Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level)

This room, when not in use, is nothing but a big black box with a gridwork of shimmering yellow-green lines. But when the voice-activated computer is in use, it can become absolutely anything, from a thousand feet underwater to an Arabian desert, tropical rainforest, or Arctic tundra. Custom simulations can also be created by users, and often obstacle courses or gaunlets are used. The holographic medical drone can repair simulated damage instantly, and so the room is also popular for sparring and combat practice. But in this particular room, illusion meets reality, and anything you can think you can do.

Quick Man [Quick] [RM]
Three Story Doomsday Cage
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).

The training room has changed from it's usual gridwork pattern into metallic panels and ledges. Behind the panels is a vast array of lethal-looking weaponry, from plasma turrets and energy blades, to buzzsaws and spike launchers, to crushing walls and electrified whips. It's alot like the Danger Room from the X-Men comics. This place is a deathtrap to anyone but the fastest and most skilled of people. Like it's creator, Quick Man. He uses this room to keep himself at maximum efficiency.

Quick Man is in the middle of the room, dodging attacks from the rooms weapon systems.

Knight Man clomps in. This is the first time he's been back to base since his.. rebuilding. Since his new hideout...err... mansion has no training facilities, he decided to return just to keep himself from getting rusty. In all actuality, he wouldn't mind it if his armor could get rusty, take that blasted shine out of it. But thanks to Tron's handy work he's stuck with this goody-goody shine on his armor. He's wearing his cross helmet, but the usual shadow is absent, his now handsome face is clearly seen behind the mask. Shining silver and gold all over, he is no longer that symbol of terror he once was. However one thing remains the same, he can still kick some major aft, and he's come to prove that.

Quick Man doesn't recognize Knight Man at first, but then he remembers what had happened to him. He fires Quick Boomerangs into all the attacking weapons extending from the walls, severing energy blades and impaling blasters, then looks at Knight Man. "Hey little bro! Good to see your pretty face again," he says with a grin. "Finally decided to stop sulking and come home, eh? Well, it's good to hear your voice again. Well, the new one that Miss Tron gave you."

Knight Man growls, it's probably the only noise he can make that can sound threatening, and even then it's kind of iffy. "Still thy tounge brother, I'll not put up with any tomfoolery at mine expense. If thou art going to teaseth me then thou hast better back it up."

Quick Man grins. "Yeah, sorry. So, you up for some training? The only one of us that has really been in here often has been Yamato, and it gets boring fighting him over and over." He waves his hand around the room. "That, and I've gotten the hang of this room I made already. It's gotten pretty easy since I first loaded it." Wow, you can almost see his ego inflating.

Knight Man hmphs "Tch, brother Yamato hast never beaten me yet. I twas looking for a better challenge, but since no one else dost seem to be around, thou will have to do." He snickers, his stinging words for the most part mean nothing when they come out of that voice of his. Though it would be wise to note his weapon hasn't been softened in the least.

Quick Man laughs. "Hey, just because I haven't scrapped you yet doesn't mean you can say I'm weak. I took out Gemini Man twice, one time against both of them. Him and his hologram, I mean." He shrugs. "But I guess you think your tough, since you're so heavily armored. But that must really slow you down, huh? Just being strong and tough don't make you a good fighter. Ya gotta be able to move around." He demonstrates this by cartwheeling around the room in only a few seconds. "If you can't move, you can't dodge, and the enemy will wear you down."

Knight Man snickers "Bah! With a flailing lightweight such as thee, I'd only have to timeth a strike at the right moment and that shouldst puteth thee to a quick stop." But with that, no more fooling around. He grabs his shield from his back and forms his mace hand. "I'll leteth thee take the first strike." He stands ready.

Quick Man bows deeply. "How very noble of you, good sir knight." He then breaks into a run, speeding at Knight Man at near sonic speed, and tries to ram him with his shoulder.

Quick Man misses you with his Body Check attack.

Knight Man snickers, and sidesteps the attack. Sure Quick Man is.. well, Quick, but since he was on the other side of the room, it gave even Knight Man enough time to get out of the way. He prepares his Mace and readies his shield to ward off any attacks "Haveth at thee knave!" See Mace. See Mace Swing. Swing Mace Swing! See Mace. See Mace Fling. Fling Mace Fling!

You miss Quick Man with your Morningstar attack.

The samurai walks into the danger-filled room, gazing around in dismay. He misses his green fields and blue sky already. Sticking near the perimeter, he looks out at the Knight/Quick fight, observing the interplay between the two.

Quick Man stops to a halt, and curses. He turns around, and sees the Really Big Ball of Spiky Steel Death hurtling towards his face. He ducks just in time, and the mace passes just over his head. He looks up, and breaths a sigh of relief, then moves to the side and pulls the Wing Boomerang off his back. He then hurls it at Knight, the giant boomerang spinning through the air like a buzzsaw.

Quick Man strikes you with his Wing Boomerang for 17 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man tries to move his shield to intercept the blade, but comes just short as it buzzsaws into his shoulder. He winces, but for the most part isn't greatly damaged. "Bah, lucky shot." He quickly recals the chain and snaps the mace securly on his arm. He then charges at his temporarily idle brother and tries to bash his face in with his mace. Hammer punch!

You miss Quick Man with your Mace attack.

Quick Man grins as the ball of pain comes towards his face, and just before it hits, he dodges the blow by leaping into the air. He looks at the still spinning Wing Boomerang and catches it as it returns to him, then swings it downwards as he falls back to the ground.

Quick Man misses you with his Slash attack.

Yamato Man has found something solid to crouch on at the sidelines, watching the battle between Knight Man and Quick Man unfold.

Knight Man manages to maneuver around the sharp sharp boomerang in time. And finds his shield hand in the perfect position, right under Quick's face. Shield in the face!!

You miss Quick Man with your Shield Smash attack.

Quick Man leans his head back, and the shield passes his face as he lands. He then attemps to hook the Wing Boomerang around Knight Man's ankle and knock him off his feet.

Quick Man strikes you with his Trip Up for 3 units of damage.

Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Quick Man's Trip Up attack.

Clamp....Clamp...clamp. Entering the Training Room is the large Robot Master. The tall Equine Master has both arms folded. The optics glimmers about, ebfore staring over towards Knight and Heat Man. His eyes shift over towards the Samurai, nodding towards him. His arm extend out, signalling for Yamato Man to approach him. It is almost as Centaur Man has been searching for his brother. Well, coming from the entrance of the room is a cabbit, who is jumping up to Centaur Man's shoulders. "Myaa!"

The samurai's eyes track over towards Centaur as he enters. He has no immediate reaction to the cabbit, but does react to the signal. Silently, he rises and moves over to Centaur, standing at attention in front of his commanding officer. "Good evening, brother," he directs to Centaur.

The eyes glean over towards his brother, "Greetings....I wish to speak with you." He murmurs, while petting Seizui on top of her forehead. A faint smile emits some more, not watching the fight at all.

KERTHUMP! The lumbering Knight falls flat on his face. As quick as he can he staggers to his feet. Quick hasn't done too much damage on him yet, but he has yet to strike him. By the time he get's to his feet, Quick Man should have ample time to attack again.

Quick Man runs back aways from his prettyboy brother, then aims his Quick Boomerang launcher at the fallen paladin(heh). He grins, then fires the almighty Quick Boomerang at Knight Man.

Quick Man strikes you with his Quick Boomerang for 25 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man arghs as the famous Quick Boomerang strikes into his back. Wincing, he grumbles "Alright, that art it!" He quickly loosens his mace and swings it over his head. But when it reaches a good momentum, instead of just firing it at Quick, he charges THEN fires, giving him a better aim with closer distance.

You strike Quick Man with your Knight Chain attack.

"I am here," the samurai directs to his equine brother. "How may I be of service?"

Quick Man gets slammed in the chest with the mace, sending him tumbling backwards. When he climbs to his feet, you can see the big dent where he got creamed, with a few holes in it as well, leaking mechfluid. "Oof." He looks up at Knight Man and frowns, then charges Knight Man as he charges him, hoping to add momentum to the collision.

Quick Man misses you with his Body Check attack.

Knight Man laughs as Quick Man charges him. Sure with the speeds Quicky can reach, an impact would hurt a lot. However it's also hard to manuever when you go so fast. And once again he steps out of the way. As Quick tumbles to the ground over a missed tackle, he hurls the mace at his fallen form from above, hoping to crush him now from the other side.

You miss Quick Man with your Flail attack.

Quick Man rolls out of the way of the blow, and jumps to hes feet. "Not bad." With that, he hurls the Wing Boomerang at Knight Man once more.

Quick Man strikes you with his Wing Boomerang for 25 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Centaur Man addresses towards Yamato Man, while closing his eyes. "Brother, I have selected you, out of all Masters to train you on taking my place on leading the Zeta Squad. I will be putting you under training til I see it fit for you to take my place."

Knight Man arghs again, as another bladed boomerang thunks into his armor, cutting into the circuits beneath. With Mechfluid draining out of various gashes and tears in his armor, he is starting to run out of strength. Growling, he secures his Mace to his arm again and charges Quick, going for another nice punch to the face with his mace.

You miss Quick Man with your Mace attack.

The samurai is silent a moment, looking into Centaur's eyes. There is no immediate reaction -- he seems to be considering Centaur's words very closely, focusing on the facts before speaking again.
"It is an honor, brother," says Yamato. "But why me? Why not another?"

Quick Man leans to the side of the punch, and grabs the Wing Boomerang and pulls it out of Knight Man's side. "Can I have this back? Thanks." He then backpedals quickly, and reattaches the boomerang to his back. He then charges Knight Man again, trying to hit the broad side of this barn of a robot.

Knight Man deflects Body Check from Quick Man.
Quick Man misses you with his Body Check attack.

Knight Man hmphs as Quick Man charges him, right for the side where his shield is "Fool!!" Firmly planting his feet on the ground he extends his shield towards Quick Man with the same, or more force than Quick is charging at him. Quick Man is about to run into a wall.

You miss Quick Man with your Shield Smash attack.

Quick Man is kweek like a neenja, though, and grabs the top of the shield and flips over Knight Man. He then pulls the Wing Boomerang of his back agains, and slashes at the back of his little bro, who he loves sooooo much(not).

Knight Man deflects Slash from Quick Man.
Quick Man misses you with his Slash attack.

Pondering for a moment, he then nods. "Well, you see. I need someone to keep the herd together. I have been taking that responsibility too long...It is time that I train someone to be the next leader....And to answer your question, you are one of the few active members of the Zeta Squad that I've seen..." Centaur Man shifts his eyes towards Knight Man briefly. "I fear that brother Knight will take over the Zeta Squad with an Iron Fist of tyrannaty...I'm afraid..I need someone fair and collected, yet fearless in battle. So that is why I have chosen you."

Knight Man rolls out of the way, as Quick's boomerange only meets shield again. He stands, and pays some slight attention to Centuar's and Yamato's conversation. He know's what they're talking about. However he'll throw a comment in later, you see, there's a Quick Man who needs smashing! Spinning his mace over his head again he flings it at his speedy brother.

You miss Quick Man with your Morningstar attack.

The samurai listens intently, his mind on Centaur's words, his eyes regularly on Knight Man's fight. "I will dedicate myself to learning from you, brother, and will honor you by my service."

Quick Man /cartwheels/ to the side of that one, and stops a distance away. "Come on, you can do better than that! Or can you?" He grins, then tries to ram Knight Man again. Third time's the charm, right?

Quick Man strikes you with his Body Check for 24 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Bass arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Bass has arrived.

Knight Man tries to stand his ground again as Quick charges, but with all the searing cuts he's recieved, the impact from the collision is more than enough to fell him. He topples backwards when Quick collides. As the simulation ends, the damage dissapears, and he slowly stands, wordless.

A nod is given, before Centaur Man glance over towards Knight Man. "....The first thingh to do is to test your fighting skills." A smile is given briefly, before walking over towards the Arena. He pets Seizui on the head briefly. "Now Seizui..." He tickles her furry chest, before smiling again.

Medical Drone has reset your health to full endurance.

The doors to the training facility hisses open. The noise is almost impreceptible, likely to be caught only by the most attentive. Of course, the ringing footfalls of black armored boots on decking is nice a loud. Moving upwards, more black armor encases the new arrival... and on his head is the distinctive finned helmet.

Oh, and right behind him? And exact copy. That's right folks. There's /two/ of him.

Quick Man looks at his brother triumphantly. "Well now, you see why you shouldn't judge people too quickly?", he says as the holographic dent in his torso disappears.

The samurai begins to follow Centaur into the arena, waving his hand through the air and giving the holographic generators a mental command. Reality warps to his will, the environment changing into Yamato's customary arena.

Yamato Man taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

Quick Man then looks over towards Bass. "Oh, hi Ba-" His jaw drops as he sees the other Bass. "Uh, Bass? There's like, /two/ of you." oO(Oh, god, twice as much pain.)Oo

Knight Man sneers, he's mad, but that blasted prettyboy voice Tron programmed into him is all that escapes his mouth "Thou were lucky Quick Man, and don't thou forgeteth that. I don't care who I dost have to proveth it to! I shalt not let this humiliation destroyeth mine reputation! I don't careth if I have to beateth brother Guts, or Sir 'Fin head' in order to proveth it!" He says 'Fin head' with a bit of a sneer, mad at Bass for originally keeping Wily's status from them, and thus causing Knight to go off on a suicide mission and having Tron rebuild him. Of course he has no idea Bass is standing right behind him. THat'll change shortly, no doubt.

"Sir... Fin Head, Knight Man?"

Bass calmly inspects his fingers as he strolls further into the chamber, his double copying every move he makes. "I like the voice. Normally I'd be sympathic to your plight... but I do believe you just issued a challenge." He lifts his gaze from his fingers, shifting his glare to Knight Man. "I accept."

Walking into the Center of the Stage, Centaur Man begins to enter towards the rectangular sparring court. A faint smile is given as he drops his hand forward, letting the cabbit go. The cabbit starts to nuzzle up to Centaur Man. "Move on Seizui, daddy has to go into battle." The cabbit gives a sullen look, before exiting the fighting ring to watch.

Quick Mans face turns white, and he looks at Knight like he just regurgitated Tunnel Rhino. He then runs a very good distance away from Knight Man, as to get out of the line of fire.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "Hmm. You all let Tron get her hooks into Knight Man after the destruction of Skull Citadel?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] #48 Yamato Man transmits, "We had no other option, m'lord."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man transmits, "Why not? No one /else/ was here."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "SOMEONE had to rebuild him, Bass Dude!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...I didn't 'get my hooks' into him... ...I repaired him! ...It was either that or be without one of your strongest Robot Masters untill Wily was capable..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "Mmmph. And the voice, Tron?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...a lesson."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man mutters something in an unidentifiable language.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...and I believe It's a /cute/ voice, thank you!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "I see. Of course, you /were/ aware that the Old Man was alive at the time, correct?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "..."

Knight Mans eyes grow wide, wider than normal. On his face his a bit of a mix of shock, and some fear thrown in. Why do people always sneak up behind him and overhear what they shouldn't? Composing himself, he turns to Bass, with his usual expression of arrogance, plastered on that handsome face Tron gave him. Some deep Macabre part of him wishes they weren't in the training facility, so Bass' upcoming thrashing of him would releive him of this body Tron built. But not even Knight Man is that willing to be demolished. There was that lapse of judgement which got him into this mess, but that's a different story. "Tch, twas not a formal challenge sir Bass, but since thou art here..." He readies his Mace, eyeing the two of him, wondering what the other will do througout the battle "I've been wanting to test mineself against thee someday, though I wasn't aware thou had a twin..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Strongest? Heh. I just beat him, so would that make me one of the strongest as well?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*growling*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "...Were you, Tron?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man transmits, "We.... we, ah, weren't sure... and besides, he couldn't wait. Could he?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "You're just quick Quick."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...I was trusting in the Wisdom of the Doctor... he, and /you/ specificaly ordered me not to tell /anyone/... ...so I did not."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "If it weren't for the fact that you can outrun us all we'd crush you with a couple of blows."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "I had informed Tron that the Old Man was alive and well. I find it... interesting you didn't see fit to share this information."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta XO Clown Man transmits, "...I like to think I'm pretty strong. *grunting like trying to flex*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Thou.... KNEW Lord Wily was ALIVE???"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man transmits, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks softly. "I'll... be over here now..."

Knight Man takes a moment to spaz into his radio

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks then, snaping out at Astro's Question. ".../Bass/ ordered me not to!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Thou KNEW Lord Wily was alive, and thou kept thine mouth shut whilest I goteth mineself demolished, and rebuilt me like this when there was NO NEED OF IT???"

Bass takes a moment to grin nastily at the nice little fix he got Tron into. He still hasn't forgiven her for the whole 'Khan' incident.

The samurai walks into the arena, at a comfortable fighting distance away from Centaur Man. He looks over at Bass, then the other Bass, then Knight Man. Another reason Knight Man shouldn't lead Zeta -- he doesn't know when to keep his commentary to himself.
He looks back to Centaur, producing his spear from hyperspace and sliding his hands along its length, putting it in a defensive formation in front of him. He tries to put the radio conversation out of his mind. He will `attend' to Tron Bonne at a later time for mangling one of his own squad members. A suitable punishment will come to him when the Gods see fit to present it.
"Brother," he says. "Let this battle be as glorious as our vengeance against our foes." He crouches slightly, eyes locking onto Centaur's, awaiting the first volley.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "I don't recall giving any such order, Tron."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...there was a need. You needing the /Lesson/, Knight Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "*calmly and quietly*...You...knew?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...you /said/ yourself that I should 'keep up the act'... to fool the Enemy Side. ...I trusted in the Wisdom of Wily... ...and kept my mouth shut."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man, angrier than usual: "Who'm I supposed to believe, Force Commander Bass, or a little girl? I can't believe you didn't tell us our Father was alive. I'd do it for you, if your weird brother was missing!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "I say we tar and feather Tron."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta XO Clown Man transmits, "Do we also NEED to panic as well? Answer that correctly, Tronnie... and I just might leave you in enough pieces to be buried."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "Ah. I believe I meant that you should present our /enemies/ with a ruse. Oh... and before you get any ideas. Remember what happened /last/ time you attempted to alter my... design."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "And THOU shalt soon be needing a lesson woman! Tch, you women can never shut thine mouths usually, yet ye saw fit to be silent whilst I went out and got beaten!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "...Well, I guess it's better that we fooled our enemies to thinking he was dead."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "I remember that last time. Wasn't that when you bustered that super arm off me? Then went on to use it against thine enemy and smote thy well?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne snaps out, anger in her own voice! "...I was instructed by Bass, which I thought came directly from the Doctor. ...I would have told you all..." Tron hesitates, trying to find something to say... her voice weakening. "...I... I..." Tron sighs softly... "...I'm sorry..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*low growling, and general pissed off sounds*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "Now now, Knight Man. We have something to... attend to."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man says in a soft, disappointed tone, "Such unnecessary suffering..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man transmits, "Well..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Astro Man transmits, "If you're sorry, I suppose... well, you are just a little girl human."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta XO Clown Man transmits, "*brief growl* NOT good enough, Tronnie... Be thankful, Dad still have use of you... *another growl, before a click*"

Yes, disrespecting one another truly eliminates one from being leader. Centaur Man draws himself forward, extending both hands out. The fingers are tighten a bit, as his eyes narrow to face Yamato Man. "For victory of the Robot Masters."


Centaur Man bows as the voice gets to Round one, before fighting. But as soon as it tgets to Fight, Centaur Man begins to make the first move by running the right hoof against the ground. The grinding of the metal emits of the hooves. Then, Centaur Man is dashing voer towards his Samurai Brother, attempting to charge at him.

Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Charge attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*finally, the growling stops, and his voice is surprisingly calm.* Very well Tron, I shalt forgiveth about this incident. However, I shalt not forget. Remember that. And now, I DO haveth something to attend to indeed, excuseth me."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "...Well, I forgive you Tron. Bass might not have been very clear on his orders, and you might have misinterpreted them, which made you think that he meant not to tell us either."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Don't worry Tron. I'm not mad at you. I believe in you kiddo. *A moment of silence. Then Guts Man bursts into laughter* BAHAHAHAHAH Oh I just can't say that and keep a straight face."

Bass glances at his 'double'. "This?" His smile grows, lips curling up. "This will be a... suprise for a certain pajama clad annoyance." He reaches inside his armor to produce a small control. Pressing a few buttons sends Bass #2 to go stand against the wall, expression oddly blank. "It is... no concern of yours. Your concern rests upon what will happen once /they/ are finished."

The samurai braces down as Centaur charges, having a plan of action in his mind. Having reviewed Centaur's other battles, he decides to allow the attack to meet its mark. The Equine Master may find it odd that Yamato just stands there, lowering his spear...
Until, as Centaur crunches into his shoulder plate, he shifts his hands into the `rising sun' formation and stabs up into his chest, looking for first blood.

Yamato Man strikes Centaur Man with his Spear Stab attack.

Seizui glances over towards Bass, then back at Centaur and Yamato Man. The Cabbit is clapping her paws towards Centaur Man'. "Myaa!!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks weakly, her voice pained as she tries to find words, all she can do is say... "...I'm sorry, Crystal Man... I... oh... enough! Shut up, Guts Man!" Tron is... very close to sobbing. "...Tell the Doctor that his Project is finished... I just havn't had the time to turn it in with the recent... crisises."

Knight Man finishes talking to his radio, he'll deal with Tron later. And besides, the OTHER person responsible for hiding Wily's condition is standing in front of him. While this is one person he CAN fight, it's also one person who could probably blow the crap out of him as well. It's not impossible to win, he'd have to play his cards right... and be REALLY lucky. Thank Wily he's in the training facility. He shrugs "Whatevereth. I'm sure MegaMan will LOVE that little toy. But no matter..." He readies his mace, he's not going to give Bass an break, cause then Knight Man will end up broken, he charges, claiming the first attack "Prepareth thineself!"
Oh, and he uses his Mace, duh.

You miss Bass with your Morningstar attack.

Well, Sadly, first blood doesn't take place. There may be a cut towards Centaur Man's chest, but it is not too bad. Centaur Man growls as he is slammed back. His hand draws towards his chest, grinning a bit. "Not bad....." He twists his body in a snapping motion, both front hooves grasping to the ground. With a powerful snap, the hind legs extend towards Yamato Man's chest, attempting to send him flying to a distance.

Centaur Man misses Yamato Man with his Hoof Smash attack.
Yamato Man deflects Hoof Smash from Centaur Man.

Bass doesn't even blink as the head of the mace whistles towards his head. Attempting to attack while the foe is unready? Good tactics. Problem is? Bass is /always/ ready for a fight. He ducks, letting the ball and chain whistle over his head as he charges forwards, Dash Jets flaring to life.

"Prepare? I'm always ready."

Idly he reaches up and grips the chain, using it to haul Knight Man forwards with Bass' own hellish strength. And his fist leads the way...

Bass strikes you with his Punch for 1 units of damage.

The samurai bends like a bamboo reed as Centaur thrashes above him, drawing out his spear and spinning it around himself to maintain his balance. When the hooves come up, he strikes out with his spear, redirecting the force up and away from him.
As his foe is knocked off-balance, he swats out with the butt of his spear towards the back of Centaur's head, looking to set up a combo attack. This is less a fight of blood than it is of form and technique -- and Yamato is fighting especially scientifically at the moment.

Yamato Man strikes Centaur Man with his Spear Slam attack.

Knight Man urks as he is dragged towards the Finheaded one, and has a quick blow to the gut delivered. It's disorientating, but not too damaging, just leaving a nice Bass-fist-shaped dent in his stomach. Wincing, he steps back, not saying anything, and quickly recalls his Mace into his arm, it reeling back into place with surprising speed and force, Knight Man manuevers his arm so it'll strike Bass on the way back as well.

You strike Bass with your Flail attack.

This was a big mistake by Centaur Man. He is whacked towards the back of the head with the spear, hurled towards the ground. After a loud crash is emitted by the contact with the ground, Centaur Man pulls himself up and springs to a distance. He is a bit woosy, but this won't knock him out. Centaur Man offers a faint grin, knowing on to play strategy.

Left Cannon up, a loud ting is emited. The whining emits of the arm cannon as energy produces. The right hand supports the left arm, before lowering the left arm to descend near his brother. He releases the huge sphere towards the ground. The ground begins to shake and shatter a bit Centaur Man's Plasma Cannon ignites with the ground. The energy crackles as bits of the spheres emit to hurl at Yamato Man. If miss, well, it would at least make the background a bit more interesting.

Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Plasma Cannon attack.

Bass grunts as the flail slams into the back of his head, the spikes dragging over the black armor, leaving deep scratches in the helmet. He staggers forwards, reeling as if stuck a terrific blow - nevermind that the armor absorbed most of the damage. He collapses against Knight Man. Of course, that's when his left hand locks into the Paladin's armor, and he lifts his head to give Knight Man a feral grin.


Oh, and he gut punched Knight Man with his right hand. The buster arm. Which has shifted into the cannon, and now fires at nearly point blank range.

Bass strikes you with his Neo Buster for 19 units of damage.

The samurai, while his advantage lies in fighting close up, leaves himself open to be blasted pretty badly if an opponent times it just right. In this case, his brother is able to both get far enough away to fire and hit him, the blast ripping into his armor -- his chestplate takes the brunt of it, knocking the samurai down. He skids across the field for a few meters, tiles ripping up around him from the power of the blow.
As he hits the ground, he toggles a switch on his spear, the familiar Gauss *vrrt* of energy eminating from his spearhead as it opens along the blade. A blast of fletchettes answers the plasma burst, racing towards Centaur in a wide dispersal.

Yamato Man strikes Centaur Man with his Spearhead Launcher attack.

Knight Man blinks as Bass utters that word, then understands FULLY what he meant, as the blast from the buster sends him flying back a few feet, onto his back, smoking crater on his stomach now. Yet, he gets to his feet. "Hmph, not bad, as I expected." He sneers, which sounds really stupid with his new voice. He readies his shield, and charges Bass again, this time his Mace is securely locked on his arm, as he pulls it back and attempts to punch Bass with his Mace.

Knight Man puts his guard up.
You miss Bass with your Mace attack.

Bass striaghtens up, expecting the durable Knight Man to still be functioning. He sneers as the mace whistles towards his head, and reaches up to... catch it. His hand, perfectly placed so that the spikes don't pierce. The servos in his arm whine for a moment as he narrows his eyes. "Tch. It seems I've gotten lax about teaching you all... respect." He raises his right arm, and hurls it across in a vicious backhand.

Bass misses you with his Backhand attack.

Wham!!! The spearhead strikes Centaur Man's chest, causing chunks of mechafluids to escape. Not happy at all with the situation. He draws a bow fromt he arm cannon, taking an energy arrow from his quiver. He draws the energy arrow towards his brother. Afterwards, he then releases a minor arrow to strike Yamato Man to the chest.

Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Energy Arrows attack.

The samurai pulls himself up and starts to run at Centaur, setting up his piking skills -- and then out comes the arrow. He tries to deflect it but fails, throwing it off-course enough to strike him in the energy gem. The crystal shatters in a spurt of sparks and mech-fluid, pain streaking through Yamato's body. He staggers but keeps running, darting dead on at Centaur Man -- it's suicide strike time.

Yamato Man strikes Centaur Man with his Kamikaze Charge attack.

Knight Man hmphs, and ducks under the oncoming hand. "Bah, if thou dost wanteth respect, then thou shouldst have thought enough to informeth us that Lord Wily was alive! Then I wouldn't have gone out on that suicide mission and been rebuild like THIS!" He takes his Mace arm back, however instead of trying to strike him with it again, he instead jabs his shield forward attempting to smash Bass' face in with it.

You miss Bass with your Shield Smash attack.

Bass ignites his Dash Jets, leaping up and over the shield hurtling towards his face. Of course, then the jets flare again, and he hangs there as black wings snap out from his back. "The Old Freak's business doesn't concern me. You trusted Tron, you fool."

His lips curl back in a sneer as he spreads his arms, energy and flames flickering about him. "GRRRAAAAAA....!!" The flames seethe as Bass drops towards Knight Man, a flaming foot leading the way.

Bass strikes you with his Burning Kick for 5 units of damage.

*TING!!!* THe damage on Centaur Man is done as Yamato Man bum rushes the Equine Android. Flying towards the ground, he crashes pretty hard. His eyes aver towards Yamato Man, pulling himself up. A loud ting is emited as the gague bar is full. A chime emits as Centaur Man draws both hands towards his chest level. Turning something to his chest in a click, there is a bright light emitting as he growls under his breath. THe optics shimmer as he grits his teeth.

The image of Centaur Man's angry visage is above Centaur Man in that Marvel vs Capcom sort of way when someone performs a powermove. The Equine Reploid stomps both hooves to the ground, until he opens his arms out.


Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Centaur Flash attack.
Yamato Man is temporarily disoriented by Centaur Man's Centaur Flash attack.

Knight Man takes the foot right on the helmet, he staggars back, but for the most part isn't too hurt. He also growls again "Thou shouldst haveth more respect for Lord Wily. Hmph, and yes, I did make the mistake to trust that wench, one I shant maketh again." In a split second he deforms his mace, and grabs a blade attatched to his him, the handles extends to form a Lance, and with it he charges Bass, also lowering his guard, time to focus on offense it seems, playing it cautios with Bass is no way to go.

You strike Bass with your Lance attack.
Knight Man puts his guard down.

The samurai completes the attack and starts to jump up, looking for the kill; then the Centaur Flash strikes him, locking him in an area of suspended time. Powerless to resist, he looks to Centaur, waiting for the coming blow.

Bass grunts as the lance slams into his side, driving through armor and the more delicate systems beneath. But this is Bass we speak of. He grips the weapon and litterally /wrenches/ himself off it. A small gout of mechfluid follows after before autorepair seals the leaks.


His lips curl back into a snarl of rage as he spreads his arms wide. The wings begin to grow as the shape of his helm changes, the yellow color gowing to purple as the Gestalt merge deepens. And then he lowers his gaze to Knight Man. "Enough play. Time to die."

Bass changes into his Magna Bass armor.

Both arms lowering towards the ground, Centaur Man narrows his eyes at his younger brother. His arm extends out, as he retrieves his bow. Grasping upon the mystical bow of the Centaur, his body and eyes gleam in the bright light of the luminating orbs. There is a large arrow forming, decorated with many forms of symbols.

The music of Promoted Attacks by Shining Force 2 plays as Centaur Man announces. "The Arrow of Wily's Justice shall judge your test!" Afterwards, he lets the arrow launch towards Yamato Man.

Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Centaur Arrow attack.

Knight Man blinks as Bass transforms. He didn't think it'd have to come to this. On one hand, he feels a slight twinge of pride on forcing Bass to go Magna while fighting him. On the other hand, Bass has gone Magna while fighting him. "Oh crapeth..." Quickly he shakes off his bout of fear, this IS the training facility after all. Meaning he won't be destroyed, just put through tons upon tons of searing pain. But not if Knight Man can manage to defeat him. Hey, it's possible right? He quickly shrinks the Lance back to it's normal size and re-attaches it to his hip, and with his reformed Mace hand he swings and flings it at the now purple fin head.

You strike Bass with your Morningstar attack.

Bass raises his left arm, letting the Morningstar imbed itself in his forearm. He glances at the wound, and then back down to Knight Man. And he /grins/. Lips pull back, letting those sharpened teeth show. "Oh 'crapeth' is right, shinypants."

The flickering field of energy about him coalesces as he jerks his arm loose, and /dives/ at Knight Man, trailing a trail of fire as he accelerates to unbelievable speeds.

Bass strikes you with his Comet Dash for 20 units of damage.

The samurai ... does not yet die.
Frozen in mid-air, the arrow pierces through his body, striking him dead in the heart and blasting through the other side. Fire leaps from his body, mech-fluid running down his chest in a torrent from the force of the blow. He falls; but flips, instinct driving him. His spear lands in his hands, and he charges blindly at Centaur, his entrails spilling onto the floor. He kills Centaur or Centaur kills him. That is the way of the world. That is his Father's way.
His hands twist into the `final solution' configuration, bracing against Yamato's body for his strength and weight. Lunging in, he throws himself at his brother, putting every possible ounce of power into one collosal blow. If it hits, it ends. If not, Yamato will be an easy kill now.

Yamato Man misses Centaur Man with his Spear Impale attack.

Knight Man can only have time to blink as he is struck with unbelievable force and speed, and thrown to the other side of the training facility. When Bass went Magna, the two chances Knight had to win were slim and nil, and it seems slim's about to fly away. Still, he stands, that ever-so-increasing dent in his stomace now is an open cash, with mech fluid splorting out. Shaking the dizzyness from his head, he snaps his Mace back on his arm and charges again. Futile, yeah, but still, he IS a walking ego afterall, he's not about to succumb willingly, not to ANYONE. Reaching back, he goes to strike Bass across the face with his mace again. Hey that rhymes.

You miss Bass with your Mace attack.

As the Samurai moves to impale his brother, Centaur Man quickly notices the intent of the attack. What is the Equine's Solution? Well, this move is rarely been used since Centaur Man has been reprogrammed. Centaur Man begins to quickly warp his body through the dimensional gate of time, shifting planes away from the spear. Centaur Man then reappears somewhere to the right angle of Yamato Man, facing another direction.

Recovering his posture, Centaur Man turns to face his Samurai brother, offering a serious expression. The hooves smash against the ground, the Android starts to race off against Yamato Man. His head extends forward, intent of bum rushing his brother with a headbutt.
Centaur Man strikes Yamato Man with his Headbutt attack.

Yamato Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Hit Bass? Please. At speeds like this, he's a blur in the training room. As for egos... this is Bass. The dark destroyer, and the only robot who dares mouth off to Wily to his face and with the rest of the Robot Masters watching. He hurtles upwards, well out of reach as the Mace whistles past. Slowing, the dark demon hovers just out of the Paladin's reach, his right arm cocked upwards as the distinctive whine of a charging buster cannon grows audible over the sound of the thrusters. "To little, too late." The cannon snaps down, and unleashes a hellish blast. Not the Megablast... yet.

Bass strikes you with his Magna Buster 2 for 28 units of damage.

He never sees it coming.
The samurai flies forward into empty air, staggering as he tries to run out the jump. He swivels around and lunges back when he sees Centaur out of the corner of his eye, and before he can have his spearhead bite -- Centaur's head strikes his.
There is a sickening, wet *SNAP* that issues forth from Yamato's neck, followed by the samurai's knees buckling. His optics blink out as he falls back, head resting on his shoulders unnaturally. The corpse smolders for a moment before fading out, the real Yamato reappearing outside of the ring. He is clutching his faceplate and sounds like he's gagging. Neck injuries are the worst way to die for an android -- the nausea from being reactivated is unavoidable.

Knight Man guhs as Bass dissapears in front of him. He hears his above him and can't turn in time to see the blast, as it strikes his back, his front has taken enough damage for now. Flattened on the ground, he comes to his feet again. Knight Man IS helluva tough after all. He's not ready to quit yet. Keeping in mind Bass' was right above him, he unlocks the seal on his mace chain, and quickly spins around and throws his mace up at the flying fin head with all his strength. If he's going to swat this oversized fly, it's now.

You strike Bass with your Knight Chain attack.

The imagine begins to dissipate. THe match was beautiful. As Centaur Man steps out of the ring, he offers a faint smile. Seizui jumping to his arms. Centaur Man pets the creature, turning back briefly. He shakes his head, then the mock-wounds disappear. He walks towards Yamato Man. "You have a long way to go.."

Bass catches the ball smack in his side, sending him hurtling into the opposite wall, where he crumples into a heap. There is a shower of sparks from his shattered side, and a pool of mech fluid slowly forms beneath the battered form of Magna Bass.

Did you kill him? Could it be?!

Please. The finned helmet slowly raises, the eyes below actually giving off light as Bass pushes his battered and stressed systems to their limit. Pushing up with his left hand, he rises to his feet, swaying only slightly as Knight Man finds himself with Bass' /complete/ attention.

The right arm comes up, glowing with white light as Bass drives power into it with sheer willpower. And hate.



Bass strikes you with his Magna Buster Megablast for 41 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

The samurai tries to void stomach contents that aren't there for a while longer before pulling himself up. Just after the massive explosion, Yamato looks back to his brother. He hangs his head in shame. "I am not strong enough for this task. Forgive me for disappointing you."

Centaur Man shakes his head. "I am not disappointed in you. With a bit of training, you will be strong enough. This was only a pretest to test your power. We will work on strategising and leadership skills soon..."
Seizui blinks towards Yamato Man. "Myaa!!" She springs up off of Centaur Man's hand, attempting to grasp to Yamato Man's armor.

Knight Man is briefly filled with pride as he swats Bass from the air. However he'll soon wish he didn't strike him, as he fears, Bass stands up. Knight Man gulps. He tries to react in time, move his shield in place, duck, jump out of the way. Anything. However Bass proves too fast, which isn't hard, and a second later Knight Man is engulfed in the white of the blast. And he isn't there anymore when it dissapeates. But a minute later, the simulation ends, and Knight Man reappears, the look on his face almost fearful. Quickly checking himself, he sees he's in one piece again. Pity he's stuck with this body for a bit longer. Sighing, he glances back at Bass "...well met. As expected."

Medical Drone has reset your health to full endurance.

Yamato is plagued with self-doubt, though he keeps it hidden within the depths of his mind. His gaze betrays nothing, his voice a gutteral mask to his inner monologue.
// "...Weak. Not even the gift of a robot body can make you a formidable foe." Holding his blade absently at his side, the Strider stares at Yamato Man, the lack of the slightest emotion apparent in his jade green eyes. "Go home and train." //
The samurai allows the cabbit to land on him, staying still to accomodate it. "I obey, my brother," says the samurai. "I will learn well."
// And now, a mere foot away from his opponent, Strider Hiryu gives Yamato Man a flat gaze, scowling. "You're finished." is his unemotional response, as he flips the T-grip of the Falchion Cipher around, running parallel to his arm. Lunging forward, Hiryu leaps straight up as if to uppercut, spinning around like a tornado as the Cipher explodes with plasma energy. The warrior, taking on the image of a dragon, surges up past his foe, perhaps ending his battle today. //
The samurai bows his head again to Centaur, speaking after a long pause. "...I will learn well."

As the simulation ends, Bass is... still in Magna Bass mode. Hovering a few inches off the floor, his gaze locked on the re-rezzed Knight Man. And then... Bass smiles. Cheerfully. He lands, and strolls over towards Knight Man, setting a companionable arm around his fellow Robot Master's shoulder. And he won't stop... smiling.

"Yes... Well met." He looks over the Paladin, still grinning like a lunatic. "I imagine you're not very happy with the new look... Right?"

A smile is given towards Yamato Man. "You did good. We will continue to train, but no more of combat as of yet." He turns his back, then walks away. He waves his hand. "Seizui, dear. Let's go."

The cabbit bounces off, following Centaur Man.

The samurai watches his brother go, seemingly impassive. After Centaur is out of range, he walks away across the tile battlefield, starting to climb one of the hills overlooking the arena. He reaches the summit soon enough and folds himself into a meditative position, head lowering -- and he is still for many, many hours.

Knight Man blinks as Bass acts so.... chummy. He doesn't like this. He knows Bass enough to realize that this ISN'T a good thing. Yet, Knight Man really doesn't know when to shut his yap it seems. Right now he should be running like heck. "Aye, I hateth this new body, and I hateth that wench for building it." He blinks "What's thine point?" There's a deep, somewhat Macabre instinct Knight Man has, he has a gut feeling what Bass' point will be...

Clown Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Clown Man has arrived.

Gyro Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Gyro Man has arrived.

Bass pats Knight Man on the shoulder, still grinning like a lunatic. "I've got /juuust/ the thing for that." He takes a few steps back, and raises his head. "Control - disable holographics." The arena around Knight Man and Bass flickers, and then derezzes. Bass' grin slowly shifts into a snarl as he lowers his head to gaze at Knight Man.

"Nice fight. But I meant what I said about dying." And the right arm slowly comes up, white like the heart of a star, power gathering in the mouth of the buster.

"Bye - Bye."




The samurai is sitting on the bare floor of the arena, meditating. He doesn't look up when Bass kills his brother -- he maintains his meditation, focusing on a much deeper problem than Knight Man's injured ego.

Knight Man once again blinks, at first a twinge of fear comes over him. However, just before blasts hit, there is a... smirk on his face? Yes he knows the Megablasts will hurt like hell, yes he know's he's about to be e-ringed again, yes he know's that means he has to spend MORE quality time with ERWIN again. But he also knows, that it's goodbye to this body, and he'll eventually be reborn in his old form once more. Thanks for the favor Finhead. There's no scream, no nothing, as a majestic display of e-rings take the place where Knight Man once stood. There's another bonus, his Ego is still intact, and he feels a certain bit of pride for doing so much damage to Bass when he was in Magna mode. Pity he couldn't defeat him totally, but then he may have been in for some WORSE fate.

Da Clown wanders in and cocks his head to one side. "I bet that was painful."

<Think we should ask Tronnie to fix him so she can make him into Sailor Knight?>

"Nah. Let's ask her to make him into Tuxedo Mask Man!"


Bass slowly lowers the smoking buster, and glances around the room.

"Anyone else?"

Clown Man steps forth with Sideshow, "Well, I haven't been E-Ringed in a long time, so I up to it," he chuckles insanely.

Bass blinks slowly, and regards Clown Man for a long moment, his gaze flicking over to the monkey.

"No, I honestly think you'd enjoy it /far/ too much." His right hand pops out of the buster cannon. "Unless you want to help Knight Man keep Aqua Man company?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "Tron. Knight Man requires repairs again. This time... get it right."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "..."

Clown Man makes a brief face. "Eh. Make it Magic Man and Quint and you got yourself a deal." Sideshow hrms, <Add in a date with Acoustic and Clown will dance nude for you.>

"Don't be weird monkey."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...as you say, 'Fins'."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "...Ms. Bonne? The Old Man may think he needs you... but test my patience, and you will quickly find... I don't."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "And if I make that decision... you know too much. I'm certain you understand."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*from inside ERWIN*Now THAT art something I would truely like to see..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Oh Bass come now. Don't be so mean to Tron. Remember. There's a whole family of Bonnes to unleash your wrath upon. Like on Babu."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne draws upon some inner fount of courage, speaking to Bass with almost a snap in her voice. "The Gustav is ready for that day, Bass. If you have ever wanted revenge for what I did... I /apologized/... and have hoped to make it up since then. My words before I do /not/ take back. I understand, of /course/..." Tron then mutters softly, her voice /barely/ audible. "...just hope I never get the chance to rebuild or repair you again..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Force Commander Bass transmits, "...What was that?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Stop being mean to Bon, Guts."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne sniffs sharply. "Nothing, Force Commander Bass... ...and Guts Man... any time you think you can beat my little brother... just say so, and i'll have him show you how much stronger he /is/ now."

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