Teleportation Area--San Angeles

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Phoebus [Phoebe2] [RF]
Reploid Room Billboard

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Teleportation Area--San Angeles.

Phoebus is watching a celebration, partially removed from it herself, and sighing every once in a while. "Blach.", she says irritably. She's holding a bat in her hands. A cute bat. A bumblebee bat.

It's Christmas at Ground Zero!! No wait.... The Night Santa Went Crazy.... Godammit! Who's playing all that Weird Al in the background. There we go, good ol jingle bells. In the midst of all the celebration, a certain feline repliforce officer is sitting at a cafe table with scientist. He sort of looks like Brent Spiner, if you knew Flare's profile, you may recogize him as Flare's creator, they seem to be having a nice little chat.

/Everywhere the Atom Bombs are dropping, it's the end of all humanity!/ Dammit, who put Weird Al back on??

Phoebus looks around and then sees Flare...pauses...blinks..rubs her eyes... and then smirks evilly. She walks towards the scientist and Flare oh so slowly. And there's christmas music too! Ahh, someone will pay for that.

/Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping! It's the end of all humanity!/ Ok, enough of that.

Flare and the Doc are talking about some random thing or another, drinking. Flare doesn't have alcohol of course, it has a rather bad affect on his system, he has milk, typically. Flare looks up at the sky while talking when some fireworks begin to start, wincing uncomfortably as snow flutters in his face, snow being ANOTHER thing that has a bad affect on his system.

Phoebus says, "Hallo 'der!", cheerfully as he walks up to the couple's table, "Mind if I sit down?"

Flare Feline looks at the woman approaching, and blinks. The Doc speaks up "Certainly." He extends his hand to a free seat. Being the friendly (but married, see the wedding band on his hand) guy he is, he strikes up some conversation "So miss, are you alone tonight?" Flare just does a double take at the girl, and shrugs, drinking some more milk.

Phoebus sits down, "Why, no...", she shows the scientist and flare the bat, "I'm not. I'm feeling kind of... hmm...", she shrugs and nudges the bat with a free finger.

The Doc hmms a bit as well "Well that's nice. But tonight of all nights you should be with your family. Why Flare here himself came up here from Australia to spend time with his." Flare looks a bit embarressed, and scratches the back of his head. He almost wishes he never came in a way, there is no cold snowy weather down there for one.

Phoebus says, "Well I have been with, sir, but I don't have a -real- one if that's what you mean.", she looks towards Flare, "Why Flare is very lucky to have a father.", the bat doesn't seem to wake up.

The old scientist chuckles "Well /everyone/ has a father, one way or another. Humans have them biologically. And Reploids have their creators, even assembly line reploids had to have their designs created by someone." He takes a sip of his drink "But whether or not you have a good relationship with them is a completly different thing." Flare seems to be a bit embarressed by this sudden change in topic, epsecially in front of a stranger, and decides to change it "So what are you doing tonight around here anyway?"

Phoebe hrms softly, "Well...I'm just looking up on things, really...And then I noticed the Advisor of the Repliforce, and I do keep track on the defenders of our world, yes, sitting with his apparent creator. You must be rather proud of him, hm?"

The Doctor smiles "Proud? Yes, I've always been proud of him, but especially since I found he joined Repliforce. And being promoted so quickly? Well even if it wasn't for that, I'd still be proud of him." Flare glances at the women, keeping touch or not, it's still odd for a civilian to first know who is who in Repliforce, and being able to identify him in a crowd. "So what did you say your name was again Miss?"

Phoebus looks towards Flare Feline, "-My- name?", she waves a finger, "Top Secret info there, Flarey.", still she glances towards the doctor, "Ah, I'm proud of him too. I'm glad you have a good relationship with him...anyway, I suppose I'm keeping you from your meal or something."

Flare Feline blinks, oO(Why would /she/ be proud of me? And she certainly does act familiar.) The Doc also thinks the same thing apparently, as he speaks up first "Why would you be proud of him Miss?" Flare just scratches his head, she certainly sort of looks familiar. Maybe he's thinking too hard.

Phoebus says, "Well...Maybe I'm a stalker.", she widens her eyes and stares at the doctor...and then shakes her head, "Nah, maybe I'm just a nobody in the Force...", a smaller grin.

Flare Feline blinks again at this. "I haven't seen you around." He shrugs, it probably doesn't matter. "But then again, I've been in Australia for the past week, I've missed a few things, and I'll be gone again after tonight for another two." The Doc looks like he's going to say something, but Flare continues "I'd like to come back up for New Years, but I probably won't be able to..."

Phoebus frowns, "I'm sure you'll have many who'll miss you for that time, but at least you're coming back."

The Doc nods "Of course he is." He glances around the square, with celebrations starting to die down "Myself and my family are staying here, luckily we were out of town after the incident in Torontreal last week. Our residence wasn't destroyed, fortunatly, but I decided to move here to keep my family safe. Flare will still be stationed in New York, but with the age of teleporters, it doesn't matter a whole lot." He checks his watch "Anyway Miss, I have to be going. Flare, take care, and I'll see you sometime when you return, yes?" He nods at them both, and walks off. As the Doc leaves, Flare also stands "Well it was nice meeting you. Sorry if I didn't recognize you, but I'll probably see you around then when I return from Australia for good." oO(She seems /so/ familiar though, but I just can't place it...)

Phoebus must train harder so he can be as feminine as that spoony bard fellow in Diablo 2. ... ..ahem.. ... "Yep, I'll see you too, Merry Christmas.", she stands as well, "Goodbye."

Flare Feline walks off, and takes a half glance back at the table, and suddenly has a memory of a certain virtual Nazi situation oO(Could it... ...nah...) He shrugs again, and walks off.

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