You enter the Rec-Room - RHQ London.
Rec-Room - RHQ London

Easily a replica for the old recreation room, this one is just as large and takes up just as much room as Repliforce Island's. Put together for fun and enjoyment, the rec-room itself has a host of different areas to do just that, from the large wide-screen TV on the far wall through to the arcade games and pool tables. Gambling in itself isn't truly condoned by the chain of command, but you can usually find people betting on pool matches between the regulars here. There's also a small kitchen area, for some reason, just in case anyone decides to try their hand at cooking. Don't burn the HQ down!

Zero [Unarmored] [MH]
Iris [Iris] [RF]
Valiant Falcon [C]
Card Table with Cards [#5024 LOV]
Pool Table [#4399 OV]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Arsenal Spinosaur transmits, "*shhk*uble on that, My neck is slashed op*static*"

Iris nods. "I think you guys care to join me down at the repair bay? We've got incoming."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "I'll be prepping the London medbay, for those on their way over here."

Valiant Falcon blinks towards Iris, then henods a bit to her. He overhears about the Flemish States, but he says nothing. It isn't his business unless they request for him to get involved. He doesn't like to intrude.

Zero nods. "Sure, I can pitch to Valiant here while we're down there."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I'm pulling out too, this ride armor is too much for me."

Flare Feline strolls in, seems he's been hanging out in RHQ London a bit more frequently lately. It seems he has some things on his mind, as he's had for the past few weeks. He enteres, and nods at the others in the room.

Iris nearly runs into Flare, as she scurries in a stressed-out way toward the door. "Um, I mean, I know that Flare would, and -- AAGH!" She nearly falls on her posterior in surprise as she turns and -- there's Flare, right in front of her!

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lt. Ring Redwing transmits back, interspersed by sounds of dripping mechfluid, "Acknowledged. Hopefully next time we will have our own Ride armor to counter theirs."

Valiant Falcon remains standing where he is at. Nothing being said, though beneath the hood, the eyebrow quirks.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Again, injured please report to the London Medbay, I'll be there as soon as possible."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Arsenal Spinosaur transmits, "I'm nearly there..."

Flare Feline oofs as Iris runs head first into him, thankfully for Flare he's tall and sturdy enough that he's barely affected by Iris' crash, though he motions towards her to make sure she doesn't fall herself "Whoa, hey Iris, you alright?" He blinks at what she said "You know I would... what?" Screw assuming something, Flare's the type that would innocently ask straight out, mwaha.

Zero catches Iris as she starts to fall backwards. "Whoa, watch your step, hon." he says, then takes a closer look at her, since he has her in his arms. "..when was the last time you slept?" comes the questions.

Iris says, "Oops!! I'm sorry, so sorry...I have to get down to the repair bay, we have incoming! C'mon guys, we'll talk about the Flemish States down there."

Valiant Falcon nods, then he begins to silently walk towards the exit. He is letting Iris lead the way, though if the cat moves out of the way first. Valiant Falcon's cloak escapes to the air softly, flicking like a whip.

Flare Feline blinks again oO(The Flemish states...?) He shrugs and follows Iris out himself, maybe he can help too. He's not an active medic, but he does have Jury-Rig, that should count for something in a pinch.

Zero follows along. He doesn't have any medical skills.. except that whole.. Kervorkian Quick and Painless Death School medical diploma.

Iris enters the Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.
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Zero enters the Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.
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Valiant Falcon enters the Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.
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You enter the Medical Bay - RHQ London.
Medical Bay - RHQ London

If there's one place that could be named alone as the place that keeps the Repliforce running, the medical bay would not fall beyond the top three. Here is where the Repliforce is kept active, kept alive, kept running, through the variety of repair chambers for all shapes and sizes through to the medical tables for repairs, modifications and what have you. There are also stasis cells and de-contamination areas at the rear of the large medical bay.

Iris [Iris] [RF]
Fusion Phoenix [Armored] [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Arsenal Spinosaur [RF]
Pallbearer's Office and Quarters <POQ>
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Valiant Falcon arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Valiant Falcon has arrived.
Zero arrives from the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Zero has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix enters the crowded med bay, looking like he needs some treatment, but willing to help others first.

Iris comes running in, and she skids on her big, armored feet rather spectacularly across the smooth floor -- stopping at just the right place, a spot in front of a wall of shelving. Once there, she leaps up and grabs a specific repair kit, one with her name etched on the side. "Alright -- worst comes first. Who here's the worst off? Hints are welcome."

Zero follows a few moments later, looking around, and accessing the situation. Damn, what a mess. And Iris is the only medic.. the only command staffer.. where the hell is everyone?

Ring Redwing is sitting on top of an operating slab and waiting inside the repair bay, a hand held to her right side of her torso, it obviously being pretty badly damaged given it's torn out state. Mechfluid continues dripping out of it but at least she's still conscious and functioning properly still.

Flare Feline follows in himself. He's not a trained medic, but he can assist. Of course... he would have been better assiting in the battle itself, but he can do stuff here. So for now he follows Iris, willing to give her a hand. At least he has basic medical training. He's interested in what she was talking about earlier with the Flemish states, but he'll wait to ask her about that later.

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Ring Redwing.
Flare Feline takes out a medical scanner and scans Ring Redwing.

Iris looks over at Flare, and smiles. "I'll take care of Redwing," she says.

Arsenal Spinosaur staggers in a few minutes after everyone arrives. Keeping one hand tightly upon a sizable gash on his neck. Not to mention another gash in his shoulder, and a bunch of smaller ones all about his body.. By now though, since he came all the way from Rio, he's not looking so well, there's fluid everywhere..

Fusion Phoenix ignores the massive wounds (a nasty blast to the front, and a laser score to the back) to get to work on the most recient comer, Arsenal.

Flare Feline nods at Iris "Right then..." He looks over and sees Arsenal walking, or staggaring, in, and he hurries over to him "Hey there, watch it now, let's get you to a medbed..." He uses himself as a clutch to help Arsenal over to a bed.

Valiant Falcon is making his way inside the Medical Bay after Iris and the others. The hood from the cloak is removed softly, revealing the reploid's identity completely. He stares over towards what is going on. He holds the Bible in his hand for the reploids that are severly injured. "....May God assist within the task of mending the wounds...."

Iris begins working on Redwing quickly. One might think she would be a very gentle medic, though this isn't the case...under stress, she can be pretty heavy-handed with the repairs. A bit painful for Redwing, no doubt, but at least she knows what she's doing. "Hang in there, Arsenal, you're next," she says, working as fast as she possibly can.

Iris effects some repair work on Ring Redwing.

Ring Redwing holds still as she is scanned, mostly just trying to keep her side from leaking, but her trickle of fluid doesn't look as bad as the rivulets pouring out of Arsenal. But then again, she doesn't quite have as much fluid to lose as the much larger Repliforcer. Redwing nods to Iris and shuts some of her systems down a bit so that Iris can proceed with her work as expediently as possible.

Zero sits and watches quietly. That lasts only a moment, before he starts talking to Valiant. "So.. are you against the war, or are you willing to throwing in for what promises to be a helluva fight for freedom, Valiant?"

Arsenal Spinosaur leans rather heavily on Fusion, and for a bit of help he pops the sail and lets it clatter to the floor to lighten himself. Forget talking for now, the fluids would probably short him out if he tried anyway. He just nods at Flare and gets himself up onto the medtable, and on his back. Odd feeling when you usually have a sail jutting out of your back...

Valiant Falcon turns towards Zero, then he says, "I am against the war completely, however it is unavoidable. The war is here, and all I will do my duty to preserve peace, even if it means drawing arms."

Somewhat like an 'expeditor' on a Taco Bell crew-line, Iris...wraps tacos. Well, no she doesn't, but she's very efficient with her assembly-line method of repairs. Once she's finished with Redwing, she mentions, "Be right back -- sit for a second and let the self-repair kick in for a bit, okay?" As soon as that's out of her mouth, she scurries over to see what she can do for Arsenal.

Fusion Phoenix helps Flare carry Arsenal over to the med-bed, and calls up his schematics, prepairing to get to work, and thinking of the parts he'll need.

Flare Feline hefts Arsenal up on the bed, and does some light patchwork until the more skilled medics come over to do the heavy repairs.

Iris skids to a stop next to Fusion. "You've got him? Okay. If you've got him, then who's got you? I can fix you while you fix him!" Blinkblink. Smile.

Zero says, "Well, there's few places left still untouched by Maverick hands, and the Hunters are making --" he pauses, then chuckles at his better half, before continuing, "-- a stand in the Flemish States to start a push back into Europe, and we can use all the help we can get, if you're interested.""

Arsenal Spinosaur just stares at Iris and Fusion, she had to be kidding, his neck is friggin wide open here. He doesn't LOOK scared mind you, but the thoughts are in his head. .oO(... You can't be serious...)

Fusion Phoenix starts with the wounds in Arsenal's neck, both patching broken lines, and making replacements when needed. When Iris makes her offer he swiftly and somewhat distractedly replies, "Shure, if you could start on my back it would be a big help."

Valiant Falcon hrms a bit towards Zero, then he nods. "...Yes, I am interested.." He then tilts his head over. He remembers heading to Flemish, only to be pointed at with a gun and being accused of being a Maverick. It doesn't phase Valiant, and he isn't there to prove who he is. He is, however, going to preserve some peace, even if it has to come down to war.

Ring Redwing is wrapped like a taco! Uh.. that better not be dough on the right side of her torso that is keeping her mechfluid in.

Flare Feline errs as Iris frantically makes her offers "Y'know, maybe I could help out a bit?" He seems to fully remember himself a time when Iris 'tended' to his wounds in Berlin... and he still remember how much it hurt. She seems to be that way again, and well... now may not be the best time to be so heavy handed.

Zero nods to Valiant, and gets out a small holocard. "Alright. We don't know when the attack is coming, but we're getting ready for it, and gathering what help we can get for now." Funny, he says this in a base full of armed allies, supposedly. "Got a way we can get a hold of you?"

Iris begins working hard to effect repairs on Fusion, while Fusion works on Arsenal -- what a mess, yes! She's just about to start on Fusion with a particlarly wicked-looking laser tool, when she turns and looks at Flare with a smile. "Sure! Um...okay, what I'll need is the #3 soldering tool and the #87 scraping tool -- this is going to be really simple to fix, actually!"

Flare Feline shrugs, and digs the tools out of a generic box. Just as well help to get it over with as soon as possible, better for Fusion. To try and get Iris' mind off the hasty medical work, he asks something "Hey, what did you mean earlier when you mentioned the Flemish States?"

Valiant Falcon stares down towards Zero's holocard. Then, the hand extends forward to take the card slowly. "....You'll be able to reach me around here, or the Repliforce will contact me.." He closes his eyes, "That..or..." He then tells Zero his frequency data to contact him.

Ring Redwing is basically unconscious at the moment and thus spared the chaotic mess that is going on around Arsenal's slab. She seems to be doing a lot of being unconscious lately. Must just be coincidence, or perhaps her Maverick alt is gearing up for some big things in the near future. Unfortunately that is OOC info that shall not be divulged, not directly at any rate.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "is anyone still in the area of Rio? anyone?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Bowie transmits, "Nope."

Iris says, "Um, well remember when you were mentioning something about us working together, Flare? Or the possibility of it? Well...Zero has a plan, and...while he's here and...maybe before my brother shows up, we could have a little discussion."

Arsenal Spinosaur coughs, even hacks up a few more fluids before his neck is patched up more effectively. A raspy breath is given and he just relaxes a bit, trying to keep the pain out of his head...

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Guardian transmits, "Still trying to stop the Maveericks from getting away with the materials although I am currently only impeding their efforts."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Gale Sorcerer transmits, "glad to hear that. I'm finished with Crash Man, I'm trying to go into the building and look for the intruder."

Fusion Phoenix is the "troll" of Repliforce, both willing to take massive amouts of damage and have it repaired quickly. He finishes with Arsenal's neck, and proceeds on down to the patent's chest and the wounds there.

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Fusion Phoenix.
Iris effects some repair work on Fusion Phoenix.

Arsenal Spinosaur continues to breathe slowly, carefully too, not in the mood to worsen the injuries he has.

Flare Feline nods at Iris "That sounds good, I'll be sure to help out." He continues to hand the proper tools. Woo.

Iris tends to Fusion, and as she works on his injuries, she calls across the room without looking up from what she's doing. "Hey, Zero! When you get a second, come on over."

Ring Redwing continues to rest, recuperate, recycle, reduce, reuse, and close the loop!

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Fusion Phoenix.

Zero starts to say something, then pauses. "Excuse me." With that, he heads over to Iris. "Yeh, hon?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Jet Stingray, reporting in.... Anything going on out there?"

Valiant Falcon nods towards Zero, then he returns to watching the repairing going around the room. Hrm, the aspects of the war..

Iris says, "Sweetie, Flare's interested in effecting better relations or at least stronger joint operations between Repliforce and the Hunters. I was thinking that maybe the, um...Flemish States might be a good starting point for that, what do you think?"

Fusion Phoenix finishes up what little he can do for Arsenal and steps away from the table. "He's stable, and this is the point where I'd turn him over to the repair chamber, unless you want to do somthing more Captain." The last is directed to Iris.

Zero looks at Iris for a long moment, as he helps her out idly. "Dunno, angel." he says. "The command around here is all pissed at not wanting to help us. So, if we have to go it alone, we will.." he looks over at Flare. "Not that I wouldn't mind the help. Quite the opposite. I just don't feel like you getting griped at for helping us out, Flare."

Iris hms, taking a look at Arsenal. "Well," she tells Fusion, "Let me see what I can do...his self-repair is a little sluggish, it should be kicking in by now."

Arsenal Spinosaur just coughs once again, then glances toward the two as best he can...

Flare Feline hmms as Zero approaches. To be totally honest, Flare's opinion of the berserker isn't the greatest. Jet is one of his closest friends, and he didn't exactly like the way he's been treated by him, and then there was the recent scene where he made a total jack-aft of himself with Anthem. Granted, Anthem wasn't much better, but he still acted like a jerk. But, regardless, Iris is his friend too, and now what's more important is freeing Europe from the Mavericks, and Flare just doesn't think it can be done alone, neither the Hunters or Repliforce could likely do it solo. So for now, he puts his preconceptions about Zero away "I can deal with any 'gripe' I'll recieve. The most important thing now is freeing Europe. And I think we need to work together rather than seperate to do that."

Iris leans over Arsenal with a puzzled frown, as she concentrates for the moment on figuring out why his self-repair mechanism isn't doing more to alleviate what damage is left.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I am moving to defend the UN base near Rio under attack by the Robot Master and Maverick forces."

Zero nods to Flare. "Alright." he says, not offering much more argument than that. "It's appreciated." Odd, Zero's sobered down some since the last time he was here. Truth be told, he can't help Europe on Hunters alone, so he'll accept the help -- he's just not begging for it.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Need help, Colonel?"

And Zero is getting some nice people to assist too. One of them is the Holy Knight, Valiant Falcon. He sighs slightly, pondering the thoughts of what could happen. He does hope that the battle won't by Pyrriac.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Negative, though I shall radio if assistance is needed."

Arsenal Spinosaur inhales rather sharply as Iris finds something obviously, everything just seems to kick on at that point...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Standing by. What is the situation... What a sec. RIO is in danger?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Megalith Gigas transmits, "...Hrn.."

Iris shuts Arsenal's front panel. "THERE we go. Now...just let it work. Fusion fixed the problem, but a large part of the relief comes from those self-repair systems making you feel better, so...let them do what they're best at doing, okay?"

Iris turns back to Fusion. "As for -you-...let me make sure your self-repair is completely on line and functional. Sometimes trauma shuts it down, as you know."

Arsenal Spinosaur nods a little bit up at Iris, "yeah, thanks..." he says tiredly.

Flare Feline finishes handling and fumbling with the various tools and places them back in their cases, he idly says to Iris and Zero "Well, once we're done here you could fill me in a bit more on this?" He sighs, even though he's willing to help, and probably a lot of other forcers are too, not a whole lot will be accomplished unless they can change the command's minds, which doesn't look like it'll be happening just yet...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Rio? The ray's home away from home? The perfect place to race? The perfect way to spend your day? Sir, let me go... If those lovely sandy beaches go to the Masters or the Mavericks, there will be a price to pay!"

Fusion Phoenix sits on a table and alows Iris to admisister to him, finaly relaxing for the first time sence the fight with Vile began.

Zero says, "Anyway, hon, I better get back home before your brother shows up and has a coniption. Drop by later, and relax, alright?"

Iris looks up from what she's doing, and grins at Zero. "I will. You take care, hon. Love you."

Zero kisses Iris on the forehead. "Love you too. See you when you get done here."

Zero enters the Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.
Zero has left.

Arsenal Spinosaur chuckles a little, coughs once, but snickers a little more, "You two..." he just grins.

Flare Feline hmms again, oO(Right, those two, she and Jet used to be like that...) Flare blinks and mental-slaps himself again. After putting the tools away, and once Iris is finished up with her work here, he asks her again "So what else was it exactly did you two have planned?"

Iris says, "'s not my plan so much as it's the Hunters plan. And...I'm not entirely sure how much of it is confidential or how much Zero feels appropriate to divulge."

Arsenal Spinosaur hrms a little bit and sets himself back down with a sigh.

Flare Feline nods "Well then, let me know when you find out more on what you can tell me. Maybe I can find everything out when I get to talk to Signas like we planned." He sighs "At least one of our sides is willing to work with the other..."

Iris smiles a little, as she quickly scurries around cleaning things up. "I told you! What did I tell you? The idea is not an unpopular one, you see."

Flare Feline nods "Right... unfortunatly it seems to be unpopular with the ones that it matters most with... in Repliforce anyway." He hmms "But still, we have to do what we have to do. Things will work out..."

Valiant Falcon keeps to himself, still glancing towards the Repliforce members.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Brother?"

Fusion Phoenix is all for working with the hunters, rather than going at cross purposes, but is player is tierd, and will log off soon...

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "Yes, Iris?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "There is someone here at the base who's been sent by the Pope assist us in the European endeavor. His name is Valiant Falcon, and...he needs to be verified for base access. I've checked him out, but as you know I can't authorize him."

Iris speaks quietly on her radio. "Valiant, I'm talking to my brother now...just so you know."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "I'm a little busy with Enker at the moment, but I give you permission to take him around the base for now so long as you are with him. I'll give him further access later, after I meet with him."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "Hm, okay then."

Valiant Falcon nods towards Iris, "Thank you..." His face returns to the stonish expression, but this time, there is a smile.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "So, um.... Am I able to head down there now then?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] RF XO, Colonel transmits, "As you wish, Jet."
<O-Repliforce> E! E! E! E! Halo Hare says, "Anybody...?"

Flare Feline sighs, as he puts the rest of the medical tools away "Well then, that's that, for now. Though there'll probably be another group of people coming in before long. I'd like to help out then too, but I got some paperwork to finish before going to regenerate." He looks back at Iris "Let me know if you find out anything else you can tell me. You know I want to help here."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Jet Stingray transmits, "Oh yeah! Time to teach this Wily Wimps and Mavs that Rio is not the place to be!"

Valiant Falcon takes the first look of what will the war be like. Valiant Falcon places the hood over his head, then he smiles. "...I thank you...Iris.." He then faces Flare Feline, regarding him with a nod.

Iris nods. "Okay, Flare...again, I wish I could say more, but...let's just wait on it, I want Zero to explain it, he's the military master in these matters." She salutes Valiant. "And...I thank you for your help. We do need the assistance right now. And now you should have access to come and go as you please."

Flare Feline nods, waves, and leaves. Three easy steps, simple no?

Valiant Falcon sighs a bit. "There are somethings that there is no choice.." He then nods. "...I shall be back...For now, I shall head back to my original duties.." He then turns to face Iris, "...Good day." He bows, then he begins to take his leave. He then stops for a moment, blinking a few times. He holds on to the radio, nearly forgetting to request for the frequencies. "....Almost forgot.."

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