You enter The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
The Reploid Room - Dance Floor

Dancin', dancin', dancin'! The strange eclectic feel of the dance area is only overshadowed by its population. This fancy open area seems to be set for versatility, able to change motifs at the whim of the owner. The area is always happening with music, be it the Human DJ spinning the tunes or a live band. So stop standing there, silly! You look like a dork! Start cutting the rug!
Pharaoh Man [SON-OF-RA] [RM]
Crush Crawfish [M]
Tron Bonne [Casual] [C]
Blaze Dalmatian [Unarmored] [RF]
Chorus Joes

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Foyer <F> leads to The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Bar <B> leads to The Reploid Room - Bar.
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.
Upstairs <UP> leads to The Reploid Room - Cocktail's Lounge.

The music pumps through the Reploid room. Beating in time to the sway of bodies moving to the rhythm of the music. Revelry is still high, even with all these messages going across the world, and rememberances of 'Judgement Day' flashing through everyone's mind. The World is in ever growing Chaos, as people move in an attempt to find this precious objects of power. What was only Factionalized before... ...has become a world wide phenomina... ...people talk about it every day, and the strange actions and reports of 'superpowered' individuals.

The world is getting very interesting, that is for sure.
(Scene Set)

Blaze Dalmatian just continues to relax, sipping her drink and listening to the music play. Her tail wags a little bit to the beat of the music, and she thinks to herself about how the world's gone nuts, "This is all crazy. Like a bad dream." She sighs, and shakes her head a little bit.

And in the middle of all the Revelry... none other than one of those who is the cause of all this chaos.

Clad in her casual garb, her hair flows behind her as her body sways to the music. She seems to be doing this a lot, as of late. The Pirate Princess... Tron Bonne.

Glowing eyes hidden by sunglasses, and the strange trapezoidal pendant upon her chest... she moves to the rhythm and beat of the music... her bare arms swaying to the sides and above her. This lovely young girl swaying to the beat and rapid thumping of the music of life... trying to recover something or normalicy in a rapidly changing world.

The dark man in the trenchcoat enters the bar once more, third time in a row for the past three days. And each time he came seeking one person, he knew she'd be here. For where else would she be? She has but one goal it seems, and that's to enjoy life, which she does quite well here. As like last time, 'Lance' doesn't approach her directly, and instead takes a seat nearby, she'll likely sense his presence when she is finished. Knight Man orders some light Seltzer... if anyone had any doubt Knight Man wasn't acting like himself, THIS is the proof, no more hard grog, seltzer... Pity only the masters know of this disguise he's in.

Pharaoh Man ofcourse sees Knight Man as who he really is... A peasant. He looks at him with interest that quickly fades away, and then continues to watch the happenings of the Dance Floor, when he remembers that he didn't have a drink in.... Well... Weeks... He goes to sit besides Knight Man because of lack of places to sit, and orders a coke (yes, a coke! Got a problem with that? j/k) he starts drinking.

The Pirate Princess, possessed of Terra, continuies to dance and sway in the middle of the Dance Floor, her arms swaying to the side as her head is thrown from side to side as she moves her body to the beat of the music. She barely notices the Presences about... ...Repliforcer, Maverick, Robot Master, or anything... She's still her, though not totaly recognizable... save for the fact there could be a strange energy reading from her... possibly marking her as a Cyborg... ...possibly. That could be one explanation anyway. ...'cept it's sortof... ...not that type of energy, nor anything really 'normal'.

She does not care. Her hand has been appearant a few times... ...her blast and Terra's energy... altered Knight Man. ...her clues and assistance have been foreboding. She has bent her entire mind on researching this incident... ...and even though she is worried... and maybe afraid... ...her Courage sees her through.

Crush Crawfish irrately clanks his claws together as he takes the glass from the bartender and pays him his money, then takes a sip... stupid earthworm... well, he showed him! Maybe next time that dumn bot will think twice before trying to EAT HIM. Swinging around, he scans the crowd, "Someday... someday soon... there'll be no more humans... no stinking slavers... no lazy bums... someday..."

Blaze Dalmatian puts her glass down, and sighs slightly, "Forget this." She stands up, and makes her way out towards the dance floor. She just wants to relax, she's off duty, there's no fires burning...These medalions don't concern her. She trusts that, in the end, the Repliforce will prevail and bring about an end to this next trick prepared by the Stardroids.

Knight Man's eyes glide over to the Pharaoh for a moment, and then back to Tron. He makes no effort to acknowledge him at all. Mainly because that would be acknowledging that he at least knows the Robot Masters, which could jeoperdize his disguise. He is silent for a few minutes, then stands from his seat. As the current song dies down he walks over to be in Tron's line of sight again, to let her know he wants to talk.

Crush Crawfish eyes Blaze as she walks off to dance with the... ugh... humans, and he nearly pops a vein in his head, "And most of all, no moronic, brainwashed Reploids who wanna get all buddybuddy with those damn meatbags..." He snarls, and glares at anyone who looks at him.

Pharaoh Man continues to sip his drink, and watches as the peasant goes somewhere, but he quickly turns his gaze as the peasant bores him, only to see Crush Crawfish glare at him. He glares back.

The Pirate Princess pauses as the music slows, then shakes her head and stretches a moment. Her eyes then open behind her sunglasses, a faint glimmer of green behind them. She looks up, slowly scanning the area, and beams a real smile of delight, seeing 'Lance', sending a soft smirk in the way of The Pharaoh, her eyes darting over the Repliforcer and the Maverick in turn... recognizing them both from previous engagement tapes... and slips slowly towards 'Lance', bringing her beaming smile back to him, nodding. "Heya, Lance... ...what's up?" She pipes up brightly as she nears, her voice clear, altered as it is, for the altered Robot Master... ...and could be recognizable, just before the music starts up again.

Crush Crawfish glares even harder at Pharaoh as he glares back, then snorts and looks away, "Moron..." He turns and orders another drink, before scanning the room again, "How I'd love to just let loose... too bad Sigma left orders..."

Blaze Dalmatian blinks a little, as she hears a voice that she seems to remember off the radio. "Hmm.." He looks back behind her, but continues to dance as best as she can, while inching closer towards Tron and 'Lance'.'

Pharaoh Man watches as Crush diverts his gaze, ans snorts to himself, "Heh, seems that heathens are so cowradly, can't even keep a stern gaze for long at enlightened ones." He mutters, "Uhh... what did you say?" The bartender asks, "The Pharaoh said that he wants another one of those.. cokes..." Pharaoh Man says, and quickly gets another glass.

Knight Man steps forward, and speaks "I apologizeth for failing last night, I cameth close, but apparenty the Repliforce officer twas deemed more worthy of that challenge." He pauses "Last night especially I saw the power hungry masses frantically searching out their prize. It doth maketh me worry that the entire world may plungeth into confusion and madness within a few days if this doth keepeth up, and as well there is what cometh after." He sighs "It worries me, yet I also feel that it may somehow worketh out." He waves a hand "But that is not the issue I wish to speaketh with thee about now, the next location tis important. It is most likely the next of the Stardroids in question tis Neptune, the captain mentioned in the riddle I believeth tis known for his attempts at discovering the so-called 'Northwest passage' in older times. Once again half the world shalt greedily seeketh it out..."

Crush Crawfish snorts quietly and finishes off his drink, then stops as he hears some discussion about the fabled amulets that he keeps hearing about... cranking up his audio receptors, he listens in...

Pharaoh Man finishes his drinks, and seeing that nothing is going on (not to mention that the music is getting on his nerves), he heads for the door, but not before paying up. At least now he remembers... He pays up, and leaves the Dance Floor for those who actually have no goals in life but to paaaartaaaayyy!!!... Yeah...

Pharaoh Man enters The Reploid Room - Entrance Foyer.
Pharaoh Man has left.

The Pirate Princess pauses and lets her arms cross over her bare midriff... pausing to think. She nods slowly, "...Yes. And from my studies... last night was another 'Chaos' pendant. ...It'll not be pretty if we meet face to face." Tron sighs softly and shakes her head. "I agree, however. I was mistaken, remembering Uranus blowing vesuvius last year... ...It was Mercury's pendant, I'm sure of it... especialy from the way Spiral Pegasus can liquify himself now." Tron mutters softly. "...But, yes... the sea... ...this is likely Neptune's if anyones... ...It's going to be quite a treasure hunt tonight." Tron looks to Knight and nods slowly. "The world is drifting more and more into chaos... everyone is talking about these now. Even everyday civilians are getting into the act. We'll have power hungry mobs lusting after every last location untill this is over... ...and if the wrong person gets the wrong Pendant..." Tron shivers softly. "...If say... ...Sigma got Sunstar's Pendant, for instance, if the Planet Destroyer even has one, as I suspect." Tron sighs. "...It'd take everything I had to stop him."

Crush Crawfish narrows his eyes and frowns as he listens in to the conversation... not liking the way it's turning out at all... how DARE they speak of Sigma in such ill will! If anyone should possess one of the pendants, the great one himself should! In fact, Sigma is the only one that is WORTHY enough to possess the pendants! Heatherns! Foul humans!

"Sigma won't be getting any pendants." Comes Blaze's voice, as she was listening in, "None of the Mavericks will. Neither with the Masters, not after the other night." Blaze sounds confident, "No, from this point on, Repliforce is getting the pendants. And we're going to destroy them, after we've destroyed the one you and Gemini Man have." Seems like the firefighter isn't as calm as she wants to be, "I swear to god, I come here to try and get away from this mess, and who do I run into but the one who started the whole thing?"

Knight Man nods "Aye, it was Mercury's pendant... however the person who aquiredeth it twas inherently good, mayhap he can keep control of his power... so long as it does not consumeth him." And a dire expression comes across his face as Tron talks about Sunstar and Sigma "That... would be most disasterous... it may be liketh that if ANYONE aquireth his pendant, even someone with a good heart like MegaMan twould easily be consumed by it... tis something we have to prepareth for." He closes his eyes for a moment "Tis true that it may be likely cometh down to thine own efforts to stop Sunstar, however thou needeth not faceth him alone, I'll fighteth with thee whilst I can." He gives a glance to Blaze "If thou CAN doeth that, then by all means, though I doth suspect it may proveth more difficult than thou dost think. And Miss Tron is not the one who started this mess, she merely stumbled across it, this is entirely the work of the Stardroids, and their goal in this is yet to be seen."

Tron pauses for long moments, hearing the words, a sigh coming from her as she turns her head. She is... Ice. She is Calm. ...She is Majestic.

"There, you have it wrong, Repliforcer. I did not start this. The Stardroids started this. I was the one whose Ill Luck it was to obtain the first Pendant. ...and if you wish to destroy them... Try... I have. Yamato Man did last night... ...he failed." Tron sighs softly. "I don't like this, any more then you do." Tron shakes her head slowly. "I came here only to escape and enjoy myself for a while myself... ...don't let me interuppt you. ...I really think your quest to destroy them will fail. Utterly. We can't part with them. I couldn't even lift a hammer to try and break mine... is the most reassuring thing i've ever possessed." Tron sighs and shakes her head. "You still don't understand. The World is slipping into Chaos... ...Spiral is now a Force for Chaos. ...The entire World is trying to claim these pendants... not even the Repliforce can stop the Entire World."

Tron then slowly looks to Knight... and nods slowly. "Look at me, Lance. ...I was Evil. I was Greedy. I /was/ a Monster. ...but now..." Tron raises her arms in a shrug. "I couldn't even pull a simple bankjob." Tron sighs. "...not that I /want/ to, anymore." Tron then smiles gently to Knight. "And thank you Lance... ...for your support... ...It means a lot."

Blaze Dalmatian points at Tron, "Why don't you just take it off?" She says, "It'd be that simple, wouldn't it? Just take it off. Toss it." She shakes her head, "And as for Repliforce stopping the world, if my memory serves me...They did it, once. Or am I wrong that, about a year ago, Repliforce fended of the world when the Mavericks," A glance is given towards Crush, who she noticed earlier, "Plotted to take out the Repliforce. Now, if I'm wrong at this, then I really have to wonder what all those Mavericks were doing in New York City. My city, around that time.."

Knight Man looks at Blaze "She hast tried to do so, I've seeneth her. The moment she expels the pendent from her person it doeth reappeareth back in place. And she herself cannot destroyeth it. If thou still art skeptacle, asketh thine comrade who aquiredeth one last night to doeth the same to his, he shalt be equally unable. What thou shouldst be doing is focusing on what this all means, for thou hast no way to stoppeth it." He glances back to Tron and speaks in a low tone "So if Mars and Mercury were two of the chaotic ones, what abouteth the other 6? Where wouldst they stand in allegience to thee?"

Crush Crawfish glares at Blaze and clanks his claws, "You /hardly/ saved the world then, Repliforcer, only your damn hides, and you doomed the world by insuring the continued dominations of the human race..." He hisses, "Traitor..."

The Pirate Princess pauses, and nods slowly. She reaches up, and slowly tugs on her Pendant. "If you wish." And the Pendant slowly, after some tugging, comes away. The light in Tron's eyes, seen through her sunglasses, does not fade, however. Tron gives a flick... and sends the pendant up into the air over the crowd.

The Pendant halts in mid air... ...and rockets back through any attempted grasp... and settles once more on Tron's chest, as if pulled by a Magnet.

Neither the light in her eyes, nor the flowing of her hair, ended when it was parted from her.


Tron then sighs. "...Point. ...That was a terrible event I am glad I did not take any part in." Tron shivers softly. "And the Repliforce couldn't say... corden off the areas as they solve the riddles. That would be impossible, and terribly devestating. Gemini will certainly show up again. Spiral will show his Power." Tron sighs. "Especialy if all the people who've been plotting to find the Pendants go after them. ...You can't stop Madness, Repliforcer."

Tron then pauses, looking to Lands, and hmmms softly, nodding. "...Some... ...others aren't of Order... but at least Four others are." She speaks quietly for Knight alone.

Blaze Dalmatian turns and glares at Crush, "Oh come on." She growls, "The Maverick's are the traitors. A few little things go wrong in their life and they run off blaming humans and get infected. Why'd you go Maverick? What's your sob story? You guys really make me sick. Not as sick as the Robot Masters make me, but just about." She shakes her head, "At least some of you have legitamit reasons. The Masters just follow some old psycho who was smoking crack and drinking vodka at the time he designed most of them." She watches Tron's little display, "Well, that's very impressive." She shakes her head a little, "Repliforce will get this one tonight. Count on it."

Crush Crawfish snots quietly, "Sob story my ass. You're content to let them ride around on your back like some mule. Don't worry Repliforcer... some day soon, you'll face your own 'judgement'." He snaps his claw, "And I'll be there to cut your lifeline..."

Tron Bonne then pauses, eyeing the Maverick a moment. "...You are lucky this is Neutral Ground, Monster... ...or I would destroy you here and now. ...Give a message to your Emperor. Tell him the Pirate Princess is no longer afraid of him. Tell him, that the next time we meet, I /will/ kill him." Tron's eyes flare behind her sunglasses for an instant.

Tron then looks to Blaze, and nods. "I hope you don't, actualy... ...because if Fire and Water meet... ...Cities will Die." Tron shakes her head slowly. "And Wily is a Genius... truly, I feel he is the smartest man on the Planet... his own way. Why do you think I am learning from him, and not Light?" Tron arches a brow slowly, then sighs, looking to Lance. "We should go. I don't want to cause any more trouble here, if we can help if."

Knight Man gives Blaze a bit of a glare as she speaks of Wily that way, but he's not about to expose himself, so he keeps quiet, and speaks to Tron again "So 4 for Chaos and 4 for Order, with thou being order thineself, and Sunstar if he is revived..." He trails off, and nods at Tron "Aye, the liveliness in this place hast died down." He begins to follow, preparing to leave when she does.

Blaze Dalmatian scratches her chin, "Well, let me think. Maybe it's because you're both criminals, and Light is one of the most well respected doctors on this planet? I'd say you could go learn from Doppler, too, but he hates humans." She chuckles lightly, "One of the members of Repliforce will get it. Or at least the Hunters. But I don't trust them as much as I would a member of Repliforce." Hey, maybe even she'll get it, who knows. If it is Neptune's, maybe she could put the water powers to some good use.

Tron Bonne eyes Blaze for long moments. "Power Corrupts, Repliforce. Remember that." Tron then turns, nodding to Knight, and strides for the doors with him. "And... ...I think it will be 10, Knight..." Then, as she walks, she speaks in a gentle, mystical voice.

Ten inclinations of my own hand,
Ten to give to my confused band,
Ten to heed universal genocide,
Ten that start at the center of it all,
Where the lines meet, The Perils' obscurity will fall.

...and like that... Tron vanishes... ...leaving the first, and perhaps most ominous, of the Prophecies.

Knight Man leaves with Tron, going to who knows where.

*A little later*

San Angeles Memorial Stadium

Your typical football stadium, d'uh.

Tron Bonne [C]
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> [C]

Tron Bonne slips slowly into the Stadium with Knight Man... ...the Pirate Princess having hidden the Gesellschaft here... assuming control of the place in the off season that it is... ...ensuring no one will come near with sighs and posts and all that. Why? is where Judgement Day truly was begun to be defeated... is the Center of that terrible incident.

Tron turns, looking to Knight. "...Well, I'm thinking, Knight... that it is as I said... 10 Pendants... one for each Planetary Stardroid... the most Powerful of them." Tron slowly raises her hands, and begins counting off. "Sunstar... Mercury... Venus... Terra... Mars... Jupiter... Saturn... Uranus... Neptune... Pluto..." Tron shakes her head slowly. "5 are of Chaos... 5 are of Order..."
Tron Bonne says, "...with Terra and Sunstar 'leading' the respective groups."

Knight Man nods "That I doth understandeth. And it seems Mercury and Mars are of chaos, so which of them art for order?" He takes a look around the stadium, the place is famous, to say the least. It's a good thing Tron found a place to put the Gesellschaft where she wouldn't be disturbed, especially now. Though it is impossible to take the pendant from her, there will likely be people trying, thus promoting usless bloodshed.

Tron Bonne shakes her head. "That wasn't very well defined during the entire events... I /think/ Neptune is of Order, but I'm not sure. Sunstar is the leader of Chaos... I think Uranus is of Order... Pluto... I'm not sure on. Saturn is... ...well I have no idea." Tron shakes her head. "I just don't have enough information... I guess all we can do is wait and see." Tron leads Knight quickly through the area and up into the Gesellschaft, looking to Lance. "If you want to stay here for a while, Lance... you can... ...there is a guest room you can use, if you want. I have my brother Bon helping me... ...and Glyde Loath has pledged to assist me in this." Tron hmms. "I don't know if I should /try/ and find the pendants, prevent people from it, or what! ...I'm just so lost, Knight... ...all I know is I have to do what I have to do." Tron slips slowly up the Ramp into the Gesellschaft, sighing softly.

Tron Bonne has left.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft>

The bridge of the Gesellschaft is a wide open command center with a sweeping view of the world outside. The central control area is a circular trench of stations where the Servbots man their positions, with piloting, engine, and weapons stations. Within this there is a raised platform with a walkway and another tier above that. Jutting from this tier is the captain's position, dominated by a great wooden wheel. The Bonne's smiling robotic skull set on the wheel housing to watch over the command center. To either side of the forward Servbot stations are a pair of hemispherical navigation displays.

Corridors lead back from the bridge, leading to many other parts of the massive craft. The main one of these being the Forward Hangar Bay. Situated in the 'mouth' area of the Gesellschaft, the 'teeth' slide open vertically to disgorge the flights of Drache that are situated in fighter bays across the backs and sides of the hangar bay. Several large, square hatches on the hangar bay's deck are clearly marked with red danger signs, the locations from which the Bonne Ride Armors are launched.
Tron Bonne
Gesellschaft - Glyde's Room <GR>
Gesellschaft - Tron's Room <TRR>
Gesellschaft - Teisel's Room <TR>
Gesellschaft - Bon's Room <BBR>
Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Knight Man follows Tron into the Gesellschaft as she speaks "Nor do I know what we shouldst do. Thou I truely doubt that trying to stoppeth others from aquiring the pendants shalt proveth fruitless, they seem to WANT to be found. Mayhap all we canst do is watcheth while they are aquired one by one, it may not even matter who doth possesseth them, for they shalt likely be swayed either way. however some people may proveth more dire than others... I would hateth to see someone like MegaMan get Sunstar's pendant, or ProtoMan... or Sigma, or Master Bass... or Zero..." He says the last three slowly, indeed they would likely be the WORST people to get Sunstar's pendant. "Thou hast thine brother and Glyde Loath on thine side, and of course, mineself. This very well may end up with a battle between the souls of the Stardroids, and thou may haveth a better chance of succeeding with more allies outside of them." He pauses once more "Should it cometh down to that, I may be pitted against mine own brother, Gemini Man... and I know not how Lord Wily will be alligned in the strife either... should he order me to stand down I... know not how I shalt react. I oweth him mine life, and must not disobey him..."

The Pirate Princess pauses, and looks to Knight. "I'll not put you in that situation, Knight... I promise... ...You wont have to go against Wily... this I swear." Tron nods. "It's in your programming afterall... ...if Wily orders you, then he orders you. Whatever I did to you cannot change that... ...besides... ...your my friend, even if we did dislike eachother then, I still considered you an ally." Tron shakes her head slowly. "And yes... those would be the worst... ...we'll see what happens, Knight... ...I hope things go well. I may approach Mega Man myself, again... ...and try to encourage him /not/ to seek a Pendant... or Zero or any of them. Doing so would be... ...terrible to see." Tron shakes her head and sighs. "Anyway, I'm going to go back to my lab to study a bit more... ...and see what I can figure out." Tron looks to a Servbot. "#5... Show Lance to the Guest Room, please?" The Servbot beams to the /MUCH/ Nicer Miss Tron, and dashes over to Knight and smiles. 'I'll show you, Sir!'

Knight Man nods at the Servbot, normally those horribly cute things made him sick. He STILL doesn't like excessive cuteness, but he isn't vocal about it anymore. He looks back to Tron "Thanketh thee. And with any luck Lord Wily will be on our side. And, best of luck shouldst thou approacheth MegaMan or the others, it would be imeperitive that someone who is already powerful not attaineth a pendant. The balance of power would slideth dramatically then." He looks to the Servbot "Thank thee, I could useth a rest." He looks back to Tron once more "Tonight the world shalt breaketh out into chaos again. Only time will truely tell what the outcome will be." He follows the Servbot off the bridge

Tron Bonne nods to Knight and waves, smiling softly as she slips back through another passage... heading for her Labs... ...Knight's presence being... surprisingly comforting.

*Later still....*

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man replies over the sounds of a battle, "I'm rather occupied, brother..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Shadow Man transmits, "Understood"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "I'm going to join Shadow Man"

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem taps her radio. "Hello? Where did everyone go?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "If we're lucky, Miss Bonne and the Maverick whiner killed themselves."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man over the sounds of a large battle says, "Boom. Boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a Boom Tomorrow. Boom. Boom, boom. BOOOM."

[Radio: (E) Public] Shadow Man transmits, "Sold, for 1,500 Zenny, to... What's your name, kid?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "Boom?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Actualy... I'm trying to decern the location that will be active shortly for the finding of the next Pendant"

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "BOOOOOOOOOOOOM."

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "Oh. Boom. Okay."

[Radio: (E) Public] Shadow Man transmits, "Fools... I already got the next pendant, and I'm not about to tell you the next riddle."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man breaks in over the channel, over the sounds of chaos: "THE POWER OF THESE PENDANTS WILL BELONG TO THE ROBOT MASTERS."

[Radio: (E) Public] Toilet Duck transmits, "Rightio, kid."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Silence, Godling of War!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Job transmits, "Never."

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "Ara? Is that you Tron?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...The power is up for whoever claims it..."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...I wish all sides luck... ...and also I wish it wouldn't be possessed by anyone... ...because in the end these only lead to pain."

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "This power will go to the best alone."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Didn't we tell you to shut up yesterday Tron?"

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "Then how did a dude like you get it Gemini?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "Ara? Tron you sound weird. Are you ok?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "You're too young to be drinking you know! You should wait."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "I... ...don't know, Mem... ...I really don't know."

[Radio: (E) Public] Shadow Fox snickers, followed by static.

[Radio: (E) Public] God of War Gemini Man just laughs at Jet Stingray's statement. "And more people will die now."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Gemini..."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Do not force me..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Lucent transmits, "N-no one h-has d-died...s-so f-far..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Mem transmits, "How come people are gonna die? Are they old?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Cappella transmits, " By all means. Force her hand."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Force Tron to squeal and cry like the little girl she is. Come on! Squeal for us piggy!"

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "And as soon as I find you, Gemini, you'll be next. Hurting innocents isn't cool at all... And the 'ray won't stand for it."

*A little later...*

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Gamma CO Gemini Man chokes, coughs, rasps, into the channel. "For those of you that are not seeking the power, Crystal Man requires evac assisstance." "A REPLACEMENT! WE WILL KILL THEM ALL!!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Any combat teams availible for deployment, rally on my signal. I'll put down the 'forcer's border defense, and then hopefully we can flank them. Or something."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Magnet Man transmits, "Whoooooa, dude, I'm, like, on my way!"

Knight Man walks out of the guest room. Looking rather refreshed, since he hasn't returned to the Citadel since this started, he hasn't gotten a decent chance to rest, even androids need their sleep. He had no intention of participating in the madness tonight, he just wants to watch the reactions across the world as chaos unfolds.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Magnet Man transmits, "Umm... umm.. y'know, there's, like, uh, no ships here... 'cept, er, the Dreadskull... so, uh, I guess it's okay to use that?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Do whatever is neccessary."

Tron Bonne leans on her chair on the bridge, sighing softly and hmming gently to herself... She looks up for a moment and offers a wave to Knight and a soft smile. "Heya, Knight Man..." Tron then hmmms softly, pondering. "Well... ...I think it's begun... ...In the Great Barrier Reef..."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Anyone able to deploy with Magnet?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] SecureChan Yamato Man transmits, "I will assist him."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Appreciated."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Magnet Man transmits, "Thanks, bro! I'll be ready!"

Knight Man nods, and steps up to look at the view below from the bridge "Aye, thou art correct. I seemeth to recall hearing about how Cook lost a ship there, that dost coincide with the riddle. Well, I supposeth all we can do now is wait for another to be revived..."

Tron Bonne sighs and nods slowly. "We're in New Zealand now... it's a good place to lurk for whatever happens." Tron shrugs a moment, then looks to Knight. "I think this will be the Water Pendant... ...whoever gets it is going to likely get Neptune's power..." Tron hmmms softly, looking out over the water.

Knight Man folds his arms, and hmms "But who shalt it be? And what will be their reaction to Neptune's power? Chaos or Order? There are so many uncertainties abouteth this that makes it so hard to prepareth for. Which is probably why I likely shant try to aquireth another one mineself." He closes his eyes for a moment... "First there is the mad rush for them, trying to fight off greedy individuals along the way, even mine own brothers may become trecherous towards me, especially if they don't realizeth who I am in mine disguise in the confusion. And again there is the pendants themselves, who knows what will happeneth to me should I geteth one, I may even become thine enemy again..."

Tron Bonne hmmmms softly. "Not sure... ...Order, I think... ...but thats a guess. The sea is chaos, but Order is still a part of it. Hmm... ...Oh well, we'll see what happens... ...we have all sorts of time before this is over." Tron shakes her head slowly, sighing. "And yes, indeed..."

Knight Man continues to look out at New Zealand for a few minutes. "Tis funny, in the past few days I hast been gone, no one hast tried to geteth in contact with me. Not mine brothers, nor the elites, nor Lord Wily. I'd be worried that I was irrevelent to them... but this mad search has everyone occupiedeth. ...I imagine that Lord Wily may not be pleased that I hast been assistingeth thou, he himself has not issued commands to dealeth with thee, but the Elites has made their own judgements. Still... I feel I art of better use here, Lord Wily still may not seeith this situation for what it is, nor does mine brothers."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Is there anyone in need of repairs at this time?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "I will need them as soon as I'm home, brother."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "We will be returning with wounded -- prepare the medical bay. Crystal has been ... wait ... Gemini?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Understood. Prepping..."

Tron Bonne nods slowly, looking to Knight. "Your important, Knight... they love and care for you." Tron shakes her head slowly. "This dash has given everyone a version of 'Gold Fever' almost." Tron sighs. "They only focus on the prize, nothing more. And I think Wily may only see it for Power... to many of the Elites. ...They don't yet understand what i'm predicting. I've been studying all this, and trying to learn it all... but... ...I'm hitting dead ends. From the first Island, and from my Power, it was /clear/ that it came from the Stardroids... we know that. But... what is the purpose... ...We're being thrown into Chaos, that is for sure." Tron sighs softly.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man does not transmit.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man continues. "Prepping secondary MedBay."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Good luck, everyone."

[Radio: (E) Public] Job transmits, "Thanks Tron..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "What, did he get himssself blown up or sssomething?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Ride Armors can do that."

Knight Man sighs "Aye, we all careth for each other, in our own ways, no matter how foolish or ridiculous mine brothers may get." He turns to gaze out once more at the dull sky and clouds "All I wanteth is the best for Lord Wily, and I doth fear that this situation will only damage him." He pauses to think "I know not what the Stardroids hadeth in mind when they devised this scenario, though I feel it may be revealed within a few nights, once the others are revived. I just pray that it tis a situation we can dealeth with."

Tron Bonne nods slowly, and hmmmms gently. "I agree... ...silly of them all... ...this may prove as disaserous as Judgement Day." Tron shakes her head, before looking to Knight. "Well, I'm just going to watch and wait..." Tron sighs, leaning back and reaching up to rub her temples slowly. "I just hope this ends soon... ...I don't know how much longer I can take all this stress... ...though the Pendant actualy helps with that." Tron sighs

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Say... Hunters? ...Did you ever retrieve that overzealous hunter that attacked me?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man gasps. "Who attacked you, Tron?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "If so... is she all right?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Who attacked you?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh, just an overzealous hero..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Who attacked you? I'll rip his internals out!"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Girl. Flying. Big Punches. Not Dawn"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Kinda has a weird helmet?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Thats the one"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Quick Man, you probably couldn't rip your own internals out if you had your diagrams and help from the other Masters."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Sounds familiar. Uhhh, Megami?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "I think you rescued her, didnt you? ...I recognize the voice."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "She's in Namura, seeing as the Hunters decided to go and ignore me last night."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Yeah. She's as well as can be expected, I got docs tryin to piece her back together."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "Good on you, by the way..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Excuse me? I'm one of the smartest of my brothers, and don't you /dare/ say that that isn't an accomplishment. I could get a college degree if I wanted."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Yeah, clown college."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Try Harvard."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Yamato. Magnet. Can you handle the retrieval operations? Or shall I leave this one and head back towards your position?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Tch. Really, I'd have thought you bigger than to have ripped her apart as is. Like a kid with a new toy, aren't you? But eh. I guess I'd do worse if I had the kind of power that was nearly in my grasp. Maybe not. So I empathize. I just hope you don't do anything foolish."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Quick, you couldn't sit through a class, let alone 4 years of class."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Magnet Man transmits, "We got it down, dude... I got Crys, no one's shootin' at me or anything..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "So I'm impatient. That doesn't make me stupid."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "... Sure he could, I'd bet my left ski on that..."

Knight Man listens to his radio, then looks back to Tron "Aye, the pendant may helpeth to sooth the stress, but that means little when it tis the cause of all of it." He sighs "It tis imperitive that thou dost learn to manage thine powers, when all this is said and done.... fate may dependeth on it." He looks out at the sky for a moment, and back to her "I meaneth not to put any more stress on thee, and thou shant be alone in thine struggle. Mayhap it would be a good idea to stay out of the public eye for some time, so that thou shan't be plagued by more of these overzealous, would-be heros."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne sighs. "Well... I wasn't the one who did it to her... ...I was going to blast her off lightly so she'd stop needlessly attacking me. That was another Robot who did that... ...a flying Dolphin." Tron mutters softly. "Anyway... Good on you... ...whoever you are."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Very well. Eliminating the repliforcer. Yamato, call me if you need assistance."

[Radio: (E) Public] Reaver Mimic transmits, "Then I withdraw my statement Miss Bonne."

Tron Bonne nods slowly and sighs. "Indeed... ...I agree... I agree." Tron mutters softly, shaking her head. Slowly she rises. "I'm going to go lie down in my room for a bit, Knight... ...if you need to go somewhere, I'll have us launch and set down by Sydney..." Tron smiles gently, walking past him slowly and brushing her fingertips against his arm in a gentle, fond way as she passes...

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne speaks with a smile in her altered voice. "Thank you... thats good of you."

Knight Man shakes his head "Nay I haveth no need to go anywhere. For now I shalt sit and ponder these events so I may graspeth them better mineself..." He looks out at the sky once more, before speaking again "Sleep well..."

Tron Bonne smiles softly to Knight ."Kay... ...I will, Knight... thanks." Tron smiles gently, then turns, striding back for the corridors that lead deeper into the gesellschaft... and she is gone.

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