[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "o/~ When the cherry blossoms start to bloom, meet me here in my tiny roooooooom o/~"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "*Feel the static* Elite Comm*bzz*ker requiring some..*bzz*.. assistance... yes.. Need.. *bzz* assistance.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "What's that Anchor? You want to here me sing some more? Ok! Where are you?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Where are you, sir?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "What's the location? I'll assisteth."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Transmitting.. trans... transmitting.. coordinates.. now.. *bzzt* You'll need.. transport.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Don't worry, I'll take the invisible thing that we sit in!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Lookat all the buttons! *Zap* *grinding metal can be heard*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Whatevereth, I'll be in the Skull Citadel Momentarily"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Your.. insolence shall be.. reward... rewarded.. *click*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Oh god."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Hurry up, ingrates, the Commander is likely combusting at his outdated wiring as you sit around discussing who will pilot."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "We're scrambling, sir!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "And shortly I will come forth, and cleave whomever I see mightily."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Tossing the mouse out first, sir."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "The Mouse can attend, provided it stops speaking."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Now, go!"

============================= Stealth Transport ==============================
The inside of the transport is extremely roomy, with a large crew compartment seperated from the cockpit by a sliding mini blast door. The cockpit's instrumentation looks extremely complex and difficult to operate, although the entire control system is computerized to allow even an idiot (or the typical Robot Master) to pilot it with ease. The spacious interior has enough seats to hold 20 people easily, with room to spare for weapons and equipment.
====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Pirate Man
Quick Man
Dust Man
Ditz Pinkmouse

Ditz Pinkmouse smiles at Pirate and hops off the console. "Ok!" he says. Then something shiny catches his attention, and he disapears underneath the console and starts crawling among the wires. "Ooh, shiny! Naaaaaaauuuve-poit!"

Dust Man ducks under the console, and plucks out Ditz. "I think you'll have more fun with me, Ditz."

Pirate Man frowns as he looks to Dust, "Just keep him away from the controls Dust, while Quick man. Take off!"

Quick Man thinks quickly, trying to remember how this damn thing works.

Ditz Pinkmouse smiles up at Dust. "Ok!" He got the wire from inside the console already, so he's happy. ;)

Knight Man has been here all along, really. No he didn't have to OOCly hike here from Ireland, he was here.


Outside> You enter the Equatorial Uncharted Island.
Outside> Equatorial Uncharted Island
Outside> Enker [Enker] [RM]

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> Deep <D> leads to Inner Island.
Outside> West <W> leads to Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Pirate Man looks out the window saying, "I want this done quick, Enker shouldn't be too far on this island. But be carefull, it isn't on any of my maps so we don't know what is on it."

Outside> Stealth Transport heads to the coordinates that Enker gave him, reaching an uncharted island. On the inside, Quick Man looks out the front window, down at the island. "This is where Enker said he was." He brings the craft down to a landing and stuff.

Knight Man bahs "Tis just an island, I doubteth there will be anything there to causeth us harm, save for whatever happened to Sir Enker."
Pirate Man looks to Knight Man, "There is one thing I've always learned is that things are not always what they seem. So don't be foolish."

Quick Man looks at Knight. "That's what they all say, right before some giant moster of horde of tiny robots devour them whole. Don't do that again."

Dust Man places Ditz on his shoulder as he strolls out. "I'm always careful."

Ditz Pinkmouse hops down off of Dust's shoulder and hops outside! "Hide and seek with Enker!"

Ditz Pinkmouse has left.
Dust Man has left.
Pirate Man has left.

Outside> The island might be a paradise, but right now.. the Elite Commander isn't seeing it. Sitting silently on the beach near, of all things, a jet ski, Enker seems either incredibly bored or.. incredibly pissed off. It's hard to tell yet.

Outside> Ditz Pinkmouse scurries out of the transport, eager to be the first person to win the Find the Anchor game!

Quick Man jumps out of the seat and dashes out of the transport.
Quick Man has left.

Equatorial Uncharted Island

A relatively small island in the midst of the Pacific, it lies in the unique position of being exactly where the Equator and International Date Line cross one another. Unsettled, it is covered in wild growths and fauna akin to its Tropical location. The coastline offers no beaches however, merely rock croppings and high cliffs that overlook the Pacific's waters below. Palm tree's dot the tops of the cliffs, that give way into much more dense foliage of greenery. Lots of creatures make the island their home, as if living creatures are just drawn to its tranquil habitat. Aside from the lack of beachfront wonderland, the Island is a Paradise, and the creatures that live in its ecosystem seem strangely relaxed and unthreatening. Looming over the treelines are a pair of dark stone pillars, as if the ground itself lunged for the stars. The give the island's a very unique profile, to say the least.

Quick Man [Derek] [RM]
Pirate Man [RM]
Dust Man [Normal] [RM]
Ditz Pinkmouse [Socks] [C]
Stealth Transport [RM]
Enker [Enker] [RM]

Obvious exits:
Deep <D> leads to Inner Island.
West <W> leads to Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Dust Man sighs and looks over the beach. "Where are you, sir?"

Knight Man clomps out of the transport and looks around the island. Deserted uncharged island, woo. Maybe they'll get stranded there and have comical misadventures while trying to get back, each and every time ruined by Ditz with his comical tomfoolery, it can be called Ditz's Island... nah. For now Knight Man looks around, surveying, and trying to locate Enker.

Quick Man immediately dashes around the coast, looking for Enker, and leaving no stone unturned. At this speed, he can cover a huge amount of ground in a matter of minutes. He's really serious about this, huh?

Ditz Pinkmouse isn't fast, but he has blind luck on his side! Let's see if it's enough to let him reach Anchor before Quicky does. "Anchor! Oh Aaaaaanchor! ANCHOR! Where are youuuuuu?" he calls out in a singsong voice.

Enker sighs to himself. It isn't a vacation if you have to tell them where you are. But he knows they're here now. He can feel it. Straightening, he brushes the sand from his jeans before shifting back into his golden armor. Raising the Mirror Buster, he fires off a beacon burst.

Pirate Man looks around as he pulls out his spy glass, he smirks as he notices the burst saying, "There he is mates.", he quickly points in the direction of the burst before he makes his own way towards the signal

Quick Man sees the beacon, and jets off instantly at sonic speed, ripping of the ground behind him.

Dust Man trundles as fast as he can, toting the repair kit with him.

Knight Man sees the burst, and clomps in that direction, slowly. He's not as fast as Quick, but he was closer to it. But Quick'll probably get there first anyway.

Ditz Pinkmouse zips along as fast as his four paws carry him across the beach. "Oh no, Quick is going to get there first! If only I brought my rocket skate!"

Necessary sign sent, the Elite Commander turns his attention back to the forest's interior. He's not damaged in the slightest, which will become more apparent as the others reach him. Perhaps his hesitation, his faltering during radio transmission, is for another reason entirely. For now, he waits.

Quick Man screeches to a halt in front of Enker. "Are you alright, sir?"
The melody of many different birds chirps up at the passings of several through its wooden glens. A coconut falls on the far side of the island.

Pirate Man looks towards the forest for a bit as he continues after the others, chuckling to himself as he starts to get close, a smirk crossing his face as he says, "Well it appears that no one be in danger. So what is going on that ye need us for, sir?"

Knight Man arrives shortly after Quick. He almost looks disappointed that Enker isn't hurt, he was hoping for some action. "Thou... asked for help Sir Enker?"

Ditz Pinkmouse soon arrives after Quicky, Pirate, and Knight Man, but just before Dust Man. "Hi Anchor! I found you!"

Dust Man trundles in huffing and puffing... "I... got... Here as fast... as I can..." He holds up the kit.
"Are you hurt, sir?"

Almost the moment the entire party comes within proximity of one another, each member finds an urge to head deeper into the island overcome their desires.

Enker's eyes narrow as the feeling overcomes him. He sighs. He's getting used to it, at least. "Yes.. I require your assistance. You shall see.. soon enough. Come along." Without further elaboration, the commander leads towards the center of the island.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "I found Anchor! But I didn't find him first...maybe next time."

Dust Man grunts, and follows Enker. "What.... is that?"

Quick Man blinks, but follows Enker without hesitation, or even wondering why he should.

Knight Man also blinks "What art this abouteth sir?" He shrugs, and follows, overcome with a rather unusual urge to explore.

Pirate Man looks towards the forest then to the others before he follows after, raising an optic ridge as he notices the odd feeling but doesn't resist

Ditz Pinkmouse bounces up and down happily, skipping in circles about Enker. "Oh good, I love nature walks! Do you think there will be any squirrels to ride?" he asks the bewitched Elite.

Enker enters the Inner Island.
Enker has left.

You enter the Inner Island.
Inner Island

A narrow pathway leads deeper into the Island, vaguely heading towards the two stone towers that loom on the horizon. Wildlife regularily makes it way across the path, unconcerned with outsiders interupting their day-to-day activities. The path in fact, seems to come to a halt directly in line with the two Stone Pillars as they face one another, each one is in fact at closer inspection a rectangular prism, and one of the edges on each Pillar points towards the other, while the other three on each pillar glare out at the sea beyond.

Enker [Enker] [RM]

Obvious exits:
Island Perimeter <IP> leads to Equatorial Uncharted Island.

Dust Man arrives from the Equatorial Uncharted Island.
Dust Man has arrived.
Pirate Man arrives from the Equatorial Uncharted Island.
Pirate Man has arrived.
Quick Man arrives from the Equatorial Uncharted Island.
Quick Man has arrived.
Ditz Pinkmouse arrives from the Equatorial Uncharted Island.
Ditz Pinkmouse has arrived.

As the party ventures deeper into the Island, past the myriad of creatures that peer out from the tropical undergrowth at them, one particular Iguana leaps from a tree branch and into the midst of the solitary path that leads towards the Pillars. It sits there, massive by Iguana standards, almost like a small dinosaur, burping for several seconds before leaping back into the foilage. And as the group moves deeper towards the Pillars, the density of the forest, and hence the trouble it takes to manuever on the narrow path, becomes more difficult. And the songs of birds become even more dominating, an almost steady din in the woodwork.

Dust Man begins eating trees in his way. "What is it, Enker?"

Enker leads the way further in, walking a path he already has at least twice to judge by the footsteps below. When they can be seen, at least, considering how tough things get. It leads inwards. Always inwards, in an almost straight line in this case. The Mirror Buster is used to lean branches and fauna away, yet careful enough not to break them. Yes, he's taking care when disturbing the surroundings, unlike those behind him. "You'll see shortly enough, Dust Man. I take it for granted that at least one of you here listened to that news report concerning the good Doctor Tanakin?"

Ditz Pinkmouse hears the birds and dives for cover. But since none approach him he snaps off a broad leaf and carries it over his head as he hurries to catch up, having to work quite hard to make it through the dense foliage.

Knight Man continues to follow Enker deeper into the forest, taking a few swings at the trees with his mace, destroying a few of them for no good reason other than he's bored. "Aye, I happened to heareth that report. Paid it no mind though, one less worthless human to standeth in Lord Wily's way."

Pirate Man's optic shifts to the iguana before he looks to Enker but says nothing as he makes his way after the others, chopping any branches that get in the way with his cutlass

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne yawns!! "What's up, all?"

Quick Man looks around at the trees, then, on an impulse, dashes towards a tree, then leaps off of it, and does a wall jumping manuever to reach the branches in the trees, and then leaps through the tree braches like a monkey! He's, uh, getting a better view so he can spot incoming danger, yeah...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "We're on an island!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...an Island?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Supragenius Labmouse transmits, "Interesting."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye and there be something strange by the feel of it. Since it appears to be not any map."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm... Island."

As Dust Man and Knight Man take considerable malice towards the Island, the Island seems to respond with a brisk gust of frigid air. Though, being robots, only the minor temperature change may be noted, but never the less, it happens.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Supra! Supra! Birds are nearby!!"

Dust Man notices most things, but that is kinda pushed aside by the Thing. "You've seen what it is?"

Quick Man, up in the tree growth, may notice a few overly large Possum's hanging from some of the branches.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Odd... ...do you need assistance? ...and... ...Supra? ...dare I ask?"

Enker notices the temperature change. It's his job to notice things. He pauses, glancing around. "Cease battering the native, gentlemen. It serves no purpose whatsoever, and the native life here is.. bizarre. But, yes, Knight Man. Another worthless human, unless one looks into what his.. certainly remarkable interview had to say. An interesting riddle, that initially led me completely in the wrong direction.. Yet close, none the less. Quick Man, get down. And maintain comm-silence for a touch."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Birds are everywhere! We're all gonna get eaten!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Supragenius Labmouse transmits, "I am quite fine, in the current base."

Quick Man looks at one of the possums with sudden interest, then hears Enker's orders. He sighs, then leaps down, landing with a thud. He wasn't /that/ high. He mutters. "..I was just trying to get a better point of view so we could see what's up ahead."

Pirate Man quickly sheathes his sword as he looks around the forest, optic shifting left to right as he says, "A riddle sir, what exactly are ye saying. Something like a clue leading to some sort of treasure?"

Dust Man ceases eating trees. "Pardon me, sir."

It is pretty clear where the path leads, as the looming twin black Pillars are getting closer with each step.

Knight Man blinks, and shrugs, forming his mace into a normal hand to keep from doing damage on impulse "So what were though searching for to leadeth thee here?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Hmmm... ...Ditz Pinkmouse... Aaaand ...Supragenius Labmouse...? Why... ...does this seem familiar? ...oh well! Now, what was this about an Island?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Big giant birds! All over the place!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "I believe we don't need any assistance at the moment, while I can't exactly put my finger on it. But it appears as if we are being led to something."

Ditz Pinkmouse goes as fast as his hind legs can carry him while he holds the leaf over him. "Guts, where are you?" he calls out, hoping his friend will scare the birds away.

Enker hops up onto the top of a fallen tree-trunk, disappearing over the other side. The pillars are all too visible now, and his steps become more.. weary, careful. It's a marked change in the usual confidence of the Elite Commander. "You have my apologies for spoiling what fun you may have been indulging in, Quick Man, but now is not the time for such. I initially thought that he may have been prophesized the return of the Stardroids, or was at least speaking of their kind. Hence, I was several thousand miles off from my mark when I landed on Easter Island. It was the thought of other lines, but... regardless, I ended up here. With them." The Mirror Buster is raised, and pointed directly at the twin pillars.

Dust Man looks over at Ditz, and grins. "Need a ride?" He unfolds his duct and gentlyinhales Ditz up.

Knight Man blinks and walks up to Enker "The Stardroids? Thou thinketh he was referring to them?" He hmms "Twould be trouble indeedeth. And what didst thou findeth here?"

Pirate Man looks to the pillars before he looks to Enker, "The Stardroids, I've heard a bit on them. But haven't fully learned yet since unlike ye I wasn't online during the first encounter."

Dust Man grins. "I won't let them. Who is the prophecy about?"

Enker affects a small shrug. "To be honest with you? I don't know yet. Here's a recording, for those without access.." He does something to the Mirror Buster, and the dead Doctor's voice speaks from his interview. <Ten inclinations of my own hand, ten to give to my confused band, ten to heed cosmic genocide.> <Ten that start at the center of it all, where the lines meet the perils' obscurity will fall.> Clicking the multi-functional spear again, the voice cuts off. "So, we're here now. With these rather special pillars.. Spread yourselves out a bit. Pirate Man, I want you to launch one of your mines at one of the pillars."

Quick Man blinks again. "Cosmic genocide? That /can't/ be good."

Dust Man eeeps. "Cosmic genocide?" He glances over at Pirate. "So why do you want to shoot it?"

Almost as if taking an invisible cue, the party breaks out of the undergrowth-ladden pathway to the area directly between the two pillars -- both of which remain impartial towards what happens around them, like large, black, stone, statues.

Knight Man nods "Well Cosmic genocide does seemeth like something the Stardroids twould be behind. It certainly sounds like trouble for Lord Wily's plans one way or another." He steps back as Enker speaks to Pirate Man "...still, this tis a mysterious island, it haseth an unnatural feel to it."

Pirate Man nods as he looks to the others for a few seconds, he checks his ammuntion before he moves for some cover and aims his arm cannon towards one of the pillars saying, "Yes sir, do it ye want it to go off immediately or shall I remotely detonate it?"

Enker lowers the Mirror Buster down into the ground in front of him, earthing the spear just a touch. "That was the clue that led me to Easter Island. I was wrong. However, the nature of the riddle itself speaks of an ill cause, perhaps a weapon placed here by celestial beings that is well able to ride the planet of all life. The mere possibility places me on high alert.. Regardless, let the show begin. Remote detonate, Pirate Man."

Dust Man takes cover, in case the cosmic genocide comes now.

Pirate Man smirks as he launches the mine directly at one of the pillars, he waits until it attaches as he opens up the panel on his arm saying, "Everyone take cover, incase of flying debree.", he then pushes pushes a button causing the mine to go off

But before Pirate Man can give the cue for his weapon to remote detonate, quite strangely, in fact, the two pillars start to waver -- as if pushed by an unfelt wind. To and fro they rock, shaking the very foundation of the island. Birds shriek in the distance, flocking up into the air. Coconuts along the shoreline drop to the ground. And after several seconds of rocking, both pillars fall inward, and very much towards our adventuring party. One falls slightly ahead of the other, at partially different angles. As the second pillar falls, Pirate Man's weapon explodes, harmlessly against the tumbling pillar, it doesn't even change it course in fact.

Quick Man winces as Pirate gets his destruction on. "Man, that's always the wrong thing to do in the movies. At least untill the scenery starts attacking you, then it's okay."

Enker blinks. Well, that's a new one -- wait a second! "MOVE!" The order snaps out as soon as the pillars begin to teeter in their direction, and the Elite immediately bends at the knee, despite the island's rumbling, to launch himself straight up into the air.

Ditz Pinkmouse runs around in circles inside Dust Man's compartment. Wheee!

Dust Man screams. "Shit!" He throws himself out of the way of the falling pillars.

Quick Man looks up at the falling pillars, the take one step to the side, letting the pillar just miss him. Then he take another small step forward, letting a pillar barely miss his back. He continues his dodging in the general badaft way.

Pirate Man's optic widens as he jumps away from the falling pillars, he slowly starts to get back up saying, "What just happened, was that a caused by a small earthquake or did they fall by themselves?"

The Pillars crush tree's asunder with their crushing girth, impacting with a tremendous blow against the island. The very core of the land around them bounces with the impacts, and all sorts of debris from the island bounces into the air from the reverberations. And when the wake clears, one Pillar lays perfectly atop the other pillar, as if balanced -- and of course Quick Man is right next by. To any looking from above, they make an 'X' with their intersection.

Knight Man moves too slow to walk out of there. He follows Enker's lead and jumps himself, thankfully the hydraulics in his legs allow him to leap rather high, and barely makes it out of there without being crushed.

Quick Man calmly looks at the pillars with a disturbing calm, then speaks. "They look like these two fell in an 'X' shape. You think it's pointing to something?" Then, as an afterthought. "Oh, you guys alright?"

Ditz Pinkmouse pokes his head out. "Who's up for a game of hopscotch?"
Enker's fabled leap of the Dragoon variety takes him up just in time. He feels the wind of the pillars as he barely dodges, yet the view he receives from above as his descent brings him back down.. Well. "Maybe this is more of a treasure hunt after all.." Soft intonement complete, he arches himself down to land on the balanced pillars.

Enker enters the Fallen Pillars Intersection.
Enker has left.

Knight Man lands, and follows, also griped with curiousity

You enter the Fallen Pillars Intersection.
Fallen Pillars Intersection

Where the two Pillars fell and crisscrossed there seems to be a peculiar ridge that runs across the stone surface of the top-most pillar, somewhat like a signpost made out of stone that juts from the smooth granite surface into the air. Its angle allows the light to catch it, and should one climb to it they would find the following scripture chiseled into its surface.

Hair like prairie grass the savior of all,
A special fondness there was for her,
Imagine the irony when he thought her dead,
Speared like a boar straight through her head.

What it means isn't entirely clear, although it does have that musical melody of a riddle, similar to the one Miles Tanakin uttered that likely brought people here.

Enker [Enker] [RM]

Obvious exits:
Path <P> leads to Inner Island.

Dust Man arrives from the Inner Island.
Dust Man has arrived.
Ditz Pinkmouse arrives from the Inner Island.
Ditz Pinkmouse has arrived.
Pirate Man arrives from the Inner Island.
Pirate Man has arrived.
Quick Man arrives from the Inner Island.
Quick Man has arrived.

Pirate Man looks around as he follows after the others before he looks at the inscription saying, "Another riddle, but what does it mean.", he reads it to himself a couple times before he looks to Enker, "What do ye think it means, sir?"

Knight Man looks at the riddle himself, but this sort of thing isn't his forte. He'll leave the riddles to the greater minds.

Dust Man ain't smart likin youall... "Whuzzat mean, Enker?"

Ditz Pinkmouse doesn't even see the riddle, but that doesn't stop him. "You know, if Sis were here, I think I'd have to do something about her hair."

Ditz Pinkmouse says, "I lost her once you know, but I managed to find her at a pet shop. Now she lives with me!"

Enker crosses his arms, sighing to himself. "Another riddle, yes.." Balancing the Mirror Buster vertically -- and then leaving it there to stand on its own, somehow -- the Elite Commander glances around. "Search for any other clues. Turn over the stones I'm standing on, if need be, but I want to be sure we're not missing something.." He trails off, to look in Ditz Pinkmouse's direction.

Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Cappiccino is pretty, like Sis. But alot taller. And she's not my sister."

Dust Man grunts and turns over one of the stones like Enker asked.

Quick Man looks over the surrounding area and stuff.

Pirate Man watches Dust before he looks to the inscription once more saying to himself outloud, "Appears to be something from a myth or some other kind of tale.", he then turns and starts to help the others in their search

To any who read the inscription, they words seem to continually repeat in your mind, begging you to answer it aloud. Over, and over.

Ditz Pinkmouse hops out and makes to turn over the stone Enker is standing on. Of course he's not strong enough, but that doesn't stop him from trying. And his story (or rather incoherant rambling) continues. "Alfalfa is pretty tasty. You can use it as a wig if you need to. One time I dressed up as Mrs Feldman."

Quick Man hmms, then goes over the words to himself. "Hair like prairie grass the savior of all, Hair like prairie grass the savior of all, Imagine the irony when he thought her dead, Speared like a boar straight through her head." He grimaces. "Wonder who that could be?"

Enker steps up the pillar until he's as close to the riddle as he's able to get himself to without having to pull out a hover platform -- since he didn't bring one with him, that's a problem. ".. through her head.." The mutterings of the Elite only become audible as he finishes the verse, before he looks around at those gathered. "Did anyone bring anything decisively acidic with them?"

Dust Man raises his hand. "I can use my cleaning fluids as an acidic attack."

Enker levels a finger at the writing. "Destroy that. I want it marked clean."

Quick Man looks at Enker. "Um..."

Knight Man watches Enker and Dust speak, and tries to go over the riddle in his mind... nope can't think of anything.

Enker pauses to glance at Quick Man, eyebrow arched to disappear behind his slanted visor. "Yes, Quick Man?"

Quick Man says, "Umm, call me crazy, but I don't think that that's a good idea."

Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Ok crazy!"

Dust Man nods, and points a hand at the tablet. He grimaces. "I can't. I'm trying to shift to a weapon, but it won't."

Pirate Man looks to Dust Man saying, "What do ye mean you can't switch weapons. I used mine a few moments ago, so what would be stopping ye from doing so?", he then goes silent as the riddle goes through his head once more

Ditz Pinkmouse hops up onto the letters. "You mean this? This isn't that dirty..." Oh well, if Anchor wants it cleaned, it will get cleaned. And thus Ditz pulls out a tiny rag, followed by just the head of a bottle of Windex. How did the bottle get into a pocket 1/4 it's size? Most likely it was an unpleasent experience. Best not to think about it.

Enker sighs loudly. "Charming.. I should have realized. Before you all arrived, I did some basic experimentation on these pillars. I was unable to direct any damage whatsoever into them.." And the power of the Elite far exceeds that of the others. Another sigh. "Something is highly amiss here. This is.." He trails off, yet again, as Ditz displays his unique abilities. Shaking his head, he turns away. "Nothing else is to be found, then, gentlemen?"

And still steadily, even as conversations are held, the unseen will urges the riddle into the forefront of your mind. Answer it, it seems to say, answer it now.

Ditz Pinkmouse frowns in frustration as the spray bottle doesn't seem to work. "Oh no, it's broken!" Well, Ditz just scrubs that much harder with the cloth! Take that, filth!!

Ditz Pinkmouse starts to sing. "o/~ Mop mop mop, all day long...mop mop mop while I sing this song. Clean the floors gonna make it shine...take off the spraypaint with turretmines... o/~ Hmmm...I bet if there were ten of me I could clean this alot faster!"

Pirate Man shakes his head as he watches Ditz before he continues the search, optic shifting towards the forest for a bit before he looks to Enker saying, "We may need more here to figure this out, sir. Maybe get father or Tron to come and give them a chance with this riddle?"

Enker begins to muse aloud. "The Savior of All, my fellows. The savior of all. Could this be a biblical reference, or perhaps something more recent? Some scholars would deem to call the largest thorn in our side the Savior. Yet given the nature of these riddles, I somehow find its ability to bring forth the recent rather lacking. I do not intend for us to stay the night here, Pirate Man. I believe the island may well be gone by then, to judge by its.. rather unchartered existence. But, call in the Bonne child, if you so desire."

Ditz Pinkmouse runs off and disapears into the woods, leaving the cleaning rag behind. He reapears a few minutes later, a wig made of folded grass on his head. "See? Don't I look like Mrs Feldman? Except I don't have my dress with me. I look really pretty in it. Oh! I forgot to put on makeup!" So he pulls out some Barbie sized makeup and works on beautifying himself.

Quick Man suddenly snaps. "This is retarded! I can't believe we're just standing around after turning the whole place over, and we haven't found one single /clue/!" He punctuates the end of his sentence by punching the wall. And he waits, and waits, and waits. Finally, he sighs. "Damn, it didn't work. It always works in the movies."

Pirate Man sends a radio transmission.

For a brief moment, the letters on the inscription, specifically the hair like prairie grass portion, flicker with an intense glow.

Quick Man says, "All right, it /did/ work!"

Pirate Man receives a radio transmission.

Pirate Man looks down at the pillar then to his radio saying, "She is on her way, Enker. We won't be having to wait long."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Enker, report."

Pirate Man receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.

Ditz Pinkmouse returns to cleaning the words with the rag, now playing the part of a housewife. A small mouse housewife with grass hair, but a housewife nonetheless.

Dust Man gets done trying to shift his arm into a weapon. HE looks like he's about to explode. "Sorry, I can't get it. And who do you mean?"

Pirate Man sends a radio transmission.

Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav> arrives from the Inner Island.
Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav> has arrived.

Well, the two pillars that once stood have toppled over into a large 'X', atop which Enker stands. The rest are about in one form or another, and for the most part, yeah, they're all quite stumped as to what on earth this means.

Ditz Pinkmouse is not stumped, because he has not read the riddle yet. He's also wearing a grass wig and women's make-up and is cleaning the words with a cloth rag.

That subliminal force continues on in any who've read the inscription, repeating the words, and urging you to solve it. Answer it, it answer it now, drives the urge, becoming increasingly more powerful until you just want to shout out the answer.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Riddles, half-truths and a decisive lack of insight, King. I'll unveil what has been discovered shortly, brother.. once we discover it."

Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Supra! Do you know where I put my dress?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "How ironic that it falls into your lap."

And there is a crash from the jungle... as something /huge/ pushes it's way through the undergrowth... ...and in bursts the figure of none other than the Gustav Mecha itself. The Drache are fast in flight, and the Gustav is powerful when it comes to moving across land... ...slowly the massive ride armor moves forward, striding up to look about slowly, it's head turning this way and that... looking up to look upon Enker and the X of Stone. Tron's voice comes from the ride armor. "...Odd... ...what's going on?"

a soft hum comes from the Gustav, as the back opens up with a hiss... and Tron pulls herself free. Tron pulls herself out of the armor and leaps to the uneaven ground... looking to the others. "What is the trouble?"

Tron Bonne has arrived.

Pirate Man looks towards Tron as she arrives attempting to ignore the riddle as he says, "It be this riddle, Tron. It appears to be part of a myth, but the answer none of us can figure out yet."

Dust Man blinks and looks at Enker. "Is it talking about Mom?"

Ditz Pinkmouse waves to the Ride armor, recognizing the voice. "Hi Little Tipsy!"

Tron Bonne pauses a moment, turning her gaze slowly to Pirate, nodding, before turning and looking upon the riddle slowly... eyeing the smooth granite X and the riddle laid bare before her. "...I see..." Tron slowly narrows her eyes... studying the words that read like scripture or song... ...the soft force coming from it noticed only in the fact that she 'don's her thinking cap'. "Hair like Prairie Grass... the Savior of All... A Special Fondness there was for her... ...Imagine the Irony when he thought her dead... Speared like a Boar... straight through her head..."

Enker eyes Tron's hair rather intently all of a sudden, hand moving on the Mirror Buster.

Knight Man briefly glances as Tron approaches, and just gives a 'tch' in disgust, before turning back to the riddle. So that woman thinks she'll be able to solve it before them eh? We'll see...

Ditz Pinkmouse continues talking. "You know, pineapples are funny because it looks like they have hair. But they don't. At least Supra says they don't."

And now Tron finds the words repeatedly dominating her thought, urging her to just shout out the answer.

Dust Man blinks at Enker. "Boss, she has black hair. Grain is light and blond..." He tenses up...

Pirate Man looks down at Ditz saying, "The riddle is talking about a person, not a fruit!"

Tron Bonne /blinks/ at the sudden movement from Enker... eyeing him a moment... before taking a step slightly for the Gustav as her eyes focus intently on the riddle. "Well... ...what do we know? ...What..." Tron shakes her head to try and clear it as the words race through her mind. "...What... do we know... ...about this? This was where the Sphere came from, right?" Tron looks to Enker. "...Prairie Grass's hair is Green... ...the Savior of All..." Tron turns, peering at the inscriptions.
Tron Bonne says, "What was that about it being tied to a myth?"

Ditz Pinkmouse looks up at Pirate. "What riddle? I know a riddle. What do you get if you eat something green?"

Enker sighs, trying to ignore the nigh-overwhelming need to respond that goes through his head. The idea of burying the Mirror Buster into Tron's head would have alleviated some of this feeling, at least, but.. He gestures dismissingly to Dust Man. "Terra." He utters the name, before looking at Tron again. "Hair of green. Perhaps the idea of this being Stardroid related was not so far off the mark after all."

The pillars creak and crack, but do mostly nothing at Enker's words.

Tron Bonne says, "...and who is 'He', I wonder... ...wait... ...The Stardroids?"

Pirate Man's optic narrows as he says, "Forget that riddle.", he then looks to Enker, "Aye if I recall the files I recall a profile of one with green hair by the name of Terra."

Ditz Pinkmouse hmmms. "What's a stardroid? Is that like a sun or a star? What happens if the star means the sun?"

Knight Man looks at Enker "The Stardroids again? Didn't one of them haveth green hair?"

Dust Man grins at Enker. "And Mom was supposedly the Savior of the World, or so the Stardroids said.

The pressings in your mind seem to increase twofold at the mention of the current conversational topic...

Quick Man looks at Dust. "You mean Twila?"

Tron Bonne studies Enker for a moment... nodding. "Yes... ...The Stardroids..." Tron looks to the inscription. "That would explain alot... ...wait, if I remember the reports... it was on Easter Island, wasn't it? Where the Stardroids fell?" Tron ponders deeply, going through her mind again and again the facts she learned, mostly from Wily's personal files...

Quick Man immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Quick Man has left.

Enker goes on. It's time for the standard recap episode. "Yes. I initially thought that this related back to the Stardroids. Which is why I ventured to Easter Island, which eventually took my journey here to this island. This speaks of the final battle that the Stardroids endured here on this planet. When the keys they had gained from the other Stardroids at their defeat were enough to free Terra from his celestial prison. Only, upon his escape, he.." He blinks. Where the hell did Quick Man just go? "He went through Twila Peterson."

Enker immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Enker has left.

Ditz Pinkmouse prances about in circles. It seems the words are beginning to affect even him. "Stars and suns, some funny lady who got replaced by an elf...wait, what was her name? Mom?"

Knight Man blinks and his eyes dart around "What in the name of Lord Wily?!??"

Tron Bonne says, "...Yes... ...Yes... ...Who died when the Stardroid broke free? Wasn't it that girl... that girl that was Mega Man's Girlfriend?" Tron then /BLINKS/ ...even as Enker and Quick vanis then pauses, and speaks decisively. "...Twila.""

Dust Man follows the trend. "Wasn't Twila the one that spilled coffee on Dad?"

Tron Bonne immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Tron Bonne has left.
Dust Man immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Dust Man has left.

Pirate Man blinks as Enker and Quick disappear, "I believe they solved the riddle and opened some sort of portal when they mentioned Twila Peterson."

Ditz Pinkmouse ohs at Dust Man's comment. "Oh, /that/ Twila. I thought you meant another one!"

Ditz Pinkmouse immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Ditz Pinkmouse has left.

Knight Man blinks and blinks some more. He's the only one left. It doesn't take long for him to figure it out... he decides to radio for help.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "We haveth a problem here!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quick Man transmits, "*screaming*"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Quick Man! What happened to all of ye?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Hummna hummna hummna hummna hummna..."

Pirate Man immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Pirate Man has left.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Quick! Dust! Pirate! Sir Enker! Wench! What happened to ye??"

Knight Man's eyes quickly dart around. One thing's for sure, he's not speaking a certain person's name.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Explain, Knight Man."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "They all... vanished. Into thin air."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "What sorcery is this? What exactly were they doing?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Speak, whelp!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "I know not. Sir Enker lead us here to examine some ruins, then we cameth across a riddle. They eventually solved it, then vanished one by one as they mentioned.... a particular humans name. I dare not utter it now lest I suffer the same fate."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "But knoweth this, Sir Enker made a dire revelation. He believed it had something to do with the Stardroids, particularly the one called Terra."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Hmm."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "I imagine radio contact was lost, yes?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Indeedeth. Either that or they art remaining silent on purpose."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "I fear, prattling fool, that they are beyond our help now. Its best to consider them gone for good, or until they resurface some other time."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "...Aye, well that tis fine. But what shalt we do now?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Stand vigil."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Err... I art also stuck on this island, being unable to pilot the transport we tooketh here."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Then I suppose your sentinel task is befitting."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] King transmits, "Fret not, Knight Man. You still live yet."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "A-Aye..."

Knight Man steps back from the ruins. And decides to take a pace around them, to keep an eye on them, and on the path leading there.
The surrounding jungle remains dead silent, as all the animals have fled in terror. Even the breeze is still and silent. There is... nothing.
Knight Man continues to pace. He feels tempted to say the name himself, so he can find out what happened. But he shakes it off oO(Nay, I must remain focused, I must stay to reporteth all that happens to Lord Wily...)

There is still nothing. Utter and complete silence. Except for the sound of waves lapping against the distant shore... and then there is a sudden and deep rumbling, as the twin pillars shake with mighty force - yet the ground around them remains still and calm.

Knight Man's eyes dart up at the pillars, as he steps back to get clear "What...?"

From the center of the X, a beam of light shines forth, shooting straight up into the sky - or maybe down from it. It's hard to tell by the speed of it. In a blink, however, that same flash of light is gone, like a mirage, and everything is still. As though nothing moved.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Ack!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Nurse Jane #3 coughs gently before speaking. "Pardon me, but Mr. Dust hasn't checked in, could you tell me where he is, please?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "He has vanished as well? Hrm..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Ninja transmits, "We don't know where Miss Tron is either..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot #1 transmits, "Her signal just... stopped..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Nurse Jane #3 clickes her voder. "That's so sad. Are you guys worried too?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot #1 and company chrous! "Yes... Where is Miss Tron!?"

A deep voice bellows to your ears loudly and clearly from above, as if some great deity of the skies was yelling towards you. As the worlds conclude, an image appears in the forefront of your vision, blocking out everything else for the few seconds it appears. You will never forget the words, or what you see.

"Man's worst enemy is itself. It creates devices that put it in peril, and makes more devices to save it from its fate. But in turn these devices create peril, how long will it be until man has killed itself? Thrice the world has been entangled in war all over, the median's culmination being of the same fate, for here now nothing grows, not even a green clover."

You see a view of the Earth from afar, from Orbit in fact. And peering at it, everything is dark, the sun is on the opposite side of the planet. And if you peer closely, you see that not all of the worlds below, beneath the swirling of clouds, are solid black with night. One island, which seems to dominate the image, is glowing green even in the darkness.

Knight Man grunts and grasps his helmet to try and block the sound out to no avail "...what is... this??"

The island, again, is silent and still.

Ayla Ericson arrives from the Inner Island.
Ayla Ericson has arrived.
Jet Stingray arrives from the Inner Island.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

The area here is dead silent and still. No wind. No animals. Nothing. Except a bunch of footprints in the soft ground... all but one set of which vanish abruptly, right next to the fallen pillars.

Knight Man is standing near the fallen pillars. He looks quite bewildered to say the least, as if he's witnessed the most bizzare skeptical known to man, and I don't mean the booming voice in the sky just now. He doesn't seem to notice anything else, at the moment, he's.. .stunned.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Nurse Jane #3 transmits, "Ummm... What was that?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Tis true... something dire is afoot..."

Jet Stingray uses his foot jets to tear through the air, seeing hte pillar of light and knowing th the odd... whatever it was that soon followed had to be a part of what lays in the middle of this unknown land. Carrying with him Ayla, the girl that made this possible, the stingray stops and hovers to the ground when he nears the site that is beyond words. "Dude... This beats kicking Sigma's aft in Moscow, that's for sure..."


[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Sweet holy Wily is in a Bikini."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "...All of you saw this as well?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Twas more than just me then?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Nurse Jane #3 cries out in fear along with the rest of the Janes. "Where are you, Mr. Dust?"

Knight Man still looks stunned, speaking into his radio is the only real thing he's doing. If you're wondering if he's armed, he isn't, he has a normal hand, the mace isn't formed.

Ayla Ericson wriggles a bit, though whether it's to get free or just a better view is hard to say. "I think we need to go take a closer look at those fallen stones," she says to her partner in solving mysteries. "But who's that already by them?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "*stattic gives way to*...Tron! We need medical asistance for Miss Tron! Does anyone Copy?""

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Most peculiar... For even two people to share a vision is remarkable."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Dust Man! What happened to ye?"

Knight Man suddenly snaps to attention, shouting into his radio

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quick Man transmits, "Tron's unconcious!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Tron... Is in need of medical assistance. I think that's all I can say...""

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Dust, is that you? I can barely hear you over the comm sand!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "Forgeteth Tron! What happened to all of ye??"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot #1 transmits, "MISS TROOOOON!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "I was saying, I can't say!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quick Man transmits, "We're fine, but somethings wrong with Tron!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "All shall be revealed shortly. What is the status of the island.. above? Has anything altered?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "And how did you guys get this frequency?"

Jet Stingray lets Ayla down, but tries to keep a steady left hand on her shoulder, as if trying to protect her from dangers unknown as well as running off. His right hand forms into a armcannon. "Not sure... If there is, I'll take it down... If I could take it down." He is clearly confused and perhaps afraid, but the Stingray of Justice doesn't show it... Or much of it anyway.

Knight Man makes a side glance at those behind him, well this'll complicate things. He takes a second to speak into his radio once more before turning to face them. "If thou knows what is best for thee, then thou hast best leave this place immediatly." He doesn't say it as a threat, it's a fact.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Knight Man transmits, "The Island hast remained unchanged since ye disappeared, though it seems someone else hast arrived..."

Ayla Ericson glances waaaaaaaaay up at Jet before looking back at Knight Man and sticking her tongue out at him. "I'll do whatever I like, thankyouverymuch," she shouts back at him. "And what right do you have to claim this land under your flag?"

"Ayla, cool it... I'm not in the mood to get in a massive fight in the Twlight Zone here." Jet's words are calm, though he getting ready to react poorly himself. He is getting freaked out, and the presence of Wily Wimps don't help matters. "What happened?" he asks in confusion, not making it clear if it was to no one or toward Knight Man. Trying to collect himself, Jet starts to walk slowly toward the trail of footsteps, trying to keep Ayla near his side. At least he could sheild her if battle with Wily (or something worse) starts.

Knight Man almost jumps when Jet said 'Twilight' but he composes himself. It's odd though, the normally ego-inflated Knight Man actually seems nervous, it's odd indeed. "I art not sure what happened here, we merely followedeth Sir Enker's transmission to assisteth him here. After some exploring we foundeth these ruins and then..." He pauses "...after solving the riddle here, everyone disappeared before mine eyes..." He looks at the ruins, then back to the goody-goodies "Then of course cameth the vision everyone seems to have seen after a light shot off from the ruins. I know not what has transpired here..."

Ayla Ericson mutters under her breath before craning her neck to look at the fallen pillars. "Well, do you mind if I take a closer look at those big pieces of rock and at the inscription?"

Jet Stingray merely nods with Ayla, keeping his grip, but letting the child lead him where she wishes. "I'm keeping a close eye on you. The UN would /kill/ me if something happened to you..." He hopes that if there is another 'disappearing act' that the stingray will be able to stick with Ayla. At least then if he is never found again he can't get into trouble and if he is teleported somewhere else with her, at least he can help her out. "Go for it... Stick close to me though. Not sure what's going down."

Knight Man glares at them "Examineth them all ye want, I doubteth it would do ye much good..." He smirks under the shadowy darkness of his helmet "...just be careful what thou dost 'say'."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks in a new, strong, noble way... her voice resounding. "Servbots! Prep the Gesellschaft for Launch at once. Take to the skies!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot #1 transmits, "But But... Miss Tron?!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...It's ok, #1... Just do as I say!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Eh? Thou art alright again suddenly? What happened in there to all of ye?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Tron is... Unwell..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I've knoweth that for sometime"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "That, Dark Knight... Fallen Paladin that I tried to Save... ...is something even I do not know. You and your Brothers will leave the Island... Now."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "...I do not believe that is truly Tron..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I taketh no orders from thee woman. And I art going nowhere until I dost know what on earth is going on."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Of course it's Little Tipsy! #1, she's going to be late to dinner, ok?"

Ayla Ericson scrambles up the rocks to take a closer look at the inscription. She reads it out loud to as she runs a finger across the inscription. "Hmmm... that kinda sounds like a description of sorts," the teen murmurs as she sits down on the nearest rock. "Just need to think about the recent 'modern' history."

Knight Man speaks into his radio, an odd look on his face. Something seems to be wrong...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye it is not, I think it be a Stardroid demon."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I knew she be a demon, with or without a Stardroid assisting it. But telleth me brother, what HAPPENED??"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Knight, no one knows what's going on!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "If they are involved, that would explain the anomalous nature of that vision as well..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Sir Enker mentioned something of the sort before he vanished."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Tron Bonne is to be captured. Cut her off this frequency immediately."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Do not fear for me. I am better then you know. I simply want you all off the Island. Leave now... Please... for the Friendship we have shared... do /NOT/ force me to make you leave."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man transmits, "What's going on?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Friendship? Bah! I haveth no such thing with thee, and I fear nothing that thou couldst do to me wench!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "You have been perverted by something you do not even know, Tron Bonne. I will not let such a blatant threat to the great Albert Wily go on. Capture her. That is an /order/."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "...I'm going, Tron."

Jet Stingray merely blinks at Knight Man. Maybe he is just spouting out common manners or something. What would words have to do with anything, anyway? It's not like words could make something special happen. That's fairy tale stuff. "Recent history? I don't see how this is recent. Maybe if you make it a little more 'Jettish' I could help out. I mean, I'm not a poetic man. At least on purpose anyway."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "I will not hurt you or your Father, unless you try to hurt me. For the Friendship we have had... ...Lea--... ...So be it. #1. Launch the Gesellschaft, Now."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "And should I see Tron, I shalt maketh every effort to... subdue her."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot #1 transmits, "Aye Aye, Miss Tron!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Dear spirits..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'm SORRY, TRON!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne 's transmission then cuts off, as she is bared from the frequency by ERWIN.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Enker, what devils have you realized this time?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "released, even."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "If only I were there..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man transmits, "Where?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Where in the world are you guys, anyway?"

"Okay, I'll try. We've got weird orb-things that burn to the touch, prophetic phrases spouted in someone else's voice, and an island that's barren of civilization... with fallen pillars," Ayla comments as she swings her feet. "I kinda remember something about beings declaring war or something on Earth a couple of years back. And 'hair like prairie grass' sounds like a blond-haired person and 'saviour of all' with 'special fondness'. From that time period, can you think of anyone a little famous fitting that description?"

Knight Man is almost yelling into his radio, and finally stops. He turns to Jet and the girl "Hmph, I strongly suggest that thou dost leave, for I doubteth this place shalt be a very good place to be shortly." He starts to laugh "I have giveneth thee fair warning, just know that these events are not the cause of us, we merely stumbled across them." He continues to cackle, it's quite unnerving

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Nowhere. Somewhere. everywhere."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man transmits, "Uhm...........o...k..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I couldn't leaveth this island right now anyway without no transportation."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man stops responding to radio communication.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Do you require retrieval, brothers?"

Jet Stingray blinks at Knight Man. .oO(He must be calling in for back up or something...) As Colonel asks for a location on the radio, he tries to give an answer, but it is far from solid... His mind is on other things. "Blonde hair... and special fondness. Could it be who I think it is? I mean, I seem to remember her talking about Stardroids and stuff like that." He stops at the radio call. "That isn't good."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I could useth evac off this wretched place."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man transmits, "Someone would be able to help with that if we knew where you are."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "You have to tell us where you are before we can pick you up, Knight."

Knight Man turns back to Jet once more "Oh, and if thou dost not want to suffer the same fate as mine brothers, do be careful as to what thou dost say in this place, G'heh heh, utter the wrong name and thou couldst be lost to this world forever." His eyes have an evil glint to them, just what game is he playing?

Quick Man arrives from the Golden Cave.
Quick Man has arrived.

Ayla Ericson nods, ignoring the androids babbling for now. After all, she's got a big and tough Repliforcer for a bodyguard. "Twila Peterson is the person I'm thinking of," she comments to Jet. "Though I wonder what happened to her..."

Ayla Ericson immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Ayla Ericson has left.

Quick Man rockets past the people outside at top speed, giving none of them his attention. He doesn't seem to care that he's leaving anyone behind.

Jet Stingray blinks as Ayla disappears shouting into his radio as he does. "What the heck!?! Ayla was talking and all she said was 'Twila Peterson's name and she just vanished! This is bad, really, really bad!" Someone's not taking it well. Like he said... RIght out of the Twlight Zone.

Jet Stingray immediately falls into the ground after speaking.
Jet Stingray has left.

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "I warn all those on the Island. Leave it now. This is your only warning."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "..."

Quick Man enters the Inner Island.
Quick Man has left.[

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man hmphs "Biteth me wench.""

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Make me."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...The Island will do it for me."

[Radio: (E) Public] Phoebe not Phoebus transmits, "Yes! Or Tron Bonne will send her mighty servbots after you! Or maybe just blow up a factory."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Do it, Knight."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "I taketh no orders from her, especially with no explanation"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Your jest is appreciated, Phoebus."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dirge snorts. "Who's gonna make me git off this island. It ain't got nothing' wrong with it, from what I kin' see.."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "If the island's gonna do it anyways, then I guess I'll just take the transport and leave then."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Or are you coming?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Beware the Hand of Fate... For now the Ground begins to Shake..."

Knight Man snerks, and laughs as Ayla and Jet go poof. Now to face Tron, oh he can't wait to get his hands on her, to pay her back...

[Radio: (E) Public] Phoebe not Phoebus transmits, "Is it? You sound like a know-it-all at the moment so why don't you just say things sanely?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "Oh that reminds me, Replifreaks, don't bother searching for Jet or the girl he was with, they've suffered the same fate as Tron I believe..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "From what I figure, some bastard Stardroid has taken over her mind, so I guess I should do what she says."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh, They have not, Fallen Paladin Man."

[Radio: (E) Public] Phoebe not Phoebus transmits, "What fate did Tron suffer?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "I like her new voice!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "...Say what Speed Racer?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dirge transmits, "An' what fate would that be, eh? Care t' share it with us what ain't 'doomed'?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks in a firm voice. Her voice is... ...in tone... exactly like the one that shouted to the world a short time ago... "Man's worst enemy is itself. It creates devices that put it in peril, and makes more devices to save it from its fate. But in turn these devices create peril, how long will it be until man has killed itself? Thrice the world has been entangled in war all over, the median's culmination being of the same fate, for here now nothing grows, not even a green clover."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "Whatevereth, I care not about them. But if thou dost wanteth me gone girl, then face me thineself, I look forward to it."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dirge transmits, "We've heard that b'for, Yannow."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Knight. Come to the Transport, or I'm leaving you there."

Tron Bonne arrives from the Golden Cave.
Tron Bonne has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "What art thou, a coward?"

Ditz Pinkmouse arrives from the Golden Cave.
Ditz Pinkmouse has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "If you move that transport without my authority, I will personally have you slain, Quick Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Better do what Enker says, you f**king wuss."

[Radio: (E) Public] Phoebe not Phoebus transmits, "Right. And in your own words?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man goes radio silent.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "...Understood. I will wait for everyone to come."

Dust Man arrives from the Golden Cave.
Dust Man has arrived.
Pirate Man arrives from the Golden Cave.
Pirate Man has arrived.
Enker arrives from the Golden Cave.
Enker has arrived.

From between the Crossed Pillars... ...a passage opens... ...and from the passage within... ...comes Tron Bonne herself.

But she is changed. Her iris' glow and even deeper green. Her hair, what was in her unique style... ...not flows behind her in a slow cascade. On her chest, over the Bonne Insignia... ...is a Trapezoidal Pendant. It too... pulses green.

To the Gustav she looks, and reaches up to key a command into her wristunit... the Gustav coming to life and slowly walking to her side. "Time to go, old friend."

Knight Man goes to step between Tron and the Gustav, and he snickers "Thou art to be apprehended Tron. Tis orders after all." He laughs "Oh how I have WAITED for this, when I make thou pay for the humiliation you gave to me..." His hand forms into his mace, he looks battle ready, and his ego seems to be blinding him to Tron's obvious changes "Now art thou going to be boring and surrender, or actually make this more fun for me?"

Ayla Ericson arrives from the Golden Cave.
Ayla Ericson has arrived.
Jet Stingray has arrived.
Ayla Ericson drops Jet Stingray.

Jet Stingray gets up as he looks to the now gone girl. "That sounded like Tron..." The cave's condition lets him know that maybe staying isn't a good idea. While he temptation to get the gemstone is great, Jet is luckily not a selfish and greedy reploid. Moving to pick up the UN girl again so he can runs at full speed, he offers a "Let's move out before we get sent to the big finish line in the sky!"

The entirity of the island now begins to quake with repeated tremors. Trees tumble, chaos ensues.
Bad Things, Man.

Enker could care less for those around him now; survival is necessary. The report must be made, and Wily must be protected from this new threat. "Get back to the shuttle now. Blast your way through is necessary, but we're leaving as soon as I'm aboard. Move!" Pointing unerringly to where the Stealth Transport lies, he waits for the others to begin.

Slowly... Tron turns her head to Knight Man. And about her, the barrier of energy pulses softly. "I do not have time for you, Fallen One. Goodbye."

Tron raises her right hand slowly... and green light suddenly pulses from her eyes, and the Jewel on her chest awakens.

...and high in the distance, the Gesellschaft is seen approaching... a Drache all ready launching.

Tron makes a casual flick of her hand... ...and a bolt of pure green energy /LAUNCHES/ for Knight Man!

Tron taps the skull-face emblem on her chest a second time, the giant Bonne Skull-Emblem vanishes with a flicker.

Tron Bonne strikes you with her Spark Chaser for 35 units of damage.

Dust Man keeps on stumbling toward the Transport haphazardly. "I like to go in the aeroplane, Mr. Scourge."

Ayla Ericson gets jostled around as she's carried under Jet's arm. "I think now would be a good time to boot it!" she shouts as best she can over the earthquake and falling trees. "And that... is not... normal..." the girl trails off as she sees the other teenager shoot off a blast of green energy.

Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man is hit dead on by the unnatural energy. His eyes go wide and a sheer look of disbelief crosses his features as he is gripped with pain. "What... was that?" He growls "It dost seemeth that the talks of thou being possessed by a Stardroid may have been true... in that case..." He shakes the pain off, and readies his mace, and charges at her "...screweth apprehending you, to maintain the security of Lord Wily, thou must die!!!" He says that with some particular glee, he's been waiting so long for this...

Tron Bonne narrowly avoids your Mace attack! Whew!

Ditz Pinkmouse gets carried along by Dust, fortunately, since his speed wouldn't get him off the island for almost an hour.

Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission from Dirge.

Enker pauses in the running, as Knight Man continues on. He pauses, to look back. "Knight Man, now's not the time. Come on!"

Pirate Man continues past Enker saying nothing as he moves on

Pirate Man enters the Inner Island.
Pirate Man has left.

Jet Stingray just runs as fast as he can, his foot jets needing to cool a little bit more from the overheating in racing to here in the first place. He notices Tron, but is too busying getting him and the human to safety. Suddenly as he runs with his tail between his legs he feels the sudden urge to shout one line that he has heard before as he moves like bullet.... "Better part of Valor!!!!"

The Pirate Princess simply... sidesteps the attack as the mace comes for her. She shakes her head slowly. "I have no time for you. I suggest you and your brothers leave... ...This Island will be part of the ocean floor once more in a very short time.

And Tron turns, steping up the the Gustav as it's arm comes down, providing a perch for her to sit. And low overhead... a Drache sweeps down to hover... Tron looks up, and the Gustav leaps skyward, grabbing onto the underside of the Drache!

Her voice then rings out even as the Drache lifts up and away!

"Thrice the World has been entangled in war all over, the median's culmination being of the same fate, for here now nothing growsm not even a green Clover."

Clover... ...the flower that Terra loved...

Tron Bonne retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Jet Stingray, Libra, Enker, Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav>, and Quick Man.

A massive cracking ravine creaks forward with another tremor, running beneath the two fallen pillars. They teeter,and then fall into the rift.

Tron Bonne sends a radio transmission to Dirge.

Knight Man GLARES as Tron makes her escape. The events of the past few hours still don't make sense in his mind, everything just happened too fast to comprehend. Still, as the ground opens wide, one thing is clear, he must live. If he's going to get his revenge on Tron, he has to live to see another day. Aside from which, there's still the matter of what HAPPENED. For now, he follows the other masters to the transport, this will be cleared up soon...

*Later, back in the transport...*

Stealth Transport

============================= Stealth Transport ==============================
The inside of the transport is extremely roomy, with a large crew compartment seperated from the cockpit by a sliding mini blast door. The cockpit's instrumentation looks extremely complex and difficult to operate, although the entire control system is computerized to allow even an idiot (or the typical Robot Master) to pilot it with ease. The spacious interior has enough seats to hold 20 people easily, with room to spare for weapons and equipment.
====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Quick Man
Pirate Man
Dust Man

Ditz Pinkmouse has arrived.
Enker has arrived.

Dust Man is slumped over in a seat, powered off.

Knight Man steps into the Transport, looking about his brothers. Still confused and angry, he bellows out two words "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!"

Ditz Pinkmouse patpats poor Dust Man some more after climbing out his duct or hose or whatever.

Pirate Man looks to Quick as he waits for the others to get onboard saying, "Prepare to take off immediately when everyone is aboard Quick Man."

Quick Man is sitting in the pilot's seat with a completely serious look on his face. His hands are on the controls, and he looks to the ignition repeatedly.

Enker boards the shuttle, glancing back and forth. "Get us out of here, now. Back to the Citadel."

Quick Man hits the start button and lifts off.

*One flight later*

Quick Man brings the ship down into a landing, and opens the hatch. He then immediately stands up and dashes out the door. Wow, he's gone nuts.

Ditz Pinkmouse says, "Bye Crazy!"

Knight Man tries to stand from his seat, but has trouble, the wound he recieved from 'Tron' was worse than he thought, just have been the rush of the battle. He takes a few steps clutching the hole in his armor and gasps, a look of pure rage on his face "...why??" He collapses on the spot.

Dust Man powers back up, and looks at Knight. "Someone should fix him."

Enker reaches out to grab Quick Man as he passes.

Ditz Pinkmouse skips over the fallen Knight Man merrily and unconcerned. Tron will be late for dinner, and Ditz has rescued alot of lint. Those are the only two things that Ditz has come out of this with.

Pirate Man looks down at Knight and nods saying, "Aye Dust Man, but look at this. Have ye ever seen such damaged done in only one shot before?"

Ditz Pinkmouse has left.

Dust Man shakes his head. "Nope. Have you, Cap'n Tinkles?"

Quick Man ducks under the hand, and goes out the door as he would have.

Quick Man has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Someone do me a favor. Slap some sense into Quick Man. Someone else, prepare the medbay for Knight Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Crystal Man, get to the repair bay."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I hear and obey, sir."

Outside> Quick Man speeds out of the Stealth Transport, and heads for the outside at near top speed.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Needle Man transmits, "I'll keep an eye out for Quick."

Enker turns back to those left inside. "Prepare him for transport to the Sphere, and carry him across. We shall not let our wounded lie in pain when we can assist them."

Dust Man hearing the command over the radio, Dusty, launches out of the transport and to the Medbay.

Outside> Quick Man retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Outside> Ditz Pinkmouse strikes Quick Man with his Sponge Toss attack.

Outside> Dust Man enters the Teleporter Room <Skull Citadel>.

Outside> Crystal Man receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.

Outside> Punk trudges into the Vehicle Bay, only to find Quick Man sprinting off to Cairo.

Outside> Crystal Man watches the Transport land; apparently he's been waiting for it. Then he hears Punk's order and nods, unsurprised by it, and starts down the stairwell again.

Knight Man is probably going to have to crawl to the medbay! Yeah!

Outside> Quick Man enters the Egypt.

Pirate Man looks to Enker saying, "So what shall we do now, sir? Tron knows where we are located and may return, infact in her current state she may even tell our enemies where we are."

Knight Man is carried off to the medbay by gumbies, let Pirate and Enk talk in peace, mwar.

Crystal Man walks into the room after Knight Man, in his robes. He nods to Needle Man, uttering, "Brother, then takes a seat at the side of the room, looking distracted.

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