Underground Command Bunker

The interior of the bunker is rather small and rather large at the same time. Essentially, it is broken into two parts - one main floor, and sublevel that surrounds the main floor. Along the sublevel are a number of consoles, essentially a makeshift monitoring center. There's exterior sensors, radio equipment, and various other consoles arranged for roughly 40 normal sized Reploids to work at.
The main level is much more spacious, roughly half the size of a football field. This allows for General and a large number of other Reploids to live, work, and plan in these dark days. There is a large cargo elevator, and a smaller staircase that lets people down. On either side of each entrance is a pair of heavily armed Secdef guards.


Iris is watching Seoul get overrun by Masters on the news, and tears are running down her cheeks as she watches...

Tired, depressed, and totally anxious because of this situation, Flare seems quite unnerved. He switches from pacing back and forth in a small area, to walking the entire permiter of the bunker, and back. On his third trip he passes Iris, as she is watching the news, and seems to be affected by it. Thinking that some conversation might relax him, he decides to talk to her "Hi Iris." He says as he approaches her "What's on the news?"

Iris looks over at Flare. "It's...Seoul getting overrun," she explains. "I shouldn't be upset, but...it's upsetting to see. It really is..." Quickly, she reaches over and shuts the monitor off. "We need to get this place battle-ready."

Flare Feline looks grimly at the moniter as it's shut off "Geez, it didn't take them long, did it?" He turns to get prepared also, who knows when the Masters may attack here "Wily was right, we have been ignoring them lately. I doubt that'll happen again once this is all over..."

Iris says, "Actually, Flare, we haven't been ignoring them, but...we can't move on them, yet. We have to make them believe, beyond a doubt, that they have won."

Flare Feline nods "I know what we're doing, but I meant in general. I guess we have focused on the Mavericks too much in the past few months, if we weren't so careless, this may not have even happened." If you can't tell, Flare's pretty depressed right now, it's not only this situation, there's something else bothering him, something deeper. "Anyway, what should we be doing to get ready?"

Iris considers. "Well, I'm trying to maintain the technical end of things - - that is, ensuring that the computer and all the sensors are in working order...we need constant patrols of Rocket Town's perimeter, we can't chance anyone infiltrating us at this point. Make sure the...weapons are in working order, all of them."

Flare Feline sighs, and nods "Right, I'll get to that." He didn't sigh out of annoyance, just the entire weight of things that all happened at once in Flare's life. He is really looking forward to a resolution to this, either way.

Flare Feline goes from location to location around the bunker, checking the various weapons and weapons systems. He's not exactly an expert, but he can at least make sure if they work or not.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'It is done! The UN is fallen. All Hail Wily!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'ALL HAIL DAD!'.

Iris stands there silently, listening to dozens of voices chattering away on her broadband radio as the UN falls to the Robot Masters.

Flare Feline also hears the sad report. Stopping briefly, he speaks to Iris again "Umm, was THIS part of our plan too?"

Iris nods. "Wily has to be utterly convinced that he's won."

Flare Feline is relieved to hear that "Well, I don't think there's much else we can do TO convince him. If he's not convinced by now, the only thing left would be to turn ourselves in directly." He goes back to work again, only a few more systems to check

Iris says, "We have to work on General's timetable, Flare. I know this is frustrating, but we -must- trust in General's plan, completely."

You say, "nods "I know, and I DO trust him. I just don't trust /them/." He sighs, and nearly finishes up checking the systems "I only hope the others are ok, I wonder if the one's who went into hiding are alright....""

Iris says, "There's no real way for us to know, because we can't use the main-channel broadband. We just have to hope for the best."

Flare Feline nods again "I still can't help but be worried about them, but I know they're all capable, they should be fine...." He finishes up with the preliminary weapons systems checks "I think that about does it..."

(Ch. D [Public]) Ballade transmits: 'Ah. Silence. It would seem that this time, the world truely understands.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Ground Man transmits: 'Hallo hallo, sum budy, order sum chow mein?'.

Iris heads toward the stairs. "I'm going to check the perimeter," she says.
Iris has left.

Flare Feline continues to work with no one else here, whee

Cairo - Rocket Town

This area of Cairo is on the extreme outskirts of the city, connecting to the rest by a lengthy magrail train that runs to the telestation. Just as the buildings of Cairo tower to the northeast, here a different set of structures loom up to the sky. The site of the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA), Gus Grissom Memorial Field, has been popularly named Rocket Town, after the forest of launching gantries and storage bunkers. Since Cape Canavral was transformed into a museum site, Rocket Town has been the global center of space exploration. Among all of the housings for space shuttles, booster rockets, and fuel, there are a few buildings set aside for the adminstration of the UNSA, and to coordinate the ground side of the great journey into the final frontier.

Iris [RF]
Underground Command Bunker
Massive, seemingly ordinary building with a huge basement <SVB>

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Cairo - Residential District.
East <E> leads to Cairo - Southern Outskirts.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

Iris brightens considerably, and she quickly answers her radio.

Flare Feline leaves the bunker, to check the perimiter as well. He has a bad feeling about this night...

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.

Iris receives a radio transmission.
Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

Iris has made her way up to the observation tower, and she stares out over the sands beyond Rocket Town with a hopeful expression.

Ten has connected.

Flare Feline is doing random perimiter checks, though he's not expecting the Masters to strike just yet, they're still occupied in Seoul it seems....

From the sands of the Cario's grounds, the sounds of loud footsteps can be heard. After a few moments, the Stingray of Justice, Racing, Love, Victory, Sleep, <Fill in the blank here> can be coming in with his calm causal stride. Why did he walk from Cario instead of flying or taking the train? No one knows but him. Over his shoulder is his large oversized dufflebag, the one he carries when ever he has been
travelling. .oO(Leave for over a week and everything goes screwy.)

Ten has left.

Iris hops up and down happily in the tower. Quickly, she heads down the stairs of the tower, two at a time, until she reaches the ground floor and then she runs in Jet's direction, full-tilt. Her hero has returned! "Jet!!!"

Jet Stingray kneels down as he puts his bag to the side. He nods to those gathered, but offers no words... The honor of the first words to another 'forcer belong to the girl he left behind. "Iris... I'm glad to see you're doing alright..." he offers happily.

Flare Feline would walk over to greet Jet, but decides against it. Chances are Iris will be taking up all of his time. He resumes patrolling. After a while, he decides to check the basement where the shuttles are being stored, to make sure everything's in order.

Massive, seemingly ordinary building with a huge basement <SVB>
It's a secret Repliforce vehicle bay, complete with vehicles! Yeah!
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow>
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet>

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow>

======================== Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> ========================

A cargo bay big enough to put a football field inside of, and them some. The plane itself has several floors inside as well, but they all carry the same curious motif: white and black splotches. This strange painting pattern covers the walls, ceiling, and even the steel-grating floors. Even much of the seating is covered in cloth matching the pattern. The decorator must have had a thing for bovines.

The plane has a lot of room for cargo, having nearly the square footage in the primary hold to cover a football field, with at least fifty yards of height. It even seems sturdy enough to enclose the General, Guardian Mobius, or even both at the same time.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================

Ten is taking her mind off of the recent events by doing some work on the Cow. She is currently doing some maintenance on the cargo bay. The familiar cow-colored tool box is on the floor near Ten, and some cow-colored tools are in Ten's hands as she does the work. She looks sad overall, but a hint of a smile is evident. It seems she is enjoying the work.

Flare Feline was outside doing a check of the perimiter. He decided to check in the basement where the shuttles were being stored, not that there would be any problems, he's just cautios like that. Checking in the Cow, he's surprised, but not too much so, to see Ten in there "Oh, hi Ten. Are you busy now?"

Ten looks over to Flare, and smiles. "Oh, heya Flare! I'm not busy, I was just doing a little work on the Cow for fun. What's up?"

Flare Feline shakes his head "Nothing really, I was just doing checks of the perimiter. The latest assault by the Masters has everyone on edge." He takes a few steps in and sits down "Do you know how the others are doing? The ones who are in hiding? I haven't heard a word yet since I came here, I'm a bit worried."

Ten puts the tools back in the box and sets the box aside, speaking as she does. "I'm afraid I don't know. This inability to use our radios is really making things tough on me, too. I'm worried, too. That's why I came here. This plane is special to me, being here feels good for me."

Flare Feline nods "I guess /everyone/ has something that they can turn to when they're in times of need..." Flare opens his chestplate to the small storage space he placed the photo in earlier, he takes it back out.

Ten nods and begins to say, "Yeah, I hope you have something you can..." She notices the phoptograph. "Oh, I see that you do have something you can turn to at times like this. That's good to know." Ten becomes a bit curious. "Hmmm, is that a photograph of who I'm thinking it is?"

Flare Feline sighs, and nods. "Yeah, this is what I went to grab right before we left. In case something happened to the base, I didn't want to lose it, it's all I really have left of the happy life I had once." Flare hands the pic to Ten, there's no need to hide it, she know's who it's of.

Ten takes the photo and looks it over, studying it for a while. She doesn't know what to say about it. All she can manage to say is, "It's a great photo. Krysta looks very cute in it." .oO(Oh, I wish I could think of more to say right now.)Oo.

Flare Feline takes the photo back from Ten "Yeah... it is...." He sighs and puts it back in his storage area. Then a thought strikes him, and his jaw almost drops "...Oh no... I still never checked that message from the Doc. All this happened so quick, if something happens to the database at Repliforce it could be lost..." He rubs his eyes with his fingers "Dammit... why did I have to be such a coward... I should have known he'd eventually find out I was still alive and try to get in contact with me..."

Ten gasps, looking genuinely worried. "Uh oh! Here, I have an idea. Let's see if we can use the Cow's onboard computers to connect to the Repliforce network remotely." Ten begins hurrying toward the front of the plane. "I sure hope this works!" Even though this situation doesn't directly affect her, she is genuinely scared and worried for her friend. She would hate to have him miss out on something like this.

You say, "Wait, I don't know... I.." He shakes himself out of it oO(Come on, it's now or never) "...alright. Let's try it... I have to face this...""

Ten sits down at a computer terminal in the front of the Cow. "This shouldn't be too difficult. I should have it up for you in a jiffy." .oO(Oh, I can't bare to tell him how bad the odds of this working are. If only we had a skilled hacker here, or at least a computer that wasn't so out of date. Come on girl, focus! No time for self doubt, you have to do this! For your friend!)Oo. Ten starts up the computer and goes to work.

Flare Feline paces a few feet behind Ten, anxiety growing with each passing minute. Confronting the Doc, even if it IS through a message, is something he has been dreading ever since he first came back online after the incident. But also, it's something he always knew he'd have to do, and he ran from that fact. He gives a nervous chuckle "I've always ran from the truth, it seems running is what I am best at. And it's also what brought me to his attention again. If I didn't get the Silver in the Footrace, he never would have known I was still alive... at least he wouldn't have found out so soon... Ironic, all the running I've been doing away from him, eventually lead back to him anyway." He gulps, and continues to pace, he wishes now he had the courage to read that message when he first recieved it...

Ten keeps working on the computer. She is trying to focus, but she still half-listens to Flare. "It is ironic. But then again, some people believe that if something needs to happen, it will. Perhaps that is what is happeneing to you now. Come here a minute, I may need you to input a password, or something. .oO(Oh gosh, please let this work!)Oo.

Flare Feline freezes in his tracks, oO(Here goes... this is it) He walks over to the terminal, hands shaking "A--alright..." He gathers his thoughts, and after a few moments, quickly types in his personal password. And waits.


...ERROR, insufficient data connection
Please access this account from designated Terminal, thank you
*Repliforce Spinny*

Flare just stares at that for a few moments, sighs, and steps back. "I guess...that's it. You did your best Ten, thanks." He walks back over to where he was sitting earlier "All I can do now, is hope that nothing happens to the database while we're gone." After a few moments, he just slams his fist down on the seat "Why? Why couldn't I have the courage to read it earlier! Why am I such a coward??"

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'Lets see now...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'The UN has surrendered... Repliforce has surrendered...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Delicious.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'I guess it's time for the real fun to begin.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Storm Eagle transmits: 'And what would you consider 'real fun'?'.

Ten shakes her head and sighs. .oO(Oh no! It didn't work!)Oo. She perks up for a moment. .oO(We can ask Iris to access them in the secret command bunker! She is a great hacker, and will have a great computer there.)Oo. Another sigh. .oO(No, the command staff would say that doing so would risk a security breach.)Oo. Defeated, Ten stands up and walks over towards Flare, hoping she can figure out something to say to him that will help.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'Yes, the real fun will begin soon... but not for you, I fear.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Why do I feel like I'm in a poorly written drama?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Well, there's only the Hunters...or the Mavericks...so the real question is, what IS behind door number three, Monty! Oh, and Duelist, please keep broadcasting. Please.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'The real fun will be just that. Fun. Parties. Random torture sessions. A nice french wine...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Random torture sessions? What exactly is the point of that?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'Heh Well I'll bet your parties will be crashed.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'You see, Robot Masters, -fssssh- the fun with an operating blink system is- -fssssh- that it makes it -fssssh- hard to pinpoint -fssssh- your location.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Coward!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rickshaw Chimp transmits:

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'You are /weak/. You flee from battle because you fear death.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serenade transmits: 'As I said, fun. After all, you above all else would know just what limits the Human Body has Landon.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Storm Eagle transmits: 'Not as much as you masters seem to be... You may be winning now but something will happen soon..'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Your policy about these torture sessions intrigues me. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'I don't fear death... I'm saving that for marriage.'.

Flare Feline just sits there, shaking his head. He's a coward. He's always known it, and felt it. Then suddenly, Yamato's sudden exclamation on the Public broadband, though he wasn't referring to him, sets him off "DAMMIT!" He kneels on the floor, slamming both fists into the ground.


(Ch. D [Public]) Enker transmits: 'Duelist Cavalier! So, how does it feel to know that all honor has left you?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'I see this channel is filled with impeccable bastions of steel intellect.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Serges transmits: 'I find your sarcasm refreshing, Mr. Cavalier.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'Oooh, are you still sore because I spared your life? I'm sorry, next time I won't be so /merciful/.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rickshaw Chimp transmits: 'Oh, what am I not EEEN TEE LECT JEWEL enough fer ya? EAT MY BUTT!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Come forth, Duelist Cavalier. Come forth and /face/ me, without fleeing.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Enker transmits: 'GRRRRRAH! It was not /mercy/, Duelist Cavalier, it was your cowardice! I was still far from being destroyed! I WILL HAVE YOUR CORPSE BEFORE ME!'.

Ten cringes as Flare suddenly slams down both of his fists. She is almost afraid to approach him, but she steels her wits, knowing that she must at least try to help her friend. She approaches him and softly says, "Flare, please let me talk to you some more. I want to help. Please let me try."

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: '*click* Recorded for posterity, Golden Knight of Honor and Composure.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rickshaw Chimp transmits: 'Howsabout I come find you and beat all you're lousy scrub buttocks down! I AM THE NEW-AGE KUNG FU MONKEY! I DEMAND SATISFACTION!!!! I DEMAND SATSIFACTION!!!!!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'May you find fruit and sinkholes in your future endeavors.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Enker transmits: 'Who let this foulmouthed simian onto the broadband?'.

Flare Feline slowly stands "I... don't think it's any good. I can't even face a message from my creator, afraid that he's going to tell me that I have to face what I've done and pay for it. What the hell am I even doing in Repliforce if I can't even do that??"

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Presumably the Mavericks.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Heat Man transmits: 'Seems virus addled to me...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Rickshaw Chimp transmits: '(in british voice) Oh, he won't be a problem now, I've just put him down....for the count. With a gun.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Hear me, Duelist Cavalier -- if you are the fighter you claim you are, you may find me at the very top of the station. I will await your arrival. If you have courage and honor, we will end this battle here, with the void surrounding us and the Earth below.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Enker transmits: 'You cannot depend on /him/ to fight an honorable battle, Yamato Man. Call in reinforcements if you so desire.'.

Ten tries to talk to Flare despite his claim that it won't do any good. "Flare, you have gone into battle time and time again to protect the good people of this world, and you have done so knowing that you might not survive. That is the essence of courage. You are not a coward, you are a brave protector of innocent life. That's why this is so difficult for you, because it is playing on your goodness, not because of cowardice. This difficulty facing what has happened doesn't make you a coward, it shows that you are a good reploid."

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Will you not come forth, Cavalier?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'How unfortunate that a fighter with skill is cursed with such a lack of confidence in his own abilities to respond to an honorable challenge. Have you nothing inside of you that cries out to test yourself against a warrior in fair combat?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Duelist Cavalier transmits: 'Just a bit busy at the moment... you'll have to wait your turn.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Ha! So be it. I will wait.'.

Flare Feline stops in his tracks. Taking in what Ten said "So... why can't I even speak to the person who created me, knowing what he's going to say will probably change my life. If I'm so brave, why can't I face the truth, and instead do nothing but run?"

Ten begins to get a bit nervous. .oO(Come on, don't let him down! You have to cheer him up, so think of what to say!)Oo. Ten is indeed having trouble figuring out what to say. She desperately tries to think, at last saying, "That is one thing compared to the numerous instances of courages you have displayed in service to Repliforce. Surely the courage you have displayed defending the world counts for far more. Besides, like I said, this whole thing is playing on your goodness, and there is a lot of goodness to play on in your case."

Flare Feline shakes his head, yes what Ten is saying isn't a lie, but Flare's not one to think of himself in such a good light. He sighs "But this... is... probably the one thing in my life that isn't good, and I can't face it, all I can do is run.... maybe in doing all those good acts with Repliforce, I'm just trying to cover up and bury that one mistake?" Flare thinks, he doesn't even know the answer himself...

(Ch. D [Public]) Yamato Man transmits: 'It seems I will have to find you, Cavalier.'.

Ten rubs at her beak in thought for a moment, trying to figure out what to say next. The entire time, her optics remain full of sympathy and caring. Finally, she removes her hand from her beak and says, "If we had succeeded in getting through to the Repliforce database, you have begun to face it right then and there. Perhaps you have begun to overcome this worry and fear that has been holding you back, and will soon be able to face it. I really do believe that this is what is happening, that you are getting stronger and will soon be able to face this problem at last. After all, you finally found the courage to tell somebody about it. You are growing stronger, and will soon be able to overcome this."

(Ch. D [Public]) Enker transmits: 'I shall be joining him, O Dishonored One.'.

Flare Feline thinks oO(What WOULD have happened if it had worked?) He stays silent for a long while, thinking about everything. Thinking about coming online for the first time, meeting the little girl he was created to protect. Escorting her to school, entertaining her friends who thought it was the coolest thing in the world to have a Repliod as a friend. Telling bedtime stories, even some of the most embaressing things such as tea parties and dress up. And then, the day it happened, the fall, the scream, the blood, shock, disbelief, fear, sadness... and then being shut off for good, until later discovered. And then, just running, nothing but running one way or another. Never stopping, never looking back, never facing the truth. Then, one day the truth is shoved in his face, and again he runs. Thoughts form in his head, what is love, did he love Krysta? Even when it happened? And then the sudden talk with Ten which changed his entire point of view, and finally let him release all the pent-up anxiety, rage and fear he has been feeling. Flare's been blind to one thing all along, which is what Ten's been trying to say to him, he's not a bad reploid, he never was. All this guilt he's been feeling has only been hurting him. Minutes pass without a sound, or a word. Then,he sighs, and then... chuckles? "You know Ten... you're really something else." He turns back to her, with a smile and sheer thanks in his eyes "I want to thank you, really. I think... I get it now, what you're trying to say." He pauses again for a moment "Once this is over, the first thing I'll do when we return to the HQ is read that message, and if something HAS happened, I'll just have to search out the Doc myself. *pause* If possible, I'd like you to be there when I do read the message..."

Ten smiles warmly, extrememly glad to see that she succeeded in finding the words Flare needed to hear. She feels good right now. A little prideful, but mostly just happy for her friend. "I'm truly glad I could help. I sincerely meant everything that I said. And I'll be happy to be there when you read the message. I'll do anything that helps you, because you are my friend. I am always happy to help out a friend."

Flare Feline nods back at Ten. No, this one moment of self-realization didn't completly wipe all of Flare's problems clean, however it did give him the important realization that he's been needing to get on the path to heal himself. However, for now there really isn't much more to do, as important as this is to Flare, Repliforce needs its members to be focused in this time of crisis. The healing process can begin again once this situation is taken care of "Thanks Ten. Well... I had better get back to my perimiter checks, there isn't much more to do now until this mess is taken care of." He heads to the door "I mean it, thanks for everything..."

Ten nods to Flare. "You're welcome. Feel free to come to me any time you need a friend. Oh,a nd thank you for choosing me as the reploid to come to. The fact that you chose me really does make me feel good." Ten goes to get her tools and go back to work.

Flare Feline nods, and leaves

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