You enter the Torontreal - Eastern Business Zone.
Torontreal - Eastern Business Zone

Home to the smaller businesses of Torontreal, this is where the majority of the citizens work and live. This area meshes perfectly in with the rest of the city, as the roadways and zoomways move in and out of the area, transporting the people around quickly. Among the small company buildings are various eateries, catering to the busy businesspeople and making a good profit too. More economic, smaller hovercars move here, a contrast to the more expensive ones that populate the business area to the west.

Radar Meerkat [M]
Mystery Clown Theatre 4000

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Torontreal - Industrial District.
North <N> leads to Torontreal - Eastern Residential.
West <W> leads to Torontreal - Transportation District.

One of Torontreal's oldest pawn shops is going out of business! They're having a massive 'sidewalk sale' of sorts, to liquidate the merchandise. And all manner of people have shown up to check out the wares! There's treasure within the piles of junk...

Radar Meerkat is right in the middle of the action, digging through a box containing myriad random electronic parts.

Flare Feline walks around the corner. Since the BnC games are going no, Flare decided to take this time to get used to the layout of the city, so he won't be late for any of the events, like he was nearly beforehand. Of course, the plan has failed miserably, as Flare is totally lost, once again. Just deciding to keep walking until he either finds teleportation area or something he recognizes, he spots the bussle around the Pawn shop. Always looking out for interesting old junk, Flare walks over and looks through the mess.

Radar Meerkat is right next to Flare, apparently he's collecting myriad bottles of lubricant and various electronics. "Got to hurry," he murmurs, apparently in some sort of quandary.

Flare Feline says off hand "Hurry for what?" He didn't know who was next to him. He response was a sort of reflex. He continues to rummage through various old junk, not really looking for anything in particular.

Radar Meerkat sighs, adjusting his goggles. "Oh, he wants this stuff -yesterday-..."

Radar Meerkat slowly comes to the realization that he's -babbling-, and that he'd better change his tune if he doesn't want to get into some serious trouble. Rather nervously, he affords you a sidelong glance, just to see what he has to deal with, here.
Radar Meerkat says, "I Stingray, he wants these things yesterday."

Flare Feline raises an eyebrow "He...?" He turns around, and looks down, at the cat who is about half his height. And finds his answer puzzling "Jet wants them? What does Jet want with all that junk?"
Radar Meerkat shrugs, offering a grin.

Radar Meerkat has a little voice, to match his little stature. "Don't really know, sir! All I know is, I wouldn't want to disappoint him!"

Flare Feline scratches his head while looking at him, he can't see any immediate identifiable insignias on him. "How do you know Jet anyway?"

Radar Meerkat heh's. "Everyone knows Lt. Stingray, sir. He's...uh...the Marines CO."

Flare Feline hmms "I don't remember seeing you around the HQ though. Umm, what faction are you in?"

Radar Meerkat says, "Communications, sir!"

Flare Feline is suddenly struck by a thought "Err, WHO is the Marine's CO?"

Radar Meerkat says, "Uhhh...Lt. Stingray?"

Flare Feline eyes him for a moment "Just... when did you join Repliforce anyway?"

Radar Meerkat is getting nervous, now. (This grunt's asking too many questions,) he thinks in irritation. "Six months ago, sir! I serve out of New Brunswick. I'm currently on leave!"

Flare Feline hmms "New Brunswick is hardly out of the way, you must still get news on the affairs in Repliforce, especially being an officer in communications..."

Radar Meerkat says, "Oh -wow-! There's exactly what I've been looking for! A titanium regulator!"

Radar Meerkat decides it's time to pound pavement. Of course, he has NO idea how fast Flare is, but his only thought is to get the heck out of there. Suddenly, he just turns and flees, heading for an alley.

Flare Feline is startled by him running off "Hey!! I should have known something was up..." He chases after him, his confidence in his pursuit abilities should only be greater after the recent footrace.

Radar Meerkat is iddybiddy, and completely no match for the much bigger and faster Repliforcer. He's caught even before he gets a chance to conceal himself in the alley. "Ack!!"

Flare Feline runs around and stops AHEAD of Radar oO(Gee, he's not so fast)Oo, arms crossed he says "Ok, start explaining."

Radar Meerkat says, "I've got nothing to explain -- leave me alone!!"
Flare Feline eyes him "The CO of the Marines, who is it again?"

Radar Meerkat is shaking like a leaf -- he's terrified. If he were a human, he'd be pee-pants terrified. "Leave me alone!"

You say, "You're not a Repliforcer, that's for sure now. Who are you?"

Radar Meerkat backs off a few steps from you, definitely distrustful. "Wh...why is that important?" He's stalling for time.
Radar Meerkat says, "I just...mind my own business...that's all I do.."

You say, "You were rummaging through some rather suspicious looking items, and claimed to be doing that for the 'CO' of the Marines, Jet. Jet isn't CO anymore, and the fact that you were covering something up makes you suspicious, so start explaining."

Radar Meerkat files that particular information away in his mind, important to remember for later. "I'm just a civilian," he says, looking down at the ground as he rocks on his heels. "I' can see that, and I've been mugged a lot, I just...I'm not in Repliforce anymore, and I have to have my own protection, you understand...I tell people I'm in Repliforce still, so the bad guys will leave me alone."

Flare Feline strokes his chin "Uh...huh. So what IS your name anyway, so I can check your story." He's sort of treating him like a misbehaving child being asked questions by an officer

Radar Meerkat sighs. "Corporal Radar Meerkat."

Flare Feline keeps an eye on him, as he uses the radio...

Radar Meerkat is murmuring, very softly...he's probably talking to himself. He seems the neurotic type.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'This is Flare Feline, I'm in downtown Torontreal and I encountered a suspicious person who claimed to be gather materials for the 'CO' of the Marines, who he thought was Jet. After some questioning he ran off, I managed to catch him and he revealed that his name is Radar Meerkat, a 'former' Repliforce officer, now a civilain. Are there any records of him?'.

Flare Feline eyes him, but keeps listening to the radio for responses.

Radar Meerkat murmurs something, adding a 'ma'am' to it.

Templar sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Yes, Private. A Corporal Radar Meerkat. Stationed in New Brunswick. He resigned from Repliforce four months ago."

Flare Feline eyes him "Ma'am? Ma'am who? Hmph, well according to what I recieved, you WERE in Repliforce after all. But what was with all the pretexts?"

Spitfire Jumpjet arrives from the Torontreal - Transportation District.
Spitfire Jumpjet has arrived.

Radar Meerkat is beginning to look unnerved again, he begins looking around desperately...

Radar Meerkat says, "I have to cover my butt! I told you."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Templar: "Thank you sir."

Spitfire Jumpjet zooms over the area, pondering how to handle this best. Hmm, hmm..

Radar Meerkat says, "Now, um...let me go? Please??"

You say, "But this is a cease fire time, you weren't in any likely danger. And besides, I'm a Repliforcer, it isn't like I was going to do anything to you, it was only when you started acting so suspicious is when I came after you...""

Radar Meerkat's leg jiggles nervously, as he pulls a grape soda out of his backpack. "It's people like you who set off my anxiety and panic attacks!"

Radar Meerkat says, "I have a delicate constitution!"

Spitfire Jumpjet slows down, making herself highly visible as she flies along, from building to building.

Flare Feline hmms "Oh really. Just one more thing, why did you leave Repliforce anyway?"

Flare Feline doesn't notice Spitfire, as he has to look down to face Radar.

Radar Meerkat says, "You don't want to know. Trust me on this one."

Radar Meerkat seems to be...holding back. He's getting worked up enough to speak his mind, and that might be a bad choice.

Flare Feline thinks for a moment, not really used to dealing with a situation like this. Radar DOES look scared, and his story has been at least paritally verified by Templar. "Well, you don't seem to be up to no good, but you were sure acting suspicious. But since you're not doing anything wrong I guess I'll have to let you go. But watch yourself, and stay out of trouble." Yep, now he REALLY sounds like a cop talking to a little kid.

Spitfire Jumpjet gets the idea, and circles around, dropping down behind Flare, and grunts. "Do you always pick on those smaller than you, Replijerk?"

Radar Meerkat narrows his eyes, and can't help himself at this point. "You're not the boss of're -NOT- the boss of -ME-!!" He hardly sounds threatening, in fact it's pretty comical.

Flare Feline first is surprised by Radar's outburst "Uhh..what?" And then is startled by Spitfire's comment coming from behind him, he turns to see Spitfire, and of course noticing the Maverick insignia. "What do you want? I wasn't harrasing anyone, he was the one acting suspicious. I was ABOUT to let him go, but I'm even more inclined to belive he's up to something if a Maverick is defending him...

Spitfire Jumpjet hunkers down. "You really don't want to follow the path that trail of thought leads down, Replifool." the Jumpjet responds, before she leaps up. "Tired of the harassment, little friend?" she asks Radar, deciding to make this really evil.

Flare Feline eyes her "And why is that? You certainly wouldn't be willing to violate the cease fire would you?"

Radar Meerkat bobs his head. "Yeah...yeah I am, ma'am...I'm sick of the harrassment! I'm tired of getting pushed around, ma'am! There's got to be a better way!"

Spitfire Jumpjet says, "Oh of course not.. I'm just willing to take a castaway reploid to a place where he will be respected for what he is, instead of being pushed around by other Repliforce puppets of the humans."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'It seems this situation is escalating, I was just about to let him go when he seemed to scream about me being the boss of him, and then a Maverick came to his aid. I doubt it will resort into violence considering the cease fire...'.

Flare Feline looks at her "I'm not pushing anyone around, I haven't even touched him. I was just doing my job, he was doing somethign suspicious, gave a false pretext and ran off. I still think he's hiding something, if he just told me the truth straight out it wouldn't have gotten this far."

Radar Meerkat says, "Sir, I -told- you I'm former Repliforce, and you said the story checked out! Is that correct? Have I told you lies? No! You're just...m-making me nervous..."

Flare Feline glances back at him "Yes, that part of the story checked out. But you shouldn't have lied in the first place. And what was with that outburst AFTER I said I'd let you go?"

Radar Meerkat blinkblinks his linnocent little meerkat eyes. "...Outburst?"

Flare Feline shoots Radar an 'Oh COME on' look "...I'm not the boss of you? Remember?"

Spitfire Jumpjet shakes her whole cockpit, "See, that's the whole problem. You suspect any reploid that isn't under your control to being in the wrong." she settles down, "..come, child, I will take you to a place where you will be respected for your abilities, and not harassed for your size, or problems."

Flare Feline glares at Spitfire "I only suspect people who do suspicious things. I wouldn't have even paid him any mind if he didn't start making up stories."

Radar Meerkat approaches Spitfire. "Sounds wonderful...what place are you referring to?"

Flare Feline waves his hand out, nothing threatening by any means, just keeping himself between Radar and Spitfire "You don't want to go with her, believe me. If you USED to be in Repliforce then you should know what she's talking about."

Spitfire Jumpjet ignores Flare. "The Mavericks, of course. Where you will be free of this oppression by your so-called former friends. Lord Sigma treats all reploids as equals. Do your part, and be well rewarded. Are you interested? If so.." she opens her cockpit. "Simply hop in, and I will take you there."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Ok, now I have a problem. The Maverick Spitfire is trying to convince Radar to come with her to join the Mavericks, and I'm just standing between them. Umm... what am I authorized to do in this situation, considering the cease fire?'.

Radar Meerkat looks to Flare...then, he looks to Spitfire. "All reploids...are -equals-? Even little ones, like myself? That sounds almost too good to be true!"

Spitfire Jumpjet says, "Oh, they even treat me as an equal, little one." she says, "And.. I am not exactly what one would call a normal reploid, due to my design."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: '...allow him to go. Do not open fire.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Allow him sir? Well I'll try to convince him otherwise, but if not I'm to just let him go?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'That's what I said, Private.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '...yes sir.'.

Flare Feline :looks at Radar, ok he HAS to try to stop this. "Listen to me, joining the Maverick's is the LAST thing you want to do. You were in Repliforce, you must be aware of all the destruction they cause, they're not the good guys here. All that about treating Reploids as equals is lies. They're just interesting in destroying the humans and ruling the world. Listen, I can't force you to do anything, but you seemed pretty determined not to be controled by anyone, and that's what they'll do to you if you go with her. I was going to let you go, and we can forget it ever happened, I'll even tell my comrades to look out for you if you need help. Just... don't go with her." He has a genuine look of concern in his eyes.

Spitfire Jumpjet says, "See, this is just the type of rhetoric that the human puppets want you to believe." she says smoothly. "He says that you are a former Repliforcer. Why did you leave? And why is he ignoring your words now? We will listen to you.. accept you for who you are, what you can do.. not what others try to force of you."

Radar Meerkat says, "B...but...but Repliforce never appreciated me, sir. I gave, and I gave, and I got nothing in return...nothing at all! They put me in a little shack in the middle of the Canadian woods, to suffer the long winter, perform menial help the -humans-. What have the humans EVER done for Reploids?"

Flare Feline looks at Radar "They created us. I'm sorry for what you had to go through, I didn't know about your conditions. But I can assure you that you'll have to suffer even worse if you join them."
Radar Meerkat looks from Flare, to Spitfire. "Are you suffering, ma'am?"

Spitfire Jumpjet says, "Think of Marvin Thackery. He's in the UN. Do you think he loves you? Do you think he'd treat you with respect? What about your -own- liaison, the so-called Bruce Fury. He's indicative of what the UN feels about Repliforce.. a micorcosm of how humans feel of reploids as a whole. We're all good, to humans, while we make them fat, and rich.. once we are no longer of use, then they toss us aside." She chuckles. "I never suffer, or want. Everything I ever will need, shall be given to me. That nurturiung, supportive environment. I was happy to give my gold medal to Lord Sigma, because he is the reason for my success!"

You say, "I know Bruce Fury is a bit... eccentric and entrenched in his old ways, but you can't compare the entire human race to HIM, or any other small group. You say you're not suffering because they tell you that. How can you say the humans want him to believe things, when you're doing the same thing?"

Spitfire Jumpjet says, "Listen to the Repliforcer. The old ways. That's his excuse. Humans can hate us, because it's the -old- way. Times have changed. Humans need to learn to step aside, and allow us our rights. Our freedom. Our chance to live." She extends her hand. "Come, my little friend. Step into the light. Step into the glory of the cause. The glory of Sigma. The glory of the Maverick cause."

Radar Meerkat hesitates for a long moment...then suddenly, he scurries toward Spitfire, grasping onto her hand as if she were a lifeline.

Flare Feline watches Radar go, with a sad look on his face. He can't do anything else. "If it's your own decision, I can't stop you. Though I truely hope you don't regret doing this."

Radar Meerkat says, "I won't regret it, sir! Humans are -using- reploids -- this is the only way!"

You say, "Reploids can use other Reploids too, that's what Sigma is doing. But you have to make your own decision.""

Spitfire Jumpjet opens her cockpit, and collects the prize. "Why regret doing what is right? Perhaps, you should ask yourself how long you want to live like you are now, Repliforcer?" And with that, she leaves.
Radar Meerkat has left.

Spitfire Jumpjet retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I'm sorry sir, I couldn't convince him otherwise, he's left with the Maverick.'.

Spitfire Jumpjet enters the Torontreal - Transportation District.
Spitfire Jumpjet has left.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: 'No need to apologize, private. Anything else to report?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Otherwise, it was uneventful. The Maverick made no hostile moves, just some rather crude insults.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Templar transmits: '*Sarcasm...from Templar? Sounds like it.* Report to Medical for any injuries they may have caused.'.

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================
Group: Repliforce
Title: Incident in Torontreal
*Spinny appears, and fades to reveal Flare Feline*

"This is Private Flare Feline. Earlier today while I was in Torontreal, I ran into a rather suspicious person who later indentified himself as Radar Meerkat. He had originally made a claim that he was in Repliforce and was gathering materials for the 'CO' of the Marines, Jet. Of course I questioned him further on this, and he grew nervous and tried to run. I caught him, and he revealed that he was a former officer, and had said that he often says he is still in Repliforce to 'keep the bad guys away from him'. When I was about to let him go, he had a rather odd outburst which drew the attention of a Maverick. The Maverick then went on with the usual Maverick propoganda, and while I tried to convince him otherwise, Radar went off with the Maverick. I hated to see it happen, but there was nothing else I could do, due to the ceasefire. I suppose that's it, Flare out.

*Flare's image is replaced by the ever-so funky Spinny!*

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