Tartarus - Arena - The Sheol Pit

From outside of the arena, the roar of the crowds was bad enough, but here it can be downright deafening to those not prepared for it upon emerging into the open-air bowl shape of the Sheol Pit's combat area. It isn't just fights that are hosted here, and frequently matches of other sorts take place such as races or other competitions, but overall it's the gladitorial bouts that bring the largest crowds, and it's to this that the arena caters. The pit itself is a marvel of modern technology, great machinery hidden strategically from view both underground and at the side panellings to be let loose at a moment's notice to alter the 'landscape' of where the battles take place within minutes. The arena itself is capable of change it's state to suit almost any sort of terrain battle, from simulating high speed winds and being tall enough to host aerial battles, to changing it's makeup and even the temperature to switch to a freezing tundra or burning desert, to even being able to submerge itself completely in water for aquatic matches, the special shielding protecting the crowd from being flooded. It's this shielding that keeps stray blasts and shrapnel from making it's way up into the bleachers where it could injure the audience. Of course it's invisible, but it's fueled by immense power generators set on the ceiling high above ground-level, constantly thrumming and providing the necessary 'juice' to keep them up and going. The bleachers themselves are a constant flurry of motion, people coming and leaving, cheering and jeering, and vendors going about throwing hot dogs and various other snack foods here and there where they are in demand.

Archer Colossus [Archer] [Dress Uniform] [RF]
Firestorm Phoenix [Flight] [M]
Harpoon Hydra [MH]
Sword Man [Normal] [RM]
Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Search Man [Normal] [RM]
Morph Moth [Morph Moth] [Normal] [M]
Red Tide [RF]
Iris [Iris] [Retro] [RF]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Centaur Man [Normal] [RM]
Synth [Armored] [Armored] [RM]
Battling Cage
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Fighting Pit

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

From Fighting Pit, The judge almost spits his beer across the protective screen. "JESUS. I had an ex-girlfriend who could do that. Keep it up!"

Iris sends a radio transmission.

From Fighting Pit, Silver Mane lets loose a roar as the fire explodes in his face, knocking him backwards, taking his swords out of Trike's body at the same time. The swords disappear into Silver mane's arms once again as they're re-assimilated, and his optics burn with a deep fire in them as he snarls at the Maverick. His maw opens up with a loud roar that practically unsettles all the dirt collected at the bottom of the pit, and the Repliforcer launches himself right back into Trike's face again, this time his claws rip and slash as the massively built Maverick.

Synth just waits as Jet leaves - if he doesn't want to talk, its not her business to make him. She does smile though - anyone who is unwilling to continue arguing concedes, after all.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

Sword Man shakes his head. "If you must, Sir Stingray. Realize, however. Sometimes it is better to me an honorable man in a so-called 'dark' kingdom, than an intolerant man in a so-called 'good' kingdom. Interpret that as you will..." Sword bows curtly, addressing the Repliforcer as he leaves. "Good eve, Sir Stingray..." And with that, Sword sits down, a few rows in front of Synth, close enough to the front to get a better few, but able to keep an eye on anyone who should try and accost his sister-of-sorts.

Harpoon Hydra has left.

From Fighting Pit, Thunder Triceratops backpedals as quickly as she can as he leaps at her, which isn't saying much for quickly at all with the slow, heavy steps. Yet, she manages to get far enough, the claws falling just short of her snouth. A sideways glance is given towards the judge for a moment. Must be one of the regular pit types, by his demeanor. Nothing to think about now, though. She turns her attention back to opponent, not sparing the words this time as she braces herself, and with a fwoosh of smoke and flame, the missile launch from her hip pods and streak across the arena.

Iris continues looking on, down at the fighting pit. She narrows her eyes a bit, trying to see for herself how Mane is faring.

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Pavel Cossack transmits, "You should haff stayed dead, DeVry."

From Fighting Pit, Silver Mane keeps on the pressure, leaping far above the missle as they release from the missile pods, streaking through the Arena to explode all along the arena floor and walls, setting off explosions of fire and black smoke. The silver Repliforcer lands easily behind Thunder Triceratops as he is much faster and decently stronger than the Maverick. Not even waiting for her to register his presence behind her, he spins around, his crimson optics flashing brightly once more, flaring as they emit two bright pulses of pure energy that streak right at Trike's open and unguarded back.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "... Dr. DeVry was ever dead?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Gemini Man transmits, "Yeah." "He got better."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Landon DeVry transmits, "I am eternal."

Red Tide is still watching, eyes cold, tendrils absolutely still. Every so often, she starts to turn away, and then looks back after around five seconds.

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Hrmph...what has Dr. Devry attempted this time?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Nothing that a napalm "sucrets" wouldn't solve, if we rammed it down his throat."

[Radio: (E) Public] Gravity Man transmits, "...if he had a throat to ram it down."

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Dvray JUST UP AND DIE. Do the world a favor for once."

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "You know Dr Cain I like your logic on that."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "I hate to burst your bubble, Dr. Cain, but 'napalm "sucrets"', as you so eloquently put it, would have no effect. DeVry lacks a mouth, much less a throat. In fact, with exception to his optical sensors, he lacks any sort of orifice into which you could stuff a capsule of napalm."

Jet Stingray looks over to Sword Man before he goes. "/I/ am a man of honor. Just because I'm not afriad to speak my mind and I disagree with you, Sword, it doesn't make my honor any less. I respect what you try and stand for, but you have no right to tell me if the life I lead is just when you profess to protect the innocent yet sponse those that do the opposite like your brothers which kill and maim them for fun. See you around, 'Sir Sword' and 'Lady Synth'." A stab at Sword Man or a small semi-sarcastic attempt of respect? Who knows.

Jet heads on without even thinking about what he appears to be like in Sword Man or Synth's eyes. Besides, he doesn't look at those agruement like a battles worth winning. Why? He's walked down that road hundreds of times. He's defended himself, the Repliforce way, and the U.N. hundreds of times to find his words on deaf ears. Does he give up or get jaded? Of course not, that's not the Way of the Ray... Jet just knows when to hold them and when to fold them... Some of the time. The Way of the Ray /is/ supporting one's friends though, and that is exactly what he does. As he moves back toward a certain 'rookie' Repliforce, he offers in a warm tone. "It's going to be okay, Red... I promise you that much. Silver should win... He's got that winner's spark to him."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Pavel Cossack transmits, "You arr eternal, are you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "My dear boy. I'm sure that you Robot Masters, if anyone, could know how to give a cyborg a few orifices he didn't have when he first woke up in the morning."

[Radio: (E) Public] Gravity Man transmits, "That might be a good thing, though, Blizz. That just means that if were in Sucret range, we could just poke 'im to death. No mouth or throat, but no arms, either. Poke poke, you're dead. And since brains have no nerve endings, it'd be painless. Hey DeVry, what's your address again?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Gemini Man transmits, "Yeah, but if you attempt to mention anything involving DeVry's anatomy, he'll have to spend the next twenty minutes exaplaining why you're wrong about his structure."

[Radio: (E) Public] Gemini Man transmits, "Despite the fact that his technique is so damn special, he'll talk your ear off whether you want to hear it or not about just how it works."

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "I would not use such...vulgar methods, but aye, Dr. DeVry has become most deserved of a righteous blow from a divinely blessed executioner..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "... Gravity Man, arms are not orifices."

[Radio: (E) Public] Gravity Man transmits, "Like I said: Poke poke."

[Radio: (E) Public] Gravity Man transmits, "Dur, Blizz. They're body parts, though."

Red Tide shakes her head. "I'm not worried about that," she says. "It is something else. And I do not want to say anything else here. Perhaps later, at the Headquarters. But not here and not now."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "He would be able to fight back... Perhaps ineffectively, but he would be able to fight back."

From Fighting Pit, Thunder Triceratops mutters as she misses, and tsks a bit as he leaps behind you. "You can't get away that easily. I can still see you--Urf!" Three hundred and sixty degrees of sensor coverage doesn't warn her of the attack in time though, and she stumbles forward heavily before catching her balance again. Dang felines. "Let's see you dodge this!" She spins around on a foot to face him, just in time for him to see her assortment of guns and launchers flare up, and then send a barrage of gunfire and bombs blazing down on the arena around them, trying to saturate as much of the area as possible. And blowing a few chunks out of the ground and walls while she's at it too.

[Radio: (E) Public] Gravity Man transmits, "It'll be a poke and run, then. Who's got a copy of the Idiot Doctor White Pages?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Are we serious about killing DeVry, or are we just talking smack like usual? ...All of you, we mean."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Landon DeVry transmits, "Such needless hostility."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "... And I wondered why General thought me so intelligent..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gravity Man transmits, "Um... heck, if we /can/ do it, I'm all for it. I was serious about not knowing where he is, though."

Iris glances over at Jet being a comfort to Red Tide, and she grins warmly. This is what she loves about Jet, even still...just that good nature of his, that willingness to share his good nature with others.

Blizzard Man arrives from the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.
Blizzard Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "We could always lure him into a trap, you know."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "We could all kill him pretty easily if you really WANTED to."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gravity Man transmits, "How well do lures work for Brains in Boxes?"

From Fighting Pit, Silver Mane snarls as he sees the array of weapons open up all along Trike's sides, and his red optics narrow sharply. As reports of a massive barrage of projectiles continue to pepper his enhanced sensors, Silver mane stands his ground. Opening his maw widely, he unleashes the fury of one of his most effective weapons. The air in front of his maw literally ripples and vibrates violently with the release of his own personl sonic wave. As the wave rips through the barrage of projectiles, the massive amounts of firepower directed at him either explodes before it reaches its intended destination of gets knocked off course, the ground and walls all exploding around and behind him as the sonic wave rushes forward at the massive Maverick.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "But then again, the broadband is ABOUT pointless bragging, so... we were just asking."

Sword Man sends a radio transmission to Synth.

Synth receives a radio transmission from Sword Man.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "The responsibility for processing DeVry is mine alone."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "He has offended the Master. It is my chore to attend to."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gravity Man transmits, "Well, there you go, then."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "Exactly my point... We... Oh... Well, I guess you won't be needing my assistance, Ballade."

Synth sends a radio transmission.

Sword Man receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Oh. Guess that answers the question. That going to happen any time soon, Ballade?" "We're tired of his yammering."

Sword Man sends a radio transmission.

Synth receives a radio transmission.

From Fighting Pit, The soundwaves bounce off Thunder Triceratops' massive headshield, doing little more than vibrate a bit as her sonic-resistant armoring redirects the attack. "So, you want to make noise, do you?" She ducks her head down a bit, as her horns start to spin, the blades lining their sides vibrating with the rotations, until they finally reach a speed where the blades unlease a massive sonic pulse, much like a pair of spinning tuning forks.

Jet Stingray nods slowly in response to Red Tide, even though his optics are trained on the fight still going on. The Stingray of Justice doesn't take a seat, choosing to stand instead. "It'll be okay. If you want to talk about it though, just know that the ray's radio is always up for a listen..."

Red Tide doesn't look away from the match. "I will," she says to Jet, honestly. "And I think I will do it now - I cannot stay here any longer. I am going back." She rises, preparing to pick her way out.

Iris watches Red Tide leaving, and her brow furrows in worry. Yet...she doesn't try to stop her fellow Repliforcer. She can understand that feeling of 'needing to be here', yet being upset by the proceedings all the same.

Just like with a few nights ago, the armored Robot Master, Knight Man, clomps up the steps entering the specator section of the arena loudly. For now he watches the current fight, and seems like he's looking around for someone or other.

Synth stands from her seat, giving Sword a polite nod as she turns to make her way out of the arena. This has gotten rather boring, and now that the fight between Metal and Sword is over...

Meanwhile, coming in not too far behind from the snack bar is Archer Colossus. Eyeing up his future opponent, Arch frowns, before taking a sip from his bottled water. No E-tanks tonight. He needs to stay clear-headed.

Sword Man simply nods in return. "Good eve, Lady Synth." He then turns toward the exit/entrance and sees Knight. He nods toward his direction, but says nothing, being out of hearing range at the moment.

From Fighting Pit, Silver Mane's optics widen as the sudden rush of sonic waves is reversed on him. He does his level best to get the hell out of the way as the sonic blast comes rushing in at him, and only succeeds in getting slammed backwards into the wall of the Pit, the cement crunching and flaking off around him as the sonic waves do their best to crush a hole through the massive wall. As the cement crumbles and falls down around and over his body, Silver Mane pulls himself out of the concave indentation in the wall. He snarls deeply, showing asll of his silver teeth, it looking to the outside like he's yet to be damaged, his silver metal flowing over his body and reforming. With the first step, two rather massive blades appear in Silver Mane's hands. With a massive one-two, Silver Mane sends the massive swords spinning off through the air towards the Maverick, the blades whistling loudly in the air. As he takes the next step and the step after that, Silver Mane starts grabbing pieces of his liquid metal body that all form themselves into multiple blades of all shapes and sizes as he pulls and throws, all in one smooth motion, sending a veritable wave of blades hurtling at Trike.

Synth enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

Synth has left.

Blizzard Man stumbles in, a line of tin cans and a cow bell attached to him. "You'd think I destroyed half the city last time I was here for all the noise makers they want me to wear." he mutters quietly, moving towards the stands.

Search Man has disconnected.

Red Tide heads out, obviously ill-at-ease.

Red Tide enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

Red Tide has left.

Knight Man didn't just pose here, you were seeing things. What he was REALLY doing was getting ready for a match, yeah.

Archer Colossus has arrived.

Overseer Hydra wobbles out into the pit. Wasting no time, he points a tentacle at Knight, "Heads or tails?"

Knight Man steps out, and eyes the Hydra "Heads."

Overseer Hydra points a tentacle toward... Archer! "Tails. Begin!"

Archer Colossus nods, taking a combat stance. Pulling the silvery bow from his back, he quickly reaches for his quiver, an arrow quickly shunted up into his waiting hand. Nocking and drawing back the bow, Archer wastes little time as upon the head, a whipped cream pie springs out of it's subspacial reduction. "Hope you like Meringue bucket-head!" grins Archer playfully, as he releases the missile with a soft twanging of the bowstring.

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Gimmick Arrow for 5 units of damage.

Knight Man inwardly swears to himself as he guessed wrong. Oh well, it's a fight nevertheless right? Well, seems not, it's more an episode of the Looney Tunes than a fight apparently. The pie spluts over his face, the impact of the arrow behind it leaving a dent in his helmet. He wipes the cream from his face, looking quite irritated. Not a good way to start off a fight with Knight Man by insulting him. Mace and Shield are readied as Medieval Clunker charges at Archer, as he comes within range, his arm raises up and swings down... to smash his face with his shield. Booya.

You strike Archer Colossus with your Shield Smash attack.

Archer Colossus staggers back, head knocked downwards by the impact. Mechfluid leaking a slight trail down from his nostril, Archer grins slyly. "Pretty good, you're as rough as I've been told." he admits, with a wink. Realizing he might have to stay up-close and personal, Arch tries to get some distance, and stick to his strengths. So, he fakes a lunge inwards, before jetting back, and into the air at full speed, hopefully nailing Knight with his Jetpacks and boot jets. Burn baby, burn!

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Jetpack Backfire for 5 units of damage.

Knight's rougher than that. He's big, slow, and strong as an Ox. He's Guts Man meets A Knight's Tale. And there's no way in heck he's getting out of the way of that backfire blast, it does a good job of melting some of the outer layer of his armor around his feet. He snerks as Archer tries to get away from him. Yeah, all the good that'll do. Lemme fill you in on something, Knight Man has a big spikey ball, that big spikey ball is attatched to his arm, and a length of chain. How much of a length? He's not sure, he's never had to test it to it's limits yet. Archer ain't out of it's distance yet though. As he pulls his arm back from the shield smash, the other one is shot forward, the mace flying off it, chain reeling behind it, as it soars towards Archer. Close up, far away, whatever.

You strike Archer Colossus with your Flail attack.

Archer Colossus frowns, and narrows his optics as the mace sends him even further backwards. And as his armor cracks, and some circuitry's exposed, Archers's resolve hardens. It's time to get a bit more serious. First things first. Let's take out that shield arm. Landing, Archer draws out another arrow, taking aim, and going right for the elbow joint of the arm holding Knight's shield. With a thwip, and the hiss of the arrow leaving the string, Archer's missile flies for the target.

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Called Shot for 19 units of damage.

You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man moves slow and is a big target, Archer can aim good. What can I say? The big lunk is going to be taking a lot of hits throughout. Though lucky for ol buckethead, his arm is still in the process of moving back from the first blow, and the arrow doesn't strike the joint, just the bulk of the arm. It still hurt nonetheless. He growls deeply as his eyes narrow, ok, that'll hurt for awhile. As his mace is recalled, he attatches his shield to his back again, he'll have to wait a bit before he can use that arm again. Oh well, no huge loss. One arm is all he needs at the moment. His huge armored feet suddenly tear through the ground as he charges Archer again. Oh great, what now? Hey, his mace arm just turned back into a normal hand, which he uses to grasp at Archer, not to attack, but hold him still so he can deliver the follow-up headbutt. Seems his hard head CAN come in handy.

You strike Archer Colossus with your Headbutt attack.

Archer Colossus feels his forhead dent, and as the fluid rushes down into his optics, Archer snarls. Enough, is most definitely enough. Hand lashing out reflexively, Archer's hand is made into a open-palmed strike, as he goes right for the throat area of Knight Man, an area where hopefully his helmet fails to cover. No cocky comments, no smug chatter, it's time to get violent.

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Open Palm Throat Thrust for 1 units of damage.

Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Archer Colossus's Open Palm Throat Thrust attack.

Yep, there IS just one small crack of his helmet where his hand goes through. Though Knight Man's a pretty big guy, he is stunned nevertheless, though it doesn't look like he'll be so for long, so if he's going to attack, do it quickly. And things will most certainly be getting violent in a few moments...

A few seconds are all Archer needs. For the sharpshooter, the arena begins to shrink, as does the taller Knight, but in reality, it's Archer who's increasing in height, as he increases to his full titanic twenty feet. And then, he takes a martial arts stance, making a good many gestures to the left and right, before lashing out with two chops and a thrust to the chin.

Archer Colossus changes into his Capital C armor.

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Ultra Megaton Punch Combo for 8 units of damage.

Ultra Megaton Punch Combo? Well good thing for Archer he's not some anime protagonist that likes to shout out his attack names before/during using them. Else he'd look pretty stupid. Takes a few quick steps back to look up at the towering mass. Oh well, the bigger they are, and all that. Knight takes a brief second to grasp the arrow in his arm and yank it out before turning his hand back into a mace. He doesn't need that sticking out, possibly hitting things being driven farther in. Now then, what to do with Archie McBigTall... same thing Knight Man always does, smash him, size makes no difference. He loosens the mace on his chain, and swings it over his head a few times, one good thing over this is that Knight Man is likely the more agile one of the two. Or at the very least Archer is now a big target. A big target that now has a big spikey ball thrown at it, mace-in-the-face!

You miss Archer Colossus with your Morningstar attack.

Grinning, Archer hops to the side with a speed and agility unfitting his large mass. And as he lands, he takes another stance, arms lighting aflame. The flames extend, forming twin scimitar-style blades from each limb. Carefully, he twists back, before twisting inwards in a lunch, blades dancing across towards Knight with a firey 'X' trailing the weapons.

Archer Colossus strikes you with his Inferno Cross for 22 units of damage.

Knight Man new about the size, he didn't account on his being so agile. Great, what a bother. A bother... and some nice searing pain to go along with it as he's hit by the Infernoy Crossy thing. He suffers in the blaze for a few moments before kicking in his leg hydraulics and leaping straight up out of it. Ok, it's time to be a tad more defensive, meaning that he grabs his shield again. Probably might not do a lot of good due to his injured arm, but thems the breaks. With his mace firmly attatched to his arm again, he veers in mid-air and begins to descend towards Archer, shield extended in front of him with his arm held back, almost like a stored punch except with a mace, a punch which he lets go right at about Archer's mid-section.

You strike Archer Colossus with your Mace attack.

Knight Man puts his guard up.

Archer Colossus blinks as his warning lights come up. Defintely flee time, even though he doesn't want to. Frowning, he shrinks down, and signals to the Hydra. "Alright. I can't continue, much as I'd like. I'd be compromising vitals." he sighs, obviously ready to go further. "I must admit, you're a strong combatant. I shouldn't have underestimated you, even a little." adds Archer, extending a hand.

Archer Colossus changes into his Archer armor.

Overseer Hydra rises to his feet, waving several tentacles, "The match is over! Winner: Knight Man!"

Dawn has arrived.

Andromeda has arrived.

Knight Man sees that his shield was no longer necessary. And reattatches it to his back. He harumphs "Underestimateth me or any of mine brothers, and thou shalt meeteth a quick end in our battles." He doesn't say anything more, and turns and walks out.

From Pit 2, Once Knight Man and Archer Colossus have left, Overseer Hydra turns toward the next two combatants. Nodding toward Andromeda, he asks, "Heads or tails?"

From Pit 2, Archer Colossus sneers. "Punk! I don't give props out easy. I see you later, your bucket head, Wily beer chuggin ass is mine. Least you could do is shake!" yells the Colossus, visibly pissed.

Archer Colossus has arrived.

Shaking is for wusses and goodie two shoes

Knight Man clomps out of his battle area, obviously pleased with himself.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Pleaseth... tis THAT all the fight Repliforce shalt haveth in them in these games?"

Archer Colossus meanwhile storms out of the area, visibly ticked. So ticked that as he passes a random criminal reploid, his hand snakes out for his bottle of Iridium, and rewards him with a showcasing of the middle finger for even looking irked at his loss. Grunting, Arch heads for the stands, to watch the next few contests.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "In English, that means you won?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Yes twin-head, I won. Dideth thou haveth any doubt?"

Morph Moth has disconnected.

From Pit 2, Dawn shows up for the final round with an odd weapon. Stepping into the arena, she's carrying the rusted-out hulk of an old Armored Personnel Carrier overhead, probably as a weapon/shield, and awaits the coin-toss result.

From Pit 2, Andromeda enters the arena, passing by the wily Knight and the screaming colossus as she makes a quick note for her registration and then steps up to the starting area after Dawn. Once again she's completely covered head to toe in her armor.

From Pit 2, Overseer Hydra flips the coin and points toward Dawn, "Tails. Begin!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Loaded question."

Centaur Man has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Don't thou start."

From Pit 2, Dawn launches forward at a run while her backpack's flight thrusters unfurl. Tossing the APC into the air, her hands burst into flame as she makes a lunging leap towards Andromeda, and tries to bring down a double-axehandle style punch to the head.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "Let us enjoy our victory without bickering."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "There shalt be many more to come, I wonder who mine next pathetic opponent shalt be..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Hey, yeah, congrats, we s'pose."

From Pit 2, Andromeda dashes off to the side quickly as Dawn tosses the APC in the air. Springing off the ground she floats effortlessly off of the ground, aiming with her arm cannon and firing off a wide spray of green acid that hisses and burns as Romi floats up into the air, gaining more altitude.

From Pit 2, Dawn lets the APC hit the ground with a loud *CRASHWHUMP*, but it's more or less ok. She jumps just as the acid strikes, burning at her in the hip area and digging a fair way in. The jump provides a bit more momentum for her flight-thrust, propelling her up towards Andromeda with a rising uppercut.

Thunder Triceratops has disconnected.

Firestorm Phoenix has reconnected.

From Pit 2, Andromeda is knocked completely backwards by this next strike, making the black and green clad hunter spin head of heals in the air before she rights herself once more and curls herself into a crouch in mid air, taking aim with her arm cannon before firing off a heavy blast of white hot plasma.

From Pit 2, Dawn swings aside in midair after her punch, then shoots upward to avoid the plasma. Producing a collapsable/extendable metal staff from her backpack, she extends it and zings in towards Andromeda and makes a thrust for the gut with the weapon, then starts heading back down to ground.

From Pit 2, Andromeda lands on one of the clear barriers of the arena as she twists out of the way of Dawn's staff. As Dawn is rushing toward ground where the APC is. Romi's arm cannon expands as she loads a missile that a few moments later streaks out of her arm cannon, making a bee line for Dawn and then exploding, spraying cryogenic ooze everywhere.

From Pit 2, Dawn brings the flame up around her hands again, and sends a thin streak of it at the incoming missile. A dead on hit that causes it to detonate prematurely. Landing next to the APC, she flings her staff up at Andromeda and then picks the vehicle up over her head.

Sword Man enters the Tartarus - Arena Lobby.

Sword Man has left.

From Pit 2, Andromeda takes a risk and dives down the arena, hanging in the air upside-down and getting just low enough to hit Dawn while she's holding the APC up. Bracing her cannon with her left hand she fires off a the crackling blue sphere of a electromagnetic pulse to make Dawn release the weapon or worse.

From Pit 2, Dawn tilts back a bit off balance as the pulse hits, which causes her to drop the APC behind her and trip to the ground. Her backpack's thrusters bring her back up to a seated posture, but even that motion is sluggish.

From Pit 2, Andromeda takes advantage of the moment and quickly charges up the plasma in her arm cannon. The whirring of heating comes from the cannon slowly before a series of white hot pulses errupt from her arm cannon to strike at the stunned Dawn. Once fired Romi then takes the chances to rise into the air once more and putting distance between her and Dawn.

From Pit 2, Dawn gets back to her feet just as the plasma strikes into her chest, burning more of her frame away and drawing a pained 'hiss' from her. That's when she backflips behind the APC and kicks it up at Andromeda...then launches into the air to catch up to it, grab it in mid-air, and swing it at her in hopes of negating the range difference.

From Pit 2, Andromeda is knocked back into the far wall by the strike from the APC and comes back down to the floor with a crash, her visor out and she unmoving from the frown, several pieces of the black plated armor shearing off.

From Pit 2, Overseer Hydra rises up and waves a few tentacles, "Match ends. Dawn is the winner of the round and the match."

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