You enter the Torontreal - Park District.
Torontreal - Park District

One of the only sources of green plants and fresh air in the city, this is one of Torontreal's most popular spots. A glistening artificial lake sits in the middle of the park, home to geese that still migrate south during the winter months despite the traffic in the sky becoming almost unbearable. Trees and grass are the main theme here, as both humans and Reploids come here to just relax and enjoy the plant life. Crime is rare here, as the Torontreal police do their best to keep Torontreal's reputation of being the safest city in the world, but it still happens.

Jolt Hedgehog [RF]
Napalm Man [RM]
Honda Hovercycle [C]
Olympic Stadium
Concert Hall

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
East <E> leads to Torontreal - Southern Downtown.

Iris is practicing her stuff...well, what little 'stuff' she has, she isn't a speedster. She skates around the sidewalks of the park district, working on increasing her momentum.

Iris waves at Jolt as she passes, grinning. "Hi!"

Jolt Hedgehog moves his shades up. "Oh, hey there! Ya going in the race? I'm racing too!" He unplugs himself from an extention cord, and takes a lap from a tree and back. "I'm feeling charged up!"

Iris says, "You are? Excellent! Win one for Repliforce! We've GOT to look good in these races...we need to represent! Because we can't have those Maverick cheaters winning every race, now can we?"

You slowly see a figure running down the road towards the stadium. As it gets closer you see it's Flare Feline. He's not going full tilt, but he is running pretty fast. As he get's closer he sees Iris and Jolt, and decides to go over and 'park' near them. He doesn't slow down as he gets closer and sort of comes to a screech halt near them, causing some dust to fly around. "Hiya, sorry about that. You all competing too?"

Iris nods cheerfully to Feline. "Yup! Hey there." She even has a special outfit and appearence for the occasion...she's taking this very seriously.

Jolt Hedgehog goes Joe-cool. "Of course I'm winning." He takes the shades off, and grabs the towel from his lawn chair to polish the glasses. "I'm on full electricity," He points his thumb towards the gauge on the tanks, "And I just feel like winning." He then sees Flare.
"Yea, I'm running. You running too?" He gives Flare a once over. "You look pretty fast also."

Flare Feline stretches a bit, sure he's not human, he doesn't have anything to pull, but he wants to make sure nothing goes wrong. "That's good. The more of us competing the better, I don't want to see the Maverick's win another one."

Iris smirks. "They didn't win anything...they cheated the entire time. That isn't winning at all."

Jolt Hedgehog nods, and idly starts charging. "I wonder if I'll move faster when I'm charged like this...."

Bass arrives from the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Bass has arrived.

Flare Feline shrugs "They still came in on top, cheating or not. We have to show em that we can win easily enough without resorting to stuff like that."

Midi arrives from the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
Midi has arrived.
Midi has partially disconnected.

Jolt Hedgehog puhs at Flare. "This is not cheating." He slowly amps down. "It's supercharging the conductial plates on my armor which power my main attack." He turns back to normal. "I don't see how thats cheating, if it supplies more power to me servos."

Flare Feline looks at Jolt "I didn't say we were cheating, I was talking about the Mavericks. Frankly, as long as someone from Repliforce wins this round, I'll be happy. Good luck you two."

Iris says, "Best of luck to you too, Flare!"

*Thump thump thump thump thump*

That would be the sound of a dodgeball being bounced on the hard pavement, propelled by a white-gloved hand attached to an ebony armored gauntlet, leading back into an equally ebony armored body.

Bass leans back against a tree next to a cement walkway that winds through the park...where he can see the stadium in the near distance, his hand steadily bouncing the ball off the ground with quick, precise motions. An amused smirk is on his features, though as to just what he's smirking's a mystery altogether.

Jolt Hedgehog nods. "Right." He takes another lap.

Iris isn't fast at all. She's probably in this race just to say she's participated. But one thing's for certain, she's certainly a distracting sight in her Lycra suit.

Jet Stingray arrives from the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

Flare Feline doesn't have distraction methods like Iris will be, but what he DOES have is some good speed. Probably one of the faster Privates in Repliforce. Flare takes this time to run around a bit more, still not going full tilt, he wants to save that for the race.

Bass continues to bounce the dodgeball on the pavement's surface beneath him, narrowing his eyes as he spots movement elsewhere in the park...namely a group of Repliforcers. For a moment he considers approaching and making things somewhat more awkward for them...but other things are on his mind right now, and he pushes off from the tree and heads towards the stadium itself.

Bass has left.

Dawn arrives from the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
Dawn has arrived.

There's a lot of people around -- more so now that Bass has gone away. Huge crowds of human and Reploid types alike mill around, buying souveniers, taking pictures, doing this and that. It's easy to get lost in that crowd if you aren't overly assertive.

Midi isn't overly assertive. In fact, he is polite to a fault. Like a piece of newspaper blown around by the wind, he's been swept from one end of the city to the other in the teeming crowds, not having much say in where he goes. Eventually, though, a solid shock to his right finally knocks him free from a pack of people, sending him on a wobbly trajectory into the park itself.

Rust Ghoul arrives from the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Rust Ghoul has arrived.

Iris is skating around the park, practicing for the big event.

Jolt Hedgehog dangs. "Great. Now I'm going to have to top off my electric charge again." He sits back down again on the chair, and plugs his tail back into the electrical charge. "I probably am not going to have to use all of my reserves... but who knows?" he remarks, as he waits some more.

Run, stop, stretch. Run, stop, stretch. Run, stop, stretch. Run, stop, stretch. Run, stop, stretch. This has been Flare's pattern for awhile.

Cyclone Jackal arrives from the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Cyclone Jackal has arrived.

Rust Ghoul slowly shuffles into the verdance of the park, black hair hanging over yellow optics, shadowing them. Saturday is the big day. Raising his head and looking in the direction of the stadium, he purses black lips. The bike had better be ready in time.

Midi eventually grabs onto a tree and stops his momentum, looking a little dishelvled from his adventure. He parks himself for a moment while he looks around, passing his eyes around the park. He could use an Energy Drink.

Up in the skies! It's a bird, it's a plane... Actually it /is/ just a plane. But walking on the pathways on the ground in the north and heading his way to the stadium, it's Jet Stingray! A trenchcoat made in Jet's size and a make that allows his fins to stick out without cutting the coat is over him, trying to keep out some of the cold. In his hands is a pair of Official Repliforce specs, inorder to see the action going on later to come.

Jolt Hedgehog has shades on. He notices anyone not.

Bass has arrived.

Rust Ghoul squints as he glances skywards, using a black claw to shade his optics. Perking an optic ridge, he quirks his lips. "Interesting air traffic," he comments to himself, before looking away. There's a little Reploid swinging in a tree. His glance shifts again. And a cat running back and forth. Just lovely.

Bass has left.

Jolt Hedgehog has left.

Iris spots Jet Stingray, and she smiles, quickly skating across the park toward him and waving enthusiasically.

Jet Stingray spots Iris amoung the crowds and starts to move toward her. He was planning on trying to see the other Repliforcers entering, but considering the crowds of people so close to starting time, Jet figures he was lucky enough to just see Iris. Offering a causal salute to her has he walks toward her. "Hey, Iris... I heard you where in the race with a few other people, so I figured I would leave the Hunter HQ for a bit and root you on as well as the other 'forcer dudes."

Iris smiles brightly. "Thank you, Jet. I guess I just would really like to see someone win this race -fairly-."

Sonic Banshee has arrived.

Sonic Banshee arrives, with Hitsuke Kitsune following close by.

Bass has arrived.

Rust Ghoul is milling about the park, here and there. Loitering.

Flare Feline is continuing to run around the park, seeing Jet and Iris together, he decides to go say hi. Once again, he comes to a sudden stop near the two, raising a dust cloud again. "Hey Jet." He's getting the hang of the first name basis thing "You here to watch?"

Midi begins walking around the park, trying to hunt down an Energy Drink stand. People tend to narrowly avoid stumbling or stepping on him, since most people are accustomed to Reploids that tower over humans. Occasionally people mistake him for a small child, which he has learned to ignore. Part of his mind wanders as he moves through the teeming masses, though, towards thoughts of family. He looks carefully through the crowd, perhaps half expecting -- no. This will not come to pass. He won't be here. But still, somewhere within Midi, he always keeps hope alive that he'll be able to see his brother again without having to fight him.

Jet Stingray nods to Iris, merely coughing as he talks for some reason... Even though it would be unlikely that Jet would /have/ a reason to cough on accident. "Of course... I'm sure that the best Reploid will win... I'm sure you'll do your best." He decides not to comment on Iris' outfit, for better or worse (though he would like comment for better considering). As Flare comes over. "Hey, Flare," he states simply, watching the Feline reploid careful for some reason.

Rust Ghoul idly pauses before a drink vendor. Shuffling around in a trenchcoat pocket, he pulls out a zenny token or two, then slips them into the machine. Pressing the button for some random oil beverage, he gives it a sharp punch as the drink rumbles around. After several more moments, a metal canistered drink exits, before an extra one falls out. Rust smiles to himself, withdrawing both.

Flare Feline scratches his head, as Jet doesn't reply to his question. Shrugging, he says "So, who do ya think'll win this match?"

Midi wanders towards the general area of Rust Ghoul, since that seems to be the closest gendor. He fishes out some tokens from an arm compartment and approaches the machine with the intent to get something to drink -- but unlike Rust Ghoul, not to defraud the machine. He could do so, but he chooses not to; not because it lies beyond his abilities (far from it), but because he finds it to be morally offensive.

Javelin Whitetail has arrived.

Rust Ghoul tucks the extra can into a pocket of his coat. He glancing down quietly at Midi, resisting the temptation to snicker at the little bugger. He turns away from the machines, bending the tab on his canister and opening it with a sharp *k-thlick*, tilting his head back as he takes a long swig of the black lubricant.

Jet Stingray looks to Flare as he talks to him and Iris and offers a shrug. "I haven't the foggest, but I have a feeling either you, Iris, or someother 'forcer will at least place in the top three. We are too good for anything less. Oh, and I'm here to root for your guys. I'm only in the water racing. I figured one gold would be good enough for me... Especially in my calling in life, water racing."

Inferno Panther arrives from the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
Inferno Panther has arrived.

Dagger Lynx arrives from the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
Dagger Lynx has arrived.

Flare Feline chuckles "I sure hope one of us wins it, I'd hate to see the Mav's get another one."

Iris grins at Flare and Jet, and mentions, "At least if we win, we can say we won -fair-. We can bring some dignity to this event." With that, she skates back down the path, practicing some more.

<Global News Network> Foot race participants and spectators, make your way to the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia for the foot race!
Sonic Banshee enters the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
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Dawn enters the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
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Inferno Panther enters the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
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Iris enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
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Dagger Lynx enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
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Bass enters the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
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Bass arrives from the Torontreal - Southern Downtown.
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Bass enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
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Javelin Whitetail enters the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
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You enter the Torontreal - Western Business Zone.

*Some wandering around Australia later...*

You enter the Western Australia.
Western Australia

While beginning to feel the creeping tendrils of technology, the Outback of western Australia staunchly holds on to its rugged atmosphere. One could roam for days and never see another soul in this wild expanse. A few tribes of Aboriginies still roam the plains, as indicated by the few trade outposts along the shores and main trails. Definitely a place to be alone. Or be hidden.

Guts Man [RM]
Javelin Whitetail [C]
Ten [RF]
Jolt Hedgehog [RF]
Nitro Gerbil [MH]
Dodge Viper X-3000 [MH]
Rust Ghoul [C]
Bass [RM]
Dischord [Demon] [MH]
Ricochet [RF]
Overdrive Ostrich [M]
Glyde Loath [C]
Top Man [RM]
Inferno Panther [M]
Dagger Lynx [M]
Sonic Banshee [M]
Hurricane Kangaroo [RF]
Iris [Casual] [RF]
Dawn [MH]
Slash Man [RM]
Arafina [MH]
Fusion Ichthyosaurus [M]
Olympic Stands
Race Track 2.0
Uranus [SD]

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Indian Ocean.
South <S> leads to Antarctica.
West <W> leads to Indian Ocean.
Southeast <SE> leads to South Australia.
Northeast <NE> leads to Northern Territory.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Australia.

Jolt Hedgehog is suddenly... there. And he's looking awfully cockey there, with those wraparound shades of his. "Aww yea." He says, as he takes his place in the line. "Aww right, I'm up, fully charges, and IN THIS RACE!" He rips off the shades, puts them in subspace, and takes a starting stance. The air around him charges with electricity. "Lets get it on!"

Overdrive Ostrich appears at the tip of a growing cloud of dust racing across the outback.. As it grows closer his blurred form can be seen pounding across the desert. He slows to a halt over the last half mile or so, finally coming to a halt near the starting line.

Dawn continues to head towards the race grounds as indicated. She's flying, thanks to backpack-mounted thrusters, but when she arrives at the race-track they fold in quickly. She's aware of the rules, and will be using her own two feet for this race. Anyone nearby...may notice she's not smiling all that much.

Arafina is already here. And doing various stretches, necessary or not, near the starting line.

Overdrive Ostrich smirks at Jolt, putting on a last minute recharge. "Yeah, let's do.."

Quint arrives from the South Australia.
Quint has arrived.
Quint appears! Huzzah!
Quint leaves! Boo! Oh, well! You just might find him at Olympic Stands!
Quint has left.

Iris stretches as she awaits the start of the race...she's all 'geared up' for this event, wearing a special suit and rollerblades...she almost doesn't seem like the same person without the beret and the skirt, but it is indeed her.

Bass blazes down from the sky in his merged form, thrusters glowing as he comes down towards the racetrack, seperating from Treble a moment later and tumbling downwards, flipping over and landed with a hard *THUD* and a kickup of dust in his wake, straightening a moment later and smirking just slightly, waiting.

Guts Man joins the race.

Ten has left.

Nitro Gerbil quickly turns the steering wheel, sending the car sliding across the sand as she hops out and begins to bound towards the track. "Time to kick some aft," she chuckles, as her rollerblade wheels pop out of the bottom of her feet.

Flare Feline waits, stretches, preparing for the run.

Inferno Panther arrives in a cloud of dust, sans spam.

Jolt Hedgehog quirks a eye, for he has no brows. "Right. You may have beat me in battle, but not in a race!"

Top Man skates around, testing his wheels, making sure they're in full working order. Spotting Bass, he skates over, grinning broadly "Hihi Bass!" he says cheerily, continuing to skate in wide circles.

Dagger Lynx cracks each of his robotic joints. He surveys the competition, most especially Overdrive, Jolt and the other cats.. making a note of those who are his greatest competition.

Slash Man riding into the desert on his trusty Technodon stands Slash Man, stretching and flexing out, prepping himself for the effort. As he nears the track, he leaps into the air and performs a graceful flip, landing on the ground while the Technodon dashes off into the distance.

Dischord is already at the starting line, thanyouverymuch. And unlike others she's not in any special gear... All though she does have a backpack on...

Pollux has arrived.

Guts Man decides to join the races to show his spirit and appreciation for the Olympics. Or he's just in it to knock on people.

Glyde Loath does warm-up stretches. Ah. The crisp desert air. Perfect for running.

Ricochet walks in, Orbit clinging to his back. He examines a small, hand-held computer... "...well... looks like this is the place."
"*BLURP*" <Told ya.> "Oh, come on, I wasn't lost for that long." "*BLURP BLIP*" <Only two hours, in the McDonald's parking lot...> he notices Dawn, however, approaching the starting line, and blinks. "...lotta people here. Hey, Dawn!"

Arafina has no special gear either. Just running clothes and a headband. She does some more stretches, absently, waiting.

Hurricane Kangaroo flexes his oversized legs a few times, warming up. This should be a sinch, he use to run across this desert for training in the old days. Since they're used for aerodynamics and not actually flying, his airfoil 'wings' are still extended from his back.

Cyclone Jackal arrives from the Sky Above Australia.
Cyclone Jackal has arrived.

Crash Man arrives from the Northern Territory.
Crash Man has arrived.
Crash Man has left.

Dagger Lynx turns to Overdrive and says, "Let us make sure the Mavericks win this."

Jolt Hedgehog says, "Ya wish."

Dawn looks over to Ricochet, but doesn't seem to be all that enthused currently. His greeting gets a reply of, "Hi."

Inferno Panther comes up behind Dagger and Overdrive just as Dagger makes his statement, "Yes, lets turn our win at the air race into a streak shall we?"

Midi arrives from the South Australia.
Midi has arrived.

Javelin Whitetail pulls down her helmet.....sweet. A funky metal deer, no? And, as she twists her hands, a pair of hooves come down to cover them. She drops onto all fours, her back lecks locking into place so her knees bend the right way (or wrong way, for you bipeds). Time for a run. Yay Unaffiliated!

Cyclone Jackal joins the race.

Ricochet blinks, looking at Dawn... "*BLURP BLIP*" <Something wrong?> inquires Orbit.

Stalker Tiger arrives in the stands, with a program, and a fresh box of stogies. He's just here to watch. He knows this isn't his style of event. You need good lungs for this. He's more interested in Sharpshooting anyways. That's his sport.

Dischord has partially disconnected.

Overdrive Ostrich taps Hurricane on the shoulder. "Hey, there, buddy. I don't think we finished our fight last time.."

Nitro Gerbil swishes her tail back and forth as she stretches her legs, idly testing the little rocket boosters attached to her ankles. "Ahh, c'mon baby, power up for me..."

Dawn probably has lots of things wrong with her. It's plenty obvious, too. "It's nothing. I need to get ready..."

The heat of day overhead ripples about like the waves of heat off a freshly plucked poptart fresh from the toaster. And yet, a tall, spindly woman approaches the starting place of the race track, clad completely in black, from head to toe. The inability to distinguish who she is, however, is non-present. The long purple and black hair, the sharp, splayed claws, and the fact that a fox and a kitten are her cheering section are pretty much the best clues that this woman is Sonic Banshee.

"Banshee, Banshee, she's our mav! If she can't do it, a conniption she will have!"

A glare is briefly cast towards the 'Ninetales' waving about a 'We're #1!' flag as she dances about with a kitten on her back.
Arafina, abruptly, stops stretching, finds a camera, and waves at it with a big smile.

Bass stands near Guts as the big android also signs up for the race. He looks over the other participants, still smirking in a way that would suggest he's not planning to have fun through good sportsmanship and fair play one little bit...

Slowly, he pulls on each of his armored forearm plates, a hard *CRACK* issuing out as each secures into place. "Let the games begin Guts Man..." chuckles.

Overdrive Ostrich stretches and nods at Dagger a bit distractedly. "Just keep everyone outta my way, right?"

Midi is with the other spectators in the stands. He's got an Energy Drink and is eating some sort of biodegradable Reploid snack product. To save visual spam, he does little else for the time being.

Dagger Lynx turns to Banshee.. but keeps from commenting on the insane looking Kitsune and kitty. Turning to Inferno he nods, "We will make sure no one but us wins this."

Dischord just yawns as she stands there, before reaching up and unzipping her backpack slightly, almost as if she wants to be able keep everythoing within easy reach...

Slash Man approaches Guts and Bass, smiling pleasantly. "Everybody ready? I know I'm not the fastest, but ...ahah, I have other uses." He gets the vicious look on his face. "I can't wait..."

Overdrive Ostrich

Dischord has disconnected.

Crash Man has arrived.
Crash Man joins the race.

Hurricane Kangaroo just eyes Sonic's usual peanut gallery cheering section for a moment. o 0(This is why I don't have drones) As he's tapped, he snorts softly and turns to peer back at the Ostrich. "No, it didn't. But that ain't the kind of compatition to be worrying about tonight bucko."

Broadcast Ocelot arrives from the South Australia.
Broadcast Ocelot has arrived.

Broadcast Ocelot stalks into the area, tail swishing from side to side.
Broadcast Ocelot joins the race.

Overdrive Ostrich snorts at Hurri. "I don't have to shoot ta win, bud. We'll settle this on the track."

Iris just stares simply at the track in front of her...her mind on many other things at the moment.

Crash Man slaps a racing number over his chest, and slips on his orange-with-white-stripe soccer shorts.

Hiryu arrives from the South Australia.
Hiryu has arrived.

Race Track 2.0

Your average everyday oval-shaped race track, with the accompanying grandstand.
1) Slash Man
2) Iris
3) Broadcast Ocelot
4) Overdrive Ostrich
5) Dischord
6) Flare Feline
7) Arafina
8) Dawn
9) Dagger Lynx
10) Sonic Banshee
11) Jolt Hedgehog
12) Javelin Whitetail
13) Bass
14) Glyde Loath
15) Nitro Gerbil
16) Fusion Ichthyosaurus
17) Hurricane Kangaroo
18) Inferno Panther
19) Cyclone Jackal
20) Guts Man
21) Crash Man
22) Top Man

Crash Man cups his hands over his mouth, and shouts. "Hey Iris! Jet Stingray is rooting for you! Woo! A -DORK- is rooting for you! Hahaha!"

Top Man continues skating around his brothers, not really caring that he's being ignored. As he spies Slash, Crash and Guts he waves to them "Hihi Slash! Hi Guts! Hi Crash! This' gonna be fun, ain't it?! Too bad Quick couldn't be here! We'd have it in the bag!" he shouts to them as he continues his slow, wide circles.

Ahh, finaly...The foot race. And, this is a time for everyone on the planet to stop fighting, and compete in non-violent competition. "Get out of my way!" Or, maybe not. Cyclone Jackal, the world's best known extreme sports star makes her way down onto the track, hoverboard strapped to her back as she does, "Didn't I say move it, buddy? Can't you see you're in my way?" She shakes her head. All these people. You'd think they'd learn to respect her stardom already, but nooo, just because she's a Maverick they have to think that she's not any good. But she's better than ever, oh yes...And she intends to prove it..

Sonic Banshee has her mind on many other things, as well. .oO(I wonder if this black leotard makes me look fat..) Like that, for example. Sge takes a position, waiting for the race to start. And wishing, silently, that she had her hoverboard for this.

Ricochet's attention is suddenly drawn towards the stands... someone's calling him... he blinks. "Ricochet!..." "MOM?!" "Don't worry!" yells the woman, barely visible at this distance... "...I'm sure you'll do fine!..." Ricochet smiles, faintly, at Orbit... "...well, we'll have to do it for..."
"...and did you remember to change your you-know-whats?"

...Ricochet's face suddenly turns quite red.

"We're gonna win this one, Top Man." Crash Man replies. "And this time, I'm runnin' on unleaded premium lager. Naganaga-nootch!"

Iris does some last-minute stretches, for good measure.

Arafina makes a definate point of not looking at Crash Man, even though he's not that far away. Embarassment and all. She keeps waving for the cameras, but eventually gets bored of this and waits with arms crossed.
Bass continues to smirk, and gives one last glance at the assembled Masters. "Now now...remember. It's not who wins or's how you play the game and have fun."

And at that, he sneers, rasiing one hand upwards, fist clenched. "..and believe me. I intend to have as much fun as possible."

Broadcast Ocelot gets his sound generators to start playing his theme song for the /entire/ race. Talk about motivation.

Inferno Panther steps up to the starting line and readys himself for the race ahead.

Guts Man hums idly putting on some brass knuckles, an official gives him a dirty look he spreads his arms out and says, "What?"

Dagger Lynx turns to the Masters and Repliforce members in the crowd of racers and does that ever classic anime pulling down eyelid sticking out tounge insult.

Flare Feline steps up to his place. Waits for the ready, set, go...

Top Man snickergiggles "Kick it, Crash!" he says with a bright grin, screeching to a halt in front of the four. "We're gonna kick butt! An' those guys're gonna eat my dust! Woo!" He then nods to Bass "Oh yeah, this'll be really really fun! I love running, and skating is fun too. Then there's spinning. I loooove spinning!"

Crash Man idly cracks his knuckles. "Let's get this demolition derby rollin'."

Glyde Loath gets into position, and just waits for people to calm down, and get ready.

Dischord hrms as she yawns again, her gaze drifting down the line to the various RMs. As she notices on particular one though, she grins, starting to get ideas...

Nitro Gerbil flips her headphones up into her ears, cranking up her personal music player, blasting some Ja Rule out of her system. oO(Mmm...old-school rap. Gotta love that soundtrack...what was its name? Oh, Fast and the Furious. Duh... Perfect racing music!)Oo

Quite suddenly, the speakerphones sqwak and blare out a message in a typically too loud fashion:

"LAAADIIIIES and Gentleman!! Boys, girls, and legally unidentifiable participants!! WELCOME TO THE SECOND ANNUAL Battle and Chase!! Our race will begin in just a few moments, so would races please move to their marks. This is the final warning. Racers to your marks, the foot race will begin in JUST a few moments!! Thank you." Theres a pause, some shuffling of paper, and then a plug: ".. And remember, those of you in the audience. Refreshments might be available in the stands. Thank you." The speakers sqwak again, and go silent.

Stalker Tiger has left.

Sonic Banshee pauses to look towards Ricochet -- Hey, it's that kid with the rat -- And then Ricochet's mom. And suddenly, despite the cheering coming from her section of the stands, Banshee is quite happy. Why?

Because, for once, someone else has a more embaressing cheering section than she does.

Javelin Whitetail peers around carefully. Yep, just like she expected. Everyone is 1) bigger than her and/or 2) a carnivore. Oh, well. She stretches her legs, checks to make sure her hooves are slide-proof.....and, of course, that cooool helmet. And there's the announcement. Oy. Well, into the lion's den.

Slash Man takes his mark on the track.

Jolt Hedgehog is like... ready and stuff. So he defaults to his last pose.

Dagger Lynx gets ready for the start of the race, putting his internal batteries to full power.

Dawn moves to her assigned location at the track. She's...definately either upset or really focused. Hard to tell.

Cyclone Jackal drops her hoverboard to the ground, and...It hovers! Gee, who would have guessed? She hops up onto it, and gets herself ready to go..

Overdrive Ostrich steps up to his starting postion, digging in his toes as he crouches onto his starting block. For once, there's no banter, no talk, just concentration. Pure speed. This is what he's born for, this.. is the Ostrich's element.

Crash Man sucks down another cold one. Remember kids, winners do substance abuse!

Top Man tilts his head as the announcer comes out and nods. Turning and spinning off, he heads to his designated starting point and gets down in a runners crouch. He is so psyched, especially since this involves some of his favorite activities.

Gemini Man arrives from the South Australia.
Gemini Man has arrived.
Gemini Man has left.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus steps up to the starting line. With a soft hum, a set of hovers on his feet come online, lifting them a few inches above the ground.

Ricochet just grimmaces as he heads to his position on the track. Orbit snickers, and points to his bare behind. "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <That's why I don't wear 'em.>

Broadcast Ocelot drops down to all fours. Why? It's the only way he can achieve his maximum speed. His tail swishes anxiously behind him. He intends to have fun and win one for Repliforce.

Arafina gets into her starting position, a professional racing one. She's seen it before; just because she's never actually used it is no reason not to try.

Clown Man arrives from the South Australia.
Clown Man has arrived.

Dischord actually cackles as she moves up to the starting line. Yes, you may run in fear of her now...

Clown Man has left.

Bass steps forward at that point, pumping both arms in a pinwheel motion, first one...then the other, and he finally comes to a halt as he gets to his starting mark.

While everyone else is crouching down and getting ready to take off at the starter's signal...he just stands there, hands on his hips, waiting expectantly.

Inferno Panther continues to wait patiantly.

Hurricane Kangaroo takes his spot, crouching in a rather non-traditional starting position. Mainly that his legs are perfectly together, instead of one spread behind the other. His dashjets hum a bit softly, on the ready.

Ricochet joins the race.

Nitro Gerbil bounces anxiously on the starting line...

Dagger Lynx just stands on the starting line confidently.

Riptide Wyvern arrives from the South Australia.
Riptide Wyvern has arrived.

Quite suddenly, a rather... clumsy looking giraffe in an officials suit walks up to a small stand near the edge of the track. Making her way up it, Hexapod Giraffe clears her throat a few times, pats down her pockets, and finally finds an old fashioned pistol. This is lifted to the air, and she calls out: "Racers, READY?!? ON YOUR MARK..."

The pistol is cocked."

"Get Set...."

Her finger reaches around to grip the trigger..

"GO!!!!!" *BOOM!*

Riptide Wyvern joins the race.

And he's off! Jolt thunders off the start line, fully charging his servos with the electricity from the tanks he was designed(destined?) to wear. He's looking straight ahead, limiting unnesseresary movement. his arms and hands are stuck backwards... kinda like the guy you always oocly make him out to be. But Jolt's no game character (uhh.. wait) and he's racing to win. He might not be the fastest... but he is sure as hell going to try! He glares ahead, ignoring everyone for now... even the Weasal, though he is annoying with his theme song...

Cyclone Jackal takes off on her hoverboard, pushing off hard as she races off, to try and get herself into an early lead...She really hopes to take this one, not that she has much doubt about it

Overdrive Ostrich launches off the starting block in a blaze of jets and a blur of feet, his legs quickly accelerating to Roadrunner-like blurs. Meep meep, y'all.

As the gun fires, Top Man springs into action, pumping his legs as quickly as is possible for the little orange spinny to do. Faster and faster he sprints, working his way up to his maximum running velocity. "Eat my dust! Heeeheeheehee!"

Nitro Gerbil lets out a laugh of excitement as her engines flare to life, the flames licking at her heels as she crouches down to make her more areodymanic. "Now what I call fun!" she chuckles over the sound of her music, zipping around the track.

Crash Man starts.. walking. No, really. He's walking.

Slash Man pushes off on his hands and starts bolting like there's no tomorrow, his feet hitting the ground and pushing as hard and fast as they can, the claws digging into the ground and pulling him forward.
Dawn takes off running quickly, the moment the gun discharges. She's not as fast as some of the others here, mind you.

Dagger Lynx turns into a blur as soon as the race starts, bolting off with a resounding *boom!*. Anyone else who manages to keep up with his speed he gives a quick middle finger.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus pops a rather large pair of jets fromt he top of his back and takes off like a rocket, skimming just a few inches above the ground.

Hurricane Kangaroo Takes off as soon as the gun fires, and the reason for his unorthadox position becomes rather apparent as legs uncoil like a pair of giant springboards to rocket him into the race in leaps and bounds. He is a kangaroo, after all.

Arafina, obediently, goes. She rises up from the starter's position without a hitch - but only /then/ starts running once she's fully risen, apparently not having quite grasped the concept of 'starting position'. She looks like any other human springer, running merrily along.

Ricochet suddenly tears off, pumping in his auxiliary power systems into his main systems. He grunts, getting low. Orbit clings to his back, staying down...

The explosion of sound almost causes Sonic to panic. "EEEEEK!" She yelps, "I didn'tdoit, noonesawmedoit, you can'tprove I did it, call my lawy-- Oh." She blinks. And then takes off jogging on down the track, as fast she can go.

And there's that word that everyone's been waiting for, causing Dischord to head off at full speed..> Which probably isn't that much for her...

Guts Man watches people speed off. He chuckles to himself and casually starts to jog. He then sticks a rearview mirror to the side of his head to monitor people who could be coming up behind him.

Glyde Loath takes off, charging up the lane, hair flapping in the wind, a grim look on his face. Hey, he's wagered good money on himself.

Riptide Wyvern is a late start. The Repliforcer had been caught sleeping on the job, and booked it the entire way there. Currently running on all fours like one would expect a horse or lion, the small dragon bounds after those who have a considerable headstart. @_@

Javelin Whitetail launches out onto the track, stumbling just a little but recovering as quick as she can. Her hooves make loud clopping sounds as she charges, and her entire body glows with energy as she charges.

Bass actually leans forward somewhat calmly as everyone else rushes off, taking a good few seconds to watch as everyone else already is stating to fade in size to him. He casts a quick glance in Crash Man's direction, before finally igniting his dash jets and starting up at a leisurely pace, picking up velocity as he goes...

Flare Feline grunts as he takes off into motion as the gun fires. Starting off with a sprint, he speeds up into full running speed. He's going as fast as he can. He's doing this for Repliforce.

Crash Man .oO(I sure hope Glyde secured his toupe before he got here..)

Iris is, of course, left in the dust by the fastest Reploids. She is, however, going as quick as she can in her own right, giving this race her best effort. She glides along quickly on her rollerblades.

The ocelot's ears perk as he hears the gun cock and tenses his muscles for the shot to be fired. And when it does, he takes off at a start, on all fours. His tail almost straight out behind him. And wait, that's not all. Amidst the race, a song starts playing. To those familiar with 20th Century music, you would be able to identify it as a song by Weird Al, 'It's All About The Pentiums'. The song seems to be coming from the Repliforce Kitty, Broadcast Ocelot.

Inferno Panther's claws dig into the dusty ground as he lurches forward, legs carring him to a quick start, too bad he's not fast enough to actually win. But oddly, despite the speed he's traveling at, his trenchcoat is still hanging, rather than fluttering, wonder whats up with that.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dischord transmits: 'BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Top Man transmits: 'WHEEEEEE!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'Skaaaank!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Slash Man transmits: 'WOO Yeah! Glad I don't have to breath or this would hurt my performance.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Eat my afterburners, punks!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'o/~It's all about the Pentiums!...Now, whatcha wanna do? Wanna be a hacker? Code cracker? Slackers...o/~'.

Cappella arrives from the South Australia.
Cappella has arrived.
Cappella enters the Indian Ocean.
Cappella has left.
Cappella arrives from the Indian Ocean.
Cappella has arrived.
Cappella has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'Stop singing, ass.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: '*isn't singing, it's a playback*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'I said stop singing, ass.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dischord transmits: 'o/~ Wounds won't last long, but an insulting song Wily will always carry with him... o/~'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Hush yuh mouth an' concentrate on de race, foo'.'.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:
11) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 1) Riptide Wyvern (lap 1)
8) Slash Man (lap 1) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 1) Dagger Lynx (lap 1) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 1)
7) Nitro Gerbil (lap 1) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 1) Inferno Panther (lap 1)
6) Flare Feline (lap 1) Dawn (lap 1) Sonic Banshee (lap 1) Javelin Whitetail (lap 1) Bass (lap 1) Glyde Loath (lap 1) Cyclone Jackal (lap 1) Top Man (lap 1)
5) Iris (lap 1) Dischord (lap 1) Arafina (lap 1) Ricochet (lap 1) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 1)
4) Crash Man (lap 1)
2) Guts Man (lap 1)

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'OOC: That was meant for Crash.'.

Speaker phones blare to life again, sqwaking with a subtley annoying ringing sound before the announcer manages to get it under control. And he sounds like a Brazillian Soccer announcer: "AND-THEY'RE-OFF!! Overdrive and Riptide take a quick lead, pulling away from the pack and going neck and neck. A few steps behind them comes the feral Slash Man, barely managing to keep ahead of the crowds. Things are still packed, folks, so stay tuned and keep your hand OFF THE DIAL!!"

Nitro Gerbil growls softly, her ears pinned back as she races around the track. oO(Crap. Gotta get some of these guys outta my way... Prove to them that they shouldn't mess with us Hunters....)Oo

Crash Man continues walking along, till he catches wind of Arafina getting some distance on him. .oO(Hmm.. heh heh heh.) A pair of devil's horns momentarily appear over our hero's head before he breaks off into a jog. "HEY!" He shouts over the din of the audience. "Ya dig psychotics!?" With a slight burst of speed, Crash Man tries to catch up to Arafina.. just so he can leap and tackle her. Ohh yeaaah.

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Arafina!

Rust Ghoul has left.

Guts Man watches everyone speed off in front of him, "Ah nuts to this!" He turns around facing the wrong direction and just walks backwards. He pounds a fist waiting for someone to try and pass him.

Top Man's eyes go wide as over half a dozen people pass him and head into the wild blue yonder. Frowning to himself, Topper brings down his skates and begins pumping more power into his running, zipping along at an even higher rate of speed.

Dawn continues running as fast as she can, and avoids trying to mix in with crowds. She's more set on trying to get ahead without major incident.

He's racing! Racing! Racing towards the goal! Jolty continues his swift pace. No attacks for the hedgehog... yet. "And, coming in the town, busting it at 500 MPH!" he idly says.

Cyclone Jackal continues to race around on her hoverboard, picking up speed as she spots a majority of the pack along with her. So, hey, what the hell...She pushes along towards Hurricane Kangaroo, "Hey Roo Boy!"
She calls out, as she swings a fist in his general direction

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Hurricane Kangaroo, without much success.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus falls into an easy pace, arms and legs moving as if he were wearing rollerblades instead of hovering. His booster jets only serve to add to his speed. For now, he gives the others a wide berth.. No need to have an accident yet.

Dagger Lynx continues running, his body a blur and his smile filled with confidence

Slash Man dashes forward as fast as he can and then takes a sharp turn to in the Ocelot direction! His body moves forcefully toward all-fours cat as he bolts at the angle instead of straight ahead!

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Broadcast Ocelot!

Sonic Banshee seriously wonders if anyone knows how hard it is to run in high heels. Probably not. Still. Sonic Banshee keeps on a truckin', though she does take pause, long enough to notice.. Why. Her favorite Aussie. Helllooooo Hurricane! She smiles. Maliciously. And starts digging around in her invisible, Anime Subspace pocket.
Digdigdig,rummage.. "Ah-HAH!!" Suddenlt, the Banshee withdraws from her pocket... A thermos. A coffee thermos. She smiles. Darkly. And hikes back her arm. "OOOOOOH HOOO-ooo-ppeeeeeeer," She calls, sing-song-ing-ly, "I know how much ye like coffee an' donuts.. here, here's the coffee, on me!" .. With that, she flings the Thermose for Hurricane's cranium.

Sonic Banshee crashes forcefully into Hurricane Kangaroo!

Javelin Whitetail runs along as fast as she can....nice. She's not doing TOO badly, for her land speed. She takes advantage of her small side to try and duck around the various crashers.

Ricochet just keeps as focused as he can, running at full speed. He doesn't employ dash-jets... since they're in his armor form, anyway. He blinks as the others start crashing into each other... Orbit on his back. "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <Ready when you are...> "...not yet..." he says, quietly, as he attempts to accelerate, managing his power carefully.

Flare Feline eyes the ones who are slightly ahead of him, thinking. Still going full sprint, he decides to tackle Inferno Panther, who isn't far ahead of him.

You crash forcefully into Inferno Panther.

Broadcast Ocelot runs in leaps and bounds as fast as he can, managing to keep up with Slash Man, Fusion Icky, and a bunch of other people. He's glad he has a good start, that is until he is forcefull rammed into by Slash, "Hey, dred! Wha's dat?" He gets knocked off course and flies into the side of the track. Muttering to himself he climbs back to his feet and gets back into the race, good thing it's only first lap.

Overdrive Ostrich pumps his legs like mad, rushing ahead as fast as he can.. Not sparing a glance for the wyvern beside him, he blazes ahead in a plume of dust! Everything's working fine, full energy reserves, groovy. Let's go.

Arafina had been running merrily along, merrily merrily merrily, head down and arms pumping. She seems to be trying to get up to TOp Man and ... trip him? She sticks her foot out, trying to edge him as he goes by, just in time to get tackled by Crash Man and nearly be the obstacle herself. "Hey! Get the <censored> off!" she says from underneath.

Arafina tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Glyde Loath just keeps running, keeping his mind focused. Up ahead, he spots someone in black, and he charges for that person. Will he hit?! Find out!

Glyde Loath crashes forcefully into Bass!

Dischord hrms as she watches some people get ahead of her, only to get caught in a large clump of competirors. So what's the first thing that comes to mind for her to do? Simple. Its to chose one of the people nearby, and to do something to distract him or her. For example, this time she singles out Bass, and shouts out, "Hey Forte!!" before she tries to give him a quick peck on the cheak, all while running at full speed.

Dischord crashes forcefully into Bass!

Hurricane Kangaroo blazes along, not the fastest reploid on the track, but definately keeping his own pace. Ears laid back in determination, he takes a look at who's around him. A Hunter.. and a feline... and a yelp as Cyclone comes flying at him, and leaps to the side, sticking his tongue out at her in return.. *KABONG* Until the thermos beans him square on. "Ow!" Shooting a look back at the Banshee, he snorts and looks for a real target. Like the feline nearby, whom he tries to clip with his big airfoils.

Crash Man eyes Arafina. "Hey! I'll have you know I am a gentleman, and I don't approve of those racy advances."

Riptide Wyvern had rapidly hit her top speed, drawing abreast of Overdrive Ostrich quickly. The Maverick is eyed, but not maliciously as one might expect, still running quadruped. Bipedal, like many prefer, would be far more tiring and therefore ignored. As Overdrive surges forward, she gives a roar/scream of delight and surges after the Maverick. The chase ... is on.

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Inferno Panther, without much success.

Bass continues to rush forward now, picking up momentum as his dash jets propel him ahead like a rocket. Obviously not at the speed of many others in this race...but enough he's keeping near the middle of the pack for the moment. His head turns from right to left, and he sneers. So many many targets. He's like a kid in a candy shop right now. As he follows the track, he reaches out and uproots a roadsign in his path, pulling up the makeshift object and glancing to the side, noticing the closest figure...and one he rather owes something to for that matter. "Mwaha! Heads up you goody two shoes!" Bass growls, suddenly jerking hard to the side and swinging the metal 'pole' to try and trip Dawn outright.

Whether he hits or misses, a split second later he's the subject of a drive-by-smooching...enough to make him blink...then get his legs taken out from under him by Glyde as well. "Rargh!"

Bass tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

Iris keeps up her pace, thinking that her brother and Jet and millions of people are watching this...whether she wins or not, she has to get through, and reach the end...

Inferno Panther is tackled. OW! But he gets back up quickly and begins running again, digging his claws in even harder to try and gain lost ground. He looks around and ponders trying to nail someone, but instead decides to try and flat out run for now.

The racers speed around the track....

Current track positions:
20) Riptide Wyvern (lap 1)
17) Dagger Lynx (lap 1)
16) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 1)
15) Nitro Gerbil (lap 1)
13) Slash Man (lap 1) Top Man (lap 1)
12) Dawn (lap 1) Javelin Whitetail (lap 1)
11) Ricochet (lap 1) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 1) Cyclone Jackal (lap 1)
10) Iris (lap 1) Sonic Banshee (lap 1)
9) Flare Feline (lap 1)
8) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 1) Dischord (lap 1) Glyde Loath (lap 1)
7) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 1) Inferno Panther (lap 1) Crash Man (lap 1)
6) Bass (lap 1)
5) Arafina (lap 1)
4) Guts Man (lap 1)
1) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2)

Top Man's high-speed configured optical sensors spot Arafina's leg mere miliseconds before it comes into his path.... Plenty of time to leap out of the way. Laughing loudly, Top Man speeds up his strides, racing down the track at breakneck speed.

Javelin Whitetail races as hard as she can....wincing at all the crashes and near-crashes. She's far too small to try that, unless she was very long as she finishes, she's good, because that means she hasn't been eaten or killed. Noone's ever been killed during these races, have they? Should've looked into that before the race....

Crash Man gets up off Arafina, just so he can make Broadcast Ocelot less of a priority. "Boo-yaaa!"

Crash Man tries to ram into Broadcast Ocelot, without much success.

Dagger Lynx just continues to speed along, unfortunetly unable to reach Riptide to take her down for now.

Crash Man misses. He needs more beer.

Dawn seems to be the target of Bass' eye right now. When Bass swings the street sign at her, she jumps over it, then jumps again to avoid any further recourse. Once again, she seems to concentrate on just running.

Jolt Hedgehog keeps hoofing it, because he dosn't see anyone worthy of attacking....

After tackling Inferno, Flare decides to just keep running for a bit, and try to avoid whoever may try to ram him, if that'll help.

Slash Man bolts forward as fast as possible, he has to make up for the ground he lost on his crash, but he'll do it, he'll do it, oh yes he will!

Arafina gets back to her feet. She starts to rush up after Crash, but after pounding feet for a while and seeing him take the lead - she abruptly makes a flying tackle for Bass instead. "Incoming Hunter!" she screams as she leaps for him. "Duck!"

Arafina crashes forcefully into Bass!

Cyclone Jackal races along on her hoverboard. Oh look, is that Dawn?

Cyclone pulls herself up next to Dawn, gives her a bad hand signal, then kicks the hoverboard towards Dawn's head as she starts running. She intends to ricochet the board off the Maverick Hunter and catch it again..

Riptide Wyvern gives a gutteral growl of annoyance as she's barely able to keep pace behind Overdrive, the dust kicked up clogging her sensitive nostrils. Sneezing hard, she slows slightly- until Dagger Lynx is noted and she darts ahead again. C.C

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

"And it's a blood bath out there, folks!! People tangling up to each other again and again adn again!! I.. even spotted a runaway kisser. Come on, this is a race, not a brothel! Overdrive seems to have taken a quick lead, pulling away from Riptide, though the Forcer is still hot on his tail. Dagger Lynx is riding Wyvern's coattails, follows quickly by ich.. ichy.. Fusion!!" Announces the Announcer, doing his job.
Guts Man hears the commotion of alot of collisions going on in front of him, so he turns back around and notices Arafina, "Aha!" He starts to actually run now trying to ram into his prey. He runs really funny with his arms clasped to his sides and his torso bent at a 90 degree angle! Sorta like how Jay & Silent Bob rounded the bases.

Guts Man tries to ram into Arafina, without much success.

Nitro Gerbil smirks as she zips across the line again, switching songs to something with more of a bass-filled beat. "C'mon...gotta bad need for speed here..." she mutters, clenching her hands into fists.

Dischord hrms as she gets a radio, after she kisses bass of course, only to growl. Looks like it's time to find a certain someone, and to give them a treat. Who's that someone? Why it's Crash man. What's the treat? The world cheapest beer, thrown via Dischord express

Broadcast Ocelot is a bit more cautious after being rammed by Slash Man earlier. In addition, he has his speed and agility, so he deftly manages to avoid Crash Man, "Nice try, Crash." He then continues to accelerate forward... oO(I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...)Oo

Fusion Ichthyosaurus ducks down slightly, falling right behind Dagger Lynx as he jets along. Huzzah for lowering wind resistance! His tail swishes slightly, trying to make sure whoever is behind him doesn't get the same benefit he does.

Dischord crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Crash Man catches the beer.. and stops to take the time to drink it. Instant powerup!

Bass gets up a moment later, shaking his head and snarling once more. Still, it's almost a snarl of glee for that matter, even as he's impacted by Arifina, stumbling for a second. It's enough that he reaches out though and leaps forward, aiming for Hurricane Kangaroo's tail. "They should do these games more often..." he growls, fingers tightening.

Bass crashes forcefully into Hurricane Kangaroo!

Sonic Banshee cackles, and throws her arms into the air, doing a breif victory dance, as her cheering section erupts with cheering. Sonic whirls Around to resume Jogging, and starts to look about. Hmmm. Hmmhmm. Who can she annoy next? Suddenly. Oh. So suddenly. Sonixc notices. Iris. Oh yes. Iris. Colonel's sister. Mind you; Iris normally would have safety in that Sonic can't attack her for fear of being spanked by the almighty Frenzy Saber. But now? Now.. Now, Sonic Banshee draws a bunch of bran muffins from her faithful pocket. "Here, Dahling," She calls at Iris, "You look like you could use a reason to shoot for the goal!" .. With that, she flings the pan of leathal laxatives towards the Sister of her Arch Nemesis.

Sonic Banshee tries to ram into Iris, without much success.

Glyde Loath gets up off the ground from around Bass, and resumes
running. He grins, then grimaces, as his back starts to knot a bit.

Crashing into a man of metal wasn't so smart.

Clop, clop, clop....Javelin's still bounding along, a deer in her element. No carnivores have attempted to eat her....maybe she can try for a bit of a lead.

Ricochet just... runs. As hard as he can. He keeps his optics open for anyone trying to ram him, however... and Orbit remains poised to act as an emergency little rat-missile. "No one yet..." says Ricochet... until Orbit sees Banshee. His optics narrow. "*BLURP!*" <HEY!> scowls the rat.

Hurricane Kangaroo growls a bit as he dashes along, looking for another prospective target... And what's this.. Ol' Finhead is coming up behind him.. Hee hee... Until the master Elite grabs onto his tail.. "Why you... fine, I'll flip ya for the race! Tails, you lose!" He gives the appendage a good swing with Finhead attached.

Hurricane Kangaroo crashes forcefully into Bass!

Overdrive Ostrich streaks around a lap already, almost before he knows it! There's Guts coming up in front.. He spares a glance back and a leer at Riptide, but doesn't attack.. trusting his speed to see him clear through this. It pays to keep an eye on the competition, anyway.
He tries to kick up as much dust in her face as he can, though!

Inferno Panther looks around and spots the fin headed one, "Oh yeah, black boy is going down." Giving a burst of speed as he reaches into his trench coat and pulls out a... folding chair, yeah, thats right a chair and swings it at the back of Bass' head.

Inferno Panther tries to ram into Bass, without much success.

Iris aieeee's, swerving desperately to avoid Sonic's...baking creations. "Oh Eeeeww!! You're right, that's an incentive for me to go FASTER!!" And she pours on the speed, skating faster than ever. Disgust is a good motivator!

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
19) Dawn (lap 1)
17) Ricochet (lap 1) Javelin Whitetail (lap 1)
16) Iris (lap 1) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 1) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 1)
15) Flare Feline (lap 1)
14) Glyde Loath (lap 1) Cyclone Jackal (lap 1)
13) Sonic Banshee (lap 1)
10) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2) Dischord (lap 1) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2) Inferno Panther (lap 1)
8) Arafina (lap 1)
7) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 1) Crash Man (lap 1)
6) Bass (lap 1)
5) Dagger Lynx (lap 2) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 2) Guts Man (lap 1)
1) Slash Man (lap 2) Nitro Gerbil (lap 2) Top Man (lap 2)

Dawn just keeps running. When Cyclone tries to smack her with the hoverboard, she catches onto it and prevents it from boomeranging back to him. Unlike most, she's not taunting back. Or initiating counter-attacks. She just keeps running. An odd tactic, perhaps.

Crash Man continues walking, after being beer-charged.

Arafina was on Bass. Then Bass got flipped. So she goes forward, doing a triple somersault and landing on her feet, amazingly enough. She uses the burst of momentum to just run flat-out, not even posing for the cameras as she does so.

Riptide Wyvern manages to draw abreast of the Ostrich again, and grins toothily before springing at him, to try to slam him straight into another racer.

Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Dagger Lynx continues to speed along, growling at Riptide's infuriating lead, yelling, "Slow down lizard!"

Flare Feline continues to run forward. Not really interested in tackling anyone right now. He's being fueled by determination. He wants to win this for Repliforce, though unlikely of it happening. He wants to prove his worth. To who? Probably himself.

Nitro Gerbil flips around, skating backwards now as she flips her tail back and forth in time to the music pounding in her ears. "Pace yerself'll get there all in good time..."

Jolt Hedgehog is still running, dangit! He is almost starting to tire out already.... or not! He recovered! No attacks again!

Overdrive Ostrich waves at all the bots he passes, grinning cheerily before lowering his head again. As Riptide charges him he leaps aside, putting on a further burst of speed that makes his massive leg pistons groan, but keeps him out of the way! "You can't touch me, sister!" he yells as he leaves her in the dust.

Cyclone Jackal keeps on racing along, on foot now, muttering to herself. She's upset now. Spotting Flare Feline, she attempts to trip him up as she runs along, always trying to cheat someone else out of victory..

Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Flare Feline!

Drat, drat, drat. She missed hitting Iris. Oh, well. For now, Sonic Banshee concentrates on moving as fas as she can towards the finish line. Meanwhile, itsuke and Fluffy continue cheering.

Top Man continues on his careening course, blasting around the track to wind up on his second lap! Woo! Topper, however, decides that he needs more speed. So What does he do, you ask? He begins spinning. Yes, spinning as quickly as he possibly can. Hit it! o/~ You spin me right round, like a record baby, right round round round o/~

Fusion Ichthyosaurus cotninues along, not a care in the world. Well, maybe a few cares. But he just concentrates on his speed still. He drank enough coffee earlier to keep him powered up for quite a while.

Ricochet keeps on running... optics narrowed as he accelerates... but he can't accelerate much more. He's already at design maximum. He glances about as he tries to find a target that's worth ramming... it's not so much that he win, but that the Mavericks and Robot Masters don't.

Dischord cackles as she keeps running, only to notice OD catch up to her. . o O (Didn't he pass me already?) O o . So what's she do? She pulls another treat out of her backpack? What is it this time? A keg? An oil slick? Nope. It's a bear trap...

Dischord crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Iris skates toward Broadcast Ocelot, but of course she has no evil intentions...she's just glad to see a friendly face. "Ew. Lookout. Bran Muffins," she babbles at Broadcast. Who knows what she's carrying on about.

Slash Man bolts as fast as he can, pulling up on the gerbil, and then does something terribly stupid. He slide tackles toward her, sending his clawed foot reeling toward the speeding rodent.

Guts Man keeps on running. He notices someone of fair size in front of him, "Aha!" He extends his arm out and makes a fist. "Say your prayers fish freak!" He just tries to pimpslap the gimp out of his way. "Outta my way!"

Slash Man tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

Guts Man tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Bass is flipped, struck from all sides, and even taken a swing at with a chair. He tumbles again on the track, but digs in his feet, stopping his process, and grinning madly. He's still holding that metal pole he had earlier, and he watches as Dagger Lynx approaches rapidly. With a quick motion, he ignites his dash jets and begins to tear off forward once more, moving to intercept the reploid, and actually make a move to try and jam the metal pole between his legs as well.

"I LOVE this stuff!" he finally growls.

Bass crashes forcefully into Dagger Lynx!

Hurricane Kangaroo ditches Bass, and gets back to making a demo derby out of this race. What, you thought he was trying to win? Yeah right. Noticing Crash Man closing in, he pulls a large can of beer out of his pouch, and darts towards Crash as he flings it at the Master.

Of course, it's a can of Fosters.

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Crash Man, without much success.

Broadcast Ocelot just runs, as 'It's All About The Pentiums' plays over his sound generators. Broadcasting it to the entire area, so basically everyone in the race can hear it. However, as he runs he spies prey! Mmmm, venison. That's when his cat mannerisms take over and he tries to leap pounce at Javelin Whitetail. Just after he blinks at Iris, "Uh...riiiiight." Here I come Javelin!

Broadcast Ocelot tries to ram into Javelin Whitetail, without much success.

Inferno Panther seems to have lsot some ground, but he gets a big toothy grin as he notices a certain Wyvern who gave his fellow mavericks so much trouble in the air race. Reaching back into his trenchcoat he pulls out a stop sign, complete with poll and uprooted grass and swings it mightly at the face of Riptide, "I'll stop you from ruining our chances you overgrown lizard!"

Inferno Panther crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Overdrive Ostrich yelps as Discord latches a bear trap on his leg, breaking his stride and sending him into a skidding, rolling flip!

Glyde Loath just bolts around the track, eager to make up for the ground that he's lost.

Dagger Lynx lets out a shriek as he is crashed by Bass, yelling some profanities.

Javelin Whitetail knew this was going to happen. Sooner or later, it would happen. The view through her helmet is a bit narrow, but, of course, it's equipped with rearview mirrors. And behind her--A CAT! She forces her hind legs to stretch, giving her a giant bound of of the way. Watching him carefully as she bounds forward, she manages a short laugh. Cut off, though, when she sees Overdrive with the deer trap. Oh, now that's just WRONG. Hope she doesn't find one....

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
19) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 1) Glyde Loath (lap 1)
18) Sonic Banshee (lap 1)
17) Cyclone Jackal (lap 1)
15) Flare Feline (lap 1) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 2)
14) Dischord (lap 1) Inferno Panther (lap 1)
13) Crash Man (lap 1)
12) Arafina (lap 1)
10) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 2) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 1)
8) Bass (lap 1) Guts Man (lap 1) Top Man (lap 2)
7) Nitro Gerbil (lap 2)
5) Dawn (lap 2) Dagger Lynx (lap 2)
4) Slash Man (lap 2) Ricochet (lap 2)
2) Iris (lap 2) Javelin Whitetail (lap 2)
1) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 2)

Nitro Gerbil chitters angrily, quickly backflipping over the foot before landing back on her skates, facing the right way. "Missed, punk!" she hollers back at Slash. "Concentrate on racing, maybe you'll succeed at somethin' that way!" Again she zips around the track, glancing around to make sure no one else is attempting to throw off her vibe.

Dagger Lynx growls and continues speeding forward... he must succeed!
Crash Man continues walking along.

Cyclone Jackal just keeps on running now, since she doesn't have anyone to hit anymore, so now she's just in a hurry to catch up..

Dawn continues to dash forward as fast as she can, yet again neglecting to try displays of combat. Though thanks to Cyclone, she has a nice hoverboard to use if so needed...

Iris pours on the speed, her little legs scissoring energetically as she begins her second lap. Her braids fly back behind her, propelled by the wind.

Flare Feline doesn't see Cyclone coming up from behind him, and is knocked down for a moment. Determined, Flare jumps back up and tears off again. He was built for speed, and he's not gonna let himself be knocked around. He takes off at full tilt once more.

Slash Man having missed the gerbil, Slash flips up and continues running, it looks like he's out of the race now, but he's not going to let up for his fellow RM's! Running alongside him, or near enough, is Ricochet. "Well, let's try this again!" The feral master slide-tackles in /front/ of Ricochet, leaving his leg out to try and trip the runner up!

Slash Man tries to ram into Ricochet, without much success.

Hurricane Kangaroo has yet to make much considerable distance in this race. Why? Because he's more busy trying to bust people that anything else. A wicked grin parts his lips as the faster people start to lap up on him. Perrrrfect. With a chuckle, he kicks his legs and bolts towards Overdrive, swinging one of his oversized fists. "You wanna finish this witht he race bucko? Fine by me!"

Arafina has a good deal of momentum, so much she looks like she's going to trip any moment. But she manages to stay up, hands in the air and beaming as she passes Overdrive (who, admittedly, has lapped her and is bear-trapped). "Champ!" she screams out, before looking around, putting her head back down, and returning to running.

Glyde Loath comes up around Broadcast, and abruptly dives at the feline Reploid, one fist outstretched!

Jolt Hedgehog finished the first lap! Alllllll right! :) He keeps running now..... Hey! He's has crappy dex! "Puh.... I'll just let them take out each other... " He grins, as he pours on the speed!

Glyde Loath tries to ram into Broadcast Ocelot, without much success.

"Ladies and gentleman, I can't BELIEVE THIS!! The lead Maverick, Overdrive, has been tripped by a.. bear trap?? Riptide and Hurricane, both Forcers, have quickly gained ground on the obscene big bird, and it looks like a smash fest all up and down the track. Top man's on their heels, follows by Nitro Gerbil!! And... my, my, it appears that the poorer X clone Master in black with fins is getting trampled left and right. Goes to show, folks: What goes around, comes around. In more ways than one, considering this is a foot race!!

Top Man stops his burst of spinning, translating the extra momentum gained from it into pure skating power. Powering his legs like an Olympic speedskater, Top rockets past the ambling Crash Man and the beat-upon Bass, zooming around the track like a skater on speed
Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Overdrive Ostrich rips the bear trap off his leg and throws it away, growling somthing derrogatory at Dischord as she rushes ahead. He jumps back to his feet and takes off again, accelerating like a bat-drone out of Heatman's lair to get back in the race, shaking off all further attempts at delay.

Guts Man notices something in that rearview mirror he stuck to his head. Well it's something small and fast. It's Nitro Gerbil. Guts Man stops dead in his tracks and turns around. He tries to time this just right, trying to let the critter speed up to him and then fall down on it! Time to make some pancakes!

Inferno Panther doesn't bother with nailing anybody right now, he just puts on the speed and trys to regain a more favorable position.

Guts Man tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

Riptide Wyvern rears back and grabs the stopsign in her hands, wrenching it away and tossing it aside in a plume of dust as she slows down rapidly. Flattening her ears against her head, she snarls at Inferno and turns on one clawed foot, dropping quadruped again and sprinting forward. Lost ground lost ground...

Broadcast Ocelot curses as he misses the deer. Oh well, he should look on the bright side. The failed attempt at pouncing knocked some sense into him. "Time tuh get back into this race," he says to himself as he takes off again as fast as he can. 'It's All About The Pentiums' still playing...

Sonic Banshee continues running, clamping her jaws shut determinedly as she attempts to pick up speed by taking on a sprint pace.

Ricochet blinks, as someone attempts to ram into him... "OH CRAP!" he yelps... he jumps over the leg as best as he can, hitting the ground with a solid thud. Orbit, meanwhile, leaps off of Rico's back to reduce the weight of carrying him and rolls -under- Slash Man's leg, jumping onto Rico's back as he does so. Gotta love that link. He furrows his brow as he tries to speed up... C'mon... he glances about once again at those nearby, glaring at Slash as he does so.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus swerves away from Guts Man's fist and begins quickly weaving to and fro past the mass of tangled racers.

Dischord just keeps running, running, running, tossing out random things at random people. For exaple, right now Disch is running, and she pulls out something strange looking.... it's a box... Oh wait, she opens the box and reveals that it's a cream pie. Ah that makes a lot more sense, or at least it makes as much sense as throwing the pie at Fusion, just because she thinks she can...

Dischord crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

"HEY!" Bass suddenly shouts, turning his head to glare at the stands and wave a fist. "I know you're face you know that!?" he howls, perhaps promising to trounce the announcer when this is all over. As it is, he's still accelerating forward with his dash jets burning brightly, glancing back to judge just where he is and who's coming up on him. He notes Guts Man making a swing for the gerbil...then actually laughs outright. "No no! Like -THIS!-" With that, he jerks hard to the side and kicks up a huge cloud of dust by dragging one foot along the sand, right in Nitro Gerbil's path.

Bass tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

Javelin Whitetail is still running. Yep. Makes sense, doesn't it? She digs in with her hooves, looking around, trying not to get stepped on, that a bran muffin?

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
20) Inferno Panther (lap 1)
19) Riptide Wyvern (lap 2) Crash Man (lap 1)
16) Dischord (lap 1) Arafina (lap 1)
15) Nitro Gerbil (lap 2) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 2) Top Man (lap 2)
13) Dagger Lynx (lap 2) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 1)
12) Dawn (lap 2) Bass (lap 1)
9) Slash Man (lap 2) Ricochet (lap 2) Javelin Whitetail (lap 2) Guts Man (lap 1)
8) Iris (lap 2)
7) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 2) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 2)
3) Flare Feline (lap 2) Sonic Banshee (lap 2) Cyclone Jackal (lap 2)
1) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Glyde Loath (lap 2)

Sonic Banshee continues running. Why? Because her player is being ordered about by a grandmother.

Crash Man stops for a moment, to wave to the good people at home.
Sadly, he seems to be right in the way of Riptide Wyvern's path.

Crash Man tries to ram into Riptide Wyvern, without much success.

Dagger Lynx growls and turns to the Gerbil, yelling, "Let there be light!" slinging his arm forward lightning blasts into the ground infront of Nitro!

Dawn once again continues to continue running along, neglecting to try beating on people. If only she was dragging a friend along by the arm.

Slash Man blinks and sees the deer running near him. The immediate reaction is FOOD! Food food food food food! He pounces at the deer something major, food!

Slash Man tries to ram into Javelin Whitetail, without much success.

Flare Feline eyes the mavericks coming up close. He decides to keep going, as fast as he can. Overdrive is coming up fast behind, already a full lap ahead. Darn, someone has to slow him down. Not Flare though.

Dagger Lynx err or not, because he was too stupid to notice he isn't near her..

Guts Man isn't having much luck hurting people in this race. Stupid people who come to run and not get into a brawl! He'll show them all and he knows just who to try and take out to piss off a large majority of people! That person is... Iris! He starts to moonwalk just anticipating her, trying to ram into her or something.

Jolt Hedgehog bahs when he sees an obviously faster BO speed by him. He gives him the thumbs up, and keeps racing... hoping dear to his maker that the guys behind him don't get him...

Fusion Ichthyosaurus gets a pie in the face. He blinks a few times and tastes it, "Not bad, not bad.." Although, almost anything is better than one of Sonic's pies. Too bad he can't drink coffee and go full speed at the same time, or he'd have dessert. For now, he just keeps his engines burning and continues to glideskate.

Javelin Whitetail runs on, naively unaware of the fact that Slash Man just flew over her head. She *is* small.

Guts Man crashes forcefully into Iris!

Hurricane Kangaroo gruntd a bit as he hits his dashjets just long enough to keep up with the general movent of the race. Just enough to look for a new target... Such as the big dino-fish-thing coming up in front of him. And it's another Maverick, too. He hits the ground and leaps, trying to clock Fushin in the backside.

Nitro Gerbil blinks and spots Guts standing in her way. Oooh no. She really doesn't think so. Speeding up, she charges the Master, then leaps over him at the last second. "Kiss my furry aft, y'punk!" she snarls down, then zooms off.... right into the dust cloud and Bass.
"Ahhh!" She bounds over him, landing a little shakily, but manages to regain herself in time to go once more past the line. "Smooth like butter... Hundred percent Land O' Lakes, bay-bee!!"

Riptide Wyvern once again eats Overdrive's dust. Pthooey. Nares closed against the dust, she spots Crash Man right before she would have hit him, and springs directly over the Red Bomber, hitting the ground running. A look is cast back at Crash before a beer is tossed at his general direction. Ph33r the Wyvern packing Budweiser.

Arafina continues to run madly. As she passes Dischord, she lets off a rather snappy salute, at least given the fact that her legs are motoring right along and she's facing the wrong way. "Got enough stuff left in that bag?"

Ricochet grimmaces as Slash Man makes another try at Javelin
Whitetail... "*BLURP BLOOP BLIP*" <...I -really- wanna get that guy...> Rico frowns... "...wait a bit, Orbit... maybe later..." he's still hoping he's got a shot. He pumps them legs as hard as he can, frowning as Iris gets smashed as well... "*BLURP BLOOP*" <...ya know, there's plenty of targets around here...> "...quiettt..."

Top Man continues jamming down the track, turning his head from side to side occasionally to see who he's blurring past. As his vision focuses, he notes the forms of Fusion Icky and Nitro Gerbil right next to him. "Blinkin poop!" Topper curses, beginning to spin again, adding, once more, to his momentum.

Bass 'skates' along at a leisurely pace...for the moment at least, his thrusters kicking up a fair amount of exhaust in his wake. Another quick glance from side to side, as he takes in those near him....and who does he see coming up once again? Dawn...

A sneer spreads on his features, and he suddenly cuts hard to the side, kicking out low in another attempt to trip up the do-gooder. "Miss me?" he comments darkly.

Cyclone Jackal races along, hurring herself up. She just keeps on running now, not even trying to crash into anyone..

Bass crashes forcefully into Dawn!

Hurricane Kangaroo misses because he isn't close as he thought though, and ends up coming down towards the Lynx instead.

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Dagger Lynx, without much success.

Inferno Panther eyes Crash Man for a moment and cackles with evil glee as he pulls a lead pipe from his trenchcoat, "Kiss your kneecaps good bye robot master!" With that he puts on a sudden burst of speed, pulling up next to Crash Man and swings the pipe at his knees.

Inferno Panther crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

"Well, it seemed for a moment that FUSION Ich.. Ichy.. FUSION might have taken the lead, but that fall was quickly caught up by the ever speedy Overdrive, whose past the half-way lap already. Riptide seems to have fallen behind, though he still holds second place, followed by the threesome of Nitro, Fusion, and Top man. And it's STILL a bashing feast out there. I even think one Master isn't even bothering to race.. is that Guts?" Pause: ".. Thats confirmed. Guts Man is pouncing anyone that gets near him!!

Dischord hrms as one pie hits home. So what's she do? She pulls out another one. Only this time it's not a cream pie. In fact it's debatable if it could even be considered a pie. It's a pizza with anchovies. "Here, have another one!" Disch shouts as she runs past fusion, tossing it.

Dagger Lynx is just too fast, just zooming past as the 'Roo tries to ram him.

Dischord crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

Iris zips along, her lithe form cruising effortlessly as she sails into the stretch...she's become a decent rollerblader, what with all her months of practice through the Repliforce HQ hallways...and just as she's thinking about this, she gets smacked -- HARD, by some big fat guy. Wait! It's not just ANY big fat guy, it's...!! She scowls, getting back up, and rather wobbily getting back into the swing of things...resisting the urge to retaliate.

Crash Man pauses for a moment, when some chick in the stands flashes him. "Nooooootch," he says in a low voice. This is what stops a man, people.

Overdrive Ostrich throws his arms out to the side like wings, blazing over the starting line to start his third lap! He flashes a V for Victory at the stands as he passes, feeling the pressure of a sonic wave building in front of his windmilling legs..

o/~You've gotta be the dumbest newbie I've ever seen / You've got white-out all over your screen / You think your Commodore 64 is really neato / What kinda chip you got in there, a Dorito? / You're usin' a 286? Don't make me laugh / Your Windows boots up in what, a day and a half?...o/~

Broadcast Ocelot just runs on all fours as his theme song plays. Quite loudly too.

Javelin Whitetail glances to the side.....and blinks. It's that cat that tried to eat her! Now, being a deer, this is a very un-deerlike thing to do....but, being Irish, it's natural. So, she rams into him, helmet-first. Gotta love the headgear.

Glyde Loath is running, right? And he, like, totally looks behind him, and sees a big, giant bird charges at him! Like, whoa! So, you know, Glyde like, turns around, and heads right at that like, so totally way big bird! Dude.

Glyde Loath tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.
Javelin Whitetail didn't try to crash. Forget that.

The racers speed around the track....

Dawn tries to make a light hop to go over Bass' foot, but doesn't get enough height. She trips forcefully and rolls for several feet, but handsprings back up after a momentary conversation on her radio, and resumes running again. It's as if Bass' attack didn't merit shouting back for.

Dagger Lynx grins and turns toward Top, yelling, "You are the weakest link, goodbye!

Fusion Ichthyosaurus ducks to the side as the pizza is flung.
Unfortunately, it hits one of his engines. The intake port is clogged by the greasy pizza and te engine sputters a bit. Muttering, Fusion pulls out a mug of coffee. With a quick motion, he tosses its contents onto the engine. The pizza... dissolves. Now that's some strong coffee. With a little sputter, the engines roar back to life.

Dagger Lynx says, "ramming forward at him"

Dagger Lynx crashes forcefully into Top Man!

Guts Man is now loving this race after knocking someone. He notices the speedy Maverick running up to him. A guy in the stands shouts pointing to Overdrive Ostriche. "Stop him! He's suppose to lose!" Guts Man hears the plea and tries to tackle the running bird!

Slash Man, with his face in the dirt, stands up and gets really angry, so angry that he turns and throws a punch at the nearest person to him...which just happens to be Dawn!

Slash Man tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

Sonic Banshee ; with her player finally free of the Family Menace, continues running, but takes the chance to look about her, already withdrawering from her anime subspace pocket, of all things, a pie. Yes, folks, a pie. And, as she continues running, she notices.. She's coming up on Iris again. She smiles. Darkly. And suddenly launches the pie forward like a frisbee, for the Repliforcer again. "HERE, IRIS, HERE'S A PRESENT!"

Sonic Banshee tries to ram into Iris, without much success.

Arafina runs like a maniac. A maniac! She turns around as she passes Crash Man, and quite cheerfully running backwards, makes some rather rude gestures. "Ha! That'll show you to take advantage of me!"

"Well, folks, it's still a Maverick's race, with the Big Bird himself keeping the lead though slowed down by the many attempts on his shins!! And nipping at his tail feathers is our very own Riptide Wyvern, Forcer extraordinaire. Under him, and a ways back, Nitro Gerbil takes up third place, with everyone else clumped up behind him, including Dagger and Top Man. And... I think we're seeing the call of nature here, folks, with a few of our contestants trying to EAT each other!!

Ricochet grimmaces faintly as he weaves his way between other racers. Orbit lowers his tail, reducing wind resistance even further - and probably making him look even weirder than the other participants. After all, who else has a giant rat clinging to their back?

Hurricane Kangaroo mutters, everyone is moving too fast for him to get a good bead on. Grumble. No one that he actually wants to lay some smack on nearby, so he kicks in his dashjets again, trying to catch up withone someone's aft to kick.

Top Man spins along the track, kicking up a cloud of dust over ten feet high in his wake. Once again, however, Top ceases in his spinning and begins skating like an olympic psychoskater once more... Just in tame to get slammed by the Lynx "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" he screams, skidding on the ground and bouncing a couple times before getting back to his feet.

"Dangit!" he shouts, beginning to spin again, trying to make up for lost time

Dischord is still running. Only now she's coming upon Crash Man again... Hrm... What can she do this time? Ah well.... She just flashes him as she tries to run on past...

Dischord tries to ram into Crash Man, without much success.

Jolt Hedgehog hrmss.... and looks behind him. He spots Slash. He's probably not win... he descided that... so he might as well make some new friends. "Eat it, Master!" He yells, before taking his shades, and flicking them at Slash.

Jolt Hedgehog crashes forcefully into Slash Man!

Javelin Whitetail runs frantically, trying to avoid all the crashing going on now. Oh, crud, crudcrudcrudcrud....predators! EVERYWHERE!! She starts making gigantic leaps, which, while not doing too much for speed, make her actually leap higher than some of the larger-sized 'bots heads.

Cyclone Jackal races along, spotting Dawn. Perfect, she's in range. She hits the button on her wrist, which activates her hoverboard's return system, thus, the board tries to pry itself out of Dawn's hands, and come back to her, hopefully knocking Dawn down in the process...

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

Crash Man shudders. He stops anyway. That little display was enough to freeze /anyone's/ craw. Oh gawd..

Guts Man tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Inferno Panther seems to be getting lapped, ah well, that just means he has to beat up people even more now. YAY! Reaching into his coat o' tricks, Panther pulls out a... dear god, thats just not possible. He pulls out a trash can and trys to stuff Top Man into it!

Iris shrieks, she'd rather have a THOUSAND big fat Guts Men run her over than get hit with whatever noxious substances exist in Banshee's made-to-order pie! She ducks (for her life!!). "Not you again, not those baked goods, aieeee!!"

Bass continues moving along now, having picked himself up and feeling that much better for having tripped Dawn up in the process. He carves a path along the deser sand, again glancing behind him, then to the side, noting the little...deer? A blink, then an almost predatory glint in his eyes as he starts to shimmy to the side, approaching her...then moving to just simply run her over in the process!

Broadcast Ocelot dashes around the course, congratulating his fellow Repliforcers and like for trying to keep the faction in the race by taking out the Mavericks and Robot Masters. All the while his song continues to play...

o/~Uh, uh, loggin' in now / Wanna run wit my crew, hah? / Rule cyberspace and crunch numbers like I do? / They call me the king of the spreadsheets / Got 'em printed out on my bedsheets / My new computer's got the clocks, it rocks / But it was obsolete before I opened the box...o/~

Bass crashes forcefully into Javelin Whitetail!

Nitro Gerbil smirks, saluting a camera as she races past one. "Oooh, bay-bee...feelin' that ol' feeling again," she chuckles before muttering into her radio. "Now's not as good as racing a car, but it'll do." She glances around before pressing a button on her wrist, causing her rocket boosters to get boosted with a bit of her namesake, NOS. ZOOM!

Inferno Panther makes that nitro gerbil instead.

Inferno Panther tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.
Riptide Wyvern makes lap three finally, pulling into a space for once clear of dust and debris. Sneezing forcefully, her stride lengthens into an easy lope, trying to catch up to Overdrive once again. Still a game ... playing, hoping to catch herself a tail feather. She does indeed snap at them when she draws close before veering away quickly, hissing her amusement.

Glyde Loath swears forcefully, as he misses the big birdy! Now, facing the completely wrong way, charges forward, sunlight gleaming madly off his implants. After a short few seconds, he comes up on.. *gasp* Sonic Banshee! Glyde, not really caring WHO he hits, as long as he hits this person, launches himself at the Maverick.

Overdrive Ostrich screams into the far turn as the rumble of a forming sonic boom rumbles over the track. He stomps on Guts' head as the big klutz tries to tackle him, keeping up his speed and half an eye on the Wyvern behind him on all fours. (note: not a crash)

Glyde Loath doesn't, actually. Sonic's too far awya! Crap! Instead, he just keeps running. -_-

Javelin Whitetail makes a small 'crunch' sound, and skitters off to the side, almost KO'ed. Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW.

Sonic Banshee would probably have claimed Glyde was trying to grope her, anyway. She's just like that.

Flare Feline eyes Overdrive, he's right next to him. He ponders making an attempt to slow him down, and let the faster RFers get ahead. But decides against it, Overdrive has proven himself to dodge nimbly. Flare just keeps his eyes on the track and runs fowards...

The racers speed around the track....

Nitro Gerbil gahs and twists to the side, leaning back like something out of the Matrix as she goes wizzing underneath the can. Once she's past it, she stands back up, still racing around the track.

Current track positions:
20) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3)
19) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 2) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3) Bass (lap 1)
18) Flare Feline (lap 2) Dawn (lap 2)
17) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 2)
16) Javelin Whitetail (lap 2) Cyclone Jackal (lap 2)
13) Iris (lap 2) Guts Man (lap 1)
12) Slash Man (lap 2) Sonic Banshee (lap 2)
10) Glyde Loath (lap 2)
9) Nitro Gerbil (lap 3)
7) Inferno Panther (lap 2)
6) Dagger Lynx (lap 3)
4) Arafina (lap 2) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 2) Crash Man (lap 2)
3) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 3)
2) Dischord (lap 2)
1) Ricochet (lap 3) Top Man (lap 3)

Dawn swings the hoverboard she took from Cyclone, and smacks Slash Man's fist out of the way with it. Cyclone's attempt to try the 'return' function doesn't work, mainly since it can't output sufficient force to escape her grip; she's capable of throwing Ride Armors after all. And true to form, she's refraining from initiating attacks on anyone. Instead, she just continues to use the hoverboard as a shield while sprinting. People with interception capability may hear near-constant chatter on her radio, in Japanese.

Dagger Lynx just continues speeding forward... woo!

Crash Man runs up next to Arafina. "So, do you like steak? And beer? 'Cuz, I know this lil' place where you can get a little protein, a little alcohol, and a whole lotta privacy. Heh heh heh.." The Red Bomber waggles his eyebrows (brown, not bleached blonde like his hair).
Guts Man's head is stomped on by Overdrive. "Ow damnit! Lousy Sunday runners!" He shakes a fist angrily getting back up to notice Iris coming towards him. He quickly extends an arm out to the side trying to trip her up. Hey if he got her once, he can hopefully get her again.

Sonic Banshee args. NONONO! She missed Iris again! That's not fair! IN her fury, Banshee begins flinging, from the depths of her anime Subspace pocket, all manner of food type items, which she begins flinging down the track at various racers. In face, Slash man gets a nice, giant bowl of Banshee's patented Stew flung at his face..
Sonic Banshee tries to ram into Slash Man, without much success.

Guts Man crashes forcefully into Iris!

Jolt Hedgehog is still in 13th. Why? Oh well... make the best of it! Eyeing behind him.... he decides.... no. Race on!

Cyclone Jackal spots..Jolt Hedgehog! She rushes towards him and just attempts to kick him in the head as she races past him. Why? Why Not? He's a Repliforcer.

Slash Man has simple kicked up dirt again and again, so he starts running, clawing, darting, darting, darting, right past the stew! He runs toward the little girl in the beret and he... dives! Yes, he's making another stop attempt, this time leaping at Iris!

Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Jolt Hedgehog!

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Iris!

Top Man rockets down the track, eyes pointed straight ahead. Oh hell no, he's not going to waste time ramming people. He's going to zip around the ruddy track as fast as his spinny legs will carry him.

"Well folks, it's just about anybody's race... after Overdrive and Riptide finish. The flightless bird and the Forcer are steal leading the pack, Riptide JUUUST behind the twisted Neo Sesame Alley ripoff. And, still far back but holding third place with a vegeance, is Nitro. Point of interest, ladies and gentlemen. /BASS/ has not finished a single lap, and neither has the bruiser of the group, Guts Man. Now, set back, and listen to the blood fly. OOO! I heard bones on that one!"
Hurricane Kangaroo manages to get onto the second lap, whoo. As if he's actually trying. But look, -now- that big fish-thingy is in range, and behind him, to boot. Booyah. Pulling a boomerang out of his pouch, he turns around just enough to chuck it backwards at Fushion. "Back off, fishface!"

Arafina, running backwards, isn't as fast as running forwards, and so Crash catches up. While making a rude gesture as he pulls up nearby, she starts to rush ahead again. "You scare me, you know..." Instead of spending all her time going forward, she maneuvers, however, so she's just in front of him. She starts to jump to tackle, but she trips and ends up going flying at him, head and chest-first. "Incoming!"

Arafina crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Bass keeps right on a truckin. How about that? He's actually approaching his third lap for that matter...not that he's really been keeping track now has he? He continues to move as people zip by him, watching their progress...guaging his next action, when he sees Overdrive Ostrich suddenly roar past. He blinks, then anrrows his eyes, suddenly bunching his legs beneath him, and SPRINGING forward for hte maverick, hands outstretched and reaching for that big long bird neck....

Bass crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Crash Man blinks, and watches Arafina trip.. right for him. He blinks again, and holds up his hands.. thumbs up. "SCORE!" He gets tackled. YEAH!!!

Glyde Loath, now that he's actually able to hit the person he's going for, is chasing after the feral Master himself, /Man! He leaps into the air, headed straight for the android's back! And if he's too far from /Man, just say he's going for Sonic again, k?

Riptide Wyvern is beginning to get a stitch in her side. She had been moving top speed for far too long for her. She was made a sprinter, not for these long-distance races. And it was beginning to grow frankly painful. But she grits her teeth and keeps running, ears flat against her head.

Broadcast Ocelot has disconnected.
Broadcast Ocelot has connected.

Glyde Loath is, of course, not close enough to either. Forget it. No more crashing!!!

Dischord hrms as she goesa bout running, and atempting to slow down random people. Ah well... She needs another target now. Oh wait... Isn't that the same guy she tossed food at earlier not to far ahead of her? It is! It's Fussion! Hrmm.... Maybe he'd like something to drink to go with that food... Something like oh... An entire keg of beer....

After failing to nail the Gerbil the first time around, Inferno sees he still has a chance, and he takes it! This time pulling out the lid to the missed trash can and wings it like a frizbee for the gerbil's legs!

Iris acks, as she's practically slammed onto the track by two Masters. (Double-teamed!! OW!!) She hops back up, looking fitfully mad. "HEY! I'm trying to RACE here! Dorks!" She shoves past them, and continues on her way, though she's a lot slower than she was going before.

Ricochet blinks as Overdrive is suddenly smashed into behind him... he furrows his brow, otpics going to Top Man. He's pretty close... he'd better try to do something about that. He pulls up alongside Top Man, slowing down a bit... when Orbit suddenly leaps from his back, in a practiced, deliberate move... attempting to land right in Top Man's face. "*BLURRRP!*" <BANZAAAI!>

Broadcast Ocelot just runs since his player missed out most of the poses from this rounds due to having AOHell as an ISP. So he just runs.

Ricochet crashes forcefully into Top Man!

Overdrive Ostrich cracks into the supersonic with a loud thud, just in time for another loud thud as Bass jerks him right off his pinwheeling feet again! He rolls and skids to a halt on his back, throwing out a mighty leg to try to slow down his main competitor as she passes.

Overdrive Ostrich crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Inferno Panther misses since Nitro seems to be to far away.

Javelin Whitetail shakes herself off, and manages to start running at her top speed again. Ooooo, that's it. This is one angry Irishwoman you got on your hands now. A small one, to be sure, and venison, but hey, what more do you want?

Dischord crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

Fusion Ichthyosaurus finally gets his engines back running at full power. Narrowing his eyes, he speeds forward, jerking to the side to avoid the annoying kangaroo's boomerang. Of course, that also means he crashes into Dischord's barrel. It doesn't break though... He catches it and veers off course, swinging the barrel around to toss at Hurricane. "Just let me throw a barrel at 'im..."

Fusion Ichthyosaurus tries to ram into Hurricane Kangaroo, without much success.

Sarah Storm arrives from the South Australia.
Sarah Storm has arrived.
Sarah Storm has left.

Flare Feline keeps on running, not stopping for anything. He doesn't think he'll win by trying to crash into people. Of course, he probably won't WIN, but he wants to place as good as he can.

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
20) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 3) Cyclone Jackal (lap 2)
19) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3)
17) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 2) Nitro Gerbil (lap 3)
16) Dagger Lynx (lap 3) Sonic Banshee (lap 2) Glyde Loath (lap 2)
15) Slash Man (lap 2)
14) Guts Man (lap 1)
13) Iris (lap 2) Inferno Panther (lap 2)
7) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 3) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 2)
6) Arafina (lap 2)
5) Dischord (lap 2) Flare Feline (lap 3)
4) Crash Man (lap 2)
3) Dawn (lap 3) Ricochet (lap 3) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 3)
1) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3) Bass (lap 2) Top Man (lap 3)

As Iris wobbles around trying to get her bearings, she scoops up one of the noxious bran muffins left on the track, and keeps it palmed.

Riptide Wyvern is indeed tripped by Overdrive, spinning nose over tail midair and landing with an audiable thump some distance away. Hissing, she rises to her feet, standing straight up now, one hand to her elbow. Dammit. Something was pulled, she'd have to run like this... And run she does, kicking up dust again with her sharp hindclaws.

Dagger Lynx grins and throws a dagger at Nitro's feet as she runs, yelling, "All will lose who are not Mavericks! This the universe commands!"

Javelin Whitetail looks....and.......could it be? That big bully that smashed her! Oh, he's gonna GET it. She peers around carefully....careful....and then....edges right in front of Bass.

Dagger Lynx crashes forcefully into Nitro Gerbil!

Javelin Whitetail tries to ram into Bass, without much success.

Hurricane Kangaroo ah craps as a barrel is chucked at him, and swats it with his big tail to deflect the attack. Stupid fish. Grabbing the barrel as it falls next to him, he looks around, and seeing no one viable to fling it at, tosses it off the track and goes back to leaping along trying to catch up to someone to knock down.

Dawn continues dashing along as fast as she can, occasionally adjusting her grip on Cyclone's hoverboard. That's about it however. Ricochet gets a very faint wave as she catches up to him...

Overdrive Ostrich leaps to his feet and takes off once again, his shin armor looking the worse for wear, but keeping his legs protected. He rips into his fourth lap with a vengeance and a quick "Hi" to Javeling Whitetail over the starting line.

Crash Man gets back up, holding on to a piece of Arafina's now-torn top. "Good god, I love being me.." Little does he realize it, but standing still leaves him right in the middle of Dawn's path.

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Dawn!

Flare Feline keeps running. See my last post, Flare hasn't changed his mind yet.

Slash Man recovers from his Dive at Iris and picks up the pace, running forth to make another running tackle at the one, the only, the immutably sharp, Dagger Lynx.

Nitro Gerbil zips out of the way of the lid, the NOS still pumping through her body as she gets down to business. oO(Make sure I don't push myself too far...)Oo she ponders as she runs a quick systems check, then nods, cranking up her music. oO(I'm actually gonna something legal! Sweet!)Oo Just then, Dagger manages to trip her up, and she goes crashing into the ground. "...ow." With a snarl, she flicks him off, before zipping off again. "Gotta catch up...."

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Dagger Lynx!

Jolt Hedgehog garghs!!! "Hey! He yells, as he stumbles around. He tries to keep going. As he stumbling, he considers going after someone...

Nitro! Maybe Rippy can win then! He slides on over... and one leg quickly sticks out in a trip!

Guts Man has picked on Iris for long enough. He decides to change targets this time. Trying to cease Inferno Panther from moving up the ranks.

Cyclone Jackal spots Riptide behind Overdrive. Nah ah. A Maverick is going to win this, one way or another. She turns and runs towards Riptide, jumping up to dropkick the Repliforcer.

Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Jolt Hedgehog tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

Guts Man crashes forcefully into Inferno Panther!

Sonic Banshee sneers, as she continues running, still just randomly flinging things this way and that, in a valient attempt to just hit someone or something! .. Unfortunately for Pretty Boy Glyde, a bowl of Banshee's 'Jello' flies for his face. (Better hope he has a nice supply of Head and Shoulders at home!)

Sonic Banshee tries to ram into Glyde Loath, without much success.

Dischord hrms, and for once doesn't try to hurt anyone.. Instead she just runs...

Glyde Loath assumes he's finally close enough to someone, so he breaks his word, and decides to horribly attack that person! Who just threw stuff at him! GRR!

Top Man looks around, narrowing his eyes as he sees that his way is largely cleared. Gritting his teeth, Top puts as much of his power into busting out on this track, flying forward at his maximum velocity of 150 MPH.

Glyde Loath crashes forcefully into Sonic Banshee!

"OOOOOO!! That's GOTTA smart. Just as the bird o' speed himself was pulling up for a sonic boom, ladies and gentlemen, he was clotheslined by BASS! WHAT A HIT!! Unfortunatly, that little tangle pulled down the other leader as well, Riptide. And now it's once again neck and neck, with the runners from behind quite QUICKLY playing catchup! Everyone's riding on the coat tails, folks, and it looks like things are starting to come to head as we EVENTUALLY round lap 3!!

Fusion Ichthyosaurus just works on getting back up to speed. He doesn't even like beer!

Broadcast Ocelot just runs. And now, he's started singing along with the song, "o/~It's all about the Pentiums! It's all about the Pentiums! It's all about the Pentiums!o/~"

Dagger Lynx is hit by Slash, a muted yell of frustation sounding as he quickly gets back to his feet.

Ricochet blinks, and waves back... as Crash Man suddenly rams into Dawn. Orbit finally leaps from Top Man's face, landing on his shoulder... "HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE!" he GLARES, and Orbit decides to take matters into his own hands... attempting to repeat the manuver. He nears Crash Man's side, and Orbit, once again, leaps into the air, attempting to jump in Crash Man's face.

Ricochet crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Inferno Panther looks to his side and notices Iris, "Oh my, if it isn't one of my ex-compatriots." Panther reaches into his trenchcoat of anime space and pulls out an alarm clock, which he looks down at briefly and sets it for the propar time before chucking it at Iris, "Oh my! Look at time fly!"

Inferno Panther tries to ram into Iris, without much success.

Crash Man hey! "The dork ran into me! You're gettin' sued, pansyass!" He pops Orbit in the face.

Arafina gets up, brushing herself off - and nearly brushes her top off, given that Crash Man is now holding onto a good chunk of it. She doesn't blush - not /her/ - but she does swear extensively in about six languages, waving her fist madly. She goes back to running, using one hand to hold the halter on and the other to make rude gestures backwards as she runs.

Bass continues to move at top speed...for him anyway. Hey don't they say it's all about enjoying the game? Believe him...he's having a TON of fun allright. With another near predatory growl, he leans forward and puts more 'oomph' into his dash jets, rocketing forward and for once actually not taking a swing at anyone.

The racers speed around the track....

Nitro Gerbil growls out a warning to the hedgehog, before bounding right over him. "I ain't got time for your crap, buddy!" She glances back just to see Dagger go down, causing her to point and laugh as she sends another burst of NOS down to her rocket boosters. "Let's roll!"

Current track positions:
19) Iris (lap 2) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3) Glyde Loath (lap 2)
18) Slash Man (lap 2)
17) Nitro Gerbil (lap 3)
16) Dagger Lynx (lap 3) Sonic Banshee (lap 2)
15) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 2) Guts Man (lap 1)
13) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 3) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 3) Inferno Panther (lap 2)
11) Flare Feline (lap 3)
10) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 4) Dischord (lap 2)
9) Arafina (lap 2)
8) Bass (lap 2) Top Man (lap 3)
7) Ricochet (lap 3)
5) Cyclone Jackal (lap 3)
4) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3) Crash Man (lap 2)
3) Dawn (lap 3)
1) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 3)

Dagger Lynx grins and does another crash towards the Gerbil, this time a bolt of lightning shoots down near her from the sky as he yells, "I tire of your speed!"
Should I ram him?"

Dagger Lynx crashes forcefully into Nitro Gerbil!

Dawn plows into Crash Man, distracted momentarily by waving to Ricochet. Suffice to say, she goes rolling and tumbling again, winces after another round of radio chatter, handsprings back up once more, and takes off running.

WHAMMO!! Banshee is pounced on by Glyde, unleashing a scream fit to deafen cats being castraited by nails on the chalkboard. She lands in a heap on her aft on the ground, but quickly scrambles to her feet as an anime blush rips across her face. And what is Banshee's response to this?


Yup, you guessed it. Banshee removes a frying pan from her anime subspace pocket, and FLINGS it through the air.. Fortunately for Glyde, he's out o her range. Unfortunately for Nitro Gerbil, however, she's not.

Sonic Banshee tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

From where he is, Slash Man decides to take another dive forward. It's not his day for racing, but he may as well make it his day for making people icky! So he leaps forward again, this time onto the Wyverny thing, which also looks like food. FOOD!

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Ricochet SCOWLS something fierce... "ORBIT!" "*BLURP!*" yells the rat, as he catches him. He glares back at Crash Man... "*BLURP*" <No time, just go!> Ricochet nods, grimly, and keeps going, pumping in some auxiliary power to make up for the puase.

Bass accelerates even moreso again, watching as Overdrive Ostrich blows past, and merely giving a loud snort. He suddenly glances back over his shoulder however, noting as Ricochet made contact with Crash Man earlier...and smirks just slightly. An abrupt motion and he digs his feet hard into the ground, falling to one knee and lashing out with one forearm for Ricochet's gut as he comes up on him fast...

Fusion Ichthyosaurus continues working on speed. A little light on his arm flicks on and the fishlizard grins. "Time for a turbo boost..." He reaches over and taps the button, sending his engines into full speed as caffeine once more flows into them.

Bass crashes forcefully into Ricochet!

It's lap three for the Joltster, baby! He missed the hampster, but he just shrugs. And keeps running. "And off we go, to nobody's home...."
Crash Man tosses Orbitchu out, before resuming his walk. "Lil' piece of !#*#!@>.."

Flare Feline sees Overdrive coming up behind him once again. He's well ahead of everyone else. And he's gonna win unless more people try to slow him down... But again, Flare passes. There's still more left to the race, who knows what'll happen...

Hurricane Kangaroo continues to speed along, looking for a target... Oh, and lookie here, there's his *FAVORITE* Maverick in front of him. With a nearly sadistic grin, he blasts his dashjets to full, coming up behind Sonic. "Time to -cut- you outta the race Sidhe!", he calls, and takes a swipe at her with blade-like edges of his gauntlets.

Overdrive Ostrich leaps to his feet again as fast as he can, unwilling to lose the lead. He grits his teeth--er, beak as he pulls up past the ... female dog who clocked him a lap or two ago. He gives Dischord a wide berth as he passes, pounding up the track toward Mach 1.

Hurricane Kangaroo crashes forcefully into Sonic Banshee!

Riptide Wyvern is once again sent tumbling by Maverick nusiances. This was going to leave serious injurues... Standing again, hissing softly in pain from two bad falls, she dashes forward again, offering Iris as best a greeting as she can. She ... was not happy. Especially when she's leaped on by Slash man. Twisting, she snaps at the Master, intent on sinking sharp teeth directly into the nearest arm.

"WOOO! Look at 'em go. Overdrive seems to have recovered nicely from his topsy turvey, rounds lap 3 and immidiatly chews up the track on lap 4. He's nearing the final leg. That bird's on fire!!... not literally, folks." Pause. Cough. "Ahem. He seems to have put the speed on Riptide, who can do nothing to keep up with that save forcifully hold his second place running. And, as always, Nitro is chugging along third. Interesting to note, Guts Man STILL hasn't completed a single lap. Come on, now! This is a race, not a grudge match!!"

Guts Man has yet to even complete the first lap. He's more or less given up running and is now just trying to knock people down to the ground. He notices that annolying cat Broadcast Ocelot. "Let's see how many lives we can take away from this pussy!" And time once again to play Australia's favourite game, 'Knock the Racers out of the Race!'

Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Slash Man, without much success.

Iris just narrowly misses getting her head taken off by Inferno's alarm clock 'present'. Getting REALLY annoyed now, she just skates faster.
(Yup. If I see that one again, I'm shoving this muffin down his throat.)

Top Man gets as low to the ground as he can, powering his legs at speeds that he simply was not designed to maintain. Oh, yeah, Top is ticked. Rare thing, that. As he passes Bass, he turns his head toward the boss-bot, nodding a single time to him as he continues on his way, eyes narrowed and un-aerodynamic head turned toward the wind.

Dischord is still running, running, running. Only now that /BIRD/ is pulling up to her /AGAIN/. One would almost think he learned his leason last time with the bear trap. Ah well. Lets see how that dang Ostrich reacts to an entire bag of marbles...

Arafina just keeps on running, one hand keeping her decent while she goes back to picking up speed again. Overdrive, passing her, gets a glance - but she can't seem to be bothered to tackle him."

Dischord tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Guts Man is just waiting for BO to try and pass him for the next round.

Nitro Gerbil urks, her ears folding back as the electricity hits...the NOS. BOOM! The end result is a massive explosion which sends the gerbil careening forward, luckily out of the way of her incoming attacker. She lands, amazingly enough, on her blades, and keeps going, swearing the entire way.

Glyde Loath quickly gathers himself up, and runs away from the Japanese-spewing robot. This lap, Glyde only cares about moving hidiously fast, and gaining ground. Burn, baby, burn.

Javelin Whitetail trips over her hooves slightly.....keeps running. Hey, another robot master! Grand. Well, since they keep dishing it out to people who won't fight back....just for fun, she tries to get underfoot again. Crash Man, prepare to Crash.

Javelin Whitetail crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Cyclone Jackal turns around, to spot Javelin Whitetail comming up towards her. Well, she'll make this quick. She spins around, and reaches to grab Whitetail as she comes by her, and drive her head into the ground!

Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Javelin Whitetail!

Inferno Panther gets nailed in the back by Guts Man, "AAH!" He rolls off to the side before the behemoth can run him over and ends up next to who else, but Neon's favorite scratching post, Broadcast Ocelot. Now he pulls a large bell out of his coat, like you would see at a boxing match and swings at BO's face, poor kitty.

Broadcast Ocelot is rewarded with his continuous running when he catches up to the fish-thing with a really funny name. Deciding that he'd better take the chance and stop this Maverick from winning, the ocelot swerves towards the fish, "Hey, nice tuh meet yuh."
Inferno Panther tries to ram into Broadcast Ocelot, without much success.

Broadcast Ocelot crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

Crash Man blinks, his walk stopped when this lil' thing hits him in the shin. "The f***..?"

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
20) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 4) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 2)
19) Riptide Wyvern (lap 3)
17) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 3) Flare Feline (lap 3) Nitro Gerbil (lap 3) Inferno Panther (lap 2) Guts Man (lap 1)
16) Sonic Banshee (lap 2)
15) Top Man (lap 3)
13) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 3)
12) Dischord (lap 2) Arafina (lap 2)
11) Bass (lap 2)
10) Cyclone Jackal (lap 3)
8) Dawn (lap 3) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 3)
7) Ricochet (lap 3)
6) Glyde Loath (lap 3)
5) Iris (lap 3)
4) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3) Crash Man (lap 2)
3) Slash Man (lap 3)
1) Dagger Lynx (lap 4)

Dagger Lynx just speeds along.. woo!

Dawn once again seems preoccupied with just running. Running. Jumping. Shooting. More Jumping. Wait...this isn't Half-Life, or an advertisement for it. She just runs.

Guts Man watches BO speed up and now it's time to strike! "Who's your daddy? Guts Man is!"

Slash Man, having not been able to eat the cheeky dragon, decides to pick up and try to munch on the deer again! Food for major Slash Man. Yes siree!

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Javelin Whitetail!

Guts Man crashes forcefully into Broadcast Ocelot!

Crash Man tries to see if he can catch up to Iris. "Not that I don't hate your brother, but I hate that lil' acne-creased, pimple-butt squeege-faced punk cheering you on. Prepare to kiss the pavement, babe." Crash leaps!

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Iris!

Ricochet finds his gait a bit too leisurely after being smacked in the gut by Bass. He smashes against a nearby wall, Orbit getting squished. "*BLURP!*" <This is worse than in combat!> comments the rat, before Ricochet optics the track, and shakes his head... before taking off running again, pouring every bit of power he can spare into his acceleration systems.

"No contest, folks. Overdrive has the entire pack in his dust, and is already rounding lap 4 and heading on the final leg. The closest one to him happens to be Dagger Lynx!! Who, in a strange turn of events, took over Riptide's position, leaving the female Forcer to hold third the best she can. Everyone else seems to be tied up with either Guts Man or Bass, both of whom seem to be enjoying themselves. At least no one's gotten seriously hurt yet, eh? Or HAVE THEY?? Stay tuned!"

Flare Feline watches as Overdrive roars past him. Flare is starting to overheat from running so much. Is that a bad thing? Heck no, heat is his fuel, the more he heats up, the more energy he can put into running. He mutters "Come on... I need to go faster..."

The concept of prioritizing is not completely lost on Top Man. He knows that he's the Masters' only chance of bringing home a medal in this race, and he gives it his all, his little orange legs blurring as his wheels carry him along at inhuman speed. No crashing for this li'l guy, oh no. He's in it for the speed.

Arafina makes a double-handed, rather explicit gesture to Crash Man (and also the cameras, sheer mistake we assure the viewers at home) and nearly loses her halter doing it. Hiking it back up, she settles for a smaller one-handed gesture and goes back to running.

Cyclone Jackal just keeps on running along, spotting Bass, but she ignores him and runs just the same...

Jolt Hedgehog grrs as he pours on the speed... and then he spots Cyclone Jackal. All right! Revenge! He runs up to the SOB and attempts to push him out of the way. "Take this, you cheater!" He says we he makes a push for Cyclone!

Hurricane Kangaroo cackles as he gets his revenge on Sonic for that Thermos, and keeps speeding along. His foiler extends fully as he jets fowards, trying to catch up to the Lynx and crash him from behind, streaming whisps of air actually visiblly streaking off him in anime fashion as he attempts to close in on the Maverick cat.

Glyde Loath is nice and alone at the moment, so he takes this opportunity to slow a tad, and catch some breath. Lungs suck sometimes.

Dischord . Fusion. Food. Need I say any more after the number of things so far tonight?

Okay so I guess I do. As Disch notices her favorite target for this race not to far ahead of her, she cackle, and pulls out a slice of cake, tossing it up ahead. No big deal. Or at least it wouldn't be if Disch had used flour instead of concrete when she made it...
Or not.... Jolt just keeps running.

Bass keeps right on a movin, pumpin his arms wildly as he disengages his dash jets for something a little more conventional this time. As he comes up behind two female forms. A bit of an adjustmeent, and he puts in a burst of speed, putting his shoulder down and moving to ram into Arafina right in the back forcefully. "Boo.."

Dischord tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Riptide Wyvern is still running, and therefore not out just yet.. she wasn't going to try to crash into anyone else at this point, just run, and dodge what she can.

Bass crashes forcefully into Arafina!

Iris EEEEPSS, and gets Crashed! She's had it with these Master guys...taking her fist with Sonic Banshee's soggy, nasty muffin-treat in it, she chucks it at Crash's face.

Nitro Gerbil -snarls-, not at all happy with the fact she lost her place. But she doesn't attack, oh no. She just keeps pumping the NOS through her, crouching down as she pushes herself to the limits...

Iris crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Javelin Whitetail yelps and......goes down. She got whacked again. WHY? Oh, well. Yeah, everyone picks on the deer. This one hurt, too. The hooves on her hands retract. Gonna have to run on two feet from now on. But, she's still as fast. As a last resort, she sticks her legs up in the air, hoping to trip Slash Man. I got your puny little deer right HERE, pal!

Javelin Whitetail crashes forcefully into Slash Man!

Iris says, "Here, chew on this!!"

Broadcast Ocelot snickers as he manages to slow Icky down for a while. When he looks back he sees a bell headed towards him and instantly ducks under it. Of course, ducking under it causes him to not notice Guts Man, as hard as that may seem. The itty, bitty, kitty is smacked silly into the side of the track by the much larger Robot Master. "Me ow." And would you look at that, the music is still playing.

Crash Man tastes the fruits of Sonic Banshee's labor.. and it ain't good. "..waitaminute. I know this flavor! I had it for breakfast last night.. when I was at Sonic Banshee's house! AAAA! -HER-!"

Fusion Ichthyosaurus races toward the cake head-on.. until he lifts his arm. A rather large cannon clicks forward and sends out a stream of brown liquid. The coffee dissolves the concrete cake midair, and Fusion just keeps on going.

You know. There's a problem with bladed items and them being used against Sonic Banshee. As Hurricane lunges forward, aiming to cut her down to size, he actually manages to do so for once. In a way. The slashing blades sing through the air, and the Sidhe sings out with then in another super sonic howl of pain as they slice through the spandex, causing her to slow down long enough to check her wounds, all the while cursing fluently in heavy Gaelic tones. She stops, to rub at her arms and back, muttering..

And then just stares down as sections of her suit fall to the ground, leaving her with what appears to be the equivalent of a black spandex tank top and mini-shorts. Well. At least she's not -completely- de-suited. But she -is- pissed off. Another scream issues from her lips, this one of rage, as the Banshee suddenly starts streaking down the track (Not in that way, folks) as she attempts to catch up qith Hopper. Who might be taking out a plot of land in a graveyard sometime in the near future.

Crash Man pounds his fist into his palm. *smack!* "I'll get that credit-card overcharging, PVC-clad temptress if it's the last thing I do!"

Overdrive Ostrich throws a big thumbs up at Dagger in front of him, er, in second place.. about to Lap second place. DUUUUUUUDE! He takes the time out to pose for the stands as he passes again, waving to the crowd and blowing kisses even if he doesn't slow down..

Inferno Panther laughs as BO is plastered, "Hooha!" He then notices the gerbil, and pulls out a 2x4 and takes a swing.

Inferno Panther tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
19) Guts Man (lap 1)
17) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 3)
16) Cyclone Jackal (lap 3)
15) Dischord (lap 2) Bass (lap 2)
14) Dawn (lap 3) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 3)
13) Glyde Loath (lap 3)
12) Arafina (lap 2) Ricochet (lap 3)
9) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 5) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4) Dagger Lynx (lap 4)
8) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 3)
5) Iris (lap 3) Flare Feline (lap 4) Nitro Gerbil (lap 4)
4) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3) Crash Man (lap 2)
3) Slash Man (lap 3) Top Man (lap 4)
2) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 4)
1) Sonic Banshee (lap 3) Inferno Panther (lap 3)

Nitro Gerbil blinks, her optics narrowing as she lashes out with a large footpaw. "HI-YAH!" She kicks the board in half, growls at Inferno, and continues on her way. oO(Sonofa...that stung!)Oo

Dagger Lynx turns to Riptide and grins, "Goodbye lizard, you are rather fat and ugly." several daggers fly at for the reploids feet

Dawn as you may have guessed, seems to keep running. Nevermind that almost half the race roster vastly outclasses her speed, she's putting in every bit of effort into it that she can.

Slash Man is not having much luck today, so he waves to his buddy alongside of him and tries to give him a friend handle, with a swift spinning kick at Fusion Ichy!

Cyclone Jackal rushes along the raceway, spotting Broadcast Ocelot in front of her. She simply tries to shoulder check him from behind as she rushes past him..

Slash Man crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Broadcast Ocelot!

Dagger Lynx crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Ricochet furrows his brow... noticing who's behind him... Overdrive Ostrich... "...looks like we're gonna have to try it again..." "*BLURP BLIP*" <Third time's a charm.> Ricochet suddenly pulls the breaks, Orbit poising for a jump... before the rat once again leaps, attempting to take down the bird.

Flare Feline keeps on going, full tilt. He whizzes past Iris, quickly saying "Hi Iris, bye Iris" And keeps going.

Sonic Banshee continues running, howling our a deadly war cry. No wonder they say a banshee's cry is the harbringer of death.

Hurricane Kangaroo pulls a piece of spandex off his arm as he continues to bound along, and looks around. Once again, he's managed to catch up with Overdrive, if onyl positions since the bird is still two laps ahead of him. Hmmm. He grins, and leaps at the ostrich, trying to jump on his back. And more importantly, snag the piece of fabirc in his hands over Overdrive's eyes.

Iris waves, grinning as Flare passes. Finally, a friendly face!

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Guts Man looks around, "Hey where'd everybody go?!" Man what's an enforcer to do when no one's in range of being smacked? Ah well might as try to finish this first lap.

Glyde Loath is lucky, and alone still. Breathe in, breathe out... breathe in, breathe out... wax on, wax off...

Inferno Panther looks about and sees only Mavs, "Well damn." He just keeps on running.

"Well, folks, this race is ALMOST OVER!! Unless /someone/ can stop that manic bird, it looks like Mavericks are taking home the gold on this one. Riptide seems to have caught up with Dagger again, so the two are running neck and neck - and being over lapped by Overdrive! And, of course, tied for third is Nitro and Flare Feline, a new comer in the battle of the ranks. The blood's flying, and the armor's going through crunch time! It's an all out war here... without the explosions. Keep it right here for more updates!!"

Fusion Ichthyosaurus stumbles forward a bit at the kick. But does he retaliate? Nope. His coffee cannon -is- still out though... Eyeing Slash carefully, he veers away from the Master and fires the cannon forward, sending a nice oil--err.. coffee slick down right near Top Man's feet.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.
Crash Man leaps for Nitro Gerbil, maybe so he can catch her, stuff her into a box, and mail her to Abu Dahbi! "You damn right I don't like cute things!"

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Nitro Gerbil!

Dischord sighs as the cake misses, before she shrugs, cackling as she reaches into her backpack, and pulls out... nothing? Yep, the pack in empty. Ah well. She can still toss the empty container at someone like Cyclone.

Ricochet, in that case, just keeps running... pondering trying to lag behind to take down the ostrich... "Ready, Orbit... we might get a chance..." "*BLURP BLIP*" <Aye aye, Cap'n.>

Dischord tries to ram into Cyclone Jackal, without much success.

Nitro Gerbil gahs and goes slamming into the ground. Oh. She's ticked. "Cute? Kiss this, you crazy punk!" she snarks as she slams a footpaw towards his chest, before getting to her feet and attempting to finish in at least third place...

Top Man hammers his way down the track, his paint beginning to peel with the sheer force of his skating. He's definately going to need some new boots after this is done. His wheels, especially, are getting trashed. But all in the interests of winning, or at least getting some good placement.

Bass smirks again as more chunks of armor fly through the air from impacts and crashes. The faint smell of burning ozone reaches his nostrils, and he inhales deeply, almost as if savoring it. With that, he turns and begins to move once again, kicking in his thrusters...hoping to get one more target before this race is over.

Nitro Gerbil crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Broadcast Ocelot climbs back to his feet. Just to be knocked into the side of the race track by Cyclone Jackal. He eyes the Maverick, "Dat's it! No more Mr. Nice Ocelot." He leaps up and charges at Cyclone, knowing very well he's out of the race. Might as well have some fun now.

Broadcast Ocelot crashes forcefully into Cyclone Jackal!

Overdrive Ostrich high-fives Dagger as he passes and the other Maverick takes down Riptide Wyvern again. He dances all over the track, evading the kangaroo's attack with a laugh. "Keep it comin', Hopper, if ya can keep up!" he taunts, though most of the words are lost in the wind..

Riptide Wyvern had thought somehow weapons weren't allowed in the races.. but is given an obvious demonstration that they are as one dagger slices neatly through her foot, eliciting a yelp of pain.

Stumbling, the small Repliforcer falls yet again, sliding to a stop to pull the dagger out of her foot. Whatever blood may have flowed is erased by wind and dust as she dashes forward again, growling. She'd remember Dagger for later..

Jolt Hedgehog keeps running.... He's starting to tire out. His battery pack starts to slightly glow, a sign of massive discharges. "Ok... time to see if this works...." he mutters, as he starts..... glowing? Yes, that's it! Jolt's starting to supercharge his armor, and the elements inside are glowing yellow and white.... But Jolt dosn't seem to be moving any faster... Oh well...

Javelin Whitetail is running on two feet now....helmet still down, covering her eyes. Off to her side......well, she's been lapped twice by that ostrich, but this gerbil is something else....since she's not going to win, maybe she should try getting underfoot. One last hit! FOR THE IRISH! FOR THE DEER! FOR SIZE 2 REPLOIDS EVERYWHERE!

Javelin Whitetail tries to ram into Nitro Gerbil, without much success.
Arafina just...keeps running. Like a maniac. Maniac! She's let go of the halter, but that's OK - speed and momentum is keeping it more or less in the right place as she dashes forth - even though Bass' ram, though that makes her stumble.

Crash Man spies. "Hey, waitaminute. That chick is naked! Alright!"
The racers speed around the track....

Crash Man watches Sonic get past him. "..dangit! I will have that girl!"

Dawn continues to race along, guessed it, seems preoccupied with running rather than fighting.

Nitro Gerbil buh-links at the deer, leaping over the smaller reploid with a flick of her tail. "Learn to stay outta my way, tiny," she mutters as she races past, quickly running another systems check. (Crap. Need to cut back...but I can't risk that now. Just gonna have to chance it.)Oo There's a pause, then a burst of flame as another jolt of nitro goes coursing through her system.

Hurricane Kangaroo keeps going, grumbling as he realizes he's not going to get close enough to mash anyone else before the race is over. Shoot.
Dagger Lynx just keeps running, a dark cackle running from him. "We Mavericks are the one true masters of this planet! Watch are power and fear!"

Ricochet's optics suddenly narrow... Overdrive is nearby. He has to stop this somehow... '*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <Ready aim fire?> "...sounds like a plan..." he sighs, accelerating and coming alongside the Ostrich. With a sudden power burst, he catches up... slows down... and Orbit once again leaps, attempting to grab the Ostrich by the neck.

Ricochet crashes forcefully into Overdrive Ostrich!

Guts Man finally completes a lap! "Wahooo!!" Now time to celebrate by knocking on someone and oh let's say it's Dawn, the failure of Neo Tokyo to whom he smacked around all of 2 times and relished every last second. Let's see if his past success can transfer on over to the current situation.

Arafina isn't /quite/ naked. Close, though. It's slightly still on. Eventually, though, she does lose the top completely and makes it a good dozen steps before noticing. Then she runs with her arms crossed; it looks incredibly awkward, but it does save her from any /other/ cameras that happen to be pointing her way.

Guts Man tries to ram into Dawn, without much success.

Crash Man says, "You sure are the masters.. the masters of applying corn oil to Sigma's butt-bald head. Ass!"

"And heeeere we go, ladies and gents!! The Maverick is just a short ways from getting the gold along, but first he's gotta pass both Dischord and Bass - both notorious for foul play! Directly behind /him/ is Dagger Lynx, who... wait, was that a weapon? I couldn't see. I thought I saw a weapon... well, we'll let the judges handle that, folks!! Behind him comes Flare Feline, followed by Riptide Wyvern..."

Sonic Banshee continues running. Hopper's dead meat! She begins whipping various things out of her pockets as she runs, trying to find her Really Big Frying Pan (TM). Unfortunately, as she does so, she almost flings a cooked turkey into Slash Man's face.

Sonic Banshee crashes forcefully into Slash Man!

Flare Feline eyes all the racers. The only two ahead of him now are Overdrive and Dagger... the chances of passing Overdrive are slim to nil. He may not even get a chance to pass Dagger. He just keeps on running, intent on finishing as high as he can. He is almost leaving a blazing trail. Not because he's running so fast, but because his armor is incredibly over heated from the running. Which is a good thing, for him. He leaves behind sizzling black footsteps in his wake.

Broadcast Ocelot runs, effectively giving up trying to win this race. Content to simply ram into his opponents. Of course, as he laps Arafina he does a double-take, "..." oO(Is she naked?)Oo Of course, not seeing where he's going, the cat 'accidentally' rams into Cyclone Jackal yet again. Or so his player hopes.

Bass glances back over his shoulder, spotting the Maverick bird coming at him at dizzying speed. He blinks, then growls, armor suddenly shifting colors and becoming a maroon and purple configuration. He halts right in his tracks, turning about and aims his hands at the sand, a fireball ripping out and hitting the ground, suddenly igniting it and actually melting the very sand in front of the ostrich into glowing white-hot glass...even as Ricochet is already hitting the Maverick. Hey he wasn't shooting -at- the bird right?

"Have a hot foot you overgrown buzzard!"

Broadcast Ocelot crashes forcefully into Cyclone Jackal!

Bass tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Dischord says, "Hey..." as she pulls up besides OD /AGAIN/, extending one arm towards him as a ton of Koosh balls just appear, and go flying towards the maverick. "Just how many times can you pass someone?"

Dischord tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Overdrive Ostrich grins, his victory seeming imminent. He slows his run a little to lift a leg and throw a massive kick at the android who caused his first crash. "Hello, Dischord! Eat my dust!" Just as he kicks out, though, Richochet's Orbit yanks him off balance for one more roll in the dust before he crosses the finish line..

Overdrive Ostrich tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

Top Man blasts down the track, the wall of dust behind him getting even taller as his slipstream picks up dust from OTHER racers. Faster and faster, more speed, more speed. And onward he trucks, speeding around the track like his life depended on it!

Fusion Ichthyosaurus just continues along, engines burning at maximum caffeine. His tail swings slightly, keeping his maneuvering tighter for a final run.

Cyclone Jackal grunts as Broadcast runs into her, again, "It's over anyway, Repliforcer! You've lost!" As Broadcast hits her, she attempts to take him to the ground, and smack him around for a bit with her fists

Riptide Wyvern is content to follow Flare for now, mamaging to hide the pain that shoots up her leg with each step well enough so the judges wouldn't disqualify her for running hurt. No attacks are offered.. she just wanted to finish.

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Broadcast Ocelot, without much success.

Glyde Loath takes the opportunity of 'Overdrive Ostrich, Distracted Bass' to bolt forwards! He pumps his legs and arms like never before! Well, except for one of them previous laps...

Iris keeps skating, as best she can after being crashed into by multiple Masters...grinning as she looks ahead and sees Flare pouring on the speed. Now that's what she likes to see...go Repliforce!

Slash Man tumbles and rolls from the cooked turkey, right into Banshee's path. Eek! This is not goodness. @_@

Slash Man tries to ram into Sonic Banshee, without much success.

Inferno Panther looks to his side and notices a certain winged lizard, "Oh my, this will be fun." With a practicly childish giggle he reaches into his coat once more and removes a... you guessed it, a kitchen sink! With the sink in his hands he makes a lunging leap for Riptide swinging the sink around like mad man as he goes.

Inferno Panther crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Javelin Whitetail just runs. Don't wanna get stepped on or hit or squished or anything. Leave the deer be! On two feet, and at this point she realizes she might run faster if her knees bent the right way.

Oops. She takes a leap into the air and fizes it, then goes running on.

Jolt Hedgehog is running dangit! He's speeding along, using his charged energy to propel him faster. His legs are hurting with the effort, and his entire frame starts arching to various parts of himself. Lets hope he dosn't burn himself out...

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
20) Arafina (lap 2) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 3)
19) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 5)
18) Flare Feline (lap 4)
16) Cyclone Jackal (lap 3)
15) Top Man (lap 4)
14) Iris (lap 3) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3)
13) Nitro Gerbil (lap 4)
12) Inferno Panther (lap 3)
10) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 4) Crash Man (lap 2)
9) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4) Sonic Banshee (lap 3)
7) Slash Man (lap 3) Dawn (lap 4)
6) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 4) Glyde Loath (lap 4)
5) Guts Man (lap 2)
4) Dagger Lynx (lap 5) Bass (lap 3)
1) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 4) Dischord (lap 3) Ricochet (lap 4)

Riptide Wyvern has kinda figured out by this point that she'll be lucky to escape this race without permanent injury at this rate. The sink is dodged nimbly, but it costs her precious time and effort. Snarl.

Dawn continues running, and when Guts Man tries to strike her, she makes a vaulting leap to go right over him and continue her sprinting.

Dagger Lynx continues on ahead, battery still at full charge

Slash Man is an gree, and so he takes a dive at Dawn. Fweep!
Slash Man crashes forcefully into Dawn!

Bass continues moving, leaving the smoke and flames on the track behind him a moment later. He grunts and continues to move as fast as he can, spotting another figure coming up on him fast. Even as Dagger Lynx moves to pass him, the Dark Knight lashes out with a forearm, moving to clothesline him forcefully.

Ricochet grunts... and pushes his head down. He keeps on pumping in aux power, now tapping his armor in subspace... "...c'mon..."

Bass crashes forcefully into Dagger Lynx!

Dischord cackles as she just runs right through the dust, not really noticing if there are any new targets for her...

Guts Man watches Dawn leap out of the way, shaking a fist. But he notices someone else zipping by. Glyde. Let's see how well he can glide when there's a huge Juggernaught trying to run him over.

Guts Man tries to ram into Glyde Loath, without much success.

Arafina realizes, abruptly, that she just passed Overdrive. "Champ!" she cries, raising both hands over her head again right while bouncing on past the cameras set up at the track's end. Oh. Right. Can't do that with no shirt on. She immediately goes back to covering up, unnecessary as it may be for a Reploid, left arm hiding while her right arm cheers. You didn't see that. Honest.

Flare Feline looks ahead, as he is catches up to Overdrive? Well, he's a lap ahead, and it doesn't make a difference. He ignores him and continues racing forward, armor now almost on fire...

"What a spill!! Overdrive, able to SMELL the victory at hand, tripped up by Ricochet and his little.. flying mouse.. at the last second!! What fun is this?!? Though he still holds a massive lead, the end of which is yet ANOTHER Maverick, Dagger Lynx. I.. think.. yes, yes indeed!! There has been fire exchanged on the field of play!! Though.. not directly. Judges? I don't think they can hear me. Comming up in second place is Flare Feline, followed by the Forcer and the pack."
Javelin Whitetail leaps.....and bounds....and leaps.....and leaps some more. She leaps so hard, in fact, that she leaps directly onto the top of what is Top Man.

Crash Man continues to walk.. until someone points out that Sonic Banshee is behind him. "Screw gold medals," the ever-popular Master mutters under his breath. "I'm gettin' me some -booty- and a lil' bit of payback! Nugganugga-big-jubblies-NOOTCH!" *Sproing!* Er.. bad sound effect in a family-rated race. *zoinks!*

Javelin Whitetail tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Nitro Gerbil winces, but shakes it off as she glances towards Ara. oO( She shakes her head and keeps on skating as fast as her blades will go.

Crash Man tries to ram into Sonic Banshee, without much success.

Dagger Lynx is hit by Bass, turning to the Master he yells, "You $$&!" ramming at him

Dagger Lynx tries to ram into Bass, without much success.

Jolt Hedgehog blinks... It can't be almost over!?! Someone stop that dang bird! "ARGH!" He yells, as he pumps up the electriciy to try to gain as many positions as possible...

Broadcast Ocelot continues to run since no 'badguys' are within his ramming range. And he doesn't feel like crashing into his fellow heroes. Lucky them.

Hurricane Kangaroo watches veryone else gang up on Overdrive as he starts to close in, still a few laps behind, on ol' big bird yet again. That's it. This time he's either going to nail that sucker, or go down trying. His dashjets fire to full, hurtling him towards the big Maverick bird, air whipping and speeding by as he pumps it up to the max. "COMIN' AT YA!"

Javelin Whitetail has disconnected.

Crash Man says, "..goddamnit! The b*!#h bought rocket-powered shoes on my MASTERCARD. Aagh!"

Overdrive Ostrich climbs to his feet, getting back in the running to make a good show of his finish. He punches out at the Hurricane Kangaroo. "G'day, mate!" is his only comment, before accelerating to dust all competition. Well, maybe one more comment. "YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAW!"

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Overdrive Ostrich crashes forcefully into Hurricane Kangaroo!

Top Man begins spinning again, as it's been quite some time since he's engaged in that activity. Blasting down the track, Topper puts maximum strain on his gyros, making sure that he retains equilibrium on the way down. Silver! Bronze! It doesn't matter, so long as it's something!

Cyclone Jackal has pretty much given up on atempting to win. Hey, it's Top Man, "Hey Robot Master!" She races towards him, and aims to spear him down into the ground, hard

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus narrows his eyes. He won't come in first, but he's determined to keep going. Reaching into a compartment in his chest, he pulls out a large thermos, marked with warning signs in several languages. That's right... It's Sonic Banshee's coffee. He quickly unscrews the thermos top and downs the contents... Immediately, his engines flare again, propelling him forward at breakneck speed.

Iris keeps zipping along, smiling up at the stands at a certain person as she passes close.

Inferno Panther looks behind, "Its that damn Gerbil again!" This time Inferno pulls out something rather unusual, a folding table... As he runs he unfolds it and tosses it ahead of him and stops suddenly and reaches his foot out to trip the quickly zooming by Nitro, hopefull sending her flying into the table.

Inferno Panther crashes forcefully into Nitro Gerbil!

Glyde Loath's eyes FLY open, and he dives into a roll, scootching between Guts' legs, and stumbles back up to running behind the Master. So, he just keeps going, trying to pick back up the speed he was getting. Naughty Guts.

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission.

Arafina receives a radio transmission from Broadcast Ocelot.

Arafina sends a radio transmission to Broadcast Ocelot.

Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission from Arafina.

Nitro Gerbil lets out a really angry chitter as she trips over the foot, hits the table, and keeps sliding forward. "Ow..." Flipping herself over the table she sends another dose of NOS to her boosters, straining under the heat building up. oO(I'm gonna need a good repair after this...)Oo

Riptide Wyvern settles for just running. She only wanted to finish, now.

Banshee, still running, practically blasts past people as she weaves through runners, trying to catch up to Hopper. However, a loud, ripping scream erupts from the Banshee's voice as she's almost pounced. By Crash Man, of all people. She screeches again, indignantly, and, taking a momeent to stop running, she finds, and whips out, her REALLYBIGFRYINGPAN. Which she then, running again, doing so in a backwards motion, flings for the back of Crash Man's Head. "HENTAI!!"

Sonic Banshee crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
20) Riptide Wyvern (lap 4) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 3)
19) Javelin Whitetail (lap 3) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 4)
18) Iris (lap 3)
17) Inferno Panther (lap 3)
13) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 4) Nitro Gerbil (lap 4)
12) Glyde Loath (lap 4)
11) Sonic Banshee (lap 3)
10) Slash Man (lap 3) Crash Man (lap 2)
8) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 4) Dischord (lap 3)
7) Dawn (lap 4) Bass (lap 3) Guts Man (lap 2)
6) Flare Feline (lap 5) Ricochet (lap 4)
5) Arafina (lap 3)
4) Dagger Lynx (lap 5)
3) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 6)
1) Cyclone Jackal (lap 4) Top Man (lap 5)

Arafina pollux=There's a win. You can also have a photo of 'Fina flashing if you want to embrass her - she ran by about the same time, didn't she? :)

Crash Man gets clonked upside the head. *thwack* "Unhh..." .oO(I love her.. I hate her. I'll get the ultimate revenge by marrying her.) "Get back here, Maverick! Marry me, so I can make you wear a scanty french maid's outfit and force you to watch Oprahtron!"

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Sonic Banshee!

Dawn may have avoided Guts Man, but just as her leap ends, Slash Man slams into her. She shoves him off quickly, and gets back up, but her expression is changing rapidly. As if she were speaking to about four or five people at once, only she isn't talking...

Hurricane Kangaroo thusly runs himself right into a retaliation in attempt to try and smasht he bird from behind, and is sent carreening across the track off the rebound. Seeing as he wasn't trying to win anyways, it's no big lose.

Oh, did we mention he's also skidded for Fusion's direction?
Overdrive Ostrich raises both arms as he crosses the finish tape with both hands showing V for Victory! He gives another victorious howl of "YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!" as he skids to a halt, spraying sparks from his feet as he slides to a stop before the stands. "That's two!"

Flare Feline grumbles as Overdrive passes the finish line. Well it couldn't be helped. He manages to pass Dagger along the way, well now he could grab second. Come on legs, let's go into overtime. He gives his body one final push as he tries to get to the finish line before Dagger catches up.

Dagger Lynx keeps running.. running.. running!

Jolt Hedgehog keeps running... What position will he take? Who knows? But he's not stopping for anything! "Gwar!!!"

Hurricane Kangaroo tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Top Man rockets down the track, growling to himself as the Ostrich wins, but he can still place. Oh yes, he can still do it. Second or Third place WILL. BE. HIS!

Riptide Wyvern :doesn't care if she places, fails miserably or just drops in place. *cough*

Arafina just keeps her head down and runs, heedless of everything else.

Broadcast Ocelot is feeling rather pissed at having the race over, or almost over. So he decides to have some more fun. Oh look, four Robot Masters. Which one to try? Well, Bass. Why? Why not. ;)

Dischord is still just running... yes running... not hurting...

Broadcast Ocelot tries to ram into Bass, without much success.

Guts Man is not done with this race yet. There are still people to smack around, like that trash talking Dischord who always says Death to Wily. "Hey you! Guess what? Death to Reploids!!!" He kicks up his speed and tries to tackle the femme.

Guts Man tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

"And there we are, ladies and gentlemen!! Overdrive takes the Gold!! But the race isn't quite over yet, folks, with a good lap or so for the second placer to take up his silver, followed by the third. AT the moment, that would appear to be Flare and Dagger, followed quickly by Top Man...

Bass ducks under Dagger Lynx as he takes a swipe at him...and gains a little ground in the process as well. For a few paces that is, before he spots the next race leader coming up fast behind him. With a another predatory glint, he turns around completely. A leap sends him over Broadcast Ocelot's attempt to tackle him, right before he launches himself bodily at Flare Feline head-on. Banzai!

Bass crashes forcefully into Flare Feline!

Cyclone Jackal spots Overdrive cros the finish line. Good. Then, she spots Top Man again. She jumps towards him, for a flying heel kick

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Top Man, without much success.

Slash Man is angry about the turkey and leaps on Sonic Banshee!

Slash Man tries to ram into Sonic Banshee, without much success.

Crash Man smacks Slash Man away. "Off my woman!"

Nitro Gerbil growls and runs like she's never ran, or skated, before. In fact, sheretracts the rollerblades and settles on a flat out sprint. "C'mon...c'mon..." she mutters, trying to give her systems an oppertunity to cool down.

The racers speed around the track....
Current track positions:
19) Glyde Loath (lap 4) Nitro Gerbil (lap 4)
18) Jolt Hedgehog (lap 4)
15) Dischord (lap 3)
14) Overdrive Ostrich (lap 6)
13) Slash Man (lap 3) Dawn (lap 4) Dagger Lynx (lap 5) Ricochet (lap 4) Crash Man (lap 2)
12) Broadcast Ocelot (lap 4)
11) Sonic Banshee (lap 3)
10) Guts Man (lap 2)
9) Arafina (lap 3) Riptide Wyvern (lap 5) Bass (lap 3) Fusion Ichthyosaurus (lap 5) Top Man (lap 5)
6) Flare Feline (lap 5) Cyclone Jackal (lap 4)
5) Javelin Whitetail (lap 4) Hurricane Kangaroo (lap 4) Inferno Panther (lap 4)
4) Iris (lap 4)

Sonic Banshee would continue running. Only. A. At this point, Hopper is already so far ahead that she'll never catch him, and B. ... Crash Man, slamming into her in an attempt to catch her.. has just preposed to her. Sonic therefor stands, staring, wide-eyued, at Crash, the corner of one optic twitching faintly.

Glyde Loath goes all out now, tearing up the track, not bothing with these others. Must.. place... respectably...

Dagger Lynx continues to run, run run... almost there!

Slash Man tumbles and dives forward, the too fast ostrich is being so irritating that... "FOOOOOOOD! YUMMY OSTRICH!"

Slash Man tries to ram into Overdrive Ostrich, without much success.

Crash Man leaves the woman behind, just so he can hit the assist and nail Dagger Lynx.

Crash Man crashes forcefully into Dagger Lynx!

Cyclone Jackal spots...Gasp! Flare Feline! She rushes towards him, to grab him by the head, and hurl him into the ground!

Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Flare Feline, without much success.

Dischord is... yep... You guessed it... Running...

Broadcast Ocelot is about to lap the Banshee. He's rather pissed at seeing Bass ram into Flare. So he decides to take it out on Sonic. Sucks to be her.

Broadcast Ocelot tries to ram into Sonic Banshee, without much success.

Top Man spin. Nothing else goes through TOp Man's mind. Just spin.
There is nothing else. There will be nothing else. Just spinning. Only spinning. Always spinning. You Spin me. Right round, baby, right round. Like a record, baby, right round.

Inferno Panther laughs whole heartedly as he sees Nitro hit the table, as he runs. There seems to be no body infront of him, so he glances back and, oh my, Iris. Reaching into that amazing coat of his he pulls out yet another fun thing to hit people with. Suddenly Panther spins around a large wooden mallet in hand and its heading right for poor little Iris' head, "Send my regards to your brother!"

Overdrive Ostrich continues around the track in a cooldown lap.

"Whaddaya doing, I finished!" he yelps at Slashman. "Geroff!"

Bass is just a blaze of motion right now. No sooner has he struck the feline, than he turns his attention on the next one coming up fast on him, launching himself through the air to dive right at Riptide Wyvern's feet, cackling madly at the same time. "Whoops! Careful!
Wouldn't want to get tripped up now would you!?"

Inferno Panther crashes forcefully into Iris!

Ricochet frowns... noticing Lynx near the pair... "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <I'm geting sick of this!> "Hang on, Orbit... almost there..." he says, as he brings himself along Dagger... before Orbit prepares to leap from Ricochet's back. Oooh. He's not feeling too good... just might lose his lunch... fortunately Crashbo takes care of it for him, however...

Bass crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

Flare Feline almost curses as the Elite rams him. Ouch. Undaunted he gets back up and keeps going. He sees Cyclone come at him again, not this time. He leaps over him, and keeps on going, full tilt. Mach 3. Etc.

"AND THERE WE GO, Ladies and Gentlemen!! THIS RACE IS O-VAAAAAH!! OVerdrive, followed by Flare with Dagger nippin his heels. And the last of the stragglers continue to come in. Lets head down to the pits, and wait for the Judge's official announcement."

Arafina does not spin. DOes not jump. Does not attacks. Just runs, picking up speed as she does.

Guts Man keeps enforcing the road, not trying to let anyone get by. He extends an arm out for a clothesllines, running towards the nearest enemy which in this case is the fish.

Dagger Lynx is hit, turning to Crash he yells "You $^$^ing loser!" and tries to ram him back

Dagger Lynx crashes forcefully into Crash Man!

Jolt Hedgehog keeps running... becasue he dosn't feel like it. .o(Is it over yet?) Jolty's starting to show signs of burnout. His glow is starting to dim. "Comeon!"

Guts Man tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Hurricane Kangaroo grunts as he finally manages to get out of his skid and back into the thick of things, just in time to see Cyclone speed by. He grins, and darts after her with as much speed as he can still muster, and tries to clip her with his big back foiler again.

Hurricane Kangaroo crashes forcefully into Cyclone Jackal!

Crash Man kicks Dagger Lynx in the knee. "I got booty and you don't. Who's the loser now, geekboy?!"

Iris is proud of her own accomplishments...she's nowhere close to being a top competitor, but she's doing her best out in this crazy race. And just as she's feeling pride in rounding the lap, she gets <<SMACKED>> in the face with a big wooden mallet. Her eyes cross. "Uhhh..."

Sonic Banshee doesn't know what just happened there. She just knows that she's standing still, and people are rnning about her. She simply. Stares. And then, when the commotion arises at the end of the race, Sonic makes a wonderful decision. She's going to sneak away before Crash Man remembers his preposal. So, letting the crowd cheer, and her fellow racers celebrate (or have coronaries from running so long), she turns, and starts slinking back towards the sidelines..

Glyde Loath is running! These boots were made for runnin'... dat jus' what they'll do... onna des days des boots are gonna run right past you!

Nitro Gerbil sighs, shaking her head. oO(I'm not gonna place, but at least I'll look good!)Oo She begins to bound towards the line, alternating between a run and hopping, muttering angrily to herself the entire time.

Iris smirks, flinging the remnants of a smushed, Banshee-cooked pie at Inferno. "I don't know how you guys can EAT this stuff...but I can see how it makes you mean!"

Iris crashes forcefully into Inferno Panther!

Riptide Wyvern springs out of the way of Bass's attack, growling as she skids to a stop- in conjunction to the announcement of the winners. The considerably slower Master is given a look of disgust before she heads for the finish line again, intent to at least cross the thing.

Arafina just keeps running. When they call the victory, however, she just skids to a stop and stands there, both tired and disoriented.
Crash Man(Crashbo) pages Flare Feline, Hurricane Kangaroo, and Pollux: That's BS.

Final standings:
1: Overdrive Ostrich
2: Flare Feline
3: Dagger Lynx
4: Top Man
5: Riptide Wyvern
6: Fusion Ichthyosaurus
7: Jolt Hedgehog, Nitro Gerbil
9: Glyde Loath
10: Broadcast Ocelot
11: Dawn
12: Ricochet
13: Cyclone Jackal
14: Hurricane Kangaroo
15: Javeline Whitetail
16: Iris
17: Inferno Panther
18: Sonic Banshee
19: Slash Man
20: Dischord
21: Bass
22: Arafina
23: Crash Man
24: Guts Man

Slash Man darts off.

"Boo!" Crash Man shouts at the officials. "You're blind as a bat and you suck! Continue the race!"

Nitro Gerbil just...stops where she is, and drops to her knees, staring at the finish line no even two feet in back of her. "..." She shakes her head and remains kneeling.

Dawn continues to keep running, likewise intent on at least finishing. Ok, so she failed her primary objective of bringing home a medal to Neo Tokyo. But she can at least donate the hoverboard she got from Cyclone, to a Youth Recreation Center or some such. Which is what she goes off to do once done racing...

Ricochet coughs... disengaging his auxiliary power connections. He grunts, leaning up against the wall as he pants, trying to re-regulate his systems... "...huboy..."

Slash Man enters the South Australia.
Slash Man has left.

Broadcast Ocelot skids to a halt after he finishes the race and then rushes over to Flare, "BIG UUUUUP! Flare!"

Enker enters the Underneath Indian Ocean.
Enker has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'BIG UUUUUUUUUP!'.

Bass has disconnected.

Dischord just kinda passes out in the midle of the track as they call an end to the race. Fun...

Dagger Lynx stops in place and throws his head back in a dark, gravelly cackle. So it has all come together and the Mavericks show their superiority again!

Dawn goes home.
Dawn has left.

Top Man slows to a stop, looking at the final standing board and drooping his head "No fair..." he murmers to himself, turning and skating off slowly toward the others

Fusion Ichthyosaurus has disconnected.

Guts Man has done his job of enforcements, he wasn't in this to win, but to hurt people. It's a surprised no one tried to knock him out. And it's a good thing too, he'd probably have violated international laws and just pound on people.

Riptide Wyvern slows gradually, sliding to a stop eventually, eyes half-closed, ears back. Hissing to herself, the Repliforcer limps toward Sidney, working on shutting off her own pain receptors. Her foot wouldn't function right...

Flare Feline passes the finish line. And comes to a screeching stop. Armor starting to cool off, he thrusts his fist into the air "YAAAAHOOO!!" He gives a V-sign to the crowd. Sure he didn't win, but he got second. Repliforce got second!! He turns and gives a thumbs up to Broadcast, Iris and the other forcers.

Raquel De'Leparte has arrived.

Uranus takes Race Track 2.0.

Pirate Man has arrived.

Quint has arrived.
Quint appears! Huzzah!

Ten has arrived.

Glyde Loath hears the race being declared over, and slowly slows down.

Uranus has disconnected.

Crash Man .oO(Mental note: drop a space-colony on this loser country.)

Glyde Loath has disconnected.

Midi has arrived.

Jet Stingray has arrived.

Enker arrives from the Underneath Indian Ocean.

Enker has arrived.

Glyde Loath has connected.

Enker enters the Northern Territory.

Enker has left.

Pollux has left.

Inferno Panther gets a pie splattered in his face and he stumbles back, "Dear god! This is aweful," He proclaims as he wipes it from his muzzle.

Nitro Gerbil eventually stands and limps off towards her car, wincing as the NOS buildup begins to rebound back on her.

Guts Man walks over to Crash Man. "I did my job. And I'm ready to do it again during the car races. Heheheh..."

...of course... no one wants their little boy to be too tired, do they?... "Riccy!" "Mom!" "*BLURP*" <Mom!> says Rico, as his mother and several other Reploids come up... probably his siblings. "You did great, honey!" "Thanks, mom!" Mom blinks, and licks her thumb, suddenly giving him a spit-washing... "...but you've got some dirt on your cheek..." "MOOOOOOOOOM!"

Sonic Banshee continues sneaking away with Hitsuke and Fluffy in tow. No qweddings to Crash Man for her..

Arafina clomps off toward a hoverbike she apparently left there a while ago, apparently upset with /something/.

Jolt Hedgehog just pants, as he stumbles... the race is over, he thinks, as he simply tumbles out and turns into a lopsided ball as he rolls all over the place. His glow dissapears as he rolls slower and slower... and stops on his stomach. "Ehhh.... hah.... ehhh.... heh...."

Dagger Lynx walks towards Flare, looking as if he means to rip the feline's head off.. instead he meerly extends a hand and says, "You have done well, Repliforcer. I look forward to meeting you one day in the field of battle."

Top Man skates over to Crash and Guts, kicking the ground a little bit as he slowly moves on "Hi Crash... Hi Guts..."

Iris skates over to the stands, beaming a happy smile.

Top Man says, "Ya'll beat up on 'em real good."

Hurricane Kangaroo stops, and dusts himself off. Hmmm, now where did Sonic go off to.. Damnit, she's gone already. Well now. The Jackal chick is still nearby though, after he just smacked her. Hmm. He smirks, and gives Cyclone a quick swat on the rear before turning and strutting off as quickly as he can. Booyah.

Overdrive Ostrich walks to the center of the track and shakes his fists in the air, celebrating his victory.

Overdrive Ostrich receives a radio transmission from Wildfire Phoenix.

Guts Man says, "I could have beat up on'em harder but they'd have disqualified all of the masters from this race if I had done so. I had to tone down the violence."

Raquel De'Leparte looks around, putting her hands on her hips. Deciding whether to advertise her bar, and hopefully rake up a good haul. Why not. Cupping her hands, she shouts, "FREE ROUND OF BEER AT PURGATORY! IN RIO!" with that, she quickly turns and vacates, hoping to arrive at her bar before the others do. If anyone shows.

Raquel De'Leparte enters the South Australia.
Raquel De'Leparte has left.

Flare Feline eyes Dagger. First he shakes his own hand a bit, to cool it off. Then shakes Dagger's. "You didn't do to bad yourself. Perhaps we will see each other again..."

Hiryu has arrived.

Crash Man mutters. "I'm going to kill something. Preferably cute, innocent, and a citizen of Canada." The Red Bomber stalks off..

Dischord just continues to lie on the ground. Eventually though a bunch of strange looking reploids just walk up to her, apearing from seemingly no where, before they just carry her off, the lead reploid muttering something about a 'demon owing them big'

Ten stands up and cheers as loudly as she can for Flare Feline. "Way to go, Flare Feline! You are the feline of the finish line!"

Raquel De'Leparte arrives from the South Australia.
Raquel De'Leparte has arrived.

Quint leaves! Boo! Oh, well! You just might find him at OOC Lounge!
Quint has left.

Raquel De'Leparte enters the South Australia.
Raquel De'Leparte has left.

Nitro Gerbil slips into her car and starts the engine, giving the gas pedal a good push as flames shoot out of the exaust pipes. "At least you'll do better than me, Diesel," she pats the car before driving off. Zoom!
Nitro Gerbil has left.

Top Man blinks and follows Crash "But don't the canadians make your favorite drinks 'n stuff, Crash?"

Ricochet has disconnected.

Midi climbs down from the stands, swinging his feet over a pole and thudding down to the earth below. The Internet is already buzzing with race results. The blooper reel, in particular, is sure to be rich. He begins filing things while he lets the majority of the crowd pass by, not wanting to get sucked up and come out somewhere far away, like South Detroit, again.

Hiryu enters the Antarctica.
Hiryu has left.

Dodge Viper X-3000 enters the Northern Territory.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has left.

Dodge Viper X-3000 arrives from the Northern Territory.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has arrived.

Dagger Lynx turns away from Flare now, saying in a overly polite voice, "Next time we meet though.. I will rip that silver from your neck and weld it to your intestines. Have a nice day."

Riptide Wyvern has disconnected.

Dodge Viper X-3000 enters the South Australia.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has left.

Cyclone Jackal has left.

Overdrive Ostrich sends a radio transmission.

Dodge Viper X-3000 arrives from the South Australia.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has arrived.

Arafina glides off back toward the Hunter base. In the bike.
Arafina enters the Northern Territory.
Arafina has left.

Riptide Wyvern has connected.

Pirate Man has left.

Jet Stingray comes out, still having the four of the Repliforcers holding on to him that kept him in the stands and not attacking members of the race that earned his rage.

Dagger Lynx sends a radio transmission to Overdrive Ostrich.

Overdrive Ostrich receives a radio transmission from Dagger Lynx.

Flare Feline chuckles a bit. Mavericks will be Mavericks. He says nothing more to him, and turns to the rest of the forcers. And gives a Jet style smirk and thumbs up.

Dodge Viper X-3000 enters the Northern Territory.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has left.

Dodge Viper X-3000 arrives from the Northern Territory.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has arrived.

<Global News Network> Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the dodgeball competition is getting set up on the roof of the Karasawa Tower again for this year. These people move fast! It looks like it's almost ready for the first match, so all competitors should show up to check if they are playing in the scheduled match for tonight.

Jolt Hedgehog slowly gets up, and makes his way toward Sydney. This is hurting his ego....

Glyde Loath just sits down in the dust, sweating profusely, and breathing hard. Whew. Placing top 10 rulz j00.

Dodge Viper X-3000 enters the South Australia.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has left.
Dodge Viper X-3000 arrives from the South Australia.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has arrived.
Dodge Viper X-3000 enters the Northern Territory.
Dodge Viper X-3000 has left.

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission to Assault Koala.

Jolt Hedgehog has left.

Iris waves energetically through the crowd, cheerfully heading toward Jet. As she's going, she spots what she believes to be a lost little child. "Oh dear, you're going to get trampled!" She scoops up Midi, and keeps heading for Jet.

Uranus has HIDDEN-connected.

Overdrive Ostrich receives a radio transmission.

Broadcast Ocelot waves to his fellow Repliforcers, "Laters people. I man haffi head tuh Neo Tokyo for some dodgeball."

"Ahh!!" Midi says, as he is unexpectedly picked up by Iris and carried off. "Not again! I don't want to go to South Detroit!"

Dagger Lynx moves away, letting out a dark cackle as he heads to Sydney.

Hurricane Kangaroo sends a radio transmission.

Sonic Banshee receives a radio transmission.

Iris patpats Midi on the head. "It's okay honey, we'll find your mommy."

Dagger Lynx enters the South Australia.
Dagger Lynx has left.

Overdrive Ostrich sends a radio transmission to Wildfire Phoenix.

Broadcast Ocelot enters the South Australia.
Broadcast Ocelot has left.

Crash Man leaves, 'cuz he has no more votes and needs to kill something. And not let the Committee know about it. No witnesses, yeeeeessssss..
Crash Man has left.

Overdrive Ostrich receives a radio transmission.

Jolt Hedgehog has arrived.

Dagger Lynx arrives from the South Australia.
Dagger Lynx has arrived.

Jolt Hedgehog enters the Antarctica.
Jolt Hedgehog has left.

Dagger Lynx enters the South Australia.
Dagger Lynx has left.

Top Man has left.

Guts Man enters the South Australia.
Guts Man has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I did my best Repliforce. I managed to win second in the footrace for you.'.

Jet Stingray merely carries the people along as he notices who Midi and and blinks to Iris. "Um... Iris. I don't think the dude's a kid. And if he is, I don't think he came with a mom," Jet offers awkwardly.

Midi flails around. "Put me down! I don't like being up high! Augh!"

Overdrive Ostrich enters the South Australia.
Overdrive Ostrich has left.

Olympic Stands drops Sarah Storm.

Clown Man has arrived.

Olympic Stands drops Clown Man.
Olympic Stands drops Gemini Man.
Olympic Stands drops Stalker Tiger.
Olympic Stands has left.

Uranus takes Olympic Stands.
Uranus goes home.
Uranus has left.

Iris turns Midi around to get a better look at him, and she blinkblinks in surprise, almost dropping him in the process. "OH!! I am SO sorry, sir..." She places him down gently, with a sheepish smile. "Heh." Then, finally reaching Jet, she gives him a hug. "We did good!! It was a good race! Thanks for coming to see it..."

Riptide Wyvern has reconnected.

Glyde Loath gets up off the ground, dust glued to his sweaty back, and staggers towards Sydney, the teleporter, and a nice shower.

Glyde Loath enters the South Australia.
Glyde Loath has left.

Sonic Banshee has left.

Riptide Wyvern, alone and aparently forgotten, finds herself a lone tree and places herself underneath it, to better examine the damage to her foot and allow her systems some time to cool off. Unfair play, using weapons .. but she wasn't a judge. Fifth place wasn't bad, all in all...

Midi thuds down once his feet hit the ground, parking himself out of a sense of self-preservation. He brushes himself off and mutters to himself, taking out an Official Mega Man Dustbuster Attachment from his leg container and cleaning himself off.

Flare Feline walks up to Jet and Iris. "You did really well Iris, despite all the pushing around you got. Too bad the Mavericks had to walk away with another gold again."

Iris gives Flare a congratulatory hug. "Wow, you kicked butt out there, Flare, I'm PROUD of you! And it's okay, that Ostrich guy is just plain fast, I don't even think he did all that much cheating! Not like those Masters..."

Ten sees Riptide Wyvern collapse under the tree. Sympathy registerson on Ten's face as she flies over toward the Repliforce wyvern, looking concerned.

Hurricane Kangaroo saunters over to flare, and gives him a pat on the back. "Good job mate. At least the team still placed, and I'd hazard to wager even those of us that didn't place still had a right ol' fun time makin' sure you did."

Riptide Wyvern glances up as Ten approaches, and waves one hand listlessly. "Hey, Ten..."

Flare Feline smiles a bit, at the sudden hug. It's a good thing he waited till his armor cooled off before talking to Iris, or else she would have been burned quite a bit. "I should have figured he'd win it as soon as I saw him. Oh well, there's still plenty of events yet." He turns to Jet "You had better kick butt in that water race, don't let the Mavs get THAT one."

Inferno Panther enters the South Australia.
Inferno Panther has left.

Jet Stingray uses his tail to knock off a few of the clingy 'forcers to hug someone that he wants to. "And I admit, you did well... And /looked/ well... I mean, dang it. Now I'm wishing that you signed up for the water race!" Jet blinks and hits himself. Too much time listing to Crash on the public radio. Giving a thumbs up to Flare, he nods. "Good work keeping Repliforce in the game, dude. Don't worry about the gold, I'll do my best to nail it for you guys. I'm going to get my dads to give me a tune up like two hours before the race and /everything/. If I lose this race, it would be the first.... /Ever/."

Ten lands near Riptide Wyvern. Her voice and her expression are full of concern as she says, "Hi, Riptide. Are you okay?"

Midi vacuums himself off and then takes out Mega Man brand Moist Towelettes and polishes any scuffing he might have endured in the stands. Mega Man is always clean and neat, after all. After he finishes the tidying, he puts his stuff away -- just to be hit with another cloud of dust. Life is cruel to Small People.

Iris giggles bashfully, giving Jet another warm isn't too terribly difficult to see who her favorite guy is, these days.

Flare Feline smiles to Hurricane "Thanks, I did my best."

Hurricane Kangaroo grunts a bit to himself. "Only other event I qualify for is the sharpshooting. So I'll just wish you luck instead Jet."

Riptide Wyvern blinks, then nods slowly. "Yeah ... one of the Mavs managed to drive a knife into my foot ... hurts like hell, and the wound is clogged with dust.. But I made fifth.."

Ten nods to Riptide Wyvern. She smiles sincerely and says, "Yep, you sure did. You gave it your all, and that says even more than winning. I'm trained as a field medic.Let me take a look at your foot."

Flare Feline stretches a bit "Well guys, I'm gonna head back to base. That run took quite a bit outta me. Plus, I think I'll be signing up for sharpshooter myself, so I wanna be ready for that." He gives a final thumbs up to everyone, and leaves. A big grin on his face, he finally did something worthwhile!

Riptide Wyvern obediently streches out said foot. The wound itself is obvious, dark-stained dirt packed into a small but very deep incision into her foot.

Jet Stingray just hugs Iris again... Like he would turn her down? "Don't worry, Iris... I mean, when it comes to the water race, I /will/ win, just like that big Mav bird was going to likely win. But considering the racers Iris, you did a /good/ job. And you even got Crash Man, which makes everything better."

=============================== IC Broadcasts ================================
Message: 9/34 Posted Author
Foot raceresults Thu Jun 21 Uranus
1: Overdrive Ostrich
2: Flare Feline
3: Dagger Lynx
4: Top Man
5: Riptide Wyvern
6: Fusion Ichthyosaurus
7: Jolt Hedgehog, Nitro Gerbil
9: Glyde Loath
10: Broadcast Ocelot
11: Dawn
12: Ricochet
13: Cyclone Jackal
14: Hurricane Kangaroo
15: Javeline Whitetail
16: Iris
17: Inferno Panther
18: Sonic Banshee
19: Slash Man
20: Dischord
21: Bass
22: Arafina
23: Crash Man
24: Guts Man


[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Woo! Go Repliforce!"

<O-Repliforce> Mischan Master! Flare Feline woos one more time for wining second, and logs off.

<O-Repliforce> Driver's Ed teacher! Ten waves. "See ya later, Flare!"

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