You enter The Reploid Room - Bar.
The Reploid Room - Bar

As you enter the bar area, you notice the fine chrome rail that stretches almost all the way around the pseudo-circular room. The bar is a full service station, equipped with not one, but two menus - reploid and human. A few back doors imply a kitchen in the back. The rest of the room is set up in lavish velvet booths and tables. A few very sweetly dressed female reploids and humans wait on folks, here to serve you. Kick back and enjoy!
Tron Bonne [Casual] [C]
Poo-oki [#5098 Vp]
Dust Man [Sorival] [RM]
Christmas Tree

Obvious exits:
Dance Floor <DF> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.

Dust Man beams, and quickly pockets those away. Dusty has that same thing with pockets... can't have too many. "Actualy, The Reverend and Heat helped me out as well... It was quite interesting. I had to put my room in the Repair Bay in the Fortress, but... It's going well." He scritches the cabbit on his head. "I even got time to make this little guy. Tron, meet Pooky."

The Pirate Princess is curently standing here with Dust Man, smiling softly as she extends a bit of shiny odds and ends for the new Heap... in her casual garb as before, with her shades on her face... trying to relax here amid all this revelry while the chaos is only beginning across the world. A mad dash and grab for Treasure beyond comprehension. ...except to Gemini and Tron, of course.

The man publically known as Lance Princeton enters the bar. Well to the public he's known as Lance, to the Robot Masters and Tron he's Knight Man. He steps into the bar, having the feeling he'll meet Tron again here, and sure enough he's right. Of course she seems to be busy right now. He sighs and sits at the counter, to wait until she is finished, he'd rather not have to talk to her with someone evesdropping.

Tron Bonne nods, lowering her arms and crossing them ober her midriff, smiling to Dust and nodding. "I'm glad they helped... ...and the Reverend?" Tron blinks. "...You don't mean Crystal, do you?" Tron blinks... then smiles up to the little cabbit, her face bright and lovely. "He's adorable!" Tron beams with bright delight.

Poo-oki beams at Tron. "Mya!" The little guy jumps from Dusty's head to Tron's, and looks down at her. "Maimya!" Ooooo... Soft hair...

Dust Man grins and sratches his head. "Yeah, I made hm out of BeretHat and a few old Roborats I found in the new Heap." He stops as his drink arrives... Sorta tropical scent to it.

Tron Bonne /giggles/ brightly, looking up at Poo-oki and reaches up, petting and stroking the cute little creature. "He's just as cute as Seizui." Tron beams, then smiles to Dust. "Awww... Cute! And good work!" Tron nods with a smile... then blinks a moment... noticing someone come in... and pauses to look to Lance for a moment, with a nod of recognition and a smile in greeting, before looking back to Dust. "Everything all right back at home? ...I know about Gemini... ...and what he did to Snake Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Hey. You guys need the riddle again? I have it on autorepeat."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "That's okay, Gem."
<O-Master> Punk laughs.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Er... that isn't necessary..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Cause, you know, I'm such a nice guy, I'm not over echoing it on the worldwide universe ANNOYANCE STATION the way TRON does."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "I wish it would get out of my head. It's BUGGING me. And I keep getting into fights with people."

Knight Man waits at the bar, and orders some light seltzer, WHAT? No hard liqueor??? *faint*

Dust Man growls in annoyance. "And I thought Gemini was bad before..." He glances at Tron. "What he did to Snake? You should see what he did to me..." The Ducted Wonder turns down the corner of his shirt to reveal a charred and blackened area on his shoulder. "That was ONE gemini Laser. One! It went clear through... Disabled my arm, nearly deactivated me from the pain..." Dusty shakes his head. "He's gone mad."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Hrm..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Yesss?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Simply that despite the pain that fact causes you, it is interesting..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Bah. It only causes me PAIN when people bother to fight back. Even then, it isn't so bad."

Tron sighs, shaking her head a moment. "...Gemini... annihilated Snake Man... he has the power of Mars now... so." Tron shrugs and sighs, regarding Dust intently. "And yes... ...I nearly killed someone else with one attack like that. We have been severely 'enhanced' in out power, Dust... ...Not that we couldn't be taken down by several people at once." Tron sighs. "And it's only going to get worse..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "...Huh? What's wrong with Gemini?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "...He was next to pass a test."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man suddenly sobs for no particular reason. It sounds odd coming out of this new voice. Then...he laughs a little.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "And it is the riddle's haunting of you that is curious..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man shudders.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Oh..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "I've just figured it out... I seem to have turned into Quick Man. Fight, repair, like an endless cycle."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Hey!"

Poo-oki yelps a bit as he falls off of Tron's head and onto the hard oak of the bar. Shaking his head as he gets up, the Dust Mop rights himself as if he had meant to do that. "Mya."

Tron Bonne blinks a moment, then smiles to Poo-oki as she reaches over to scritchie. "I think though... it's almost time to go." Tron looks to Dust. "Are you going to try for this one?"

Dust Man sighs. "I don't know. It would be quite a prize for the Heap, but it wouldn't end up there, if I got it anyways..."

Knight Man finishes his drink, and gets up from his seat, and walks up to Dust and Tron. He doesn't say anything as of yet, though he's behind Dust Man, in Tron's line of sight.

Tron Bonne hmmms and nods. "...It is your decision... ...I wish to be there to witness it, at least." Tron shakes her head slowly, before looking towards Lance. "Lance? ...Hello.'s almost time, I /think/... for the next one to appear." Tron looks to Dust. "I want you to be careful... all of you... ...Gemini will be very dangerous from now on... to everyone... even Enker or Bass."

Dust Man nods at Tron, and grins. "Don't worry, I'll be careful. Come on, Poo-oki. Let's go." Poo-oki myas at Lance, then bounds on Dust's head as he finishes his drink. "See you round, Tron."

Knight Man nods "I worry for mine brother, for I fear he hast gotten a hold of something he should not be allowed to possess. It may driveth him mad at some point." He folds his arms across his chest "If mine brothers go out so searcheth the next pendant, I shalt attend with them, so I can watcheth the coming spectacle as these mortals make a mad grab to possess the next one..."

Dust Man enters The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Dust Man has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "I'm going for a beer."

Punk arrives from The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Punk has arrived.

Tron waves to Dust as he goes, smiling softly, before pausing, and looking to Knight. "I know... ...I'm frightened a bit by this, myself, Knight. ...It will be... ...very dangerous before long. I have a feeling about that. When more of the Chaos Pendants are unlocked... it will become increasingly more dangerous, indeed. I've bent /every/ resource into this. I've been studying it as much as possible." Tron shakes her head slowly. "I believe there may be one for each Planetary Stardroid... ...and whatever is happening, it's going to continue untill all of them are claimed... ...I may be wrong, but... ...never know." Tron hmmms softly. "We'll see what happens, Knight... ...I hope it goes well, for us." Tron looks to him intently. "I will be traveling in the Gesellschaft to witness this... ...Scientific Curiousity, you understand."

Knight Man, well actually, Lance Princeton, if no one ever saw Knight Man's human disguise, then they would not know it was him "So thou shalt be witnessing it thineself. That's reassuring. Mayhap the next one to possesseth one shalt be someone who can handle it.. though it dost dependeth on which planetary Stardroid tis revived. He notices Punk entering, and decides to be a little more covert with his speech "I feareth for all of them, that this search shalt driveth them mad." He pauses to think "If thou dost say thou shalt go vieweth the spectacle on thine on, I should liketh to go with thee so I canst avoid everyone's hungry grasps for the treasure. If thou shalt haveth me."

Punk settles down into a stool, and waves his hand at the bartender. "I need a beer. Now, you a**hole."

The Pirate Princess looks up a moment, at the cry and shout. Then pales a moment, seeing Punk. Fear? No... ...Disgust. Tron's lips curl into a sneer for a moment... as she is now... she's pretty much impossible to be intimidated... she can be afraid, but her courage means she does whatever she wants anyway. Tron shakes her head, sighing, before looking to Lance, . "...Sure, Lance... ...I would like to witness this up close... ...we can from the bridge of the Gesellschaft easily." Tron stand slowly from her seat, looking back to Punk... then shakes her head a moment, looking back to 'Lance Princeton'... who has the face that Tron herself gave him.

Punk didn't come for explanations. He came here for beer. Quiet.

The man in the trenchcoat nods "Aye, well then I supposeth we shouldst departeth soon. The cycle of yesterday may soon repeateth itself." He waits for Tron to set out, so he can follow. He makes one idle glance to Punk as well, expression unchanging.

Tron Bonne nods, then she turns, striding out for the crowd... to leave Punk with his beer... sending a light wave his way as she exits for the side of the dance floor and the exit beyond. "Lets go then, Lance..."

Punk doesn't pay attention. He's ordering beer. Was Tron even here? He does not know.

Knight Man follows. That's about it. Later Punky.

*Later... in the Gesellschaft outside the Bay of Naples*

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft>

The bridge of the Gesellschaft is a wide open command center with a sweeping view of the world outside. The central control area is a circular trench of stations where the Servbots man their positions, with piloting, engine, and weapons stations. Within this there is a raised platform with a walkway and another tier above that. Jutting from this tier is the captain's position, dominated by a great wooden wheel. The Bonne's smiling robotic skull set on the wheel housing to watch over the command center. To either side of the forward Servbot stations are a pair of hemispherical navigation displays.

Corridors lead back from the bridge, leading to many other parts of the massive craft. The main one of these being the Forward Hangar Bay. Situated in the 'mouth' area of the Gesellschaft, the 'teeth' slide open vertically to disgorge the flights of Drache that are situated in fighter bays across the backs and sides of the hangar bay. Several large, square hatches on the hangar bay's deck are clearly marked with red danger signs, the locations from which the Bonne Ride Armors are launched.
Tron Bonne
Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder>
Gesellschaft - Glyde's Room <GR>
Gesellschaft - Tron's Room <TRR>
Gesellschaft - Teisel's Room <TR>
Gesellschaft - Bon's Room <BBR>
Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Tron Bonne stands on the bridge... looking out over the Bay of Naples... the island beyond. "...We're not going to want to be close... just like last night... ...but we'll try and watch what we can." Tron turns her head slowly, looking to Lance. "How are you holding up with all of this... ...I don't... ...really know what is happening but." Tron shakes her head. "From what I have read and studied... the energy I weild right now is... ...rather volitile."

Knight Man stands on the deck looking down with his arms crossed. Seems to be thinking "I still do not know what hast broughteth about this change in me, though it has to be the power thou dost now wield." He hmms "I know not how much further this shalt go. As of now I art still loyal to Lord Wily, as always. He is mine creator and I owe him mine servitude for that. Yet... I feel something bigger is occuring, and I art drawn to it, to discover more, wherever that shalt leadeth me." He glances back at Tron "I do believeth the energy thou dost possess to be great, mayhap tis more than a human is meant to hold, twas made for a Stardroid after all." He looks back out at the sky "Though thou hast managed thus far, brother Gemini went mad within a few hours it dost seem. And I art left to wonder who shalt possesseth the next one..." It's oddly cryptic for Knight Man, Tron has at least an excuse.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Huh?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Consssenssusss about what?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I still don't know. Pompeii is a likely answer, but it seems to obvious."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Check the obviousss plasscesss firssst, then go to the lesss likly onesss"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "You saw another vision?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Why are we even looking for these things?"

Tron Bonne nods slowly, sighing, and looking to Knight. "I know... ...I'm afraid of it... ...but I have the Courage to overcome /any/ fear now, it seems. ...I'm sorry of who will." Tron looks to the screens and leans close. "If anything... ...I think this one may be an ally for me..." Tron shakes her head, sighing. "Thanks, Knight... you, of all people, acting like this and helping me is... surprising and gratifying. ...Thank you." Tron smiles gently to Knight Man. "I think though... after this is over... we're going to go back to hating one another... ...maybe worse than before."

After a bit of a pause... Knight Man actually... smiles?? WHAFORK? "I know not what shalt happen when this is over, I do remember what I used to feel, towards everything before this happened. Sheer hated for everything and burning loyalty to Wily. While the loyalty is still present, I no longer feeleth driven to destroy everything I dost see." He looks back out at the sky and the sea "....if this dost end, who knows... I hopeth I art not again possessed by such urges. I still wish to serveth Lord Wily... yet... I twas so destructive before... it was... needless."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Unless we narrow down the possibilities, gentleman, I think we're looking at having to split our resources in far too many directions."

Tron blinks in surprise, then beams her brightest, most happy smile to Knight Man. "Paladin Man you are perhaps then now, Knight. ...If I had known..." Tron shakes her head... raising her right hand. With a flick of her fingers, green energy/electricity crackles between her digits slowly... racing up her arm. "I'll... grateful, whatever happens." Tron smiles gently. "...I'll set you down when this begins... ...I'll send a Servbot with you, too... watch and report back to me. I don't think me being there will be profitable."

Knight Man quirks an eyebrow "Paladin Man hmm?" He chuckles, not evilly "I supposeth I am again. I hated that title so much once before. Yet now... it dost seemeth right." He folds his arms and looks back out "Mayhap I shalt don the old armor as well... but for tonight I shalt go in the guise of a human. In all the confusion my own brothers shalt likely not recognizeth me. And I do agree, thou being there may not be a good idea, thou mayeth find thineself with a few dozen oppenents, all bent on..." He turns and glances at the pendent "...that. Power is tempting... and many of the power hungry art in this search."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Well, well. This is certainly going to prove a game of hit-and-miss afterall. Those who are certain of the next local or wish to investigate a place, radio me privately."

The Pirate Princess reaches up slowly, after the final bit... and slowly pulls at the pendant on her chest... and it comes off only after a small tug. "Don't worry about me loosing this... or having it taken from me. I believe anyone who tried would recieve more pain than they bargained for. Watch." Tron turns, and litteraly hurls the pendant away from her... nothing physicaly changing about her while it is apart from her... ...and the pendant stops mid air... and flies back to replace itself on Tron's chest lightly... as if drawn be magnets. " see?" Tron sighs and shakes her head, before looking to Knight. "...And yes. That could be interesting. ...I wish you luck in this, Knight... ...I'm worried." Tron shakes her head, looking out of the viewscreen to...

...the Island of Pompei.

Knight Man nods, and brings his arms down from his chest "Milady, I shalt keepeth a low profile, worry not. The treasure is not mine goal, and I shant get in the way of those powr hungry fools, only observe. Though if one clear and ripe chance doth ariseth, then I may taketh a shot at the prize, if I feel I haveth a chance." He smiles again "Thou didst sense that this may be an ally of yours, did thou not?"

The Pirate Princess pauses, and nods. Tron looks to Knight and smiles. "The Pendant is giving me the feeling of 'An old friend' almost." Tron ponders a moment, hmming gently. "It was warning me last night... and that was Mars'... ...and with my studies... ...this is going to be an 'Order' Pendant." Tron then shakes her head, hmming softly. "Though it's going to be incredibly dangerous down there, whatever the case. Especialy if my suspicions prove correct. ...Watch the ground you walk on, Knight Man."

Knight Man nods again "I shalt be careful Tron. I know how mad they can become, and of course, the aftermath of being in such a place after the pendant twas claimed I doth remember fully." He turns back out, to view the island no one has found yet "They search madly... yet they shalt find this place eventually."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "The main vanguard of the Robot Masters will move to Greece, under Heat Man's command. I want our bases covered, however; Pirate Man, take up your idea. Shadow Man, use your discretion at your own. I believe brother Quint has already secured himself somewhere. Unless any other ideas are forthcoming, I shall remain at the Citadel. All task groups are to keep in radio contact with myself at regular intervals. Failure to do so may prove to find the true location; hence, do not dally with your transmissions. Deploy."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Gemini Man, I want you to go with Shadow Man."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Anyone moving with me, stand to in the Stealth."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Yes Sir!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Pirate Man transmits, "Anyone coming with me, get the Citadel Vehical bay and all pirate drones report for duty."

The Pirate Princess nods slowly, hmming gently. "Yes..." Tron shakes her head slowly. "...the riddle was almost absurdly simple this time, for some reason... ...but then, Uranus was the 'Stardroid of Simplicity'... from Wily's notes." Tron shakes her head. "Strange, seeing as Uranus' 'key' was the worst one of them to get... causing a Flood, and a Volcano eruption." Tron slowly looks out to Pompei. "Vesuvias went up again, at the Stardroid of Earth's call..."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "I've found myself in Indonesia - intentially, of course. I don't get lost, as a rule. If whatever it is we're looking for is, in fact, in Greece, inform me immediately."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Roger."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "We're deploying shortly."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Pirate Man transmits, "I'm deploying as we speak, report back soon. All hands to battle stations, if we find nothing, we'll prepare for battle at a different location."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Radio me personally every 5 minutes, all field units."

Knight Man hmms, and looks out again "Yet art thou sure this be the right place? Everything is so uncertain in this game..."

Tron Bonne nods slowly, looking out. "No. I'm not. It could be something else entirely... ...but... never know." Tron shakes her head... and hmmms. "We can always see..." Tron turns, running her hands over the controls. "I'm goind to set a course closer... and drop you on the shore..."

Knight Man steps down from his place on deck "Aye, very well. At the very least we shant wasteth time here just in case. I'll reporteth to thee if I findeth anything."

Tron Bonne nods slowly, hmming softly. "Sounds good to me, Knight Man..." Tron looks to him a moment, before turning back to the screen as Pompei nears slowly.

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Many across the globe desire this, many more pay for its luxury, for heat keeps the winter away. But for these people they got more than they bargained to pay, and due to this they have been remembered to this day. If you all still care."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...They care, Romulus and Remus."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Remus. That's a gay name."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Well, I know I'm already sick of hearing it. ...TRON picked it, Guts. Her IDEA."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Well... ...Gemini man then."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Well, well. If it ain't the lame ass Gemini Man."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "The only thing Tron is good at picking is her nose. That and augmented bras."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man doesn't really sound like Gemini Man at all...he sounds like he's been gargling razor blades as a hobby. "That's fine, Tron...just fine. Your nicknames are clever, but, SAVE it."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Someone's in a bad mood."

[Radio: (E) Public] Rigger transmits, "Take some advice and invest in throat losenges, sword-boy."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "..."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, " it repeating through your head too, Gemini? Over and over again?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Deploy!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Like a tape stuck on constant replay. Over and over and over."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "WILY-LALALALALALALALA!!!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Acknowledged."

Outside> Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission from Pirate Man.
Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission from Pirate Man.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Ditto."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "And over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dirge transmits, "Just as long as the munchkins don't start singing' again, I won't hafeta start playin' music for Miss Bonne no more."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "EXACTLY!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Sounds like someone else has a broken record going."

[Radio: (E) Public] Shining Firefly transmits, "Aw, but I liked the singing."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "You people frighten me. Except for Guts."

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "The mindless prattle of the masses never succeeds in amusing me."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man says, with a tight clench in his voice, "YES. EXACTLY."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "You know, Gemini Dudes, if you try a little stool softener it might help that constipation."

[Radio: (E) Public] Jack transmits, "Hey Gemini, how you been feeling lately?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven chokes.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "You sound .. strained. *giggle*"

[Radio: (E) Public] Rigger transmits, "Jack, guys, knock it off. I mean it."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Maybe...Oh, fine Rigger."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "Tell me you've sound something. I'm bored!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Aye aye, fix-it-lady."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "We've begun our search."

[Radio: (E) Public] Jack transmits, "Serious question. Gemini, how're things? You doing good lately?"

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "It's funny when you insult me? Do you know why?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "This had better be quick. And remember, report to me THE SECOND you find something."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "(period on the first sentence)"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jack transmits, "I'm not being funny, Gemini, I'm just trying to have a conversation here"

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "I wasn't talking to whoever you are. I feel fine. ... Do you know why it's funny when you all insult me? DO YOU?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jack transmits, "Why?"

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING PEOPLE DIE!!!"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Gemini... not altered like I am by my pendant. ...I can only scientificaly analyze that... ...he's likely now going to be the most violent person on the planet."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Bass will be very annoyed to be deposed."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Gemini Man... ...Do not make me come and stop you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Gee. Thank you, Doctor Obvious."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Hopefully Bass will do something about that."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "I /will/, if you continue. ...It is my Duty"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Two birds with one stone. Maybe they'll kill each other."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Heheheh. Doctor Obvious. Sounds like some lamoid Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain."

[Radio: (E) Public] Psych Mosquito transmits, "And the policy of appeasement, not the German government, made people die."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Well, didn't that speech sound like it?"

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "TRON: you wouldn't dare."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Wouldn't I? ...Don't do this..."

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "If she doesn't, there are a lot of god guys that will."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Heh, only took one last night."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Perhaps it really could be that simple."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Sir?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Pardon?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Merely thinking. Perhaps our.. opponents.. were on the right track after all."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Ssseemsss too obviousss"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Papau New Guinea seemed too obvious also."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Enker. Shall I make myself known to them?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "I have wish for you to lead their attention northwards, Gemini Man. Are you still deceptive enough to handle that?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "We can."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Shadow Man transmits, "All signs negative on the Italian front. There's nothing here."

Island of Pompei

The Island of Pompei is the sight of what was once a major disaster in the early days of man. Settled heavily for its rich fauna and fertile soil, towns bustled all across the island under the watchful shadow of Mount Vesuvius. But then Vesuvius became enraged at the people who settled his lands, and erupted gigantically, destroying everything that lived on its island in a sea of molten magma. Since then however, Pompei has remained uncivilized, but has regrown much of its wildlife. Trees and grass dot the side of Vesuvius, which has lied dormat for nearly a hundred years, until last year scientists noticed increased magma levels and a steady plume of smoke rising from its peak.

Reaver Mimic [Casual] [C]
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> [C]
Enker [Enker] [RM]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Bay of Naples.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "Aiee! Talking mist!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Quint? Position?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Pirate Man transmits, "Talking Mist, where is this?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] SecureChan Yamato Man transmits, "Not over an open channel!"

A man in a trenchcoat jumps down from the exit of the hovering Gesellschaft, and looks around. "I do wonder if this be the place..." The ship leaves without him, but he knows it won't go too far. For now he just has to acertain that this is the right place. He begins to look around the island for anything suspicious, particularly an odd feeling...

Reaver Mimic meanwhile floats in from the sky above, map in-hand. Looking around carefully below, he begins descending, turned away from his fellow trench-clad explorer. Frowning, he sighs. "I dearly hope Dirge's deductions were correct. I can't afford to waste yet another day..." he sighs.

Plowing his recently acquired jet ski into the island, the Elite Commander is quick to grab ahold of the item -- and simply lift it off the ground and walk inwards on the island. Enker is strong, most certainly. Placing it down behind a nice set of bushes, he sighs and looks around. This was a hunch he had to see to himself, especially if it buys the others some time.

The man in the trenchcoat continues to look around "Hmm, I senseth nothing yet... nor have I foundeth anything... mayhap this could be the wrong place afterall?"

[Radio: (E) Public] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Scout transmits, "o/` You shake my Nerves! And You Rattle my Brains!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Oh, no..."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Now now, little one.. ....later."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Hey, Tron?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Hmmm?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Question. What are servbots made out of? And yes, I'm serious."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne gives a soft laugh. "Why... own special creation... ...a special type of the Metool Alloy... ...why do you ask?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Shadow Man transmits, "Nails and Snails and Trinitrotalulene"

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "I'm shocked that it's not Sugar, spice, and everything nice."

Shadow Man has arrived.
Blade Raven has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Because I'm too curious for my own good? Just wondering. With all this .. stuff going on, distracting myself is a GOOD thing. So."

Solar Draco has arrived.
Jet Ski has left.
Enker takes Jet Ski.
Ether Skunk has arrived.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.
Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has arrived.
Shining Firefly has arrived.
Maverick Hunter VTOL <Vorpal> has arrived.
Shield has arrived.
You paged Tron Bonne with 'Now it starts, it seems.'.
Iris has arrived.
Morgaine has arrived.
Psych Mosquito has arrived.
Messenger Marou has arrived.
Alexis Hastings has arrived.
Megami has arrived.
Colonel has arrived.
Alex Reinfield has arrived.
Rigger has arrived.
Zero has arrived.
Jet Stingray has arrived.
Gemini Man has arrived.

Shining Firefly buzzes in from overhead, landing next to Spiral Pegasus through the magic of RP. "Greetings, Lieutenant. Exciting, isn't it, this search? I brought a bit of scanning equipment with me, in case that will help."

Ayla Ericson has arrived.

WilyMachine <Reggae> has arrived.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Who votesss Enker should beat Quint sssenssselessss for leading usss on?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "I do!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Metal Man transmits, "Aye!"

Knight Man has been here for awhile, dropped off by the Gesellschaft. Knight is here for an odd reason, not really to get the supposed treasure, but to observe. It's been an odd few days for Knight Man to say the least. Nevertheless, he's just exploring the island.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "I do. Send him back to Dynamo for a week."

Enker got here a while ago, on his own jet ski. But that's another matter entirely, and now he's simply heading in towards the island's interior. On his own, but he's most certainly keeping himself available on the radio, not to mention in near constant conversation.
Iris travels to the island with her brother, as in the face of all of this danger and mystery, the two are quite inseperable. Iris isn't nearly as concerned, though...she sees all of this as some great adventure.

Reflect Cobra has arrived.

It seems, in all the excitement, the Hunters ran off, forgetting the Vorpal.

Lucent did not forget the Vorpal. In fact, he did not forget that he had the training--if not the practice--to move the Vorpal, and so brought it to a slightly skiddy landing on the shores of Pompeii. He then hops out, panting, and still carrying his messenger bag with him. And he's looking for his buddy, Ether.

Spiral Pegasus travels with Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Iris, and with Messenger Marou in tow. All one big Repliforce family.

Reaver Mimic meanwhile floats in from the sky above, map in-hand. Looking around carefully below, he begins descending, turned away from his fellow trench-clad explorer. Frowning, he sighs. "I dearly hope Dirge's deductions were correct. I can't afford to waste yet another day..." he sighs. Frowning, he looks the map over, sighing. "Now Vesuvius should be somewhat near...and I've not the time to lose. I just hope that power-crazed Master has them all captivated with his rampage..."

His frown remaining on his face Colonel keeps his sabre drawn, not putting it away at the word of some possessed Robot Master. Keeping himself in front of Iris he ponders the situation cautiously, why would he want to lead them to another pendant. It makes no sense, perhaps it would be better to just let Zero 'beat the information' out of him as suggested. Keeping his sabre activated he neverthless follows, giving the order for the rest of the Repliforce to do so.

Morgaine/Lieutenant Colonel is walking with Colonel, Spiral Iris, and Marou. Yay.

Firestorm Phoenix flys overhead, streaking from the east, scanning earth below as he travels. Spotting his intended target, the island of Pompeii, the phoenix alters his course, streaking down towards the tiny island.

Blade Raven doesn't need a ferry. He has wings. He's been flying along with Solar this whole time, so now suppose he's flying for the island, near the Vorpal, wherever that is.

Well. That will be enough. Psych Mosquito raises from his haunches on his perch, and, cloaked, travels, weaving through the countryside, under the cover of the flora to evade radar security, in the direction of the Pompeii-Herculeum-Vesuvius region.

Knight Man is searching the /mainland/ then, thanks mystery admin. And he's in disguise too, one only the Masters know of.

Messenger Marou lounges with the other 'forcers, her sword drawn and flame aura glowing weakly around her.

Ether Skunk travels along with the Vorpal, flying nearby. She can fly. Have you ever seen a skunk fly? This one can. So she hovers along with the Hunter airship as it travels along, and when it touches down, so does she, bouncing to a halt and padding over to stand near Lucen't side, quietly looking up at the island before her.

Rigger can't fly, but she does have to follow Gemini Man somehow. So the Vorpal comes in handy, which is how she gets here. Yep. Really.

Alex Reinfield makes his way to dash through the winds, his Drill Arm is out and ready for action. Well, how dod he get through? Good ol' Vorpal does the trick. The Maverick Hunter looks back, hoping Reflect will catchup.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is here. He's... here. Yeah. Flying in from the skies! As opposed to the ocean, or the old mine! Fear him, for Dr. Wily desgined him, and.. stuff. Yeah. WHOO!

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "Excuse me?!"

Solar Draco moves with the vorpal once he sees it leaving. Those jets kick on and the dragon flanks the ship, "Blade c'mon!"

Shining Firefly salutes Colonel, whom he notices is with Spiral Pegasus. "Sir."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "That comment about the talking missst, you twit."

Megami's powerful scanners continue to sweep, her scan now reaching well over a few dozen miles away and steadily progressing. Every spec of debris and dust is carefully registered in her mind before the search moves outwards. Meanwhile, she keeps her deep gaze on Gemini, watching and listening.

Smoke. Massive amounts of it, in fact, lilting slowly through the caps of the dormant Vesuvius. And, hidden behind a veil of the black volcanic gas is one man who had been waiting here... If he can be called a man. Concealed in the clutches of the volcano's supposedly-dormant activities is a silhouette, virtually invisible to the outside world. They were coming at last... He hadn't been the only one with a hunch. Now let us see if we were all correct in our judgement.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "yeah, you had me scared. Why I don't know."

Oh, and it's Vile.

Jet Stingray looks around as he walks with Ayla. "So... Where are the freak riddles with the monsters and stuff.... The last few times we can it happened rather fast..." He adjusts his hat and whip yet again, since taking Ayla around always messes up his hat. He puts a hand to his helm to use his radio.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Metal Man transmits, "Then again Quint, one of those pendants could repair your like ta ya pogo stick."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "The mist WAS talking! However, with my brilliance, I determined that it was a hologram."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Cleverly perceived, Quint. Bravo."

Shield rode with Rigger of course. And now he looks around, rather impressed by the destruction caused by the volcano, even though many signs of it have been removed by time.

Reflect Cobra went swimming. Boom.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "Wait wait wait. Since when does Quint have brilliance?"

Lucent raises a taloned hand in greeting to Ether, not startled out of his mind this time. He doesn't say anything, however, instead looking up toward the mountain, eyes full of trepidation. ...Yeah, this is going to be fun...

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Be forwarned. Arrivals. I couldn't dissuade them."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "I thought it was sheer BS."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "He stopped Coveting Sakugarne and just started talking to it like an equal?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "I am currently near the area where Pompeii once stood. Gemini Man, Shadow Man, I want reports."
Rigger isn't quite surprised, so much as concerned. Staring at the smoking volcano with worry, her head shakes slowly. "This doesn't look good," she murmers doubtfully. "Last time it started smoking..."
Ayla Ericson moves a jog to keep up with Jet's stride. "Dunno, but if this is the right place we'll see or hear something soon enough... right?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Shadow Man transmits, "Still nothing. They've been told Gemini is here to lead them to the Pendant, but nobody's buying it."

Alex Reinfield notices the incoming Maverick Hunter. He then signals for Cobra to make his way to him, "Come on."

Knight Man glances up at the volcano as he makes his way there "Tis odd.... mayhap this IS the right place afterall..."

Iris smiles a little, looking up at Spiral Pegasus as she continues to follow her brother along. "Prett exciting, isn't it?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Use your holographc generators to make them believe, then."

Shield says, "So when this thing erupts, how are we planning on surviving again?"

Enker receives a radio transmission.

High above, the noise of a helicopter can be heard. Well, a hovercopter, or whatever you'll call these newfangled aerial machines. At any rate, the bay door opens, and an old, fixed-up jeep is slowly pushed into view. Ever so carefully, it is pushed off the ramp, right into the sky...

...and a parachute opens just in time, saving the two within the vehicle from being squished or hurt when the ground would come up all too quickly. Those two within, once the vehicle hits the ground with a light thud, are easily identifiable as Alexis Hastings, and the Maverick Hunter Zero. And Alexis is at the wheel. Oh my. Bad driver in command.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "You told them you were there? Idiot."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "Make pendant holographs to confuse them."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Actualy... ...that is what /I'm/ made from, Heat... ...afterall... I /am/ a Girl."

Messenger Marou turns and studies the volcano. Well, at least she's used to hot temperatures if something should happen to go boom.

Rigger turns to glance at Shield seriously a moment. "Well if it is the right place, and I'd say it probably is, then don't worry about that. There's no way to survive if it happened." She looks back, stalking along with her hands digging into her pockets. "So let's just hope it doesn't."

Spiral Pegasus stifles a yawn as he plays Follow The Robot Master. "You... could say that." He glances at Lieutenant Colonel and asks Iris, "Did you hear anything of the new officer?"

Psych Mosquito shakes his head as, approaching, he spies the plumes of smoke. Well, that's terribly unfortunate. Cloaked he continues his way, surveying the sides of the volcano and overlooking the shadow of Vile as he does so. Compound eyes are precise enough to mark the identity of the Maverick General. He doesn't need to waste his time.

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Funny. Dad always called you a cast iron B*tch...."

Reaver Mimic shrugs as he turns towards mighty Vesuvius itself, floating over beside Knight in-disguise. "I'd say so. It's too perfect of a spot." he suggests. "Perhaps a temporary alliance is in order. I'm sure others are on their way." states the opportunist.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...did he?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "He did?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Well, I will take that as a Compliment."

Ether Skunk prances over to Rigger and Shield. "I can project a force-field. Maybe I can keep a few of us from getting buried in ash if the thing DOES go off..." She smiles. "Besides, we should only really worry if we're at the top. Volcanos don't explode completely when they pop."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Well, when he was mad. Or into his special medicine."

Blade Raven just keeps on flying along, right after Solar, "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming. Geeze." He says, as he keeps on going.

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man snickers.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "Yet another stone dares to blockade my path!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "You mean the alcohol?"

Lightning and thunder starts to erupt from the clouds that've formed across the black starry night. A twinkle of a single star errupting in the clouds directly overhead for just an instant. Then the rains begin to fall, first as just a trickle then as a torrential downpour. Most of the local citizenry moves indoors despite the gatherings outside the city.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Jussst do like you normally do and hit it with your head"

And Zero is having the time of his life, hanging onto the back as he slices any cords that may get in the way of the vehicle as Alexis prepares to take off. "Let's go, Alexis, and make sure to keep the ride at extra bumpy!" he chuckles, holding onto the roll bar with one hand, clutching the sabre with the other.

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "I'm afraid that I cannot discuss that with anyone other than Ballade or a qualified pharmacologist."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Because, if my studies continue on... ...We may need to be made from stronger stiff then Cast Iron"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dr. Wily transmits, "Quint, cease your brainless babbling. There are much more pressing matters at hand than your bruised ego."

Solar Draco comes in and lands beside Ether, "Tell that to St. Helens Ether.." he notes as he lands, a long look is given to the massive mountain before him. He blinks, then the rain begins. ".... Aw you have Got to be kidding me!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "But I TRIPPED ON A ROCK!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man snickers.

Shield glances to Rigger. "Every other place has self-destructed or been destroyed. You expect this active volcano to not do the same?" He glances at Ether, not alot of faith in her forcefield. "I suggest you use it on yourself and Rigger. I was made to withstand extreme temperatures." Not that I could survive lava, Shield thinks to himself.

Blade Raven lands as well, "Aww, son of a.." He grumbles, "I hate rain. This is the worst thing that coulda happened right now. This renders most of my weapons useless.."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "You'll have to remove hisss vocalsss, sssir."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quint transmits, "I mean...I was running, with a clear path ahead, when suddenly, a stone rolled in, acting as a wall to my foot!"

Iris grins with delight as Colonel hoists her up on his tall shoulders for a better vantage-point. "I met a Cruise Loon," she admits to Spiral. "Is that the one you mean? -- Ooh, thank you, brother, much better to see."

Ether Skunk hrmphs at Solar, looking back at him. "Nahhh... that won't happe- uh....?" Drip. Drip. Drizzle. Ether begins to sniffle pathetically as it rains around her, hair and tail getting soaked quickly and hanging bedraggled-like.

Messenger Marou erks, raindrops splattering against her firey aura, sending up little clouds of smoke around her. "Ewww...great. Now my hair's gonna get all messed up," she mutters. Then, the lightning comes. The demoness lets out a panicked screech and flails, looking for someone to hide behind.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "SHUT UP! THEY DIDN'T BUY IT, OKAY? DON'T CHAT ON THE SECURE LINE!!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "You tripped over your own feet again didn't you?"

Megami does her reappearing trick and is suddenly next to the small group of Ether, Rigger and Shield. "There are records of volcanos exploding with force greater than an atomic bomb. Do not be overconfident." She pays no attention to the sudden downpour, though her hair begins to soak up the water and cling to her forehead, obscuring her eyes even more.

Let the rain quench. Psych Mosquito does look above and nod in satisfaction at the phenomenon, but continues to tour the sides of the volcano, looking to spy any other inconsistencies before he tries at the rain.

Knight Man hmms as he gazes up at the sky "Rain.... something doth not feeleth right about this. I geteth a dire feeling about this... I hope mine instincts were not mistaken..." He continues to slosh through the rain, towards the volcano.

Reflect Cobra loves rain. The snake sidles into existance *directly* behind Ether Skunk. Blink. "Mmm, rain."

Rigger takes a deep breath as she lets it out slowly. "Right, I do expect that. But I survived the last time when I should have been dead... I just remember appearing again ni one peice. So maybe it's all a part of these places, to freak people out till someone gets the pendant."

Jet Stingray nods to Ayla, looking over to the other group of Repliforcers. "Ayla, let's stay with them. While we are working as a team, I would feel safer if there was more people around to protect in case something goes wrong." He doesn't mind the rain at all, jogging after Iris, Spiral, Colonel, Marou, and the new officer. "Wait up, guys!" He looks behind to make sure Ayla is following. Leaving a teammate behind is never cool. As for the rain, he doesn't mind it at all. He's a water reploid, he likes being wet.

Spiral Pegasus is a conveniently wet pegasus with really large wings to hide behind.

Over the last two days, the Elite Commander has been through a lot. Cold-blooded murder, riddles, golden chambers, footstools, Tron Bonne. Ground zero, twin-headed dragons, infighting, death, Gemini Man. Enker's a little annoyed with the powers-that-be, for this rather sudden change in action; he was very close to sending the Robot Masters on to something else, and now this..? It just becomes a bit too much. Muttering to himself, he simply sends off transmission after transmission as he heads for the summit, heedless of the changing weather.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dr. Wily transmits, "Quint, if you do not immediately stop complaining about meaningless garbage, I will do unspeakable things to you."

Enker receives a radio transmission from Dust Man.

Morgaine continues her soft humming as she walks with the other Repliforcers, keeping her disguise about her. Luckily, she doesn't seem to notice Spiral querying Iris about her.

Lucent runs after Ether, pausing every so often as his eyes glaze--he's sampling the air, much like a snake would, for various chemicals. As Reflect appears right in front of Lucent, the minimedic skids to a stop with a squeak, freezing in place as the rain begins to sluice down.

Alex Reinfield blinks as he notices the rain. A frown is given, while sighing. "Great...Rain. Well, it makes tunneling easier...." He offers a faint smile, turning his attention towards the area.

Axle begins to growl, while holding onto Alex.

Alex turns over towards Reflect. "We have to go forward, let's try to find the pendent.." He begins to journey on, hoping the Maverick Hunter will follow. Who knows what would happen if it fell into the villians' hand.

Enker receives a radio transmission.

Solar Draco shrugs a little at Ether, holding his shield up over himself for some shelter, "Still, point's made, you never know what may happen," he tells her before glancing back at Blade, "Hey don't worry about it, you never know, maybe it won't me a massive free for all this time..."

The rain drips off of Colonel's hat and off the great coat(tm) and as it falls the Repliforce XO wraps one arm around his sister and pulls her closer, to try to warm her up a little, can't have Iris catching a cold due to being out in the rain. He gets an idea and then snaps of a radio transmission.

Enker sends a radio transmission.

Reflect Cobra blinks slightly at Lucent, head swivelling around to look at the see-thru reploid. "Er, sorry about that, Lucent... You okay?" He didn't meeen to!

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission.

Firestorm Phoenix lowers himself to just above the vegetation, flying over the island at a quick pace, looking voer the volcano, he decides thats the best place to look and begins making a spiral pattern around it, slowly moving up along it.

Enker receives a radio transmission from Heat Man.
Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission to Colonel.
Colonel receives a radio transmission.
Enker sends a radio transmission.

Spiral Pegasus spreads out both of his wings behind him, then arcs them so they're parallel to the ground. Voila, instant rain shelter for Iris and Messenger Marou. The pegasus beams, happy to have impressed his idol once again.

Ether Skunk looks around at the collected hunters, smiling softly, glad to see everybody together once more. She leans around to peek at Lucent, trying to beckon him over.

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

As the rain begins to fall on what was once the bustling Roman village of Pompeii, Vile opts to emerge from his shelter. Slowly sauntering forward and down the side of Vesuvius, Vile is visible for only a few seconds as he is swallowed up by the thick flora of the island.... Out of sight and into the wilderness, for now... He was alone here, and would have to be appropriately careful.

Gemini Man has left.

Messenger Marou squeaks and cowers under the pegasus' wing, glancing around in a slightly panicked state as she watches the lightning. It's not one of her favorite thingd.

Megami sends a radio transmission to Zero.
Zero receives a radio transmission.

Iris just sighs...she was beginning to like being in the rain. And she can't catch cold; what silliness is that? "Um, thank you," she tells Spiral. Might as well be cordial. ", there's...something you should know..." She starts giving him insistant looks.

FLASH! A blinding burst of light befalls the entire room as a strike of lightning hits the edge of Vesuvius that is facing the gathering. An explosion of rocks is sent in all directions, some launching as far as a mile away from the sheer force of the blast.

Zero sends a radio transmission to Megami.
Megami receives a radio transmission from Zero.
SS Dreadskull has arrived.

Shield doesn't give a rip about the weather, he's covered in waterproof battlearmor that isn't that sensitive tactile-wise. Now the lightning on the other hand... "That is not helping our situation out any."
Solar Draco flinches from the massive lightning strike. Instinctively the dragon takes to the air, when those rocks come raining down he's going to make sure he can keep out of the way...

Megami sends a radio transmission to Zero.
Zero receives a radio transmission from Megami.

Blade Raven winces at the lightning strike, "Oh hell." He mutters, as he looks up the mountain, "Rain and lightning. Perfect." He sighs, and shakes his head, "At least there won't be any radioactive mutants on this island.."

From SS Dreadskull> Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Lucent blinks, looking up at Reflect and waving his talons with cheer he doesn't feel. "I'm o-okay." Seeing Ether, he sneaks around Reflect with a soft mumble and joins up with Ether--in time for the mountain to go *boom*. Oh dear stars--Lucent nearly runs then and there. "EYAAA!"

Zero sends a radio transmission.
Megami receives a radio transmission.

Ayla Ericson pulls her hat down lower, letting the water drip off the brim. She isn't a reploid, but the rain isn't too annoying yet. "Coming!" the girl shouts over the drone of the rain before letting out a squeak at the flash of light and the rock burst. "Ugh... hold up, Jet. I just got momentarily blinded by that burst of light..."

Enker sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.
From SS Dreadskull> Heat Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.
Megami sends a radio transmission.
Zero receives a radio transmission.

Reflect Cobra tailflicks idly, watching the light show from the impromtpu storm. Amazingly, he STILL is being followed by the seventeen multicollored bunnies. One of which is picked up and immediately handed to the panicking Lucent. "Oi, Lucent! Here!" Pet the bunny!

Ether Skunk lets out a yalp! She ducks behind Rigger, quivering, and lashes her wet tail out, curling it around Lucent protectively. *drip* After a moment, she lifts her head, then pops back out and howls! "COOOOL!" Lucent's still stuck in her damp tail, though.

From SS Dreadskull> Heat Man says, "Pirate, Enker says to fly straight for the side of the mountain. Just watch the storm.""

And as soon as that massive bolt hits, Marou has lept back, her fiery aura hot enough to scorch the ground beneath her as she struggles to keep herself from flying off in a massive panic. So, instead...she latches herself onto Spiral and refuses to let go as her aura dies down.

On instinct, Knight Man would draw his weapon on such a loud noise. But Knight isn't going on normal instincts right now. He just stares at the place the lightning hit. "If I had any doubts about the legitimacy of this location, I haveth none anymore." He glances back and around him, he can see more people coming, some he recognizes, others he can't make out "Onward I supposeth..." He continues in the direction of the blast.

Stealth Transport has arrived.
Stealth Transport enters the Bay of Naples.
Stealth Transport has left.

As the blinding burst of light emits, Alex draws his right hand over his eyes, and the other hand befalls upon Axle's eyes. The metool escapes to Alex's head, settling on his friend. Alex brings the right hand up, ready to deal with the collapsing rocks. "Ugh!" He nearly paniacs, then he calms down. ".....We may be getting closer...." He journeys forth, pulling Axle out of his head. "No, you'd be a lightning rod on my head."

Iris gasps in surprise as rocks begin raining down. She scoots in close to Spiral, a bit nervous at the HUGE lightning-strike. "What a storm..."

From SS Dreadskull> Fighting Soldiers from the Sky! WI-LY! WI-LY! WI-LY!

The flash is but the beginning of it all. A gust of high winds strikes the ground, twisting and turning through the eddies in the sky before swooping down toward the ground in a massive push. In fact the wind is over 60 MPH at the moment, one could only imagine how strong it is at the top.

Firestorm Phoenix's brow ridge comes up as the lightning strikes the ground, "Interesting. Normally, I would ignore such a thing, but right now..." The phoenix veers directions and heads straight for the point at wich the lightning hit the ground. Perhaps he'll find something there, if not he can always resume his original search.

From SS Dreadskull> Guts Man walks inside the Dreadskull but trips over a hardhat.

A laugh track can be heard in the background.

Shining Firefly glances nervously up at the storm. Electricity. Something that doesn't set well with him...

Megami turns and looks up at the gathered Hunters nearby. "I have orders from Zero-san. We are to attempt and destroy in rim of the volcano to prevent and eruption. The village is top priority." She wipes at her eyes simply because she can no longer see properly. "If there are any who are incapable of reaching the peak, I can assist in transporting you."

Zero yells into his radio, as he hangs onto the bouncing vehicle driven by Alexis, that hits off of rocks, and other debris, as the driver swings them through the blast field. "I have the Hunters working on that volcano, just keep moving."

Reaver Mimic nods. "Right." Landing beside Knight, Mimic begins walking towards the mountain proper, not truly wishing to fly unless need be in a storm like this. He knows better. "Looks like hoofing it's the best way." mutters Reaver.

Can't blame a big brother for trying to cover all the contingences now, can you? The rain continues to run down his form, as Spiral's wings don't cover him and as his sister speaks he looks down at her and replies with a curious air "What might that be Iris?" The group near Pompeii or something, yay and Colonel notices the unstable state of the mountain.

Jet Stingray sighs and nods, his blindness lasting for a far shorter time than his partner. He waits for her, just watching as everyone else goes off. "Why can't we just have a water race for the part? That would be a whole lot cooler." He does spot Spiral as he does his thing. Getting two girls under his wings while he gets stuck with Ayla. As the storm picks up, Jet moves to take Ayla's hand if she hasn't started already. Stay close to me... This might get dangerous quick. In fact I know, it will!"

Spiral Pegasus meeps as he's quickly glomped by Marou on one side and scooted close to by Iris on the other. Though he can't catch cold, Spiral's designers did give him at least one human-like trait: He blushes -again-. "Um... stay close... not too close, but um... er..."

Rigger jumps in fear at the explosion of lightning, only to be forced to reach out and grab onto someone near her. The wind was just a bit too strong, after all. "Well now I *know* we're in the right place," She yells over the winds, wincing as the stinging rain hits her. "Just like last night! It'll get worse."

Reflect Cobra's head tilts skyward at the massive gust of wind, frowning faintly. If he could fly, he'd want to see just what -is- at the top.

Knight Man grunts and winces as the winds dare to knock him back. Even without his armor, Knight Man is still a big lunk and won't be pushed around easily, he trudges onward, just a little slower than before "Trying to pusheth us away eh fate? What mysteries lie at the top of this mountain?"

Solar Draco yelps a bit, his HUD coming on rather quickly to aid wit him trying to keep his wits about him in the air. With that online, the dragon's jets and wings quickly work in tandem to fight the winds as he continues to fly in the skies around the mountain. "Erf... what a pain in the neck."

Lucent huddles down, nearly disappearing in all that tail. He takes the proffered bunny automatically, clinging to it like a drowning man to a broken spar. And stares up at the mountain, violet eyes huge in the darkness and the glow around him gone to brilliant proportions.

Psych Mosquito shakes his head, stopping his revolution around Vesuvius as the rocks fall and the winds begin. He is high enough, luckily, to remain mostly untargeted by the wind targeting the ground, but still has to blink several times to maintain his headway towards the summit.

Iris' beret is taken by the wind and it quickly flies away in the increasing wind. "Oh, darn it! -- I'll have to tell you later!!" she yells over the howling wind, in her brother's direction.

Blade Raven nods his head a little bit, as he moves closer to Solar, "We're in the right place.." He says, trying to get his friend's attention, "And this time neither of us are going down.."

Shadow Man furthermore has no concern for rain, and seeing that nobody is buying Gemini Man's rouse, he darts for one of those convenient escapes he had laid out before any attention is returned to him. He watches the Hunter efforts with little to no interest, regarding the shift in weather likewise. Islands have storms.

Messenger Marou whimpers as she peers out around Spiral.
"I...hate...storms," the demoness whispers softly, folding her ears back. The sudden gust of wing ruffles her hair as she struggles to keep her wings folded tightly against her back. And yes, she's still clinging to Spiral with a death grip.

Enker's head jerks up. It's seeming more and more likely that the most obvious guess of them all is proving to be the correct, despite a bit of general confusion. This just about clinches it. All but shouting into his radio due to the increasing severity of the storm, the Elite Commander begins to plot down the points of impact into his mind as he makes his way towards the volcano itself. Thankfully, he's more than likely approaching it from the other side as the combined goodie two-shoe forces.

Colonel sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Ether Skunk lifts an arm and shield her eyes from the wind as it picks up to such a maddening pace, before she manages to raise her antigrav field and lessen its effects, just enough to make it more of a comfortable breeze. It's still raining, though. The skunk looks back to the others. She's briefly annoyed at Megami, Zero and this sudden change of mission, but she takes one plodding step forward. "Well, the summit isn't coming down to us, people!" she calls out. "Let's go already!"

Solar Draco nods back at Blade as he pushes against the Storm, "Keep your wits about you, Blade. We're in for a heck of a time now if we are right."

If anyone tries to fly, they'll find themselves smashed into the mountain or thrown back to the earth from the sheer strength of the winds.

And, of course, one fellow -is- at the top of that mountain. Mostly unhindered by the winds and lightning as he descends the side of the mountain, Vile seems to be taking his sweet time, virtually invisible save for the glowing red beacon of his optic flowing throughout, the rest of his body illuminated by thunderflashes while moving - particularly the one massive one. Perhaps.... Perhaps he should remain -here- instead of descending... The mountain seems to be the place to be.

SS Dreadskull makes its way towards the mountain, turrets slowly scanning the area as the ship's engines increase power as it tries to get closer

Alex Reinfield frowns as he hears the radio, then he sighs. A nod is given, then he turns over towards the Hunters. However, as the current becomes rougher, Alex winces and growls while drawing his grip onto Axle tighter. He then makes his way back. "Hrm? I'll come then!" He dashes over towards Ether.

Shield offers Rigger his elbow, holding it out as if a man and woman wanted to link arms. "Try not to get blown how are we going to divide up? Just a suggestion, but I think Lucent and Rigger should accompany Ether to the village."

Blade Raven looks towards Solar, "You gonna go to the villiage or up the mountain?" He asks, as he keeps on going against the winds..

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "The winds might be too strong for the craft. Set down ASAP and proceed on foot."

Spiral Pegasus glances aside at Colonel, as another wind gust promptly returns Iris's beret back to her. "Don't worry about me, sir. I've got everything under control." Size 6 combat reploid, has wind control powers - you do the math.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "What location should we meet at:"

Solar Draco coughs, "Can't get up any farther, wind is to much.. go back down.." he calls over the rushing winds before he quickly turns around and heads downward.

Ether Skunk glowers back at Shield. "I'm going up there. I'm more than capable." She looks to Lucent.... "Lucent, are you sure you want to come with? It might get hairy up there."

Mikage Yukiato has arrived.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye sir, setting her down now."

Reaver Mimic nods to Knight as he morphs his right arm into a cannon. Quickly, four climbing picks of solid ice are produced. "If we're going to see, we'll have to climb." says Reaver. "We can use these." he states, holding two out to the incognito Master.

Ayla Ericson tugs on the hand that's waaaaay above her head. "Jet," the drenched teen shouts over the winds. "Could you give me a lift? If we keep at this pace, I won't be able to keep up being stretched out like this and all."

That defeats that idea, then. Psych Mosquito crashes onto the ground, and a faint strike is heard around the mostly-heroic congregation, but he remains cloaked and plodding forth, enhancing his movement with his blinks. And his first move groundbound is to head straight for one of the fallen boulders, to seek refuge behind from the winds.

Shining Firefly is lucky he didn't try to fly, then. "Colonel, sir, this seems to be an unusual storm." He shows his little readout thing to Colonel and continues yelling over the wind. "Not only is it, well, not right to have a hurricane in the Mediterranean, there aren't any surrounding climatic conditions that would contribute to a hurricane."

Zero hops out of the rolling and bouncing jeep as the winds start to grab the vehicle off the goat path of a road, and attempts to turn it over. "End of the line, Alexis.. from here, we hoof it." With that, he starts up the side of the mountain. His mission was to stay with Alexis, and she wants to keep going up.. so up they'll go.

Lucent looks up at her, blinking. "Y-yes," he says, with a firmness he doesn't seem to feel. "I'm g-going." Meanwhile, the glow's become a whole lot brighter--enough to see a few feet through the storm with.
Messenger Marou glances nervously as she finally releases her hold, standing beside Spiral now, but she's still shaking a little. "S-so...any orders, sir?"

Knight Man gives Reaver a glance, he was only talking to himself, when did he show up? No matter, a companion is a welcome thing here, regardless of who it is. "Aye, thank thee." He takes one of the ice picks, and starts scaling the cliff, heading upward "Watcheth thineself, tis no easy climb..."

Reflect Cobra grunts something rather unintelegable, nearly blown over by the strong winds .. before changing form entirely, to one far more suited to high winds, and very low to the ground. Fourty foot cobra style.

Megami blinks blankly at the others. This bickering is wasting time. She simply turns to the volcano and peers up at the top. Those winds will prevent her from flying but it should be easy enough to run. The tiny girl blurs as she heads for the slope.

Snake Man has arrived.
Reflect Cobra changes into his Cobra armor.

From SS Dreadskull> Pirate Man looks to the others saying, "All ashore, now. The storm be too powerfull."

Pirate Man has arrived.
Gemini Man has arrived.
Guts Man has arrived.

Firestorm Phoenix is forced to the ground, landing a bit abruptly, but he manges to survive. "Damnit, this is getting agravating, first lightning and odd ball fog, now rain and high winds." Firestorm pops out the large blades in his forarms and begins cutting a path through the forest.

Heat Man has arrived.

Spiral Pegasus pats Marou on the back, keeping calm through the storm. "Keep at your position, and stay ready. This just isn't quite right... Oh, and if the shooting begins, cover the Major. He has some fight left in him, but I want to make sure he has backup."

Iris grins with delight, as Spiral manages to retrieve her hat. "Wow, thank you! I appreciate it!" Her hair is whipping around crazily...she's long-since lost the little clip holding it back, in this unrelenting wind.

Reaver Mimic shrugs, and begins his ascent behind Knight. "That's an understatement. A shame of this storm though. This is going to be a rather nasty trip up." he adds, with a frown. oO(That's right my erstwhile ally. You spring the traps, and I'll reap the profit.)Oo
If anyone tries to fly, they'll find themselves smashed into the mountain or thrown back to the earth from the sheer strength of the winds. (A note to those who just arrived in ships. No flying, hence they couldn't get you here.

Metal Man has arrived.
Spiral Pegasus beams again.

Snake Man emerges from the shuttle as it sets down near the mountain, on the opposite side. He stays sheltered in the lee of the ship for a moment, and then starts to run on all fours towards Enker's last known location.

Morgaine shifts uncomfortably, reaching out to tap Spiral. "Lieutenant, if I may make a request of you.."

Guts Man makes his way out of the transport, taking a few steps onto the beach. Time for a beach party!

Bomb Man has arrived.

Colonel frowns, narrowing his eyes against the strong wind and holding onto his sister tight, to make sure she doesn't blow away like her beret just did and plods on against the fury of the storm. "Since we can't fly up there we'll have to walk to the top of the mountain. I'd blink up there myself, but I don't want to leave you behind." He yells, even his strong voice seems to get partially lost in the howling rage of weather. He nods to Shinning slightly "I would imagine it's being caused by the pendant, it must be nearby."

Vile pauses, now, in his descent. He would wait. Plopping down on a rock, the haunting silhouette of Vile simply waits on the slope facing the approaching band of heroes, near the summit of Vesuvius - but not quite. This storm... this was an unnatural storm. He liked this....

Localized storm. This area is relatively small.

Messenger Marou nods, looking towards the firefly as she moves towards him. "Sir..." she says with a quivering bow. "Will you give me the honor of accompanying you on this really weird journey?"

"I'm coming with you, brother!" Iris insists. "I'll come to the top of the mountain with you!"

Ether Skunk turns back towards the populated regions of the island, head bowed against the wind and rain and arms crossed over her chest, prepared to play little evac skunk.

Spiral Pegasus is about to shout a recommendation at Colonel, when he feels a tap behind him. Looking back at the Lieutenant Colonel with a raised eyebrow, the pegacion simply says, "Yes, sir?"

Pirate Man looks to the others then to a drown saying, "Guard the ship, no need for it to get stolen.", a Joe nods before he quickly follows the others towards the mountain

Jet Stingray nods to Ayla, moving to tuck her in his arms like a babe, in order to protect her from the storm as well as keep a good eye on her. He races to follow Spiral and his gang. "Hey, you all okay? It seems rather crazy all of the sudden!" he says, hoping his words carry over the storm well.

Ether Skunk turns around and heads back up. Um... yes. She was going up the entire time.

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man continues to climb. Had he be acting like his normal self he'd find someway to make his new 'ally' fall and continue himself. But now, he just climbs. Not that he cares about Reaver, he's just indifferent.

Metal Man follows the other Masters out on to the beach. "Lets move out." Metal Man trudges along hungy for the pendant that is to be found. oO(This time, I shall claim the prize and gain the powers of one of the Stardroids!)

Morgaine nods, agrees. "I, too, shall come with you, sir!" she shouts over the wind, hair whipping all about.

Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission.
Morgaine receives a radio transmission from Spiral Pegasus.

Blade Raven just keeps on trying to climb up the mountain, to just...You know, go as best as he can up the side of the mountain, .o(Wish I had mountain climbing gear..)

Psych Mosquito reaches the space before the fallen boulder from the strike of lightning, taking refuge from the winds behind it. Pores on his cloaked body open, and tentacles slither out, crashing into the mountainside to serve as his climbing grips. He begins now to climb with the tentacles serving as his grapples, moving out from behind the boulder and using his rockets and blinking to speed himself a bit further.

Zero flips around his sabre, igniting it. Slamming it into the earth, Zero starts to pull himself up the side, getting up a ways to the side, and leans down, extending a hand to Alexis. "..Hunter express, up the side of Vesuvias." he winks. "We should charge for this tour."

Guts Man hopes he encounters real Stardroids. He hasn't beaten on the all powerful in a while.

Dust Man tromps his way out of the parked Dreadskull. "Bloody horrible weather. Wish toad was here. Make things more interesting." He looks at the mountain, and then to Pirate. "Wonderful weather for climbing, eh?"

Shining Firefly feels sheepish at Spiral's extra attention. "Don't worry about me, Lieutenant, I can get out of here right quick. If a firefight breaks out, you concentrate on shooting the bad guy." To Colonel: "/Fascinating./ Perhaps this pendant is the one associated with Jupiter?"

Snake Man stays low to the ground, seeming to flow over rather than move over it, avoiding the brunt of the wind. The stinging rain bothers him not in the least as he pushes onwards and upwards towards his commander.
Heat Man moves in against the wind, on foot, heading in. o0(Must. Find. It. I must save my family.)0o

Lucent jogs after Ether, keeping in the windshadow her antigrav bubble makes. Elsewise, he'd not be able to move. As soon as the going gets rough, the talons go out and into the rock to help him up.
Shield continues to offer his arm to Rigger and any lighter hunters that need assistance. Shield is quite heavy for a reploid his size. "Up we go then, I suppose."

Being a giant snake was useful, the wind more or less went right around Reflect now. The cobra twists around to look at Ether and Lucent, light flickering briefly through holographic systems. "We should go where we're needed. Come." Whether or not they follow, the cobra drops back down and neatly heads for the mountain, literally slithering along at a decent clip.

Rigger holds onto Shield with a slight nod. She still squints into the rain, her hair long since soaked and slicked back in it's usual braid. At least it doesn't get in her face that way. "Lovely. Let's get going I guess."

Alexis Hastings grins slightly up at Zero, holding out one of her many gadgets. "Let's make it easier," she counters, firing off a mini-grappling hook higher up the rock face. "At your leisure," she says, taking Zero's hand.

Vile simply waits, hunched over as he glares down the slope. Yeah, they'd be coming up sooner or later... Why not go to the top himself? He had little interest in possessing this amulet... Besides. No guarantees it was up there. It was merely the dramatic selection.

Spiral Pegasus is with Colonel through thick and thin. Even as he tosses the odd glance at Lieutenant Colonel and at the skitterish Corporal. his gaze remains fixed at the fearless Little Hat - all that is glorious and honorable. If he's going up the mountain, Spiral's going up the mountain with him.

Iris waves enthusiastically as she spies Jet Stingray approaching the Repliforce group. "Hey there, Jet! Is Ayla okay? This wind is getting pretty reckless!"

Reaver Mimic meanwhile trails behind Knight. Hopefully, the bulk of the incognito Master will provide somewhat of a buffer from the elements, and any further spills of rock. He's pushing his luck with even trying this endeavor, but eh. It's a living.

Solar Draco pushes his jets a bit to the max and simply gets a hold of that mountain. Those claws dig in as his wings engines cut off. He just glances up the mountain and gets going. He's within shouting distance of Blade at least...

Gemini Man steps off the Dreadskull now, gazing around the terrain. He's seething, but that's no longer anything new. Already possessed of one of the prize pendants, he's only along for one reason. Master Insurance. He takes a posistion in the center of the Robot Master group, walking side by side with them as if, just a moment ago, he hadn't done anything unusual.

Pirate Man looks to Dust Man, "Depends on the equipment ye brought along. But as always a pirate must be repaired, so take one of these just incase.", he then hands Dust and any other masters near him a grappling hook

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Morgaine.

The samurai leaves the transport, marching double-time towards the mountain with his brothers. His eyes are cold and hard, gaze determined. The wind cuts against him, the rain spatters across his armor, but he is undeterred. Lightning, fire, the rage of the Pretender Gods is nothing to the samurai. He fears not death; even less now, knowing what he may very well have to do.
// It must be destroyed. Even at the cost of my own life. For my family. For Wily. For the world. //

Spiral Pegasus sends a radio transmission.
Morgaine receives a radio transmission.

Heat Man says, "Oooh. Grappling hook. Thanks, Pirate."

Messenger Marou sticks close to Shining, all while keeping an eye out for any more bolts of lightning.

Bomb Man comes out from the ship after Dust, nodding slightly at his coment "this is gonna be a bad day" he mutters lightly, taking the grappling hook offered by Pirate "thanks much brother"

"Where do you get all those wonderful gadgets, Alexis?" Zero asks the human with a grin, sliding a hand into his, holding onto the sabre in the other. "Going up?"

Ayla Ericson manages to give Jet a minor hug from her tucked up position. "Thank you!" she shouts up. Holding her hat in place with one hand, the teen tries to peer up ahead on the path.

Enker stands silently at the foot of the volcano, staring up at its forboding peak. The storm just makes it worse, in all actuality. He sighs, and begins his ascent, making strictly controlled jump-bursts where he's able to, making use of both cover and the winds to his advantage.

Ether Skunk looks back to Lucent, trying to give the minimedic a reassuring smile from beneath her sopping bangs, reaching back to give him a hand and pull him up when he slips or falls; catchign him with a little lash of antigravity when he's not. She looks back down towards Alex, and gestures for him to catch up, little pushes and tugs of unseen force helping to pull him along.

Metal Man follows the other Masters where ever they are headed.

Firestorm Phoenix climbs up along the slope, avain feet aiding his grip. Wings folded tightly against his frame, he manages to climb fairly well, his form designed to minimize wind resistance as is.

Alexis Hastings winks at Zero, grinning broadly. "Batman!" she exclaims over the wind, pulling the trigger to begin the ascent. True, it's not as quick as it would be with only one individual, but it sure beats climbing up the rock face.

Dust Man takes the proffered devices and tromps with the group of masters.

Psych Mosquito continues his climb up the side of the mountain, tentacular grips, blinking, rockets and all, and making fairly good time at it.

Alex Reinfield sighs a bit, if only his gear allowed him to climb. Well, the suit is rather bulky, but will need to be used. Alex then ponders a bit, wondering how will he do this. He starts to nod towards Ether. "Gotcha!" He then looks down, noticing that he is raising to the air for helping climb. "Thanks!" This made his climbing rather easy. He makes his way up to catch up with the others, nodding to Ether. "Thanks again.." He smiles, then he continues the trip.

Bluegrass touches down at the base of the moutain and looks up. //Well. Apparently flight is no good here, so... Ah'm glad fer bein' able ta get some good exercise outta this...//

With that, the White Guard proceeds to climb up...

Snake Man needs no grappling hooks nor jump jets. His hand and feet do fine to grip the slippery rocks, and the cover they provide is welcome respite from the wind. He's making good progress.

Knight Man continues to climb until he reaches something.

Yes, any flight systems end in your demise though. Lightning bolts R Us to thank for that.

Heat Man begins the alpine trek. But he refuses to yodel. Really. But he is climbing.

Zero chuckles, that breaks into a full laughter as he holds onto Alexis' hand, using his feet as a balance for the two climbers, and to help them move just a bit fasters.

Shadow Man seems to be the only one making no effort whatsoever to scale the mountain. Finding the highest ground is a primitive defensive instinct, one he has no need for when all his enemies are obviously busying themselves with it. And besides, regardless of everyone else's visions, in his, the mountain was in the background. If he see something significant going on, then he'll start up, and not before.

You enter the Mount Vesuvius.
Mount Vesuvius

The summit of Mount Vesuvius looms over the island of Pompei like a father to a newborn infant, the smoke billowing from its ridge like the tobacco of the father's pipe. Tree's dot the base of the Mountain, but the higher in altitude you climb, the more rock outcroppings you are likely to find. Towards the peak you find frigid temperatures and year-round snow showers, but at the very top of the summit, simmering smoke rises like a geyser from cracks in the ground. It almost seems like a geyser of smoke will trail you up the summit, tickling your feet and urging you to be hastey.

Obvious exits:
Down <D> leads to Area of Pompei.

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Shining Firefly blinks in, sparing himself the pain of climbing all the way up. This is represented in that a Shining Firefly is suddenly present where he was not, heralded by a small swarm of orange fireflies.

Mikage Yukiato arrives from the Area of Pompei.
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Ether Skunk doesn't lift Alex TOO high- just pulls him up flush along the mountain slope every now and then. The effect is more like a little bosot to every step he takes up the mountain. She continues to keep an eye on Lucent, and somehow, between helping the other Hunters up, manages to scramble up the surface of the mountain herself. Fortunately enough, her lithe and slender form makes it easy to avoid the pressure of the wind as she climbs, climbs, climbs that mountain.

Knight Man continues to climb, the temperature growing ever colder. Oh well, the cold doesn't bother him, neither does heat, or much else, only sharp pointy slashy things. Continuing upward, he can only wonder what he'll find...

Spiral Pegasus arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

Shield is a bit worried at the mention of corrosive gasses, but otherwise is unfazed by the weather. Not that it isn't dangerous, as he's totally unskilled at mountain climbing and without equipment. And he's hauling along a human as cargo. But it's not nearly as dangerous as some of the things he's done.

Clutching his sister tight and leading the rest of the Repliforce group upwards Colonel fights the fierce winds and begins his ascent, heading towards the summit of the mountain. "For freedom, we must find that pendant first. One of us must make it and find who, who does not matter."

Bomb Man grumbles lightly throws his grapple up as he hauls himself up after snake and the rest, this Master not at all suited for, or caring for the current weather..or slippery-like rocks.

Heat Man gives in and quietly yodels and he heads up for the top of the peak. Wily-eh-hee-hoo.

Solar Draco continues his climb upward, his jets helping him ever so slightly as he hugs the rockface.. "Man... stupid storm.." he mutters as he goes.

Firestorm Phoenix continues his accent, his clawed hands and feet giving him easy purchase on any rock surface.

Iris isn't climbing, either...her little legs are way too -short- for that sort of drudgery. So she sits piggyback on her brother's shoulders.

Sharp Pointy Slashy Things. Such is also the downfall of Dusty, who climbs the moutain with vigor, or at least interest.

Oh, you thought it was easy. But oh no. The top is yet to be reached, as it seems Vesuvius has grown a tad in recent days. Now, the top is filled with shards of rock and jagged pieces sticking far out of it. The top is a hazardous place to reach.

Jet Stingray chuckles as he offers in a tone that would suggest a smile. "No problem, Ayla... Just doing what friends do." He turns to Iris as he looks about. "She'll be fine... It's just a little more then a human girl would be used to... Speaking of people not fans of roughing it, are you okay, Iris?" he asks in concern.

Messenger Marou uses her sword to help climb. Thank goodness for claws and talons too, y'know. The demoness keeps her fire aura around her at all times, looknig somewhat like a glowing beacon on the side of the mountain.

Snake Man continues up the side of the peak, following only a short distance behind Enker and keeping a wary eye out for trouble. He's sure they're not alone

Vile pounds his feet into the soil of Mount Vesuvius, slowly rising up as the forces of good (and otherwise) slowly approach his position on the mount. Well... It seemed that the summit was the place to go. Flashing his red optic for just a moment - probably /blatantly/ visible to those not far below, Vile turns on his heel, before pounding up the side of the mountain on his feet.

The higher he gets, the tougher it gets. The jump-jets prove to be ineffective before long, barely enabling him to move an inch, let alone very far at all. Muttering to himself, Enker moves onto his next plan. Taking out a cylinder, he shakes it out into a full-length javelin. Grasping that in one hand, and the Mirror Buster in the other, he simply puts his impressive strength into use in ascending.

Bluegrass proceeds to climb up... that is, getting out her lasso lasso up to outpeak, try it around her waist... and proceed to scale to that point. Repeat. //Ah wonder what are we goin' ta find...//

Reaver Mimic meanwhile moves along after Knight. If it gets hotter up here, he can take certain precautions. It's a race to the summit, and well, he's not about to lose. Eyeing the summit, Reaver begins formulating a few plans for passing the dangerous area unless his ally locates a way around it.

Rigger works along with a stubborn determination. She made the last one, and that wasn't easy. She can make it to this one as well... With Shield's help occasionally when things prove a bit too hard for her.

Solar Draco eventually pulls his shield out and starts using it to aid in his climb, driving it's sharpened tip into the rock as he goes farther upward... "Should have brought Dark, he does this better'n me.."

Yamato Man smashes handholds in the mountain with his fists when he can't find any, crushing any sharp points as he encounters them. He doesn't like sharp edges when he isn't controlling them. He proceeds slowly but steadily, using his dash jets for a little boost here and there. He must destroy the pendant or die trying.

Colonel sighs and shakes his head, "I'm Sorry, Iris, but this seems to be the only way. Spiral, take care of her." With that he hands his sister to Spiral and his image shimmers, splitting into two as he attempts to blink to the top of the mountain.

Continues scaling upward. He gazes up at the sharp jagged rocks. Thankfully they're only rocks, and he's titanium (or whatever the Masters are made of) and unless a rather large and heavy rock of particular sharpness crushes him, he shouldn't have anything to worry about. Still, he procedes with caution, anything can happen, and the climb is becoming more difficult.
And that was Knight Man

Psych Mosquito's combination of long-distance blinks, rocketry, and tentacular grips to keep the rocketry from knocking him off the mountain brings Psych Mosquito to the cold perimeter of the Mountain. Jagged grips are no problem; he isn't touching the rock at all except for feelers with careful holds and his tentacles digging him his footholds. When he comes across larger outcroppings, he endeavors to go around them, and occasionally swings a cloaked feeler forward, tossing an explosive to detonate a piece and knock it off the mountain and out of his problems.

Ayla Ericson arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Ayla Ericson has arrived.

'Lieutenant Colonel' climbs upwards, though for her comrades that may notice, whenever she hits a jagged piece of rock, she does wince, though little beyond that. Once or twice, a hand seems to pass through the debris as the 'officer' makes her way upwards.

Reflect Cobra continues on. Heck, sharp or not, he was made for working in dangerous, rocky terrains. Hence the rather agile, rather strong, cobra form. He simply crawls over and around anything in the way. Up ahead, he spots Enker and Snake Man, but makes no attempt to actually catch up to or stop them.

Zero says, " turn to help, Alexis." he grins, and swings out his left arm. "Hold on tight." he murmurs, and lifts his arm up, morphing it into a buster. Powering it up. "...not too much.. not too.." He fires, vaporizing and collapsing sharp rocks and other obstacles in his path. "..let's keep going, Alexis."

Bomb Man slips up a bit as he hastens to follow after Snake and the other leading Robot Masters, sending a small shower of rocks down on those below him before he regains his footing and climbs on

Metal Man is climbing up the mountain, and from time to time he leaps up to a higher ledge or the like. "Looks like we have lot more people to fight with for the Pendant, this time." Metal Man laughs and keeps going.

Blade Raven keeps on climbing as best he can, "I hate not being able to use my wings." He growls, as he keeps on going up, "I miss being able to use my wings. Wings are great." Seems like he's trying to keep his mind off the climb..

Alex Reinfield grumbles, trying not to fall off. As he makes his way to the peak, but he isn't. Alex glances up to the air, frowning a bit, "You're kidding me...Okay, Digging plays a role here..." He frowns towards the earth, letting the Drill arm sizzle up. The drill releases a whine, reaching down over to the rocks. He is idly trying to smooth out the shards of rocks and jagged one to a point where they won't impale the person, but still be able to climb upon. Axle grins towards Alex, "Good thing that Drill-Arm was present..." Alex replies, "Yeah...." He frowns.

Guts Man keeps climbing along with the others Masters, hmmmm sharp pointy things. Time to break out the old hardhats to knock away these perilous objects.

Shining Firefly glances nervously down the mount at his fellows, who are still coming. Perhaps he should have been less eager in his blinking. He waves at them reassuringly, as if to say he's fine, but he doesn't feel that way.

Pirate Man frowns as he looks up towards the top, firing his grappling hook towards any of the rocks before continuing on his way up, tying part of the rope around him

Heat Man uses the grappling hook, and also reshapes one of his hands into a piton-style claw, rising slowly, but steadily. "Who says we'll have to fight them..."

Spiral Pegasus should be big enough to not have to worry about the terrain. Unfortunately, he usually flies instead of climbs, and with flight out of the picture... *huff* *puff* *huff* *puff* "This isn't quite as easy as I thought..."

Alexis Hastings winks, "My hero," she croons. "After you. There'll be more up as we climb, so you'd better take care of it."

Pointy things. Ye gods. Lucent eases around the pointy obstructions, always keeping in the lee of the stone and clutching th--wrong movie--keeping in the lee of the stone and scramblinh upward always. Even without Ether's help, he'd be doing fine on his own--after all, he was designed to go anywhere and do anything.

Firestorm Phoenix frowns at the terrian ahead of him. oO(Well this will certainly be interesting. But won't let some pointy rocks get in my way.)Oo Picking his path carefully, Firestorm slows his accent, weaving through the jagged out croppings.

And to boot, Spiral Pegasus has Iris riding piggyback.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.
Dust Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Colonel attempts to blink to the top of the mountain, anything going to stop him? I have line of sight IC'ly.

Iris pouts unhappily as her brother suddenly blinks from view. "HEY!!" she screams, glaring up the steep mountainside. "Well, of all the...!" She folds her arms tightly across her chest as Spiral places her on his shoulders, and she looks unhappily at Jet. "Fine until THAT happened."

Ether Skunk slinks between the sharp rocks, keeping pressed as close to the smooth and safe surfaces as she can. Let's hear it for mustelid flexibility- and while the skunk might not have that much strength, she does have limberness on her side. She can't proceed very quickly as she picks and wiggles her way through the pointy rocks, but she does so, huffing, puffing and panting as she goes.

Vile pumps up the side of the mountain, his military pick drawn out and ignited, serving as an excellent grip on his way up. Too steep for Goliath... But that was alright. If it came to it, he would be able to rely on his ace in the hole. Perhaps it wouldn't.... But he didn't trust these amulets. Loss of control wasn't worth any power... So maybe he'd just throw it into the magma. Or something dramatic like that. Pulling up on his pick to keep on moving, Vile's ascent moves on rather quickly.. But not as fast as he would like.

Barely visible in the drenching storm combined with her speed, Megami races up the side of the volcano. Fuzzy afterimages are left behind where she has to leap aside or make her way around a jutting rock or boulder, only to fade away moments later. Likely she is ascending faster than her comrades who seem to be burdened by the high winds and assisting each other.

Yet another just of wind strikes the mountain. Many people will find themselves smashed into nearby rocks. Those at the top of the group, Vile, Enker, Zero, and Colonel, and those directly near them find themselves in an unpleasant situation of wind, rain, and sharp rocks. And the coup de grace is that Shining Firefly is hit with a massive lightning bolt, seemingly attracted to his blinking.

Enker sends a radio transmission to Metal Man.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.
Dust Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Dust Man.

Shield continues to haul Rigger up, though the sharp terrain worries him for her sake. "I do not know if you are wearing the proper attire for this. You may need to be carried the rest of the way up," Shield suggests to his hiking partner. Not to mention the wind is most likely threatening to lift someone of her weight into the air.

Snake Man ascent is slowed a but by the jagged stones. Don't want to mar his beautiful hide. He pauses to scope out the area on top of a tall peak. Noting with some alarm other forms moving up the side, he snaps off a quick radio, clinging to the shard with all his might.

Dust Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Dust Man.

Messenger Marou mutters softly. "Carrying mail was much easier than this," she growls, lashing the last foot of her tail angrily. Oh look, another bolt of lightning. Screaming, the demoness manages to get a burst of speed as she goes racing for the comfort of Spiral, Iris, and Jet. Safety in numbers.

Enker sends a radio transmission.
Dust Man receives a radio transmission from Enker.
Snake Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Solar Draco coughs, having flown a bit of the way, he's doing pretty well he figures. Glancing to one side, then the other, he notices others, Colonel? "Repliforce is here too, well that's good," he says as he doubles his efforts to go upward.

The Following people are definitely hit with wind gusts of over 150 mph: Vile and Megami.

Enker sends a radio transmission to Snake Man.
Snake Man receives a radio transmission.

Iris grasps Spiral in an inadvertant stranglehold, as the wind picks up. "AAaahh!! Don't slip and fall, it's a long, LONG way down...!"

Quick Man arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Quick Man has arrived.

WilyMachine <Reggae> is walking up the mountain? Sure! Why not! He's that good. But, not hands means handholds are useless. Slow going, that.

Zero uses his gaulets to deflect anything large that comes after him and Alexis, knocking it away as he moves forward up the hill with the assistance. " it just me, or is this terrain getting worse, instead of better?" he murmurs. "Stay behind me, Alexis!" he yells behind him as he uses his buster on some of the larger rocks, getting pelted with sharp instruments that pierce his armor. " that Iris? What the hell is Colonel letting her do come up here?!"

Guts Man shouts to Bomb Man, "I wonder if it would be easier if we just dug inward and then dug upwards?"

Knight Man pushes himself onward, climbing carefully around the pointy rocks. He nearly loses his grip once, thankfully he finds a good foothold, and he resumes once more "Onward... onward... what tis at the top... what? I must know..."

The Following people are definitely hit with wind gusts of over 150 mph: Vile and Megami. Colonel, Shining, have a nice lightning bolt too.

Reflect Cobra is still unaffected by the wind and rain going on, low enough to the ground to keep from actually getting blown around anywhere. Unless the wind was getting tricky and going underneath the serpent, he'll just continue on his path.

Heat Man slams his lid down until just his eyes are visible, in order to to keep climbing but not take debris into his eyes.

Ayla Ericson waves to Iris from her perch in Jet's arm. "Just the height difference is a little awkward, Miss Iris," she says in addition. "If we were all human-sized, it wouldn't be so difficult right?" The child notices the higher wind speed. "I wouldn't want to be up there! Looks dangerous. Any low ground we can get to?"

Alexis Hastings grins wrily, ducking a few times, reflexively. "Don't have to tell me twice!" she calls over the wind.

Bomb Man groans lightly as a particularly rought burst of wind hits him just after he regained his footing and started up after the leading group, The wind blowing him off to the side and nearly removing his grappling hook from it's place in the rocks above. Just dangling there a moment, the robot master starts his climbing once again, making a mental note to make a nice explosion of this mountain when this was done and over.

Enker has been through worse over the last two days; the winds buffet, the rain makes it slippery, and the rocks do nothing to assist him. Keeping his head down, the Elite Commander hugs his body to the side of the volcano, simply digging his equipment in deeply each time to, like a snake, work his way up on his belly.

Vile grunting with rage, Vile pounds his knee into the ground beneath him, whipping out the trusty Vile Shield from his back and holding it forward to deflect the rocks plummeting towards him. As the debris pounds against the shield, Vile draws out the military pick and pounds down into the ground to keep going.... When he gets hit with a ridiculously powerful gust of wind. Digging the pick into the ground, Vile desperately tries to hang on... Desperate for -him-? Quite the situation. Literally hanging on for dear life, the Maverick General clutches... Ah. Bottom of the mountain!

Blade Raven keeps on climbing, gripping the wall tightly with his hands, and talons, grumbing a bit, before trying to go a tad bit faster, looking behind him for Solar.

Reaver Mimic snarls and digs his picks into the mountain side at the wind buffer. "Damnable moutain won't beat me..." sneers Mimic. Ever so much more carefully, he continues his ascent, trying to carefully pick his way upwards into the jagged field of rock above.

Colonel enters the Area of Pompei.
Colonel has left.

Morgaine continues her ascent, grumbling at various times how she wishes she could blink like Colonel. However, she continues to go up, pausing to gape as she watches Colonel thrown from the mountain.

Rigger doesn't reply to Shield at the moment, as the stronger gust of wind causes her to latch onto his arm in a near-hug. Indeed her feet do lift a moment, but gravity works in her favor to slam her back down afterwards. "I don't think there *is* right attire for this," she manages to call over the wind before squinting back up at the rocks. "Let's just keep going. I'll be fine for awhile more."

Vile says goodbye to this scene, since it'll ICly take him a good long while to get back to the top. Ta.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Thisss weather isss NOT improving..."

Vile enters the Area of Pompei.
Vile has left.

Lucent hunkers down, clutching the rocks as a heavy gust sweeps overhead. The lightning blast only adds to the minimedic's misery--but he remains whwere is is, not running for it. Once the terror has passed, he begins climbing again--with a twist. He kicks off his boots and socks, and begins climbing--bare-handed, and barefoot. Well, hey. If you can secrete sticky chemicals, it's easier to stick on the rocks that way. But it's still -very- slow going.

Dust Man doesn't mind the wind actually, it's the rocks flying at him. "Ouch... Bloody rocks, bloody damn mountain...

Pirate Man scowls as he continues up, optic shifting left to right as the wind picks up before he continues to climb up, this time grabbing any rocks that he can get a hold of

Shining Firefly shrieks unnaturally with sudden pain as his body is filled with extra-damaging electricity. His valuable scanning equipment bursts into flames, which he drops to the ground. Shining falls to the rocks, eventually falling off the mountain altogether...

Shining Firefly enters the Area of Pompei.
Shining Firefly has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye it be getting as bad as a typhoon."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Can't we just dig into the moutain away from all this weather then dig upwards?"

"No pain, no gain, Spiral!" Jet yells above the storm, moving along with his own difficulties... But he is a Marine, used to harsh condition, in the air, sea, or on land. Still sheilding Ayla, the 'ray offers his other hand to Spiral and/or Iris to try and help them as well. "You need to lean forward! Stay low to the ground!"

Ether Skunk grits her teeth and huddles close against the mountain as the sudden gust of wind and lightning picks off the climbing party one by one... she waits it out, nestled amidst the outcroppings of rock, before resuming her climb, carefully slinking between rock and rock. Like Lucent, she's moving fairly slowly with her careful way of climbing- but she is getting there safely. AT least, so far.

Firestorm Phoenix slows his accent a bit more as he sees bolts of lightning strike others and sees what looks like some being hurtled into the air, "My oh my." Claws dig deeper into the rock face as Firestorm decides to be extra careful.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "You can try it...but...I'm sticking to Alpine mode."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "You wanna try it, Guts?"

Bluegrass continues to scale the moutainous region, avoiding sharp pointy things... She looks up... in time to see several others being blown off the mountain... //Ah'm suddenly glad I'm resistance to wind...// She continues to climb... almost at the top...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "From the sssound of thingsss, I'd sssay sssomeone jussst got fried. Wasssn't one of usss, wasss it?"

Iris has an absolute FIT as she watches her brother fall off the mountain. Poor's a wonder he can keep his grip! "AAAAHHH, there he goes, oh my GOD!! Somebody get him!! No, nononono!!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Well it beats getting zapped or blown away."

Solar Draco continues upward, he flinches a bit as he watches Colonel get zapped. He just swallows and glances toward Blade, "Um.. don't try to fly," he calls to him before he continues upward.

Metal Man keeps climbing, one hand hold after another, Metal scales the volcano.

Psych Mosquito continues to climb, until he finally stops. A few explosives are lobbed at the mountain wall to the side of him, until he builds an alcove for himself to seek shelter from the wind. He makes his grip horizontally with his tentacles, and attempts to lock himself into the safety of the alcove for the moment, so that he can stop and think about how to scale properly.

The sudden increase in wind-speed somewhat catches the tiny Hunter offguard and she has to pause for a moment to keep from being thrown off the side. She crouches down, preparing to run under the wind. But apparently someone doesn't like her. A massive chunk of rock appears out of no where, thrown directly into her by the harsh whirlwinds. She barely has time to avoid the full brunt of massive rock to the face but the glancing blow is enough to free her from the volcano and send her red form crashing far to the ground below.

As the gusty breath plays its role, Alex tries to keeo a hold onto things. He frowns while trying to climb up. Alex shakes his head. "I won't lose to the Earthly element......." He frowns, closing his eyes while using the strength he has climb up with the assist of Ether. As Vile and Shining make their drop, he doesn't stare back. It would make things up. "Must...hold on..."

Bomb Man ducks down as a few rocks sail over his head before moving up next to Dust, his mood hasn't exactly improved since they started this trek "Fun lil time this turns out to be eh brother?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne gives a gentle sing song "o/` It's rain-ing... It's pour-ing..."

Guts Man stops climbing, instead he decides to put his burrowing skill to good use. He starts to pound away at the side of the mountain.

Yamato Man growls as he continues his slow, steady way up the mountain, metallic thudding noises issuing from his part of the mountain as he makes his own handholds out of the mountainside. People are falling off already from the howling sounds he hears ... good. The fewer people he has to fight through to destroy the hateful thing, the better.

Messenger Marou cringes as Colonel and Spiral get toasted. "Why am I here?!" she yells, but continues on her way. One hand stabs her sword into the rock as she uses the claws on the other to keep a tight grip on the rock under her. Her tail also whips about, coiling around any large outcropping to help her keep from tumbling down.

Snake Man shimmies down the shard of rock he was clinging to. Better to go around them than over. THis means his path is rather meandering, as he picks his way over and around the rough terrain.

Spiral Pegasus uses all of his princely powers of the air to buffet the winds and keep himself and Iris from being blown back down the hill. Again, even so, it's still heckuva tough for the pegacion to climb up. "Hang tight, Captain! Colonel'll be fine, he'll blink out in the nick of time. We'll get up there ourselves, no matter what!" He accepts Jet's hand and bends lower. "Thanks, Jet."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Remind me to have a training match with Wind and Air later. Just because."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "I need a souveneir rock while I'm up here.."

WilyMachine <Reggae> watches as people fall by him. Hah! Closer to the top, now! Reggae gives those who fall... the Raspberry! Then continues.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "Man, I keep drifting in and out of conciousness. What's going on?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "A Wise idea Heat."

Shield clamps one hand onto Rigger's forearm just to make sure she doesn't go anywhere, not unless the wind is able to move the half ton of mass that is himself. Of course, using only one arm slows him considerably compared to other climbers.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Don't forget me!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "I slithered up a mountain and got this rock.. sounds good.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye a good idea Heat Man."

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "I'll f-find a r-really n-nice p-pebble f-for y-you..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Why thank you, Lucent!"

Dust Man rolls his eyes, and keeps climbing. "Much more fun than getting sucked through a mountain brother Bomb." Thunk. "Ow..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "Any--hrk! OW! SHARP!--t-time."

Iris bites her lip, unable to hold back tears as she stares down the mountain in brokenhearted fashion. For the moment, she's gone numb, and at least has calmed down some as she clings onto Spiral.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "..Are you alright?"

Bomb Man chuckles dryly, hauling his form up, close behind Dust as they move up "yeah well..long as I got you in front of me to take the whole mountain falling on us part..its good"

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "Owowowowowooowww...I...ow. Th-think s-so. C-cut open m-my h-hand on a r-rock."

Pirate Man frowns as he looks to Dust and Bomb saying, "Enough with your complaining, brothers. We must get up there, quickly before we are blown off this mountain."

Knight Man scales onward. The jaggedness factor rises considerably, and he grows quite nervous, one slip and he'll fall straight down, through ALL the sharp rocks, he'd hate to imagine what a twisted mess he'd be then. He has no special gimmicks to help him climb, no flight, no blink, though it seems they're a bad thing here. He just trudges onward, hopefully the peak is near.

Metal Man watches the Colonel go flying off the mountain. "OH That has GOT TO HURT! The Colonel crashes and burns! Boo YA!" Metal turns back to the task at hand and keeps climbing. oO(No more jumping with this high level wind! Oh well it will cull the weak.) Metal Man calls out to the other Masters. "COME ON! LETS MOVE IT! Before we get blown away or someone beats us to the prize!"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh! ...I'm sorry to hear that... careful please... ...this Pendant isn't worth your lives."

Blade Raven digs his talons in and pushes up a little more, looking for a handhold, "Tom Cruise made this look so f***ing easy in M:I-2." He mutters to himself.

Messenger Marou peers at her radio, then glances down. Well now. That -is- a long way, isn't it? The demoness takes a deep breath and sheaths her sword, pushes herself away from the face of the mountain, and goes into a freefall. Here's hoping the winds are less gusty below...

Zero continues on his way, hands cut on some of the sharper rocks, as he digs in, making handholds and footholds for his companion, eyes squenched against the wind and rain. "Now I see why Protoman wears those shades."

The top is so near, so very close. Guess what, those who didn't use any special means find themselves near to the top now. The edge of a burning red mountain of fury. The giant of Earth's mighty wrath has awakened for all to feel it's undying fury. Are you ready. I think not.
Just as you get to that edge, that very edge, a new threat arises. Three massive rock giants form from giant boulders that were hurled out, the magma still burning red in most of them. They are here for you.

Dust Man eeps and nods, if anyone can see. "SORRY, BROTHER!" HE shouts over the wind.

Solar Draco hehs at his partner, continuing upward with the help of that shield, "No kidding Blade," he says as he glances up. ".... CRAP!!!"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne comes onto the radio, speaking with a smile in her altered voice. "It seems it calls for this now... ...#36! HIT IT!"

"Remember, Colonel's been able to take care of himself before, Miss Iris," Ayla tries to chime in over the wind. "Watch your footing, Jet. Water, mud, and rock don't make an easy surface to walk on."

[Radio: (E) Public] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Pianist comes over the channel, then... -tink tink tink tink!- ...was that... a toy keyboard? ...and in that rhythm. Ironic, that, considering what is happening elsewhere... ...then.

Lucent stops suddenly, mid-climb, to nurse a cut hand. The protoplasm has healed over, and quickly--but it still hurts. And imagine his surprise as he looks up--and sees that he's almost at the top of the mountain. Sweet stars above. "...eee..."

Rigger grinds her teeth as she reaches to grab another rock with the arm that isn't being held, and holding on in return to Shield. She blinks against the rain a moment when the top is noticed... As well as the obstacle. "Wondered when the titans would show up," she murmers wryly.

[Radio: (E) Public] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Pianist transmits, "o/` You shake my Nerves! And You Rattle my Brains!"

Alexis Hastings's eyes widen. "Oh, bloody hell..." she reaches for a baretta, preparing it. "The things I do for the United Nations."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "SHUT UP, TRON BONNE! SHUT UP THE STUPID SINGING BOTS!!"

Jet Stingray nods to Spiral, tilting to the side to the wind doesn't blow into his fins and send him off balance. "No prob, Spiral... Just doing what you would got me..." The stingray uses his tail to motion to the wire whip that he had to try and be like Indiana Jones... Now it has a purpose. "Iris! Lieutentant Colonel! Get this and hang on to it. If we all hand one to each other, we stand a better chance of not falling!" ANd just as he says that... The fire comes. "This is great!" he shouts out in frustration.

Metal Man reaches the top at last and looks up at the massive stone monsters. "Oh great more monsters just like last time!" Metal Man watches them, looking for any signs that they are about to attack.

[Radio: (E) Public] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Pianist plays on the toy keyboard, rather well, actualy. "o/` Too much love drives a man Insane!" -tinktinktinktink!- "o/` You broke my will! But what a thrill!"

Guts Man is still pounding away at the side of the mountain.

Bomb Man shrugs "who's complainin" he mutters back to Pirate "this's just a walk in the park" he says with a scowl, though now climbing up quickly to reach the top, which he didn't figure was too far off now..not spotting whats at the top of course.

[Radio: (E) Public] WE-ARE-LEGO! Servbot Pianist sings! "o/` Good-ness Gracious! /GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!/"

Heat Man looks out from under his lid. "Hello, boys." He then continues up, unafraid. After all...he IS the flames. Magma monsters are probably close to being his cousins.

Morgaine cranes her neck, looking up. "..Lady of the Lake, protect me.." she murmurs, a shiver passing through her body. "I must continue this.." and so she goes on.

Snake Man shimmies up the last of the huge spikes that ring the cavern of lava below. His gaze fixes on the lumps of cooling lava, and he keeps his ground for a moment, waiting to see what they'll do.

Reflect Cobra can't blink, he lacks eyelids. However the cobra's head tilts slightly in surprise at the giant boulder-things. And the serpent's progress doesn't stop, eyeing the stone warily but not with undue fear. He was relitavely at home surrounded in rubble, but even he knew his limits.

Reaver Mimic smiles cruelly as he spots the Massive magma golems. He could try to deal with one now, but he'll wait. They may not move, and also, it wouldn't do to sacrifice stability in climbing for an assault. Not yet. And he's still got his shield--er ally ahead.

Spiral Pegasus looks up. He's been rainbeaten, windbeaten, had to climb a mountain without flying, and his hooves are toast from all the sharp pointy things that sliced through them on the way up. No, fear is the last thing on the pegacion's mind as his eyes narrow at the giants.

Megami lands with a heavy THUD on an outcropping about a third of the way up the side. Her dense body bounces and falls over the side but a tiny hand quickly darts up and catches the lip before she careens all the way down. Before the rock can crumble or anything, she swings herself over to a flat surface and lifts her blank gaze upwards again. A little wind isn't going to stop her. She can still move afterall. The girl begins to zip up the side again, moving more cautiously this time.

Well, hoping that the climbing won't stop, Alex places the arm cannon with the thick drill forward, he uses it to keep a hold of himself while making his way higher. "I won't give up now.." Woo, as he makes his way near the top, his eyes shift forth. A glance is given towards the Rock monsters, growling as he sees the presnece of the titans. He points the Drill Arm towards them, not waisting time to launch a Drill out from the cannon towards one of them. "Eh heh...."

Zero crawls over the edge. "Ha! We made it, Alexis!" he shouts in triumph, pulling the girl up with him, and turns. "...cheese and crakers." he murmurs, igniting his sabre for defense. He has every element attack almost known to man, he can hold his own.. however. He turns to Alexis. "..ok, what now. Blow *bleep* up, or actually use our minds here?"

Knight Man climbs, feeling more drawn. He nears the top, he can feel it (And doesn't assume he's reached the top like a certain other robot master :P)

Samurai do not fear death. Yamato has prepared himself for this moment ever since Gemini was taken by the demon inside the pendant. He lives for Wily, he dies for Wily -- but he will not die stupidly. His mission is not yet complete. Like the slayer of Stardroids, Hero Boy, he must succeed. He slams his fists into the mountain, locks his feet into the holds he made below himself, and flattens himself as much as possible against the mountain; and then, silently, he prays to his Gods to protect him, just this once, from the onslaught.

Dust Man finally reaches the top. "Thank Wily thaaaaAAAAAA---!" He spots the big fire things. "Okay, this just got tougher!"

As the Repliforce ragtag group reach the top, and the massive rock giants appear, Iris looks at them in amazement, but isn't much scared by them. Some things she can handle a bit better than others. Looking to Jet, Spiral, and the Lt. Colonel, she nods. "Right, then," she says. "Let's figure out what THESE guys want."

Solar Draco mutters and simply continues to try and go upward.. "This may be a bad thing.... <TM> Last thing I need is this..."

Messenger Marou doesn't leap off as perviously mentioned. You all were just seeing things. Instead, she's still climbing, growling to herself under her breath. The fire and stuff means little to her; she has fire running through her veins and is covered in it most of the time. Putting her sword away, she uses only talons and claws now to speed her ascent along. "..they left me behind!"

Shield looks up at the rock giants, brilliantly lit to his infrared vision. "I was wrong, things /can/ get worse. Rigger, I think you should get on my back, I will need both hands free to fight in this terrain." Although he hasn't quite reached the top like everyone else, he doesn't want to get any closer while handicapped.

WilyMachine <Reggae> squaaaaaaaks! sending fear and terror into the hearts of the very easily frightened. Or something. He climbs a bit higher, and rules all! Even if he is only halfway.

Zero grins over at Iris. "Hey angel."

Ether Skunk pulls herself up over the edge and blinks her eyes at the rock giants, slicking her ears back against her head and whininig softly. "Um... um...." she chatters, peeking back at the other Hunters climbing around her... over to Lucent, then back in the other direction, at Zero.

Pirate Man frowns as he looks to Metal then to the giants as he finally gets to the top saying, "Just what we need, a welcoming comittee.", he turns to Metal saying, "I believe ye can handle them, since an explosion would not help us up here."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "We should wait. Perhapsss thessse foolsss will dissstract them long enough for usss to get passst"

Megami enters the Area of Pompei.
Megami has left.

Iris waves at Zero. "Hi!" she says cheerfully. Yes, and the boulder-creatures are the backdrop to this cheerful reuinion. "Time to get to work, eh?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Quick Man transmits, "Huh? What's going on?"

Alexis Hastings furrows her brow, looking around. "Not much in the way of cover, is there?" she asks, offering Iris a relieved smile. "Good to see you're up here." Arms cross, and uncross, and she removes the other baretta. "There's not a lot of room for a direct confrontation... bob and weave, I say."

Bomb Man scowls at that coment by Pirate, but shrugs "s'pose that means I get to sit back

Enker almost seems to pick up on what Pirate Man has to say, despite being well ahead of the rest of the Robot Master vanguard, Snake Man not included. "The problem with haste.. is that it will simply remove you to the bottom. Much like the tortoise.. slow and steady will get you there.. ah.." Having reached the summit, he puts his javelin away -- leaning heavily on the Mirror Buster, which is impeded into the ground now. Brushing his hands off, he finally turns around to spot the magma-rock monsters. "Lovely.."

Blade Raven looks back at Solar, "Looks like it's go time." He mutters, as he starts to climb up a little faster, "Now do we have to fight these ones, or are they gonna let us go by if we don't fight them?" He wonders aloud..

Psych Mosquito raises at the top of the summit, a little later than the others due to his detour, and peers at the rock beasts. A cane strikes the floor; he might as well coelesce now. He comes out of his stealth mode, and simply peers at the rock monsters for now, considering. They ought not to be a problem in any case, thanks to the rain.

Metal Man makes a motion to the masters to hold back for a moment.
Lucent hauls himself up over the edge with great trepidation, glancing at Ether--and then at the rock monsters. Twitching slightly, he clutches the strap of his sodden messenger bag--still with him--and gazes up at their foes. Well, this is JUST peachy.

Knight Man grunts and frantically tries to hold on as a sudden rumble threatens to knock him off. Finally reaching the summit he looks about, only to find some opponents that apparently are here to stop the pursuers. "It doth figure... must there always be combat invovled for these things, I haveth no desire to fight unnecessarily." He gazes at the rock monsters for now, waiting to see what THEY do first.

Bomb Man scowls at that coment by Pirate, but shrugs "s'pose that means I get to sit back and watch" he says with a smirk yes people..I finished that pose

Firestorm Phoenix blinks as the giants rise up, "Thats a new one on me..." Hmming softly to himself, he makes no moves on these creatures, knowing full well that nothing can be done. Perhaps he'll get lucky and they'll leave him alone if he acts like a good boy...

Ayla Ericson peers over the edge of Jet's arm, practically craning her neck to get a good look at the new appearances. "Rain... heat... at the rate this is going, we'll get steam next," she says to herself. "And I wonder what the duties of these guards are."

Ether Skunk stands as well, slinking over to stand near Lucent. Is she nervous? You bet. Hard to be reassuring when you're running for your life, though, so the Skunk does a damn good job of looking courageous-like, standing her ground. Though she is shivering from the wind and the rain... and she is taking frequent looks back over her shoulder to swallow heavily and quiver in her boots. She's not scared. No. No she's not.

Rigger purses her lips in a thoughtfull scowl as she squints upwards. She just shakes her head a moment though, sighing. "Doesn't look like I have a choice, eh?" So saying she twists around to reach for one of Shield's shoulders. Upsydaisy.

As luck would have it, it would seem some are just not meant for luck. The rock monsters collapse in on themselves and roll back and forth, smashing into each other at the edge of the sheer cliff everyone is climbing. And then, they pop back up, one in front of Metal Man, another in front of Iris, another in front of Firestorm Phoenix. And guess what, they're feet smash out to send those people flying off. [+roll Rock Monster] to see if you survive.

Zero holds a hand, this time restraining Alexis. "..hold on, let's let them make the first move, before we react."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "Anyone up for a game of king of the mountain?"

Alexis Hastings waits, turning her head to watch the monsters. "What's this, Zero? Waiting? You're learning from me, it seems." She grins wrily.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "It would appear so."

Zero eyes the monsters' first move, then dashes forward, looking for the center of the area. He may miss, but he wants to have some room in case it gets worse. "Let's move now, Alexis!"

Bluegrass misses Rock Monster with her Grasp attack.
Iris misses Rock Monster with her Grasp attack.

Catching a glimpse of Ether's quivering out of the corner of his eye, Lucent sneaks closer to her--and puts an arm around her waist reassuringly. He might not be big, bad, or brave, but he's here. Oof.

Metal Man misses Rock Monster with his Grasp attack.

Messenger Marou sweatdrops, her optics widening. "That is -so- not good..." she mutters, cringing a little. "I'm suddenly glad I was a little behind." Shaking her head, she takes in a deep breath and continues on her way like some kinda fiery horned spider monkey.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Remember... this isn't worth your lives... ...If it gets to dangerous, run!"

Reaver Mimic pulls himself over the edge to stand by Knight. "And here I thought things would be easy..." sighs Reaver. Looking at their obvious magma-based qualities, he gives a nudge to Knight. "Don't forget. Those climbing picks of yours are solid ice." explains the Master's enigmatic ally, as he tosses his climbinh tools aside, preparing the Cryogen cannon with an audiable hum.

Firestorm Phoenix misses Rock Monster with his Grasp attack.

Alexis Hastings breaks into a run after Zero, barettas sheathed, now. No need for weapons. "I'm right behind you!" she replies in a shout.

[Radio: (E) Public] Sewa transmits, "...It's not even worth the effort, really..."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Don't listen to her. GO FOR IT. It's FUN."

[Radio: (E) Public] Shield transmits, "Possessing a pendant may not be worth our lives, but keeping certain others from getting it might be."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "On the contrary, if you're telling the truth...this is as important as all of our lives."

Knight Man glaces at the monsters as they make their move towards the unlucky three. He decides to continue walking forward, though he gets the feeling he'll have to face down one of them eventually, probably everyone will, so he doesn't move too fast, the wind is still too high anyway.

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "You just don't want anyone else to get them cracker jack prize."

WilyMachine <Reggae> 'cranes' his neck to see the summit. He shouts in Wilys' voice, "Out of my way, peasents!" and... attempts to pick up speed. His large, ducky butt waving behind him!

Rock Monster strikes Metal Man with his Punch attack.
Rock Monster strikes Iris with his Punch attack.
Rock Monster strikes Firestorm Phoenix with his Punch attack.

Alex Reinfield shakes his head, frowning as he starts to climb his way to the other point, trying not to collapse down from the Rocks. Alex shakes his head, climbing his way to a safe spot. Then, he changes his pace by standing still, hoping the threat will pass.

Reflect Cobra is .. still here, amazingly. The serpent coils briefly around one of the more -solid-, immobile rocks, head lifting to stare pointedly at the rock-monsters, before huffing a breath quietly and starting forward again. He'd give it a shot, but if he gets hurt, he's leaving. Tron was right there, these things aren't worth lives.

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "D-death isn't the w-worst th-thing th--*swallow*--c-can h-happen"

[Radio: (E) Public] Phoebe not Phoebus transmits, "Yeah..Lucent's right..."

Guts Man keeps pounding away at the rock after making a nice little cave type entrance at the side of the mountain, now it's time to dig upwards at a 45 degree angle using his mightiest might of mighty might might.

Bluegrass stares at the Rock Monsters. "How nice. Ah love havin' a welcomin' commitee fer little ol' me..."

Blade the Hardhat has arrived.
Metal Man drops Blade the Hardhat.

Ether Skunk blinks and quivers as Lucent puts his arm around her, wiggling, but calms down... just enough. She swallows heavily and draws back as she sees the three monsters go for... somebody besides her. Gritting her teeth, noticing Zero run past, she turns towards Lucent. "C'mon, this is our chance!" Battle cry- go! "AAAAAAAAAAUGH!" Ether charges forward, running with Zero and the others, attemtping to get past the rock monsters while they're distracted.

Psych Mosquito waves a feeler dismissively at the giants, and pauses to reflect. Many more pay for its luxury... and he turns around. And he begins to stroll towards the edge of the summit, away from the giants, and leave, cane upon the rock floor.

[Radio: (E) Public] Shadow Fox transmits, "True. You could be trapped in a crivice for a few years or somethin..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "It's -not- worth lives, guys. If things get too rough, turning back would be best. Those who fight and run away can try again next time. If you're dead, you can't do anything."

Iris hesitates a bit, torn between following Zero and following the Repliforce troupe -- and -this- is where she errs. One of the rock monsters takes advantage of her indecision, and kicks her toward the edge of the mountain. She flails...mouth open in a silent, stunned 'O', and then...she falls backward, plunging back down toward earth. The moment before she loses her footing, she thinks about how very ironic this is, and then...she smiles.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Or you could have to be locked in a room with Tron, or something."

Iris enters the Area of Pompei.
Iris has left.

Snake Man crawls down from his perch, but sticks close to the line of craggy spires, watching as he picks his way around the lip of the crater.

Knight Man is still walking around the top looking, though he expects that he'll have to face one of the rock monsters as well, chances are everyone will, they appear to be the guardians. So it's rather casual about it.

Enker watches as the creatures move on to something else. Opportunity arises, it would seem. Gathering the Mirror Buster, he ignites his dash-jets as he simply tries to make his way towards the center now. The weapons he possesses, he knows, will be of no use, so they're put to use keeping him up here instead.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...loosing your mind is..."

Dust Man cringes as the Monsters advance and start aswinging. He ducks and glances around looking for Enker.

Solar Draco gulps a bit at these monsters and slowly continues his climb. "Hrm... this could be... really bad..." he mutters as he continues.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Tron seems like a very nice lady. Odd, perhaps, but interesting."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Commander, do we open fire?"

Pirate Man watches as the Rock Monsters go off and attack others before he quickly looks around trying to figure what the giants are going to do this time as he looks to Bomb Man, "Just wait Bomb, don't need to get blasted off the mounting when tryign to get them."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "No one's LOST their MINDS."

Morgaine watches the monster, grimacing as Iris goes down.. "Lady.. " she murmurs, breaking into a run, now.

Metal Man looks up at the massive rockmonster. "Well what are you...ohscrap not again!" Metal Man sees the massive beast comming for him and just like Solar Draco and Iris he gets hammered and goes flying down the mountain side. "DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNN IIIITTTTTTT!!!!" Then he is out of site

Lucent runs. Oh does he run. LIKE HELL. *zoom*

Metal Man enters the Area of Pompei.
Metal Man has left.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "If you know so much about all this, then tell us what we're getting into!"

Alex Reinfield nods towards Ether, "Gotcha!" He then makes his way to climb up on the edge, following Ether's lead. He is trying to catch up with her and avoid the rock monsters at the same time. Axle growls, "Lets go!"

Rigger sends a radio transmission to Colonel.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Lessons in futility will be your reward for such. If you wish to gain their attention, then yes, by all means attack them."

Zero brings his sabre up into a loose defensive posture as he moves along with Alexis. "..if they come after me, get the hell out of the way."

Bomb Man moves over to join knight< glancing around oddly after all< he was told no explosions

Zero puts his guard up.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I understand sir."

Spiral Pegasus watches Ether bolt and decides, "Well, now is the time if any." Only to see one of the monsters roll off and... "IRIS!!!" The pegacion flings himself at the edge, but is too late. The pegacion skids across the edge, nearly falling over himself. "The Major, Colonel, Iris..." With a heavy sigh, "It's up to me now."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "SLAG IT!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "What's going on?"

Heat Man advances around the rocks, away from the edge, and tries to get closer in without attacking, per Enker's orders. He doesn't have time to die today.

Messenger Marou guesses she's somewhat caught up with the other RFs by now, and if not, well, either way she's still climbing like mad!
Enker puts his guard up.

Blade Raven grabs his sword as he climbs, trying to get past the rocks as well, "Solar, come on! Hurry the hell up!"

Blade Raven puts his guard up.

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.

Alexis Hastings blinks, but nods. "Don't do anything foolish, Zero." She stays behind Zero as he moves, though, as she doesn't wish to argue with him in this situation.

Solar Draco growls, "What do you think i'm doing?" he calls as he climbs, "I'm doing my best, i'd rather use my wings ya know."

Reaver Mimic meanwhile walks after Knight, preparing to use the Cryogen Cannon to defensively cover himself in a movable coating of ice. oO(Let's just pray to whatever force is behind this, we're not noticed.)Oo And thus, Reaver hope to avoid this situation entirely.

Jet Stingray blinks as the monster begin to attack. "Looks like we just found out, Ayla!" As he sees the one of the creatues attack Iris, he turns to her and almost jumps after her. "Iris!!!" He turns to the rock monsters again narrowing his optics as he offers a "Ayla, this might get ugly... hold as best you can. I'm not letting all this other Repliforcers suffer for us to lose!" He turns to Spiral with a 'Hey, what about me?' look before moving on. If they attack, they attack... He is just trying to move close to the ground, hoping that somehow he sneak by them or something to that nature.

Spiral Pegasus blinkpauses, then outstretches an arm. "Messenger! I'll give you a boost up!"

Shield sees three people tossed off the side with apparent ease. "On second thought Rigger, I do not think you would survive a fall off the mountain. I suggest you stay back while I deal with them..." He pauses and remembers the dozen other people up there. "Or wait for someone else to deal with them."

Rigger receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Yamato Man stays flat against the mountain, just below the summit, fists and feet dug securely into the side of the mountain. He waits ... eyes tightening, the fury in him building as Metal is thrown off the mountain by the power of the demon in whatever pendant may lie ahead. Patience. Patience, poise, control. He may only get one chance.

Meeting a nice lightning bolt, Enker is struck for the use of his dash jets. But thats not all, the top layer of rock that was in front of him on top of the mountain, is crushed and crumbled. Below is a firey pit of lava.

Messenger Marou blinks and smiles, grabbing onto Spiral. "Bout time y'noticed the little lackey missing!" she chuckles. "So...out of the frying pan and into the fire, correct?"

Bluegrass still eyes the Rock Monsters... "Defense Charger On-Line! Forcefield ON!" A forcefield shimmers into place. "Ah'm really not likin' this place..."

Morgaine struggles to catch up with the other 'Forcers, grumbling as she shouts, "Hey now, don't leave everyone behind!"

Rigger frowns slightly as she watches those who are sent off the mountain. That was going to hurt... Still, she takes a rather deep breath as she stubbornly shakes her head. "I'll risk it. Like I said, none of us were permanently damaged last night." She's hoping it might be the same. Hoping, praying, and anything else. "But let's wait to see if anyone makes it past, first. Then we'll know how to do it."

Zero says, "..up and down.. up or down.." he shakes his head, smirking at Alexis, he chuckles. "No more setting up tours, hal."

Bluegrass projects a forcefield around herself.

Bomb Man turns around as he sees a flash of light from the bolt in time to spot the boss hit and the ground crumbling at his feet..that sure aint a good sign...

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has arrived.

night Man gazes around, still trying to find something that looks like... well, anything. He still awaits the probable encounter with a rock monster like three others did, so he isn't in much of a hurry. It's likely no one will be able to succeed until they've all stood up to them.

Spiral Pegasus helps Marou up to the rim as he waves to Jet. "Sorta. Keep active, and keep on your toes. Those rocks just kicked the Captain off."

Psych Mosquito doesn't pause in his leaving when he notices that nothing happens in response. At the edge of the summit, Psych Mosquito's tentacles deploy again, and strike into the mountain below. And he begins to lower himself calmly down the side of the mountain, on his way to leave Pompeii behind. It's not worth his trouble.

Alexis Hastings chuckles slightly, "Not now, let's just move!" she pushes Zero in one direction lightly, hoping he gets the idea.

Messenger Marou nods, before snapping her long tail down to Morgy. "Grab on!" Well, might as well use it for something.

Morgaine's hands clamp down onto Marou's tail, sighing in relief. "Thank you!"

Suddenly very glad that he's not using anything but his own bellycrawling methods to climb the mountain, Reflect Cobra pauses again as Enker is Smited By The Wrath of God, and the idle thought crosses his mind that he'll get something other than a lightning bolt than his efforts. A rock maybe, or a bit of cooled magma. Either way, the serpent twines higher steadily, winding his way around rocks and people alike.

Zero keeps moving quickly, not using his dashjets, he has to protect his human charge. As Iris falls, he winces. "...damn, she should have stayed with us.." he murmurs, as he moves at the archeoligists speed.

Pirate Man frowns as he quickly looks around for a way to avoid the rock giants before he starts makes his way after Bomb but doesn't say anything as he looks towards one of the Rock Monsters for a few seconds

Messenger Marou grins and coils her tail up, pulling Morgy towards the others. "You're welcome." Reaching back with one hand she pulls out her sword and drives it into the rock, then clings to the hilt.

Ether Skunk blinks at her radio, peeking back over her shoulder. Indeed, Lucent and Alex are behind her. The skunk is filled with momentary pride at the prospect of being a leader, though she doesn't stop her running, just for a moment. She does her best to keep low to the ground; maintaining as little wind resistance as she can, and fortunately, her wet tail's profile has been reduced, fit for the task. Otherwise, the wind might catch that tail and carry her off like a dandylion seed. She continues to run, to climb... wiggling between rock and rock, stone and stone. The skunk hardly remembers what she's climbing for at this point, but she's made it this far, and isn't backing down yet.

Alexis Hastings frowns, she too looking distraught. "She'll be fine, I'm sure.." she tries to reassure.

Reaver Mimic spots Enker get nailed from the corner of his optics, and rethinks use of the cannon. At least not this soon. Shifting it back to a pick-grasping hand, Reaver carefully begins watching his back, moving along with Knight. Occasionally, the mercenary keeps giving the golems a look, not wanting to stop observing them warily.

Shield nods again and resumes climbing, but only until he's just below where the majority of hikers are. He's playing it safe. "I have spent most of my life letting others do my thinking for me. So I shall do that now, and use their efforts for my own gain."

Alex Reinfield shakes his head while making it to the top. He starts to follow after Ether, trying not to use any special means. Well, all of this builds character. He is making his way to runand climb, frowning at the whole ordeal. "Geh, this is not good.."

Bomb Man glances about, trying to follow all the different things happening at once..just glad he didn't have to deal with one of those big-rock-type-persons

Snake Man is just trying to stay unnoticed, as he keeps himself flat gainst the wall of spikes that make up the edges of the volcano. He's slightly behind Yamato now, but makes no move to increase his speed.

Ayla Ericson lets out a squeak and clings to Jet's arm like lint to a freshly laundered sock. "Oh, I hope Miss Iris is okay," she whispers. "Hey, Jet? What made those rock things show up in the first place?"

The Elite Commander is horribly struck, dash-jets -- and a multitude of other systems -- flashing offline in an instant. Left defenseless, Enker topples forward and down into the hole, apparently heading straight for the lava itself. Could this be the end of the Man with the Golden Gun? Surely not. A heavy thud echoes out moments after he vanishes from sight, and the Elite Commander reappears shortly thereafter on a platform, looking severely pissed off and rather.. smokey from his encounter. Barely raised above ground level, his apparent savior -- the platform -- begins to crumble beneath him. More careful this time, Enker steps back onto the summit just in time.

Dust Man glances about at the fact that he's still alive. Wheee.

Guts Man keeps digging upwards, coming out the side of the mountain closer to the top than he was before. Good enough.

The rock monsters continue to patrol the inside of the ring, just near the edge of the now open lava pit. Gee, awfully vulnerable there. There is about 20 feet of flat area in front of the monsters for those who were climbing to finally stand upon even ground. Rolling side to side, they begin edging closer to those who've come up.

Heat Man receives a radio transmission.
Heat Man sends a radio transmission.

Knight Man resumes climbing, and finally reaches the summit. Having seen the rockmonsters from below, he know's what to expect. They're there to remove the unworthy, the question is, is he worthy? He'll have to wait and see... as he finally puts his hand up on the top of the ledge.

Bluegrass proceeds to continue climbing, Defense Changer (Forcefield) still online... and still watching for those Rock things, as she reaches the top... and hopefully near the flat side.

Spiral Pegasus looks at Lieutenant Colonel, then at Messenger. "OK, we've got to get past." Glancing at the rock, his eyes narrow. "Lieutenant Colonel, take Marou and follow the others around the rocks. I'll... I'll take care of things," Spiral says as he stands, fixing his helmet and uniform.

Psych Mosquito continues his descent down the side of Mt. Vesuvius without hesitation. No use to the rock beasts. About now he passes the alcove he dug into Vesuvius earlier, but still is on the higher area near the summit, as his pace is no longer measured for time, and hence leisurely. No gawgads. No rockets, no short-distance blink. Just tentacular footgrips.

Guts Man squints as he sees alot of people up ahead of him near the top. He keeps on climbing to try and catch up.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Enker transmits, "I want a sacrificial lamb to try and knock one of these beasts either off the summit, or back into this accursed hole"

Bomb Man glances about at the other RM's near him, wishing someone would give him orders..aside from Pirates order of no explosions..he didn't like that 'un.

Messenger Marou nods. "Sir...keep safe?" she says to Spiral. "We don't need all of us to be crushed flat, kay?" The demoness then nods to the other Colonel as she studies the rock creatures. "This is gonna be fun..."

Why, hello, rock monsters. Lucent almost but does not quite skid to a stop, instead altering his run to follow along with Ether, Alex, and Reflect as best he can. He does NOT want to be kicked off the mountain, nosir!

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Guts Man transmits, "Mmmmm lamb."

Morgaine salutes quickly, pointing off. "This way, then!" she exclaims to Marou, breaking off into a quick run.

Alex Reinfield keeps himself small while climbing higher. He is hoping he isn't seen by the rock monsters, while climbing even further. He shakes his head, "This is not good.." Hemakes his way near Ether, smiling, "Whatever you say." He nods a bit, while keeping a hold of himself to prevent the wind from hurling himself off.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Metal Man transmits, "What about Quint?"

Ayla Ericson watches in faint horror as the golden armoured Master goes tumbling over the edge of the lava pit. Closing her jaw with a snap, the girl narrows her eyes at the patrolling sentries. Space to walk and tumble between the path... and the lava. "That's it!" she shouts as she tugs on Jet's arm in excitement before shouting into her own radio.

Pirate Man frowns as he notices one of the monsters headed his way but doesn't open fire as he backs away to the edge and attaches the grappling hook before climbing down a few feet below the top, grabbing any handhold he can

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "A Dust Crusher might work."

Enker rattles off a transmission, before glaring about him. That was a decisively unpleasant feeling, and he's definitely not at 100% now. Giving his head a slow shake, he watches the monsters, still standing there on the edge of the pit. Unfortunately for the Elite Commander, he's in the eye of the storm.

Messenger Marou follows after Morgy, keeping her sword drawn. Just in case.

WilyMachine <Reggae> stares as Enker falls. Swearing pours from his beak, and he moves faster.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I take it I should shoot one, then?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "What's going on?!"

Spiral Pegasus stands up tall and proud, every ounce the Repliforce officer he strives to be. Calmly, he walks -towards- the rock monsters, stopping halfway there before assuming a sprinter's stance. No wing spirals, no wing shredders, no problem. Just one warrior against the unnatural.

Reflect Cobra is actually not far behind Lucent and Ether Skunk, rearing back slightly to see better around himself before flickering colors run over his form again, the only sign of the serpent's agitation. He closes on the skunk, Alex, and Lucent quickly, coiling briefly into a shimmering loop. "Patience. Watch for who they strike for next." He didn't want the pentant, such power wasn't for him. But he could at least support his friends, and hope someone more worthy found it.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "2 tons of scrap off my next operation if you succeed."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Ha.."

Jet Stingray makes it to the level ground. He nods to Spiral, wishing he could give him the assist. But protecting Ayla and getting her and himself to the part comes first. But he does offer him a thumbs up. "Good hunting, dude!" he shouts to Spiral before trying to move up. "As for the rock things, the same thing that made the stuff at the island... The same thing that made the green fog monster at the second part's location..." He contiues to inch along the ground, moving like the animal he was named after... Save he now moves along a rock lava surface instead of a soft sandy one. He does offers some radios as he tries to do his hero thing.

Zero sticks close to Alexis, holding his sabre to his side. "..well, Alexis, what do we do now? Get to my back, I'll watch yours.. you watch mine." He doesn't fire his buster, that may attract the lightning, as he keeps his sabre in front of him, ready to strike, as the sabres blade goes from energy to ice.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "It couldn't hurt."

Reaver Mimic meanwhile stays trailing Knight. There's safety in numbers, not to mention the fact that his ally adds to the number of targets other than he a monster could choose. He's definitely concerned by this turn of events, but far, far from deterred. He will best this. He's got to. If not for him, then for Dirge. She'd be rather appreciative if he was to end up succeeding. It was her guesswork that left him here, after all.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Bomb Man glances back to pirate as he hops back over the edge, scowling at the retreat, he glances about, half expecting one of the rock monsters to come rolling into him.

Ether Skunk lets her brisk combination of running and climbing slow as she waits for Lucent, Alex, and Reflect, looking back towards the four... squinting, then proceeding forward when they're nearby, swallowing heavily and hoping they remain with her.

"Certainly." The barettas flip up into her hands as Alexis puts her back against Zero... ready, for anything that may present itself.

Firestorm Phoenix arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.

Dust Man gulps audibly, and backs up slightly from the... And hears the statement on the radio... "All right sir! FOR WILY!" The Ducted Wonder leans back, pulling trash from deep within his bowels, and braces himself. The duct begins to vibrate as the cube speeds it's way along the path of destruction. He aims at one of the creatures and screams. "SUCK ON THIS! DUST CRUSHER!" *KRACTHOOOOM!*

Heat Man looks over to Enker with a sudden thought, and radios, while trying to keep FAR from Dust, but away from the edge.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Blade Raven hops up onto the top of the mountain, finally, and crouches down. He eyes the rock monsters warily, and, upon spotting Dust Man attack the monsters, makes note to back off from that general area..

Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Snake Man is suddenly glad he's far, far away from Dusty at the moment. He watches the creatures to see what their reaction is.

Lucent eases over the rocks, tilting his head to look at his fellow Hunters, before returning his gaze to the vista before him. He is staying with the little group, gone beyond fear to...walking shock. It's the best coping mechanism he's got left.

Knight Man reaches the top finally as well. Looking about he eyes the monsters. He doesn't try to run, nor hide, nor take cover. Considering how fast they moved before, it's likely he wouldn't be safe anywhere. Aside from which, it's likely that they themselves are the guardians of the enterance, one would have to past their tests to enter, they would have to be worthy. So he decides to bide his time by walking around the perimiter of the volcanic ring, awaiting the final confrontation.

Dust Man misses Rock Monster with his Dust Crusher attack.
Enker sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission.

Enker's lips twitch into a smile after he sends off that particular transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Oh, bloody hell."

Messenger Marou squints as her fiery aura vanishes, her body suddenly glazing over with a thin coating of ice. "Things are about to get a little frosty..."

Ether Skunk reaches out and stays the others with a hand, gritting her teeth. "Look!" she says, pointing towards Dust Man. "Wait... see what it does to him before trying anything tricky..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "I have a plan. Brother Guts, where are you?"

Zero mutters at Alexis. "..keep moving down the trail, I'll watch our backs."

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Suddenly lurking and stopping. Two of the rock monsters blast forward with an actual ungodly amount of speed, one for Solar Draco, another toward Pirate Man. The third, which was going to remain still suddenly tumbles for a second from Dust Man's assault before driving itself directly at him.

Pirate, Solar, attack if you wish. posed you get to feel it.

Alex Reinfield nears Ether, then he follows after her again. He smiles a bit, "Did you hear? We should knock them off into the lava.." He then shakes his head, "We better watch for their move first....." He ponders, still climbing behind Ether. He then stops, turning to face Dust Man.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "I'm climbing the mountain. Why?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "How far behind you are you from me? I cannot see."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "OOC: how far behind /me/ are /you/."

Solar Draco finally amanges to reach the top. Glaring out at the large rock monster's he makes a decision. "Enough games," he snarls as his gauntlets begin to glow a dark red. As he stands at the summit the shield is placed o his back, now or never, he knows he has to hit. With the Sun Crusher prepared, those two spiked shafts go sailing forth from his gauntlets, "I'll not be denied!"

Alexis Hastings stares at Zero for several moments. Without warning, she leans forward, kissing his cheek. "For luck, hmm?" She nods sharply, and then, as told, begins the dash down the trail ahead of her.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Beats me. Why?"

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Solar Draco strikes Rock Monster with his Sun Crusher attack.

Bomb Man takes the moment that the things rush off to attack different people to move quickly to the edge of the lava pit, he had figured that whatever was in it was what the things were protecting...

Pirate Man scowls as he looks towards the Rock Monster speeding towards him as he quickly aims his arm cannon towards the giant, quickly loading a remote mine and launching it saying, "Ye just ran out of luck ye rock devil."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "Maybe we can ... no, that would be unwise. Never mind."

Pirate Man strikes Rock Monster with his Remote Mine attack.
Rock Monster strikes Dust Man with his Rocklord Crush attack.

"Stop!" 'Lieutenant Colonel' holds a hand out to prevent Marou from moving. "Those.. things are moving again!" she watches them to make sure she hasn't become a target. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, she breaks into another run. "Let's go, move!"

Zero blinks at that, then suddenly follows quickly, keeping a glance over his shoulder to watch the rock monsters, and a hand close to Alexis' shoulder as he moves quickly with her.

Blade Raven glances back towards Solar, watching him blast the things, "Yeah!" He then takes off running as best he can, trying to get further up the trail while the things are distracted...He hopes that the Sun Crusher will work well.

Spiral Pegasus eyes the rocks and targets the one nearest the edge with his gaze. He snaps into a sprint, only to see all the rocks barrel towards him. "Oh frag, angered 'em." He skids to a stop as he manuevers to the damaged edges of his hooves, only to see the rocks sprint -past- him. "That was easy. Time to go!" The Repliforce Prince of the Air quickly sprints again, this time after everybody else down the trail.
"Look!" Lucent cries in an undertone, waving a talon toward the attacking rock monsters. He says nothing more, something over the radio getting it for him. And, as everyone else moves, he surges forward with them.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "Digging a tunnel into a live volcano would probably be too dangerous."

Ether Skunk gulps at her radio, lowering her arms, then once again, ducks into a run, trying to make it past the Rock Monsters as they focus on the others once more. Her optics are squeezed mostly shut, fists clenched; she doesn'tknow if her fellow hunters are with her, and doesn't look to see if they are. If they weren't, she wouldn't have the heart to continue.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "I concur. Just wait it out."

Messenger Marou glances over to Morgy and nods, sprinting after her, and even offering a helping paw when her companion happens to fall a little behind. "Ma'am, I suggest we keep out of sight and out of mind! But if things come down to fighting, I'll hold 'em off while you run. Okay?"

Snake Man takes the opportunity of the monsters attacking to edge closer to the flat spot they guarded. He pauses to consider, looking back after the monsters, and then backs up again to his former position. He can afford to bide his time.

As soon as the rock monsters move, likewise so does Reflect Cobra, faster than one might expect, with vicious intent. What one might not be able to do alone, two or three might be able to accomplish. As he draws closer to Solar Draco's position, the forked tounge flicks out, rearing back again to his full (and not very considerable) height. Let others try to get the pendant, he'd work on distraction once he got there/

Alex Reinfield smiles as the Maverick Hunter distracts the Rock Monsters. Alex starts to climb further, trying to make his way past the rock monsters. He quickly follows the others, "Finally!" Yeah, distraction is a good thing, and Alex takes advantage of that.

As the Monster charges, ready to strike, Dusty holds out his hands. A tornado of rocks, trash, and dust forms between them, and he glares at the monster. "FOR WILY!!! DUST DEVIL!"
Dust Man strikes Rock Monster with his Dust Devil attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "It appars the repliforcers are advancing. Do we follow?"

Psych Mosquito continues his relaxed descent down the side of the mountain, now descending back to the intermediate height of Mt. Vesuvius.

Alexis Hastings doesn't look back to Zero at all, focused on the front. Must look ahead.

Jet Stingray merely notices that the rock monters are heading for other people... Which might leave the way to victory open for him. He does his best to follow suit, though staying low just in case there are any bolts with his name on it or the like. "We are almost there, Ayla..." He continues to speak on his radio as he moves.

A firey death meets the Rock Monsters as they get blown to bits from the sudden assault before they reach their targets, their parts being blown out into the middle of lava pit. Save, they don't fall. Oh no. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of platforms raised up in the middle of the lava pit. All in circular rings till they reach the middle. They almost cover the entire lava pit, but not quite, cracks between each remind you that its firey death below you.

Bluegrass REACHES the top finally, and takes a deep solid sigh. She then peers in Bomb's direction. "..." //Ah hafta stop 'im. We don't need any more Super Masters...// Bluegrass engages her Dashboots...

Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Dust Man.
Dust Man receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "I'm going to try and catch up with you all."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "OW! MOTHER OF WILY THAT HURT!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "It appears that a way has just opened, preparing to advance since the monsters be gone."

Blade Raven looks up at the platforms as they rise up, "Oh hell." He grumbles, as he starts to slowly make his way towards the platforms, shaking his head slightly, "Another thing to figure out.."

Knight Man blinks as the platforms form "Well, that twas convenient. I shalt have to watcheth mine step..." He steps towards the platform, chances are this test will require courage, as the last one did power...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Do we advance?"

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Dust Man shakes his head from the smack he recieved, and looks around. "Are we going forward?"

Solar Draco simply dusts his hands as the shafts return to his gauntlets. He walks toward the rest of the hunters then glances toward the platforms.. "...This keeps getting better."

Spiral Pegasus stops his sprint and spins around one more time. After a pause to get over the dizziness, the pegacion finds the lava pit covered by circular rings. "Greetings, program."

Snake Man has reconnected.

Guts Man finally makes his way near the top of the mountain way after his brothers.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "Hold; let the others start to advance. Haste is not what is needed."

Zero keeps his back against Alexis' as they move as he hears the noising from below. " I even want to know what that is, Alexis?"

Reaver Mimic smiles as the rock monsters create a passage. And so, Reaver begins moving for to step onto one of the first platforms, as Knight moves along. "Very true. Let's see just how worthy we are, my unknown ally."

Messenger Marou quirks a brow as the scenery decides to change on her. Still covered in ice, the demoness shivers a little as she studies it. "Great..." Cautiously, she attempts to make her way into the fire...
Ether Skunk screetches to a halt at the fall of the rock monsters, panting, teeth gritted and optics wide. She quickly looks around to confirm the location of her companions, before clenching her fists... "Let's... okay, it's like Frogger, everybody! Only jump on the platforms, don't fall into the river!"

Shield makes sure Rigger is secure on his back before suddenly racing for the top as fast as he safely can once he sees the monsters destroyed. "Of we go again! I'll drop you off as soon as we get to the top!" Which is only about 20 yards away, so it does not take long. Upon reaching the summit, he kneels down to let Rigger get off. "We're here."

Snake Man has partially disconnected.
Blade Raven sends a radio transmission.
Solar Draco receives a radio transmission.

Lucent skids to a stop again as the monsters are blown to pieces, giving an abortive cheer for the succesful Hunters. He does have the presence of mind to avoid the falling rockbits--and consider the circles very, very carefully. "...O-okay...I'm...w-with you, Ether!" On to the platforms!

Alex Reinfield shakes his head again, frowning while he takes a deep breath. Courage, part of the Maverick Hunter job description. He just leaps over towards the plat forms, trying to not fall. "Here we go!!" He nods towards Ether, "Frogger 303x. That oen was fun." Video game mode!! Alex does a better job on things under video game mode.

Pirate Man looks to Dust as he gets close saying, "Wait a bit, brother, let them advance incase of any further traps."

Bomb Man blinks as the platforms rise up from the lava...well, not what he was expecting to see, but it works. He moves along the side of the pit, then hops over toward the nearest platform, fall or not, he wasn't gonna say he hadn't tried.

Heat Man heads towards the platforms as well....after all, he can become liquid metal...Lava would be like a warm bath. But he halts at the orders of his brothers.

Solar Draco sends a radio transmission.
Blade Raven receives a radio transmission.

Enker turns around as he hears the platforms raise directly behind him, affecting a small smile of amusement. Yes, this entire thing is quite amusing to the Elite Commander, despite the fact that he was just fried a few minutes ago. He waits to see what else might transpire, not about to step out just yet. Silence reigns.

Rigger slides off of Shield to crouch low to the ground a moment, her eyes focusing on the remaining monster warily. "Thanks. I'll have to weigh my boots down if I ever plan on doing this again."

"Jeeeet... how well can you fly or glide over hot air?" Ayla asks as she stares at the hovering rock platforms. "I don't know if this is wise or very, very foolish but you could try going onto those."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "I doubt it'sss going to be that easssy."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "So do I get the scrap?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, " did miss with the first shot...but you did blow it to hell. So yeah."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "I believe we should let the fools in first, there may be other traps."

The winds die down as the rain also stops, things falling back into the normal of what would be a nice clear night. The platforms out on the lava seem to be waiting for something. Each platform lasts about ten to twenty seconds, before crumbling, but there is enough for everyone to jump between several before firey death reaches out for them.

Below in the pits, blasts of magma shoot out and upwards heating the platforms and occassionally breaking through a few of them.

Alexis Hastings has disconnected.

Reflect Cobra pauses on the edge of the pit before the little platforms, regarding them sourly before following his fellows. He wasn't particularly afraid of fire, but neither was he particularly resistant to it; his goal simply to get over them as fast as he possibly could before they crumble, sharp fangs bared in a hiss at the lava spouts that strike the platforms.

Bluegrass literally frowns at the platforms that waits. //Great. We're now in a Super Mario Brothers game. Where's the bloody raccoon tail like leaf?!// She grumbles a bit more... then searches for one that's liable to hold Guts Man's weight... and jumps down on it. "Here goes nothin'..."

Bomb Man blinks as the first platform shifts slightly, guessing it would crumble soon "doh...well, only one way to go from here" he mutters, jumping out toward the next platform..then the next.

Spiral Pegasus tenatively walks over to the edge. As the first ring begins to crumble, the pegacion makes a flying leap with his wings extended for maximum lift. He safely makes the first one and leaps off before it disintigrates underneath him. "Oh joy, the magic mountain workout." He leaps again for the next ring.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Dust Man transmits, "Do we advance?"

Yamato Man slowly ... very slowly ... crests the top of the mountain, pulling himself onto it with his hands and knees and easing himself to a standing position on the edge. He draws his spear from behind his back and uses it like a tightrope walker, bracing it to keep his balance and stay on the mountaintop. He watches the platforms intently, looking to Heat. A thought begins to take seed...

Messenger Marou shudders. This isn't really what she joined the army, for, but...well, she's still gonna try! The demoness grits her fangs and begins to attempt to hop around on the various platforms without falling to a painful death below.

Knight Man balances himself as he steps and leaps "Tis dangerous... yet I must push onward, I must know what lies there..." He continues to jump, keeping an eye on every platform he can "...I must findeth out what this is all for!!" He continues onward.

Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Spiral Pegasus receives a radio transmission from Messenger Marou.

Snake Man examines the timing of the platforms, noting that it seems to be consistant. For the first time, he leaves his position against the crater walls, edging towards the floating platforms. Spotting Reflect, he gives his fellow snake a dirty glare, before turning his attention back towards the platforms.

Enker raises fingers to his lips, and issues a very loud whistle, before raising his voice. "Heat Man, Guts Man, to me!"

Reaver Mimic frowns. oO(Looks like this involves some speed.)Oo And so, Reaver begins leaping like hop-scotch, from platform to platform, taking a good five seconds between landings, to orient, and head for the middle. Best not to take too much of a chance. Knight is forgotten for now. He'll either move, or fail.

Guts Man makes his way to Enker like a dog being summoned by his master. Well only without the drooling and wagging of the tail.

As the erosion is given, Alex stops briefly, shaking his head as he awaits for it to pass. As it passes, Alex leaps towards the next form, frowning while trying to get to each platform. "I definately won't die from lava....." He grumbles. Axle grunts, "Gah! Nerp!" He grumbles a few times, staying in his hardhat state.

Solar Draco simply takes a few deep breaths, just letting himself relax before he tries anything else, "Tell you what though, that was kind of nerve wrenching..." he tells the other hunters...

Heat Man heads to Enker. Oh, he has an idea what's going to havven.
Reflect Cobra returns Snake Man's glare with a brilliant smile that manages to bare every single sharp tooth before he continues.
Er, happen.

Dust Man gulps, and jumps forward onto a platform, and then another, and another, going Wily knows where... "Oh, I think Tron might have been right..."

Bomb Man glances over to his brother as he jumps to another platform "gee, thats insperational and all knight..Im more worried about falling into whats here than seeing what lies ahead though.."

Zero is working with Alexis, until she gets hit by a rock. As she falls unconscious, Zero blinks, and almost falls, catching her shirt. "..dammit." he murmurs at the unconscious girl, setting her on an area of stable ground, before kissing his fingers, and pressing them to her forehead. "For luck, hmm?" With that, he starts for the platforms.

Jet Stingray looks to the hovering platforms.... "Not sure... Just be glad that my systems are protected from fire really well." Using a free hand to adjust his Indy hat yet again, he leaps for a platfrom before going to another. "Time to take it as it comes!" He is moving as fast as he can, trying to avoid the crumbing platforms as well as see if he can 'beat out' everyone else. While it's good to act like a team with all the factions, at the end there isn't a Stardroid thing for everyone. And Jet isn't exactly in the mood to lose tonight, but then again, he never is.

Enker nods curtly to both. "Alright, boys. Guts Man, we're going to make a Heatapult. Heat Man, your sacrifice is greatly appreciated." Smiling deviously, the Elite Commander moves to one side of his fellow Robot Master.

Ether Skunk hops out on to the first platform in something of a pounce, landing on all fours and quickly scrambling forward. On reaching the distant edge of the platform, she hops again, once more moving with the odd gait. It's strange looking, sure, but it does give her rather secure footing and does allow her to proceed relatively quickly, clearing the platforms several moments before they crumble beneath her. Does she look down? Not AT All.

Bluegrass jumps again, not waste any time... this somersaulting to the next ring... steadly herself. //Ah'm not goin' ta die... Ah think.//

She leaps to another another. And another. With only a break inbetween to catch her breath.

Heat Man nods, and gets into Guts Man's willing arms. "I'll raise my forcefield after I'm thrown. Maybe that will absorb some of the lightening."

Yamato Man stands on the edge of the lava ring, looking out across the platforms. As the winds die down, the samurai holds his spear in a more normal defensive position, watching the others advance across the lava. There's some sort of trick to this, and the Enker/Guts plan will soon reveal the ground rules for it.

Blade Raven stares at the platforms, "This reminds me of a really bad video game." He growls, before jumping up and onto the first platform, before jumping to the next one. He's trying not to pause for more than a couple seconds, to time his next jump, before he goes again.

Pirate Man smirks as he quickly jumps after Dust saying nothing as he says, "Let us win this one, while the others make their attempts. If it were possible we'd be able to share the spoils of this adventure.", he then quickly jumps to another platform

WilyMachine <Reggae> arrives quite close to the top. Less than an 8th of the way to go, maybe? Yeah. He scans about for some Masters. Anyone near?

Ayla Ericson curls into the crook of Jet's arm to stay as protected as she can.

Guts Man rubs his chin, "A Heatapult eh? I like the way you think Enker. No wonder Wily made you an Elite!" He grabs hold of Heat Man, "Well here goes nothing." Using his super strong powers of mighty Guts Man throws Heat Man!

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Y'all make me sick."

Zero starts along the platforms, using his sabre for balancing as he does so.

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "An' comin' from me, that's somethin;."

Heat Man flies towards the center, heating and fielding!

Knight Man continues to step and jump, speeding up and slowing down accordinly. It IS like a video game. Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka. Pity he has no extra men, it's one go or no go.

Slamming his fists together, the temprature around Heat Man increases until flames erupt from his supraheated liquid body!

A great shriek is heard across the land, not from some ungodly source, but rather from the pit below. A shriek that can cut through most peoples audial sensors like button from the sheer volume. The platforms begin crumbling faster and faster as people jump onto them. As they do, it is revealed there are platforms closer and closer to the lava, dozens of descending staircases.

Flames begin to spiral around Heat Man, engulfing him in waves of nuclear inferno! The very ground buckles from the scortching tempratures!

Metal Man is climbing back up the mounting mutting a string of curses as he goes. oO(Nothing but death will stop me from my goal!) Metal Man climbs harder and faster forcing his systems to the limit.

Snake Man follows Guts towards the others, and takes a seat next to him as Heat is tossed.

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "For Wily! And the FAMILY!"

Shield sighs and holds out his hand to Rigger. "I do not think we can afford to wait any longer. Shall we tempt fate and jump?" he asks, ready to try jumping down.

Messenger Marou gahs and almost loses her balance as the noise hits her sensitive ears, causing her to fold them tightly against her head as she picks up speed. "Can't fall can't fall," she pants, glancing around wildly as she attempts to make it in one piece for the staircases.

Bomb Man groans at the noise..not to mention the platform he stands at coming apart below him. quickly, he runs forward, hopping forward to the next platform, and continues on next to Knight, if quicker than before now.

Dust Man eeps and starts heading downwards, enduring the temperatures. As he goes, he mutters something about heat sinks and their proper uses.

Toilet Duck starts up from the bottom of the mountain, groaning and grumbling as he does so. "Stupid idiots. Fools. Wantin' power. Gonna see what all the fuss's about."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Great Balls of Fire, indeed..."

Posing the flames touching you, gets you sent back to the bottom. *waves to Heat*:

Reaver Mimic grits his teeth at the noise, and shuts off his audials. oO(Can't let it stop me!)Oo And thus, he keeps leaping, cutting his thinking time down to 3 seconds, leaping towards a stairway. oO(C'mon...C'mon...)Oo

Spiral Pegasus is hurrying to play catchup from all the crumbling rings. "Not good. Not good. Not good. Notgoodnotgoodnotgood..." He hops from one crumbling one to another, the shriek pretty much frying his audio receptors but it's not like they haven't been through hell before. After all, Repliforce did host Sonic Banshee for a week.

Forward momentum. Lucent's got a whole lot of it, despite his tiny size and relatively slow speed. As the first platform dissolves behind him, he gives a shrill 'eee!' sound--but has the presence of mind to keep moving. Or maybe there's just no other choice. The staircase is the only option as the sound cuts through the air, rattling the Hunter minimedic a great deal less than anyone else. And he just--keeps--hopping. And not looking down.

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Wassis now? Wass goin' on up there?"

Metal Man is a blur now as he races up the mountain side. "Nothing will stop me! YOU HEAR ME NOTHING!" Metal Man bellows as he nears the summit once more. If anyone is looking down the mountain side they would likely see Metal Man making his mad scramble up.

Enker nods to Guts Man as the deed is done. "Bravo, Guts Man. Would you like me to throw you out there also, or would you rather leap across yourself..?"

Guts Man stares at Enker, "I'd rather throw more people. You know cause I like to throw things. Like boulders and people"

Knight Man blinks as the platforms crumble, and stairs form, goodness gracious indeed. Still, all he can do is go onward, wherever it takes him. He must have courage. (Are these stairs on each of the platforms? Or in the center or what?)

Alex Reinfield notices as the platforms are closer to the platforms that are closer going down. Oh yeah, he makes his way down the staircase. See Alex try not to get burned, and succeed, hopefully. "Oh no..." He sweatdrops as perspiration is formed.

Solar Draco hurries the heck up and starts bounding from platform to platform. He can't slow down, he won't be denied! His jets are kept off as he hurries along the platforms. "C'mon hunters! hurry it up!"

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission.

Rigger dips her head in a firm nod, as she holds noto Shield's hand firmly. Scared was an understatement, frankly. "Oh, why not. I was almost dead last night... Let's go." o O (And hope the job doesn't finish.)

Pirate Man's optics narrow as he quickly starts to jump from platform to platform, a scowl crossing his face as he looks to those on the other platforms infront of him aiming for a few seconds but doesn't fire as the platform starts to crumble and he's forced to jump

Blade Raven continues to hop from platform to platform, trying to beat the timers they seem to have set into them. He's focused on this right now, and he's not using anything besides his feet and his brains..

Ether Skunk squeaks as the platforms begin to crumble faster, skipping all the faster, her strange quadrapedal prance looking all the more silly. Her tail's sort of dry by now with the heat broiling before, restored to its fluffy condition; she almost looks like a squirrel as she leaps from stone to stone, working down the staircase-like arrangement. Again... she has no idea where she's going. But... well. No turning back now.

WilyMachine <Reggae> gets to the edge. Hrm. This could be... TRICKY! *cue beat* He unfurls his wings, not going to fly, really, but just testing the air. He's still on the lip of the crater, so rrrg!

Zero leaps gownwards, hitting platform after platform as he does so, before using a final leap, and Alexis grappling device, lands on a staircase, "Great.. no guide.. which way now?"

Heat Man lands atop one of the higher platforms, and takes it as a good sign. He then leaps towards the next platforms, proceeding with a radio of triumph!

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I LIVE!"

Enker raises a finger, tapping at his chin. "Well then. Go right ahead and throw some of our opponents right off the mountain then. I'd best catch up to the others." Bending at the knee, the Elite proves his dragoon-nature, leaping hella far.

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Typical. No answer."

Reflect Cobra is untouched by flame! So far. And perhaps a pace or two behind Lucent, remains there purposefully. ... And amazingly, hopping behind him, and on other platforms .. are seventeen holographic bunnies. They're still there. Tenacious rabbits, those.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I'm just as in the dark as you are, if not more."

Snake Man notes that the rate of disappearing platforms seems to be quickening. With a quick glance to see what happens to Heat, he leaps to the first platform, landing on all fours. With only a brief turn to orient himself on the next one, he leaps again, just as the platform winks out as his feet leave the 'ground'. Landing safely on the next one, he leaps again, checking himself as a huge gout of flame rips by him on the left. Scrabbling to get a purchase, he barely makes it up and onto the floating rock. Launching himself to the next one, he continues down the sequence.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "I'm up here and I don't have a clue what the hell's goin' on."

A wind is raised yet again, a great fury of pure heat drenched air, rising steadily from the bottom of the lava. Raising and shaking the platforms of all those. Then, it happens....

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Well, then we got somethin' in common."

Shield nods. "Seeing as how the first platform has crumbled...this will be difficult." And with that, he races towards the edge and flings himself as far as he can towards the next platform, Rigger hopefully beside him.

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man floods the worldchat momentarily with laugher; the background has the continual random echo of screams...

A wind is raised yet again, a great fury of pure heat drenched air, rising steadily from the bottom of the lava. Raising and shaking the platforms of all those. Then, it happens....

Bluegrass continues to jump across. Ther has been a misstep or two, but so far so good... //Gotta keep on goin'...// She continues her leapfrogging.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "A Burning Ring of Fire... ..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "That was actually pretty fun. We need to do the fastball special more often."

Solar Draco blinks a little as he thinks he hears something. Hmmm, listening to it he keeps his wings at ready and his shield on his arm.

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Spare me yer metaphors, chicky."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "But did the gamble succeed, Heat Man?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "..Which stardroid specialized in fire and speed?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Your Mom."

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "...M-Mercury?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Keep Steady in your Wake... ...for now the Ground starts to Shake..."

Ayla Ericson lets out a shriek of surprised pain at the sound of the horrorific shriek. Clenching her teeth together, the teen covers her ears and holds out as best she can.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I appear to be ahead of the others, and I'm approaching the next set of platforms with no contestants..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Umm. Mercury. But Uranus was the one that delt with natural disasters."

Metal Man reaches the top once more and makes his way quickly to the other Robot Masters. Metal Man nears Yamato Man. "Brother are you going to be going on or covering out backs here?"

Spiral Pegasus shields himself with his wings from the blast. "Yet another steady descent into something worse..."

Knight Man Tries to keep his footing as the shaking begins. Now is the time to maintain courage if any. He maintains a steady form, he'll not be shoken off if he can help it.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "My mom had nothing to do with this, she's somewhere in Tahiti right now."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Jupiter was inta storms, idiots."

Snake Man knows he cannot stop, and only lowers his head as the shriek washes over him. He must continue on, or it'll be bbqed snake.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "But not fiiire."

Dust Man cringes, but keeps moving, cause if he falls, it'll be the end of him. No crumbling platform's gonna get him!

Messenger Marou erks and latches her claws and talons into whatever solid ground she can find as the powerful wind ruffles her wings and almost sends her flying. "Damn!" The coating of ice is replaced by her fiery aura once more, glowing and flickering around her.

Ether Skunk lets out a grunt as she hops onto the staircase, promptly rising from her squirrel-hop and smooshing up against the wall of the center platform; quiverly, keeping her eyes squeezed tightly shut, and Not Looking Down. Does the unearthly wail bother her? Yes. It doesn't rattle her as much as the others, though- as the Hunters know, the skunk likes Guts Man's singing, so she's resistant to Ungodly Screaming.

Jet Stingray looks to the stairs, and makes a giant leap for them when he gets close enough to make it. "Anytime you want to head back, let me know... I know this conditions aren't very cool for humans," the stingray states, not knowing his bad pun as he move onward. As the unnatural cry comes, the stingray offers a wince along with, "Looks like we are getting close! We are almost there, I know it!"

Heat Man continues, putting his arms out for balance....

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I thought Jupiter was tha fast one."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...and you forget... it was only a little over a year ago that Uranus stood on Mt. Vesuveus against the Wily Dragon and the General... ...and /Litteraly/ ...blew the mountain."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Who cares. They're all dead and I whupped them all numerous times!"

Bomb Man tips to one side at the shaking, but manages to stay on the platform...and considers going back, but then again, behind him the platforms were crumblin mighty fast..and if Knight could make it forward, so could he. And thus he moves over forward, he couldn't be far from the end in any case.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man is laughing in the background of his own transmission; the voices layering as he asks, "How are we faring?"

Toilet Duck groans. It's typical, everything is over before he even gets there. He keeps climbing nonetheless, his heavy body resisting the wind easily.

Alex Reinfield begins to sweat more, frowning a bit as he looks downa bit. "GAH!!!" He shakes his head, making his leap more swift. As the wind raised, he coughs a bit. "Ugh, so hot..." Axle grumbles, "I am glad I don't need water..but the heat level is high..." Alex nods, "I know, I know...." He tries to go faster, twitching at the wail. He coughs, frowning. "Oh, I am glad I am living through this so far..." He makes his way along the path.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "I read about that.."

Pirate Man looks around as the wind rises again, he jumps to the next platform holding his balance as best he can before it starts to crumble, optics staying focused on each of the platforms as he jumps along, keeping his weapons at his side

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "Well, Mercury was messenger of the gods, and therefore known as the swiftest, in myth. Hn. Who knows, we'll find out eventually."

This is where being light-weight actually pays off. Clearing the leap easily, given it's a downward decent, Rigger lands in a crouch on the platform. She doesn't really stop to congratulate herself for it though as she'd seen what was happening to them. On to the next she goes, jumping for all she's worth. "I swear I don't get paid enough for this!" The next jump is when the winds kick up however, and she's forced to crouch once more on the shaking platform. o O (@#^ *^!#@ ^*^$^@!)

As Reaver's shaken, he moves his body in the ways opposite, trying to keep footing long enough to attempt for the next platform. That stairway is in sight, and he's not quitting until the almighty stops him. Just have to keep moving, or get scorched. And lava-baked Mimic is not on his agenda.

Zero moves along the staircases, and platforms on occassion. "Keep moving, people, keep moving." he murmurs as he does so, "And pay attention to yourself, hero."

With a tremendously loud "EEE!", Lucent jumps the gap and skids to a panting, half-fried stop near Ether. He's trembling, his paraplasm gone cloudy with the excess of heat that's essentially cooking him. To his credit, he's switched over to thermophile enzymes to keep active...and now there's no chance of retreat, anyway...The trembling of the ground nearly but not quite sends him to his knees--but he remains standing, joining Ether and literally gluing himself to the platform with fibrinogens to avoid the wind sweeping him into the lava.

Ayla Ericson shakes her head, shivering as the sound practically runs through her bones. The instant heat wave is dampened by the stingray's protective embrace and what does get through quickly dries out the girl's clothing.

Knight Man struggles to maintain balance, sometimes being a heavyweight has it's advantages, shaking and winds do little to down him. He mumbles as he tries to figure out the idea of this puzzle... " this how thou testeth us, Uranus?"

Spiral Pegasus waves to Marou from his own stairway. "Quick! Over here!"

Toilet Duck sends a radio transmission to Ayla Ericson.
Ayla Ericson receives a radio transmission.

Enker lands heavily on one of the few platforms undisturbed so far, leaping off immediately afterwards. Leaps and bounds, that's what the Elite is used to, and the general-sharp nature of his body is a great way to cut down on some of the wind resistance. Yet it does upset his trajectory, barely managing to keep his footing on one of the platforms. Waving his hands backwards, he keeps himself upright with a little assist as his perch is teetered backwards by the wind. Sigh of relief being saved for later, he descends a staircase quickly.

Metal Man looks at platform and laughs. "This will be fun." he comments as he leaps to the next platform trying to catch up with the other Robot Masters at the least. oO(So close but so far away!) Metal Man hurries on leaping from platform to platform. oO(It will be mine even if I must kill everyone else on this mountain for it!)Oo

The winds speak to all, the fury of the heat, the absolute love of the fire, reaches out...

And rising from the ashes in a glorious reach of wings, knocking platforms aside, is the form of a Phoenix. The winds whispering, 'the reaches of death hold nothing to one of the ashes...' Anyone nearby tossed off theirs, but not to their firey deaths, instead they find themselves on the side of the mountain, outside the pit, dazed and confused.

In the center, where the phoenix now hovers around toward the very bottom of the lava pit, is a flicker of silver in the maelstrom of red.

WilyMachine <Reggae> jumps into the air, his wings catching thermal air! But, the wings suddenly fold in, sending him plummetting into a platform. BAM! It cracks. And with that, the duck jumps to another, more stable-looking platform.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Hey Gutsss, sssee if you can ssscrounge up sssome bouldersss to throw and try and knock sssome of thessse goodie goodiesss off the platformsss."

Shield lands heavily, wincing in preperation as he expects the platform crumble under his weight. "Hey, we're alive!" he says with a bit of surprise as they leap to the next one then pause with the wind. "We have to keep going!" he shouts, forcing her to make the next jump. Either face the wind or fall when the platform collapses.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Light preserve us..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Shut up already wench."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Really, shut up."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "What does Uncle Tom have to do with this?"

Messenger Marou whips her head around and nods, leaping like the mighty squirrel towards Spiral. "Well, isn't this a nice cup of tea?" She then...blinks. "What the?! What -is- that?" Her own flames pale in comparison, she stares in awe.

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Seriously, Tron Bonne. Shut up."

Heat Man continues downwards, his eyes locked on the path ahead. With luck...his body is now in pure liquid metal form. A self in flames. Who can says what will come next.

[Radio: (E) Public] Reflect Cobra transmits, "... now that ... is beautiful. Never thought I'd see one."

Pirate Man blinks as he notices the phoenix saying, "A Phoenix, just like in greek mythology. But is this another trick or something else.", he continues to move along the platforms starting to get closer to those ahead of him as he catches the glint of silver

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "See what?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne sighs... "...And yes... it is. Be careful!"

Solar Draco blinks up at the creature, recognizing it. ".. A phoenix.." he says before he quickly continues moving.

Knight Man trudges downward. That may be the prize, though there will likely be another puzzle before anyone can claim it. He contiues downward, several platforms crumbling behind him due to his own weight, though he progresses fast enough that he himself gets off them in time. He nears. He nears his answer. But who will really be the one to claim it?

Metal Man looks down at the Phoenix below and watches as several people get well tossed as it were. oO(Prehaps getting kocked off the mountain was a good thing.) Metal Man keeps heading deeper into the pit nearing the lower lever where the phoenix is.

Blade Raven has to stop and stare as the phoenix makes an appearance, "Whoa.." He shakes his head a little, "That's...Really amazing.." He blinks, and then takes off running down, since, well, he can't let himself be distracted from getting this item before a Robot Master can.

Bomb Man leaps from platform to the next, more worried about staying above the lava then figureing a puzzle, He is quite dismayed as the fire moves up, knocking asside all of the pillers, thus sending him plummeting downwardm barely managing to catch the side of the piller. He pulls himself up, though now a ways behind Knight and Heat.. none the less, this drives him to charge even faster downward after them, not about to give up after all this.

Reaver Mimic lands on his staircase, carefully beginning the downward trek. And something ahead. It seems perseverance has paid off, as did his swift movement. He won't be denied. Not now. He's far too close. But he knows something more must await. It can't be that easy.

Spiral Pegasus isn't knocked off, he holds his ground firmly as the winds slap the wings shielding him against his body. "... what... what is that?"

The shreik from the phoenix continues, no one can get close to the glint of silver, it is ultimately protected by the fury of the phoenix.
Dust Man eeps as he suddenly finds himself staring at a Pheonix. KEEP MOVING! a voice says inside him, and he does so. No fally off no, Dust ma boy, you got work to do!

Alex Reinfield begins to step through the blocks, until the wind becomes ferocious. He holds onto the ground, growling while pulling himself up. He grumbles a bit, stepping back to a halt as the Phoenix appears. His eyes gazes in shock, "......What......who--......" He then hears the radio, frowning while gazing up.

Toilet Duck OOCly thinks it'd be hilarious if he got the pendant, but it's probably not possible at this point. :)

Messenger Marou shrugs to Spiral. "Like hell if I know...what should we do? Do we dare waste time waiting, sir?" Her aura warps around her, seemingly shying back from the great bird's fierce cry.

Lucent huddles down on his platform, narrowly avoiding getting flung off in the maelstrom the Phoenix raises--and so forgets to jump. One...and the platform crumbles, sending the minimedic downward with a terrified scream.

Zero continues down the stairs. Forget the radio. Right now, that glimmer of silver is the only thing that can balance the Masters current threat. Even if he doesn't get it, someone shall. Covering his ears against the shriek, Zero murmurs to himself. "..right.. what the hell do I do now.." With that, he just keeps going down the stairs, trying not to go completely insane from the shriek.

Ether Skunk reaches out and gives Lucent's hand a little pat... a frantic one, at least. She's shaken, herself. Her mind is taken off her angst as the Phoenix materializes, and, jaw agape, the skunk can't help but watch in amazement. This isn't quite like anything she's seen before- after all, she wasn't activated until well after the Stardroids came. After a brief pause, she glances back at Lucent, before turning back towards the stairs and hopping down, little skips and prances carrying her from stone to stone, ever downwards in a spiral.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "These are getting more and more dangerous..."

Toilet Duck keeps on climbing. Well, danged if the duck ain't persistent. Right around this time, he's at the lip of the crater. Looking down... "Holy heck."

Spiral Pegasus peers his muzzle over a wing as the shriek continues. There's an occasional spark from his ears as he glances in at the phoenix. "Corporal? You'll have to shout into my ear, my primary audio receptors blew out!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "If you don't shut up you'll find your life getting more and more dangerous."

Blade Raven winces slightly at the shreik from the Phoenix, sloing himself down a bit, as he gets a little closer to Zero, "Damn.." He mutters, putting his hands over his ears, as he tries to ignore the Phoenix's cry.

Snake Man is off to one side in the spiral of platforms. He simply crouches on his against the wind, calculating and waiting for the right moment. He keeps a close eye on the firebird, hopping to the next lowest platform once it turns away.

Pirate Man's optics narrow as he looks towards the phoenix, "So the bird wants to block me from the treasure.", he then looks to the hunters as he continues downward ready to fire at the bird if it gets close, but not with anything deadly

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne snaps with her old petulance! "FINE!!!"

Reflect Cobra and bunnies continue to move forward, the snake obviously more cautious than the holographic rabbits, who hop as merrily through air as anything else, reaching Lucent and Ether's side, pausing as the phoenix rises.. and imnediately strikes out, to grab Lucent in a tight coil before the little medic can fall too far. "Lucent!"

WilyMachine <Reggae> is far enough from it, that he just staggers a bit. He caws, raising his own wings in a mocking gesture! He then continues just as stead-fast as before. Only... a bit more determined. Anyway. Platform to platform he goes.

As fate would have it, Enker once again finds himself back up-top. "You know.. I really.. really am starting to hate this." The Elite Commander is annoyed. Again. For now, he waits, scanning the pit below with a distinct red-eye instead of his usual black.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I've got an idea. Let's leave these things alone, and forget they ever existed."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "I'm with you on that one."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man sounds pretty calm. "Thank you, Guts Man. That was well said."

Knight Man finally rests for a moment on a platform that is still stable. He looks down at the object, and up at the Phoenix. No doubt this is the final challenge... but what is it? "What is thine riddle Phoenix, what is the last challenge?" He ponders this outloud while he can, before moving another platform further...

Messenger Marou nods, takes a deep breath, and shouts. Well, it's more like there's several voices shouting with her, as she somewhat alters her wail of the damned to suit a more...non violent purpose. "I asked if we should waste valuable time waiting, or should we do something!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Assuming we can get the ones Gemini and Tron have, and destroy them."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Then leave, Prattling pawns of opperssion!"

Rigger isn't knocked off, thankfully... But the platforms just behind her are knocked aside. Turning to look at them with a nervous expression, she leaps forward to the next one. Keep going, keep going, keep going...

Guts Man makes his way to the edge, looking down into the lava pit thing with the big bird. "That's one big chicken." He looks over to his side noticing a pebble, he bends over picking it up, he then throws it towards the Phoenix's direction.

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Do you want to come take them?"

Reaver Mimic snarls, even though he can't hear his own angered mutterings over the Phoenix. "I've got to do this..." he whispers, moving further and further down. oO(Not for me, but for those like me, that get held down by their station, never to raise, never to change their lot, bound by fate. This is just my way to move on.)Oo thinks the Mercenary, fists clenching.

Heat Man is continuing downwards, probably getting near the others who were ahead of him, because he's half freefalling.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Good sentiment... ...I don't think it'll be possible."

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "Couldst thou giveth me the riddle again Milady? I may haveth a use for it to decipher this now more than ever..."

Bomb Man grumbles loudly as he catches up to Knight now as he rests, seriously doubting any one of them would get through that bird..

Ether Skunk amends. She reaches out to pat Lucent's hand, but... it's not there. With a gasp, the Skunk whirls around just in time to see the minimedic fall out of sight- and throwing herself down to the stone, she reaches out in a desperate, if futile ploy to catch him as he falls, fingers splayed in the hot air. "LUCENT!" she howls, in true dramatic fashion, stricken with shock. She misses, though... and hopping to her feet, she scoots to the next platform, keeping up her rapid downward descent along the stairs, doing her damndest to catch up to Lucent as he falls.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "These things may give you power, but it also seems to warp your mind into that of the Stardroids image."

Jet Stingray looks at the Phoenix in awe, merely continuing on. He almost gets knocked over, by luckily, the tail of the sitngray keeps him planted long enough to get his foot and more onward. "...I've come so... far..." he offers weakly, seeing something in the distance, the pain his audios growing and growing. But losing a third time would be that much harder for Jet... This time he knows there might be a chance to get it this time. "Please, Phoenix dude... or dudette, just let me have that thing...." he offers softly, as if speaking more to himself then the beast of legend.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Yeah, and the Stardroids were nuts."

Spiral Pegasus recoils from Messenger in horror. -That- was creepy. "Um... right. Do something. I thought I heard something mentioned about... ashes?"

Ayla Ericson's eyes are dazzled by the radiance that is the phoenix. "It's a mythical creature," she replies to Spiral's question, having barely heard it with her temporary hard-of-hearing. "A fiery bird that rose from the ashes to live again."

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "That they were."

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I... ...believe it was. 'Many across the globe desire this, many more pay for its luxury, for heat keeps the winter away. But for these people they got more than they bargained to pay, and due to this they have been remembered to this day.'"

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee transmits, "... I'd ruther take One O' 'Miss Bonne's' many lives..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Gemini turned into a psychopathic killer, and Tron... Well, Tron just got wierd."

Shield shouts to Rigger as they leap, "We have to get to the bottom!" Down and down they go, his determination rising when he sees Heat Man take the express route down. "Phoenix, stand aside!" he shouts at the guardian when they start to reach the platforms nearest the bottom.

Metal Man is awed by the phoenix for a moment but keeps moving. He now plots to get to the light which the mythical creature seems to be guarding. oO(So close... so very very close!)

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne pauses from her angry voice... her tone turning to one of deep regret. "Sonic... I..."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man seems excited about this prospect... "Banshee? ...Take it. Kill her. Do it. It will be fun to watch you try."

Messenger Marou blinks and lashes her tail, her voice still amplified and uber-spooky with the wailing stuff. "Ashes? I..." She then shakes her head. "I have no clue, sir!" Studying the phoenix, the demoness ponders, before her aura shifts around her to form a shape vaguely resembling the great bird, wings and all. "Perhaps it can be flattered?"

Zero mutters to himself. "...Stardroids back from the dead. Been doing that for a while myself." he murmurs as he continues, approaching the massive phoenix, the ice leaving his sabre, and becoming fire, staring the Phoenix down.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "I'll... ...not hold any of this against you, Gemini Man. ...I promise."

Solar Draco hmms, glancing toward the creature, "One that would vanish every 500 years and then be reborn of it's own ashes after a blaze of glory, what's it's purpose?" he asks himself as he continues from platform to platform. He can't get closer but he'll keep a perimiter as best he can...

Dust Man ponders as he goes down. "Ashes, ashes, the reaches of death do nothing to one of the ashes..." Dusty gets a wonderful idea.

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "There seems to be a phoenix guarding the final puzzle... I know not what to do..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Think I should try hitting this thing with my Lint Cover?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, ""

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee transmits, "..Yae cannot apologise f'ar what yae've done, Miss Bonne... Feel free t'ae try... But nae apology.. will I accept.. Until I've got yer blood on me hands.. an' yer throat slit eat t'ae ear.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Hey, it worked for that other thing."

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I'm looking at it now... from a distance..."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne sighs slowly and sadly. "...So be it."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blitz Attack Quick Man transmits, "It is made of fire, so you could probably smother it."

Spiral Pegasus blinks. Ashes. Firey death. Something... He glances at Marou with a smile. "If this doesn't work, let Colonel know to put my memorial stone near the others from the Siege." He steps back, takes a deep breath, and sprints towards the phoenix. As he reaches the edge of the flame, the pegacion takes a giant leap - assuming the Superman ose for all of the nanoseconds it takes before he falls into the phoenix's fire.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "May just anger it, Dust. It needs a different method, perhaps a water attack if it wasn't so hot in here."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man calls out. "BROTHERS! FATHER! I do this to protect all of you!"

Anyone who falls, finds themselves at the base of the mountain, burnt but otherwise ok.

Spiral Pegasus dives into the phoenix. Judges, your scores?

Spiral Pegasus enters the Area of Pompei.
Spiral Pegasus has left.

Yamato Man holds his position on the lava pit's edge, bracing against the sudden thermal bloom. He squints as Metal approaches, still looking out across the volcano. He is about to speak as the vision appears, but is briefly struck dumb. But when the flicker of silver appears to his keen eyes -- he brandishes his spear towards it; the spearhead opens up along the blade accompanied by a *vrrt* of Gauss energy. This is it. This is his one chance. Nobody else can get near it, nobody else is near enough to him to stop him immediately, and anybody who tries to stop him is going to get slowed up in the race to get the thing ... which means he has an open shot. But for how long? "NO!" he calls out, suddenly, the strength of his convictions giving him the power to do what he thinks is right. But is it? "IT MUST END! I REBUKE YOU, DEMON-POSSESSED!" Crying out with his best war cry, he begins to shoot spearheads not at the phoenix ... but the silver thing in the distance. Huh!? The samurai seems to be hoping he can either destroy it or knock it into the lava.

Blade Raven keeps on making his way down the stairs, catching up with Zero, "Any ideas?" He asks, as he gets close to the CO.

Knight Man continues downward, getting a bit nervous as there are fewer and fewer platforms the further he proceeds "What to do... what to do..." He thinks back to the riddle "...many pay a price for this.. hmm... what dost it mean?" He grunts, wishing there were some other hint.

Spiral Pegasus has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Yamato Man?!"

Metal Man is actually further up as his player made an error.

Snake Man is about 2/3ds of the way down the pit, he's not first by any means, but getting to the bottom doesn't seem to be his main goal at the moment. It seems to be to stay out of the way of the large bird.

Ether Skunk bites her lower lip as she reaches the bottom of the stairs with the others... staring down the Phoenix with wet optics, convinced she just saw her friend plummet to a messy, firey death. She reaches down to grab a handful of soil or dirt and launches it imperviously at the mythical bird, before launching herself after it! "YOU KILLED LUCENT!" she howls in the midst of her fearsome pounce. "YOU BASTARD!"

Spiral Pegasus enters the Inside Vesuvius.
Spiral Pegasus has left.

Jumping in a circle around the Pheonix, Dust starts emitting wierd clanking noises. His duct vibrates as a another blast launches from the Duct. "Lint Cover!"

Reaver Mimic stares in consternation as Spiral springs to action. "Hell, I'm already half-dead." mutters Reaver. moving towards the edge of the flames. "Ashes to ashes...Dust to dust." whispers the mercenary. "Can't live forever." whispers Mimic, leaping into the inferno.

Zero says, "...we attack, Blade." with that, he leaps, diving downwards. "And away we go!"

Lucent grabs for Reflect's tail, eyes wide with fear, and his talons--slicing through the scales, the minimedic tumbling with a shriek toward the lava below.

Messenger Marou lets out a surprised gasp. "SPIRAL!" The demoness lunges forward to watch the pegasus, her optics wide. "He is such an idiot!" For a brief moment, she does ponder diving after him, her optics locked in on the great bird as her aura flares madly around her, glowing brightly. "YOU STUPID BIRD!" Flaring her wings out, she charges forward, howling like the souls of the dead were guiding her.

Bomb Man comes bounding along just behind his brother, now that he was almost at the end actually thinking to the riddle...and comes up empty "well, eh Knight, hope yah got a plan for this whole thing" he mutters under his breath as he follows.

Blade Raven nods his head, "As you say." He takes out his sword, and jumps right after Zero, "Haaaaah!"

Knight Man grunts once more "Ah, what the heck... if I haveth only one chance..." He looks down to the sparkle of the gem, narrows his eyes, and jumps down to it, let's see what happens...

Heat Man was basically just kicking from platform to platform, aiming towards the hunters. And now that he sees them go for it, he follows down.

Pirate Man frowns as he raises his forcefield before continuing on his way ready to jump into volcanoe and use his shield to block out the lava as long as he can before it bursts

Pirate Man projects a forcefield around himself.

Jet Stingray would jump like everyone else, but instead he asks Ayla, "You mind if we give it a good old fashioned try?" he says, offering a radio as he waits for an answer.

Dust Man ooc Is there anything for the Lint Cover to hit?

Solar Draco continues his ponderings, "If we're safe... and the creature means we won't die if we jump... well," he glances up at the creature, takes a deep breath and exhales. "My life is in your hands avian..." he says, and with that he vaults toward the Phoenix.

Enker's eyes widen as he sees the sacrifices begin. "What is it with these people.." Sighing to himself, he simply swan-dives off the tip of the volcano's ridge, arms later held to his side as he plummets head-first down towards the lava-filled bottom.

Lucent enters the Flame Chamber.
Lucent has left.
Quick Man enters the Flame Chamber.
Quick Man has left.
Servbot Scout has arrived.
Lucent arrives from the Area of Pompei.
Lucent has arrived.

Snake Man clings to his rock platform, watching, and waiting. Then he springs himself. Couldn't be worse than letting the hunters or repliforcers have it, ne?

Firestorm Phoenix enters the Flame Chamber.
Firestorm Phoenix has left.
Servbot Scout enters the Flame Chamber.
Servbot Scout has left.

Toilet Duck shrugs. He'd been pondering that riddle, and going willingly into the fire to become ash seemed like the best choice. He'd thought it was utterly stupid. But it's been done now. So, hey. Following the crowd, TD jumps rather ungracefully into the lava.

Bomb Man glances off to the side after Knight man as he leaps, crud, lost his guide..then again, why not following actually made sense with the riddle, and even if not, he was tired of this whole ordeal anyway..and thus, jump away he does...

Pirate Man looks to the others for a few secongs before he jumps from his platform, "Time to see what the prize is."

Zero enters the Flame Chamber.
Zero has left.
Pirate Man enters the Flame Chamber.
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Blade Raven enters the Flame Chamber.
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Ether Skunk enters the Flame Chamber.
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Guts Man notices Enker jump, he shrugs and decides to follow, he takes a few steps back then jumps off the ledge into the volcano. "CANNONBALL!!!"

Toilet Duck enters the Flame Chamber.
Toilet Duck has left.

Yamato Man sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission.
Heat Man enters the Flame Chamber.
Heat Man has left.
Messenger Marou enters the Flame Chamber.
Messenger Marou has left.
Yamato Man receives a radio transmission.

While the others are trying to battle, he just stays where he is at. He keeps his eyes stayed on the Phoenix. He then decides to go after the other Hunters, leaping to catch up with them. "Here we go!"

Reaver Mimic enters the Flame Chamber.
Reaver Mimic has left.
Alex Reinfield enters the Flame Chamber.
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Dust Man grunts in frustration, as he sees all these people doing something insane like... falling through solid rock. "GERONIMO!" Jumpy time for Dusty.

Solar Draco enters the Flame Chamber.
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Enker enters the Flame Chamber.
Enker has left.

Shield makes it to the bottom platform. "Well, only one thing left to do," he says, letting go of Rigger's hand and diving for the silver light.

Metal Man takes a deep breath and leaps down towards where the others are jumping. "BOOOOOONNNNNNZZZZZZAAAAAAAAIIIIIII!!!" Metal Man drops like a stone after the others hoping this will be surivable.

You enter the Flame Chamber.
Flame Chamber

Passing through the lava of Vesuvius, you find yourself falling onto the smooth Marble flooring of the Flame Chamber. Above, as if held at bay by some invisible force you can peer at the curling tendrils and bubbling depths that is the Vesuvius, but none of it passes downward, held in place against its will. The walls of the Chamber are a smooth white marble like the floor, and in the center of the chamber resides a tiny birdbath, but instead of water, mercury rests in its basin. As you move near it, it forms into a solid staff, just begging you to grab it.

Shield [Casual] [MH]
Enker [Enker] [RM]
Solar Draco [MH]
Bomb Man [Main] [RM]
Alex Reinfield [Armored] [MH]
Reaver Mimic [Casual] [C]
Messenger Marou [Normal] [RF]
Heat Man [Normal] [RM]
Toilet Duck [Standard] [C]
Ether Skunk [MH]
Blade Raven [MH]
Pirate Man [RM]
Zero [Black Armor] [MH]
Servbot Scout
Firestorm Phoenix [M]
Quick Man [Derek] [RM]
Spiral Pegasus [Uniform] [RF]
Fire Pendant

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Area of Pompei.

[Radio: (E) Public] Samurai Yamato Man transmits, "...curse this fire! It's too far off! My attack is fruitless! ...STOP, YOU FOOLS! YOU MUST DESTROY THE TALISMAN! DO NOT LET IT TAKE ANOTHER SOUL!"

Snake Man arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Snake Man has arrived.
Mikage Yukiato arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Mikage Yukiato has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Robots ain't got souls."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "People fought and nearly died over that recently.."

Rigger arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Rigger has arrived.

He lands, rolling with the landing and coming to a stop. Glancing about him, he quickly jumps up and pumps his fist. "YES! I knew it!" And there, in the middle, is a... staff? Quietly, the pegasus walks over and takes it into his his hand.

Metal Man arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Metal Man has arrived.
Dust Man arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Dust Man has arrived.

Those who fell in after Spiral find themselves in this room, safe and sound. The Pendant...already gone. Someone of course is standing in front of where it was.

Snake Man hits the ground with a thump, but is otherwise unharmed, rolling over onto his feet. He rises and looks, around.
Shield blinks in confusion as he is not treading lava nor holding the pendant as he assumed he would be. "An interesting room," he says quietly, then spots the staff.

Toilet Duck lands on the ground with a painful-sounding *crrrrnch*. He gets up awkwardly, shakes himself back and forth, and says to no one in particular, "Kinda fun."

Blade Raven lands and grunts, "Oof." He stands himself back up and looks around, dusting himself off, "That wasn't so bad." He says, looking around, "Hrm.." He looks to Zero and the other Hunters that are down here now. "What..?"

Messenger Marou falls from above, howling the entire way like some mad creature from the very depths of hell itself. Flaring her wings out to catch her before slamming into the floor, she lands in a crouch with her optics blazing furiously.

Pirate Man's optic narrows as he lands on solid ground instead of the lava, he looks around as he keeps his forcefield up focusing on anyone nearby him before looking towards the area the pendant was

Reaver Mimic smiles as he chases the pegacon through the inferno, expecting to end up...wherever reploids go when life has passed. Staring at the empty chamber, a loud scream comes from the Rogue. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Knight Man is too late. Someone else beat him to it, it seems. He is just left to wonder now, what to do.

Guts Man arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Guts Man has arrived.

Bomb Man comes to a sudden halt as the floor intercepts his fall. Grunting, he climbs to his feet, glancing about in amazement..not what he expected..but hey, it works

Ether Skunk falls through the lava, still screaming! "AAAAAARRRUUGH!" she howls! "AAAARrrr... huh?" *SPLAT* The skunk lands with a splat on the marble floor, still for a moment, then slowly, carefully begins to pick herself up... wait. This is not the vengeful battle she had anticipated. (This was jsut after SPiral.)

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "It doth seemeth a Repliforcer beat me to the prize."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "Bah!"

Thump. One of these rooms, again. Wheee. Dusty gets up and looks around, especially at that crazy*ss Pegasus that went first.

Metal Man lets out a curse as he has missed it again. Well on the bright side he is unharmed and still here. Metal now looks to where the pendant was. "Who has it now.."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "Problem? Snake?"

Alex Reinfield lands to the ground, dropping to both knees. His eyes shift over infront of him. "Eh?" A frown is given while noticing the person standing there. "....Who..." His eyes narrow briefly.

WilyMachine <Reggae> arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
WilyMachine <Reggae> has arrived.

Spiral Pegasus raises the staff before him as everybody enters. His muzzle opens, only the voice that comes out is not quite his own. To all that are present, and to the world, the voice speaks out:

Beautiful to see, sacred to preserve, there were no icebergs involved in this one's bout with the vast deep. Yet somehow it found itself pinned beneath the utopia of the sea.

And with that, there's a holographic image that projects from the staff: You see an image of an old Tall-Ship, with wooden battlements and cannons along its bows. The image seems to zoom in on the ship, flying past crewmen in Red Colonial Attire, to zoom in on the plaque that hangs above a door. It reads, "Captain James Cook".

Jet Stingray arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

Toilet Duck says, "Dangit. Oh well, so much for making an effort. Everything I does comes to nothing."

Toilet Duck says, "Dangit. Oh well, so much for making an effort. Everything I does comes to nothing." He sits grumpily down on the ground, crosses his wings, and watches the fireworks.

Ayla Ericson arrives from the Mount Vesuvius.
Ayla Ericson has arrived.

Ether Skunk blinks and opens her eyes wide as Spiral gets the thing... and goes Possesso. The skunk turns around and wails! "HE'S GONNA KILLS US ALL!" she howls, running around the chamber, looking for an exit. "HE'S GONNA GET STARDROIDY ON US!"

The staff melts and changes, morphing and burning through the reploid's white uniform. There it sits between his brass buttons, an orange-hued metal three-dimensional hexagon, with a large yellow in the middle like a sapphire.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission.
Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Yamato Man.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Woah. I just got a chill."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Funny, I'm really hot."

Knight Man hmms, too little too late. If only he found the courage to jump sooner, that truely was what the test was all about. Yet, no loss, the pendant wasn't his ultimate purpose of coming, though it would have made a nice prize. He stands there, in his human disguise, even the Robot Masters that are here may not recognize him in the confusion. For now he merely looks towards the reborn Spiral Pegasus and speaks "Congradulations on thine achievement Repliforcer. Now I only hope that thou shalt be able to useth thine powers without going mad."

Metal Man oO(Curses foiled AGAIN!) Metal Man clenches as fist as he watches Spiral of all beings get the Stardroid's power. "So what shall you do now Spiral? Well if you are still Spiral."

Pirate Man frowns as he backs away from the Pegasus saying, "Another demon.", he looks around quickly for a quick exit saying, "Time to return to the ship."

Messenger Marou glances up and blinks, tendrils of flames entertwining with her hair. "...I have a really bad feeling about this," she growls softly as she backs away from the pegasus.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I don't even have a body."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "That must be crappy."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Yeah."

Heat Man receives a radio transmission.
Heat Man sends a radio transmission.

Solar Draco lands on his back in the chamber with a thud, he blinks, glancing up at Spiral with a wince, "Darn it..." he winces as he climbs to his feet.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "You people are lucky you don't disassemble into energy particles when you die."

Bomb Man thumps his fist into the ground grumpily, all that climbing, hopping from platform to platform, jumping into lava..for nuthun..bah

Reaver Mimic stares at the Pegacon, and sneers. "This won't be the end. Believe me. I'm not giving up. One will come to me, and you'll see my power. Trust in that." snarls the mercenary. "Congratulations though horse-boy, for being more courageous than I figured. You earned this. Just don't abuse it." Turning on his heel, Reaver orients towards the chamber's exit.

Jet Stingray lands just in time to hear Ether yell. Glancing to Spiral, he offers to Ayla with a really loud sigh. "Well, it's time to see if these things are good, evil, or who really knows. Well, it seems that we are going to be doing the fleeing from the island thing, second time for you, third time for me."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Eh, sorry. I'm watchin' some Repliforcer go weird, myself."

Shield waits patiently to see which side Spiral goes to.

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "Art thou still in the vicinity? I imagine we shalt all be leaving this place soon enough. I believeth it twas the Repliforcer Spiral Pegasus that claimed the prize."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Someone got the medal? Crap."
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Snake Man simply snorts and shakes his head. "A horssse."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Guess so. If I had one, I'd probably just leave it in my closet and never wear it. Guess it's best this way."

Alex Reinfield sighs a bit, frowning slightly. He then shakes his head, "......I wonder......" He frowns a bit, but the smile is reassuring that someone other than a Robot Master got their hands on it. However, he ponders a bit. .....What happens if all of these 'items' are retrieved? "Hrm..."

Heat Man lands shortly after Zero and Spiral, and simply looks at Spiral. "Well. It seems you have a choice to make, 'Forcer."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I think they kinda imbed themselves into you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Freaky."

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Yeah, it's what happened to Gemini."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "What's he like now?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Or so I've heard."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "He's, um, angry. Real angry."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Huh."

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Guts Man pats Snake Man on the shoulder, "There there little buddy."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "And violent."

Spiral Pegasus closes his eyes for a moment, turning his head aside before opening them again. His hand raises itself from where he had held the staff, bringing it in front of his face as he stares at it for a moment. Then... the hand begins to waver, ripples forming across it's glove-like form and down his forewarm. Entranced, Spiral lowers his arms as his whole body now begins to ripple. Slowly at first, but rapidly as if an ice cube in a microwave, Spiral literally melts into a puddle of white and black metal before it zips across the floor and reforms into the pegacion we all know and love next to Messenger Marou. "Cor... Messenger... I feel... heh... I feel POWERFUL!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Stardroids suck."

Ether Skunk screeches toa halt behind Shield, reaching out grip the larger Hunter by the shoulder and pull. "YOu heard him. Powerful. Let's GO, before he goes Gemini on us!" She casts about for Rigger, then gestures to her. "Come ON!"

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "That was a flattering and adequate explanation, Quick Man."

Hmm... the walls of the room appear to be shrinking, ever-so-slowly. It probably would be a good idea for people to start making their way out before this place returns to being a volcanic caldera.

Ayla Ericson patpats Jet's arm awkwardly from her tucked in position. "I know you'll get us out of this," the teen says as she keeps an eye on the happenings. "And we're gonna find out which way this one tilts in a few minutes. ....whoa."

Knight Man sighs, as the Pegasus goes his own way and ignores him. It's just as well. Having nothing to do here anyore, he tries to find an exit while the others seem to be enveloped in the coming calimity.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "What do we do with the Repliforcer with the pendant?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "THE WHAT???!!!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "I suppose this's the new and improved Gemini Man talkin'."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Leave him."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "We evacuate before we get incinerated."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I didn't mean you. You aren't a Stardroid."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "Destroy him?"

*Later, down the mountain*

Psych Mosquito coelesces within the holographic tarp. There's no need for redundant systems. He nods, now lowering to walk silently, cane raised, as Vile is now longer saturation-blazing the area. <"It needn't. Would you rather continue by foot or air? I think we're far enough from the winds.">

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Return to the shuttles, and withdraw completely."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Upon return, meet within the Great Hall. We need to discuss this."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "No not now, actuall as Heat has the right idea."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Ye be mad, I'm heading back to the Dreadskull, we may have not got the pendant, but there were other treasures in this little adventure."

Iris receives a radio transmission from Zero.

Heat Man arrives from the Flame Chamber.
Heat Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I hear and obey, Enker."

Metal Man arrives from the Flame Chamber.
Metal Man has arrived.
Bomb Man arrives from the Flame Chamber.
Bomb Man has arrived.

Gemini Man suddenly shouts as loudly as he can, to the heavens themselves, "YOU LET A REPLIFORCER GET THE PENDANT?!!"

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