You enter the Training Facility - RHQ.
Training Facility - RHQ

The impressively spacious Repliforce training center is spread out before you. It is difficult to take in all the activity at once. There are reploids running about all over attending to their training regiments, or just doing some personal relaxation. The designers of this complex seem to have thought through the every need of all types of reploids. This includes, but most certainly is not limited to, a section dedicated for gymnastic training, with sets of complex bars and rings. This is a modular system that can be controlled by the Training Facility's computer systems. A full compliment of the finest reploid weight lifting machines are scattered all about, this is very similar to what you would find in a human Gym, only designed to help strengthen reploid muscles. In the center of all this is the training floor. It is a flat and desolate space. The ground there is constructed of synth wood and is the place where classes in hand to hand combat are taught. Surrounding these set ups is a running track for sprinting or jogging. In one of the far corners there is a shooting range to help increase accuracy at all ranges, and there is a submersion tank in another corner for those of the under water persuasion. Near the door is a desk, it is here that you may sign up to use any of the Repliforce equipment, remember if you break it, you buy it.

Phoebus [White-armor] [RF]
Iris [Workout] [RF]
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
The holographic projecters are off now, and the room is black, with a yellow grid around the room.

Iris is in her workout gear, and currently she's over by the holo-terminal, choosing a scene.

Iris taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.
A rather odd training scenario... Instead of the normal simple arena type setting, it is actually modern New York complete with civilians and Mavericks shooting them..and you too. The goal is rather simple, actually. Protect Citizens. Disable Mavericks.

Iris finishes fiddling with the holo-terminal, then she comes walking up to Flare. "Hi! Say, I was wondering if you could do me a favor..."

Phoebus follows Iris in and then turns to look at Flare Feline. Or something. One moment and I'll have Phoebus be intelligent >:)

Flare Feline has been standing there at a terminal for awhile. Looking over duty rosters, Marine training performances, and any other Marine Advisory type activities that you could do in the Training facility. He blinks as Iris suddenly approaches him, he was occupied with his work and didn't even notice her entering. "Sure, what is it Iris?" oO(Well, she seems alright, considering what happened)

Iris smiles. "Okay, I want you to train REALLY hard with me. I mean...hard as you can, fists flying, no holds barred kind of training."

Flare Feline blinks. Ok, this confusing oO(Then again....) "Umm.. train with you?" He looks at the scenario she loaded " mean help save the civilians?" He scratches the back of his head, not sure what to think.

Iris hms? She goes back over to the holo, and fiddles with it. "Oh, forget this, actually...I was going to have THEM beat on me before you showed up..."

The room glows with a bright light, and phases to it's off state.

Flare Feline is really confused now. "Beat up on you?"

Iris says, "Yup. I mean, um...I'll fight back, best I can, anyhow."

Phoebus sighs softly, "Iris...Are you -sure- you want to go through with this?"

Iris bobs her head, looking over at Phoebus. "Oh yes! Absolutely." She smiles sweetly. "It's part of Buddhism, after all!"

Flare Feline has a blank expression of dumbfoundedness for a split second. "Iris..err...." oO(Maybe she still isn't feeling right) He sighs, and shrugs. Perhaps if he just takes it easy on her, and besides, the holoemitters prevent people from actually being damaged. "Well, if you insist... I'll train with you."

Phoebus nods towards Flare Feline..."Don't go easy on her...", perhaps that will teach her to give up this crazy endeavour..or so Phoebus thinks.

Iris says, "No! Don't go easy -- let me have it, hard as you can!"
Iris says, "This is the only way to learn..."

Flare Feline looks to Iris, then to Phoebus, then to Iris again. "...alright, if you say so. Though I can't imagine what you'd want to learn from it." His claws *shink* into place. However, his facial expression of concern still remains. After all that happened, he can't help but wonder what Iris is thinking to lead to this.

Iris readies herself, getting into a defensive position and weilding her dagger. "I'm learning how to discipline my pain," she says to Flare -- as if this explains everything.

Phoebus shakes his head and reaches for one of his compartments for some reason. "..."

Iris says, "I'm ready when you are. You may start."

Flare Feline's gaze doesn't leave Iris' battle stance. oO(Discipline pain huh?) Iris still isn't making a whole lot of sense, but in some, odd way, Flare almost understands. "Well if that's what you want..." Flare's gaze is distorted by a quick blink, and then he dashes. Flare never thought he'd find himself fighting Iris, even training. And certainly not to help her 'discipline her pain', maybe this'll help her, maybe not. But still Flare finds himself barrelling towards her. oO(I hope she know's what she's doing...) He flexes his left hand, claws extended, and goes for his usual opening move, a quick claw swipe across the mid-section.

You miss Iris with your Cat Scratch attack.

Iris is a quick little thing, and she still has her self-preservation about her. Sidestepping the swipe, she goes in to try and nick Flare with her dagger.

Iris misses you with her Dagger Lunge attack.

Flare Feline's reflexes aren't too shabby either. This should be an interesting fight, pity he won't be able to see it in that light since he's fighting Iris. Breaking form his dash, he skids on one heel for a second, then quickly spinning he manages to avoid the dagger's thrust. As he dodges it, Flare tries to grab Iris' arm and toss her to the ground.

You strike Iris with your Throw attack.

Phoebus just watches for now, narrowing his eyes slightly. "...", as his player loses the ability to think temporarily. but it will be fixed. argh.

Iris oomphs, tumbling to the ground and getting straight back up again. Thanks to her armor, the impact is largely absorbed. She starts after Flare with the dagger again, twisting it quickly in her hand then finally jumping in close for a stab at Flare's midsection.

Iris strikes you with her Dagger Cut for 6 units of damage.

Flare Feline grits his teeth as the dagger pierces his side. It doesn't do a whole lot of damage, but the pain is real. He thrusts one hand to grab Iris' arm and forcefully pull the dagger out, and he lets go just as he raises his foot infront of him and kick her back down. No, Flare's still not fighting seriously. Maybe getting impaled again will change his mind.

You strike Iris with your Kick attack.

Phoebus looks towards Flare Feline, "I said to not go easy on her.", he says simply. Still fingering his compartment. What? He might interfere? Possibly. It's not every day you get command begging to be shot at. hee.

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "...fingering his compartment? O_o"

Iris gets kicked down to the ground like so much deadweight, and she grimaces when some of her hip armor dents from the impact. However, her reaction to this is rather chilling. It's rather forced, but it is, indeed, a low -chuckle- that issues from her as she scrambles back to her feet. "That's more like it," she says with a smile, and swings her little fist around to try and catch Flare in an uppercut.

Iris misses you with her Punch attack.

[OOC] Phoebus says, "Yes. where he keeps his weapons."
[OOC] Phoebus says, "and I order you to not take that the wrong way"
[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Heh"
[OOC] Iris says, "You don't want Flare to go easy on her? Or you do? :D"

Flare Feline inwardly sighs as he hears Phoebus' comment. Then the chuckle, which sends an odd shiver down his spine. oO(Fine, don't take it easy huh?) He watches Iris' moves and quickly moves his head to avoid the uppercut. At which point he quickly spins around on his heel, extends his leg and gives Iris a nice friendly roundhouse kick. *Punt*

You strike Iris with your Feline Fury attack.

Iris howls in pain as her little form is punted clear across the room, like a little football...and she smashes into the wall, sliding down in sickening fashion, mechfluid staining the wall where she impacted...that HAD to hurt. But Iris is...laughing? Yes, she chuckles darkly all the way's almost evil, in a way. It's just WRONG. As she finally lands on the floor, she sends a sharp burst of white noise at Flare's radio...sometimes noise is enough to be damaging, when it's coordinated properly.

Iris misses you with her Sonic Feedback attack.

Phoebus looks up slowly, "...Laughing...", he shakes his head. He knows something is wrong for sure now...but what the hell is he going to do?

Flare Feline almost grimaces at the cracking sound Iris made when she struck the wall oO(What is the point of all this) And then she starts laughing. Flare has seen some pretty creepy things. He saw Anthem perform a striptease for Blizzard Man in Anchorage for crying out loud. But this.... Flare suddenly snaps back to attention, he's seen Iris fight once before, during the imprisonment by the Masters during the Eurasia raid. Iris used this same attack on Ground Man. Quickly Flare jumps straight into the air, like an arrow, hoping to clear the signal's path. As he decends he calls out to her "Iris, what are you doing? Why do you do this?" He decends closer to the ground, as he closes his left palm, opening the blaster there. The hand glows with a faint red energy for a second, then Flare volley's a nice red fireball-looking object at Iris, before he lands on the ground.

You strike Iris with your Flare Bomb attack.

Iris gets caught with the firey, explosive attack, tumbling backwards and she's singed from head to foot. "I'm...heheheh, learning how to deal with PAIN, Flare...this...heheh, is how the BUDDHISTS do it, you see..." Still burning and smoldering in some places, her hands begin to glow, and she releases a surge of some sort of energy at Flare. "It's a COPING MECHANISM!"

Iris misses you with her Taser Surge attack.

Phoebus looks up suddenly, "Coping with pain?...How to deal with it?...I'm sorry, ma'am, but I think you're learning how to lose yourself in pain and let it take control of you...Unless pain has become a joke, somehow..."

Iris hehehs, "I don't expect you to...understand, Phoebus..."

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

Iris is in the process of sparring with Flare Feline, who's kicking the stuffing out of her at the moment.

Iris seems to be losing her concentration. Flare easily dodges the energy surge. "Coping? Buddhism?" Flare shakes his head "No, I think the Captain is right. It's like you're trying to lose yourself in this." Flare shuts his eyes. "I can't comprehend what you're going through, but I don't think this is the right thing to do. It just doesn't feel right..." Hey what's that on Flare's eyes, tears? No wait, it's a light coming from behind his eyelids, which then open, emitting a blinding, and stunning, light towards Iris. Thankfully his back is turned to Phoebus, so he's not caught dirctly in it.

You miss Iris with your Feral Eyes attack.

Phoebus scowls, "You don't?...Why not? I wasn't aware I wasn't able to feel pain myself. Or maybe you're saying I haven't felt as much as you have?", he closes his eyes, "After the Siege, I felt like losing myself in pain too...and eventually it almost consumed me...", he draws his energy cannon suddenly and points it in Iris's general direction, "Some say we do not have souls, but I think we do. Do you want to lose yours?"

Iris rolls over, getting back to her feet and facing Flare. "Well, you see, it's..." When Phoebus starts in on her, she drops out of her defensive stance, shaking her head. Looks like training-time has come to a sudden end. "And you've obviously got NO IDEA with what a COPING MECHANISM're taking this the wrong way. Well since I can't EXPLAIN to you what I've learned without getting my head blown off, apparently, I'm just going to leave, cause I don't need this. Goodbye." She begins heading to the door, in a huff.

Iris retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Fusion Phoenix, Flare Feline, and Phoebus.

Flare Feline shakes his head. "We don't mean it like that, wait!" Flare gives a quick command to the computer to deactivate the simulation, then tries to grab Iris' shoulder. "There's more than one way to cope with something...."

You miss Iris with your Grasp attack.

Phoebus says, "Eh? Didn't you -want- pain?", he puts away his weapon and then tries to grab for Iris too (her other shoulder) He may be overreacting but that's what you get for being in a Siege when everybody was against you. "Explain it then. Explain to me why you're laughing when you're hurt."

Phoebus strikes Iris with his Grasp attack.

Fusion Phoenix enters just as Iris is heading for the door. Just in time to watch her get grabed by Phoebus. Fuison knows this is a time to watch, not interfere, so he quietly steps to the side of the door. "...?"

Iris manages to duck out of Flare's grasp, then glares at Phoebus when he manages to nab her. "I don't take kindly to being told I'm LOSING MY SOUL, thank you very much. Now let me go, I haven't the slightest intention of telling you anything else!"

Flare Feline sighs, at least Phoebus caught her. He admits, 'Losing her soul' wasn't a good way to put it, but that was Phoebus' flop. (^_-) Flare also wants to know what's troubling Iris. The expression of concern on his furry face hasn't lifted, even during the battle. If Iris really thinks that this is the way to go, then Flare would like to find out why. "Iris... we're just concerned about you."

Phoebus says, "...I hope you're not, Iris...I hope I'm over-reacting and maybe I am, but the reason I am is because I am really friggin' worried here. When I see someone laughing at their own injuries...Something's wrong. I apologize for saying that..but please help us understand, then...Prove me wrong."

Iris sighs, and calms down a bit. "I was taught about the new philosophy by a reploid I met in Africa," she mentions. "He...seemed to be making a lot of sense, and I just wanted to try it out for myself, to see if it would work."

Fusion Phoenix laughs at his own wounds, but that's just to taunt his foes. He dosen't know the pain of lossing someone important to him, so can't (yet) understand what Iris is going through, other than the scuttlebut he has heard.

Flare Feline blinks. "....and did it?" Flare sounds a tad skeptical, because the laughter he heard earlier sounded almost forced to him.
Iris nods. "He said he...taught himself to feel pleasure in pain, and it took a long time for him to learn to do that, but it works and he no longer suffers."

Phoebus closes his eyes and fishes in his armor and withdraws a coin with the Maverick sigil on it. (At least I think it's a coin.), he quickly puts it away, "...And you wanted to feel pleasure in pain...Iris? So you would no longer suffer yourself?"

Flare Feline silently hmms oO(Sounds like a typical masochist to me...) Flare thankfully doesn't say that outloud. He ponders Phoebus' words "Feel pleasure in pain so you'd no longer do you truly think this would help?"

Fusion Phoenix overhears Iris speak, and is moved to say somthing of his own. "Just don't confuse physical pain, and emotional pain."
Iris nods. "It worked a little at first," she admits. "I wanted to at least try it. One of the things he told me was...'Physician, Heal Thyself'. He wanted me to take care of my OWN problems, before trying to cure the suffering of others."

Iris smiles a bit, over at Fusion. "Nope, I'm never confusing pain again."

Flare Feline quirks an eyebrow at her first statement " first?" oO(She doesn't sound to confident about it to me...)

Phoebus isn't quite sure what to say to that...He looks toward Flare Feline. "...Iris...", is all he says, unable to think of anything... "I'm sorry...", he blabbers.

Iris clutches Phoebus' hand, her voice softening. "Listen, I don't hate you..." She looks back at Flare. "And I'm not crazy, I just...I'm trying to find a way to cope so I can get back to the business of being the Communications Officer for Repliforce, and doing the best job possible."

Flare Feline sighs oO(Cope eh?) "So do you really think this is the best thing to do?"

Iris seems a little confused. "I...don't know," she admits quietly. "The one who told me this seemed very smart and...he sounded like he knew very much like he knew what he was talking about, when it came to coping."

Flare Feline thinks over this. Then an idea strikes him. He's reluctant to speak of this, the only one he's ever told was Ten. But... it might help her, or at least get her to open up enough that Flare can help her directly. "I see..." He pauses for a moment. He decided to no longer keep this a secret, and if he can help Iris in the process... "I'd... like to speak to Iris privatly for a bit.. if that's ok?"

Phoebus nods towards Flare. After all, that's why there are security cameras to look at. He looks towards Fusion Phoenix and nods towards him too.

Fusion Phoenix also nods, and leaves.

Iris turns to Flare, looking curious. "What did you want to talk about?"

Fusion Phoenix enters the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
Fusion Phoenix has left.

Flare Feline sighs again, "It's... something you might be able to relate to." At least, Flare believes so.

Iris walks over to the observation area, and has a seat on one of the chairs there. "Go on," she encourages Flare.

Flare Feline sits also, and takes a deep breath. The first time he told someone about this it was hard enough. Though now he's finally gotten it all out in the open, he doesn't intend to keep it a secret anymore. "Like I said, the only one I've ever told so far is Ten. It's about what happened before I joined Repliforce." He pauses for a second, wondering where to start...

Iris nods, giving you her full attention. "Okay..."

Flare Feline nods "Alright. Well, brief personal history lesson, I was created by a Dr. Jedidiah Snow, I was his first attempt at building a Reploid. And well, it worked." He lightly chuckles, and continues "Once I was completed, he programmed me to watch over, play with, and protect his daughter. Which I did, for several months." He smiles fondly "That girl meant the world to me. I don't know how to explain it, maybe she was more like a sister... whatever it was I felt, I knew I had to keep her safe, and happy, you know?" He pauses again and sighs " But it didn't last long...."

Iris says, "Why? What happened?"

Flare Feline looks at his hands, and extends the claw on his right index finger "All the time I was with her, it never came down to me actually needing to use my claws to protect her. But... they were eventually used, for the exact opposite of what they were meant to do." Again, he pauses, it's not an easy thing to say. But he swore to himself he wouldn't hide this any longer "About... 2 months before I entered Repliforce Boot Camp, the two of us were playing, basically enjoying ourselves outside. For a few days before that, I had been experiencing a bit of a glitch, maybe it was an imperfection on Dr. Snow's design. It would cause brief, sudden irratic movements of any part of my body. I should have kept that in mind when I was playing with her, but it never occured to me what would happen..." He looks at his hand again, and extends the rest of the claws "She was playing in a tree, and asked me to catch her when she jumped, which I certainly did... right when that glitch kicked in." He extends his claws on his other hand "That was.... the most shocking thing I have ever experienced. Everything that happened after... was running."

Iris frowns. "I see..." She lowers her voice. "I'm sorry that happened, I'm sure that's still traumatic for you even to this day..."

Flare Feline continues "Something like that is hard to get over. I'm still not over it. After it happened, I just ran from it all. There were many... complications, but eventually I was accepted into Repliforce. I didn't even know what happened to her after that, and I didn't find out for some time later. I turned a blind eye to my past, and just ran forward, that's how I coped. Ten, she helped me out a lot with facing it. Eventually I gathered the nerve to contact my creator again. And... she was alive. Still, it took me a long time to be able to even look at her without feeling ashamed. Perhaps, had I not ran away, I could have kept on living my old life, but then I wouldn't have gotten as far here in Repliforce then..." He sighs "I guess what I'm saying is... trying to find quick solutions to cope is fine, but eventually you have to face what happened.... I know I can't compare my problem to yours.... Grace meant so much more to you, than my creator's daughter meant to me, and she lived in the end. But still...." He looks at his hands again "With my very own hands I nearly took her life, and I still can't forget that. I tried to cope by running away, but in the end, I had to face what happened, and now I can say I'm glad I did...."

Iris nods. "I understand what you mean. You, understand that what happened was an accident, right? You don't blame yourself?"

Flare Feline thinks "Understand? Yeah..." He taps a finger on his knee "But just because I understand it was an accident, I still can't rid myself of the blame. It was an accident, but I still should have been more careful. But regardless, what I learned through it all, was that there is no easy way to cope, there is no quick fix. Even when I was running, I was still hammered by the guilt. I'll always feel pain over this, no matter what I do, so I've learned to live with it, accept it, and move on. I still protect her, I do that by staying in Repliforce, and doing the best I can here." He sighs again, that's about all he has to say. However Iris takes it, is up to her.

Iris thinks long and hard on this, her brow furrowing. "Well, I....thank you for sharing this with me," she says quietly. "You've given me quite a bit to think about."

Flare Feline nods "I hope so..." He hrms..and get's that concerned look again "Just... take it easy, alright? I can't tell you how to go about this, just... don't make a habit of asking people to train with you so you can discipline your pain, ok?" He tries to smile a bit.

smiles a little. "Okay...the guy was kind of strange, anyhow. He talked funny, and he looked like a big bug."

Flare Feline smiles again, and nods. "Well... I know you have half a dozen other people who are willing, and probably better qualified than me, to talk to you about your problems. But still, I'm always available to talk to if you want. Anything to help a friend out."

Iris grins. "Thank you, Flare. I really appreciate it."

Flare Feline nods "Well, I'm glad.."

[OOC] Flare Feline now goes to destroy the security videos of this conversation, so Phoebus can't ICly find out! Dahr-har!

[OOC] Iris chuckles :D

[OOC] Phoebus has been watching the footage all along c_c

[OOC] Iris says, "No doubt!"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Blast"

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[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Heh..."

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[OOC] Phoebus says, "you have? When? o_o"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "With Ten. Weren't you paying attention?"

[OOC] Phoebus didn't know you emitted them!

[OOC] Phoebus says, "is she nice >"<"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Oh, well I did :P"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Is who nice?"

[OOC] Phoebus says, "the girl >"<"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Well... she's a little girl"

[OOC] Phoebus says, "yeah? >"<"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Little girl, sweet, a bit hyper, likes robo kittys."

[OOC] Phoebus says, "aww...did you pet her?"

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "..."

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[OOC] Phoebus tells everybody your life history

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "I'm not trying to keep it a secret anymore. Though I'm not going around freely exclaiming it"

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