(Ch. A [Main]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Sergeant Ocelot goin' off duty. Anybody need anyting before ah go?'.

(Ch. A [Main-RF]) Ice Peregrine transmits: 'Pvt. Peregrine, reporting in.'.

Ice Peregrine arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway. Ice Peregrine has arrived.

Flare Feline is standing over the Holographic Terminal, trying to figure it out

Ice Peregrine walks over to the machine with Flare, and greets him

Flare Feline notices Ice's enterance, and salutes him "Hi Ice, what are you doing down here?

(Ch. A [Main]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Ok. Well since nobody needs anyting. I gone. *click* OOC: Yes that means his radio is ICly off. Deal.'.

Ice Peregrine says, "Well, my shift at the medbay just got over, so I thought I'd wander through the facility and see where else I may be needed"

Flare Feline laughs "Well since I can't even start training since I don't know how to work this thing, you're not needed down here yet"

Ice Peregrine says, "Well, I have operated it once or twice before, would you like a demonstration?"

You say, "Yes, please"" Ice Peregrine demonstrates to Flare the various command links, and the relatively easy system of telling the computer what you want programmed by a fairly simple artifically intelligent programming language

You say, "Thanks Ice. Now I need someone to train with..."

Ice Peregrine says, "Well, Razor did earlier mention how he wanted to give the training simulator another go since our last match together got caught short maybe he'd like to give you a go?"

You say, "Yeah, though I don't know where he is. Wouldn't it be convenient if he were to just walk down in here?"

Ice Peregrine says, "Quite. But in the meantime, maybe you could try developing a couple sample simulations while we wait to see who else shows up?"

You say, "Hmmm... I wouldn't really know what to think of..."

Razor Pterodactyl arrives from the Sub-Level 2 Hallway.

Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

Ice Peregrine looks up upon the sharp-looking Reploids entry, "Ah hey there Razor, we were just talking about you"

Flare Feline is standing next the the Holographic terminal, wonder what to do now, when Razor walks in, Flare salutes him "Ah, Razor. We were actually just talking about you as Ice said, are you up for some training right now?"

Razor Pterodactyl walks into the training room, looking rather down. But he's looking up as he hears familiar voices. "Oh, hey there you two... I wasn't expecting anyone to be here actually..." He stand still, pondering for a moment, then shrugs. "Well, if it's a training you want, sure, I guess..." No, he's not quite his usual enthusiastic self today.

Flare Feline notices Razor seems a little down "What's wrong?"

Ice Peregrine thinks he knows, but remains silent

Razor Pterodactyl shakes his head. "It's... nothing. Something I have to deal with on my own. Perhaps training will take my mind off things."

Flare Feline shrugs, not wanting to pry too much "Alright then. Anyway I've been wanting to train down here for awhile. I haven't even been sent on a mission yet, and when I am eventualy called, I don't want to appear like I can't handle it"

Ice Peregrine tries to smile bravely to support Raz, but one gets a nagging feeling that it's somewhat hollow Razor Pterodactyl nods. "Right, I guess not." He walks a bit closer to Flare and crosses him arms. "So, did you have a particular scenario in mind?"

You say, "Not... really. I'm not used to working this thing yet, so if you could come up with something, it'd be just fine with me.""

Razor Pterodactyl gestures to Ice. "Ice has done this before." Turning his head to the Peregrine, he asks, "Could you pick out something suitable for this? I suppose an all-aerial scenario is out of the question for this one... but they should have something else in that thing, I'd think."

Ice Peregrine taps a few keys, describing what he wants the room to be. The room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

It appears that you are on the 30th floor of a yet unfinished sky scraper. There is fortunately a floor, but much of this floor remains unfinished, there are various holes throughout. This large level of the building has yet to have walls constructed, so the current location is very much a steel and girder open air dojo. The construction materials of the engineers crew lie about, with girders to climb and jump over. The most treacherous aspect of the place is not your opponent, but rather the treacherous drop which could eliminate someone with a single well-timed kick.

Ice Peregrine taps a few keys on the terminal and saves a holographic state.

Razor Pterodactyl flies into the holographic landscape immediately as it forms, remaining airborne. "Nice.", is all he comments.

Ice Peregrine settles himself in the corner of the room, his back against a support strut, finding a comfortable place to observe and learn Flare Feline watches the landscape form with awe, and quickly jumps aside, as a hole in the floor almost forms underneath him

Razor Pterodactyl crosses him arms while still being suspended in mid-air. As he sees Flare jump aside, he calls down: "I hope this doesn't give me an unfair advantage."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: '*sighs in irritation* What part of 'go take cover' doesn't this guy understand?? Jet, am I not making myself clear enough or something? This guy's crazy!'.

Flare Feline smirks at Razor "Heh, don't worry. I'm not a klutz, I won't fall off this building too easily."

(Ch. A [Chinook]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'I believe, Leftenant, that the gentleman believes he can protect you.'. That dang Bolt Skunk seeks nonviolent RP and Action. Where is Action?

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: '...who is this guy?'.

(Ch. A [Chinook]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'I've no idea, sir.'.

Razor Pterodactyl remains as he was. "If you say so. Well, feel free to give me a sign that this battle has started."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'It's Action, brother...and Ozzie's right, he has it in his head that he can somehow -help- this situation. He must be out of his mind!'.

Flare Feline gets a sly grin, and moves into a battle stance. He closes his fists, and after a second, reopens them in a flash, and there is a blaster now on each palm, and claws extended from his fingertips. "Is this a good sign Razor?"

(Ch. A [Main-RF]) Ice Peregrine transmits: 'Colonel, I can be on standby if reinforcements are required'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: '*sounding worried* Jet Stingray is hurt badly...he's almost down.'.

Ice Peregrine sends a radio transmission.

Razor Pterodactyl shrugs. "Oh, I don't know... personally I was thinking more about THIS!" In a fraction of a second, a bladed disc pops out of right forearm, which is immediately launched downward towards Flare. He's wasting no time today.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Razor Disc attack.

Ice Peregrine receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: '....indeed. Perhaps I need to have a /talk/ with this Action.'.

(Ch. A [Main-RF]) Ice Peregrine transmits: 'Colonel, I'm heading in to help out Jet Stingray, Peregrine out'.

Ice Peregrine says, "Sorry guys, but it sounds like I'm needed....well, I hope it turns out better than last time"

Ice Peregrine says this cryptic comment, then exits towards the teleporters

Ice Peregrine enters the Sub-Level 2 Hallway. Ice Peregrine has left.

Flare Feline turns to respond to Ice "Well, you have a point, maybe we shou..." He turns to see Razor's Disc at the last minute, and is barely able to dodge it. "Heh, nice one Razor. However, I had something more like this in mind...!!" He faces his palms towards Razor, and some red energy is seen gathering, and a split second later two glowing red projectiles are fired at Razor!

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Flare Pulse attack.

[OOC] Flare Feline says, "Darn it, pretend I said that while he was still here"

Razor Pterodactyl hmpfs as his disc hits solid rock instead of its intended target. He withdraws his arms and gets ready for whatever might be coming. The incoming fireballs are seen by Razor well in advance, giving him enough time to dodge them rather easily, simply by igniting the thrusters on his back and flying further upwards. He calls down, "Heads up!", before sending another disc in Flare's direction. This one, however, is not bladed, and as Flare will soon discover, explodes on contact.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Exploding Disc attack.

Razor's "Head's Up!" Gave Flare enough warning to dodge the exploding disc, and seeing the explosion off the wall below made him glad he did "Not bad Razor, but how do you like this..." Flare charges energy in his hands like he did before, however right before firing he closes his palms for a moment, and his hands almost seem to shake, then he releases the stored energy and the result is a large firey projectile, however it is different from the previous attack, as it seems bigger, and brighter.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Pulse Break attack.

Razor Pterodactyl sees the incoming blast coming, and by all rights it looks like it's going to hit him, but at the very last moment he suddenly moves to the right leaving a slight blur as he does so. He's quite high up, maybe that's why he's not hitting anything... or maybe it's the verbal warnings. He decides to eliminate both and speeds downward, firing another disc as he does. This one's not bladed, nor glowing a faint red, it's just a normal flat metal disc.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Dactyl Disc attack.

Flare Feline notices Razor's move to fly downward, and is barely able to duck the disc attack, seeing this as his chance to hit Razor, he flexes his fingers, and rushes towards him, arms outward and claws extended, he jumps and Razor and slashes at him twice, first with his left hand, then with his right.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Cat Scratch attack.

Razor Pterodactyl looks down and sees the Feline jump into the air to hit him, only just falling short. At that he brings himself around for another pass at his opponent, but this time not firing anything. Instead, he tries to score a hit with the sharp edge of his right wing.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Razor's Edge for 1 units of damage.

Flare Feline lands from the jump, and turns to see Razor swooping at him, he is unable to get away in time, and is barely struck by Razor's wing. Grasping his arm at the surprise at the realness of the sensation. "Megalith told me the damage felt real, but I never imagined it would be so... well, real." Turning around, he sees Razor fly into the air again, not wanting to waste time, he fires another Flare Pluse at him.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Flare Pulse attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...'.

(Ch. A [Chinook]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'Oh dear.'.

(Ch. D []) Guts Man transmits: '~(You can do it!) Until the break of dawn! Life life! Cannot go by the letter. Time! Time! Prozac can make it better! Noise! Noise! Any kind will do. Can you feel it slip away when it's all on you? (Hey! Hey!) Cry! Cry! Rocking like Janet Reno! Time! Time! 18 and life a chino. Freud! Freud! All along it's true. Well you see it coming day catching up to you. Knock down the wall it's a loving you! Knock down the place! You're alone it's true! Knock down the wall! It's a loving you! Ya gonna keep your head up through it all. Yer gonna bust it oh-eh! (Original Prankster!) Break down yeah-eah! (Original yeah!) Bust it oh-eh! (Original Prankster!) You'll never stop now. Stop now! That's what the madman say!~'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Phoebus, observe, report, do not engage, unless they attack. As the news said, if we make the first move, it will only sway sympathy for the Hunters.'.

(Ch. D [Broadband]) Crash Man transmits: 'I hear my theme..!'.

(Ch. D [None]) Lex Loath transmits: 'Ancient music, if I recall correctly. Pity you mangled the lyrics.'.

(Ch. D []) Guts Man transmits: 'Up yours squishie!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'OOC: Masters. Whatever.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'Yes sir.'.

(Ch. C [Marines]) Colonel transmits: 'Hunters, I am sending over Sergeant Phoebus to observe and recon, if you want him to link up with one of your units.'. The shot goes just overhead this time, this was more luck that anything else.

Okay, this is getting to close for comfort. He whirles around, the crystal on his chest beginning to glow red... which is soon followed by a discharge of a not-so-large beam, which is designed to overheat a reploid's systems.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Inferno Flare attack.

(Ch. D [None]) Lex Loath transmits: 'Well, I really don't know how to reply to that.'.

(Ch. D []) Guts Man transmits: 'Good.'.

(Ch. C [RF-MH]) Seminole transmits: 'Acknowledged, Colonel.'.

(Ch. C [Chatter]) Phoebus transmits: '...Fighting already broke out...I think the company attacked.'.

Flare Feline sees the beam coming at the last moment, and jumps a few feet back, just coming shy of one of the many holes around. He sees that Razor is still in the air "Man, as long as he stays up there, I can only use my projectiles on him, this doesn't leave me with many options" Flare closes his fists to store energy once more, and fires another exploding shot at Razor

You strike Razor Pterodactyl with your Pulse Break attack.

(Ch. C [Marines]) Colonel transmits: 'Well, Seminole. Last I checked, there was nothing in UN Regulations saying that we could -not- defend a civilian area in trouble, regardless of sympathy.'.

Razor Pterodactyl urks as he's struck in the chest with this blast. He manages to remain airborne though. However, he decides to fly down towards the ground. As his taloned feet touch the ground lightly, he declares. "Well. Let's get down to business then, shall we?" After this statement, Razor winces in pain as dozens of previously hidden spikes emerge from his body. Now a bladed nightmare, Razor activates his thrusters to dash at Flare at full speed, trying to bowl him over in the process.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Blade Crash for 12 units of damage.

(Ch. C [RF-MH]) Seminole transmits: 'Indeed, Colonel. I'm moving troops in ASAP.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Repliforce, who is available for deployment?

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'ooc: er... I'll probably not have a choice...^^;'.

(Ch. A [Main-RF]) Ice Peregrine transmits: 'I am unable to deploy, unless you want to drop Jet Stingray off at a local hospital'.

(Ch. A [Chinook]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'Cpl Osprey online and ready to deploy if required.'.

(Ch. A [None]) Spiral Pegasus transmits: 'Spiral Pegasus ready as well!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Private Spiral, you and I will deploy to assist, since the Hunters are sending more units into the area as the closer base.'.

Flare Feline looks at Razor flying towards him, at first with wonder, and secondly with shock as the spikes emerge from his body, unable to move out of the way in time, he just closes his arms over his face and braces himself. Razor strikes him head on and knocks him a few feet away, again coming short of another hole.

Flare stands up, wincing at the pain, most of his armor is scratched up from the strike, one part on his arm is slighly exposed where it was hit before. "Wow... that was a nice one... Razor. But if it's the extreme attacks you want, then fine..." Flare closes his fists and crosses his arms at his chest, the energy building up at his hands seem to spread all around is body, like a slight red aura. Flare runs at Razor as he starts to fly off, and tackles him, the energy around him exploding, throwing them both off.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your 9-lives attack.

(Ch. A [None]) Spiral Pegasus transmits: 'Affirmative, sir!'.

(Ch. C [Marines]) Colonel transmits: 'Myself, and Spiral Pegasus are deploying to the area, Seminole. Who are you bringing to this little dinner party?'.

(Ch. C [RF-MH]) Seminole transmits: 'Stalker Tiger, X, and myself, as well as my recon unit with Ride Armor support.'.

Razor Pterodactyl is thrown off the side of the building by the attack, but appears undamaged by it as he once again emerges from below, flying up very slowly. First only his head can be seen, then his upper torso, and then his arm... which has a brightly glowing bladed disc on it. Razor remains silent as the disc launches, and a huge fireball forms around it as it does, heading straight for Flare.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Inferno Disc attack.

(Ch. C [Marines]) Colonel transmits: 'Indeed. Meet you there, Seminole.'.

Flare Feline rolls away from the explosion, and scrambles away as another disc is aimed at him. This time, watching Razor's flight, and when he flies close enough to the ground, he leaps at him, and slashes madly with his claws, and the talons on his feet as well, attempting to kick him to the ground in the process.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Feline Fury attack.

Razor Pterodactyl seems completely unimpressed by the attack, and simply stands still, waiting it out. He wonders if an attack is even necessary... perhaps scratching his razor-sharp body would injure his opponent enough already.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Razor's Edge for 2 units of damage.

Flare Feline jumps back from attacking Razor, realizing that it wasn't the smartest thing to do. Getting a little angry, he decides to try his main attack again, and hope for the best.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Flare Pulse attack.

(Ch. C [Marines]) Colonel transmits: 'Avoid the civilians if at all possible.. no doubt the Masters will try to use them as sheilds.'.

Razor Pterodactyl's arm begins to glow once again as the Pulse is let loose upon him a third time. As he recognised the move before it was fired from the motions Flare went through, another one of his Razor Discs is charged and ready to fire by the time the Pulse comes speeding at him. He quickly fires his own weapon to intercept the blast with a fireball of hs own. Now, will the attack be simply cancelled out, or is the disc powerful enough to actually penetrate the Flare Pulse and move on to strike Flare? We shall see...

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Inferno Disc for 14 units of damage.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

Flare Feline watches as Razor's disc intercepts and dissolves his Flare Pulse, and sails on through on an intercept course. Not given time to move, or barely blink, Flare can do nothing but stand there, as the disc makes contact and explods on him. Flare is thrown a few feet back. After a moment he slowly stands up, his armor is badly damaged, several areas exposed, and his left arm, which has seen a lot of damage throughout the battle, is in even worse shape, he grasps it with his right arm. Not one to fight a losing battle, Flare succumbs "Razor, you seem to be the favorite in this fight. I know when I'm beaten, I won't last much longer like this. Well done."

Razor Pterodactyl nods in understanding. "Computer, end simulation.", he commands, upon which the surroundings fade into the familiar view of the training room once more, the damage on both combatations fading away as well. Razor groans as the extra spikes on his body retract back to wherever they came from, looking again like his normal self now. He offers a faint smile to the Feline. "Thanks. You didn't do half bad yourself. It's just my little... trick, that pulled me through."

Medical Drone has reset your health to full endurance. The room glows with a bright light, and phases to it's off state.

Flare Feline looks on as the environment dissappears, along with his injuries. "Wow, now that's impressive. It was a good battle Razor. I think the fact that we both excel in speed made it develop the way it did. I'd hate to think how bad you would have beaten me if I wasn't as fast as I am. Even with this defeat, I feel a little more confident for a real confrontation out there."

Razor Pterodactyl's smile grows a bit larger at that. "Well, I'm glad you feel that way... I hate to admit it, but I guess I was actually using the opportunity to kind of... vent my anger. I probably went a little harder on you than I should have."

Flare Feline waves it off "Nah, don't worry. The foes we fight out there sure won't show me any mercy, so I'd like to be ready for anything."

Razor Pterodactyl nods. "I know that... but this is the first time I've actually given it my all against someone in a training match. I just can't help but feel kinda guilty about it. ...silly, ain't it?" He chuckles nervously.

Flare Feline laughs "Well, at least you can rest assured in the fact that if you encounted a Maverick or a Master just as strong as I am, you should be able to win" Flare grins

Razor Pterodactyl's smiles fades as his thoughts come rushing back to him. "Well, yeah, I guess so..." He pauses for a moment, then adds, "I should probably be going now, I have to... I have something else to attend to."

You say, "Yeah, so do I actually. Thanks for the fight."

Razor Pterodactyl raises a hand as a parting greeting as he heads to the door. "I'll see you around, Flare..." He stops at the door opening, and adds, "...and I'm open for a rematch any time."

Flare Feline calls out to him "Oh, you bet there'll be a rematch!!"

Razor Pterodactyl snickers softly as he exits the training room. He can't wait.

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