[RADIO] You send Kalinka a direct message: "Hey Kalinka? Are you there?"

Kalinka sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*yawns sleepily* ... Mmmnnh... Hello?"

[RADIO] You send Kalinka a direct message: "Oops, sorry, did I wake you up?"

Kalinka sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Flare, is that you? Oh, do not worry about it, I have had strange sleep schedule for a few days. How are you?"

[RADIO] You send Kalinka a direct message: "Yeah it's Flare, I mean it's me, I mean..er... yeah. Anyway, what're you up to right now?"

Kalinka sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Waking up in Daddy's lab. What is on your mind?"

[RADIO] You send Kalinka a direct message: "Just wondering if you'd like to hang out or something. I got some free time right now, and we never did get to go skating like you wanted before."

Kalinka sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Oh, sure! How about we go to Sydney? They have a good park to skate in, there."

[RADIO] You send Kalinka a direct message: "Ok, see ya there"

Sydney - Park District

Green and peaceful best describe the massive Memorial Park area of the city. It consists of chiefly trees and grass - the traditional symbol of parks. Weaved between the green plots are paths reserved for walking and biking, as well as any other physical activity, while benches are placed strategically along it. A large kidney-shaped lake sits in the eastern end of the park, inhabited by a variety of native Australian freshwater marine life. In the middle of the park sits a large memorial, cube in shape. On it sits the names of all those that died in the first Maverick assault in 2205. A grim reminder to the past and a monument to those that passed on.

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Sydney - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to Sydney - Eastern Residential.
Kalinka arrives from the Sydney - Southern Downtown.

Kalinka has arrived.

Kalinka comes skating into the park, smoothly skating along in an outfit that would probably make her father turn red with rage.

Flare Feline is already here, wearing the same outfit he's been wearing in the Battle and Chase events he's been participating in. He also has a sportsbag thing slung over his shoulder, as he waits, leaning up against one of the walls in the park. When he sees Kalinka approaching, he waves her over.

Kalinka grins when she spots Flare, and she speeds on over to his side in her platinum-wheeled skates. "Hello, hello!"

Kalinka may be speeding pretty fast, but Flare could still go faster in a mild jog, but that's no the point. He grins as she skates up "Hey Kalinka. How've you been doing?" He idly lays the bag he held on the ground.

Kalinka shrugs a little bit. "I have seen better days, though I honestly have nothing to complain about," she admits. "The foot race was quite fun."

Kalinka says, "So how have you been, hm?"

Flare Feline nods "You did well there. Too bad Quick Man had to go and get the gold..." He shrugs "Caught up in both work, and the games. Thankfully I got some free time tonight out of it all. And I haven't spoken to you in awhile, so I decided to see what you were doing."

Kalinka seems a little bit reluctant to open up about what's bothering her, though it's apparent by the expression on her face that SOMETHING is bothering the teen. "Only...my usual thing," she says quietly.

Flare Feline blinks "Your... usual thing?." He hmms "Is something wrong?" Flare knows enough that bad things seem to follow the poor girl around, though he hasn't heard word of anything recently.

Kalinka suddenly takes a handkerchief out of her back pocket, and dabs at her blue eyes with it. "Oh, I have never been more humiliated in my entire life...something TERRIBLE happened," she remarks sadly.

Flare Feline blinks, yep, seems something DID happen recently. "Terrible? What happened?" He thinks, from the way she's reacting it probably didn't put her in danger, since she seems more embaressed about it. Then again, she's a young teenage girl, they do get embaressed easily, but still...

Kalinka sniffles. "I had a boyfriend, his name was Adam," she blurts out. "And...I thought he was for real, I thought he loved me, but...he turned out to be filthy, rotten Robot Master liar!"

Flare Feline errs... well that wasn't quite what he expected to hear. Especially the Robot Master part "A.. Robot Master?" Flare really doesn't like the Robot Masters himself, for many reasons, this would just be another to add to the pile "But... wouldn't it have been a bit hard not to tell? I mean some of them can disguise themselves pretty good, but to pretend to be a... boyfriend, wouldn't it get hard to hide who he was? Um.. speaking of which, which one was it? There's like 60 of them..." He ask, blinking a bit.

Kalinka sniffles. "He looked just like regular boy to me!" she remarks. "But I know now how he did it, because Counterpoint could see through his disguise where I could not. It turned out to be Astro Man."

Flare Feline blinks again "Astro Man?" oO(Ah right, he has holographic generators...) Astro Man is one Robot master Flare hasn't encountered much of "Hmm... I've only ever seen him once, when our team bet his at Dodgeball. To be honest, he seemed like one of the less despicible Robot Masters I've met, guess I was wrong to think like that..." And he adds another to the big list of Masters to hate. He sighs "Well... sorry for bringing this up.."

Kalinka shakes her head, and suddenly her tears just...stop abruptly. She pockets the kerchief. "It is alright, you did not know."

Flare Feline nods, he'll drop it. "Well at least he was found out before it got too far... anyway, it's a nice evening skating, right?"

Kalinka nods. "It is," she agrees -- suddenly tearing off down the path quickly. "It is. Let's go, come on."

Flare Feline waves a hand "Hey, wait a sec.." He reaches down to the bag he brought with him and opens it up. And from inside, he procures two rather large skates that look like they would fit him "I asked my creator to make these awhile ago. Normal skates wouldn't fit my feet, so they needed to be customly done." They're rather large, but as sleek as oversized skates for an oversized cat can look anyway. He snaps them on, they seem to fit rather well, and he then tears off after Kalinka, taking it slow intentionally as to not go ahead of her.

Kalinka grins a little as Flare gets his skates on and comes along. "All RIGHT! Say, where did you get -those- made? Those are -- what is the word? Those are spiffy."

Flare Feline chuckles, as they skate along the park paths "Like I said, I had my creator make them. Not like anyone else could have come up with a pair of skates to match my feet perfectly." He's also the same man who gave Flare his old tools to give to Kalinka as a birthday gift, if she remembers.

Kalinka certainly -does- remember -- those same tools have since become an integral part of her own tool kit now, and she uses them all the time when doing R&D or assisting her father. "Well you know, you should have worn them in the foot race," she admonishes.

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Jet Stingray here... Is there anything going down or people just chilling?"

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Quell Quetzalcoatlus transmits, "I am currently in a closed meeting, Jet. Should be available somewhat soon, though."

[RADIO: (A) Repliforce] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Closed meeting? And I'm not in it or have to be there? Rock on! *coughs a few times* I mean, coolness... Well, just checking things out, making sure nothing was going down."

Flare Feline hmmms "Maybe I should... I never thought on it." In actuality though, Flare would likely have been slowed down a bit. due to the turns of the race, he speeds he'd reach while skating would make them difficult, he'd rather have his claws free to grip the ground.

Kalinka continues skating along, her blonde hair flying back behind her as she goes. "Have you seen your creator lately? He is like your father, right?"

Flare Feline nods as they continue down the paths "Yeah he is. And I get to go see him whenver I get the time, he lives in San Angeles now with his wife and daughter..." He trails off slightly at the mention of the daughter, but no need to go digging into his past right now "He used to work at the University in Torontreal, he moved to the University of San Angeles though sometime before Christmas, which was good timing.." He refers to the explosion which occured due to the Irregulars around Christmas time in Torontreal "But yeah, I think of him as my father, and he's always been like a father to me.."

Kalinka has slowed down a little bit in her skating, and now she's skating backwards with remarkable agility as she turns to listen to her friend. "It is good that you spend time with him," she says softly. "There is nothing more honorable than being a dutiful son or daughter to your father." And who would know better than the younger Cossack?

Flare Feline hmmms "Well... I don't know how dutiful I've been. Lots of things have happened since I was activated to when I joined Repliforce... in the end I thought that helping to fight the good fight against what threatens the world would be the best thing to help protect him and his family. He still has his daughter, she's a bit younger than you are. She's also starting to get interested in mechanics herself..."

Kalinka nods. "Biological daughter?" she asks curiously.

Flare Feline nods "Yeah." He shrugs inwardly, wondering where that question came from. "Though she's still too young to be using tools of his caliber, which is why he offered to give me his old tools he used to make me, to give as a gift for you." Hey, Flare was stumped for a gift idea, and asked the Doc for advice, and that's what he got. Nice deal.

Kalinka is probably curious because Flare's entended family reminds her of her own family. "He did not mind, then, that you gave those tools of his to me?" she asks.

Flare Feline headshakes "No, it was his idea. Like I said, his daughter, Krysta, is still too young to use them, and he didn't want them to go to waste." He grins "Besides, every young technician needs a good set of tools, right?" True, there are some similarites in the families, though Dr. Snow is nowhere near as esteemed as Dr. Cossack, which, considering the attention the Cossack family gets from unsavory types, is probably a good thing.

Kalinka peers over her shoulder and sees a small dog sleeping in the path ahead. Quickly, she begins skating forward once more, picking up speed to leap over the lazy animal. "Those are some excellent tools, you know," she says. "I suppose I am just making sure, you see."

Flare Feline just idly skates around the now awake dog, and rushes ahead a bit, dogs make him nervous, for obvious reasons. "Yeah I know, but don't worry, it's ok."

Kalinka squints an eye. "Well...okay, if you say so," she says. Skating on for a while, she says nothing, looking serious and involved in her own thoughts. Then, she turns and asks... "Are you still Repliforce liasion to Hunters?"

Flare Feline nods, and blinks "Yeah, well... I believe so. I haven't heard anything against the matter. But since there hasn't been any real problems with our relationships, I've focused most all of my attention on the matters at hand in Repliforce. Of course, I'm always available to the Hunters of they need someone to get in contact in Repliforce and they're not sure who to call." He skates along the paths, and quickly dodges a stray water balloon that's flung in his direction by some kids having a water balloon fight. Water is another thing Flare likes to avoid at all costs.

Kalinka scoots to a stop near the water balloon, and picks it up, playfully flinging it back toward the kids...who scream with delight. Then, she chuckles and continues on her way. "You should talk to Rock," she suggests once she catches up.

Flare Feline hmms as they continue on their way, starting to circle around back to where they originally started where Flare dropped his bag "Rock hm? He's probably busier than I am, but I probably should try to soon..." Especially since there are things coming up in the future for Repliforce that it would be good to get the Hunters in on.

Kalinka smiles, tapping her chin as she skates along. "Would you like for me to talk to him for you?"

Flare Feline hmms for a minute, and eventually shakes his head "Nah. no thanks. I can get to talk to him soon I hope." Besides, he had best go over with the Colonel exactly what he plans to do involving the Hunters, then go over that with Rock "If you could tell him I'd like to speak to him soon though, that'd be good."

Kalinka bobs her blonde head. "I could do that for you!" she says cheerfully...all traces of her earlier tragedy disappeared.

Flare Feline nods and grins "Ok then, thanks." oO(Whew, she seems cheered up again. Though I didn't know anything bad had happened at first, at least I made her feel better it seems...) He skids to a stop as he reaches his temporarily discarded sports bag "Well, it's getting late now. I should be heading back to RHQ London." He idly mumbles oO(I had SOME free time, but not the entire night off...) and sighs slightly.

Kalinka skates over, and suddenly gives Flare a warm hug. "Thank you for hanging out with me, Flare, I do appreciate it," she says quietly. "You know, you are something like a brother to me."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Archer Colossus transmits, "That's the stuff Bastion!"

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Bastion transmits, "Yeah...well I'm hurtin', and that moron's gonna let loose for me beatin' him earlier."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dr. Thomas Light transmits, "What's going on?"

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Colonel transmits, "It's all right. We're ahead. I will take care of him if he lays into you too hard."

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Major Iris transmits, "You're GREAT for that, brother! I'm so proud!"

[RADIO: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cacophony Timberwolf transmits, "Sounds like another fight"

Flare Feline smiles warmly at the hug "Brother eh? That's good to know." He says as he snaps the skates off, and returns them to his sportsbag. Skating is fun, but he still prefers running normally. "I'll see you later Kalinka. Good night!" He takes a leap over a fence and dashes off. oO(Brother huh? That makes two human girls who think of me like that. Oh well, not like I mind...)

Kalinka waves happily. "Good night, and take care of yourself!"


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