Training Facility - RHQ

The impressively spacious Repliforce training center is spread out before you. It is difficult to take in all the activity at once. There are reploids running about all over attending to their training regiments, or just doing some personal relaxation. The designers of this complex seem to have thought through the every need of all types of reploids. This includes, but most certainly is not limited to, a section dedicated for gymnastic training, with sets of complex bars and rings. This is a modular system that can be controlled by the Training Facility's computer systems. A full compliment of the finest reploid weight lifting machines are scattered all about, this is very similar to what you would find in a human Gym, only designed to help strengthen reploid muscles. In the center of all this is the training floor. It is a flat and desolate space. The ground there is constructed of synth wood and is the place where classes in hand to hand combat are taught. Surrounding these set ups is a running track for sprinting or jogging. In one of the far corners there is a shooting range to help increase accuracy at all ranges, and there is a submersion tank in another corner for those of the under water persuasion. Near the door is a desk, it is here that you may sign up to use any of the Repliforce equipment, remember if you break it, you buy it.

Jet Stingray [RF]
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
<S2H> leads to Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

The room suddenly fills with a calm evening in the plains of the USA. Distant thunder can be heard rolling over the plains though, a gigantic storm is arriving, and with it comes either the robot masters or the mavericks. This dependns on the user's choice. The storm can range from just rain and thunder, to even being able to spawn a lower level tornado. Train hard!

Jet Stingray currently is training in the with the Holographic Projector, choosing a rather dramatic scene to do it. He stands in a battle stance, looking rather serious as he does. There are no massive amounts of drones or anything like that... Merely on Maverick standing about twenty feet away from him. Who is it? None other than the Maverick Leader himself... Sigma. Someone is clearly shooting high.

Flare Feline strolls down the hallway outside the Training Facility. As much as he hates it, he has to do cold weather training, Phoebus' orders. Still with bad memories of the battle at the North Pole, he probably would have died up there if it wasn't for Iris, and funny Iris should come to mind as Flare steps into the Training Facility, oh my god what's happening! It clicks in a second, holographic envrionment. So what's Jet doing in here? Flare sighs, it seems this grudge isn't going to die. Instead of distracting him, Flare decides to watch how the battle progress for now.

Jet Stingray merely continues on, not knowing he is being watched. "Special Stingray Mode: 334." Suddenly, a sheild forms over Jet's left arm, a tradition knight's sheild with the a face of a dragon upon it... King Dragon to be exact. A beam saber that looks like Patriot's forms on his belt, while a spear made in the style of Admiral's harpoon appears in his right hand. The Maverick leader says nothing, perhaps the program lacking Sigma's personally.

Both move in a flash of motion, though the stingray gives a mighty stab with the spear, but Sigma knocks it aside, then hits it again to completely break it in to with his mighty sword of energy. Jet brings up the sheild just in time, somekind of forcefield preventing Sigma's sword from making its way through the sheild quite as easily. Looks like Jet is giving it his all in this fight, as if it were for real... Something he doesn't do too often.

Flare Feline is surprised by this little tactic, and murmers to himself "I haven't seen THAT one yet, what an odd looking sheild..." Flare hasn't seen King Dragon, before his time, he may have seen an image of him, but since it's so dark he can't really see the full sheild anyway. Though it's being lit up quite nicely by the crackling energy from Siggy's sabre. Flare thinks about calling out to him, but just decides to remain a spectator for the remainder of the battle, Jet probably needs to get this out of his system.

As the storm rages on, Jet moves to draw his sabre with his right hand, letting the unusable spear drop to the ground. The holographic foe leaps back out of harm's way as Jet tries to give a large slash, the stingray clearly not used to the weapon like many Repliforcer are. Sigma leaps forward again, skillfully bashing the sword out of Jet's hand and cutting his right hand rather decently as he does. Of course, Jet attacks in that one moment of chance he does, his foot planting itself in the Maverick Leader's gut. Sigma responds with a firing from his eye lasers as both fighters takes a few steps back, which Jet uses his sheild to block... Though the piercing attack appears to have shorted out the forcefield rather well.

Flare Feline continues to watch the fight through the stormy weather, a random thunder clap and a flash here and there to make things dramatic. All we need is the booming orchestra in the background and we have a picture perfect scene. Flare sighs as it seems Jet will lose, he is fighting Sigma after all, though he has to wonder why he's doing this in the first place.

Jet Stingray is on the attack rather swiftly, using his foot jets to charge for for Sigma head on like a mighty missle. The Stingray of Battle uses his sheild as cover as he plows right into his sparring partner. Sigma tries to hold his ground, but he cannot, getting a sheild in his chest as he goes along like a bug on a windsheild... Doesn't last for long however. The powerful fighter blinks out of the bad bind and appears behind Jet. How ever, Jet is moving too fast to get attack by the Maverick Leader yet. Throwing his shield aside, Jet turns to Sigma, starting to lower his shinplate to get ready to have at with Sigma with his best weapon, his Ground Hunter. He fires, but Sigma leaps into the air, giving a loud cry as he comes down on Jet and swings his sabre for his helm... A mere milisecond before the cut would happen, the scene pauses for a moment, then shuts down, stopping as Jet loses.

Sighing as Jet is in perfect condition and the battle field turns to nothing, he offers, "Well, I'm starting to get better... And at least that was good to get out some stress."

The room glows with a bright light, and phases to it's off state.

Ring Redwing arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Flare Feline goes wide-eyed for a second as it looks like Jet would soon lose his head, but thankfully, simulation. Sighing, he speaks up to the aquatic officer "Well, you almost had him. But it WAS Sigma after all." Jet was probably surprised to hear a voice behind him, and Flare waits for his reaction.

Jet Stingray shrugs faintly, not looking at Feline as if he knew he was there... Which isn't likely, but hey, it's how cool people act (or people trying to be cool at least). "Yeah, it was sort of decent. Still more like a one sided battle though. It's to be expected. I just need to train harder, that's all. Everytime I fight with Ballade I get closer and closer to defeating him. It's all a matter of knowing that you're number one, Flare. Winner never give up and those that give up never win... A quote to remember, dude, it's one that's helped me a lot."

Flare Feline chuckles and nods, not like Jet can see that with his back turned "Well it's good that you seem to never lose your attitude Jet. Personally though, Ballade is a bit too high stakes for me, fighting him once was more than enough for me to discover that. And Sigma? Well... let's say I'd rather not have to fight him at ALL if I don't have to..." Flare walks towards Jet, stopping not too far behind him "So how've you been lately? I've been gone from Repliforce for too long, and right before I left I remember that you weren't... doing so good." Flare doesn't want to directly say 'So how ya been since Iris dumped ya?' but he inquires because he's worried about Jet. He was just fighting SIGMA. Simulation or not. However Flare would probably be more worried if it was Zero being generated by the computer...

Been there, done that... The ray lost to that one too, while Iris was watching no less. It was interesting to say the least. "Well, I've been better, but I've been getting into the race as best I can. Getting used to be in rank and stuff. Upper ranks still think I'm leadership material. They are trying to make me a better Repliforcer by having me train under her for awhile. Not sure how that will turn out." The stingray is rather calm for the time being, perhaps a little tired from his attempt of winning.

Flare Feline nods. Ah yes, Anthem, hoy... Flare still gets the chills from that little striptease she performed for Blizzard Man in Anchorage. No puns intended. "Well that's good to hear Jet, I think there are some things in life that you need to hold on to, and some you need to let go. I guess for awhile we both did the wrong thing.." Flare coughs "Anyway, since you're here, would you like to give me a hand? I'm supposed to be doing some cold climate training, I was going to generate an opponent in arctic weather, but I always like to fight against a live reploid, I find they're more creative than the simulations can be." He then notices that Jet seems a bit tired "But if you're beat, you can sit it out, don't worry about it."

Jet Stingray shakes his head. "It's okay... Know how you feel about the cold, dude. Just think of it in the positive way. We get to kick some mad aft when we go to the Skull Citadel." He was rather silent during the whole 'some thing things you need to let go' part, clearly deciding to respond to any of it. "So, if I'm game if you are."

Flare Feline gives a friendly smirk "I'm glad, for awhile I had the crazy thought to load up a sim of all the ice based RM's and go for a free for all. Which would end up being them against one soon to be frozen me. Thankfully it's mainly fighting in the environment I need training in..." Flare chuckles a bit as he walks over to the controls "Let's see...."

Flare Feline taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.
Before you is nothing but snow. The sky is almost in a white out condition and it is very hard to see very far. The ground is covered with snow, and without the right gear, it is very possible to be swallowed whole by the snowdrifts. The wind bites at your circuts and chills you to the core. WHY OH WHY ARE YOU HERE!

In the middle of this frozen wasteland is a large igloo. Inside the Igloo is a nice refuge from the biting cold outside. It is warm inside and the walls are covered with lockers filled with Snow gear. If you want to go outside, better put some on!

Jet Stingray shrugs faintly. "I've fought Ice Masters... Beat both Freeze Man and Ice Man. Just need to watch out for them. They get slippery on you sometimes." Not drawing attention to his bad pun, he flexes a bit, merely turning off the pain that would be caused by snow. If Flare wants to deal with it, the stingray doesn't mind. But he can deal with the surging pain of ice coating his metal frame later. "Start things off anytime you are ready, dude."

Flare Feline shivers, ALSO negativly affected by the cold climate. But hey, if they're both going to be attacking the Citidel with the rest of RF, then it's best to be able to function as well as possible in this environment. Flare nods "R-right. D-don't hold back now.." Flare charges at the Stingray, snow being kicked up by his feet behind him, Flare prepares to leap at him, but the deep snow messes up his footing and sloppily thrusts himself at Jet, swiping with his claws nevertheless.

You strike Jet Stingray with your Cat Scratch attack.

Jet Stingray blinks as he tries to back up, slipping himself as he tries to back up. His mistake gets him a small scratch in his armor. "Dude..." he silently says to himself, bring his tail to point toward Flare to return the favor. At least that way Jet can attack and stand still as he does as his foot jets warm up.

Jet Stingray strikes you with his Sting for 2 units of damage.

Flare Feline urks as the tail almost trips him up, and that would be a bad thing in this snow. Maintaining his footing Flare prepares to give Jet a swift kick to try to knock him into the snow, knowing full well what will happen if Jet gets his foot jets warmed up, he can maneuver well in this environment with those, Flare can't.

You miss Jet Stingray with your Feline Fury attack.

Jet Stingray leaps into the air, actually jumping over the attack, his foot jets kicking in to keep him in the air long enough to turn towards Flare and turn the evasion a chance to counter as he tries to jump kick the firey 'forcer.

Jet Stingray misses you with his Kick attack.

Flare Feline jumps back to avoid the kick, but as he lands his foot goes through the snow and lands on some ice underneath, sending him down on his back. As he falls backward though he readies his hand blaster and fires a nice little exploding orb at his opponent.

You miss Jet Stingray with your Flare Bomb attack.

Jet Stingray uses his foot jets to blast back and to the right of the attack, the orb causing a light scorchmark as he goes right past his faceplate. The ray takes a moment to regroup, then charges right for Flare to fly to the left of him, hoping that his fin will give him a cut to remember. "A solid support is important Flare... If you can't fight in one area, find a place you can try and stand your ground!"
Jet Stingray misses you with his Fin Slash attack.

Flare Feline rolls out of the way, which unfortunatly almost covers him with snow. Thankfully for Flare, as he gets moving he heats up which will melt the snow. When he stops rolling he thrusts his hands into the snow and leaps on his feet in a backflip. Using the claws on his feet he digs into the ice below to support himself "Sound advice, thanks." In order to probably heat himself up a bit, Flare prepares to claw him again, but this time he opens his hand blaster and a wave of fire is emitted with the oncoming claw, for an attack with a predictible name.

You strike Jet Stingray with your Flame Claw attack.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sage transmits: 'Greetings.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Gale Sorcerer transmits: 'nice day'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sage transmits: 'Indeed, it is.'.

Jet Stingray winces faintly as the claws dig in, but luckily Jet's anti-fire systems are able to minimize the damage. Narrowing his optics ashe flies a bit higher, the stingray launches a torpedo into his left hand. "Time to raise the bar a bit!" With that, he lops the explosive device toward Flare like a football. It's sad that the torpedo Jet is armed with rarely get used like they are supposed to... But then again, water battles don't happen enough for the poor stingray.

Jet Stingray strikes you with his Torpedo for 21 units of damage.

Flare Feline squints up to try to see Jet in the air, but the falling snow blur his vision, and doesn't see the torpedo until it's too late. The explosion does quite a bit of damage and throws Flare back into a snow bank. Well frig. Wincing a bit Flare stands, seems fighting in snow environments really ISN'T his forte, well that's what he's here for. Readying his hand blaster again, Flare sends another projectile up at the flying fish.

You miss Jet Stingray with your Pulse Break attack.

Jet Stingray loops himself in the air, blasting himself striaght... down to avoid getting hit by a nasty attack once more. Pulling up right in the nick of time, Jet turns his back to Flare as he tries to fly over him and let his tail give a nasty whip to him as he does another fly by attack.

Jet Stingray strikes you with his Tail Whip for 12 units of damage.

Flare Feline is thrown to his back once more. This is getting repetitive. Ok, time for the big guns, since according to Flare's pain receptors and internal warnings, holographic or not, he's not lasting much longer. He preps his hand blasters again, and launches another projectile, this one firey red at the speedy stingray.

You miss Jet Stingray with your Flare Pulse attack.

Jet Stingray lets out his Hunter Mines from his back, the brown stingray circling about him as he watches Flare prepare to give it all he has. He gets a decent distance away to decrease the power of the primary from the cold in the area. Then he has the Hunter Mines go a lot faster, fast enough to tear apart the project and only have three of the mini-stingrays blow up in the attack. This leaves two more left, which Jet sends screaming toward Flare. He seems to be in the air more than he usually is, but the cold while bad for Jet, makes it harder for him to burn out his foot jets... Not much harder, but enough to give him a bit more air time then he often has.

Jet Stingray misses you with his Hunter Mines attack.

Flare Feline manages to roll out of the way again, but all this rolling in the snow is slowing Flare down a lot. And the fact that Jet insists in staying in the air makes it difficult to hit him. Though it seems like Flare will lose this round, he prepares to go down fighting, even though it is quite injured. Readying his trusty hand blaster again he fires another projectile at Jet, though all the time in the cold environment seems to be lowering his attack accuracy...

You miss Jet Stingray with your Flare Bomb attack.

As if hearing Flare's silent wish for Jet to come closer, the stingray merely kicks in his foot jets for a final push toward the feline Repliforcer, going at full tilt. "Let see if you can dodge this!" He rolls out of the way of the Flare Bomb, still continuing his decent. If he misses... It might be pretty uncool to say the least since he is going almost straight down... Hopefully that will not be the case.

Jet Stingray strikes you with his Torpedo Slam for 10 units of damage.

Nope, he didn't miss. Flare is thrown back into yet another snow bank. Well one way to assert yourself to an environment you don't like is to throw yourself into it. But this is too much. Pretty much down to his last ounce of strength, Flare decides to be an all or nothing shot. Using his hand blasters he emits a firey wall around himself, warming him up considerably. But the wall isn't a heater, it's used to amplify the damage that Jet will recieve once Flare crashes into him from charging at him head on!

You strike Jet Stingray with your 9-lives attack.
You rebound off of Jet Stingray, taking 3 units of damage.

Jet Stingray seems almost unphased by the intital fires, but the problem comes when Flare hits him, sending an already slightly dizzy Jet falling to the ground. He gets up though, charing toward Flare to give him a heaping helping of his shoulder at point blank range. "Doing well considering, dude!" he offers somewhat cheerfully, clearly not too damged, but showing signs of wear and tear.

Flare Feline mananges to step out of the way of the oncoming Stingray shoulder, good thing he remember to dig the claws of his feet into the ice. He smiles a bit in the wry way you do when you're fighting a friendly, yet losing "Thanks..." And as Jet charges past him, he takes a swipe with his claw to Jet's midsection

You miss Jet Stingray with your Cat Scratch attack.

Jet Stingray leaps back just in time to avoid the claws lowering his shinplate as he does. He lands rather skillfully on one foot, giving a chuckle as he lets it fly. "Well, nice match, but I think it's time to get this over with... I need to get to Paradise Falls to get my pad!" With that, he lets his Ground Hunter fly from his leg.

Jet Stingray strikes you with his Ground Hunter for 21 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Flare Feline starts to say 'Oh crap' but only gets about half of it out before the Ground Hunter connects and sends him flying, to fall once again into a snow bank, this time not conscious to appreciate it. The simulation ends and Flare slowly gets to his feet as the holographic damage fades away. He turns to Jet and nods "Yeah, good one. Though I'd hope I'd do better when it comes to the actual battle at the Citidel." He walks over and deactivates the environment "Well Jet, if you have to go I won't keep you. Take care of yourself." Flare says that, of course implying more than just his trip to Paradise Falls.

Flare Feline waits for Jet to have his back turned, then clutches his back with his hand oO(Ow Ow Ow Ow)

Flare Feline remembers something oO(Paradise Falls? Oh yeah, I have to go pick up Neko from that guy Douglas. I could probably use the time to take a look around the place) He heads out to the door also not too long after Jet leaves


Paradise Falls - Saucier's Point

The abundance of parks and open space, here at Saucier's Point, accounts for over twenty-five percent of the land area, provide a campus environment, while, at the same time, the building setbacks and the central artery design of Little Valley Boulevard create a cohesive element to unite the office uses with the adjacent amenities. The city has combined the pedestrian-friendly atmosphere of an urban design with the open spaces that define a campus setting. Residents and visitors will be able to walk along a tree-lined, wide boulevard to shop for lunch, coffee, and dry cleaning or retreat to a nearby park. Those who live, as well as work, in Paradise Falls can walk to and from their office or even go home for lunch.
Although Paradise Falls is only a fledgling town, the commercial district is already beginning to flourish nicely. A mid-size mall is the crowning achievement here: Paradise Falls Centre has nearly everything from the latest fashions to the strangest curios. Low, squat factory complexes blend in with equally low business buildings, and due to the strict building code not a single building over four stories reaches towards the sky. Reploids pass by, some in business attire, moving to and from the various corporate offices at which they work. Money is in the air here, and one can almost taste it.

Astro Man [Armor] [RM]
General [RF]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Lifesaver [C]
Douglas [C]
Tribulation Anhinga [M]
Gale Sorcerer [C]
Radar Meerkat [Disguise] [M]
Paradise Falls General Hospital
Douglas' Oil 'N Pride!

Obvious exits:
Central Square <CS> leads to Paradise Falls - Baileys Commons.
Outskirts <O> leads to Paradise Falls - Outskirts.

Sewa smiles, "Really? Maybe you'll get a chance to speak to Diplomat Crow about it in private. I'm sure she'll find you suitable.", though she doesn't think Diplomat Crow is ever in private. Which is a kind of eery feeling.

Behind his very first business venture, a fruit stand, is the Repliforce Commander himself. Sitting cross-legged, General appears to be just watching people go by, eyeing him strangely and a few stop to look at the fruit, but move on. General doesn't seem to mind the browsing, as he patiently waits his first customer.

Delia Mongoose smiles at 'Nanaka', and pats her briefcase. "I've even brought my resume," she says with a soft, nervous smile. "After all that's happened in the past couple of days, I couldn't put it off any longer...I felt...compelled, to come see what I could do for this beautiful city."

With the evaluation confirmed and readily passed, Douglas grins to himself, more or less at the site of such beauty wrought from his hands. With a chuckle, he grabs the door to the airborne vehicle with a firm grasp and jumps back in. Pulling it out into the obviously vacant street, he pulls a quick 180 degree turn, and parks the machine back inside his humble shop. The garage door slowly winds down and locks itself, fortifying the treasures held within. In a few moments, Douglas emerges from the door to the front office, having already entered the security code within the building, ready to head home to his apartment. Upon the shop's door step, he yawns and stretches his limbs, beginning his trek home. Oh, to the oh so beautiful palace that awaits him! *cough*

Adam walks along, hands in pockets, looking discreetly to each side as he does so. After about forty seconds he stumbles on the single strangest thing he's ever seen. Up above, Astro Man blinks in confusion. Adam turns toward the, ah, Repliforce commander's place of business, and peruses the selection. He says casually to General, "Got any pomegranates?"

Tribulation Anhinga continues his leisurely walk toward the central square, simply taking in the local atmosphere. Mostly a very rich local atmosphere, and one sadly lacking in...anything interesting for the snakebird to get into. Turning on one foot, he drifts idly toward General's Fruit Stand.

Gale Sorcerer keeps walking. He is tired and has only found very little information about the Maverick attacks. Then he stops and looks at the young human. 'what is a human doing here? a little human wandering in a reploid city... hmmmm...' Well, he's going stare a bit, he has nothing better to do. He turns on his stealth mode.

Nanaka (No longer using Sewa you cowards!) finally...finally notices General's fruit stand... Fruit. Bananas. Bonzana Bananas (nonoSewayoufool!), Peaches. ...Peaches...OH Sweet delicacy. Tasty Treat. The true food of the Nobody should live a life without a peach except for humans...Peaches...Tasty...Tasty...Tasty. Must have some!

She then sees Tribulation Anhinqa. It seems that they shall always meet by a fruit stand. She says, "One moment!", quickly, and then ehads for the peaches...MMmm...Peaches.

General smiles down at Adam as he passes by, quickly looking over the stock in front of him, then checking behind the counter. After that, his brow furrows with disappointment. "I apologize, but they are not in yet. They are due to arrive with tomorrow's shipment," he replies politely. All those speeches he's given sure help with customer service.

Flare Feline arrives in a light jog into the commercial district. Is he here to buy fruit from his commander? Nope. He's looking for Douglas. As he gets closer he sees him close up his shop, hoping he can catch him before he leaves he breaks into a sprint, and if you watched the Battle and Chase footrace, you'd know he can run pretty fast and easily gets to Douglas before he goes too far. "Excuse me, Mr. Douglas?" He says to him from behind

Lifesaver has since turned his attention back to Delia. He looks quietly pleased at her dedication. "Paradise Falls will not be cowed by Mavericks," he agrees, silently deciding to drop the word 'scum' from the very end. It would not be proper. "It's excellent to see young reploids so willing to make a difference." He gives a glance to Nanaka beside him. Except, well, she's gone. Okay, he can handle that.
Lifesaver has partially disconnected.

<O-Repliforce> High Mobility Type Magnum Panther lands on a mysterious green-skinned lady in a pointed hat. *Ding dong, the witch is dead!* "Uhm..." c_c
<O-Repliforce> SpoonyBard --> Flare Feline says, "You killed Anthem!"
<O-Repliforce> Shiny McShine General LOL
<O-Repliforce> High Mobility Type Magnum Panther dies.
<O-Repliforce> Shiny McShine General says, "Run, Flare! While you can!"

Delia Mongoose smiles pleasantly at Lifesaver. "You were quite the hero last night, I must say," she says, clearly impressed by the medic's efforts. "If not for you, Ms. Crow may have perished in that horrible attack."

<O-Repliforce> SpoonyBard --> Flare Feline runs
<O-Repliforce> Anthem throws General at Flare.
<O-Repliforce> We use excessive force! Ring Redwing will stop by your fruit stand later, Gen-Gen dinneridle now.
<O-Repliforce> Shiny McShine General says, "Wheeeeeeeeeee...."
<O-Repliforce> Mighty Butterball, Storm Owl just facepalms.
<O-Repliforce> Mighty Butterball, Storm Owl says, "Why did I come back to this faction again? ;)"
<O-Repliforce> SpoonyBard --> Flare Feline says, "Wow, she can throw really well *crunch*"

Adam chews on the inside of his lip in disappointment. "Oh, okay. S'okay, I don't have much money anyway." That's not precisely true, it's just that whatever money he gave General would pass right through his hand. "So, ah. I didn't know General ran a fruit stand."

Here she comes now singin' mo-ny, mo-ny!

Okay, maybe Diplomat Crow isn't exactly a devil in a red dress (and yes I'm mixing songs, I can do that), but she does have that authoritative stride happening that only mayors of towns that have thrown rocks at Sigma's head can have, and that all songs like that immortalize. Head held high and eyes sweeping around the square proudly, Diplomat Crow surveys her territory proudly.

Just as the emerald mechanic begins to once more start upon rudimentary trek back home, he's just as instantly stopped in the middle of such, his name being uttered in the quickly escalating social gathering about. He quickly halts his progression, slowly turning about to face the person expressing his name. Douglas notices that the unit in question is none other than the customer that came to him earlier in the week with a poor feline mecha that needed his services. He smiles and begins to head back to his shop, knowing full well what Flare has come for. "Oh, don't worry. The little tyke is up and running perfectly. Been almost a terror to my fellow mechanics!"

General grins back at Adam, waving his hand proudly over his stand. "He does now," he remarks, as his gaze shifts to Nanaka's charge for his stand. Rabid customers usually pay well. Excellent.

Sewa says to Adam irritably from behind, "Hey...I'd like to get some peaches.", be polite be polite! But..the peaches...Arrgghh..Darn programmers who give her such strange thoughts and needs..must..resist...Peaches...urge. "Um...", she says to the Head of Repliforce, Ruler of the largest military organization on the planet. "...Can I have some peaches?"

Should he downplay the incident or take the compliment as given? Happy medium, perhaps. Lifesaver bows slightly with the faintest of smiles. "I live to serve in that capacity," he intones. "No matter whether the wound is small or large." That one was rather small--it's what he's getting at, but there's that whole happy medium thing. He doesn't press the point.

Tribulation Anhinga raises his head slightly, turning to glance at the other black bird in the area. Taller black bird. Taller female black bird. Had Tribs a reason for jealousy, he would probably be jealous. As he lacks such, he simply gives the crow a once-over and turns his gaze back to the fruit stand. Cocking his head to one side, he regards the disguised Sewa and the fruit on display with equal interest.

Flare Feline nods at Douglas "Well that's, uhh, great to hear, I think. Well I'll be glad to take Neko off your hands, if I hurry I could return him to Krysta before her bed time."

Delia Mongoose is seated on a pictureque park bench in the main square, talking cordially with Lifesaver. She has a briefcase with her this evening, which suggests she may be in town on business.

Astro Man blinks. This seems somehow... uncharacteristic. Below, Adam asks General gingerly, "Can I, er, snap a picture? It's just such a nice stand, and all. And it's not every day you see General around. I'm a bit of a fan, I guess."

Who would that be singing the revamped verison the theme from 'The Jeffersons'? Why it would be that cheerfully Stingray of New Housing... Jet Stingray. Moving with a rather confident stride like he was out of some bad 70's movie, Jet looks about happily. "Time to see if there is some house with the stingray's name on it!" he says to himself, clearly in a good mood.

Gale Sorcerer stares at General from the shadows. He knows he has seen him somewhere. Maybe in TV. He is going to get closer.

Douglas laughs at that, and lifts a gloved hand to easily punch in the necessary data upon the security panel next to the office door of his wonderful shop. The mechanism beeps in acceptance, and the door swings open. Douglas swiftly steps into the unlit innards of the motor shop, heading into 'the back' of the business. He shoves a rubber curtain to the side and disappears into a section of the building, only to reappear moments later with a recharging mechanimal in tow. He tussles the flexible ears upon the glistening head of Neko, chuckling under his breath. "Here it is! As good as new. But, just a word to the wise. Kitty litter doesn't digest well."

Diplomat Crow tilts her head slightly at the crowd near General's stand, ignorant of Tribulation's sharp stare. "Ah, I see he has set up already," she muses to no one in particular. She continues her little promenade down the street, passing random Reploids now and again, while half keeping an eye on the little crowd.

General grins at Sewa. Cha-ching. Gingerly reaching over with one finger, he picks up a container of peaches and holds them in front of her. "Ah, peaches, quite fresh. They are nine zenny for a dozen," he states, then looks over at Adam. "Thank you.. I do not see any harm in a picture."

Sewa Winces. Two weeks allowance...Sewa grumbles mentally at that thought. Allowance? HER!? She fishes in her pockets and withdraws exactly nine zenny and offers the money towards General. "Thank you, sir.", peaches yum yum yum yum yum! Sewa Can't wait! er...Nanaka can't wait! Yeah!

Flare Feline smiles as he takes the mech kitten from Douglas "Thanks for fixing him, for free even. If you ever need a favor from me, don't hesitate to ask." He pauses for a minute "And I'll be sure to tell Krysta to keep an eye on him when he's hungry."

Gale Sorcerer then stops. 'Wait a... isn't he General? He is selling fruit?' Oh, well, he has definitely seen weirder things. And he is hungry too. 'Bah, let's go buy something to eat?' Then he deactivates his stealth mode off and takes a look at his wallet, looking for some money.

Gale Sorcerer deactivates his stealth mode.

Adam nods, with a grin. "Thanks, sir. Guys back home'll go mad when they see this." He draws a digital camera from one (large) pocket, sets the proper zoom, stands way back, and snaps a good one. He calls out to General with a wave, "I'll be sure to come back when I get some money!"
Astro Man takes a holographic scan of General.

Tribulation Anhinga draws up his wings in a rough shrug, turning his full attention to the fruit and the spectacle of General doing business in Paradise Falls. For all appearances, he's waiting his turn in line like a good little snakebird.

Delia Mongoose peers over her shoulder at the big fruit stand -- and the much bigger proprietor of such. "Oh my...that's a good price on kiwis," she remarks with a grin. "I must go get some!" Standing, she clutches her briefcase, and heads over to see what the fuss is all about.

General grins at Sewa, handing her the container of peaches and taking the money. "Thank you, come again." Depositing the money in a small cashbox behind the counter, General peers into the crowd. "Who's next?" Adam takes his picture somewhat unexpectantly, not that he would do anything special for the picture.

Douglas smirks and nods, gently handing over Neko to Flare with a bit of anxiety. Such a cute kitten! Too bad it couldn't have stayed longer... ah well. Krysta has probably been worried sick! "I tried to downplay the whole thought process of 'gravel is good', but I'm not sure if its been totally deleted. It may get a curious idea or two, and try again. Just try and not let it happen. The innards get a bit eaten up on a machine so small, you know." He begins to lock up his shop once more, looking over to Flare. "If I -do- need anything, I'll be sure to give you a hollah! It may not be for awhile. Business seems to be getting a bit better around here. Maybe danger attracts people?"

Ricochet arrives from the Paradise Falls - Outskirts.
Ricochet has arrived.

General nods down to Gale Sorcerer. "Yes, yes I do. Would you like juice oranges or the normal kind?" he replies.
Delia Mongoose is up at the fruit stand...admiring General's kiwis. No, really!

Sewa nabs the peaches, says, "You're welcome!", hurriedly, and then dashes back towards where she last saw Delia, and barely screeeeeeeches to a halt to avoid colliding into her. "Ack! Sorry!", she guards her peaches with her own body. Not even Tomahawk Zebra can get those peaches. nono.

General has some good looking kiwis, indeed.

Lifesaver turns to look in that direction--his eyes barely even light upon the fruit stand. Rather, they seem to fix squarely on General himself. He immediately recognizes Big Guy, and he mouths, "Why is General...?" before he can stop himself. General's Fruit Stand? In Paradise Falls? It must be some sort of Repliforce plot... or maybe General just has this thing about fruit. Who knows.

Jet Stingray sighs as he looks to General. Darn Anthem and her odd orders. She just doesn't want General to get sad if he business went under. Deciding not to disobey her since he reports directly to her for the time being, Jet merely gets into line to wait. The stingray merely sways his tail from side to side, perhaps getting bored as soon as he gets into line. That's Jet for you.

Flare Feline nods at Douglas as Neko comes to. Thankfully Neko is quite trusting of Flare, and harmlessly jumps up on his shoulder and starts cuddling into his neck. A bit embaressed, Flare thanks Douglas again "Well, thanks again for your help Douglas, I'll be sure to recommend you." And with that Flare exits, and takes about two steps outside, hello is that General?

Gale Sorcerer thinks the answer for a second. There's too much people around him, and that makes him nervous. Maybe he should have sent an hologram. "Juice oranges would be nice"

Ricochet walks down the street, Orbit following him. He's examining a rather large map, and, as usual, is probably lost. Not that he'd ever admit it. "We should be near Vancouver, right about... now!" He looks up... glancing around. "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <Well, I think we're on the same continen--> and Orbit is cut off as he optics the massive stand... of fruit. Ricochet blinks. "Eh? What's up, Orbit?..." Ric turns around, his gaze following that of his mouseoid partner... and the two just sorta stare, Ric finally being speechless. "*BLEEP BLOOP BLIP*" <I do believe I've seen everything, now.>

Diplomat Crow quietly watches the chaos from across the street, head tilted in quiet amusement. "Yes, this is the right thing to do," she muses quietly, stroking her lower beak before taking a seat on one of the benches nearby. Crossing her legs primly, she watches the controlled chaos in quiet amusement.

Astro Man grumbles about there being no pomegranates. Even from this distance, though, he can see that the Repliforce commander /does/ have plums. Oh, god, plums. Mmmm...

General grins a bit, reaching around his display before bringing up a container of valencia oranges. "Here we are... nine zenny for a dozen," he answers Gale, eyes going a little wider as the crowd really begins to gather around the stand. Spotting Jet Stingray, General gives a half-hearted nod to the Lieutenant. He's clearly a little busy running his business, so Jet Stingray will have to wait his turn in the line.

Flare Feline remembers the previous bit of news at Repliforce. The fruit stand, right. Well since he's here he walks over to the stand, and the 20ft proprieter, with Neko still resting on his shoulder and gets in line.

As others begin to crowd the fruit stand, Tribulation takes several steps to one side. A slight expression of bemusement comes to the snakebird's beaky face, and he watches the veritable swarm of civilians thronging the stand. Too much for him, he apparently decides, beating a graceful retreat toward the bench on which the Crow sits.

Gale Sorcerer nods. "Okay then, sir". Then he takes the nine zenny from his wallet and gives the money to General the way he cans.
Up at the massive fruit stand, Delia Mongoose consults her change purse, pulling out a few Zenny. "Sir?" she asks General politely, flicking her tail. "When you have a moment, I'd like to have four of those -wonderful- kiwis. You have very nice kiwis."

Douglas, with his humble shop now closed to business and his last customer happily taken care of, begins to casually stalk for the bleak alley way behind his expansive shop, were his trusty and formidable 2001 Subaru WRX! is at rest. But soon, SOON, it will arise in a massive fury of piston pumping, exhaust spewing, gasoline guzzling power. Oh yes. Antiques are always the best.

Ricochet furrows his brow as he checks through some various reports from Repliforce HQ... of course, squinting his optics for the ever-so-difficult task of bringing up his HUD. " fruit?..." he asks, halfway increduliously... and reaches into his pocket. "Want an apple, Orbit?" "*BLEEP BLOOP*" <I'd rather have ketchup.> But, nevertheless, the two walk into line to duitifully obtain some wholesome produce.

Sewa sees Diplomat Crow and blinks...She's not talking to anybody...she's not..surrounded by fans and the reachable. She breathes in and walks towards the Crow, chewing on a peach. A nice peach. A tasty peach of the GODS! (well, at least of the Generals.)

But even with all that rhetoric about healthy eating and fruit being good for you... come on, they're all reploids. He knows this. For a fact. He is an authority on that, you know--having designed a great number of reploids himself and all. But food is still an important... pasttime for reploids. A hobby, perhaps. They can still taste, after all. He doesn't approach, yet--he's not hungry. But... he's never hungry, so just.. shut up, or something. Lifesaver is going to take a keen interest in Diplomat Crow, seeing as how she's caught his eye, there on the bench. Just like film noir.

Diplomat Crow folds her hands into her lap and watches in quiet amusement. Tribulation's incoming path is noted, and the snakebird earns a slight nod and a polite smile.

Jet Stingray merely continues to wait, the thought of point to the outskirts of down and yelling 'Maverick attack!' to scare off a few people to cut in line some, but not only would that be wrong and against his morale character, General wouldn't like that all. And if there is one person you don't want to get mad it would be General.

Flare Feline notices Ricochet get in line behind him, Flare moves forward a space as he looks behind him "Hey, evening Ricochet. Here to buy fruit too huh?" The little mechakitten, Neko, starts to idly claw at the fur on Flare's neck while resting on his shoulder.

On que of all this fruit talk, Bonanza Banana suddenly stirs from an otherwise dormant pallette of golden yet inanimate brethren. The wonderous creature sits up, apparently afflicted with slightly impaired senses from a recent nap.

General takes the money in his palm, and hands the container of valencia to Gale at the same time. All with one hand. Ah, to be 20 feet tall. "Thank you, come again. Next!" he bellows good naturedly. Peering at Delia Mongoose, General pokes four kiwis into a bag, then offers them to the Reploid. "That will be five zenny." Spotting Flare Feline and Ricochet too, he gives them both brief gazes before more business distracts him.

Ricochet nods... "Heyya, Flare." Orbit nods, as well, opticing the kitten for a moment. "Yeah... looks like everyone is." He glances around... "Thought it was in Paradise Falls, though, not Vancouver..." "*BLOOP BLEEP BLIP*" <We -ARE- in Paradise Falls!> "Not according to my map..." "*BLEEP BWIP*" <Of AFRICA!> "Africa, Canada, it's all good."

Gale Sorcerer takes the oranges and walks toward the first empty bench he sees. He thinks to have heard someone yelling something about Mavericks, but it's definitely too quiet to be an attack.

Tribulation Anhinga returns the pleasant smile with a restrained one of his own, nodding to her and hackling slightly as Sewa comes running past. Hyper child. Probably someone he knows. With a long-suffering sigh, he claims a bench of his own to watch from.

Flare Feline chuckles at that little exchange "Well I was already in the area to pick up this little guy." He nudges the kitten with his shoulder "I had to leave him with Douglas to be repaired, I admit he's really skilled at what he does. Generous too. Anyway, I figured I should just as well buy some fruit from the General while I'm here before I head to Torontreal to deliver this little guy."

Delia Mongoose smiles cordially at General, and hands him a 5-Zenny note and some change. "That's a tip for being such a nice man," she says with a cheerful flick of her tail, and she heads back to her bench a short distance away. Spotting Jet Stingray, she gives him a smile. "Hello...weren't you a medal winner in Battle & Chase? You look so familiar."

Diplomat Crow smiles quietly at Sewa, inclining her head politely. "Good evening, Miss Nanaka," the mayor notes. "I see you are enjoying the General's wares," she remarks with a chuckle. "I would expect they are appropriately juicy?"

Ricochet notices the cat for the first time... "Oh?... heyya, li'l guy..." he says, of the kitten. "Really? Who's is he?..." he inquires, reaching over to pet said cat... if he'll let him. Having Orbit connected to his brain, he knows well enough some animals just don't like to be petted.

Sewa chews a bit and swallows, then she licks some of the remains of the peach off of her face. Messy eater apparently. She smiles and says, "All peaches are great! Do you want one?", she questions, since to share is to care is to care is to share and all.

General happily accepts the tip from Delia Mongoose, placing his spoils into the cashbox. He gives a nod of approval to the newly awakened Bonanza Banana, who is still on his shoulder pod. Looking back at the crowd, General emits loudly, "Next!"

Douglas continues to stride, rounding a corner and disappearing within the narrow alley, the only strip of land severing the adjacent buildings from forming into one long chain of brick and concrete. In the distance behind Oil N' Pride!, a low rumbling can be antique rumbling of pistons forcing gasoline to condense within a chamber that refuses to be expanded, in which a simple spark ignites the concentrated fumes into a roar. But it doesn't seem to stay in the distance for too long!


In a metallic explosion consisting of an elegant and since reproduced combination of both power and speed, a sleek vehicle screams into the middle of the scene. The WRX slides across the road, righting itself as the engine screams to the driver, wanting to release the built of strength backing the machine. Flooring the gas pedal, the vessle stains the pavement with heated rubber, sending up a strong white cloud accompanied by a distinct odor. Within seconds, the vehicle leaps into action and tears down the road, barreling towards would-be pedestrians clutched about General's fruit stand. Behind the wheel? Douglas, baby!

Sewa is about to offer the peach when...suddenly...VROOM! Sewa turns her head sharply and her jaw would drop to the floor if she was an anime character, but she isn't! She's a real person, yes, yes. She says, "What's...", and blinks, "Not..again?"

Delia Mongoose is standing near Jet Stingray, watching in silent horror as Douglas drives up on the fruit-stand at a high rate of speed. "Oh NO..."

General's gaze snaps up from selling two mangos to a civilian as he hears the explosion. Frowning, General readies himself to rise and destroy whatever's threatening Paradise Falls now. Seeing that it's only a rampaging car and that Jet Stingray seems to be handling it, General calms slightly and continues his transaction. Meanwhile, he's getting ready to blow up the car should it threaten his fruit stand.

Flare Feline nods at Rico "Yeah, he's Neko. I had to bring him here a few days ago because he apparently aquired a tates for his kitty litter and malfunctioned" Neko is a non violent cat, well, except to pieces of furniture. However he decides to playfully bat at Rico's hand instead of letting himself be pet. "Yeah, anyway I was in the area, so I thought I'd just buy some of the General's fruit while I was here and.. what the he--" Is all he gets out as Douglas speeds towards the crowd, oh horror.

Gale Sorcerer has noticed Douglas. 'hmpf. Who does he think he is?' All he wanted to do before returning to the HQ was to eat some oranges, and now he isn't in a good mood.

Ring Redwing arrives from the Paradise Falls - Outskirts.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Sewa continues staring..frozen...unable to move. O_O.

Orbit's audials perk first... "*BLOOP*" <Hey... what's that...> Ricochet turns around... and stares. A car. Headed right at them. Full speed. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he yelps, jumping about three feet in the air in surprise. The most obvious solution when there's 1.5 tons of steel headed right for you? DODGE! With that, he leaps out of the way, materializing his armor around him as he snags Orbit, and sliding along the ground, snaps his head back towards the impending threat, preparing to leap back at it.

Ricochet changes into his Armored armor.

Gale Sorcerer is now floating in the air, trying to chase the car. Drunk or not, the driver won't feel that funny once he has caught him.
Diplomat Crow simply buries her beak in one hand. "Please, please, let him not hit anyone," the mayor murmurs into her hand, eyes squeezed shut as she feels the neural circuits start to throb in her cranium.
Ring Redwing arrives to see a strange scene, out of control car! She was here originally to buy fruit from General's new fruit stand, but this development is interesting too. Redwing flies just ahead the car... warning people to get out of the way.

Douglas -BLINKS-. A fricking stingray, right in the middle of his CAR! Oh geez. He slams on the brake, but it's pretty obvious a car going 110+ miles per hour isn't going to be able to stop in time, if at all. Douglas groans, straps on his seat belt, and closes his eyes.

Sewa ...takes this moment to duck.

Flare Feline thankfully isn't even in the way of the car, and is relieved to see Jet 'handling' it. But gets a little worried when he sees the driver is Douglas oO(Gee, what's he doing?) Seems the generous technician Doulgas does have a flaw, reckless driving.

Lifesaver . o O (Sigh... I hope he has insurance.)

Ricochet is now out of harm's way. Having leapt to the side, he's probably not going to get smashed by the oncoming steel bullet. Orbit is with him, now having climbed up on his shoulder. Of course, one who had common sense would stay there.

Ricochet's common sense program was commented out during his final compile, so to speak.

With that, Ric grunts and leaps from his position, using dash jets to speed up a tad, and attempts to grab onto the side of the car, dig his feet into the ground, and slow it down. HARD. Orbit, meanwhile, attempts to jump onto the car, perhaps trying to wrest control away from the (apparently insane) driver... of course, since he's just gone and closed his eyes at this, there probably isn't much wresting to do. Nor much control to gain, for that matter.

Delia Mongoose isn't in the direct path of the vehicle, she's a safe distance away...and all she can do is watch in amazement and horror, as the drama unfolds.

Ring Redwing pours on the afterburners and flies forward a few hundred yards and then hurtles herself at the other side of the runaway car, using not only her car-lifting strength, but also her boosters and wings to add power to halt the car's inertia.

Gale Sorcerer feels like he is obviously going to hit Jet Stingray. 'Oh, damn'. He doens't like having to think at that speed, and doesn't feel like he's going to be able to stop the car. The only thing he could do would be to try to blow the car using the wind... 'Damn'. Then he notices some people trying to stop the car. Using the wind wouldn't be a good idea...

General continues watching the scene unfold before his quiet little fruit stand. Sure, take all the attention. I have fruit to sell here! Sigh. General does enjoy watching his troops handle the situation quite well. While it's true that he could have leapt into action, picked up the car, and stopped it, the four Repliforcers here are quite capable of handling such a minor event. Plus, General is here in an unoffical capacity, a civilian, not the Repliforce Commander in Chief.

Tribulation Anhinga raises a feathered brow as the Repliforcers literally...attack...the car. An amazing, if needless, show of strength and energy. Idly, he ruffles up the silver coverts of his wings and begins grooming idly.

Flare Feline doesn't leap into action. Three forcers are already in action here, sides he has to hurry and buy some fruit and get to Torontreal to deliver the mecha kitten that is resting on his shoulder, while it is quite excited with all the commotion, he is content to rest of Flare's shoulder peacefully. And Flare just stands in line, waiting his turn. Of course, if something gets out of hand he WILL assist, but since Douglas is behind the wheel, he highly doubts any intent to harm anyone, and that it was an accident.

Douglas is shoved back and forth and everywhere in the front seat of the car, as is the vehicle itself. With this hands over his eyes, he's afraid to look. After a few minutes of internal conversation with himself, he allows his eyes to open. With a few more arguments with his consciousness, his fingers part... and... nothing. "" Jet Stingray's standing there, looking like nothing happened. Three or four Repliforces are standing around his car.. oh boy. He slowly reaches to the door handle, opens it, and steps out, lifting up his arms, and in the dramatics of it all!:

"I am not a criminal!"

Lifesaver exhales loudly. So he's not going to need to piece anyone back together from scrap parts... good.

Orbit, who's probably clinging to the steering wheel by now (for all the good it did), snorts. "*BLEEP BWIP*" <Yeah. They don't lock up nutballs.> Ricochet, for his part, pants... and then falls onto his rear, wincing at the damage to his armor boots. "What the hell was that all about?" he demands, a few sparks coming from said feet, as a few circuits are visible. Which were probably ground into the marks he made on the pavement somewhere behind him.

Gale Sorcerer finally reaches the car and lands. He doesn't know what he should do next, and there are also three Repliforcers around it. Finally he decides to approach while Douglas shouts. "Oh, well... he was drunk after all"

Diplomat Crow just groans loudly at Douglas, rubbing at her temples with silver claws now. "I never should have accepted his application..."

Jet Stingray merely narrows his optics as he gets ready for impact. "Time to take one for the civs!" He blinks as the car stops a few inches in front of him, looking like he was trying to play catch with it his hands actually touching the car. "Dude... /That/ was close," he offers quietly.

Sewa stands up and turns towards Diplomat Crow, "Douglas, ma'am? Is that who that is?", she seems a bit shaken if anything.

Ring Redwing drops the side of the front fender of the car, and removes her other gloved hand from the front of it's hood as the car finally halts it's mad progress. Still hovering a few feet above the air, she backs off a pit and gives a puffed sigh of relief and exertion. Wiping her forehead a bit, she whews, "That took a lot outta the old rocket boosters and wings."

Douglas wonders if he should make a run for it.

Delia Mongoose closes her eyes, leans against a large elm tree and breathes a sigh of relief. No wanton destruction...not tonight.

Orbit leaps off the steering wheel and lands with a small plop in front of Ricochet, who's struggling to get back to his rather smashed up feet without dematerializing his armor... no way to tell if this guy's armed, after all. And since he doesn't know Douglas, he doesn't have Flare's knowledge that he is (theoretically) a harmless individual. "*BLEEP BLOOP BWIP*" <You heard him! What the hell were you doing, and who are you?> Orbit demands, having taken up a feral position before his fallen partner... but then facepaws. Need to use English. His face looks taxed from concentration as he enunciates... "You heard him... who are you?..."

Diplomat Crow nods wordlessly to Sewa, looking up slowly from between splayed fingers. "Yes, that would be Douglas," she sighs softly.

Jet Stingray stands up to his full eleven feet of fear, looking rather confident as usual. Looking around and not seeing the person that had asked the question, he merely shouts out, "Whoever asked, it was me that won the Water Races in the Battle and Chase! Jet Stingray, fastest thing underwater!" Despite any glares that might have gotten Jet, the stingray looks rather calm. He moves to the side of the car, looking for the person that is inside. His first question is a simple one filled with a bit of concern. "Hey, dude... You okay?" Glancing up at the other 'forcers, he offers, "Guys, make chill til we figure out what went down."

General continues waiting patiently for the chaos to die down so people can return to buying fruit.

Flare Feline continues to idly wait to buy fruit. He keeps an eye on the situation with Douglas, he's positive that it all must have been an accident and that Douglas is a harmless person. But for now he stays put, waiting. Neko continues to tug and claw on the fur on Flare's neck.

Ring Redwing nods to Jet and decides to land and give her flying systems a much needed rest. She then looks around to see where they've ended up at. Hmm, Saucier's Point district... I think General's fruit stand was somewhere about here... She gazes about with her wide yellow eyes.

Douglas blushes due to his current escapades being halted before he was done, and tries to hide behind his car. Which... doesn't fly, as it's basically surrounded. He grumbles, hands dropping to his sides. "Name's Douglas. Best mechanic this side of the Atlantic, I tell you!" He tries his best to sound important, hoping that he'll be able to repair any damages and make everything aaaaall better...

Gale Sorcerer approaches with his passive smile. At least no one has been hurt. "Of course you are, sir. Now, where did I put that alcohol test machine...?"

Orbit glances towards Jet Stingray... and nods, but remains in four-legged position, optics locked on Douglas, tail up in the air... ready to strike, if need be. Ricochet, however, dematerializes his armor, figuring that he's not gonna be able to get up on it, and forces himself to his feet. It's a little uncomfortable, but at least he's not -really- damaged sans armor.

"Douglas, eh?" Jet Stingray says to himself in thought before he extends his hand. "I'm Lt. Stingray, but you can call my by first name, Jet." He pauses until he gets his hand shaked or he thinks that Douglas doesn't want to shake his hand before continuing. Now, what happened here?" Someone seems to be trying to take the more friendly approach to this situation... Perhaps a more different method then Gale's.

Sewa blinks...she heard something...BEST MECHANIC?... What does HE think HE is!! ArghhaRghhMuttergrumblesigh. Sewa just stares at Douglas, not even replying to the mayor. -THE- best mechanic...well she'll prove him wrong...somehow...someway...Okay, maybe she has no idea how... but she lets out a slow breath and slowly mentally begins to make plans. She'll think of somethign...yesss..

Douglas blinks. Offering a hand shake? He hesistates, but reciprocates with generous gesture. "Lt.? Pay must be nice.." He gives a fake laugh, trying to play it cool and collected, but obviously failing. He turns and jaw drops at Gale. "Alcohol?! What're you talkin' about? Can't a reploid take a moment to enjoy the wonder of engineering via the grandest vehicle of them all? The WRX is the pinnacle of -PERFORMANCE-! It would be a shame to let it's potential die unused!"

Ring Redwing reallys? and her eyebrows go high up on her brow as her optics open wide. "Hi, I'm Corporal Ring Redwing. Your a mechanic? The best this side of the Atlantic? You mean the ocean? We have lots of mechanics at base, they do all sorts of nifty stuff you know? Can you create lots of nifty stuff? I've always wanted a red hoverbike of my own. Can you make one for me? What were you doing speeding like that anyhow? Don't you know it's dangerous? How'd the car end up out of control like this anyways?" Redwing rattles off questions even faster than Douglas can in her scary jump-all-over-you type manner.

Ring Redwing strikes Douglas with her Full-auto Questioning attack.

General is still waiting for customers to stop staring at Douglas and his car of death. "Next."

Flare Feline chuckles as he hears the conversation going on between Douglas and the others oO(Good grief, I hope that he can get out of this, and learn not to do it again while he's at it...) Flare keeps an eye on the others as he awaits his turn at General's fruit stand. Gee, awful long wait just to get fruit eh?

Ricochet frowns. "Potential?" he exclaims, somewhat increduliously. "So you'd rather a bunch of PEOPLE die so you can run a car at full speed?" "*BLEEP BWIP*" <This guy doesn't seem like the brightest bulb on the tree...>

Jet Stingray merely shrugs, getting ready to respond to Douglas' comment, but the shouting that follows causes him to pause. "Hey, calm down, dude, no one here is thinking you were drunk... Well, at least not me." He turns to Ricochet. "Dude, dude... I'm sure it was a mistake." Jet is trying his best to be the peacemaker at the moemnt, but it is not exactly his calling here.

Gale Sorcerer smiles. More than a friendly smile, it's a sarcastic smile. Definitely, he isn't in a good mood today. "Alright sir, but I think these people didn't enjoy as much as you did. I even left my oranges somewhere in the city to chase this." Then he eyes Jet. "Will you handle this?"

Ricochet strikes General with his Orbit Is So Kawaii attack.

General falls to the ground unconscious due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Diplomat Crow snickers.

Douglas quickly snaps about and shakes a fist at Richochet in obvious frustration, slamming the still-open car door in a fit. "It's not /my/ fault Lt. Jet here jumped -in front- of a fully functioning ~rocket~, is it? I didn't plan on hitting -anyone-, anyway. They all seemed way too interested in unecessary nutrition, if you ask me, to take the time to be decent roadblocks."

General serves a few civilians, leaving Flare Feline next in line. Smiling, General greets one of his loyal troops. "Hello, Sergeant. What'll it be today?"

Ricochet hmphs, and shuts up, folding his arms and not looking too terribly favorably on Douglas. Of course, nearly running over a crowd doesn't make a great impression. "From what -I- saw, he jumped in front of it to keep you from running over half the town."

Diplomat Crow continues to simply watch, eyes keenly on the situation. She'll interject if needs be, but for now...she'd rather be passive. Odd.

Jet Stingray merely hunches over somewhat, seeming to get a little annoyed with all the agruing going on despite his attempts to simmer things down... He seems mad enough that he doesn't answer Gale at the moment. ...That can't be good.

Flare Feline steps up to the counter, or whatever it is this stand has. Flare is, at least by now, pretty much used to the General's imposing form. Neko on the other hand nearly panics and jumps behind Flare's neck and clings to it to stay out of the golden giant's sight. "Evening sir." Flare looks over the fruit, not really sure what to get, he doesn't really NEED to eat it. However he is heading to Torontreal after this to see Krysta, and that little girl was always fond of oranges. "Well, I think I'll have one of your plump oranges sir."

Douglas likewise folds his arms. Oh, stale mate! He grumbles, and shakes his head. "I know how to handle this baby well enough to keep out of the way of anyone. Been driving it for years. It's my passion! No one can handle this thing better than -me-. There wasn't anything to worry about!"

Ricochet rolls his optics in response... "Sure showed it." He shakes his head, glancing around at the crowd. Better let Jet handle it. "Anyone hurt?..." he asks no one in particular, surveying the area optically.

Gale Sorcerer eyes Douglas. That guy is definitely drunk. Then he eyes the other repliforcers. "Well, uh, I have to go. Would you mind if I'd leave him to you?"

General searches through his inventory briefly, then finds an appropriate one. Poking it toward Flare Feline, this orange is almost as big as a grapefruit. "I was not aware you had a pet, Sergeant. How's that one?"

Jet Stingray snaps his head up suddenly, like a breaking twig. He is about to shout out for everyone to be quietly, but it seems that everyone is going their seperate ways now... Maybe his angry vibe scared them or something. "I have it handed, guys.... Don't worry about it," he says to those wondering who is on top of situation at the moment. Or trying to be on top of it anyway.

Douglas simply hrmphs, snorting and turning to ignore Ricochet, having given up arguing with the unapprochable attitude he seems to be in! Just as he's done so, he's struck rather informally by Ring Redwing, and he isntantly drowns in an entire inventory of questions and inquiries. "Uh, er, uhm, the.., well, you see..., it just.. he.. AAH! SLOW DOWN!"

As if someone had switched her back on, Diplomat Crow rises abruptly from her bench and begins to move towards the throng around Douglas. "Gentlemen, ladies," she starts off authoritatively. "Let us calm down a little, hmm? Douglas," she scolds, "how many times must you be warned not to speed in city limits?" A finger wags in chastisement.
Sewa opens her mouth...Wait. Crow is speaking. She quiets down. "..."

Flare Feline nods and takes the orange from the General, and hands him the money "Yes that's good sir. Oh, Neko isn't mine, he, err, *cough* He belongs to the daughter of my creator. Seems the little guy decided to taste his litter and malfunctioned a few days ago. I brought him here and had him fixed by..." He glances over to where Doulgas and the others are "Err... him. Don't judge him by this incident, he managed to fix Neko quickly, and even did it for free." Flare finally manages to coax Neko from out of hiding behind his neck, though he still seems nervous infront of the massive form of the General.

Ricochet glances around... "*BLOOP BLEEP*" <Don't think anyone's hurt, Rico.> Ricochet pauses, and nods, turning back towards the scene... but remaining silent. Jet's got it handled, after all... but he might need backup if things turn ugly.

Ring Redwing ohs and backs up off the mechanic. "Okay Jet, if you say so. Well, I've got to go check out General's fruit stand now. But be sure to ask him if he'll make me a red hoverbike... I saw one of the ex-repliforcers driving one today. Name of Tomahawk Zebra, nice person. Seemed to be a good friend of Sky's. Well, laters." Redwing waves and then also gets behind the long line to General's stand. She idly twirls a few rings on her fingertips as she wait.. humming ancient circus tunes.

General nods to Flare Feline as he explains, glancing from the Sergeant to Douglas, and back to Flare and the cat. "Ah, I see.." he replies, waving a finger experimentally at the mecha-kitten. "That was very generous of you, Sergeant."

Jet Stingray becomes silent as well, figuring that despite his Repliforce holdings, the Mayor has the civilian say here... Unless she becomes /evil/! Which seems unlikely at the moment. He merely wait for her to do her thing before he offers anything himself.

Douglas, in the middle of defending himself, catches the sound of Diplomat's voice, and quickly stops. He cowers over, slowly turning around with a smile that tries to hide his fear horribly. "Ehee.. hehehe... uh.. yeah. I remember. I'm ...well.. really sorry about all this. Just had to take it for a spin, you know? It's addicting!"

Flare Feline looks at Neko as he finally becomes more curious than scared and starts to bat it's paw towards General's finger, even though it's a few feet away from it "Yes sir, well... it's a bit of a long story between myself and my creators family." He coughs again "Besides, Douglas was the generous one in fixing Neko for free. Anyway, I need to go take him back home, thanks for the fruit." Flare decides not to salute the General right now, this is supposed to be a ruse... sort of. He heads for the general exit of the town, stopping briefly to observe the situation with Doulgas once more

Diplomat Crow's optics lid slightly, and although she does still smile a little, there's a stern schoolma'armish air as she peers over her glasses at Douglas. "I can understand, however you simply cannot drive like that within city limits. It is quite unsafe. Think of the chaos you could have caused if you had truly injured someone! Now, as lovely as your antique automobile is, you would do best to drive it out of the town slowly, and then engage in swift driving...preferably within the speed limits established?"

General salutes Flare Feline, but more in a casual sense than in any official capacity. "Take care, Sergeant," he emits as Flare heads out, "Next in line, please."

Jet Stingray merely winces as Diplomat displines Douglas... He knows what it's like to be yelled at by high ranking people.

Ricochet would respond to General's query, if he were next in line. But he's not. Funny thing, that. He remains in position, watching Douglas get the what-for from the local politician, remaining silent for now. Orbit . o O (*BLOOP BLEEP BWIP* <Not that he'd be able to drive the thing if it was smashed into a tin can...>) he 'thinks' to Ricochet.

Douglas answers that a puppy that's been smacked with a rolled up newspaper. "Yes ma'am."

Diplomat Crow smiles, broader and genuine now (or as genuine as a politician can get). "There there. No harm, no foul, correct? Simply keep this in mind next time, for I would hate to see that lovely auto impounded." And patting Douglas on the shoulder lightly, she turns to look at the Repliforcers. "Thank you for slowing down Douglas, and I hope everyone is well?"

Jet Stingray gives a thumbs up to Diplomat. "You're welcome, Mayor, we were just doing our job. Everyone came out of it without a scratch. Just goes to show how kicking Repliforce is." Times like this make it seem that Jet might seem rather well at being in charge, though he acts like he should be running a superhero team with his antics than a military squad.

Ricochet nods, as does Orbit. "Glad to do it. Just glad no one got hurt..." he glances down to his feet... "Got a bit scratched up, but we're fine." Indeed. Orbit, in fact, isn't damaged at all.

Flare Feline chuckles and shrugs at the situation. He's sure that Douglas will get out of it ok, besides he needs to return one mechanical kitty to his owner. Flare heads out of Paradise Falls, leaving behind him a mechanic who loves to joyride and a 20ft tall golden fruit salesmen... good grief...

*Later still.......*

Torontreal - Western Residential

Sacrificing personal space for a home closer to the heart of the city is what you get here. Gone are the houses of the outskirts, here there is nothing but apartment buildings. Tall, wide, and not much flare to them, they serve as home to the higher class of citizens of Torontreal. Only the well off can afford to live here, and only the best of the city are able to live in the penthouses that dot the top of nearly all of the apartment buildings.

Obvious exits:
Northeast <NE> leads to Torontreal - Commercial District.
East <E> leads to Torontreal - Western Business Zone.
West <W> leads to Torontreal - West Residential Outskirts.

Flare Feline walks down the street, it's getting late at night, almost Krysta's bedtime in fact. Flare starts to hurry along, hoping to get there in time. But it's a saturday night, so she may be staying up a bit later. In Flare's hand is a nice oversized orange, Krysta's favorite fruit, which he bought from the General's new fruit stand he set up in Paradise Falls. And on his shoulder is a small Reploid kitten. Right now the kitten is idly tugging on Flare's neck fur. What is he doing with an orange and a kitten? Who know's, but he's heading to Dr. Snow's house, shouldn't be too hard to guess.

Ten has decided to pay Dr. Snow a visit. She wants to see how the kindly old scientist is doing. She isn't bringing any fruit or other presents. Just flying on toward the Snow residence. She isn't in a hurry like Flare. She's flying at a nice, slow 200 MPH and enjoying the view as she makes her way toward her destination.

Flare Feline whistles as he walks down the street, throwing the orange in the air and catching it, while Neko, the kitten, continues to use Flare's neck as a scratching post. Then he hears something, what's that a sonic boom? Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! Well... it's a bird, Ten to be specific. Flare is a bit puzzled, what's she doing here right now?

Ten spots Dr. Snow's house, and descends toward it, landing lightly on her feet. Then she stumbles, and nearly falls off of her feet as she spots a certain reploid cat she hasn't seen much lately. .oO(Is that Flare?)Oo. Suddenly growing excited, she dashes toward him, while smiling and calling out, "Flare!"

Flare Feline waves to Ten, then uses his free hand to calm Neko down a bit, as the sudden yelling excited him. He meets her just outside of Dr. Snow's house "Hey Ten. I don't think I've seen you around since I returned to duty." Flare smiles "So what are you doing here?" Boy Flare seems to be in a cheery mood, when just two months ago, even the mention of being in such close proximity of the Doc and his family would have made Flare a nervous wreck.

Ten is quite excited and happy to see Flare. However, having seen the kitten, she (with an effort,) keeps control of herself. "It sure is great to see you again, Flare. It really has been too long. I came here because I wanted to see how Dr. Snow was doing. Looks like my timing is as good as my shopping." Ten giggles at that comment.

Flare Feline chuckles, but inwardly shudders at Ten's mention of shopping. "Right, well actually I came here to deliver this little guy to Krysta, and this" He says tossing the orange in the air and catching it again "Got it at the General's fruit stand in PAradise Falls, I still can't believe Anthem ordered us to shop there, I'm glad I was already in the area picking up this guy." The mecha kitten nyaaa's as it streches on Flare's shoulder, it's probably one of the cutest things you could possibly see.

Ten gasps as General's fruit stand is mentioned. "Oh no! I can't believe I forgot the fruit stand!" Then, in the next instant, her worry vanishes, replaced with admiration of the cute little kitten. Smiling, she says, "Aaaaawwwww, it's so cute! I'm sure Krysta will love him!"

Flare Feline smiles "She already does. Neko's been her pet for awhile now, but a few days ago he decided to see what his litter tasted like, and being so small the delicate internal parts were damaged. The Doc didn't have the resources to fix such a small reploid, and asked me to take him to a new place that opened in Paradise Falls run by an odd individual named Douglas. Anyway, I picked him up there earlier, good as new, and bought this orange on my way out of the town. Krysta loves oranges."

Ten nods at Flare's words. "Looks like the little guy's as good as new. That looks like quite an orange. It's so... so... orange! I'm sure Krysta will be happy about it, although I personally prefer less juicy fruits." A grin. "Let's not keep Krysta waiting. Mind if I tag along, or do you want this to just be you and her? I'll understand if you do."

Flare Feline shakes his head "No, you can come if you like. I won't be there too long, since her bedtime is soon. Though I imagine she'll have a hard time sleeping once she sees Neko is back." Flare starts to walk towards the house "By the way, the Doc mentioned you dropped by to visit one day while he was reparing me. That was nice of you, too bad I wasn't awake to be there for it."

Ten happily follows Flare toward the house. "I can hardly wait to see her reaction! Oh, and I had to visit you. You're my friend. I would have been wrong of me not to visit you." Some seriousness enters her voice as she adds, "Ever since you first told me about your past, I have felt you are a truly special friend. Choosing me as the person to talk to about your problem made me feel really good, and it sparked a special freindship between us."

Flare Feline nods, well she's direct. "Yeah, it did." That's all he says for now, as he walks up and knocks on the door, Neko starting to look a bit excited at returning home. After a moment the Doc himself answers the door "Good evening Flare." He notices the reloid kitten on his shoulder "Ah, I see Neko's been repaired, excellent. I'm sure Krysta will be happy, she's going to bed soon, so you had better come in and give him to her." He looks over and sees Ten "Oh, Ten, it's good to see you. What brings you here?"

Ten smiles and waves to the Doc. "Heya, Dr. Snow! I was coming to visit and see how you are doing. I just happened to arrive at about the same time as Flare, so we walked here together. Flare showed me Neko, and I decided I just had to be there to see Krysta's joy when she sees the kitten." Ten giggles happily after saying that last sentence.

The Doc nods "Yes, of course, well come in you two." He walks in ahead of Flare and Ten and calls out to her "Krysta dear, you have some guests." While he's calling out to her, Flare turns to Ten "You know, I don't think you've even met Krysta yet?"

Ten blinks in surprise as she realizes that Flare is right. "You're right, I haven't. I spent so much time imagining her based on the photo you showed me, that I forgot I haven't actually met her!" Smiling happily, she says, "Well, now I'll get to meet her. This is going to be great!" She sounds like she means it. A lot of excitement is evident in her voice.

Flare Feline says "Well then, I'm sure you'd like her. She's---" Flare's sentance is stopped by the shrieking of an excited little girl as she runs up and hugs Flare's leg, saying "Flare!!! You got Neko fixed!!" Flare chuckles "Of course I did, I promised didn't I?" Flare brings his hand up to his shoulder where Neko jumps on, and he hands him down to her. "I also picked this up for you while I was in Paradise Falls." He hands he the nice big orange to the incredibly happy little girl "Krysta, I'd like you to meet Ten, she's a good friend of mine." Flare motions to the phoenix behind him.

Ten is startled at first by Krysta's noisy arrival, but then she calms down and smiles happily. .oO(Wow, she's more energetic than me! That's scary!)Oo. She steps forward to greet the little girl. "Hiya, Krysta. I'm Ten. Pretty weird name, isn't it?" She chuckles. "Wow, you're even cuter in real life than in the photo!"

The Doc raises an eyebrow at the mention of the photo, but doesn't say anything. Krysta looks at Ten for a moment "Hi! Wow, you're really pretty!" Not one to keep her attention to one thing for too long, Krysta starts to run towards the kitchen "Come on Neko, I'll share the orange with you!" She turns back to Flare and Ten and waves "Nice to meet you, bye bye!" The Doc chuckles and walks towards Ten and Flare "Energetic indeed, I just hope that orange doesn't give her a boost, I have to get her to bed soon. Anyway Ten, I'm curious, where have you seen a picture of Krysta?"

Ten is a bit surprised by Dr. Snow's question. "Flare has a photo of you, your wife, and Krysta. He showed it to me while he told me about the three of you. He seems to treasure the photo highly."

The Doc nods "That photo? Well, I'm glad you kept it Flare, it's the only thing I left with you when we... well, let's not dig into that now." From another room the Doc's wife can be heard coaxing Krysta to bed "Flare, Ten, I'm glad you both dropped by. I certainly don't mean to be rude, but I'm afraid it will be hard to get Krysta to sleep if she knows you're both here. Please come back again, though an earlier time would be more desireable." He chuckles a bit

Ten nods to Dr. Snow, and says, "No problem. I'm sorry I didn't come earlier. I was so busy today, that I didn't have a chance to come until now. Well, it was really great top see both of you again, and it was a pleasure to meet Krysta. Well, bye for now."

Flare Feline also nods and heads for the door, slightly embaressed over the photo "I'll be sure to come back as well Doc, good night." He leaves with Ten, and walk out to the street "Well, I have to return to base and take care of a few things. I'll see you around Ten."

Ten nods. "I need to check up on soemthing, too. Thanks for everything, and see you later!" She waves, then walks off, spreads her wings, and flies off.

Ten enters the Torontreal - West Residential Outskirts.
Ten has left.

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