Barbary Coast

The former countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, as well as several wilder areas such as the Western Sahara and the Tripolitan wastelands make up a grouping of factions now united here under Robot Master rule. The southernmost parts of the areas are merely a dumping ground for the dregs of life, filled with communities still operating under simplistic and outdated technology. One can find many an illegal item here among the colorful streets of the conquered cities, and many a criminal character. On the northern coast, the technology level of the area sharply rises, as new city construction makes way for the Tidal Dam. No matter where you are, however, one thing remains the same...the constant presence of an outside gaze, as if someone, somewhere, was tracking your movements with every step. This is Wily's territory, under the control of his Gamma Masters. You are being watched.

Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Synth [Armored] [Armored] [RM]
Enker [Armour] [RM]
Spica's Camera
Ballade [Normal] [Suit] [RM]
Iris [Iris] [Formal] [RF]
Bolero [Unarmored] [Robotux] [RF]
Search Man [Trenchcoat] [RM]
Dynamo Man [Normal] [RM]
Flash Man [Robot] [RM]
Quick Man [Quick] [RM]
Centaur Man [Meril] [RM]
Sword Man [Mysterious] [RM]
Number Man [RM]
Dr. Wily [Wily] [RM]
Wilyworm <Quicksilver Earthworm> [RM]
Sphere Outpost <Gamma> [RM]

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Mediterranean Sea.
North <N> leads to Mediterranean Sea.
Southeast <SE> leads to Eastern Sahara.
West <W> leads to Atlas Mountains.
Southwest <SW> leads to Mirror Desert (Western Sahara).
East <E> leads to Nile Delta.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Sahara.

On the stage, most of the dignitaries are already scrambling down the back. Wily tries to pull them back, gesticulating madly... and then he hears the yell out of the crowd and turns.


Number Man continues to move in. <<That Camera is somewhere in the crowds...>> Then, he sees Anthem raise the gun. "THERE!" The roar is one loud as he can go. Firing his boosters, he leaps towards the blaster wielding wench.

"Okay, who's this now?" Quick Man doesn't recognise the woman, but again follow orders, he quickly makes his way towards her so he can detain her.

Search Man stops and turns away from Bolero's position as he attempts to focus on the signal, he listens to his radio before he looks around trying to determine where the signal is coming from, optics narrowing as he marches forward

A gold and violet streak shatters through the screen in an unostentatious *rip*. Not even the courtesy of an explosion. How anticlimatic.
Visor down, boomerang already off the helmet and in his hand -- Ballade reacts before even knowing what he's doing, flying down into the crowd -- people jumping or dropping down out of the way as the Elite, in full armor, rushes directly at the enemy. He doesn't think, doesn't speak -- he acts. He is programmed so well as to have directives become instinct.
There is no battle cry, no bellow, no shout. There is only the coming of Ballade. And in his wake...

Flash Man jerks his head around as as several Masters transmit warnings, then jerks the bike around, arrowing towards the center of the crowd.

Ballade changes into his Powered armor.

Iris takes the kit from Bolero, and is in the process of trying to figure out just how she's going to disguise herself in plain sight, when suddenly...-Anthem- emerges from the crowd. ANTHEM! Her eyes fling open WIDE, and she just...STARES.

Not every day one gets to see the dead come back to the land of the living, to exact revenge...

Synth jumps up and grabs onto the back of Search's armor, pulling herself up onto his back and looping one arm around his left head as he starts to make his way through the crowd. Her other hand dips down and snags her laptop from its place on her back, the end of the silver cylinder breaking open as she swings it down over Search's shoulder and takes aim at the green haired woman.

Dynamo Man is busy following Sword as he goes to use the radio. Looks like Dynamo Man forgot something important when he built this test body...

The Joes around the crowd suddenly spring to life, as well as the cops. They start hustling screaming and panicing civillians away from what is going to rapidly turn into a fire fight. Not many of the civilians resist, making the drones and cops jobs to keep the mob from hurting each other.

Sword Man simply curses as the culprit is revealed. Rushing back toward the fray, he throws off his cloak. Appearance be damned, time to take action....but then, the radio comes. He ceases and does as ordered. "All civilians are to leave and venture away from the stage. I repeat, leave the area. Stay at risk of personal injury. Let the Order of the Robot Masters handle the situation!"

Seeing that an elite is taking care of this, and being given new orders from that same elite, Quick Man starts hurrying civilians into safety, "Ok people, follow me! I'll keep you safe! Just follow me, and don't stray!"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Major Iris transmits, "Good god. Good...-god-."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide transmits, "What, Major?"

Bolero gulps quietly, listening the noises that are vaguely reaching him. He looks to Iris, "I hope you don't mind... I'll just be goi-" he cuts off, spying Search Man turning away from him. "... Iris, keep out of sight... This might be getting ugly very quickly." he whispers quietly. He quickly prepares himself, physically and mentally, a relatively small handgun slipping into his right hand from his jacket sleeve.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Major Iris transmits, "It's ANTHEM."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "Iris, get down, get out of sight. Security and Defense, step up activities, Marines, on full alert... We're going to be in a hot zone in... oh about ten seconds..."

Search Man looks to Synth as she climbs up before yelling out, "Security teams lead the civilians out of here... While we'll converge on the target.", he continues to march forward

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide transmits, "...Pardon? I think I am missing something. Security and Defense - aye, responding, to where?"

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "Oh, and would someone get Colonel up to date on the situation at the Tidal Dam opening... Anthem, repeat, Anthem is alive and in the midst of trouble."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Archer Colossus transmits, "Oh crap. I was supposed to sneak in the damn."

Anthem smiles evilly as every Master in the vicinity decends on her, with brutally deadly intentions. Everything is according to plan. She is now the center of attention - utterly and totally. Perfect. No one notices, then, when she drops her cannon down, smiling. And she doesn't fire. No.

The gunshot comes from far off, on the building where the movie projector was set up. From the local resistance member who set the projector up and had been sitting there with a sniper rifle. A single shot is fired - the soft crack of a thirty-aught-six shell, flying, hypersonic, over the heads of the crowd, towards the target. Dr. Albert Wily. The 'dead' Repliforcer keeps smiling, knowing her job - act as a distraction - is complete.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Archer Colossus transmits, "Well, if that wasn't a faux pass. Regardless, mobilizin."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "MSE is ready for anything that might happen. I sugest we move to secure channels."

Iris bobs her head, patting B's arm in reassurance before scurrying off to hide beneath a few benches, cordones off as a seating area.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Bolero transmits, "Copy that. MSE, get supplies ready... This is going to be bloody as sin."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Request we move to a more secure channel. I am in the transporter in Australia, ready to move when needed or carry wounded through."

What? That cat was never here? Poppycock. Flare was here all along he really was! (stupid mother had to keep the stupid phoneline tied up all stupid night) He was just... occupied with something or other until now. Yeah. Quick run down, he's here, he's in his newly beloved Rei disguise, doesn't THAT just beat all? And now he's here. Though he wasn't with Iris or Bolero till now, he quickly makes his way over to them, wordless for a moment "Is... that who I think it is?"

Dr. Wily is standing on the stage, ranting and screaming orders. "Kill Her! Bring her to me so... " And he gets no further. That single shot, from that far off rifle is timed at just the correct moment. Wily's words snap off as he is hurled backwards.

His body hits the wooden platform with a dull *thump*. And doesn't move.

At all.

A hand comes out from beneath the seating area -- two hands, actually -- and GRAB Flare's legs, trying to pull him under the seating. "Get the hell down here," Iris hisses. "Or you're giong to get killed!"

Number Man growls when the word of Wily hitting the ground reaches him. Standing forward, dark purple energy is now crackling all around him as he stalks towards Anthem. "Time to die, $^&*#. I'm going to bring you to hell, so you can KNEEL at his feet. Understand?"

Quick Man... Stops... Just stops. The people following behind him also stop, as he turns around, fearing the worst, and seeing that his fear came true... Wily... Seems to be dead, but that is enough for him... "NOOO!!!!" He shouts, and runs towards Anthem, not caring for the civilians anymore. "You did this! It's all because of /you/!"

Synth sends a radio transmission.
Number Man receives a radio transmission from Synth.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I guess that's my call. I am mobleising."

Flash Man's eyes flick at the shot, snapping up...then watching in disbelief as Wily goes down. There's an almost audible inhalation, then a snarl of absolute rage as Flash Man raises his weapon, flicking it to full power as he shoots down towards the crumpled body of the doctor, landing the bike by the Doctor and scrambling off, to kneel beside him, carefully pulling him behind the bike to shield him from further shots.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Lieutenant, I will come with you for protection."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Major Iris transmits, "*whispers* Oh. Hurry. Please, hurry."

Synth sends a radio transmission to Number Man.
Number Man receives a radio transmission from Synth.

Sword Man blinks as the shot rings out. He stops his directing of the crowd just in time to see his Father, Lord, and Creator fall. If he had his body at the moment, his optics would have turned blood red and his body would have been blazing full force. "WENCH!!!" He bellows, charging in madly. Damn the consequences, his Father has fallen. THe only thing on his mind?, Justice.

Dynamo Man doesn't move. He was watching Sword, and herding civilians, but now he just stops... momentarily. The elite's yelling snaps him back into reality. Grimly, he begins getting the area secure and the civilians out. But something inside him is very, very Quiet.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
Flash Man receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Not unless you can fly. I'm doing a snatch."

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Sky Above Sahara.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
Flash Man receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Not effectively. I can swim, though."

Number Man sends a radio transmission to Synth.
Synth receives a radio transmission from Number Man.

Dynamo Man holds back Sword. "Stop! There's nothing you can do to her in this current body! Let the others handle it, we /have/ to get the area secure!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie squeaks slightly into her radio. "What'sgoingonIhearallthiscommotion?"

Number Man sends a radio transmission.
Synth receives a radio transmission from Number Man.

Flare Feline urks as he's pulled down. Not like anyone was paying attention to him anyway. And he's in disguise, so what's the big deal. "Well... sorry. But I don't think we're the ones in immediate danger now...."

Bolero hisses, sprinting forward as quickly as he possibly can. Damn civilians are blocking his way though... Only one way to do this then. "YOO-HOO! o/~ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYS! o/~" Bolero sing-songs, even as subspace splits around the Reploid Master of Sound. He disappears, replaced instead with an immense brahma bull. He stomps forward as rapidly as possible, hoping to get to Anthem really quickly. Fear, for Wreck Brahma is on the scene.

Bolero changes into his Wreck Brahma armor.

Centaur Man looks on at the repliforcer "How dare you! Do you realize what you've done." He motions for all citizens to leave, and tells each one to pass the word on. "I would kill you myself, but I have orders." He seems ticked, but complies to help citizens evactuate to safety.

Synth jumps off of Search's back, landing on the edge of the platform and casting about with her weapon. There was something up here, and there were definately more enemies about. A snap of her head and her visor drops down.


Odd. Is the head of Wily's corpse supposed to pop off like that? And on a spring? The head bounces back and forth in an amusing fashion for a bit before going still.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. Did you REALLY think I would be so stupid as to leave myself open! AhHaHaHaHaaa!!


From behind the bulk of the Dam rises the discus shape that all the world recognizes. The top slowly lifts up to reveal the Father of the Robot Master hordes. And he waggles his eyebrows.

Quick Man again stops, because of again new directives. Talking about conflicting emotions, huh? Controling himself once more, Quick Man goes back to evacuating the civilians, knowing that Ballade will put the hurt on Anthem anyway.

Ballade does not respond to the shot fired. He hears it; he is aware of it; he does not respond to it. His sensors tell him that Doctor Wily on the stage has just been shot. At the same time, his purity of thought tells him that the objective now is to punish -- punish those who would defy the Master.
Ballade is a shockwave of motion, an emotionless agent of death pressing through the crowd, fire from his dash boots roaring out. He is going to reach Anthem in several seconds. He shows no signs of slowing. His arm-blades slide out, the blades singing...

Fusion Phoenix is a glimering light in the far off sky. It looks like Fusion is planning to save the day for at least one person.

Ballade strikes Anthem with his Allegretto Rush attack.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Turn on the news, Sergeant."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "Ohwowthat'ssoamazing!"

Search Man frowns as he looks around, prepping his weapons as he checks his sonar, he looks to Synth but says nothing as he looks towards the stage holding back a laugh when he catches on to the trick before scanning the area

Flash Man's eyes bug out nearly at the head popping off, then as the saucer floats up with the familiar voice he slumps in relief against the bike. It isn't often Flash shows much emotion, but the expression of relief is obvious. That being said....he gets to his feet, his eyes narrowing as he slides onto the idling jetbike, kicking it on and lifting off again.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, " Lieutenant Phoenix, where are you going to return to with wounded?"


[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "London is closer."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "London it is, and I cannot pilot."

Quick Man sighs in relief, but continues evacuatiing the citizens, there'll be enough time for an emotional 'discharge' later, right now he must get the civilians to safety.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "I will ensure London medbay is set up."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie can be head flitting around anxiously. "CanIhelpcanIcanI?"

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "Eh, figures that old goat will never stay dead..."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Do you pilot?"

Iris murmurs quietly to the disguised Flare... "Do you think they're REALLY going to care if they catch us in here? It's not like we can blend in with the locals! This is REALLY bad...when the backup arrives, I think we ought to make a priority out of getting Anthem out of here...when we -can- help."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "... nooooo. <sniff> I can't see over the dashboard."

Dynamo Man's face returns to a smile once more, and he continues herding the civilians out of there.

Metal Man races from his location as Wily Shows up and lets out chear. Hey father son time after all is fun espcially in battler. Metal Man races towards the masters location and veers off to get the citizens who where here to see the damn's opening out of harms way. Yes el ego is protecting the innocents who will likely get shot up in the Replifrocers zeal to kill the masters and their father. What a day. Metal man quickal starts to lead a group of people safetly. "Come along you can't stay in the area now."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "And I cannot grasp the controls. But between us, could we try?"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "... OoOooOOoOo! Okay!"

Sword Man stops in his tracks just as he attempts to bear down on Anthem with his sad excuse for a weapon...when the Wily struck down is shown to be a fake. His rage slipping, he stares at the ressurected 'Forcer as Ballade strikes at her. He then breaks off to continue to evacuate the civilians. His Lord is safe. Next most important objective? Keep innocents from harm. THe battle is only for soldiers, after all. No sense in leaving the innocent to be harmed.

Meanwhile, an observer in the edges of the crowd slowly slinks to the bathroom area. Inside said port-a-john, the reploid calling himself 'Clint Queen' removes his disguise, and shifting into the battle togs in his duffel. That done, he extends a flaming blade from an arm, which he uses in order to slice a nice exit hole through the bathroom's rear wall.
Smugly, the 'forcer begins walking towards the chaotic scene, sliding his crossbows onto his belt, and shotgun over his shoulder calmly, whistling to himself. oO(o/~ Archer's back... back in here... o/~ Archer's back, run in fear.... o/~Archer's back, Archer's back, Archer's back.... o/~ Two trailer-park Mavs go round me outside, round me outside...o/~)Oo

Synth quickly begins to usher those high ranking civilians who are still on the stage out of the way... a very faint and evil smiling crossig her face as she does so. No, it didn't matter how many there were, did it?

Flare Feline hmms, still a bit shocked at seeing Anthem alive again. And fingersnaps as Wily shows up, still alive as expected. He turns back to Iris as he looks at Bolero "Think we oughtta think of a plan that DOESN'T involve blindly rushing into things? We're going to lose Anthem all over again at this rate..."

The lid of the saucer snaps back down as the Saucer zooms north. Inside, Wily's already typing madly, tapping into the control network of the Tidal Dam. And those watching... might notice that about 3 miles away... one of the pair of Main Cannons - ground based versions along the same technical lines as the Wily Cannon, only more pinpoint in blast radius... begins to turn towards the raging fight.

Civillians? Bah. ERWIN's not here to protect civillians, especially when someone is right in front of him. He's less than 10 feet from Anthem, and it's time to introduce her to the painful time. With a sudden spin of his arms, the energy crackling around him shoots out in arcs, and you'd almost swear the bolts form mathematical symbols as they travel.

Number Man strikes Anthem with his Fuzzy Math attack.

Bolero stomps forward, moving /OVER/ the crowd with immense hoofsteps. He glances down, "Oh come on now, you don't want to kill me just as much as her? I'm hurt. Really, I am." he calls darkly, weapons gleaming brightly. Oh come on, we all know the Masters want to kill the Repliforce's sentient ride armor. He sends flare a direct sonic pulse to Flare and Iris.

Iris smiles a forced smile, peering out from the seating at Bolero. "Blindly rushing, eh? Okay, a better idea, at this point? Let's hear it, I'm all ears, Flare."

Flash Man yells down to the Joes on the stage. "You there! Push them back, make aisles for the civilians. Get them to move the same way, keep them moving!" He revs the motor to his cycle...Anthem appears to be under fire by Ballade, and since he personally wants her, Flash stays alert for signs of any other trouble.

Bolero whispers: There's a sewer entrance fifteen feet to the southeast. It leads to a empty point near the teleporters... GET OUT!

Anthem is now in really freakin' deep doo-doo. She has now pissed off every Master in the dang *world*... or has she? Wily isn't dead! Anthem's backpedalling and looking for an escape route is cut off by a massive bout of swearing as the Wily-drone reveals itself. "Aw, freakin' @&.." And she can't even finish swearing, as havoc breaks loose in every direction, and a large sonic-enhanced armblade plows through her remaining armored shoulder, cleaving what little shielding remains right off. Then a large number '8' bounces off the side of her head. Snarling, she assumes a more combat-ready position, looking around at the utterly huge number of bad guys surrounding her. "Ah well," she quips. "Almost got 'im." Her remaining gauntlet crackles to life, showing all that remains of her old Screw Attack system. A single plasma-coated fist. "Bring it, you bolt-brained drones. Let's see if you can keep me dead this time."

Fusion Phoenix's approach is unnoticed in the chaos below, which means he might have a chance to pull this off as he nears the fight at high speed, sending a transmission to the embattled Anthem as she fights.
Search Man turns and quickly makes his way back to the stage, optics shifting left to right as he's followed by a few joes, "Get the dignitaries out of here as well... Then we'll deal with repliforce."

Fusion Phoenix sends a radio transmission.
Anthem receives a radio transmission from Fusion Phoenix.

Centaur Man continues to gather citizens to safety, as skillfully as he can herd cattle. It's quite a natural talent. He seems open to any dirty, filthy attack tricks, easily able to be caught off guard.

Flare Feline errs "Well I..." His eyes catch the movement of the Wily Cannons, and he sweatdrops, he really does "...Err... on second thought, maybe rushing blindly and getting the heck out of here as fast as we can once we recover Anthem is a GOOD idea." He blinks at what Bolero says to him, however he does it.

"Ok, this way, this way!" Quick Man at last gets his first group of civilians to safety, then lets them continue by themsevles before going back to get another group to a safe area before the fight /really/ begins.

The dam's defenses come up, sirens blaring as the incoming hostiles are detected. The various lethal weapons begin dispensing justice towards any Repliforce gumbies that may show up, as well as any good guy who makes himself too much of a target.
Ballade's blades sing true, the rush crashing into Anthem. He rolls down, cutting into the dirt, then jumps up and jams his foot down at Anthem's knee, looking to take down her vertical base.
White cops can't jump ... if their knees aren't working.

Ballade strikes Anthem with his Joint Break attack.

Number Man sends a radio transmission.
Search Man receives a radio transmission from Number Man.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "Does anyone know how to fly this thing?!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "...I thought you did."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "It's a lot different than the rides at ... at that place in Florida, which I know how to work!"

Flash Man jerks his head up slightly, halting his orbits over the crowd as the air defenses in the area indicate incoming, as well as several transmissions from those on the ground who are in a position to look up better. He slits his eyes, then begins scanning the skies, his plasma blaster powering as he checks for signs of where the other incoming air unit is.

Metal Man nods as he leads his group of civilians to saftey right after hsi younger brother. "This way please you have nothing to worry about." He makes sure they can get to the safer areas away from the combat zone and then goes back for another group. Soon the fight will be on in earnast but they have to get their people clear from harms way.

Iris isn't in the best attire for -running-, though she knows when it's time to get out of Dodge. She only hopes that the Masters are too single-mindedly focused upon Anthem to notice her flight back toward the teleporters. She bustles about clumsily in her pretty dress. "Come on, Flare...let's go!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Disney Universe?"

The Massive Modified Wilycannon rotates into position. The sound of its bolts slamming into place echos even this far. There's a rumbling humm as power begins to build around the barrel, a nimbus of sickly pink light. Sorta like a half digested peppermint."

Far overhead it, Wily grins down at his display. "Eh heh heh. Well, let's just see what this does."

And his finger jabs down on the button. With a scream of energy, the bolt lashes out, expanding into a sphere of sickly light that washes over everything in the growing battle zone.

And making it Chibi. That's right. You're all Chibi. Two feet tall, huge heads... Chibi. Phear the Power of Wily.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie hisses.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "Forget it! I'm gonna fly there! ... where's there, exactly?"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "The dam. I can swim. Change of plan - we are approaching seperately."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "O-kay!"

Anthem tries, momentarily, to leap for Fusion. Ballade kinda nixes that, as he breaks her unarmored knee like most people crunch popcorn. And *then* she gets shrunk to about a foot tall, and becomes Super-Deformed. "...Oh, this was *so* not in the @&^$ing plan. YATTA!" She looks rather grumpy, for a chibi.

Flash Man blinks as suddenly...he's short. Very short. Too short to actually control the jetbike he's one. "WAAAAAAH!!!" he shouts as the bike promptly goes out of control, legs flying as the bike guns itself.

Search Man turns to lock on Fusion but lowers his weapon as he catches the radio, looking around before he looks at eachother, optics widening, "WHAT THE!?... We've shrunk... This is not fun!... How are we going to complete our mission?"

Synth listens over her radio for a moment, and nods once - very slightly. Her weapon comes up, her eyes narrow - and there is a faint 'ka-chunk' from inside of her weapon as... she gets Chibified. Chibi-Synth manages to cutely muscle her weapon around, doing the best to compensate for the fact that she is now using oversized globes for hands. She meeps slightly, gives a quick 'Yatta!' for effect, and tries to relocate her target.

Quick Man continues ushering civilians to safety, when suddenly a bright light fills his vision, "What tha'heck was tha-YATTA!-t? Uh oh..."

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Off-duty? Ring Redwing transmits, "Hmm, am I on a Crisis Response Team, oh well, whatever..."

Sword Man continues to push and herd the civvies away from the cluster**** near the stage. Some of his brothers may not actually care about the civilian population around here, but Sword a degree. Idly, though, he wishes he could be in the fighting. That is his lot in life, and it's annoying him that he can't even do that at the moment. Of course, that is, barring things like the Chibi cannon. However, he keeps the sense to keep the civvies moving. Luckily, they shrunk too, so it's hardly difficult to keep them moving. "Keep moving. Wai." oO(How shameful)Oo

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Captain Ring Redwing transmits, "Captain Redwing, enroute to the Dam."

Quick Man is finished ushering civilians to safety.

Archer Colossus meanwhile has begun moving up on top of a parked truck, watching the Civilian-escorting Masters, trying to choose who to snipe first. Centaur? Or Metal? That two-headed one'd be...And then, *BZZZOOOOT!* Arch's in the Micron armor, Super-deformed, and fuzzy! "WAAAAIIIII! CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE GIRL!" screams Archer, flying on a collision course to tackle Synth.

oO(Oh....son of a YATTA!...*@$@@***!!!!!)Oo

Archer Colossus changes into his Micron armor.

Fusion Phoenix flutters around oddly as the ray blasts him. This is going to make his job... odd. Still, a chibi Fusion Phoenix is still pretty big for a chibi. He arks around, looking for another chance to pick up Anthem.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Captain? Can you carry a passenger?"

Number Man blinks. "YATTA?" Wow. You'd never imagine that Number could make cute words sound like swearing. Little chibi Number continues to march towards Anthem on stubbly little legs. "WAI! I'm gonna YATTA! kill you! Even if I have to do it as a midgit-nyu!" The dice are similarly chibified, but that just makes it easier for him kick them at her like soccer balls!

Flare Feline nods, not wanting to leave Anthem behind, but realizing there's nothing that he can do now. "OK Iris, let's get out of here, fast--eh?" THe bright light engulfs them all, including Flare and Iris at the very radius of the blast. THe light fades, and we have what looks like Chibi-Flare, which looks more like a kitty. HELLO KITTY! Oh crap. "WAI! Oh nuts... Iris? You ok?"

Number Man strikes Anthem with his Daddy Needs A New Pair O Shoes attack.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Yatta! Wily's using the Chibi Ray again!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "Oh son of a YATTA!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "... why are you guys talking so funny?"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Captain Ring Redwing transmits, "Oh great. Well at least this'll make transporting everyone away from the scene a whole lot easier."

Iris blinkblinkblinks her HUGE eyes, her plans for fleeing suddenly sidetracked by Big-Head-On-Tiny-Body syndrome. "WAI!! Flare?" she squeaks. "Little problem! Little, little LITTLE problem!"

Bolero clomps forward full steam, before finding himself two feet tall. "... Madre mia... Yatta..." he hisses quietly, before stomping forth again... He'll just have to avoid talking for a while. He stompstompstomps forth, "YATTA WAAAAAAAAI!" he screams, clasping his throat in his hands, as his hoof comes down, sending a wave of force through the ground, aiming directly ahead, at the Masters and Anthem... Damn his luck.

Quick Man doesn't know what to do now... So he calls on the radio, saying 'Wai!' and 'Yatta!' in random.

Search Man stomps as he tries to stay balanced, weighed down a bit by their cannon arm before yellow out, "YATTA!... Someone help me up, yatta... Its hard to move with this thing.", he moves slowly forward as he straigtens himself

Shinobi Pixie arrives from the Atlas Mountains.
Shinobi Pixie has arrived.

Red Tide arrives from the Mediterranean Sea.
Red Tide has arrived.

Dr. Wily watches the effects of the Main Cannon, and rubs his mustache thoughtfully. "Interesting. Not quite the effect I was hoping for. Hrmph. Ah well." He leans back in his seat, and watches the battle on the Saucer monitors, pulling out a pipe and puffing contentedly away.

"A good day..."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Archer Colossus transmits, "GAWDDA-WAAAAIIIII!!!"

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "..."

Anthem staggers again, as now a giant (relatively) pair of dice hit her on the head. "OW! Wai! Frig! Yatta!" Then, with a scream, she shakes a fist at Wily. "DAMN YOU, DR. WILY, AND YOUR LITTLE BUTT-MONKEY BASS!" She dances back and forth, tiny fist waving madly.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Shinobi Pixie transmits, "Wait... wait..."

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Bolero transmits, "I SHALL YATTA WAAAAAAAAAAAAI WILY!"

Ring Redwing arrives from the Mirror Desert (Western Sahara).
Ring Redwing has arrived.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Archer Colossus transmits, "Damn F**YATTA! Geezer...."

Flare Feline also starts making cute kitten noises, stupid thing. "Nyaa... well... what now? Just running to the teleporters suddenly became 10x as long a run now, WAI." He hrms, which sounds more like purring, they need help, big REAL help.

Metal Man gets hit by an odd effect and suddenly he is... chibi., "Yatta!!...did I just... Oh Wily... NO!!!! I'm CHIBI!! WAI!!!" Metal Man waves his now suber deformed arms about and waves his arms about. oO(I hate... this.) Metal Man does his best to look for someone to fight as the civis are free...from harm now.

Red Tide isn't even here. Well. She's in the water, with one tendril stuck up like a periscope, and heading at top speed - made faster by the 'cheating' method of swiping a compressed air canister and using it like a jet engine under the water.

Search Man looks around before he fires off his weapon and is sent flying back, "OUCH!"

Bolero misses Ballade with his Earthquake attack.
Bolero strikes Anthem with his Earthquake attack.
Bolero misses Number Man with his Earthquake attack.
Bolero misses Metal Man with his Earthquake attack.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Red Tide transmits, "Could someone sign a requisition notice for me? Red Tide; Sergeant-Major, five canisters compressed N2, CO2, and O2 variously."

Centaur Man looks around. He sees Seizui... all chibi, if it's ever possible for the cutest cabbit ever to become chibi cute. Still, "Seizui! Yatta! This isn't good. I dont know wai herd shall do better like this." He yatta-sighs, then readies his chibifies polearm, as Seizui stands near him, he feels pretty powerless at a time like this.

[Radio: (B) RepliforceSecure] Bolero transmits, "It'll be done once I return to base."

Sword Man just looks on. He realizes that his size now adds to his present uselessness in battle. "Blast it 'yatta' all. I am useless-nyu here...." He curses his inherent speech impediment cause by his condition, though it sounds odd in a near monotone voice...

Quick Man looks around, and spots Flare Feline... But more importantly, he notices Iris, "WAI! A target!" He quickly makes his way towards her, not having to slow down for the civilians who already got away. As soon as he reaches the right distance, he makes a slide kick at her, "Take this! YATTA!!!"

Quick Man strikes Iris with his Trip Up attack.
Iris is temporarily disoriented by Quick Man's Trip Up attack.

Iris is still hauling her chibified butt away from the bout, though with her chibified legs, it's hard to get ANYWHERE very fast. "YATTA! Flare, wait up," she squeaks in annoyance. "At least my dress shrank, too...*sighs*" Just about this time, ChibiQuick kicks her l'il legs out from under her, and she goes sprawling. "Waiiiii!"

And faaaaaaaaaaaaar off in the distance, hitching a ride on a commercial jetplane? A foot-tall pixie, clinging tightly to the wing of the 747. Wings fluttering helplessly in the jetstream, her face squeezed tightly in concentration, the tiny pixie lets go over the dam with a cry, and rides the slipstream to the scene. Shinobi Pixie is unaware of the land of the chibis she's heading into... although she'd definitely get a kick out of it if she could see it.

Archer Colossus changes into his Archer armor.

Dynamo Man is finished helping the civilians, and has a few new orders. He sends off a quick radio to Sword, and charges toward the large feline, jets at full power. "YATTA DIE WAI!"

Dynamo Man strikes you with his Shoulder Dash for 9 units of damage.

Red Tide quite literally plows onto land under the influence of the tank of compressed air. There's another one, still full, stuck in her ribcage to project from her back like a tail; the one she was using had been held in her left hand, but she throws it away when she's back on land. Noticable for being the only non-chibi and significantly taller then anyone else, she starts to run toward the mass conflict.

Quick Man grins evilly as he stands up, which looks kinda wierd in his chibi form, "MuahahaYATTA! You're mine! WAI!" Quick Man then picks up Chibi-Iris, and throws her as far as he can, which isn't that far really.

Quick Man strikes Iris with his Throw attack.

Metal Man leaps up into the air as the quake rips up the ground and glares evily as much as a chibi Metal Man can and pulls a cute looking little blade. "I'm goint to make you..YATTA!...bleed WAI!...." oO(Sigh...) Metal Man throws the chibi disk at Bolero

Now, the massive 'Main Cannon' is still aimed at the massive battle. And Wily's frowning at his radio. "Fine, fine... they want something dangerous? So be it! Barrel... 4!" With a massive clunking, the barrel of the gun far below rotates into place, and a strange orange glow builds. "Hmm. This one is untested. We'll just see..."


And another pulse of energy is unleashed. Once again the fabric of reality warps... and shows us a universe where all those fighting are controlled by people sitting at computers. Yes. This is...

The Dreaded 'Reality Effect'.

OOC: You all just turned into your players for 15 seconds. Yes, I theme checked this. Work it into your poses - no combat effect. :)

Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Sawblade attack.

Flash Man goes flying along, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" he squeaks as the bike flies through the air, then finally loses his grip, spinning end over end to nearly bowl into the stands with a crunch, lying there with swirly eyes for a moment as the bike zooms off to parts unknown. "Oro...." After a moment Flash's eyes clear and he hops up, staggering a bit. "Wai! I'm not dead! He scratches his head, looking around. "Wai! Right! Birdie!" He looks up, glancing around for the flying sort he was looking for earlier. Spotting a flickering shape in the air, he raises his right arm, bracing it with his left hand as the hatches over the sides of his blaster pop open, many barrels popping out as he takes aim. "Take this! YATTA!" There's a blaze of microsized plasma bolts as the scatterblaster goes off, sending a cone of energy spraying into the air towards Fusion.

Flash Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Plasma Spray attack.

Synth narrows her chibi eyes, deciding that the best way to avoid the effects of the Chibi-Cannon are to simply... not talk. Yes, that sounds like a much better idea. And then *BRRRRRPZ* what in the hell? A rather mousey looking young woman now holds the laptop-gun, her eyes widening slightly. "Doctor! What in -WAI!- did you DO? -YATTA!-"

Search Man looks around before saying, "Where did my other half go!", he looks around before noticing a twin lying next to him saying, "Very bad!"

Archer Colossus meanwhile continues his direct diving charge, alebit slowed due to his uncontrolled size decrease with the intention to glom on to Synth. And then, the poor bastich turns into a young man dressed uncannily like one of his alts, alebit eating pizza. And he falls to the ground, as his jets are gone. And, due to the paradox, Randall turns about, narrowing his eyes at the screen that is no-longer there. "Sean? You are a sick sick man. Good show." He gives a thumbs up, and returns to pizza.

Fusion Phoenix is shot, but he dives back through the mass of chibis surounding Anthem, trying to break up the crowd so that either she can excape or that another can reach her. Of course as he does so he'll smack into a Master or two. Of course, then he turns into a 22 year old human in a green bathrobe and black vest. "WTF???"

Anthem is now apperantly the *only* person who's not smart enough to get off the ground (IE jump) when the earthquake hits. The pounding, now, is rather... obvious. She didn't come into this looking to be in good shape, but now she's in really, really bad condition. Her fist-shaking arm is now totally limp, and she's bleeding from several wounds, and generally looking like she's about to drop like a stone. In fact, this is emphisised by a stone hitting her in the head, causing a small chibi-fit as she scampers about, trying to find an escape route through the mass of super-deformed death and carnage. Of course, running in this condition is very difficult... And then she stands there, looking very confused. Largely because she is now 1) A guy, 2) About three inches shorter, and 3) Not having nearly enough coffee. At least she isn't Hilter this time. However, there *is* something that remains consistent. That being that there are many people here who want to kill her, which equates to RUNNING VERY FAST for the beach. Hopefully taking advantage of everybody else's confusion.

Number Man blinks. "THE HELL????" With dark red hair replacing his fishbowl, back at human size, wearing a white "S.U.V.W. bug" with camoflauge volkswagen Bug T-shirt, and a pair of dark grey jeans, ERWIN is no longer ERWIN. Dammit. "Oh, the HELL with this. On the upside, I've got a wang. On the downside, I've got...wait. I don't have guns. BUT I SURE AS HELL HAVE A SWORD." Pulling a large broadsword out of the chair behind him, Matt charges at Carl. "I don't know about the sex change, but I know who I'm going after! BANZAI!"

Number Man strikes Anthem with his Generic Melee attack.

Anthem falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

All off a sudden, Sword looks up to find another cannon blasting toward them. In a flash of light, Sword disappears, and is replaced by...a somewhat short, messy haired Filipino teen in casual clothing. "What the hell...." He has a guitar strapped around him and is looking around confusedly. "How the hell did I get here? Where's my house...and why the hell is my right hand a big-aft sword?!"

Flare Feline probably IS bigger than most the other Chibis around him... sorta. Proportionally anyway. "Nya!" He's knocked to the ground in a chibi dust cloud. Oh, it's ON now. "Ow, hey bubble head! Even being shrunken doesn't make you guys any less violent??" He stands, and two tiny claws appear, one on each hand, hey he's SDed, only enough for one on each arm. He's about to strike... when the SECOND blast is fired. In mid-run, the chibi kitty is a big... 6 foot 4 inches guy, slightly chubby, long light brown hair, glasses, forest green shirt, jeans, and glasses. And he's unchibied. He pauses.... "What in the......"

Flash Man blinks at the second blast, his armor distending a bit and widening at the shoulders, face widening slightly before falling over and blinking at his blaster. "....okay. Either this is cool, or I should be freaking about my hand being gone...."

Fusion Phoenix strikes Ballade with his Ram attack.
Number Man takes out a medical scanner and scans Anthem.

Red Tide is, thankfully, way and away back here, and nothing happens besides a slight flicker as she continues to advance. And on the beach - she angles toward Anthem...guy...whatever. The thing. Scoop her up and ruuuuun!
"Well, that was unexpected. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

Wily marks that one down for later use. There's a brief flicker as a man in his late 20's appears, his chin covered in half grown beard and shaggy hair. And he's laughing his fool head off too.

Bolero blinks, looking at himself as the blade lodges into his elbow. "... That almost hurt." he states with a blink, looking at himself, fully human. Six feet, five inches tall, 350 pounds or so, brown hair slicked back hitman style, a crimson college t-shirt on along with a pair of faded blue jeans. His eyes glance back and forth, grey-blue irises shifting curiously. He looks at Metal Man, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!" he screams, charging wildly at the humanized Metal Man. o0(... I should probably stop eating ravioli before going to bed...)

Bolero misses Metal Man with his One Liner attack.

Randall just stares, in his proud Nubian glory, shaking a bottle of Pepsi. "DAMNIT SEAN! I can't get more pizza!!!" You want a pic? Bug me later. :D

Ballade follows through on his strike, springing back gracefully and doing a flip in mid-air. He begins charging his plasma cannons as he lands, the light washing over him...
Well. Bishonen plus kawaii equals at least a somewhat passable-looking Ballade. He wobbles briefly as his balance systems recalibrate, lowering himself down -- the arm-blades are still as sharp as ever. He absolutely refuses, however, to allow himself to `Yatta'. He doesn't talk much during battle anyway.
While waiting for his right cannon to charge all the way up, he starts to fire; then another wash of light hits him, and he stumbles, error messages streaking across his HUD.
A twenty-something bulky-looking guy wearing Ballade's armor continues to assault, about as bishonen as a brick wall. He's got a five o'clock shadow, a lingering shaving cut below the corner of his lip, and is wearing a blue wife-beater over his armor.
He keeps going anyway, forcing himself onward. He starts to snaps off a quick set of shots at Anthem, hoping her reduced mobility will keep her from evading his brutal artillery. But just then -- he has to jump up as he sees the wave of shifting earth coming at him. Anthem goes down like a house of cards.
Ballade, or what passes for Ballade, lands on his feet, coughing unpleasantly as he advances on the remains. He keeps alert for attacks, assuming that pickup is going to try to come for what's left of her. Him. It.

Search Man scratches his chin before he notices the beard, he quickly helps his twin up who just blinks at him saying, "Alright what just happened?... I don't know but lets hope it wears off soon."

Number Man blinks as he calmly resheathes the sword from his draw-cut, returning to a modified iai stance. "Well. $^&( me. I thought that only worked in Kenshin."

Metal Man is comming in for a landing when with out wanring poof the master of ego is gone and a 20 year old clean shaven and heavy set man replaces him in the same armor. The man looks about. "What in the name of god... oh no this can't be?" He looks at the sawblade he is holding. "I'm on m3???? What the hell is going on here!" Then he sees Bolero comming in at hin and he blinks as he gets warked at. "What the heck." He out of reflex goes to leap kick this mad man who is charging him and tries to hand on to his baseball cap while he does so.

Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Generic Melee attack.

As wily fires the next cannon, reality shifts...and Iris makes a rapid transformation.

Joy laughs like hell, adjusting her glasses. "Oh, you are SO going to get it," she chuckles, trying to focus on Quick for a quick punch. "Now come into focus so I can hit you!" She punches with a teeny, tiny fist -- hey, is this Iris Chibi still? It is not. The 30-year-old laid off financial services provider thinks she's all of that, though. Or that's the image she's trying to provide. she has a reputation to uphold.

Iris misses Quick Man with her Punch attack.

Anthem manages to turn back into Anthem proper just before the sword hits - thankfully, because it would have been icky otherwise. It rather sucks to be hit by a sword, especally in her condition. So, well, duh, she falls over, rather unconcious. And definetly, *definetly* will be hitting Matt with a water balloon or something at NorthMeet for this.

Dynamo Man gets ready to defend himself from the Feline's attack, when he suddenly turns into an 18ish teenager that bears a striking resemblance to a billionaire from the previous century. He stops, looks around for his helmet, and takes off his glasses, wiping the lenses. Very carefully, he slowly walks away from the person who the feline turned into, trying to reassess the situation and avoid getting killed with this weak skeletal structure.

Number Man blinks as he resolidifies into his normal form, the sword gone. "Wow. That was just...odd."

Ballade *poof*s back to normal, cartoon style, and sees the incoming Red Tide. He makes no mention of his brief transformation; he raises the barrel of his by now well-charged right cannon up and snaps off a wave of energy at the approaching Red Tide, attempting to deter her, it, whatever, from coming closer.

Ballade strikes Red Tide with his Charged Blaster attack.

Flash Man picks himself up, rubbing his chin absently. " that's just freaking weird." he murmurs absently, blinking at the battle, right before he morphs back into the Master of time again.

Synth just holds back for the moment, wondering what to do...
The Teen known as Kryptik on line and Cyr IRL suddenly disappears, guitar and all. In his place, the plasticized Sword Man returns in his place. "That was odd beyond all recognition...." is all he says.

Red Tide continues to approach Anthem, on foot, the flickering happening just as long as Anthem's transformation lasts. Something a bit shorter, at least. And chubbier. Red is not chubby. Once she's close enough that she could probably hit Anthem with something thrown, she eyes Number Man - but continues to advance. "Let me take the wounded away."

And, of course, it's about then that she's blasted with an energy bolt, causing her paraplasm to bubble slightly. In response, she rears back and - vomits - a rather unpleasant half-digested...chicken. Roast. Right at Ballade - and she has good aim.

Quick Man chibi-laughs as Iris sails through the air when the cannon hits him... And suddenly he turns into a 16 year old kid, who's very pale, has short black hair, and is wearing a PS2 t-shirt, and short shorts. "What tha-..." He doesn't have time for that though as he avoids a punch, "Well, nevermind, die!" Quick Man trys a roundhouse, and turns back into himself just before it connects or misses.

Red Tide misses Ballade with her Regurgitate attack.

Quick Man strikes Iris with his Kick attack.

Fusion Phoenix blips back to normal, and seeing Red Tide make off with Anthem, he decides to help her by distracting Ballade from behind. And with Fusion, today that means a burst of plasma fire.

Did I mention that Flare is now a very BIG guy? He doesn't know what the heck is going on, but he shrugs. "Well..." He scratches his chin, he needs a shave it seems. This is also the SECOND time he's been a human actually, sorta, there WAS this one time in Cyberspace... ahh heck, it's too much to explain. He gives a half shrug at the older-looking Iris, and turns to 'Dynamo' Man and says in a rather deep voice "C'mere ya little squirt..." He stomps towards him and is about to punch through his fishbowl face, when he pfoofs back to Flare. Yep, dust cloud with an orange 'Pfoof' in the center. He's Flare again. Still punches though.

Search Man blinks as he looks to eachother as he changes back saying, "Good to be back... I prefer that we stick together.", he then moves forward looking for a target

Fusion Phoenix misses Ballade with his Plasma Blaster attack.

Bolero peers at 'Metal Man' the punch hitting his considerable gut and just bouncing off. He peers, before suddenly shooting up to 18 feet of angry mech-bull again. "... Chingao... My head..." he mutters, before gravity wraps around his body. He then attempts to crush Metal underhoof. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" he rumbles, trying to clear more freaky memories from his skull.

Bolero strikes Metal Man with his Slam attack.

You strike Dynamo Man with your Punch attack.

Iris lays on the ground, dazed from the kick and the...well, whatever THAT HORRIBLE THING was. Was it some kind of mass hallucinogen?! She blinkblinks, slowly getting back up...everything's back to...'normal'? It would appear that way, on the surface. "Back off!" she 'warns' Quick. Scary stuff.

As the 20-something year old that was formerly Archer begins to walk off to swipe something worthwhile to use in actuality, he fizzles out, and Archer's back again. "Bloody hell. What kind of crap was that???" yells Arch, clenching his fists, and staring irritably. And then, he sees Quick kicking at Iris. Or was that? Naw, it's Quick Man. Smugly, he grabs his bow in one hand, and dash jets over behind the Master of Speed. "Hey Boomerang for brains? Didn't Wily tell you not to pick on chicks that can turn into armor?" And rapidly, Arch grabs his bow in both hands, and brings it down upside Quick Man's head. *KABONG*

Archer Colossus misses Quick Man with his Bow Clubbing attack.

Metal Man is nailed from the massive hit and the distortion wears off as he returns to his normal self. Metal's torso armos is caved in from the force of the hit as the massive freak pummles him. Finally he gets back to his feet snarling. "No more playing around you freak! METAL BLADE!!!" He yells and slings the blades of death towards Bolero
Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Metal Blade attack.

Number Man looks at Red, the lights spinning. "Nuh-uh. I said that she dies tonight. I SLICED HER UP with a @$^#ING SWORD to make sure that she is GOING. TO. DIE. And so are you!" Then, he tosses a set of large balls at the phage based reploid.

Number Man strikes Red Tide with his Number Balls Odd attack.

War is hell. Especially for Ballade's enemies. The Elite busts off a blast at Red Tide, deftly evading the ... stuff that flies at him -- and in the process evades a blast from above, which pounds into the turf nearby, sending up a cloud of smoke.
The Elite switches the boomerang from one hand to the next, cocking back his arm to wing the lethal blade at the approaching air support, assuming Number Man can soften up Red Tide enough to keep Anthem from being rescued.

Ballade misses Fusion Phoenix with his Horn Boomerang attack.

Red Tide steps forward, not even bothering to react to Number Man's attack - most of them stick in her paraplasm, but a few bounce off bones and crack them with their force. Head lowered, she bends down in an attempt to scoop up Anthem rather then attack.

Out over the Ocean, Wily's still analyzing the results of that last blast. "Hrmph. Interesting, interesting... very strange..." He shrugs, and listens to his radio for a moment. And taps in a few more commands. Slowly the barrels rotate until two are lined up...

"In the name of SCIENCE!"

And then he presses the button.

What happens... is up to you. CHAOS!

Flash Man growls a bit as he shakes his head, then sees Red Tide attempting to make her getaway with Anthem as Fusion provides cover fire. He raises his hands, then concentrates, swirling lights flickering under the top of his helmet as he starts to calculate energy states. His deep voice rings out over the battlefield. "I do not believe you will be going ANYWHERE!" Panels hiss open all over his body, pulsing with building energy, then with a bright FLASH a shockwave of temporal energy reaches out, eddying around the Masters but attempting to crash over the Repliforcers in the area. Since quite a few are near a Master they might be able to escape by using them as a shield. This, however, may be a VERY odd thing, as it intersects with the oncoming blast of Wily's latest invention. Time and wackiness collide! :)

*Kabong!* The club hits nothing, as Quick Man is already somewhere else, "So, you're like that huh? Well, it's time to show you what I've really got!" Taking out a boomerang, Quick Man takes another one, and another one.. After a few moments he ends up holind more boomerangs than one could count. He throws them all at both Iris and Archer Colossus, when suddenly the boomerangs turn into eggs, and Quick Man turns into a giant chicken! "Pacock?"

Bolero stumbles backwards, blades ripping into his chest. He snorts painfully, pulling the blades from his chest. "I. Am. Not. Food. So don't try cutting me up like a side of beef." he rumbles darkly, swinging his arm cannon down at Metal, "KISS MY SHINY, METAL SKIDPLATE!" he roars, thunder just exploding outwards... Vaguely... Before he blinks, poking his cannon. "Heeeeeeeeeeey! It's not working!" he grumbles, shaking it around, spinning his arm about a bit too, accidentally trying to smash Metal with his arm cannon.

Flash Man strikes Archer Colossus with his Time Stopper attack.
Archer Colossus is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.

Flash Man misses Iris with his Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes you with his Time Stopper for 0 units of damage.
Flare Feline is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Red Tide with his Time Stopper attack.
Red Tide is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Bolero with his Time Stopper attack.
Bolero is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Time Stopper attack.
Fusion Phoenix is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.

Fusion Phoenix dodges the the boomerang, swooping lower to face the Elite Master in personal combat... Untill he sees Number Man attack Red. He charges the math based master... just as Wily's latest Ray strikes. Suddenly, there is a rogue Wily Bot made of old met hats flying at Number Man's head, and then is time stoped mid air. "..."

Quick Man misses Iris with his Multi-boomerangs attack.
Quick Man strikes Archer Colossus with his Multi-boomerangs attack.

Flash Man strikes Metal Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Metal Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Synth with his Time Stopper attack.
Synth is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Ballade with his Time Stopper attack.
Ballade is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Search Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Search Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Dynamo Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Dynamo Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Centaur Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Centaur Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Sword Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Sword Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.
Flash Man strikes Number Man with his Time Stopper attack.
Number Man is temporarily disoriented by Flash Man's Time Stopper attack.

Dynamo Man recoils from Flare's punch.... but winds up human as he steps back a few feet. Again. Not the same human mind you, this one looks a bit taller, and has a bit more dandruff. Anyone who's studied the history books will recognize him as one of the fathers of Applesoft. Yes, Dr. Wily's chaos beam turned Dynamo Man into Bill Gates. He is also temporarily under the belief he is Bill Gates. The billionaire sort of stands there... sees himself surrounded by... Robots! Killer robots! He runs for it! Or would, if it weren't for the fact that he finds himself frozen! And surrounded! By Killer Robots!

Meanwhile, Archer begins to get pelted with...eggs? And as Science and temporal chaos meld, the Repliforce sharpshooter shifts once more. Into... a small toy, made up of 5 individual vehicular robots. As he begins to speak, the time wave takes over. "I...AM...RUINATIO-" oO(Damnit...)Oo

In a blink, the entire area explodes into song, as several *thousand* blades of grass transform into Disney-esque singing cartoon characters, each and all bearing a large smiley face and piping out 'Love Shack', backwards, at 150rpm. Probably not what the cannon was *supposed* to do, but....

Flash Man grunts, then falls off the bleachers with a clunk, twitching.
Iris is struggling to get up, slightly hurt and very the waves of Wily's cannon-blast, coupled with the near-miss of Flash Man's timestopper, wash over her.

Confusion -- and then...
Iris vanishes out of reality, with a <*blink*>

Lady Viris appears just behind Quick Man...wearing only a leather leotard and a nasty grin. "Come here, -boy-," she hisses -- flinging her gauntlet-clad hand in his direction.

Iris strikes Quick Man with her Slap attack.

Number Man blinks as he suddenly is...clad in a sailor senshi outfit? What in the mother@($#*ing.... Oh, hell with it. "MOON! CRYSTAL! @#$WHOOPING!" However, just as he rises upwards, he is frozen in the middle of a ball of black energy.

Red Tide grabs ahold of Anthem - and then, stops. Absolutely still. Guess who got hit with the timestop /before/ the Chaos beam? As she stays put, though, her nucleus slowly starts to divide. It's metal! But it's still dividing.

Flare Feline growls, as he turns back to normal, but Dynamo Man turns into ANTOHER human. "Well, whatever." He'd attack again, but he ALSO turns into something.... another cloud of smoke appears this time with 'BAMF' written in it, and in his place is.... a giant panda wearing a ballerina tutu, with a flamingo head on his head

(First seen here

He blinks, then the timestopper hits him "What in the name of crap happened NOW?"

Search Man blinks as he looks around everything seeming normal before they look at eachother optics widening saying, "WHAT THE!.. This is crazy!", they look around as they are seperated once more almost knocking into eachother as they move forward before being stopped in time

In a matter of seconds, several things happen. One, the cannon from Wily's ship hits Sword, and turns him into.....Rambo?! WHat the hell? "What manner of sorcery is this?! And where did all these arms come fro..." Of course, he stops as the time field ceases around him. His Assault rifle, bandolier, even that headband of his freeze, as if someone pressed pause on a videotape.

The giant chicken gets slapped, "Packaa!!!" it flutters it's small wings, and charges at Lady Viris, ready to peck as soon as he gets in range... Only

Quick Man strikes Iris with his Generic Melee attack.

Meanwhile, Ruination turns his sights towards Quick Chicken, covered in egg yolks. "FOOLS! WE ARE...RUINATION! DECEPTICONS! DESTROY THEM! ASTRO CANNON!" screams the 1 foot tall toy, raising his space-ship arm to fire a cute widdle energy blast.



Metal Man watches the titan get frozen in time and grins as he prepares a dagger drone to launch at his foe. "Oh I know you can hear mean now watch this! Dagger Drones attack and destory!" he blings the self propelled weapons towards Bolero

Archer Colossus changes into his Micron armor.
Archer Colossus misses Quick Man with his Magna Sting attack.

Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Explosive Drone attack.

And far overhead Wily watches the results of Crossing the streams on his monitors. And falls out of his control seat, laughing his damfool head off.


MetBoy is unfrozen, and finishs flying into Number Man, blunt sides out.

Fusion Phoenix strikes Number Man with his Wing Slap attack.

Synth vanishes in a bright flash of light - and from somewhere in the distance, Wagner starts to play at maximum volume - blaring out over a pair of loudspeakers that appear on the side of the stage. For where Synth was standing before, there is now a blonde haired Norse woman, dressed in battle armor and carrying a massive broadsword in one hand. Thats right, the poor meek young hacker has been transformed into a Valkyrie. The timestopper effect passes, and she raises the blade to the sky. "For Lord Odin, Valhalla, and Asgard!" she shouts, before sprouting a pair of wings and leaping off of the stage, flying towards the fray.

Ballade's boomerang goes wide, missing the phoenix; the wave of timestopper energy hits him then, locking him in place. He has no way of evading the second chaos pulse sent out from the dam, which swipes across him, causing changes...
A 16-year old extremely pale Goth girl appears where Ballade had been, with dark kohl around her eyes and an ankh earring in her ear. She wears a black t-shirt and jeans, with dirty sneakers on her feet.
Death blinks and falls down out of the timestopper, landing on her feet. She puts her hands on her hips and looks around the chaotic scene, getting her bearings. She seems more amused than irritated.

Clown Man has arrived.

Bill Gates looks at the giant panda in a tutu and frowns. "What the hell is that?" Then he remembers he's surrounded by giant killer robots. He Runs Away!!!!

Dynamo Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Fusion Phoenix, Flare Feline, Ballade, Ring Redwing, and Quick Man.

Sailor ERWIN pops back into reality, and is then knocked down by Metboy. "MOON....SCEPTRE....EXPLOSIVES!" And with the power of the moon, LOTS of bombs arrive for Red at Metboy. "Die in the name of the Moon!"

Number Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Time Bomb attack.
Number Man strikes Red Tide with his Time Bomb attack.

Bolero blinks, frozen in time for an instant, before his arm cannon glows with the mechanical resonance of the Wily Ray. He stares, blinking as the drones slam into his side, exposing more of his internals... Which look oddly more organic than his externals... Of course, that's all paint and synthetic tissues... He blinks a few more times, moving from the explosive based ruts. "Alrighty... Time to pay..." he swings his left hand around, grabbing the hammer from his side, which turns into a giant rubber chicken instead. "WRECK HAAAAAAAAAM.... er?" he blinks, spinning it back, before spinning it again, swinging it at Metal Man's head. "WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he screams, attempting to slap Metal Man across the face with the world's largest rubber chicken.

Bolero misses Metal Man with his Wreck Hammer attack.

Flash Man remains nicely unconscious, a sort of amber shell forming around him, then solidifying like a coccoon.

Flare Feline has no idea what's going on. But attacks in the only way he knows how! Suddenly the ground around him turns into a pile of ridiculous stuffed animals, and he starts to twirl around on one foot, tunneling into it, and sending a ton of stuffed plushies FLYING towards the retreating nerd. PLUSHIE ATTACK!!!

Sideshow has arrived.

Clown Man drops Sideshow.

You miss Dynamo Man with your Generic Ranged attack.

The bombs splat into Red - and just /sit/ there, for a few moments. Then, abruptly, they explode - taking gouts of paraplasm out of her, as well as one arm spiraling off into the distance, paraplasm sliding off with a messy thud as it does. And yet still Red grabs onto Anthem's feet; hefting her onto her shoulder, Red starts to jog toward shore again.

Red Tide retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Sword Man, Search Man, Fusion Phoenix, Flare Feline, Dynamo Man, Enker, Ballade, Ring Redwing, Metal Man, and Quick Man.

Red Tide also has two nucleuses sitting quite calmly in her torso, now.

Search Man continues to move forward, both of them knocking into eachother saying, "Lets get out of here... Yeah this has to wear off soon."

And then massive Main Cannon slowly locks barrel 5 into place. A soothing Sky Blue energy glows about the tip of the cannon...

Wily staggers back to his feet, and accidentally slams his hand down on the fire button. "Whoops..."

The beam lances out one last time... and turns everything back to normal. Phase shift. Reality is reasserted. Be glad Paradox hasn't noticed.

Iris SCREAMS in rage as she gets pecked by a...chicken! "!$!@ing poultry!! DIIIIIEEEE!!!" She unsheathes the dagger from her thigh-high boot, and begins swiping at the chicken with it.
(Lady Viris, that would be.) 8)

Iris misses Quick Man with her Dagger Lunge attack.

Synth flies through the air, dancing over the top of the fight as she seeks, searches, and... there! The Valkyrie points with one finger, gesturing dramatically at the Panda. "Thou shalt perish, mine mortal enemy!" she cries, leaping over and... turning back to normal, landing on the ground with a thud. She grumbles, pushing herself to her feet and looking about.

Metal Man leaps away from the rubber chicken of doom as he laughs. "Looks like you got some problems there boy!" he then pulls two blades but oddly they have been effected too as they look like those disks from Tron now and Metal Man throws those two disks of doom at Bolero. "COME ON AND GET SOME!"

Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Twin Blades attack.

Search Man's optics widen as they are hit with the cannon once more, looking back at eachother saying, "Alright back to work... I still say retreat before he fires another cannon."

Sword Man finally shakes himself free of the stun. He has the same inflection as Sword...but he's turned into a walking artillery. "This be strange..." He throws the guns to the side and simply sits down, waiting for things to calm down. This is all too much of a mind**** for him to process...

MetBoy is rather light, so he gets blown REALLY far, reverting to Fusion Phoenix just before he hits the dam. *WHAMMMMM* That'll leave a mark. In both of them. Fusion shakes his head and flys back to the fight. (No attack)

Bill Gates runs as fast as his weak little lets will take him... and he turns back into Dynamo Man. He begins yelling into the radio, and tries to assess the situation. He sees Red Tide escaping with Anthem, the others locked in combat. Jets active, he soars into the air giving chase.

The amber shell around Flash Man shimmers for a moment, then disintegrates. For a moment, within the coccoon, you can see a shimmering field of energy that hurts your eyes...or more precisely, your brain, when your senses try to figure out what it is. Then with a flicker it's gone, vanishing to a specific point in space, leaving only the downed form of Flash.

Archer Colossus changes into his Archer armor.

Quick Man, now back to normal, has no problem avoiding the lunge, "Hah, like you even had a chance!" Taking the remenants of some eggs, he starts throwing them at the now completely normal Iris. This should get messy.

Quick Man misses Iris with his Generic Ranged attack.

Clown Man runs in with Sideshow and thusly starting searching for Swordy, all the while trying to attract attention. "Swordy?" The little clown questions...

"Well, this is the wrong mythos for me," says Death, taking a long look around, ultimately noticing Dr. Wily in the saucer. She smiles at him -- he no doubt feels it -- and then, before the ray is even fired, disappears in a puff of logic.

Shortly after the ray hits, Ballade winks back into existence with another *poof*, quickly regaining his bearings. Where he went? You don't want to know. He sees Red Tide trying to flee with his quarry and fires off both blasters at her, looking to put her down for the count.

Anthem is carried on Red Tide's.. uh, shoulder-ish thing.

Number Man is...well...normal again. And this Phoenix guy is -not- on the happy list. Smiling, he drops a massive set of 5 wrecking balls on the prone form. "Think it's funny to backcheck someone? Huh? EAT THIS!"

Ballade strikes Red Tide with his Dual Plasma Blasters attack.

Red Tide falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Number Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Number Balls Prime attack.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Advisor Jet Stingray yawns. "Hey guys... Anything going on that I should be aware of?"

Anthem is now fallen down. Again. This isn't her day, is it?

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Red Tide statics.

Flare Feline blinks his huge panda eyes at Synth "Paho?" He readies to go plushie twirling AGAIN... when he BAMFS back to normal. He almost goes off balance... and looks around "Ok, what the hell was that??" He looks at Synth who was apparently trying to attack him, maybe?

Archer meanwhile, is also back to normal. "DECIPTI-Aaaarrrrgh!" Drawing his shotgun, Colossus cocks the double barrels, and moves up behind Quick. "****ing fall alreaaaadyyyy!!" screams Archer, as the barrels speak thunder. "Stinkin blasted crazy rays." grumbles Archer.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Flare Feline transmits, "Err... I don't think you really want to know Jet....."

Bolero emits a roar of anger, before he's... returned to normal. He blinks several times, not seeing the blades headed his way. They slam into his arms, lodging in their like buzz saws. He blinks a few times, finding himself with new shoulder gears. "Hate to smack down and run, pero corro..." he hisses softly, his pick ax coming to hand as he starts chopping his way into the ground at super-speed.

Bolero retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Sword Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Iris, Fusion Phoenix, Anthem, Flare Feline, Number Man, Dynamo Man, Red Tide, Enker, Ballade, Ring Redwing, Archer Colossus, Metal Man, Quick Man, and Flash Man.

Archer Colossus strikes Quick Man with his Plasma Shotgun attack.

Sword Man just waves over to Clown, still lookin' like Rambo. However, soon enough, he shifts back into his plastic temporary body. He's doing nothing but watching, and wishing he was in a position to fight.

Red Tide manages to make a grand total of eight steps before the shot pounds into her back, neatly blasting the second nucleus apart - which immediately disappears as the renormalization ray hits. Fortunately...maybe? - she still has a good grasp of Anthem, and the compressed air tank was just hit...she's sliding across the ground, leaving two thirds of her paraplasm in a wet trail, towards the water as the tank pushes her along. It's like a jet! But not as good.

Iris sobs, as her really nifty leather teddy and MEAN, MEAN alter-reality self vanishes from whence it came. "Heeey, not eggs! Not the dress!" She gingerly dodges the egg-missiles, and begins beating tracks back toward the teleporters.

Iris retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Sword Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Fusion Phoenix, Anthem, Flare Feline, Number Man, Dynamo Man, Red Tide, Enker, Ballade, Ring Redwing, Archer Colossus, Metal Man, Quick Man, and Flash Man.

[Radio: (E) RF-Chatter] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "Someone's static followed by a 'You don't want to know'.... Sounds like the Stingray is needed for action! Time to take it to the main channel then!"

Search Man turns back to the battle but holds back on firing as he looks around, optics narrowing as he checks his weapons, frowning behind the facemask as he watches

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "What's going down and is assistance needed?"

Archer Colossus strikes Iris with his Grasp attack.

Number Man misses Iris with his Grasp attack.

Fusion Phoenix swoops back into the fight, but seing Red fall, he swoops in again, moving to lift the two before getting the heck out of there..

Fusion Phoenix retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Ring Redwing, and Quick Man.

Quick Man damns as at first he misses Iris, then gets hit by a plasma cannon, "That's it! Time to show you what's speed all about!" Quick Man starts running around everywhere, picking up speed, all the time grinning madly, until the sonic boom is clearly heard. And it follows him all around the area.

Clown Man whews, "I'm glad you're okay, Sword..." Of course, just then... Bolero runs by, and Sideshow ever so innocently tries to trip him up with his ever so extendable tail. Huzzah.

Clown Man strikes Bolero with his Sideshow - Extend-o Tail attack.

Quick Man misses Iris with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Archer Colossus with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Ballade with his Sonic Boom attack.
Clown Man evades Quick Man's ever-so wacky Sonic Boom attack. HOO HA!
Quick Man misses Ring Redwing with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man misses you with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Metal Man with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Bolero with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Search Man with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man misses Sword Man with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man misses Number Man with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Centaur Man with his Sonic Boom attack.
Quick Man strikes Synth with his Sonic Boom attack.

Fusion Phoenix feels the blast from Quick Man, but is hella tough, so he survives to carry out Red Tide and Anthem, taking them to safety.

Iris enters the Eastern Sahara.
Iris has left.

Synth just watches and waits to see how this is going to turn out.

As Red's grabbed, the rest of her paraplasm and most of her bones fall below. THe nucleus stays in, though!

Sword Man just watches the scene, standing up, but still wary. It'll be good to have his real body back soon....

The Elite marches onward, advancing on the fallen Red Tide and Anthem. His weapons systems start to charge all the way up, a yellow-gold sparkling surrounding him as everything gets ready to fire...
His quarry is scooped up by Fusion Phoenix -- he switches targets and is about to fire when, abruptly, a sonic boom rips across the field, striking him down to the ground. He falls hard, charge evaporating, grunting as he detects the enemy get out of range.
Another day, Anthem. Another day.

Dynamo Man tries to follow after Fusion, but can't keep up. He shakes his fist wearily and heads back.

Metal Man watches Bolero start to flee for his life and laughs. "Run you fool run for it!" Metal Man flings one last blade at the fleeing reploids just as a Sonic boom hits him and sends him spralling. "QUICK MAN!!!!" Metal Man bellows as he gets to his feet.

Metal Man strikes Bolero with his Sawblade attack.

Bolero falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Search Man blinks as he's knocked back, he slowly gets back up and turns to head back to the stage finding nothing to do while the others are fighting

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Set up a vat of paraplasmic gel at London Med-Bay."

And over it all, an old man sits in his saucer, waggling his eyebrows and laughing.

Number Man sighs. "I am just. Going. To. Bed." Heading away, he shakes his head.

Number Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Search Man, Fusion Phoenix, Flare Feline, Dynamo Man, Enker, Ballade, Ring Redwing, Archer Colossus, Quick Man, and Flash Man.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "Prepping Med-Bay for Command-Major Anthem in...Australia...I'll have a team get that gel together for the London bay, Fusion."

Guts Man arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Guts Man has arrived.

Flare Feline looks around. Looks like Anthem's being taken care of, and the rest of the forcers can fend for himself. Rather risking being blasted AGAIN, Flare just sighs "Getting the heck out of here.." He follows down the same trail that Iris went, leaving THIS huge mess behind. He is NOT writing a report for this farce.

Flare Feline retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Fusion Phoenix, Ring Redwing, and Quick Man.

Guts Man appears like ninja wearing a hat and holding a cane in his hand, Guts Man can be seen dancing throughout the Barbary Coast as he sings and dances, "Hello my baby! Hello my darling! Hello my ragtime gal!"

Archer Colossus screams out in agony, as his audio receptors are blown out, smoke coursing from his ears. Even though he cannot even hear his own voice, he knows what he's saying. "*********!!!!! Damn little *@@$$$ SUCH AND SUUUUCH! I got an arrow just for you, you wing-headed ***! And tell Star Man, He's NEXT!" screams the sharpshooter, though his voice he only hears in his head. Unfortunately, he can't hear his radio either. That got blown out too. And so, from his quiver-pack, he produces a new arrow. A shiny mettallic arrow. A silvery metal arrow. Nocking and drawing it back, he takes careful aim at the sprinting Quick. "Little ****ch. This one you'll like. Synchs to your speed, leeches from the wake of your speed trail. The faster you run, the harder it hits. HAVE FUN!!!!"

Archer Colossus strikes Quick Man with his Velocity Synchronizing Arrow attack.

Flare Feline is going going GONE! Outta here! In your face fuelless Quick Man! Mwahahaha!! Zip!!

<Quick run back to HQ Later...>

Medical Complex - RHQ Australia
Iris [Iris] [Formal] [RF]
Repair Chamber

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Research Labs - RHQ Australia.

Flare Feline stumbles into the Repair bay. Not really hurt, only briefly knicked by Dynamo Man, but utterly utterly baffled, nevertheless.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "This is Flare, returned to base. What's the situation with the Dam and Anthem?"

Iris is running around the med-bay, as best she can in her injured state...prepping things for the arrival of the Command-Major, and other injured troops. She's limping around, and she's still in a lovely evening gown.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Anthem has been moved to the Austraila MedBays."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide emits a very odd bubbling sound as her exposed radio hits the paraplasm. Then: "I think I may be concious."

Flare Feline nods at Iris, and takes a seat, he certainly doesn't need any attention. Funny, after all that, when they all changed back to normal Flare kept his Rei disguise. That nutty Wily. He turns to Iris "What ...... was that?"

Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Research Labs - RHQ Australia.
Fusion Phoenix has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Bolero is transmitted for by Scanner Bat today. "Commander Bolero is being transported to London, he'll be teleported directly to Austrailia medbays immediately... His superstructure has taken immense damages, all night surgery will be required."

Iris grins weakly. "What was -what-?" she asks.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Advisor Jet Stingray transmits, "I'll be right there..." Short pause before adding quietly. "Just have to pick up some donuts from New York."

Bolero arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Bolero has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "May I request to be transferred back to Australia? All the organelle replacements are in vats there."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] MSE XO Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Could someone handle that? I'm dead tired."

Flare Feline hrms "Well the Chibi thing first... though I recall hearing about that before... and after... I don't know. SOMETHING happened ,we all turned into somethingorother..." He blinks "I.. don't really remember, something about a craving for bamboo though..." He looks pretty befuddled.

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Major Iris transmits, "...Sure, that's fine..."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Red Tide transmits, "NOt immediately."

[Radio: (A) Repliforce] Captain Flare Feline transmits, "I'm not a medic, but I got basic medical training, I'll help how I can."

Iris mmms. "Something like that," Iris remarks as she finishes prepping tables, and she collapses into a chair to wait. "Only I remember a fetish for leather. Or something. Weird stuff!"

Fusion Phoenix walks in on the end of the conversation. "All I remember is a fear for Megaman, and a disire for someone named, Ranette, I think?

Flare Feline shrugs and chuckles "Man.... that lunatic can sure come up with some crazy stuff... typical from the guy who created that faction of Robot Masters I guess..." He sighs, still in his Rei disguise, well no going out of it now, not if wounded are going to be coming. Not like it matters "Still... Anthem showing up again, alive and well, doesn't this just beat all? I wonder what happened to her for the past few months?"

Iris closes her eyes. "It's anyone's guess."

Flare Feline hmms "Well, I suppose we'll just have to wait for her to tell us herself." He looks over at Fusion "Fear for MegaMan? Sheesh... too bad we can't remember everything that happened, it was all just...... crazy."

Anthem has arrived.

Iris has prepped the medbay for Anthem's arrival, and now, she's sitting quietly in a chair...wearing her finest evening wear. Her eyes are closed, and she's rubbing her temples.

Fusion Phoenix is slumped in a chair, takeing off his armor as he talks with Flare and Iris.

Flare Feline is standing near a seated Iris, he's in a disguise that doesn't look at all like Flare, but it's him allright.

Selene Chantrell arrives! For she is mighty. But not really. She's just come from getting a good... days sleep, really. She works whenever there is a need, and sleeps only when clubbed by an assistant whose sole job is to follow her around with a blackjack and make sure she sleeps.

Anthem is wheeled in rapidly, by a few of the local medics. They're swarming over her already, trying to hook up various instruments and a power-feed to stabilize her.

Jet Stingray arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Jet Stingray has arrived.
Ring Redwing arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Ring Redwing has arrived.
Red Tide arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Red Tide has arrived.

Archer Colossus arrives from the Research Labs - RHQ Australia.
Archer Colossus has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix is slumped in a chair, takeing off his armor as he talks with Flare and Iris.

Red Tide's ribs and nucleus are being carried in a vat of paraplasm by a trio of gumbies. The vat gets left on a table, and the gumbies leave - they're not medical staff.

Iris gets up out of her chair, still in evening finery, and she heads over to a table to get her repair tools assembled. She looks over toward Fusion, not certain if he wants to inspect Anthem himself or not. She knows what she needs to do in the meantime, since the Command-Major is the worst off...time to do some stabilizing.

Flare Feline is a sorta medic, but he can't handle either Red or Anthem, so he just opts to sit back out of the way for now.

Meanwhile, with one optic cracked, armor cracked all over, leaking mechfluid, and without any audio receptors, Archer drags himself into the medbay. He can take eggs, boomerangs, punches to the leg, and massive misssiles of death exploding around him. He can take Quint upside the head, and Sakugarne bouncing on his face. But between a sonic boom, and Ballade's dulcet tones... Archer's shredded. And so, the poor guy collapses in a heap just inside the door.

Fusion Phoenix waves Iris to work on Anthem. His job is only to bring 'em in in one piece.

Selene Chantrell helps a posse of medics get Archer up onto a table and sets to work on him. "Busy night." she observes quietly as she and her usual swarm of aides start stripping out damaged componentry and replacing it with fresh gleamy new stuff.

Jet Stingray can be heard in the distance before he comes in, his voice carrying over most of the noise with the loud clanking of his feet. "High ranking officier coming through! Move it, people!!"

As Jet enters, he slides to a stop near the entrance, having his black leather trenchcoat slung ober his shoulder, and a large box of donuts in his right hand. He is sure if Anthem is up and around anytime soon her mood will be less then socialable, hopefully getting her 'usual' as soon as she is up for it will make her a little less annoyed. "I have some of the boys making some of that 'Coffee!' stuff too. Where's Anthem? Is there anything I can do to help?" Jet's voice is a mix of eagerness and fear... While he is happy that Anthem is alive, it doesn't make her any less frightening. And there is no telling how she feels about current events.

Anthem grunts a bit, slowly coming around to conciousness. The medic-gumbies assisting Iris scramble about, doing the robotic equivalents to setting up IVs and getting more clamps. The commentary isn't that great - each bit of rigging Iris does probably saves Anthem's life, but the overall damage is pretty hefty. Her systems haven't had any maintinence done in months, there's massive water damage to *everything*, and most of her expendables, such as power, hydraulics and such, are pretty much totally gone. Her armor's toast, none of her weapons systems are intact.. but she's alive, and apperantly mouthing various swear words about somebody's mother.

Archer Colossus is mostly dead weight. He's to tired to protest, and too irritated to care. He's had a less than perfect day. Oh the joys of life sometimes. Not that he could really hear Selene anyways. Least not until he gets that fixed.

Red Tide's paraplasmic vat ripples as she listens to Anthem. She sounds pained. "Are all those words strictly necessary?"

Iris continues working to stabilize Anthem, as quickly as she can, along with the other medics. As Jet comes in, she smiles a little -- despite being tired, injured, and caked with mech-fluid from head to foot, she's in a good mood. "Come look," she encourages Jet. " is her."

Iris sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Iris sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

Flare Feline waves Jet over "Just as well sit back for a moment or two, no point getting in the way." He's in Rei disguise, but everyone should know it's him "Man, doesn't this just beat all, she's alive eh?" Flare's surprised to see her, sorta relieved, maybe, he didn't know Anthem too well, but it's ALWAYS good to see a forcer pull through, right?

Fusion Phoenix moves over next to Red'd vat, whispering once he gets there. "From what I have heard of Anthem, and seen in person, that is normal for her, so don't worry too much about it.

Iris receives a radio transmission from Colonel.
Colonel arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
Colonel has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix manages a salute as the XO of Repliforce comes in, but beyond that, this MSE type is sitting in his chair, sans armor and looking beat on, sitting nest to Red Tide's vat of the moment.

Iris braces one little foot against the side of the med-table, and uses a wrench-like device to clamp a pipe deep in Anthem's chest. Whatever it is, it's taking every OUNCE of Iris' feeble strength to clamp, as she pushes against it mightily. "She'll be...RRRGGGHHH!!!!...-great-, once we're... RRRRRGGGHH, -JEEZE!-... done with her!"

Selene Chantrell flaps a hand in Colonel's direction. She's about as military as sneakers, when it comes right down to it. Especially when she's working. A couple of tendrils snake over to help Iris clamp down the pipe, while she continues to work on a particularily tricky bit of Archer's innards. His hearing comes back online quickly enough... the medics here are, one and all, professionals, despite their lack of military etiquette.

Selene Chantrell effects some repair work on Archer Colossus.
Selene Chantrell takes out a medical scanner and scans Archer Colossus.

Colonel strides into the room swiftly, looking around for Iris and Anthem. He briefly salutes the others in the room as he walks over, standing a good distance away to allow Iris to repair. He rests a hand on his waist, staring at the woman he and nearly everyone had thought was dead.

Jet Stingray moves toward the table where the legendary heroine (or is it anti-heroine?) Anthem is being repaired, putting down his trenchcoat on a medical table close by. He nods to Flare to acknowledge him, but he ignores him as he moves closer to check Anthem. He looks over the armor, which is hard to tell if it is her or a similar reploid.... But the cursing lets Jet know it's his 'teacher', the fearsome Anthem. "She's.... She's... alive. I knew she couldn't go down like that... I /told/ everyone she was still alive and to hope for the best!" He moves to Iris' side, looking down at work being down. "You sure there is nothing I can do to help?"

Fusion Phoenix turns to Flare. "What happened out there? What with the Wily rays, and the restance group, and Anthem poping up, I don't envy whoever is going to have to do the AAR for that mess."

Well it doesn't seem anyone's gonna be paying attention to Flare for the next little while, so he'll just keep quiet while he OOCly works on a comic. Rar. Oh wait, Fusion just spoke to him, nuts. He just shrugs "I honest have NO idea. Nothing really eventful happened until Anthem unveiled herself, she tried to kill Wily, it was a fake, then he started going zap crazy. First we turned into small things.... then... well I honestly don't remember."

Archer Colossus props himself up tiredly on an elbow, as the sounds of chatter finally become decipehrable, alebit slowly. "Thank goodness, I can hear again. Now if you'll excuse me...I need a rest cycle." And with that, Archer falls over, letting his self repair systems finish the final bits.

Iris WHEWS, looking quickly over to Jet. "Actually...YES. I think between you, me, and Selene, we can tighten this up. We have to seal this fuel line, or she's going to hemmorhage. Problem is...the pressure is too much for me to seal it myself. Could you grab this clamp, and just start tightening it? I think if we -all- do this, it will work. And you'll hear and feel it click into place."

Fusion Phoenix nods. "I was there for the small things, and the rest, but still, I /think/ we won. Of course, now we need to find out what we won."

Anthem weakly quips at Iris, "Careful, I think I need that." Her hand moves slightly, trying to move upwards - she manages only to make a feeble swipe at Jet's knee. "And you. Who said you were allowed to hope? That wasn't in your orders, kid." She coughs violently, and a little bit of the old greenish foam gets spit out onto the floor. With an attempted smile, she again tries to chuckle and talk to Iris. "Now, I know we haven't always agreed, but I'd kinda like to keep all my bits and pieces. Let's not hold any grudges that'd have you kill me in my sleep..." All in spite of the work being done on her rather painfully open chest.

Selene Chantrell lets Archer lapse, and goes to help Iris with the 'bleeding' fuel line, clamping down on it as hard as her little but strong bioroid musculature can allow her to.

Red Tide speaks up again. "Put her in the paraplasm. I have fine control of it...especially when I don't need to maintain a body. I would like to help as well." Mostly because she feels very stupid just sitting there and taking up room.

Iris chuckles, grinning at Anthem. Briefly, she grins over at her brother excitedly, then mentions to Anthem... "If this works, you'll keep all the pieces for -sure-...minus the seaweed, I guarantee." As she braces to tighten the clamp on the main fuel line, she looks over at Red Tide, boggling. "Put her...where?"

Red Tide sounds calm enough. "In the paraplasm. It is not acidic until I have my acid generators again."

Fusion Phoenix headshakes at Red Tide. He's never met a reploid more willing to do her part. It can be worrysome at times, but it's nice to see. "Red, they know what they're doing."

Jet Stingray just adds his own strength to the clamp, leaning down a little as he lets his Stingray strength kick up to help fix up his boss. Speaking through gritted teath, he offers somewhat cheerfully, "You know me, Sir, I've never been the perfect Repliforce... Heck, I'm surprised they promoted me to all the way up to Marine Advisor considering how much trouble I got into for that duel with Ballade."

Colonel remains silent, merely watching the process. They don't need his interference, and Anthem has enough to deal with with Jet. He will wait for Iris to finish her work. In the meantime, he simply stares at Anthem. A sight he'd never expected to see again. Peace was going to become less common once again, that's for certain.

Anthem grunts, gritting her teeth as feeling starts to come back at totally the *wrong* time. Feeling major surgery inside of your own chest cavity, even slightly, is not a pleasant thing. "Don't call me.." Her face screws up in pain, followed by a sharp intake of breath, before she finishes. "Sir, damn it."

Flare Feline hmms, the AAR will probably be left up to him, Iris or Bolero. Gah, he hates writing those things, especially when he has no idea what the hell happened. Still a tad stunned at seeing Anthem again, he half-shrugs. He's gotten over it though, he wasn't as.... 'close' to Anthem as everyone else here was.

Selene Chantrell shifts, grabbing a small electronic device that an aide hands her and pressing it against Anthem's neck where it sticks. Immediately it reefs all her neural connections from the neck down into itself, filtering them carefully to remove the incoming pain signals. Handy little toy, that.

Anthem groans a little, still obviously not enjoying this experince. "Jet, I haven't eaten anything decent since I got blown up." The pain slowly starts to subside, and she tilts her head up a little, to look at her own broken body. "But, much as I appreciate the attempt, I'm not sure I even have any place to put those after I swallow." Pause. Smirk. "Though I can only imagine the looks on your faces when one of those chocolate-covered cremes hit the open sections of pipeline."

Fusion Phoenix nods to Red. "I understand. There is nothing you can do right now to help out, and this bothers you. Being helpless is a very bad feeling, I know, I was out for a week once with a busted reactor. So for now, just rest."

Spiral Pegasus slowly meanders through the crowd and into the medbay. With his mind still parading through a multitude of thoughts, the pegacion remains in the background, finding an clear spot against the wall to lean on while he assembles what he wants to say. Oh boy.
Red Tide bubbles as she settles back down, the top of the paraplasm starting to harden. "I suppose," she says, not sounding convinced. "I have a question, you think I will be able to compete now as I have promised? I do not need to be combat-ready. Just mobile."

Iris quietly picks up her tools, and mentions to Anthem: "Allow your self-repair to work for a little has a LOT of work to finish. Just relax." From there, she heads across the room to work on stabilizing the unconscious Bolero. As she works on him, she murmurs herself? To him? Who knows...

Fusion Phoenix is for once glad he is a lowly minion, and that he will not have to deal with the comming shake up to command. "Oh, the way you regenerate Red, I'd say a day or so. But you will need to cary a med sensor untill you fully heal."

Flare Feline is just keeping to himself. This was a very odd night. Anthem returns, they go chibi.. among other things. Yep strange.

"We are battle-hardened warriors, Anthem... I'm sure a little chewed up donut wouldn't be a problem, know what I mean?" The Stingray of Victory offers a somewhat nervous laugh, rubbing his beret with his free hand, still holding the large box of pastry goodness as he stands next to Anthem's medical table. He is motionless for a moment, then merely turns his head to the side, giving Iris a look for a short time as she starts to work. He then shoots off a tightbeam and then turns back to Anthem. "I would offer you your 'special brew', but I doubt the MSE will let you drink that stuff considering your state."

Flare Feline fades out into the crowd forming. Time to go. As he leaves, he idly puts in an order to a medical gumbie, to have plenty of coffee available tomorrow morning. He has a feeling it'll be needed. And he's gone, poof.

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