You enter the Patagonia.

Patagonia was once a vast and beautiful piece of land just South of Argentina and Chile. Though due to pollution, much of the place has been damaged and many forms of wildlife now extinct. Once surrounded by magnificent mountains, quiet valleys and spectacular shore line, all that remains of the region is a dark reminder of what life was like before so many changes have gone through mankind. Poverty seems to streak throughout the area, bedraggled human settlements nearly as far as the eye can take in.

Spica [SD]
Cyclone Jackal [Aqua Jackal] [M]
Fliptop [MH]
Derby Mare [Casual] [M]
Dischord [Demon] [MH]
Fencer Naiad [RF]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Hurricane Hawk [RF]
Shrapnel Phobosuchus [M]
Torpedo Seal [Swim Mode] [MH]
Race Track
Fusion Ichthyosaurus [M]
Olympic Stands
Uranus [SD]
Buenos Aires

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Atlantic.
East <E> leads to Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.
North <N> leads to Las Pampas.
West <W> leads to Andes Mountains.
South <S> leads to Tierra Del Fuego.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Eastern South America.

Olympic Stands
Ring Redwing
Lunar Vixen
Pilfer Ant
Option C
Dagger Lynx
Razor Pterodactyl
Jared Kintane

Ring Redwing grins impishly as she sits besides Razor. "Why's that?" and impulsively brings a friendly hand to place upon Razor's Razor-edged shoulder. Luckily, the ring intercepts the edge that suddenly pops out suddenly with a pinging noise. "Oh, sorry about that." Redwing sweatdrops.

> From outside, Fliptop looks up from the water's edge, peering into the stands. Not really being able to see anyone clearly, he flashes a big smile to anyone, Hunter or Master, who might be there.

Amano glances towards Pilfer Ant... He narrows his eyes upon seeing him. He says nothing.

Jared Kintane nods, with a shrug. "So, you in any events?" he asks finally, having been too busy to keep up with Amano.

Amano says, "Yes. Fencing. Assuming I did not miss my round."

Option C takes a particular interest int he Yakuza Two, eyes narrowing on the two.

Midi has arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl brings a hand to his shoulder instinctively. "Ahh! Watch it! ...oh, sorry for raising my voice, but... I tend to inadvertantly hurt people." He sighs deeply. This isn't the way to make a good impression...

Pilfer Ant fails to notice the Yakuza behind him, as he's too busy smiling at the sight of Fliptop's smile... . o O (I hope he does reasonably well... it wouldn't do for him to come in last after what I said to him.) O o .

Iris has an excellent vantage-seat for the race...naturally, as her paramour is the top contender. Noticing Midi and Flare making their way through the crowd, she waves them over to seats next to her.

Ring Redwing says, "Daijoubu! (It's okay!) Everybody makes mistakes!" seeing Siege Wolverine joining the race she shouts some encouragement to the demolitions expert."

Midi clomps up the stairs, moving into a seat in proximity to Iris after being flagged down. He carries a Midi-sized Repliforce banner, which he waves after he fists down.

> From outside,
A few screens pop up all around the stands, since the race will be taking place underwater. The poles marking the edges of the track rise slowly as the speakers come on, "Racers, it's time to get wet! On your marks!"

Iris oohs, "It's starting!"

> From outside, Dischord moves up to the mark, yawning already.

Flare Feline looks up, and nods to Iris as she waves him over, along with some kid he seems to remember seeing briefly at the foot race. He sits down next to her "Hey Iris, you here to cheer Jet on too no doubt?"

> From outside, Derby Mare gets into positions, and such

> From outside, Syphon Squid jogs into the area, running toward the racetrack and leaping into the water. His propeller pack starting up, Syphon rapidly takes his mark and gets ready to blast away.

Amano hasn't been watching the fencing roster. Instead he says, "I see you were 11th place in the first heat in Racing, however. Is that correct?", he's still staring at Pilfer Ant.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk moves up, getting his back under the water to prepare for the start.

> From outside, Fliptop skritches at the sand with his feet, revving up.

Iris says, "You bet, Flare!"

Pilfer Ant watches intently... . o O (Kentou, Eddie... kentou.) O o .

Dagger Lynx looks to Iris and sees her waving two other goodies to herself... and so wishes he was allowed to bring bombs here.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad takes a moment, moving to the mark and kneeling down, placing palms down before her, much like a footrace start.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus submerges completely. A large pair of turbines pop out of his back and begin to whirr to life.

> From outside, Jet Stingray narrows his eyes as he gives a final systems check. "This is it..." he offers quietly. "The biggest night of my racing career..."

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus also gets in the water, shoulders starting to whirr as the engines activate even before she goes completely underwater.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine suddenly appears in a flash of lightning, dropping to the water. He spins a moment, before taking his mark. "Let's get ready teh rock..." he hisses quietly, preparing mentally.

Jared Kintane calls out loudly. "Kick some aft Jet!" he yells, before nodding to Amano. "Yeah. I know. Coming outta my paycheck. At least profits from the game sales'll more than cover it." he explains. "Making Bass a hidden char did exactly what I wanted. Sated the ego by keeping him tough to acquire, while giving an excuse to have him be extra-strong."

Razor Pterodactyl nods. Everyone makes mistakes alright. He just a little more than anyone else. Or so he thinks, anyway. Quickly moving away from the painful subject, he offers, "Allow me to introduce myself. Private Razor Pterodactyl, Aerial Division. Pleased to meet you." He gives Ring a very official-looking salute.

Flare Feline chuckles "It's no doubt Jet's one of the fastest swimmers, but knowing that the other racers might be rough to him as the race is beginning." Flare shrugs and looks out to the race "Well we'll have to cheer him on won't we?" He holds him a giant foam hand 'Repliforce #1!' "Go Jet! Kick aft!"

> From outside, Titan transforms into Oceanus.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal sets herself up as she gets ready, turbines on her legs starting to spin, as she gets ready to dive on in..

Iris smiles gently. "I know he'll do well, Flare...I have complete faith in him."

> From outside, Titan joins the race.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'Good luck, fellow racing 'forcers. Let's show these guys why we're number one!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Agreed!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'We'll be cheering you on as loud as we can!'.

Dagger Lynx leans back and thinks to himself .oO(this race will be won by the Mavericks.. and if it isn't i'll have to remember to dump sewage in this water after B&C.)

You say, "I have faith in him too. But I DON'T have faith in the Mavericks and Masters out there..."

Ring Redwing smiles at Razor, her wide eyelashes nearly inverting themselves in her mirth. Well she seems extra-happy today for some reason, no? "Private Ring Redwing, Aerial Ops as well. Hey! Maybe we'll get a chance to work on a mission together Razor, wouldn't that be great?" she gushes.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...Good luck, Bro.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Copy that... Hope yeh, ehhh, packed yer waterwin's, Jet.'.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe, wearing a decorative snorkel, walks into the announcer's booth. The speakers blare out, "Get set! Go!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Fencer Naiad transmits: '*Radio is static and sounds like she's talking in a container* May fortune shine upon us.'.

Midi waves his Repliforce banner as the race begins, cheering appropriately.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal takes off across the line, as everyone shoots by, as expected.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Show them what you're made of Jet!'.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus vrooms up his turbines, propelling him forward in a surge of bubbles.

> From outside, At the signal to start goes off, Jet blasts off at full speed, holding his arms to his side and his arms together. The effect is the stingray is like a deadly torpedo, homing in on single goal: winning this race. Underneath that faceplate, he must be smiling and is barely able to refrain from pulling any tricks like a spin or the like underwater from his joy he feels right now. Some Mavericks and Robot Masters get their rush from the hunt or the kill, or from causing destruction and chaos. Repliforcer and Maverick Hunters sometimes get a kick out of combat, and Jet is no exception to the rule. But here, in the water at breaking speeds (for an underwater race), Jet is at home, at peace... For the stingray, this is as close as he gets to heaven.

> From outside, Derby Mare doesn't have any visible additional propulsion, with the lack of her usual armor. Instead, a set of aquatic thrusters concealed in the bottom of her hooves provide the necessary means of underwater locomotion as she zips off through the water at the shout to begin.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus jerks forward, completely underwater and propelled by her shoulder turbines and her strong legs. The mortar doesn't appear to be impeding her forward motion any.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine jams on the accelerators inside his legs. He disappears underwater, propelling along toward top speed. Ok, so he's slow as hell, some of us are. He moves with great agility though, the various pieces of equipment doing their work.

Dagger Lynx is also waving his own little banner, which has been modified to say "Repliforce #-150!"

> From outside, Fencer Naiad launches herself foreward, moving the the water as fast as she can, jets from yellow ports on her back and legs come to like, the streamline formed of the water nymph surging through the currents.

> From outside, Syphon Squid stops the reverse thrust that was keeping him in place, starting his propellers going at full force. Blasting off in a flurry of bubbles and current alteration, Syphon is off and rocketing down the track.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk surges off most likely sending a spray of water up behind him for a few moments before they all go underwater. Once there wings spread fully to aid in his steering. Four more energy based jets come online as the hawk surges forward, slowly accelerating mainly due to his size

> From outside, Dischord moves. In fact she moves fast. Does she swim? Does she use external propulsion? Nope. Instead the same antigravs that let her fly allow her to move through water with ease...

> From outside, Fliptop runs a couple of steps and then leaps forward, hitting the water with a brilliant splash. However, being a sinker and not a swimmer, he takes more than a few moments to sink to the bottom. He peers idly around at the fish slicing through the water as he drops, releasing a trail of bubbles that rise quickly to the surface.

Flare Feline wows as Jet takes off "Gee, look at him go."

> From outside, Titan kicks his Posidan jet pack into full gear, and takes off from the line like a bat out of heck...well except for swiming, so maybe more like a fish out of heck...but fish aren't too fast, so maybe a shark...but Titan's pretty docile, so too cliche, darn, how about a manta ray, those are cool, and very bat like, so the metaphor translates very well.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal kicks her turbines in as she takes off through the water, trying to get out in front of everyone. She knows this is one of her last chances to actualy win anything, and she'll stop at nothing to win..

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Iris cheers as Jet rockets through the water. "Go Jet!!! You're the best!!"

Hexapod Giraffe positions the snorkel so it doesn't interfere with his mouth, "And they're off! Titan and Fusion Ich--fishything take an early lead, followed closely by Derby Mare and Syphon Squid!"

Pilfer Ant watches Fliptop's slow start with a frown. . o O (I hope you can make up for lost time well, Eddie...) O o .

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps moving, using both turbines and his own extremely large hands and feet to propel him forward at his fastest possible speeds... Approximately twenty miles an hour... Of course, that only pertains to movement in a straight line... There are all sorts of interesting things that happen in the water though.

Amano looks towards Iris, and then looks back toward Jared, "Seems like your Jet friend...has lots of friends.".

Razor Pterodactyl smiles as best he can, which basically means the corners of his beak elevate slightly. "Heh, yeah, who knows... right now I'm stationed at Light Labs though, so it won't be for a while, at least..." He turns his attention to the race now. "Ah look, they're already underway. Look at Jet go! Woo, yeah!" He raises an arm enthusiastically.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk continues to push forward hard, as he reaches the height of his submerged speed he simly folds his wings back to gain a little more speed... he can use his thrusters to manever if he needs for now.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad continues speeding as fast as she can, still seeming unable to gain any speed, pulling up behind the pack, only outdistancing.. Eddie..

> From outside, Torpedo Seal is swimming along, and lo and behold, he's not doing that bad after all. He's not in last! For the moment. But that's not why he's here, since he knows he's slow, he's mainly supporting his fellow Hunters. And in that, he reaches out, and tugs on Shrapnel, "Pardon me, ma'm, but you seem to be blocking my path." And with that, he tries to leapfrog his competition from Dodgeball last night, and help Dischord out.

> From outside, Fliptop finally hits the bottom, sending up a small cloud of silt and sand. A lone sea tortise swims lazily by, passing the little Hunter without much difficulty. Smiling goofily at some fish, Eddie lurches into motion rising slowly into the brine like an astronaut on the moon. He lopes on for a few minutes, only pausing once or twice to let a school of fish sweep by.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Shrapnel Phobosuchus!

Dagger Lynx yells just like Iris, "Go Jet! Ram yourself right into the ocean floor!" his sentiment is of course quite different.

> From outside, Syphon Squid blasts down the track as quickly as his propellars will carry him, building speed and kicking up even more bubbles and knocking some sediment around with his slipstream. Noting his position, tied for third with Derby, he tries to pump more power into his propellars, working up the speed to pass her.

> From outside, Dischord beklieve it or not is just swiming. Not crashing into anyone. Sure some people may end up ahead of her, but it's still early in the race, so she still has a chance. Or so she hopes...

Iris looks much less like an enthusiatic 'friend' of a Jet, and much like a proud girlfriend as she watches Jet on the big screen.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal pushes forward, headding straight ahead towards where Hurricane Hawk is, "Hey Repliforcer! Get out of the way!" She tries to elbow him as she drives on by..

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Hurricane Hawk!

Jared Kintane chuckles. "Well, if I ain't mistaken, that's Iris. Jet's girlfriend." he explains. "Seems fencing's gonna be an odd competition. I mean one Mav has used a frying pan, and some Hunter used a Crowbar." he comments, mind wandering.

Ring Redwing boos the Maverick for crashing into her XO.

Flare Feline sure isn't Jet's girlfriend, but he IS a good friend, and cheers as such "Go Jet!"

Midi waves his banner while the Repliforcers around him cheer, seeming to be backing the government-funded team.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus is yanked. She blinks as she's pulled. "Hey, you, no moving me out of the way just 'cause you think it'll help. Go /around/ next time." And she promptly tries to latch on so that Torpedo doesn't get too far in front of her, dragging him back.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus tries to ram into Torpedo Seal, without much success.

> From outside, Jet Stingray merely focuses his attention, giving it all he is to has to try and win. (Must win!)Oo. The thought plays over and over in his head as he pushes himself as fast as he can go.

Amano frowns a bit, "...Seems like a mockery to me.", he looks towards Iris again, "...Weird combination."

> From outside, Derby Mare cruises along, managing to get a good start off even though she's not completely out to win this thing in the first place. o 0(Good thing I wore this outfit and not my armor. Too much drag for actual racing..) Hmmm. Kalamari on the side, or fish sticks behind her... With a mental giggle she cranks up her thrusters to speed forward more, and sending a blast of jetwash through the water behind her to try and throw Stingray off behind her as she does.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus speeds ahead, trailing bubbles in twin streams behind him. As soon as he's accelerated up to near top speed, his tail begins working as well, swinging back and forth like a shark's. The end result is a lot of turbulence for anyone who tries to slip directly behind him.

> From outside, Titan speeds along, doing a lame pose, so that he doesn't hold up the game.

> From outside, Derby Mare tries to ram into Jet Stingray, without much success.

Razor Pterodactyl stands up as Hurricane gets crashed into and shouts downwards loudly, "Oh come ON! He shouldn't be allowed to get away with that!"

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps going, trying to avoid slamming into anyone for now... After all, he's here to race... However, he keeps an eye on who's near him... Just in case. He keeps moving, keeps watching, keeps a look out...

Jared Kintane shrugs. "What, and I've made the best dating choices?" he comments sarcastically. oO(Note to self: Reprogram Servbot #40 as vengance for Tron letting Sarah on the Tower.)Oo

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe swats the snorkel a bit as it tilts toward him, "And the Ichy... The Eeek.. Fusion pulls into the lead! Titan is in second, and Jet Stingray pulls up to match him!"

> From outside, Fliptop glances up as some of the racers cut across the surface of the ocean above him. "Blurb! Blubble! Burb!" He calls out happily as he bounces along the bottom. A thick cloud of bubbles surrounds Eddie for a moment as he disturbs several large flounder which huff off, rather unhappy at being disturbed. Calling a distorted apology, Flip doesn't see the rocks in front of him until it is too late. Smacking into them as he rises from the seafloor once more, he clips a leg and goes spinning off more or less in the direction of the race. Little red legs splayed out to the side, he looks like some sort of mutant starfish rolling slowly through the briny depths.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal continues along his merry little way. Having Cyclone nearby, he takes out a snack. A very large salmon. "Hungry?" He asks Cyclone, before the fish accidently leaps from his hands towards Cyclone. Whoops.

Iris folds her hands in a praying position, in front of her mouth, and presses them there as she watches the screen in wide-eyed anticipation.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Cyclone Jackal!

> From outside, Jet Stingray merely uses his fins like an airplane, pulling up and over Derby and her dangerous attack with a mock salute to her before he puts his arms to his side to speed like a watery bullet. (Got to give it all I got!)Oo.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus just zips right along. He doesn't pay any attention to the other racers. After all, this is his element.

> From outside, Syphon Squid frowns as he finally begins paying attention to the lineup again. Slightly annoyed, he notes that his positioning has changed, Jet Stingray passing him and Dischord catching up. Admittedly, Jet Stingray is an ally and Dischord is a Hunter, but Syphon wants to win, dangit. So, with this in mind, Syphon streamlines himself, retracting all four of his tentacles and bringing his arms in close to his body. Syphon will win this or die trying.

Pilfer Ant's antennae droop as he watches Eddie's performance... . o O (Please, Eddie... don't give up.) O o .

Amano looks back towards Jared, "...Miss Storm is a fine woman.", he scowls, "And very dangerous. Even though she's an enemy, she has skill."

Dagger Lynx grins and yells, "Go Ichthyosaurus! Win us another gold!"... yes he can pronounce Ichthyosaurus

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal gets smacked with a fish. She blinks, and growls, pushing ahead towards Torpedo, to try to crash into him, and smack him around a bit with her fists, "I'll show you hungry!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Torpedo Seal, without much success.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk growls, that one that just passed him will pay for that, but later.. not now. Edging his wings out to gain his balance back, they quickly fold back again as he tries to push forward.

> From outside, Titan continues to gun forward, trying to maintain a comanding front position. THis is where it all comes down. Titan did after all mock Jet Stingray...wonder if he remembers...oh well, I better live up to my promise. */Titan, your systems are holding up fine, keep it up. I'll alert you of any problems./*

> From outside, Derby Mare mutters as her first ploy fails, and people manage to slip by her. So much for the fancy stuff. Time to stop playing around and get down to business. After all, she is mostly here just for... interference. As Siege starts to close in on her, she darts to the side, trying to cut him off.

> From outside, Dischord just keeps moving. Which is extremely odd for her. Normally by now she at least snaps out some sort comment by now, but for some reason she just doesn't...

> From outside, Derby Mare tries to ram into Siege Wolverine, without much success.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus just goes back to moving as fast as she can, propellers whirring double-time as she tries to catch back up.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad continues moving as fast as she can. She swerves out of the way as Cycolone Jackal slows down and crashes into Hurricane. Seeing her chance, the Naiad spirals over to Cyclone, only to stop short as anoter racer does the job for her. Fencer just continues darting forward in a spiral, leaving a jetstream of bubbles in her wake.

Jared Kintane shrugs. "Yeah, but it still kinda sucks I can't see her." he says, arms crossing in a fit of irritation, as he mumbles under his breath.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Ring Redwing yays as her commander pulls himself back into the race. "Yes, that's it! Keep plowing forward Hurricane!"

> From outside, Siege Wolverine continues to jet along, this being his secondary element... And the one in which he actually prefers spending a large percentage of time in. Not a whole lot of development and contamination going on in the water. He keeps moving, as fast as he can go. He eyes Derby, quirking a brow, "Stupid move lady. Stupid move." He activates aquatic dashjets, accomplishing a fully submerged leap over the interference, continuing to move forward. "Keep it up though... I'm sure this'll be fun..."

Jared Kintane whispers to Jared Kintane: '... ... ... ... man. ... ... ... ... Darnit ...'.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal gets Shrapnel again. Hmm. Time for another game of leapfrog, he hopes. "Pardon me, dearly, my lady!" With that, alleyoop!

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe woos! "And Fusion Fishythingy remainds in first, finishing out the first lap! Jet Stingray edges out Titan for second, and Syphon Squid isn't far behind in fourth!"

> From outside, Torpedo Seal tries to ram into Shrapnel Phobosuchus, without much success.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk, not having any incident, reaches full speed again. A good feeling to have as he starts suring forward again as best as he can.

Iris applauds, jumping up and down with excitement. "You can do it, Jet!"

Amano hrms? "...Did you say something about Yosho Roshi, Mr. Kintane?"... ooooH! CAUGHT!

Midi cheers and waves his Repliforce banner. "Go Jet! A winner is you!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal spys Fliptop. Damnit, well, not much else for her to do besides try and smack him around too. She tries to come up along side of him, grab him, and punt him like a football

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus looks about as someone tries to grab on. She sticks her tongue out, giving a nice big raspberry. "Ha! That'll teach you to try to take me out!" With that, she accelerates again, dunking back under and only popping up every once in a long while.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Fliptop!

> From outside, Syphon Squid smirks as he passes up Dischord, but sighs once more as he realizes that he's still in fourth place. Annoyed, he begins paddling a little bit with his arms. . o O (I gotta get past these guys... The Mavericks ain't takin' this one, that's for DAMN sure...) he thinks to himself, trying to get further up in the ranks.

> From outside, Derby Mare misses, but manages to keep pace with the Repliforcer with her own speed as he tries to jet by her. "Not so fast there, buddy!" She makes a grab for his legs as he zooms by.

Jared Kintane shrugs, and says nothing, choosing to watch the race intently. Yeah. That's it. "..."

> From outside, Derby Mare crashes forcefully into Siege Wolverine!

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus continues his pace. Legs tuck up slightly, though his arms remain free for extra steering if he needs it. The fins on his shoulders make nearly-imperceptible movements as he adjusts his position.

Flare Feline eyes Midi oO(A winner... is Jet?? o_O), shrugging he goes back to his routine of cheers. "Go Repliforce!"

> From outside, Dischord is still moving along as fast as she can! But wait! Strangely enough part way through she pulls out of nowhere a little tube thing with a inflatable plastic duck head on it! Fear the duck!

Pilfer Ant's eyes widen suddenly. "Eddie-kun!" he cries out... before suddenly blinking. . o O (Eddie-KUN?! Where did *that* come from?!) O o

Razor Pterodactyl shouts downward, "You're doing great guys, keep it up!" Then he realises he's still standing, and sits down, a bit embaressed. o O(Strange, I'm not usually this enthusiastic.)O o

> From outside, Fliptop continues to drift lazily, rolling gracelessly in the ocean. He seems to enoy the sensation for a few moments before turning his attention back to the race at hand. Well foot, really, as Eddie doesn't actually have any hands. Cracking his noggin, he suddenly drops back into the depths rather quickly as his spacious cranium sucks in a motherload of salt water and innocent sea creatures. Face first in the shifting silt, it takes a couple of minutes for him to regain some semblance of balance. Onto his butt, then one leg, then the other. Waddling like a bloated Michelin Man, he takes a couple of careful steps before he's punted brutally. Extremely heavy, he doesn't exactly go flying as sliding through the soft sandy ocean bottom. His trail disappearing behind him, he slips headfirst into some sort of hole in a nearby pile of rocks and coral.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine blinks, looking back... "Damnit... Get offa my legs, lady." he states, before lashing out with his tail... Yes, with his tail. Now shall commence the mighty Tail Whackin'. Derby Mare shall feel an annoyed wolverine's wrath... He shall Tail Whack her... He hopes...

> From outside, Siege Wolverine tries to ram into Derby Mare, without much success.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad seiges forward, moving as fast as she can, seeing Derby slam into Siege, not to be undone, the water nypmh continues spiralling over to Derby. Fencer aims the deep blue mass of her shoulder pads before her.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad tries to ram into Derby Mare, without much success.

> From outside, Jet Stingray narrows his eyes to Fusion. .oO(I'm... I'm.... Losing? No! I can't, not now, not here!) With that, he blasts on, focusing on speed, the thing he was made for.

> From outside, Titan continues to press forward, loosing his edge over Jet Stingray, fallig slightly behind. He begins to turn up his engines to get for power but is warned by his advisor. */Sir, I'd suggest saving that for now. It's just the start of the race, you don't want to burn out your engines or anything. For now, stick to the wake of other racers, it should help your progress/* Titan aknowledges and attempts to follow his prey for now.

Amano grins despite himself. He really could care less. He looks towards Midi upon hearing him screech...him...He that foiled his plans...not once..but several times. He whom he should've killed when he had the chance. ... Damn him. He'll get you next time, Midi!!

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Derby Mare pulls Siege back as she jets forward, giggling as she rolls away from the tail and speeds along again, looking for a new target. Poo, no one in range this time, so she settles on just jetting through the water.

Ring Redwing giggles slightly at Siege's silly attempt at trying to tail-whack Derby, then calls out encouragement to the Wolverine Reploid, "Go Siege!!"

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk continues to push forward as best he can... and here comes the lapers. A glance behind and he spots someone coming up on him fast, and it isn't a repliforcer. Now we can't have that can we? Waiting for just the right moment, the hawk suddenly flares his wings open and turns hard trying to slam into Fusion

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe points at a few locations on the track, "Lots of bumping going around down there! Fusion's still in the lead, and Titan's caught up to Jet Stingray, matching him for second! Dischord is coming up fast, challenging Syphon Squid for fourth!"

> From outside, Fencer Naiad continues along the track of water, her deep blue armor blending with the water as she swirves, trying to position herself for another strick at Derby Mare just in front of her. The Naiad balls both of her fists together, letting her water jets surge forward to strike the Maverick.

> From outside, Syphon Squid settles into a good, strong paddling sequence, bringing his tentacles into play to help himself power through the water. Eyeing his competition, which gets ever further ahead of him, Syphon grits his teeth and powers onward.

Dagger Lynx looks up towards Flare, Midi and Iris, his face twisting in annoyance. He really dislikes nice peaceful people.. especially his enemies.

> From outside, As Dischord continues to swim, she doesn't ake the chance to harm Syphon when it opens up. Oh no. Instead she swims....

And quacks?

Iris probably has no idea that Dagger's giving her dirty looks. She just continues to look positively chibi...smiling sweet and proud, after all that's her -guy-, this is -his- moment!

> From outside, Siege Wolverine growls, dashing along as fast as he possibly can. He notes Fusion and finds himself a bit confused as to how... But shrugs. He keeps moving, trying to get ahead in the world, without much ambition... Yeah, that's the ticket.

Jared Kintane meanwhile has a new source of spam for foiling Midi's anti-hacking skills. A .mov file of Blues from the opening ceremonies, giving the finger. Mwahahaha!

Flare Feline briefly notices Dagger oO(Say, wasn't that the guy who I beat in the foot race, and threatened to weld my medal to my intestines? *mental shrug*) "Go for it Jet! Don't get distracted!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal turns her attention over as she spots Jet and Titan starting to pass her. Well, she knows that she's go no chance of winning this one, so, she takes aim towards Jet with her right arm and lets an energy torpedo fly.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Jet Stingray!

> From outside, Jet Stingray merely blasts ahead only moving when he must, still thinking of that single thought that propells him like death was on his heels... Proving that he is number one.

Midi should wear the He Hate Me jersey from the amount of non-love people target at him. Midi, however, is thankfully ignorant of the d00m that surrounds him, instead focusing on cheering Iris' boyfriend on -- waving his little banner and shouting praise.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus is slammed into by the hawk, enough to knock him down toward the ocean floor. And too close to a rock outdropping. Muttering, he kicks his legs down and switches on his airskates to push himself over the rock. He reaches up and shakes a fist at the annoying bird... He'll get his later. For now, he's gotta regain his lost speed.

> From outside, Titan titan continues around the track, his player being interupted by customers with dumb questions and now a he can't focus right now. Titan waits for tbe 'movement' mesage, and then he's gonna log out for a moment again. Apologizing to all entrants and the admin.

Ring Redwing gasps as the Maverick who crashed Hurricane now smashes into the RF's fastest swimmer. "Oh no!"

> From outside, Head stuck into the colorful natural formation around him, Fliptop wiggles his bottom trying to get free. Silt and small pieces of coral drift down around the little guy as he struggles. Finally after several impossibly long moments, Eddie seems to emerge from his underwater prison. However, he's not exactly under his own power, as the image soons reveals. In fact, Flip seems caught in the jaws of some massive underwater eel. Perhaps more frightened than hungry, the sizeable creature with a Maverick Hunter trapped in his mouth thrashes for a few moments before shooting off into the water, more or less in the direction of the race. Kicking his legs, Eddie does little more than slow the creature as it flees.

> From outside, Jet Stingray is having the race of his life, but suddenly he remember s the 'Crash' part of the race as a torpedo of energy crashes into his side. Despite the slight pain from the blow, Jet merely narrows his eyes and focuses on the race. In his mind the words of Bass ring out as he says, "You're out of your league!" and Serenade as she offers "You're a nobody... A nothing." As if to spite all the Robot Master, Mavericks, and even a certain visor wearing Maverick Hunters and saber-wielding Repliforcer, Jet goes on. (I can't lose... I /am/ number one now, I have as much of an advantage as I can. To lose is to let my friends and family down. For them /and/ myself, I /won't/ be beaten!) Oo. His foot jets flare once more, the stingray giving it everything he has to get that dream called victory.

Dagger Lynx continues to notice Iris's watching of Jet's possible victory. Being the vindictive, mean, not nice and general (censored) he is he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a..... water gun! He then squirts it at Iris in a display of complete immaturity.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus just cheerfully tries to rush ahead. She eyes Fusion when he laps her, but elects to do nothing about it - merely goes back to swimming as hard and as fast as she can.

Arctic Osprey has been here all the time! Really. And she's been quietly cheering for the Hunter seal. "Come on, Torp!" she says quietly, hands clasped eagerly. "You can do it!"

Ring Redwing growls "Hey! What are you doing? How dare you squirt Iris?" her wide yellow eyes flashing anger at the very very rude Maverick.

Iris smirks, turning around in annoyance. "Oh, for..."

Pilfer Ant gets a nicely-sized ! over his head at Eddie's predicament. "Eddie-kun!" he again cries as he watches helplessly... . o O
(Shimatta, if only I could operate underwater!...) O o .

Iris says, "Sheesh! Get a maturity-upgrade, why don't you..."

Midi looks over as Iris turns, then turns back towards the track to give an equally immature response to Dagger's behavior. "UN RULES! MAVERICKS DROOL! *GO* *JET*!"

Flare Feline heys at Dagger "Now that was a rude thing to do *pause* slowpoke."

Iris shakes her head, and looks back toward the screen as Jet swims onward.

Amano twitches. Kill Midi. Kill. Kill.. Kill...

Razor Pterodactyl is mentally focusing himself on not jumping up with one of his outbursts again, so he doesn't. He just sits there quietly, apparently completely fixated on the race. His thoughts are still screaming encouragements to the Repliforcers.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk losing a little speed, the hawk simply smirks a little, mission accomplished he folds his wings back and begins to surge forward once again.

Dagger Lynx just turns and squirts Flare with the squirt gun now.. which could be bad for him given his weaknesses.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe points two arms toward the track, "And Titan pulls into the lead, edging over the fishlizardthing as he's knocked toward some rocks! Dischord and Syphon Squid pull up into third, overtaking Jet Stingray as the ray is rocked by a torpedo!"

> From outside, Syphon Squid chuckles a little bit to himself as he finds himself once more tied for third place with Dischord. "Round and round we go..." he murmers to himself, again realizing that his tentacles and limbs seem to be doing more harm than good, and he retracts his tentacles, though continuing with his arm paddling.

> From outside, Still trapped in the jaws of the beast, Fliptop is propelled forward at a speed somewhat more advanced than his own. It's kind of like being pulled by Flipper. Except Eddie's about to be eaten, not carried, and this is an eel not a dolphin. Oh, and it's not as nice as Flipper. Say, do you remember that episode where the kid was attacked by a shark and Flipper swam in, where was I? Oh yes. Propelled forward by the motion of the agitated eel, Flip (not Flipper) keeps chugging forward, his legs kicking a swirling froth in the sea...ocean, whatever.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus doesn't pop up right now, staying underwater to a) be ignored and b) take advantage of her full speed.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal keeps on racing along, not happy with what's going on...She turns and takes aim towards Syphon Squid, and unleashes another energy torpedo towards him. She's decided that, if she can't win, she's going to take somebody down..

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Syphon Squid, without much success.

> From outside, Dischord just keeps swiming, even as she does catch up to Syphon. But instead of attacking him, she pulls pats the rubber duck float on the head, and music starts to play...

Is that Weird Al?

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps going, moving as fast as he possibly can. He glances around, moving as quickly as he possibly can. Which isn't incredibly fast, but still... It's fast enough, apparently.

Flare Feline acks, as he rubs the water out of his eyes. Yes, Flare hates water, but a little squirt from a water gun is nothing to worry about "So an immature prank like that is the only way you can prove yourself is it?"

> From outside, Fencer Naiad just continues speeding through the water, lowering her head to lower the drag on the water, most racers out of her range.

> From outside, Derby Mare isn't even near anybody to try and take down, and is still making decent time despite trying to smack people. She's starting to debate if she should try less to bash people, and more to win after all

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus narrows his eyes slightly as his turbines whir back to life. With another burst from his airskates, Fusion leaps back up into the clear water and zooms forward.

Dagger Lynx puts the gun back and simple says, "That was simple a test. Next time it won't be water it shoots."

Pilfer Ant sighs sadly, pained as he watches Fliptop... . o O (I'm sorry I got your hopes up, Eddie-kun... sorry I set you up for such a disappointment...) O o .

> From outside, Torpedo Seal has reconnected.

> From outside, Jet Stingray shakes his head as he hears the news himself. (Not... placing? I'm not even... placing? It isn't over yet... And as long as I have an ounce of strength in me, this race won't be ending like that!)Oo. He gives a another burst of engery, giving it everything he has to play catchup.

> From outside, Titan pulls into the lead, with his lame poses, and feels really guilty, so he's gonna make this one good. His head down low, allowing for the best water dynamics, his advisor indicates that this would be a perfect time for a speed boots, the engines are primed. Titan Acknowledges and there is a flare from his back unit as he rockets forward in the water. A dopplered "For Victory!" is heard by those he passes.

Flare Feline chuckles a bit "Oh, and what will it be? One of those ink filled guns?" He pauses for a bit, Flare usually isn't mean by any regard, but... ".. or will it be filled with a big load of slow?"

Iris says, "C'mon Jet! I KNOW you've got it in you...don't let the others get to can do it!"

> From outside, Fliptop finally manages to wriggle himself free of the grasp of the gargantuan Sinking rather quickly, the eels slips past, taking a moment to bat Eddie squarely with its tail. Once again the little fellow surges forward, this time on a rather speedy intercept with the ground beneath him. Smacking down, Flip is concealed beneath a swirling cloud of silt. He does, however, come tumbling out unceremoniously a few moments later. Shaking his head, he resumes returning to his feet and lumbering forward slowly.

> From outside, Dischord keeps swimming, and starts to sing along with the music coming from her float.

o/~I want a new duck
One that won't try to bite
One that won't chew a hole in my socks
One that won't quack all night o/~

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe waves a few arms, "And Fusion comes back, jetting past Titan to retake the lead! Syphon Squid remains third, and Jet Stingray is beginning to catch up in fourth!"

Ring Redwing sits back down with an angry huff as the immature Maverick /finally/ decides to behave himself.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal watches Syphon approaching from behind. He is a Hunter. And he is racing aheah, so he simply scoots aside for him. "Go get em, Syphon!"

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps swimming along and, in fact, things are going swimmingly... If you'll pardon the pun. He looks over at Titan. "See ya, bub." He grins, jetting sideways, hoping to open up an avenue for Jet... He hopes...

> From outside, Siege Wolverine crashes forcefully into Titan!

Dagger Lynx seems to blur, moving with great speed next to Flare, grinning he simple says, "Just because you won don't think you best me in speed, the only reason your still able to walk is because of this stupid truce."

> From outside, Syphon Squid pulls ahead, once more, of his teamate, his streamlining seeming to work once again as he rounds a turn, becomming the only reploid in third place once again. Starting to feel good again, he looks around and spots, with a smirk, a torpedo heading toward him. With a slight jerk to one side, he evades the torp, extending a tentacle slightly to redirect the thing harmlessly into the ground. And onward he props.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk continues surging forward, as hard as ever, then it seems that the same one he rammed justa few minutes ago is coming up quick. He can just tell that he's probably going to ram him, and probably will, so once again, wings flare and he turns hard into the fish...lizard... .. the heck is that thing again?

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus just...keeps on going. Again, she never even comes up for air.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Midi tries to get the crowd going, standing on top of his chair (which still puts him well below most Reploids' lines of sight) and waving his arms, banner going high (maybe up to six feet off the ground since it's on a long stick). "JET! JET! JET! JET! JET!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal just kinda races along now, wanting to try and pick up speed now. Wanting to win this, despite the lack of any chance of that happening..

> From outside, Titan continues his progress, now that his speed boost whirs down, but it isn't enough to keep ahead of FUsion Ichthuosaurus, and he looses the lead. */Suggestions Ian?/* the pilot inquires of his advisor. */For now Titan, I'd just go with the pack, don't worry about it until the final then I should have come up with something...crap that mike was still one*click*/*

Pilfer Ant sighs in relief as the Bag of Holding frees himself... . o O (At least he's safe.) O o .

> From outside, Fencer Naiad see's fusions jet past her, the Naiad seeing her chance, lets her just surge for just a moment, reaching, spinning her whole body like a corkscrew to bash into fusion.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

Razor Pterodactyl blinks, and looks over at Ring briefly, before looking down the stands, trying to see what she was looking at. Having missed the whole squirt gun incident, he is unsuccessful. He shrugs and turns his attention back to the race.

Iris hehes, patpatting Midi on the head. She can't help but love the little guy's enthusiasm.

> From outside, Derby Mare keeps swimming along and along, and resists the urge to do something to Eddie since he's soooo far in the tail end of this race. Instead, she deploys a set of secondary aqua-jets from her arms to try and catch up with someone worthy of crashing into

Ring Redwing cheers as Naiad smashes into the Maverick whose name it seems Hexapod appears has trouble pronunciating. :)

Amano purposefully doesn't, trying to make Midi look dumb!...Imature maybe, but he really hates the guy^^.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus rotates an eye back to see what's behind him... With a quick flick of his shoulder fin, he angles away from Hurricane, though is struck by Fencer.. Of course, with his jets going forward, and the force coming from the side, Fusion is send tumbling for a few moments, tail swatting randomly to right himself. Titan happens to be near the tail.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus crashes forcefully into Titan!

Flare Feline hmphs "Believe what you want, but I'm the one with the silver." Flare calms himself down a bit, he doesn't want to start a scene "But even with this 'stupid truce' it seems you can still annoy us all with such immature pranks. I'd almost think you were one of Wily's bots."

Midi jumps up and down on his chair, encouraged by Iris' positive reenforcement to do so. While he barely even affects it, it does make a moderately loud *clap* with each hop. He keeps up the Jet chant, figuring people will pick up on it if he goes long enough. "JET! JET! JET! JET!"

Dagger Lynx simple grins at Flare before turning around, "Oh yes.. I specialize in terrorism. So for every Maverick that loses I will make sure humanity pays." smugly he goes down to his seat again.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Flare Feline glowers a bit oO(Yep, completly immature.) Flare ignores Dagger for now, he'll probably get the chance to deal with him later. Anyway he focuses his attention back to Jet, whom he hasn't cheered for in a a few minutes, thanks to the Lynx. "Go Jet! Don't hold back!"

> From outside, Fliptop lopes along the bottom like some two-legged lame seahorse that should be put out to pasture in some seaweed bed somewhere. Or something. Somewhat dismayed by the variety of racers passing him, and confident because he hasn't been attacked yet, Eddie deploys his secret weapon! Popping his seal once more, he opens his lid and concentrates for a moment and produces a pair of water wings that he somehow manages to get wrangled around his legs. Closing the all-night Eddie-Mart lid, he pulls the inflation cords on the swimmies. Presumably they'll help him to float to the surface. However, these aren't your ordinary toddler floatation devices. Quite right! Actually they're inflatible caterpillar drives! The pride of Mother ad out of the back of a comic book? Who knows?!

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe hilights a few of the crashes on the big screens, "Jet Stingray and Syphon Squid pull into the lead, as both Fusion and Titan are knocked for a loop!"

> From outside, o/~I want a new duck
One with big webbed feet
One that knows how to wash my car
And keep his room real neat o/~

Yep. You can probably guess what Disch is trying to do by now... Basically trying not to crash into anyone by frightening them away from her ala Guts Man...

> From outside, Syphon Squid looks over and realize.... he's tied for first... With Jet. Laughing to himself, he looks over at his ally and smirks, shooting a thumbs up for an instant, before streamlining again and pumping on the power. Now THIS is an arrangement he can deal with.
<O-Repliforce> Grumpy Ol' Siege Wolverine says, "When was the last time you saw a hand grenade blow up an 18 wheeler?"

> From outside, Fencer Naiad takes a moment, smirking as fusion falls behind her, the Naiad concentrating on moving forward for the time being.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk folds his wings back, kicks his jets on high and surges ahead. A glance goes all around, no one is in sight. Fine by him as he tries to see if he can catch up with some people

> From outside, Torpedo Seal continues down the track. Oh, hey. Two Mavericks behind. He's hungry, though. Hunger overrules fighting, however, as he takes out the fish to eat it, he loses yet another one, and swims directly at.. Fusion. Ichybarneysauruses like fish, he hopes. "Fore!"

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside, Pilfer Ant receives a radio transmission from Moira.
Pilfer Ant receives a radio transmission from Moira.

> From outside, Derby Mare grunts, and just keeps swimming along yet again since she is once again not in range of anyone. Well, if they all keep crashing around up front, maybe she'll just have to pull ahead and win this one too

Iris hops up and down, cheering happily as her beau approaches the front of the pack once again. "Yaaaaay!!"

> From outside, Titan is clobbered from the side, and then bapped underwater by the large tail of Fusion Ichthyosaurus. His body plate scrapes across the ocean floor. But he dosen't have time for this. He quickly rights himself, and lowers his frame into a croutch on the bottem. He springs up and kicks back on his Possidon unit, he flys out of the water and floats there before returning to the surface to continue his journey.

> From outside, Jet Stingray merely raises onward, blasting with all he has. (This is it... I have to keep on going... Can't let my guard down for a moment)Oo. He is getting a little paranoid, but after being hit once and knowing that his first place is as frail as glass, it makes him concerned.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine jets along, aiming for Fusion now. "TIME FER THIS GAME TEH GET CRITICAL!" He states, suddenly, one of the propelled depth charges strapped to his back lunge forward... Ok, the wolverine's gone nuts... Or so it would appear... Let's see just how lucky he is, though... If anything, he'll probably end up blowing up some local flora, though.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus hasn't been up in a while. Did she die and nobody notice?

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal mutters a bit, causing some bubbles to come up from behind her facemask. "I hate Repliforcers." She mutters to herself, as she takes aim towards Jet Stingray, and lets loose with some normal torpedos..

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Jet Stingray, without much success.

Arctic Osprey giggles happily and claps her hands eagerly as Torpedo nails Fusion. "What a waste of fish, though," she sighs, settling back in her seat and watching eagerly.

Pilfer Ant is suddenly distracted from the race; he gasps, horrified as what he just heard over the radio... . o O (Iie...) O o .

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus opens his jaws slightly to catch the fish. He neatly bites it in half.. unfortunately sending the tail up, through the current, and slamming into his engine. As his turbines sputter, Fusion jinks to the side, swinging his tail toward the incoming depthcharge. It may explode, but he's making sure the shockwave goes in a certain direction... forward.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus crashes forcefully into Jet Stingray!

Iris grins over at Arctic.

"JET! JET! JET! JET!" Midi chants, and finally some drunken Japanese salarymen sitting in proximity begin sloppily chanting along. He keeps jumping up and down, waving his banner, and generally showing that even if he isn't a big Reploid, he's got the spirit of a General.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'MOVE IT, STIN'RAY! I ONLY GOT ONE MORE O' THESE THIN'S!'.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'Man, I'm dodging as best I-Ahhh! Freaking dangit! Everytime I get close, a lucky shot nabs me... I won't let you down, team... No matter what!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'Keep up the good work, sir!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: 'huh?...'.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe calls, "And Titan pulls into the lead as--WHOAH!" He ducks slightly as an explosion appears on the surface of the water. "Lots of big guns coming out tonight!"

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk glances around again.. not a soul close enough to hit him? Cool... wings stay folded back and he continues to soar... underwater.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal keeps losing fishes. Grr! He'll hold onto this one! As he grabs a fish, and shoves it in his mouth, he isn't paying attention to his flapping fin as it starts to slap around at the approaching Jackal. "Mrf! MRfmrf!" he offers in apology.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Keep pouring on the speed Jet, don't lose your cool!'.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad tuns, looking to her side as Syphon Squid speeds up along side her, the naiad takes a moment, spiralling to the side and trying to thrust her power-armored body into Syphon Squid.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Just keep going, Jet, and do your very best, no matter what! Don't worry about the others!'.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal tries to ram into Cyclone Jackal, without much success.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad tries to ram into Syphon Squid, without much success.

Razor Pterodactyl balls his fists. It's getting harder and harder for him to keep himself from embarassing himself again. o O(I... I think I'm a... sports fan! How inconvenient...)O o

Flare Feline continues to cheer "Jet! Jet! He's our ma..err.. stingray!!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal spots Torpedo comming towards her, and pulls out of the way, just blasting on past him, keeping going, trying to catch up, despite any chance of that..

> From outside, Syphon Squid blinks as Jet is forced back several laps due to the unscrupulous actions of his fellow racers and shakes his head, continuing down his path. Barely spotting it, he is tossed back to second place as Titan blurs past him into first. Fortunately, looking in that direction also tips him off to Fencer Naiad's attempt to knock him back, which allows him to jerk out of the way and continue on his course.

> From outside, Jet Stingray dodges the shot for him, but Fusion's attack nails him hard. (Noooo!)Oo. He merely focuses on winning, no matter what. (Don't think about other racers... Only the cource itself... Don't lose it now!)Oo.

> From outside, Dischord is still swimming, and singing. Only now as she sings, the duck tube thing is opening its mouth and closing it, almost as if it's singing along...

o/~One that won't raid the ice box
One that'll stay in shape
One that's never gonna try to migrate or escape
Or I'll tie him up with duck tape o/~

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...'.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps going, as fast as he possibly can. He takes note of Derby, "Hey, laaaaaaaaaa-dy!" he calls, almost evilly. Yes, he sounds Jerry What's-his-name while he does it. He simply focuses, keeping an eye out for further attacks.

> From outside, Fliptop, of course, meant that he hadn't been attacked that lap as he was most certainly punted like an unpopular midget in a dog kennel. Nevertheless, utilizing his impossibly function giant inflatible underwater drives he manages to amazingly complete his first lap. Rather proud of his accomplishment, Eddie kicks it into overdrive and lurches forward amidst a churning tide of bubbles. However, since he's using a caterpillar drive, it doesn't sound so much like Fliptop careening through the water at speeds approaching stupidly slow. Rather it sounds like two whales in the midst of a blissful encounter. Sweet, sweet whale love. Oooh yeah. Meanwhile, Eddie keeps going.

<O-Repliforce> Water spirit Fencer Naiad says, "Augh? 6... yeash."

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus shakes his tail a few times to restore the feeling as his turbines come back online. He doesn't eat fish, dangit. He doesn't eat, period. Stupid Hunters.

> From outside, Derby Mare finally starts to get back into the middle of things, but then notices she's also the only Maverick towards the front of the race now. Well, forget crashing, she just pushes onward, pulling past Stingray as he gets whapped about, and closing in on Dischord, or at least lap that annoying Wolverine.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus still doesn't come up. Where'd she go? Nobody knows...unless you look very deep in the water, and can see the rippling she leaves behind.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Titan 's manuver gained him valuable distance on his opponents as they remain tangled up with other racers. Back in the water, Titan concerns himself only with the race. A true winner plays by the rules, and doesn't rely on beefy teammates to beat up the competition.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal mrfs as Cyclone swims by. "Sorry!" he offers, but isn't paying attention to behind as he accidently slaps his fins at the Ichybarneysaurus again.

> From outside, Syphon Squid progresses around the track, miraculously managing to remain in second place as he rockets down the track. Looking backward for an instant, he smirks and pumps on the speed, hoping to maintain his position.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe finally tosses the snorkel aside, "Titan remains in the lead, followed by Syphon Squid.. Jet Stingray and Dischord are tied for third!"

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk simply keeps on keeping on... looking around all the while as he moves forward. Oh and Titan, thre's nothing /against/ crashing in the rules. As the reploid slowly comes up behind him he does as he did with Fusion. Wings flare open and he turns forcefully into Titan's path

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk crashes forcefully into Titan!

> From outside, Siege Wolverine should cry, he really should, however, he doesn't. He keeps moving along, trying to catch up. He looks back, noticing Fusion. "Bye-bye." he states, waving a moment, before firing a harpoon... Yes, he's firing harpoons now...

> From outside, Siege Wolverine tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal just keeps on racing along, growling to herself as she goes along. She doesn't know how she's going to win this one anymore, being so far behind. She just keeps up her speed as she goes.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus's underwater form is hard to spot as she scoops up something from the bottom; just what it is is hard to see, but she's definately got /something/ new.

"JET! JET! JET! JET!" chants Midi, his face starting to color a bit from the mechanical exertion. He keeps jumping and waving his banner, and the salarymen are beginning to make attempts at hopping in a sequence as well. Maybe if he cheers /real/ hard Jet will win!

Iris stares up at the monitor intently...she knows that Jet will take it hard if he doesn't come in first, and WORSE if he doesn't place at all. But she'll love him regardless. "Save your strength, hon...pour it on at the end!"

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus is a streamlined shape. He has a very long snout, designed to cut neatly through the water. When that snout is set off-center, it makes him much less streamlined. He considers, for a moment, seeing if seals are flammable, but decides against it. For now, he just nips at Torpedo's fins, HARD. Not enough to slow him down, but it might be painful. Serves him right.

> From outside, Karin has connected.

> From outside, Jet Stingray keeps giving it all he has... His teammates are doing /all/ that they can for him, and their sacrifice for their own chance to win causing them to earn his thanks and respect. To let them down, that is /unthinkable/. Once again he gets a position in the race, his systems buckling down from the damage and going on.

Pilfer Ant continues to watch Eddie, though his heart has sunk... after all, he's practically heard of a friend's death.

> From outside, Right about now though there's a horn solo, so Disch can't sing. So she just swims with one hand as another puts a horn into the beak of the duck head on her float.

But of course the horn solo isn't the only thing that's happening, for there's also a ton of ducks quacking along with the music. Where are these ducks? Why they're flying in a circle above the race course silly.

> From outside, Derby Mare continues her rocketing through the water towards the leaders, coming up close behind Stingray and Dischord. To try, or not to try... Well, she'll just work on catching up this round still. As long as she can keep near the lead, the Mavericks still have a chance at getting at least a finishing place.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad continues moving with all her speed, sighting Derby Mare off to port once again, the Naiad not missing any opportunity, suddenly shifts directly, crossing her armored arms before her, thrusting into Derby Mare.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad crashes forcefully into Derby Mare!

> From outside, Or not

> From outside, Titan continues forward on his mission to gain a gold medal for Crono Corp. It's imparative, and he knows it. Unknowing if anyone's slamed into him this round, do to a temporary loss of sensor data, Titan just continues forward.

> From outside, Suddenly blowfish appears directly in Fliptop's path! The horror! The small fish struggles to wiggle out of the way, slapping its fins through the water like a baby at a drive-through baptism. Not, of course, that is does any good. So, in a patented defense move a million or someodd years strong, it stops struggling and inflates itself, barbs sticking unpleasantly out around its little body. Unable to steer at such an incredibly, ludicrously slow speed Eddie plows right into it. The result is to be expected and the Hunter is blasted out of the disintegrating swimmies like a cannonball. Unfortunately, this puts him on a path with Shrapnel Phobosuchus as she dives into the depths. Yikes!

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Flare Feline whistles and cheers "Come on Jet! Keep it up!"

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe calls, "Syphon Squid gets into first place, trailed by Jet Stingray in second! Titan takes a knock back to third, just barely edging out Dischord!"

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus never even notices; she speeds up as soon as she's scooped up whatever it is and starts to resurface. She does nothing but accelerate again, trying to regain her prior speed.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal may actually make lap three! Woot! And there's one Hunter in the top three. Woot!

Iris applauds proudly as she sees Jet making gains. "That's right, pour it on!"

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk seems to be enjoying himself a bit. Another hit, and then Jet soars forward. He can see him far behind, but there's someone now that's just starting to edge by. Syphon Squid? Aww. he's a good guy too. Doesn't matter now! There's a truce, and a medal to be earned. Kicking his thrusters into a quick overdrive he surges up beside Syphon then turns hard!

> From outside, Syphon Squid leaps forward, pulling into first place with a flurry of bubbles and sedament! And the crowd goes wild! *... Yay..* Grinning broadly, Syphon continues on his course, hoping to keep this position as long as he can. He realizes, however, that there are many faster reploids... Though he could deal with being beaten by Jet Stingray. So long as the Mavericks dont' win ANOTHER gold.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk crashes forcefully into Syphon Squid!

> From outside, As the horn solo finishes though, the ducks above the race course all fly off. Disch is still swimming, and is about to start singing again as she looks down at her ducky float, only to see that it's out of air! Oh no! The horn solo must of drained it!

Amano smirks a bit...He sees what the Repliforcers are doing. Very good. Team Effort.

> From outside, Fliptop, shooting underneath Shrapnel Phobosuchus, sends up an additional cloud of bubbles as he giggles in his underwater flight. Finally, as it must, gravity reasserts itself and our hero is drawn to the ocean floor like Mr. T to gold chains. Bounce, bounce, bounce, he goes churning up yet more silt to blind him. Eventually, he waddles out and returns to his original course, narrowly avoiding finishing his second lap.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps going, aiming for Fusion again. "Oh well, gotta check this system anyhow." He grins, firing off yet another harpoon... This time, however, it's headed for Derby? Oooh, interesting.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine tries to ram into Derby Mare, without much success.

> From outside, Titan apparently was rammed last round...although, he is uncertain where the attack came from, but the swiming bird is a high suspect. Titan, just right himself and return to his course. */New plan Ian, sign up some butch team mates to beat other people up/*

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal graahs, and forces herself to push harder, her systems pumping harder than ever as she tries to get ahead now, since she's finaly on her third lap..

> From outside, Derby Mare thought too soon, as she's slammed into from behind and the side, costing her the gaining position she was trying to hold. Dammit, that's it. To hell with racing, it's time to just kick some butt. Though there isn't anyone around to really slam into... With the wonders of anime space, she pulls out her trademark tire iron, and uses it to swat away the harpoon and keep going.

Razor Pterodactyl once again can't help himself. He jumps up, raises both arms, and shouts, "Alright Jet! Now's your chance! Keep going! You're gonna make it!"

"JET! JET! JET!" yells Midi, continuing to jump and wave his banner. The salarymen are in a frenzy and begin milling around, spilling beer on each other and yelling out things at the track that aren't quite `Jet' but aren't quite cuss words either.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus pumps his turbines back up... As he gets back up to speed, he reaches into a compartment in his chest. This calls for extreme measures. Pulling out a thermos (marked in at least eleven languages with warnings like 'flammable,' 'toxic,' and 'may cause cancer'), he unscrews the lid and holds it up. The liquid is so thick that it dribbles back easily for Fusion to drink. His engines turn fiery red as they go into overdrive from the fuel. What is it? Well, judging by the tiny mushroom clouds of sand from the few drops that hit the ocean floor, it's probably Sonic Banshee's coffee...

Flare Feline looks over at Midi oO(Gee, the kid's sure excited. Well the more people rooting for Jet the better! And that includes those salarey men, even though they don't know it) "Go Jet! Come on man!"

> From outside, Jet Stingray narrows his eyes even more. His heavan is in danger, victory danging just barely out of his reach. With his foot jet pouring out their souls to him, he jets forward. (Come on, foot jets.... Please, guide me to victoy.)Oo.

Amano smiles thinly. He himself almost wants Jet Stingray to win now. Darn good guy spirit. However, it's not just that.. He is appreciating the devotion of the Stingray..and the devotion of the fellow Forcers. He almost forgets he tried to kill the guy.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal continues cruising. Woot.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Cappella steps quietly through the crowds muttering to herself. She forgot all about the water race today and once again missed another race. Looking over the competition the thief can't help but frown as she notices that the Robot Masters are not present. Sighing softly Cappie makes her way towards Amano and sits down near him.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe points at three different locations at once, then lifts a foot to point in a fourth, and gestures at another with his head. "And the racetrack is looking like a game of pinball! Jet Stingray pulls back into first, with Titan right behind!"

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal takes a moment to look behind her, spotting Derby and Fusion comming up. Well, damnit, looks like she'll lose this one again. She looks forward, and locks onto Syphon again, unleashing a few torpedos towards him.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine jets along as quick as he can, not really caring much anymore. He simply keeps on moving, trying to pinpoint something to blow up... He blinks, noting the coffee... "Mmmmm... Sludgerriffic." He grins, intake valves openning wide, apparently taking in the strange coffee-like super-cooled liquid. The intake valves seal, then suddenly, he leaps forward taking aim once more... Though, not firing.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Syphon Squid!

> From outside, Syphon Squid grumbles to himself as he's passed by TWO people, knocking back to third place. OH well, better than nothing, and the Icky is still way back there. Powering his prop pack along, Syphon gives this track hell as he kicks up even further sedament to cloud the water.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad looks behind her. While a lap behind the maverick, they're still coming behind her at the moment, and the Naiad, not wanting to waste any opportunity, cuts off her jets and rockets backwards, trusting her large power-armored boot at Derby.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad crashes forcefully into Derby Mare!

> From outside, Dischord just sighs as she removes her duck, letting it drift down to the bottom of the race course as she continues on.

"I'm sorry. I'll miss you Quacky..."

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk, mission accomplished once again, surges forward hard. A glance back, well looky who's finally lapping him! A wave is given to Jet and the hawk easily lets him pass by. After that a glance goes behind, a rapidly advancing Titan. Bad thing... so the hawk once again, hopefully for the last time, flares his wings and then gets in the direct path of Titan!

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk crashes forcefully into Titan!

Iris says, "Yes, he's in first!!"

> From outside, Torpedo Seal oks. RFers are crashing Hunters. He'll apologize to Ozzie later, however, since the RFers are declaring war these days, he alters his course, drifting towards Fencer, but at the last moment, he alters. He won't have to apologize to Ozzie, after all as he sees Derby, and releases a salmon. It takes off and heads right towards Derby's clevage in her bikini! Let's see how fast she can swim with a guest.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Hit the Gas Jet!! *Crash**'.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal tries to ram into Derby Mare, without much success.

Flare Feline shouts "Come on Jet! I'll buy you a round of drinks in the Reploid room if you get the gold!!!" That would probably motivate Jet a bit if he could HEAR it... ;)

Arctic Osprey suddenly stands up, blue optics flashing as she watches Torpedo in the water. "...where did he let that fish go?" she asks in that very quiet, scorned woman, 'I'm-gonna-kick-his-aft' voice.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'As I said... You guys are doing more than your part... I'll do mine!'.

> From outside, Titan , with his sensor back in full working order, focuses ahead, and regains some respect, and some ground. Only Jet Stingray stands in his way for the moment, and that's one person he can't let cross teh line before he does, he did afterall make a promise, and as a hero, and *oof* Titan is stopped dead by a hard blast from a swiming hawk...I still think somethings wrong with that.

Cappella eyes Iris for along moment before grumbling to herself. "Don't make me take that necklace of yours dear."

The little green Reploid goes into a frenzy of cheering as Jet's victory seems to be sealed. "JET! JET! JET!" One of the salarymen actually gets out the word ~Jet' before finally buckling over and vomiting on his shoes; the other salarymen continue to shout incoherently and wave conflicting banners.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus stays underwater some more, continuing to dart forward in bursts.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus is propelled forward at ludicrous speeds as the coffee takes effect. Having a caffeine-to-power converter sure comes in handy at times like this.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Fencer Naiad transmits: 'This is quickly wearing on my nerves.'.

> From outside, Jet Stingray would smile, and perhaps he is to the news.... Unless he is too concentrated on racing. This is the more dangerous race he has ever been in, but it is exciting for him, that much is for sure.

Iris' hand goes protectively to her necklace...yes, the one with a certain Maverick comander's sword hilt on it. She -still- protects that thing, it must have some deep sentiment to her. "No you -won't-," she says, giving Cappella a sidelong glance.

> From outside, Fliptop, getting quite tired of loping about like a Hunchback on a donut run, activates his bilge pump, (Arrr!) forcing the excess water out of his big old gourd of a head. Considerably lighter, he hops up and angles him while he pops out a small oscillating fan to propel him. Of course, being underwater it doesn't work. Thankfully, Eddie doesn't think to check the plug and, thus, he narrowly avoids electrocuting himself. Settling on the old fashioned, he retrieves an oar from the inner recesses of his magic head and, grasping it in his feet, begins to paddle akwardly forward.

> From outside, Derby Mare is, both fortunately and unfortunately, slammed out of the way of the fish by Fencer. But she did see where that fish came from. Luckily, Fencer's blow gives her a bit of a push towards the seal as she rebounds off, so she takes a swing at him with her tireiron while she's close. Payback for harassing the other Mavericks, if she's lucky.

Cappella turns towards Iris and smirks evilly. "And who are you to stop me if I feel like taking it?"

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Flare Feline waves his hand between Iris and Cappella "Not that Iris wouldn't be able to take care of you, but please remember that she's not alone here."

> From outside, Titan 's pilot is furious, */That's it Lucus, I'm going to drop this guy, I've got enough power in this unit to level this smirking maverick into a piece of parts, and then we can use those parts to build some cute annoying kid toys/* */Sir, i'd advise against that, You'll be removed from the race, I'd just focus on your race sir/* and he does.

Cappella says, "Is that a threat? I doubt Iris would even notice it is gone."

> From outside, Syphon Squid growls to himself as he's blasted by the Maverick Jackal and passed up by yet another pair of people. Now in fourth place, Syphon pumps as much power into his prop pack as he possibly can.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe watches all the crashes, explosions, and fish-attacks with glee, "Jet Stingray remainds in the lead, pulling through into the final lap!"

Midi doesn't notice the Robot Mistress and the Repliforce conflicting, continuing his part to cheer. "JET! JET! JET! A WINNER IS YOU!"

Amano says blandly to the whole group (Cappella, forcers, blah), "...Please be quiet. I'm trying to enjoy the race."

> From outside, Torpedo Seal ows as he is bumped into, and starts to flail at Derby, so he's not knocked off the track, grabbing at her to get pulled back onto the track.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Derby Mare!

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal races on ahead now, trying to catch up..

> From outside, Fencer Naiad truns, looking over to the side. Seeing Shrapnel speed by here, the Naiad can't but help to spiral over his way, ramming her 6'4" body into the other racer

> From outside, Fencer Naiad crashes forcefully into Shrapnel Phobosuchus!

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk watches the Stingray surge ahead, makes him feel a little better. Not so bad that he won't win if he can. Looking around, seeing no one anywhere he simply goes back to racing.

Cappella frowns and finally yells something. "Crash and burn Jet!" She stops and turns to Amano and just ignores him.

> From outside, Dischord is still swimming, and no longer singing. In fact she would sniffle over the loss of Quacky, if that was even possible underwater...

> From outside, Siege Wolverine grins, "Say adios, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-dy!" He brings his other depth charge to bear, and fires... OOoh, look at all the pretty colors of an exploding depth charge.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine tries to ram into Derby Mare, without much success.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad ahem.. her.. not here.. cursed "e"
Iris refuses to let anyone -- even Cappella and her grabby-hands -- to 'steal' this moment from her. She won't have it. Her boyfriend's winning, and that's all that matters now. Although, as she turns back to watch the final lap, she is grasping the sword hilt tightly...

> From outside, Well, getting bashed about might of paid off after all. Because Derby Mare finds herself trending water to recover her balance after bashing about while Stingray speeds past her in the lead. Well, here goes nothing. She jets towards him, pulling out a wrench from the same... wherever she got the tireiron, kisses it, and then flings it at Stingray's engines. "This'll put a wrench in your plans, Reppy-freak!"

And a few moments later, she lets out a scream as Torpedo grabs onto her. We won't actually say wear, there may be young childen watching....

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus is a her! But still rammed into, unfortunately. As someone tries to approach her, she reaches out, trying to grab ahold of Fencer and hold her down, too. "Back, foul Repliforce, back! Back before I smash your head into pulp!"

> From outside, Derby Mare crashes forcefully into Jet Stingray!

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus tries to ram into Fencer Naiad, without much success.

> From outside, Titan has ground to make up, and it's time for another speed boost, He feels true sorrow for anyone that gets in his way now...because he ain't playin' like a hero no more.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus continues to pour on the speed.Head straight, fins making minor corrections, tail adding some extra thrust, and coffee-powered turbine thrusters literally boiling water as it passes.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Iris transmits: 'Keep going, Jet! I'm so proud of you!!'.

Amano doesn't say anything else. He just calmly watches the race.

Never mind young children. There is one rather perturbed Osprey watching in the stands. Ozzie puts her hands on her hips and taps a foot. "...WHAT is he doing with that...that..horseface?!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Darn right! you can do it!'.

> From outside, Jet Stingray winces as the wench nails him. A massive amounts of bubbles escape as his right foot jet is badly damaged. (So.... Close....)Oo.

You say, "I wouldn't dream of threatening anyone right now. I just advised you that Iris has many friends here, and trying to steal something like that would be ...foolish. No please leave her alone, and let her watch her boyfriend win."

Karin blinks at the irate Osprey and then back to the race.

Razor Pterodactyl is not quiet enough to hear Amano. "Oh yeah, Jet!
You're almost there! Nothing can stop you now!" Of course someone stops him not two seconds later, but he keeps cheering anyway. "Bah, that's nothing, pay it no mind! Trottle up and GOOOOOOOOO!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'Come on Jet! Don't give up! *pause* I'll buy you a round of drinks in the Reploid Room if you get the gold!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: '*static fulled transmission* I never racing could be so painful. But as long as you have faith in me guys, I have no choice /but/ to win!'.

"MAVERICKS DROOL! UN RULES! GO JET!" Midi hollars, as if trying to make Jet go faster despite his damaged engine.

Dagger Lynx looks to Arctic and malicefully responds, "I beleive it is called feeling her up."

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Yeh can do it! YEH CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LON'!'.

Arctic Osprey's optics go wide suddenly. "He is WHAT?" she says in a deathly calm voice.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Arctic Osprey transmits: ' all night long is not a healthy pursuit. It can lead to overexertion of various systems.'.

Cappella notices this and just leans back, enjoying the fact that she got the best of Iris. With quick accuracy and carefullness the thief snatches another wallet and hands it to the Yakuza. "Care to get something to eat. Perhaps give the overly cheerful little kid another pixie stick as his last goodbye present?"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '... It's an expression, Arctic....'.

Karin facepalms at the lynx... oO(Baka...)Oo

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Kick ass, Jet!'.

> From outside, Arctic Osprey sends a radio transmission.
Arctic Osprey sends a radio transmission.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal receives a radio transmission from Arctic Osprey.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal YEEEPS!

Dagger Lynx leans a little closer to Arctic and says, "I already said, he is feeling her up."

> From outside, Fliptop sees the larger Icthy-a-whatsit thrash by overheard and, in a moment of shear unadulterated terror, much like Jamie Lee Curtis in the closet in Halloween, lashes out. Shrieking, or rather letting out a stream of bubbles accompanied by a muffled warbling sound, kicks out spastically, slinging his stout oaken oar spinning through the water as if hurled by the bionic man. Well, actually, more like the bionic dog on a bad day. Nevertheless, the oar zips through the water! The horror! It hits a small fish instead! But that fish bumps into shark who promptly eats it! Caught in the throughs of a feeding frenzy, the shark grabs the fish and rolls over, whacking a tortise with its tail! Golly, what'll happen next? Well, the tortise goes zipping through the water, bouncing off a big blubbery whale and shooting through the ocean where it intersects with the oar which is, in turn, spun forcefully into Fusion Ichtyosaurus. But, of course, who's going to believe that, eh?

> From outside, Fliptop tries to ram into Fusion Ichthyosaurus, without much success.

Pilfer Ant can't help but sweatdrop at his friend's attempt...

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Torpedo Seal is...erk. Oh god. He's a dead reploid. He starts to drift off the track. And ends up on a collision course with Shrapnel.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Shrapnel Phobosuchus!

> From outside, Derby Mare flails around a bit as Torpedo clings to her, shouting things best left unsaid before finally squirming free of the seal's grasp.

Only thing is, her bikini top is now in his hands, instead of on her. It takes a bit for her to notice as she jets away, before letting out a shriek of realization, and quickly yanking her mane out of her ponytail and pulling it down around her and holding it to cover up.

Unfortunately, she's stopped right in Titan's path...

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk blinks as he goes rushing pass Jet. Waitasec, passed?! The hawk takes a long look back to double check, and turns out to be true. Darn, and he's got company. This is going to be an interesting feat. The hawk raises up a little, and this time he crashes downward instead of from the side. Maybe Fusion won't see it coming?

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe ducks instinctually, "Where the heck did that whale come from? Ahem. There's a lot of turbulence down there, but it looks like Jet Stingray and Fusion are tied for the lead, with Titan close behind!"

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside, Derby Mare crashes forcefully into Titan!

Amano looks at the wallet, and then up towards Cappella. He holds the wallet in his hands and studies it in a cursory manner. He then offers it back to Cappella, drawing a five zenny bill and offering it to her. "I understand. Here you go, miss. Buy yourself a good meal.".

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: '*CRASH* AwK! C'mon Jet.. Get goin!!!'.

> From outside, Syphon Squid maintains his fourth place, fortunately, powering his way around the track with everything his propellers have got. Streamlining himself as much as he can, trying to minimize drag, Syphon focuses on the race and ignores all else. He will at least place in this race, if it kills him.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine finds himself without a thing to crash... So he just chills...

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus had been swimming along merrily, minding her own business, when a <censored> seal hit her in the side. Actually surfacing for a moment, she stops dead-still to swat at Torpedo with ineffective claws. "Hands off."

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus tries to ram into Torpedo Seal, without much success.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad simply continues on her cource, azure hair streaming behind her in a tranquil cloud, the reploid speeding along as fast as she can, no adversarie to block her path, bubbles stream from the yellow ports in her power armor, the blade nymph moving foreward.

> From outside, Titan comes to a screatching halt infront of the swimging horse...okay this is just getting rediculous. He spins around and just tries to deck discord. Titan is not in a good mood.

> From outside, Dischord is just swimming, swimming, swimming...

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal races along, looking over. She spots Dischord, and twists in mid swim, unleashing a pair of energy torpedos towards the Maverick Hunter, to strike her and hopefully slow her down enough for Cyc to push on ahead..

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

Cappella eyes the money and doesn't take it. But rather looks rather disgusted at the thought. "That is okay, I really do not need the money." She looks at the wallet for amoment before tossing it aside. Sighing to herself she goes back to watching the race really wanting to have a challenge sometime soon.

Amano nods and turns back towards the race. "..."

> From outside, Torpedo Seal starts to apologize. "..I didn't mean to!" He sounds sincere, as he holds up his hands, and sees the colorful fabric in them. Oh.. My.. God. Torpedo drops the bikini top, and faints dead away, drifting around the course from the current caused by everyone else. As for the top, it drifts down, over Shrapnel's eyes.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus doesn't see it coming, no. But speed is the only thing on his mind now. That and the mother of all caffeine buzzes. He doesn't even notice as his path is knocked aside into a larger fish..

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus tries to ram into Jet Stingray, without much success.

> From outside, Arctic Osprey sends a radio transmission to Torpedo Seal.

Midi looks like he's starting to tire -- his internal oxygen compressor is really being taxed by all this yelling, jumping and banner-waving. "JET! JET! JET! JJJJEEEETTTT!" The salarymen continue to raise a ruckus, splashing what's left of their beers all around and hollaring at the top of their lungs in a haze.

> From outside, Fliptop watches the pinball effect rather curiously. Idly kicking, he stays more or less in the same spot as the whole incident plays out. When the oar misses, he emits a few choice words which, were he on land, would get his mouth washed out with soap. Looking around sheepishly, he drifts back down to the bottom and begins to casually bounce along the ocean floor. "La-la-la. Is that Atlantis?"

Iris grins at Midi's efforts. "Wow, you're quite the cheerleader!" she comments.

Dagger Lynx watches the race, commenting in his normal malice filled way, "Looks like he took her top too. Well i guess that is to be expected, she is after all alot more beautiful than the bird."

> From outside, Jet Stingray blinks as Hurricane takes out the guy that was placing with him, nowwing that could just as well happen to him. He merely races on, having no choice if he wants to try to win. His damaged systems whines, systems failures happening in non-important systems. As Fusion comes for him, he merely guns that both jets, even though one of sparking and seeming ready to explode any second. (Everyone is depending on me now... Can't let them down!)Oo.

Flare Feline smiles at Midi "Keep it up sport." And resumes cheering Jet "Go Jet! oO(Gee, I'm running out of ways to cheer him on)

Cappella coughs softly. "Pardon me for saying such but can your little cheerleader hold his tongue for a split moment?"

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps swimming along, finally deciding to just walk the rest of the way... No reason to keep going, it's not like he's going to win... He does, however, keep his weapon systems hot, just in case.

Arctic Osprey clenches fists, her beak set in a downturn. Her optics are bright, her feathers even paler than usual as she watches the race go. .oO(Oh yes...finish this already...)

> From outside, Syphon Squid pulls up in his course, managing to tie for third place. Eyeing who he happens to be tied with, he just pumps as much power as he can into his propellars, trying to get the HELL out of there as fast as he can.

> From outside, Dischord pulls out a pair of koosh balls as she swims, tossing them up at the torpedos as they barrel at her, causing them to in turn explode early and leave the huntress unscythed as she just keeps on swimming...

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk simply gives a quick salute as Jet surges ahead. Pushing his own wings back once more the hawk tears off and away from Fusion, and on down the track. He hopes all he did will be enough.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal turns, and goes after Syphon Squid again, kicking her turbines in as she aims to crash shoulder first into him and send him down into the ground..

> From outside, Fencer Naiad continues speeding along her way, letting a black shrouded had having to Seige off to her port, and to Jet at her aft, nodding with her helmeted head to each of them.

> From outside, Cyclone Jackal crashes forcefully into Syphon Squid!

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe points at Stingray with three arms, "And Jet pulls into the lead, nearing the end of his final lap!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'GO JET GO!!!!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Fencer Naiad transmits: 'This is certainly some good fortune. Keep it up Jet. Just a little bit longer now.'.

Flare Feline woo hoos at Hexapod's message "Come on Jet!! Almost there!!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*seething* Carry on, sir...I have a seal to club, myself.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '... Just a few more feet, Stin'ray. Yeh can do it.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'It's almost your man! You can do it!'.

Iris ignores Cappella, and in fact, joins in with boisterous cheering for her favorite Stingray as he heads into the turn. "You've got it, you've got it now!!"

> From outside, Torpedo Seal somehow floats along, the current pulling the bikini top off of Shrapnel. It floats with him, orbiting his frame, until Ozzie's yelling at him wakes him up. He flails. "I love you Ozzie!" he protests loudly, getting filled with water for his efforts. For his trouble, he ends up losing the bikini top in the flailing, that drifts backwards, and into Hurricane's face, like a new pair of goggles, ala Crash Man in the air race.

Razor Pterodactyl is really soaking up all the excitement, not really realising how stupid he must look, flailing around his arms wildly now. "Yeeeeeaaah! Gimme a J, gimme an E, gimme a T... Jet, Jet, go go go!" ...realization hitting now. He sits down abruptly, now extremely embarassed. o O(Oh man... someone please tell me I didn't just do that.)O o

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Hurricane Hawk!

> From outside, Derby Mare is, needless to say, quite PO'd now.
Clutching her mane for cover with one hand, she glares around. Seeinf the seal no where nearby, she hisses, and lashes out at the next closest thing that's a Hunter with her tireiron. Namely, Dischord.

> From outside, Titan is totally falling behind, and his player is distracted by finding out that he has to work open to close again. So he tries his best to pose, but is swearing in real life, so it's hard to focus.

> From outside, Derby Mare crashes forcefully into Dischord!

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: '*static rising* Don't worry... I don't know anything /but/ wininng races... Thank you again for all that you've done for me.... Really, you are the best dudes around.'.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus shakes her head, trying to clear it - then goes back to rushing forth, dunking and accelerating quickly.

Midi ignores the Robot Mistress. She must be having that Time Of The Month, as Fury says whenever a female is grouchy -- granted, Midi doesn't know what That Time Of The Month is, but it seems to be a daily event when Fury's around. Regardless, he puts everything he has left into yelling and jumping, waving his banner high, cheering the stingray on. "JET! JET! JET! JET!"

Arctic Osprey isn't cheering now. Her boyfriend just stripped a Maverick.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk surges ahead, glancing back one last time, then *WHAM* UFS... Unidentifed Floating Seal.

> From outside, Fliptop jogs along the bottom akwardly, kind of like Opus with a sunburn in a thong. Doo-de-doo, he returns to his odd little moonwalking. That is the other-planet-visiting NASA variety, not the elephant-man-skeleton-owning Michael Jackson variety. Aaaaaaanyway, Eddie continues along at a breakneck snail's pace. Hey! Maybe he'll reach his third lap! Stay tuned and find out!

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus just keeps going. Turbines buzz, still full of the power of Sonic's coffee. He's not about to give up just because he's been bumped around a bit.

Cappella eyes Iris with annoyance, letting her claws extend in anger. Standing up she yells out. "Someone stop that Stingray. Rip his head off if you must. But do the job right for a change and cut him off."

Iris enjoys being the 'annoying' one, for a change. It just fuels her fire to cheer her boyfriend on! "GO JET!!"

> From outside, Jet Stingray has his damage foot jet turned off, not able givie it any more juice. His flux convertors are showing yellow, his main power ebbing away from his wound. But the thought of getting gold is in sight, and that alone could push him to keep going.

Pilfer Ant's sweatdrop grows into a bigsweat as he notices Torpedo's antics. . o O (Kuwabera kuwabera... what an embarassment for us...) O o .
> From outside, The racers speed around the track....
Cappella bahs softly and just shakes her head, really hating this foolishness.

> From outside, *TWACK!*

DIsch gets knocked back as the tireiron connects with her head. before she growls, her eyes starting to glow as she shakes her head, and she swims like something just released from heck!

Meanwhile in the stands a guy named Phil shouts, "Get back here!!!"

> From outside, Torpedo Seal is still flailing. And in order to make up some face, he tries to get back into the race, by using his large fin to rebound off of Fusion, and back into the race.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk shakes his head and simply moves on. No harm done...

Karin isn't cheering for anyone, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy the race. And this she does, sitting back in her seat and smiling. But wait! That's not all, she also happens to enjoy the antics of the various spectators. Who needs cable?

> From outside, Syphon Squid AGHS as he's knocked around by the Jackal, growling to himself. . o O (Bloody Mavericks... At least Jet won. Now we've gotta get that blasted Icky out of the way...) he thinks, powering himself forward and noting the fact that... Torpedo is right ahead of Icky... Heh. Heh. Heh.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad is now desprately trying to move ahead, so she might get a chance to bash some of the other teams off the track, the naiad now throwing her arms into her movement, kicking with an even stroke to augment to power of her water jets.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe shouts, "And it's over! Jet Stingray gets the gold, with Fusion second, Titan third, Dischord fourth, Syphon Squid fifth, Shrapnel Phobosuchus sixth, Derby Mare seventh, Hurricane Hawk eighth, Cyclone Jackal ninth, Fencer Naiad tenth, Siege Wolverine eleventh, Torpedo Seal twelfth.. though it looks like he's in some trouble of his own... and the little Fliptop that could chugging along at thirtheenth!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'YES! Congratulations Jet!!!'.

Flare Feline raises his fist and jumps probably 10 feet in the air "YAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!! You're the MAN Jet!!!!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Flare Feline transmits: 'WAYDIGO!!'.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal removes himself from the race roster.

Iris cries happily, hopping up and down and giving Midi a HUGE squeeze...then she turns, and gives Flare a HUGE squeeze. "He did it! I KNEW he could do it!!"

> From outside, Derby Mare calms down a bit as she vents some rage Tanya Harting style, allowing Fusion to at least pull into a placing position. And still pulling a strong seventh herself. Calming some, she starts swimming for the sore as quickly as she can.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Fencer Naiad transmits: 'Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.'.

> From outside, Dischord removes herself from the race roster.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '...Did he win?'.

> From outside, Derby Mare removes herself from the race roster.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal doesn't bother staying around for the yelling and screaming, and instead, simply sinks under the surface, and away from the race. Oh well.

"YAAAAHHHHH!!!" yells the little green Reploid, jumping out of his seat and jumping up and down on the ground, arms raised above his head in shared victory. The salarymen yell out as well, though it's probably for the beer vendor rather than a demonstration of the One World Government's superiority. He gets picked up by Iris for a moment, but continues to cheer, waving his banner high -- he returns to jumping when Iris moves on to Flare.

> From outside, Torpedo Seal enters the Underneath Southern Atlantic.
> From outside, Torpedo Seal has left.

Razor Pterodactyl jumps up high into the air, somersaults, and remains there. "He did it! As we all knew he would! Awright!"

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Phoebus transmits: '..guess so..'.

> From outside, Spica has reconnected.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine keeps toddling along, taking the Eddie route to victory. Whatever method that might be... He shrugs, smirking a bit, then continues along at the obviously slow pace. He looks up, "Cool." He jets toward the surface, exploding out of it with a grin. "TIME FER FIREWORKS!" he states, as his armor shifts to standard and dozens upon dozens of fireworks start to explode from all over his body, leaving colorful trails in the sky.

Arctic Osprey applauds quietly for Jet's win, but then starts storming down the stands, wings spread and huffing frost, an aura of icy cold bristling about her.

Karin applauds the Stingray for a job well done.

> From outside, Siege Wolverine removes himself from the race roster.

> From outside, Spica has partially disconnected.

> From outside, Shrapnel Phobosuchus follows Derby to shore after placing sixth, popping up and revealing what was in her gun-arm. A brain coral in a nice, if rare, blue. She stopped for that?

> From outside, Arctic Osprey sends a radio transmission to Torpedo Seal.

Arctic Osprey sends a radio transmission to Torpedo Seal.

> From outside, Dischord finished above 10th! And wasn't completely trashed! It's a new record!

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '*sounds of fireworks* Yeh owe me fer the fireworks, Stin'ray.'.

Cappella slumps back into her seat and mutters with softly, knowing full well that she wil not hear the end of this.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk simply finishes his laps then explodes from the water, into the air, then to land back on the beach. He's got a Stingray to congratulate!

Flare Feline chuckles slightly and scratches the back of his head "Yeah, was there every any doubt?"

> From outside, Arctic Osprey receives a radio transmission.
Arctic Osprey receives a radio transmission.

> From outside, Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Broadcast Ocelot.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Jet Stingray transmits: '*static increases to the point his voice is almost not heard* One small step for the stingray... One large step for Repliforce... You guys... Are the best family a ray could ask for. As for paying you, I bet almost my entire bank account on my win, so no prob.'.

Pilfer Ant sighs and shakes his hanging head as he starts to walk out of the stands... so much for *that* good mood.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*Inuk cursing*
Congratulations, Jet, now if you'll excuse me.'.

> From outside, Syphon Squid blinks as he hears the announcement and sighs . o O (Dangit... Guess we don't get to keep going to see who wins second and third..) he thinks to himself, using his tentacles to haul himself out of the water and beginning to walk away from the track.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Razor Pterodactyl transmits: 'Ha ha ha, you made it, Jet! Awesome! You're still the man, I mean, 'ray!'.

> From outside, Fencer Naiad takes a moment, going throught he finish line before surfacing from the water, she rises from the pool, taking off her helmet, and shakes off to water from her dripping wet hair. She takes a momet to let out a small sigh, while listening to the excited radio chatter.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '...'.

Pilfer Ant has left.

> From outside, Pilfer Ant has arrived.

> From outside, Fliptop, his hearing not especially good underwater, keeps loping along the bottom. More than a few minutes pass before he realizes the race has ended and he stops dead in his tracks. Looking around, he shrugs and giggles a stream of bubbles before turning around and heading back to shore.

Iris runs down the stands, toward the racing area.

Iris has left.

> From outside, Iris has arrived.

Midi has left.

> From outside, Midi has arrived.

Flare Feline also runs to the racing area

Arctic Osprey has left.

> From outside, Arctic Osprey has arrived.

Lunar Vixen has left.

> From outside, Lunar Vixen has arrived.


Patagonia was once a vast and beautiful piece of land just South of Argentina and Chile. Though due to pollution, much of the place has been damaged and many forms of wildlife now extinct. Once surrounded by magnificent mountains, quiet valleys and spectacular shore line, all that remains of the region is a dark reminder of what life was like before so many changes have gone through mankind. Poverty seems to streak throughout the area, bedraggled human settlements nearly as far as the eye can take in.

Lunar Vixen [M]
Arctic Osprey [RF]
Midi [C]
Iris [RF]
Pilfer Ant [MH]
Vile [M]
Overdrive Ostrich [M]
Syphon Squid [MH]
Siege Wolverine [RF]
Spica [SD]
Cyclone Jackal [Aqua Jackal] [M]
Fliptop [MH]
Derby Mare [Casual] [M]
Dischord [Demon] [MH]
Fencer Naiad [RF]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Hurricane Hawk [RF]
Shrapnel Phobosuchus [M]
Race Track
Fusion Ichthyosaurus [M]
Olympic Stands
Uranus [SD]
Buenos Aires

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Atlantic.
East <E> leads to Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.
North <N> leads to Las Pampas.
West <W> leads to Andes Mountains.
South <S> leads to Tierra Del Fuego.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Eastern South America.

Lunar Vixen enters the Sky Above Eastern South America.
Lunar Vixen has left.

Fusion Ichthyosaurus veers away from the track, ignoring the bump from Torpedo. Burning the last of his special fuel, he propels himself upward, leaping from the water dolphin-like and retracting his jets. His airskates reactivate, and the fishlizard skates over the waves for shore.

Hurricane Hawk removes himself from the race roster.

Midi runs after Iris, waving his Repliforce banner in the air.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

Derby Mare is met on the beach by Rotor, quickly grabbing her towel from the raccoon drone and wrapping it around herself in a hurry. Goddamn Hunter perverts...

Flare Feline also follows after Iris, heading right for Jet.
Dagger Lynx has arrived.

Karin has arrived.

Cyclone Jackal comes on out of the water, and transforms back to her normal mode, she moves over and 'accidentaly' shoves Hurricane Hawk..

Jet Stingray doesn't move after crossing the finishing line. In a mix of shock and endless joy, Jet stays right where he is for a few moments, then after making some radio chatter, heads slowly for shore.

Arctic Osprey leaps out of the stands, staring hellfire at Derby. .oO(That horsey hussy is /mine/ when this truce is over.)

Fencer Naiad takes a few moments, checking for any dings in her armor, taking a moment to indulge in grinning sarcastically at the people she crashed out of Jet's path.

Razor Pterodactyl flies over to the group of Repliforcers already gathering to congratulate Jet in person.

Cyclone Jackal removes herself from the race roster.

Iris begins making her way through the crowd, to where Jet has been announced the winner of the gold, where he's coming up to shore. She looks...very proud. Exceedingly proud.

Fliptop removes himself from the race roster.

Pilfer Ant walks out to meet the Bag of Holding in time for him to make it out of the water... he's looking rather depressed. More so than one would expect of someone whose best friend just lost a major race, by a long shot.

Derby Mare didn't do anything, he stripped her! She's innocent!

Cappella has arrived.

Jet Stingray removes himself from the race roster.

Fencer Naiad removes herself from the race roster.

Dischord hrms and yawns as she pulls herself out of the water, sending out a quick transmission before she starts back towards the nearest teporter, ICly as tired now as her player is RL.

Hurricane Hawk is pushed and pretty much trips for some reason or another, a glare goes around wondering what the heck that was all about. Meh doesn't matter, from there his jets kick on and sand sprays everywhere! Though most of it goes towards Cyclone as the Hawk heads into the water to DRAG the Stingray to the shore.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'Good race guys.'.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus has disconnected.

Arctic Osprey notes that Derby's still a hussy because she's not /her/. Bad Maverick. Ozzie shuffles her wings, leaping into the air and turning for the north.

Karin heads out to go continue her practice for fencing tomorrow.

Arctic Osprey enters the Sky Above Eastern South America.
Arctic Osprey has left.

Fliptop waddles out onto the sand, smiling big. "Whoa guys! Did you see all that crazy stuff? I mean, heck, it was wild under there! Someone kicked me and then there was the eel and then I tried to whack that guy, yo, and then there was the shark and did you see that HUGE octopus?" Of course, much like in Goonies, no one did.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Torpedo Seal transmits: 'I meant with the female swimmer. That was not appropriate behavior, and I made us look like fools, and leches, including in front of my own Arctic Osprey, who will probably never speak to me again. For that, I apologize.

Congratulations, Hunters, I.. need some time to sort my thoughts.'.
Syphon Squid walks over to the area of shore that he spots Jet Stingray heading for. Smirking, he waits for the Forcer to come out and holds out one of his right hands "Good race, 'eh?"

=============================== IC Broadcasts ================================
Message: 9/41 Posted Author
Water race Tue Jun 26 Uranus
1: Jet Stingray
2: Fusion Ichthyosaurus
3: Titan
4: Dischord
5: Syphon Squid
6: Shrapnel Phobosuchus
7: Derby Mare
8: Hurricane Hawk
9: Cyclone Jackal
10: Fencer Naiad
11: Siege Wolverine
12: Torpedo Seal
13: Fliptop

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*heavy beakpalming, and more Inuk cursing*'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Adler Blau transmits: 'What happened?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Dischord transmits: 'You don't want to know.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Syphon Squid transmits: 'Jet won. Couple of unfortunate incidents that reaffirms my position that we should all wear lightweight armor all the time. No biggie.'.

Fliptop actually hopped into Pilfer Ant's arms, not the sand as he previously stated. No sirree, that never happend. "Heya Pilfer," Eddie exclaims happily.

Cyclone Jackal gets sprayed with sand, and she turns and GLARES at Hurricane, "That's it." She figures the Olympics are almost over, and she lost anyway. She draws both of her sub machineguns out, and opens fire towards the Repliforcer. Show him to beat her..

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'eh heh... Um... sorry Syphon.'.

Cyclone Jackal strikes Hurricane Hawk with her Dual Sub-machine Gun attack.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*curses in a guttural language, then* Horse-faced Maverick! *back to cursing*'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Syphon Squid transmits: 'Salright, Hurricane. S'long as the Mavs didn't win. Too bad we didn't get to go for another round or two though. I'll bet we coulda shoved 'em out of the placement entirely.'.

Hurricane Hawk goes soaring out toward The water to get Jet, course then a hail of firepower comes down on him, the speed he had, he skips over the surface a couple times before his face is planted in the water

From somewhere in the stands, a security force opens fire upon Cyclone Jackal. It was warned that security was tight.

Iris screams as Hurricane goes down in a hail of gunfire. "AIEEEEE!!!!"

Fliptop erks as gunfire erupts. "Aiieee! It's a hot LZ," he cries not
having a clue as to what he is saying. "Run for it! Aiiieee!" Boy, Eddie is a strange one tonight.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Now get up on the *gunfire* *AWK* *splash crash*'.

Uranus strikes Cyclone Jackal with his Planetary Conversion attack.

Cyclone Jackal is temporarily disoriented by Uranus's Planetary Conversion attack.

Uranus drains energy from Cyclone Jackal with his Planetary Conversion attack.

Cyclone Jackal falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Midi runrunruns behind Iris, waving his banner -- then the firefight starts, and he makes a LEAP! and slams into the ground, arms going over his head.

Flare Feline acks as the gunfire hails down on Hurricane "Geez, are those Maverick's sore losers or what?"

Fencer Naiad braces herself, rasing a sonic forefield around herself, as fire rains down upon the water race area.

Syphon Squid blinks at Cyclone Jackal "Holy... That wasn't right..." he murmers, shaking his head.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Meredith.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus quite carefully makes gestures to disassociate herself from all other Mavericks.

Pilfer Ant manages a vague, transient half-smirk at Eddie's words as he manages to catch the Bag of Holding in his forelegs... "...At least, you enjoyed yourself, Eddie-kun. That's what really counts, isn't it?" He then blinks as the red suitcase runs off... "Eddie-kun?" he calls after his friend as he follows him...

Iris blinks, staring at her radio stupidly for a moment. Then, she hits the button...

Derby Mare fortunately, has already stalked out of the area, in a hurry to get some decent clothing back on.

Jet Stingray lets Hurricane help him, but then as his friend, the one that helped him win is clipped. "You Maverick Scum!" he begins to charge for the attacker, but as the massive attack from the UN takes place, he just help Hurricane try to get away. "Come on dude, time for us to pull out of here and get some ceelbrating done!"

Razor Pterodactyl looks over at the sound of gunfire, shocked, then watches as the Maverick who opened fire gets turned into swiss cheese by security. "Holy... I guess the name of this game is "Truce or Die".

Fliptop just kind of runs around in a circle for a few minutes before dropping into the sand, giggling. Suddenly, he pops back up again and turns to Pilfer Ant. He, ya wanna go get a snack? I'm, like, starving, y'know?"

Syphon Squid looks over at Jet and Hurricane, striding toward them as well "You alright, Hurricane?" he inquires of the 'forcer, tilting his head in genuine concern.

Hurricane Hawk winces as the Stingray gets out to him in the water, he doesn't look so good, bullet holes gave water easy access... but he seems alright for now... "yeah," *bzzt* he winces..

Derby Mare transforms into Derby Mare.

Cyclone Jackal gets blasted. Damn Olymic troops. She'll get them later...Yess..

Derby Mare enters the Las Pampas.
Derby Mare has left.

"I'm not hungry," the antbot drones as he continues to keep pace with his friend...

Pilfer Ant has disconnected.

Dagger Lynx enters the Las Pampas.
Dagger Lynx has left.

Flare Feline has an impulse to run over and congradulate Jet straight off, but he knows someone else has immediate first pick with the Stingray. He stands back, and waits for Iris to give her congradulations to Jet first.

Midi stays down for a while, still clutching the stick of his Repliforce banner -- it sticks up from the ground like the Iwa Jima planting, fluttering in the breeze. When it seems that the fight has ended, he eases himself up, looks around, and starts running towards Jet and Hurricane, thinking they're the ones that got hurt; the smoking husk of Cyclone Jackal isn't even considered.

Siege Wolverine idly swims toward shore, looking a bit burnt out... He did just launch a whole Grucci fireworks show.

Jet Stingray nods to Syphon, giving him a thumbs up. "Good race, dude," he states simply, his optics scanning about for Iris, as well as his creators that are out there in the crowd as well.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus swims off, eventually.
Shrapnel Phobosuchus enters the Las Pampas.
Shrapnel Phobosuchus has left.

Pilfer Ant has connected.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Torpedo Seal transmits: '*having left the radio on, the following trumpet playing starts up. however, while moroseful, it is very familiar* You never close your eyes any more ... When I kiss your lips ... And there's no tenderness like before ... In your fingertips'.

Iris sighs, then turns to Jet. "Are you okay?" Seeing that he more or less is, she wraps her arms around him. "Congratulations..."

Syphon Squid sends a radio transmission.

Hurricane Hawk simply accepts the help Jet gives him and moves toward shore. A wave to the crowd in the stands is given and a v sign to show he'll be alright. He blinks though as Iris runs up, Jet still giving him a shoulder to lean on.. "Erk.." he says trying to give them some space.

Fliptop nods thoughtfully, "Howzabout a drink then? I bet there's some great joints around here to snack up in. Let's go, K? We can chat s'more or sumthin."

Spica has left.

Midi runs up behind Iris, jumping up and down once he determines the Reploids will be alright. "You won!" he calls out to Jet. "You won! I bet you're as fast as Mega Man is, Jet! Even with those guys cheating you still won!"

Iris says, "Oh my word...Hurricane, you poor thing, let me see how bad they got raced so well!"

Syphon Squid nods to Jet with a slight smile "Yeah, good goin' Jet. Glad y'managed to get past that Ichthyosaurus..." he then looks to Hurricane and just gives him a little space, trusting that Jet can help his comrade better than he can.

After Iris gives her congrats, Flare walks up and gives Jet an enthusiastic slap on the shoulder (though not too hard. "Way to GO Jet! You killed out there!"

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Hurricane Hawk.
Pilfer Ant finds Fliptop's enthusiasm contageous; he can't help but smile slightly despite the horrid news he received during the race. "All right, Eddie-kun. Let's do that."

Razor Pterodactyl only now realises that Hurricane was the target of that earlier attack. He takes a step forward... then realises that any help he'd try to offer would most likely only serve to aggravate the situation. So he decides to head over to congrately Jet instead... though taking his time in approaching.

Jet Stingray just continues to support Hurricane for as long as he needs, hugging Iris with his free hand. "Thanks Iris..." he states simply, wincing faintly in pain. Offering a thumbs up to Midi, he offers, "I won, but it was Repliforce that made it possible. There is no 'I' in team, even for the fastest water reploid /ever/!" As the slap on teh shoulder, he turns to Flare. "Thanks for the support dude."

Siege Wolverine burps a moment, before moving over to the other 'forcers. "Great job, Stin'ray... We'll talk the fireworks over a brewski, on Feline." He smirks.

Overdrive Ostrich jumps out of the stands as the security forces blast Cyclone into the dirt, making a quick dash to her. "That wasn't the best planning, Cyc," he comments as he picks her up onto his shoulder.

Fliptop trudges off towards the south, heading to the Tierra del Fuego for some Tierra del tacos.

Flare Feline grins and quickly says "What do you mean?"

Hurricane Hawk smiles, he worked hard, he's glad to see Jet gets what he deserves, the gold. A wince though from the bullet holes and numerous rams he recieved. *bzzt!* a spark zings off of the reploid...

Iris busies herself, for the moment, with examining Hurricane and seeing what she can do for his injuries. "Jet, I want to make sure you're going to be alright, too, before you go off celebrating," she says.

Cyclone Jackal can't really respond to Overdriver, cause she's in a few peices. Wee.

Iris effects complete repairs to Hurricane Hawk.

Pilfer Ant walks after Fliptop...
Pilfer Ant enters the Tierra Del Fuego.
Pilfer Ant has left.

Fliptop enters the Tierra Del Fuego.
Fliptop has left.

Overdrive Ostrich picks up all the bits that are left behind and starts off at a run to the north, quickly picking up to his full speed.

Iris says, "Those dirty creeps, what a stupid thing to open could have been worse, though..."

Oh sure, just ignore the guy that gave up two perfectly good depth charges and a couple of harpoons, not to mention a shoulderguard so that Jet could win. Siege Wolverine will be fine, really... He looks at Flare, "Yeh said yeh'd pay fer brewskis, didn't yeh on the radio, if Jet won?" he asks, curiously... Pondering... Trying to recollect.

Fencer Naiad steps off the changing rooms, chaning to a diffrent outfit before she walks by Jet one last time, bowing slowly before continuing to the teleporters.

Fencer Naiad enters the Las Pampas.
Fencer Naiad has left.

Jet Stingray nods slowly to Iris, moving to kneel down slowly, looking to the stands where the three old men that created him are gathered, chuckling to see them acting like they just won a million dollers. Maybe with the betting that happened, they did.

Flare Feline chuckles "I said I'd buy JET a round." He considers for a moment "Ah what the heck, you were out there too."

Syphon Squid smirks at Jet's comments, deciding to pop in with one of his own "I'll beat ya next year, Jet." he says with a broader grin "Next time, I'm bringin' home the gold."

True Siege but the Hawk was nailing the ones in the lead. Big difference, and besides he's hurt too! As Iris works he coughs a little, "Thanks Iris..." he says before looking at Jet, "Yeah, you get fixed up, then we party.

Cyclone Jackal enters the Las Pampas.
Cyclone Jackal has left.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Fencer Naiad.

Midi stops jumping and hooting, finally giving his mechanical components a rest and just watching Iris work on Hurricane and Jet. "That was a great race!" he says to himself.

Razor Pterodactyl finally reaches Jet Stingray. It sure took him long enough, but at least he's had the time to unwind a bit now, so he won't go all over-enthusiastic again. Man, that was embarassing... He smiles at Jet with his hardly visible avian smile. "Well Jet, you did it, just like we all knew we would. That was truly a magnificent race, the best I've had the pleasure of witnessing." To to mention the only one he's had the pleasure of witnessing.

Siege Wolverine blew Fusion out of the water once, isn't that good enough? He scratches his head, smirking at Flare, "Yeah, that's right. An' I did my best, too." He folds his arms across his chest, maybe not the most inviting of responses, but, eh... It's the best you're going to get out of Siege right now.

Iris smiles gently at Hurricane. "There, I've soldered the damaged parts. It's not pretty, but...the rest can be smoothed over back at the base. Take it easy on the wings."

Hurricane Hawk nods at Iris.. "Will do, thanks a million Iris."
Cappella has arrived.

Jet Stingray makes a tightbeam watching after Fencer, then turns to Midi and Razor. "Thanks you guys... Racing is what I do. It's like a dream I never thought would come true... Winning the Battle and Chase. Too kicking." To Syphon, he offers a hand to give a weak shake, his strength only a faction of what it usually is from the hard race. "We'll see... Even for the fastest water reploid around, you gave a good fight."

Syphon Squid shakes the Stingray's hand briskly "That's the idea, bud. And next time I'm gonna do a better job avoidin' those bloody torpedos." And with that, he nods and turns, heading toward the water and back home...

Flare Feline speaks up "Well then, were do we celebrate?" Flare has yet to celebrate getting silver in the foot race. Though he will be laying off the alcohol due to a previous incident.

Hurricane Hawk stands off of Jet finally. A little wobbily at first, but he seems to be alright. For now he leaves the metal sheathes over his wings, no need to give them any more work until everyting is put back into mint condition. A glance goes to Syphon, the hawk offers his hand, "Sorry bout hitting you... but I was really wanting Jet to win this.."

Iris takes out a medical scanner and scans Jet Stingray.

Iris hmms, furrowing her brow as she scans Jet for damages. "You might want to have Whipcrack replace that foot-jet," she remarks. "It doesn't look good, but I could tell you were giving it 110%."

Syphon Squid stops in his tracks real quick as Hurricane talks to him and turns around, smirking again "Like I said," he begins, shaking Hurricane's hand "It's all good. I'd've done the same thing in your place, if I wasn't so focused on winning."

Hurricane Hawk nods, "Take care, and good luck next year."

Siege Wolverine glances around, he's apparently the only guy that didn't really incur injuries from this race. He shrugs, waiting patiently. "How's, ehhh, Reploid Room sound?"

Hurricane Hawk nods, "Sounds good soon at Jet gets fixed up." he says before turning to said Stingray, "It won't take very long i'm sure."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Iris transmits: 'Good race, everyone. I'd like to extend my congratulations to everyone who's an honor to even participate, and everyone looked great out there.'.

Razor Pterodactyl nods to Jet, before glancing over to his CO. He inspects the dents and tears in the hawk's armor, which, even though his internal damage has been repaired, make him look not too good. "Man, you were all business out there, weren't you?", he says rather cheerfully, trying whatever little he knows about cheering people up.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Thanks Iris!'.

Jet Stingray nods slowly. "You got it Iris..." he says, his tone soften faintly. "Thanks for supporting me, Iris... I mean, you are the coolest around and..." He looks up to Siege and shrugs. "You guys pick the place... While I get the gold, you guys deserve just as much credit."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'More importantly, we kept another Gold from the Mavericks.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Torpedo Seal transmits: '*sighs* At what cost? I'm sorry again, Hunters. And Repliforce.'.

Hurricane Hawk nods a little at Razor, "Darn right. I couldn't let anyone but Jet get the gold. I must have hit everyone at least twice.. at least thats what it feels like."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Shoulda kept that little souvenbir ya got, Torp'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*snort*'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Arctic Osprey transmits: 'I will give that Maverick a souvenir myself.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'Yeah, that horse owes me a jumpjet now.'.

Flare Feline grins "The Reploid room sounds good. Jet, Siege, and Hurricane if you're coming, a round on me."

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'I just wanted to offer my respect to you Hunters... While you are saying sorry for us Torpedo, I would like to extend my 'I'm sorry' to you guys too if there were any hard feelings from what the Repliforce did... And if you take offence to the bragging that this ray has /got/ to do on the public channel in a sec, sorry for that too.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Torpedo Seal transmits: 'She is not worthy of a souvineir.. I simply want to make up for hurting Ozzie, and any of you.. I am truly, deeply, apologetic, sirs and ma'ms.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Fliptop transmits: 'You guys rock. An' I don't mean you Rock. Well, you rock too, I mean. Aw heck, you guys get it.'.

Razor Pterodactyl chuckles awkwardly. Okay, he's only reminding Hurricane of how much his wounds hurt now, not good. Let's try that again. "Yeah... wow, it's too bad you couldn't see yourself on the big screen there, you looked awesome!"

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Well, whatever. Next time, try and derobe someone while she's facing a camera...'.

Syphon Squid nods to the repliforcers and heads back toward the water, leaping in and propping away.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Siege Wolverine transmits: 'It's no problem, Seal. Don't worry 'bout it. Everyone did their best and worked competitively, that's what, ehh, counts.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Arctic Osprey transmits: '*clipped* It was an accident, and I shall see to it that it never happens again.'.

<Global News Network> Chris Dun'd from Tasmania, Austrailia, reports in over the GNN Airwaves. From the camera, he appears to be in a busy, and rather confused, group of people. "This just in from Tasmania. I'm standing in the middle of Tazmania National Airport, where rumors of a large, black, metal dog claiming to be the second coming of the Egyptian God of Death taking over the airport commsystem have been flooding in---" A crackling sound erupts into the air, "Wait, wait, here comes a report from the little bugger now!"

<Global News Network> Brawn Jackal's deep, booming voice erupts over the intercom. "Greetings, mortals! I, am the god Anubis, of Jehanum! I have come seeking, under the orders of my supirior officer, The Diapered Crane of Ra, other minions of my father, Ra, one of which is, reportedly, one of these great metal beasts that go woosh in the sky, the other apparently a .. Vending machine, with, Grape Soda. However; I cannot tell which of you great air beasts he was referring to, so if the one known as 'Spitfire Jumpjet', and the vending machine, "Radar Meerkat', could please report to this, 'Co-moon-i-cay-shun Box', I, Anubis, will reward yuo Greatly."

<Global News Network> Chris Dun'd blinks at the Camera, and then remarks, "... That's the impressive airport hijacker? That's it, I need a better job.." he stalks off the screen.

Hurricane Hawk beak-grins, "I can only imagine... I hope someone recorded this, I'd like to see how hard I hit that maverick so many times.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Torpedo Seal transmits: '*gulped* I'm dead. Nice knowing you all.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Siege Wolverine transmits: '... Tell me I'm, ehh, imaginin' that news.'.

Midi looks down at his forearm and grits his teeth, stamping his foot. "Dangit! I gotta go!" He looks up to Iris and Jet. "I'm out of here! Bye Iris, bye Jet!" He speeds off, heading for the nearest teleportation tube.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Nope. I'll get him, I ain't in any more contests'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: '...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Go. I've got fencing to do.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Auto transmits: 'I'm enroute to deal with this miscreant!'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Auto transmits: 'Wait...Blast! I'm playing dodgeball, aren't I?!'
(Ch. D [Public]) Jet Stingray transmits: '*calm tone* Ahem, I would like to take this time to say the following.... REPLIFORCE ROCKS! TAKE THAT MAVERICKS!! OH YEAH! *calm tone again* Thank you, the following has been bought to you by Jet Stingray, the fastest water reploid /ever/.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Whoa, Auto, don't. Yeah, you're damn right.'.

Iris says, "Bye Midi!"

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyber Peacock transmits: '*shrieked* OH SHUT UP!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hiryu transmits: '...'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Chill people.
I've got the little bugger. Make trouble down under, will he...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Amano transmits: '...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Brawn Jackal transmits: 'Crane of Rah, is that you?'.

Flare Feline waves to the kid as he runs off. Gee, energetic little guy.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Auto transmits: 'So we should just let these evildoers trample all over justice and peace and justice?!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Brawn Jackal transmits: 'I am not getting any response from these great birds which go woosh in the sky. Perhaps you should speak to them, O' Diapered one?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Midi transmits: '*in a businesslike tone* This is UN Information and Data Security Representative Midi. I am en route to the situation.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'And also brought to you that knocked slamed the maverick Fusion down twice for Jet's victory. Thank you, carry on, this day was brought to you by the letter V that stands for Victory!'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: '*sigh* I said I'm goin' to get him. You go kick some evils' butt in dodgeball'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyber Peacock transmits: '*long silence before a falsetto Cyber-voice filters through* Who is this? I have no idea who this crane is.'.

Jet Stingray waves to Midi. "Later, little dude."

Hurricane Hawk waves to Midi, "Take care."

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'Doesn't it seem a little unfair to discriminate on basis of race or affiliation, playing a sporting event?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: '*Sound of someone facepalming*'.

Midi enters the Las Pampas.
Midi has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'What?'.

Razor Pterodactyl just hopes noone recorded him behaving like an idiot in the stands. "Yeah, he sure got a good whuppin', that's for sure. I bet that last hit would make a great screensaver." He chuckles some more, and then averts his eyes from Hurricane, feeling stupid. o O(Okay, that's enough, now you sound like some kind of suck-up, or something.)O o

(Ch. D [Public]) Jet Stingray transmits: '/Very/ true, Hurricane. I would also like to give some thanks to Fencer Naiad, Seige Wolverine, and all the other good guys that made my win possible. And Cyber... Just for you.... THIS STINGRAY IS NUMBER ONE, BABY! Thank you, now I've got to party on with my kicking friends. Have a nice night putting together that Mav that tried to kill my friend.... later!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Vile transmits: 'Hey.'.

Flare Feline turns to Razor "So, you gonna come celebrate too? You sure were cheering up a storm in the stands earlier."

(Ch. D [Public]) Vile transmits: 'Lets put your title on the line.'.
Hurricane Hawk chuckles at Razor, "not a bad idea Razor..." he says before turning to Jet, "So what's next? Other then having fun on the global band?"

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'Everyone gets all quiet. When the event is about sporting competiton and everyone competing, with a truce in effect, don't we dirty the competition by acting like that, Jet?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'It's just, we're taking this noble concept, and totally dragging it through the dirt! It's ludicrous!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Vile transmits: 'Who is this fool who speaks as if I needed his advice?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: '... You've never played in actual professional sports before, have you Auto?'.

Jet Stingray gives a thumbs up to all the Repliforce still about. "Let's go party... Where? I haven't the foggest."

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'Nope. I guess 'professional sports' is an oxymoron, huh?'.

You say, "Siege recommended the Reploid Room."

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Quite'.

Iris says, "Yeah! That's a great place, let's go!"

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'Well, you all should just feel ashamed! Ashamed!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Wave Man transmits: 'D'yarr...What have we become?'.

Razor Pterodactyl ahs, and brings a finger to his beak, muttering softly to Flare, "Okay, if anyone asks, you didn't see me do anything... alright?"

Hurricane Hawk nods, "yeah lets go for it!

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'What about little Jimmy at home, watching the Olympics? He should see good sportsmenship, heroes and role models, and yet we just act like total...Total...Baked potatoes!'.

Flare Feline chuckles at Razor "Sure thing. Not that there's any need to be embarresed."

Iris enters the Las Pampas.
Iris has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'For the children! Let's just do it...For the children!'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'For those of you that wish to attend, there will be a party for Jet at the Reploid room in a while. All in the RF are invited i'm sure'.

*Later, outside the Reploid Room in San Angeles*

San Angeles - Northern Downtown

Northern downtown San Angeles. Like much of the city, there is the constant noise of hover cars and people. Between the honking of cars and the constant shouting and talking, this area never knows silence. The buildings are the usual cataclysmically tall, though many are completely covered in -massive- signs and advertisements. Flashing lights, Coca-Cola signs, Marlboro signs, and any other drink, cigarette, hovercar company, and "adult" oriented stores are plastered alongside skyscrapers and buildings. If there's anything you need to buy, there's no doubt that it can be found here.

Hurricane Hawk [RF]
Iris [RF]
Dodge Viper X-3000 [MH]
A small gym

Obvious exits:
Club Entrance <CE> leads to The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Southeast <SE> leads to San Angeles - Eastern Downtown.
Southwest <SW> leads to San Angeles - Western Downtown.
South <S> leads to San Angeles - Southern Downtown.
East <E> leads to San Angeles - Eastern Residential.
West <W> leads to San Angeles - Western Residential.
North <N> leads to San Angeles - Business District.

(Ch. D [Public]) Adler Blau transmits: 'Justice has prevailed and it shows stand able to fight for love whereever evil would challenge it!'.

Razor Pterodactyl arrives from the San Angeles - Western Residential.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'But it's being a sore winner, Adler!'.

Jet Stingray arrives from the San Angeles - Western Residential.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: '... Who let Silverbolt onto this frequency?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'Silverwha?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Adler Blau transmits: 'Who?'.

Ring Redwing arrives from the San Angeles - Western Residential.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

(Ch. D [Public]) Auto transmits: 'I don't follow those boybands, sorry.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Hurricane Kangaroo transmits: 'Nevermind.'.

Hurricane Hawk walks in from the teleporters! To the bar! paar-taaay!

Flare Feline heads to the Reploid Room oO(I sure hope they don't bankrupt me. Aww well, they earned a good drink or ten)

[OOC] Razor Pterodactyl says, "Oh yeah, we're gonna party like it's 2299!"

(Ch. D [Public]) Brawn Jackal transmits: 'I am Anubis! Not.. Silverbolt.'.

Jet Stingray just comes in as well, having told his fathers that he will celebrate with them later... Force comes first. More so considering that for once, it was a team effort that got him the gold for a change.

Ring Redwing is late having accidentally grabbed her qian-kun ring with her. And is having trouble keeping up while lugging the heavy thing around. "minna! mate kudasai! (everyone! waite please!)"

Hurricane Hawk paces as he waits, wanting to see the medal.

Razor Pterodactyl lands near his fellow Repliforcers lined up at the club's entrance. Yeah, he flew all the way, prefering that to the teleporters, so naturally he comes in later than most. Good thing he's a fast flyer or he'd get everywhere way late.

Jet Stingray points to Ring as he just walks by her. "Somebody should help her... I would, but my systems are still getting over that race. Man, that was the most intense race I /ever/ had."

Hurricane Hawk stops pacing and then waves to Jet, "Heya!" he calls to him, "Lets see it!"

Razor Pterodactyl stares at Ring. "Errr... why'd you bring /that/ thing, anyway?

You enter the The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer

As you are ushered in through the large double doors of the Reploid Room, you are immediately greeted by several very large reploids. As a Bull reploid and a Grouper reploid take any weapons you might have been displaying, a small, impish human scuttles up, takes your cover charge and any jackets you might want to check. After everything is in order, you are pointed to the house rules if you are a first timer, then pointed down the hall. As you make your way to the inside of the club, another pair of large, lavish doors swing open. Welcome to the Reploid Room.
House Rules

Obvious exits:
Inside <IN> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Outside <O> leads to San Angeles - Northern Downtown.

Iris arrives from the San Angeles - Northern Downtown.
Iris has arrived.
Iris enters the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Iris has left.

You enter the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
The Reploid Room - Dance Floor

Dancin', dancin', dancin'! The strange eclectic feel of the dance area is only overshadowed by its population. This fancy open area seems to be set for versatility, able to change motifs at the whim of the owner. The area is always happening with music, be it the Human DJ spinning the tunes or a live band. So stop standing there, silly! You look like a dork! Start cutting the rug!
Iris [RF]

Obvious exits:
Upstairs <UP> leads to The Reploid Room - Cocktail's Lounge.
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.
Bar <B> leads to The Reploid Room - Bar.
Foyer <F> leads to The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.

Hurricane Hawk arrives from the The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Hurricane Hawk has arrived.

Jet Stingray arrives from the The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

Hurricane Hawk enters the The Reploid Room - Bar.
Hurricane Hawk has left.

Jet Stingray enters the The Reploid Room - Bar.
Jet Stingray has left.

Ring Redwing arrives from the The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl arrives from the The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.
Razor Pterodactyl enters the The Reploid Room - Bar.
Razor Pterodactyl has left.

Ring Redwing enters the The Reploid Room - Bar.
Ring Redwing has left.

You enter the The Reploid Room - Bar.
The Reploid Room - Bar

As you enter the bar area, you notice the fine chrome rail that stretches almost all the way around the pseudo-circular room. The bar is a full service station, equipped with not one, but two menus - reploid and human. A few back doors imply a kitchen in the back. The rest of the room is set up in lavish velvet booths and tables. A few very sweetly dressed female reploids and humans wait on folks, here to serve you. Kick back and enjoy!
Qian-Kun ring
Ring Redwing [RF]
Razor Pterodactyl [RF]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Hurricane Hawk [RF]

Obvious exits:
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.
Dance Floor <DF> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.

Ring Redwing drops her heavy fencing weapon with a slight "oof"

Jet Stingray shakes his head to Hurricane. "I don't think I really get the real gold until the ceramony that comes on..." With that, he peers about the area, wondering where to set. He merely looks about carefully, hoping that he doesn't get massed by people that have seen him win and make him out to be a temperary 'star'. "But man... I won... This is like one of the greatest victories in my life... /Ever/. To think that people thought I was a meager nothing."

Razor Pterodactyl examines the large ring after Ring drops it. "That looks... unwieldy. And you say you actually used that for fencing? That must've been pretty hard..."

Iris arrives from the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Iris has arrived.

Hurricane Hawk chuckles and walks along side Jet, "Hey you deserved it for all the stuff you've been through." he tells him giving him a firm pat on the back. "Pull up a chair and have a drink Jet. You deserve it."

Ricochet arrives from the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Ricochet has arrived.

Flare Feline enters the bar and walks up to Jet "You did great out there man. And I thought my getting second was good. You really showed those Maverick's what we're made of." Flare signals to the bartender "His first round's on me."

Iris hops off the dance floor, grinning widely as she looks for a seat near her friends. "Ohhh...I had to dance to that song, it's a favorite..."

Ring Redwing nods to Razor. "It was pretty hard. Maybe that's why I lost?" She puts a finger to her lips, "Although that Strider Matic was a pretty tough opponent..."

Iris orders a bright purple fizzy-fruity-drink from off the bartender's menu. She hasn't the faintest idea what it contains, but she's here to celebrate with close friends, so she doesn't mind.

Ricochet walks into the room... examining a map before him. Not particularly unusual. "Now, let's see... if we... no, no, no, we must've gotten lost here." "*BLURP BLIP*" <Uh... we arrived.> "Huh?... no way, Orbit. I mean... geez. How the hell? This doesn't make sense. I mean... we didn't even go through Peru." "*BLURP BLIP BLEEP*" <Ric. We're in San Angeles. Moreover, we're at the Reploid Room!> "...are you -sure-?... I mean... I normally don't have a problem with the map..."HA!" <HA!> "...but for some reason, tonight..."

Razor Pterodactyl ahs. "So you fought one of those Strider fellows, huh? Their combat abilities are quite impressive, I don't think there's any shame in losing to one of them."

Jet Stingray nods as he looks back to Iris. He pauses for a moment to speak to his MVP who gave him the assist to win, then looks back to her. Her words about the dance bring up the fact that he has never danced with her before, even though the promise of a dance was made dating back to the Hunter-Repliforce dinner a long time ago. As he looks about, he gets a lot of straws, then orders the powerful drink known only as 'Battery Acid' a /powerful/ drink that was destined for Reploids, a mix leathal to most humans.

"Man, times like this, I'm glad to be a Repliforcers...." Looking to Ring, he offers a thumbs up. "Those Striders are tough cookies, heck, they stole a virus from a Repliforce convoy once... Those guys are dangerous... For humans at least." Spotting Rico, he tries to wave him over.

Iris looks back over at Jet, and smiles warmly, wondering what he's thinking. (No doubt he has a lot on his mind...especially this evening.)

Flare Feline turns to Hurricane "So how about a drink on me huh? You were out there too."

Ring Redwing smiles, "Thanks Razor. It helps to have others cheer you up after a loss as well. I was thinking about that talk I had with Skyblade the night after the Air Race. I told her to never give up believing in yourself even when you lose. don't you think that's true? Anyways, I'm ordering Red Tea, how about you?" She notices Rico walking in. "Hey, there's the gold winner of the sharpshooting contest!"

Hurricane Hawk simply smiles and pats Jet again, "Part of the job Jet... part of the job." he says before glancing at Flare, "Drink? Sure... doesn't matter what it is."

Orbit blinks. "*BLLURP BLIP*" <Hey, look. It's Jet.> Rico blinks, glancing over towards the group... further summoned by Redwing. He smirks faintly... "Hey, guys! Saw the contest... good job, Jet!" He nods towards the others, as does Orbit. "*BLURP BLIP*" <Heyya, folks. Good job, Jet.>

Iris waves to Rico, as he approaches the bar. "Hi!"

Flare Feline says to the Bartender "Give Mr. Hurricane Hawk a.. umm..." He thinks, not knowing what drinks they serve here "Whatever it is that Jet is drinking now."

Hurricane Hawk coughs, okay maybe not /anything/ but to late now. The drink is brought before him and Jet, he simply looks at the other Reploid then back at the drink... "Hmm... how strong is this thing Jet?

Razor Pterodactyl turns at the mention of the other Repliforce gold medalist. "Heya, Ricochet! Great, both halves of the golden duo are here now!" o O(...boy, that sounded lame.)O o He turns back to Ring. "Red Tea? Er, does that have any alcohol in it?" Yeah, he really is that clueless.

Ricochet, for his part, seems to have his ego stroked just the right way. He grins. Boy, he's gonna have a hard time fitting through the doorway soon. He takes a seat next to Iris... "Heyya, Iris, Ring, Razor..."

Iris is sipping a purple-fruity-fizzy. "How's it going?" she asks Ricochet with a smile.

Well, after ordering Jet and Hurricane a drink as promised, and since he's congradulated Jet enough as it is, he decides to talk to Iris oO(Gee, she's off by herself, that ain't right) "This has been quite a night huh? Of course I never had any doubts that Jet would win."
Ring Redwing giggles at Razor's cluelessness, "Nope! It's brewed just like ordinary tea. It does seem a bit redder than say jasmine tea. I got the habit from some acrobats I knew when the circus was touring China. Want to try some?"

Jet Stingray nods to Hurricane, merely looking again at Iris for that smile that can't help make the stingray feel even better than he was right after he learned he won the race. He moves his hand to his faceplate for a moment, tempted to take it off. Heck, he won the contest and now he's amoung friends, why not? He stops though, letting it be, and just looks to Hurricane. "It's banned in five countries.... That strong." With that, he makes a chain of straws to reach around the faceplate to his drink. "Man, we might catch up to those Mavericks for Gold medals if we haven't already. Thanks for your confidnece in me, guys."

Iris says, "I never had any doubts, was a given from the get-go."

Ricochet grins. "Pretty good, actually." Orbit climbs off of Rico's back, and lies on the bar... obviously begging for a tummy rub, evidently. So much for respect for sentient partners... he nods towards Jet. "Yeah. You were built for the job." he smirks faintly. Urg. Boy, he's soaking this up... a legend in his own mind, or so it seems.
Razor Pterodactyl shrugs. Well, as long as it's non-alcoholic... "Sure, why not. I don't know too many drinks, so I guess I should broaden my horizons a little."

Ring Redwing nods in agreement to Iris' statement, "Ooh, but those Mavericks have some nerve! That Dagger Lynx, squirting water at us of all things." Redwing's yellow eyes flash a hint of anger.

Hurricane Hawk smirks and simply nods to Jet. Though the drink is given a cautious look. "Banned?" well gee, that's not good. A grin spreads across his face, it's a party so slam it! Hopefully hawk won't regret this... course he never has been drunk before *sweatdrop* the drink is taken and put down in one shot before the glass is slammed back down on the bar. A cough, he pats his chest, "DAAAANG... thats tough.." whee teared up on that one...

Flare Feline chuckles "Boy, that kid was sure cheering for Jet with all his heart. I remember seeing him at the footrace too, what's his name again?" He turns to Ricochet "And late congrats to you for your gold. I guess I'm Mr. Generous tonight, have a drink on me."

Iris looks over at Ring. "They were just jealous, because they knew they couldn't win this one," she remarks.

Ricochet blinks, and nods... "...really? Thanks!" he says... "One pepsi..." he says to the nearby bartender who probably blinks at Ric... as, no doubt, it's probably the tamest drink in the house. "*BLURP BLIP BLOOP*" <I'll just have a sip from the toilet if I'm thirsty.> Rico facepalms.

Ring Redwing nods at Razor and makes the order to a bar gumbie, who goes to the storeroom and returns in a few minutes with a tray of two porcelain tea cups filled with steaming hot Red Tea. A sweet fragance enters with him. Redwing thanks the gumbie and takes the tray, offering one cup to Razor.

Jet Stingray /is/ soaking this up... But after all the bashes to his ego over the months, this was /more/ than he needed to pick it up, this big win giving him the strength to be demoted to janitor and still feel on top of the world. "A kid was rooting for me that much?" he offers to Flare, then turns to Ring and Iris. "Some Mavericks were treating my friends in uncool ways?" he offers, turning swiftly from the Stingray of Winning Stuff to the Stingray of Aft Kicking. He takes a sip once more, the straws seeming to weaken under the power of the drink, almost seeming to melt in some areas. "Man, that stuff is almost as bad as people say Anthem's coffee is!"

Ring Redwing nods at Iris, "Yes, I suppose your right Iris. I won't let such an immature act get to me."

Iris looks over at Flare. "Actually, he isn't a kid...his name's Midi, and he's a bit short in size but he's awesome in spirit!"

Hurricane Hawk coughs just once more before nodding at Jet, "You ain't kidding." he says shaking his head to clear some cobwebs. "S'worth it Jet. Glad to know though that my aid helped ya out so much."

Ricochet blinks, and furrows his brow, glancing towards Jet. "Doesn't surprise me. The Mavericks havne't exactally been the best sports. One of 'em was buggin' me last night..." he shakes his head. "Think we're gonna have to organize some butt-kickings after this ceasefire's over."

Flare Feline looks back and forth to Jet and Iris "Uh, yeah that was him. Midi. Well, he kinda looked like a kid. But you're right, he sure wasn't lacking in spirit."

Razor Pterodactyl blinks, then tries carefully to take the cup, but backs off his hand before touching it. He tries again... backs off again. ...and again. It does make him feel awkward, but he's just too afraid he'll break this fragile-looking cup to take it outright, and just holds his talon at a bit of a distance, unsure of how exactly he's going to go about this. "Ummm..." Geez, something as simple as drinking tea is quite a chore for some people...

Ring Redwing smiles a bit at Razor's predicament, "Here. maybe this'll help..."

Ring Redwing takes a cup-holder sized ring attached to a handle from somewhere in her armor compartments and places the cup in it.

Iris says, "You should have seen Midi, Jet. He was a stormtrooper-cheerleader...inciting the crowd to chant your name! What a guy...I think he's your second biggest fan!"

Ring Redwing hands it over to Razor, "There, try using that."

Hurricane Hawk adds to Iris' statement, "With me being the first, I mean I am the tallest avian in the Repliforce." he winks

Razor Pterodactyl blinks again, then begins to chuckle. "Oooh, that's good, really clever, thanks." He grabs the ring instead of the cup, though, not being very careful, he does spill some tea in the process. "Whoops."

Jet Stingray nods to Flare. "I've have to make sure I tell him thanks then. Special fans like him always deserve it, considering sometimes I don't get many." Offering a single nod to Ricochet, he adds, "And be prepared to respond to Robot Masters attacking for their lack of gold medals and such. When this cease fire is over, we'll have battles in spades." Offering a chuckle, looks back to Hurricane and Iris, having a feeling who she thinks is the true number one fan. "Me? Man, I know I can be a ham sometimes, but for once you guys are giving me way too much credit here."

Iris laughs at Hurricane. "Oh yeah?" she quips, sipping her drink.

Hurricane Hawk nods once, "Not seen anyone else with a 20 foot wingspan Iris." he tells her. He simply chuckles at Jet in the mean time.
You say, "Hey, you deserve it tonight. This was a true victory, and just the thing to really irritate the Mavericks and Masters." Flare chuckles a bit "But yeah, I'd expect them to be real sore losers too. We should prepare ourselves."

Ring Redwing takes a sip from her cup as she watches Razor attempt to drink his. Oops he just spilled some. "Oh, don't worry about it. Rico, could you ask a gumbie to help us clean up this liddle spill?"

Ricochet smirks, and nods.. "Yeah... we'll be ready." he says, with a slightly grim bit of determination... but blinks, and nods. He attempts to wave down a nearby bartender... "Hey! Uh... could you help them clean up?..."

Iris hees, the purple-fizzy drink making her feel all buzzy and good. "I'm going to go request a song," she says, sliding off her stool and heading for the dance floor.

Iris enters the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
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Razor Pterodactyl would probably blush if he could, as one of the bartenders comes over and cleans up the spill with an annoyed look on his face. "Well, er... subtlety was never my strong point.", he admits. And as if to prove his point, he opens his beak and just tosses the rest of the cups contents into it, downing it all in one gulp. He blinks a few times. "Hmmm. Interesting flavor.", he comments.

Ring Redwing nods her thanks to Rico and the gumbie that grudgingly rushes over with rag a-ready. As the serving gumbie cleans, Redwing turns her attention back to the conversation about the Repliforce enemies. "Do you really think we'll see some action soon?" She seems a bit nervous at the idea, having never been in actual combat yet. Hearing Razor's comment, she nods. "I'm glad you seem to like it. "

Jet Stingray gives a thumbs up to Flare and Rico, knowing that his Marines will be ready to kick aft when the time comes... Even though they aren't /really/ his Marines anymore. The irony of it all, getting demoted when finally enjoying rank... But such is life. Not being the brightest ray at times, he watches Iris go and to catch up with her without wasting his drink, he downs it with a /massive/ slurp of his drink, his straws dying at the end of it, becoming a blob of plastic when it is finished. "If you'll excuse me... I'll make sure that the dance floor is a kicking place. Anyone who wants to cover my flank is welcome." With his little statement, he prepares to follow Iris... What self-respecting boyfriend would leave their girl alone on the dance floor?

Hurricane Hawk chuckles, "Yeah alright..." he tells Jet getting up. Cover him.. yeah sure.. lets see what else the hawk can cook up...

Jet Stingray enters the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
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Hurricane Hawk enters the The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
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Flare Feline watches Jet follow Iris out to the Dance floor and chuckles. He then sees Razor seem to be hitting it off with Ring. Heh, way to go.

Razor Pterodactyl rubs a nail past his beak a few times, as if deep in thought. "Well, it's certainly different from anything else I've tasted. It's definately the least..." He pauses, looking for the right word, finally settling on, "...caustic."

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Ring Redwing laughs a little, "I don't think your supposed to drink it as fast as you did. They are served at quite a high temperature." Lifting the cup to her lips, she hides a quick smile behind it's rim.

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