You enter the New York - Central Park.
New York - Central Park

Like the rest of Manhattan Island, Central Park has had nowhere to go except straight up. It now has expanded to over four levels of greenery, parked right on top of the other and accessible by various walkways, roadways, and elevators. The first and second level is what you'd typically find in park - trees, grass, a few benches and fountains, birds, what have you. The upper two levels are reserved for the Central Park Zoo, showcasing a multitude of wild animals for the public to see.

Ten [RF]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to New York - Manhattan Island.

Ten is once again sitting in a tree in Central Park, looking out at the stars. This section of the park isn't too crowded tonight, though there are some people walking about enjoying the park. It's a clear, warm night, the perfect kind of night for stargazing, which just might be why the Repliforce phoenix has chosen to do so this night.

Flare Feline slowly walks into the park, head hung down, if he had pockets his hands would be in them, instead they're clasped behind his back. He looks like his thinking hard about something, something he has yet to find the answer for. He turns his head up towards the sky as he continues to walk forwards, looking at the sky. It is indeed a clear night, maybe it will help clear up some of the turmoil in his mind. He takes a few more steps and notices Ten's form in a tree, smiling he walks over and waves up to her "Hello up there."

Radar Meerkat arrives from the New York - Manhattan Island.
Radar Meerkat has arrived.

Radar Meerkat wanders into the part, humming to himself and really in a chipper mood, all things considering.

Ten is a bit startled when she hears Flare Feline's voice. "Huh?" She looks around a bit, then looks down and sees the fiery feline. Smiling cheerfully, she says, "Heya, Flare!" Then she stands up, jumps out of the tree, spreads her wings, and floats to the ground. Still smiling cheerfully, she turns to face Flare and says, "What's going on tonight?"

Flare Feline smiles a bit "Nothing much, I've just been thinking about some things lately. I was in the Atrium, but I thought that actually getting outside and looking at the sky might help clear things up better." His head turns to the sky once again.

Radar Meerkat sits down at a park bench, taking a grape soda out of his backpack and opening it up.

Ten nods to Flare Feline. "Yeah, if you can't be in the sky, I guess being under it's the next best thing." She giggles a bit. Then her expression becomes a bit sympathetic. "I can't help but notice that you seem a bit troubled. I'm guessing that these things on your mind are bothering you." She hasn't noticed Radar Meerkat just yet.

Flare Feline closes his eyes and crosses his arms "Yeah, I guess they are. Just a lot of things that have been coming to me, especially after what happened on the 4th of July..." He hasn't noticed Radar yet either.

Radar Meerkat isn't doing anything in particular to raise attention. He's just sitting quietly.

Ten nods in understanding to Flare. "Well, if it would help to talk about it, I'm all ears. Actually, I don't even have ears, but I'm listeneing." Ten giggles, then goes back to being sympathetic. "If you need a friend, I'm here."

Radar Meerkat is listening, too. Attentively. But instead of appearing that way, he gives his 'attention' to a friendly squirrel, who's approaching him for a hopeful snack.

Flare Feline chuckles a bit "Yeah, I understand, thanks." Being on a slight hill/incline he sits on the ground, and lies on his back to face up at the sky "I was talking to Siege about it yesterday, though it certainly wasn't his area of expertise he was able to offer a bit of insight." He closes his eyes and sighs, putting his hands behind his head

Ten sits next to Flare Feline. "Well, I'm glad he was able to offer you some help. I'll gladly help you in any way that I can. I'll offer you the best insight that I can manage, and I'll do whatever else helps." Ten smiles in a friendly way.

Flare Feline sighs again, it was almost embaressing to talk to Siege about it, but maybe Ten will understand better. "Well, as strange as it would sound coming from me, it's about Love. Flare pauses a bit, and continues "It all clicked up here *waving his fingers around his head* after I saw the way Iris was affected by the confrontation between Zero and Jet" He quickly adds "Nothing happened between them, but she was so distraught it only hit me then... how much she loves him. And it just got me to thinking... you know, just how much that we can love someone."

(Ch. D [Public]) Sage transmits: 'Hmm. Good eve.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Toilet Duck transmits: 'Well hello there.'.

Radar Meerkat feeds the begging squirrel a Cheeto. The squirrel eats it down, chitters, and begs for more. Radar happily complies. The process repeats.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sage transmits: 'How are you this evening?'.

Ten blinks in surprise at Flare Feline's words. "Love?" She clams down a bit. "Hmmm, that's... interesting." It's pretty clear she doesn' know how to react. "Hmmm, well, love is an interesting subject. I've only thought about it very briefly. Sounds like you have been thinking about it a lot, though."

Flare Feline smiles a bit "Yeah, you could say that. I've just been thinking... what it means for us to love someone." He sighs "I know that Iris and Jet's love is genuine, it formed spontaniously and grew mutually. But..." He pauses, this is what he's really been thinking about "...what if... say... a Reploid was /programmed/ to love someone, not like Iris and Jet... more like... Iris and the Colonel. Like a big brother sort of thing... if a reploid was programmed to feel that.. how real is it?" He doesn't really expect Ten to solve his problems for him, but he needed to talk to someone about this, the more the better, so he can try to figure it out for himself...

Ten rubs at her beak in thought for a moment. Then she smiles and says, "Well, I'm glad you asked, Flare. You see, I have a brother reploid. Perhaps you've heard of Chi. In any case, I suppose him and I probably are programmed to love each other, and I can assure you that it's real. Whatever programming was involved, I can assure you that the way Chi and I feel about each other goes beyond just programming. I love Chi like a little sister loves a big brother, and vice versa. I have no doubt that it is real." Ten looks quite happy, and she looks like she truly means every word of it.

Radar Meerkat listens with interest, glancing over curiously. He doesn't recognize Ten, but Flare...unfortunately, he recognizes Flare from Purgatory. With an inward groan, he quickly turns back toward his squirrel companion, hoping not to get recognized.

Flare Feline smiles again "Yes, I've heard of Chi, though I haven't met him personally. But... that's not quite what I meant. You two ARE brother and sister, what if... the reploid was programmed to love a human like that? To be a friend and guardian? Is what I... the reploid feels true?" He almost let it out, Siege almost picked up on it too before...

Ten thinks about Flare's question for a moment. "Hmmm, that is a tough question to answer. However, I'm going to say yes, it is true. After all, remember that reploids are capable of going agaginst our programming. The Mavericks are proof of that." Ten grunts at the mention of the Mavericks. Then she resumes her response. "So, if a reploid chooses not to go against his programming and do what he was programmed to do, I suppose that means he truly believes in it."

Flare Feline thinks about what Ten said. Is that the answer he was looking for? Or is it just what he wanted to hear. Sighing, he hears a little nagging voice at the back of his head. *Tell her, tell her the truth!* He tries to shake it off, he starts to get the Reploid equivilent of butterflies in the stomach. "Thanks." He says after a few minutes. The same nagging thoughts come to him *You've been hiding it for so long, how much longer can you keep it buried?* He grits his teeth, dreading this. He always knew that he would eventually talk to someone about this, but he never knew when or to who. After a few moments he speaks up again " you remember the last time we were here?"

Ten tries to think back to the last time they were at the park. "Hmmm, I remember that we talked about the stars, but that's about it. I'm sorry."

Flare Feline gazes back up to the stars "...I mentioned a little girl I once knew who loved to look at the stars also..." He trails off again, trying to make sure he wants to do this.

Ten suddenly remembers. "Oh yeah! I remember that! I think I aklso remember that you were reluctant to talk about it. You seemed troubled by it. Hmmm, this is leading up to something, isn't it?"

Radar Meerkat smirks to himself. (How long is it going to take this guy to say it? Geeze, I could've jogged up the block for some more snacks and gotten back, by now...)

Flare Feline chuckles a bit "Yeah, it's not too hard to tell huh?" He pauses for another moment, yeah, he's sure. He'll probably go insane if he doesn't tell someone eventually "That girl I mentioned is who I'm talking about, she was the reason I was created." Looking up at the sky, he sees the obligitory shooting star fly by "About a year and a half before I came to Repliforce actually. I was created by her father to be her bodyguard, and friend. She thought of me as a big brother, even though technically she was older than I was. And I felt the same way, at least I always believed that, but seeing Iris and Jet on the 4th of July, made me wonder how true my feelings were compared to theirs..."

Radar Meerkat finishes his grape soda, and flings the can toward a waste recepticle nearby.

Radar Meerkat zips up his backpack, and very casually makes his way to the park entrance, looking like...just another denizen, for the most part.

Radar Meerkat enters the New York - Manhattan Island.
Radar Meerkat has left.

Ten takes a moment to think about it what Flare Feline said, then speaks. "Well Big Guy, you didn't go against the programming to protect the girl. You chose to follow this programming. The original Mavericks chose to go against their programming to protect humans and do just the opposite. I'm sure that if you didn't truly want to protect the girl and be her big brother, you could have chosen not to. Yet you chose to keep doing so. I think that shows that you truly loved her."

Flare Feline nods "I did... do.. did.." He shakes his head "I protected her well, and we had fun together too. All of her friends were jealous of her having a Reploid for a brother." He chuckles a bit "I was even made this way, because she loved cats more than anything else..." He looks at his hand, at his palm where he can form his hand blaster "And of course to be her guardian, I had to be able to defend her, though my...firepower wasn't anywhere near as strong then as it is now, since I've joined Repliforce." He looks further at his hands, up to his fingertips where his claws can form " thing was always as powerful as it is now... unfortunatly." He closes his fist, tightly.
"No, I didn't go against my programming... at least... not consciously..."

Ten smiles at first. "I think you chose not to go against the programming because you didn't want to, because you truly did love the girl." Then it catches her attention that Flare suddenly seemed troubled by something. "Not consciously? Flare, what's wrong? You can tell me, I'm your friend. Moreover, if you want me to keep this conversation secret, then I will. I promise."

Flare Feline closes his fist even tighter, voice wavering a bit "This... his hard for me to talk about. I don't think I've ever really spoken of it since before I joined Repliforce. But... it's nothing that's a big secret. I guess you've never really read my dossier, and my personal history. It's all there, most of it. At least what I've said. I just... haven't told anyone personally." He relaxes his hand, and sighs again, here goes... "It's a sort of long story, but I guess it's about time someone knew." He looks at his fingers again "About....8 months ago, almost 9 months after I was activated, everything changed. I went against my programming... but I didn't mean to.. I.. I.." He swallows hard, trying to compose himself...

Ten can see that trying to speak of whatever is troubling Flare Feline is paining him greatly. She scoots closer to where he is sitting. She remembers that humand sometimes put an arm around another human's shoulders to comfort them. However, sice Flare Feline is much bigger than her reaching his shoulders could prove tough, so she settles for extending a wing and placing it against his back. Her voice is full of sympathy as she says, "I can see that this is realy difficult for you. Take as much time as you need to say it. I won't rush you."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Heads looks like Dr. Wily's decided to take his merry little group on some sort of a destructive excursion. If I find out more before GNN does, I'll let you know.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Iris transmits: 'Heads looks like Dr. Wily's decided to take his merry little group on some sort of a destructive excursion. If I find out more before GNN does, I'll let you know.'.

Flare Feline sighs, and takes a deep breath. "Thanks... I'll manage." He gathers his thoughts for a moment. "Are you familiar with minor gliches in our body mechanics, that sometimes cause sudden, slight jerks in body movement? It's isn't very common, but... It happened to me, a few times in the week before.. it happened. The Doc was going to check on it later that day... but he was too late.. he..." He coughs, as he tries to keep his voice from breaking "Her name Krysta. She always acted sort of like a tomboy really, and that day she was up in a tree, talking to me about building a treehouse." He smiles a bit "She wanted one big enough for all of her friends... even me." He sighs deeply, it's coming... "I was trying to tell her that I was too big and heavy for that. But, little kids can be real stubborn. Anyway... her mother called her in to lunch and... she..." His voice breaks again... but he's gone this far, he has to finish. "She was always quite rash... instead of climbing down, she just quickly yelled 'Flare catch me' and jumped..." He starts to shake a bit....

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Templar transmits: 'Affirmative, ma'am. Alpha-shift Marines on standby.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'SecDef Six on standby, will try to raise command.'.

Ten gasps a bit, but quickly hides it. She nods, understanding what he is saying. "It wasn't your fault, Flare! I know it might seem like it was, but there wasn't anything you could have done differently that would have changed things. I'm sure you tried to catch her. If a malfunction made things go wrong, it wasn't your fault." Ten beak-nuzzles Flare's arm. "Yet because you are such a good reploid, you feel guilty about it nonetheless. This just shows how good a reploid you are."

<Global News Network> A smashed car appears. "And so... the president's daughter will need some plastic surgery. This just in." An image of the Stealth Transport appears on the news once again for the second time today. "Doctor Wily has been spotted over the skies of Neo Tokyo, earlier today Doctor Wily was seen at Repliforce Island releasing the children held captive during the Spiraling Steel competition. Apperantly his kindess is short lived. Sources from Neo Tokyo confirm that it is, in fact, a genuine attack. There appears to be no clear motive behind this assault, and so SOON after the incident earlier today. Here with us is Doctor Green, a psychologist whose followed the eratic behavior of Doctor Wily for years now. Now Doctor Green, why would anyone do such a thing?" The doctor replies with a raspy 'matter-of-fact' tone. "Well Tim, to put it simple, Wily is a looney."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Iris transmits: 'Hunters, will you be requiring assistance? We're ready to mobilize.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'Neo-Tokyo?... ****! Permission to take a Ride Armor out and lend them a hand?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Magma Dragoon transmits: 'There's no telling how many masters he's brought . . . Yet.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Already half way there with Sonata, Iris.'.

Flare Feline takes a few more deep breaths, clenching his fist some more... "I'm afriad... you don't quite have it right Ten." He says slowly "It's ...far.. far worse than that. There was a malfunction alright, but not in my limbs..." He opens his hand, and brings his hand up in front of him, and after a second *shing* his extends his claws in a flash "..that sound... I'll always remember... along with what happened after... It all happened in the space of two seconds, I could barely react." His voice trembles again "She... would have been better off hitting the ground, actually.... the glitch .. caused my claws to extend.. and I was already in position to catch her... I didn't realize it had happened until it was too late.... she... she... just fell right into them......" He shakes some more, and starts sobbing......

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'There's no telling how big of an assault this is...but yes, by all means, if you're ready to go then go down there. And I want a sitrep as soon as possible.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'I'll get you one ASAP, Iris.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Thank you.'.

Ten nods sympathetically to Flare Feline. "It was still a glitch. You still didn't mean to do it. It still wasn't your fault." She hears some radio transmissions. "Uh oh! Sounds like quite a crisis! We'd better hurry to Neo-Tokyo! We'll talk some more later."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Ricochet, deploy with the 17th. 16th, 20th, deploy immediately.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'Gotcha.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'OOC: Scratch that.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ricochet transmits: 'OOC: blinks, and realizes. Oh yeah, I'm deploying independantly aren't I. :)'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Command, Secdef Six, we're almost there.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'Sergeant Ricochet, deploy in armour. 16th, 20th, accompany him.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Rock transmits: 'We might need a bit of assistace with the Masters in Neo-Tokyo. We are outnumbered.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Iris transmits: 'We're on our way, Commander X...'.

Flare Feline tries to quickly compose himself, he was hardly paying attention to the radio... "You're... right." He shakes it off... but it's hard, he hasn't ever faced what had happened this strongly before. But, he manages to control himself "We should get going..." He pauses a second before he leaves "...thanks Ten. I... really need to stop hiding this..." He turns towards the gates "Now... let's go..."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Opera transmits: 'I am in Seoul. Will that be sufficient response time?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'That's an understatement. Repliforce Command, Secdef Six, we got a mess here.'.

Ten nods. "Right, let's hurry!" She dashes toward the gates.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Iris transmits: 'I'll be down there momentarily.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ricochet transmits: 'Ride Armor Eagle on-scene. Anyone need a hand?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ten transmits: 'I can come to Neo-Tokyo if further assistance is required.'.

Ten enters the New York - Manhattan Island.
Ten has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*Flare's voice almost sounds emotionally broken, but he coughs a bit to clear himself up* I'm.. I'm on my way.'.

*Later, in Neo Tokyo*

You enter the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo

Although this part of the city is the largest and busiest at any given time, the lack of any real streets gives the impression of being quiet. Due to the sheer enormity of Neo Tokyo's population and consumer demands, the city's planners decided to build not only out, but up... and down. The Nogaki commercial district extends for miles in all directions, with public lifts capable of transporting thousands of people per second.
On this level are the mostly normal, everday businesses such as grocery stores, mega-department stores, and everything in between. The eastern hemisphere's largest McDonald's takes up a large portion of space here, having served over 11 times 10 to the 20th power burgers since its company's creation back in the 20th Century.

Twila Peterson [Medic] [MH]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Vanguard> [RF]
Dr. Wily [RM]
Rock [Mega Man] [MH]
Opera [C]
Charge Man [RM]
Improv [MH]
Templar [RF]
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> [RF]
Sonata [MH]
Deluge Elephant [RF]
Pirate Man [RM]
Bomb Man [RM]
[Stealthed] Magma Dragoon [MH]
Dawn [MH]
Zestien [C]
Wave Man [RM]
Crystal Man [RM]
Guts Man [RM]
Crash Man [RM]
Stealth Transport [RM]
Tetsuo's Hibachi Grill and Karoake Bar
The Mouse Hole
Namura General Hospital
Pets 4 U

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo.
Public Lift Up <LU> leads to Nogaki Commerical District Level 2 - Neo Tokyo.
Public Lift Down <LD> leads to Nogaki Commerical District Sublevel 1 - Neo Tokyo.
North <N> leads to Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
East <E> leads to Harbor District - Neo Tokyo.
South <S> leads to Residential District - Neo Tokyo.

Deluge Elephant nods, carrying on a jog, swinging his axe up to make sure it's ready. "..well, whatever it is, Nata, I'm sure we can handle it."

Ten arrives from the Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo.
Ten has arrived.

Repliforce dropships empty troopers onto the street. Templar is with them, but he's not going to do anything useful this fight. Not that that's terribly unusual, but more specifically, he won't because Zestien's already here. He's just coordinating two squads of Marines.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Iris, we need command and control here, quickly. Get those Repliforce units deployed to evacuate the area.'.

Crystal Man plows down the street in an 18-wheeler, the trailer itself apparently full as the vehicle's handling is sluggish. In the spirit of the sort of chaos Wily wants, the master of jewels is going around three times the speed limit and running every red light possible as he makes a beeline back to the stealth transport.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'OK, we need all units available unto Neo-Tokyo. Anyone available for crowd control is welcome...this is a very bad situation.'.

Charge Man slams another Mail box into the window and turns smilling with his cowcatcher mouth piece. "Let's rock and roll!" he howls his tin whistles howling as heat rises to his powerful frame. His angery body shifts from side to side as he watches the crowd

Wave Man narrows his eyes at Pirate Man, moving in on his turf and stealing his loot. "D'yarr...'tis me loot! I saw it first!" He defensively snatches up some jewels and shoves them into his pockets. "Err, I mean Wily's loot. Y'arr, Wily's loot." He reaffirms, grabbing more goodies for himself.

Zestien takes the money and stuffs it into a bag she's carrying, then blows a kiss at the shopkeeper before shredding some things just because. Perhaps disturbingly, there's nothing apparently malicious in her actions - more like playful. She skips out of the building and proceeds to run into another store. A Marine draws a bead on her, and puts a gauss round right over her shoulder, ripping open a bit of synthflesh. She ignores it as she enters the other store, kicking apart a window and hopping inside...

Crystal Man sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

Guts Man idly noogies a poor crippled citizen who was to weak and slow to get away. "Hahahah!" He's noogying the citizen so fast that the friction causes the citizen's head to catch on fire. He then runs off screaming, "Auugh!!! Augh!!" Before spontaneously combusting. "Kick ass."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'The authorties seem to be having little broblem evacuationt the areas not as close to the fighting. But ground zero there's a problem.'.

Dawn continues rushing along the roads, rounding a corner and spotting Crystal Man. She's apparently quite stressed out, yelling out in Japanese angrily, "(Why can't you leave Neo Tokyo ALONE!?)" She's charging right for him at full speed, easily outrunning fleeing vehicles here. Adding to this, she's carrying a steel construction beam on her left shoulder...

Whirlpool Lobster arrives from the Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo.
Whirlpool Lobster has arrived.

Flare Feline arrives, coming from the Teleportation area. He almost looks distracted, but he tries to stay focused. As he arrives, he looks at the mess before him "...I hate it when they attack in large numbers like this, can't they take it easy on us?" He would try to find a commanding officer to find out what to do, but it seems the general order here is stop the masters by kicking their afts, so he runs down to try to find a battle partner.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Templar transmits: '16th, with me. Evacuating the civilians is the priority. Employ cover fire at will.'.

Hiryu arrives from the Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo.
Hiryu has arrived.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Razor Pterodactyl transmits: 'Corporal Razor Pterodactyl here. I'm on my way, along with Corporal Whirlpool Lobster.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Iris, if someone ain't got them an opponette, clear the area!'.

Twila Peterson is on her bike within the outboundries of the combat zone...trying to gain an idea of where she would be needed the most in this madness...

Razor Pterodactyl arrives from the Teleportation Area--Neo Tokyo.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

Dr. Wily dances about on the roof where the stealth transport is conveniently parked. Swinging his cane this way and that and shaking his booty, Wily has a grand old time. The fire of destruction casting shadows that dance along with the doctor. He hums a happy tune while doing so, that is... until the entire Repliforce shows. The doctor simply grins. "Expected... and prepared, easily dealt with."

"Hey, you!" From within the mayhem and destruction, a clear channel opens up, leading all the way to Crash Man. The Red Bomber's white forefinger is extended, pointing all the way to Deluge Elephant! "You there! I don't like your ears! Yes, you goofy, insecure-looking troglodyte! I do not like your ears! In fact, I hate your ears! And now, because of your ears, I'm going to inflict one hell of a hate crime on -you-! Will I fight? Yes! Will I win? Well, -duh-. Let's party!" The uncaged Robot Master charges forward, bomb-blasters armed and aimed to fire. Without much in the way of an activation-sequence, a pair of armor-corrosive gas canisters are launched, with the intention of taking it to Deluge Elephant's house! Slip n' slide, sports fans!?

Magma Dragoon leans forward once more with a light sneer, his eyes glinting with the lust for combat that constantly boils within his proverbial veins as a warrior. Putting the binoculars away indefinately, the Elite Hunter bends down low and then springs upward, what light there is shines off of his armor until he descends, form blurring under gravity's pull. He lands with a dull clank, katana already unsheathed with a ringing 'shnk' of metal. He holds the plate out to the side as he kneels from his touch down, visage shifting about as he hunts for what could be considered a worthy advisary in this chaos.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Vanguard> approaches the looters, one cumbersome step after another. She seems to be headed in Charge Man's direction. Bringing the weapons systems online, she hopes that this defensive response will send a message to the Masters...

The 16th and Templar move out into the streets, trying to evacuate civilians. They fire bursts at Masters who come close, but mostly seem to be just covering themselves. As they recover civilians, one or two leave the group to carry them swiftly over to the dropsite.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'OK, let's get those civilians back away from this mess...the rest of us are going in to help repel these guys.'.

Pollux has left.

Whirlpool Lobster dashes in from the Teleportation Area. He grumbles under his breath, but shakes his head. "Time to go to work." He approaches the disturbance area and speaks into his radio.

Pirate Man ignores Wave as he continues to load up, he looks around silently as he finishes the job and starts to head out of the store to find a new target, a smirk forming on his face as he notices the enemies as they come into the area

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Whirlpool Lobster transmits: 'I've arrived on the scene.'.

Bomb Man is standing about, kicking ass and chewing bubblegum! But predominatly chewing bubblegum. He guffaws, and is so open to attack.

Spiralling through the air is a lone figure on a red board. He looks to be making a swift bee-line for the source of the distubence, but obviously something is wrong with the board's thrusters, as he speedily meanders forward, clearer out lines of blue armor, a face, and determined blue eyes. His board: some form of dog, focused and bent on moving a head, even if that means turning the rider upside down a few times. As the figure gets closer, he points down there and takes an account of what's going on. Within a few moments, he's near the center of the battle, and leaps off his ride, falling swiftly to the ground below. Then with a smooth motion, he slides when he lands, breaking the fall and allowing him to stand, buster readied and pointing at everyone there. "Alright, give it up and go home now!"

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> suddenly banks as the HUD picks up some opposition, still in flight mode. The pilot... or pilots, actually, if you count Orbit, approaching and bearing down on one opponent... Guts Man. He attempts to acquire a target lock...

Tacet has arrived.
Improv drops Tacet.

Magma Dragoon has left.

Jeanno has connected.

Dawn drops Crystal Man vs. Dawn.
Dawn has left.

Dr. Wily has left.
Crystal Man has left.

Flare Feline looks about, trying to figure who he should fight. He shakes off his previous conversation, he can't be distracted. Looking around, he spots the unmistakable big black aft of Bomb Man, just generally causing trouble, so he decides to engage him. He leaps while yelling "Hey, your flanks wide open!" And drop kicks him.

You miss Bomb Man with your Feline Fury attack.

Bomb Man deftly stands still! Well, actually he steps backwards. "Hahy, thaht's naht nahs!" He pulls out a bomb, and tries to smash it into the back of Flare's head. "Ah thehnk yeh nehd sahm ahf mah hahmcehken!"
Bomb Man misses you with his Acid Bomb attack.

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "...what?"
[OOC] Flare Feline says, "I got all that except the last word."
[OOC] Bomb Man says, "Homecookin'."
[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Ah"

Flare Feline quickly ducks, and barely avoids coming into contact with whatever ghastly substance was in that bomb. He is barely able to understand him, so he decides to cut out the mid-battle bantering and just get the the smashing. He quickly flips back up, draws his claws and aims to slash him across the chest.

You strike Bomb Man with your Cat Scratch attack.

Bomb Man is cat scratched! "Ahhgh! Caht yer nahls, gehrlehgahrl." With that, he attempts to grab the swiper by the arm, and smash him into a wall. "Tahk thehs!"

Bomb Man misses you with his Throw attack.

Flare Feline quickly gets his arm out of Bomb's grip, and does a reversal on him, and grabs HIS arm instead "And why don't you learn to speak english?" And throws Bomb instead.

You strike Bomb Man with your Throw attack.

Bomb Man oofs as he hits the wall. "Ah dah spehk Ahnglehsh! BAHD Ahnglahsh." He pulls out a handful of ball bearings, it seems. He whips the handful at Flare. "Lehmeh tehch yeh sahmthehn!"

Bomb Man strikes you with his Scatter Bombs for 7 units of damage.

Flare Feline acks as the many little bearings explode around him, he waves the smoke away and dusts his armor off "So we're throwing stuff now huh? Ok then.." He closes his fist for a moment, and when he opens it, a glowing orange orb files out of his hand blaster, and hovors there "Batter up...." He pulls back, and flings the orb at him, ala baseball style.

You miss Bomb Man with your Pulse Break attack.

Bomb Man ducks out of the way! Or something. "Wahl, thehn!" He pulls out yet another bomb. "Mah fahthehr... yeh nah, the wahn Ah dahn't lehv wehth... heh ahlwahs sahd t'faht fahyahr wehth fahyahr!" And with that, he throws!

Bomb Man misses you with his Fire Bomb attack.

Flare Feline leaps in the air, out of the way of the blast, and aims to land almost right on top of Bomb boy. Not preparing to strike with his claws, but with his... mouth? Yes, his fangs are out, and he looks hungry "I'll bet you're spicy..." *chomp*

You miss Bomb Man with your Cat Nip attack.

Bomb Man takes this opportunity to hurt the cat. So, he whips a fist at the face headed at him. Whoo.

Bomb Man misses you with his Punch attack.

Flare Feline sees the fist coming at him, and decides to break off biting him. Probably for the best anyway, who knows where these masters have been. He leaps back a couple of feet "You say to fight fire with fire... but what do you do when that fire fights back?" WIth that he forms another orb with his hand, but this one is bright red, and quite a bit bigger. He flings it at him like he did before, the orb leaving a brief burning trail behind it.

You strike Bomb Man with your Flare Pulse attack.

Bomb Man arghs, and staggers back! "Ah haht fahyahr! Dahmeht, bahy! Rehspahct yer ehdlahrs!" And with that, he pulls out a bomb the size of a beachball! "Ahn wahn fahyahr fahts bahk, Ah kehk eht's ahs!" FLING!

Bomb Man strikes you with his Hyper Bomb for 23 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Flare Feline uh-ohs as the Bomb sails down towards him, and he flies back a couple of feet, and bounces off the ground *thud* OW *thud* OW *thud* OW! He stands up, armor blackened, and torn in a few areas, that was one heck of a blast. Enough to ward him off. Time to run. "You got a lucky shot in... I don't know what you were trying to do here, but the rest of Repliforce will stop you all." He quickly turns, and runs off, kicking up some dust between him and Bomb boy

Flare Feline retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Bomb Man points and laughs at the retreating feline. Then leans over and coughs. "Ohhh... theht hahrt..."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*Flare's voice sounds slightly out of breath, and hurt* Ok.. that didn't go over too well. I'm retreating after facing Bomb Man Repliforce...'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'I gotcha covered, but Crash is giving me a helluva time too.'.

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