Command and Control - RHQ Australia

If there is a central processor or brain to the Repliforce, it would be this single room. The last place you can possibly reach in the facility, there are a dozen sensors and systems always keeping a keen eye on this room, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past. The walls are lined with operational terminals, each marked with labels to their respective type; Operations, Sensors, Internal Systems, Security, Troop Activity, etc. The far wall to the south of the main entrance has several multiple-split screens above the terminals nearby, allowing whoever is the commander on deck, to view any single or multiple thing they wish from their console in the center of the room. Their console being on the single circular spire that towers from the ceiling to the ground, a massive data processor to backup the main one within hidden within the walls of the base. On either side of the large screen is two doors, one massive one to the left and one normal sized one to the right of it.

Iris [Iris] [Uniform] [RF]

Obvious exits:
Office 1 <1> leads to Command Office <General>.
Office 2 <2> leads to Command Office <Colonel>.
South <S> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.

<<Flare Feline>>
This isn't Flare Feline, nope. If anything, it looks like Rei from Breath of Fire III. Crossover time, woo! Well it is Flare, but it's a convincing diguise anyway. The synth fur/hair on his head is much longer than it normally is, a slightly lighter tan color than most of his fur, spiked up front and tied with a pony tail in the back, and a white bandana on his head. He has no armor, instead he has a earthy colored vest. No type of undershirt, so you can see his tan colored fur all along his upper torso. He also wears orange-colored pants, that are very loose fitting, with a thick black belt. His tail, while normally being slender and long in appearnce, now looks incredibly.. poofy. Particularly at the tip, to cover up his normal red crystal tail jewel thing. There are white straps (bandage looking things) along his forearms and shins. And on his feet there is some loosefitting cloth of some sort, a shoe substitute, though his clawed feet still stick out from them. As well, parts of his fur have been stained a darker tan color to make him look more tiger-ish. You would never think him to be Flare unless you know him really well, which is the entire point of this disguise. He is, more or less, Rei. Minus some facial difference, and minus the two huge knives, he still has his claws for that.

Iris is seated at her usual console, humming to herself as she monitors the frequencies.

Flare Feline has been looking around RHQ, in total disguise. Yep. He only recently got in this get-up, and has been looking for someone to see if he can fool it with, since he needs to keep himself from being discovered tonight. Taking a peek in the Command and Control he notices Iris, and hmms to himself oO(If you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies...) Pressing in slightly under his chin, hear his throat, he clicks something. Stepping in lightly he speaks in a voice that isn't normally his "Pardon me..."

Iris looks up, blinking a few times at the sight of the new arrival. "Yes sir, can I help you?"

Flare Feline hmms oO(Well she didn't notice right away... not bad...) He steps in a bit further, just to make sure she can get a better look at him. He speaks again, his voice now has a slightly more cocky and concieted tone than Flare's normally has (if you need a reference, he sounds like Ranma's subbed voice) "Hey there, I'm Ray Felinoid. I'm new here and was just looking around a bit..."

Iris hmms. "Why didn't you check in? Um, some parts of the base -are- off limits..." She frowns, apparently getting a bad or strange vibe from this newcomer -- since she's the one who usually checks in the new recruits.

Flare Feline thinks again oO(Well she seems to be fooled, though I had better make sure not to alarm her or anything...) "Well, I'm technically not supposed to be here until tomorrow, but I was just, er, excited to start working here I came a day early. And sorry, I didn't see anything about a restricted area..."

Iris says, "Who's given you clearence to walk around, if you don't mind my asking?"

Flare Feline thinks oO(Well maybe I should end this now... though, on second thought, let's just see how far I can take it) It could be like a... security check... yeah. He quickly pulls a random name that comes to mind "Er, Commander Spiral Pegasus." Yeah, that'll work...

Iris nods, and apparently hasn't seen through Flare's disguise at all. "Did he show you where the barracks are? I'd hate to think you've just been wandering the halls all day..." She's still frowning...perhaps thinking of calling her brother in on this situation.

Flare Feline headshakes "He seemed to be in a hurry. And since I won't even get to move in until tomorrow, I just said I would look around. And I guess I got carried away a bit, and got a bit lost..." So far so good....

Iris hmmms. "Okay, Mr. Felinoid...have you been assigned a squad, yet? Do you have a preference?"

Flare Feline is almost disappointed. It's that easy to get Iris to trust him? He blinks "Wow, so telling a story like that will make you believe me?" He slams his fist downward into his palm as he nods thinking, in a Xellos-esque fashion.

Iris looks confused, now. "Ummm...I don't understand," she admits. "What are you talking about??"

Flare Feline hmms, oops, forgot his voice. "Well you see, it was a lie, a trick, a ruse. And most importantly..." He reaches up to his chin, and clicks something under it near his throat, and he speaks with his normal voice "...I had ya going."

Iris pouts, looking hurt. "Oh, it's you... Well, why didn't you just -say- so?"

Flare Feline waves both hands in front of him "Sorry sorry. I didn't mean it like that. This is a disguise I'm going to be in tonight when we go into Tartarus. There may be some Mavericks or Robot Masters who would recognize me without a disguise. So I came up with this. And as they say, if you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies.

Iris perks a little bit...that explanation is pretty reasonable to her. "Oh!! Okay...well in -that- case, I'm glad it worked as well as it did! You be really careful in Tartarus, okay? Even with such a great disguise, someone might have scanners or something."

Flare Feline nods, "Don't worry, we'll watch our backs. But at least I won't be recognized on sight..." He feels the hair up front a bit, spikey, and the pony tail in the back "How does this look on me anyway? I think I might keep it."

Iris makes an A-OK sign with her hand. "It's just fine the way it is; don't embellish it or it might start looking fake." She ponders. "Hmmm. Maybe I'll come with you guys!"

Flare Feline shrugs at the hair comment. The hair is fake after all, well, techinically he's ALL fake when you get down to it. "Come with us? Err, that may not be a good idea. You've seen the city. Not to mention there would probably be a lot of people there who would recognize you even in a disguise. And regardless, we need good people on the radio and the communications tonight."

<Global News Network> This is Ivan Popovichstarknovakarakov. It must be thattime of the year again. Reports in residential areas in the northern end of Moscow have stated that Sewers have been backing up, with waste coming out of the manholes and gratings and out into the streets. Due to the nature of this and past history foul play is being considered. At this time Citizens are urged to remain in second floors, and out of basements until this can be resolved.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "...*speaking brightly* Would anyone like to be a sport, and check out that little problem in Moscow?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I think I can do that Major. I'm on my way."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Do we have any idea what is causing this problem?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Probably just Toad Man, again."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Skyblade Eagle transmits, "He did this last year. And the year before."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "How inconvenient."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Archer Colossus transmits, "Grand. Cause I got plans. Going out. Later."

Iris says, "Oh! But Flare, I have a disguise that's almost as good as yours!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "You are responding, Fusion? If we suspect Master activity, you should take backup."

Flare Feline blinks "What's that?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Good idea. I'll radio the Hunters for help too."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "Hunters, we have Repliforce personnel en route to Moscow."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "But we would not turn away any help."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Auto transmits, "We got a few guys comin' as well. We'll meetcha there!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Maze transmits, "*quiet tone* I'm in Moscow as we speak, redirecting what I can of the garbage away from residential areas. Shields are in place around Red Square, anyone flooded out can be evacuated there. I haven't found the source of the stoppage yet, however."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "Ask, and you shall re=cieve."

Iris says, "Um, well it's a big...shawl-thing...a body shawl, and it makes me look like an Indian woman!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Varia Beetle transmits, " If indeed anything is going wrong, I'm ready to respond."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "This sounds rather odd for an attack method - might this be a feint?"

Flare Feline chuckles "Well even so, Commander Spiral Pegasus is the one in command here. And we've already got a group of 4, and we're trying to keep it small. Besides, like I said, we need skilled people paying attention to the airwaves."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cadence transmits, "I'll remain on standby, just in case, sir."

Iris nods. "I'll talk to him!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Cadence, did you find anything on your patrol this morning?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Maze transmits, "Attention - Unless I miss my guess, there are hostile forces in Moscow. Unless someone can give me a good reason why a chunk of sewer pipe would fly. The first person to mention ET will be smacked with said sewer pipe. They are already on the retreat, however."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Auto transmits, ".....already?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Master presence confirmed. They do seem to be pulling out, but at least we'll get a shot at their rear ends."

Flare Feline fiddles with the vest a bit, he looks odd in this get-up "I wonder what Jet would say if he saw me in this... or anyone else for that matter..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Varia Beetle transmits, " Were they after anything, or just causing random mischief?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Sewer pipes off all things."

Iris grins. "You should try him! It's an EXCELLENT disguise...I'll bet you'll shock him!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "It's still going, sir. I was just about to break contact, the Masters seem to be working on sometype of.. getting fired up*voice suddenly sounds very squealched and squeaky*on! I've been hit with something! I think everything is alright! Wai!! Pulling off contact!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Auto transmits, "Dang.....sorry if we were late on things. My fault, I guess."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Maze transmits, "I cannot pursue, I need to remain to maintain the shielding on the sewer passages until someone can find a more permanent manner of keeping this stuff in check... Suggestions are highly welcomed."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "What the... Iris, do you know where Cadence is?"

Flare Feline hmms, and chin scratches. "Maybe I'll do that before we meet for the mission. I remember seeing something on GNN about him being in Rio right now at a fan club... or something." He shrugs "Typical Jet."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "Jet Stingray, reporting in... I'm a bit hurt from a battle last night, but I'm able to get back on duty and respond if needed...."

Iris smirks. "Probably flirting with all the girls, you know him. So go do it!!"

Flare Feline nods "Alright, I'll go give it a shot. Though I'll have to be quick..." He turns to leave, presses under his chin again, setting his voice back to the fake one, and chuckles "Well thanks for being such a good sport. See ya."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence manages in just a bit more than a squeak. " there a doctor in the house?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "What's the problem, Cadence?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "Might be better if I yatta you, ma'm! Wai!!!"

Iris waves. "See you later, Flare...oh! And tell me how he reacts too, by the way!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "...Huh?"

Flare Feline nods, waves, and runs out.

<<Quick run to Rio later>>

Rio - Southern Beach

The pure white sands of the beach continue here, the southern edges of the coastline. The buildings here are much larger than the other shorefront properties, some are custom made and futuristic even for this age. Much of the beach is for public use, and in many places you can find the neverending laughter of children playing and sometimes, even adults. The waters here are a deep azure blue, their beauty neverending and expanding as far as the eyes can see be they of human or reploid design.

Jet Stingray [RF]

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Rio - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to Rio - Guanabara Harbor.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Archer Colossus transmits, "Didn't take long."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "I didn't think he was too prone to that - Cadence? Where are you?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "I'm not insane sir.. I think a new weapon was deployed. It's done something to me! WAI!!!!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "...Where are you?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "This definately calls for a pickup - is anyone avaiable to go get Cadence?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "Uhhhh..I've got him."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Things are quieting down here."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Skyblade Eagle transmits, "What happened to 'im?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Apologies, Major."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "I don't know, exactly. He's all...little."

Jet Stingray currently is working at the moment, a few tables set out on the beach area showing off Jet goods along with other reploid racers, venders cashing in the bucks as people mill about, most of them younger kids, fans of Jet like kids adore basketball players.

A feline that looks nothing like Flare approaches the beach area. He hmms oO(Yep, he's still at it. I should have known...) Just take a look at him, not Flare. He fooled Iris even. He thinks for a moment, and walks up to Jet. Cutting around the line, yeah. He speaks, and the voice isn't Flare's normal voice either. "'Scuse me sir, I'm looking for a Jet Stinger, or something like that, you know who he is?" He chuckles inwardly, wondering how Jet'll react

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "It looks like the Masters have left. I'm handing the situation over to civil authorities to clean up."

<Global News Network> After the recent sighting of several Androids identified as Robot Masters, although identities have not been confirmed, in Moscow, authorities in Mexico City have announced that recently a small group of RObot Masters has appears downtown and have been stealing Firetrucks while the Military engages in a standoff.

Jet Stingray looks over at 'Rei', pausing for a long moment. "I'm Jet Stingray... The racer. If you want Jet Stinger, you'll need to go to the Repliod Wrestling Federation... I get mixed up with him from time to time... If you are looking for the stingray though... He is right in front of you." He is rather humble... But that is perhaps because his fans are about him, keeping his ego nice and fluffed out to not be offended by people not knowing him.

Flare Feline hmms oO(So there really IS a Jet Stinger? Weird...) He nods "Yah, StingRAY, that's it. I don't really pay attention to curling or whatever it is you do. But a friend of mine told me you'd be here and wanted me to get an autograph for her."

Jet Stingray nods with a thumbs up. "Kicking... So... What should I sign and who should I make it out to?" he offers happily. .oO(I love it when the girls make their boyfriends get my autograph... Reminds me that I should use my powers for the forces of good and not for the forces of stealing hot chics from their dates.)

Flare Feline smirks just a bit, seeing the ego show just a bit. Time to bring it all crashing down. "Well, you can make it out to..." he brings a hand up to his chin, and presses something under it, and speaks again, his voice back to normal "...Flare."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "Well, looks like the Mexico City defenses are having quite a bit of trouble with the Masters. Seems that the Masters also started a fire in order to attract the attention of the fire trucks so they could steal em."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "I'm going in, maybe I can keep these jokers from nabbing at least one of the fire trucks. Still, no idea what the masters could want 'em for."

Jet Stingray just pauses for a loooong moment, then looks at Flare with a mock angry look to him. "You mess with my fan table! No sigature for you!" he offers jokingly, trying to sound like the 'Soup Nazi' from anicent classic Seinfield. In a more serious tone, he offers, "Besides, I've got to start closing up... I'll get you your autograph later if it's that important to you," he kids.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "They might be making another odd creation like the jello things or stealing them for their own land. Don't let them get away with the goods if you can help it."

Flare Feline smirks "This is my disguise for.. tonight. It fooled Iris, and I thought I'd try it on you, sorry." He checks his chronometer "Whoop, sorry, I gotta run. Wish us luck with this tonight..." And with that he turns and runs off, damn that cat runs fast, good thing too, he's almost late.

<<Another Quick run back to RHQ Australia>>

King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia

There is but one entry to this looped road, the single intersection into Admiral's Way East. The looped road is more for walking traffic than anything else, large enough to fit General down, but most land vehicles will be crowded in by the activity coming and going from the buildings.
This entire street and the buildings nearby, are all carved directly into Ayer's Rock. The butte of rock having painstakingly been cut into for nearly a half a mile to create the natural fortification that each of these buildings share. Overhead is the natural overhang of tons upon tons of rocks, held up by nature herself, but also with steel girders.
Finally in the middle of the courtyard is a single slab of rock which was carved around to make the Obsidian Obelisk.

Colonel [RF]
Repliforce Variable Armor <Kingfisher> [Aerospace] [RF]
Mortar Dodo
Obsidian Obelisk [RF]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to SecDef Station - RHQ Australia.
West <W> leads to Intelligence Center - RHQ Australia.
North <N> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.

Signas sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*beep-beep*"

[Radio] You send Signas a direct message: "Commander?"

Signas sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Captain Feline, I have for you a willing Hunter infiltrator. His name is Stealth Nekojin."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "I'm taking multiple fire here, backup might be called for, these Mexico City tanks aren't helping any."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Ohhh? What's the situation? I can deploy if you need it."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Valiant Falcon transmits, "...I am on my way..."

[Radio] You send Signas a direct message: "Stealth? Ok great, you have our thanks. We're running short on time, so we'll coordinate with him in the city. We'll be heading in ourselves shortly."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "Ah, few masters. I tried to drag a fire truck away from Toad Man when Gravity Man tried to hit me with some gravity blast thing. And then a arrow came out of nowhere."

Signas sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Quite welcome. Contact him at your discretion."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Valiant Falcon transmits, "...Are the civilians in the cross fire?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Dammit dammit dammit dammit! Mexico City's WAAAY on fire, here. Not the neato kind, either. We might need some help in puttin' it out."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Valiant Falcon transmits, "...I am contacting the Fire Department as we speak. I'll summon a wind storm to take care of it the best I can."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Make thing you don't just fan the flames, though! You can't just BLOW them out like that!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Cadence transmits, "Forgive me, for my question in this.. WAI!!! But wouldn't a windstorm.. FAN the flames? *at Ether* Yatta!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Moira transmits, "Best bet is some chemical foam, a large amount of dirt. Move ahead of the flames, do some demolition work to prevent the flames from spreading to other parts of the city."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Moira transmits, "Divide the fire using chemical foam, it burns itself out more quickly that way. Not that I ever have any good ideas."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "I really need to ask Blaze Dalmatian for some of those CO2 canisters one day."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Moira transmits, "Might I make a suggestion?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Feel free..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "Hola amigos... Guess what time it is..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Moira transmits, "Requisition a tanker of fluoroprotein Numbers 3 and 6, and utilize the Cow to do a 'cropdusting'."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "Um... I dunno? I don't have a watch."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "What is going on, Bolero?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "Una fiesta por Savannah Lioness... Quite the celebraci`on. Come one, come all and bring presents for la se~norita del cumplea~nos."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "In the London Recreation Room."

Spiral Pegasus arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

A feline waits around King Dragon's Court. But it doesn't look like Flare at all. Look for yourself. Just who is this mysterious person? It's an intruder! Well, actually it's Flare in disguise.

<Global News Network> On Pay Per View channels around the world, excitement begins to build up as the time to the opening of the Sheol Pit draws nearer. The gates open up and people are permitted entry to the inner pit area and bleachers as announcers begin to go about their shpiels. (OOC: You can RP being let into the pit area and getting settled folks)

Someone waves to the intruder who doesn't look like Spiral Pegasus at all. OK, maybe he does a little. Dammit Jim, I'm an aerial warrior, not a stealthy sneaky type! Anyhow... "Hey Flare, you ready to go?"

Flare Feline nods "Shall we call in Shinobi? Oh, and I've talked to the Hunters, we've got Stealth Nekojin already in the city for us. Should I tell him to move into the arena crowd for now?"

Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission to Shinobi Pixie.

Spiral Pegasus erms, pondering that thought over. "How are we going to find him then?"

Flare Feline hmms "Well if you'd rather I can arrange for him to meet with us outside the arena first. We should think quickly though."

Spiral Pegasus also sends off a radio transmission. "We're still waiting on Shinobi Pixie too, I just radioed here. And yeah, maybe it'd be best if we met him outside first. I don't know what his disguise looks like, do you?"

Flare Feline headshakes "Nope, but he doesn't know what we'll look like either. But I'll just confer with him now to make sure..."

Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission.

[Radio] You send Stealth Nekojin a direct message: "Kael? We'll be moving into the city soon. Could you meet with us outside the arena? Are you disguised?"

Stealth Nekojin sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*light FEMININE chuckle* You... could say that..."

Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission to Shinobi Pixie.

[Radio] You send Stealth Nekojin a direct message: "Eh... I'd rather not ask. We'll be there soon, just look out for the feline with the spiked hair, pony tail and white bandana, with a pegasus and a pixie. That's us."

Shinobi Pixie arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.

Flare Feline is standing around, in complete disguise. Meow! Speaking into his radio, and to Spiral.

Spiral Pegasus is semi-sorta disguised as well. At least he doesn't look obviously like a pegasus.

And in a blur of black silk, the hyperactive ninja of Repliforce buzzes her way into the huge court, sword neatly wrapped and strapped to her back, as her belt-scarf flutters behind her. Only blue eyes peer out around the area, darting towards Spiral and Flare.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ring Redwing transmits, "Well, thanks for helping to put out the fires guys, looks like the Masters got away with more fire trucks than we would have liked. Oh well. They won't be bothering Mexico City for awhile."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Corporal Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Yeah, right."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "It appears that Cadence is... cured?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "..don't ask me how. I have no idea."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "CAAAADENCE!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "...What happened?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "Pix!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "You'reokayreallyreallyhuhhuh?!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle facepalms audibly, "God."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "I suggest that we avoid this weapon until we discover some way to counter it... it took several hours for the effect to apparently wear off. In a fight that could be quite inconvenient."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "..well, Pix kissed me on the cheek, and I was sitting there, thinking about ice cream, and stuff.. and suddenly.. I started to grow again. Or.. Chi might be right. Really."

Flare Feline turns as he notices Shinobi approaching, and turns back to Spiral. He reaches up to his chin and presses something under it, and when he speaks, his voice is totally different. (sounds like Ranma's subbed voice) "Alright, shall we get going?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "...there is Cadence's suggestion as well...."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Archer Colossus transmits, "Uh-huh. Happy thoughts Cade?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Shinobi Pixie RRRRRRR. Mutters. "Happy thoughts my aft."

Spiral Pegasus frowns, rubbing his chin. "Not much of a disguise, but I'd imagine you're going more for stealth. How good can you hide in plain sight, Shinobi?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Broadcast Ocelot transmits, "No thank you."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cadence transmits, "No. I think it's a time limit. You still owe me ice cream, Pix."

Shinobi Pixie receives a radio transmission from Cadence.

Shinobi Pixie blinks a little at that, before her mouth makes a perfect 'o'. "Ohhhh! You didn't see me before with the stealthing and the hiding!" she exclaims with a giggle before nodding a bit. Clapping her hands in front of her, she nods her head once before her little form just... fizzles out. There's a faint hum as her holographic systems come online, and her body, wings, and sword all disappear, cloaked as her hologram system works overtime to hide her little body. She's gone, save for the vague vapor-like trail that outlines her -- and that takes careful looking to see and track.

Shinobi Pixie activates her stealth mode.

Flare Feline activates his stealth mode.

Flare Feline ...doesn't dissappear. His stealth relies on sneaking around and hiding and being quick and quiet. "Well, let's no waste any time, we need to meet up with Stealth Nekojin outside the Arena, and then on.. well we'll see what happens."

Spiral Pegasus quirks an eyebrow and wags a finger at Shinobi. "That's a neat trick. You know, I've got holographic emitters too. One of these days you're going to have to show me just how the heck you do that." Sigh, upstaged by your own pixie ninja. I tell you one of these days she'll be running this division...

Shinobi Pixie giggles faintly, melodically, the sound coming from... everywhere. "We will endeavour to teach you, Commander," she says, voice disembodied. "However, we also have much training behind us to support our ability of not being seen." There's a pause, and Spiral might feel something come close to him, about ten feet away. Squint, and you can see the outline, vaguely. "We are ready."

Flare Feline nods "Well let's get going. Anyway, while we're in there, call me directly 'Ray Felinoid', it's the alias I'll be going by." Flare sure looks odd in that get-up, and he sounds odd too with the different voice. But a disguise is a disguise.

Spiral Pegasus looks up, down, all around in an attempt to track the origin of the voice. "OK, but.. uh... what's this 'we' stuff? Did you marry into royalty or something?" Glancing back at Flare, he says, "Alrighty. And I'm Ford Pinto. And um... well.. I'll be the quiet one since I can't change my voice on a whim like that. Let's go!"

There's a little more giggling, and it seems that Shinobi has decided to perch upon Spiral's shoulder for a ride. "There is nothing different about the way we speak, Spiral-san." Looks like someone's watched one too many ninja movies...

Flare Feline nods, and turns to head for the teleporters. No need to waste any more time. Ikuze!

Spiral Pegasus heads off after Flare, after a short 'eep' at the invisible landing on his shoulder. "Ah, there you are!"

<<Off to Tartarsauce>>

Tartarus - Arena Square

This is the central hub and busiest point of Tartarus at any time of the day, month or year. It's here that everyone has to eventually come through if they want to go someplace. Trying to get home? Have to cut through here to head east. Want to go to another city? The teleporters are housed in this district. While all roads may lead to rome, all destinations in Tartarus lead to the Arena Square, and as such it is a constant bustle of activity in the form of thronging bodies, vehicles and aircraft flying overhead. Something akin to an open air market has even been set up with booths and tables, all in the shadow of the immense structure that makes this city what it is.

Towering over the skyline, the huge form of the Sheol Pit itself dominates the area, a constant flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic coming to and fro, and the loud chorus of the cheers of a great crowd from within rising up. This is one place that never truly sleeps.

Stealth Nekojin [D1] [MH]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Tartarus - Council Building.
East <E> leads to Tartarus - Residential District.
South <S> leads to Tartarus - Slums.
West <W> leads to Tartarus - Commercial District.
Teleporters <T> leads to Tartarus - Teleporters.
Arena <IN> leads to Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

Spiral Pegasus arrives from the Tartarus - Teleporters.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin
A five foot nine-inch tall (5'9) reploid. We think. It could just be an eccentric cyborg or a human who was playing around with trendy implants. At any rate, the only 'nonhuman' features on her body are a pair of black-furred cat's ears poking out of her hair. And what hair it is, a rich, luxuriant mane of platinum-blonde hue, with streaks of pink tint through it for accent. It falls to just past mid-thigh on her, and is usually the first thing spotted in a crowd.
She has deep brown eyes, one with a hint of gray, the other with a hint of green, making her gaze quite intriguing to study. Her skin is lightly tanned and smooth, well taken care of obviously. Her figure can be described as 'athletic', with sufficient curvature to mark her as female, but with a tomboyish sort of appeal that is very androgynous.
She wears a simple outfit consisting of jean shorts and a black tank-top, which set off her skin nicely. A pair of name-brand running shoes adorn her feet, and thin glasses perch on her nose.

Shinobi Pixie arrives from the Tartarus - Teleporters.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.

Flare Feline leaves the teleportation area, along with Spiral, and an invisible Shinobi. Flare is of course in disguise, look at him to see. Though he told Kael just how he'd look, so s/he should be able to spot him fine. Flare on the other hand doesn't know WHAT to expect from him/her.

Shinobi Pixie is unseen, and riding along on Spiral's shoulder. Her stealth systems are working well tonight, as she's spent most of the day practicing and performing to ensure their efficiency.

Spiral Pegasus steps out of the transporters and takes in the whole square. Though he's not quite the mighty soldier, instead he's a cape-clad bishounen-haired grey and brown pinto reploid. A rather devilish look crosses his face as he notices all the stalls. Rubbing his chin, he says darkly, "Hmm... ya know, a pony could make a good profit out here. ... among other things. I think I might have to come back one day."

Archer Colossus arrives from the Tartarus - Teleporters.
Archer Colossus has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin finishes off a 'light snack', dumping her trash into two separate trash cans for some reason known only to her. Then makes her way over to the disguised Flare. Perched on one leg lightly, a rather... shameless... posture, hands on her hips, she declares, "I thought you would never get here. Now c'mon, we're going to miss the show." She leans in close, and using HIS normal voice, "...and you have NO idea how this outfit rides up, so appreciate the gesture while you can..." before leaning back and winking at Flare the obviously bawdy comment she just made.

Spiral will suddenly feel a sharp PRICK against his shoulder -- like the tip of a sword. His conscience is apparently not amused.

Archer Colossus enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Archer Colossus has left.

Spiral Pegasus yeeps at the pinprick, mutters something, and then turns to his shoulder with a "We'll talk about this later look" as he swats in the air next to his head. "Darn replimosquitoes."

Flare Feline blinks. Oh great, just the perfect thing to make Flare feel uncomfortable. Forget going head on into an enemy arena to rescue heavily guarded allies, Kael made a lewd comment as a girl. Flare crumbles. Well, not really. He just pauses a sec "Err, right. Well, Spiral, Shinobi, this is Stealth. Anyway, let's head into the arena, and try to stick together." Funny, I thought Spiral was in command. Oh well. As long as they get moving.

Spiral Pegasus acks, begins to wave Flare off emphatically, then coughs and looks aside at a rather fetching pony at a stall. Rowr. "Who's this you speak of? My name is Ford, remember? And you're Ray, and um... who's your fine looking friend here?" The pinto makes a sweeping bow, the cape somehow still remaining a cape.

Shinobi Pixie is hard pressed to stay on Spiral's shoulder as he bows, and barely stifles a squeak as she scrabbles to hold on for dear life. That sends up a light vaporesque effect on Spiral's shoulder -- funny, what is that?

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Quite a production."

Flare Feline was just introducing, no one was around. But right, Aliases.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Eh. I've seen better."

Stealth Nekojin smiles, sketching a curtsey of her own, "You all can call me Lily." She grins impishly, "T'ain't mah real name, but a lady has to have her secrets, right?"

Lily, Ford and Ray. Dandy. "Right, well Lily, Ford, shall we? I think the show's about to begin..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Has anyone heard from Iris? After she asked what happened to Cadence, she dropped off the radio - I thought she might want to look over him."

The nigh-invisible form twitches on the pony's shoulder, anticipation in every move, even as the radio buzzes in Shinobi's unseen ear.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Um...I'm here! Hi."

Spiral Pegasus stands back up - slowly this time. "Indeed. Yes, I think now would be a good time." He whispers something out of the corner of his mouth that sorta resembles "Hover between my back and my wings, there's plenty of room."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "He's back to normal, right? Not teeny-tiny and making weird sounds?"

Flare Feline deactivates his stealth mode.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Dunno. I guess."

The pressure on the pegacion's shoulder lessens, and apparently the little pixie has removed herself to follow Spiral... er, 'Ford Pinto's advice.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Right - no reason why, as of yet, he just started growing. ...I don't know how to use any of this equipment, so I couldn't get any readings. Perhaps you'd like to see if you can get any data on what happened to him?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Well, he had the same readings as he normally does when he was little-tiny, is the thing. If I scanned him now, it would just be the same readings."

Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit

From outside of the arena, the roar of the crowds was bad enough, but here it can be downright deafening to those not prepared for it upon emerging into the open-air bowl shape of the Sheol Pit's combat area. It isn't just fights that are hosted here, and frequently matches of other sorts take place such as races or other competitions, but overall it's the gladitorial bouts that bring the largest crowds, and it's to this that the arena caters. The pit itself is a marvel of modern technology, great machinery hidden strategically from view both underground and at the side panellings to be let loose at a moment's notice to alter the 'landscape' of where the battles take place within minutes. The arena itself is capable of change it's state to suit almost any sort of terrain battle, from simulating high speed winds and being tall enough to host aerial battles, to changing it's makeup and even the temperature to switch to a freezing tundra or burning desert, to even being able to submerge itself completely in water for aquatic matches, the special shielding protecting the crowd from being flooded. It's this shielding that keeps stray blasts and shrapnel from making it's way up into the bleachers where it could injure the audience. Of course it's invisible, but it's fueled by immense power generators set on the ceiling high above ground-level, constantly thrumming and providing the necessary 'juice' to keep them up and going. The bleachers themselves are a constant flurry of motion, people coming and leaving, cheering and jeering, and vendors going about throwing hot dogs and various other snack foods here and there where they are in demand.

Pinpoint Crow [M]
Ice Man [Parka] [RM]
Dust Man [Sorival] [RM]
Archer Colossus [Archer] [Thug] [RF]
Split Mushroom [Mune] [M]
Sword Man [Normal] [RM]
Spica's Camera
Fighting Pit
Armored box
Vile [Vile] [M]
Shyster [Murphy] [M]
Tengu Man [RM]
Plum [April] [C]
Iris [Iris] [Concealed] [RF]
Spike Rosered [M]
Centaur Man [Normal] [RM]
Glyde Loath [Normal] [C]
Morph Moth [Morph Moth] [Normal] [M]
Magic Man [Master] [RM]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Huntsman Chupacabra [M]
Synth [Armored] [Unarmored] [RM]
Sarah Storm [Independent] [C]
Pirate Man [Normal] [RM]
Enker [Common] [RM]
Tron Bonne [Tron] [C]
Bomb Man [Main] [RM]
Gemini Man [No_holos] [RM]
Firestorm Phoenix [Flight] [M]
Sigma [Neo Sigma] [Sigma] [M]
Psych Mosquito [Limited] [M]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

Vile again falls silent for a moment, performing another long, slow turn to view the crowds...then lowering his hands at his sides, giving a slow, deliberate nod of his head.

"Now you will see that which this arena has been constructed for, that which it was designed and slaved over. To bring YOU the entertainment of the century, that you may partake of and enjoy, courtesy of the city of Tartarus!"

With that, Vile's feet ignite with twin spires of thrusterflame and lift him into the air, bringing him up to the point that he's hovering fifty feet in the air...with plenty more to spare to get to the ceiling. There he hovers, spreading his hands out to the sides. "Before the main event...of which I plan to participate personally to show you how dedicated I am to this..." he states with a florish, and in fact, even a half-bow to the people. "...I give you the exhibition of the century. A sport of sorts to wet your appetites for what tonight only BEGINS."

With that, he curls his right hand into a fist, and points downwards towards the armored metal box below him. "And now...without further delay, I present to you...BEAUTY!" With that, he flicks his fingers, and the box suddenly shudders once, the right side of it giving a jolt before one massive armored section drops away, falling to the ground with a deafening *TWOOOM!*

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "So, I was thinking. Maybe when we get these guys out of here we send the UNAF to do some scorched earth bombing over the area."

Centaur Man looks at his brothers in the row. Then looks at the arena, at Vile. He merely smiles, waiting for the battles to begin.
You paged Spiral Pegasus with 'Err...'.

The side of the box is assisted in falling by one taloned hand, which lashes out at the side before Red Tide simply leaps out of it. Her eyes are a dull, dark reddish purple, flickering off and on with different intensities nearly at random. Planting her foot-talons solidly in the ground, she looks around and up at the crowds, tendrils writhing. Her posture is hunched, talons forward, jaw half-opened.

Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Stealth Nekojin has arrived.
Spiral Pegasus arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

Dust Man looks around as he steps into the Arena's seating, carrying a giant WILY BEER! and a big tub of popcorn. He hears Tron over the radio, and spots her, her horde, Gylde, and his horde. Dusty gently makes his way down to the crowd. "Hello!" He also knows better than to shout Tron's name, even here.

Shinobi Pixie arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Or not."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "...damn."

Split Mushroom gives a blink at Vile's ettiquite, "Oooh........" Suddenly, both Sprites are grabbed by the back of the shoulders. "Hey!" There are two bulky NPC Mavericks, starting to carry the Mushrooms off. "Hey! Let us go!!" Splitette is kicking her legs up, "We'll sue! Let us go!" "Yeah! No fair!"

One of the guards shakes his head, ".....Fair this, fair that.." Unfortunately, the guard will be sorry they took Split and Splitette out of the room.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "It's not like it'd be the first time we ever did that."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "Well, now we know where Red went."

Pinpoint Crow takes a seat in the bleachers, his lifeless optics scanning the crowds before settling on the main event.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris gasps!

Magic Man raises an eyebrow as "Beauty" emerges. "What in Wily's name is that?" he murmurs, leaning forward as if to get a better look, even though the one foot his head has managed to move makes little difference.

Tron Bonne hmmms and looks to Glyde. "You have a point..." Tron then looks to Vile, through her mask... then frowns at the Box he is on. And at Glyde's whisper, Tron asides back to him as the Servbots be their usual selves, cheering, clapping, and enjoying themselves as they call out. One looks to the other. 'Think he'd mind if we threw this fruit at him.' 'Better not... he looks mean.' 'Okay!'

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Yep."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Hope our team doesn't screw up."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "I don't think we need to bet on where Silver Mane is..."

Vile dosen't even miss a beat as Red Tide emerges from one side of the armored confinement. With a long, deliberate motion, he turns then and points to the other side. "...and of course, what beauty would be complete without her counterpart? Or in this case...her opponent? From the other side of this exhibition, I give you....THE BEAST!"

Once again, as before, the armored panel slides down, though on the other side of the box this time, descending and landing on the ground with a deafening *BWOOM*

Synth leans forward slightly, looking curiously at the arena. She then blinks, pressing ne hand to her radio as she listens.
Silver Mane has arrived.

The moment the box opens, this hideous beast explodes out onto the Arena floor. Silver Mane is hardly recognizable as the Repliforcer that he once was. Instead of the sleek, powerful silver lion, Silver Mane is 13' of -ALL- monstrosity. It looks like he came right out of someone's worst nightmares, knives, blades, razor sharp edges and extremely pointed and barbed hooks and protrustions coming off of his body, marring the silver surface with many implements of bladed death. Black waves wash over the massive beast, engulfing him in complete black cover, only to be washed away a minute later by the pure silver of his liquid metal frame. What's worst of all are Silver Mane's optics. They glow bright crimson, revealing the ultimate beast unleashed, showing no signs of rationality or coherence. Instead, his savagery pours off of him in waves, so much so that it's possible for some of the first few rows to feel his hatred and rage that consumes him.

Flare Feline enters the arena crowds, along with two others apparently. Though this isn't Flare Feline, at least he doesn't look like him. (I'd describe him, but just check his desc) He walks among the crowd, and finds a place to sit for now, looking as neutral as possible.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle goes quit, "I...Think that's him."

Dust Man sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.
Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Geeze. Vile is one sick son of a b*tch."

Bass arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Bass has arrived.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Advisor Jet Stingray growls. "What did he do?"
Armored box has left.

Vile takes Armored box.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Who knows. But I think you got your work cut out for you when we get them back, Iris."
MC Skeleton swings his free hand to the side and remarks, punctuating each of Vile's remarks, "/I say/! /I say/!" At the presentation of beauty, his strained smile becomes even more deranged, and he hobbles over towards the opened box as if a monkey, on hands and feet, flipping over in midair before finally landing, hands and knees, on the edge of the top of the box, hands gripping the opened edge. When the beast is presented, he repeats the spectacle, leaping theatrically to the top of Silver Mane's cube. "I want you to look at these things, people! Long and hard! /Long and hard/! Ain't no singin' teapot. Here, boy!" He reaches out from above Silver Mane atop the box, swinging a clawlike hand in a swipe at the Repliforcer.

Bomb Man blinks, eyes widening in either suprise or glee take your pick ^_^ as Silver Mane leaps out of the box. He glances over at Magic Man to get his reaction "heh..looks lika this'll be interestin' after all eh?"

Spiral Pegasus, though not Spiral Pegasus but a cape-clad pinto reploid, walks shortly behind Flare. Eyeing the action on the arena floor, there's a visible grimace. He leans over and mutters something inaudible to the feline.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "... Assuming we get them back."

"...Eep." The sound is small, just under Glyde's breath, as the two...THINGS spring out of the box. He edges back on his seat, suddenly wondering -why- Tron just -had- to sit up front...

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "He maybe they infected him...there might not be anything I can do for him."

Stealth Nekojin paces in slightly behind Flare, also in disguise. (You HAVE to see this one to believe it) She keeps her pace even, with just a hint of anticipation showing on her face as she takes in the crowd, eyes widening as she spies Silver Mane. A soft murmured, "Oh, my..." escapes her as she follows 'Rei' towards a seat.

Spiral Pegasus whispers: 'Well, this is all pretty fucked up right now. I hope either your or Lily brought something nice big and blunt just in case.'.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "If they did, then anyone we've sent in there is walking into a trap...Assuming we sent anyone."

Ice Man enters the stands, holding a root beer (yup, he's sworn off beer for a while) he looks around a bit, feeling rather small, which is understandable. He troddles over to a knot of other RMs and sits down. "Booyaka, guys. How's it looking so far?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "We will get them back. And then we will repay Vile for his twisted crime."

You whisper, "I've still got my weapons equipped, but'd take more than that to be effective against him like that. But we'll deal with that when the time comes." to Spiral Pegasus and Spiral Pegasus.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "It's not a trap if you know it's there. Or I heard something like that from somewhere."

Magic Man's eyes widen as he takes in the sight of the savage "Beast." "Yes indeed," he breaths in response to Bomb Man, a slight smile beginning to play across his face. "Vile outdid himself in picking these two."

Bomb Man glances up as he hears his squadmate, a broad grin on his face as he scoots over to make room "Yo Ice!..take a seat an' look'it fer yourself bro."

Spiral Pegasus coughs and sputters, cusping a hand over his equine mouth. "... when the time comes, right. Um... where're our seats?"

Archer Colossus stares dully at the arena floor, fists clenching rather angrily. And as one of his new friends claps him on the back, cheering raucously, Archer reflexively pulls back for a punch to shut the idiot up. But instead grins, and nods. "Yeah. Get some e-tanks for us brotha. This show's gonna be off the hook. Look at it. That's some crazy ****. ******er looks like he's straight swolled." Nodding, the thug next to him begins waving down a vendor. E-tanks and chips on the way.

Iris looks on at the 'combatants' in wide-eyed horror, and she trembles beneath her concealing cloaks, blatantly upset by the appearence of the Repliforcers.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Even if you know it's there, it's still a trap. Just you can avoid it, sometimes."

Tron Bonne looks up at the call from Dust, and waves brightly to him, motioning to a seat with them as the Servbots make room for him. She beckons even as she looks towards Vile's unveiling... of Silver Mane and... whatever that other thing is. A frown crosses her espression, and she shivers slightly... then eyes Glyde as he edges back. "Baby." Tron smirks at him. "They /HAVE/ the Protective Energy Fields for a reason, you know... ...I actualy learned something about it before I got here." Tron then looks at 'Beauty' and 'The Beast'. Tron frowns softly. "...this is probably going to be quite the show."

Unseen, unnoticed, unnerved. Shinobi Pixie hovers behind Spiral, as hidden as her stealth system can do. Virtually unseen, her systems work in concert so that only the faintest of 'vapor trails' can be seen behind Spiral Pinto as she follows after him in her one-foot glory. Her audio systems practically explode at the cheering, the noise, and even the whispers are amplified and echoing in her little brain. If she reacts to the sight in the arena, it's unnoticed.

The Spike Rosered's nearly fainted when Red Tide was named the "Beauty" but they have since recovered. Having discarded their boxes the five of them all find a group of unoccupied seats near the back and begin chatting with one another about how horrible the two combatants look.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Burner Man.

Sarah Storm finally manages to find a spot where she can actually see something with minimal complaining. Folding her arms lightly across her chest the youngest strider remains motionless as her eyes narrow on the two reploids below. An almost sick feeling overcomes the young girl yet she can't seem to pull her eyes away from what is to be taking place.

Flare Feline winces as Silver is brought out. Whispering back to 'Ford Pinto'. The feline, who for know calls himself 'Ray Felinoid' finds three empty seats together, how convenient. He sits, and motions for Ford and Lily to sit. And for now, they have to watch for an opening.
Centaur Man looks at Ice Man, "Hello brother, do join us." "MYA!" goes Seizui, as the hooved one pets her back in response. His gaze returns to the fighting.

Choosing to merely watch in silence, Enker leans forward once more, elbows imbedded on his knees, head propped up by his hands. His eyes narrow slightly as he watches on.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Be careful, everyone."

Chill Snowcat arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Chill Snowcat has arrived.

Vile continues to hold himself in a hover as he glares down towards the two revealed combatants. "There you have it!" he calls out in the next instant, arms out to the sides. "Beauty vs the Beast! Who will prevail? Will the beauty find it in her instincts to fend off the savage throes of the monster that thirsts for her fluid? See now as this is unveiled?" He glances down briefly to the announcer...but seems quite content to let him take care of himself...he's an announcer aferall...and should he get clawed up for being too close to the action...well it's all part of the entertainment right?

With that, Vile's form suddenly glows a bright white, before vanishing from view, reappearing a moment later in an upraised 'VIP' box from which one can see the pit perfectly. A droid stands at a giant gong behind him.

"Let it begin!"


Red Tide turns to face the box and Silver Mane as he steps out, backing up a step or two before setting her feet even more solidly in the ground then they were before. She crouches low, the glow in her eyes flickering off and on erratically, tendrils still twisting around each other. Her hands raise as if to cover her chest, but she doesn't do anything else. Not a single offensive move, not a growl or a roar; all she does is watch.

Synth leans forward as well, but not watching the central arena at this point. She frowns slightly, and whispers to Enker.

Unfortunately for the MC, baiting Silver Mane is exactly the -wrong- thing to do. As the MC waggles himself at Silver mane, the beast literally launches itself from a quarter of the way across the arena floor. Surprisingly, the monstrosity is very quick, very agile, and -extremely- dangerous. A ferocious roar is the only warning the MC has before the mostrosity that was Silver Mane is immediately on him, slamming the MC to the ground, ripping off an entire paneling of metal from his front torso in seconds with his powerful jaws and teeth.
Dust Man plops on down as near to Tron as he can. "So what's the..." He quiets. "Hey, aren't those Repliforcers?" He slurps from his soda.
Poo-oki has arrived.

Dust Man drops Poo-oki.

Glyde Loath gives Tron the most -infuriated- glare. So infuriated he doesn't even respond to her. At the mention of the protective shield, he relaxes slightly, crossing his arms, and watches the fight commence. He is -not- a baby, and he's -not- pouting. And now he shuts up to watch.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Well, that was messy."

Pinpoint Crow just stares at the two combatants, his advanced optics taking in all the imformation they can from the two forms. Its not two long before he spots a structural weakness in their build, but that's his little secret. With a smirk he continues to watch..

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris sounds like she's weeping softly.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Corporal Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I'm back on duty. If you want or need my help, just give the word. I'll be there."
Gemini Man eyes Centaur Man's cabbit with narrow optics. ...(If I could form my twin right now, he'd snatch the stupid thing and throw it right into the arena as Beast-fodder.) His eyes then widen as he observes the ferocity of the torture-addled combatant.

Morph Moth waves to the Phoenix, "Not at all, sit down. I am just relaxing really. I am just enjoying myself for the moment with a drink. Looks like it's about to begin. I had wondered what the reason Vile had brought Silver Mane to Sardinia before was. I suppose now we have our answer..." He nods downwards.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Lieutenant Chi transmits, "There's nothing we can do, Iris... just turn it off. Barbarians."

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Burner Man.

Poo-oki appears out of subspace to land on top a Servbot. "MYA!"

Sewa stares a little. That person looks SO much like Lucent. "Do you know these people, Gemini?", she says in a hushed SECRET SECRET voice. She points towards Red Tide in particular. Dun dun.

Red Tide doesn't step away from her secure spot, but she does react; she straightens, at least, hands still across her torso as if to block or catch something thrown at her. Suddenly, her voice snaps out, loud and clear. It's...a song. Wordless, a minor key, nearly a funeral dirge as she simply watches Silver tear the announcer to pieces. Her eyes are even darker now, flickering less and less.

Ice Man's eyes go wide. "That's a 'Forcer?" He takes a sip of rootbeer. "How barbaric. That should be enough to reaffirm anyone as to our cause."

Having leaned in to fully take in Synth's statment, Enker has only to slightly tilt his head to return the whisper.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "I can't turn it off."

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Burner Man.

Tron Bonne speaks to Dust as he sits beside her, frowning softly. "I think so, Dust... ...Vile certainly has had some fun with them." Tron shakes her head a moment, reaching out and patting Dust's shoulder warmly, before looking to Glyde and giving him an almost apologetic tilt of the head, before looking back to the match.

The Servbots OooooOooooooo in unison as the fight begins... then begin to cheer and get into it like the rest of the crowd, munching on popcorn and sipping sodas. To them, this is just Pro Wrestling. They are very, very childlike in that regard...

Magic Man nods distractedly to Ice Man as he joins the group, but says nothing, the song catching his attention. The magician raises an eyebrow, leaning still further forward, honestly fascninated by this strange pair - a rare thing for him.

Spiral Pegasus / Ford Pinto has taken his seat, but for some odd reason is leaning forward quite a ways. Engrossed in the fight? Hardly, he seems to have a program or magazine or somesuch that he's poring over.
Firestorm Phoenix nods and joins Morph at his invite, "Well, we'll see how things go, perhaps this won't be so dull after all."

MC Skeleton's head twists back as he glories in the spectacle of being mauled by Silver Mane. Once the panel of metal has been ripped out of his body, he slinks with an unnatural agility off to the side, flipping again in midair and landing a safe distance away. "Khee-haw! Looks like this one bites, huh? Hey, kiddo, your meal's over there! Here, watch." Taking no mind of the synthblood now running down his chest, he reaches into his tuxedo pocket and pulls out a raw steak, flinging it at Red Tide's feet. "Eat up! Get some meat on them bones!"

Huntsman Chupacabra sits there silently watching on.

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Burner Man.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

The darkened form of the Chillcat sneaks in to a seat to watch the battle with a look of disgust. Whatever he's thinking is carefully masked by the apparent look of feline indifference.

Gemini Man watches Red Tide, puzzled at her odd behavior in what SHOULD be a combat. "That? Think I've seen it once before," he says, though that is all.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Phoebus transmits, "Are you sure about that Chi?"

Dust Man giggles at Pooky. "How'd you get here?" "MYa!" Dusty chuckles, and pats Tron on the back, and whispers to her.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.

Sarah Storm just stares down at the pit refusing to blink. The form of the ninja twitches ever so slightly at the mauling.

Flare Feline tries to supress the urge to snarl, and keeps as neutral a face on as he can. He winces as Silver goes into a rage oO(Come on, snap out of it, I don't want to have to fight you to save you...) He gives a glace at Ford and Lily. In a 'here's hoping' sort of look. Here's hoping Silver doesn't tear Red to pieces thati s.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.

Sewa blinks as she recieves some transmissions. Forcers. ... Well be quiet about it for now. She looks towards Gemini and says, "I...think I know a friend of I know someone who looks person.", she coughs uncertainly.

Ice Man sends a radio transmission to Burner Man.

Meat? Meat means absolutely to this monster, however, for the moment, the MC seems to have captured his horrible attention. With murderous glare, Silver Mane's optics flare brilliantly. Suddenly, he's gaining ground, his powerful leaps making the distance between the moster and the MC quite nothing. In the matter of one or two well positioned leaps, Silver Mane's open maw, full of rows of glistening teeth are headed right at the MC's throat.

The Force Leader simply appears within the VIP box, detaching himself from.. somewhere. The faintest of smirks taints the face of the Robot Master, gaze turning down to observe the combatants. "I honestly don't know why I'm here.." Bass muses, glancing at Vile to deliver the slightest shake of his finned helm. "If it doesn't incite the crowd properly, perhaps I'll simply drag Ice Man down there for a beating. The crowds always love to cheer the underdog."

Iris receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.
Sword Man has left.

Stealth Nekojin has a visage that could be made of ice, for all the emotion it shows. Eyes seemingly locked upon the combat in fact take in all details of the arena, noting everything with an efficiency belied by the now faintly shocked expression that adorns her face. One hand taps lightly at the armrest of a seat, apparently a nervous habit as she fidgits slightly...

Dust Man sighs, and slurps his "Soda."

Shinobi Pixie quietly lands on Spiral's head, touching down to save her energy. If she were visible, it'd be a silly little picture -- a ninja pixie standing on a horse's head, hands folded behind her back. But instead, there's nothing there, save for a minor indentation and a little pressure on Spiral's head, unseen eyes riveted on the arena.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Burner Man.

Centaur Man didn't expect the arena to be so efficient. Repliforcers killing repliforcers is his idea of a good choice of combat. They're acting weird though... no matter, it only means good news for the herd.

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Ice Man receives a radio transmission from Burner Man.

Archer Colossus just stares, and stares at the pit. oO(Man...what did I get into?)Oo As he hears transmissions, Arch maintains radio silence. This ain't an approved thing he's doing, nor is it his orders. But he decided he had to do some...and then his reverie is broken by a comment. "Hey man, your e-tank's gettin warm. Drink up bro." Nodding, Archer turns his thoughts back to his facade. "Riiight, riiight. So what's the deal with these two freaks, huh?" he asks. "Replitwits. Hope both go." comments the thug. Shurgging, Archer says nothing, e-tank providing a way to avoid comment.

Vile takes his seat quietly in the VIP box, flipping his cloak back slightly and easing himself into it, as if very well relaxing in an element that he finds...pleasant. And why shouldn't Vile find this pleasant? This is effectively his element to say the least. He watches the display with the MC with due passiveness. Such is simply an extra display of the savagrey he's put into -his- creature over the past month to say the least.

At Bass' arrival, he tilts his head just slightly to acknowledge the Force Commander, then returns his gaze to look out to the field once more. "There will be plenty of opportunity in the times to come for humblings and public displays of punishment." He states evenly. "As expected...the populace simply drinks this up...we are providing to them the drug to which they will become addicted."

Tron Bonne whispers back to Dust a few moments after he whispers to her, smirking softly at the words she relates and how they are lost in the noise of the crowd. Tron then frowns, even as a message comes to her earbud. Turning to the side, she sees a figure walking up to her, dressed in Security garb. Tron blinks at the Reploid 'Arena Staff', then frowns again. Tron looks to Glyde, even as the reploid approaches. The Reploid comes up to Tron, and she rises and speaks to him softly and rapidly, so only they catch it. The Security member then looks to Glyde, and then Tron sits and begins to converse with Glyde.

Red Tide's song falters, slows, and stops as Silver continues to go after the announcer, and not her. She hadn't expected that at all. After a long moment, it starts again, as she hunches back down. She won't interfere with that combat. Rather an uninteresting show, at least if you're focussing on her; all she's doing is standing there and singing. And her mouth doesn't even move when she sings.
Ice Man sends a radio transmission.

Metal Man gets down at his seat and well sits down kicking back to watch the first battle of the night. oO(This should be fun to watch. It seems Vile's toy has fully had his will broken. Perfect, this should be a good.)

MC Skeleton grins as Silver Mane begins thundering towards him, swinging his arm to gesture at him. "Here, boy! Come on! Faster!" He cackles as the Repliforcer bears closer to him, and abruptly takes to both hands and feet again, clamoring to the side and leaping again with unnatural agility for a hook lowered from the zeppelin which brought him in. He's a showman; he does things like that. As the chain raises him out of the range of the combatants, he reaches behind his sequined tuxedo and wrenches out a loosened piece of metal, tossing it down at the ground before Silver Mane. "Here, kid! For your troubles. But get at it, now!" Now he begins to snap his fingers to the tune of Red Tide's funeral dirge. "Hey, can we get a better beat on that? The house band, everybody! Let's give 'em a hand!" From a box somewhere at the top of the Sheol Pit, beyond the audience seating, is broadcast a band beginning to play jazz to accompany Red Tide's song.

Dust Man blinks in confusion. "What was that, Tron?" He looks back at the Security Droid, and then back to the Pit. This is really confusing...

Ice Man receives a radio transmission from Burner Man.

Vile steeples his fingers as the MC removes himself from the ring, now leaving just Silver Mane and Red Tide to it.

"Come my creation..." he states out, as if talking to himself...seeming to forget at the moment that Bass is there. " the world what I have done to you."

Synth stands from her seat, stretching slightly to work out a couple knots and leaning down next to Enker. Unless your close, it looks as if she is offering him a long peck on the cheek as she whispers to him, before stepping out into the isle, looking around the upper portions of the stands.

Gemini Man snickers at Sewa. "Oh. Another one of your friends," he remarks sarcastically.

Morph Moth shrugs uncaringly at Firestorm, "I admit, this sort of combat is not really my cup of tea. But I suppose there's something to be said about the mass mentality of it that can get one excited. Much like the Olympics that are occasionally held. Although those are of a decidedly tamer nature."

Gemini Man sends a radio transmission to Synth.
Synth receives a radio transmission from Gemini Man.

Glyde Loath's mood shifts from sullenness to wide-eyed amazement at the fight. Only when Tron starts talking to the Arena Staff does he notice anything. He blinks, looking at Miss Princess and the reploid. A brief conversation follows, and The Glyde smirks after a moment, nodding.
Sewa sends a radio transmission.

Gemini Man receives a radio transmission.

Tron Bonne looks to Dust for a moment, then smiles reassuringly to him, "Don't worry... nothing wrong." Tron eyes the Security Reploid. "...I think." Tron then looks to Glyde with an arched eyebrow, awaiting his responce.

Already in the air as the MC grabs the rope and gets pulled right up out of the way, the Repliforcer slams into the energy shielding surrounding the pit. If it weren't up, Silver mane would be about 6 rows deep right now into the audience. With nary a moment to consider anything, the monstrosity leaps right off the side wall, hurtling powerfully at the droning Reploid in the middle of the pit. It takes only two leaps to cover the ground in a matter of seconds, and Silver Mane literally hits Red Tide like a full-bore freight train, his massive body literally smalling right into her body, jello goop and all, his claws and teeth digging into her hide.

Synth sends a radio transmission.
Gemini Man receives a radio transmission.

Iris continues to sit way up in the stands, observing the horror taking place down in the pit.

As the crowd keeps most of its attention focused upon the arena, a lone individual takes this time to arrive upon the scene. Oddly enough, he doesn't venture to the VIP box, but elects to take a far more interesting seat. A crystalline blue glow heralds the coming of Sigma and once the aura fades, the Maverick Emperor himself takes its place right next to Sarah Storm. He narrows his optics briefly as he assess the situation, "How... Entertaining, to say the least. To see so many gathered to witness such violence." A smirk plays upon his features as he speaks, "Is this not enlightening, human? Perhaps machines share more in common with humans than I'd like to admit." Pausing, he tilts his gaze down to Sarah, "It has been quite sometime since you questioned my principles. I must say I'm disappointed to see you still alive."

Gemini Man blinks down at Sewa after her radio transmission. "No," he says, harrumphing and turning back to the arena.

You paged Shinobi Pixie, Spiral Pegasus, and Stealth Nekojin with 'Well, we have to wait till the fight is over, first...'.
Dust Man slurps the WIly Beer. "At least they can fight, even if it is horribly despicable that they do." Dusty looks to the Servbots, then back to Tron. "Can I ask a favor, Tron?"

Sewa nods slowly, "Well, not this person. I don't know this person. I know Lucent.", she giggles softly at some transmission despite herself and then wonders about what she should do about the Forcers. Tell Vile? Tell anybody? "Be careful, Gemini.", she says after a moment. Hrm. Well maybe in a second...tell someone. She then looks towards Gemini and says, "Didn't think so! Who cares 'bout her?", she smirks.

Offering but a bow of the head as Synth leaves his side, Enker watches the Femme leave him for several heartbeats, then returns his attention to the show, brow now furrowed.

Flare Feline continues to watch on with a neutral expression, his thoughts on the other hand betray that. oO(Why does this have to happen to people like this? I can't believe that people would actually willingly follow the Mavericks after a show like this.) He hrms deeply, almost sounding like a snarl.

Psych Mosquito's smile turns unnaturally upwards as Silver Mane finally goes for his intended opponent. "Can we get me in closer up there?" After raising the chain on which he stands above the energy field, the zeppelin begins moving the MC's chain until he hovers directly above the Repliforcers, though out of their reach. "I really hope we've got a picture of this up on the monitors; hahah! Oh, that's a little too Marv Albert right there!"

Glyde Loath has disconnected.

Tron Bonne smiles at the nod from Glyde. Tron then nods to the Security Reploid. "Accepted." Tron then turns her head, her emerald eyes intent on the VIP Box even as the battle continues down below... the Servbots continue to 'Ooooo!' and 'Aaaahhh!' along with the crowd in the fight, the noise of it and the mass of bodies and wall of sound almost deafening. Tron then, at Dust's words, looks to him and smiles. "Sure, Dust. Ask away." Tron then looks out to the arena and /winces/ at the clash of Beauty and The Beast.

Red Tide's song stops as soon as the jazz band starts; given she was making it up on the spot, the addition of actual music only serves to confuse her tune. As Silver Mane rushes at her, she braces herself for the impact, hands covering her face.

The attack knocks her back, claws tearing at the thicker layer of gel that surrounds her, the sheer force of the impact knocking her on her back. Her taloned hands rise - but only to cover her face and ribs from the worst of the raking blades, the rest opening gaps in her paraplasm and sending red and pink acid spurting before they close. She doesn't make any move to defend herself other then this, but her voice calls out, "Do you see? This is not necessary! Vile is forcing you to do this. You should stop him; there is no reason, purpose, or enjoyment in fighting me! I will help you!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I got it!"

Firestorm Phoenix shrugs, "Perhaps, though I'm not particularly interested in the blood sports being displayed right now. I'm more interested in the actual combat. One can learn a lot by watching others fight."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Let's capture a couple of them and put them on public display."

Glyde Loath has connected.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Capture who?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I dunno. A couple Mavericks."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "We'll put them on trial or something."

Chill Snowcat's tail twitches, he REALLY wants to get in there and stop this. But how? The feline looks at the forcefields and who is present, growing more agitated by this display.

Synth makes her way up through the crowd, emerging from the main mass of spectators and looking about. Part of her backpack breaks open, and a small scanner emerges, which Synth looks at as she looks around the upper portion of the crowd.

Dust Man sighs at the acid sprays from the Pit, and looks at Tron. "ummmm... I was wondering if you could help me out in learning to drive... Cause it gets kinda frustrating not being able to make my own pickups."

Ice Man looks on. "Good thing I bet on the horse....that chick's dead meat."

Magic Man slowly begins to frown as it becomes clear that "Beauty" has no intention of defending herself. "Well. This is a disappointment."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Well, I dunno, there sure are a lot of bad types about looks like from just the monitor screens. I'd wait to capture them until they exited the arena and were alone and off-guard."

Spiral Pegasus finishes whatever he was working on. There's a faint, but very sinister smile on his face as he folds up the magazine and stuffs it in subspace somewhere. At which point, the smile grows even more sinister and he pulls something out of subspace. A crumbled, yet still non-moldy and intact, bundt cake. He holds it up to whoever has the misfortune to the non-Lily / Ray side of him. "Cake?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "That's what I mea."
Archer Colossus meanwhile turns off his radio at the drivel. Radio silence is paramount. As Red makes her speech, his section of the crowd begins to boo. In fact, his row begins throwing E-tank cans at the barrier in disgust, hissing noisily.

Glyde Loath reaches across the bench, grabbing one of the squawking Birdbots by the beak. A few spoken words, and the 'bot flaps off grumpily, the others trailing behind him. Glyde dusts his hands off, attention straying to the fight in the ring for a moment. Momma mia.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "I don't mean capture them right now. I mean, we jump one or two of them when they're alone, capture them, hold 'em somewhere that they can't get, and then we'll put them on trial."

Pirate Man nods to Magic, "Aye, but its still a good show. Even if only one is fighting. They can always toss another challenger in there later."

Shyster has left.

Iris continues to look on in growing horror, especially now that Red Tide isn't even trying to defend herself.

Morph Moth hmms, and rubs an antenna thoughtfully, "Perhaps, but there doesn't seem to be much of a strategy or anything to the way that the Silvery Repliforcer is using. I prefer my combat to utilize as many tactics as possible to draw and utilize as many of the advantages that I posses."

Tron Bonne softly relays a few orders into her wristunit, looking to Glyde as he orders a Birdbot off, then smiles to herself as she presses a single button on her wristunit. They'll be ready. Tron then looks to Dust, and nods. "Sure, Dust. I'll work on it later when we get home." Tron then looks back to the battle, and frowns at Silver Mane and Red Tide, the latter of which isn't fighting, but trying to reach Mane's Mind. Curious. Most Curious.

Metal Man chears on the monster that was once known as Silvermane and yells. "COME ON RIP THAT REPLIFORCE WENCH TO SCRAP!" He then calls out. "COME ON YOU WORTHLESS FORCER PUT UP A FIGHT! I PAID TO GET IN HERE! I WANT MY MONEY's WORTH!" Yup the ego is on loud mough mode tonight.

Hearing his hated master's name, the omnstrosity that's attacking Red Tide immediately pulls up from his inital attack on her. His optics easily encase the entire stadium in one fell swoop, turning unti his optics are staring up at the VIP box Vile is sitting in. Somehow, through all of this distance, he can feel the presence of his tormentor, his name being enough to set Silver Mane on his path. Immediately, the mostrosity leaps off of his fellow Repliforcer and leaps up through the air to slam against the energy barrier that separates the stands from the pit below. Ignoring any damage he may be causing to himself, Silver Mane throws himself into the energy shielding, his body slamming full force, only to drop the the ground on all fours and whirl around. Almost too fast for people to see, Silver Mane races across the lngth of the arena, bouncing off the far wall to add and increase his momentum, and once again make a massive leap at the energy shielding that protects the Maverick General, slamming into it, causing a rather large sound once more with the impact, dropping down to the arena floor on all fours.

Magic Man says, "True. The "Beast" is certainly show enough, especially if we can find someone with some will to live to throw in against it..."

Gemini Man says, idly, "We're careful. ...Careful about what?" he then asks, eyes turning back to the fascinating, one-sided slaughter below.

Sewa shakes her head, " on your guard, okay? Something might happen. They tend during things like this.", she smiles, "I'll keep an eye out."

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Sewa.
Iris sends a radio transmission.
Sewa receives a radio transmission.

Vile leans forward and steeples his fingers over one another as he observes the...display by Silver Mane. "No..." he states firmly, reaching down and lightly touching a button on a small device in his hands, calmly observing the reploid's attempts to get at him. "...your rage need not be focussed. Return to the blind fury of before..." With that, his finger depresses the button, keyed into a frequency on the collar around Mane's neck.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Dang, how the heck are we going to rescue them like this? forcefields in place about the arena and hundreds of badguys ringed all about!"

Looking anything but amused at the activity below Sarah sighs softly and shakes her head slowly. This is almost too sickening to watch and yet she is almost drawn to it. Yet her eyes catch the towering form of Sigma approaching towards her. Looking frantically around her she mutters slightly annoyed before before she finally forces herself to calm down. Peers towards Sigma the youngest ninja tries to pay the Emperor no heed, yet it is something she could not do. "Enlightening? I think not..." She grumbles more to herself then to Sigma. "I take it you actually sponsor this? Isn't this against your beliefs that youhave soo stated before? Reploids rights and all? But I am sorry but correct me if I am wrong but isn't these actions showing you are no better then the humans that oppressed you?"

Spiral Pegasus's offer of free cake is turned down, he shakes his head sadly and puts it away. "Ah well, your loss." Taking another quick stock of the situation on the floor, the pinto turns to his partners in crime and waves two fingers towards said floor. "Get ready."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "A distraction of some kind?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Explosives/"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Forcefield can be overloaded."

Gemini Man ignores the warning, shouting at the monster in the arena: "You'll never get to him that way, kill the girl FIRST!!"

Synth smiles, and suddenly walks quickly across the rows as she catches one last transmission. Coming to a stop in front of a cloaked figure, she smiles very politely. "Hello, Miss," she says politely, sitting down on the seat next to Iris. "You know, these really arn't very good seats... I could take you to some better ones, if you like?" she adds with a sweet smile.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "A couple of us assault another part of the city to draw them out? I dunno. I've never had a situation like this before."

A faint, quickly stifled squeak of horror sounds out from about a foot above Spiral's head as Mane mauls Red Tide, practically in half. A faint shuffle of delicate wings, the hidden Shinobi does a tapdance like dance atop the Pegacion's head as Mane lunges for the Maverick General. .oO(If he got through, that'd make our job so much easier.)
You paged Vile with 'If I send Shinobi to look around for something that powers the generator of the barrier, would she find anything?'.
Iris balks nervously, as Synth suddenly sits down next to her. What can she do?? Not much, at this point. Realizing the Master femme likely heard Jet calling her, she sighs inwardly. "What is it you want?" she asks.

Centaur Man merely smiles, watching, and pondering. He doesn't care who wins, just as long as one scum repliforcer looses in the fight today. Seizui yawns, but stays awake, watching the fight with catlike curiosity.

Synth sends a radio transmission.

Ice Man starts shouting too. "HEY! I'VE GOT MONEY ON THIS FIGHT! SO FIGHT ALREADY!"

Red Tide gets to her feet, one organelle halfway hanging out of the paraplasm, trailing an uncoiled...something behind it. She is wobbly; some scores on the silicate bone of her skeleton are visible, three ribs snapped and floating in the paraplasm, her left knee wrenched out of its ball socket and giving her an odd gait. But true to her promise, she slowly starts to lurch toward the section of the barrier Silver Mane is attacking, releasing a spray of acid from her forearms at it. Her eyes are gray, now, bright once again.

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Sigma folds his arms across his chest as he leans back, a chuckle echoing from his depths, "Hardly, child. My General sponsors these games, not I. I merely uphold the principles of this city - free passage for our race and its allies. I come tonight out of strict curiousity rather than the perverse bloodlust that the humans and some of my brethern crave." Returning his gaze entirely to the match, he allows his smirk to fade back into a neutral line, "To us, human, you are like that Repliforce member there. Twisted, primal and violent. You destroy everything you see. Such is why you must be eradicated." He trails off for a bit and then waves a dismissive hand, "Ah, but I have not come to preach to you. I have taken this time to observe and observe I shall."

Firestorm Phoenix nods to Morph, "true, but like I said, I'm not interested in the spectacle taking place right now."

Archer Colossus shrugs, and continues to watch, deep in thought, considering the actions of the participants, his chances at his own plans...and whether they'll end up compromised.

Sewa frowns slightly. So many interceptors. She should've warned Iris earlier but, well, it wouldn't have helped matters. She doesn't comment on Gemini's statement. But, well, maybe she'll get what she sent to her.

Chill Snowcat bristles and his own claws extend as he sees the poor repliforcer being openly tormented. The shouting of the masters makes him grow more annoyed. He sees a half opened soda can on the ground by him and flicks it to hopefully hit ice man in the head.

Glyde Loath watches the fight wide-eyed while the Birdbots do his bidding. "" He didn't know who the fighters were, especially the thing out of a biology textbook. Why did he even come here? Ick.

As the collar around his neck is suddenly activated, the monstrosity lets out an immense roar of pain, dropping immediately to the ground, his form changing wildly , though all of his forms are nightmarish in shape. Helpless to avoid any incoming danger, the acid easily splashes over him, burning its way into his armor, causing Silver Mane another roar of pain as it eats away at his liquid metal body. The pain now fresh from his opponent, he once more whirls up to his feet and launches himself off the back wall at Red Tide once more, his claws reforming themsevles into two deadly scythes as he slices them through the air at her.

Morph Moth responds in like, "Neither am I, I find it quite a bit distasteful actually. This is not... normal combat. I suppose I am just here to fulfill my curiosity in the end. It is a big event after all and even being broadcasted. The masters do seem to be getting quite into it. Speaks volumes about their mindsets." A roll of his mothy optics as he quietly makes that last statement.

Spike Rosered has left.

Tron Bonne watches the fight with a look of some horror and some disgust. Enjoying this? Nope. The Servbots are only because they don't realize what is really going on, and being out in public like this is a rare treat for them. Tron watches Silver Man attack the VIP Box, frowning softly at the figure just within it. Oh yeah... she and Glyde will fix his wagon. The Security Droid has all ready moved away, and has relayed the information to the Announcer and Vile. "I... agree, Glyde. I agree."

Mr. Tommis Tomoe has arrived.

Synth receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

Synth smiles very politely, and stands, offering Iris a faint bow and a hand up. "The VIP Box has much better seats, Miss Iris. If you wouldn't mind, I could escort you down there. I'm certain that there would be someone there who would just love your company for the evening." Her smile suggests that Iris doesn't have much of a choice in the matter.
Spike Rosered has arrived.

Kain has connected.

Dust Man comes to again. "Woah... This is a stronger brew than I thought..." He looks at the now extremely brutal mauling.

Psych Mosquito swings his body around the chain, now revolving rapidly around it. "Well, folks, there you go. A little acid therapy and our games are back on! Nasty little thing; settles everything with violence. And look at that! Blade arms and all. I wish I could do that."

Flare Feline can't hide a snarl anymore, but tries to keep it low oO(I can't watch this anymore, I need to think of something...) He doesn't look at all happy, and quite frustrated, at not being able to think of anything.

Vile releases his finger from the button a moment later as Silver Mane 'reorients' himself to the correct target. "Excellent." He states then with a slow nod. "A simple push in the right direction, and he returns to that which was meant for him. The perfect machine...a little guidance and he does as desired." He trails off then and tilts his head to the side to listen in to the reports of a droid that comes up next to him, relaying it's transmission of an accepted proposition. "Excellent." He states again, straightening and making a point to lean back in his seat.

Iris ....has no choice in the matter, and she knows it, too. Caught!! How humiliating. With a sigh, and with nowhere else to go, Iris gets up to follow Synth reluctantly.

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Kain transforms to Overload Gargoyle.

Red Tide had not been aiming at Silver Mane, but injured as she is, it was all she could do to stay /up/ during the attack. Falling backward with a thud after releasing the twin gouts, she does not even try to cover herself this time from the sickles; it's hard to tell if she even sees them coming. Both hit solidly - and the already damaged knee is severed, acidic paraplasm spilling out onto the ground. A muffled growl, but that's all. "I am nothing! You should not fight me - he is causing you pain! I will not harm you on purpose - you do not know what you are doing!" Her leg slowly starts to form into a sealed-over stub, so that her flesh does not /all/ fall out onto the ground, but there's a good deal of the acidic goo on the floor along with the odd floating organelle.

*PLINK* Ice is beaned in the back of the head by something, which bounces off and lands in the lap of the guy in front of him. The soda spils into the guys lap, who, btw, is quite unhappy right now. Ice points up in the direction of the throw and states that age old line. "HE DID IT!"

Feeling engrossed by the events unfolding down below Sarah focuses more on the Emperior beside her before rolling her eyes. "Twisted, primal and violent? Hmm, perhaps...perhaps there is abit of that in all of us when we get down to it. We are all those things but we are much more then that. Just like your Reploids that follow you loyally humans do have a good traits as well. We are caring, compassionate, and showing both hate and love. What springs from hate is also sprung from love. As for destroying everything we see...we do destroy but we also rebuild and try to make amends.

Gemini Man taunts the combatants out from the crowd. "Faster, pussycat! KILL! KILL!"

Sewa blinks and glances towards Gemini, "Er. ... You're really into this.", she says awkwardly.

Synth turns and looks at Iris for a moment, and leans over next to her.
Stealth Nekojin puts one hand on Flare's on the seatrest, a mild form of restraint at best, but tapping lightly on the back of his hand in a seemingly random fashion as she continues to watch in utter silence, not even her ears moving anymore...

Metal Man yells over the din. "GO FOR THE KILL! I got money that says that forcer is going to be scrapped!"

Pinpoint Crow remains in his seat, sitting back and watching intently. He idly flips a armor piercing bullet over in his fingers, much in the same way one would do with a coin. He raises his eyes up to the VIP box and spots Vile as the 'Beast' seems to have a problem. With a smirk he looks back down to the fight, still toying with the bullet.

MC Skeleton drops his grip on the chain and catches it inversely, flipping himself upside-down on the chain and submitting the combatants below to the strobing lights eminating from his shoulders. "And Beauty's still playing the pity game here! Won't fight back for her own life; I've gotta toss out my condolences to anybody who placed bets on her, because she doesn't seem ahead tonight!"

Magic Man snickers softly as the Beauty accidently attacks the Beast. Probably the only attack she'll make, it sense of self preservation at all. Alas. ..For her, at least. He could care less. The magician leans back, beginning to shuffle a deck of cards that appear in his hands.

Firestorm Phoenix nods, to Morph, "Same here, I'm mostly here for the grand opening, but perhaps this place with occassially yield some entertainment."

Archer Colossus calmly stares daggers at the pit proper, watching rather raptly. It's one hell of a scene...and frankly, he can't convince himself to do much other than watch right now, at least.

Shinobi Pixie begins to pace around on Spiral's head, most agitated. At least her stealth systems are still working perfectly, even if her mind isn't. She hates this, watching people fight. She'd -met- Red Tide, too, and now.. now.. It's a good thing she's cloaked. Ninjas aren't supposed to cry.

Chill Snowcat hisses as the fight continues ot be rather one sided and is occuring at all. Now Gemini is being too mouthy. He finds a half eaten ice cream cone and flings it his way with his tail. Let's try not to be TOO obvious now. But he has to do SOMETHING....even if it is just hit masters with trash.

Spiral Pegasus shakes his head, rubbing the spot between his eyes. "One's leaking acid, the other's programmed murder death kill." Mentally, plan A starts to reconfigure itself into plan B, however that will work. The tromping on his skull has the pinto start up a soft breeze to disguise the tromping his bish hair is taking.

Silver Mane roars and literally tears into Red Tide, his razor claws ripping into the protoplasmic armor that surrounds her, tearing out bits and pieces of it as his movements become entirely too fast and violent to see clearly by the naked eye. However, red acid and protoplasm gushes from each vicious swipe and bite as the monstrosity looms over Red Tide, doing his best to tear her apart..

Flare Feline grasps the side of his seat, as he watches the show down below. Lily's message does nothing to calm him, just add to his frustration. As Red is shredded before them, Flare starts to reach a breaking point. They came to rescue two of their own, not just one. oO(But WHAT can we DO??)

"And such is why you created us," replies Sigma calmly, "To make amends for your mistakes, you build a superior race. A race that has learned from your mistakes." He smirks lightly, "I give humanity create for having the wisdom to create me and my brethren, human. But I shall grant them no further compliment than this." Arching a brow at the battle, he leans forward and unfolds his arms. One of the appendages drapes over his leg casually as he watches, "Most intriguing. Vile's ability to utterly destroy one's mind is most fascinating. Don't you agree, child? It's a remarkable talent."

Overload Gargoyle steps into view. //*You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Cautious is the key. *// Taking a close look around, The Strider-Disguised-As-A-Gargoyle-Reploid spots Sarah... And Sigma. //*Not good..*// He hurries over there.

Stealth Nekojin continues to watch, mind racing silently behind unblinking eyes. Plan A melts into Plan C through X, all the details in the arena being taken in and formulating slowly as she does her level best to keep Flare from leaping up and exposing himself...

Metal Man lets out a laugh of glee as Silver Man starts to ripp Red Tide to shreds. "YA! Now that's more like it! COME ON KILL THAT WENCH! Make her suffer and die!!" Metal Man makes it obvious he has no love for the repliforce at all and just loves the fact that one Repliforcer is ripping another to shreds. He has not seen something this good since Snake Man had tricked a crazed Frost Walrus into attacking some of his own.

Sewa receives a radio transmission.

MC Skeleton begins to spin around the chain again, this time upside-down. "Now it's getting messy, folks! I want to hear you out there! Let's get those hands together and see if we can get some more blood out down here! C'mon!" He begins to applaud, though awkwardly as he still holds his microphone.

Red Tide, sprawled on her back, doesn't move at all. She doesn't do so much as raise one of her arms to block the worst of it; ribbons of reddish gel come in strings along Silver's claws, every so often with an organelle - or more likely, part of one - attached. "I will not fi - " Whatever she was going to say is silenced as one of the claws rakes through her throat, shredding the usual speech synthesizer she uses. Her eyes are fading, now; not to any colour. Just off. But after a moment, a voice comes again; not her usual one, a droning buzz formed by the vibration of her paraplasm rather then the synthesizer, completely emotionless and toneless. "I will not fight you," it says. "You are being twisted by Vile. I would kill him - but I cannot."

Archer Colossus meanwhile makes a mental note. oO(Thrash Gemini Man...again. Crucify Metal with arrows. Cream pie arrow helpless Metal. Steal Metal blade for a buzzsaw arrow. Do laundry. And try to figure out what the **** to do about this.)Oo

Magic Man takes his attention off the fight for a moment to raise an eyebrow at Metal Man. Goodness. He's...certainly getting into it. The magician, for his part, seems to have become bored with it all - the ferocity of the Beast is impressive, but there is no suspense here. No show. Just death.

Splut. Gemini Man is suddenly struck in the side of the face with... he pulls the tossed cone off his face, and glares into it... strawberry? His optics narrow as he scans the crowd to see who exactly threw that... and his eyes fall onto Chill Snowcat. "Hold this," he says to Sewa, handing her the dripping cone. And he passes her by in the stands, marching down toward the reploid, with intense anger in his eyes.

Synth sends a radio transmission to Sigma.
Sigma receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris sighs.

Morph Moth looks doubtful, "Perhaps...." he says noncommittaly. "At any rate, I need a refill of my drink. Excuse me a moment while I step outside to get some more." Rising to his feet, Morph steps out for a moment or two. Passing by some of the disguised Repliforcers as he does.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "Are you all right, Iris?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Not really, brother. I'm very sorry."

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Sigma sends a radio transmission to Synth.
Synth receives a radio transmission.

Dust Man winces at the sheer immense horror of the fight. He looks to Tron. "I'm leaving. I'll see you whenever I can not see this terror everytime I think of the Arena..." The Ducted One gets up to leave.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Colonel transmits, "What is going on? Where are you?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Do we know where in the world that place is yet?"

Synth sends a radio transmission.
Sigma receives a radio transmission from Synth.

Chill Snowcat frowns as he sees the poor repliforcer being torn apart and sees others getting tense. He has to do something and well....he does the only thing he can think of. LOUDLY he roars what would probably be a challenge in the feline world. Perhaps the monstrosity that was Silver would rather fight a rival male then a hapless female? Maybe it will work, he leaps from his spot and stands there after roaring trying to get the other cat's attention.

Sewa holds onto it, blinks, and then looks towards the source. Chill Snowcat, huh? ... She giggles softly, once more despite herself and flings it back to the cat. Then? She ducks under her seat.

Tron Bonne looks to Glyde, then to Dust, then back to the show before her. She leans back in her seat, frowning. She doesn't like this show one bit... and turning her head, she looks up and at the crowds... as she can't right then look at Mane tearing at the... whatever it is. A Liquid based Reploid is certainly interesting... but not that interesting. Frowning then, she spies a /very/ familiar figure, and gasps softly and huddles back down in her seat. Nope, Sigma isn't one she wants to encounter right now... though he seems entertained. Tron then erks again at the scene. "...This is... very disgusting." The Servbots, however, are in with the spirit of the crowd, cheering for the purpose of cheering, talking with the remaining Birdbots and eachother, and believing all is nice and happy in the world. Cute, deluded little creatures, arn't they?

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "I'm somewhere I really shouldn't have been in the first place, but it's...a little late to think about getting out now."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I've been watching the coverage, and I have an idea as how to break that forcefield."

Vile stands up at that point, his cloak billowing as he spreads both hands out to the sides, watching as Red Tide simply begins to start being rended to shreds in the next instant. Before long there's going to be nothing left...and Vile dosen't want that. At first he'd entertained the thought of letting her be killed...but suddenly new images begin to float through his mind, of a Red Tide as twisted and savaged as Silver Mane. Yes...all it would take is another month...

"ENOUGH." His voice echoes out in a long roll, as he vanishes from view, reappearing on the other side of the shielding, down on the edge of the pit.

"A winner of this match has been decided." He booms out once more, raising his right hand, clenched into a fist.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Has anybody seen old baldy around anyhow?"

Sigma sends a radio transmission to Synth.
Synth receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Tron Bonne nods to Dust, and reaches out to comfort him for a moment... then blinks at the voice of Vile coming over the stands. Tron frowns his way and narrows her eyes... then shakes her head slowly.

Synth gently grasps Iris by the elbow, and looks around for a moment, a faint smile on her face. And she looks at Iris. "Turn it off, if you would miss? I wouldn't want you to be distracted. Now if you would come with me..." She scans the crowd for a moment, and begins to make her way across the isles to where Sigma is seated.

Sarah Storm grumps softly and slides down in her seat, letting the constant complaining behind her be halted. Of course she still can't see what is going on, which is probably for the best. "You don't get it do you? We were wrong to create something too much like us, who can think on their own as well as share the same emotions. We weren't ready for the responsiblity and for that we failed. We played god and thought to oppress beings that we created with our own hands, forgetting that once we create life they too have rights." Her eyes raise towards the direction of the pit before scowling from behind her scarf. "And yet you anger because a human does the same thing but when your general does this to your own race you look away? I find it rather sickening to say the least. But then I am not going to preach to ya about it."

Gemini Man is still marching down the stands as the Snowcat is roaring. And when Snowcat finishes...there he is. He doesn't even look at the end of the fight, as fascinating as the slauther was to him, only a moment ago. "Meow?" he asks the cat, after his small show of power. And then, he swings a fist at the cat's jaw.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "...Oh, he's here."

Glyde Loath forces himself to watch the brutality, frowning uneasily. He almost looks relieved when Vile finally calls an end to it, running fingers through his hair. "Almost time..."

Flare Feline snarls again, as the match is brought to a close. oO(Maybe... we can get a chance if they bring them out of the ring... we'll have to find some way to track them...)

The unseen pixie plops down onto Spiral's head now, sitting lotus style and watching in tense horror as Vile makes his pronouncement.

Psych Mosquito's shoulders seem to slump as the match is called prematurely. "Sounds like we're going to have to wait for our casualties, huh? Just be patient, everybody; we'll all have our corpses, but this match is called, and everybody who bet on Beauty, pay up!"

Sewa rolls out from under the seat almost as soon as she hears Sigma saying what's going on. Blink. Blink. She stands up and dusts herself off before jogging as fast as she can without running into anybody towards him, hopping every so often so she can get a good look at him and continue on her way towards him. Gotta get there ASAP after all.
Dust Man looks back, smiling faintly at Tron... "Maybe I'll stay..." He sits down again, murmuring, "I hope they get a medic out there. But they probably won't/

Iris is led down the stands by Synth. She's being quiet and compliant...not putting up a fuss, at any rate.

The monstrosity immediately pulls back from his current victim. The helplessness of his victim, coupled with the name of his most hated transgressor, and then the challenge from Chill Snowcat. The beast whirls around in the arena, his red optics flaring brightly as he issues back another challenge roar at Chill Snowcat loudly, his roar drowning out some of the cheering that's happening.

However, as Vile appears, Silver Mane's attention is once AGAIN distorted. The monstrosity whirls around to stare at the Maverick General. His optics reflect the hatred for his tormentor, his body bristling with spikes and other gory protrusions, protoplasm and acid dripping off of his silver body as he stares back at Vile. Ever so slowly, the beast stands up from all fours, raising itself up to its full 13 feet in height, looking down at the Maverick General with malevolence, but doesn't attack for some odd reason.

Red Tide's droning voice returns. Slow, weak. Behind it is a bubbling from something ruptured near her nucleus; something /does/ bubble inside of her, releasing chemicals designed to temporarily disable Reploid neural nets throughout the area close to her. "Fight - him - he has - hurt you - changed you - stop him - " Her voice is erratic, when it comes at all, and punctuated by long, sudden pauses.

Magic Man snorts as Vile finally speaks. "Finally. This was getting dull." The magician shakes his head. "As interesting as the matchup was, next time they should make sure both parties are interested in fighting."

Chill Snowcat takes the punch and is shut up for a moment, "You want ta see a maulin? -I- can show you a maulin and I ain't bein mind controlled like that poor guy is!" He himself leaps for gemini's gut with another roar, claws and teeth visible as the cat tries to maul Gemini.

"I think that's what you're doing, miss..." Overload Gargoyle notes briefly just behind Sarah. "And that's what you do not want to do." //*Espically in a place like this. Can't tell who could be friend or foe in this place other than Sarah..*// He does a quick transmission -- <Ease off, Sarah. Please.>

Archer Colossus meanwhile excuses himself from his 'group'. Destination? The bathroom. And if you believe that...I've got some scorched earth in Cuba to sell you. Real destination...anywhere out of sight.

The Force Leader glares as he receives a transmission from within the crowd. "Little scuffle to deal with." He mutters to Vile's benefit, before he simply tips himself over the railing backwards from the VIP box. Bass' dashjets ignite momentarily, sending him flying over the crowd and in the direction of Gemini Man and Chill Snowcat. He's angry. He's very, very angry.

Synth makes her way across the crowd, finally arriving in front of Sarah Storm and the Emperor of the Mavericks himself. She moves Iris so that she is more or less in front of the Emperor, and offers a bow to Sigma. "My Lord, it is an honor to meet you," she says, not groveling but still respectful. "As I promised you, your guest." And she turns, indicating Iris to the Emperor.

Spiral Pegasus spies the commotion over one the side, and whispers to Lily, "I think your own cat needs a leash. Oh, and get ready, gang. I think it's just about showtime."

Vile stands steadily as Silver Mane rears up, his right optic narrowed into a bare slit. "There is a winner of this match." He states clearly. "The beast has proven himself..." With that he flips the edge of his cloak back...and once again raises a device in his hands, pointing it towards Silver Mane. It's the same one that he used activate the collar.

"And now...the beast shall..submit." With that he depresses the button once more.


All that Vile gets is a sudden shower of sparks. ""

Spiral Pegasus coughs, stifling a snerk. "Made in Russia. Figures."

Gemini Man holds out his hand trying to fend the Snowcat off, and is set upon by teeth and claws tearing into him. He crashes back into a row of observers, right in the lap of a simian reploid, causing the observer to spill his drink onto the feline sitting next to him. Gemini growls under his breath, and dives right back toward Chill, trying to strangle him and smash him back. ...Soccer brawl, anyone?

Sigma chuckles as he closes his eyes, "Indeed, child. Perhaps you understand more than I gave you credit for. Your race was not capable of handling or respecting its creations. For this, it shall learn the hard way. We are not mere toys to be tampered with and controlled like puppets. Although, you seem to be the first to fully grasp the error of humanity's ways. Perhaps your race is not entirely lost, human, but it is too little too late. Nothing can reverse their fate. And as to my take on this battle, I merely allow Vile, and my brethren, to express the freedom that I wish for all Reploids. If they choose to participate and host these 'games', then I have no right to tell them no." Growing silent as Synth appears and presents Iris, he nods his head once and motions to an empty spot to his other side, "Good evening, iris. As I expected, you look less than amused. Come! Sit and forget this bloodshed for now. It is not for your eyes to behold."

Iris smirks behind her concealing robes at Synth, then moves to sit her little self down next to Sigma. "...Hi," she murmurs, peering out at Vile -- apparently, even the arrogant Maverick General has technical difficulties from time to time. And Sigma is right; Iris has been put in less than a pleasant mood from watching this carnage unfold. She just sits there unhappily, listening to Sigma talk a good talk at...Sarah, of all people.

Stealth Nekojin silently drops something on the floor. What appears to be a small puppy chirrups and vanishes into the woodwork, leaving behind only a hole under her chair. A faint, ghostly smirk passes along her face, before vanishing as she watches the 'play' unfold before her...

Sewa walks towards the conversation, pausing as she comes within visual range. She then slows her jog to a casual walk. Hum hum dee doo. Nothing special here, friends, she just walks and walks and acts completely normal yessss.s.... nothing abnormal...just..nooooormal... She's too busy concentrated on this to even notice that Vile buys cheap remotes.

Though it's a couple of rows away, Gemini's fight attracts Magic Man's attention. Not noticing Vile's technical difficulties, the magician rises with a murmured, "Excuse me," and begins to make his way towards the brawl.

The onstrosity that is Silver Mane slowly reaches up as both the remote and the collar spark. the monster grips the collar in one mighty paw and literally rips it off his neck. With a deep snarl, the Repliforcer whips the collar at Vile, growling deeply as words actually come out of his throat, "Your control over me is broken, Vile. No more! Now, you DIE!!" Silver Mane lets out this immense, pent-up roar, the air literally vibrating in front of the monstrous reploid as it washes over the Maverick General, the sonic waves beating at the Maverick's smaller body.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "Well."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Skyblade Eagle transmits, "At least now we don't need to rescue Silver Mane."

Flare Feline notices that Vile's remote goes kablooie. "This could get really bad really quick..." Just what they needed to complicate things.
MC Skeleton motions to the zeppelin above him to lower another chain, which it begins to do. In the meantime, he contorts his body in an acrobatic display until he has righted himself on the chain already lowered. "Just a little technical difficulty, folks, but it raises the question! What happens when you put an enraged, broken beast in an arena with a heavily-armored General? Let's find out! Place your bets!" He's probably going to get killed after this, but he is first and foremost a showman, and he's here to deliver a show.

Spiral Pegasus whispers: 'Arm the Flare Pulse. I'm arming the Wing Spiral. Pray they both work.'.

Synth smiles, and bows one last time to Sigma. "I hope you are satisfied, Emperor," she says quietly, and turns suddenly as the fight in the arena takes an unexpected turn.

Chill Snowcat gets put into a choke hold and uses his claws to try and pry the arm off him. He suddenly folds forward and tries to throw Gemini off him....and toward the forcefield.

Tron Bonne cannot help but smile right about now... though Mane may be free... Tron wonders for how long. And if he'll be able to smack Vile down before going down again. Oh well... Vile versus Silver Mane now. /THIS/ she will enjoy.

Dust Man eeps at the fight, and looks to Tron.

You paged Spiral Pegasus with 'Dandy... so what do you plan to do?'.
There's a flurry of tapping on Spiral's head, and a smell of ozone trickles down to tickle the pegacion's nose. A little voice murmurs something into his ear, and then giggles melodically.

At the sounds of rage from Mane, Archer turns in mid-step, and just looks utterly shocked. And so, the 'thug' stands in the midst of the stairway, watching, waiting, and listening. Least for the time being. So much for the usual plan. Time to improvise...maybe.

Ice Man woohoos at the fight, between yelling into his radio.

Synth sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Tron Bonne looks to Dust. "...Well... It /is/ an Arena. Guess the Ceasar got a bit too close to his Gladiators." Tron smirks, looking back out to the fight.

Glyde Loath stares at the arena, watching the beast just go nuts. Huh. How...interesting, yes. Glyde chortles, watching the Maverick get a taste of his own medicine.

Pinpoint Crow smirks as Vile's remote goes on the fritz, and then watches as Silver Mane goes in for the kill. He keeps flipping the bullet over in his fingers, not moving from his seat, knowing that Vile is more then capable of handling himself..

Red Tide struggles to push herself upright. "I - help - " Given her optics are off, the bubbling is worse then before, and her voice is almost gone, it's hard to tell what she's going to do. But then - she sticks her taloned hands inside herself, almost rummaging around in what's left of the paraplasm, pushing broken ribs out of the way and pulling one out. Putting her hands on a round sphere n ear the nucleus, she simply pulls it out - and squeezes.

The air around her starts to /stink/ with a chemical of some kind, the concentrated form of her temporary neural net arrester - knockout gas for Reploids. The air around her is tinged pink from the gas drifting over her form and slowly spreading out. And Red? She just tips over sideways, slowly, with a squishing sound as her paraplasm hits the floor.

Plum hasn't pose. Why should she? Normal member of the crowd.

Sarah Storm's eyes narrow just slightly as she glares at the Emperior. "Freedom? You have the right to speak of freedom when your freedom takes away others freedom? Yes we were wrong for our ways but we are slowly making ammends for our errors. I am all for you having freedom but not when it means destroying the human race or other reploids. What type of freedom is that? What kind of hypocritical cra..." Her voice dies down as she notices that she is no longer alone. Turning towards Kain she just shrugs apologentically before focusing on the new arrivals.

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Synth receives a radio transmission.

Overload Gargoyle starts to tense ever-so-slightly. //*...*// After speaking to Sarah, he bows to Sigma. "Greetings, Emperor." //*Gotta keep up the illusion and hope these villains are able to keep this under control.*// He smiles briefly. "I like how this event is turning out, or was turning out, Emperor."

Morph Moth comes back with his drink, but is unable to sit back down in his seat, due to the uproar that both the destruction of the device and the brawl going on nearby are causing within the crowd. o 0 (So much for an attempt at relaxing... What do I get? Utter chaos.) He headshakes.

Spiral Pegasus takes a moment to collect himself, then turns to Ray and Lily as well as the unseen voice that's continually messing his hair. "Alright, now is not the time to panic. I... have a cunning plan. On my mark, follow me and we'll -all- get out of here. Everybody." Implied wink wink nudge nudge.

Vile blinks his right optic again, then suddenly lances it into little more than a slit as he backpedals one step...the remote in his hand exploding into a sudden spray of shrapnel in the next instant.

"Argh...!" he breathes out as the sonic waves begin to roll over his form, lifting him up a moment later and driving him back, to flip end-over end under the sonic waves, landing on his back for a second...then starting to pull himself up to one knee once more, the cloak hanging from his shoulders in tattered shreds. "Gruh..." he starts.

Stealth Nekojin nods silently to Spiral, and sighs softly, blinking for the first time since this began.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Flare Feline glances at 'Ford' and shrugs. Not like he's thought of anything yet. This whole situation will likely become utterly chaotic in moments anyway.

Nuh-uh. The Force Leader swoops down, catching the flying Gemini Man neatly -- by the side of the helmet, where one's ear would be. His descent continues, dragging Gemini Man back down towards where Chill Snowcat is. Landing with a heavy thud, he slams the first piece of cargo down, before his other arm reaches out to grab ahold of the reported instigator, the Hunter, in a likewise ear-hold. "Now what did we tell you kids about starting trouble in public? Especially when you're such a PATHETIC GOOD GUY, ISN'T THAT RIGHT CHILLY?!" Yes, Bass is angry. That's been noted several times. "WELL GUESS WHAT? YOU'RE BOTH GETTING A TIME OUT!"

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Sewa blinks a couple times and then shrugs and continues on towards the Sigma, Iris, Synth, everybody. Now, however, she glances towards the fight and then blinks once before saying, "Um...Hello...", she pauses and then adds, "Er...Are you going to help him? Er...I mean...shouldn't someone?", she asks of Sigma. She pauses as she hears yelling. And more transmissions...and then... "Ergh...I think I'm going to stay clear from the future."

Synth sends a radio transmission.

Gemini Man starts to struggle in Bass' grasp, trying to kick away. He's panicking a little, and doesn't quite sound like his usual bad-attitude self. "I'm sorry! We're sorry! We'll be good! We'll be good!!!"

Iris sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Synth receives a radio transmission.

Silver Mane doesn't even give the Maverick Emperor a moment of rest. As Vile starts to pick himself up off the ground, Silver Mane is already upon him, oving even faster than he had before, seeming to simply reappear right as he slaps into the smaller Maverick, driving him to the ground again. If you thought what happened to Red Tide was furious, it's -NOTHING- compared to the blades, tears and in general blurred rending motions that happen now as Silver Mane unleashes -all- of his pent up rage on the Maverick General, keeping Vile pinned down against the ground with the furious and relentless attack of his claws and teetch, scoring deep marks and tearing small bit by bit of armor off of Vile..

Magic Man stops at the roar and slowly turns, eyes widened in surprise. Well. Maybe there was some room for the unexpected in this match after all. Forgetting the brawl, the magician stands there, watching Vile and the Beast...and blocking some poor fool's view. Well, several poor fools' views, actually...the magician is not small. He could care less, however, and ignores the angry mutters from those who he is inconveniencing.

Enker, who has been quiet and kept to himself for the past half hour, even while watching the start of a scuffle involving his own subordinate, suddenly rises to his feet the moment Bass' voice is heard. Briskly, he strides out of his row, and down towards the lower bleachers, where the brawl had been taking place. Clear disappointment mars his expression, and his scowl affixes itself firmly on his face. He rapidly approaches Bass, Gemini, and the likes.

Firestorm Phoenix frowns as the crowds seem to blocking Morph's movements. Shaking his head Firestorm just waits for the crowds to settle back down, they will soon enough.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

As the second chain descends, MC Skeleton leaps, flipping in the air, onto it, at a safe distance from the knockout gas. "It doesn't look like the General's doing all that well here! Where's security when you need it, huh? He's really being brutal here; I think I see a tendon!"

Iris sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

Plum munches on some popcorn... it looks like she brought it with her, too... not trusting /anyone/ here, nope.

Sigma addresses Iris at first, "I am truly sorry that you had to witness such chaos this evening, Iris." He diliberately pauses as Bass breaks the sound barrier several times with his shouts and then frowns, "And I fear that it has not ended quite yet. Now... Since you have not been here, I'm sure you don't wish to remain in the dark." He motions to the shrouded Sarah, "This human and I have been discussing - ethics. She is quite the enlightened one, for a member of the human race." Then Sewa gains his attention, "Ah, Sewa. Good evening. Mm? ...Help? That won't be necessary, my child. You know as well as I that Vile can take care of himself. He would not be my General otherwise. I'm sure he'll grant the hero his valiant charge before the beast gets butchered just as valiantly." Smirking, he twists his visage to Sarah, "Humanity's freedom is stripped away in a manner not unlike how they stripped our own. They reap what they sow."

Red Tide appears completely deactivated. Even the bubbling before - well, with one last, much larger bubble, has stopped. She's completely still.

And the Servbots are chanting and cheering on Silver Mane! Look! The Servbot Wave!

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Dust Man looks back down, frouns, and hands Tron 40 zenny. "Aww, fooey."

Centaur Man has disconnected.

Archer Colossus meanwhile moves aside to let Enker pass, and ends up not too far from one of the groups of chatters. Nudging a random close person, he asides in his 'thug' drawl. "Sheeeeet. This mug's crazy. That crazy boy's gone all off. Daaaaaaaayyyumn." And other lovely interjections, as he sips an E-tank.

Tron Bonne declines the Zenny, smiling to Dust and winks. "I don't take money from friends." Tron then looks to the battle once more, inwardly cheering on Silver Man or 'The Beast', herself.

After a brief moment of silence, Sigma further states without looking behind him, "You may remove your poorly constructed disguise and relax yourself, human. I have no desire for violence tonight."

Chill Snowcat YELPS as his ear is caught in a hand hold. He squeaks out loudly, "HE HIT ME FIRST! I WAS JUST WATCHIN THE FIGHT!!"

Metal Man is saying something into his radio and apprently not happy about it.

Iris just sits with Sigma...she's become his companion for the evening, apparently. This is what she gets for sneaking into an event like this! She shakes her head slowly at the arena's rather tragic, in her estimation.

Pirate Man receives a radio transmission.
Iris sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (D) Public] Dust Man transmits, "I certainly hope you mooks out there can repair little miss Viris out there. She seems to be melting."

Iris receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Iris sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

[Radio: (D) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Yes, we know how to tend to her wounds. We're not savages."

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Vile all but seems to disappear under Silver Mane's much larger form, put on his back and raising one hand to try and shield himself as the claws dig into his form like wicked razors. His forearm gauntlet disappears in an explosion of sparks and bolts ripped free, as if they were little more than cheap plastic iminations holding the armor in place. The claws rip into his torso armor a moment later, ripping apart shreds where they pass, and even shredding apart one section of his left shoulder guard. One of the claws then makes contact with his helmet, a sudden *SHHRRRRK* emitting out in an explosion of sparks, leaving a long, scoring tear that drapes down the right side of said helmet. A tuft of blonde hair suddenly drops out from the crack, hanging free...but the audience gets no look at Vile's face however, as the helmet still remains whole.

And through the brutality, one armored foot rises up, bracing itself against Silver Mane's stomach, finding purchase. "You are savage.." he grunts out. "...but still...INFERIOR!" With that, his right leg suddenly SLAMS forward in an amazing show of force, kicking the reploid off, despite Mane being three times his own size and weight.

"You are a masterpiece to me..." Vile stats then, his voice rasping more than normal as he tilts up, flipping his feet to land in a combat crouch. Another shower of sparks emitting from his helmet...though he seems to ignore it. "Once you have properly recovered..." he breathes out, form shifting slightly with heavy 'breaths'. In the next instant, a loud click issues out as the cylinder on his left shoulder lifts into place, dropping down in the next instant and pointing straight at Silver Mane's form...not even giving him a respite. "....we will work...on OBEDIENCE!"

With that, the Vile Cannon unleashes in a sudden deafening discharge, the very air around himself being blasted in a rolling shockwave as the weapon kicks back in a massive recoil, enough to cause his entire form to turn and jerk with the kickback. The discharge of energy released crackles like a demon unleashed as it sizzles its way through the air towards Silver Mane's body.

Overload Gargoyle *BLINKS* at Sigma. He starts to give that 'I have no idea what you're talking about' expression but halts. With a brief sigh, and a hiss... Kain steps away from the Armor-like Reploid. He briefly grants Sigma a nod. //*I wonder... How did he know?*// He shrugs briefly before securing the Cipher. Sigma might not want blood to spill, but Kain is taking no chances. Espically in a city like this.

Dragging both up onto their tip-toes, the Force Leader gives them a good shaking. "TOO BAD! YOU KNOW THE RULES!" With that, Bass starts off towards the exit, dragging both by the ear.

Kain transforms to Kain.

Ignoring everyone around her the young girl turns swiftly towards Sigma and leaps to her feet. "And who grants you the right for who lives and who dies? Who gives you the right to play god? You hate your oppressors and yet you show you are no better then they are. You hate the whip but brandish it on others? Serious that is messed up!" She immediately silences herself as she hears Sigma's words to Kain. "..." Man she is glad she didn't use that disguise.

Gemini Man enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
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Bass enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
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Chill Snowcat enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
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Flare Feline gives a side glance to Spiral, and whispers to him.
You whisper, "So what do we do?" to Spiral Pegasus and Spiral Pegasus.

Sewa blinks a couple times and then nods slowly, " you say so...I guess.", she winces slightly, "Um ... I really -do- hope he's with hi...I guess...Though that'd be, um, mean...", she pauses, "Seems like he's starting to .. um .. fight back. I hope Gemini's okay too...", she then looks up and stares. ... Kain? ... ... Oh god. "Um ... Hi.", she says lamely. Everything happening at once BRAIN FREEZE AHHHH!!

Glyde Loath winces as he watches the byplay out in the arena. -Completely- ignoring the brawl somewhere else in the audience. Hey, it's a big stadium. "Sure glad that's not me in there..."
Unfortunetely, the Golden One arrives on the scene seconds too late, missing his chance to intercept Bass. He watches the trio depart, annoyance very gradually fading from Enker's face. His hands curl into tight fists, then loosen. Not one to chance the Force Leader through a crowd of jeering spectatoring, the Elite loosens his posture slightly, in an attempt to relax.

MC Skeleton begins leaping constantly between the two chains. "And the Vile Cannon rears its head, people! A sudden comeback from the Maverick General, and he'd better hope that he doesn't break anything important here! Speaking of which, we'd like to thank Metal Graveyard Mechanics for providing repair work for all those who venture forth from the Sheol Pit! Die on our watch and serve as scrap metal for your next-of-kin's choice of charities! Also, we'd like to thank our sponsors at Good-time Old-fashioned Ice Creams, Inc.! Ice cream the way it was meant to be made."

Tron Bonne nods to Glyde. "I agree... ...unless..." Tron dismisses that thought, then shrugs it away, looking at Vile. Tron then looks up as a message comes in, then looks to Glyde and nods to him, leaning in to whisper softly.

Dust Man sends a radio transmission.
Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission from Dust Man.

Glyde Loath blinks? and looks at Tron, glad for the distraction. He taps one of his earpieces and nods, whispering back.

Spiral Pegasus stands up as the battle rages. "I didn't know Vile had hair." As the Vile cannon charges, the pinto slaps a hand over his eyes. "This is going to hur - er - Graveyard Mechanics? Repair?" The lightbulb goes off over Spiral's head, nearly knocking Shinobi over. "Alright, gang, time to go. Follow me."

"And yet, your species is the losing race. The dying breed," relates Sigma calmly, "You only condemn me because you are losing this war. Were you the victors, then every ounce of your righteousness would be marred and tainted by a similiar hypocrisy. You fail to realize, child, that the strong make the world what it is. For all of time, humanity has reigned supreme. Now we, the next rung in the evolutionary ladder, take its place." He then motions back to the seat, "Now, do be silent and sit down. You're making a fool of yourself, which certainly isn't helping your species' image any in this city." Smirking, he returns his gaze to the fight, utterly ignoring Kain. He ruined the Strider's disguise and that seems to leave him perfectly content, "And calm yourself, Sewa. As you can see, Vile has the situation well in hand."

Silver Mane gets catapulted back off of Vile as the foot slams into his solar plexus, sending him up in the air to land solidly on the ground on his back. He catches a quick whiff of the pink air and coughs violently, the silver of his mouth immediately sealing closed, leaving him as a completely airtight unit, completely unneedingly processing the air around him. With a smooth, quick move, Silver Mane managed to vault back to his feet as well, his body returning to its original, familiar Repliforcer shape as he lands on the floor of the Arena.

However, without a moment to act, the Vile Cannon's blast literally rips through the air and slams into Silver mane full force, picking the Repliforcer's body up off the ground and hurtling him backwards, only to come to an immediate and -violent- halt at the back wall of the arena. As the blast washes over him, slamming him into the arena wall sides, Silver Mane drops down to the ground limply..

...but only for a moment. His whole body smoking and charred from the explosion and force of the impact, Silver Mane slowly picks himself up off the ground again, pulling himself up to his two feet, glaring hatred across the Arena at Vile, "It will take -MUCH- more than that to -ever- fully break me, Vile. I will -NEVER- submit to you! NEVER!" The last word comes out as a roar, drowning out all other words and noises around the arena as Silver Mane's vocal circuits drastically amplify the word, reverberating off of the arena seats and walls.

Flare Feline looks over at Spiral, maybe they'll accomplish something after all. To the Mystery Mobile! Er... wait,... they're not Scooby Doo and the gang, it's a different Gang. Right. He nods at 'Ford', looks to 'Lily' and nod again, let's get to it.

The chemical Red emitted was never meant to be used as a gas. She usually injects it. As a result, the pink cloud is diffusing rapidly, spreading across the ground and fading away, with her fallen form as the centre of the circle.

Synth smiles faintly at the barrage of strong words and forceful threats being tossed around, still standing by Sigma and his small group - not having had the mind to actually move yet. "How fascinating... how very fascinating..." she says, her attention rapt, her eyes closed as she almost drinks in the chaos about.

Shinobi Pixie squeaks a little, lost to the din of the crowd and Mane's feral snarl, as Spiral shuffles about. Wings and arms pinwheeling to keep her balance, there's a little tap on Spiral's head, like an eager pony willing to trot. .oO(Yes! Let's go! Hi-ho horsey, awaaaay!)

Magic Man smiles faintly as he watches the action in the arena. The unexpected. That is what makes a good show - surprise, tension. Though the beginning was soft, the magician would have to give this a rave review now. The vicious toy turned against his master, and /still standing/ despite it... He leans against the railing, looking down on the action with a slight smile.

Spiral Pegasus is Spiral Pegasus, not Silver Horse!

Vile narrows his right optic into the barest slit at this, now standing tall, his armor still hanging about him in faint shreds...but the Maverick General still quite active.

"You suprise me and dissapoint me. However I tire of words that you clung to initially. These too shall disappear, as your words did before. It only takes time...time which I have by the boatloads now."

With that, the Vile Cannon charges again, loading a series of glowing spheres into it's chamber and drawing a direct bead. "Fall and be done with you. This match is over...and there is another to tend to now. Remove him and the other from the pit for repairs and reinternment in their cells." The last order is given to a series of droids that begin to step forward towards Silver Mane, even as the Vile Cannon speaks once, twice, then three times in succession to finish the job.


Sewa sits down on the floor and nods slowly, " I'm sorry for being so nervous. I can't really help it...Um...Sorry.", she reddens and looks down.

As Mane rises, the entire group of forty servbots leaps up and begins to cheer wildly in high-pitched falsettoes that are hard to miss. 'Yay! Yay! Get 'em!' 'Yeah! Go Mister Beast!'

Dust Man looks to Tron. "I'll be right back, Miss Tron. Someone needs a hug, I think..." He gets up, and slowly makes his way over to where Sewa sits, near the VIPs.

Glyde Loath shakes his head, covering his mouth as he watches Vile paste Silver Mane. With a glare, he says one last thing to Tron before standing up, working his way past the silly little Servbots.

MC Skeleton begins almost convulsing in rallying the crowd, drowned out by Silver Mane's scream. By the time Vile fires off the Vile Cannon thrice more and the MC is audible again, he has reduced himself to barking out inarticulate rallying grunts and pumping a fist in the air ala Arsenio. To him, it doesn't matter for whom the crowd is rooting as long as the crowd is rooting.

Kain doesn't fumes. At least not outwardly. He just fumes mentally. //*Caught off guard like a Trainee...*// He shakes his head. He listens to Sigma's words for a while, then looks out to the Arena. "I've read history books, Sigma. I do believe Hitler said the same thing." He glances over to where Bass is 'talking' to Gemini and Chill... "He failed, of course. Just something to think about, as maybe the Reploid Revolution will come about with Words instead of Firepower. Or it may not. The future is uncertain, Sigma. What could be the next evolution step, could be as easily as 'gone' like a piece of paper being burned."

Tron Bonne nods to Dust... agreeing softly. Tron then looks to Glyde, and nods to him. Tron intends to wait right in her own seat for her time. Tron then frowns as Vile unleashes his power upon 'The Beast'. Ther Servbots, upon seeing this, stop and pout softly... then sit down giving high pitch 'BOOS!' and soft 'awwwws...' Tron shakes her head. "Well... ...quite the show."

Definitely time for some action. And since nobody's watching him...Archer slinks off to the back of the stadium...where he can swap clothes. But...naw. This ain't his game, not his play, and frankly, he's got an Octopus to speak with. Future bout to schedule...maybe. There's a certain Master he wouldn't mind breaking. But that's for another day. And so, he disappears through the doors to the lobby.

Silver mane manages to drop to the ground, flattening his massive form on the Arena floor as the back wall explodes above him, completely enveloping the Repliforcer in a shower of dust, dirt and metal as the Arena wall behind him is torn asunder by Vile's cannon blast.

The second sphere disappears into the cloud of dirt and dust to impact on the back wall of the Arena again, creating a massive explosion of fire and raw energy as Silver Mane appears from it, his optics bright as the flames and the explosion wave rock him forward, causing him to stumble forward, his claws dragging on the Arena floor, which lines him up for..

The thrid shot by Vile's cannon takes Silver Mane fully in the chest, slamming him backwards into the cloud of fire and black smoke, making him disappear as the third earth-shaking explosion is heard. When the smoke, flame and dust disappears, Silver Mane's form can be seen, face down on the Arena floor, motionless. That's when the servobots go to clean him and Red Tide up, hauling the both of them below.
Spiral Pegasus has already ventured to the nearest exit, asking the surly attendant the way to the repair shop. "We're from a parts supplier, we'd like to see if Graveyard would be interested in our wares." The attendant grunts and gestures off in some direction. "Er, right. Same to you, pal," he snorts and disappears into the bowels of the arena.

Archer Colossus enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
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Flare Feline follows behind Spiral, who is really Ford. Hopefully hae has a plan, maybe? Well they'll wing it if they have to. But now they're on the move.

Sarah Storm scowls at Sigma but does as he says and slowly falls back into her seat. Her eyes darken from the Emperior's words but still she hangs her head as if defeated. "Not all of us are weak Sigma. And if I have to I will make sure you understand this even if I have to fight you myself. I will make you understand that you can not destroy the human race or those that I love. I will stand when others could not. Perhaps I will not make much of a difference but I will make sure I make my damage. I do not like to kill but I will not stand idle while my friends fall at your hands."

Kain eyes Sarah, "Enough." he states in a light whisper.

You enter the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Tartarus - Arena Lobby

Welcome to the heart of this city, the very lifeblood that makes Tartarus the central city for combat in the entire world now. Even upon entering through the grand archways and stairwells that lead within, your ears are assaulted by such sounds as the roar of an excited crowd, or the discharge of weaponsfire in a contained and protected environment to keep the audience from being in any sort of danger from stray shots from the combatants. Mixing in with the sound of the crowd and the battling members on the pit grounds is the shouts of people and the ringing of computerized equipment, all centered around taking bets. Gambling is a heavy business in the arena, and bets on who will win the fights that take place are extremely popular. As such entire facilities have been set up to accomodate this. If one is wishing to bet on a fight...this is the place to do it.

Spiral Pegasus [Uniform] [RF]
Archer Colossus [Archer] [Thug] [RF]
Byte [Temp] [M]
Arena Rules
Ultra Octopus

Obvious exits:
In <IN> leads to Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit.
Out <O> leads to Tartarus - Arena Square.

Red Tide arrives from the Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit.
Red Tide has arrived.
Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit.
Stealth Nekojin has arrived.
Shinobi Pixie arrives from the Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.
Silver Mane arrives from the Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit.
Silver Mane has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin vanishes into a latrine, using a stall to fade into the woodwork. Time to work.
Stealth Nekojin activates his stealth mode.

Archer Colossus enters the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Archer Colossus has left.

Red Tide is carried out rather quickly. They also didn't bother carrying her leg along, so she's still dripping slowly. Every so often, the nucleus emits a rather urgent-sounding beep.

Spiral Pegasus wanders with his hardy group of commandoes - er, minus one - towards the repair area. "OK, here's the plan. Shinobi, you take point and keep an eye out for new arrivals. Flare, you're with me, we'll take whatever guards they have. Then we grab our guys and get the smeg out of Dodge."

Stealth Nekojin speaks up from where he's vanished to, a light ripple of air letting his 'partners' know he's there. "I'll deal with the guards on the lady... call it a favor to a friend." The sound of metallic knuckles cracking is followed by a rather... malicious... chuckle. "I promise not to do anything stupid, naturally..."

The motionless form of Silver Mane is being carrier by no less than 4 servobots, all trying to hold up the rather large reploid in their grip. They move along behind the servobots carrying Red Tide as well, heading for the repair and scrap shop.

Shinobi Pixie flitters her wings, unseen. It sounds like tissue paper rustling against itself. "We shall, and we shall raise the alarm and defend if necessary," she twitters gently. The pressure on Spiral's head dissipates as the pixie takes to the air, nearly invisible. A faint *shnink* of metal leaving metal, however, announces her intent as she takes up her position.

Flare Feline follows behind Spiral "Actually sir, I have an idea myself. Just wait a moment..." Flare then dashes ahead of Spiral, and catches up to the medics, and fakes having something wrong with his eye, with his hand up to it and it shut, looking like he's in pain. "Medics? Are you guys medics? A piece of shrapnel flew out of the fighting and hit me in the eye! I need someone to look at it, or else I could go blind!" Stupid arguement? Well thankfully they're stupid drones. The guards eye him skeptically, but the medics pause to take a look at him, as they gaze into Flare's eye, they see it perfectly fine, "Peek-a-boo" And with that, a blinding flash is emitted form his own eyes, which blinds whatever happens to look into it, thankfully Spiral, Stealth and Shin are BEHIND him. As the wrestle around trying to get their sight back, Flare turns "It'll last only a minute, so let's hurry!"

Let's hear it for drones. They're stupid. Of course, when the drones go blind, they /also/ drop Red rather unceremoniously on the ground. She actually goes /splat/ with a rather wet-sounding splash, paraplasm quivering.

Stealth Nekojin smiles faintly, and of a sudden the servbots that Flare has so obligingly blinded are finding themselves... a tad preoccupied. The near-silent *crump* of a muffled explosion marks a curious form of bomb, that fires artificial spidersilk. Resulting in several trussed-up forms that are ditched in an alleyway as his voice comes, steady and cool as ice, "They're immobilized for the duration and the silk will block radio transmissions. Move, it evaporates in six minutes."

Spiral Pegasus doesn't even have time to dramatically shred his cape by spreading his wings and unleashing the Wind Storm. Everything just moved too fast for him, and he's still stunned when Stealth notifies him "... six minutes? Er, right." He pulls something from subspace, it's the magazine again. Only he pulls a small red envelope from it and quickly chucks it at one of the trussed drones. "Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Flare, you and Kael take Stealth. I'll take Red. Shinobi, again you're our advance scout. Now let's move folks!"

Spiral Pegasus drops A red envelope laid neatly on top of one of the broken drones, simply addressed 'To Vile'.

Stealth Nekojin nods and muscles under one half of Silver. Which looks really... odd... since he's still invisible. He decloaks, deciding that it's a moot point anyway, right now.

Stealth Nekojin deactivates his stealth mode.

Flare Feline helps Stealth with the large forcer, taking the front half, and leading the way "Nice trick there..." He comments to him/her, he looks back to Spiral "You got Red ok?"

Shinobi Pixie, having spied no trouble encroaching them yet, simply giggles a reply before zipping forward and out the door. "We must move quickly! They will be missed and much too fast for our tastes," she remarks as she dives out, expecting the BIG people to handle the body hauling.

Shinobi Pixie enters the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Shinobi Pixie has left.

Stealth Nekojin speaks up quietly, "Oh, and we now have..." he clicks a button on a panel that pops open in his armguard, "Five minutes until the silk evaporates, and my 'surprise' gets the attention of everyone in town."

Spiral Pegasus hoists the amoeba / algae / whatever over one shoulder, making sure if she's dripping acid it's not on my cape / wings. He coughs a bit, "Oog. Okay, kids, let's go! Last one back to Australia buys the chocolate milk!"

Red Tide doesn't seem inclined to do anything. Another beep as Spiral hefts her, louder, but without a radio her automatic transmissions are worthless.

Flare Feline nods "Let's get the hell out of this forsaken town." Ikuzo... one more time!

Stealth Nekojin nods. And awaaay we go.

Tartarus - Teleporters

City of Rogues it may be, Tartarus doesn't precisely skimp on the technological boons of the twenty-third century. Row upon row of teleport tubes are present here within the giant building, all ready to whisk people away from one destination to the next. The best security money can steal is present here, keeping everything safe and dandy. After all, Tartarus is a city of 'peace', isn't it?

Or maybe that's 'harsh justice.'

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.


Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Tartarus - Arena Square.

Silver Mane arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Silver Mane has arrived.
Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Stealth Nekojin has arrived.
Red Tide arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Red Tide has arrived.
Spiral Pegasus arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

Spiral Pegasus runs like hell through a rather stunned crowd outside the arena. The cape billows, and suddenly shreds apart, a pair of white and red-trimmed wings spreading out like.... pegasus wings. There's a burst of wind, and the flying pony and his passenger soar over the crowd. Tossing a wave tot he crowd, Spiral says, "Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening from Repliforce! See y'all soon!" His trajectory takes him back down and straight into the transporters.

Shinobi Pixie arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.

Flare Feline also runs very quickly. He's a feline after all, and so's Stealth thankfully. Piling Silver on one transporter, Flare looks to Stealth as they prepare to tel away "Thanks so much for the help, we owe you big time." He says gratefully. He presses a few keys as he hefts Silver up on one side and he looks to Spiral "We good to go?"

Synth arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Square.
Synth has arrived.

Spiral Pegasus is in a different transporter already, having already folded his wings and pressed the magic buttons. "We're good to go. Oh, and we're going to Australia. I want to get as far away from this dump as I can."

Stealth Nekojin shifts Silver Mane off him for a second, and says quietly, "Wait a sec." Then vanishes again, sending a burst to Shinobi that says simply <take left, I'll take right> A few seconds later, the guards on the righthand side of the teleportation area are on the floor, looking at the pretty birdies. A few moments after that, and they see nothing at all. One final spiderbomb is lobbed at the doorway, erupting into a wall of silk 200 times stronger than steel.

Flare Feline nods, and slams his hand down on his own set of controls. Taking him and Silver mane to RHQ Australia, following after Spiral. oO(Good luck you two...) BAMF!!

Red Tide disappears in a flash of energy.
Red Tide has left.

Flare Feline disappears in a flash of energy.

Teleportation Center - RHQ Australia

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Red Tide [RF]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Flash Rabbit's Terrace - RHQ Australia.

Flare Feline appears in a flash of energy.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.
Spiral Pegasus appears in a flash of energy.
Silver Mane has arrived.
Silver Mane appears in a flash of energy.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Emergency medical to the Australia transporters, NOW! We've got two wounded in need of immediate medical attention!"

Spiral Pegasus gently sits Red to one side and immediately reactivates his radio, barking orders off to whomever might be hearing. "I hope Selene or Pallbearer is on duty..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "I'd like to say it was a success, but seeing what they had to go through, I can't think of it as such..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "On my way!"

Fusion Phoenix arrives from Flash Rabbit's Terrace - RHQ Australia.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "They're alive. They're home. We win."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Good."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Is Lil -er- your friend coming back here or off to Light Labs?"

Flare Feline grunts as he sits Silver down for a moment, whew. He looks over to Spiral, still in disguise, and still in his fake voice "That could have gone better, but at least they're back..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide has no radio, but her signals are picked up by base monitoring systems almost immediately. "-ure. Systems failure. Danger: Biohazard. Please ensure humans are kept from the area."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "Stealth? he'd head back to the labs.. which reminds me."

A kitten-shaped UFO smites you over the head! Left behind is a cookie from Stealth Nekojin!

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF-Hunter Liaison Flare Feline transmits, "I'd like to thank the Hunters, particularly Stealth Nekojin for the assistance tonight."

Silver Mane lies completely limp, his silvery body scarred and charred, but otherwise no seeming damage has been done to him. He's once again back in his lion's form, his optics completely dark as he remains limp, on the ground and completely unaware.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Colonel transmits, "Excellent work, men."
Fusion Phoenix charges in from the north, listining to the radio as he runs. He brings along two gurnies for the wounded.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Seconded. Stealth, you're welcome to ask us for help anytime. It was amazing to see an expert at work."

Red Tide is also offline, left leg completely missing and most of her organelles shredded or gone. Her nucleus beeps about once every five minutes. And, of course, she stinks; some acrid chemical.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Eh, it's a success seeing as someone didn't think we could do anything. *soft cackling. He can't help it.* Anyway, we'll see just how hurt they are once they're repaired."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Chill Snowcat transmits, "I....I'm really sorr...sorry for messin up. Tried divert.....'ttention. Real sorry."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Stealth Nekojin transmits, "*calm, cool tone - sound of random noise and jumble, along with a droning tapping* All part of the service, gents. Make sure this doesn't happen again, and we'll call it even. Chill? We're out. Get YOU out."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "Considering what they went through... the recovery would take awhile. But they can have all the time they need in the saftey of our own base."

Spiral Pegasus hrms and looks back at the transporters as he tosses away what little remains of the cape that had covered his wings. "... Dammit, Shinobi, where are you?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "It will be easier to fix their bodies than their minds."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Shinobi Pixie sounds a bit... sad. "We have pulled away from the scene, and have returned to London."

Flare Feline pauses, as he clicks something under his chin, returning his voice to normal. But he still SO doesn't look like Flare. But he is, really. It's a dang good disguie. He looks over at Spiral "I'm sure she'll make it...." he listens to the radio "See? She just went to the wrong base."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "Are you alright Shinobi?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "... Fusion, you shouldn't say that so...y'know...publicly. It's kinda..uh..rude. *a pause* Somethin' wrong, SHinboi?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Shinobi, I said we're going back to Australia. What's up?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide sends the biohazard warning again. Isn't she a good little citizen? Also added is: "Danger. Paraplasm is caustic and should not be touched with bare hands. Additional danger: Nucleus should not be left in damaged condition for over twenty-four hours. Permanent damage may result."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Shinobi Pixie giggles, but it's half-hearted. "Aw, I don't need to be there, 'cuztherearehurtpeopleneedingattention. And urgently too!" <cough> "A bit tired, that's all."

Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission to Shinobi Pixie.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "It was a rough night, it was hard to watch, and even harder for them to go through. I think we could all use some rest. But at least we have all our people back again."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix swears. "The Nucleus is damaged? We'll need backup, my skills aren't up to that task."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "Nucleus?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide sounds like another automatic response. "Nucleus condition: Stable. Nucleus power: Stable. Nucleus backup power: Damaged/destroyed. Nucleus contains neural net and piezoelectric control units."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Commander Phoebus transmits, "... Er ... ... Crud... Um ... Guess you're gonna have to learn fast Fusion. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine."

Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Shinobi Pixie.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix relaxes. "Ok, all we need to do is stick her in some paraplasmic gel. From the sounds of things, the other repairs can wait.

Red Tide enters Flash Rabbit's Terrace - RHQ Australia.
Red Tide has left.

Medical Complex - RHQ Australia
Red Tide [RF]
Fusion Phoenix [Armored] [RF]
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Research Labs - RHQ Australia.

Silver Mane arrives from the Research Labs - RHQ Australia.
Silver Mane has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix moves Red into the Medical Complex and gently lowers her into a vat of prepaired paraplasmic gel. Here she can rest, and by the looks of things, she'll need it.

Spiral Pegasus arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

Flare Feline enteres the medbay himself, following the gumbies that cart Silver in here. But look, can't you see this person is so obviouslt NOT Flare? Yet he waltzes in, and takes a look at medical supplies, just who is this person who doesn't look at all like Flare?

Spiral Pegasus follows Flare. You know it's Spiral, even if he still has the pinto coloring, those are -definitely- Spiral's wings behind him.

Silver Mane gets laid out flat on one of the med tables. It's already apparent that some of his own systems are going to work on him as some of the charring is starting to get reabsorbed into his own body and very, very slowly repaired on its own. The silver Repliforcer's optics remain dark, and for now, perhaps it's safer that way. Who knows for sure what state he will wake up in, or if he will recognize his surroundings or not.

Fusion Phoenix has Silver moved into a force field containment unit. He has no idea what the Repliforcer has been through, or what that has done to his mind. Better safe than sorry in this case.

Spiral Pegasus ponders Silver's state for a moment, reviewing everything that happened back at the arena. And over the past month or so. He quietly intones into his radio, he knows -exactly- who to call.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "... OK, she's not responding. If y'all know where Fugue is, tell her we may need her right away. If she needs authorization into Australia, she has mine."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Fugue? Why her?"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Commander Spiral Pegasus transmits, "You know anybody else good at putting minds back together again?"

Wow, a totally unrecognized feline is able to waltz into the medbay and russle around supplies. Security must be lax. But anyway, it doesn't matter too much, Flare takes out a hypospray thingy he had used before, and injects something into his synth skin. After a few moments, his facial features return to normal, his visual muscle tone decreases to it's normal size, and the stripes on his fur go away. He more or less looks like Flare again except for the bushy tail and clothing. He reaches up and takes off the bandana, and the fake hair that was pinned to his fur, now THAT'S Flare "Whew. This disguie worked out pretty well, I'll have to keep it in mind."

Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Shinobi Pixie.
Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission to Shinobi Pixie.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] RF Lieutenant Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Tell Lucent that we may need his medical skills too. No one else is as good with paraplasmic systems. He has my authorization to get in here."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ether Skunk transmits, "Yeah, we have a few computers who can do it here. I'd suggest you cut the power to whoever's wiggin' out and keep him under until you've got the tools to fix 'em proper."

Spiral Pegasus went the old fashioned way, dyed his hair, and painted himself. Yatta. He moseys over to a terminal and flicks on the camera. It's report time!

Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline heads out of the medbay too, time to head back to RHQ London to regenerate. It was a long night.


Teleportation Chamber--RHQ London

Teleportation chamber upon teleportation chamber, upon teleportation chamber. There's plenty of tubes here, all leading to various locations around the world, ready for single or mass transport.

Phoebus [Phoebus] [Bunny] [RF]
Shinobi Pixie [Ninja] [RF]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Second Sub-Level Hallway - RHQ London.

Flare Feline appears in a flash of energy.

Shinobi Pixie sniffles a little as she wipes the back of her hand across her eyes. "It was awful there in Tartarsauce, making those people fight... the squishy one didn't even fight back and the shiny one ripped her all up," she replies, sniffling. "And... and I didn't even do anything except ride around on Commander Spiral's head, so I don't know how I was any good to anyone!" Pause. "Although I zapped some guards." This earns a bit of a smile, although her eyes glimmer with heldback tears. Bloody showmanship programming.

Flare Feline appears on the telepod. BAMF! He's carrying a fake headress, which consists of the bandana, and spikey ponytailed hair he wore earlier. Also, his facial features and muscle tone have been restored to normal. He more or less looks like Flare again except for the cloths. He sighs a bit. But at least the mission was a success.

Phoebus nods, "You zapped some guards. And if you did anything besides that, I'd be reprimanding you right now.", he smiles slightly, "Doing nothing in that situation is a lot harder than doing nothing. You showed lots of willpower by doing nothing.", he pauses for a moment and then glances towards Flare, "...Hey Flare.", he looks back to Shinobi, "Maybe he needs this.", he gestures with the pixy stick, "More than we do, eh?", a small joke, but...

Flare Feline blinks at Phoebus "Hey..." He is puzzled over the pixie stick comment "What's that?" He seems a bit down, but he's alive, and so's Red and Silver.

Shinobi Pixie giggles, but it's halfhearted as she banishes her tears away. Ninjas do not cry. That should be her new motto, it seems. "I was going to do stuff... but other big people beat me to it," she remarks sadly, before looking up and waving a bit at Flare. "Hi, Captain Flare sir," she greets, not with her characteristic chipperness. "Are you all right?"

Phoebus grins at Flare but doesn't answer him. Instead he turns back to Shinobi and says, "I read somewhere once...", he pauses as he tries to remember the quote... "That, well, big people do the big things in life...They fight the big battles, do the big things, change the world...The small people fight the small battles... Which are just as important, if not more so.", he relaxes his smile. "I butchered that...but that's the general gist of it.

Shinobi Pixie sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.

Flare Feline hmms softly "Just tired. And a bit put off by what I had to see there tonight is all." He shuffles the headress in his arms a bit, as he heads for the exit "Anyway, I'm going to regenerate for now, night..." As he heads to the door, he can't get the image out of his mind. A place like that, people forced to fight each other for people's amusement. A person's mind twisted and bent to fight his own allies, all for the twisted amusement of a Maverick General. A snarl forms slightly, he doesn't want to see that place again unless it's in ruins...

Shinobi Pixie flits her wings a little as they perk up faintly. "I think I know what you mean, Commander Phoebus sir," she remarks quietly, fingers plucking at the black mask in her hands. "Goodnight, Captain, and you were very mighty and brave and stuff there in Tartarsauce," she compliments politely.

Of course, it would be nice if some people took heed of Phoebus's 'quote'. Still, he nods towards Flare Feline, "Alright...Have a good night, Flare. I hope to see you tommorow.", he then looks back to Shinobi, "I'm glad you do, sometimes I pluck things out and I don't know what they mean myself.", he seemed relaxed before, but he seems even more relaxed now.

Flare Feline heads out, and around the corner, and gone. And that's a wrap.

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