Harbor District - Neo Tokyo

Trade is still very much a part of Japan's vitality, and this becomes apparent in this area. Sea-faring hydroplanes of enormous size bob at the carefully controlled docks at the port, while immense cargo-carrying hoverships continually lift into the air and descend on suspension fields to landing pads below. Workers, robotic and human both, dart everywhere as they move to and from their ships while at the same time port authority inspections teams sniff out most of the illegal goods smuggled in.
Despite all the hustle and bustle, traffic here is still well monitored and organized. Among the gargantuan wharehouses and high-tech automated sushi bars are scattered a few much smaller and older buildings left over from before the earthquake which destroyed most of this ciuty, which now house everything from quite legal bars to not-so-legal establishments.

Dr. Landon DeVry [C]
Gauss Coyote [Civilian] [M]
Kalinka [Casual] [C]
Abandoned Warehouse
Hovership <Black Rose> [C]

Obvious exits:
Ocean <O> leads to Honshu.
North <N> leads to Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
South-East <SE> leads to Industrial District - Neo Tokyo.
West <W> leads to Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.

Kalinka is sitting out on one of the piers, having a little discussion with a 'yote reploid she knows only as 'Fasttrack'. He seems like a nice guy to her, and nothing seems amiss tonight...so far, sneaking out of the base has paid off in spades.
Kalinka giggles, as Fasttrack finishes his story. "Some officials can be -so- corrupt!"

Dr. Landon DeVry slowly makes his way towards Kalinka, humming quietly as he goes. A defender...reploid, that may prove problematic...no matter. His eyes narrow behind his disguise, <27, activate>. Within his capture cage, Jane 27, Series B - Jane A in otherwords, begins to activate.

Gauss Coyote is currently shmoozing and telling fish stories, and basically being a complete and utter liar. but he's used to it. And, erm, he's armed, as usual. But he isn't showing it. The 'yote yawns, quite content, and quite lazy at the moment, ears twitching.

Kalinka turns at the sighs of someone else approaching. "Wow, this is a popular pier tonight," she remarks quietly as the fishlike 'ploid comes up the pier. "Good evening, sir!"

Flare Feline wanders down the street looking a bit lost. oO(I wish I asked directions... I've never spent much time in Neo Tokyo... now which way is it back to Light Labs...) Flare isn't walking with a crutch anymore, if you knew he had one to begin with. Though it seems as if he's limping just a tad. He turns a corner and walks straight into the harbour district oO(...nope, guess I should have taken a left back at that last crosswalk thingy...) He sighs and almost turns around when he spots Kalinka.

Kalinka is absolutely NOT, under ANY circumstances, allowed out of the base without Hunter escort. However, this isn't something that's stopped Kali this evening, apparently.

Dr. Landon DeVry turns to the side for a moment, seemingly stopping to examine some fish or something similar, but he's in reality coverly dropping the form of Jane B-1 behind some dock-junk so she'll be available when he needs her. He then resumes quitely walking towards Kalinka, while the Jane rushes through the shadows, trying to sneak up on her.

Gauss Coyote yawns, grinning and chuckling at the kid. "Well, nice to meet ya. I'll be seeing you around." The 'yote stands, and casually walks off, ears twitching as the 'yote in disguise slouches off to carry out his job of the day

Flare Feline hmms and walks up over to the girl "Hey.. uh.. Kalinka. What's up?" Does Flare know she's not supposed to be out of the base? Well Kalinka told him. Then again Flare can be a scatterbrain sometimes, or maybe he does remember? Who knows? He also doesn't pay too much attention to the Coyote reploid or the giant fish thing just yet...

Kalinka grins, waving enthusiastically at Flare as he approaches. "Oh, hey there! Wow, your leg's looking a lot better...I'm just sitting out here. I was talking to Fasttrack, but he had to go. What's going on?"

Dr. Landon DeVry grows nearer to Kalinka, hrm, is that the reploid who his Waif in Australia blew up? Lovely... He glances to the side slightly, as Jane B-1 goes rushing through the shadows of the darkened pier. He nears Kalinka, and begins using a falsified voice, "Hello, Miss? Its dangerous on the docks at night, do you want me to escort you home?" Get into position....he's waiting til the Jane is ready to keep her feline protector occupied...

Flare Feline shrugs "Err... nothing..." Nope, he's not lost. Not one bit. No sir. "So what're you up to out here? Decided to take some time outside of the Labs alone eh?" There's a slight smile on his face as he sais that.

Kalinka puts a finger to her lips, and winks. "It gets SO god-awful boring in that building...I HAD to get away, just for a little time. Daddy will never know."

Dr. Landon DeVry hrms, she's not paying attention. Oh well. He moves his hand forward, resting it on her shoulder. Its the battleclaw, but she should probably assume its just the Fish reploid's clawed hands, "Excuse me...Miss, are you listening?"

Kalinka is a teen, and...teens aren't known for their rigid attention spans. "Oh!!" She startles a bit, grinning up at the fishlike reploid. "I'm so sorry! I was just kind of surprised to see my friend out here...I didn't mean to ignore you!" She does seem genuinely apologetic. "Go ahead, though?"

Flare Feline glances up at the big fishy thing. That reminds him, he's hungry. He shakes his head slightly, well when he DOES get back to the Labs, he'll have to get something to eat... "She probably doesn't need an escort, her home's not far from here (I think...) and if she wants, I can take her there."

Dr. Landon DeVry grins, well at least his Fish image does. He moves another claw to put on her other shoulder, somewhat reassuringly, although his grips do tighten just a -tad- uncomfortably, "You should be careful, Miss, there are a lot of dangerous people down here, you shouldn't travel unescorted." ...she's -almost- in position to strike at Flare, he just needs a few seconds to shove the blonde in his capture cage...and get to the sea...

Kalinka frowns a little bit, as this fishy-guy is none too gentle. "Uhm, well...thank you all the same," she says politely, as her 'sixth sense' begins to tingle, "But I'll just go back with my friend. I do appreciate your concern, though." She's getting a BAD feeling about this. (If anything bad happens, the Hunters don't know I'm out here!) she thinks worriedly.

Flare Feline senses Kalinka's apprehension, and the almost malevolent vibe from the other guy, call it animal instinct. He takes a step forward "You heard her, now get your hands off her and go about your business." He doesn't make any threatening motions just yet, but he can easy draw his claws out in an instant if he has to.

From the other side of the docking area, a small voice echoes, "Help me!" It sounds disturbingly similar to Kalinka, and seems to belong to a small woman who's limping along the dockway, only to collapse. "You, Repliforcer! You better help her! I'll protect, Miss Cossack!" Those claws remain tight on her shoulders...incase she decides to try and run off

Kalinka turns as she hears the cry for help down the dock. "Oh, I can..." She frowns, trailing off. No, she -can't-; Mr. Fishy has quite the tight grip on her shoulders.

An ever so light growl is heard from Flare. He doesn't trust this guy at all. He seems far too eager to get him to turn his attention away from Kalinka, and he looks too persistant in 'escorting' her. But then again, a woman just collapsed. This'll be tough, how can he protect Kalinka and still do his duty... a brief second passes before he speaks "...fine. But, Kalinka'll come with me." There's a slight pause "..after she's likely much more skilled as a medic than I am, and that woman looks injured." He eyes back at the collapsed woman, and then back to Kal and the fish, ready to spring in either direction if necessary.

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his eyes, "...hrm, I think I should really stay with her here, I've heard stories about exploding girls that wander around. I bet you could take it, but...we can't let a human come to harm." The girl in question is slowly dragging herself, coughing and mewling for help towards the group. "I'll stay here with her, you go attend to the other girl!"

Kalinka is squirming nervously. "Look, you can...take your hands off me, and all...I'll be fine, really. That girl looks like she needs assistance...let us go inspect her, at least. If she's a reploid, we'll be able to immediately help her."

Flare Feline sighs, why does he have to be right? Still, he eyes the fish warily "Fine... but I'm not going anywhere until you at least take your hands off her." He glances back at the woman, maybe it's a trick, maybe not. He's personally encountered one of DeVry's girly bombs before, it's not something he'd care to repeat. Of course, it could be that that really IS a woman in trouble...

Dr. Landon DeVry makes the hologram smile, "I'm just being friendly, really." The girl by this time has drug herself closer to the group, coughing several, "Help! Help me!" That boy is annoyingly intelligent....for a reploid. He releases the main claws, moving the secondary manipulators to rest by her sides, ready to grab her if she tries to run.

Kalinka -does- move, once released -- but instinctively, she moves toward the Jane to see if she can assist her...as she does appear wounded.

Flare Feline moves to the Jane ahead of Kalinka first. "Hang on, let me check her out first..." He kneels down, slowly mind you with his injured knee "Hey, you alright? What happened?" Is Flare intelligent? Well... yes and no. As I said before, animal instinct mostly.

Dr. Landon DeVry would grin if he could, this is his instant! The manipulators and the battleclaws both go to Kalinka, "WATCH OUT!" At that moment, the wound girl springs up, eyes narrowed in fell artificial amusement...on a face that looks too much like Kalinka's. She throws the cloak she was covered in away, revealing the blue and grey uniform of a Jane, and in an instant her fingers each extend small claws...each of which is a small thermal-chainsaw blade. Landon, using this as an excuse, begins trying to take off with the presumably grabbed Kalinka for the ocean, his capture cage hissing...as the hologram dissipates.

Unlike Iris, Kalinka isn't much of a screamer -- her sudden capture only weilds a surprised gasp. Once DeVry has her in his clutches, though, she fights and struggles tremendously...kicking and punching and thrashing about wildly as she's dragged toward the ocean. "Drat it all -- should have -known-!"

Flare Feline isn't TOO surprised, but still a bit stunned with the sudden turn of events. He stands as quick as he can, and just extends his hand towards the Jane's face, palm opened with a blaster in the center, which emits a wave of flame on top of her. No use wasting time on the small fry. Flare turns to DeVry as he tries to make off with Kalinka "Get back here with her!!" And Flare will start running... in the next round!

Kalinka receives a radio transmission from Chill Snowcat.

Kalinka strikes Dr. Landon DeVry with her Crying attack.
Dr. Landon DeVry's forcefield withstands the attack.

The Jane, still flaming, tries to leap onto Flare and delay him. Landon is busy opening his capture cage and trying to push Kalinka into it, like a giant monster swallowing her up, "Stop struggling you miserable little girl!" He's still running for the edge of the dock...he's taking the sea route out.

Kalinka sends a radio transmission.
Kalinka receives a radio transmission.
Kalinka receives a radio transmission from Chill Snowcat.

Kalinka is just fighting for her life incredibly; every pier-post is a possible lifeline, and she grabs for them in desperation. She thinks Landon is going to drown her, and as they approach the sea, she gets more and more frightened.

Chill Snowcat arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Chill Snowcat has arrived.
Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Stealth Nekojin has arrived.

Flare Feline growls as he tries to jump away from the firey Jane. It would be more effective if his leg wasn't injured. Still he gets away long enough to get a clear shot at the not so good doctor "Hold it! You're not taking another step!" Since actions speak louder than words, he fires up a nice fireball with his palm blasters and lets it soar at DeVry, he's got one huge-aft to hit as well. Also, he sends off a radio transmission, if DeVry gets out of his range, he won't get away too easily...

You strike Dr. Landon DeVry with your Pulse Break attack.
Dr. Landon DeVry's forcefield withstands the attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF-Hunter Liaison Flare Feline transmits, "Hunters we got a problem in Tokyo harbor, summed up in two words. Kalinka and DeVry."

Dr. Landon DeVry still works on throwing Kalinka into his internal capture cage, he dislikes running with it open. Presuming his battle-arms and his manipulators manage to force her into the cage, a series of cables and restraints will surround her and allow for a small mask to be placed over her face to initially gas her, and then provide her with oxygen. His field absorbs the damage from the Repliforcer relatively easy, and the Jane uses Flare's firing to try and claw at his back with her razor sharp claws. "I am eternal! AND I AM VICTORIOUS! BWAHAHA!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Dawn transmits, "!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Will Repliforce's help be needed on this one?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Shoto 2IC Sonata transmits, "..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Commander Phoebus transmits, "?"

Dawn arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Dawn has arrived.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Seismic Earthworm growls angrily. Landon has invoked the wrath of worm. This is not a good thing.

Megami arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Megami has arrived.
Signas arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Signas has arrived.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "I can head down there and kick his aft... I've been waiting to do it for months. I know my name is really far down on the 'order of people to beat down DeVry', but hey, I can share."

Sonata arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Sonata has arrived.

Landon is currently running down the dock, shoving Kalinka into himself, as Flare fires...but Flare is being attacked by a Jane...that looks like Kalinka.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF-Hunter Liaison Flare Feline transmits, "He's heading for the water, he's too far for me to catch up, and I.. *sound of slashing and scraping* Argh!"

Chill Snowcat snarls and is RUNNING and blinking toward the harbor. He appears for a moment before seeing the capture device taking little Kalinka. The feline looks directly at the machine and with a snarl prepares to blink again.

Kalinka's little form is dragged toward the capture-cage, and she's fighting furiously like a captured wolverine. She'd probably sever a limb, if it would mean avoiding the cage. She braces herself against the frame of the cage, clinging furiously as she's pulled toward the interior.

[Radio: (D) Public] Chi transmits, "Ah, DeVry. Trying to scare up funds for a new arm?"

Sewa arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Sewa has arrived.

Flare Feline has fired a shot ad DeVry, which did nothing. He looks as if he's about to sprint at him when DeVry's Jane comes up behind Flare and slashes at his back. Flare curses slightly, particularly on his leg, if it wasn't so damaged he'd have been able to run up and help Kalinka directly. Speaking of his leg, there's suddenly a sickening cracking sound as Flare lands on a step a bit too hard, some mech fluid sputters from his previously damaged knee and he grunts in pain. Well so much for not needing a crutch anymore...

Dawn may be a bit behind some of the group. She knows the city darn well, but when you've just been reactivated from your most recent series of lab analysis, it means you're a ways off. 220+ MPH backpack-thruster flight helps compensate though. She'll be at the docks quite soon.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin screams onto scene. Literally, since the proximity of buildings is giving his normally silent flight a doppler effect somewhat reminiscent of a Tie-Fighter. He takes in the scene on the fly, disregarding the false Kalinka easily as his retained link to the Labs security net tells him that it isn't the real thing. Spying DeVry he lets out a primal scream of rage, claws ripping out of their housings as he actually puts ON speed, a corona of flames surrounding his legs as sparks fly from the antigrav generators pushed beyond maximum, as he aims to rip apart the tendrils trying to pull Kalinka in.

Sewa has left.
Sewa has arrived.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I want to know where he sleeps. Someone track him."

Sneak, hell. There's a loud ominous tromping sound getting louder. And louder. The forboding form of the infamous Maverick Hunter Ride Armor known as the "Gunslinger" swings into view, and at the helm noneother than the most dangerous Hunter Ride Armor pilot of them all... Jazz. "Oh dear, I do hope I make it in time!"

To all you newcomers, Flare was trying to fight off one of DeVry's Janes, and he is now kneed apparently as his old wound in his leg has re-opened. And now the Jane is there attacking poor Flare and he can barely fight her off as he kneels on the ground. Meanwhile DeVry tries to get away with Kalinka. Fun times.

There is no sound of five, pure tones... There is simply the repeated flicker-on/flicker-off of someone using short range Blinking to cover additional territory quickly. A figure in black and violet... It's Sonata. It's hard to tell if she's angry or not, but there's a look in her eyes that looks like she might start turning the whole harbor upside down and start shaking it to find Kalinka.

Sewa is..uh...headed to the dock! Stealthfully! Wearing a cloak because she must save Kalinka and, maybe, Zestien too, if she's there, who knows? She also doesn't like Landon, but that's moot. She can't run 450 miles per hour but she is running rather quickly ... ... er ... ... about rank 3 velocity *coughcoughcough*.

With a haste borne of a sudden desperate sense of urgency, Signas blinks through the streets, from corner to corner, reaching eventually the harbor itself--the crowd he takes in at a glance, ignoring most of them before focusing upon the one true threat. DeVry.

Another two blinks, and Signas passes most of his own teammates, focused solely on the object of his ire--his hatred, even, insofar as a man such as Signas may truly hate. It is Kalinka, the daughter of one of the few men he can call friend, and beyond the simple duty of rescuing an innocent girl from the vicious grasp of a deranged man, Signas feels a duty to Pavel Cossack as well. Kalinka is not disappearing this night. "DeVry!"

Dr. Landon DeVry lowers his forcefield.
Dr. Landon DeVry strikes Kalinka with his Grasp attack.
Dr. Landon DeVry projects a forcefield around himself.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Valiant Falcon transmits, "....Greetings..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Good Eve, Valiant."

Dawn seems easily distracted by shiny objects! ...Well, actually, it's the sight of Flare Feline getting his butt kicked at the docks. If the Jane beating his ass will look up, there's a pink-haired schoolgirl flying down at her, yelling with leg extended the entire while. If it doesn't move, this is /so/ going to sting.

The younger Cossack puts up a valiant struggle, but ultimately DeVry is -far- stronger than she is. She's finally popped into the capture-cage with a brutal shove.

Seismic Earthworm arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Seismic Earthworm has arrived.

Dr. Landon DeVry closes his cage around Kalinka, with a sarcophagean *THWAM*. He then, merrilly leaps off of the dock into the tepid waters of the harbor, "Go to hell, Signas." *SPLASH* The disruption from his landing in the water kicks up quite a bit of disturbance, as inside of him, his systems work on gassing Kalinka to make her less troublesome. The Jane blinks and is hit hard by the attack, her body flying back several meters before crashing through a yacht...and sadly, she moves no longer.

There is a sudden flash right at the edge of what must be a forcefield or some sort of barrier. That was where chill was heading and it seems where he isn't ending up. The feline shrieks as he's kicked out of the blink and pretty much whipped into the ground.

Flare tries to fight it off as best as he can, but unable to stand, even a simple Jane seems to be getting the better of him. Then Dawn's attack comes out of nowhere, and floors the Jane for him. Flare sighs with relief for a moment, but still can't stand on his own. He looks up to the girl that saved him "Thanks a lot, but don't worry about me, we have to get Kalinka back from DeVry..." Flare tries to stand, but can't, the leg took too much damage, he'll need the help of a crutch again...

There's a grunt from Sonata and a dash forward as she starts to close with the Mad Scientist. Hrm.. This could get dicey.. Where in the thing could Kalinka logically be? Deduction time: It is illogical to have a captuing pen in one's arm... Her left arm deforms and shifts into an arm cannon style weapon and points forward, aimed at DeVry's left shoulder. "Dr. Landon DeVry," the Detective declares, "You are hereby ordered to stand down and surrender. There are outstanding warrents on you for...." she starts rattling off the various stunts that Landon has pulled lately, including his raid on the Mint in Philidelphia recently. her Gravity Cannon starts whining threateningly, waves rippling round it. She props one foot on a pier and her eyes narrow, glowing a deep violet from within.

Signas doesn't skip a beat--as Kalinka is finally grabbed, he takes off at a dead run, waiting just long enough for his blink systems to recuperate slightly before he teleports again, right above the water where DeVry went down. He follows, the force of gravity pulling him down into the murky deep after the scientist.

Stealth Nekojin doesn't even stop his charge as he just misses, merely redirecting and slamming into the water with full speed, his gravslip working just as well in water, and giving him the edge of being in there almost as quickly as DeVry falls, claws lashing out as they descend as he moves in with intent to shred away DeVry's chestplate, uncaring of damage to himself at this point.

Maverick Hunter Ride Armor <Gunslinger> makes it to the dock, unfortunately the Hunter's Walking Battleship has a problem in that it don't float too well. Sink and drown, that it can do handily. The harried yellow-haired pilot throttles random sticks, waving the ride armor's 'arms' about. "Someone get in there after him! I can't swim!" Jazz pulls a random lever, and suddenly the ride armor's jump jets kick in, lifting it off of the ground. "But I can fly," she says, slightly surprised.

Dawn doesn't seem to listen to Flare at first. ...Instead, she doesn't even stop attacking the Jane, despite destroying it in one ridiculously strong kick. It's only after a fist through the head to hopefully destroy the processor that she stops, and regards Flare. "I have other things to do. I'll bring you to Namura and pay the expenses if I can." She reaches over to try and pick Flare up, assuming he doesn't resist the effort.

Sewa comes up to the Harbor just in time to see Landon splosh into the water. She stares. One second too late. .. Oh Darn it. She sighs and keeps watching. Maybe she'll see some way to help..like sending an electric shock into the wat...er...no.

Within the capture-cage, Kalinka is forcibly gassed into a much more managable state. (All this trouble, all for one little sneak outside...good move, and was it worth it? Look at the trouble you've made!) Her conscience berates her mercilessly, and her blue eyes tear up before glazing over with the onset of the tranquilized state.

Dr. Landon DeVry continues making his way through the depths, although he lets out a grah of annoyance as Stealth cleaves across his field, causing the hex display of the field to scream to sudden visibility, illuminating the underwater arena. DeVry is not ignorant of Signas coming after him, which is why he fluxes the damaged field for an instant, to blast the hull of a ship, "Tend to the dying, leave the dead to me!"

Flare Feline blinks as he tries to stand using Dawn as a crutch, lucky she's stronger than she looks. He winces at the pain in his leg, he wasn't supposed to overuse it just yet. Glancing back at DeVry's escape he sighs "I hope they can get her back from that lunatic..." No he's not resisting, he won't do any good staying in his condition.

Dawn doesn't act as a crutch of any sort. She pretty much scoops up the twice-her-size Flare Feline into her arms and launches back into the sky. This will effectively take her out of the fighting, and Flare as well. By the time she might return, chances are it'll have moved on.

Flare Feline is, surprisingly, picked up and carried off. That's not something he's used to at all. Though he has no time to protest as he quickly carted off into sky, and disappears with the obligitory 'twinkle'

Stealth Nekojin continues his assault with a single-minded, cold-blooded efficiency, tiny blades snapping out of his forearm-mounted launcher whenever his aim happens to go to the 'head' of the machine, and otherwise turning the full force of every weapon at his disposal to disrupting the field. His calm, artic retort is simply, "Not my task right now. YOU are." as he redoubles his efforts, displacing water violently as he circles to extend the damage, hoping the sheer volume of assault will collapse the field that much quicker and get him to his real goal.

The brief illumination gives Signas just enough direction to shoot off after DeVry once more--he kicks into high gear, using his antigrav generators to keep himself from sinking to the bottom of the bay. He says nothing as he closes on DeVry--but as he nears the scientist, he suddenly disappears and /reappears/ directly in front of the shielded monstrosity with the rush of suddenly displaced water. With no words, no taunts, Signas balls his right hand into a fist and swings forward into the onrushing DeVry.

<Quick flight to Light Labs later...>

Light Labs - Medical

This room is kept immaculately clean and organized, from the polished tile floor to the bright exam lights and walls painted with soothing colors. Several repair and medical beds for robot and human patients line the walls, monitors above them indicating the status of the patient's vital signs. There are no windows here, as this is in the center of the floor and heavily reinforced against possible attack. It is here that the Maverick Hunter medics patch up the wounded.

Dawn [Schoolgirl] [MH]
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
Sliding Door <S> leads to Light Labs - Corridor 3.

Dawn sure makes good time back to the Labs, even flew up through the rooftop hangar. Slowing down only upon getting Flare into medbay...she looks extremely upset, even while setting him onto a bed and getting repair tools.

Flare Feline hasn't had much time to react since being picked up and carted around. Finally coming to a stop on the medbed he shakes his head, a bit dazed, finally speaking "Um.. thanks, again. I guess this makes twice..."

Dawn definately doesn't agree. For whatever reason, Captain Bus Thrower looks about ready to cry, even while starting a scan to see what exactly got damaged. "I know this makes twice. I'm sorry, the city isn't normally like this. It should be safer for people like you to visit, and I should be making it that way. I'm sorry."

Flare Feline errs "That's not what I meant. I meant twice I've had to thank /you/. Don't be too hard on yourself, neither if these incidents were your fault." He winces again, as his knee gives him pain. That's the most damaged area. Not so much as it became damaged, but it wasn't totally healed from before, and he wasn't supposed to use it so harshly so soon. And... well.. he did. So the old wound tore it self open again.

Dawn sets to working on the knee, since it's what got most wrecked apparently. Setting to fixing any broken wires or power cords is the first step. "No. They should be afraid to even set foot in this city, let alone constantly attack you. That is what I should be bringing about as reality."

Flare Feline blinks "...don't over do it. You're only one person, you can only do so much." He sighs and lies back down "I still owe you my thanks... but... I'm still worried about Kalinka mostly. I hope they manage to retrieve her..."

Dawn isn't easily convinced on this one. "One person who costs taxpayers as much to maintain as many of the world's most renouned military fighters. I should justify that expense with results like they get. I hope sometime you can spend time in this city and see its better qualities."

Flare Feline nods "I intend to, don't worry about that." Of course, he'll have to wait for his leg to recover /again/. And now it's time for Flare's systems to shut down to recharge. Yay.


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