You enter the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level)

The command level of the Wily Sphere consists of a curved corridor encircling four main areas. The metal inner walls have an orange band running across the middle which gives the level its name. The ocean waves rise and fall against the outer walls of reinforced and shielded glass when the sphere rises, and the parade of life that is the deep blue sea can be seen when it is submerged.

Spring Man [RM]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Wily Sphere - Command Center (Orange level).
West <W> leads to Wily Sphere - Meeting Room (Orange level).
East <E> leads to Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level).
South <S> leads to Wily Sphere - Security Room (Orange level).
Turbolift Doors <TD> leads to Wily Sphere - Turbolift.

Spring Man is standing around... looking pissed.

Knight Man clomps off the Turbo lift, with loud, heavy steps. He heads to the training room for some battling, and sees the Spring standing around, looking ticked. "Well, what art the mattereth with thou?"

Spring Man turns around slowly on the spot. "About time you showed up, Buckethead!" He holds up an old fasioned paper exercise chart. The only thing written in it the name... 'Knight Man'. "Well... care to explain this?" He says, as he extends the hand out towards Knight's face. "Blank. Just like your head." .. . Care to ask why he's soo cheezed off? It involves being tangled in the bench press...

Knight Man eyes the paper oO(What art this moron talking abouteth?) "I know nothing ofeth this. Now excuseth me whilest I do some training..."

Spring Man says "Yes... you will." And with that he reaches behind, and grabs Knight as close to the 'scruff' of the neck as he can. Or at least he tries to. Won't work if you don't want it to. "It seems combat is the only thing you think exercise is... so to satisify you pansys, I'm going to have to play along." He walks toward the room.

Knight Man eyes Spring as he tries to drag him off, just standin there. "You... wanteth to fight me?"

Spring Man nods. "It's about time you get in shape... You weigh a ton!" Luckily, Spring can lift that, and much more. "Come on you lout. Move those feet!"

Knight Man glares at him "I'm not a human you dolt!" oO(Oh well, if he wants to fighteth me so bad, then very well. How much trouble can this lightweight be?) "Very well then, thou art asking for it..."

Spring Man enters the Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level).
Spring Man has left.

You enter the Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level).
Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level)

This room, when not in use, is nothing but a big black box with a gridwork of shimmering yellow-green lines. But when the voice-activated computer is in use, it can become absolutely anything, from a thousand feet underwater to an Arabian desert, tropical rainforest, or Arctic tundra. Custom simulations can also be created by users, and often obstacle courses or gaunlets are used. The holographic medical drone can repair simulated damage instantly, and so the room is also popular for sparring and combat practice. But in this particular room, illusion meets reality, and anything you can think you can do.

Spring Man [RM]
Medical Drone
Three Story Doomsday Cage
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
The holographic projecters are off now, and the room is black, with a yellow grid around the room.

Spring Man extends a hand out and taps a few keys on the HT while he walks by it. He steps out onto the grassy plane as it forms beneath his feet. "All right, Knighty, I'm guessing a no rules fight.... right?" He takes a glance behind him. "Listen up. I'm doing this for the fun of it. I'm doing this because you have rust. Mentally, and physically. This is not real exercise... and yet this is the only form of it that you doltheads seem to recognize." His arm cannon retracts to the ready as he rants, and he start walking with a spring in his step. "So listen up! I'll let you start first." He crouchs down, and leaps up into a high rock. "I will stand here until you fire." And indeed, he does.

Spring Man taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

Knight Man grunts at the choice of setting, then eyerolls at Spring oO(We art ANDRIODS! We can't GETETH out of shape! Well, if he is going to standeth there and waiteth for me to attacketh him, then fine!) "Very well, don'teth complain later!" He releases the mace from his arm, and lets it slide down about 3 feet on the chain. He spins it over his head until it gains enough momentum and lashes it out at Spring Man.

You strike Spring Man with your Mace Shot attack.

[OOC] Spring Man says, "... 1 damage?"
[OOC] Spring Man says, "WIth a blade weakness?"
[OOC] Knight Man says, "Just so ya know, pretty much ALL my attacks have blade, and... ... ...1??? I thought you had a blade weakness??"
[OOC] Spring Man says, "I did!"
[OOC] Knight Man says, "But..but... but... *sobs*"

<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "What the bloody hell??? Why am I weak all of a sudden??"
<O-Master> Eta Fitness Guy: Spring Man says, "Ok... the odds are 4 to 1 on Spring, thanks to his blade weakness. or is it 1 to 4?"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "...*checks his stats* was my firepower ALWAYS this low?"
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "You're a knight, since when do knights need firepower?"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Yeah... but I did 1 damage to Spring when I hit him with my weakness!"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Err, HIS weakness"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "...maybe it was a fluke

<O-Master> Kimagure Orange Slash Man says, "Maybe you hit him with /your/ weakness instead."
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "No, he has blade weakness, it did 1 damage."
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Goddammit, my Primary did 30 on Magnet, and he wasn't even weak against it!"
<O-Master> Kimagure Orange Slash Man says, "And what was the attack?"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Mace Shot"
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "Hey Crash."
<O-Master> Kimagure Orange Slash Man says, "Which is a Blade?"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Pretty much all my attacks are bladed"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Spikey heavy mace"

Spring Man is nicked by the mace. It does cause him to fall off his rock. "Ok, you hit me. But not for much. Like I said.... you are weak!" He springs back up, and starts jumping up and down. "Now... watch how I arc this spring coils to compensate for my velocity." And true to his word, he launches a barrace of cute coils... with explosives!

<O-Master> Cleo has nothing on Crystal Man says, "But do they have the blade type?"
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "Yes"

Spring Man misses you with his Multi-coils attack.

[OOC] Knight Man says, "I STILL think that that was a fluke, well we'll see now"

<O-Master> Epsilon XO: Star Man says, "Might have been a fluke then. They ARE working on the combat system..."
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "True... that's what I think. Spring Man did just miss me, I hardly ever dodge"

[OOC] Spring Man says, "Like that. Don't you have like 30 agil?"

<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man wonders how this battle will go then with a screwy system

[OOC] Knight Man says, "50 actually"

Crash Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Crash Man has arrived.

[OOC] Spring Man says, "Ahh."
[OOC] Knight Man says, "But my Velocity is only 22"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Hey."
[OOC] Crash Man is just trying to calculte something. Could you fellows page me your respective Agil and Dex scores?
[OOC] Spring Man says, "Ok..."

<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "What level is that attack anyways?"
<O-Master> Compose a Blizzard Man eyes Knight.
<O-Master> Crash Man says, "Okay."
<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "4"
<O-Master> Compose a Blizzard Man says, "Not possible."
<O-Master> Crash Man says, "I've determined that Spring Man has an extreme advantage over Knight Man."

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Guts Man transmits: 'So I guess the Olympics are over. Who wants to go steal some ferarris?'.

<O-Master> Crash Man says, "Any chance of Knight Man dodging Spring Man would be on luck of the draw alone."
<O-Master> Crash Man says, "However."

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Blizzard Man transmits: '... Oooooh... Ferarri...'.

<O-Master> Crash Man says, "Considering how it's damn near impossible to score 1 point of damage on a level four attack against someone weak to that attack."
<O-Master> Crash Man says, "Therefore, it is in my best judgment that I declare the combat system (much like the new website) forked up beyond all recognition."

Knight Man sidesteps the bombs as they go bouncing by. "I would have expectedeth more from thou." Knight brings his chain up and whips it down at Spring, like a Morning star

<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man declares shenanigans.

You strike Spring Man with your Morningstar attack.

<O-Master> Eta Fitness Guy: Spring Man goes to get his V-on combat system.

[OOC] Crash Man returns to OOCness.
Crash Man has left.

<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man says, "I'd say so, this battle should be fun then..."

Guts Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Guts Man has arrived.
Slash Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Slash Man has arrived.

[OOC] Slash Man isn't here ICly.
[OOC] Knight Man says, "Woo, spectators"

Spring Man is clonked right on the head. "Ow!" He stutters, as the mace slams right into his head. That causes him to be squished. "Nice shot." He says in the squished sort of voice. And then he springs back into shape, causing the morning star to go flying... right back at Knight!

Spring Man misses you with his Generic Ranged attack.

Knight Man looks at his own incoming Mace, and snaps his arm back, causing it to re-attatch in position "Oh pleaseth, this Mace is like a part of mine own body!" With that Knight Man runs (And by runs, I mean for him) and swings back and punches Spring Man with his Mace right across the non-jaw

You strike Spring Man with your Mace attack.

Guts Man enters the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Guts Man has left.

Spring Man is slammed, causing him to fly across the entire battlefield. "Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" He blumbles before smacking one of the large stones. There he stays for a second. before falling out of the hole he created, and falling to the floor. When he gets up, you can hee that his head/chest is bent entirly ou of shape. "Ok... I'm mad." He takes aim, and fires a lage freaking spring at Knight. "Dodge this, sucker!"

Spring Man strikes you with his Spring Launcher for 14 units of damage.

Knight Man looks at the incoming Spring oO(A spring?? what can that doeth...?) Well it doeseth quite a biteth, the force of the spring knocks Knight off his feet. He slowly get back up "Well, it seems there's moreth to thee that I first thought." Not saying any more he whips his hand back and fires his mace at Spring again, this time Spring will be the recieving end of the blunter side.

You strike Spring Man with your Flail attack.

Spring Man is struck again... Dangit. He dosn't fall down, but he staggers. His chest looks awful... but he's still coming. "All right Knight.... eat my fist." Clearly, Spring forgot any idea that he wants to train Knight. He just wants him dead now. Yes, he's still pissed. And Knight isn't helping. Spring takes aim, and fires his right fist!

Spring Man strikes you with his Rocket Punch for 13 units of damage.

Knight Man takes the punch full on in the face, thankfully he has a helmet on at all times. "It seems the only one who is out of shape is thee!" While saying this he had retracted his mace into his arm, and aims it at Spring. It starts to vibrate as if pressure is being built up behind it, when he feels its the right moment, he launches it at Spring boy.

You strike Spring Man with your Knight Chain attack.

Spring Man is slammed again. This damn ain't funny any more... at least to Spring. He's being made a fool by this stupid knight. "Argh!" He yells... "That's it!" A round coil comes bouncing out of his blaster. "And you will learn that I am better then you..... you are weak! You are..." he starts to pant, but he tries to suck it up. "Weak...."

Spring Man strikes you with his Wild Coil for 18 units of damage.

And there was much rejoicing....

[OOC] Knight Man says, "18"
[OOC] Spring Man falls over.
[OOC] Knight Man says, "My END is 102"
[OOC] Spring Man oys.

By the time Knight had reeled his mace back in, he was in no position to dodge Spring's shots, and gets nailed by the boingy bouncy thing. He easily shakes it off though, while Spring Man may be hitting him, he's not doing a whole lot each time, while on the other hand "Weak art I? It seems that THOU art the one getting weakened here." And with that he tries to nail him with the attack he first tried, whipping his mace back and letting it fly at Springy

You strike Spring Man with your Mace Shot attack.

Spring Man falls over again. He hurts. He hurts bad. He dented all over, his shoulder hurts, his knee hurts, and he's overall pissed. "I... won't... lose..." He slowly gets up, and staggers towards Knight... and then starts runnign at full force. "AERGH!!!!!" He roars, as he just tucks a shoulder and flies at Knight, intending to knock the evil guy over.

Spring Man strikes you with his Ram for 9 units of damage.

Knight Man doesn't expect Spring Man to be able to do much, being so lightweight. However with all of his, umm, springyness he is able to topple him. Standing up again, Knight snarls at him "Thou art trying my patience 'brother'" He says that in a quite unfriendly way "It would seem I am quite in shape, and thou are the one who dost needeth to practice more" Before Spring Man can stand back up, Knight Man raises his Mace, and brings it down on his head... hard.

You miss Spring Man with your Mace attack.

Spring Man is finally able to do some dodging. About slagging time. He rolls out of the way, though it causes him pain, and he has trouble getting up. "Yessa... about time you showed your weakness!!!" He walks over to one of the stones, look at it... and slowly picks it up. "Earrh...." He pants, strength fueled by harted, as he lifts the stone above his head, and takes aim at Knight. "Assss... you can see... I'm ... not... the WEAK one!" With that, he throws the stone.

Spring Man misses you with his Slinky Slam attack.

Knight Man eyes the big rock as it lands... about 3 feet ahead of him. "I thinketh it tis about time I put thee out of thine misery." He whips his Mace at him again. Say hi to Mr.Big-Spikey-Ball-of-Painful-Death

You strike Spring Man with your Morningstar attack.
Spring Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Spring Man just get clonked on the head... again. He stands in a defensive position... before he falls forward, and clatters on the ground.

<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man whumped Spring with his Mr.Big-Spikey-Ball-of-Painful-Death(tm)

Knight Man looks down on Spring's crumpled, twisted form "Bah, he wasn't even a warm up." He goes over and deactivates the holodeck

Spring Man E-rings just before the simulation is turned off.

And then he is as good as new... and crying. "Meanie!" He shrieks, as he runs out of the holodeck.

Slash Man has left.

Knight Man thbbbpts at Spring Man as he leaves "He askedth for it" He goes over to set up a new program, maybe something that would be CHALLENGING

<O-Master> Mr. Thou! Knight Man logs off, after beating the crap out of our Richard Simmons wannabe

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