man is still going along at top speed watching for a moment looking for his place to strike out at the enemies of wily!

Centaur Man crashes forcefully into Accelerator Allosaur!

Kalinka continues on her way. She's not slow by any means...however, in comparison to the super-powered reploids and androids in this event, she's sort of left behind in the dust. This doesn't seem to matter to the young Cossack, though. Her expression is one of focused determination.

Overdrive Ostrich 's eyes light up as M3 takes a pounce from Barrage. "Thanks!" is probably ripped away by the air, but hey, no problem. He moves to dodge the falling M3, only to be smashed by Slash Man! YAAAAAUGH! @.@ "Giddoff, ya dope!"

Spring Man finds himself being lapped. By several people. This is not good. He notices the scarf Guy get tripped, and looks behind him... so see an Ostrich names Overdrive. Hrm.... Acting innocently, Spring sends one of those big legs of his towards Overdrive.

Spring Man crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Riptide Wyvern passes Arafina with a relitavely pleasant wave, eyes scanning frontwards to try to pick out the leaders of this group. One she didn't recognize, the other she did.. And the one she did recognize wasn't doing to good, was he? For the moment, she remains silent and keeps running. Quick man -is- given the evil eye as he passes her, though. There was temptation.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

20) Barrage Raptor (lap 1)
19) Spring Man (lap 1) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2)
16) Centaur Man (lap 1) Thunder Triceratops (lap 1)
15) Slash Man (lap 1) Kalinka (lap 1) Mitsurei (lap 2)
14) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 2)
13) Arafina (lap 1)
11) Top Man (lap 2)
9) Dawn (lap 2)
8) Flare Feline (lap 2)
4) Ricochet (lap 2) Metal Man (lap 2)
3) Quick Man (lap 3)
1) Alpha (lap 2)

Way in the LEAD! YOSH!! Unfortunately... The Mitsurei's still looking backwards, by the time Barrage Raptor -slams- into him, sending him flying past Overdrive on the opposite direction in a burst of genki and pyrotechnics. Er, Really. "AAAHH!!" NO TIME FOR SILENT SPEAK NOW. Recovery is required!! STAT!! He lands on a single hand, pounces back onto his feet, and _gets moving again._ Note to self. Destroy Raptor. ._.

Dash Deinonychus puts a claw to his head, "And Quick Man SHOOTS into the lead as the top three racers are tackled from all directions! Riptide Wyvern manages to slip past the carnage and pull into second!"

Top Man's spinning tactic seems to pay off as he immediately picks up speed, "NEENER!" he shouts as he leaves his running partner in the dust, giggling as he spins as fast as his little wheels will allow.

Dawn finds that Top Man is once again pulling ahead of her, a sort of 'back and forth' now except that he's gotten a more sizable lead at this time. Only one nearby is Flare and she's not going to hit him at the moment.

Accelerator Allosaur snarls a bit, here comes the calvary. Masters ahead, masters behind, he almost chuckles to himself as Ovedrive gets hit, and then as he leaves someone else behind in his charge for a sonic boom, but he doesn't get the chance, instead he gets nailed by Centaur, causing a stagger. People just go flying by. He gains his footing again and takes off again... no crash.

Overdrive Ostrich scrambles back up and starts trying to make up for lost time, suddenly tied for 4th. Scrap! All yours, Thunder.. and feets don't fail me now!

Ricochet casts an optic backwards... "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <That Quick Man behind us?> Orbit inquires... Ric nods, slowly. "Looks like it... ready to deploy?" "*BLOOP*" <Ready as I'll ever be.> Ricochet slows down slightly, so as to bring himself alongside Quick Man... allowing Orbit to leap from his back, and attempt to land in Quick's face, and deposit the chewed up undies in his face. "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <Here, this thing is tasty but indigestable. Wanna try your luck?>

Ricochet tries to ram into Quick Man, without much success.

Slash Man peers around him as he bolts away from the hit he gave Overdrive. Wow, how lucky, now he has a chance to hit another speedster. And which does he opt for? The one right next to him, of course. As he speeds up to the stumbling Mitsurei, he laughs wildly. "Hello, mysterious man! I shall smite thee and bid my brethren win!" He cackles madly again and courses towards Mitsu.

Slash Man tries to ram into Mitsurei, without much success.

Flare Feline continues to run. Don't look for any big changes in that unless someone important comes into range of a crash from him. And he certainly won't be crashing into allies.

Arafina returns the wave, slightly more cheerful; she didn't get tackled that time, after all. But dammit, she's still behind. Even Slash Man and Kalinka are a ways ahead. Glowering, she simply lowers her head and charges forward...at Overdrive Ostrich. He's not far ahead, after all; the fact that he's a lap ahead of her appears to have been forgotten.

Arafina tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Thunder Triceratops misses, but smirks as one of the Masters manages to hit her target as well. She gives the horseman a bit of a salute in thanks, and then continues on her ponderous way, waiting for someone else of worthy crashingness to get in her way.

Spring Man ponders.... Hey! That worked out good! He ponders someone else to kick. He bounds another corner, and find Riptide coming up on him. He sticks out his leg again, right towards Riptide!

Barrage Raptor just does her running thing. Nothing else to do at this point in time, ya know? She doesn't have any targets..

Alpha hrms. Quick Man....Too far away... Still, she might be able to make things a little tough. She reddens slightly despite the blue glow. Oh dear, is she getting into the spirit of the games? Why does she feel like smashing into things like everybody else is doing? Tsk tsk. Of course, she doesn't smash into anybody.

Spring Man crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Quick Man chuckles mentally as his brothers pick off his opponents, and suddenly he finds himself in the lead. Laughing openly now, he speeds away, not daring to try and crash anyone lest he slow down. Oh yeah, and he succeeds in avoiding a pesky crashing attempt by Ricochet.

Metal Man spots flare and gets an evil intent in his mind as he makes to body check the brave repliforcer and hopefully put the kitty out of the running. "SUPERIOR MODEL ANDROID COMMING THROUGH!"

Riptide Wyvern manages somehow to slip free of a small knot of people and make second? Wow. She asn't complaining; though she did pass up a good shot at Quick Man back there. Too bad. The wyvern squeaks in surprise as Spring Man decides to try to interfere with her running, resulting in a rather odd-looking twist-jump away from the android that allows her to avoid the foot.. but has the unpleasant side effect of landing crooked .. and pulling off a rather impressive faceplant into the dirt. "... Ow.."

Metal Man does not ram flare and just keeps runnning and he is well doing better than his attempt at the water race.

Small motes of pebbles on the track are _crushed_ into powder past Mitsurei as.. suddenly, Slash Man is.. MAD COURSING towards him. >.<! "....." (OH NO YA DON'T!) He -purposefully- blasts away from Slash Man. Must...-catch-. BLUR! ACCELERATE! Hands pump as he skates his very hardest. =.=;;

Centaur Man just maintains running for now.... wait there's Mitsuri. He's so fast, that he'll likely get a high position. As he gains speed, the hooved one takes the chance to hit him with his hooves. A nice kick from his back hooves always does nicely in races.

Centaur Man tries to ram into Mitsurei, without much success.

Kalinka skates right in-between the mysterious M3 and Slash -- skinny as a blue-tailed skink as she slips straight along...continuing on her way.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

20) Kalinka (lap 1)
19) Centaur Man (lap 1) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2)
18) Top Man (lap 2)
17) Slash Man (lap 1) Arafina (lap 1)
15) Dawn (lap 2) Quick Man (lap 3)
14) Flare Feline (lap 2)
11) Metal Man (lap 2)
7) Ricochet (lap 2)
6) Barrage Raptor (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 3)
5) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Alpha (lap 2) Mitsurei (lap 3)
2) Thunder Triceratops (lap 2)
1) Spring Man (lap 2)

Dash Deinonychus shakes his head, "There's a lot of scuffling going on this evening... Quick Man remains in the lead, with Accelerator Allosaur barely edging out M3 and Overdrive Ostrich for second!"

Dawn finds herself falling more and more behind Top Man, which is slightly depressing. Flare's still in about the same location as before, and Quick Man zips alongside her momentarily. She...opts to not strike out, strangely.

Still not meaning to crash anyone, Accel takes a deep breath, routes it from his ion cannon systems and puts it right up into the thrusters. A nice blast of speed and he's working up to that sonic boom again. As he goes, he comes up along side Barrage! "heya!" he calls as he goes on, runrunrunrunrun.

"Hi Accel!" Barrage waves as her good friend runs by her. And...Hey wait, isn't that the dude who was beating Accel before, "Hey!" She turns to face him, "Take this!" She sticks out her tail, to catch him in the throat with it. Or so she hopes.

Barrage Raptor tries to ram into Mitsurei, without much success.

Overdrive Ostrich nods at Mitsu--M3, that is, and growls a little, wishing the jet-powered dino would just.. lose an engine or somthing. He's not going to do anything about it, though, not in third place.. Die, Quick Man, Die....

Ricochet grunts, having missed with Quick Man... "...dammit..." he glances behind him once again... "...Allosaur?..." he mutters to himself. Orbit nods. "*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP*" <Looks like we've got another winner behind us.> Orbit mutters... Ric nods. "Three, two, ONE!" With that, Orbit leaps towards Accelerator Allosaur, a pair of chewed up briefs flagging 'bout in the wind like a white flag. "*BLOOP!*" <BANZAIII!>

Ricochet crashes forcefully into Accelerator Allosaur!

Top Man zips past another of his brothers as he spins along, giggling as he zooms around the track. As he skips by, an orange blur, he shouts "HIHI SLASH!" as dust kicks up behind him.

Flare Feline hmmms, Quick Man's about in range. This might be the best chance for him do to something important... It certainly doesn't look like he'll win anything this year, so he may as well be useful. All or nothing. As Quick Man comes up behind him, his leg sweeps out to trip him up. <Yoing!>

You attempt to crash into Quick Man, but miss.

Kalinka has, through the sheer power of serendipity or divine intervention, largely avoided certain harm. Of course, many of the participants are in this race for revenge of some sort or another. Kalinka's reasons are different, and this carries in both her attitude and posture as the teen races down the track.

Metal Man just keeps on running at the speed of ... ego.

Arafina runs mightily, hair trailing behind her, bare feet sending up puffs of dust. Maybe entering barefoot was a bad idea, but last time she ran with sandals, she lost one and got to hobble a bit. This is better then that, if nothing else.

Quick Man is lucky Dawn decided to 'spare' him, but he doesn't care for that at the time. Imstead, he keeps his pace, knowing that raising it any more might cause troubles ahead. Instead he continues in his pace, and avoids another pathetic crashing attempt, this time from a Repliforcer.

Thunder Triceratops just continues to run along, because there's no one around nearby to ram into that she actually wants to. She'll just keep trudging along, and wait for someone else to lap her into range again...

Slash Man is next to 'Fina again. He turns to her and smiles. "Well, hello again little miss. Sorry about that hit before, it's just that you're so cute! In fact, you're so cute... I could just do it again! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" And he flings himself forward. Yes, forward. He doesn't bother attacking the 'Fina this time, no good reason to. "I'll pick my bone with you in the combat ring!" And he waves to Top as Top runs by. "Heya bro! Good racing! Keep going!"

Spring Man looks around to see where everyone is, and notes.... No. Spring Man isn't that mean. He isn't going to crash the little girl.... He bounces along, bounds off the stadium wall, and continues, idly tripping up a hedgehog reploid with tanks on his back.... *whistle*

Centaur Man maintains running speed for now. If he wants to help, he'll need to be where the action is, to help maintain it. Hooves come in handy, as the horsey just runs as best he can!

Alpha looks around her. Oh bloody dear. She's being lapped, isn't she? She looks between the two. She doesn't know M3, but Overdrive Ostrich...Maverick, huh? Well, might as well do one for the cause, or something. Her hair turns into a...hammer?...Yep, that's right, Angie's 'hair' turns into a hammer and then swings forcefully at Ovedrive as Alpha tries to stay ahead of the evil people trying to pass her. GRR! Actually, she shouts, "Sorry!", to Overdrive even as she tries to smack him down. It seems like she really didn't want to do this, it's just..well..part of the games, right? Er...Right.

Alpha tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Riptide Wyvern picks herself back off the ground, and sprints back into the race, cursing under her breath. Sometimes it royally sucked, lacking the sheer agility her siblings had.

Bob. Weave. DUCK!! As those pistons Centaur Man calls hooves blur up.. The Mitsurei of Many Names _DROPS_, going way low onto the gronud.. and shooting -underneath- Centaur Man, one skate -blasting him forward, the other supporting him. And then _BARRAGE AGAIN?!_ NGH! However, THIS TIME, he continues to duck underneath the tail, this time- his scarf FLITS OUT, on the end of his hand, attempting to snake it's way around Barrage and _YANK THE RAPTOR TO THE GROUND. Well. Now we know what it does.

Mitsurei tries to ram into Barrage Raptor, without much success.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

18) Flare Feline (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 3)
17) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Metal Man (lap 2)
12) Ricochet (lap 2)
11) Barrage Raptor (lap 2)
10) Mitsurei (lap 3)
9) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3)
8) Alpha (lap 2)
7) Centaur Man (lap 2) Top Man (lap 3)
6) Spring Man (lap 2) Thunder Triceratops (lap 2) Quick Man (lap 4)
5) Kalinka (lap 2)
3) Arafina (lap 2)
2) Slash Man (lap 2) Dawn (lap 3)

Dash Deinonychus clears his throat, "Accelerator Allosaur pulls into the lead, with Overdrive Ostrich right behind... HEY, GUYS! This is a race, not a demolition derby!"

Ricochet didn't run into Allosaur, after all, as his player is a dipwad who thought he was in another faction..

Rico himself, on the other hand, keeps running.

Top Man zips along, zooming like only a spinnyone can do. Zoom zoom zoom, yeah zoom zoom. Ya zoom zoom zoom, ya zoom zoom zoom... Wait! This isn't a Mazda commercial! It's a race! Anyhoot, he zips past a couple people, and catches up with Centaur, with Spring right behind and Quick coming around to lap him, again, "HIHI BRO's!" he calls, "We're kickin' butt! WHEE!"

Barrage misses! But then...So does 'M3'! Barrage ducks the scarf as it tries to pull her down! "Hey! I want a piggy back ride!" She leaps up and tries to land on Mits' back, and drag him into the ground..

Barrage Raptor crashes forcefully into Mitsurei!

Metal Man is speeding along and spys the Maverick Rival to his brother. He gets a sly grin as he moves in on the speeding bird bot with evil inent. He drops his shoulder and attempts to ram into him at about 100 kph.

Metal Man tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Don't worry, Quick Man didn't just crash into a wall 8 times... Actually, he's doing quite ok, at first place!! And still not crashing anyone, instead doing his best at running at a fast pace and trying to avoid those pesky crash attempt, meanies! >.<

Flare Feline recovers from trying to trip up Quick. Oh well, worth a shot. He waves to Accel as he passes him, well he's our best shot. He notices Overdrive coming up behind him, hmm, oh well, if Flare can't win this time, he's going to see to it that OO won't take it so easily either. He quickly stops in place and swings his foot back to trip the Ostrich up, let's hope he has more luck than when he tried to trip Quick up.

Thunder Triceratops keeps on trucking along, as fast as she can, which isn't very much at all. She's so slow, people are passing her up instead, but that's the way she's planned things. Because then all the fast people catch up to her. She trots along, tail swinging back and forth behind her, and right towards Quick Man as he comes up behind her.

You crash forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich.

Thunder Triceratops tries to ram into Quick Man, without much success.

Overdrive Ostrich dodges quickly to the side, avoiding Alpha's hair-hammer as he plunges past! He's still on Accel's tail, and getting tired of looking at that butt. He reaches out to grab Accel's tail and yank him to the ground!

Overdrive Ostrich tries to ram into Accelerator Allosaur, without much success.

Accelerator Allosaur isn't hit by a fellow temate, so when he goes running by Rico he waves toward him. That done, the dinosaur pushes, more energy, kaboom! The boom has occured. Now in a zone all his own, red optics blazing, the dinosaur surges forward as hard as he can.

Slash Man turns to the beam-toting woman at his side. "You are carrying a very large piece of metal, are you aware of that?" He laughs a bit, though at what it's hard to tell. He seems to be pleased with something. "Well, I guess I'll catch up with you later, weird beam-toting lady." He smiles brightly and propels himself forward.

Leaving Overdrive's hand with a Sonic boom instead of a tail! *BOOM*

Spring Man cheers Quick on as he is passed by the faster Master. Taking the advice from the announcer, Spring Man does not try to crash into anyone this time. He bounds and bounces along, not even showing signs of wearing out. He's done more strenious things in two hours then is is right now. *boing boing boing boing*

Arafina glances back to make sure Slash isn't too close behind her and menacing her hair or some such. Finding him safely leaving her alone for at least the moment, her head turns forward again as she returns to dashing.

Kalinka finally makes it into the second lap, and now she takes a moment to glance around. Noting the large representation of Masters, she wrinkles her nose in a bit of disgust, and turns her attentions back to the track in front of her. She skates quickly and somewhat gracefully...much more the movements of a trained ballet dancer than a roller derby queen.

Alpha was lapped. Darn. Still, she doesn't try smashing into anybody currently. This is mostly because everybody's already trying to smash into whom she'd smash into and that she wouldn't be able to smash into them from this far, right? Right! And this isn't a demolition derby, she reminds herself....No wait, that was the announcer.

Dawn continues to lose ground to the head of the pack, and suddenly near Slash Man. She's initially on-guard, turning to face him...then when she manages to gain more ground and pass him by without him trying to trip her up, she 'calms' and just reverts to racing.

Riptide Wyvern would have jumped Mitsurei-- er, M3, but it seems someone else got there first, so the wyvern slides around the piggy-back-riding raptor and her erstwile prey, still running full-speed.

Centaur Man looks behind him. He waves to his brother. He eyes Trike. Bad move on her part, she's just lucky she didn't hit. "Good job Quick Man." He just keeps on running. He'll just keep up, and maybe have a little fun helping to shape the destiny of the other positions, but wants to keep Quick in the lead of course. Galloping his fastest he is, for now.

Missed. Curses. =.= "......" (No translation. He's just being quiet.) Time to regain lost time. He pops up onto his feet... And is immediately _SLAMMED_ down again as a raptor lands forcefully on. AAAH!!! O_o The genki... however... manages to -attempt- to skate... For a good five feet, before he SLAMS into the ground. >_< ".........!!" You can tell what he's saying right? RIGHT?

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

18) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3) Ricochet (lap 2) Quick Man (lap 4)
17) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3)
16) Barrage Raptor (lap 2)
15) Centaur Man (lap 2) Top Man (lap 3)
14) Alpha (lap 2)
12) Spring Man (lap 2)
10) Kalinka (lap 2) Mitsurei (lap 3)
9) Thunder Triceratops (lap 2)
8) Slash Man (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 4) Dawn (lap 3)
7) Arafina (lap 2)
3) Flare Feline (lap 3)
1) Metal Man (lap 3)

Well, that piggy back ride didn't go to well, "Oooh!" Overdrive is coming up, "Roasted chicken! Raah!" She leaps, aiming to land on Overdrive's back, and put him into the ground too, just like she did to 'M3'.

Barrage Raptor crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Quick Man is still in the lead, and still keeping his highest possible pace without it draining too much energy from his reserves. And he's still trying to avoid annoying crashing attempts.

Spring Man continues to bounce along, hoping that Scarf Guy won't try to take revenge on him for tripping him up two poses ago....

Dash Deinonychus tsks softly, "Quick Man stays in the lead, as the rest of the speedsters are ganged upon time and again! Riptide Wyvern holds a very distant second as she's lapped by the leader, with Overdrive Ostrich holding third!"

Overdrive Ostrich twitches.. I've.. been... LAPPED??? "That's it!" he leaps forward and tries to plant his foot right in Quick Man's back, team or no, hoping to crush him into the ground!

Overdrive Ostrich tries to ram into Quick Man, without much success.

Ricochet grates his teeth quietly... optics locking on Quick Man as he runs past. Orbit tenses in Ric's back. "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <Ready cap'n...> He darts alongside Quick - he can't keep up with him... "...Torpedos AWAY!" Orbit leaps off of Ric's back, bringing along a torn-up pair of underwear as the little yellow fuzzball hurls himself towards Quick, attempting to land in his face and deposit his payload of underwear.

Ricochet tries to ram into Quick Man, without much success.

Top Man, interestingly enough, has yet to pass up Centaur Man. the two of them met several hundred yards ago, and now are keeping pace with one another. Smirking at his brother as he spins along, Topper tries to pour on more speed. "WHEE! Eat my dust Replipoops!" he shouts to everyone else on the track.

Slash Man turns to his side and sees his brother's most fiercesome opponent. It's an Allosaur. "Hey, speed-demon, I've always wondered what dinosaurs taste like! Mind giving me a taste?" And he rears his gait towards Accelerator, hoping to knock into him and get a bite to eat. Mmm, foood.

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Accelerator Allosaur!

Flare Feline hmmms, Arafina ahead of him, Metal Man behind, nope, no crashy attempts for Flare right now. Straight out running for the next little while.

Still in the zone, Accelerator simply continues to truck at full speed. The sound barrier still broken before him, his eyes are locked onto Quick man, though he's quite some distance off. Grr. Still, he'll do his best to keep going as fast as he can. Though, now the barrier's busted as some stupid master seends him crashing down. "Nggh," he's up and off again though, must get back that speed.

Riptide Wyvern quite suddenly.. suddenly skitters to the side, sliides over a bit, and eyes Quick Man again. Hey, didn's she get passed by him before? With an irritated grumble, the wyvern snaps at the fast-moving Master, but doesn't actually try to take him down. Why bother? As it stood, she might come in second or third, and she'd be happy with that.

Overdrive Ostrich tumbles to the ground as Barrage crunches into HIM, throwing him down yet again! SIGMA DAMMIT!

Arafina keeps on rushing, clothes one hundred percent intact - though she did manage to drop one of the knives she'd hidden in her shorts.

Thunder Triceratops grrrs, clenching a fist as she misses, again. And then winces as it pulls something in her shoulder. Snarling under her breath about not being made for this, she lowers her head and keeps on stomping along. Sooner or later, some of the people have to catch up to her again at some point...

Dawn finds that actually, Slash is keeping pace for now...until he goes after Accelerator. That should break the division. She keeps racing on as passively as someone with a shortened construction beam can.

Alpha looks towards Top Man and with a shrug says, "Angie, Necro... I think this is a Demolition Derby actually. It's fairly upsetting.", she pauses for a moment and then nods. Yes, might as well. She charges forward towards Top Man and says, "Sorry, Top Man...That is your name, correct?", she tilts her head as she attempts to dash next to him and then sideways to ram him towards the ground. "What is it that Rigger said? Anonymity has it's perks, I think it was. Or was that father?", she wonders out loud.

Alpha tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Centaur Man continues to run... but there's Barrage. It's time for revenge! He does his best to sneak up, but she's busy laying the smackdown upon OO. A perfect chance... to get even! The horseman revs up, and horn first, rhino charges at the dino of his vengance. He must redeem himself somehow! This time it's personal!

Centaur Man crashes forcefully into Barrage Raptor!

"....!" Mi....Mitsurei's in a jam! (You gain 1000 experience points.) When Barrage vacates, 'M3' wastes -no- time in popping to his feet. Dustdustdustspeeddust. MUST REGAIN!! Mitsurei pops to his feet, and with a powerful burst of power, the Stampede is moving again! This time, he makes no mistake. He powers forward, accelerating quickly. =.=! It is time to put on the full powah. You can almost hear the intense techno music in his head. It's just like in the manga! Really! .. That scarf still doesn't seem like it's gonna move ..

Kalinka skates along, unwittingly skating alongside the mysterious 'M3'. Does she have a dirty trick or 3 up her sleeve? Perhaps. But none for M3, apparently, as she simply skates along her way...blonde hair flying back away from her face.

Quick Man has partially disconnected.

Red Winged Met has arrived.

Ah yes the master of ego and not so much of speed is still making a decent time as he runs about the race track. "Out of the way! Greatness comming through."

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

19) Spring Man (lap 2)
18) Centaur Man (lap 2)
17) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Alpha (lap 2)
16) Barrage Raptor (lap 2) Dawn (lap 3)
15) Thunder Triceratops (lap 2)
14) Kalinka (lap 2)
11) Arafina (lap 2)
10) Slash Man (lap 2) Quick Man (lap 5)
9) Flare Feline (lap 3)
8) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 4) Metal Man (lap 3)
7) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4)
3) Top Man (lap 4)
2) Ricochet (lap 3)
1) Mitsurei (lap 4)

Metal Man is speeding about the track as he spots someone who is on his brother's tail now we can't have this can we? Metal Man looks over Accelerator Allosaur and cackles as he makes to slam into them. "Sorry but you can't go any farther reploid scum!"

Metal Man tries to ram into Accelerator Allosaur, without much success.

Slash Man waves to Quick as he pulls up along-side. Then he turns around and peers at the Flare Feline behind him. "Ah! A wildcat! I shall smiteth thee for the glory of Wily! Thou shalt be stricken down by my greatness! Fear me, jungle cat! Tremble in your shoes!" He laughs and makes a slide right in front of Flare Feline.

Slash Man tries to ram into Flare Feline, without much success.

Barrage Raptor took down Overdrive! But at the same time, gets hit herself, "Ack!" She grumbles, and...Tries to sit down on Overdrive, "Well, hey, look, if I'm not going anywhere, why should you?" She giggles a bit to herself..

Barrage Raptor crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Ricochet grates his teeth as Orbit bounces back to him. "...dammit..." he growls quietly... Top Man. "Orbit, let's do this one more time..." he mutters to the Replirat as he accelerates, trying to bring them alongside... "...one... two... THREE!" Orbit leaps off of Rico's back, attempting to ram into Top Man's face.

Ricochet tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Dash Deinonychus calls out, "Quick Man pulls into the final lap, with over an entire lap's lead on Accelerator Allosaur in second! Riptide Wyvern is not far behind in third, with Top Man in fourth!"

Picking up the pace much more quickly then before, pouring it into those engines at a hundred and twenty percent, when Metal comes crashing towards Accel Accel isn't there anymore. Nope, gone farther up the track. He just waggles his tail at Metal man to spite him as he keeps running.

Walking down the road.... Left Foot Right Foot Left Foot Right Foot Left Foot Right Foot... well Flare's doing more running than walking. And the pace of his feet is a tad faster than that. He notices Quick Man just ahead of him, in possible trippy range. Hmm, trippy trippy! Flare sticks his leg out and tries to trip ol Boomerang head up. Whee!

You crash forcefully into Quick Man.

Spring Man continues (yet again) to bounce along, occosionally shifting his stilt running with jumping. Ya know, It really is boing to run the same way all the time, ya got to vary it occosionally! *bounce bounce bounce bounce*

Arafina continues to race along. Kalinka, not too far ahead of her, gets a cheerful wave as she continues to try to keep up with the skating human.

Thunder Triceratops keeps running along and along.. and spots both that raptor up ahead, and that weird girl in the school uniform that pounded her in the team compatition. Grrr.. tough choice, but finally she decides on trying to trample on the girly, for sake of variety.

Barrage Raptor hands you a cookie for a job well done!

Thunder Triceratops tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

Quick Man grins evilly as he closes in on the finish. Knowing what it also means, he makes sure to try and avoida nyone who tries to come after him. Again he decides to keep his pace instead of crashing into someone, knowing that his brothers are doing all his work for him.

Alpha sees Overdrive Ostrich again. Hrm. Not much of a chance he's going to win at this rate...And Barrage is already doing the favor. No reason to try and smash into anybody for now. Still, the announcer reminds her to keep an eye out for Quick Man. Actually, she might get a shot if she just keeps running this time around.

Overdrive Ostrich staggers up, the world seeming against him. or maybe just EVER OTHER FLAKKING RACER HERE! And he's crashed down again by Barrage. "GET OFF OF ME!" he screeches, taking a swing at her as he desperately tries to make up his two-lap deficit.

Top Man pulls past another bunch of people, lapping here and there as he leaps into fourth place, looking forward, top begins to pull the speedskating thing again as he grins broadly "I'm gonna do it! I c'n make it! I'm gonna get inta a place! WHEE!" he shouts as he hops once, going surprisingly high as he allows Ricochet to swish directly under him. Top continues on his way, speedskating along, not even noticing that Ric tried anything.

And on and on Kalinka goes. Were this a race of teens on skates, she'd probably be up near the front. As she spots Arafina, the younger Cossack grins briefly, giving Fina a thumbs-up.

Dawn dashes along peacefully enough still. When Thunder tries to stop her from passing, she rolls along the ground, holding the beam to the side facing Thunder. A good defensive manuver; she 'glides' up to her feet and keeps running.

Well, nobody is perfect, and Quick Man is hit...

Riptide Wyvern is still running, yesh. And as Allosaur pulls ahead when Quick Man is hit, the smaller Repliforcer hits top speed, with that lovely ear-shattering boom of breaking the sound barrier. For the moment. Watch, her luck will change soon enough.

Centaur Man conntinues to run. He's not gonna stand near barrage as she busily tries to make some birdy delight. In fact, he wants to stay as far away from her as possible at this rate. He gallops into the sunset... err wait, just around the track. The green bronco just runs!

Look at it this way Overdrive. They crash you because they fear you. Mitsurei himself seems oddly disinclined to pull any of his tricks yet. A certain look is cast around. Eternally cool. Oh yeah. He looks good. Real good. Never mind he's developed a raptor-phobia within the past 6 or so minutes. c.c;; Not anywhere around. Good. It's safe to move. He skates relatively alone in his immediate area this time -pressing- up his speed... accelerating powerfully! =.= At least he's safe. ... From raptors anyway. THat bouncy guy behind him is frightening. c.C

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

20) Barrage Raptor (lap 2) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 4)
17) Kalinka (lap 2) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Thunder Triceratops (lap 2)
16) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4) Arafina (lap 2)
14) Flare Feline (lap 3)
13) Slash Man (lap 2)
12) Metal Man (lap 3)
11) Mitsurei (lap 4)
10) Quick Man (lap 5) Top Man (lap 4)
5) Ricochet (lap 3)
4) Centaur Man (lap 3) Spring Man (lap 3)
3) Dawn (lap 4)
1) Alpha (lap 3)

Dash Deinonychus ooohs! "And Quick Man takes a tumble! He's still in first, but his lead's just been cut in half! Accelerator Allosaur is still in second, and Riptide Wyvern in third, as Mitsurei pulls into fourth place!"

Slash Man decides it's time to get revenge on he whom he missed. Lunging forward at the large, fiery cat who just hit his brother, the rightful winner of this race, he declares loudly, once again. "Vae Victus! Suffering... the the conquered!" And he bounds at Flare, hoping to succeed where he previously failed.

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Flare Feline!

Quick Man quickly stands up, hardly hit by the crash, the only problem is that his pride is hurt! Keeping a future place for operation, 'Flare Vengeance' he sprints again, and zooms into action yet again.

Overdrive Ostrich growls deeply, kicking up to his speed as quick as he can. He reaches out to down Accelerator, his nemesis, pouncing on the dinosaur with a shrill screech! Since when did he turn feral?

Thunder Triceratops gives Overdrive an apologetic look as they end up nearby for a few moments, but then the trike backs off, giving him room to try and make up some distance. She's got to back up a bit anyways, as she then storms to the side, trying to cut off the Wyrven as she gets nearby as well, snarling in fustration

Ricochet watches as those he attmepted to bring down speed past him... "Dammit..." he mutters, quietly. No one in range, and he's too far behind to place...

Alpha runs, sighing wistfully. At least she made Lap 3. Some people, like poor Fina, are still on Lap 2. Sniffle. Sniffle.

Thunder Triceratops crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Aw nutbunies. No one worthwhile is in crashy range. Oh well. He idling cheers on the rest of his faction oO(Come on Accel, come on Riptide!) For now, Flare focuses on running, he'll do anything he can to help those two out again if he gets the chance. And GUFF! Seems he won't be getting any chance to hit anyone of worth for awhile, thanks to Slash Man, oh well.

Overdrive Ostrich just runs. ^^

Spring Man wavies at the horsie as Spring catches up. "Ya know, brother, I never realized how quick Quick was!" He shouts at Centuar as he tries to pass the horsie. Hey, what's a competition between fellow masters, eh?

Barrage Raptor waves to Accel as he rockets past her, "Hi Accel!"

Arafina doesn't slow at all, still trying to catch up to Kalinka. Half because she wants to say something, and half because she doesn't want to be beaten by a human...but don't tell her that.

Accelerator Allosaur just runs too, that's about all he can do, and there isn't a threat anywhere around, he hopes. Go go go go go!

Kalinka skates right along...coming within mere inches of Overdrive as he runs past in a flash. She hardly seems worried, though. She doesn't even give her fellow competitors a glance. No need to induce 'road rage', after all.

The wyvern is NOT cut off! No, she isn't. However the sight of a triceratops trying to crash into her is disturbing enough where Riptide -does- skid to a stop with an alarmed squeak, Thunder winding up as a rather unpleasant speedbump that sends her tumbling briefly. But she gets up fast enough, and starts running again.

Dawn has nothing to do for now. She does find herself behind a pair of Masters, but opts to not lash out at either Centaur or Spring. She'd hoped to 'just race' and so far few have tried to disrupt this.

Centaur Man just nods to Spring man, ass he continues running. The hooved one maintains his confidence, for Quick will bring home the gold... hopefully.

As Mitsurei blows past a handful of peeps. This is a speed race. And as -much as he really wants to- nail Quick Man over there (Stupid Quick Man. Faster than he is. Stupid Agile and his stupid hat... fast guys... mutter... e.e;;) the eternally cool M3 -remains- so. =.=;; THIS IS A SPEED RACE! >.< There is a light _SHRIEK_ around Mitsurei's hearing range.. and then... silence. Top speed. To the racers around.. it would register as a conical waveform. A sonic boom. Let's see if you can't keep up! This is far more important than any race... this is a .. race. Of speed! =.= And Mitsurei's determined. DETERMINED TO PASS QUICK MAN! Even if it is a pipe dream. Even if he's got that whole Clint Eastwood look on his face. Hey, gotta keep up the cool persona, rite? "........" . o O (My leg itches still.)

Top Man manages to catch up with Quick momentarily as he zips around the track. Looking to his side as quick begins to pick up speed, he says "Yer gonna WIN, BRO!" right before he pours on the speed, leaping suddenly forward in an attempt to tackle their only nearby competition. "SIDDOWN REPLIPOOP!"

Top Man tries to ram into Mitsurei, without much success.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

19) Metal Man (lap 3)
16) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4)
15) Slash Man (lap 2) Top Man (lap 4)
14) Flare Feline (lap 3)
12) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 5) Ricochet (lap 3)
11) Dawn (lap 4)
10) Centaur Man (lap 3) Spring Man (lap 3)
9) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 4)
8) Barrage Raptor (lap 3)
5) Alpha (lap 3)
2) Kalinka (lap 3) Arafina (lap 3) Mitsurei (lap 5) Quick Man (lap 6)
1) Thunder Triceratops (lap 3)

Spring Man STILL continues to bounce along. Spring's poser has writer's block. ^.^;;;;;

Dash Deinonychus hops up and down, waving a little flag, "Quick Man crosses the finish line and takes the gold! Accelerator Allosaur is shooting for second, with Mitsurei gunning for third!"

And with a bit more time, and a bit more energy routed, the allosaur slams through the sonic barrier again and starts to plow around the track on the last lap. Raar

Quick Man comes near moments to victory, when he decides to make a little show. He gains more and more speed, just eough to break the sound barrier at the moment he reaches the finish line (but without a strong sonic boom of course, he doesn't want to hrut the fans).

Slash Man nods to Top Man before he turns forward. He's not gonna let anybody stand in his brother's way. "Foul water-based thingie! I shall smiteth you, unnatural creature! Neither bird nor beast! I shall punch you! Punch you mightily! Or just... do something nasty!" And he rams forward towards Riptide.

Flare Feline grumbles, stupid Robot Masters... eh, Robot Masters? Hmm... That's Top Man ahead of him, and Dawn coming up behind him, on the same lap Top Man is on. Maybe he can do something to help Dawn finish ahead of that Master trash? <trip>

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

You attempt to crash into Top Man, but miss.

Ricochet accelerates as best he can, pulling along Allosaur. Not for a strike, but apparently to cover him. He stands by, ready to intercept any attempt against the dino as long as he can...

Top Man misses COMPLETELY and smacks into the ground for a split second, slowing down slightly before he immediately springs to his feet, already powering his legs for another burst of speed. He might have lost some footing, but he's still going strong. "Grrrrr..." he mutters to himself, before sparing a slight smile for Slash and continuing on his way.

Kalinka skates along tirelessly, though she's broken a sweat from her efforts to maintain her speed. As she enters the third lap, she grins feebly at Arafina upon approach.

Barrage Raptor decides...To leave Overdrive alone this time. She's done enough to the poor bird this whole race, and Accel's already close enough to the finish line that it doesn't matter one way or the other. So she lets him go, slowling down and walking along, idly..

Overdrive Ostrich finishes the last laps with a defeated air. I need a beer... he gives it his best, but after being sat upon, kicked, tripped, and otherwise disabled for over half the race, he's lost some of the heart for competition. Oh yes, and Quick... you think you're getting any help in team combat?.....

Arafina grins back to Kalinka, toothily. Winning isn't important. She just wanted to enter. She doesn't look particularly tired, but she's a Reploid, and one that hasn't been exerting herself for /that/ long - why would she?

Dawn finds herself making excellent ground now, managing to edge past Centaur and Spring. Flare's efforts to help her don't even get so much as a 'thank you' in response, she just keeps running despite the obvious fact she's probably not going to place Top 3.

Metal Man cackles as Quick Man makes around the track now to mess up anyone else so Topper has a chance to snag the sliver medal today.

Thunder Triceratops gets back to moving, and growls as he's busy plowing down one person, Quick Man gets by her and wins. Darn it. And no one else around worth smacking, either. Huffing a bit, she gets back to stomping along on her way, lapped at least once by almost everyone else by now.

Centaur Man sees that the competition is going down hill. But quick man has won, so it's all good! He just keeps running. He's not gonna win, but he'll just have fun, and maybe help another rm make secomd place.

"I happen to be a birdlizard!" Snapped in response to Slash Man's words even as the Master takes it upon himself to slow her down, and indeed he does manage that. .. Hey, wait a minute, wasn't SLASH MAN the reason Riptide got fourth LAST YEAR? >.<;

The gravity fields from those boots- or more accurately, the Hoverskates that are _inside_ those boots, pound the track. He power slides around the track's bend, as if on ice, and then explodes into the last leg of his race. If there's one thing Mitsurei's good at, it's moving. It's very simple. Are you the fastest, or are you not?

Time to find out.

As Top Man tries to tackle him, Mitsurei SWERVES out of the way nimbly, without losing his momentum. He peers over idly at the strange looking Master.... and *biiihs* him as he blurs past. =.= TAKE THAT.

Alpha just keeps running this time, she looks backwards towards Arafina and waves to her.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

18) Dawn (lap 4)
17) Slash Man (lap 2) Flare Feline (lap 3) Ricochet (lap 3)
16) Centaur Man (lap 3) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4)
15) Spring Man (lap 3)
14) Barrage Raptor (lap 3)
13) Mitsurei (lap 5) Quick Man (lap 6)
10) Alpha (lap 3)
8) Arafina (lap 3)
7) Kalinka (lap 3)
5) Thunder Triceratops (lap 3)
4) Metal Man (lap 4)
3) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 6) Top Man (lap 5)
1) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 5)

Ricochet has, once again... nothing worth jumping. He proceeds on his course, keeping his speed levels steady as he runs.

Dash Deinonychus waves a second flag, "Accelerator Allosaur crosses the finish line to take silver! M3's in line for third, with Top Man and Overdrive Ostrich trailing half a lap behind!"

Slash Man decides to hit the funny-looking beam lady. Cuz she's funny. "Wheeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" He screetches as he bolts forward, attempting to smack headlong into Dawn. "Wheeeeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Dawn!

And finally, on the last leg of the race, the Allosaur pours all the strength he has into the those thrusters and tears past the finish line, claiming the silver! Hey, it's a medal, he's not about to glower about not getting first, just placing was good enough for him after all. Sliding to a halt, the saurian still lets out one hell of a roar as he heads off the track, no point in staying on the track anymore.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Accelerator Allosaur transmits, "now THAT... was fun... *pant*"

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Yay!"

Spring Man continues to bounce along. .o(Man, I can't wait to get this over with and go back to exercising.) He bounds along, trying to keep up with Centuar. .o(Hey, Waitasecond, noone tried to trip me up....)

Overdrive Ostrich pounds along, catching up to TOP MAN. Oh, whoop de doo.. Well, at least I can get fourth.... I HOPE...

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well, no reason to finish up, now."

Flare Feline resumes running. No need to crash anyone else, he'll just try and finish as respectfully as he can. Seems Accel claimed his spot from last year. This seems to prove that Flare's win last year was a fluke, oh well.

Isn't in the track either, but is in the waiting room or waiting place for the medals.

Top Man zips along as quickly as he can, looking behind him and frowning at the rapidly gaining Ostrich... Too far to crash, too fast to outrun. Topper is screwed. Dagnabbit.

Arafina actually pulls ahead of Kalinka after a moment, but not too far. Close enough to Alpha, though, to grin at - so she does. "Looks like t'Hunters stick together as a team," she calls, amused.

Thunder Triceratops mutters, things have not gone as well as she had hoped for this event. Muttering in fustration, she looks for someone else to lash out at. And poor Metal Man happens to be the only available target nearby. "Nothing personal, I'm just pissed," she grates as the dinobroad turns around and tries to clothesline him on his approach.

Thunder Triceratops crashes forcefully into Metal Man!

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Good job, seems the Silver in the footrace falls in Repliforce's hands every year."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "Well done, Corporal. Get some rest and practice for the dodgeball match."

Quick Man isn't in the track either, not nobody.

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Accelerator Allosaur transmits, "Will do, Quell."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Accelerator Allosaur transmits, "And thanks to anyone out there that held the other speeders. back."

[RADIO: (E) RF-Chatter] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well...That's why I was here."

Alpha nods towards Arafina, "Yes, I think I want to keep things like that in the future.", and she just continues running as her parents kick her off.

Without slowing down, Kalinka pulls a sports-drink bottle off of her belt, and downs the nutricious electrolyte drink contained within quickly. Looking over to Arafina, she ponders for a moment, and comments... "I think what would have been...more suckier, is it? What would have been worse is if we had not -tried-. We represent." She winks at Alpha as the other girl skates by.

Well, phooey. She likely wouldn't even place this time around. Riptide doesn't lose her good humor for the moment, upon spotting Spring Man still running.. and the wyvern sloooowwwsss... and matches his peculiar bouncing stride perfectly, much like one might expect a kangaroo to. Bounce bounce bounce bounce. Not trying to trip him, no. Simply immitating in the worst way. Is she /MOCKING/ him? o_o!

Dawn finds herself tackled just as she passes Slash, tumbling along the ground. She's quick to handspring up, but looks...rather agitated now. She picks the beam back up, and tries to make a dashing swing at Slash Man with it in hopes of tripping him up.

Dawn crashes forcefully into Slash Man!

Centaur Man keeps up his pace. Indeed, today the herd has shown the world that they are great. I told you world, you need to take better advise, and fix your ozone layer while you're at it. The green cavalier smiles, as he continues to gallop along at his top speed. Hooves are more handy than something to keep shiney and clean, or make things go smash.

Metal Man is now running unable to do much of anything at the moment as he is noe trying to take a decent placement in this years race. Woo he will not come in dead last!

Barrage Raptor just kinds wanders aimlessly, now. Hey, Accel got a medal, that's what counts.

Everything goes into this effort. Mitsurei -shrieks- by. Quick Man is the fastest. Some things you've gotta accept. But .. what drives this Mysterious Masked Man is not the gold. Well. He would be driving for that, but it seems that someone else has already taken the gold! Therefore he will go for the silver. ... What?! Someone else took silver?

....Very well then.... _he will go for BRONZE!!_ He will fight, for all of those in Neo Tokyo! FOR MOMMY! DADDY! SIGHED! AND SEWA-CHAN!! >.< ... Don't ask. Mitsurei instead blades as fast as he can -possibly- go, his legs burning, his breath hard.. but at the same time, remaining extremely calm! And by relation... Cool. .. The sound barrier, now, is making a gross attempt to suck that scarf back. It's _not gonna budge_, folks. Don't ask how. Don't ask why. But it's just.. not gonna move.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:

20) Spring Man (lap 3)
18) Dawn (lap 4)
17) Slash Man (lap 2)
15) Alpha (lap 3) Accelerator Allosaur (lap 6)
13) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 5) Arafina (lap 3)
11) Kalinka (lap 3) Top Man (lap 5)
8) Thunder Triceratops (lap 3)
5) Riptide Wyvern (lap 5) Quick Man (lap 7)
4) Centaur Man (lap 4) Flare Feline (lap 4) Mitsurei (lap 6) Metal Man (lap 4)
3) Ricochet (lap 4)
2) Barrage Raptor (lap 4)

Fireworks go off from the tower as Dash Deinonychus exclaims, "And it's over! Quick Man takes gold, Accelerator Allosaur silver, and M3 bronze! Overdrive Ostrich comes in fourth, Top Man fifth, Riptide Wyvern sixth, Dawn seventh, Flare Feline, Metal Man, and Centaur Man tie for eighth, Ricochet eleventh, Barrage Raptor twelfth, Spring Man thirteenth, Angie fourteenth, Arafina fifteenth and still fully clothed, Kalinka Cossack sixteenth, Thunder Triceratops seventeenth, and Slash Man dead last! Congratulations to all our racers!"

Arafina agrees with Kalinka, "Damn straight," she says cheerfully, before looking up at the speakers. "I can fix that, y'know," she bellows back, waving her hands at a camera.

Thunder Triceratops dusts her hands and trudges off the track, feeling a bit better now at least. Hard to be disappointed about losing when you weren't trying to win in the first place.

Accelerator Allosaur lets out another one of those loud roars of his, hey, the dinosaur's happy. He placed in his very first B&C, he'll train hard and go for gold next year.

Slash Man laughs maniacally. "Perhaps I have coem in dead last, but I have thwarted many others. This day has bee a victory for me and all my brethren! Let the world know this day The Glory of Wily!"

Ricochet sighs, decelerating, cutting backup power diverted to his speed... "...Orbit, we would've been able to at least slow down some of those Masters if you hadn't been eating that underwear." "*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP*" <It's like jerky...> Orbit says as he struggles with the indigestible briefs. "*BLEEP BWIP BWEEP*" <...really... old... tough... jerky. Made of leather.>

Dawn finds that she placed...a bit above half. Well, that's how it is. "I've wasted enough time with these events as it is. If it weren't for a good reason..." She cuts off, backpack's flight thrusters deploying and sending her flying away towards the olympic's teleporters.

Centaur Man smiles, the race has ended. The battle is over. Maybe there should be a celebration for this.

Top Man sighs as Dash declares the race over, turning off the track immediately. For a moment, Topper looks sad, but then he begins smirking a little, and finally he grins broadly as he continues at top speed toward where Quick is. Screeching to a halt an instant before hitting him, Top instead gives Quick a BIIIIIG hug, "I TOLDJA you'd win, bro!" he shouts, snickergiggling as he does a little dance.

Kalinka throws her hands up, grinning triumphantly as she (eventually) crosses the finish line. In her mind, she has accomplished something VERY significant -- she's represented her country and her 'extended family' in a global olympic-style event. After a moment, still riding the good feeling, she gives Arafina a hug. "Good race, good race!"

Metal Man smikrs and does a victory pose doing the v sign and chcukles. "For Wily! Heh nice work there Cent we really kept everyone off Quick Man's back don'tcha think?"

Overdrive Ostrich retires from the track with a defeated air, slumping off to the sidelines and heading to Thunder Trike. "...hey."

Flare Feline stops, and sighs. Oh well. Can't win em all. At least he won't go ballistic like Jet did when he lost, err, ahem. Anyway, he stops, and stretches a bit. It was a race well ran, anyway.

Slash Man walks over to Arafina slowly and calmly, smiling. "I will see you in the arena. I look forward to fighting you." He nods congenially and turns back towards his brethren, walking back towards Quick Man to join them in celebration.

Quick Man is the winner, and it shows. Howling in victory himself (not as strong, but still... Well, he runs better...), Quick Man waves at the crowd, bows, and does everything a winner does. Not caring for any booer in the audience, Quick Man feels like this has been the best moment in his life!

Spring Man dances across the finish line. "And take it from me, people, when you exercise properly, you can win races like I can!" Spring bellows at the top of his mech lungs. .... Then he realizes what place he came in... and facepalms. "I gotta train harder...." he says, before walking off to find the booby price he is rewarded with.

Arafina offers a rather brief salute toward Slash before turning back to Kalinka. "Wanna head back now? Or get somethin' t'eat? Celebration-type thing...y'didn't lose. Y'beat some androids an' Reploids out there, y'know."

Centaur Man smiles still, and nods to metal man. "Indeed. It is quite satisfying to know that victory is achieved by one of our brothers." He seems quite pleased today.

Multicolored wings take the place of arms as Riptide quite suddenly launches herself into the air, breezing past Overdrive with a brief swirl of wind. Ha, sucker! Sure, she lost, but she wasn't as upset as /he/ was. Noo, hardly. The wyvern's current target .... Accelerator. And if the dinosaur doesn't get out of the way he'll find a wyvern perched squarely on his back, chirping to herself.

Thunder Triceratops pats Overdrive on the back, being warry of the spikes and blades and such. "Well, at least one of us placed. Sorry. Things would of been different if I could actually of used my guns."

He did it. The mysterious masked man -slams- one leg forward as soon as crosses the finish line, keeping his centre of gravity low, antigravity fields dropping his speed drastically within mere yards of the finish line. He then turns slowly on his centre skate until he faces the finish line, gliding -backwards-... as he stands, arms folded. =.= "....." Look cool. Scarf blowing in the cool wind? Yeah, probably. . o O ( Coolness squared. ) Oh yeah. =.=

....Little does he know his scarf is still as limp as a wet noodle....

Alpha walks towards Arafina, slowly kamorphing back into her usual form. What about being in disguise, eh? Well, Arafina's here so she really doesn't need to worry about being shot. Because Fina will BEATS DEM DOWN WITH HER FEET if they do that, right Fina? Right? What's that? She says, "That was actually quite entertaining."

Accelerator Allosaur blinks a little, glancing back at the wyvern between his, well cannons now. "Heya!" he offers to the chirping lizardbird, "Someone's proud of me." he says happily.

Kalinka giggles happily, pulling a small hand-towel out of a pocket and wiping down her brow with it. "We should go get some ice cream!" she says enthusiastically to Fina.

[RADIO: (D) Public] Snake Man transmits, "Hey Zero, isss that your hair, or did Roll'sss cat barf on your head?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Alpha transmits, "Roll has a cat?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Iris transmits, "Don't you dare mock Zero!"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Wire Sponge transmits, "A little from column A, a little from column B."

Slash Man pats Quick on the back. "Congratulations, brother. I am glad to see that my efforts paid off in helping you bring victory and glory to us all. I am proud to call you brother. And I hope you shall feel the same about I, when I eviscerate my competition in the Combat Tournament." He grins maliciously at the thought of ripping more combatants to shreds.

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I think her cat is named Tango or somethin'."

Riptide Wyvern makes a sound somewhere between a chirp and a meow, claws hooking on Accelerator's armor, wings fanning rapidly several times. And likely to his surprise, manages to haul the repliforcer off the ground a good foot before letting go again. "You're faster than you look, you know." Cheerful enough, certainly.

[RADIO: (D) Public] Wire Sponge transmits, "You know: it's a hairball Roll's cat spat up."

Arafina grins. "Ice cream it is!" Turning to glance at Alpha, she chuckles. "Was, wasn't it? Y'wanna come out an' get some icecream with t'rest of us?"

Flare Feline strides on over in Accel and Riptide's direction. "Good race you two. And Accel, way to steal my spot from last year." He jokes of course. As long as an RFer got a medal here, that's all that matters.

[RADIO: (D) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "It's alright Iris... Snake Man is just jealous of Zero's hair. And if I had a slimy snake tail for hair, I would too."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Zero is a tratior."

Barrage Raptor heads towards Accel, and kinda waves quietly. Seems he's got a lot of other 'Forcers around...Everyone who got higher than her, too..

[RADIO: (D) Public] Clown Man transmits, "Zero is a freak and a traitor."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Top Man transmits, "Zero's a jerkyhead!"

Accelerator Allosaur grins, blinking a bit as the wyvern manages to pick up his /heavy/ armor. "And you're a lot stronger then you look," he says with a chuckle, neck still twisted about so he can see her. "You're pretty fast yourself, I saw those guys crash you.. Eh, cheaters, i'm a fair sport but ah well," he shrugs. "You'll do better next year." he offers as he starts to slip off the track and back home. "Now I need some rest... you're welcomed to stay there if you want," he says before looking toward Barrage, then padding toward her, "Thanks for your help.."

Quick Man looks at his brothers now all around him, cheering, talking, chatting (OOCly giving cookies...) and all he can do is smile happily. The center of attention! And he did it all by himself! But, since he doesn't want them to feel left alone (and since some of them are stronger than him...) he replies, "Yeah, I couldn't do it myself. I might have had the speed, but I couldn't do it without your strength." oO(Yeah right...)

[RADIO: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "There is nothing worse in thie world than a tratior."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Plant Man transmits, "Top, by the way, a reminder Quick and you that you are to STAY OUT OF THE BOOZE STORED IN THE BIOSPHERE."

Alpha nods tpwards Arafina, "I would enjoy that.", she looks towards Kalinka and smiles at her. "Did you have fun, Kali?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Like Wily betrayed Light?"

Riptide Wyvern remains firmly attatched to Accelerator's hide. He made a good perch. Flare is waved at with one wing, but she doesn't say much to him other than flash sharp teeth in a wide grin. Peer down at the saurian. "You're with Repliforce?" Wasn't that kinda .. obvious?

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Booze? Yuck! It's plan COFFEE!(TM) for me!"

Overdrive Ostrich pats Trike on the back and nods.. "I need a drink.... wanna come with?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Plant Man transmits, "I locked that up too."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "... You did? Why?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Light stole Wily's work!"

Accelerator Allosaur nods back up at Rip, starting to head for the teleporters, "That I am," he says, offering a wave and a nod of thanks to him as he wanders off. "Accelerator Allosaur, as you probably heard. You?"

Top Man skips a little bit "C'mon guys, lets go home 'n have fun 'n stuff!"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "They worked together. Then Wily got mad because Light got the attention."

Barrage Raptor nods a little, "Yeah, uh...No problem, Accel...Umm, have you seen Sgt. Major Anthem around? I need to report to her to get punnished.."

Kalinka nods, sighing breathlessly as she does some post-race stretches. "VERY much, there is nothing like a race," she tells Alpha. "So are you ready to get some ice cream? Let us...scram! Hah."

M3 stands there, on the outer fringes of the crowd, like any good cool guy. Unmoving. Eternally cool. Despite the efforts of certain _parties_ to stop him, he has acheived his goal. His black mask gleams. And with the diction of James Earl Jones, he speaks one last. "... In the end," he mumbles to himself... "....Life... is a cookie." Blink. "...Or som'thin' like tha'." He peers around. Blink. Headscritch. "....Now m'all hungry, n' everythin'..." Bother. =.=;

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Come on people, lighten up! Bask in my glory! Go do whatever peacful things you can do! Did I mention bask in my glory?"

Centaur Man smiles. Time to go home and celebrate. The quadruped had fun out there on the track today, as honor for the herd has come.

[RADIO: (D) Public] Top Man transmits, "Dad did better without poopyhead Light anyhoot! He made US after he left Mr. Poopyhead!"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Clown Man transmits, "Exactly."

Accelerator Allosaur winces a little at Barrage, "No, I haven't, good luck with that Barrage," .oO(You'll need it..."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I'd rather bask in Quint's glory."

Thunder Triceratops chuckles a bit softly as she starts to trot off. "That sounds like a good idea. Got someplace in mind?"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Ya I have the honor of being the first bot Wily built wityh out light."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "As you should."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Well, aslong as you admit that we RMs are glorious, then go ahead!"

Arafina grins toothily. "I like racing. Though I ain't all that good at it...anyhow, back we go, I suppose. Now let's see."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Thunder Triceratops transmits, "That explains a lot.. Good thing they got better after you"

Riptide Wyvern goes along for the ride, aparently. "Riptide Wyvern, sergeant with Aerial. At least, I was, until I got hurt a while back." Faint grin. "Then when I went back to base, it wasn't there anymore.." Not a good thought, no; it prompts a sudden thought change and a glance aat Barrage. "Anthem's not so bad, sometimes. Just be polite, be concise, dont' exxagerate, don't take blame that isn't yours, and suck up a bit." Nod nod nod.

[RADIO: (D) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "That's /hurting/ your case, not helping. And Quick Man, just know one simple fact. I know what you did now from one of your bros.... And you're going to pay, bottom line."

Flare Feline shrugs as he heads off. Seems there's no attention to be given to someone who came in 8th. ...though there wasn't a whole lot of attention given to him last year when he won 2nd, aside from the congrats from his closest friends. Oh well, that's life. Flare wanders off, in the direction of the stands. Time to cool off, and prepare for his upcoming dodgeball match... whenever that was.

Alpha blinks and ponders about screaming right there and then, but something just tells her that it's not something to be literal about. She looks towards Fina, "Hm...People seem to be irritable over the radio. I think."

[RADIO: (D) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Oh sorry Jet, what are you gonna do, throw your torpedos at me? I'm so scared, just as I was last time you ran away from me!"

[RADIO: (D) Public] Metal Man transmits, "The Reploid trash ain't worth it. I mean think about who their neureal nets are based on. Good old Mega Geek. Come on thats scraping the botton of the barrel."

Overdrive Ostrich shakes his head.. "I don't care.. Let's just teep t' San An.

============================== Battle and Chase ==============================
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Foot race Fri Jun 07 Uranus
Gold: Quick Man
Silver: Accelerator Allosaur
Bronze: M3 (AKA Mitsurei)

4: Overdrive Ostrich
5: Top Man
6: Riptide Wyvern
7: Dawn
8: Flare Feline, Metal Man, Centaur Man
11: Ricochet
12: Barrage Raptor
13: Spring Man
14: Angie (AKA Alpha)
15: Arafina
16: Kalinka
17: Thunder Triceratops
18: Slash Man

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