Palace of Power - Waiting Room

This room is wide, carpeted in the same red as the Audience Chamber above. Long tables and seats fill this room, the waiting area for new arrivals from the Warp Zones. Missions are sometimes planned here, and the place often serves as a kind of briefing area, a command center for the war for Videoland's freedom. It is usually busy in here, regardless, beings coming and going constantly from the zones below.

The Dragon Warrior
Sony Defense Initative Information Center <Look SDIIC>
Obvious exits:
<W>est leads to Palace of Power - Warp Zone Room.
<U>p leads to Palace of Power - Audience Chamber.

Coming from the Warp Zone Room is a short, super-deformed looking little man with Spiky Blue Hair. On his back he carries an oversized bong-pipe. He gazes around the room, like a visitor returning to a place he once went to long ago. He walks casually, with his arms crossed behind his head, like he hasn't a care in the world. "Haven't been here in awhile..."

The Dragon Warrior wanders down the stairs or whatever from the Audience chamber, heading into the Waiting Room! And he sees Goemon. Blink blink. "Um, hello, who are you? Are you new here?"
Latisha has been here the entire time, sitting over there, reading something.

Goemon was about to start whistling, before Dragon Warrior came in. Looking over at the warrior from Alefguard, Goemon smirks a bit "Funny, I could ask you the same question. No, I'm not really new to this place, but I've only really been here once, a /long/ time ago." His gaze falls on Latisha for a brief moment, before turning back to the Dragon Warrior "Name's Goemon."

Latisha is reading a magazine apparently. And as she does, she kicks a foot back and fort that is crossed over her other leg as she sits. That's only lady-like you know. She's completely oblivious to THE DRAAGOOOON..WAAAAARRIIIOOR *Gladiator theme* And that strangely haired Goemon. *Cue crazy Chinese resturant music* And as she reads she sings quietly. "..o/` Here comes the Funk...o/`"

Goemon is Japanese!! Err.. I mean, Oedoian! Yeah!

The Dragon Warrior raises an eyebrow. "Goemon?" He smiles, and extends a hand to the little man. "I'm The Dragon Warrior, Hero of Alefgard and The Descendant of Loto. But you can call me Alef." He glances over towards Latisha. "Oh! I didn't see you there, miss. Are you new here as well?"

Latisha slowly looks up from her magazine and raises an eyebrow at the Dragon Warrior. "...Che!" She snorts mildly, looking back down to her magazine as she ruffles the pages a little to re-assert herself. Latisha then uncrosses and re-crosses her leg to the other side and sits facing away from the duo. She mutters something under her breath and goes back to singing quietly. o/` Y'all be a cowboy and I hate that. Y'all aint Funky, so eat my Gat..o/`

Goemon raises a thick eyebrow as he accepts the hand "Oh, we're giving titles and accomlishments too now are we? Heh, alright, I'm Goemon, Mystical Ninja of Oedo, and decendent of... well... I dunno really." He shrugs. As Dragon Warrior tries to address Latisha, Goemon snickers on the reply "Real grouchy sort here, reminds me of Yae."

The Dragon Warrior glances at Latisha again as he shakes hands with Goemon, and sweatdrops. "Um, did I say something wrong?" He looks back at Goemon, and grins. "So, Mystical Ninja? The first part is new, though I've seen like eight bazillion ninja around here. Makes me wonder where they're all coming from."

Latisha suddenly gasps loudly. "Oh my gaawwwd..." She feverishly flips pages, settling higher into her chair. She looks worried over something. Could it be current events? The news? The Weather? "...-TELL- meh Zelda ain't all up wi'dat fine Link." Latisha rests back into her chair and gazes out at nothing in particular. "..Damn. That's whack yo."

Goemon just blinks a few times, then shrugs "I guess it can't be current events, what kind of magazine is that anyway?" He turns to The Dragon Warrior "So, how've things been going with the war against Mother Brain? Captain N and Princess Lana defeat her yet?"

The Dragon Warrior sweatdrops some more at Latisha. He doesn't say anything, though, instead opting to talk to someone who talks back. "Afraid not. The war just seems to be getting more widespread, really. Pretty soon every zone in Videoland is going to get directly involved in the war. That's why I finally decided to come here instead of fighting evil by myself. And Princess Lana's forces need all the help we can get." He looks down at Goemon. "Are you here to join up with the rest of us?"

Latisha idly mentions, as if she was an actual part of the converstation between the two. "I ain't decided m'self. I'm all down with Lamont and the mission, yo. I gotta find ToeJam an' Earl and keep on makin' things Funky 'round here, y'all."

Goemon hmmms as DW describes the current state of affairs. oO(I was afraid of that, it probably won't be too long before she sets her sights on Oedo...) "Well.. I'm not sure yet. I wanted to talk with Captain N or Princess Lana if they're not busy." Goemon taps his sandel impatiently, he prefers to stay in Oedo and fight whatever bad guys originate in Oedo. Things just get too dang serious here for his tastes. But when it comes to helping fight Mother Brain with the others BEFORE she gets to Oedo, compared to fighting her alone WHEN she arrives...

<InterZone Chatter> Mother Brain is heard yelling at Four of Five. "I TOLD YOU TO GET THE FROG! BUT DID YOU LISTEN?! NOOOOO!" *anyone around the Fortress of Evil can see a large missile going straight up into the air.* <<IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!>> *...And coming straight back down again.* "..Cuuursess..." *KBLAMO-static*

<InterZone Chatter> Captain X says, "Boy am I glad I'm in Liberty right now."

<InterZone Chatter> X says, " evil."

<InterZone Chatter> Ryu Hayabusa says, "And that is precicely why you encase the missile launch button in a glass casing"

The Dragon Warrior looks at Latisha, and smiles. He understood most of what she said, at least. "Well, I hope you find your friends soon." He then looks back at Goemon, and shrugs. "I haven't seen either of them lately. Though there are other Gamemasters around that you could be able to talk to."

Latisha snorts and glances over at the two. "Man, y'all be worried 'bout Mizzother Brain an' y'all ain't got a -clue- 'bout somethin' mo' evil then her all up in this bizzie."

Goemon blinks for a few moment. "Other.... gamemasters?" oO(That's odd... I thought Captain N was the only gamemaster, at least he was when I was here. Geez, how long ago WAS it?) He ahems "I guess I've missed a lot.... last time I was here the only gamemaster was Captain N." He glances over at Latisha again "Y'know, I think we're going to need a translator for our friend over there..."

The Dragon Warrior glances at Latisha, and sweatdrops again. "I think I know what you mean, Goemon." He looks back at Goemon, and nods. "Yeah, most of them showed up only in the last few years. Most of the evil ones, too." He hmms, and listens to the radio for a moment. "Well, two of them are around, so I guess I could see if they have time to talk to you, Goemon."

<Hero-IC> Cody says, "Who's this Goymon?"

<Hero-IC> Mario says, "It's-a been a while since I've-a seen-a Goemon. Say-a hello for-a me, please-a."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "It's Go-ay-mon, Cody."

Latisha rolls her eyes and jumps to her feet, giving gratuituous bouncing chest effect! Woo! Latisha strides up to Goemon and The Dragon Warrior. "Aiight.." She holds her hands out to her sides. "IT's like this. There's Funk. And then there's Anti-Funk. Funk is good. Anti-Funk is bad. y'all know what I'm sayin'?" Latisha glances between the two guys and then nonchalantly crosses her arms over her low-cut sports bra. "Anyways, what'm sayin' is, is that Mother Brizzain ain't th' only evil in this hizzie. The Anti-Funk is just as bad, y'all."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Hayabusa says, "Is he still a disgrace to all Ninjas?"

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Isn't the plural form of Ninja 'ninja'?"

<Hero-IC> Swordmage of Crystalis says, "I've never met this person, so I have no clue."

<Hero-IC> Cody says, "Oh, Sorry. So who is this Go-aymon?"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Very well." Then, a sound of blasting is heard once again. "I'll be sure to tell Alice that HR did it." He coughs a bit."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Raynor here, my forces are going to need another shipment of Napalm these alien weeds are fiesty."

<Hero-IC> Mario says, "I can-a send-a you some-a fire flowers Commander Raynor."

Station arrives from Palace of Power - Audience Chamber.
Station has arrived.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Every bit helps Mario."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "...Station, you realize I have a recording device built into my metal skull, right?"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "No bloody way am I taking the fall for this!"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "....Damn."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "I can get you some Flame Swords if you want. They cast low-level Fire magic."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Hayabusa says, "Well if he's making my profession sound bad, I'll kick his rear all the way to...somewhere in Tokyo, haven't decided yet."

<Hero-IC> Mario says, "Although I'm-a gonna warn-a you, Commander, that-a the plants were immune-a to-a fire last-a night."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "*bzzzzt* Kayagawa square?"

<Hero-IC> Ryu Hayabusa says, "Sure, why not?"

<Hero-IC> Roy says, <Did someone say fire? My sword is -very- potent with Fire magics. I can very easily tap into it if need-be for long durations..>

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "They adapted..."

<Hero-IC> Roy says, <Eh?>

Goemon blinks at Latisha again. Then DW gets his attention once more "Evil Gamemasters? Well, I don't like the sound of that..." He taps his sandal a bit more oO(I guess I don't have a choice... The last thing I want is Mother Brain to attack Oedo out of nowhere. Best I help these guys out now, Oedo ain't ready for something like Mother Brain...) He nods at DW "Well... I believe I will probably lend a hand now... afterall, the more help you guys get, the sooner Mother Brain is defeated, right?"

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "I'm going to have to pester R&D about those new Cryo launchers."

<Hero-IC> Mario says, "Yes-a, and-a whatever that-a was that-a the big-a robots used, isn't-a likely to-a work again."

Station is walking down the stairs into the Waiting Room. His hands dig into his pockets, shifting his gaze aroubd to survey his area.

The Dragon Warrior grins, and nods. "Yeah, exactly! I'm sure your help will be appreciated by everybody. Er, well, almost everybody. Ryu Hayabusa doesn't seem to be very fond of you." He looks back at Goemon, and shrugs. "Well, there's always the chance that this Anti-Funk has joined up with Mother Brain. But I know there are other dangers besides Mother Brain's forces. It just seems like most of them have allied themselves with Zebes."

Damn TDW, stop looking at Latisha that way. "...Fine. Y'all wanna be scared of some brain in some jar. Go ahead, ain't no worry fo' me." Latisha starts walking off, singing quietly. "o/` Y'all say hate me. Yet here y'all are ready to date me. o/`" God Hip hop sucks.

Station looks over towards Latisha as she is passing by while he walks his way through the room. "Hello." He smiles softly, then he turns over towards Dragon Warrior and the others, "Hello."

Goemon chuckles "Anti-Funk huh? Reminds me of this one duo who tried to take over Oedo with their song and dance routine. I really doubt they'd join up with Mother Brain though, most of the villains who would come out of Oedo wouldn't really.... fit into Mother Brain's forces, from what I've heard." He glances at DW again "Ryu Hayabusa? ...oh yeah, he has some problem with me, heck if I know why. Doesn't think I'm a ninja for some reason." Shrug. Then Station walks in "Hello."

Latisha looks at Station as she goes. o_O She whistles loudly waving a hand from far away. "DAaaaaamn boy. You is stupidfly! OUCH! Callme sometime yo! Aiight?"

The Dragon Warrior smiles, and waves at Station. "Hello, Station. Glad to see you showed up." He turns towards Goemon, and gestures at Station. "This is the Gamemaster Station. He's the leader of the, uh, Sony Squadron, which is sort of like the N Team, only it's more forcused on defensive maneuvers and the like." He then looks over towards Latisha. "I'm not afraid of anybody. I just know that Mother Brain is a constant threat to Videoland's safety. Besides, it doesn't matter who threatens innocent people, I'll defeat them before they can hurt anyone."

Station offers a smile towards Latisha, then he nods. "Welcome to the Palace." Of course, the Dragon Warrior catches his attention, which raises an eyebrow. "Hrm?" Oh right! Hey." He approaches the two, nodding towards Goemon, "Greetings..." Though, as they mention about Mother Brain, Station shrugs, "We'll prevent mother from destroying Videoland.. For now, we have to savior the cease-fire, because it won't last long."

Goemon blinks as Latisha leaves, and tries to figure out what she just said "I.... think she called you an insect, and wants you to call her 'Yo'." Then out of nowhere, an audience is heard laughing. They have no body, it doesn't come from anywhere, and Goemon doesn't pay any attention to it at all. "Ah, so you're one of the new Gamemasters? Name's Goemon. I came to Videoland once, quite awhile ago, but I didn't stay for long."

The Dragon Warrior sort of steps back, and lets Station and Goemon talk a little. Nothing said yet for him to comment about.

Station nods towards Goemon, then he says, "Yes, I am." He then nods toward the ninja, "Oh?" He ponders, "I see. Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Goemon." He extends his right hand in front of him.

Goemon extends his own hand, to the much taller Station's. "Pleased to meetcha. So, umm..." He scratches the back of his head a bit "I really /should/ have joined up when I first came across Videoland, but I was more worried about my own zone at the time. But I've done some thinking, as I explored a few other zones that were connected to Oedo... oh and let me tell ya, the Parodius Zone is one of the /strangest/ places you could ever visit." He ahems "I guess I realized that, like it or not, Oedo is connected to the rest of Videoland, so I had better do my part to help defend it, yeah?"

The Dragon Warrior simply continues to watch the two, and listen to their conversation. Doesn't really have any comments, since he's already said the usual 'glad to have you join us' stuff.

Station shakes Goemon's hand, smiling softly at the ninja. He then nods, "I see.. Well, you will like it here... Especially since you're able to reach home easily." He grins a bit, then he ponders to himself. "Hrm...." Then, he looks at Goemon, "Well of course." He smiles, "We could use more help."

Goemon nods "Yeah, that's kinda the point. I can reach Oedo easily, so can anyone else. But yeah, you know, evil guys will come, do bad things, yadda yadda. Oedo isn't quite ready for the likes of Mother Brain ya know? Worst threat they've seen is this jerk called Magginesu who tried to take conquer it with his amry of Bunny Men." He says that with the utmost serious expression, like he deals with ridiculous stuff all the time.

The Dragon Warrior raises an eyebrow, and raises a hand to his mouth to pinch his lips together and keep himself from laughing. Even he hasn't had to fight bunny people before, and he's been around longer than most people.

Station blinks towards Goemon, keeping his serious expression, "Well then, welcome to the Palace of Power, dear hero." He smiles warmly afterwards.

Marky sighs as she walks out of the Warp Zone. Not quite her usual perky neurotic self, she looks around. Spotting Corey talking to someone else, she waits patiently, standing near the entrance of the room.

Goemon smirks slightly "Aw shucks. Never really expected this warm a welcome. You guys hurtin for help or something?" Audience snickers "I kid... Anyhoo, I guess I'd better go get myself up to speed. If I'm gonna give you guys a hand, I'd better find out what you've been up against lately." He idly wonders to himself oO(I wonder how these guys'll react to Impact when I eventually bring him out? Heh heh, that'd be fun to see...)

The Dragon Warrior continues listening to the two talk. Yeah. Cheap pose.

Station nods toward Goemon, "Currently, we're under a situation where we are dealing with the Living Planet... Go upstairs, then south, then up the stairs again to the Research and Development room. You'll access the computer room, where you can get information on what has been sent." Then, he turns to face the other way, "I better be--." Then, he sees Marky, "Oh! Hey Marky.." He then notices her expression is a bit somber. He frowns a bit, then he says, "..I'm sorry about Arm Commander.."

Marky smiles, a little, and moves over to a chair. "So am I..." She sniffs slightly, and looks at Corey. "Oh, don't mind me. Finish your conversation. I can wait."

Goemon hmms, and shrugs. As Marky enters, and the Arm Commander is mentioned, he idly makes a note oO(First thing I'd better check is a roster, it'd be nice to know everyone on our side. And who the villains are.) He nods at Station and Dragon Warrior before heading outward "Well, I guess I got some reading to do. I'll catch you guys later."

Station looks over towards Goemon, then he nods, "Take care Goemon." He gazes at Marky, then he says, "I have time to speak, what's up?"

The Dragon Warrior, seeing as he doesn't really have anything to say anymore, makes his way out.

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