Moscow - Production District

Unlike much of the megacity Moscow, this district lacks the winding roads and omni-highways, and the buildings are dramatically different here. Like the industrial district, this entire section of the city serves a single purpose, to provide food and supplies to both Moscow and the surrounding cities. Massive silos stand as megaliths here, filled with food replicators and producers. Fields, hovering in the sky on massive platforms, house animals and grow crops needed to feed the hungry and the masses. Perhaps a marvel of modern science, this district prevents the risk of famine.

Cruise Loon [Air] [RF]
Heat Man [Normal] [RM]
Punk [Punk] [RM]
Ten [Main] [RF]
Maverick Drone
Pink Elephant [M]
Iris [Vanguard] [RF]
Blizzard Man [Normal] [RM]
Pirate Man [RM]
Ice Man [Normal] [RM]
Guts Man [Normal] [RM]
Wood Man [Baseball] [RM]
WilyMachine <Reggae> [RM]
SS Dreadskull [RM]

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Moscow - Industrial District.
North <N> leads to Moscow - Commercial District.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cruise Loon speaks against the sound of a lot of air whooshing past. "Corporal Cruise Loon reporting in... er, is there a problem? I could reroute my flight path if needed."

WilyMachine <Reggae> circles menacingly, periodically letting slip his horrific battlecry.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cruise Loon notes wryly, "I'll take the resounding silence as a 'yes, please'. Enroute as"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Aerial Division Commander Ten transmits, "Yes, please!"

Pirate Man looks around as he motions for the Dreadskull to head lower to the ground before he turns to the drones as they start to bring back any goods that haven't been destroyed yet as he said, "Speed it up ye sea slugs. I want this job done quick.", he stops one of the larger drones with a crate as he opens it and grabs one of the bottles inside

Heat Man comes out of what appears to be a bar, two rather good looking Russian women giggling with him. "So then, I said "You want it HOT?" HAH!" The way that they're laughing, they clearly have no idea what language he's even speaking. Then he looks at the RMs, Repliforce landing, etx.

"I have to find a better place to take my days off."

The Vanguard enters the factory, and Iris powers up the ride armor's weapons systems as she does so. Time to end this operation, here-and-now. Too bad her brother's more of the take-charge kind than her.

Flare Feline runs into the area from the west. The Mavericks yesterday, and now the Masters, and to think he was looking forward to ending his vaction but a week ago. When he's able to see the factory and the Master forces in full view, he pauses to see if he can spot any other forcer, and to decide on the best course of action.

Cruise Loon arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Cruise Loon has arrived.

Destroying crops is fun! Ice Man looks at his work with a little bit of pride. "Maybe this won't go wrong after all. Another running leap and Ice is on another floating field. This on has corn again. Running a quick diagnostic on his ice slasher, a check on his fuel, and another slasher diagnostic, and Ice Man starts turning another potential harvest into slush.

Heat Man sees the Vanguard go throw the loading doors to the factory, and swears. "Sorry, girls, but I gotta go..." Then, he hands each of them some money, and heads into the factory after the big purple people eater.

<Who was that American?>

<I have no idea, but he gave us each $50 just to laugh at jokes we didn't even understand!>

Meanwhile, within the Factory, Heat raps sharply on the back of the Vangaurd. "Excuse me, but can I ask just what you're doing in here?"

Ten sees Ice Man destroying the crops. .oO(Not good! I'd better put a stop to this!)Oo. Ten flies down and hovers near Ice Man while speaking in a mocking tone of voice. "Looks like I'm in the frozen foods section. Well, this food should be nice and easy to cook, and I',m in the mood for somethign well-done!" With that, she points her palm at Ice Man, and opens 5 flame jets in an X-shape. Flames come from those flame jets, and form a small fireball, whixch Ten sends flying at Ice Man. "Time to rock and roast!"

Ten misses Ice Man with her Flame Palm Blast attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Aerial Division Commander Ten transmits, "I spotted Ice Man destroying crops in the area. I'm attacking him now."

The Vanguard swivels to face Heat, just inside the door to the factory. "<< I'm here to help put an end to this mess, >>" Iris says simply. Nothing malicious or threatening, just to-the-point.


A certain sound that, in its precise timing, might be mistaken for part of the factory at work. sounds to be tromping around overhead, on another floor of the factory. Hmmm...


Heat Man sighs and looks at Iris. "I'm sorry, but if you know who I am, you know I can't let you do that." He then jumps up on top of one of the catwalks, before leaping back downwards with a burning fist. "Now, I don't suppose you might be convinced to just leave?"

Heat Man misses Iris with his Flaming Punch attack.

Ice Man turns around at the sound of a voice. "Huh? WOAH!" A blast of flame sails past his head, ignighting crops behind him. "That wasn't nice." He squaks into his radio as he forms and throws a MIGHTY snowball!

Ice Man misses Ten with his Snowball attack.

Wide black wings beat the cold Russian air as propulsion systems roar quietly throughout the city. "Not bad. First night transferred and already I'm out working," Cruise Loon comments to himself as he activates his sonar array, sweeping the area to try and figure out just where he's supposed to be heading, exactly. "Lessee... rampaging Masters. Gotta be around here somewheres."

Pirate Man smirks as he watches the Dreadskull land nearby as a few of the joes quickly run inside placing their cargo onboard before moving back down the ramp to gather infront of the master corsair saying, "Good work mates, but go get more and set the explosives. While those onboard prepare to fire the ships weapons when I give thee order."

The Vanguard ducks Heat's punch deftly, and as she turns back toward him, small ports on the ride-armor's shoulders open with a powerful hum. "<< No, >>" she says simply, and she opens fire on Heat in a powerful purple barrage of light.

Iris strikes Heat Man with her Crystal Lasers attack.

Attempting to Devour Big Brother is treason. Treason is punishable by death. Please terminate yourself immeadiately, and have a nice day."
Heat Man takes the blast, staggered slightly, but still moves forwards, energy collector in his chest taking some of the beam energy and refocusing it. "I have to defend my family. I can't allow you to hurt Dad. I wish there was another way. I really do. But there isn't." Then, the beam coalesces in a deadly beeline towards the Ride Armor.

WilyMachine <Reggae> has much larger black wings. And they flap mightily. "QUAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" shouts he, of extreme girth! The power! The excitement! The lesbian undertones!, wait. That's Xena. Aaaaaanyway. He begins to descend, intending to land with X-TREEEEEEEEM force! Under his foot is crushed an itty bitty puppy dog. Squishy! Mew.

Heat Man misses Iris with his Thermal Beam attack.

Ten sees the snowball coming at her. Her optcis go wide for just a moment, and she quickly flaps her wings mightily to get out of the way. Somewhat angrily, she says, "I HATE snow!" Ten twirls her naginata once for show, then descends toward her foe, and attempts a cutting slice.

Ten puts her guard up.
Ten misses Ice Man with her Slice attack.



The thumping turns into a giant ball downstairs at top speed. The blur then leaps down onto a catwalk and into the air, heading towards the center of the factory. As it flies, it slows down...

It's a pink elephant.

Nobody will believe this afterwards, I bet.

Flare Feline scans the area, random masters, Iris and Ten, a new forcer flying in from the air. oO(We seem to be outnumbered, trying to pick off the masters one by one isn't going to work...) He scans the air, and sees some sort of flying... duck thing, and recognizes it from an earlier report oO(That must be Wily's new toy, if I can take that out, they may retreat... that is.. if..) He shrugs, they're outnumbered as it is, and he is equally doomed if two or three masters decide to gang up on him, there probably isn't much difference in fighting Wily's new machine. As the machine begins to rapidly decend, he begins to form a red projetcile with his left palm blaster, and volleys it at the mechaduck without warning, he's not about to give Wily a heads up or anything.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Flare Bomb attack.

Guts Man presses that big red button on his chest, he then crouches down and starts to grunt.


4 little hardhats fall out of his posterior. Harry, Dex, Hardhead and Steelframe. See Templar isn't the only one who can name useless gumbies!

Dex skitters around as he's ordered by Guts Man to destroy the Vanguard, he looks up to his command, "I LUV GUTSMAN!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "If there's any Hunters who can assist with the Moscow situation, it appreciated."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "...we'll get some units there as soon as possible Iris.."

Cruise Loon isn't a duck. Amateur. The aerial banks slightly, eyes widening as his radar reports a huge blip in the form o... "A giant duck?" he asks himself quietly, before snickering quietly, circling it cautiously, about fifty feet overhead. "Credit for creativity, but that's about all," he muses as he assesses the massive mech via radar sweeps.

Blade Raven arrives from the Moscow - Industrial District.
Blade Raven has arrived.

Guts Man starts to run towards Heat Man's location, the 4 hardhats closely following him.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "We're sending three units, Iris. Tell me if you need more."

Ice Man is truly sorry to hear that Ten hates snow. And he expresses it, too. "I'm sorry to hear that." He sidesteps the bird's counterattack and......runs away? He leaps over to the next field to give himself a little shooting distance. He reforms his right hand into a cannon and lets loose with a barrage of ice and snow.

Ice Man strikes Ten with his Blizzard attack.

The Vanguard is a surprisingly quick machine, for the size it is. After once again avoiding Heat's attack, Iris backs up a few steps and springs forward toward Heat, fists clenched in front of her. "<< Why can't you people live and let live?>>" she asks sadly.

Iris strikes Heat Man with her Smash attack.

Ether Skunk arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Ether Skunk has arrived.

Suddenly, the wall nearest to the action explodes in a shower of powdered cement and metal frame bits. In the hole, Punk stands with a sledgehammer in hand. "Nngh.." He grunts, lowering the sledge down to his side and taking another step forward. The Big Red Machine takes a look to the left, and then a look to a right. "Hammer Joes, staggered formation." Punk steps out of the building and then takes a step to the right. Right behind him, a series of eight Hammer Joes pile out and move into a triangular position.

Medieval Fox arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Medieval Fox has arrived.

Heat Man takes the blow, grunting. "I don't know. Why can't you people stop attacking us? Hounding us? Destroying our homes? Maybe if you backed down, we'd consider it." Heat energy rolling over his body, he sends out a powerful blast of flames, countering philospohy with philosophy, and violence with violence.

Heat Man strikes Iris with his Fireball attack.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.
Guts Man crashes through one of the factory's walls. The hardhats right behind him. "Heat Man?! Heat Man?!?! Where are you?" He can hear the commotion of the battle going on but he can't see him just yet.

Ten sends off a radio transmission to her personal gumby squad to get into the area immediately to help deal with the Master gumbies. In the next instant, she is once again focused on the battle. Unfortunately, she doesn't react quickly enough to avoid the snowball. It splatters against Ten, doing some minor but noticeable damage. Ten is quite unhappy about that. "Didn't you hear me? I said I hate snow!" With that, she points her naginata at Ice man, channels a small amount of ebergy into it, and fires a small blast of energy from the weapon's tip toward Ice Man.

Ten misses Ice Man with her Low Level Charge attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> squwaks as he gets mildly singed! He opens his beak, and the sound that issues forth? Music. "I walk along the avenue/I never thought I'd meet a girl like youuuuu!/Meet a girl like youuuuu!" The giant duck swings the tips of its' wings forward, bringing them to bear on the attacker! "With auburn hair and tawny eyes/The kind of eyes that hypnotize me throuuuuuugh/Hypnotize me throuuuugh!" The wingtips light up with fire and smoke, missiles flying forth at absurdly high rates of fire.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Barrage attack.

Pirate Man's optic shifts left to right as watches a few of the joes as they head back up the ramp, a smirk crossing his face as he looks around to see what else is happening before he motions for the joes to form up behind him as he starts to make his way into the factory

The Vanguard shudders violently as Heat's fireball engulfs the cockpit area. Within, Iris struggles to bring the ride armor under control. "<< Maybe if.. *cough* ...if you stopped HURTING and KILLING people, *cough*, we might actually leave you alone!>>" she remarks, and the Vanguard kicks toward Heat, trying to knock him a distance.

Iris misses Heat Man with her Kick attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Zero.

Heat Man slips past the kick, yelling to Guts Man. "UP AHEAD OF YOU!" Then, he turns back to Iris. "We were made to bring peace and order to this world. Perhaps you should consider that you and your kind are the ones who truly plunged it into blood and death!" Then, he sends a wave of heat energy forward, smelting the equipment around him to burn at the vangaurd's legs in a puddle of molten steel.

Heat Man misses Iris with his Napalm attack.

Ice Man is far enough away on the other platform to easily dodge the weak attack. "Maybe you'd enjoy ice instead of snow!" He forms a few small sharp shards of ice in one hand and hastily throws them in Ten's direction before plunging into the rows of corn for cover.

Pink Elephant flies towards the centre of the factory....the very alcoholic centre. The best part. He trumpets loudly, determined to save the factory! Or...well....what's made in it, anyway. He soars down towards the ground, a giant moving mass of pink.

Ice Man misses Ten with his Ice Stars attack.

Blizzard Man has left.

Flare Feline blinks as the odd choice of music is emitted from the strangly shaped mecha. Still it isn't enough to distract him too much and manages to nimbly evade the missles oO(This thing IS Wily's latest death machine right?) Flare glances at the machine quickly, he doesn't really know how to fight something like this. Regardless of it's bizzare exterior, it's still a war machine created by the mad doctor. Flare closes his hands, and his claws *shink* into place, and Flare makes a mad dash towards the machine and swipes with his claws at any part that might seem vunerable, tubing, wires, anything that might be exposed that he can sever.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Cat Scratch attack.

Punk is standing around, leading powerful Hammer Joes into the fray.
Cruise Loon watches the giant mech-bird sing, and blinks a few times, wincing slightly. "Hmph. Tone deaf," he mutters as he banks again, performing another radar sweep and continuing aerial recon, letting the more able-bodied people take the beats before he jumps in to dance.

Guts Man moves throughout the factory, knocking down some cases of vodka. "No more booze for you stupid russians! From now on there will only be Koffee King brand coffee and Koffee King Kookies! Yes KKK for all!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The hardhats laugh along with him except for Dex who can only say one thing, "I LUV GUTSMAN!"

Medieval Fox jogs in from the area of the teleporters with her quarterstaff and bow affixed to her back. "Anyone got a plan?" Fox asks her fellow Hunters as she takes in the scene.

Ten decides to try and get the drop on Ice Man. As the icey shards come flying toward her, she begins to shimmer as though being seen through hot air. Then she vanishes, laving behind shimemring, heated air which quickly disapates. The ice shards pass through the empty air where Ten was. In the next instant, more shimmering, heated air appears above the corn field where Ice Man took cover, and solidifies into Ten. .oO(I need to stop getting angry! I'm at my best when I'm having fun!)Oo. With that, Ten smiles cheerfully, and descneds into the corn. Then she begins trying to bash Ice Man with the shaft of her naginata while happily yelling, "Bad Robot Master! Bad!"

Ether Skunk looks sideways towards Medieval from where she looks over the unfolding chaos, gritting her teeh. "Well, uh..." she begins. "I think, um... okay, see the badguys? We gotta stop them." Her head bobs. She's the highest ranking hunter here, and that's her plan? Oy.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Generic Melee attack.

Blade Raven is flying just above Midieval, "Yeah.." He says, looking the scene over, "Hmm...We should probably focus on whatever Masters aren't engaged with someone...That way we can make sure they get run out." He looks down at Ether, and shakes his head a little, landing and drawing his sword, "If you get into trouble, radio me. I'll try and help out, if I can.." With that, he sends off a radio transmission.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Blade Raven transmits, "Hey Iris, where are you, and do you need any help, or should we focus on some other Masters?"

Iris leaps up to avoid Heat's singeing attack. Her luck can't last forever, though, and she knows this. A second group of ports open up on the Vanguard's armor -- these one are larger than the first set, and inside are contained groups of laser-turrets. "<< Heat, I really wish you could see what's -really- going on, >>" she says softly...and her voice is tinged with sad regret. She really -does- hate these battles. "<< It's all so shortsighted and pointless...if you could begin to see why you're no closer now to victory than you were years ago, then you might understand why war is never going to solve this dispute. >>" That said, the laser-turrets open fire in short, staccatto bursts.

Iris strikes Heat Man with her Laser Ports attack.

"And I raaaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay/I just raaaaaan, I ran all night and dayyyy/I couldn't get awayyyy!" Oddly enough, Reggae does not run away. It simply steps back, out of the attack, and swings a wing!

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Smash attack.

Heat Man is staggered again, but unbowed. "On the contrary. I know exactly why war will never stop this." He smiles, painfully aware of his situation. "All the fools aren't dead yet. But I will do what I can to correct this." And as the energy continues to increase, he blasts out a massive arc of flames!

Heat Man strikes Iris with his Flame Hold attack.

Ice Man runs through the field, into the hilt of a sword! Not having enough time to do anything stronger or more coordinated, he lashes out with a wild roundhouse punch!

Ice Man misses Ten with his Punch attack.

Flare Feline backflips back and manages to evade a second attack by the Mechaduck. Digging his heels into the ground he leaps into the air again, towards the monstrousity, and exends a clawed foot to deliver a dropkick to where ever his foot may connect.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Feline Fury attack.

Ten sidesteps the punch. The cheerful smile iss till there as she says, "Boy, if you think you can beat me, you must need your brain examined! Then she attempts a simple kick attack, smiling the entire time.

Ten misses Ice Man with her Kick attack.

Pink Elephant looks around, and sees the fighters pairing off....excellent. With a whoosh of air, his internal chamber turns into an airtight vacuum, while at the the same time he stretches his trunk and does a few exercises. Then, with a loud *WHOOSH*, like a giant Hoover, his trunk starts sucking in everything in sight. Namely, all those little filled booze bottles, right out of the crates. He must protect the factory! ...right?

Within the Vanguard, Iris struggles to keep the Vanguard from overheating and having a massive power failure. And if the core were to overheat...that would be bad. It's stifling-hot in the cockpit already. "<< I would like to know, >>" Iris asks Heat as more ports open up on the Vanguard's exo-armor, revealing sharp-looking crystals, "<< If your definition of 'fool' equates to anyone who believes your 'plan' is shortsighted or even flawed. >>" the shards fly out toward eat, and while they aren't explosive they're supremely sharp, like daggers.

Iris strikes Heat Man with her Crystal Shards attack.

Enker arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Enker has arrived.

Guts Man is still inside the factory.

Ice Man has had a little more time to react to Ten's latest attack. He sidesteps to his right, doing a quarter turn as he does. At the last second, he reaches out to grab his assailent's leg!

Blade Raven makes his way into the factory, to search for any Robot Masters that are in there. Since Iris didn't respond to his radio, he's going to assume she's okay and go for plan B, which is to find another Master to run out of town.

Ice Man misses Ten with his Grasp attack.

Pirate Man frowns as he notices the Elephant before he shakes his head for a bit saying, "I think I've been drinking a bit too much grog.", he then notices the crates as Pink Elephants starts to suck them up saying, "There goes our plunder, stop whatever or whoever that is.", a few of the joes quickly move to grab any crates before the reploid can get them while the others prep to fire

Guts Man is another Master!

WilyMachine <Reggae> is hit! OHH! He decides... getting away is good. So, he rockets up into the air, Dragonball Z style! Without the constipation. "A cloud appears above your head." He orients the bottoms of his wings towards the ground. "A beam of light comes shining down on youuuuu!" Suddenly, shafts of fire and dust scream forth from the wings, streaking towards the Repliforcer! "Shining down on you!"

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Vesuvius Blast attack.

Heat Man is perforated, and cries out appropriately. "NO! My definition of fool is anyone who prefers the constant state of war, including your suicidal war against your own kind, to peace! Dad wants nothing but an end to this senseless fight! All you ever had to do was stand down!" The energy charging into his body at a fever pitch, Heat releases a massive burst of atomic fire at the Vangaurd! "Now, your body will understand the new world we want to make...AND DIE!"

Heat Man strikes Iris with his Atomic Fire attack.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.

Blade Raven spots Guts Man, and brings his sword up into both of his hands, "Alright, you!" He calls out, pointing the blade towards the Master, "I'm going to give you a chance to retreat. I'd take it, if I were you, because it may be the only chance to retreat that you get." He grips the blade tightly, watching Guts..

Ether Skunk is running around and flying through the air and... um... not much else. Want a piece of her? Let her know.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Ten pulls her leg back quickly. "Persistent, aren't you? Well, far be it for me to deny you the pleasure of being torn apart by the greatest fashion expert there has ever been." Then Ten goes for what appears to be a roundhouse kick, except she is actually focusing on swiping at Ice Man with the talons on her foot.

Ten misses Ice Man with her Talon Swipe attack.

Cruise Loon is also open, and pretty easy to spot. Ten foot bird circling and sending out radar waves, but he seems content to monitor for now. Lazy, isn't he.

Guts Man stops dead in his tracks as someone shouts, he looks around in the vodka factory until he spots the person to who the voice belongs to. Blade Raven. If he were capable of smirking he'd do so, instead he barks out, "Hardhats terminate!" The 4 hardhats that have been following him around open fire on Blade Raven, spewing white pellets of pain.

*Backflip*Parry*Dodge*Avoid* Flare evades certain doom once more. Let's hope his luck will hold out for awhile longer. As the smoke from the blasts clear, Flare already has another projectile all formed and ready to fire at the oversized quacker. "For the love of God, stop singing!" Flare throws the orange projectile up up and away, hopefully to hit whatever speaker is emitting the song.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Pulse Break attack.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Hardhats attack.

Enker slides in, since it's required, watching the factory from the exterior -- no, he did not accompany the initial vanguard, he's appearing on his own. And for now, he appears content to leave it that way, arms crossed as he casually leans against a ventilation shaft's exit-box on the top of a building across the street. He affects a yawn.

Pink finishes one giant crate, and the vacuum-sound pauses as he prepares to go to the next. However, before he can get there, the joes appear! And TOUCH HIS BOOZE! With another defiant trumpeting sound, the giant elephant charges heedlessly into the mess of them, knocking them right and left.

The Vanguard bursts into flame, and staggers back from the massive hit. Inside, Iris herself gets a nasty jolt as the systems begin to overload and fry, and the shock travels up her hand and through to her neural net. She gasps in pain, though it isn't a screaming, totally-disabling pain...somehow, it's almost as if she's been conditioned to deal better with massive amounts of pain. Either that, or she's just lucky enough to not have as many pain receptors as other mechs. "<< You're taking it so personally, >>" she mentions softly to Heat, and she backs off from him. Is she fleeing? "<< ...Don't. >>" As that's said, she points her arms in Heat's direction, and a bevy of explosive mine-disks come sailing out toward him.

Iris misses Heat Man with her Minefield attack.

Blade Raven jumps up into the air just as the pellets get close enough, and hovers there as they go under him, "I'll take that as a no." He says, engine revving up as he turns and dives down towards Guts Man, landing near him, "Double Slash!" He brings the blade downward, and then whips it right back up towards the Robot Master.

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Double Slash attack.

Ice Man ducks under Ten's claw. While down there, he starts forming a large block of ice. He jumps, rather then stands and brings up the block in a vicious uppercut. "Yes, I am!"

Ice Man misses Ten with his Ice Block attack.

Heat Man leaps clear, continuing to charge until his body bursts into living flames! "What do you expect? You're trying to imprison or kill my father. What would you do if it was your family?" Then, avoiding the mines, he freefalls down at Iris.

Slamming his fists together, the temprature around Heat Man increases until flames erupt from his supraheated liquid body!

Heat Man strikes Iris with his Comet Smash attack.

Punk departs the squad of Hammer Joes for the building that stages the fight between Heat Man and Iris. He pretty much vanishes from view after that. I wonder where he went.

Ether Skunk runs by on one pass, chasing a Joe, katana drawn and attempting to cut the fiend in two. "YAAARRR!" she howls, swinging again and again; the Joe running for his short green life, ducking, hopping, weaseling out of range of the Skunk's swings. The two disappear behind a building.

Ten seconds later, Ether runs back out, arms flailing, in the direction she came, squealing! A moment later, the Joe stomps out in a walker, thundering after her, chasing her down another road and out of sight once more.

Guts Man growls as Blade Raven manages to fly out of range. He angrily grabs Steelframe giving him a stern talking about being a better shot. But while he's playing bad cop with the hardhat Blade Raven dives down towards him, cutting him up like a fat man cutting down into a 64oz steak. With no weapons other than his fists he swings the hardhat at Blade Raven. He doesn't react to the pain, he doesn't have time to. Besides, he's a machine. He'll keep fighting until there's real damage done to his systems.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Bash attack.

Ten cartwheels to the side to avoid the ice block, somehow managing to do so while holing her weapon. Since Ice man is currently in the air from jumping, Ten takes advantage of the moment to use a fire atatck aaginst him without fear of setting the area on fire. Quickly she sheatehs ehr naginata, then points both palms at Ice Man, opens flame blasters in both of them, and sends forth a double stream of fire.

Pirate Man scowls as the joes start to get knocked about before he focuses on Pink saying, "Ye just made a mistake, matey! So prepare to be sent to Davey Jones locker!", he then quickly ducks as one of the drones is sent flying past as he says, "Next time I'm bringing skeleton joes.", he then takes carefull aim before launching a homing mine towards his target

Ten puts her guard down.

Pirate Man strikes Pink Elephant with his Homing Mine attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is, hit. "And I raaaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaay/I just raaaaaan, I ran all night and dayyyy/I couldn't get away." Unfortunately, it does nothing. HUR HUR. "Reached out a hand to touch your face/You're slowly dissapearing from my viewwwwww/Disappearing from my viewwww!" However, in a weirdly Guyver-like fashion, the twin jewels on his chest being to glow, and reach a blinding brilliance, lancing out with massive beams of green energy. "Reached out a hand to try again/I'm floating in a beam of light with youuuuu/A beam of light with youuuuu!"

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Jade Cannon attack.

Medieval Fox narrows her eyes as she catches sight of the Golden One. "Well, no time like the present," she murmurs as she unhooks her bow and pulls an arrow out of her quiver, striking it against the nearby wall. "Begone, android." The vulpine Hunter takes aim before launching the arrow at Enker.

Medieval Fox strikes Enker with her Salamander Tooth attack.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Inferno Engulf attack.

Cruise Loon continues to circle, shaking his head slightly at the fleeing Ether, the scrapping between the various contenders, and the general chaos on the ground below. "What a waste," he muses to himself, red optic glinting in the light as he spots a new arrival -- Enker. "Well well, nothing like calling out the big shots, huh," he muses thoughtfully before returning to his passive sweeps. "I'll just stay up here for a while, then..." It's not cowardice if you know you're gonna get pasted. Really.

Iris cringes as her synth-skin begins melting off in places from the tremendous heat of Heat Man's's obviously a tremendous discomfort, but yet she still doesn't cry out. The exterior of the Vanguard is beginning to look slagged, as well. Her voice, softer and gentler yet, crackles over the speakers. "<< Don't be afraid to question your beliefs, >>" she mentions, stumbling a bit toward him. "<< Otherwise you risk wallowing in ignorance when you could know so much more... >>" With this philisophical nugget, the Vanguard begins to tip toward Heat, falling toward him just like a tipped soda machine -- and with as much finesse.

Iris strikes Heat Man with her Crush attack.

Heat Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Flare Feline notices the little green gem of death shining, and on instinct, leaps straight up into the air and narrowly escapes being in the beams path. As he sails up into the air, he descends toward the Wilymachine, hand and claws extended, this time the palm blaster emits a wave of fire to accompany the slash.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Flame Claw attack.

Blade Raven ducks under the attack by Guts Man, and backs off a few steps, setting himself up to defend against any other attacks, "Little slow.." He says, watching Guts, "Sure you don't want to just give up now? It'll be easier.."

Blade Raven puts his guard up.

*BOOM!* Pink is struck by the homing mine, and staggers backward before falling on his big pink butt, crushing another joe. Fortunately, since his vacuum was off, none of the alcohol in his tanks was set ablaze....for now, anyway. Can't say anything about nearby crates. He manages to get back on his feet, before swivelling around to find Pirate Man. In a giant, hussy voice, he says..

"Well, that wasn't very nice."

Then, he charges!

Pink Elephant misses Pirate Man with his Tusk Gore attack.

Heat Man cannot avoid the falling armor, and sighs... "I'm sorry, Dad. I tried."Then, crushed into the ground, systems sparking, Heat falls motionless, using his last energy to prevent the burning death that he feels creeping towards him. o0(I will not die again. Not now. Not EVER.)0o mechfluid streaming from his body, his eyes close, and he lays there, motionless.

Ice Man holds the block in front of him, absorbing much of the firey blast! It is, however, half melted and greatly misshapen. But that gives Ice an idea. He quickly extends the ends of the former block into long wicked points. "Heh, fire tickles!" He exclaims as he lashes out with his icey spear!

Ice Man misses Ten with his Icicle Spear attack.

The arrow soars through the air, catching Enker square in the side of the head. He blinks, quite surprised at the sudden appearance of the fletching, which he can just see out of the corner of his eye.. With a sigh, the Elite Commander straightens his head, reaching up to snap the shaft just past where it's entered his head. It's a sickening display of pain control, most certainly.. Another sigh leaves him, as he snaps the shaft with simply ease between his finger-tips. Black eyes search for the shooter, and it doesn't take that long for the Elite to figure out the likely location of his assailant. "Tut.. Tut.." The words are accompanied by the shake of the Elite's head. Withdrawing a golden gun, he begins peppering the area near Medieval Fox with a host of shots.

Enker misses Medieval Fox with his Laser Pistol attack.

The Vanguard stumbles back to her feet, and she blinks as she realizes she's flattened her opponent. (Oh my,) she thinks. For the moment, she's a bit distracted as she tries to bring the burnt systems back online.

Pirate Man looks towards any of the joes that were able to survive Pink's attack saying, "Get up ye sea slugs and get to work.", he almost doesn't take notice until he hears the elephant charging towards him as he quickly rolls out of the way, saying as he turns around, "Correct mate, but I am never nice.", he then aims once more this time firing off a high powered blast of water towards his opponent

Guts Man snorts, "Guts Man never gives up! It is you who will be giving up. Well if you survive..." Still holding on to Steelframe the hardhat he tosses it over at Blade Raven.

Pirate Man misses Pink Elephant with his Water Blast attack.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Super Toss attack.

Blade Raven deflects Super Toss from Guts Man.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "*sighs; sounds faint* Heat Man has been...disabled..."

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "...Iris?"

Pink Elephant doesn't mind water. He's an elephant. Well, a nice roll in the mud would be better, but you take what you can get... with a *whirr* of his internal systems, he closes off his storage compartment, switching instead to his firing tanks. Then with a loud slurping sound, Pirate Man's blast of water goes into his trunk...and, after a brief pause, comes shooting back out, almost at the same speed.

Pink Elephant strikes Pirate Man with his Water Nozzle attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ten transmits, "You go girl!"

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Zero transmits, "Someone report on the status."

Ten avoids the ice spear with another shimmering teleportation. She reappears about 10 feet off the ground, and 50 feet away from Ice Man. Ten draws her naginata again so she can use it for protection, and attempts to ram Ice Man at high speed, trusting her great aerial agility to let her avoid causing much damage, or being damaged by the corn field.

Ten puts her guard up.

Ten misses Ice Man with her Ram attack.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Iris transmits, "I can't...see anyone else, Zero, I' a factory building..."

Medieval Fox dives out of the way of the barrage of shots, rolling to a crouch behind a nearby car. Shaking her head at her previous shot, Fox pulls another arrow from her quiver. Taking aim, she looses the next volley towards Enker.

Medieval Fox misses Enker with her Screaming Shrike attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is missed. Aw. Abruptly, the music changes. "HEYYYYYY, YEAH! I'M THE ONE THAT YOU WANTED! HEYYYYYYY, YEAH! I'M THE SUPERBEAST!" Without warning, the wings shine a vibrant white, the air around them filling with shards of mono-molecular edged diamond shards. All of which fly towards Flare Feline! Death! DEATH FOR YOU! Mwahahahahahah!

Soon, the walker-bound Joe stomps back on through, its carrier limping noticably, sparking from a few big injuries, obviously in bad shape. Ether is hot on its tail, sword drawn and swinging once more. "HAH!" she cries, slashing out. Bits of Joe-walker fly. "HUT!" she shouts. Bits of Joe-walker litter the pavement. "WA-TAH!" she yells. Bits of Joe-walker scatter. The two disappear behind a building once more, where another cry and resounding explosion are heard.

Ten seconds later, Ether emerges into sight once more, arms flailing, squealing! The Joe chases after, demonstrating cartoony strength and wielding a blasted Walker-leg like an oversized hammer. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The Joe chases ETher back down the way they came, both disappearing from sight once more.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Diamond Storm attack.

Blade Raven twists and knocks the Hardhat up into the air, away from him, "Not today." He says, holding the blade in his left hand, as he charges up a fireball in his right, "Catch." He pulls back, and throws it right towards Guts, "Flame Shot!"

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Flame Shot attack.

Kain arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Kain has arrived.

Pirate Man blinks as he is knocked back, slowly getting up as he focuses on the elephant saying, "Ye be a fool if ye think that is going to stop me.", he looks around for a bit as he checks his ammunition but doesn't load anything else as his optic shifts to his claw for a few seconds before he charges towards Pink aiming his right arm as the claw quickly extends out towards his opponent in an attempt to slash part of his opponent

Guts Man catches the fireball head on, oh it burns, does it ever burn badly at that! Hell Guts Man has to do the stop, drop and roll just so he doesn't burn to a crisp. The sheer force of him dropping is enough to send a slight tremor throughout the area.

Guts Man strikes Blade Raven with his Earthquake Smash attack.

Pirate Man misses Pink Elephant with his Hook Clamp attack.

Just a few feet past Heat Man's fallen body, a series of heavy clinks fall across the floor. "Very good.." A raspy voice complements the Vanguard and it's pilot. "You defeated one of us. A pathetic, whiny, crybaby. Very good, little girl.." Another couple of clinks forward, and the darkness peels back. Punk, the Elite's Powerhouse, stands tall with his hammer in hand. He cannot smirk, he cannot smile, but all he can do is glare. This isn't your daddy's Robot Master. "But unlike Heat Man, I make no mistake of what I am.. heh heh." Punk raises his hammer; his left hand tightens into a fist and rises to his chest. "I," he declares loudly, while pounding his chest. "AM DESTRUCTION." The Elite's voice echoes, "I AM DESPICCABLE." His hand strikes his chest again. "AND I. AM. PAIN!" Punk's left hand stops striking his chest and moves to better grasp the handle of that sledge. "..And I know you can't take me." Punk's dash-jets ignite, sending him charging toward Iris with his sledgehammer raised. The mighty weapon hums, it's gravity generator activated. Punk screams, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

Punk strikes Iris with his Graviton Sledgehammer attack.

No death for Flare, sorry friz-head. Flare seems to have the same luck he had in his last battle, and again avoids certain pointy death. After a few side-steps, he again faces the dreaded Reggae. "You know, for a giant death machine, you sure do have terrible aim." Flare's starting to run out new and exciting attacks, so instead he decides to volley another Flare Bomb at the duck, just to keep some distance between them.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Flare Bomb attack.

Ice Man ducks under the charging bird, having seen his assailent moments after her charge begun. Looking up, he sprays an arctic blast upwards in an attempt to clip her wings!

Ice Man misses Ten with his Frost Spray attack.

Pink Elephant pulls up his head, shutting off his trunk spout and blocking the attack with his tusks. For a moment, one giant elephant eye stares at Pirate Man, before the elephant attempts to shove him to the ground and stomp on him.

Pink Elephant misses Pirate Man with his Elephant Earthquake attack.

Caught by the tremor, Blade is knocked off his feet and into the concrete, "Oof.." He grunts, and picks himself back up, taking to the air, "Now, that wasn't very nice.." He growls, as he looks down at Guts Man from where he is, "Suppose I'll have to try something else.." His sword lights on fire, and he pulls back, awawy from Guts Man, "Final Burst!" He rockets down towards Gutsy, aiming to slash him with the flaming blade as he rockets by.

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Final Burst attack.

The Vanguard balks under the surprise attack, and one good <WHACK> of the Gravitron sledgehammer crushes in part of the cockpit, exploding one whole section of the control panel. Iris whiplashes from the abrupt hit, glass smashing in and flying in her face, spraying all around her and the seat. Bleeding and shaking, she turns the Vanguard toward her new and decidedly more violent opponent. She tries to bring the crystals online, but they don't respond. Trying hard to repair that section of the panel, she reverts back to using the laser-fire until she can correct the problem. And she says nothing; there's nothing she could say to this one that he would listen to, anyhow.

Iris strikes Punk with her Laser Ports attack.

Pirate Man's optic widen as Pink starts to come crashing down before he rolls to the left as the Elephants feet smash into the ground, he quickly jumps back and runs a few feet staying focused on his large adversary while a gravity mine loads up into his arm cannon, a smirk crossing his face as he takes carefull aim before firing once more towards the reploid elephant

Pirate Man misses Pink Elephant with his Gravity Mine attack.

Not to be caught off guard twice in a row, the Elite Commander dives off to the side only after doing one thing -- picking the Mirror Buster back up. With his fabled spear at his side, Enker is complete. And Enker is to be feared. Rolling back to his feet, he pins his target with a flat glare; bracing the spear under one arm, he lets loose a soaring replica composed of gathered energy.

Enker misses Medieval Fox with his Energy Spear attack.
Medieval Fox successfully deflects an attack randomly.

Guts Man is still rolling on the ground, finally managing to extinguish the fire that was burning him. Suffice it to say, he doesn't get back up on his feet in time to take a proper defence stand. The blade slashes him right in the rib area, causing a small electrical surge. The wound sparks and sizzles as Guts Man clenches it. Blade Raven is too fast for him, he's having a hard time hitting him. Taking a few steps forward he kicks a crate of vodka at his fast moving opponent.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is hit. Mother of a Religion Non-Specific Deity. Reggae takes off, away from Flare. Far awayyyyyyy... then comes back, a massive sonic shock trailing behind him. He quacks, but goes faster than his own noise, so... you know. You can hear the quack fromn behind! Aflaq.

WilyMachine <Reggae> strikes you with its Sonic Boom for 24 units of damage.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Generic Ranged attack.
Blade Raven deflects Generic Ranged from Guts Man.

Ten manages to fly past the icey spray. She takes a moment to turn around, and comes flying back toward her frosty adversary. Her naginata is beginning to glow brightly. A large smile can be seen on Ten's avian face as she points the weapon at Ice Man, and fires a large, powerful blast of energy at him.

Blade Raven has disconnected.

Ten misses Ice Man with her Murasame Charge attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Iris transmits, "*voice VERY faint* *sighs* backup needed?"

Beams of light strike the Elite, scoring the armor consisting of Punk's boxy torso and right shoulderpad. These wounds, minor for this android, emit wisps of a noxious black smoke. Looks like Punk isn't just hazardous to your health, but hazardous to the environment, too. "HA," Punk laughs harshly. The hateful look in his eyes is clear: he wasn't fazed. Back on the offensive, he merely raises his head up and brings it sharply down. The sharp buzzsaw that juts out of his helmet attempting to bury itself within the armor covering the Vanguard's cockpit.

Punk misses Iris with his Headbutt attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Aerial Division Commander Ten transmits, "Iris! Are you okay, girlfriend?"

Cruise Loon frowns slightly as he notices Vanguard take on a new opponent via his sensor arrays; this one is much larger in comparison to the last, and seemingly more violent. That can't be good. Continuing his sweep, he takes stock of Ten and Ice Man's battle, and then Blade Raven and Guts Man's. Mental notes form in his head. "Well, this is quite the first night. I think I'll just stay up here for now, and wait for word from below. Yeah." He continues to circle with great swooping beats of his wings, cooling his propulsion systems. He idly wonders if someone'll be knocked down. Then he gets to do his function, search and RESCUE. That'd be nice. It beats being reduced to component atoms.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Perhaps the conversation on our primary frequency best be moved to this one."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "Holding out...not sure how much longer..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Do you need evac?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cruise Loon transmits, "I am available for backup and evacuation if required, ma'am. Just look up."

Pink Elephant has learnt from that first mine. He ducks. Somehow, a 14-foot-tall elephant gets out of the way of a fast-shooting mine. Don't ask how. He charges forward again, but instead of attempting to gore Pirate Man again, he..turns on his headlight.

Pink Elephant strikes Pirate Man with his Headlight attack.
Pirate Man is temporarily disoriented by Pink Elephant's Headlight attack.

The Joe that was chasing Ether returns, prancing off in a panic again; its walker-leg-mallet-of-doom reduced to a freshly-cut nub that it swings fruitlessly as it flees. Behind him is Ether, hot on his tail again, once more swinging for the Joe. Swing! Slice! The two disappear behind a building once more, where a blood-curdling Joe scream is heard.

Ten seconds later, Ether emerges into view once more, running back the way she came, arms flailing, squealing! Behind her, a hoarde of Mets chases after, each wielding a piece of a Joe as a weapon. One swings a Joe arm, another tries to bludgeon the skunk with a Joe shield, another repeatedly kicks a Joe head at Ether like a soccer ball. Ether and the Joe-wielding Met Hoarde disappear behind a building once more, out of sight.

As Punk rushes forward, Iris maneuvers the Vanguard to respond quickly. The ride armor backs up a few quick steps. And fancy light-show, no impressive explosives...just a good swift kick toward her opponent's torso. This, to buy time while she continues to repair the crystal weaponry within the burning cockpit.

Pirate Man quickly covers his good eye as the headlight comes on, he attempts to get focused back on whats going on but is blinded
Iris misses Punk with her Kick attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, " evac...*sighs* Not yet...check on Flare...I'm worried for Flare..."

Ice Man rolls to the side and none too quickly, at that! Ice is running out of tricks, he's going to have to hit Ten hard. He runs a quick diagnostic of his weapon. .oO(I guess that's good enough. I hope.)Oo. His right arm forms his cannon once more. After a few seconds a few snowflakes can be seen falling out of the barrel. "I've been nice, but you won't take a hint. Now I'm going to show you the glory of Wily and the power of my Ice Slasher!" Ice Man lines up his shot, takes careful aim, and.......

Ice Man misses Ten with his Ice Slasher attack.

Medieval Fox ducks behind the car again, letting the steel shield take the impact of the energy spear. Waiting for the machine to stop shuddering from the attack Fox pulls a handful of arrows out of her quiver. Lining them up as best she can, she jumps back to her feet and begins firing the arrows quickly at her foe while she can. Not necessarily precise... but this time it's quantity over quality.

Medieval Fox misses Enker with her Arrow Assault attack.

Flare Feline's eyes widen as he can't quite get out of the way this time. He's floored by the sonic attack and it hurt, quite a bit. Groaning he gets to his feet, and tries to locate the Reggae again, he also starts paying closer attention once he does find it, he won't be able to stand many more hits like that one. Once he finally does spot the mech, he clenches his fist and charges another projectile, as powerful an output as he can muster, and once the Reggae is in position, he fires the burning hot Flare Pulse at it.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Flare Pulse attack.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, "I'm... fine. Got the wind knocked out of me, but I'll survive..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Aerial support and extraction is available if needed, we'll stay on station. And please, people, mind the frequencies."

Pink Elephant flicks his headlight off to glance...good, it worked. The pirate is distracted. Instead of attacking again, Pink casually smacks a leftover joe out of his way, then turns his trunk back on, and attacks the crates instead. *whiiiiiiiirrr*

Blade Raven slices through the box of Vodka as it sails towards him, and gets splashed with the stuff, "Oh hell." He mutters a bit, and looks towards Guts Man, "You really don't learn, do you?" He says, dashing towards Guts again. This time, he turns his blade and aims the flat of it towards the Master, "Panic...Rush!"

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Panic Rush attack.

Guts Man is temporarily disoriented by Blade Raven's Panic Rush attack.

Ten flies upward with a mighty flap of her wings to avoid the Ice Slasher. A split second later, another mighty flap of her wings sends her rapidly descending toward the ground. As Ten suddenly slows and lands lightly on her avian feet, her naginata becomes enshrouded in flame. Smiling, she says, "Check out this latest bit of cooking ware! It lets you dice and cook at the same time! Here, let me give you a dmonstration!" With that, Ten slices at Ice Man with her flame-enshrouded weapon.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Murasame attack.

Guts Man is panic rushed. The flat portion of the blade smacking him much like someone hitting you with a rolled up newspaper really hard. "Stop that! Stop that! Silly annoying person!" Guts swings a massive closed backhand at Blade.

The rising foot of the Vanguard is blocked off by Punk's elbow, quickly deflecting the behemoth leg away from causing any real damage. The massive Elite takes a step back; his left arm raising and hand pulling back to reveal a hardpoint tucked just under his forearm. With a rusty clack, a series of chained links shoot out and are immediately grasped by Punk. Chain in hand, he tries to catch the Vanguard and bind it up real nice.

Punk strikes Iris with his Chain Tangle attack.

Iris is temporarily disoriented by Punk's Chain Tangle attack.

Punk laughs, "Like chains, little girl!?"

And the Vanguard...gets bound up real nice. Wound all the way around in a big old chain. Iris tries to break the bond,'s pretty tight, and the best the Vanguard can do for the moment is struggle.

Guts Man is hit by the flat portion of the blade, it hits him with the same force as a rolled up newspaper being swung really hard. Guts Man is dumbfounded by this relatively weak attack. Sort of like someone trying to kill and elephant by using a flyswatter. He tries to register the reasoning behind such and attack, just looking on.

Pirate Man blinks as he hears Pink turn back on his vacuum as he finally gets back to focussing on the elephant saying, "Thats enough of that, mate. That plunder belongs to me!", his optic narrows as he starts towards his opponent once more, his claw spinning for a few seconds before he slashes downwards

Pirate Man misses Pink Elephant with his Pincers attack.

Blade Raven got the intended effect...Even if it didn't knock him down or really stun him. Still, Blade jumps up and spins around, bringing the heel of his foot towards Guts Man's head, to see if he can possibly do some damage that way..

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Kick attack.

Heat Man smiles, his body cooling until the air around him extinguishes, and he stands revealed in his normal form.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is hoit. Ow. It flies up into the sky, his hardcore mofo engines giving him quite the height. He plummets towards the ground, and pulls up, in time to strafe, releasing, from his butt, eggs! Which hit the ground and explode, splashing sizzling acid everywhere. Buuuuuurn!

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Egg Drop Soup attack.

Pink Elephant tsks, his voice sounding a bit odd because of the vacuuming. "You know, I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't call me 'mate', I mean, not that you're not a nice guy or anything, but....well, alright, you're not a nice guy." Not turning around, he tweaks out of the way, aiming a kick with one of his hind legs.

Pink Elephant misses Pirate Man with his Kick attack.

Ice Man can't get out of the way in time! All he can do is superchill the air around him to lessen the damage. And luckily the fire is mostly put out when the blade pierces Ice's shoulder. "Ouch!" he howls in pain. Not stopping to remove the blade, he uses his cannon to stop his opponent in her tracks, while he has her on the ground!

Ice Man misses Ten with his Ground Freeze attack.

Even though Punk seems incapable of it, you can just /feel/ this psychotic droid sport a wicked smirk. He's got Iris bound (and sadly, not gagged, alas..), a concept that might not be too uncommon within the posh bedroom shared between Iris and one Maverick Hunter Zero. With a whining twist of metal, Punk turns his head back to lay eyes on Heat Man's body. "C'mere, you pathetic wimp.." He sets his hammer off to the side, and yanks the Vanguard closer so he (Punk) can be within reach of Heat Man. "Time to make you useful." Punk grabs Heat Man by his arm and rises him into the air. He twirls the smaller Master in the air for a second, before using him to wallop the Vanguard's cockpit with an underhanded swing.

Punk strikes Iris with his Foreign Object attack.

Clank! An empty hard ht flies out from behind the building where Ether ran off to, the shell bouncing into the street. Ping! A second follows it. CRASHRATTLEBANGETC.ETC.!The rest of the Met Hoarde, reduced to hard hats only, is kicked out into the gutter, and Ether emerges, a moment later, dusting her hands off. But she doesn't relax for long! The skunk casts a paranoid glance this way and that, in both directions off-camera, waiting for the next beasty intent on chasing her.

Nothing appears. Ether's ears flat, and the skunk plops her butt down on an empty hardhat, making a temporary chair out of it while she mopes over her disappointment.

Cruise Loon hovers like a buzzard overhead, watching and waiting for the word to move. Moving beforehand is never a good idea, since it's a waste of greatly-needed energy. "You know, if they'd just regroup from the back... eh. Not my job," he decides, sweeping back and forth, circling and assessing the situation. What a vulture.

Kain activates his stealth mode.

Guts Man is indeed damaged by the heel, the attack causing a considerable dent in the side of his face and jaw, but not the rim of his hardhat. Such is the wonders of the heavy metal alloy known as Nerpium which seems to resist many attacks. With Blade Raven in relative range Guts Man makes a relative small jump in his direction.
Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Stomp attack.

Ten isn't on the ground for long! As soon as she sees Ice Man trying to freeze her, she quickly wings it again, attemtping to punch Ice Man as she ascends. "If you think you can beat me, you must need your brain examined!" Ten seems to be really getting into the battle.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Punch attack.

The barrage of arrows strike down around Enker, outlining him perfectly. There's just something about the luck in the air at the moment.. a sick twisting of it, a perversation. Extracting himself just before another volley strikes, the Elite Commander sidesteps neatly before he charges forward to the very ledge of the building. Upon reaching it, he shifts power down into his legs to make one hell of a running leap off the edge. Suicidal? Maybe. Tactical genius? More than likely. Lasting in a war of ranged-weaponry is something that the Elite will not be able to keep up for much longer. In mid-air, a small cylinder is taken out; a flick of his wrist expands the cylinder out into a javelin, which is promptly hurled down at Medieval Fox's local to herald the impending landing of the Elite Master.

Pirate Man frowns as he jumps back as he pulls out a pistol and aims it directly towards Pink saying, "Why don't ye just drop whatever crates be in that belly of yours and I may not have to blast ye.", his optic narrows for a bit as he quickly looks around to see what is happening nearby before he fires a few shots

Enker strikes Medieval Fox with his Spear Toss attack.

From a rooftop, a lone mysterious figure watches onward... Partically encloaked in shadows and with his arms crossed, Director K watches the melee unfold, hrming. //...//

Flare Feline KNOWS he doesn't want to be hit by those egg bombs, or any other downward projectile by an avian creature, real or mecha-deathmachine. He dives out of the way to avoid them, but doesn't quite land as nimbly as he has been all night, the last attack damaged him more than he thought, still, he regains balance and turns to face it once more. His palm blasters are cooling off from the last attack, so instead Flare shuts his eyes? Seems like a crazy thing to do, but while the Reggae can't detect it since it's far enough away, there's a faint glow being built up behind Flare's eyelids, and when he opens them, a blinding light is emitted. That light can nearly blind a human, and is designed to briefly scramble optics and other such units to temporarily stun an opponent. Here's lookin at you bright eyes.

Pirate Man misses Pink Elephant with his Generic Ranged attack.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Feral Eyes attack.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

Iris gasps as the remainder of the cockpit is cracked in with Heat Man's body -- and she's duly crushed in the process. Most of the Vanguard's board is in total ruin, and the remainder (to which she's linked) begins to short out, electrocuting her in the process. Tears stream down her cheeks as she flicks switches to bring things in the Vanguard online again...mostly, they're tears of frustration. "Come on, dammit," she grumbles, and -- miracle of miracles, the crystal weapons suddenly respond, slats opening on the exo-armor to train upon Punk. "Thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much," she whispers, sending a barrage of sharp crystals sailing in Punk's direction.

Iris strikes Punk with her Crystal Shards attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Psych Mosquito.

Ice Man is hit in the other shoulder. He's quick fanckly NOT enjoying this battle. And now he's worried that he's running out of fuel. He is not, but that's part of the joy of being Ice Man. Pointing his gun upward, he launches an icy spear skyward like a javalin!

Blade Raven jumps back, to dodge the stomping of his body, "Not quite." He says, looking up at Guts, "Now, I think I'm gonna end this." He jumps back up into the air, aiming his sword downwards, "Moon...Strike!" The engines on his back charge up, and launch him forward, as his wings fold up on his back, and he aims to impale his broadsword right through Guts Man with the hit.

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Moon Strike attack.

Ice Man misses Ten with his Icicle Spear attack.

Ten deflects Icicle Spear from Ice Man.

Pink Elephant ducks as the shots fly by, and on pure instinct also shuts off his trunk. That's good. Because the shots hit the crates next to him, and they explode. That's bad. Rolling frantically, he dodges out of the way as the fire convulses and pops. He also sends a loud, angry scream towards Pirate Man.

Reggae is the other way, dude. Aaaanyway, the giant bird flips itself around, and pours on speed, face outstretched, hurtling at the kitty! KITTY KITTY KITTY! "QUAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

Pink Elephant strikes Pirate Man with his Trumpet Blast attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Beak Bayonet attack.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

Flare Feline blasts as the Reggae manages to fly out of range, that's the bad thing about that stun, he has to close his eyes for a second before he uses it. As the Reggae dives towards him he leaps into the air, and extends his claws downward, hoping to tear off some of the armor as it flies underneath him.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Cat Scratch attack.

Pirate Man's optics narrow as he is knocked back before he notices the fire, he looks towards Pink Elephant saying, "We shall finish this anytime, landlubber.", he then looks to the joes that are re-assembling themselves as he yells out, "All hands back to ship!"

Ether Skunk begins to play tiddly-winks with dead met shells, trying to flip them into a trash can.

Pirate Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Iris, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Medieval Fox, Ether Skunk, Enker, Heat Man, Pink Elephant, and Cruise Loon.

Pink Elephant doesn't mine Pirate Man leaving. Looks like a good idea, actually. He doesn't leave yet, though--instead, he frantically runs around, trying to save all the bottles he can that haven't exploded yet.

Ten somehow maanges to turn to the left and fly out of the way of the icey spear with amazing effiency. Once again hovering, the avian smirks and mockingly says, "Well, you've managed to delay the inevitable for quite a while now. That's quite an accomplishment!" Then she points her naginata at Ice Man, lets it charge just breifly, and fires a very low level blast of energy at him.

Guts Man crushes the ground below him. Well at least something is taking a pounding, too bad it's not his opponent. "Raaaargh! Guts Man not hit puny mortal!" With his hands on his thighs Guts Man stands up from his crouching position trying to anticipate Blade's next move. He stands his ground as Blade charges him, as the broadsword impales him right through the torso Guts Man throws a fist at him while letting out a pretty loud painful scream.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Generic Ranged attack.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Super Punch attack.

Blade Raven deflects Super Punch from Guts Man.

WilyMachine <Reggae> flips in midair, still hurtling away from Flare, but facing him, y'know? Anyway, the wingtips erupt into fire and smoke again, once more spewing forth an unholy amount of tiny missiles. Think Heavy Arms Custom, and you're close.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Barrage attack.

Crystaline shards rain down Punk's massive frame. The sharper bits leave terrible scratches along the more flexible pieces of the Elite's armor, leaving gaping open wounds with exposed circuitry. And yet, despite these injuries, he does not care. Punk's head raises, the darkness within his helmet emitting a sniffing sound. "..*sniff* *sniff*.. do I smell salt? And water?" Punk stares right at the Vanguard, "..A-Are you crying, little girl? Haha.. you're crying, aren't you? Oh, something the matter? Your boyfriend a little too DEAD to help you now!? OH, THAT'S THE RUB, ISN'T IT, IRIS!? YOUR LOVED ONES ARE NEVER AROUND WHEN YOU NEED THEM THE MOST. SO NOW YOU'RE ALONE, HELPLESS, PATHETIC, AND ON THE VERGE OF OBLIVION. HA. HA. HA. DO YOU KNOW WHY I EXIST, LITTLE GIRL? I EXIST TO BRING NAIVE, FOOLISH, STUPID LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO THE BRINK OF HELL. DO YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE LOVE IS FALSE. HOPE IS A LIE. THERE IS ONLY HATE, PAIN, AND THEN, OBLIVION. HA. HA. HA!" Punk laughs harshly. He takes a moment to step back, to wrap that length of chain 'round his left hand. The entire length of Punk's left arm pulls back, aimed again for the cockpit of the Vanguard. He swings.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Punk misses Iris with his Chain Fist attack.

Pirate Man has left.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

Flare Feline dodges the missles. Yeah it's a lousy pose, but this is getting old. Still hurting from that first attack though, Flare winces a bit before he dashes again, he's had about enough of this fowl pest *drumroll* He leaps into the air towards it on another suicide dash and tries to drop kick it again.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Feline Fury attack.

Medieval Fox gasps as the spear clips her shoulder. It's enough to make drawing a bow difficult and Fox knows it. Exchanging her bow for her dark quarterstaff, the Hunter prepares to do a little face-to-face combat. It isn't her forte, but she doesn't have much choice with Enker following his weapon down. Shifting her stance until she's comfortable, the vulpine reploid lifts her stave in a defensive maneouvre.
Ice Man takes the weak shot to the gut. "Ugh" He then dramatically backflips off of the platform and plummets twords the ground in an attempt to find some cover. "You want me? Come and claim me!"

Medieval Fox puts her guard up.

WilyMachine <Reggae> does an accompanyingly crappy pose, and floats backwards, swinging his wing menacingly! Or something.

Blade Raven pulls his blade back in time to bring it up in front of him to take the punch by Guts Man, which still knocks him back, however he skids to a stop on his feet, "That was close.." Mutters Blade, as he twirls the blade a little bit, "What's it gonna take to put you down?!" Growling, Blade charges towards Guts, jumping up into the air, and brining his blade back, then slashing as he attempts to dash by, "Buster...Slash!"

Blade Raven misses Guts Man with his Buster Slash attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Smash attack.

With a few desperate movements, Iris manages to narrowly avoid Punk's punch, and the Vanguard stumbles clumsily. It almost appears as if the damaged ride armor is going to tip over, but then Iris activates the foot-jets, making the Vanguard sail airborne about 25 feet until she's nearly touching the factory ceiling. Then, she simply -- cuts the power to the jets, and the Vanguard falls like so much deadweight, towards Punk...feet first.

Iris strikes Punk with her Crush attack.

Ten smirks at Ice Man's little game. "Hmmm, I guess it's worth my time to come you, albeit barely." Ten lands and slowly approaches Ice Man, keeping her guard up, and her face smiling.

Pink Elephant gathers another full crate before he realizes that he really ought to make his escape. After all, he's kind of on his own here. And he's got a full storage tank. And the place is on fire, too. His booster rockets kick in, and veeeeery slowly, he starts to rise into the air....all that added booze makes a big difference. Hope he doesn't catch on fire, or that's gonna be one messy elephant...

Ten quickly leaps off of the platform after Ice Man, usgin her wings to control her descent as she follows the Robot Master toward the ground. All the while, she keeps her guard up.

Flare Feline backflips, boy he does a lot of them, and lands about 10 feet away from the duck mecha of death. He takes a deep breath and his hand blasters emit a wall of fire which forms in front of him, he then charges at the Wilymachine, the wall of fire in front of him actually moving with him, and he's on a collision course with that blasted duck!

Iris sends a radio transmission to Psych Mosquito.

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your 9-lives attack.

"Fire in the hole," Cruise Loon comments to himself as he circles it for a while. "Maybe someone oughta do something about that." And so, he does! He radioes about it. Good grief.

Guts Man takes a licking and keeps on ticking. No wait that's Timex. Guts Man on the other hand takes a beating and keeps on pounding. That's about it really. Even with his torso having been impaled he stands his ground. He manages to sidestep the Hunter as he comes dashing by. Guts runs around in a little circle picking up speed before he kicks a piece of machinery in Blade's direction.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Super Kick attack.

Blade Raven deflects Super Kick from Guts Man.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Psych Mosquito.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cruise Loon transmits, "Eh, sorry for interrupting and stuff, but there's a fire burning and some serious explosions happening down below. Might want to look out for that, folks on the ground."

All of the Vanguard's weight falls on Punk. The tremendous mech bends Punk's armor inward, smashes circuitry, and it doesn't at all feel good. "ARGHH.." The monsterous robot growls in pain. Battered, but not beaten, Punk crawls away from the Vanguard and shakily gets back to his feet. "Time.." He huffs, " end it." This Elite spawn of Wily closes the distance, raising his right leg to connect with the Vanguard. He then twists around, grabbing the Vanguard by it's chest, and bringing it right down on those massive shoulder spikes.

Punk strikes Iris with his Punk Stunner attack.
Punk Stunner! Punk Stunner! Mah gawd!

Landing heavily atop the car to assist it in being sent to the wrecking yard -- since a nine-foot tall android does tend to weigh an awful lot -- the Elite Commander pins the defensive-stanced Hunter with his best glare. The Mirror Buster is brought up, slowly swirled in front of him; noticably, it begins to leave a blue after-image, which becomes a touch more intense as energy is shunted. "Do tell me, child.. What's your name, so that you may be remembered..?"

Enker brings his reflect system online.

Pink Elephant flies onward, and upward, at an agonizingly slow pace. Eventually, he clears the flames, but they begin to spread to other parts of the factory, large fireballs erupting whenever they hit a crate. It's getting hot in here.

Blade Raven turns around, just in time to duck, and slash upwards at the peice pf machinery, knocking it away from him, "Whoa. Way too close.." He grumbles a little and stands back up, "Really starting to get annoyed, now." He dashes back towards Guts, and slashes towards him, then plants his blade into the ground, and twists, aiming to kick both of his feet towards Gut's chest, for a dropkick.

Blade Raven misses Guts Man with his Crush Dance attack.

WilyMachine <Reggae> does... a flip. *cue pulse-pounding techno dance music, and Bullet-Time!* A gymnastic-style flip over the kitty. How? DON'T ASK. Anyway, he lands behind the kitten, and opens up his machine guns.

Medieval Fox narrows her eyes at the taller android. "You can call me Fox, android," she replies as she lifts her staff. Swinging it in a half arc to gain momentum, she then aims it at Enker's feet.

Medieval Fox strikes Enker with her Stave Sweep attack.

Enker is temporarily disoriented by Medieval Fox's Stave Sweep attack.
Enker successfully reflects Stave Sweep.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Wing Gatlers attack.

Ice Man is already waiting for Ten to come around the platform. His cannon's deployed and charged. As Ten comes around the top of the floating field he unleashes an arctic hell of snow and ice upwards! He notes with some small satisfaction that there seems to be another Repliforcer flying around up there. Maybe it will get hit too.

Enker is knocked off his feet, landing heavily on the car. He blinks, momentarily disorientated.

That about did it for the Vanguard. A shower of sparks fly from the cockpit, as the occupant and all of the controls are duly crushed. One of the arms explodes off, falling to the factory floor with a THUD. The Vanguard is now, quite literally, falling apart at the seams. The occupant begins working the controls shakily, and even through her massive injuries, Iris manages a little smile. "Hm...I think...I ticked him off...he looks a little bit unhappy...heh." Nevertheless, Iris knows that NOW is the time to get the Vanguard out of here, or else it could conceivably blow up and ignite the factory. She begins trying to move the ride armor back toward the door, and it responds weakly.

Iris retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, and Cruise Loon.

Ice Man strikes Ten with his Blizzard attack.
Ice Man strikes Cruise Loon with his Blizzard attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Commander Ten, status on Moscow."

Guts Man brings both of his fists up, blocking the feet as they're about to impact in his chest. "You're gonna have to do better then that!" Guts quickly tries to grab hold of Blade Raven and apply a crushing grip to him.

Iris sends a radio transmission to Zero.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Crush attack.

Blade Raven deflects Crush from Guts Man.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander of Shopping Ten transmits, "I've just about managed to get rid of Ice Man. the air farms are safe. Would somebody in the factory please report on how things are going in there?"

Flare Feline frantically dodges the bullets. Imagine some comical cartoony bullet dodging routine, that's what he does. Jumping back, his palm blasters have finally cooled down enough for him to fire another projectile. Good, about time. As the Reggae is still looming infront of him, and an easy target, Flare forms a large orange projectile and volleys it at the Wilymachine.

"NO!" Punk shouts in disapproval of the Vanguard's quick exit. "GOD F**KING DAMNIT." He stomps. Uh oh, he's mad. And when Punk is mad, people die.

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Pulse Break attack.

Iris sends a radio transmission.

Punk kicks Heat Man's head off.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.

Medieval Fox doesn't pause to gloat as she resumes the staff's swing before bringing it down across the Master Elite's chest.

Ten tries to get out of the way of the incoming icey attack, but to no avail. Some more damage is done to her armor. Nothing serious, though. Picking up speed, she allows flames to form around her body, which apread utward into a large fireball with Ten at it's center. .oO(Might as well fry him before he hits the ground.)Oo.

Medieval Fox strikes Enker with her Quarterstaff Swing attack.

Enker successfully reflects Quarterstaff Swing.

Heat Man's head rolls to a stop, eyes looking blankly up at Punk. Then the head is picked up by the same Joes who are evacuating the building, who take his body as well.

Heat Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Iris, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Ether Skunk, Enker, Pink Elephant, and Cruise Loon.

Pink Elephant manages to make his way up to the catwalk.....and heads towards the factory wall. He won't have too much trouble going through the giant glass window; it's the question of, who will believe seeing a giant alcohol-laden pink elephant in the middle of a fight?

Pink Elephant retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Iris, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Ether Skunk, and Cruise Loon.

Ten strikes Ice Man with her Flame Burst attack.

Hey. When'd it get so cold? Cruise Loon blinks a few times as his wing de-icers come online, but not fast enough. The bird dips a bit, lower than intended, and clips a wing on the corner of a building. It's that which dones the damage, not the little blizzard from Ice Man. "Well, shoot. I just had that wing refinished," he mutters, looking downwards with a glinty red eye. The loon swoops slightly before emitting a high-pitched trill in Ice Man's direction, loud enough to cause a serious twinge of audio receivers. It could sting.. if that hood doesn't stop it.

Blade Raven manages to avoid getting grabbed, which is good for him, "Grr.." He takes a couple steps back, blade in front of him, as he takes a couple steps back, "Go down already!" He dashes in, blade slashing down, then back up, then down again, trying to hack through Guts' armor, if he can..

Cruise Loon strikes Ice Man with his Radar Sweep attack.

Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Madness Hero attack.

The staff bounces off Enker's chest; at the same moment, the Elite strikes back with his left leg, bending it up at an insane angle to slap the Fox with the limb. Using it to gain a moment of leverage, he rolls off the car and onto the same side of things as Medieval Fox. "So it's staffs for now, is it..? Very well, 'Fox.'" The pale lips of the Elite Commander twist into a bemused smirk, before he bushes the attack with the blunt of the Mirror Buster.

Punk sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Enker misses Medieval Fox with his Spear Bash attack.

Medieval Fox deflects Spear Bash from Enker.

Guts Man is being hacked by Blade Raven like a lumberjack hacking away at a giant tree. It's only a matter of time before he goes down. But while Blade Raven is still in close range he attempts to grab and throw him helluva far before he's cut down to pieces.

Guts Man misses Blade Raven with his Super Throw attack.

Blade Raven deflects Super Throw from Guts Man.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is smacked. So what does he do? He cues up a voice clip. "CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY." Reggae settles on his haunches, his chest jewels lighting up again. Again, they lance out. Again, this will probably miss. And he isn't taking a parting shot at Iris. Nyeh.

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Jade Cannon attack.

*CRASH!* Pink elephant flies away into the night, having saved several crates of vodka from the GROWING FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS IN THE FACTORY.

Iris enters the Moscow - Commercial District.
Iris has left.

Pink Elephant enters the Moscow - Industrial District.
Pink Elephant has left.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander of Shopping Ten transmits, "Oh blast! We need fire control in Moscow right away!"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Cruise Loon transmits, "Uh, remember how I said there's a fire in the factory? It's getting worse. Should someone maybe do something about it, maybe?"

Flare Feline didn't get hit by that attack last time, and he isn't about to be hit this time. Doing the same thing he leaps straight into the air, and lands ON Reggae. They're both starting to wear out it seems, so Flare needs to finish this up quick. He has one weapon left he hasn't called upon yet... his teeth! He snarls, bearing his fangs and he bites down into a ripped piece of armor, and into the circuits and tubing below *CHOMP*

You miss WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Cat Nip attack.

Jack Torval arrives from the Moscow - Commercial District.
Jack Torval has arrived.

WilyMachine <Reggae> has someone posing at him with definate, close-ended actions. Wow. So, let's do the same. Reggae flips in the air, and licks Flares' heart right out of his chest! Oh, god! The circuitry and wires are horribly crushed! MEOW!

WilyMachine <Reggae> misses you with its Tongue Lashing attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Blast it. If you are unable to quench it, I may be able to use evac transports to get some firefighters in, as a last ditch manuver..."

Ice Man supercools the air around him again. But too slowly this time. The incoming heat knocks his hood off, revieling his short, brown, tussed up hair. And his audio sensors, which are unprepared for the sonic assult that hits them. As he attempts to bring them offline, he is hit by the full force of Ten's blaze. He staggers backwards and decides he's had enough of this. Not wanting to fight TWO assailents, he blasts a lot of snow in Ten's general direction. Not anything damaging, just a lot of thick powedery snow to help impare vision so he has a better chance at running like a scared rabbit!

Ice Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Medieval Fox, Ether Skunk, Enker, Heat Man, and Cruise Loon.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Is there anybody available who can put it out?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cruise Loon transmits, "Well... I could try, I guess. I ain't built for stuff like that, though."

Ten doesn't have time to chase Ice Man. She needs to make sure the status of the factory becomes known! Quickly, Ten flies away from the blinding snow, which ruins any chance of her taking a parting shot at ICe Man, and uses her radio to call the local fire department, and any fire-control Repliforce members or Hunters who might be willing and able to help. As she does so, she hovers in the air to get a good look at the current overall situation.

Medieval Fox quickly raises her staff to parry Enker's incoming spear. Pushing it back a little, the Hunter hops back a few steps before twirling her stave with a fair amount of speed. The result? A gust of air rushes towards the Elite as the reinforced pole follows it.
Medieval Fox strikes Enker with her Whirlwind Strike attack.

Flare Feline's heart is cruelly ripped from his chest! Oh no!! Actually not really, the tounge DOES however punt him off the back of it before he can sink his teeth in. Oh well, it was probably nothing he wanted in his mouth anyway. It's clear they're both getting weary of this rather long fight, but Flare isn't about to back down now. Charging again at the machine-o-doom he extends his claws and prepares to swipe, and again a wave of fire is emitted from his hand to enhance the strike.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Right. I'm enroute."

You strike WilyMachine <Reggae> with your Flame Claw attack.

Dashing reporter Jack Troval arrives in his amazing black company hovercar, just in time for the story! He leaps out of the car and motions to the camera drone to follow him, flashing that perfect, plastic-fantastic smile. Despite the danger of fire and explosions, he heads right for the battle, because the People have a Right to Know. Many of the fighters seem to leaving, but that's okay, because there's still plenty of violence, and that's what the people want. For the moment, he faces the giant WilyMachine, towards which - of all things - he holds out a microphone. "You there! Giant machine of unimaginable destruction! You appear to be sucking most righteously! Any comment to the viewers of home regarding your complete and utter ineffectiveness here today?"

Ether Skunk blinks, looking up from her game of kick-the-met as Ice Man prances by. She recognizes him! He's a BAD guy! Grrr! The skunk focuses her antigrav skills on a broken met, levitating the thing an inch or so off the ground; her hand shoots out, hurling the met with it, trying to knock the fleeing Ice Man in the butt as he runs past. SHe shakes a fist afterwards, regardless of whether she hits. "Yeah! You BETTER run, boy!" Smiling smugly, Ether turns back to her work of cleaning up gumbies.
Ether Skunk strikes Ice Man with her Debris Shower attack.

Storm Owl arrives from the Moscow - Industrial District.
Storm Owl has arrived.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Ten transmits, "Fire control is needed in Moscow! A large fire has broken out, and we need help to control it!"

Punk sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

[Radio: (C) RF/Hunter-Com] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Firefighting team enroute."

Punk receives a radio transmission.

Cruise Loon's radar sweep reveals that his assailant, Ice Man, is on the move -- taking an escape route. Well, that just won't do. An eye for an eye, after all, his wing's clipped. He stoops to conquer, almost literally -- diving down at Ice and leaving a powerful wash of air and hot jets in his wake before pulling back up into the sky with a busy flapping of his wings. "Thank you for flyin' Loon Airways," he deadpans before resuming his circling maneuvers.

Cruise Loon misses Ice Man with his Red-eye Flight attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Iris transmits, "*softly* Currently...disabled...Vanguard is crippled...returned to repair bay, London. No longer at the scene."

Heat Man is carried into the Dreadskull by the drones. Owie.
Heat Man has left.

A battered Punk slams his right fist against the left side of his body. "Punk, transform!"

Punk changes into his BuzzSaw armor.

In the skies above, a trio of heavy transports make themselves visible, along with several squadrons of aerials flying escort. In the lead is Storm Owl, eyes scanning the ground below for the fire and factory.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Coordinates, Commander Ten. Help is on the way."

Blade Raven jumps back, and smacks Guts' hand away with his blade, "Not today.." Blade growls, "Why can't you just go down?!" The Hunter backs off, and takes to the air, his blade lighting on fire. "This should do it.." He swoops to the right, and sails downwards, slashing at Guts as he goes by, sweeping around, he goes down to slash him again with a swoop from the left. Flying off again, he drops downwards, to hit him with the blade in a downward slash, then off again, before he heads down to try and impale him, launching a flame blast downwards as he goes..
Blade Raven strikes Guts Man with his Flame Dynamic attack.

Blade Raven puts his guard down.

From SS Dreadskull> Heat Man falls to the ground, dropped by the joes, his head litterally in his hands.

Ten keeps looking about for anybody who needs help.

The whirlwind holds the Elite Commander still for a moment, just long enough for the staff to follow it up. A transmission crackles in, and Enker mutters to himself while still in mid-air. Altering his action, he places a hand down over his head to land upon the appendage. Pushing off, he performs a neat backwards-flip to land on his feet. Giving the Mirror Buster a twirl, he raises it in front of his face to issue the Hunter a salute. "Another time.. Fox." The name still causes that bemused smirk to appear on his face. "Another time, indeed." The order to fall back has gone out, and he obeys since he knows it's coming from someone higher up than the delivery boy.

Enker retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Owl, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Ether Skunk, Punk, and Cruise Loon.

Punk misses Enker with his Grasp attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Commander of Shopping Ten transmits coordinates. "Ice Man is no longer a threat. Does anybody need help?"

Guts Man is impaled by Blade Raven once again, he's about to retaliate but the orders to retreat are given out. Guts pulls himself away from the blade, "Sorry I can't stick around any longer!" He grabs another crate of vodka throwing it towards Blade Raven as a diversionary tactic as he starts to retreat.

Guts Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Owl, Kain, Jack Torval, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, Medieval Fox, Ether Skunk, Enker, Punk, Cruise Loon, and Ice Man.

Punk has transformed, and now he's rolling out! Suck on his gasket, Optimus Prime.

Punk retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Owl, Flare Feline, WilyMachine <Reggae>, Blade Raven, Ten, and Cruise Loon.

Run, jump, dodge, get pelted in the butt with debris. The life of Ice Man is not an overly fun one, for sure. At anyrate, he's outta here!

Ice Man has left.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is hit. Again. Goddammit. Reggae decides to not harm this innocent any longer with his incontestible might, and fle--...makes a strategic advance to the rear. He soars straight up, and... is insulted by a reporter. Death for you. "No one insults Albert Wily, Lord of Humanity!" shouts the duck in the scientists' voice! What happens now? He... shoots at the bugger! Then runs like a girl.

WilyMachine <Reggae> strikes Jack Torval with its Jade Cannon attack.
Jack Torval falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Punk says, "..."

[OOC] Cruise Loon says, "..."

WilyMachine <Reggae> retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

[OOC] Enker LOL

[OOC] Guts Man says, "Go Wily!"

[OOC] Punk LOL

The transports land near the blazing factory, aerials breaking off and flying a circle around the area, to sweep for remaining hostiles. As the rear doors of the transports open, a motley assortment of Repliforce marines, RF fire control units, and local Russian firefighters, emerges. Rushing into the factory, toting weapons and fire suppression gear, Storm takes up the rear of the team.

Punk rolls off, since nobody wanted to take a shot at him as he rolled.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Cruise Loon transmits, "Nothin' much. Fires, Masters on the run in Moscow, booze... you know, the usual."

Punk has left.

You hand Dr. Wily a cookie!

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Masters on the run in Moscow?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "Do you need backup in Moscow?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Okay, heading into the factory. All personnel not related with the fire suppression operation, haul out."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Lieutenant Flare Feline transmits, " *gasping* Wily is retreating, as are the rest of the Masters it seems."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Command Major Storm Owl transmits, "Secure the area."

Medieval Fox lands with one knee resting on the cracked sidewalk, one of her earrings swinging madly. "Some other time then, Golden," she calls out as Enker does his neat backflip. "Another time." Getting back to her feet, the vulpine reploid looks around for her fellow Hunters.
Blade Raven lands, and gets hit by this crate of vodka, "Yuck.." He grumbles, but lets Guts get away. "At least he ran.." Blade, now, gets on his radio.

Guts Man has left.

Flare Feline watches as Wily retreats. He's not about to go after him, he survived the battle didn't he? That's enough. Flare decides to check on the other forcers in the area before heading back

From SS Dreadskull> Guts Man takes a seat in the rear of the Dreadskull looking like hell.

Enker laughs softly, before he disappears over buildings in a single bound. Or maybe he just heads over to the Dreadskull.
Enker has left.

Ten hears the orders from Storm Owl to pull out. "Phew! Looks like things are going well!" Just then, she hears Flare's gasping voice over the radio. "Uh oh! Sounds like Flare could use some help!" Ten looks about while still in the air, trying to spot her friend.

From SS Dreadskull> Heat Man looks up at everyone from his severed head, which rests in his lap.

Ether Skunk prances over to Medieval, huffing slightly, having run over from whatever unseen nook of the area she was working in. She comes to a stop nearby, reaching up to scratch behind one of her ears. "Er, ah... are you okay, miss Medieval?" she murmurs. "you survived a battle with Enker? Wow, that's impressive."

From SS Dreadskull> Punk sits on Heat Man, who he doesn't really notice is there.

Cruise Loon circles about the burning factory, quietly assessing the damage being done, and trying to see if he can do anything with his limited capabilities. Finding he can't - except maybe fan the flames - he continues radar surveillance of everyone on the scene, while his auto-repair systems work on his nicked wing.

From SS Dreadskull> Pirate Man looks to the drone at the wheel saying, "Take us out of here Mr. Andrew."

From SS Dreadskull> Punk blinks and shifts his ass about. "..what the f**k.."

From SS Dreadskull> Punk looks down.

From SS Dreadskull> Punk leans on one side, and notices Heat Man's head underneath his ass. "..motherf**ker.."

SS Dreadskull takes off and starts to leave the area
SS Dreadskull enters the Moscow - Industrial District.
SS Dreadskull has left.

The fire suppression groups breaks down the entrance to the burning factory to allow themselves ingress, firefighters rushing in first as they spray carbon dioxide, jets of water or ice, and various other fire suppression gizmos. The marines, with Storm Owl, follow behind, incase any hostiles remain inside the factory.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Flare Feline.
Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You sound a little winded there, guy. Are you okay?"

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Yeah, I'm alright, it was just a long fight. I can't believe I managed to fight off a Wilymachine though."

Ten sends a radio transmission.
Ten sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I have some training as a field medic. Would you like a jury rigging before you go back to base?"

[Radio] You send Ten a direct message: "Nah, I'll make it back, there might be others in worse shape."

Ten puts her guard down.

And eventually, the fire is quelched, with no small amount of destruction done to the factory. The teams exit and enter their respective transports, taking off. In their place, a number of Repliforce SecDef transports set down, security troopers and other various personnel exiting, to secure the area and begin cleanup.

Ten breathes a sigh of relief as she sees that the Robot Masters have fled, and the factory, although damaged, has been saved. A quick internal check of her systems shows her that nothing was damaged but armor, and it should only require minor repairs. Elation begins to move through Ten as she realizes that they have won the day. She allows that elation to manifest itself as she rasies both arms, spreads her wings wide, and yells, "Woooo!"

Storm Owl moves in behind Ten, tapping her on the shoulder. "Ahhh, excellent work, Commander. Since you were the commanding RF officer on the scene, please fill out this paperwork and submit it to the Repliforce notary and archive." Storm then presents Ten with a datapad chock full of red tape and bureaucracy. He knows how to ruin anybody's day, doesn't he?

Seeing that everything is under control, Flare begins to make his way back. He isn't running, systems are too shot, but he'll make it back, it'll just take longer. It was a LONG fight, and he's looking forward to a bit of a rest

Medieval Fox leans against her black quarterstaff and rubs her sliced shoulder with one hand. "I'm still trying to work out how I did that, Ether," she replies. "And please, you can call me simply 'Fox'."

Cruise Loon blinks a few times as his sensors pick up Ten's yell on more than just one front. He grunts slightly at that, and shakes out his head. "Well, good thing she's happy, huh?" he comments to himself before going back to circling, waiting to be dismissed.

Ether Skunk smiles brightly. "You did a gooood job! Normally Enker eats uss for BREAKFAST." She looks around the area, thumbing her lower lip. "Let's find the raven fellow and get on back to the labs. I wanna get any of the donuts left from the meeting before Cossack eats 'em all."

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