<Global News Network> <<Your broadcast is interrupted and some GNN reporter appears looking a bit serious.>>

This just in, in the pacific Northwest where the abandonded buildings of Anax Steel rest, something seems to be going on. A flurry of security alerts have gone off ranging from Aerial to breaking in. It seems a large... yes a large group of mavericks are assaulting the mill! More will be reported as this siutation develops.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Is anyone available to dispatch to that steel mill?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm on duty.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: '*Sighing* I am.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'On my, ehhh, way.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '*sounds of angry boat horns* ...'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Acknowledged.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Halo Hare transmits: '*Meekly* 'Pologies, mah'am, but Fiyah Man roasted mah good...ahm not sure ah should dispatch in mah current condition.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'All Repliforcers who are not currently engaged, converge on that situation, whether you are off duty or not.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I'm on my way'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Captain, can you get me a triangulation on the source of the transmission?>'.


You enter the Pacific Northwest.
Pacific Northwest

Covered in dense forest and small towns, the vast majority of the large Pacific Northwest is made up of natural, untouched lands, left pristine and beautiful. Only the rare occasional city appears, long standing old cities like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Most of the natural area found here consists of a mixture of traditional trees and pine trees, with a rich diversity of wildlife, including mountain lions, black bears, and the occasional sea otter along the shores, many of which almost risked extinction in the twentieth century. Now, though, they thrive thanks to the vast wildlife preserves and consolidation of the human population into cities.

Ten [RF]
Security Elf [RF]
Dynamo [C]
Siege Wolverine [Standard] [RF]
Anax Steel CO. HQ and Mill
Overdrive Ostrich [M]
Storm Eagle [M]
Radar Meerkat [Regular] [M]
Inferno Panther [M]
Flame Stag [M]
Sigma [M]
Maverick Airship <Osprey> [M]
Blaze and Inferno's Grave

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Central Pacific.
West <W> leads to East Pacific Ocean.
East <E> leads to Rocky Mountains.
South <S> leads to California.
North <N> leads to British Columbia.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western United States.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I'm en route sir'.

Security Elf is currently approaching the Anax Mill and HQ area at a full run. Not insigificant, she can outpace most hovercars. She's not making much effort to hide, either.

Sigma is standing afar from the Mill while the other Mavericks are heading toward it. He appears to be watching, actually, moreso than anything else.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'The Anax Steel Mills are approximately 30 miles out of Seattle, located in the Pacific Northwest territory.'.

Ring Redwing arrives from the California.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Flare Feline is approaching the Mill, followed by the 22nd Marines *insert list of gumbie names here* Whee.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'And an engagement was fought there not too long ago, actually. Captain Skyblade was officer on scene, I'm told.'.

Shadow Fox arrives from the California.
Shadow Fox has arrived.

A decent amount of time after the initial alarms are set off, there comes a rumbling from somewhere off to the northeast. The source can be seen quite clearly after a few minutes. A SR-77 Blackbird jet, modified with the Repliforce insignia, is surging forward towards the scene. It flies low and fast, practically skimming the treeline. It passes overhead with a triple sonic boom. Even as it does so, the cargo bay doors open and a single figure leaps from the rear. The doors close immediately after the figure is out of them.

The figure rapidly becomes visible as he plummets to the ground. An almost ursine figure, but small. Thickly built, equipped with weapon ports all over his body. He snarls as he lands in a three point crouch. He stands slowly, diamond fangs bared. A single Repliforce insignia is visible on his body as he starts toward the Mill. Appears Siege Wolverine is in da house. Siege darts forward rapidly for a few seconds, before leaping into the trees. If you watch carefully, he's easily spotted by any means. It would appear, Siege Wolverine is stalking the Mavericks like prey.

Overdrive Ostrich fires a slicer through the door lock and kicks it open, light streaming into the murky interior from the outside..

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Is anyone on site yet?'.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> arrives from the Sky Above Western United States.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> has arrived.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'Anyone unable to get there in time, meet me in the New York base hangar, you have 45 seconds.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Just arrived, sir.'.
[OOC] Siege Wolverine idles quickly.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm still a ways out. Almost there.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'Report, Corporal

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'I am enroute to the Steel Mill currently, no transportation required, sir.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Can't tell yet, still about three hundred yards out... Not much good at this range, sir.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I'm almost there, can't seem to make anything out yet.'.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, wait, I was right the first time. It's a bird. Not just any bird, but the burning bird of justice, Repliforce's Ten! Ten does not look too happy right now. .oO(Darn it! Those Mav-sicks just had to interrupt my paperwork! Er, wait a minute...)Oo. Ten suddenly looks a bit happier.

Radar Meerkat is making a beeline toward the Steel Mill proper along with the group of Mavericks who disembarked from the Osprey, welding torch in hand.

What can be seen by anyone that arrives is a Maverick raiding party charging the Anax Steel mill. High above hovers the massive Air Fortress, The Osprey.

Security Elf sends a radio transmission.
Ring Redwing receives a radio transmission from Security Elf.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'I'm almost there. I can't see too much except... Oh my gosh! Sigma is here! So is the Osprey! The steel mill is in big trouble!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'I want a field report ASAP.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'I've got the Eagle. I'm not on site yet but I'll keep the Osprey busy.'.

Sigma looks up, slowly, as the craft soars overhead and members of the various factions approach the scene. He expected this, perhaps even anticipated it. Either way, he narrows his optics and sends a transmission while crouching down. Grass and dust begin to swirl up around him as energy focuses and, with a shockwave of explosive sound, the Maverick Emperor surges into the air. Flipping in the air and then forcing himself to a complete stop in the form of a hover, he refolds his arms while glaring down, much like a hawk, at those that so swiftly seek to put an end to his intentions this evening, "Blind fools! We shall not be stopped this night! You only waste your resources and endanger the lives of your troops needlessly." He shakes his head, but doesn't seem particularly sincere in his plead for them to leave. "However, if you still insist on being led like sheeps to the slaughter, then I was your blood from my hands."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) General transmits: 'It is rare that the Osprey is out of hiding. I will be deploying myself shortly.'.

Inferno Panther's flame ports open along his cannon arm, and fire sprouts from them, turning his arm into a torch as he heads inside the building.

Ring Redwing sends a radio transmission.
Security Elf receives a radio transmission from Ring Redwing.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I just arrived, seems that there's no chance of them backing down. Do we have permission to engage?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...Yes.'.

Flare Feline and the 22nd arrive just in time to hear Sigma's little speech. Ok, so it was big and booming, and probably scared the bejabbers out of everyone. Nevertheless, Flare's not about to back down now. The Fire cat stands up straight, and eyes the mavericks. Taking a deep breath, he awaits orders, though he is quite sure of what they'll be...

Radar Meerkat enters the mill behind Inferno...he's the small and sneaky type, so he sort of slinks in, one arm over his hat so it doesn't fly off from all of this running around.

And the good guys begin to arrive. Flame Stag's attention shifts slowly from the goal at hand to the approaching Repliforcers. Unbidden, crackling flame sparks across his antlers again, he stands at the front of the mill, torn between choices. And then chooses to stay. If he goes within, he won't be able to defend his Lord.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission to Sigma.
Sigma receives a radio transmission.

General arrives from the California.
General has arrived.

Sigma sends a radio transmission.
Flame Stag receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Flare Feline sighs as he hears his orders "Alright, 22nd Marines." He waves his hand forward, signaling them to advance "Let's show these Mavericks they can't have their way!" Yeesh, he needs to work on his motavational speechs. Regardless, forward they go, Flare in the lead.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission to Sigma.
Sigma receives a radio transmission from Flame Stag.

Shadow Fox arrives a good block away from ground zero, outside the old perimeter fence. Her fur's faded to black, making her a little more difficult to spot, though not as much if she were really concentrating on it. Finding a decently intact building, she scrambles up the remaining staircase, finds an open window, pulls out a pair of small binoculars, and sits to watch the show. . o ( Now, let's see if I can get lucky... )

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Anyone on scene, any civs present?'.

Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> blasts off towards the scene, full speed, or rather towards the Osprey... which is big enough to be a scene on its own. Phoebus is new to the controls though so he takes a moment to familiarize himself with them. Luckilly he's had a chance to look at them before so he knows how things work. He however decides to start off simply. He murks with the controls slightly and with a KZZT, the plasma cannon ejects into the Eagle's hands. Phoebus scans the Osprey for good places to shoot because he never got a good look at it before. "..."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: 'Just arrived.'.

Ring Redwing passes by on the way to the mill to pick up Security Elf, holding out a ring just the right size for her to grab ahold of with both arms and jetting back towards the target. They are an interesting sight, a red and green reploid pair flying in towards the Steel Mill.

And, predictably, the sleek, jet black frame of the Falconis approaches. Typical, ne? But...it's coming in really, really, fast. With the throttle on full burn, the dropship charges straight towards Sigma with reckless abandon, visibly rattling from the speed. Yes, it's moving towards Sigma. Right...towards Sigma, in fact, as if it's pilot intends to collide with the Bald Wonder at an incredibly high speed. Well, Hell, that would end the Robot Wars pretty fast, wouldn't it? Of course, it isn't like Sigma would allow something like that to happen, being -Sigma-. But something to the effect of it. As it charges at top speed for it's foe, attempting to ram, it becomes apparent that it's a suicide run...

That is, until the entire bulk of the aerydynamic craft arches right up at the last moment, flying up and over Sigma as it switches to autopilot, blasting up into the stratosphere...Leaving two flashes of light behind it, one blue and one curiously red...

Signas has arrived.

Colonel has arrived.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Alright...anyone who would know?'.

Security Elf does indeed grab onto the provided ring, glad to get a /vastly/ faster ride into the mission area courtesy of Redwing.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Security Elf transmits: 'Security personnel, and maybe night janitors, if that.'.

Ten spots some Mavericks entering the building. "Darn it! Somebody has to get inside, and stop them! I hate fighting indoors, but I guess I'd better try to stop them." Ten heads toward the entrance of the steel mill. "Time to get the bad steel out of the mill!"

Siege Wolverine looks up at Sigma, grinning ferally. "Oh, yeh think we're wastin' ammo an' frack, eh?" he asks, leaping upwards, from the trees. He lands atop one of the pine trees, balancing precariously on top of it. "Guess who, Cueball." he yells up towards Sigma... Yes, Siege just called Sigma 'Cueball'... He's crazy, equipped with too many explosives, and apparently has a death wish... Siege's golden optics glow brilliantly in the light, red lighting up along his back, showing off his gattling gun tail. He snarls loudly, three claws extending out from the back of each hand.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Zero transmits: '...a Maverick came from there. Wildfire Phoenix. She may be recruiting.'.

The Osprey simply continues to hover high in the air, the captain waiting for the mavericks to get inside the mill before raining down hellfire.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Colonel transmits: 'She is recruitting an entire new set of problems if she is.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm with Redwing. General orders would be appreciated...'.

Ten has left.

With a cascading flash of blue light washing over a spot on the ground, Signas makes his overtly dramatic entrance. Materializing a couple feet above the ground, Signas drops gracefully onto the rocky surface, dropping down into a combat position as he glares up at his bald opponent, who, at least presumably, he'll be fighting today. If not...There were lots of fish in this pond, and his entire body was the perfect hook.

Flame Stag would, therefore, ensure that what they had come for was retrieved. At his direction, a few dozen gumbies flee inside, to retreive the needed supplies. He remains outside, but keeps a close watch on both his gumbies and Sigma- and bristles visibly when Seige has the audacity to call Sigma something other than God. "Miscreant!" No, he wasn't ignoring orders. But from the flames that suddenly billow around the stag, he is not pleased. His gumbies could handle themselves while he advanced on this furball menace.

Ring Redwing arrives at the scene of the chaos with an elf dangling from a ring below her. She's slightly later than the other Repliforcers and Hunters because of her cargo, but they've still make good time. o0(Look at what crawled out of the woodwork.)

Flare Feline and the 22nd are still charging! Woo! While the gumbies will be fighting other gumbies, Flare could use a battle partner *hint*hint*

A flash of light, a form... The form of Colonel as he lands relatively well within the battle area, falling a few feet from the randomness of the teleport. A thunderous slam into the ground from the force of him hitting the ground reveals his presence, as he looks across the scape, and spots Signas, a few more feet of turning, and he spots Sigma.

Twila Peterson has been riding on her hoverbike headed for the scene. Currently, she's halfway between Seattle and the Mill itself, having arrived via teleporters and high-tailing it to where she needs to go. She has no real intention of entering the fight or placing herself in harms way unless serverly needed for medical necessity. But, as she had done on several occasions, she intends to stay nearby in case skills are requested...as well as a set of eyes scanning the field.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> 's pilot sighs. Ride Armors are meant for destroying big things. So maybe this isn't as bad as he thinks, right? Phoebus fires the plasma cannon at this point but instead of firing one large beam of energy at the osprey, he scatters the fire as far as he can across the Osprey with a spray of smaller plasma bursts that are almost shot out like long beams of exploding rain.

General enters the California.
General has left.

Shadow Fox adjusts the imaging on her binocs until she gets the battle scene below into focus. Some of these people she recognizes from the news, others she's seen if only in passing, and some of them she's guessing simply from their insignias.

The shields of the Osprey flicker into exsistence, blue ripples cruise across the shields as the Plasma blasts begin to strike. The captain within takes notice of what is attacking him, a Ride armor hmm? A radio is given before cannons slowly begin to turn toward the armor.

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission.
Sigma receives a radio transmission.

Sigma arches a brow slowly as the giant airship goes roaring toward him. Yet, for whatever reason, he makes no attempt to move. Once it pulls up, the wind generated by the sheer force causes his cape to blow backward like a river of the thickest blood. His optics flash dangerously as he spies the pair of forms teleporting down from the craft's depths. "Fools, both of them. I know what they seek ..." Shifting his attention long enough to at least hear Siege Wolverine makes his threat. Casting it aside as irrelevant, though, because of Flame Stag's own approach, the Maverick Emperor instead focuses his energy and begins his descent. He drops like a rock before abruptly halting and floating to the ground before Colonel and Signas. He rises to full height as a stale breeze blows across the grass and kicks up a minor amount of dust that swirls about the battlefield. His expression remains completely neutral until, finally, it grows into a healthy smirk. His voice, smooth and dark, rises to an audible level, though the cold malice easily rings out in the tone, "Colonel ... Signas ... To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence this evening? Have you come to stop me ...? Surely you have better intentions than to waste your time on me, gentlemen. Don't you have a feline to rescue from a tree or something equally heroic to do?"

And there is yet another flash of teleportation, and the Mill gains a gargoyle. One of unearthly handsomeness, true, and lovely long silver hair, and impeccable fashion sense, and razor sharp wit...oh. Right. Back to the entrance. When the light fades, Dynamo sits perched atop the mill, looking down and around as things begin to heat up. Oh ho. There are quite a few noteworthies here today. He will have to pay attention to their level of skill, to determine if they are worth his time and effort.

Colonel has disconnected.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'The Osprey is about to retaliate on the Eagle. What's going downstairs?'.

Colonel has connected.

Security Elf continues riding the 'airlift' provided by Redwing, until she nears the m,ill grounds proper. Dropping off the ring, she looks around at the situation. Osprey above, not good. Sigma reported in the area, not good. Other potential enemies, not good. Best to find SOME cover, so she dashes into the mill grounds, heading inside...

Security Elf has left.

Shadow Fox blinks twice, and does a double take. . o ( Holy Krishna - that's Sigma! )

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'I'm inside the mill. I have spotted three Mavericks, so I could use a little backup.'.
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle> decides to use the speed of the Ride Armor to his advantage. It's fast, but cumbersome, Phoebus reminds himself so he steers to the side to force the cannons to move farther to be able to hit him. He charges up the Plasma Cannon this time and fires one large energy blast toward the Osprey instead of the scattered one, hoping to punch through the forcefield.

And there is yet another flash of teleportation, and the Mill gains a gargoyle. One of unearthly handsomeness, true, and lovely long silver hair, and impeccable fashion sense, and razor sharp wit...oh. Right. Back to the entrance. When the light fades, Dynamo sits perched atop the mill, looking down and around as things begin to heat up. Oh ho. There are quite a few noteworthies here today. He will have to pay attention to their level of skill, to determine if they are worth his time and effort.(repose for Colonel)

Ring Redwing looks around as Security drops off of her ring, her bright crimson armor distracting anyone from the green camouflaged Elven Reploid's entrance into the Mill.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '... On my way...'.

Signas grins roguishly, a high-pitched whine being emitted from his arms - A sure sign of his body powering up for battle. "Stop you? But of course, Sigma. We simply can't let you continue with what you're doing...It's our duty." Twisting his head around to take in the scene of the battle, Signas' optics flash with anticipation. No, not quite anticipation...Determination. Leaning an inch nearer towards Colonel, the lookalike says to the other, "Ready? He might get help...I'll take care of -them- if need be." Drifting to the side, the tiniest hat's hand emitters glow with an incredibly faint blue energy as the air around him becomes more and more ionized, a light breeze generated. After the momentary adjustment of his cap, Hat #3 prepares for combat, once more into the fray.

Let's not get hurt -again-, eh, Siggy?

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'Entering the mill grounds now. I saw some others go in, I'll back them up.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'I'm on my way inside now'.

The shields of the Osprey ripple en masse, then tear apart for a short moment, allowing for the concentrated blast to sink into the Ship's haul. The captian winces as the damge is done, not simply because the ship is shaking slightly, but because it's actually causing him a slight twinge of pain. Deciding he should stay aboard no longer Storm begins to move for the exit, He'll pry whoever's in that armor out and show them what's what.

Flare Feline continues to charge towards the mill. He signals for the 22nd marines to cover him while he makes his way inside. Once in, they'll be fighting the other gumbies, yay.

Shadow Fox pans the outside battle scene...it appears to be a veritable who's who among the factions...but no minks, and no ants. She grumbles silently and continues to watch from her (she hopes) relatively safe vantage point.

Ring Redwing sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Okay, I'll cover you."

Siege Wolverine snorts derisively at Sigma. "Next time, Sigma." he states coldly. A blast of hellfire whips up around his form, singing the treetop for a moment, before he disappears. A small cloud of black-green smoke swirls lazily away from where he was. Siege traverses the time-space corridors, reappearing a goodly distance away, before he leaps into the mill, blades flashing as he surges within.

Signas has left.

Siege Wolverine has left.

Anax Steel CO. HQ and Mill
Your in the mill. Yay. Lots of machinery and things to strip or steal for the Mavericks. Good guys better do your best to prevent that from happening.
Siege Wolverine
Security Elf
Radar Meerkat
Overdrive Ostrich
Inferno Panther

Security Elf dashes in towards the mill grounds, entering the building in short order; she was largely unopposed. Sword already drawn, she's proceeding down the first level hallway, looking around wildly to see what's in the area... (repose for new arrivals.)

Radar Meerkat continues to work diligently in loosening steel beams.
<CLANK!!> Another steel beam falls to the platform below.

Overdrive Ostrich throws one more load of steel onto the hover platform and turns around. "Hey, y'all, we're tryin'a work here. D'yall mind? ..yes? Okay, no problem, then..." He moves to interpose between the entering Forcers and his comrades, heavy feet clunking across the cement block floor.

Radar Meerkat scrambles a bit higher on the now-precarious girder framework. He wobbles across one of the semi-loose beams, then dextrously hops down to another 'level' of the framework, firing up the power-drill again.

Flare Feline bursts into the mill, being covered from outside by the 22nd Marines. He looks around, trying to get a handle on the situation

Inferno Panther growls as he hears Ten and looks around and spots... Security Elf. He feels raging building up inside him. Abandoning the steel he was working on, Inferno leaps out at Security, "You! I under estimated you last time, I won't make that same mistake twice." His arm cannon comes to life and he points at Security, aiming to hopefully get around that acursed shield of hers.

Overdrive Ostrich just stepped between the door and the other Mavs, dropping his work.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'Can you guys keep him busy? If so, I can get past and stop this directly...or not!'.

Radar Meerkat is located on a large framework of steel girders which is located within the mill. At one time, it was a framework that held some special purpose. Now, it's scrap...and it's scrap that the Mavericks can use. Radar is quickly and diligently taking apart the framework, piece-by-piece, and letting the valuable steel beams land on the floor beneath the framework.

Ten sees Overdrive Ostrich approaching, and draws her naginata. She points the ancient samurai polearm toward the approaching Maverick ostrich and says, "We certainly do mind! Surrender now, or we will be forced to attack. Any steel you might manage to steal will be used up dixing you guys up."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...Someone is exiting the Osprey... IDing....It is Storm Eagle. Engaging.'.

Radar Meerkat sweatdrops, getting anxious at the impending fight below...however, he seems to be escaping notice, and that's the way he prefers it. With a nervous sigh, he continues working. Another steel beam is loosened, and gives way... <CLANK>

There's a frighteningly loud screeching noise. A metal on metal rending that would collapse even the deaf. Sparks fly from one wall, scattering about as six blades screech through the metal wall of the Steel Mill. Finally, the section of wall falls away, revealing a rather annoyed looking Repliforcer. He snarls, diamond fangs glinting with light. He then leaps inside, looking around for Mavericks.

Siege Wolverine's unmistakably fearsome frame is the one that made the sadistic entrance of course. Golden optics sweep through the room rapidly, trying to find one of these dang terrorists that seem to be attempting to steal from an abandoned steel mill. Siege personally sees nothing to be gained, but he doesn't question, just yet. The mustelid mauler bounces about from place to place, trying to find a target he can call his own.

Finally, his optics fall upon Overdrive Ostrich. He quirks a brow, snorting foully. "Give me a, ehhhh, break." He then gets clubbed over the head with a piece of falling steel. He looks up, growling fiercely. "HEY! SHMUCK! LEMME SHOW YEH HOW TEH NOT CLUB EV'RYBODY WITH THAT!" Siege is once more surrounded by hellfires, which rapidly consume his form. When Siege Wolverine's form is gone, a huge cloud of black-green smoke drifts lazily away from where he was. Siege reappears somewhere near Radar in another burst of hellfire and a dome of smoke, which drifts away from him. "Where'd yeh go?" he asks angrily.

Overdrive Ostrich waves his hand, moving as if to push the naginata aside. "Yeah, right, hokay.. we're going, we're going... *snort* RIGHT. With Sigma watchin' outside! Come an' get it, featherbrain!" He rushes Ten, trying to dodge past the naginata as he lashes out with the blades tipping his elbows, wrists, and knees..

Overdrive Ostrich strikes Ten with his Arm-blades attack.

Security Elf glares at Inferno as he arrives, sighing. Sword sheathed, she takese aim at the descending Panther. Trying to beat him to the punch she calls out, "Magic Missile!". And sure enough, from her now-glowing left palm, a green orb of energy lances out at him, aiming to strike his chest as he falls.

Scurity Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Magic Missile attack.

Flare Feline quickly sees whats going on. He notices Ten engaging Overdrive, and get struck. "Ten!!" He calls out and runs towards the offensive ostrich as he recovers from his attack on Ten. Flare leaps in the air and tries to land a kick on Overdrive's ugly beak with his taloned foot.

You strike Overdrive Ostrich with your Feline Fury attack.

Ten tries to block the incoming slashing attack, but to no avail. Several rips are torn in her combat outfit, and some noticeable damage is done to the metal underneath. Angrily, Ten says, "You, you damaged my outfit!" Then she begins to look less angry. "But on the plus side, now I get to go shopping for a new one, so I guess it isn't so bad." when Flare Feline's attack strikes home, Ten takes advantage of the moment to make a quick sweeping attack at Overdirce Ostrich with the naginata, aiming carefully to avoid hitting her feline friend.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Generic Melee attack.
Radar Meerkat blinks, and terror engulfs him as he realizes that Siege is actually -ON- the unstable framework with him! The structure sways slightly, and Radar hangs on for dear life. This new complication is putting a definite crimp in things. "What th...!! What are you doing up here??" he asks incredulously, wide-eyed. Never mind he isn't even sure WHO is up here with him; that's just an additional bonus-worry to wrack his nerves.

Inferno Panther oofs as the missile hits his chest, it throws him off and his own blast goes wild. He hits the ground with thud and scrambles back to his feet growling. Inferno stares down the smaller Reploid and he lunges for her, left arcing up in what appears to be an attempt to slash ehr with his claws. But its a ruse, he instead shoves his cannon arm forward again, hopefully getting around the shield and firing a single blast at her.

Inferno Panther misses Security Elf with his Inferno Blaster attack.
Overdrive Ostrich 's head snaps back as he's kicked by Flare, hissing loudly. "Two on one, huh?" he asks, as the naginata blade 'thunk's into his leg. Frown deepening, he snapkicks at Ten, trying to shove her and Flare into close proximity.

Overdrive Ostrich strikes Ten with his Kick attack.

Security Elf actually does fall for the feint, moving her shield up to block the attack...odd thing is, when the armcannon fires, and hits...the blasts act as if the shield had caught them. They lose consistency and splash out like water balloons might. Seems she has that Beam Coating all over. Sword long since readied, she lunges in with several slashes of varying types at Inferno, most aimed for the midsection.

Security Elf misses Inferno Panther with her Blade Assault attack.

Siege Wolverine snarls, extending claws from each fingertip and each toe. He then starts crawling along on the underside of the framework. "Yoo-hoo! Dimwit with the, ehhh, screwdriver... I got a surprise fer yeh." he calls out in a sing-song voice, his golden optics flashing angrily. Siege slowly makes headway along the swaying frame, moving toward Radar inch by inch. The Wolverine may be agile, but even he has his limits. A swaying balance beam isn't his idea of easy, at least not while on all fours, walking along on the inverse. He snarls, looking for telltale signs of the Meerkat that he doesn't yet know is up here. "Where are yeh, punk?" he calls out loudly, his voice easily recognizable.

Flare Feline lands from his kick, after jumping off OO when he struck. He is almost thrown off balance as Ten is nearly knocked into him. He snarls at the bird, and extends his claws *shwing* (OOC, ok no more Bob and George sound effects) "You and your men evacuate. Or else..." He coughs, not really used to being of higher rank, but he assumes this is how it's done. It's all about hte attitude.. yeah.. Not really waiting to hear his response he dashes at him again, going for a side swipe with his left hand.

Radar Meerkat thinks quickly...with a trembling hand, he fires up his welding torch, and begins slicing through the steel beam that Siege happens to be walking on. "Umm...over here, sir," he mentions...hoping to draw Siege closer, because he knows that the more pressure Siege puts on the beam, the quicker it will be to collapse to the floor below.

Ten tries to leap back to avoid the kick, but it just barely nicks her, doing a very small amount of damage. She barely even flinches. Smirking mockingly, she says to Overdrive Ostrich, "Normally I would call him off so we could ahve an honorable battle, but after seeing him like this, there is no way I'm going to have the nerve to question him!" Ten sheathes the naginata for now, and pints a palm at Overdrive Ostrich. An opening appears in the palm, and Ten sends a very small, short-ranged balst of fire at the Maverick, once again being careful not to hit Flare Feline.

Ten misses Overdrive Ostrich with her Generic Ranged attack.
Siege Wolverine snarls, suddenly recognizing the voice. He surges forward along the beam, his audial sensors picking up the noise of a welding torch. He snarls, shaking his head. Just a little faster and Siege'll beat it... He's sure of it. Golden optics flare with power as Siege rushes along the swaying framework as fast as he possibly can, on all fours, half bounding along, like a normal mustelid.

Overdrive Ostrich jumps back from the attacks and crouches, noting his opponents are close together, then jumps again and throws his arms wide as a spread of Sonic Slicer blades arc into the air and shower down around the two agressors.

Inferno Panther takes a step back as his right hand shifts back into reality, his clawed hands matching Security thrust for thrust as he blocks her attacks. Growling in annoyance at the seeming ineffectiveness of his weapons. Inferno's tail twitches in agravation as he watches Security for just moment, trying to figure out a weakness. But in the mean time he leaps at her once more with his claws, this time no feint.

Inferno Panther strikes Security Elf with his Swipe attack.

Overdrive Ostrich strikes you with his Sonic Blade Rain for 11 units of damage.
Overdrive Ostrich strikes Ten with his Sonic Blade Rain attack.

Flare Feline clumbsily staggars back a few steps after missing the Ostrich, and is unable to get out of the way of the shower of attacks. The blade rain makes several gashes in his armor, and one in particular damages his right shoulder. He steps back, looking angry oO(I hope Ten isn't hurt...) Closing his left fist he raises it up, and opens it to form a orangish glowing sphere, and the whips it at OO a split second later, the sphere designed to explode on contact. Fire... BALL!!!

You strike Overdrive Ostrich with your Pulse Break attack.

Siege Wolverine suddenly finds himself falling backwards... Yes, backwards. The girder is popping out of its proper positions all along its length from Siege's position on back. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" he screams as he grasps the girder. Siege starts swinging around it a few times, before letting go at the apex of his swing, flying upwards towards Radar. "Time teh pay, punk." he states as he flies upwards, toward the upper echelons of the framework... His golden optics flash with distaste as he extends one foot, hoping to smack Radar with a flying kick while he goes by.

Security Elf continues trying to trade slashes with Inferno in an attempt to get past his defenses, but his lunge gets his claws to tear away at her face, digging into the structure beneath...but not heavily; she coils back sharply in time to prevent serious injury. Left palm aimed at Inferno she intones flatly, "Cloudkill.", and sure enough, an acidic fog of chemicals forms, attempting to envelop the Panther.

Siege Wolverine misses Radar Meerkat with his Kick attack.

Security Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Acid Cloud attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Chi transmits: 'Are my services required somewhere?'.

Ten can not seem to completely dodge anything the Maverick Ostrich sends at her. She tries to cartwheel out of the way of the incoming sound-blades, but doesn't even come close to succeeding. Her armor is cut pretty deep in a couple of places, and a warning in her head says, "Warning, status is now compromised." Ten winces. .oO(Okay girl, play time is over! Time to get serious!)Oo. Ten points her right palm at Overdrive Ostrich again, and sends another blast of flame, this one much larger, though still not large. Once again, it is a short-ranged blast to avoid collateral damage to the mill.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Flame Palm Blast attack.

Radar Meerkat just narrowly misses getting tagged by Siege, as he scrambles to acquire a higher position on the framework. Once he's up a considerable distance, he grins slowly. Time to start dropping steel beams on this Wolverine guy. This is going to be somewhat satisfying. With a flourish, he takes the power-drill out of his belt, and fires it up, smirking down at Siege as he begins to loosen a big steel beam.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sword Man transmits: ' I send out a challenge...those who dare to challenge me in a duel, come to the monument of Stonehenge. There I shall prove the genius of the great Wily in the power of his creations...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Twila Peterson transmits: '..............'.
Overdrive Ostrich staggers back under the impact of two consecutive flame bursts as he lands, going down to a three-point position and panting a little, his outer framework scorched. "You two are startin' to get annoying," he growls, taking off from his crouch in a quick dash at Flare.

Overdrive Ostrich misses you with his Charge attack.

The cloud of acid hits Inferno, seering through a small layer of armor, but he leaps backwards before it can serious damage. A backpack like sctructure begins releasing small drones which begin to buz around Security before finally freezing in position, they erect a forcefield, hopefully trapping Security inside, atleast momentarily anyways. The field goes opaque and gravity fields shift, drawing energy out, leaving a darkened and freezing void within.

Radar Meerkat grins down at Siege, giving him a cute little wave as the beam he was loosening gives way, and begins sailing down toward the dangling Repliforcer.

Radar Meerkat misses Siege Wolverine with his Grasp attack.
Inferno Panther strikes Security Elf with his Nightmare Void attack.

Flare Feline quickly sidesteps the charging advisary. Thinking quick he ducks and tries to sweep kick the bird, to set him up for an attack by Ten.

Security Elf tries to slash at one of the drones, but /just/ misses. The field forms, extreme chill and gravity fields damaging her internal systems despite the lack of visual evidence of such. Remembering where she last saw Inferno, and what direction he was moving, she takes aim with her left palm again, calling out, "Searing Light!" Sure enough, a golden beam of energy shoots forth, trying to meet Inferno's chest.

Overdrive Ostrich sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Either you do not have that attack armed, or you were not specific enough.

Security Elf misses Inferno Panther with her Energy Burst attack.

Siege Wolverine sails past Radar, landing in a crouch on a vertical beam. He digs his claws in, looking around. "Where'd yeh go, junior?" he asks, looking up as the beam sails towards him. He does a reverse grasp of the beam he's already on, swinging around behind it, out of the way of the beam. He looks up, "That's it... Yer grounded, punk." he roars, bringing his gattling gun around to point in Radar's general direction. There's a single blast as a small sabot is fired. Most of the sabot peels away, revealing a small thrummer. The thrummer impacts with something, causing it to shake. The desired target of the matter destablizing sonic device is Radar... Though the beam he's standing on would be useful as well. "Let's shake thin's up a bit."

You strike Overdrive Ostrich with your Generic Melee attack.

Siege Wolverine strikes Radar Meerkat with his Sonic Grenade attack.
Radar Meerkat is temporarily disoriented by Siege Wolverine's Sonic Grenade attack.

Ten jumps for joy as Flare tripping attack connects. "Way to go. Flare!" She rubs her hands together, then points both palms at Overdrive Ostrich. "Time to... nah!" Ten is already being dishonorable by double-teaming Overdrive Ostrich, she can't dishonor herself further by going for a biog attack right after her enemy was tripped. So instead, she picks up a chunk of debris left over from the door explosion and tosses it at the Maverick.

The forcefield shatters, the drones exploding in overload, ah well, he's got plenty more. But like a smart kitty, he swapped directions and the shot is no where near him, for a change. Grinning he stalks up behind Security, "Sorry, I'm over hear." He pivots on the ball of his foot, his leg spinning up to catch Elf in the head with his heel.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Throw attack.

Inferno Panther strikes Security Elf with his Spin Kick attack.

Radar Meerkat is taken by surprise by the thrummer, as it finds its mark...he stumbles woozily, one small foot losing its purchase...falling backwards, he plummets toward the ground screaming. Before he hits, though, he grabs a beam, lurching to a sudden, sickening stop and hanging there helplessly. The entire steel framework groans and creaks ominously from the sudden redistribution of weight.

Overdrive Ostrich falls over Flare's leg with a loud thud, skidding a few feet with his momentum. He gets to his hands and knees, speaking briefly into his radio, then pushes himself to his feet only to be clocked with a chunk of debris! He aims his arm at Ten, the punching blade snapping back out of the way.. but he doesn't fire his slicer. Instead, he jumps toward her and throws a mighty kick, hoping to distract her with the threat of his primary weapon!

Overdrive Ostrich strikes Ten with his Pogo Kick attack.

Security Elf turns to face Inferno as he arrives, trying to lunge in with a thrust to pre-empt him. No good, he's got more reach, and his kick strikes her head, sending her spinning away several feet. She lands on her back, sitting up halfway as she calls out, "Lightning Burst!" And sure enough, from her left palm, three 'arcs' of electricity shoot out, as though they were a trident. A trident aiming to stab into Inferno, that is...

Security Elf misses Inferno Panther with her Zap Bolt attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'Sorry, I can't get back to the Osprey. But Storm Eagle won't be coming out again, I bet.'.

Siege Wolverine grins, "Now then... What teh do teh yeh, punk?" he asks, dropping down towards Radar. "Ah. I know..." He suddenly envelopes himself in a black aura, which seems to slow down time around Siege. His every movement seen as if he were moving in slow motion. "Tails, yeh lose, kid." he states as he drops towards Radar, aiming to crush the meerkat off the girder and into the floor far below. Of course, this entails a problem for Siege... he too takes a fair amount of damage. Then again, Siege goes bomb surfing, so this is probably negligible to him.

Flare Feline recovers from the sweep kick, and stands in time to see Ten get fooled into being kicked. Angry, he dashes and leaps at the Ostrich, first drawing his claws, but instead just uses them to get a hold of him so he can use his... fangs? Yes, he has them and they were made for chomping, though he doesn't like to bite into Mavericks, he doesn't know where they've been. Regardless, Flare has a hankering for some good old fashioned Overdrive Ostrich shoulder

You miss Overdrive Ostrich with your Cat Nip attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...X-hunter...Incoming...Agile...*sigh*'.

Flame Stag has arrived.

Radar Meerkat winces as Siege crushes him until he's -forced- to let go of the steel beam. Then, he plummets the rest of the way down, with obvious results -- bouncing off the pile of beams below with a shattering, clattering <CRASH!!>. Once there, he lies still off to one side, rubbing his head... (Owww...)

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'Gosh, looks like we are going to need some help! Chi, we are in Seattle!'.

Flame Stag had been told there was a problem. And so the firey stag sprints in at full tilt, a wake of flame trailing in his wake. "Infidels! Worthless scum! Leave this place!" Rarh!

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Chi transmits: 'Roger that. I'm on my way now.'.

Inferno Panther jumps, he jumps for all he's worth and manages to clear the bolts of electricity. He grabs ahold of catwalk and flips onto it and looks down at Security grinning. A compart in his leg pops open and retrieves 4 metal disks. Inferno holds them for moment, and internal computer system calculating out varaibles, before he finally thwos them, he also quickly reaches down grabbing a second set of 4 and throws them as well. The 8 disks hit in random places and begin bouncing, like super balls on speed. As they ricochet their speed increases to insane levels.

Inferno Panther misses Security Elf with his Hell Razors attack.
Inferno Panther strikes Radar Meerkat with his Hell Razors attack.
Inferno Panther strikes you with his Hell Razors for 18 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.
Inferno Panther misses Flame Stag with his Hell Razors attack.
Inferno Panther strikes Ten with his Hell Razors attack.
Inferno Panther misses Overdrive Ostrich with his Hell Razors attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'Umm Captain Ten, Sargeant Flare... Go easy on Flame Stag.. he's really a nice Reploid. He's just misunderstood.'.

Inferno Panther strikes Siege Wolverine with his Hell Razors attack.

Security Elf takes the classic defensive manuver known as 'hit the deck', shield raised above her head to protect it. The effort works, all of the disks hit something OTHER than her. Standing back up, she tries the electric approach again. "Lightning Bolt!" A more concentrated arc of lightning launches out at Inferno now, attempting to fry his systems from within...

Security Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Lightning Bolt attack.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Phoebus transmits: 'The Eagle ... stopped moving. and Agile's headed right towards me...'.

Radar Meerkat looks up woozily as Flame Stag arrives. He's just too dizzy to get up at this point. "Flame...I got the...steel beams all ready! They need transport..." He looks up, trying to locate Siege, but he doesn't see him now. "Lookout for..." Before Radar can complete his thought, the bad knock to his noggin catches up to him, and he falls forward with a <thud>, deactivated.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Chi transmits: '*thudding footsteps* I'm on my way right now, give me a moment.'.

Siege Wolverine crashes down with Radar, landing in a heap, before rolling over. He groans a bit, before taking a Hell Razor to the muzzle. He blinks, finding himself with an enlarged mouth... A greatly enlarged mouth, in fact. He grunts, spitting the razor out. "Nice work, punk aft." he grunts, rubbing his face softly as mechfluid leaks from his mouth. He snarls, popping up to a sitting position, watching Radar, "Yeh gonna run, er do I hafteh hurt yeh?" he asks.... "Hmm... Guess that's an upside." He then looks around, before spotting Flame Stag... A mortal foe, in fact... Since he was one of the Mavericks Siege was originally built to combat.

Ten is first struck by the kick, then by the rebounding blades. A huge gash is torn in her armor as first the kick dents it, then the blades tear it open. A Warning in her head says, "Warning, status is now compromised." Ten's expression finally begins to show some doubt. Nonetheless, she draws her naginata and swings it in the same motion.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Phoebus transmits: 'Ehh... He's getting REALLY close...'.

(Ch. B [RepliforceSecure]) Chi transmits: 'Almost upon him, engaging soon.'.

Flame Stag had Repliforcers built to combat him? If he knew he'd be proud. Dodging the blades spinning around in a remarkable display of agility, he slides to a sparking stop not too far from where radar had been, fire boiling around him, snarling. Choosing targets.

Overdrive Ostrich dives behind the loaded steel bars on his hover platform, a dubious cover at best with the razors ricocheting like somthing out of a first-person shooter. He stands back up in time to see Ten coming and backflips over the blade, grabbing the haft of the weapon and aiming a punch at Ten's face. Beak. Whatever.

Overdrive Ostrich misses Ten with his Punch attack.

Inferno Panther grins as the Razors do their dirty work and begin returning to him, appears there not as random as one might think. But he's not used to gathering more than 4 and Security's attack takes him by surprise. He yowls in pain and staggers off the edge of the catwalk. He lays there limp for several moments before his systems reboot and slowly gets back to his feet. Not even thinking about it, power surges to his blaster, building up a charge. Once enough energy is gathered, Inferno whips his arm, steading it with the other and out from the barrel erupts a massive ball of swirling plasma and fire. Maybe this time things will go his way, but probably not, thats the price you pay for not thinking first.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*sound of metal suddenly being impaled by a blade* Arrgh!!'.

Flare Feline sloppily lands after missing on his assault on OO. As he stands he is gripped with a blinding pain suddenly. He looks at his left shoulder to see a blade entering in the back, and sticking out in the front, just to the left of where the 'heart' would be. His eyes are wide as he grits his teeth, and growls. He's not in any shape to fight now, with both shoulders damaged. He hates to leave Ten alone in this situation, especially with the introduction of Stag, but if he stays he'll just get in the way, and probably be obliterated. He makes a brief radio call, and decides to make for the exit. Quickly glancing at Ten oO(Good luck...)

Flare Feline retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, and Ten.

Security Elf begins charging Inferno, shield raised to block the incoming blast. Yeah, you can tear up her face to invalidate the Beam Coating protecting it, but she has other stuff. The shield holds despite the powerful attack, and with a vicious yell, she attempts to crash into Inferno, shield held out.

Security Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Shield Crash attack.

Flame Stag receives a radio transmission.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Flame Stag receives a radio transmission.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'I think there's a problem with the route of power. Give me a moment and I might be able to find out what's wrong.'.

Overdrive Ostrich drops back to his knee and turns attention from Ten to snap off a spinning Slicer blade at Flare's back, disreguarding the phoenix for perhaps a critical second or two..

Siege Wolverine snorts at Flame Stag. "Guess who, Prey." he states as he leaps from where he was crouching on the pile of girders. He lands before Flame Stag, grinning demonically. Light glints off his diamond fangs as Siege grins at Flame. "So, yeh gonna try an' grab yer friend an' leave, er yeh gonna go an' tick me off?" he asks curiously, bouncing about.

Overdrive Ostrich strikes you with his Sonic Slicer for 21 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Inferno Panther snarls as he remembers who he's fighting and readies himself. He takes the hit squarely but doesn't budge, instead he trys to grab ahold of the shield and hold Security in place. While he holds the shield with hand his other reaches for Security's neck, small tendrills popping out of the palm too sap power from her.

Inferno Panther misses Security Elf with his Death's Touch attack.

Ten finally manages to avoid an attack. As Overdive Ostrich comes toward her, she begins to shimmer, as though being seen through hot air. When the punch comes toward her, she vanishes, the punch striking shimmering, hot air. The hot air then disapates, and other hot air appears near the roof above the ostrich, and solidifies into Ten. Ten flapos her wings slowly to remain in the air, and looks down at the Maverick. "It's not over yet, Mav-sick!" As Ten watches Flare run off and get blasted nearly to falling unconscious, she becomes extra angry at the ostrich for hurting her friend. She clenches her beak in anger, and begins to channel power into her naginata, causing it to glow. Then she swings it downward at Overdrive, sending an arc of energy flying from the wepon toward him.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Low Level Charge attack.

Flame Stag grunts softly at a radio order. Another change of directions. Turning slightly to address Inferno and Overdrive, the stag barks a quick order though he isn't in command. "Orders're to get the steel and get the hell out. Leave the fighting if you have to!" As to Siege ... the Prey merely smiles dangerously. "I follow orders, repliforcer." But he will, if his stance is showing anything, willing to defend his bretheren.

Security Elf has some mobility, even as Inferno holds onto her shield. She calls out, "Levitation!", gliding up suddenly, inverting herself so that her /feet/ are pointing at the air, instead of her head. It's like she's bungee jumping. Sword sheathed, she calls out as her right palm aims for Inferno, "Ray of Frost!", a foggy beam of cold mist streaming at him. Having 'magic' boots is nifty for acrobatics like this, no?

Security Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Ice Ray attack.

Flare Feline tries to make it to the exit as quick as he can, which isn't too quick now due to his injuries. But if he thought the blade attack from before was bad, he ain't felt nothing yet! As he nears the exit, the Sonic Slicer comes out of nowhere, and slams into him from behind, in his lower back. The impact takes a huge chunk out of his stomach area, and almost totally separetes his upper body from his legs. Flare collapses on the ground, unable to use his legs, and gripped with pain

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: '*like before, sound of a metal blade tearing into him, another scream, and what souns like Flare hitting the ground*'.

Overdrive Ostrich staggers under the blow, wincing but holding up well. He looks up at the hovering Forcer and stands, crouches, and releases the stored energy in a huge rocket-assisted jump! Coming up a bit short, he stretches his long neck to peck at the hovering bird with his sharp beak..

Siege Wolverine snorts at Flame, "Can't let yeh take the steel, I wouldn't be doin' my, ehhh, job then." he states calmly, taking a battle stance. "Grab yer scrapheap friend an' go. Yeh touch that steel and I'll bust yeh so hard, it'll make yer antlers spin." He snarls again, his optics glowing ever brighter.

Flame Stag is clearly unafraid. Deliberately grabbing a double armful of the stuff, the deer begins to head for the exit, after giving Overdrive and Inferno both a long stare. "Let's go." There was no need for more pointless fighting.

Ten points her body so that it is parallel to the wall, and fires her flight jets. This allows her to get out of the way of the incoming pecking attack. When She spots Flare lying on the ground, nearly cut in half, she really becomes angry! She begins to burst into flame, and her opotics narrow dangerously at her Maverick adversary. "You will pay for that!" With that, she rapidly descends toward him, foot first.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Kick attack.

Inferno Panther lets go of the shield and back petals as the mist converges on him, the cold damage internal systems. Grunting he hears Flame and ignores him for now, he has to finish this, if he doesn't he won't be able to get the steel anyways. Power begins to divert to primary systems, charging up for the attack he's about to do. Gravity wells shift, drawing pure oxygen in around Security. A rumble beneith her feet and sudden spike in tempture is the only warnings, before the ground suddenly erupts with a coloum of flame debri flares up right under Security's feet.

Overdrive Ostrich perks a little at his radio and leaps toward the hoverlift as he lands. He grabs and armload of steel beams and starts loading them, keeping an eye on Ten and a baseball-bat length of beam close at hand.. as she kicks him he swipes it at her, trying to beat her out of the air with it..

Inferno Panther strikes Security Elf with his Nightmare Inferno attack.
Overdrive Ostrich misses Ten with his Generic Melee attack.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission.
Flame Stag receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Flare Feline tries to raise himself up on his arms, but the damage he recieved before was too great, he collapses again. He's conscious, but virtually defenseless. He coughs heavily "What a way... for my ..first mission as.. sergeant to turn out..." He's lying on the ground, not too far from the enterance, open to any attack from whoever would want to do so.

Flame Stag sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Security Elf yanks her shield back, and tries to levitate to higher ground. Great idea...wrong time to do it. The column slams into her, spiking her into the rooftop and sending her falling to the ground. Even in mid-fall, she cries out, "Magic Missile!" Three green spheres of energy launch out, one at a time. The first heads off towards Overdrive. The second, Inferno. The last, Flame Stag. After the shots go off, she hits the ground, clearly pretty dizzy...

Security Elf misses Overdrive Ostrich with her Magic Missile attack.
Security Elf strikes Inferno Panther with her Magic Missile attack.
Security Elf misses Flame Stag with her Magic Missile attack.

Siege Wolverine snarls, "Don't think so, Flamer Doe!" he snarls out, launching at Flame Stag, trying to rip him open with a few slashes of his claws. Wait, Siege didn't have any claws a moment ago... Let's watch this in slow motion replay...

Siege Wolverine leaps forward at Flame Stag, blades slicing the air as he flies, dozens of blades extending from all over his body. A wave of them extend from his shoulders on down his back. Blades extend from the back of his elbows, from each hand and finger and toe. His knees expand upward, turning into blades. Siege snarls again, his teeth turning into lethal length fangs. The Wolverine descends upon the Stag, or close to him, trying to rip through his armor with blades and fangs.

Siege Wolverine misses Flame Stag with his Siege Blades attack.

Flame Stag sidesteps Siege with all the arrogant poise of a buck evading a wolf cub. "I have no time for this." Thus said, he spares one more glance back towards his comrades before leaving at a quick trot, still carrying the steel. ~_~

Flame Stag retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, Flare Feline, Ten, and Security Elf.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ring Redwing transmits: 'This is Corporal Ring Redwing, I'm withdrawing from the battleground, good luck with Agile, Lieutenant Chi.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '*insane, angry snarl* FRACK IT ALL! Flame Stag's gettin' 'way with two armloads o' steel.'.

The missile hits Inferno in the chest and sends him hurtling backwards. He's damaged badly, but refuses to give up the mission. Glancing around he notices one of the hover carts and grabs for it, both as support and an attempt to not go back empty handed. And so he gets back to his feet and trys to make a run for it.

Ten fires her flight jets, and shoots out of the way of the swinging inprovised club. The flames coming off of her are really beginning to increase. She is still clutching her naginata, and is now channeling fire energy into it, causing it to bust into flame. She then flies toward Overdrive Ostrich, and swings the flame-enshrouded at him. Her voice is full of anger as she yells, "You won't escape!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'No he isn't...'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Explain.'.

Inferno Panther retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Overdrive Ostrich, Flare Feline, Ten, and Flame Stag.

Ten misses Overdrive Ostrich with her Murasame attack.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'If I see him, I'll shoot at him.'.

Flame Stag misses Inferno Panther with his Grasp attack.

Siege Wolverine snarls again, slamming into the ground. His claws sink into the concrete, anchoring him for the moment. Siege snarls several times, trying to free himself.

Security Elf seems rather disoriented, collapsed in a heap on the ground. Flame Stag's still fleeing, and she no longer has line of sight on Inferno. Calling out, "Searing Light!", her right palm sends forth a beam of golden energy at him, attempting to strike one of his arms...perhaps to relieve him of some of his load.

Security Elf strikes Flame Stag with her Energy Burst attack.

Overdrive Ostrich rolls backward as the flaming bird slashes past him, throwing up a screen of sonic blades in his defense! The naginata barely misses him, but he can feel the heat from it..

Flame Stag yelps as the beam strikes, dropping some but not all of his load. Casting a scathing look over his shoulder, mechfluid running from the hole torn in his arm, he darts out the door.

Flame Stag has left.

Ten has her open torn open very noticeably as the baldes strike home. Her inner workings can now be seen through the holes in her armor, sparks flying out and mech fluid leaking. Still she does not give up. She sheathes the naginata behind her, points both palms at Overdrive Ostrich, and releases what remains of the fire energy toward Overdrive Ostrich.

Ten strikes Overdrive Ostrich with her Inferno Engulf attack.

Flare Feline collapses again, the strength gone from his arms. Unable to move, and quite terrified at that, he just lies there. He can't even activate his radio to call for help right now. He'd call out for help, but his voice seems to be gone too. He hears the fight around him, and he's not damaged enough to go offline, he almost wishes he was...

Overdrive Ostrich doesn't need the radio's prodding to get going. The flames surrounding him are quite enough to convince him to get out of this place! He throws a few hasty armloads of steel onto the sled and starts pushing, firing a spread of Sonic Slicers into the loading bay doors to let them fall out so he can escape with the steel..

Overdrive Ostrich retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Security Elf transmits: 'Anyone near the gates, stop the Mavericks exiting the mill building? They're on their way out now.'.

Security Elf staggers back up to her feet, looking rather injured, and dazed. Just about everything got scorched, banged up, or clawed up. Her head in particular. She begins walking for the door...no, more like limping for it. Perhaps intent on pursuing the Mavs.

The image of a little girl flashes in Flare's mind, as his systems slowly start to shut down. oO(I don't think anyone can see me... what if they leave me? Left behind again...) Flare twitches as he tries to move, but isn't able to. From all the falling steel, he could be partially buried.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm going back out there...give me coordinates to fire at.'.

Ten angrily shakes a fist at the fleeing ostrich, especially when she sees that he is running too fast to catch! "Blast!" Just then, she begins to truly feel her wounds. She descends to the ground, and collapses. Fortunately for Flare, she does see him. Ten struggles to her feet, and begins making her way toward him.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Ten transmits: 'The Mavericks have been driven friom inside the steel mill. They managed to steal some steel, but not nearly as much as if we hadn't kicked them around. Oh, Sergeant Flare Feline is in bad shape! I'm going to do some field repairs on him.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'Inferno Panther is here *coordinants* and moving pretty quickly. I'd stop him but Miss...Twila is here helping me repair the armor and I don't want to draw a Maverick to us.'.

Siege Wolverine lets loose an enraged roar as he pulls his blades free of the flooring. He retracts them all with simultaneous ease. He looks at Security, "Yeh ain't goin' anywhere. Too dangerous in yer condition." he states, standing in front of the doorway, arms folded across his chest.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '*long pause* .... Poor Flare... *it's hard to tell if he's referring to Ten repairing him, or just him being hurt*'.

Security Elf casts a glance back to Flare and Ten, one eye closed...probably from damage. "Seems you have him. I couldn't lift that stuff anyway..." And with that she keeps trudging out for the door. Whene Siege gets in the way, she insists in a flat tone, "Move or I'll fly right by you."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: '...You have a human on the field, fixing a Ride Armor, with battle currently joined!?'.

The girl returns in his mind, in the brief seconds before he goes offline. oO(I haven't seen her since... what if... I don't g.et... ano...th..er....c han....ce..?) He doesn't notice Ten heading for him, Flare's mind shuts down to conserve itself.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'What's the situation, people?'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm pretty certain we have rules of engagement that go against that, <Phoebus' Rank Here>. What if some random Maverick decides to shoot them out of spite?'.

Siege Wolverine snaps his hand up, a thrummer appearing in it. "Try it an' yeh'll get yerself all shook up." he states in a semi-sing-song voice at the end. He frowns, "Yer damaged bad and yer obviously drained. Take a load off. Not much else we can do." he states coldly, his optics glowing darkly as they try to lock onto Security's. "An' yer only usin' one optic. Yeh can't target 'ffectively with one frackin' optic." he states in an almost concerned voice.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Mavericks've got a few armloads o' steel... Two, perhaps three at most.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Most o' which'll go teh repairin' 'em after this.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Colonel transmits: 'All units, converge on the Falconis as soon as possible, the Mavericks should be retreating after the thrashing Sigma just took.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'Right...Dammit. Sigma was intentionally diverting our attention...Any of them making a run for it?'.

Security Elf raises her right hand to her side, palm glowing in a brilliant golden light. "I still have this. Why don't you let me go out there and offer support fire? Our officers are letting /humans/ in the area! That's downright negligent."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'Complain after, <insert your rank here :P>.'.

Ten picks up the pace despite her terrible damage, and hurries over to Flare. She kneels down beside him, sets down her cow-colored tookit, opens it, and takes out some cow-colored tools. She begins scanning Flare, while doing an overall diagnostic to see where to begin her work. Even though he can't here her, she speaks in a soothing tone of voice. "No need for worries, Big Guy. I'll make sure you rise from the ashes and are reborn quickly."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Any injured to speak of?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ten transmits: 'I have somebody seriously wounded here inside the mill. Where are you, Miss Peterson?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'Dammit! There's no way in Hell the Falconis can keep up with that airship...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Chi transmits: 'Agile has made his escape. I was unable to prevent him from retreating. I'll now rondevous with those inside the Mill to lend assistance if needed.'.

Siege Wolverine has disconnected.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: '...Sorry...I couldn't destroy the Osprey.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Colonel transmits: 'Following them, is not an option right now, we've too many wounded. Everyone, back to base.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Servbot #1 transmits: '*a soft falsetto voice comes onto the Broadband...* ...o/~ Domo Arigato, Mis-tah RO-BOT-O!'.

Chi has arrived.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Signas transmits: 'We can't let them get -away-! I'm barely damaged!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Adler Blau transmits: 'Mat-ah o hima de!'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'I'm outside with Phoebus. Where exactly are you inside?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Security Elf transmits: 'I'm on my way.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Ten transmits: 'Near the frone entrance. Just walk through the massive hole where the door used to be, and you will see us. Colonel, I'll head back as soon as Sergeant Flare Feline is okay.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Colonel transmits: 'Signas, it is OVER. We've got our own wounded to tend too. We'll have our moment when Sigma is brought back in irons. *A slight half-hearted tone to his voice, reveals falling for the diversion, has taken its toll on Colonel, along with the damage.*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Servbot #1 transmits: '*a soft falsetto voice comes onto the Broadband...* ...o/~ Domo Arigato, Mis-tah RO-BOT-O!'.
Chi enters the mill, searching for those who remain inside.

(Ch. D [Public]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'OOC: Sorry... ...missed any replies to that.... dang +freqs...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Adler Blau transmits: 'Himitsu wo shiri tai'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Security Elf transmits: 'Approaching the ship now. I can offer support fire if there's Mavericks here, but not much else.'.

Ten receives a radio transmission from Twila Peterson.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Colonel transmits: 'Any Hunter who wishes a ride, can board the Falconis. Colonel out.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Be there ASAP'.

Twila Peterson has arrived.

Ten is kneeling over the unconscious form of Flare Feline. Ten is severely damaged, her inner workings showing through several holes in her armor, along with some sparks and other signs of damage. Nonetheless, she desperately works at jury-rigging Flare, ignoring her own problems to help her friend.

(Ch. D [Public]) Tron Bonne transmits: '*yawn!* Well well... Quiet night!'.

Flare Feline is lying near the enterance, pretty much in two pieces. The only thing connecting his upper body to his legs are a few wires and some frame that managed to stay intact after the Sonic Slicer tore through him. There is still a blade protruding out from his left shoulder, and his armor has various rips and tears from Overdrive's attacks. He's offline right now.

Chi spots the form of his sister, but doesn't see the extent of her damage until he gets closer. A spark pops out of the gash on his right arm, but he ignores it. Kneeling down beside Ten and Flare he is at a bit of a loss for words. "Ten, what is the situation in here?"

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Wounded in the mill...need aid to get to your ship.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Chi transmits: 'It would be advisable to dispatch medical teams to this location. Moving those wounded inside improperly could have disasterous effects.'.

Ten looks up at her brother, and manages a slight smile. "Heya, Chi!" Then she turns to Twila. "Heya, Miss Peterson! Flare got hit really hard! I'm still functioning okay, but he isn't. Let's work together to patch him up enough for him to get to the Falconis." Ten doesn't look like she is functioning fine, though. She is damaged quite badly, and her movements are rather slow.

Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission from Phoebus.

Twila Peterson muses something to herself regarding Chi's previous relay, already noting that the patients would have to be made transportable before moving, of course. SHe doesn't comment on Ten's status for right now really, but doesn work to help her with the Flare. "No arguments from me really." She digs into her back to get her tools, greatful they're easy for her to get at. "Been trying to tempartily shut down all but the primaries for now?"

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: 'Hey, since we're doing a quick pull out maybe...uh...we could have someone just quickly move the Eagle to the Falconis?... Twila's fix involves barely getting of the battlefield and I don't want to walk back to base...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dawn transmits: 'You don't have anyone who can move it?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: '*long pause* ...I think so... I was asking everybody just in case...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Chi transmits: 'I'm currently in the area, I could attempt moving it.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dawn transmits: 'I'm on my way. It's just outside of Seattle, right?'.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission to Phoebus.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Phoebus transmits: 'Yeah. I'll.uh... Who should I send coordinants to?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dawn transmits: 'I can stop by and help out with the repairs too, I guess...so it'd help if I were given some coordinates besides just your radio signal.'.

Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission.

Chi places a hand on his sister's shoulder, giving an expression that says "Don't overdo it." He then stands up, nodding to Twila, before heading outside.

Chi has left.

Ten shakes her head just a little. "I was actually scanning him to see what to do first. Hmmm, I think I see what needs to be patched up first. You shut down everything but the primaries, while I get started on patching up the important systems." As Chi places his hand on ehr shoulder, Ten smiles at him and says, "As if you could stop me from overdoing it!" Then she sets her medical scanner aside, and takes some more cow-colored tools out of her cow-colored toolbox.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dawn transmits: 'Thanks. I'll be there momentarily...'.

Twila Peterson glances towards the mythical-likened reploid and moves postions herself over toward's Flare's chest. Despite whatever damage may be found there...she searches for a panel momentarily...then starts opening. Her first act, once in, is to disengage his pain reception. (It places less stress on the systems.) Her second is to temprarily shut off functions that aren't deemed neccesary for life...if only to focus in on the area that would truley be needed.

Quick recap. Flare has a blade sticking out of his left shoulder, various gashes in his armor, and his upper torso is nearly totally seperated from his legs and tail.

Ten works on patching up leaks, reattaching or replacing damaged wiring that is part of important systems, and other major stuff. She will work on the blade and the torso separation in just a moment. Looking over to Twila Peterson, she says, "We need to really be careful. He's really hurt. It would destroy me if I saw any of the damage became permanent." She sounds like she means it.

"He certainly looks it," Twila intones softly in thought as she continues to work. She pulls back slightly to let Ten see what she's doing. "Alright...not sure how much medical training you've had. My response usually is to shut off the power to the limbs and the areas where it's not needed so that the primaries get the focused attention, cease the bloodflow to and stabilize the primary functions to get ready for transport. Most everything else can be seen too afterwords...but not the main systems."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'people on the Falconis? Prepare for the Eagle.'.

Ten looks over to Twila and nods. "Okay, thanks. I admit I'm not a fully trained medic like you. Okay, repair work is really just a hobby for me. I have little formal training, though I have read books on it and practiced extensively by working on vehicles. Don't worry though, I can assure you I do a good job." Ten goes to work on helping Twila shut off non-essential systems and redirect the power to the main systems, and stabilize the main systems.

Flare Feline continues to lie there, being worked on. Hey, it's not like he can do much else right now.

Twila Peterson dips her chin. "Might want to see if there's some sort of program that teaches some of the basics. Couldn't hurt to have something 'official' under your belt." She monitors the progress now and then with her own scanner to keep tabs on how well the reploid is reaching stability. Letting out a sigh she notes, "Alright...think this is taken care of. It's safe to remove the blade now I think."

Twila Peterson takes out a medical scanner and scans Flare Feline.

Ten nods to Twila. "Hopefully I'll have a chance to do so soon." Then she takes some tools, and carefully removes the blade from Flare's shoulder, demonstrating surprising dexterity and skill as she does.

Ten effects partial repairs to Flare Feline.

Twila Peterson lets out a breath she wasn't aware of holding. "Alright...I think he's safe to move now...but he needs to have medical attention as soona s he gets to your base."

Ten nods again. "Don't worry, I'll mkake sure he gets the medical attention he needs. I won't let anything happen to him." Once again, she sounds like she really means it. With that, she radios for a squad of gumbies to help her carry Flare into the Falconis. The gumbies show up quickly.

Meanwhile, the 22nd marines who were lead here by Flare are all around, doing basic gumbie stuff. Ahh the carefree life of a gumbie...

Twila Peterson gathers who tools and places them in a compartment to be cleaned up later. "Godspeed on your journey then. Hope you and your fellows are soon well."

Ten waves to Twila as the gumbies carry Flare off. "I'm sure we will be. Thanks for your help!" With that, she heads for the Falconis, following the gumbies who are carrying Flare.

Repliforce Dropship <Falconis>

======================= Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> =======================

Just like the armour plating on the outside has been sacrificed, so have many of the luxuries that would make for anything more than a cozy ride. It's a small craft, after all, with barely more than a cockpit at the front for two pilots, while the rest is an area designed for troops or small cargoes. Benches line both of the side walls at the rear of the craft, various straps in position to hold any passengers in place.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Repliforce Ride Armor <Eagle>
Ring Redwing

Ten has arrived.

Outside> Twila tosses traditional salute...from her stance in the ruins...then makes way to get back home.

Flare Feline is being carried in by gumbies, followed by Ten, and the 22nd Marines. Flare's in bad shape, but in stable condition now, his upper torso is still seperated from his legs and tail, virtually hanging by a thread. He's unconscious right now.

Dawn is currently sitting down at one of the benches, looking over at the new arrivals quietly. Has her repair kit in hand already, surveying the condition of the troopers boarding...

Phoebus looks towards Dawn, "...We'd probably be heading to Headquarters first since there's wounded..."

Ten is in bad shape to say the least. Numerous holes are in her armor, exposing her inner workings, from which a few sparks fly out. Tiredly, she makes her way toward the seating area while the gumbies take care of Flare.

Chi makes his way around the Falconis, noting the new arrivals. "Now there are others here, Dawn." He looks to Ten, assisting her in sitting down. He then turns to the rest of the crew that are still concious. "Who will be flying us back to base?"

Dawn looks over towards Ten first, "Do you need me to look at that?", then she turns to Phoebus to add, "I know. I promised Heilen I'd help out there. I owe it to you guys."

Phoebus nods to Dawn, "Oh. I see...uh..thanks.", he looks towards Ten and winces... "I thought you were helping the wounded, Ten? Who helped you?."

Ten slowly nods to Dawn. Pain is evident in her voice as she says, "I'm hurting rather badly right now. I've been ignoring my wounds so I could help Twila Peterson with Flare Feline. I think I'm paying the price right now." To Chi, she says, "I would fly, but I'm in pain right now." She doesn't bother to reply to Phoebus, thinking his question to her has already been answered.

Dawn opens up her kit, asking the group, "Can you delay liftoff for a few moments while I get things stabilized on Ten? Won't take long..." She's already scanning Ten to see what exactly is wrong, and what sort of injuries are calling for major attention.

Phoebus pauses, "I could fly... Luckilly nothing important on me was damaged...The Eagle is pretty well padded against that sorta thing."
Chi rests a hand on Ten's shoulder, "Rest now, we will be back to base shortly." He makes his way up to the front of the Falconis, sitting in the pilot or co-pilot seat, depending on if Phoebus is flying or not. "If nothing else, I shall take us back."

Ten smiles sligtly at Dawn as she begins her work. Her smile increases as Chi comfortingly puts his hand on her shoulder. It is amazing how well Ten can smile despite the beak. "Flare and I did quite a number on Overdrive Ostrich, though. Knowing that lessens the pain. Hey, my name is Ten, and I talked about doing a number on somebody." Ten giggles a bit.

Phoebus nods to Dawn. He makes a mental reminder to get to know both Ten and Flare better ASAP. He has been slacking off in the 'meeting fellow soldiers' area in a while.

Dawn seems less than amused with the joke, probably because she's busy with repairs. The major things are dealt with quickly; crushed or punctured wires and lines are sealed or replaced, any damage to the power generator is relieved, and so forth. Things like that, just fixing the vital parts. Ten's 'Blink' system goes untouched, for example.

Chi starts some preflight procedures, waiting on starting up the engines until Ten is helped. He issues a transmission on their status, and then continues startup. Basicly, he's just turning on power and whatnot, making sure that everything will work. But you knew that, right? Thought so.

Dawn effects partial repairs to Ten.
Dawn takes out a medical scanner and scans Ten.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Chi transmits: 'The wounded have been taken into the Falconis, we will take off as soon as all are stable and ready for transport.'.

Ten quietly allows Dawn to do her repair work. She takes her mind off of it by thinking about recent events. With all that has happened to her recently, there is certainly no shortage of things to think about.

Dawn looks up towards the cockpit area and calls out, "All done!", and with that, she straps in.

Flare Feline continues to lie there in two pieces, whee.

Dawn unstraps suddenly, heading for the ramp. "Hold on! I'm getting out! Thirty seconds and I'll be clear." Yes...seems trouble in Neo Tokyo is afoot. She's leaving.

Ten straps in. As she does, she smiles warmly to Dawn and says, "Thanks, girl!" As Dawn rushes off, Ten blinks in surprise, but does not try to intervene.

Chi was about to hit the 'ignition' button, until Dawn made her exit. Once she's clear, he starts up the engines and begins to take off.
Dawn has left.

Phoebus blinks. There's his reaction. That was sudden. "Thanks, Dawn.", he says cheerfully. Because he already fulfilled his angst requirement this weak.


Outside> Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> flies into the Hangar Bay, setting down. The engines hang for a moment before also shutting down, the entry ramp lowering to allow everyone to get off, or to allow med groups to get in.

Ten instructs an incoming med group to help Flare to the repair bay. Then she unbuckles her seatbelt, stands up, and heads for the repair bay herself.

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