Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Hey...took me a bit of digging to find this. Flare Feline in Repliforce, right?"

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Yeah that's right. Who's this?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Someone who wants to correct something unfair that happened to ya, is all. It happened a few weeks ago."

Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "A few weeks ago? What's that?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Remember Torontreal?"

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Torontre.... oh yes, that. What do you mean?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "It's better explained in person. Can I meet ya somewhere? Somewhere you pick of course. I know I probably sound kinda suspicious, so..."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Alright.... well, how about the London Historical District?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Sure. Don't worry, I'll recognize you on sight and approach ya, alone. See ya there."

London - Historical District

Less advanced and developed than much of the city, the Historical District is littered with museums of the past. Buildings here are retro-styled and go back several decades, even centuries in design, giving a taste of an older age when cars drove on magnetically controlled roads and didn't soar across the skies. Far less metallic, with much warmer colors, the buildings here are very friendly and less intimidating.

Obvious exits:
London Bridge <LB> leads to London - Greenwich Observatory.
West <W> leads to London - Southern Residential.
North <N> leads to London - Eastern Residential.

Inverse arrives from the London - Southern Residential.
Inverse has arrived.

Flare Feline walks down one of the sidewalks in the historical district. Just as well do a bit of patrolling as he meets this mystery person. He glances around, pausing to take a look at one museum, which is the one he fought Ballade in about a year ago when he stole a priceless violin. Seems all the damage there has been restored, as they say, time heals all wounds.

Inverse seems to be making real good time through the area. She knows what she's looking for: A ten foot tall red cat-thing. A few minutes after Flare told her where to go, she suddenly appears in front of him. Blink-teleporting or de-stealthing, either way. "There ya are."

Flare Feline ahs in surprise as the girl appears in front of him. She may only be half his height, but it was enough to startle him "Oh, hi... I take it you were the one talking to me earlier?"

Inverse's voice sounds similar enough. "Sure am." She seems utterly casual, even with the height difference. "My problem never did get to have any fun after being bought for a day, didja? Just got shot up for it?"

Flare Feline blinks "Fun? Nope, had one of the most awkward evenings of my life with Wily in that stupid disguie oO(Which I STILL can't believe I couldn't see through) and then, I was kidnapped. Most everything that happened after that is known, by everyone." Broadcasted all over the world, actually. It was a humiliating experience to be sure, but not so much for him, but that Wily used him to humiliate Repliforce.

Inverse keeps a pretty relaxed demeanor to her, backing up a few steps to make better eye-contact. "Well, I don't think that's right. I didn't have fun either because the guy who got me all but skipped out on it. So y'see...'

Flare Feline says "I see....?" Flare's not 'quite' the quickest cat when it comes to these things. Though he does finally recognize her from the auction, he only saw her briefly. He didn't see her around when he was at Light Labs though, he might have recognized her immediatly if he had.

Inverse mm-hmms, and decides to elaborate a bit further. "This may sound odd, but I figure we can kill two birds with one stone. If I offered myself as a sort of 'free auction' to ya for a day, would you accept? I figure that's keeping in the spirit of what was /supposed/ to happen, see."

Flare Feline gets it, he's not so slow as to not piece together when it's blatently said. And he had sorta figured it out when she brought the auction up, but it would never have hit him that she'd be interested in something like that though. Flare's not an active dater, quite the opposite of Jet Stingray in that respect. Part of his face might turn red, but it's masked by the synth fur "Err.. would I accept? Umm.." He stammers a bit, clearly not used to this sort of thing. Then some of Jet's words come to mind, him trying to persuade Flare to get out more "Er.. yeah, sure." Probably not the most enthusiastic answer, but as I said, he's not quite used to this.

Inverse can notice the nervousness, and has a laugh over it. "Uneasy? Lemme guess, you remember what the guy who did win me chose, don't ya?"

Flare Feline head scratches "Um, I don't really remember any of the other auctions, actually." Except that Colonel was won by Capella, that was hard to forget. But, all and all, he didn't pay much attention otherwise.

Inverse continues to remain in rather bright spirits. "Well, the guy that won on me picked me as slave. Seeing as I figure his win defaults to you, that's what you've won."

Flare Feline blinks "Slave was it?" He hmmms, he appreciates the offer, but just as he's not used to dating, he's probably not comfortable ordering someone around for his own benefit, even if she does offer it. It would also seem strange for the Repliforce-Hunter liaison to be using a hunter as a slave long after the auction is over, even if it is in good fun. But even so, he'd hate to turn her offer down, she did come to him about this. The whole thing was just surprising all of a sudden. "Well, this is a bit sudden... you certainly don't have to be a slave, but..."

Inverse prods on the matter. "Hey, it was my choice. If I wasn't alright with it I wouldn't have offered. It's perfectly fine, just so long as ya don't go super-nice and soft on me. This is just to make up to you for what happened on a day that shoulda been fun, and for me to live up to a contractual obligation."

Flare Feline nods "Right..." Well with that said and done, that still leaves Flare to decide WHAT to do. He may be a Captain in Repliforce, but he's not one for giving orders for personal reasons. He even insists that those under him don't address him by rank as long as Colonel or someone isn't around, that's just how he is. He puts his hand up to his mouth in a thinking gesture "Well... if you insist. what should we do?"

Inverse looks around to make sure the area's pretty clear of others. For once it is. With that she regards Flare again, still grinning. "Hey, hey. That's not how it goes. I'm yours for 24 hours. You call the shots. Where we go, what I wear, what I do for you..." She has a short giggle and adds, "Master." She's probably trying to make Flare feel uncomfortable on purpose with that last remark.

Yeah that's a good way to make Flare uncomfortable. If you need a reference for Flare's personality, he's a bit of a mix of Ryoga from Ranma, and Gourry from Slayers. So of course, this type of thing isn't his forte. "Uh, right... well then... I, uh.... order you to give me a suggestion of what to order you to do... oO(....yeah...)" Well that'll do until Flare can actually think of something

Inverse remarks back, fake-poutingly, "You're a real softy.", then goes back to a relaxed mood. "I guess it'd be a security violation like hell to take me to your quarters, unless ya wanna arrange for me to be with you as a visitor. Do you have somewhere else ya like to go? Some sort of apartment?"

Flare Feline blinks. Quarters? Oop, there's that redness again "Err... well I can't see there being a problem if you're under my escort, and you don't go anywhere else... but why my quarters?"

Inverse inwardly sighs, but remains composed enough. "Why not? It'd be a bit unseemly for ya to parade your new prize around in public, right? People'd look atcha funny. But if you have another place in mind, we can go there too. Just figured it'd be the most natural place to take me, right?" She adds a moment later, "Ya gotta toughen up if you're gonna show who's in charge here, anyway. It's just for 24 hours, so go nuts and cut loose, alright?"

Flare Feline thinks oO(My quarters are possible... <Nah, there's nothing to see or do there, and it'd be a hassle to work around the security> Well maybe the Reploid Room <This isn't a date, and I don't drink anyway...> Well maybe Eurasia or something <Someplace a little less public...> Well maybe I can take her to the Doc's place <No way, that's like meeting the parents or something...>) Flare blinks, he really doesn't have the mind for this (ICly or OOCly it seems)

Inverse interrupts Flare's musings. "This isn't a date. C'mon, don't be so soft. Surely there's some sort of thing you've always wanted someone like me to do for ya? Now's your chance to call all the shots, and it'll be all in good fun."

Flare Feline hrms "Someone like you eh? Well, what CAN you do? Being a Hunter you must have skill in a few areas, I'd like to know who I'm dealing with first...."

Inverse knows the answer to this one. "Well...what ya see is what ya get. I'll try anything once. But what I'm trained at? Fighting...vehicle driving, a bit of emergency medical work, and pretty athletic. Those're pretty much what I was built for and I don't have amazing skills beyond that."

Hm, that sounds similar to Flare actually. Average fighting, nothing outstanding. There must be something two average people could be doing. But Flare can't think of it "Hm, well I'll be honest" He says, chuckling slightly "I wasn't prepared for this, and I really have never given much thought about what to do if I ever had a slave, that's why I didn't bid in the auction myself." Not that Flare's going to turn this opprotunity down, he just needs to think of something...

Inverse relents somewhat on the matter. "Not prepared? If you /really/ want, I'll give ya a sort of 'raincheck' on this for later. Though if we do that, I'll want ya to pick somethin' out ahead of time."

Flare Feline hmms "Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea. I won't take too long though. I'm.... just really not used to this sort of thing." Come to think of it, it's been awhile since Flare's done anything really social. Maybe that's why he's drawing a blank here.

Inverse finally nods once. "Rainchecked it is then. Redeemable whenever. A few minutes from now? Hours? Days? Fine by me. All ya gotta pick out is what I wear while I'm yours. It can be this. It can be something 'more', or something 'less'. That, and should I show up collared like a real slave?" She seems pretty amused at these questions, oddly. Probably really is trying to make Flare feel odd.

Yep, that's a pretty good way to get someone like Flare uncomfortable "Err, no that really won't be necessary, really. But I'll let you know when I come up with something." He sighs, and headscratches, he needs to get out more. He shouldn't have so much trouble of coming up with stuff like this on the spot.

Inverse snickers at Flare's responses. "I'll find one anyway, just in case ya change your mind. But if you'll go ahead and pick out what ya want me to show up in, I'll get that too and letcha go plan."

Flare Feline hrms. A collar really won't be necessary, but whatever. He hoo-boys on the inside though, what a surprising night this turned out to be.

Inverse considers for a second more, and decides, "I'll just pick something then. Something you'll like, and somethin' that'll make anyone who sees me with ya feel envious for you. I figure that's fair recompense for your getting cheated. Just lemme know when ya want me, and where at. And if there's anything else ya want me to bring."

Flare Feline blinks "I thought it wasn't a date?" He shrugs. Date or slave, either wouldn't be something Flare would be experienced in. He needs to think it over for a bit...

Inverse waves a hand lightly. "It isn't. But I wanna make sure people feel real jealous of ya havin' someone like me to do with as ya like. So I'll pick somethin' cute. If you do take me to your quarters, you'd be the envy of the base as you lead me there. Or anywhere else you take me. And just remember, don't be so nervous. I'm alright with whatever. It's only for 24 hours, and you deserve an outlet."

Flare Feline nods and waves back "Uh, right. Well I'll let you know when I come up with something." Maybe he should ask Jet for advice... maybe not, because Jet is one person that would blow it totally out of proportion.

Inverse wasn't waving 'bye bye', just a sort of dismissal. "Trust me. People'll really wish they were in your place when we get this going. Just make sure ya let me know who's boss, or I'll be failing to live up to contract. Any idea when ya might be ready?"

Flare Feline hrms "I couldn't tell you when, once I come up with something I guess." He chuckles "I won't call on you during a Maverick or Master raid or anything."

Inverse responds, "Of course not, master. Whenever you're ready then. I'm gonna go find what I need, in any case. Am I dismissed?" She seems exceedingly amused, for whatever reason.

Flare Feline shakes his head "It's rainchecked, remember? You're not a slave right now." He chuckles "But yeah, I'll get back to you once I come up with something."

Inverse seems properly reminded. "Alright. If we're on those terms then, something later today, or tomorrow, would be best for me. But it's entirely your call. Wherever ya wanna go, whatever you wanna do or make me do. See ya around." With that, she turns and begins walking off.

Flare Feline nods "As soon as I can, it won't take too long..." He then turns and heads back in the direction of RHQ-London, he has some thinking to do.

Inverse continues walking along, then...suddenly vanishes. Probably blink-teleported.

<Quite some time later, two days later actually...>

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Hey Cap'n. You off-duty right now? If you haven't come up with some ideas, I have."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Ideas? Well.. yeah, I'm off duty, what do you have in mind?""

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "Err, Jet you busy? I'd like to ask some advice"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Just assorted stuff. If you've got some armor-polish, I could probably give your gear a good shine-over. That's for example."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Chi transmits, "This is Chi - the battle has been concluded, and we have driven off the Master and Maverick forces."

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "That and you could always show me off to your friends. I'm sure they'll feel real jealous when they see this."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Right. Well, um... I don't want to keep you waiting if you want to do this, so I guess now's fine..."

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Sure. So where to? I'd guess your base would be the best place so long as I'm under your escort, and that sure won't be hard to manage. But if you had a better idea..."

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Sure... Whatca you need, dude?"

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Well, alright. Just wait a moment while I check something out..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cadence transmits, "Someone mind recovering me before you all bug out of here? I can't exactly walk back to base."

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Security concerns, right? I'll wait."

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "A bit of an... odd situation. Remember that auction thing awhile ago? That I got jypped big time in. Well another auctionee, the Maverick Hunter Inverse, also never got to do her side of things, since the person that won her hasn't contacted her since. So two nights ago she contacts me out of nowhere, and offers to let me take his place."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "I'll just be a few minutes, if the base is a no go, we'll go somewhere else."

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You nuts? Go for it! You can do it! I have faith in your skills... And if you need pointers, just talk to the 'ray."

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "Go for it? No, it's not a date, she was up for slave, and that's what she offered me. And I'm afraid I really don't know what to do, though she seems pretty insistant and I don't want to turn her offer down. She also mentioned coming to my... quarters and I don't even know if I have clearence to bring her here <Yep, Flare sounds more than nervous, poor guy>"

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Dude, just chill out then... Get some stuff for her to clean ready. If she doesn't have the clearence to get up there and you don't have the clearence to take her, then just take the stuff outside in the courtyard or in someplace near by. If she wants to clean let her clean, but if she wants a date take her on the date. It's not a big deal at all. Just be natural."

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "<It's likely Flare was indirectly asking Jet for permission, since he IS a Major now, maybe he forgets that at times. And it seems quite obvious that this isn't Flare's field of expertise.> A-alright..."

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Wait... It's Inverse, right?"

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "Yeah, I believe so. I've never talked to her directly before this, but she's the same girl who came to me two days ago and was in the auction"

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Well, I've met her a few times... So..." Short pause. "She's alright with me. Still, I don't want her going into your quarters if it can be helped and she will /not/ go into anyplace remotedly senstive, but she is allowed around the base as long as you stick close to her and don't let her wander around. For social reason as well as security, know what I mean?"

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "...right."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Right, well you can come into the base under my escort, but we have to stay out of sensitive areas and private areas, quarters and such."

Jet Stingray sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Any other questions or concerns about it, or you cool about it all now?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "That'll do. And trust me, keeping me in your escort won't be a problem. If you've set up a guest access for the teleporters, I'll be right over."

[Radio] You send Jet Stingray a direct message: "No, nothing more on Protocol. Though I still have no idea what I'll be doing though..."

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You'll need your own armor polish though, I'm afraid."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Er, yeah, I got some, I was intending to do that myself for awhile. Well, I need to escort you in, so where should I .. pick you up?"

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I could approach the base and you meet me midway and take me in from there?"

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Yeah, ok. Meet you outside..."

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "On my way. I'll do my best to be darn sure they all feel real jealous of ya for gettin' someone like me. Just...take control, ok? If you're too soft on me, I won't be fufilling the deal. And not living up to a 100K deal would ruin me."

[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "...right."

Great Britain

Approaching this set of islands, one can see a massive network of bridges and zoom tubes, or EMP slide cars that radiate from London, connecting the major cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland into an intricate macrocosm. From the mystic highlands of the north to the glistening tower of Big Ben II, the isles exude a sense of durability, stamina and perseverance unmatched. The vigilant navy patrols the waters of this area, standing tall and proud for their home country, ready to guard against both Maverick and Robot Masters.

Inverse [Owned] [MH]
Sensor Tower
Repliforce Headquarters - London [RF]
Ancient Ruined Castle

Obvious exits:
West <IR> leads to Ireland.
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Northern Atlantic.
West <W> leads to Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
Southeast <SE> leads to France.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.


Before you stands a figure about 5'7 in height and looking distinctly like a human female, Caucasian skin-tone, looking around 18-19 years of age. Has a pretty healthy figure and build, the type you'd see on the girl next door.

Her hair is a smooth 'golden blonde' type, flowing down to her upper back. The eyes are a brilliant blue, completing the face well enough.

Her outfit is, simply put, revealing. A red latex bikini and thong are the most obvious parts. A red leather collar around her neck features a long leash cord attached to a metal ring, and her wrists are bound behind her back by black leather cuffs.

And to explain this? Metal tags embedded to the front sides of the collar have engraved in them: "Property of Flare Feline"

Inverse is making pretty good time. Having stopped to change on a sort of obscured path, she dashed over towards RHQ London...and slows down to a walk as it looms near. Security'll probably challenge her soon unless Flare shows.

Yep, some security guys do just that, though the stop to just stare, not really pervertedly (sorta) just wondering why in the heck a handcuffed girl is approaching the HQ. It just screams suspicion, and they would probably confront her, when Flare walks out. At least he has good 'timing' "Err, don't worry guys. She's... with me." The two gumbies stare at Flare for a moment, the start of a beautifully awkward evening has begun. Still, Flare may be really uncomfortable here, but he's still a Captain "You heard me, I said she's with me, now get back to your posts." They do that, and rush back, after turning to look at Inverse again. Flare then walks up to meet Inverse, and headscratches, hoo boy. "Err... that .. outfit wasn't really neccessary."

Inverse seems to be in disagreement, utterly bright-eyed and smiling. "No, but it's fitting for someone of my new position, and like I said, I wanted them to think you're one heck of a lucky guy. You can remove the cuffs whenever you need me to do something. I figured this leash would help keep me under escort though. Oh, and I had my insides tweaked a bit for this, so I'm only as strong as a human would be." She stops near Flare, still pretty enthused. "I'm ready to be lead on, master." Yup, she's either weird, or definately enjoying making him feel weird.

Flare Feline sighs, seems there's no way out of this. Well, he COULD have just turned down the offer from the get go, but she did go and come to him about it, he didn't want to insult her. Thankfully they're in London, if they were in a place where the Masters could suddenly attack, 'being as weak as a human' could be very bad. But they're heading into base now, so it doesn't matter. "RIght, well let's go..." He turns to head in, and stops in half-turn. Sighs again, and turns back and takes the leash. It's going to be a LONG night, here's hoping there's no crowd in the rec-room.

Inverse seems to be fine with being lead along, keeping in step well enough and grinning the entire time. Pure evil probably does course through her 'veins.' "A great start, master."

<Soon later...>

Rec-Room - RHQ London

Easily a replica for the old recreation room, this one is just as large and takes up just as much room as Repliforce Island's. Put together for fun and enjoyment, the rec-room itself has a host of different areas to do just that, from the large wide-screen TV on the far wall through to the arcade games and pool tables. Gambling in itself isn't truly condoned by the chain of command, but you can usually find people betting on pool matches between the regulars here. There's also a small kitchen area, for some reason, just in case anyone decides to try their hand at cooking. Don't burn the HQ down!

Cadence [Peacekeeper] [Peacekeeper] [RF]
Ring Redwing [Normal] [RF]
Savannah Lioness [Armor] [RF]
Archer Colossus [Archer] [Sporty] [RF]
Card Table with Cards [#5024 LOV]
Pool Table [#4399 OV]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.

Strike Mongoose has arrived.
Inverse has arrived.

Cadence surfs in on his hoverboard, looking around, before going to take a seat on the couch, his board compacting down. "So this is the London base, hmm? Seems nice."

Strike Mongoose walks into the rec room, stretching slightly as he works all of the kinks out of his back. Selene had finally gotten him back up to speed after Pharaoh Man blew him to smithereens back in Africa a few days ago, and it was NICE to not have to work about something cutting out on him or if he wasn't going to be able to operate properly at some point. He looks around and waves to everyone, a faint smile on his face. "So, whats going on?" he asks curiously.

Red Winged Met has arrived.
Ring Redwing drops Red Winged Met with a slight, "Oof!"

Archer Colossus is already sprawled on the couch, playing Jet Stingray's Jet Skier. Coming to a Dreamstation 128 near you soon! He's in his civvies, and looking bored. oO(So they program a Fencer Naiad in this, or what? C'mon. More chicks in video games. Least more that ain't pug ugly.)Oo As Cadance makes his way in, Archer makes room for him. "Eh. I was expecting more...but it's livable. What's your name rook?" asks Archer, extending a hand, while keeping his view on the screen.

Jet Stingray has arrived.

Cadence takes the offered hand. "Officer 98." comes the straightforward, almost Anthem like answer, before he grins. "Call me Cadence, though. And you are?" he says, taking a peek at the game. "That thing two player?"

Savannah Lioness is lounging on a couch, a book in her paws. She's idly reading while off duty.

Flare Feline heads down the hall, trying to hide his utter embarassment at this... situation. This just isn't what Flare's used to. He trails behind him, Inverse, who is following along, by a leash. He heads towards the Rec Room oO(Here's hoping it's deserted tonight...) He opens the door, and takes a few steps in, and tries to keep himself from facepalming oO(Why me..,,?) He'd turn around him and leave, but it'd probably be too late to get out of there before anyone saw him. There he is, holding a leash which at the other end, is Inverse.

Ring Redwing is playing pool with her pet met. It's really getting quite good at playing pool, and holding the pool stick between it's stubby feet while flying and hovering over the pool table. White bandage wrap is wound about her abdomen and shoulders, although she is entering the final day of recovery from the damage she received at Nairobi. She seems pretty back to normal, no trauma able to change her character.

Inverse is indeed being lead along by Flare. He may be embarassed, but she's smiling very widely, regarding various people in the rec-room as she enters. "Wow...this is a nice recreational room, master." Bet there'll be a heck of an explanation to this one.

Archer Colossus nods in reply. "Archer Colossus." he replies. "An' of course it is. Actually, it goes up to 4 unless we get another Dreamstation. Max players is 8, I think. Grab a controller, and I'll restart. Nice t' meetcha." To his credit, he actually takes his eyes off the screen, and begins leaning to hit the reset button, as the...strange party makes their way in. oO(...010101010101010101000100000101010001000010...*cough* Hm. The ludicrosity of that sent me into binary. And into big words.)Oo

"The hell? You raid a Sports Illustrated shoot or find a magic lamp"queries Archer

Cadence blinks at Archer's stumbling, and glances over himself. He lets out a low whistle himself. "Sports Illustrated. Definetly. After all, you don't see that on a genie. At least not the one that hangs around that astronaut."

Jet Stingray comes in a few moments later, making an effort to restock the mini-Karaoke Bar that Jet has been trying to maintain in the farthest corner of the Rec Room. His expensive Karaoke Machine lay there, with the three tables around it. Near the area is a decent sized mobile dry bar as well... Colonel or Slash haven't desposed of it yet, and with his new high rank, it just might stay here for good. He pauses as he notices Flare and Inverse, 'heh'ing to himself softly.

Cadence then does a doubletake. Wait, wasn't she just at the oil rig raid. Naw, can't be. Maybe she has a twin, or something.

Savannah Lioness glances up from her book from time to time, spying each new person who enters. As Flare enters with his 'companion', she glances for a bit longer, suppressing a soft giggle.

Strike Mongoose looks over at Flare for a long moment, his eyebrow rising... quite a bit, in all honesty. This is certainly not what he was expecting to see when he walked into the Rec Room. It was amusing as all get out, but it still was not exactly what he was expecting to see. "Erm... good evening Sir..." Stirke says quietly, jacking the eyebrow up another few centimeters as he focus' his optics and reads the tag on Inverse's collar. "I can see that being the Hunter Liason obviously has some perks that the rest of us were not aware of..."

Ring Redwing's Red Winged Met nerps a whistling nerp and scratches the initial break of the billiard balls as it spots Flare and his date. Redwing frowns dissapointedly at her pet for a moment until it draws her attention to the pair as well with a couple of rapid flaps and kicking in their general direction. o 0 (Wow, look at what the cat dragged in. Wait, am I in the right Recreation Room?) She spins about to look for Broadcast's couch, but fails to find out. Oh well, only BO and catgirls were allowed on it anyhow. *Head-scratch*

Flare Feline takes in all the rections, and tries to get his voice to work again. He outranks them, remember? Well not Jet, but he's not saying anything yet anyway. He coughs, and looks to Archer "Er.. it's sort of tying up some loose ends from that disaster auction last month. And..." Then Strike speaks up, and he quickly turns to face him, trying to keep his voice sounding less than 'horrified' "No no! You're wrong! She came to ME, for the Slave for a day " He does a typical anime 'frantic handwaving' as he stammers, trying to word it right.

Inverse seems utterly casual and cheerful, in total contrast to Flare's nervousness. Moreso with all the stares and comments and other reactions this draws. She decides to offer an explanation. "This is my way of makin' it up to Flare that he got completely gypped for tryin' to help out a good cause. For a total of 24 hours, I'm his." She offers a look up to Flare, wide smile still all too prominent.

Inverse sends a radio transmission.
Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "C'mon, live it up. If you're too nervous they'll think I'm the one in charge, not the brave, noble Captain Flare Feline. You don't want that, do ya?"

Archer Colossus doubletakes. "Say what?" comments Archer, intrigued. Looking at the pair again, he shakes his head. "And...oy." he exclaims, as Inverse explains it. "Don't let a day of fun go to waste. Can't be a boyscout all the time. You gotta layback in the mix. Right?"

Savannah Lioness gives a soft smile "Who picked out the outfit?" She places the book down, thinking this might be more interesting.

Inverse receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "Hey I'm not exactly used to this sort of thing..."

Ring Redwing scratches her chin thoughtfully, "Hmm, it's a pity your plushie was already sold, you could've gotten her to hold it. That would've been adorable." No sir from her to Flare, she's the same rank and besides doesn't really pay attention to rank anyways. "Okay, guys enough staring, Flare introduce her to us or will we just be calling her Flare's Hunter girl slave the whole night?" She grins widely.
Inverse sends a radio transmission.

Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You picked it out. If ya don't show some control over me, someone might try and take /your/ reward. And that wouldn't be right at all."

Cadence glances over, lightly nudging Archer, as he grabs a controller. "Who's the gal over there playing pool?" he asks him quietly, as he gets ready to play.

Strike Mongoose chuckles and sits down on a nearby cough - in all honesty Inverse's outfit isn't the most revealing thing he's seen in the last few months. But that is in itself a long story, and one rectified by Jet's massive fortune. "Of course, Flare..." Strike comments absently. "That auction didn't turn out quite as expected... so why shouldn't it spill over in some rather... odd ways?" he asks more of himself than anyone else, and starts watching the varied activities in the room.

Jet Stingray pats Flare on the shoulder with a chuckle. "I see you prefer the 'Conan the Barbarian' look for your date. I recommend that you don't let Colonel see this. I doubt he would take it as cool as the rest of us would. Just be glad that your Hunter girl is around... I don't even know if my girl is even interested in dating me anymore." And with that, Jet's teasing of Flare is done. Or at least for the time being. He moves over to Ring though, noticing that she is finally out. "Hey, Ring... You alright? When I was in the med bay for a day or two, you were looking rather out of it... Was worried about you." And after that? The ray moves over to the karaoke machine... Yet another thing gained from Jet's million doller endorcement deals.

Inverse offers some more comments and answers. First to Ring Redwing. "Well, you all can call me 'slave' if you like." Then she looks over to Strike and adds, "And the whole lot of ya can feel free to take pictures too. Can't sell 'em, but you can keep 'em for yourself."

Archer Colossus asides to Cadence. "Ring Redwing's her name. She's one of the higher ups of Aerial." Finally, he taps the restart button, and leans back into the couch. "Nice girl. Nice Rings, too." adds the sharpshooter, with a rueful smile.

Cadence says, "..rings are not the only things nice on her." he says, setting up to play the game as well. "Way out of my class, though. So, what button does what on this thing?"

Ring Redwing throws Jet a thumbs up, "daijoubu desu. (I'm okay.) It'll take more than a few hundred stabs by Yamato Man to put me down for good. Although I'm really bummed out that he stole my Repliforce Symbol. I've had it since day one here and now it's gone. I suppose I can get another but it's just not going to be the same one you know?" Her wide yellow optics get a somewhat wistful look and her met lands nearby and nerps a somewhat melancholy sounding nerp. But then she brightens up again, "Well! All in the line of duty! Nah, I don't believe in slavery, back at the circus I used to work for, we didn't even keep our animals on leashes. They were like family to us, really." she smiles at Inverse and winking over her head at Flare.

Flare Feline sighs, this is gonna be a loooooong night. He speaks up to Sav, sort of ignoring Inverse's radio "I told her to wear what she wanted, and ... well this is what she was wearing when I met her earlier." He looks around the room "Anyway... this is Inverse, if you don't know. You certainly don't have to call her slave." He spots one of the several couches in the room "Anyway..." He heads over towards it.

Jet Stingray kneels down next to his karaoke machine, apparently checking it out and making sure is working alright. Not even looking at Ring, he speaks to her, considering that she is the only person talking to him at the moment. "Well, next time, I'll see Yamato or got some time to kill, I'll challenge him to a duel for it and kick his aft so you get it back. Know what it's like to have the bad guys take important stuff from you."

Inverse adds after Flare introduces her, "But you can if you wanna.", then over to Ring. "I don't believe in it either, but this is purely for fun. No one's really being forced to bow to someone else's whims. This is just my way of making sure Flare got /something/ for tryin' to be a good guy other than just an ambush." And boy is she chatty. She regards Jet Stingray now. "Wow...go to that for her? You really are a heck of a guy." And for Phoebus' benefit, Flare's holding her leash currently. She's smiling very, very widely the entire time.

Archer Colossus nods to Cadence. "I know what you mean." Looking to the controller, he points to the directional pad first. "This turns you, and combined with that button...the blue one does tricks. Green's the weapons, yellow's camera, red's turbo, Right trigger is thrust, and Left one's brakes." he adds.

Broadcast Ocelot has arrived.

Strike Mongoose looks curiously at Jet. "Hmmm? Your girlfriend, Jet?" he asks, rather curious - this is the first that he has heard of anything along that perticular subjet. Strike pulls out a small block of wood after a moment, his claws snapping out... and he proceeds to whittle the block, shavings falling away as he molds it into a humanoid shape...

Savannah Lioness is lounging on a couch, a discarded book beside her as her attention is drawn to Flare and Inverse. "Quite an outfit I must say. Can't be shy to wear that." she says to Inverse.

Broadcast Ocelot has arrived. Woo and all that. He makes a bee line for his favourite person in the RF, the rest of you can take a backseat, yo. "Hey." Everyone else gots the appropriate nod, wave, ignore. Depends if how well he knows you and what not.

Ring Redwing nods back to Inverse and holds out a red-gloved hand, "Well, it's nice of you to do that for him, Inverse. And I'm Ring Redwing, you can just call me Ring or Redwing. Nice to meet you." She turns back to Jet and smiles gratefully, "That'd be great, Jet. I'd really appreciate it." She feels the gaze of Archer and Cadence on her for a moment as they glance her way instead. Her wide yellow optics stay on the reploid she doesn't recognize for a moment. She leans over and whispers to Sav, "Hey Sav do you know who that new guy is? The one over there playing video games? He looks kinda cute, a SecDeffer?"

More and more people come into the Rec Room. Why couldn't Flare go to a less crowded place, like, oh, the Reploid Room? Sighing, he arrives at one of the couches. Oh, and he has some stuff in his hand, what is it, armor polish? This was entirely Inverse's idea too. It ALL is actually. But he's into it now, there's no getting out.

Inverse responds back to Savannah, "Nope. Not at all shy. Can't be, I figure. Besides, I'll bet the guys're lovin' this right now." She tries to bring a hand forward to shake Redwing's, but her wrists are still cuffed behind her back. She ends up having to turn around to do it. "Definately a pleasure. You all seem like great people around here, not at all what I'd expected."

Archer Colossus shrugs at Cadence. "Ain't that hard t grasp..." returns Archer, who's focusing on the screen again. And as his enhanced hearing kicks in, a narrowing of the optics accompanies. Nodding, he gives a grin to Cadence. "Quite. Let's get this underway." he returns, nailing the start button for the race countdown to begin.

Jet Stingray pulls out the instruction booklet for the karaoke machine, using it to help him check it out. He doesn't have much in the way of techinical skills... He's a grunt, not a engineer. The 'ray is rather smart, despite the stupid mistakes he makes sometimes. Responding first to Inverse, he responses, "Well, I'm an aft-kicker... It's just what I do. Might as well help out other people. Sure they would do the same for me and if not, well... They are still my family," he offers in a causal tone, but it in no way makes it less important in the Stingray of Repliforce's mind.

He then nods to Strike, adjusting a wire here and there and using special vaccums to clean up the dust and what not that might be inside. "Or at least I thought she was... But I haven't been able to reach her for weeks or anything like that. Makes a reploid wonder. It's not often I get dumped without warning, and even less like this.... But it is sure seemingly like I got deep-six, cold shoulder style." He gives a tired sigh, shaking his head before getting back to work on the machine Phoebus cares for so much.

Cadence takes the controller, and leans back, running his fingers over the pad in a mockup simulation, before the game starts. "Character selection.. hmm.."

Inverse remains in bright-spirits, although she's visibly impressed at Jet's responses. "I don't know if I'll ever entirely get sentiments like that, but I'm impressed. You really are somethin', Jet."

Savannah Lioness hmmms as Red whispers to her, glancing briefly towards the pair. "Mmmhmm." she nods to Red, agreeing with her "Haven't met him yet." she replies, sitting up and shifting over as Broadcast heads over to leave him some room on the couch. She smiles at Inverse "Oh, I think you've got that right. What boy wouldn't?"

Broadcast Ocelot raises his paw in response to Sav's question, having absolutely no idea whatsoever what she's talking about. Having not really 'noticed' Inverse as yet. His attention being elsewhere, apparently.

Archer Colossus meanwhile selects the high endurance, high top speed, low acceleration Deluge Elephant as his racer. Seems the character choices are pretty spanning. Even has Anthem in classic Varia Armor, with the Precinct Patroller-style Jetski. Must be one of those crazy unlockable characters.

Cadence says, "Freestyle Gecko. Looks promising." he says, then his eyes settle on Anthem for a moment. He pans his controller over to it, highlighting her for a second. Well, if it is anyone he'd know like the back of his hand. However, he doesn't take her, going back to Freestyle, and reselecting him. "Alright, I'm ready."

Cadence glances behind him, getting that sensation of being watched. He offers up a quick wave before hunkering down again.

Flare Feline takes out the armor polish, and lays it on a table in front of the couch he's sitting on. It seems that Inverse is the one enjoying herself the most tonight. He sighs, well it could be worse, at least Ten isn't here. He can't even predict HOW she'd react to that, but it'd likely not help Flare's embarressment right now.

Ring Redwing nods back to Sav and then turns her attention back to Inverse, although she glances back to Cadence through peripheral vision as well to see if he's just pretending to concentrate on the game and brushing back some of her blonde hair so that a few strands flop back behind her right ear. "Indeed, not only that but Jet is the fastest thing in the water. Say, speaking of which, going to nab us another gold in the water race in this year's Olympics?" she directs the question back towards the stingray. Meanwhile, her met is getting bored at getting no attention now and with a careless nerp resumes playing pool. Carefully re-racking and breaking the billiard ball this time.

Savannah Lioness gives a little giggle as Broadcast raises his paw. Patting the seat beside her, she smiles "How's it going hun?"

Inverse seems to be willing to continue conversing with Savannah. "Exactly. Who wouldn't? And if it makes 'em feel good, I'm all for it." She follows Flare along by virtue of the leash, sitting on the couch with him. "Armor polishing, master? Of course, but you'll have to uncuff my hands first. I can't polish things with them tied behind my back." She holds her hands out to Flare. Fortunately the cuffs will be easily removable by outside help.

Archer Colossus nods, as the countdown begins. Ready...5...4...3...2...1...GO! And the race begins, Elephant taking his normal slow start, but then again, who expects one of the largest competitors to go rocketing off at the crack of a whip?

Flare Feline strikes Broadcast Ocelot with his Flare Pulse attack.
Yay Emit fest!

Freestyle does take off at the crack of a whip though. It seems that Cadence's fingers are as fast as his feet, however, as he plays, one would notice that he puts his legs and body into it. His reactions are a lot like the characters, as he tries to get a feel for the game his first time, though he slips up once, glancing behind him. He murmurs to Archer. " she still looking over here?"

Strike Mongoose finishes his carving, looking at it appraisingly - one of Inverse as she currently is, and not a bad one at that. Maybe he could make another of Flare and send it to him at some point in the future...?

Jet Stingray chuckles to Inverse as he closes up the karaoke machine. "I try... I might not be the usual Repliforcer, but I make an effort to be a good 'forcer in my own ways." He turns to Redwing, only catching a few words here and there. "Battle and Chase? I'll be trying to get gold again... I'll need support though. Those races are team battles, even though they don't tell you that."

Broadcast Ocelot sits down next to the lioness if he hasn't already and shrugs, "Cool as always. Jus' got off meh shift an' all." He now takes a full look around at everyone in the Rec Room that he can see and remarks, "Quite a bit of people in tonight." Pause. "An' wha' exactly was I raisin' meh hand for?" He grins.

Inverse seems quite interested in Strike's work. She asks, "Hey...sometime would you be able to make a copy of that carving of me? I'd like to have one."

Archer Colossus shrugs. "Don't ask me, I ain't lookin. Could be. I heard the movement of something shiftin from that direction, sounded soft, but tough to filter over the other noise." Meanwhile, his fingers are dancing over the controller. One's got to have nimble fingers to nock 28 arrows in a minute. And his reaction times are scary considering the way he has to think..and shrink on the fly, so to speak. And so, though Deluge goes not much faster yet, Archer's playing the subtle game, going for speedups, turboing jumps, and taking the shorter paths. "Thought you said she was beyond you anyways?"

Cadence notices that Archer knows all the secrets of the game already, which puts him behind the curve. "..she might be looking at you for all I know, Archer." comes the wry response, as he continues to fall behind, eyes narrowing in concentration.

Flare Feline nods, and unlocks the handcuffs. There'll probably be no need to put them back on either. At least Flare won't do it on purpose. He's still pretty silent. Mainly because he's not sure exactly how his voice would sound if he were to speak, as embarressed as he is. Poor Flare has to be so frickin innocent in these matters.

Strike Mongoose grins and nods slightly to Inverse. "Eh, its just an old skill that I picked up while I was with the rangers... you can have it if you like," he says, offering the work to the Hunter. "Its just a block of wood, and I can always make another. Not really a shortage of wood or memory to work with," he adds quietly, his eyes going distant. He shrugs it off, and smiles slightly. "Poor Flare... always getting himself into something..."

Ring Redwing hides a smile as she notices Cadence's backwards glance. Sliding back some of her hair behind her left ear as well, she responds back to those she's currently facing, "Well, I know that those of us who can't swim will at least be rooting for you, and try to get the team spirit flowing." An impatient nerp from her met turns her head, "Well, I need to get back to teaching my met to play pool. I'll have those Reploids by the door watch for Colonel, Flare."

Well who d'you think went though the trouble to unlock Anthem? Archer looks quite sullen at that, losing ground as he sidelong glances at Cadence. "Not likely. I'd say it's cause I can read people...but really, it's cause I'm a fair eavesdropper." he states, as he manipulates the Elephant to grab a weapon icon. "I know better."

Inverse brings her hands back to the front once they're unbound, and moves for the armor polish in short order. "Will you be lying down while I apply the polish, master?" She's still enjoying this way too much. And while waiting for a response, she opens the container and prepares it for use. She accepts Strike's carving once she's done with that, too. "Thank you. And yeah, he's getting himself into things. Isn't he a lucky guy to have someone like me in his power? To do with as he pleases, and have some fun for bein' a good person?"

Cadence glances up at Archer. It takes a moment, but the smaller officer blanches as it dawns on him. "No way." he says just a bit too loud, before coughing in dropping his voice. " way she was looking over here at me." Wham, Freestyle slams into a tree, becoming ver 2d, before resetting, and taking off again.

Jet Stingray nods to Redwing, still finishing up on the karaoke machine, so he doesn't notice the '90210' levels of the Rec Room rising at the moment. "Glad to hear it... Having your friends behind you is always kicking."

Flare Feline really isn't having fun, actually. Not that he doesn't appreciate what Inverse is trying to do, but being called master, having a slave, etc, is just not something Flare is comfortable with. He stays seated "Er... I'll stay sitting up, thanks." He sighs. He was nervous when she first came to him, thinking that it was a DATE she was in for, he's finding Slave to be worse...

Archer Colossus shrugs, and doesn't swap the weapon for any extra powerups, in the case that Cadence begins closing in. Instead, he's sticking to the jumps and speedways, just now, he's using the outer set, and pulling tricks in midair. "Eh." is his nonchalant reply.

Inverse answers back, "Polish while sitting. Got it, master." And with that, she starts with Flare's leg armor. Very 'even' applications, as if she'd had experience with this sort of thing.

Cadence realizes he has no chance in catching up, so puts on the optimist's view. "Well, you win from the looks of it.. but, I figure I only live once, so.. if you'll excuse me." He stands up, taking his board. "Catch you later, Archer." And with that, he makes a roundabout path to the pool table.

Broadcast Ocelot arches an optic ridge at Flare and Inverse, says nothing. Nothing to say, really. The rest of the people get nothing either. Basically because like Flare and Inverse, he has nothing to say, add, remark on. Not at the moment anyways.

Inverse sends a radio transmission to Flare Feline.
Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*Concerned tone* Hey...aren't you enjoying this? I thought you'd like it. People /are/ jealous of ya, can't you see? Hell, they're enjoying it. Everyone is /but/ you, and I'm doing this to try and make you feel good..."

Ring Redwing says, "Hey! It was supposed to be my turn to try to sink a ball in! If you are the player who breaks, and you don't sink one in on the break then the other player gets to go first and choose a ball to sink. Oh well, we'll let it slide, go ahead and shoot the another solid ball, but no more cheating!" She finger-waggles at the Met who nerps apologetically. It lines up it's shot carefully, but then notices what Inverse is doing and it's aim goes wildly off as it's optics pop out comically in astonishment. Redwing doesn't notice her met's antics however as she spies Cadence walking over. She straightens up and wraps her right arm about her pool stick. "Hi there," she says beaming a smile towards the humanoid peace-officer type.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 3 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse receives a radio transmission from Flare Feline.
[Radio] You send Inverse a direct message: "I'm.... just not very used to this."

Inverse sends a radio transmission.
Inverse sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You're not hurting me. I'm /enjoying/ this. Live it up a little, please. You're a lucky guy to have someone like me polishing your armor. Just relax and smile, please. Everyone here is /fine/ with what's going on!"

Cadence grins back. "Hey." he says in response, before blinking. Manners, Cadence. "I meant, good evening, ma'm." he pauses at that, not sure where to -- oh. "..interesting Met you have there."

Jet Stingray just rises up and shakes his head, placing the manual on the karaoke machine. Chuckling to the scenes he sees before him, he offers a quiet, "Puppy love, it's so cute..." In one of his few 'smug' moods, he offers a causal salute, making his way out to stock up the dry bar some more, offering a soft "Later" to anyone that cares to listen.

Flare Feline sighs, enjoy himself eh? It's a bit difficult for Flare, he was originally designed to be a defender. This just isn't something he can enjoy, at least not as it is. After a moment, he speaks to Inverse "So, how long have you been in the Hunters." Yep, the lost art of conversation.

Archer Colossus shrugs helplessly as Cadence is up, and gone. Now a lesser man would get annoyed, irritated, or even care. But it's time to head to get a nice cold import. Ad he knows just where to get one. Berlin. Who says it's not fun to live dangerously? First off to change, and then off to the city. Natch.

Archer Colossus enters the Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.
Archer Colossus has left.

Broadcast Ocelot gives Jet a wave-salute kinda thing, obviously hearing his 'later'. Damn him and his keen hearing.

Strike Mongoose offers Jet a quiet salute, and leans foward on his hands as he listens to Flare talking to Inverse... although the fact that they are using their radios instead of simply talking quietly seems strange, especially with the number of people who can intercept radio transmissions around here...

Archer takes careful aim, sights you up, and unleashes his COOKIE arrow! Take that , vile scion of justice! Or get you some @poll. Whatever.

Inverse returns the 'later' to Jet with one of her own. "See ya around." Her mood does sort of deflate at Flare's question, though she tries to recover her cheer and more or less succeeds. "Only a few months, master." She continues to polish up parts of Flare's armor, too. Definately knows what she's doing, moving up to the knees now.

Ring Redwing waves a hand dismissively and shakes her head slightly, bangs swaying slightly with the movement, "ii ne (it's nothing) You don't have to address me formally, I'm not really much for formalities except when with command officers. Jet and Iris being a few of the exceptions, though. Evening to you... ?" she drifts off, letting Cadence introduce himself to her, the Met glances away from Inverse and Flare for a moment to glance at Cadence as well and nerps curiously at him. "Oh, yes isn't it the cutest though?" Impusively she puts her pool stick aside and gives her met a big hug.

Phoebus has left.

Cadence smiles a bit. "Officer 98.. but I go by Cadence most of the time." he says in response, pausing at the hug. "And you are, ma'm?"

Flare Feline nods, trying to take his mind specifically off the Master/Slave thing "MmHmm, and what got you to join? Or who?" Typical Flare, has a girl like Inverse calling him 'master' and he focuses on conversation. And he is interested too, he always makes a point to get to know people like this.

Jet Stingray only speaks to Broadcast before leaving, "Sometime, dude, we need to talk. Nothing serious, but the ray has been planning and needs some unofficial help." That said, the Stingray of Semi-Loose Cannonness walks out to do his stingray thing.

Inverse continues to make her way up on polishing Flare's armor, working up along the waist/hips. "I'd rather not talk about the 'what'. But Megaman sent me an invitation letter to join, master. I accepted, as you can probably guess."

Jet Stingray has disconnected.

Flare Feline nods "Well how are you liking it so far? It's impressive that MegaMan sent the invitation himself." Finally, he relaxes a little bit. He was tense enough to put stress on titanium there for a second (no I don't know what that's supposed to mean, it sounded good when I typed it)

Ring Redwing let's go of the Met who nerps a bit indignantly at being hugged so impulsively and goes over to use rub some blue chalk onto the tip of it's own pool stick. Extending her hand forward, Redwing introduces herself, "Ring Redwing of the Aerial Operations, you can just call me Ring or Redwing, though. Nice to meet you Cadence, which division are you in? I'd guess Sec Def. Am I right?" She shuts one optic in a half-wink.

Strike Mongoose chuckles. "And she's not a pushover, from when I've seen her fight," Strike says softly, looking at Inverse for a moment. He's never been that impressed with the Hunters in general - more seeing them as glory hounds while the RF did the dirty work... and the dying. But that certainly didn't prevent him from respecting members of that organization.

Inverse keeps on polishing, very attentive to the matter. She does return to sitting down on the couch however, as she opts to work on an arm. "Can we change the topic, master? I'd rather not talk about that." As Strike keeps looking at her, she does stop polishing for a moment to strike a pose for him, arms bent behind her head, smile returning. She holds it for a second or two and returns to polishing Flare's armor, though.

Cadence nods, slightly flustered. "Yes'am, you would be." he pauses as he gets a radio call, and frowns just slightly. "Duty calls, and it's my shift.. I'll talk to you later, Ring!" And with that, he heads out. Save by the radio.

Flare Feline nods "Right, so what were you doing before joining the Hunters?" Maybe that's a step in the right direction, maybe that's going right where Inverse doesn't want to go, who knows?

Ring Redwing takes her hand and places it on her chin instead and watches as Cadence walks out as she calls out her farewell as well. Her met nerps impatiently at her and she finally turns her attention back to her pet. "All right all right, I'll take my shot! Mou! (Annoyed exclamation)"

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 10 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Strike Mongoose chuckles. "Maybe you should ask her what she likes to do, what type of music she likes, what type of food she likes to eat?" the Mongoose suggests from across the room, not all that loud but certainly enough that Flare can hear it. "Ladies generally think that it flattered... or they try to carve your tripes out," he adds, remembering a couple of incidents with Gearworks and Selene...

Inverse responds back to Flare, "Real slavery, more or less. On a sort of corporate scale. Nice and legal, but only by creative loopholes. I really don't have much experience outside of fighting, training, and patrolling company grounds." She adds after Strike's suggestion, "But I'd be glad to talk about those topics, master. Or anything else not related to duties. Anything at all." She's done with one arm, and stops to 'reward' Strike for his topic-suggestion with another quick pose. Definately returning to her earlier enthusiasm.

Flare Feline isn't too insistant on any one topic, and doesn't linger where she seems uncomfortable "Yeah, sure. So what ARE you interested in?" Now he seems considerably less nervous, not really thinking about the whole Slave thing at all.

Spiral Pegasus has connected.

Ring Redwing catches some wisps of the conversation between Flare and Inverse, she joins in as she walks over to the other side of the pool table to line up her next shot, her met continuing to badger her the entire time. "That's so interesting, so how did you get your name, anyhow? Usually a reploid's name is based on their function and all, but I don't really understand what yours means."

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing scratches!
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse gets up to walk to the other side of the couch, and start polishing Flare's other arm's armor plating. She's more than willing to entertain the Met's inquiry, too. "Well, usually there's a trend to designing combat robots. The big ones are strong and don't use many rifles, missiles, and such. Usually anyway. Smaller ones are the ones who do that. Me? I use a big axe instead of long-range gear. So I'm the 'Inverse' of typical robot design wisdom."

Strike Mongoose chuckles softly and leans back in his seat, deciding to look at the ceiling for a moment. It wasn't that Inverse was hard to look at - and Strike had no problems with what she was trying to do for Flare. But he takes a moment to remember back when he was constructed... quite a long time ago. He shrugs and pulls out another block of wood, his claws slicing into it as he starts another carving.

Flare Feline nods again, and chuckles "Well that's interesting. So do you have any hobbies or anything?" Guess this is standard 'armor polishing' conversation for Flare.

Inverse keeps on polishing while conversing, moving once again to the legs. A sort of 'second coat' to make sure she didn't miss anything. "Hobbies? Well...not really. I'm hoping to get to be more well known though, and someone's supposed to be trying to arrange for me to be a model towards that end, but nothing's come up from it yet. That, and I'd like to think I stand up for the little guy. The people not obsessed with profit margins and advancing themselves above others. Good people, basically."

Ring Redwing waves her hand to her met, indicating that it is it's turn now that she scratched her last shot. Good thing the pool table is very durable! "Yeah, that is interesting, so like what sort of things do you Hunters do in your free time? I'm sure you guys got a rec room too. Wasn't there a ouija board and a punching bag of Bass in there or something? At least that's what rumours I've heard." She grins.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met sinks the 6 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse responds back to Ring, "I wouldn't know what the others do in their spare time. If I'm not fighting, I'm usually well away from base. I haven't found many hobbies yet, but I'll keep trying until something does stick."

Spiral Pegasus has left.

Ring Redwing nods understandingly, "Always good to have a hobby, I've got quite a few myself. Most of them are holdovers from when I used to work in the circus. Watch this," So saying, she takes off a few rings, and very carefully since she's still not fully recovered yet, juggles three of them slowly while humming an ancient circus tune at the same time.

Hmm, nice guys who don't try to advance themselves in the eys of others? Well that's Flare allright. He turns to Red "Well I didn't notice anything like that when I was in Light Labs. Though I'm sure a punching bag that looks like Bass would be entertaining, maybe we can try to get one for here." He chuckles. Yep, at long last he's calmed down. If only because his attention to the slave thing hasn't been brought up lately. "So what /do/ you do in your spare time? You must have some sort of hobby?"

Strike Mongoose finsihes his next carving... an exact duplica of the carving that he had made a few moments ago, except that Inverse is again dressed in her normal combat uniform. Strike runs his fingers over it for a moment... and sighs. A small flaw in the wood, a burr that wouldn't hold polish well and would eventually weaken and break the piece. The Mongoose turned the piece over one last time, and set it on the floor in front of him, looking at it as he fished around for his staff. Best to break it now and see if there would be anything left...
You paged Inverse with 'Soon yeah'.

Savannah Lioness sits idly on the couch, having picked up her book to read a bit more. After a few chapters she glances up again, and shakes her head to herself briefly. She had forgotten anyone else was even here.

Inverse looks over to Ring's performance between polishings, and remarks, "Weird...but not bad. I couldn't do that." She notices Strike's latest project and asks, "Hope ya won't misinterpret, but I'd like a copy of that one there too if it's convenient. Could give ya a bit of cash for it, even." Then back to Flare. "I'm done polishing your armor, master. I don't have much of a hobby yet though, I'm still getting used to being able to do what I feel like. I'll polish your back if you want, but you'll have to turn around and crouch down so we don't get it on this couch."

Ring Redwing halts her juggling and places the rings back where they belong, "I usually can juggle lots more, but I was injured pretty badly lately as I mentioned before. I couldn't do this when I was first made however, I had to learn it over time, luckily the human circus performers who taught me were very very patient. Now I can pass that knowledge onto my Met as well." And yes, her met can juggle with it's stubby little feet amazingly enough. She turns back to watch as her met tries to line up it's next shot, having to twist the stick around so that the cue ball will bank off the right side of the pool table to strike at it's target.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 7 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Flare Feline hmms for a moment, and checks his internal chronometer kajigger "Actually, it's getting a bit late. We should hurry and get going soon..." Yep, soon. That's right.

Broadcast Ocelot returns from doing something. Let's say, blowing up something, for the sake of argument. Not that he'd actually do anything like that. Really. Anyways, he takes up his spot next to Sav again, while watching the scene before him. Who needs cable?

Inverse considers Flare's response for a few seconds, and answers, "Alright then, master." A few more assorted poses for the troops in the room, then she asks, "Before he takes me away, would someone be kind enough to re-cuff my hands behind my back? Wouldn't look right for Captain Flare's slave to be left like this." She indicates the black leather ones left near the couch, though she does keep her hands in front of her.

Ring Redwing nods to Flare and Inverse as they prepare to leave. "Any sign of Colonel, guys?" She calls over to the reploids nearby the door. They answer in the negative and then she waves to the two, "Well, it was nice meeting you Inverse, very generous of you to offer to be umm, Flare's slave." A small smile creases her lips for a moment and then she turns back to concentrate on her pool game.

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 13 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing hits the 14 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met sinks the 1 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 7 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing hits the 12 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met scratches!
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 12 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 14 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

[OOC] Inverse says, "Slow down on the shots please, Ring?"
[OOC] Inverse says, "Spammy."
[OOC] Ring Redwing says, "Sorry. :D"

Flare Feline sighs, and facepalms slightly. Darnit, he had nearly forgotten about the whole slave thing. "No, that's alright. You don't need to be... cuffed." Why does Flare have a feeling he won't be hearing the end of this any time soon?

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 11 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse responds to Ring first. "I figured it was only fair that he get /some/ kinda reward for trying to do the right thing. And if that means a little playing around, fine by me." She regards Flare again, "Master, it's important. And besides, I'm sure someone here'll be more than willing. Share the fun, I figure."

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 9 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Broadcast Ocelot isn't willing. Not with Savannah here. Or even if she wasn't here. That could be worse. Considering how the grapevine works.

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing hits the 15 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Probably because this is the most embarassing thing that has happened to Flare in a long, long time. Strike picks up his carving, and sets it on the table in front of Flare and Inverse. "Go ahead and keep it - as I said, its just a block of wood. I don't charge people for these..." he says quietly.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 4 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse accepts the carvings of her that Strike made, still grinning. "Thank you. If you won't take money then, won't you give Flare a hand in properly securing me before he takes me away? I insist on paying somehow."

Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing hits the 15 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Savannah Lioness smiles at Broadcast "Where were you off to?" An arm goes about him and she gives a bit of a snug.

Flare Feline sighs, just as well to let him cuff her again. She probably won't leave until she is.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 4 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing hits the 15 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Strike Mongoose chuckles and offers Inverse a slight bow. "If you insist on some form of payment, your smile is more than enough. We see so few of them these days..." he says, a touch of sadness in his voice. "The War consumes too much of our energy - it is nice to see people laughing and having a good time."

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met sinks the 5 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met sinks the 7 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Inverse answers back to Strike, "Well, if that's all ya want." With that, she re-collects the cuffs and just holds onto them. Removing the 'evidence', so to speak. She looks back up to Flare and says, "I'm ready to be taken away now, master." She is still leashed, to wit.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met sinks the 3 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...

Flare Feline sighs, and nods "Right. Well let's go..." And then he heads to the door, dragging with him a leashed Inverse. What an evening this turned out to be. Good grief. Well at least Colonel didn't walk in, it could have been worse.

Broadcast Ocelot purrs, "Nuttin' much." Jus' blowing up a few people he didn't like in his mind. "Went tuh check on sumthin'." He returns the affection by placing his arm around her as well. Still not really giving notice of the size difference. Cause you know, SIZE DOESN'T MATTER.

Red Winged Met studies the table and lines up its shot...
Red Winged Met hits the 4 ball but misses the pocket.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 15 ball.
The balls ricochete around the table...
Ring Redwing studies the table and lines up her shot...
Ring Redwing sinks the 8 ball.
Ring Redwing sinks the 8 ball, winning the game.

Inverse follows along behind Flare, calling out to the area in general, "Good night, everyone!", and then adds to Flare, "I hope you enjoyed it, Flare."

Red Winged Met grumbles and re-racks the balls.
Red Winged Met retrieves the balls and re-racks them on the table.
Red Winged Met has left.
Ring Redwing takes Red Winged Met.

Savannah Lioness nods, poor innocent Sav, Broadcast would never do anything bad, no he's a good boy. "Everything as it should be?" she inquires, giving a soft purr.

Flare Feline uhhs "Yeah, sure..." It's hard to tell really. Flare's just NOT the type of person who enjoys that. That's why he never bid in the auction himself to begin with. But Inverse came to him herself and offered, he didn't want to insult her by turning it down. But he didn't 'not' enjoy himself either, it was just awkward as heck. But in a big way, he's glad it's over. And Flare won't be participating in any auctions again for a LONG time...

Inverse steps out of the recroom, lead on by Flare. She'll probably have to go through security proceedures to leave, but for all intents and purposes her visit is over.

Inverse enters the Second Floor Hallway - RHQ London.
Inverse has left


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