King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia

There is but one entry to this looped road, the single intersection into Admiral's Way East. The looped road is more for walking traffic than anything else, large enough to fit General down, but most land vehicles will be crowded in by the activity coming and going from the buildings.
This entire street and the buildings nearby, are all carved directly into Ayer's Rock. The butte of rock having painstakingly been cut into for nearly a half a mile to create the natural fortification that each of these buildings share. Overhead is the natural overhang of tons upon tons of rocks, held up by nature herself, but also with steel girders.
Finally in the middle of the courtyard is a single slab of rock which was carved around to make the Obsidian Obelisk.

Rollcage Pillbug [Rolled] [Armor] [RF]
Mortar Dodo
Obsidian Obelisk [RF]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to SecDef Station - RHQ Australia.
West <W> leads to Intelligence Center - RHQ Australia.
North <N> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.

Skyblade Eagle arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Skyblade Eagle has arrived.

Skyblade Eagle is bored. BORED! B-O-R-E-D. She's bored. And now she's wandering, cause she's so bored.

Flare Feline is also wandering, not because he's bored, but because he's thinking. Hope he doesn't hurt himself. oO(Kalinka said her birthday is tomorrow... it's pretty slow tonight, I wonder if I should try to pick something up...) And he happens to wander in the direction of Skyblade, how convenient

Rollcage Pillbug is standing, arms behind his back, looking upwards, frowning a little in though, looking over to nod as Flare arrives.

Skyblade Eagle keeps on walking, "Hi Flare." She says as she walks past him, la te ta. She pauses, "Where are you going?"

Flare Feline nods to Rollcage oO(Hmm, new guy...) and responds to Skyblade "I'm not entirely sure actually..." He coughs "Tomorrow is Kalinka Cossack's birthday, and I spoke with her a bit while I was at Light Labs, I was just wondering if I should get her a present or something, but I really don't know what I should get..."

Rollcage Pillbug looms up to the other two, curious as to how to conversation is going, head tipped, as best as it can, to the side. Hands folding behind his back as he lumbers, mandibles clicking again.
Skyblade Eagle ponders this, "Ain't she that little girl that was Cossack's daughter? How old is she now?"

Flare Feline nods and hmms, hand on chin "Yeah that's her. She's... umm... 14 or 15 now I think, I'm not sure exactly..." Kalinka told him too, and he forgot, bad Flare! "She's pretty talented, back when I had all those injuries to my knee and was having problems with it, she created a replacement joint for it since the previous one had just been broken and repaired too much..."

Skyblade Eagle ahs, and hmms, "High school years, eh? Better get her a can of mace, or a taser or something." She replies, "Maybe a gun. You think Doc Cossack would mind that?"

Rollcage Pillbug blinks "I do not think that Cossack would appreciate his daughter to be the carrier of an assault weapon"

Flare Feline errs "Well I was thinking of something a little less violent... though I honestly don't know what to get, or where to go for that matter, I don't go shopping for stuff like this too often..." And this from the guy who always hangs out with Ten

Skyblade Eagle blinks, "Less violent? Why? Have you looked at the world lately? Honestlly, I'd get her a high powered beam weapon. One that could melt a Maverick's skull if aimed properly."

Flare Feline coughs again "I... really don't think Doc Cossack would approve of something like that... besides she lives with the Hunters, I'm sure she's reasonably safe. I'd rather get her something she'd enjoy..." Whatever that is...

Rollcage Pillbug says, "Perhaps a human sized dress would be more appropriate...."

Skyblade Eagle huhs, "Well, fine. Get her, uh...A boyfriend."
Flare Feline hrms "I don't think I'd be very good at picking out cloths that would be popular with teenage girls..." He then blinks at Skyblade "I KNOW Doc Cossack wouldn't approve of THAT one..." He sighs "Maybe I should just head to a mall and look around, something might come to me."

Skyblade Eagle shrugs, "Uh. I dunno. A car? Umm. I suck at gifts too, don't look at me. I don't buy stuff for humans. Get her some jewelry or something like that. Girls like that."

Flare Feline errs again "That's a bit too much..." Hmm, gifts are tough... "Hmm... she's skilled at robotic repair work and stuff... Maybe I can see if I can try to get her a personalized repair kit or something..." Well that's the best idea so far anyway

Skyblade Eagle nods a little, "Yeah. That could work." She hmms, "Or you could always ask her if there's anything she wants in particular, instead of guessing.

Flare Feline shakes his head slightly "The whole point of birthday gifts is to be surprised, at least that's how I've seen it. Maybe that would be a good way to go... but where could I get something like that?" As he said before, Flare doesn't know of any decent malls or such

Skyblade Eagle shrugs, "San Angeles? They've got everything."

Flare Feline nods "Yeah, I guess I could try there... I wish Ten were around, she'd be perfect for something like this..." He scratches his head slightly, aww, does Flare miss Ten?

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Yeah." She replies, "Especialy since she won't try to blow you up this time, eh?"

Flare Feline sighs, and smirks "One can hope..." Seems he's gotten over that. Hasn't forgotten, but he's over it.

Skyblade Eagle sighs, "It's alright, Flare." She says, "I shouldn't have brought it up. That was insensitive. I guess I'l relearning how to be nice, I got so bad off for a while."

Flare Feline waves a hand "Don't worry about it. I acted pretty stupid there too, but it's over now. It's resolved and behind us." It is over, more or less, too bad Flare won't be able to forget Ten blasting him to scrap, but stuff like that... just comes with the job.

Skyblade Eagle nods, "Yeah, but still. I have to work on it. Chi's trying to help.."

Flare Feline chuckles "Well that's good, I'm sure it'll work out fine." He starts off in ... whatever direction the teleporters are on "Well I guess I'll head to San Angeles now, things seem to be pretty slow now anyway."

Flare Feline nods and heads off. Now Flare has been unleashed upon the malls of the world, nothing shall stand in his way! The only thing that can defeat him now is Ten, his former trainer in the art of shopping! But has the student surpassed the master? ...and yeah that was stupid.


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