You enter the Great Britain.
Great Britain

Approaching this set of islands, one can see a massive network of bridges and zoom tubes, or EMP slide cars that radiate from London, connecting the major cities of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland into an intricate macrocosm. From the mystic highlands of the north to the glistening tower of Big Ben II, the isles exude a sense of durability, stamina and perseverance unmatched. The vigilant navy patrols the waters of this area, standing tall and proud for their home country, ready to guard against both Maverick and Robot Masters.

Wind Falcon [Humanoid] [MH]
Hiryu [Strider] [C]
Riptide Wyvern [RF]
Iris [RF]
Deluge Elephant [RF]
Repliforce Headquarters - London [RF]
Ancient Ruined Castle

Obvious exits:
West <IR> leads to Ireland.
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Northern Atlantic.
West <W> leads to Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
Southeast <SE> leads to France.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.

Pallbearer arrives from the Great Britain - Repliforce Headquarters.
Pallbearer has arrived.

Iris sighs, looking up at Deluge with sad eyes. "I don't know..."

Deluge Elephant clamps a comforting hand on his hopefully temporary CO. "..General will get us outta this, gal. You didn't have to come, you know.."

Pallbearer has left.

Iris says, "Enker just radioed the other Masters, they're on their way..."

Metal Man arrives from the London - Southern Outskirts.
Metal Man has arrived.

Riptide Wyvern stays purposefully with the other Aerials who had surrendered, picking quietly at the collar of her uniform. Despite the murmurs of encouragement going around, she couldn't shake the feeling the Masters would do the sensible thing .. and massacre them all, make sure they'd never be able to fight again.

Skull Shuttle arrives from the Sky Above Western Europe.
Skull Shuttle has arrived.

Enker has arrived.

<Global News Network> Residents of Honshu were shocked today to see Napalm Man, flanked by Wily drones marching through the outskirts of their island... dressed in a.. shirt remanicent of the characters seen in Peanuts by the Legendary Charles Shultz..." Image of Napalm wearing a yellow shirt with that black zigzag line
The Undertaker theme plays.

Flare Feline is among the other surrendered Marines. Funny, just last night he managed to take the first step in resolving the depression that's been plaguing him the past few weeks, and now he could very well be killed by a merciless order from the Masters. It's hard for Flare to be unarmed, since virtually ALL of his weapons, claws and palm blasters, are based in his hands. Neither are out now though.

Wind Falcon is.../very/ high up. He's chosen to hide in the clouds over the assembly, but two silvery weapon-orbs of his are intermingled with the RF troops, staying by the feet of a few troopers.

Iris stands on a grassy hillside with countless other troops, watching the skies with a stoic expression. Her long hair is blown about in the wind, but the rest of her is perfectly still.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Iris sighs at her radio. " don't understand," she murmurs to herself softly.

Enker has entered the congregation, fully armored and with a scowl on his face. His arms are folded and he stares up at Iris expectantly.
Deluge Elephant stands to the rear and right of Iris, not to look at her aft, but that is where a good XO is supposed to stand. He glances over his shoulder on occassion, making sure the troops are in line, and noone is going to do anything foolhardy, like attack, since it would cause a wholesale slaughter.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Pallbearer.

Yamato Man has arrived.

Riptide Wyvern will not attack, despite the temptation of having one of the largest shinies she had ever seen so close. Her ears flatten back against her head as Enker arrives, turning to murmur a quiet encouragement to those closest to her. It can't be as bad as it seems.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Yamato Man follows just behind Enker, his staff-weapon at the ready. The samurai grips his spear as if he were anticipating an all-out melee erupting at any moment, eyes searching the vicinity as he follows about a meter behind the Elite. His armor is similiarly clean and well-polished for the occasion.

Slash Man arrives from the London - Northern Outskirts.
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Pirate Man arrives from the London - Western Outskirts.
Pirate Man has arrived.

Metal Man follows behind the other two Robot Masters his face hidden, how ever his optics are not and he looks at those about him with contempt.

Iris stands on a grassy hillside with countless other troops, watching the skies with a stoic expression. Her long hair is blown about in the wind, but the rest of her is perfectly still. She watches the Masters approach, heavy-hearted at the sight.

Yamato Man is following about a meter behind Enker, spear at the ready -- eyes searching the surroundings for signs of an ambush he is sure will come.

Pirate Man smirks as he follows the others but is silent as he looks around the area, he looks towards his fellow masters almost chuckling as he studies the scene ahead with his spyglass for a bit
And fifteen million pairs of eyes watch their every move. If it wasn't for the fact that they were surrendering, this could be a far more lethal situation than it seems...

Enker cares not if the Repliforce is watching him. He is here on a mission of peace, at least for now. If the Repliforce so desired to attack him or his allies, it would be a dishonorable act and the Robot Masters would be forced to... retaliate. Because when one side violates an agreement, the other side has no reason to hold up his end of the bargain.

Deluge Elephant glances over at Iris, and clears his throat a little to prompt her.

Wind Falcon decides now is a good time to recall the orbs he sent out, before the RMs are close enough to notice their flight. They ascend quickly, heading back up into the clouds...

Flare Feline is still standing with the rest of the Marines, specifically the 17th. Yep, just standing around, doing... err, standing things.

Metal Man follows the others along as their player heads off to get food.

Iris needs a bit of prompting right now, of course: She's absolutely petrified. But she doesn't want to show it...not in front of millions of troops who deserve much better than this.

Jet Stingray arrives from the Sky Above Western Europe.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Pallbearer.

Iris says, "I'm...not sure what I could say, what could possibly be appropriate...other than...thank you, Repliforce, for believing up until the end. Your courage and strength mean a lot, and...I'm sorry that things didn't work out..."

Pirate Man looks to the others silently as he puts away his spyglass, he chuckles this time as he looks to Enker but doesn't say anything knowing that the elite won't give an order to attack unless the enemy struck first

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Yamato Man looks over the endless rows of troops before the small contingent of Robot Masters, spear turning ever-so-slightly in his hand so that a glimmer radiates from the head of the spear like the light of the sun. He is silent, still following behind Enker, and waits to be given additional orders.

Iris' voice gets softer, and softer, as if she's just collapsing in on herself like a shrinking star.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Pallbearer.

Iris wipes a tear away as she's speaking. "And now, it's time to do what's's time to lay down our weapons, and...go peacefully."
Metal Man eyes the Repliforce personel now with a mix of contemp and supision. oO(I don't trust em)

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.

Deluge Elephant frowns a bit at Iris, clenching a fist towards her, prompting her to be strong. This isn't the time to collapse.. not yet.. not here.

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Crash Man.
Enker sends a radio transmission.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Crash Man.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Crash Man.

Jet Stingray is currently a far distance from London at those gathered at the moment, travelling at speeds over two hundred miles per hour underneath the waters. He narrows his optics as he begins near the location of what might be Repliforce's largest surrender party ever. .oO(This is insane...)

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.

Iris looks slowly around at the disarmed troops, as if trying to remember each and every pained face looking back at her. "Your sacrifice was not in vain...the dream will live on. That's one thing they'll never be able to take away. So keep that dream in your hearts...thank you."

Yamato Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Dr. Landon DeVry arrives from the London - Southern Outskirts.
Dr. Landon DeVry has arrived.

Wind Falcon continues to remain hidden in the sky. His view is distant, even with the orbs hovering right outside the clouds, but he can see enough. Who knows what he'll do, given his past.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Enker sends a radio transmission.
Yamato Man receives a radio transmission.

Dr. Landon DeVry slowly leaves the main city, proceeding towards the base with 15 immortamets and 3 janes. He's not too terribly confident in the masters' victories as of late.

Iris turns toward the Masters, looking to each of them in turn. She isn't about to -invite- them to come plunder the troops. However, it's obvious that she's finished...and millions of Repliforce troops are surrendering.

Yamato Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Yamato Man.
Enker sends a radio transmission.
Yamato Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Pallbearer.

Yamato Man stops a few minutes into following Enker, slings his spear across his back, and abruptly starts walking the other way, heading towards ... Scotland? He hops onto a transport vehicle packed with Joes, which begins floating that way.

Deluge Elephant clears his throat, as Iris tries to word it to the troops, looking Enker dead in the eyes. "Alright, we're here, as ordered.." he spits, speaking for himself and Iris, "However, I expect us to be treated as proper prisoners of war, as set forth by the Geneva Convention of 2210, which conicidentally is the same terms that were set when you Masters were in our custody. That we will be treated with the same rank and respect that rank affords, that there will be no accountability on the part of those assembled except on those deemed to be the leaders.. no wrongful experimentation or execution."

Yamato Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission.
Enker sends a radio transmission.
Yamato Man receives a radio transmission.
Enker sends a radio transmission.
Yamato Man receives a radio transmission.
Yamato Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Yamato Man.

Dr. Landon DeVry proceeds towards the group, "The Geneva convention is a set of rules set forth by the fools in the now defunct UN, your life and the lives of your soldiers rest now in our hands, machine." He strides over to the group proper, and addresses the Robot Masters, "I have come to oversee the prisoners."

Metal Man flanks the other Masters keeping quiet.

Enker suddenly realizes that he and his allies are very much like a group of vultures, hovering amongst their prey and waiting for them to show weakness so they can attack. Enker chuckles to himself at the thought, just glad that it has finally come to this point. Enker stands, arms still folded, and waits to see if Iris has anything more to say. Surprisingly it is Deluge Elephant who speaks. Enker, being the highest-ranked Master present. Presumptuously, Enker boards the podium and takes the microphone. "You will be treated with all of the respect you are due, Repliforce. Cooperate absolutely and you have nothing to fear from the Masters."

Wind Falcon can imagine a good deal of what's being said down below. Probably a lot of nice-sounding drivel about how the victors are expected to be humane. Yeah, like that'll happeen. He's expecting 15 million robots melted down for parts in short order.

Deluge Elephant glances at Landon, then at Enker, grunting softly. He'll let the Master deal with Landon, for now.

Pirate Man frowns as he looks to Landon before turning to Enker saying, "Let me handle thee prisoners sir. I can do it more properly then out ally.", he then looks back to the drones behind him that are marked with the Wily Roger but doesn't say anything else as he looks back towards the RF's

Construction Mech <Temjin> arrives from the Sky Above Western Europe.
Construction Mech <Temjin> has arrived.

Enker points at Pirate Man, then shouts out, "Continue. I will supervise Dr. DeVry." Back to the action: "Go on with your mission, Dr. DeVry."

Yamato Man's transport floats away into the distance. Shortly thereafter, the sky lights up in the vicinity of Scotland as ... `problems' start to be solved.

Yamato Man drops Scotland!.
Yamato Man has left.

Dr. Landon DeVry blinks at Enker, "Yes." He motions to the Janes, "Four, Twelve, Two. Proceed." The Janes move and begin to motion to some of the support staff to get moving. Landon himself moves towards Iris and Deluge, "I want you to indicate to me which of these troopers is a specialist in engineering, communication, guerilla tactics, or intelligence." The immortamets wander around trying to direct the various Repliforcers with headbutts to their ankles.

Jet Stingray stops underneth the water, his eyes narrowed as still a far distance away, hoping to avoid all but the most distance of scans. Slowly, he uses his jets to propel him to peek his head out of the water to see what is going on. His weapons are not removed, but the weapons systems are offline at the moment, perhaps to help avoid detection or to remove ill will about him ambushing the Robot Masters without reason. As he watches with the highest amount of magnification he can (which considering his purpose isn't too great), he tightbeams once more.

Deluge Elephant says, "None of yer business. Doctor Wily has the command roster."
Deluge Elephant steps a bit forward, putting himself between Iris and Landon. He's heard enough stories.

Enker narrows his eyes with annoyance. "You will treat our ally as if he was one of us, Deluge Elephant. Give him the information he wants. Remember, our cooperation proceeds only as far as does yours."

Riptide Wyvern has stayed completely silent throughout the small speeches and almost assurances. She was a specialist of nothing except moving fast and refusing to let go. And for once she'd have no problem shredding an organic, if by some miracle she had the opportunity to get her claws on DeVry. An opportunity that wouldn't cost her fellows their lives, anyhow.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

Deluge Elephant grunts. "And as I said, Enker, Doctor Wily has the command roster. I don't draw it up, I just do the commanding bit, as I'm told." Very passive, but still quite resistant.

Iris nods in agreement, unconsciously leaning very close to Deluge, as close as she can possibly get without touching him.

Flare Feline is also just standing around, not risking opening his mouth, he'll just meekly do what the Masters order, no matter how much he hates it...

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Enker turns his back on Deluge. Looking Iris in the face, he says, "You will have that information, dear Iris. Give it to me. NOW." If this continues, something is going to snap. The tension in here is as thick as peanut butter.

Deluge Elephant points out quietly. "She took on command at the last second, Enker, I was the original commander of this group, and like me, she doesn't know who's who either."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his eyes, "I find your lack of compliance disturbing. TWO!" The Jane in question lands a rather solid kick to the back of one of the support trooper's knees. "I dislike non-compliance, Iris." He stops for a moment and indicates a female repliforcer he sees being herded away, "That one." A pair of mets breaks her off from the maingroup, moving her off in another direction.

<Global News Network> Reports are coming in now about a Master force entering Scotland! The force seems to be led by a giant samurai and a series of Doctor Wily's standard drones, who are moving against all the military targets in the area. So far, civilians have been ignored or brushed aside; regardless, the following cities in the path of the oncoming attack are to be evacuated ...

Iris isn't about to 'break the peace'. Somewhat like a little girl being yelled at, she points toward the vast MSE group some yards away. "Don't hurt anyone...they're over there..."

Deluge Elephant growls at Enker as he sees this display. "You agreed to the terms of the surrender, and now you break them?" As he sees this, he suddenly bullcharges at Landon, "Leave our troopers alone, you cybernetic freak!"

Deluge Elephant misses Dr. Landon DeVry with his Ram attack.

Enker shouts out to Landon, who managed to evade the attack. He indicates the same group Iris did.

Wind Falcon hmphs, rising further into the sky as the Scotland report goes out. But, his ascent halts as he faintly sees rapid movement below. Now he's torn between going off to Scotland to stop Yamato Man, or stop RF from being massacred...

Riptide Wyvern growls softly, hands clenched at her side, claws digging into her hands. The entire group of Aerials shift uneasily as Deluge charges Landon, a murmur running among them. Not a few murmurs of anger and dissention can be heard in the ranks, but none move ... yet.

Enker shouts out to Landon, who managed to evade the attack. He indicates the same group Iris did. "Doctor DeVry! The engineers you seek are over there! Take them!" Enker himself draws a pistol with lightning speed from his belt and fires into the back of Deluge, hoping to show him that one does /not/ anger the Masters.

Enker strikes Deluge Elephant with his Laser Pistol attack.

Dr. Landon DeVry blinks in surprise as Deluge rushes him. He throws up a field suddenly...and the massive pacaderm impacts with the hex-defense field, he staggers back a bit in surprise before rapidly skid-jetting towards the other group, directing some standard Master gumbies to break them up. He doesn't want them all together. He reaches forward and grabs another female from that crowd, personally dragging her kicking and screaming towards where the first female got taken. "I-I am seeing to it, Enker." Blasted Repliforcers...

Iris screams as Deluge and Enker begin fighting. "Noooo!!! Stop it!!" Not that anyone's listening to her at this point, of course, but she sure can scream loudly.

Deluge Elephant is struck, but as Landon stupidly goes after another female, Deluge looses it, and stumbles over, and simply tries to fall.. tusks first, onto DeVry. "Call off your pet, ENKER!"

Pirate Man frowns as he watches what goes on and it appears that most of his drones agree as they draw their weapons waiting for orders as he thinks on what to do now, a smirk almost crosses his face as he watches for now, the only other thing he does is motion for the drones not to fire as Enker takes care of the Deluge

Wind Falcon changes his mind. Flying off at just below the sound barrier now that he's too high to see, he waits until he's several miles off, then transforms and finishes heading towards Scotland.

Riptide Wyvern snarls to herself, half-crouching in preparation for some form of movement. no repliforcer was defenseless, she wouldn't be suprised if the one DeVry grabbed was a regular hellcat. Why did humans -still- seem to think physical appearance mattered with robotic beings in regards to power or strength?

Enker dashes off the podium, jumping down. He has not drawn his spear yet, interestingly enough. He runs for Deluge, who is still enraged, and attempts to restrain him with his immense strength. It appears Enker /does/ want this to work.

Deluge Elephant strikes Dr. Landon DeVry with his Tusk Gouge attack.

Iris is close to hysteria at this point. "Stand down!! We're surrendering peacefully!!!"

Dr. Landon DeVry blinks as Deluge falls down on him, no time for a hex field this time. *ZHZZZT!!!* One of his arms is severed by the goring attack, impacting with the ground with a loud clunk. "Damn...damn it all..."

Deluge Elephant is snagged, and restrained, but even with Enker's immense strength, Deluge is still causing him to strain, since he isn't exactly weak, either. " off DeVry's orders, Enker.. or, I'll crush him. Got it?"

Dr. Landon DeVry looks down at it, "Always the arms...WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE ARMS!

Flare Feline cringes as it all begins to all get out of order oO(I shoulda known this'd happen...)

Enker replies, "DeVry's a tough man, he can take a lot of damage with that body of his. Stand down, Elephant!" He reaches out and tries to break DE's hold.

Enker strikes Deluge Elephant with his Grasp attack.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Deluge Elephant is held firmly in place, "Call him off.."
Deluge Elephant says, "I'll stand down once you start following the very rules you set forth.,"

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

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Flare Feline has disconnected.

Dr. Landon DeVry picks his arm, grumbling. He strides over to the two captured
Repliforce females, and forcibly throws the limb at one of them, "Imbeciles."
He turns back towards Enker, "I appreciate your faith in my durability,
Enker...can you keep that miserable elephant under control?"

Enker's hands are tied, so to speak... "DeVry... stop your selection. Take the
prisoners together, only separating the engineers and medics. Leave the women
alone. We do not want any trouble here."

Enker has disconnected.

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission from Gear Otter.

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Landon DeVry looks back to Enker, and sighs in annoyance. His arm is
cleaved off for -nothing-. He glares back towards the two captives, "You will
pay for your faction's insolence in time."

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission.

Iris stands near Deluge, fretting.

Deluge Elephant relaxes in the grip, and nods. "And keep him away from all the
troops. This was a surrender to the Robot Masters, not to his crazed

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission.

Pirate Man scowls as he watches this still waiting for orders, he looks to
DeVry as he starts to step towards the group with a small part of his drones,
he studies the weapons that have been placed on the ground, already figuring
that they have others built into their system, he looks to the Cyborg
saying, "Quiet Doctor, there is something more important than revenge at the
moment.", he chuckles for a bit as he studies the forcers before
saying, "Alright mates, ye better have thrown down all your weapons.", he then
looks to Deluge saying, "Same with ye mate, I believe thee Doctor shall not be
taking anyone, unless he wishes punishment for disobeying an elites orders."

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission from Gear Otter.

Jet Stingray bobs up and down gently in the waters as if the opposite of the
stormy surrender. His fists are clenched, his body tense as he feels like he is
held down by at least twenty Repliforce gumbies. He can't attack the Robot
Masters... but he can't just let Iris be taken away, out from his protection,
regardless of how meager it might have been in contrast to others that have
protected her in the past. The only thing that Jet can do is multiply his hate
for the Robot Masters and most of all, DeVry. Again and again, his hatred tries
to boil and overflow, the stingray using every glimmer of self control to not
go up and tear into all that would dare go near /any/ Repliforcer. .oO(One
day... One day I'll be given the chance for revenge, and I will /not/ turn it

Dr. Landon DeVry growls, "Two! Come to me." The Jane obediently trots over to
its master, just in time to get its chest blasted out by the Doctor. Smoke
billows from her mechanical lips as she crumples to teh ground like a broken
toy. Landon sighs, "That feels better."

Yamato Man: <Global News Network> A news chopper is following behind the Master
assault on Scotland, and reports this to CNN: "The small Master detachment is
meeting absolutely no resistance! Several military targets have already been
hit, and now the group is going for a communications tower just outside of
Hillendale -- hey, wait, isn't that /our/ --" And the last footage seen is a
large Master vehicle chaining up the tower and then pulling it down with a
large vehicle. Communications across Scotland are disrupted as a result.

Riptide Wyvern tailflicks slowly. "Not all of us can remove our weapons." She
responds with remarkable cheerfullness, waving one sharp-clawed hand. And
indeed with her it is so- her shoulder cannons may be missing, but she had her
wings, her claws, her tailblade, her firebreath...

Deluge Elephant nods to Pirate Man. "..ya got the place set up for us to take
the troops to, Pirate, or we just gonna sit around here?"

Serges: <Global News Network>
"This is Press Partridge, from GNN - New York! We've just located a
weird radar malfunction in New York...Bringing you there, live!" The camera
opens on an image of the skies over New York, where it distorts. Suddenly, the
Osprey fades into existance, massive sparking all about as its stealth module
"My God! MY GOD!" Suddenly, it opens up with missiles, rockets, energy
fire...No large energy cannons, no heavy warheads, but the area is still thrown
into disarray. Flames shoot up as Mavericks deploy from the massive airship,
into the now flaming Wall Street. "Who will save Wall Street?! WHOOOO!?!"
Suddenly, the camera cuts out.

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission to Gear Otter.

Iris closes her eyes, looking greatly pained.

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission.

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Pallbearer.

Pallbearer receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Deluge Elephant rubs the minor wound in his back as he takes his position with
Iris again, then smirks at GNN transmissions. "So, who will save Wall Street,
Robot Master?"

Pirate Man is silent as he looks to Deluge before looking to DeVry
saying, "Stop wasting ye drones and locate a proper place to hold these
prisoners.", he then scowls as he looks back to the forcer as he makes his
comment, "Be silent for a bit, matey.", he looks back to his drones
saying, "Gather up the discarded weapons. Hurry it up ye scurvy dogs.", he
watches as part of the drones start to gather what they can while the others
partially keep their weapons trained on the prisoners

Pallbearer sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Pallbearer.

Dr. Landon DeVry is busy watching the majority of the Repliforces being led
away, "They are being sent to various seperate locations. One thing I know is
how to make a prison out of nearly anything. I once held sixty captured UN
Soldiers in the blasted remnants of a building's lavatories." He turns to
Pirate, "One of the groups is being sent to a Hotel which has been converted by
my vanguard force of Mets. Another is being moved to a cave. The third group is
being sent to the London prison."

Iris is still standing there, watching as the surrendered troops get led off,
and wondering when it will be her turn...wondering what's in store.

Jet Stingray just moves in closer, trying to see what is going on better.
(There has to be something I can do...)Oo.

You overhear Deluge Elephant whisper to Iris: 'You ok, gal? Sorry about
earlier.. but, it kept Landon away from getting what he wanted..'.

Dr. Landon DeVry regards the various Repliforcers, still missing that one
arm, "You are now captives of the new leader of humanity. You have done well
protecting humankind, but your foolish ideals of standing in the way of the
great Doctor Albert Wily has led to this moment of defeat." He switches his
gaze towards Iris, "I trust you will all comply and be helpful from now on."

Iris is crying, now...tears are streaming down her face, she sees no point in
holding them back now that the troops are being led away. Looking pitifully to
Deluge, she whispers, "It's alright..."

Iris says, "What is it you want, Landon."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his eyes, "Justification." He growls, apparently
changing his gears, "I am not a malicious man, Iris. I do what I do because of
a greater desire for humanity, surely you can understand that. We wish to know
if any of your group have become a rogue element. And we need to know all you
know of the Maverick Hunter resistance."

Deluge Elephant says, "Last part's easy.. we don't know jack. They ceased all
communications with us right before the attack on Kennedy."

Pirate Man nods to Landon before looking towards another group of prisoners as
they are taken to the city, he looks to the drones saying, "Speed it up mates,
no slacking. I want all the prisoners locked up quickly.", he then looks back
to Landon as he talks with the others

Riptide Wyvern chuckles mirthlessly, still remaining. "Gotta love 'allies' who
rarely lend help unless it suits them." Sarcastic? Yep. Bitter? Right again.

Iris stands there, blinking at DeVry, and with those watery green eyes she
really does resemble a 'true' girl. "Rogues...? Well, Reploids have in the
past, and do on occasion, succumb to the Maverick Virus, you know that...this
isn't something new."

Deluge Elephant shrugs, with a nod. "..yeh, after all, no telling how many
Repliforcers decided that General was wrong, and went Maverick."

Flare Feline has connected.

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Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his eyes, "Do not toy with me girl. I doubt General would commit to this PR farce and not have a reserve force ready. Who are they."

<Global News Network> (Not really a GNN announcement, but it works..)
Every major scanner on earth just picked up a HUGE energy signature over Western China and ascending fast. The source of the signal is a very large, poorly shielded generator of some kind, apparently aboard an air or spacecraft of unknown configuration.

Flare Feline is standing around, doing, uh, stuff (yeah, that'll work, just pretend I didn't OOCly blink out for half an hour)

Dr. Landon DeVry growls, threatenly moving towards Iris, "Cease being insolent! TELL ME!"

Jet Stingray moves a bit more again to try and see more of what is going on. Right now, he might hinge on direction, slowly drifting closer and closer toward the group in question. He can almost hear the hint of words and such. .oO(If only I knew what they were talking about...)

Deluge Elephant steps up again. "She don't know, DeVry. None of us do! General took who he wanted to take, and left us in charge. If you don't like it, then call him!"

Pirate Man frowns as he catches the latest report, he looks to DeVry silently but doesn't say anything as he continues to supervise the drones before walking around reaching, "Enough with the questions, DeVry. Something new may have come up and now need to speed up the movement of the prisoners."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his optics again, "This little girl is Colonel's sis." He glances towards Pirate, "Aside from this small group they have been moved successfully. We are still looking for a secure area to move these to...hrm, perhaps their own brig..."

Deluge Elephant says, "So.. ain't the first time Repliforce forgot her, DeVry."

<Global News Network>
"This is Press Partridge, reporting again on the New York situation! Somehow, the Mavericks have broken into the NYSC's computing system, and are attacking the financial computing! They're attempting to make a MASSIVE withdrawal!"

Iris says, "Landon, I think you're being very unreasonable. I'm cooperating the best I can, and you're getting angry anyway."
Dr. Landon DeVry growls, "I am angry because you are hiding things from me."

Deluge Elephant says, "Then you are a bigger moron than you look."

Riptide Wyvern giggles. Here, here, Deluge.

Pirate Man nods as he first looks to the group then to DeVry, "I agree, it shall be a fitting place this bunch. Ye can finish your interrogations after we put them in the brig.", he motions to the drones saying, "Prepare to head to their HQ, mates."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his optics again, "Iris, silence that imbecile." He regards Pirate Man, "Yes, move them along."

Deluge Elephant says, "..I wouldn't do that, Pirate Man.."

Deluge Elephant smirks a bit. "I used to be head of the security for that base over yonder.. you ain't getting in there. We got more defenses then you can ever imagine getting pass.. active, passive, even some punji pits, just for the hell of it."

Pirate Man smirks as he looks to Deluge saying, "Since ye were head of security, then ye can deactivate the systeams. Unless ye want one of your comrades to feel the end of my arm cannon?", he laughs for a bit as he first looks to Iris then to the rest of the candidates

Flare Feline cringes as the arguement continues. He doesn't like how it's going, but there's no turning back now.

Deluge Elephant shakes his head. "No can do. Annie.. that being Command Major Anthem, changed all the passcodes, and trashed the computers with her coffee before she took off to Rocket Town.. you could always go down there, and ask her."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his optics, "I was under the impression you were surrendered, machine. If you do not comply with these orders I will disassemble Iris."

Deluge Elephant gives a shrug. "You can, but like I said, I don't know any of the codes. Annie does."

Iris tries to hold back a whimper as best she can. "He's telling you the truth..."

Dr. Landon DeVry growls, "Who is -Annie-, you overly sized moron?"

/Someone/ is lucky that Jet still can't hear the conversation clearly, though the stingray has a feeling if they are not being lead away peacefully that something must be wrong. Still, he waits for it. No endangering fellow 'forcers. He moves a hand to his radio to speak into it again.

Iris is standing with Deluge near Landon, and the three of them are having a discussion as the Repliforce troops are led away.

Pirate Man scowls as he looks to the group before looking to DeVry, "Belay that order, if they be telling the truth.", he looks to Deluge saying, "Then ye best find someone besides this Anthem that has the codes before I get mad.", he then looks to DeVry, "While ye find another suitable place for them, no need to kill any for the moment."

Dr. Landon DeVry chuckles darkly, "Lead the Repliforcers towards the base. If there are defenses we can use them like sheep being driven across a minefield...unless we gain the disable codes."

Deluge Elephant has reconnected.

Iris covers her mouth, almost physically sick at Landon's horrible suggestion.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

Flare Feline winces at DeVry's inhumanity oO(We're reploids, but we're more human than this freak...)

Riptide Wyvern has disconnected.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Deluge Elephant looks at Pirate and Landon. "And for every Repliforcer that falls, that's one less life you'll have from Enker. Think he'll keep you around if you start slaughtering things, moron?"

Walking towards the crowd of Repliforcers and the few Robot Masters comes a robot-looking person. He looks about average, 5'8", and is wearing very ordinary clothes, including big robot boots and a white shirt that says "Ex-Parrot". The denim blue baseball cap he's wearing obscures his face somewhat, but the long red synth-hair and the typical whistle-tune might give it away if you know the song: the person is obviously Slash Man.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Pirate Man scowls as he looks to Deluge then to DeVry, "He be right on this subject, Doctor. Enker would have both our hides if we did that.", he focuses on Iris saying, "But maybe theres another way into the base, other than the main gate?"

Deluge Elephant shakes his head. "No, Pirate, their isn't, except from the roof, or the teleporters. The roof is currently heavily guarded, especially against landing attempts by your shuttles.. and the teleporters.. well, nothing is getting in there for the time being.."

Dr. Landon DeVry hrms, "A point well taken." He narrows his eyes, "You imbeciles can't even gain access to your own base?!"

Iris says, "The roof is...probably your best bet, actually."
Deluge Elephant points out, "Look, we all got standard issued bivouac gear, Pirate.. my suggestion is that you let us set up camp here, and you fence it in as you see fit." He then grins darkly at DeVry. "We can't get in.. means.. -you- can't get in."

Slash Man walks over to Landon and extracts a clawed arm at him. "Be quiet. Your ranting grows quickly annoying, and it certainly isn't helping." He turns to Pirate Man. "Captain, would you mind briefing me on the situation here?"

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his eyes at Deluge for that, "Pens. Pirate Man. Set up, Pens." He turns and strides back a distance, "Take their camping equipment and machinery. Pen them in like animals."

Pirate Man smirks as he looks to Iris ignoring the others, he walks closer to her saying, "Why be that, missy?", he chuckles for a bit as he focuses on her for now

Deluge Elephant says, "We're allowed shelter by the Geneva convention.. you know, the one that Enker allowed us to use?"

Dr. Landon DeVry growls, "Damned UN rulings. We've conquered that disgusting assemblage and their ghosts continue to haunt us..."

Deluge Elephant scratches his chin in thought, deciding that watching Masters get zapped on the landing deck like bugs in a bug frier might be fun after all, as he gets out a datapad, with the sketch of the pre-locked down base on it.

Iris cries at Landon's cruelty, then she says to Pirate Man tearfully, "Because, it's likely the easiest access -- but Landon won't believe a word I say, so maybe you won't get into the base after all."

Dr. Landon DeVry narrows his optics, thinking. Line them up and have them, not that anymore. He clenches his remaining arm, "Damned Geneva was always so much easier without it..."

Slash Man growls, as Landon isn't paying any attention to him and puts the claw in front of his optics. "I said stop whining. I am extremely sick of your worthless complaining. Start coming up with ideas to get in, or stop talking altogether. Have I made myself perfectly clear?" He waves the claw offensively.

Pirate Man nods before he looks to the drowns saying, "Pitch camp immediately, along with a fence and a perimeter guard.", one of the veteran Joes steps up and nods before heading back to the rest yelling in dronespeak to get things in order, as part of the force departs the rest watch the prisoners for now as the Corsair turns back to Iris, "We shall have another talk later."

Deluge Elephant has partially disconnected.

Jet Stingray merely watches and waits, feeling quite helpless at the moment. Though he is not bored, for the Stingray of Revenage has a certain man on his mind for payment for present evils later... Three guess who it is.

Dr. Landon DeVry regards Slash Man, "The movement of the prisoners has been placed into my hands. Search their bivouac equipment for weapons of violent materials and allow for them to set it up here, then fence them in and place them under guard. Seperate Iris from the rest of the group, I do not want her issuing commands."

Flare Feline is still among the other Marines of the 17th, just being passive and not fighting back. Yep, that's us. Thanks to Phoebus' orders, Flare's been placed in command of the 17th if he or Templar are absent, good for him.

Iris stares at Slash Man curiously...she's never seen this one before, and for a moment she wonders if this is someone else in a disguise.

Deluge Elephant says, "She won't be.. and as part of the command group, she has every right, set forth by the rules of capture and prisoners to be with the other commanders.. including myself.." he looks around, and adds, "Lieutenant Riptide Wyvern, and Lieutenant Flare Feline." Hey, they won't know the difference. "And I'll take over command duties, and Iris will be my Executive. Acceptable, Pirate?"

Slash Man looks at Landon. "I don't care what has been placed in your hands. I have claws, and itchy ones at that. Unless you want to be cleaved, you will pay attention to what I tell you." He glares a glare at Landon that says "Do you have a deathwish?" And turns to Iris. Retracting the claw, he says, "I'm sorry madame, but it is my duty to keep you seperate from the other prisoners. ...Would you mind joining me for a bite to eat?"

Flare Feline snaps his attention back to Deluge oO(Lieutenant? Wha? Well... he must have some plan, just nod for now...) And he does that, nodding in the direction of Deluge

Dr. Landon DeVry regards Deluge again, "Do not quote UN Law to me. You are being treated humanely, which is more then you deserve. We will not place ourselves into a situation of tactical disadvantage

Slash Man turns back to Landon. "Are you stupid? I told you to be quiet." He regards Landon for a moment. "Then again, anything I do to you certainly wouldn't compare to what /Enker/ would do to you if he found out about this, I suppose."

Iris is, at this point, willing to walk to the end of the Earth and back to get away from Landon. She doesn't want to leave Deluge here with that maniac, but if she refuses -this- time, who knows what might happen. "I'm...not hungry, thanks, but...if I must go with you, then I will," she says to Slash, softly.

Pirate Man looks to DeVry and Slash, "Both of ye be quiet, I shall be taking control if ye two continue to argue.", he focuses on DeVry saying, "While ye may join the prisoners for a bit if ye don't cooperate!", he finally looks back to Deluge saying, "Ye and the other commanders shall be kept in one tent. But when I need to talk with one of ye, it shall most likely be the ladies."

Slash Man turns to Deluge. "Well, it seems that the little lady has concented. Captain, with your permission I would like to escort her to a restaurant. I will keep careful watch over her, and I can assure you she will not escape me."
He says to Pirate Man. :P

Deluge Elephant nods.. and looks over. "Lieutenant Riptide!" He thunders. "You're gonna be Pirate's liaison. You get the info from any of these boys, and you get it back to us, understood?" With that, he turns to Pirate. "Slash wants a date, tell him to find someone else. We're prisoners, not prostitutes.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Dr. Landon DeVry regards Slash Man, "Are you an -idiot-?! This is a military operation not a chance to play paddy-fingers with the female captives!" He growls, "Very well, place them in one tent but keep it monitored at all times." He grumbles, "This was so much easier when I could just blow their legs off at the knees..."

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Pirate Man.
Pirate Man receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.

Pirate Man sends a radio transmission.
Slash Man receives a radio transmission from Pirate Man.

[OOC] Deluge Elephant dohs, did not see Riptide discon. But she's the liaison. I don't trust Iris to be.. emotional enough to handle it at this point. :)
[OOC] Iris says, "Good call!"

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Pirate Man.
Pirate Man receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.

Pirate Man shakes his head to Slash as he nods to Deluge, "I agree with ye and the Doctor, until I hear something from the admiral.", he looks to the other master saying, "Be quiet for the moment, while I contact Father."

Metal Man has left.

Pirate Man sends a radio transmission.

Metal Man has arrived.

Pirate Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

Pirate Man sends a radio transmission.

Pirate Man smirks as he finishes with the radio saying, "Iris shall be staying with the others, Slash Man.", he then looks to the group of prisoners then to the camp as it is almost complete saying, "Alright, prepare to move into the camp.", the drones that are still surrounding the forcers prepare to move them forward

The Holding Camp has arrived.
Pollux drops The Holding Camp.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Deluge Elephant calls out, "Troops.. all units, break down bivouac gear, set up camp!" he looks around, "Lieutenant Flare, Captain Iris, we will set up a CP in the middle of the bivouac site."
Deluge Elephant has left.

Iris nods to Deluge. "Acknowledged..." As she's herded off (moo) toward the Holding Camp, she looks over her shoulder at the Masters and at DeVry.

Iris has left.

Flare Feline nods at Deluge (I hope he know's what he's doing) and follows after him and Iris

The Holding Camp
Exactly what it says!! Repliforce are here. :D
Deluge Elephant

> From outside, Dr. Landon DeVry sends a radio transmission to Iris..
Iris receives a radio transmission from Dr. Landon DeVry.
Iris sends a radio transmission.
> From outside, Dr. Landon DeVry receives a radio transmission.

> From outside, Jet Stingray just watches and waits with narrowed eyes from his watery post, barely moving as he watches the Repliforce be herded like cattle, some of them like attractive cattle. .oO(They will pay... They will pay soon enough, this stingray /swears/ it. Aft kicking to a whole new level on these guys.)

> From outside, Pirate Man smirks as he follows after, "Ye can stay if ye both want, mates. I shall watch the camp.", he chuckles as he leads the last of the drones inside

Pirate Man has arrived.

> From outside, Slash Man turns to Landon. "If you ever, and I do mean ever, challenge me again, I will accept it as a battle invitation and wreck you." And walks off toward London.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Cyber Peacock.

> From outside, Dr. Landon DeVry looks after Slash Man, narrowing his optics.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Cyber Peacock.

Iris smirks at something said on her radio, and she just shakes her head.

Deluge Elephant says, "..what is it, Iris?"

Iris says, "A little bit of comic relief, in the midst of all of this tragedy."

> From outside, Slash Man has left.

Deluge Elephant smirks, as he takes a seat in the command post for the prisoners. "..glad someone can find some humor in all this.."

Iris says, "I guess it was getting all too horrible, so...I decided to give Peacock a hard time, because he's talking funny on his radio. I don't know what his problem is, but he's all...high-pitched.
Real...fruity sounding."
Iris says, "So I told him he sounds like a fruit."

Deluge Elephant says, "Oh! Sonata told me about that, before she broke contact.. something about her father making Cyber get in touch with his.. feminine side?"

Flare Feline shyly walks in, and takes a seat next to them as well "Not that I'm complaining sir... but why did you want me in with you guys?" He wonders, maybe he was the first person Deluge saw, who knows. And he smirks a bit, at Iris' story.

> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from General.

Deluge Elephant says, "Because, you're in command of the Marines at the moment, Flare. And I can use someone with some experience there here."

Pirate Man is silent as he stays in one of the main tents near the entrance, he acts as if this were a normal pirate's camp as he gathers his officers and starts a small game of cards while outside the rest of the drones patrol the area

Flare Feline blinks a bit, as he remembers Phoebus' orders, yes neither him or Templar are around, so Flare's in charge, at least of the 17th. "Yes sir. I.. don't have a lot of experience, especially when it comes to command... but I'll do what I can."

Deluge Elephant looks over. "Iris, you alright now that Landon's hauled his aft for now, and Slash ain't salivating over you like fresh meat?"

> From outside, Wind Falcon probably won't be found. He's heading off for whatever small town in Europe he can find that isn't under RM occupation yet, and teleporting...somewhere. He fought Yamato and the Joes to an effective draw, and that works for him.

> From outside, Wind Falcon goes home.
> From outside, Wind Falcon has left.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Flare Feline growls a bit at DeVry's mention "...what a monster. I never knew that a human could be so... well, inhuman."

> From outside, Yamato Man is being hauled back towards the main RM encampment in the area, mostly incapacitated. He is still conscious, though, and is trying to hold in his components with his hands while waiting for some medical attention.

> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Ten.

Deluge Elephant says, "That ain't a human.. just had the body of one at one time. Don't know rightfully what he is, but what comes to mind, I ain't allowed to repeat in present company."

Deluge Elephant says, "Iris.." he reaches over, and gives her a small jarring shake. "..hey, y'all right, gal?"

Pirate Man leans back in his chair as he places a couple bags of gold onto the table and watches the others as they ante up, he chuckles for a bit as he slowly switches a couple a cards which he had hidden

Iris looks over at Deluge, as if waking from a terrible dream. "Huh?? -- Oh...yes, I'm fine. Sorry, it's...been a difficult evening, and I guess I just miss my brother. I wish he had been here, too."

> From outside, Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. D [Public]) Blues transmits: 'No! God no! Why?! Stop tormenting me! Make it stop... *bzzt*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: '?'.

Iris sends a radio transmission.
> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Welcome Home. Break Man.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: '...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'What is it Ballade sir?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Wind Man transmits: 'Hehehe... (slightly evil, knowing laugh)'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'No! That doesn't go there! Stop it!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Improv transmits: ' Is there a problem?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'You evil bastards!'.

Flare Feline blinks, almost forgetting everything she went thorugh tonight, Flare spent the past few days in utter depression, which he is now finally nearly over, thanks to Ten. So he knows what it's like to feel THIS down. "Iris... I'm sure we'll get out of this."

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'What are you guys doing, exactly?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Always nice to see a brother return to the family.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'OOCly: Change Break Man to ProtoMan.'.

Iris rather spontaneously gives Flare a hug. "We will..."

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'OOC *cackles'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ring Redwing transmits: '*Growling*We'll get you all Robot MAsters... *softly* If anything has happened to my circus friends in Shanghai... I'll find you...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'They're all dead.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Just like you'll be.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'You know, the Robot Masters are the most dysfunctional family in the world. I mean, just look at them. Old man for a father, all males in the family..'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'Them? They're dead.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Nothing to concern the repliforce. A family matter being returned to normal.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'You obviously have never met my sisters, Eagle. Welcome to the new world.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Like I said, you're family is f***ed up.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Now shut up. It's tea time for us civilized androids. Unlike reploids. What a bunch of brutish oafs.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'Hardly what one would call kidnapping, Ballade.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Don't sound so testy, Uncle Thom. You made your choice, as did we.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cappella transmits: ' Excuse me Heat Man, What was that?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'YOU EVIL WITCH! SERENADE, I'LL HAVE YOUR HEAD!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rock transmits: 'Protoman?'.

Flare Feline nods at Iris, then turns to Deluge "So.. what exactly are WE going to do. I know the General has a plan for everyone else, but will we be doing anything from in here?"

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'hey Heat Man maybe you should toast Ring Redwing again.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Eh. What did you want, Cappella?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'That is why you tortured him, Heat Man? Hardly what one would call a 'voluntary' choice, however, considering that I am currently a prisoner of the UN siege, one could say that my choice was taken as well. However, freedom shall perservere, through my children and their actions.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Storm Eagle transmits: 'That's enough. All you masters can do is gloat, and we Mavericks just recently assaulted New York without any serious damage. If you were serious about destroying us then it should have been done there.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Hey Mega Man. If you ever come visit my new country called Gutsman which was formerly known as Graceland. I'll give you a 1 percent discount. Simply because you're family.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rock transmits: 'Alright.. What's going on?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'Not much MegaMan. Just a few random deaths, mindless destruction. The usual.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'You don't understand, Uncle Thom. Without you, we would NEVER have been created. So much of our father's work comes from the pioneering you two did. Your children ARE taking action. We are creating the new world through your knowledge. You have opened the doors to your own fate.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Improv transmits: ' You were saying something Heat Man?'.

> From outside, Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

(Ch. D [Public]) Improv transmits: ' OOC: Mutters...stupid alts mis'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Damn. Didn't Wily program an off switch or a mute button or something?'.

Iris has disconnected.

(Ch. D [Public]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Not that lucky.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Bass is correct. Enough talk. Proto Man has returned to his family - to his father. The rest of the world shall bow down as well. Oh, and someone begin tracking all these 'good' people.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hiryu transmits: '...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hiryu transmits: 'Tch.'.

> From outside, Metal Man has left.
> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Ten.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'One would hardly call Albert, Protoman's father, since, it was myself that did most of the work, with assistance from Albert and Edward. Like Metal Man, Guts Man, and the others that originally started the so-called Wily War, Heat Man is correct, they were my children, until stolen from me. Your father, Ballade, is simply a hack, that cannot create a robot with stealing one, if he tried.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'I am testament to his ability to create. I was not stolen.'.

Pirate Man chuckles as he listens to the radio and places down his cards saying, "Read them and weep mates, a full house.", he grabs the grab and tosses it with his personal stash before saying, "Time to check on thee prisoners."

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'Hey Light, if I rember right iw as built by Wily on his own. I aint stolen either.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'You are an imitation of Protoman yourself, Ballade.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Bah.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Actualy, Ballade. You're just a jackass.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'You wish to share Jet's fate, Eagle?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Hmm. Well, what's Jet's fate?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Can opener.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Getting blown apart and having the name of your dearly departed scrawled all over him as a reminder that facing me is stupidity?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Nah, they'd never do that to me. After all, I'd kick your sorry ass.'.

Deluge Elephant watches Pirate play cards, and shakes his head.

> From outside, Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. D [Public]) Blues transmits: 'Enough! Father Wily's visions are glorious, more that I can say for you, Light. You hogged the glory while father did the work, and you aboandoned us so you could gain more fame and glory. You! You are the hack, Thomas Light, and for your disservice, for your abandonment, I shall make sure that your clone of me is dead within 2 days. Rock as merely a copy of me! Something you coppied from Wily because -you- couldn't think on your own. What kind of father would do that? Say that his son is so little that he will try to create a better one. NO! You are not my father, you... you are nothing, Light, and that's what your pitiful hunters are about to become.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Welcome home, brother.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sarah Storm transmits: ' Proto?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: '... The hell did he just say?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'As I said. Welcome home.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Beautiful day.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'All Hail Wily.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Shadup.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Bass transmits: 'I think I'm going to puke.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'OOC: retcon.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: '*staticky* Soon ... all of us will be home.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Yeah! Let it hail on Wily. Hopefully a basketball sized peice of hail will hit him in the head and kill him!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Bwahaha! Marvelous! Lord Wily hast done it, bringing our estranged brother backeth home. All praise the might of Lord Wily!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'I spared you in the tournament, Skyblade. But for that, you die.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'That is where you are wrong, Protoman. I made you all out of the love of my own heart, and you were all equals until stolen from me, that was the day I died on the inside. Albert has brainwashed you into thinking differently. Think over the past several months.. and how I treated you, and know the truth.. not what you had forced into your head, but what you know in your heart.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'You spared me? Pfft. You got lucky.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Bass transmits: '*long pause until finally...* WILY!? Have you lost your withered old mind!? (Apparently beyond caring if he's over the broadband now). Do you even REMEMBER what's happened before everytime you've tried this!? Everytime you even tried it with that long-haired freak!? What is it, a case of alzheimers setting in!?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rock transmits: 'Protoman?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Wow. I actualy agree with Bass on something.'.

Flare Feline nods at Iris, and turns to Deluge "So, what are WE going to be doing? I know the General has plans for everyone else, but will we be trying anything from in here?"

Deluge Elephant shakes his head. "For now, we sit tight, and keep Landon from using us in his experiments. Those people out there need us more as alive leaders than dead heroes."

(Ch. D [Public]) Sarah Storm transmits: ' Proto this is not funny. Stop it! Please, stop?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Blues transmits: 'Silence Bass, for if it wasn't for father, you would be nothing more than a pile of insignifigant parts. As is, you are now a sentient pile of insignifigant parts.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rock transmits: 'Protoman? What's going on? What's wrong with you?'.

Flare Feline ulps a but, but shakes it off "Right, yes sir." oO(Leader? Me? Well, I'm sure he'll be doing most of the leading, but this is a first for me...)

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Ooh. Protoman with a sharp comeback. How will Bass respond? Most likely with a buster shot.'.

Pirate Man laughs as he listens to the radio saying, "Now here some news.", he gets out of his chair before heading towards one of the tents with a pair of drowns saying, "Alright, time for a check, mates. While later ye can possibly have a good meal."

<Global News Network> This is Mark McAffee, from the Nogaki Commercial District in Neo Tokyo! The scene before me is one of a storm about about to break over Neo-Tokyo. A large force of Robot Masters, including a major force of 'Joes" and similar forces lead by some of Wily's shock troops, is squaring off with a force of police and Self-Defense force troops sent to try to hold them...but no sign of the Maverick Hunters. Even in the city that they call home. Could this truly be? Are they really broken and in hiding? And with Repliforce surrendering, what is going to happen?

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Would someone silence that squaking, insignificant bird? Her cawing serves no purpose, since it seems to be all she is capable of.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Vile transmits: 'Sounds familiar.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Vile transmits: 'The no purpose part and all.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Deluge Elephant transmits: '*muffled* Sounds like anything that comes out of a Master's mouth.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Bass, perhaps you haven't been keeping up on current events... but this crazy alzheimer stricken old man just, ahem, took over the world.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Ooh. Sounds like someone's getting agitated, Ballade.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Maybe you should go jump out of an airlock or something.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Thomas Light transmits: 'Hardly all of it, Albert.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Light, nobody was talking to you, so shut up.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cappella transmits: ' Just wait Dr. Light. They have captured a large portion of the world. The whole world is not far off.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Wanteth me to shut this Old codger up for thee Lord Wily?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Bass transmits: '...and you're just leaving yourself open from the inside again. It's stupidity it...argh! No! That's it. I can't take it anymore. NOT AGAIN!'re so obsessed with what keeps failing...and not what're WELCOME to your failures! Enjoy that scarfed reject for as long as he lasts before he goes crazy, self destructs, backstabs you or dances around in circles. Because you're going to do it WITHOUT me!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Feh, with Repliforce, the UN, AND the Hunters at my knees... who needs YOU! Go, go run off... it's not the first time I've lost ungrateful children, and frankly, I won't be losing any sleep over it. When the time comes, perhaps your senses will return, and I shall consider admitting you back into the Masters. Goodbye Bass.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cappella transmits: ' ....'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Bass transmits: 'Muhahahaha...oh no Wily. Not this time. When this is all over...I'm not going to just show up again. When you're left in the rubble of whatever's left over of your little temporary empire...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Bass transmits: 'It's going to be YOU who begs -me- to come back.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Storm Eagle transmits: 'I enjoy your thinking Doctor. Though you have a long... long... fight ahead of you... with us.'.

Flare Feline glaces at Pirate Man, and stands up. Not saying anything, just waiting for him to do or say whatever it is he came for. oO(Hey, he's the one who totalled me in the north pole, didn't think I'd ever see HIM again)

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'Can't say I'll miss you Bass.'.

Deluge Elephant says, "Sounds like all hell broke loose in the Master camp.. me, I'm getting some shuteye."

(Ch. D [Public]) Cappella transmits: ' Sounds like someone is going to get blown up soon, isn't that right Metal. You have forgotten just how dangerous Bass is.'.

Pirate Man smirks as he looks to Flare then nods to Deluge, "But who cares about that arrogant fool. His brain has always malfunctioned.", he checks the tent for anything out of the ordinary before continuing on his way

Flare Feline watches Pirate leave. He sighs, oO(This whole situation is bad, I don't know how we'll manage getting out of THIS one...) He decides to hit the sack, like Deluge. oO(We'll see what happens tomorrow...)

(Ch. D [Public]) Magna Bass transmits: 'Stow it Metal Man. The day I see you again I'll make you regret ever even opening that garbage can you call a mouth.'.

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